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Will my wait be over soon?

HI everyone

Currently I am 12DPO but I didn't want to take a test till I miss my period which should be coming around in 4 to 5 days time. I don't feel much different in my body (not feeling fatigue, no morning sickness, no dry throat or stuffy nose, no headache nor higher body tempertaure) except for a few weird routines arising from nowhere recently since ovulation day. Since a day after ovulation, I have been waking up daily at either 2.30am or 3.30am not for pee or anything. Just woke up naturally and took at least 15mins to 30mins to fall back asleep. I usually sleep through the night without fail.

Beside that, I had been having this AF cramp every evening for good 30mins to an hour from 1DPO to 9DPO. Which usually I don't feel any cramp between AF though i do get a light cramp as a PMS that starts 1 or 2 days before my AF and the cramp will not ease off till AF day 2.

So as the cramp went off on 9DPO, I started to have soreness on my breast on and off. And this is not a normal thing for me either. I do get some soreness as part of my PMS it only starts 1 to 2 days prior to my AF.

Next,usually from 10DPO, I craved for chocolate as part of my PMS symptoms but strangely i dislike eating them even though I bought it thinking my PMS is coming soon.

Lastly, since 11DPO, I am having on and off spotting(some brownish, some pinkish) till end of today. I don't really have spotting before AF though I do get brownish discharge for a few hours to atmost half day before the actual bright red flow.

SO the 9 days evening cramp and spotting for 2 days has been stressing me quite a fair bit.SO what do you think?

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