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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Laparoscopy

Finally got that elusive BFP after laparoscopy? Tell us about it! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

4+ yrs TTC#1, PCOS/Endo/MFI, BFP via IVF/ICSI... Don't Give Up!

I am 6dp5dt on our first IVF cycle. We have been TTC#1 since January 2009. I had a missed miscarriage @ 5 weeks in 2010 and haven't seen a BFP since...until today! We have been through the full suite of infertility treatments from 2010-2013: clomid/timed intercourse, clomid/IUI, and now IVF. Knowing that IVF may be our only shot, my hubby and I found new jobs with great insurance coverage, and left an amazing, custom-renovated home and network of friends behind to move cross-country.

We were "unexplained" infertiles until last fall when our new RE diagnosed me with PCOS (noticed "string of pearls" on my ovaries w/ monitored clomid/IUI cycles). He immediately started me on metformin (3x500mg daily). After a few more failed clomid/IUI cycles, we did a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy/D&C where my RE found endometriosis on my ovaries and bladder and endometrial polyps. After a few more failed clomid/IUI cycles, we finally decided to proceed with IVF. Our current insurance provides limited coverage of one lifetime IVF cycle. Hubby has low motility/morphology and below average counts.

I had an amazing stim cycle for someone my age (35 yrs old, long lupron w/ menopur/follistim), and we were blessed with 11x5-day blastocysts fertilized via ICSI. We had to postpone the transfer since I was at high risk for OHSS (E2 levels neared 8,000 before retrieval, and they harvested 30 eggs). I had mild OHSS, and recovered well. We transferred 3x5-day blasts and I just got my BFP at 6dt5dt. Beta results TBD, but we are celebrating this small victory today, as one must celebrate these baby steps to survive infertility treatment!

Things I did differently (everything but the kitchen sink):
- drastically reduced my exercise/activity levels last fall (doctor's orders...i used to be an avid runner/biker/fitness freak). no exercise during stims, light yoga and light walking of my sweet little hound dog prior to FET. bed rest for 2 days following FET.
- reduced carb intake (nothing drastic, just limited sweets & breads)
- changed to a much less stressful job
- took coenzyme Q-10 during stims
- "juiced" or supplemented w/ nano-greens and other nutrient-packed drinks once daily
- pineapple core for two days following FET
- raspberry leaf tea during week prior to, and following FET
- weekly acupuncture starting 3 months prior to stims, and continued through FET. acupuncture immediately before and after FET.
- counseling for IVF/marriage support (much overlooked aspect of infertility's so hard on a marriage!)
- chiropractic treatment since last fall
- benadryl - initially to help w/ a potential mild allergic reaction to lupron during FET prep, but I continued 25 mg just before bedtime with doc's OK, and after reading stories of potential benefits of antihistamine treatment for implantation. Will stop after betas.
- FET prep included lupron, delestrogen shots, PIO, baby aspirin, medrol, and antibiotics

1-2dp5dt - bed rest, leg cramps, stomach cramps
3dp5dt - gassy, vomited after breakfast
4dp5dt - gassy, tired, stomach constantly rumbling
5dp5dt - stomach cramps, hungry
6dp5dt - faint BFP! nauseous, but kept breakfast down, hungry
(also, i got up to pee in the middle of the night every night since the transfer)

My best advice to anyone TTC...don't give up! Seek out a doc if you're struggling...don't wait! Seek a new doc if you're not happy with your current doc. Many of the docs/clinics have different approaches. One clinic that I went to treated all patients with the exact same protocol initially. That doc refused to do a laparoscopy. Despite several previous monitored clomid/IUI cycles, previous docs missed the PCOS diagnosis. I really think metformin helped w/ my great stim cycle. My new doc kept saying, "you're going to have a metformin baby!" Insurance coverage is sooo key in infertility treatment as well! Do your leg work and figure out what kind of coverage is available to you.

Baby dust to all! I'm really hoping we have at least one sticky bun in the oven!

BFP After 4 yrs of Trying With PCOS and Septate Uterus

First of all, I would like to start by saying "Thank you" to the thoughtful people who created such a wonderful site. It gives hope and helps connect us TTCers to share and help each other. Also, thanks to all you ladies for keeping me sane with your stories during the long and tiring journey to my bfp!

4 yrs back, we started trying and 2yrs back I conceived but miscarried in the 7th week. Doctor discovered I have a bicornuate uterus and nothing can be done surgically,can try Inuit but there will be high miscarriage risk. We tried for another year with no success and then last year changed the doctor who discovered that its actually a complete septate uterus and will need surgery. Also, I had pcos. Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy Was done for removing septum and ovarian drilling for pcos in mar13. 4 months after the surgery, hormone replacement therapy and nearly 10 months of hormones and drugs, I finally got my bfp when I went off all therapies and drugs during the past one month.

Dpo wise symptoms:
1dpo - ovary twinges, bd, sore throat
2 -5dpo, headache, nausea, dry scratchy throat, mild fever, creamy cm
6dpo-8dpo, feeling very hot, itchy and swollen down there, pinches in belly button, uterus area.
9 dpo - woke up with a vacuum in the stomach, still feel that at around 4 am
10 dpo - shoulder pain, tired, very thirsty, hungry but nothing tastes good, tested with fmu, faint bfp
11 dpo, darker bfp, got beta hcg done which confirmed the news with 21miu.

We are excited but cautiously optimistic after our previous bad experience. Hope to see a heartbeat in the next ultrasound. Love you all.

Pregnant Just For Today

I caved and took 2 tests tonight. 6dp5dt both came back positive. 1 cheapie and 1 FRER and the FRER is darker than the cheapie but both are clear. I feel confident that my 6000ml of hcg that I did on 8/1 is out and I'm feeling positive. Thanks for letting me share.

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Still Can't Believe it! After 7 Months TTC

I finally got my bfp last night after 7 months of TTC !

I'm 32 and I had a laparoscopy surgery last October for endometriosis and started ttc since January.
I would take opks every month and temp every morning only to see that dreadful AF show up every time. I didn't really want to go the docs and be prescribed drugs like clomid as I had a feeling my lining wasn't thick enough for implantation.
So I turned to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) for acupuncture and herbs. True enough the physician said I had a cold womb and not enough blood. And VOILA ! 1 month of acupuncture and I'm finally pregnant !!
I can't praise TCM enough and am absolutely convinced by it!
3 months ago I stopped charting and testing with opks because I wanted the stress to stop... so I don't really know exactly when did I ovulate but basically I didn't get many symptoms and was even quite sure it wasn't our month. Usually I would be very tired during the luteal phase but not this time, I started getting tired only around CD 26 (probably 12 dpo)
At the same time AF didn't show any signs, not even feeling any cramps, plus my face was breaking out, my boobs remained sore and I was feeling more tired and out of breath...usually these progesterone symptoms would subside announcing AF. But what really gave it away was very deep yellow cm when I wiped a couple of times! I had never had this in my life!!
So last night (approx 16 dpo and 3 days late) I tested after dinner and was prepared to see a no-show line, after all first morning urine is always recommended, and the line appeared instantly, stronger than the control line !! I was so ecstatic...
I couldn't imagine my body being able to get pregnant, and am realizing how incredible our bodies are....

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BFP 2 Months After Miscarriage!

I posted on here in May with my bfp but unfortunately I miscarried that little bean :(
I waited to have one period then got pregnant that month!! Didn't expect it to happen that soon but we are so excited!! I'm now nearly 5 weeks :)
We've been trying for quite awhile now. I have a beautiful 4 yr old daughter, had an ectopic pregnancy in 2011 which resulted in losing a tube :( , then had the heartbreaking miscarriage in May so now I'm just hoping and praying that this little bean sticks!!

Good luck to other mummies TTC :D xx

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This Should Give Someone Hope :)

Hi Ladies! DH and I are both 30 years old and had only been TTC for about 6 months when I decided to go to the doctor. I suspected we were going to have difficulty because my periods have always been extremely irregular (and I had never been given an explanation as to why; I was just put on the pill). Anyway, my general practictioner finally sent me to a fertility specialist who, after lots of testing and 2 laparoscopies, told me that I have lean PCOS, hypothyroidism, only one working fallopian tube, and severe endometriosis. Ahh!! They said that my best chance to conceive was IVF. Fortunately for us, DH and I both have good jobs and were able to start the IVF process right away. In spite of all my issues, I felt pretty good about our chances that IVF would work. Then, I started the physically and emotionally tolling process:
Cycle #1: Fresh cycle. Transferred 2 perfect-looking blastocysts. BFN. I was sad but still hopeful that a future try would work.
Cycle #2: Frozen cycle. Transferred 2 perfect-looking blastocysts. BFN. I started to think this might not work after all.
Cycle #3: Fresh cycle. Transferred 2 perfect-looking blastocysts. BFN. I felt for sure that my poor little broken body just wasn't capable of conceiving.
After this, I took a short break from IVF (only a month or two) and started the adoption process. I knew I would do one more round of IVF because I had already paid for it, but I had no hope that it would work. We picked an adoption agency, did all our paperwork, and made our first payment. Then, in cycle #4 (a frozen cycle), we transferred 1 perfect-looking blastocyst and - what?! - BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it and still can't even though I'm 12.5 weeks! :)
So, even though I NEVER believed in the old "relax and it will happen" theory, maybe there is something to it? I didn't stress over my last round of IVF at all because I was sure it wouldn't work and was completely focused on the adoption. Another thing that may have helped is that I went gluten free a few months priot to IVF #4. I had read that people with endometriosis are often sensitive to gluten and that the resulting inflammation can hinder implantation. I don't know if it had anything to do with my BFP or not, but it's worth a try (especially since my doctor said that once you achieve a pregnancy and it's well established, gluten shouldn't make you miscarry, so you can go back to gluten after a few months).
During my TWW, I had no symptoms - no sickness, no dry mouth, no bleeding gums, and less CM than with my failed cycles. The ONLY thing that made me think for a second that it might have worked was that I saw the tiniest hint of pink on the TP one time when I went to the loo. I wondered if it was implantation bleeding, but it was barely visible and I had spotted (brown though) in some of my failed cycles, so I didn't think much of it. Sorry to go on and on, but I really wanted to give hope to some of you ladies with no TWW symptoms, severe endometriosis, and / or multiple failed IVFs!!! I really pray that you all get your BFPs too. I know how hard it is. Wishing you all lots of luck and baby dust :)

BFP at 40 After Removal of Left Ovary and Tube

It's just over 3 and a half years ago that I discovered that I had fallen pregnant (not planned). DH and I were numb for several weeks but grew to like the idea of having a third. Visited OB/GYN at 8 weeks and had a scan. No heartbeat detected - we were devastated. Another scan at 9 weeks confirmed no heartbeat so booked into day surgery for D&C.

I woke up in a private room in a ward all confused and in pain, OB/GYN had ruptured my uterus during the procedure and had to repair with a LAP so D&C was not carried out. Sent home to MC naturally and after another 2 weeks MC'd and ended up being admitted to hospital again (trip in an ambulance).

Follow up with OB/GYN a couple of weeks later revealed a large ovarian cyst (size of an orange) had grown on my left ovary.

To top it all off, due to all of the exams and internal scans over those weeks I developed an intolerance/allergy to latex. Took months to figure this out as I was on antibiotics after the rupture and then had a nasty chest infection followed by ear infections that wouldn't go away so I kept on thinking that it was thrush due to the antibiotics!

I was put on BC to try and reduce the size of the cyst over 6 months but it didn't work so back to hospital to have the cyst removed.

After everything that happened I wasn't keen to have a third!

9 months ago, 2 days before I turned 40 and a day before I flew out of the country for my planned 40 bday celebration in Thailand, DH asked for another! Totally unexpected! I always wanted 3 but was very happy with the two beautiful boys that we have and had thought we were past it as boys are 10 & 9 (15 months apart).

Told DH I wanted a check up with GP before committing to trying. Blood work revealed all ok with me and the GP gave us the thumbs up to start trying immediately and he tried to tell me when to start TTC (like I didn't already know)!

After 5 months TTC, due to our age and my cycle going haywire since we started trying we booked into see a fertility specialist in late Feb as I knew it would take a bit of time to investigate everything and we weren't spring chickens!

The day before our appointment I had the most horrific nausea and pain. Standing seemed to make it worse and somehow I knew something wasn't right and after hours of vomitting drove to my dr. She was at a loss but suspected divaticulitis (family history) and since I was seeing GYN the next day she suggested I talk to him and start on antibiotics just in case.

I wasn't able to stand for more than 5 min the next morning and cancelled GYN appt as I was too ill. The next day I couldn't stand the pain any more so went to the hospital where they scanned me and found an ovarian torsion on my left ovary.

Rushed appt with GYN had me booked in for surgery a couple of days later. Left ovary, cyst and tube had to be removed due to lack of blood supply from torsion.

GYN thought that torsion probably occurred in Sept/Oct last year when we first started TTC as that is when my cycle became irregular. I had more bloodwork done and had to book DH in for tests but things got busy and we didn't get around to getting my results or booking him in for tests before we headed off on a family holiday overseas at the beginning of July. Periods were due while we were away. BBS had been killing me for over a week but didn't think too much of it. Period didn't arrive on day 28 so told DH 50/50 chance in the morning and 60/40 that night. Next day still hadn't arrived, BBS were really painful and heavy. Told DH the % was now 70/30! After an exhausting day at Universal Studios riding roller coasters I decided to do a HPT back at the hotel - BFP!!!

Came out from the bathroom and whispered to DH that % was now 99/1!

DH will be 40 when due and I will be 41! Dr has now confirmed pregnancy at booked into OB/GYN in Aug.

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BFP on Second IUI, After Four Years of Trying!

I have been stalking this site for years now. This is my very first BFP in my life and I am over the moon!
I had a laparoscopy in November 2012 which removed some endometriosis and I was diagnosed with a mild case, other than that we have had unexplained infertility. My DH has excellent, top notch swimmers- fantastic count and motility.
I went off birth control in May 2009 and sought medical help in March 2011. Because of my age at the time (I am now 29) Doctors were convinced that I would conceive naturally but it just never happened.
My first IUI had two good eggs at 18mm and 20mm but my lining wasn't great- only 6mm.
What I did differently the second IUI cycle:
-I drank Raspberry leaf tea mostly every day until ovulation
-I had fertility acupuncture
-I didn't obsess in the TWW and not once did I google my symptoms or look up other peoples stories. This really helped me forget about the whole process and just concentrate on living.
-I let myself have the odd drink and relaxed.

This second round my uterine lining was at 1cm! And I had two eggs at 15mm and 19mm, they also found a cyst at 27mm but weren't worried about it. I credit the acupuncture for my excellent lining.
0-10DPO I had absolutely no symptoms
11-15dpo I had AF like cramps, I get bad cramps 2-3 days before my period and these cramps felt exactly the same. I was sure that I was out but AF never showed. I also didn't get sore boobs at all which everyone talks about, I still don't and I'm still getting the occasional AF like cramp. The nurse assured me this is normal.
I never did a home pregnancy test, I was too scared to go through the disappointment again so I waited for my scheduled blood test at 16dpo. The nurse rung me at lunch time to give me the good news and I raced out to get a test to make sure that this was real and it was!

I'm really looking forward to enjoying my pregnancy and motherhood. This is for all the women out there who have been trying and trying, getting nowhere, and feeling utter despair- it can happen to you, don't give up, stay positive and relax (easier said than done, I know!) Much Love xxx

BFP Clomid 50mg 1st Round Endometriosis

I've read so many of these forums for the past 2.5 years wondering if I will ever get to write something and now I do! Got my BFP 15dpo after first round on Clomid 50mg.

In sum, had a uterine cyst removed over two yrs ago and second lap to remove discovered moderate endo. After that nothing naturally for a year and a half and decided to try Clomid 50mg per RE advice. With my endo I didn't think Clomid would help as I've heard mixed reviews but knew that it was the first step we had to take to see where to go from there.

So took Clomid cd3-7, HCG shot late in the cycle, like cd 20 once a large enough folly was confirmed. BD the night of the shot only as I was going out of town for work. Then TWW and bfp 15dpo! I can hardly believe it.

Didn't think much of this Clomid "experiment" so didnt track much until my af was late. So here is what I remember:

12dpo- No af but terrible cramps at night when trying to sleep. No sign of blood; sore throat and congested nose out of nowhere day af is due.
13dpo- Still cold and flu like symptoms, nightly cramping and hot sweats. Relief when I "poop" or "pee" (sorry tmi)
14dpo- Same symptoms and nipples are strangely erect, nipple a little bigger and darker. Still cramping and ready to test before I lose it.
15dpo- Tested at 9am. BFP! Totally in shock ran around the house twice!

Things I did differently this month:
Clomid 50mg cd 3-7 two pills
hCg shot
Cut out gluten
Cut out alcohol
Prenatal vitamins
Robitussin regimen
Ate clean and mostly organic

Hope this helps someone as much as these forums helped me. Baby dust allll around.

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BFP With Endo - Update

After a long 13 months, I finally get to post on here! :)
I'm 23 and my husband will be turning 24 this year. We have had a long ttc journey, but it has all been worth it!

I started having problems with endo and ovarian cysts when I was 14 years old. I was diagnosed when I was 17 but didn't have any official surgeries to confirm until last year (2012). I ended up having 3 surgeries last year (February, August, and November). I had large ovarian cysts removed as well as endo. My doctor told us we needed to try our hardest to get pregnant asap or it might not ever happen.
We started ttc March of 2012. But, my cycles were completely irregular from being on BCP as well as being on Lupron for 6 months.
Anyways, I'll get right to the point and post my symptoms throughout my TWW.
This month, we did things differently. For starters, I started taking Vitex to help regulate my cycle (WHICH IT HELPED!-I ovulated way sooner, some months I wouldn't ovulate until CD 33, but this time it was CD 20). I was also taking B6, super b complex, and baby aspirin-- as well as prenatals. I also used a Clearblue Fertility Monitor this cycle as well.

TWW symptoms:
1dpo: Heartburn, cramps, tender bbs, bloated
2dpo: Increased sex drive, cramps, tender bbs, heartburn
3dpo: Nausea, tender bbs, tmi (diarrhea), heartburn, increased sex drive
4dpo: Sore nipples, backache, tender bbs, heartburn, tmi (diarrhea)
5dpo: Backache, tender bbs, heartburn, headache, gassy, tmi (diarrhea)
6dpo: Thirsty, dry mouth, tender bbs, heartburn, backache, gassy, cramps, increased appetite, bloated
7dpo: Sore throat, stuffy nose, cramps, backache, congestion, tender bbs
8dpo: Fatigue, heartburn, headache, thirsty, tender bbs, backache, gassy, congestion, thirsty
9dpo: (5/25/13) BFP! nausea, fatigue, bloated, heartburn, cramps, tender bbs, congestion, thirsty
13dpo: Positive blood test! beta 152.8
15dpo: Beta 326.1
19dpo: Beta 2132
Ultrasound done 6/17/13 (7w1d) but baby measuring at 6w4d

Ultrasound done 6/26/13 8w3d