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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Laparoscopy

Finally got that elusive BFP after laparoscopy? Tell us about it! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP Post Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy with Clomid

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy in February to remove endometriosis and a uterine septum. This is our 2nd cycle trying post-surgery. Before surgery I had done 2 cycles of Clomid, that were successful in achieving ovulation but not pregnancy. This is our first cycle of Clomid after the surgery. We are beyond thrilled!! I quit drinking caffeine in February. I exercise with yoga and on the elliptical. We also had an HSG in March, and some people say that there is an increase in pregnancy rates for about 3 months post-HSG. CD 2: Appointment with RE. Ultrasound to check for cysts. Very large cyst on left ovary. RE says to come back in a week. CD 8: Ultrasound with RE to check on cyst. Cyst still there, but getting smaller. CD 13: Ultrasound with RE to check on cyst. Cyst gone! Start Clomid today! CD 13-17: Clomid 50 mg (later start of Clomid than I even knew was possible, but my RE is the expert!) CD 21: BD CD 22: Ultrasound with RE to check on follicle growth. 4 follicles present, 3 at 25mm and 1 at 15mm. All in right ovary. Positive OPK in the afternoon right after RE appointment. CD 23: Ovulation, BD - laid with a pillow under my hips for about 30 minutes post-BD. Used Conceive Plus (which is like Preseed). 1 DPO: nothing 2 DPO: nothing 3 DPO: twingy/crampy feeling in ovaries 4 DPO: twingy/ crampy feeling in ovaries, sensitive nipples 5 DPO: twingy/ crampy feeling in ovaries, sensitive nipples 6 DPO: sensitive nipples, vivid dream 7 DPO: sensitive nipples, breast tenderness, cramping feeling in pelvic area, constipated, vivid dreams, gums bled a little when flossing 8 DPO: sensitive nipples, breast tenderness, twingy/crampy feeling in left ovary, mild breakout on forehead, constipated, vivid dreams, thick-white-creamy CM 9 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, creamy-white-lotiony CM, cramps on left and ride sides throughout the day 10 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, creamy-white CM, vivid dream, pulling feeling on pubic bone 11 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, constipated, heavy/pulling feeling in uterus, pain/cramps in ovaries when stretching/transitioning from sitting to standing. Vivid dream. Bloated in the afternoon – it feels like I’m really full. 12 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, cramps in abdomen, bloated feeling, pulling feeling on pubic bone, lower back pain on right side. Broke down and took a pregnancy test (First Response) – BFP!!!! 2nd pink line came up within about 10 seconds and it was dark. 13 DPO: Took a digital First Response Early Result test this morning. YES +! :) Just love looking at that thing! Nipples and breasts are still tender. Still have the bloated feeling. Creamy CM. Things that were different for me this cycle: twinges and cramps in my ovaries and uterus constantly. I have never felt that before. I can never feel my ovaries, even when they have huge cysts on them. Also, lotion-like CM on 9DPO, bloated feeling, and the vivid dreams. Breast tenderness and nipple sensitivity are normal for me so I didn't pay too much attention to that until it didn't stop. Usually it gets less intense the day before I start. I pretty much always have an 11 day LP. So when it was day 12 and my breasts still hurt I got suspicious. Good luck to everyone with their BFPs!!!!

BFF With Endometriosis (5th Cycle)

I have read so many posts on this website whilst trying to conceive... I can hardly believe that I'm writing this! :-) I have been trying to conceive with 4 cycles not being pregnant. This was to be my 5th, and found out yesterday that I seem to be pregnant! (Can't quite believe it yet) I have endometriosis (stage 1), and had laparoscopy surgery & treatment with helica therma coagulator 8 months ago. After my surgery - I had more pain than ever & the most painful cycles I've ever had in my life. I felt that the treatment had failed and was distraught - thinking I was becoming infertile. I was extremely despondent and anxious. I changed my diet completely about 3 months ago...I restricted my caffeine, wheat & dairy intake. I also started taking Seven Seas 'trying to conceive' vitamins along with an omega 3 capsule. My energy levels were better & I felt more hopeful but with every cycle it made me feel like I'd never conceive. Last month, something hit home and changed my whole attitude to conception...helping me to relax about the whole thing... It's difficult to explain, but I'll try to explain, just in case somebody reading this, experiencing the anxiety I experienced is helped.... I realised that our bodies aren't made to always fall pregnant at every cycle. It's a difficult journey for the sperm - and for good reason. So that we can enjoy sex and not always fall pregnant. God made it a little difficult and for good reason. I realised then that it would be far better to just let nature take its course the way God designed reproduction. To see sex as something we do to enhance our marriage, not be scared or fearful of infertility when not falling pregnant. It just might not be 'meant to be' that month...and it's perfectly normal biologically. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't...that's just the way it is. (I'm talking about healthy couples...not people with known medical conditions who need treatment). This way of thinking was extremely 'freeing' for me. I also determined to appreciate all that I DO have, because longing for a baby can make you feel very discontented, which really isn't good for your well-being. So, I relaxed, and prayed that Gods will be done and accepted that it might not be his will for me to fall pregnant right now. We have made love every second day through the month apart from once or twice. I didn't check the calendar at any point to see when I was ovulating, I noted nothing, I put it to the back of my head and told myself it might be another year yet, so not to fuss about it. The less I focused on it - the more I could relax, and the less pressured the sex was. I have a 31-34 day cycle which is due around about now - and I've had some pain which seems like my usual endometriosis pain in the run up to it, so I thought, 'ok, this is sad, another month, but it is what it is' ..... I had a spare pregnancy test in the bathroom and decided to take it to confirm no pregnancy. I used it, watched it for a I left it. Forgot about it. 10 Mins later I walked past it and picked it up....I see a faint faint faint line....I couldn't believe it!!!!! I was hesitant to jump to conclusions but knew that no other tests had shown any line at all. My husband purchased a first response test pack last night and I took one this morning. What do you know...a clearer line! (I've attached a photo of both) So I guess I'm pregnant! :-) I'm very happy, but too scared to accept it fully yet - just in case...early days! Weird thing is - I do not feel pregnant. I feel no different. Apart from feeling extremely emotional 5 days ago - nothing out of the ordinary. No tiredness, no sore breasts, nothing! I guess that's all to come...still very early days. My advice to anybody in my position is to do all you can to mentally relax...tell yourself that it might still be a year, keep telling yourself that...and try to have 'pressure-less' intercourse every second day for your cycle. Try not to note your ovulation (it only makes you worry if you should have done it this day or that day/time). Just relax and try to accept that whatever will be will be. Also, try to appreciate all that you do have! Hoping this pregnancy continues & wishing you all the same positive experience. God bless you all :)
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Just Got My BFP For Baby #2 After IF Issues For 9yrs!!!

You read that right! Took us 4yrs and 8months to conceive DS naturally after surgeries (laparoscopy), clomid and IUI's failed and I just got my BFP this morning for baby number 2!!! I'm cd32 and 4 days late. I had a suspicion I was pg when I felt NO AF SYMPTOMS this month! Look at this beauty!!! Symptoms for those who are stalkers like me :) O around Cd 14-15 11dpo - started to notice my CM drying up considerably unlike the normal watery/EWCM I get when AF is on her way 14dpo - notice a heavy feeling in my cervix but figure its just AF about to make its way 16dpo - nausea has hit and reflux; cervix check it is LOW and hard (feels like tip of my nose) 17dpo - BFP with morning test and now the BOOBIES HURT! My LACK of symptoms is the giveaway just like when I fell pg with our son. I didn't have the normal back pains or twinges, my CM was gone. What I DIDN'T have this time was implantation spotting. I had one TINY light brown speck when I was cd26 w/ my son but not this time around. Also I had no nausea with him..this one may be different. OMG..I still cannot believe I am writing this!!! This is proof ladies that miracles can and do happen. I am 38yrs old and we have been TTC #2 for 1 wow. God is SO GOOD. Now I have to figure out a way to spring the news on DH tonight !!! ** Update *** I'm now 6wks and I have heartburn and lots of creamy CM that started around 5wks.
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Pregnant After 18 Months

I came off the pill in August 2011 didn't mess around, went straight out and bought digital ovulation tests. I didn't get a period until December and at that stage had been to the doctors to say I was worried. At first my periods were all over the place, one cycle was 55 days long. Back to the doctors I would go but they kept saying these things took time. I would always get a smiley face every month so it worried me that things weren't working. In 2006 I had had treatment for CIN3, severe pre-cancerous cells of the cervix, twice. As the months went by I mentioned to the doctor could this have any connection to why I'm not getting pregnant and was told no. I was advised that I would have to wait a year before I was referred to fertility specialists at the hospital and of course because I had been to the doctors so often they knew my exact dates so I couldn't fib about the dates of when we started trying to conceive. In November 2012 I finally got my appointment at the hospital, they just referred me for all sorts of blood tests to check I was ovulating, a scan and the HSG. I was so excited and nervous the day of the HSG, thought to myself finally I may get some answers so was devastated when the doctor doing the test asked for help from a specialist who after trying for 30 minutes said that she couldn't even do the test as she couldn't get into my cervix at all. She said it wasn't her place to discuss why this might be, that they would give these results to the fertility doctors and they would discuss it at my next appointment. I left in tears. At my appointment finally I got an answer, I told the doctor they couldn't do the HSG and then he looked at my notes about my CIN3 and said really positively that the cervix was obviously completely shut with scar tissue from my operations years ago. He said that he would do a Laparoscopy and that should solve the problem. I was delighted by his positive attitude but then he mentioned that the only problem he could see would be if my cervix was too short. If that was the case then I might not be able to get pregnant naturally. I told him that I knew from what I was told in 2006 that my cervix was very short. I left thinking maybe I would never get pregnant. In mid December I had the laparoscopy and saw the doctor again afterwards who confirmed my cervix was short. He said that because of this he would only give me 3 months to try to conceive naturally before he moved onto artificial insemination. He didn't see the point in wasting time. In January I was in tears when my period arrived, thought well thats it, I've had the laparoscopy and its obviously not worked. Then in February I was away on holiday when my period was due. It didn't arrive. I waited until I returned home a week later, I was really stressed at the time, my Dad was being tested for suspected prostate cancer and my pet had gone missing so thought this must be the reason I hadn't come on. A day after I returned I did a test, then another & was positive! I'm now 13 weeks and just had a cervical stitch put in to help hold the pregnancy for the whole term. Dont' give up hope x

My Dream Come True <3

Wow, I can't believe I'm here actually writing about my own BFP! Where do I even start? After 1 long year and 9 months, my fiance and I have finally fallen pregnant for the first time! I would come to this site without a doubt every single month, and try to match my symptoms with other ladies ones, in hope that they were real and that it was finally my time. I would note every twinge, every weird symptom possible I would try to match it. Through doing this I learned, no matter what symptom you think you have, whether it be an itchy knee or hair loss, if you google 'itchy knee early pregnancy symptom', something WILL come up matching it. I was diagnosed with PCOS three years ago, and never thought much of it until we started trying for a baby and nothing was happening. The PCOS made my periods VERY irregular, at one stage I didn't ovulate for 9 months. In October of 2012 I was referred from my GP to a specialist at our hospital, where I attended appointments every 6 weeks. After much poking and prodding, blood tests and scans, the specialist decided to put me forward for surgery in which I would have a dye test in my tubes to make sure they weren't blocked, and for a bit of exploring too I suppose. I had my surgery on 12.12.12 and when I woke up a nurse told me good news, that my tubes weren't blocked. It took me a few weeks to recover from the surgery because I picked up an infection from the hospital, but once I was recovered I attended another appointment with my specialist, where they put me on Clomid for days 2-6 of my cycle. Because I wasn't getting my period naturally, I was also put on Norethisterone, which brought on an aritifical period, to kick start my Clomid cycle. Once that kick started it, I didn't have to take any more of those particular pills. These pills gave me some side effects.... * Feeling sick * Headaches * Bloated * Feeling tired Clomid also gave me some side effects as well... * VERY sore boobs and nipples (usually noticeable two weeks after taking Clomid, and lasts until just after my period starts) * Bloating and abdominal pains * Vaginal Dryness * Feeling sick Clomid actually mimicked pregnancy symptoms I believe, giving me false hope... BUT on my 2nd cycle of Clomid (I had to do days 5-9 because my appointment was scheduled later than it should have been) I finally got my BFP. I was using OPK's and they seemed a little confusing to me because I didn't know if the second line was dark enough to be thought of as ovulating or not, so we just had sex whenever we could. I noticed my EWCM and this is how I usually tell when I am ovulating, or about to. So we had sex that night, and instead of getting straight up to 'clean up' I turned around and put a pillow under my bum and put my legs up on the headboard. I felt silly doing this, so my darling fiance did it with me to make me feel a bit better about it hahaha, he is very sweet. We did this 'duet bum lift' every time we had sex for about half an hour afterwards. We had sex every night after that show of EWCM for about four nights. I actually started taking my temperatures this cycle because I had heard it can help to detect pregnancy and ovulation. I will list my symptoms below from 7DPO. 7DPO: - Temperature of 36.8 at 9pm. - Sore boobs and nipples (this would have been from the clomid) 8DPO: - Temp of 36.8 - Sore boobs and nipples (same as above, clomid effects) 9DPO: - Temp 36.4 - Sore boobs & nipples (clomid) - Tired (clomid) - Annoying cramping in my upper left arm 10DPO: - Temp 36.5 at 10pm - Very sore boobs and nipples - Mild abdominal pain 11DPO: - Temp at lunch time 36.9 - Temp at 8.40pm 36.7 - Headache - Sore boobs and nipples - Swollen/enlarged boobs (clomid) - Hungry - Peeing more maybe? 12DPO: - Temp in the morning 36.8 - Temp at night 36.9 - Felt tired and sluggish all day - Headache all day - Very hungry - Peeing more - Sore boobs and nipples - Light brown discharge, and I mean very very light discharge. 13DPO: - Sore boobs and nipples - Wake up at night needing to pee, very unusual for me. - Cramping thismorning light bad period pain, thought for sure AF was coming so I went to the toilet and when I wiped there was a pink mucous like discharge so I put a tampon in. - Temp 36.7 at night - Tired and hungry - No bloating, no pimples, no chocolate craving like typically before my period arrives.. - Bleeding very very light and scanty, pink and brown. - Mild headaches 14DPO: - Haven't bled since yesterday - Minimal abdominal pain - Loss of appetite - Mild headaches all day - Very tired - Sore boobs and nipples - Low right hand side pulling pain, doesn't hurt though. - Temp at night was 36.6 15DPO: - Did HPT with first morning urine at 5am with cheap online test, came back with a faint second pink line! - Used same urine with a ClearBlue digital, came back with pregnant 2-3 weeks. - Mild pinching feeling in lower stomach - Mild headaches - Boobs and nipples are actually LESS sore (clomid must be wearing off)

BFP! After Almost 2 yrs, Lap, Endo, etc

Okay so a little back story, w/o making this a storybook........dh and I have been ttc for nearly 2 years. After crying in my gyno office for her to refer me after a year (bc we are both "young and healthy" 26yrs...I mean time is ticking here! But deep in my heart I knew something was wrong) we finally met with an infertility specialist. Dh got checked and everything was pretty much normal, I got the dye test and the works (awful experience) and they said I had a blocked left tube. I wanted to try follistim shots before a lap bc surgery kinda freaked me out. Needless to say, I flushed tons of money away bc all the good folicles were on my "blocked side" (you'll get the air quotes momentarily). So, since that didn't work, next step was laparoscopy surgery. I had my lap & d'&c in dec. Doctor revealed that I had moderate endometriosis, cysts, polyps, and NO blocked tubes!! (Endo diagnosis made perfect sense bc i have always had really painful periods, lots of clotting, etc) He removed everything and said there should be no reason we shouldn't get pregnant on our own, but if not then we would meet again in April. We continued our stressful trying and I called to make an appt at the end of march..... The morning of 13dpo, dh called to ask if I got my period yet. I had been having cramps and felt like I was about to get it any minute, so didn't think too much of it. Before my lap, I spotted 3-4 days and after only about a half a day of spotting. I didn't have any spotting, but put a tampon in before work since my period was coming at some point today (this was the latest possible day of my varying cycle before I was considered late). I got home from work, took out my tampon....and nothing. In my head I was freaking out a little and dug out a wondfo test...waited.... and is that a line?? I never had a bfp before, I wasn't sure! I had one digital and couldn't even believe my eyes when I read the word pregnant. O-M-G. I didn't really have all the "symptoms"- no crazy peeing, no weird tastes or smells, nothing. BUT normally my boobs hurt/swollen about a week before my period and I didn't have that. Only until after I got my bfp they are sore and are much fuller. Other than that, just some sporadic cramping/pinching! I better cancel my appt at the end of this month! Ps- this is the first month I ever tried taking tussin to help with cm, and first time I ever had ovulation spotting. I guess this is more of a book than I hoped to write, but dh insisted I share my story on here since I was constantly on here reading all of yours! I spent so many days and nights crying, being mad, praying, not understanding why.....don't give up ladies. Best of luck to all of you!!!!!

BFP with Acupuncture! Age 36

Hi ladies, I am just over 36 and he is 34. We had 13 failed cycles plus a number of months off during summer/fall 2012 for a surgery to remove a large cyst and the attached ovary and tube. After recovery, we TTCed for 3 cycles even though I ovulated every other month. Looking at my chart, my estrogen and progesterone levels were not stable. Every month we use Pre-Seed, Sperm Meets Egg method, specific positions (eh hem...), and Fertility Friend charts for temping and OPKs. During our most recent fertile month, I began infertility acupuncture with a Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist (NCCAOM) who also specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I was needled once before our fertile week, and then after our fertile window two different times. I expected it to take 2-3 cycles with TCM herbs. Instead, we got our first-ever BFP the day before my next (4th) scheduled visit!! My BFP was on 11dpo. Today I am 20dpo or 4w5d!!! I had virtually no symptoms during my TWW. I repeat: virtually no symptoms. Everything they say is true... if you have mad-crazy symptoms, then you are PMSing. (I've been getting my period for 23 years... it was very odd to NOT have PMS!) My inner voice knew AF wasn't coming, so I tested and cried with joy all day! First beta = 29. Second beta a week later = 843! This is our first pregnancy, and I plan to keep the recommended acupuncture schedule for the whole pregnancy. I plan to use acu to naturally induce labor, too. I had a few early pregnancy symptoms yesterday, went to my acu after work, and today had no symptoms!! No lie! If you are curious if acupuncture works for you, DON'T waste your time with anyone who only has a measly 100 clinical hours. My acu has the NCCAOM certification which required something like 2,600 clinical hours. He specializes in infertility and devotes his whole practice to it -- I hope you get your BFP soon!!

What a Journey... Clomid is a Miracle! excited to write here, although I'm hesitant b/c of my history, I have had such a long road to get my BFP that I'm still going to share my story, no matter how hesitant I am!!!! I have 2 children who have been labeled miracle children. Due to the fact that it has been discovered that I'm pre-menopausal at 30 (whaaaat!!!) and I only ovulate maybe twice a year normally. All the other months I either don't ovulate or my eggs are released wayyyy too early and can never survive a pregnancy! So the fact that I have 2 other children, conceived ALL natural is huge miracle!!! Along with my crazy ovulation pattern I have also miscarried 5 times :( My RE is convinced that this is due to immature eggs trying to survive & just can't and also the quality of the eggs. Both DH and I have had our chromosomes tested and everything else under the sun!! All was good! In July of 2012 I got pregnant and m/c'd (again) in August! I was heartbroken...I really had convinced myself that I couldn't possibly m/c this time.....:( We then actively tried for 5 months (Im talking obsessed trying) & nothing was happening, except in Dec. when I had yet another m/c (chemical pregnancy)! After that my OB referred me to a fertility specialist. I wasn't completely sold on this idea b/c my insurance didn't cover any of it...but looking back now, I WISH I would have done that sooner!!! During the month of January is when we figured out what was going on with my body and in February we started my regiment! They put me on 100mg of Clomid from CD 3-7. I had a follicle check on CD 11 & had 4 awesome follicles!! 3 on right ovary (measuring 18mm, 18mm, 18mm & 21mm) and one on the left ovary (18mm). They trigger shot me that day and DH & I Bd'ed the day of trigger and then 3 days after!! After 4 days the TTW was already killing me so I decided to test out the trigger. My line got lighter and lighter until 11 DPT (10 DPO) when the line looked darker......hhmmmm......I continued to test and it continued to get darker...but I wasn't convinced! Yesterday I took another and there was no denying the line. So I called my OB and they got me right in for blood work!! They called me back later in the day and said "YOUR PREGNANT"!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! My HCG (at 12 DPO) was 50 and my progesterone is 79!!!!!!!!!!! I go back tomorrow to make sure my numbers are doubling (please lord...please lord...DOUBLE)!! Although I'm super excited, I'm super super SCARED!! 7 pregnancies and only 2 children puts a bad taste in my mouth :( But I'm going to try to stay positive! I'm hoping the clomid also enhanced my egg quality as well!!! Other things I did was: Baby aspirin, Pre-Seed, Clomid, Trigger Shot, dye test (make sure tubes are clear) Symptoms: Not a lot. Except tired, hungry, coffee started to taste YUCK (and I loooove coffee) & my bathroom visits increased I will update on tomorrow's blood draw and anyone going through a struggle HANG IN THERE!!! I have had so many heartbreaks and FINALLY a BFP (although that's only half my battle)

BFP After 7 Months

My husband and I really started focusing on having a family in June 2012. We were never sure we wanted children but over the past year or so, I truly felt like something was missing. He is coming up on forty and I 34, so we didn't have a ton of time to dilly-dally. Month after month goes by, checking opk, getting positives, bd'ing EOD, with no success. I decided to make appt with RE. Two days after initial visit I had a standard u/s which showed a 5cm possible dermoid. Three weeks later had a laparoscopy to remove cyst, little endo removed and tubes flushed. Took it easy for a few weeks. Really wanted to focus on getting healthy and spending time with my husband without the pressure of TTC. Went for f/u (12/22/12) and everything looked good. Got a normal period, few days late, then a positive opk on 12/30/12. Seemed sort of early for a positive but had sex twice and figured I was out for the month. Few weeks go by and I feel fine. The day my period was due I was out shopping with my pad on waiting for her to come. I got home and poured a huge glass of Pinot Noir. Got a flutter in my tummy and for kicks took a test. OMG OMG OMG I'M PREGNANT!!!! I'm now ten weeks and due Sept 28th. I stalked this site regularly, and was always so happy for others when they got their bfp. I never thought I would be posting my story, you will too.

BFP After Cyst Removal

A little about my history. I had a miscarriage in July. I then had an ultrasound done because I was having pain only to find out that I had a 10cm cyst. I then had laparoscopic surgery to have it removed and immediately tried to get pregnant again. It took 5 months of trying and it was getting so frustrating because I thought that the surgery might have damaged me in some way. I was drinking FertiliTea and I had a feeling that it was doing more harm then good because my cycle was all over the place. I should have known something was wrong with a product that you cannot measure or have any way of knowing exactly how much you are getting of any one particular herb out of the many that are stuffed into one bag. I threw out the tea and got a fertility monitor and got pregnant this month :-) My symptoms where not much. I actually thought I missed this month. I only had some light cramping and acid reflux. I also had a heightened sense of smell. The symptoms came and went until I missed my period. I took an early detection test 12dpo and the second line was so faint my husband held it to the light and couldn't see it. (I saw it though) but I didn't know if it was wishful thinking. Later took a test on cd38 and got my BFP. Still in shock and praying that everything is ok this time. It's hard sometimes but you have to have faith in God and his love for you. To everyone trying go with your gut on what your body needs. Don't get discouraged because what worked for one person don't work for you. Cherish your relationship with your partner and encourage each other. Baby dust to all