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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Laparoscopy

Finally got that elusive BFP after laparoscopy? Tell us about it! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP w/ 1st IVF After: 4 Failed IUI, Lap For Fibroid/endo, High FSH, Low Egg Reserve

Very long road. First BFP at age 39! At 37, when it became obvious that I would not get a husband before 40, I decided to take things in my own hands. First tried IUI (4 failed with donor sperm and clomid). My OB referred me to a fertility specialist. He at first told me chances were low b/c of age, high fsh, and low OAR. I decided to proceed anyway. Had HSG that showed large fibroid and one blocked fallopian. In Feb 2013 had laparascope to remove fibroid also had grade 4 endometriosis scraped off a bit. Also had a large ovarian cyst removed. In June had repeat hcg that showed that uterine cavity was fine, but now BOTH TUBES BLOCKED! Moved on to IVF in September. Stimulation was not bad at all. Shots were easy to gives and not very painful at all. However had only 4 follicles develop. Had only 3 eggs retrieved, BUT ALL 3 FERTILIZED! We did a 3 day transfer of all 3 embryos I was on progesterone so not sure if the abdominal discomfort and breast tenderness were signs of pregnancy. Promised myself that I would wait for Beta HCG and not POAS. But the wait was torture so I tested on 6dp3dt-BFN. Panicked was heart broken and did not test anymore. Had BetaHCG on 11dp3dt and it was 213! Still in shock. My message is please don't give up!

BFP After 12 Months!!

I'm finally here. Still can't believe it, it's been one hell of a long journey and a lot of tears but we made it. TTC #1 for 12 months, I just turned 31 last week (best birthday present ever, although didn't know it at the time). Along the way I was diagnosed via a lap with mild endo and had adhesions on my right tube. They didnt remove the endo though. I was booked into a fertility specialist to see about IVF for a couple of weeks time but won't be needing that appointment thank god!! Couple of things I did different this cycle. I took evening primrose oil and went on a really alkaline diet for two weeks leading up to ovulation. I also noticed that I ovulated from my left side which I hadn't done in about 10 months, and my ewcm was a brown color which I have never had before but read that it meant a strong ovulation. I can also honestly say that this was the first month since trying that I truly stopped putting my life on hold and took a more stress free approach. We just moved state and I got a new job and started to focus on my career again and BAM pregnant!! So I think all of these things combined equalled pregnancy. I stopped using opks and just listened to my body which was so much easier to do than having to poas all the time. Symptoms could have easily been PMS but here goes: Around 9 dpo the sore boobs kicked in - nothing new but they did feel a lot fuller. After that I just started feeling really tired all over my body, like my limbs were a dead weight. And every morning when get off the train to walk to work I feel really dizzy and just a bit weird really. And I am also very thirsty. A little nausea at times but again I generally feel like that in my LP. I get period like cramps, I was convinced a few days ago that I was getting my period but then they sort of died down. Well that's me, I still cant believe I finally made it to this board and hope that somehow my post helps someone. Good luck to everyone, don't give up hope and don't let it consume you like it did me for the first 11 months of trying!!

BFP After Stage 4 Endo Diagnosis!

I cannot believe I'm actually posting! I'll start from the beginning. I've had terrible periods since I can remember, only getting worse with time. I was rushed to the ER back in March for a 6cm ovarian cyst that ruptured on my left ovary. An MRI confirmed it was an endometrioma. Devastated, I knew ttc was going to be a long tough process. My doctor immediately scheduled me for lap and warned me there was a big chance she may have to remove my left ovary. When I woke up (balling) from the procedure the first thing I asked if I still had ovaries to which she replied yes!! I was so relieved. She said I did have stage 4 endo BUT my tubes were clear and she wanted us to try naturally before seeing a fertility specialist. We weren't able to try that cycle since I wasn't fully recovered but we did the next cycle and this morning I got my BFP!!!! I am disbelief. I was convinced IVF was going to be in our future. As for symptoms, this is only week 5 so I haven't had too many. Cramps, which I thought for sure was AF... and my breasts are just barely tender. Mostly up near my armpit. The cramps do feel different than AF though - more of a stretching pain than a cramp. Things I did differently this cycle: I drank a cup of warm lemon water everyday when I woke up, before I ate anything. I had a spinach smoothie everyday with different fruits and tried my best to cut out gluten. I also have been on prenatals and fish oil for about 2 months. I also used the clearblue digital ovulation tests - which gave me a smiley for us to BD - which we did all week! Also - if you are in need of a lube get preseed! It was the first month we used it and I'm convinced it helped since I don't get much cm around ovulation. Anyways, I'm praying so hard everything goes smoothly. Don't give up hope! and pray. It works.

BFP! 1.5 Years/1mc/Endometriosis Diagnosis

We started TTC in October of 2012 and got pregnant that cycle but had a missed mc in December. OB told me to just let my body adjust and things will work themselves out. My cycles were very irregular after the mc but she insisted to give it more time. After a few months I changed OBs. New OB wanted to regulate my cycles first so he put me on clomid for 3 months but it thinned out my lining too much so changed me to Femara, no luck. They finally referred me to FS. I had a ton of blood work done and multiple exams, he could see fluid build up outside of my uterus and knew it was endo so he scheduled me for a laparascopy and hysteroscopy and I was diagnosed with bad Stage 1 endo, close to stage 2 but because I had no damage he kept it at Stage 1. My left ovary was completely attached to my large intestine to the point where it was starting to curve with my intestine but he fixed it all with zero damage. The original plan was to do an IUI with injections but because everything looked so great after the surgery we decided to try naturally for a few months and we were successful on our first cycle! That cycle I started OPKs on cd14 because I've always been a late ovulator and I continued to test until cd21 but stopped because I still hadn't gotten a positive yet and was frustrated. I refused to take a pregnancy test because I was sick of seeing that BFN. CD38, I woke up and on a whim took a cheapie and immediately it showed BFP. I waited until the next time I had to pee and on a CB Digital another BFP. Blood draw confirmed it and another draw 72 hours later showed a huge increase in numbers! I had my first u/s yesterday and we got to see the little bean and hear it's heart beat!!!! 6w5d, heartbeat 135! I really didn't have any early symptoms at all except I was peeing more than normal but I chalked that up to the fact that it was 95 degrees and I was chugging water all the time! Guess I was wrong. TTC is supposed to be one of the funnest times in your they say. For me, like most of you, it is stressful, heartbreaking and frustrating but hang in there because just when you're about to give up something wonderful can happen!

Finally BFP 10 DPO

Me 34 hubby 33. 10 DPO BFP First time in my life to try for kids. You can find my prior posts earlier in this thread. OK, I'm so excited to be posting the "good news"!!! My hubby and I have tried to get prego since February of this year. (I've actually been trying since December wink...wink). Anyway, our first few cycles we a little rough with no luck. I was frustrated that it didn't happen. I was secretly hoping to be one of those ladies that gets pregnant right away. That was not the case for me. In March, I was starting to have some period like pain after my normal monthly cycle. I have a 28-30 day cycle and it usually lasts about 3-5 days. The month of march I was having spotting for an extra 4 days which is very abnormal for me along with shooting pains that would come on for about 3-4 hours at a time. This was very strange. In April the same thing happened and I knew something was wrong. I called my GYNO but could not get an appointment until early mid May. The pain woke me up a few nights in a row, it was a stabbing pain by my ovary. I decided to call my primary care DR. I came to see him a few days later. He tested me for a UTI and said he could send me the next day to a center to get a transvagional ultrasound and he was not able to do much else and recommended for me to try and get my OBGYN appointment bumped up. So 2 days later my husband and I went to the imaging place for the transvagional ultrasound. The technician uses a small wand and takes pictures up there. She was spending a long time on my right side. She told me to hold on and got another woman to take a look at what she was seeing. Unfortunately, they were talking in code and would only tell me it was on the right side. The technician and the DR. told me that they would send the images to my Primary care and he would call to review them with me. I was so scared of what it was, I was searching the internet for what could be wrong? Web MD is NOT your friend!!! lol. 2 days later my Primary care called me and told me I had a Large mass on my right ovary and it was SOLID .!!! Cysts are fluid filled, My heart sank, I was thinking worst case ovarian cancer and best case a demmoriod cyst. At this point I only needed to wait 3 more days till my OBGYN appointment. At my OBGYN my DR. had received the images from my earlier ultrasound she took a look and said the images were not very good and they had a specialist who would take more. I came back the next day and within the first 5 minutes of the transvagional the Dr. said, "oh wow, you have a huge pudunculated tumor " God is in your favor to have found this before you got pregnant because the fibriod would have caused tons of pain and complications". I was so relieved it was just a large fibroid!!! Because it was attached from a stalk to the outside of the uterus it appeared on the ovary during the first! What a relief. I went in for laparoscopic surgery on June 4th. While the surgery was being performed my doctor saw about 10-13 tiny spots of endometrossis on the outside of the uterus and surrounding areas. He lasered off the endo and removed a large CANTELOPE sized fibroid. The fibroid was sitting towards the back of my pelvis pushing on my bladder. I have always peed all the time and I thought I just had a small bladder. After the operation I now pee like a normal person lol. After recovery and during my follow-up the DR. explained that my case of endometrossis was extremely mild but even very mild endo could be the sole cause of us not conceiving yet. He gave us the green light to try the next month. (typically is the fibroid is inside the uterus or imbedded in the uterine wall the waiting period is longer). I used pre-seed on cycle day 15 and forgot to use it the other days. I use the CBFM and did not get a peak in July. This month I did get a peak on cycle day 15&16 followed by a high. We BD on cycle day 8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17, Yeah pretty much every day. lol 1 -7 DPO nothing out of the ordinary 8 DPO During my combat class I had a moment of metallic taste in my mouth. I felt feverish that night and I had weird tailbone shooting twinges. 9 or 10 DPO My husband ate hard-boiled eggs this morning and the scent was so strong it was a really bad sulfur smell. I eat hard-boiled eggs all the time and never noticed such a strong scent. Been experiencing light cramping all day. I'm so used to the BFN's month after month that is has started to not bother me that much. Went to walgreens and bought a FER a very light line formed in the 3 minute window BFP!!!!. So excited!!!!! Trying to get pregnant it such a difficult and scary process. I have leaned on God for support during my difficult times. I know he has put in my heart to have children for a reason.

4+ yrs TTC#1, PCOS/Endo/MFI, BFP via IVF/ICSI... Don't Give Up!

I am 6dp5dt on our first IVF cycle. We have been TTC#1 since January 2009. I had a missed miscarriage @ 5 weeks in 2010 and haven't seen a BFP since...until today! We have been through the full suite of infertility treatments from 2010-2013: clomid/timed intercourse, clomid/IUI, and now IVF. Knowing that IVF may be our only shot, my hubby and I found new jobs with great insurance coverage, and left an amazing, custom-renovated home and network of friends behind to move cross-country. We were "unexplained" infertiles until last fall when our new RE diagnosed me with PCOS (noticed "string of pearls" on my ovaries w/ monitored clomid/IUI cycles). He immediately started me on metformin (3x500mg daily). After a few more failed clomid/IUI cycles, we did a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy/D&C where my RE found endometriosis on my ovaries and bladder and endometrial polyps. After a few more failed clomid/IUI cycles, we finally decided to proceed with IVF. Our current insurance provides limited coverage of one lifetime IVF cycle. Hubby has low motility/morphology and below average counts. I had an amazing stim cycle for someone my age (35 yrs old, long lupron w/ menopur/follistim), and we were blessed with 11x5-day blastocysts fertilized via ICSI. We had to postpone the transfer since I was at high risk for OHSS (E2 levels neared 8,000 before retrieval, and they harvested 30 eggs). I had mild OHSS, and recovered well. We transferred 3x5-day blasts and I just got my BFP at 6dt5dt. Beta results TBD, but we are celebrating this small victory today, as one must celebrate these baby steps to survive infertility treatment! Things I did differently (everything but the kitchen sink): - drastically reduced my exercise/activity levels last fall (doctor's orders...i used to be an avid runner/biker/fitness freak). no exercise during stims, light yoga and light walking of my sweet little hound dog prior to FET. bed rest for 2 days following FET. - reduced carb intake (nothing drastic, just limited sweets & breads) - changed to a much less stressful job - took coenzyme Q-10 during stims - "juiced" or supplemented w/ nano-greens and other nutrient-packed drinks once daily - pineapple core for two days following FET - raspberry leaf tea during week prior to, and following FET - weekly acupuncture starting 3 months prior to stims, and continued through FET. acupuncture immediately before and after FET. - counseling for IVF/marriage support (much overlooked aspect of infertility's so hard on a marriage!) - chiropractic treatment since last fall - benadryl - initially to help w/ a potential mild allergic reaction to lupron during FET prep, but I continued 25 mg just before bedtime with doc's OK, and after reading stories of potential benefits of antihistamine treatment for implantation. Will stop after betas. - FET prep included lupron, delestrogen shots, PIO, baby aspirin, medrol, and antibiotics 1-2dp5dt - bed rest, leg cramps, stomach cramps 3dp5dt - gassy, vomited after breakfast 4dp5dt - gassy, tired, stomach constantly rumbling 5dp5dt - stomach cramps, hungry 6dp5dt - faint BFP! nauseous, but kept breakfast down, hungry (also, i got up to pee in the middle of the night every night since the transfer) My best advice to anyone TTC...don't give up! Seek out a doc if you're struggling...don't wait! Seek a new doc if you're not happy with your current doc. Many of the docs/clinics have different approaches. One clinic that I went to treated all patients with the exact same protocol initially. That doc refused to do a laparoscopy. Despite several previous monitored clomid/IUI cycles, previous docs missed the PCOS diagnosis. I really think metformin helped w/ my great stim cycle. My new doc kept saying, "you're going to have a metformin baby!" Insurance coverage is sooo key in infertility treatment as well! Do your leg work and figure out what kind of coverage is available to you. Baby dust to all! I'm really hoping we have at least one sticky bun in the oven!

BFP After 4 yrs of Trying With PCOS and Septate Uterus

First of all, I would like to start by saying "Thank you" to the thoughtful people who created such a wonderful site. It gives hope and helps connect us TTCers to share and help each other. Also, thanks to all you ladies for keeping me sane with your stories during the long and tiring journey to my bfp! 4 yrs back, we started trying and 2yrs back I conceived but miscarried in the 7th week. Doctor discovered I have a bicornuate uterus and nothing can be done surgically,can try Inuit but there will be high miscarriage risk. We tried for another year with no success and then last year changed the doctor who discovered that its actually a complete septate uterus and will need surgery. Also, I had pcos. Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy Was done for removing septum and ovarian drilling for pcos in mar13. 4 months after the surgery, hormone replacement therapy and nearly 10 months of hormones and drugs, I finally got my bfp when I went off all therapies and drugs during the past one month. Dpo wise symptoms: 1dpo - ovary twinges, bd, sore throat 2 -5dpo, headache, nausea, dry scratchy throat, mild fever, creamy cm 6dpo-8dpo, feeling very hot, itchy and swollen down there, pinches in belly button, uterus area. 9 dpo - woke up with a vacuum in the stomach, still feel that at around 4 am 10 dpo - shoulder pain, tired, very thirsty, hungry but nothing tastes good, tested with fmu, faint bfp 11 dpo, darker bfp, got beta hcg done which confirmed the news with 21miu. We are excited but cautiously optimistic after our previous bad experience. Hope to see a heartbeat in the next ultrasound. Love you all.

Pregnant Just For Today

I caved and took 2 tests tonight. 6dp5dt both came back positive. 1 cheapie and 1 FRER and the FRER is darker than the cheapie but both are clear. I feel confident that my 6000ml of hcg that I did on 8/1 is out and I'm feeling positive. Thanks for letting me share.
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Still Can't Believe it! After 7 Months TTC

I finally got my bfp last night after 7 months of TTC ! I'm 32 and I had a laparoscopy surgery last October for endometriosis and started ttc since January. I would take opks every month and temp every morning only to see that dreadful AF show up every time. I didn't really want to go the docs and be prescribed drugs like clomid as I had a feeling my lining wasn't thick enough for implantation. So I turned to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) for acupuncture and herbs. True enough the physician said I had a cold womb and not enough blood. And VOILA ! 1 month of acupuncture and I'm finally pregnant !! I can't praise TCM enough and am absolutely convinced by it! 3 months ago I stopped charting and testing with opks because I wanted the stress to stop... so I don't really know exactly when did I ovulate but basically I didn't get many symptoms and was even quite sure it wasn't our month. Usually I would be very tired during the luteal phase but not this time, I started getting tired only around CD 26 (probably 12 dpo) At the same time AF didn't show any signs, not even feeling any cramps, plus my face was breaking out, my boobs remained sore and I was feeling more tired and out of breath...usually these progesterone symptoms would subside announcing AF. But what really gave it away was very deep yellow cm when I wiped a couple of times! I had never had this in my life!! So last night (approx 16 dpo and 3 days late) I tested after dinner and was prepared to see a no-show line, after all first morning urine is always recommended, and the line appeared instantly, stronger than the control line !! I was so ecstatic... I couldn't imagine my body being able to get pregnant, and am realizing how incredible our bodies are....
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BFP 2 Months After Miscarriage!

I posted on here in May with my bfp but unfortunately I miscarried that little bean :( I waited to have one period then got pregnant that month!! Didn't expect it to happen that soon but we are so excited!! I'm now nearly 5 weeks :) We've been trying for quite awhile now. I have a beautiful 4 yr old daughter, had an ectopic pregnancy in 2011 which resulted in losing a tube :( , then had the heartbreaking miscarriage in May so now I'm just hoping and praying that this little bean sticks!! Good luck to other mummies TTC :D xx
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