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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Laparoscopy

Finally got that elusive BFP after laparoscopy? Tell us about it! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After 7 Months

My husband and I really started focusing on having a family in June 2012. We were never sure we wanted children but over the past year or so, I truly felt like something was missing. He is coming up on forty and I 34, so we didn't have a ton of time to dilly-dally. Month after month goes by, checking opk, getting positives, bd'ing EOD, with no success. I decided to make appt with RE. Two days after initial visit I had a standard u/s which showed a 5cm possible dermoid. Three weeks later had a laparoscopy to remove cyst, little endo removed and tubes flushed. Took it easy for a few weeks. Really wanted to focus on getting healthy and spending time with my husband without the pressure of TTC. Went for f/u (12/22/12) and everything looked good. Got a normal period, few days late, then a positive opk on 12/30/12. Seemed sort of early for a positive but had sex twice and figured I was out for the month. Few weeks go by and I feel fine. The day my period was due I was out shopping with my pad on waiting for her to come. I got home and poured a huge glass of Pinot Noir. Got a flutter in my tummy and for kicks took a test. OMG OMG OMG I'M PREGNANT!!!! I'm now ten weeks and due Sept 28th. I stalked this site regularly, and was always so happy for others when they got their bfp. I never thought I would be posting my story, you will too.

BFP After Cyst Removal

A little about my history. I had a miscarriage in July. I then had an ultrasound done because I was having pain only to find out that I had a 10cm cyst. I then had laparoscopic surgery to have it removed and immediately tried to get pregnant again. It took 5 months of trying and it was getting so frustrating because I thought that the surgery might have damaged me in some way. I was drinking FertiliTea and I had a feeling that it was doing more harm then good because my cycle was all over the place. I should have known something was wrong with a product that you cannot measure or have any way of knowing exactly how much you are getting of any one particular herb out of the many that are stuffed into one bag. I threw out the tea and got a fertility monitor and got pregnant this month :-) My symptoms where not much. I actually thought I missed this month. I only had some light cramping and acid reflux. I also had a heightened sense of smell. The symptoms came and went until I missed my period. I took an early detection test 12dpo and the second line was so faint my husband held it to the light and couldn't see it. (I saw it though) but I didn't know if it was wishful thinking. Later took a test on cd38 and got my BFP. Still in shock and praying that everything is ok this time. It's hard sometimes but you have to have faith in God and his love for you.

To everyone trying go with your gut on what your body needs. Don't get discouraged because what worked for one person don't work for you. Cherish your relationship with your partner and encourage each other.

Baby dust to all

Strange Positive

Hi there
Very briefly I would like to describe my situation:
Period: 23 December
Ovulation: 4th of January
Bedded: only once that month on the 4th of Jan.
Very sore boobs 3 days later
period: 18th of January (normal to lighter than usual)
22nd of Jan: Started antibiotics to treat Ureaplasma infection
7 day later:
29th of Jan: Bleeding when wipe (3-4 days) and while peeing-29th of January/tested/faint positive
3rd of Feb: once black discharge when wipe
4th of Feb: still positive

Is this normal? Am I really pregnant?

BFP for Baby #2!

Hi ladies, I finally got my BFP yesterday night after trying 3 months. Here's a little background info: I'm 26, married 7 years, and we have a 4-year-old (we were not ttc with her). In March 2012, I had an laparoscopy to remove a 6cm cyst on my ovary, which turned out to be an endometrioma (cyst caused by endometriosis)...but I never had any pain from the endometriosis, and didn't have issues following the procedure. We decided TTC after we both finished up our bachelor's degrees, so I had my Paragard IUD removed in September 2012. I have longer cycles (30-31 days) and used the WomanLog App to track periods and estimate ovulation TELLS you your most fertile days, and I highly recommend it.

Oddly enough, during the past few months I was a POAS-fiend, but this month I waited until the day it was due (it will save your sanity), and it showed up right away. I am STILL in shock! We didn't chart, use Pre-Seed, OPK's, or anything else...just plenty of BD-ing and keeping track with the WomanLog App. ;) Here are my "symptoms" until the BFP:

Days 1-6 DPO: Nothing
Day 7: Twinge in my uterus (implantation?)
Days 8-9: Unusually sleepy (9 hours a night and still exhausted)
Days 10-14: Sore, tingly boobs (the same sensation as milk dropping, although I know that's impossible), still very tired
Day 14: BFP at night! First one was faint (but definitely there), 2nd one an hour later was darker. Yay!
Day 15: VERY clear BFP with FMU! (I used First Response tests, a pack of 3)

I am still very tired, and my boobs are still very sore...but I don't "feel" pregnant. I called the doctor and my due date is September 15th, 2013, and I have an ultrasound scheduled on January 31st to confirm. It's still unreal...hoping it sticks! I sincerely wish all of you the best of luck, the two week wait is unbearable! Hang in there!

Christmas Miracle BPF!

My husband (32) and I (29) had been trying for over 6 years, married 9 years. In April 2012, I was diagnosed with mild Endometriosis through a laparoscopy procedure. I had regular 26-28 day cycles and ovulated every month using OPKs. In October, with the holidays approaching we decided to take a break for a couple months and start fresh in the New Year. Then on Christmas Day I decided to test (POAS addict) and saw a faint line! Since we weren’t trying I really didn’t pay attention to any of my symptoms. All I can say is that it can happen to you when you least expect it! Good luck to all!

Over 35, Fibroid, Bicarbonate of Soda

I promised I would write my story when I got a bfp. Tried to conceive for a year - out of the blue I was diagnosed with a fibroid (turned out to be two). Had Lupron injections for 6 months which put me into the menopause. This was horrendous. Then had operation to remove 2 very large fibroids, one was crushing my tubes. They did a lap and dye which showed all were then working fine. I was told to go and get on with it once periods resumed. They did 2 months later, after 6 months of trying nothing. Tried drinking cough medicine, eating baby carrots etc, Pre-Seed etc. Finally, I tried vaginal douche (bought off Internet) and a homemade solution of bicarbonate of soda and water. I did not really know what I was doing with this but just gave it a go (in secret obviously!). Did one a couple of days before ovulation and bd. Then one 5 hours before bd another day but it really was hit and miss... However, it worked. I swear it was this I really really really do. We were about to start ivf in January. I have a scan next week so fingers crosses. I am 36 and never had a bfp ever before. I had no symptoms, no sore boobs, nothing. I feel sick now and then but apart from missed period, nothing. Fingers crossed. Try bicarbonate of soda as might be an acid/alkaline thing.

BFP - IVF With Endometriosis and Tubal Ligation

Me - 29
DH - 36
TTC - 13 months
BFP - First IVF Cycle

I am so excited to post this! We started trying last year knowing it would be an up hill battle. This summer I had a cyst burst which was an indication that my endometriosis had flared. I went in for a lap at the end of Sept and found out the endo was bad. Lots of scar tissue and both tubes had hydrosalpinx. I went back in at the end of Oct. and had my tubes removed. I then started my first IVF cycle.

Egg retrieval - 12/11/12
Egg transfer - 12/16/12 (2 blastocysts - 4AA, 4BB)

Only symptoms was severe bloating (left over from fluid retention with trigger shot and progesterone) and fatigue. Nothing else!!

Good luck to everyone! Baby dust!

Only By God's Grace

I found this site over a year ago when my DH and I started our journey to conceive. Never would I have thought it would have been as emotionally taxing as it has been. This site has kept me sane over the past year!

After I had my daughter in 2000 I had my tubes tied. For a long time I thought that I had made the right decision until I married the love of my life. We both had children from former marriages but desperately wanted to share a child. In Dec 2011 I under went tubal reversal surgery that was only partly successful as only my right tube opened. I fell pregnant in June 2012 only to have that pregnancy end in Ectopic. I lost my angel at 6wks 3days. The doctor was able to save my only open tube by surgically removing my baby however a HSG test that I had in September showed the tube to be open but narrow. Now the tube that I am working with has been operated on 3 times... I was less than hopeful and the only option I had was to turn it over to the only one who has the power to take the imperfect and for his glory make it work.. For months everyday I would pray and stand in faith on 1 Samuel 1:27... On Dec 1 the Sunday message was having faith in God means having faith in his timing. On Dec 8 God revealed his perfect timing with a beautiful BFP!!! Of course this started the journey to confirm this tadpole to be IUP... On Dec 11 I had beta draw with a result of 2900, on Dec 13 another draw where numbers double perfectly @ 5843.. On Dec 18th I got to see the most beautiful sight, my baby snuggled right in where it should be @ 5wks 5days... God has shown me his mercy once again and has provide me a rainbow!
I wish that I would have keep up with symptoms but I didn't what I can tell you is that I felt bloated and I had a crazy want for a Honey Baked ham :)

I did temp and I was taking Clomid 100 mg 3-7 but there were NO symptoms with this.... my temp didn't spike or drop it was pretty much stayed around the same thing ..... I got my BFP 14 DPO

BFP 1ST Cycle After Laparoscopy With Severe Endometriosis

My story is of great chance but I believe it will bring hope to someone... I have been with my husband for 9 yrs. Trying for a baby for 6, miscarried 3 before 3 months of pregnancy. It took 2 yrs to diagnose endometriosis, I get crippling pains around o and af, endo blanketed one ovary, stuck the other twisted onto my womb and I have a mass filling up my 'pouch of douglas'. I was ovulating but the egg was lucky to get anywhere and when it did my womb could not grow with the pregnancy because it was restricted in a web of endo. I had a laparoscopy to remove the endo around my womb and ovaries and a blue dye test to check my tubes (they were clear). After I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks and told to take it easy. We didn't plan on trying for 6 weeks or so. I was due af 1 day after my op. We bd a few times without the pressure of 'trying' and i thought nothing of it... Symptoms were metal mouth, very tired and peeing lots (thought it was the antibiotics) when af never came.... BFP 2 weeks later! I had no sickness and feared loosing baby all the way through the pregnancy.
That was last year, I now have a beautiful 1yr old whose a treasure to us. My endo disappeared in pregnancy but has since returned with a vengance...but the pain is worth it. I've been told I may need surgery if I want to try for another but I'm happy with what I have. The staff at the hospital that did my operations also delivered my baby. I took pregnancy vitamins all the way through and my church prayed for us every week and she was 2 weeks overdue... 9lb 6oz!
I had an emergency c section as I had pre eclampsia. We both survived!

It happens when you least expect...

Pregnant After Severe Endo and Lap

I meant to write this much sooner as I'm 20w this weekend, but the important part is that I'm sharing it now! This site gave me hope when I had none, and I sincerely hope that my story offers the same to whoever reads it. It's slightly long but I hope it helps!

I have always known, since I was a teenager, that something was wrong and suspected I couldn't get pregnant. I have always had horribly painful and heavy periods and had heard of endometriosis but didn't realize how serious a condition it can be. I never looked into it and my DH and I started trying in June of 2011. After only three cycles of not getting pregnant I started panicking and just KNEW something was up. I went to an OB who ran bloodwork on me but didn't go much further and encouraged me to 'just keep trying'. I started charting and realized I was spotting for up to 7-10 days before AF each month and had a short luteal phase. I started seeing a specialist in March and had my dye test done. Tubes and bloods came back clear, so the next step was a transvaginal ultrasound. Long story short, I found out I had enormous cysts in my ovaries that were swelling them both to the size of my uterus. They were touching they were so swollen. I was devastated and my doc told me she suspected severe endo and that even with a lap I would probably not even be successful with IVF. She expected to find frozen pelvis and a lot of damage when she went in for the lap. I decided to get the surgery quickly since doctors mention that there *might* be a chance that cysts like might could be cancer and not endometriosis. I was terrified about going under but got the surgery done. When I woke up after my four hour surgery my doctor told me that it had been much worse than she thought, stage IV, but that I didn't have frozen pelvis and she was able to remove every bit of endo including all cysts from inside my ovaries (and as a result I lost half an ovary). VERY fortunately my tubes were totally clear. I also had a D&C and had a small polyp removed. We were told we had six months to try naturally before IVF would be our only option. I was advised not to have sex for two weeks, but got the all clear after only a week. I knew I had probably missed ovulation at this point but did an OPK just for fun. To my shock it was positive and my DH and I BDed that night. We didn't have sex any more that month as my body was very tender and painful still from surgery. I figured that I wouldn't know what my new TWW 'normal' was after having so much work done on my body, so I didn't pay a lot of attention to signs and there didn't seem to be any. I did throw up three days in a row but was completely in denial that it could be a pregnancy symptom. I did a few early tests and they were all BFNs. I went to bed on 9dpo devastated and feeling like we'd have to wait forever and save for adoption or IVF and that I'd never be a mother. That night I had an amazing dream about a little girl. It was so sweet that in the morning I decided to do one more FRER and to my utter SHOCK a very, very faint BFP appeared. I had a good ugly cry and shake on the toilet and ran out to buy 15 more tests and a card for DH. I did another test at work later that morning and the line was darker. I am now 20w pregnant and still cannot believe that I MIRACULOUSLY got pregnant on one round of BD-ing and without even having a period after surgery. We tried everything in the book for 14 or 15 months to no avail. The lap is really what allowed me to become a mother.

For those symptom stalkers--I really didn't notice anything until 7-9dpo when I threw up once each day. I completely thought nothing of it! The nausea got much worse after that for my entire 1st trimester.

Don't lose hope ladies! I pray that each and every one of you gets your miracle baby.