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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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what's going on?

Waiting to test is driving me nuts! Ladies, does trying to conceive put you more in the mood? Or is feeling extra randy a symptom of early pregnancy? It's really out of the ordinary for me, but is the only "symptom" I'm having. Good luck to everyone out there:)

Am I Pregnant?


Just some other things that have cropped up since I submitted... nauseous all last night and mild cramping for the past two days. Don't want to get my hopes up, but I can't help feeling every little thing is a sign!

I feel the same as you, where I can't help but think everything that I feel, down to not wanting to finish my meal that I normally love, as a sign. My husband tells me to relax, as three years ago when we weren't thinking about TTC for the first month in about 8 months is when we actually got pregnant with my son. but it's literally IMPOSSIBLE for me. How can we just go on pretending like we don't see our body sending us all kinds of signals. This is literally the hardest thing to do while also keeping up a life and productive job. (add onto that buying/selling a house and I'm at my total capacity for things to think and worry about!)

Yeah I hear you. My husband and I have been "Not, not trying" for over a year and nothing happened so we thought we'd take a more intentional approach. This is our 2nd month really ttc. Everyone around me is pregnant or just had a baby and I'm so jealous. We've waited to really start trying until we were a bit more settled. Finish school, move, find a solid job, etc. We've been married 6 years. Just bought a house so I know the stress of that mess! Still I can't get my mind off babies. I've already picked names for the first, not to mention at least 3 siblings to follow haha. I never knew it was possible to love someone who isn't even here yet, but I do. I think about my kid(s) all the time and just want it to happen already. I've wanted it for a few years but the timing wasn't right, though there were a few times we thought it could've been possible. But suddenly everything my body does means I'm definitely pregnant. Any twinge, any possible change, and even things that happen normally occur with my cycle, seem suspicious. When it does happen I'll probably have no symptoms at all (hah). But seriously I've got a feeling this time...

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