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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Laparoscopy

Finally got that elusive BFP after laparoscopy? Tell us about it! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Endo Pain Getting Worse

I was diagnosed in sept 2012 w/ endo. I am 30 yrs old. Had the symptoms my whole life and everyone said it was normal. So I was on depo for 10 years as that helped with the symptoms. I heard that could take a while to get out of your system so switched to bc pills for about 6 months and they got too costly, so got the mirena IUD put in. Did fine on that for about 4 years and then started bleeding, couldn't walk, and had to have surgery. After surgery I could walk again, was able to move about but within a few weeks the pain got bad again. Tried the IUD plus different combos of bc pills and they didn't help with the pain. I wanted to finish school and since depo worked before, I got that shot april 9 2013 while my iud was still in. It stopped the bleeding but not the pain. I couldn't continue with school due to the pain, and decided in April that we would get the IUD out July 13 2013 when the depo shot wore off. I had af the whole month of july (11-25 27-31). In aug I had 3 days of spotting (2nd, 5th, 16th). Then started a normal cycle sept 1-6 af. oct af 2nd-5th. oct 31st -nov 5th af. should have ovulated around 11-16th. started having sex every day 5 days prior to ovulation since the sperm can live for 5 days. Then was in too much pain and did it every other day through 18th. Got a BFP on black friday. beta levels were good and have an ultrasound scheduled for 12-10-13 to make sure its not ectopic. Since the beta levels were fine, I don't really think I need to worry. Good luck to you all. Keep in mind that, although it is different for everyone, my pain has increased substantially and I may go on short term disability leave from work if it continues. If anyone has any good books for prego people w/ endo or any websites, please let me know cuz I would really like to know when I can expect the pain to start diminishing and what is normal and what is not.

1st Cycle of Clomid BFP

Just a short history of my TTC journey. After trying for a year with no luck I was scheduled a laproscopy after having a hysteropingagram and no dye being able to go through my tubes. After my lap they told me that I only had one working ovary. My bf got tested and had a low sperm count with good mobility. After 5 more months of trying out doctor prescribed us 50mg of clomid used on cycle day 5-9. Ovulated on November 13th. BD day of ovulation and day after using preseed. I had absolutely no pregnancy symptoms until 13dpo where I was u able to sleep on my stomach because my boobs hurt. 15dpo was expected period (I have a long cycle) I tested and a BFP with a clear blue hpt I am thrilled and so surprised how quickly the clomid worked for us! Baby to be expected due date is August 2nd 2014 :D

BFP With One Tube

Some background- I'm 36 and my husband is 41. 4 months ago in June we were pregnant after a year of trying only to find out that it was ectopic and I ended up losing my left tube :-( Furthermore while they were operating they said my right tube was "clubbed" and so they tried to unfurl it but basically said to plan for IVF because time was ticking and my eggs were aging. Financially we weren't sure if we could do that so I started charting religiously and using internet cheapie opks to make sure we made each month count. I have lengthened my luteal phase from 9 to 13 days with Vitex, B complex supplement, progesterone cream, and other vitamins. I swear by Vitex and progesterone Cream for those of you with a luteal phase defect. I got a + on Wondfo first then a FRER later today. Yay! Hope it burrowed into the right place this time! Ovulation on CD 16 which is normal although this cycle I had way more EWCM which has usually been a problem for me. I figure my hormones must really be raging this cycle because my BBT is extremely erratic pre-o and all reproductive signs are kicking! Acne and skin issues all month which I never have. 1 DPO- Normal ovulation twinges and pain although the pains from 1-6 dpo were on both sides this month. Kind of weird and occasionally they were quite sharp. Acne still hanging around. Even had a painful one down there (sorry tmi) that surprised me that seemed to be at they're worst the day after ovulation. Lots of hormones this month I guess! 2 DPO- Same as dpo 1. Acne on face just won't seem to go away! Feeling a little more tired today but not abnormal. 3 DPO- Big time jump in BBT this morning of almost half a degree from the previous day and a full degree higher than coverline. Today was also when the first abnormal cycle symptom occurred which was a huge increase in my appetite! I was particularly tired his evening and so DH took pity and ordered cheese steaks from our favorite place. I housed my whole sub and a bag of chips which i've never done and he was sad he didn't get any of my leftovers lol. 4 DPO- BBT dropped half a degree today. Thought maybe implantation but too soon probably just fallback? Also I had copious amounts of creamy cm today-figuring all bodily fluids are go this cycle and try not to get too excited yet. Dull cramping today which usually doesn't happen until 6-8 dpo. Heartburn which is a bit abnormal. Vivid dreams start this evening and continue every evening. 5 DPO- BBT jumped right back up to 3 DPO high temp. Started to feel really hot on this day and this feeling continues. Also today I start to feel a little more emotional than my norm. Got a bout of nausea today. Got gas starting today that has stuck around...this is a symptom that is only amusing in the privacy of home lol. Dull cramping continues with occasional sharp pains on both ovaries. 6 DPO- BBT jumps a couple tenths of a degree-chart looking a bit triphasic perhaps? Today the emotional signs really kicked in. I usually don't get weepy at all so I thought maybe this was a symptom but thought maybe this was a by-product of my abnormally hormonal month I was already having. 7 DPO- BBT same although I have some lovely burping to go along with my gas-yay. My back really started to ache today in the lower area but I've been cleaning because in-laws are coming in a few days so unsure if it was a "sign". More vivid dreams, more stupid acne, more dull cramping and a sharp zing in my left breast that made me say ouch out loud and grab my boob. DH was amused. 8 DPO- BBT Same and all previous signs are still prevalent. Vivid dreams, gas, dull cramping, weepy and can't get enough to eat. Seriously I'm crushing entire plates of food and going back for seconds. Particularly fatigued today and suggest we finish watching our movie in bed. Fall asleep at 8:30 even with DH blaring TV and cat pawing at my head. Kitties seem to be clingier than normal. 9 DPO- Wake up like a lark at 5am! Full of energy and have breakfast cooked and house cleaned before DH's feet hit the floor out of bed at 7am. I felt like that scene in There's Something About Mary when Magda has the couch held up with one hand and is vacuuming under it with the other. I was full of energy ALL DAY and was cleaning until midnight when DH insisted I consider sleep as an option at some point. Got up anyways as I was restless all night and POAS and thought maybe a faint bfp on my Wondfo? Didn't wan't to get too excited as I've had 3 of those and they were all chemical pregnancies :-( Watch an old Disney movie and full on cry-this is what really made me think something was up. Being weepy was one thing but I was blubbering which I haven't done in years.

BFP After BFN and Spotting- *Infertility* 1 Year TTC, 1 Month Post Hysteroscopy

TTC since December 2012. Cervical factor infertility, 2 Obstetricians told me I needed immediate hysterectomy, that we would never be able to conceive. Sought 3rd opinion, received succesful hysteroscopy and cervical reconstruction by an R.E. in Dallas, Dr. Kevin Doody. Once cervix healed, he asked us to try once on our own: so here is that story. Cycle day 1: Started heavy period (4.5 weeks post surgery) CD3: Appt with RE- asked us to ttc naturally this cycle. CD7: Last day of period. CD13: Negative clearblue OPK fmu CD14: Flashing positive OPK *high fertility* fmu CD15: Flashing positive OPK *high fertility* fmu, Positive OPK late night *peak fertility*- BD this night CD16: fmu positive OPK *peak fertility*- BD this night CD17: **Ovulation** fmu Negative OPK- BD this night 1-4DPO: Thermal shift- bbt rise .3 degrees F, temp stays above coverline 5DPO: Brownish red spotting, enough for panty liner 6DPO: No spotting, frequent urination 7-8DPO: A little brown spotting again 9DPO: BFN with fmu, a little brown spotting 10DPO: BFN clearblue digital with fmu. *Not Pregnant* 11DPO: Hopes still up 12DPO: BFN with fmu- lost hope, bbt still above cover line 13DPO: Told hubby not pregnant this month, really losing hope 14DPO: Wait for period, figure it will show up any second- lots of gas cramps 15DPO: Still bloated. After lunch suddenly felt very nauseous, threw up. Weird?? I had already peed, but thought maybe I should test one last time. I was able to get a few drops of very diluted urine out and used a dollar store test. BFP. I didn't believe it. Thought it was lying to me. Shaking, I used a clearblue digital test with the same urine, and one more dollar test. 3 BFPs stared up at me!! Still can't believe it! I walked in to my hubby, in tears, with my hands cupped over my mouth. He thought something was wrong, but I couldn't speak! Finally after him worrying for at least 3 minutes, I pointed at my belly. He was shocked and grabbed me in his arms and said "don't you do any lifting, and no running, and no caffeine, just sit down"- he brought me a prenatal vitamin and then took pictures of the BFPs. What an absolute miraculous blessing this is to us. Praying our little bean is a strong one. The next 9 months seem so scary from here! But we're so ready.

BFP After 4 Years and Giving Up

My DH and I have been Ttc for 4 years now. I've had 3 surgeries for ovarian cysts and endometriosis. After months of opks and negative pregnancy tests my dr prescribed clomid. The clomid did what it was supposed to do I just didn't get pregnant. I also had to get my right ovary removed after the clomid because of the huge cyst it produced. So after last month I decided no more opks and no more trying to get pregnant. Too exhausting and emotionally draining. So, on 14 dpo (wasn't keeping track) I vomited in the middle if the night and was nauseous the entire next day. 15 dpo kinda nauseous and bbs hurt like crazy. 16 dpo I realized I hadn't started my period so I decided to buy yet another test. Not even 10 seconds in and the beautiful bold BFP shows up!!! I'm shaking and can't believe it. I took 2 more tests the following days and they are totally BFP instantly. Still in shock and happy!!
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BFP After 26 Months of Trying... Removal of Paratubal Cyst

In July, only 3 short cycles ago, I had a paratubal cyst removed from left fallopian tube. During the lap they also discovered endometriosis (but so little they didn't think it was causing issues with fertility). Month after month of always being disappointed, I finally got my BFP this morning. I do have to say it was the prettiest thing I have ever seen! :) I did not temp or anything this month because I just didn't want the pressure anymore. My cycles are pretty predictable too. The dpo may be off by one day. Here are my symptoms: 11 dpo - Extreme fatigue 12 dpo - Extreme fatigue, breasts a little sore 13 dpo - Thought I might be coming down with something with cold/flu like symptoms, had a little nausea throughout the day but chalked it up to nasal drainage from getting sick, refused, went to bed with a filling of hunger even though we ate a pretty large dinner 14 dpo - Lower back hurting, was now convinced I was getting the flu, nausea more today, cramping, was certain that AF was showing up on schedule sometime today or early tomorrow morning, hungry all day just couldn't eat much, decided to stop on the way home from work and pick up a pregnancy test 15 dpo - BFP!, still feeling nausea, but honestly nothing will dampen my mood! I always hated it when people said to keep faith and hope, it will happen when it happens. I can't say that I agree with that now. I went to several specialist and finally one of them looked close enough to find the cyst on my left tube. They all wanted to jump to IVF. I refused saying their has to be a reason why I can't get pregnant. You know your body better than anyone else. Trust your instincts. After a year of seeing specialist we found one that was willing to listen to us.
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Natural BFP Surprise While Starting Meds for IVF!!!

DH and I had been TTC for almost 2 years when we got our last minute miracle! We had already done 4 IUIs and laprascopic surgery to try to repair my damaged tubes. After my surgery last March, my doc gave me a bleak chance (close to 0%) that the right tube would ever work (completely scarred over...couldn't get the instrument through), and gave my left tube a "maybe" it will work someday chance. We decided that we would try a couple more IUIs and that if it didn't work within six months that we would move to IVF. Fast forward to end of August, I went on a week long vacation with my girlfriends to relax before I had to start my IVF meds in September. The day after I got back, DH and I BD'd like crazy because we hadn't seen each other all week. It was just coincidence that I was ovulating at the same time, because by now we had completely given up hope on naturally TTC. I started Lupron exactly one week later to begin the suppression stage of the IVF journey, and continued to give myself shots everyday that week. I knew that I had all sorts of strange symptoms, but I just chalked them up to the shots I was taking. After my period was 3 days late on 13 dpo (which it is normal to be late on the shots), I decided to take a hpt, and I got the most beautiful faint BFP line! I immediately called my doctors who had me stop taking the IVF meds right away. They said that the baby would be fine because I only took them for 5 days and it was a really low dose. I found out shortly after, via ultrasound, that the egg actually came from my close to 0% chance right tube! Now I am confidently writing this because I am 8 weeks along and heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time last week!!! Looking back, the symptoms that I was experiencing that I wrote off as side effects were: gas, bloating, sleepy, constipation, and the constant craving for disgusting fast food!!! To all of you ladies out there on a long TTC journey - Don't give up hope! Miracles do happen! I never thought I would be one of those stories that people try to tell you to make you feel better. Try not to lose it on every person that tells you that "if you would just relax, it will happen." I understand the crazy emotional rollercoaster this can be and thank god for websites and groups like this to chat with other ladies.
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1.5 Years TTC, Blocked Tubes, Laparascopy, and it's Finally Here- a BFP

I didn't have endo or anything, but after 1.5 years of trying to conceive, an HSG showed both tubes blocked. My OB finally went in there for a laparoscopy and confirmed both tubes proximally blocked. Blockage was cleared and she told me the lap was a success. I put off the IVF based on her recommendation. One month passes, I ovulate late. Second month, I show some kind of weird double LH surge. Third month, I tracked ovulation religiously, bd'd till 3 dpo, and stayed put (I travel a lot). Got a cold the next week and took all kinds of OTC medication that is now making me worry, but that's another story. HPT 3 days before missed period was BFN, promised myself wouldn't test again, but that night, began feeling really queasy, stopped my dinner halfway, couldn't finish. Had a cold so chalked it up to that. Next morning, tested again (2 days before period), and put the stick down to take a shower. Came out of the shower and as I'm drying my hair, I see a big fat pink line on the HPT!! Couldn't believe it after seeing so many blank white tests! Immediately screamed for my husband to see, he couldn't believe it either. Went to lunch with family, came back and tested with the digital test, showed 'Pregnant.' I honestly did not believe I would ever see that word. I cried for 30 mins. Took my vitamins right away and am trying to eat right. Secondary infertility hurts just as much, if not more, as never even having a child. You feel like a failure for not being able to give your child the love of a sibling. I'm so overjoyed and grateful for this.

BFP w/ 1st IVF After: 4 Failed IUI, Lap For Fibroid/endo, High FSH, Low Egg Reserve

Very long road. First BFP at age 39! At 37, when it became obvious that I would not get a husband before 40, I decided to take things in my own hands. First tried IUI (4 failed with donor sperm and clomid). My OB referred me to a fertility specialist. He at first told me chances were low b/c of age, high fsh, and low OAR. I decided to proceed anyway. Had HSG that showed large fibroid and one blocked fallopian. In Feb 2013 had laparascope to remove fibroid also had grade 4 endometriosis scraped off a bit. Also had a large ovarian cyst removed. In June had repeat hcg that showed that uterine cavity was fine, but now BOTH TUBES BLOCKED! Moved on to IVF in September. Stimulation was not bad at all. Shots were easy to gives and not very painful at all. However had only 4 follicles develop. Had only 3 eggs retrieved, BUT ALL 3 FERTILIZED! We did a 3 day transfer of all 3 embryos I was on progesterone so not sure if the abdominal discomfort and breast tenderness were signs of pregnancy. Promised myself that I would wait for Beta HCG and not POAS. But the wait was torture so I tested on 6dp3dt-BFN. Panicked was heart broken and did not test anymore. Had BetaHCG on 11dp3dt and it was 213! Still in shock. My message is please don't give up!

BFP After 12 Months!!

I'm finally here. Still can't believe it, it's been one hell of a long journey and a lot of tears but we made it. TTC #1 for 12 months, I just turned 31 last week (best birthday present ever, although didn't know it at the time). Along the way I was diagnosed via a lap with mild endo and had adhesions on my right tube. They didnt remove the endo though. I was booked into a fertility specialist to see about IVF for a couple of weeks time but won't be needing that appointment thank god!! Couple of things I did different this cycle. I took evening primrose oil and went on a really alkaline diet for two weeks leading up to ovulation. I also noticed that I ovulated from my left side which I hadn't done in about 10 months, and my ewcm was a brown color which I have never had before but read that it meant a strong ovulation. I can also honestly say that this was the first month since trying that I truly stopped putting my life on hold and took a more stress free approach. We just moved state and I got a new job and started to focus on my career again and BAM pregnant!! So I think all of these things combined equalled pregnancy. I stopped using opks and just listened to my body which was so much easier to do than having to poas all the time. Symptoms could have easily been PMS but here goes: Around 9 dpo the sore boobs kicked in - nothing new but they did feel a lot fuller. After that I just started feeling really tired all over my body, like my limbs were a dead weight. And every morning when get off the train to walk to work I feel really dizzy and just a bit weird really. And I am also very thirsty. A little nausea at times but again I generally feel like that in my LP. I get period like cramps, I was convinced a few days ago that I was getting my period but then they sort of died down. Well that's me, I still cant believe I finally made it to this board and hope that somehow my post helps someone. Good luck to everyone, don't give up hope and don't let it consume you like it did me for the first 11 months of trying!!