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Would like your opinion since thats all I can have for another week

Ovulated on July 26. On August 3rd I started having symptoms. I first noticed an excessive amount of discharge which continued for several days. I had heart burn during this time for 2 days and Ive been extremely gassy and sore breast. I have also been very moody. Today Aug 7th I woke up feeling normal ( aside from sore breast and they are firmer than normal) so I assumed it was all in my head but now I have a bad headache and have been feeling a little nauseas. I also feel like something funny is going on with my breathing , I feel like I’m breathing heavy. My one and only child was unplanned so this is my first time trying and actually having full knowledge of the symptoms which makes you feel CRAZY! Ive taken a test and got a BPN but I know its to soon, with my daughter I tested negative and believed it just to try again 2 weeks later and positive. So what do you think ladies?
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Am I Pregnant?


I woke up today 8/8/17 and felt normal, so im again thinking im not pregnant and it's all in my head . Just about the time I told my hubby im not pregnant my heavy discharge started again .

14 DPO tested BFN, mild cramping and fatigue.

Well AF paid me a visit today so I wanted to follow through an update. I don’t look at it as a failed attempt Im just looking onward to prepare for my next ovulation.

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