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I am currently 11 DPO and expecting my period on Friday. Last week, my breasts seemed fuller and were achy, I was exhausted every day by 4pm (which is unusual for me), I had some cramping on 6 DPO and 7 DPO (I usually only cramp the day before my period), I had two 30-min bouts of nausea (literally came in and out like a wave) on 8DPO and 9DPO (weirdly happened at almost the exact same time both days bc I had texted my husband the first day and then checked the time stamp when the nausea came back), and the veins in my breasts appeared more prominent on 10 DPO. This Saturday night (10 DPO), I had cramps quite low in my pelvis. Sunday morning, I woke up and now all of my symptoms are gone! I'm back to my normal energy level. I've been testing negative on the First Response 6 Days Sooner tests. Has anyone had this experience?

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