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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After one cycle of Clomid.

Hi, I think I owe everyone on this website my BFP story... I have been lurking at zillion BFP stories here for almost a year now.

Hubby and I started trying to have a baby in March'15. After two monts of trying with no success ( we thought getting pregnant was so easy sigh! ), I went to OBYGN to make sure everything was Ok. Doc told us that I have a retro cervix meaning in order to get pregnant, we have to doggy style when baby dancing for hubby's sperms to reach faster directly to my cervix. We did that every month until August cycle when we found We were pregnant!! But unfortunately the pregnancy ended the following month at 9 weeks. Doc confirmed it was a spontanous abortion. I had some spotting one day and it continued to heavy bleeding just like period. I had a D&C in Sept 25th, 2015. I finally had my period 37 days later on Oct 29th. And another period in December 5th - 37 days later. I went to OBGYN who confirmed that I had not ovulated post DC considered the 37 day cycle. So he prescribed clomid to help me ovulate, which I did. While Hubby was sent to the lab to get his sperms checked. He confirmed I had 2 almost mature eggs ( one was bigger than the other one ), so we BD'ed 3 times that month - every other day.

Meanwhile we also found out that hubby sperms result did not come out good. He only has 2 % morphology though normal counts. So at this point we were only betting at the 2 percent. looking at the result, our OBGYN recommended us IUI to speed up the pregnancy, but we told him we would think about it. Basically he confirmed with the sperm result, we needed to have IVF or IUI. So we were planning to do IVF in May 16 while fixing our lifestyle.

Since November we also tried to alter our lifestyle. We work out a lot, cut down on carbs, eat more protein, fruits and drank lots of juice. Our mindset was just trying to do our best and let God do the rest.

And surprisingly : BFP! It was really shocking. We kept staring at the stick and thought we were both being delusional. It still seems surreal even now.

So below is the detail of my TWW symptoms:

DPO 1: pulling sensation in my abdomen, ovulation like pain. Thought it could be the clomid's side effect.
DPO 2: the pain continued and spreaded to my back, so I thought we didn't want to miss the opportunity so we BD'ed again. This was Christmas day.
DPO 3:I woke up sneezing and I thought I caught a cold. My body felt warm.
DPO 4: Same as DPO 3
DPO 5: back hurt, weird twinges in my lower abdomen ( esp. In the middle part). I had this kind of pain last month when I didnt ovulate so I thought this was just my body gearing up for period
DPO 6: Back pain, slight cramps on the right side of abdomen ( AF style pain ) and white creamy CM. They said clomid do all kinds of crazy stuff. So sigh...
DPO 7 : I felt fine!!! Boobs hurt but only a little - they were heavy but aside of that, nothing. White creamy cm continued but less.
DPO 8 : same as DPO 7
DPO 9 : I had more CM, white sticky and watery CM ( I never had CM between OV and period/pregnancy, so this was new )
DPO 10: cramps on the left and rightside of abdomen and CM continued.
DPO 11: cramps more intense, I swam on this day and I could feel it more in the water. Back pain and sticky CM, craving for something sour and spicy. I felt so tired during the night and went into a deep sleep.
DPO 12: I ran for a little bit, thought the back pain was more intense and needed to fixed with a little exercise. After I ran, felt so tired and took two naps. Boobs hurt much and sticky CM
DPO 13 : Woke up at 4:30 AM, had a sudden thought to POAS. Used a cheapie stick and came out really faint. I went back to bed and woke up to check it again at 8 AM - it was darker. I was not convinced. The whole day cramps were more intense mostly on the left sife of abdomen and spread to my back. At this time, I didnt tell hubby abt the whole POAS thing.
DPO 14 : POAS in the morning, BFP - faint line but more apparant. Called hubby to go into the bathroom and he confirmed it was BFP!!!
DPO 15: Blaring BFP at 8:45 PM.

We are cautiously very happy... hoping this one sticks!! We don't know what the future holds for us... We are just hoping for a healthy and full-term pregnancy this time around.

Bfp a week after period???

Not sure m-S in Feb after a week on vitex and soft cups sadly,miscarried then back to,normal,March and April felt,pregnant week,after period,took early test and,got 3 with super,faint camera is,horrible all,came,up,within 15 mins I haven't had a pregnancy since,I,was,18 with son which I,bled,till 7 mnt now,30 and 2 misscarriages and,marriage s later praying,for,my miracle
Any input,on,pic???

Bfp a week after period???

Just wanted some in site is this possible ??.would be a rainbow baby for us after mis c in Feb after years of unexplained fertility hCg was back to 0 after and in March cycle returned so started trying and got a bfn and evaporation lines April 3 Af started April 6 th can't explain it but in Feb I literally new at time of conception like a instinct so anyways tested TODAY April 16 th with a defeat faint positive Af ended the 11 th just something told me to test. I'm confused I'm 30 yrs old and I remember when I had my son I didn't find out till I was six months due to what I thought was a period no symptoms and I was 17 since my teen pregnancies now a adult struggled with 2 miss 5 yrs apart. Any input oh an when I was pregnant in Feb after Years if infertility all I did was vitex and soft cups. So is it possible I ovulated right before period only pregnant symptoms similar in Feb are weird dreams and dizzy.
Swear since vitex and soft cups just Lee
p getting bfp after years of nothing hoping it's a bfp and this one will not end in miscarriage

BFP- our rainbow baby after a MC in December :)

I'm so excited to finally be able to share our story. This site helped me stay sane & I loved reading others' stories while on my own TTC journey, I hope mine encourages some of you too!

So i ovulated on 3/26 according to OPKs, my hubby & I BD'd the day before & day after ovulation. Here are my symptoms:
1-6 DPO: some cramps occasionally, noticed my temps were higher than normal (hovering somewhere between 98.6 & 100, normally I have a low body temp around 97.6)
7 DPO: very crampy, temp went down to about 98. was out eating dinner & suddenly felt sharp stabbing pain behind/slightly below my belly button. Pain lasted about 30 seconds & then went away. I'm thinking this was implantation.
8 DPO: felt very under the weather, tired, temp shot way up to 100!
9 DPO: tired, irritable, temp around 99. BFN on hpt (I knew it was too early but couldn't resist)
10 DPO: temp still up (99.5), AF cramps so thought maybe I wasn't pregnant after all. Tested again, BFN.
11 DPO: still very crampy, still high temps. Take clearblue hpt, see VERY faint line (so faint I'm squinting to see it) so think it must be an evap & throw it out
12 DPO: really awful AF-like cramps but lots of energy, take frer test & get another squinter. Still don't want to get my hopes up & vow not to test for another 2 days
13 DPO: lots of energy, happy, feel better than I have in days! Snot-looking CM when I wipe. Caved & took an equate hpt in afternoon, faint BFP!!
14 DPO: test w/ clearblue hpt using FMU, another faint bfp (not a squinter anymore though!)
15 DPO: test with clearblue advanced digital in afternoon, BFP 1-2 weeks!

Got my blood drawn today at doc for confirmation, will results tomorrow! My EDD is 12/17/16, which is the same date I had my MC last December. I take it as a good sign, God works in mysterious ways sometimes :)
Some things I did to help me conceive: took nature-made prenatals w/DHA daily, took 2-3 GNC fertility blend pills daily, ate raw pineapple from 1 DPO to 8 DPO (supposed to help w/implantation), and prayed a lot!!

Good luck to all you ladies & thank you for your support!!

BFP 6 months after miscarraige

So my TTC story began 12 months ago when my OH and I decided to start trying, and have my Implanon removed.
It was a shock on my second cycle off Implanon to see a positive test. Over the moon I started dreaming, planning and shopping. At 5 weeks they told me that my pregnancy was not viable and to go home and await miscarraige.
I did, but miscarriage never came. 2 ultrasounds with viable heartbeat and growth later we told our families the fantastic news.
A week later I was in emergency with heavy bleeding and underwent a D&C for a missed miscarraige.

Devastated, we didnt know if we were ready to try again, but my cycles were so long (49 days, 62 days, and I ovulated at CD39 this cycle) that we have had a lot of time to recover and now on my 3rd cycle post MC or 6 months later I am happy to say that I am again pregnant after a very pale BFP at 7dpo, and confirmed with a HCG level of 12.4 at 8dpo(urine, at work, I work in pathology).

BFP after Molar Pregnancy & TTC 14months


I have been checking this site religiously. I'm so thrilled that I'm finally able to write this post.

Today I'm 10DPO and got my BFP yesterday at 9DPO. I'm currently in Belize (from the US) and have drained every local store of their dollar store pregnancy tests. I initially didn't believe it when I saw it but after taking multiple tests I now see the line getting darker yay!

A little history; I gave birth to a healthy son Feb 14th (25 months old now) no fertility issues. Still breastfeeding him on demand every 4 hours or so. TTC since return of period Jan 2015. In July 2015 I became pregnant only to find out it was a complete molar pregnancy at our first heartbeat scan (beyond devastated) in Jan 2016 BFN trigger shot and IUI. Last month in Feb I took clomid for the first time, it caused me to develop a cyst and I didn't ovulate as my doctor had me taking progesterone pills too early. Really started to feel like it was never going to happen. Switched to an RE (Dr Rosen at reproductive specialists in LA AMAZE)

Differences this month; cliche but last month after all the BFNs I sort of lost the plot and became so fearful and sad. It was really hard so I decided that I would just focus on my son and my husband and not obsess over it. Meanwhile my RE did an HSG on me which I think cleared things out, it was painful but I'm so happy I did that. He also stopped the clomid (so I only ever took it last cycle) he said he wouldn't give me fertility drugs until I stopped breastfeeding. He monitored this cycle with ultrasounds, he instructed me to use an OPK AND most importantly had me stop nursing during the day (I only nurse at night and first thing in AM now since cycle day 4 this month) I also dreamt vividly 3 days before ovulation that I birthed another son and he told me his name in the dream.

Here's are the stats;

CD 11 flashing smiley face HIGH fertility
CD 12 flashing smiley face HIGH fertility- BD
CD 13 solid smiley- BD X 2 am/pm (confirmed O day later by RE's ultrasound)
CD 14 solid smiley- BD X 2 am/pm
2DPO lotiony CM
3DPO VERY lotiony CM
4DPO lotiony CM
5DPO normal CM (not much of it) extra hungry and extra tired
6DPO nothing to report (felt waaay more symptoms other BFN months)
7DPO headache & phone call from RE saying my 7dpo progesterone was 15.1! (They seemed excited by this, they said it indicated strong ovulation)
8DPO cried 3 times over small things
9DPO found the only pregnancy test in Belize haha the packet was half open! But a BFP! didn't totally trust it so hunted down more tests and got a second BFP however verrrrrry light. No symptoms to report.
10DPO AM feeling tired and I have a full feeling in my tummy. Second BFP FMU but still v faint.not completely convinced so I take another at 3pm and another tonight at 7pm both of them a lot darker than this mornings BFP! Now feel like I've been run over with a truck, exhausted. Fingers crossed this is a sticky bean!

Ladies; I'm sending you all such tremendous blessings. Symptoms wise I had less than I've ever had before. The things that stand out to me are; the day weaning definitely did the trick PLUS it was a totally natural cycle (not progesterone pills or IUI or clomid) and this was the winner for me, interesting how that worked. I also think the HSG probably helped too also I hear the cycle after stopping clomid is often a successful one. Being monitored the way I was was also very helpful in determining ovulation. I also felt relaxed knowing that either way he would get me pregnant and it just so happened to be the first month with him and just by some monitoring. The universe is great and I'm so thankful and blessed however I want to acknowledge all of you on your journeys and I'll say a pray tonight for each of you. Hang in there, it will happen with the right divine timing ✨❤️

First IUI BFP 10dpo

First IUI clomid days 5-9 two follicles one at 18mm and one at 17mm cd16 triggered that night 10000 norvel shot hcg and 36 hours later on cd 18 had IUI 25 million sperm post wash and great mobility! progesterone test cd25 was 14.5! also had great lining 10mm

O/4dpo-Symptoms since ovulation. Sore and tender boobs on the sides, dizzy spells, bloated, very tired in afternoon and no energy, white CM and Vivid dreams.
5/6dpo-Cramping and very bloated super sore and tender breasts on sides and nipples very dizzy this morning starting to get tired and hungry
7dpo-More cramping and bloat boobs are more sore and tested out the shot I know I am pregnant also hungry again and more wet down there
8dpo-Very dizzy today and thirsty also boobs hurt worse today esp at night had light cramp and pulling yesterday and today and hungry
More cramping and bloat gassy. Headache and very tired boobs still super sore had to take a nap very tired
9dpo-Boobs still very sore and still hungry got a bit of nausea and dull pressure in uterus all day also when i would get up I would feel a sharp pull and I only had that last time I was pregnant! Very tired In afternoon. Tested 10dpo with FMU and positive!!!
10dpo-very gassy insomnia and dull pressure. Very hungry
Just want all the ladies out there to know it is possible to get pregnant! I've been ttc for 3 years now and have PCOS! Things I did this time was lose 20lbs and all my health tests checked out! Don't lose hope I never did! Hoping this is a sticky bean as I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks a year ago. Praying for healthy pregnancy! Baby dust to you all!

Products used: 

2nd round of clomid 50mg 5-9 at 9dpo

2nd round of clomid 50mg 5-9, BFP at 9 dpo.

This is my 2nd time being able to post my bfp on this site. The first time around we had been ttc for 4 years, and this was 2 years ago. I ended up pg on first round of clomid, but sadly ended up miscarrying at 11 weeks. That time around I didn't have any symptoms or signs that I was pregnant at all! This time around is VERY different!

I got a positive opk on cd 14 and know I ovulated on cd 15 due to the fun ovulation cramping that clomid induces. We used preseed each time we bd and are able to bd 13,14,15 and 16.

1dpo-5dpo: Nothing.
6dpo: Cramping, just like af! Tender bbs and had that 'let down' feeling in them.
7dpo: Right sided tight pinching feeling, near ovaries. Very tender bbs.
8dpo: Zingy feeling in bbs that radiated to my armpits. Very sharp stab feeling through to my vajayjay..very odd feeling! Constipated.
9dpo: Having to pee ALOT, like every 15 minutes. Tender bbs. Tight cramping right side. Let down feeling again. Faint positive at 530 pm
10dpo: Very positive on Frer! Still sore bbs. Crampy like af is going to show any moment! Very very hungry!!

I am praying this little one sticks!! It's been 6 years now that we have been trying for our last baby and this is the final try, I can't go through another loss. So, any prayers our way would be appreciated. Good luck ladies and I pray you all get your bfp soon! Xoxo

BFP after two chemical pregnancies

Hello :)

I did wait until 12 weeks to announce it on this website (by fear of something happening in the meantime!).
Anyways On October and December 2015 i had chemical pregnancies. I did not know why this happened since i have a healthy 15 months old son that was a complete surprise! I really thought at some points i had a real problem and would have lots of problems to conceive baby 2.
Well on Jan 2016 i had my 3rd BFP and i had ZERO SYMPTOMS. Seriously i was completely listening to my body and looking for signs of CM or boobs getting painful etc... NOTHING. The only thing that happened is around 12 dpo i had a very sharp pain in my uterus and thought ( maybe implentation?) but again, no IB and i had all these "symptoms" with my chemicals in the previous months.

The only thing i did different in January i to track my ovulation. once i saw EWCM (for the first time actually) i jumped into bed with dh !! i had a bit of a sharp pain two days after positive opk on my left ovary that lasted for 30 minutes but again i had this in the previous months so i did not think of it.

No doctors wanted to prescribe progesterone to me because its no custom to do in my country ( i live in the Netherlands) so i ate one or two banana a day with a lot of seeds and nuts along with proteines since i had the second chemical pregnancy. we were in the middle of christmas holidays and NYE so i did not cut on the drinks and did not think otherwise. (we did not try for this long for me to change my diet drastically but anyways im not a heavy drinker)

So my advise to all mamas that are suffering from multiple miscarriages / chemicals please try not to only blame yourself. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and just saw the baby this morning :) I have to say i had a hard time believing this one would stick as i did not even have MS (until 8 weeks where it was quite brutal!) i still barely feel pregnant and feel more or less good. The only difference is this time i look already 20 weeks pregnant and everyone is congratulating me since 8 weeks!!

Good luck to all mamas, don't give up and baby dust to all of you :)

Surprise BFP Already 3 1/2 Months Pregnant with Rainbow Baby!!

This is going to be a long post! We are still in shock that God has answered our prayers to be parents as we decided to stop TTC and trust in his plan for us. As soon as we surrendered to him and trusted in him He gave us our biggest blessing! God is faithful, trust in HIS timing!

Our story begins like most women. We began TTC in September 2014 with the hopes of getting pregnant ASAP. When it didn't happen immediately I tried not to stress too bad. My cycles were very short and by March 2015 I was beginning to think something wasn't right with my body. My dr took some blood work and I was diagnosed with PCOS with high testosterone levels and I was most likely not ovulating on my own. The diagnosis really stung but I had a lot of hope in the 50 mg Clomid she prescribed for us. March 13th I got my period and went in 21 days later for a progesterone check. My progesterone was 37 and we found out April 10th that I was indeed 4 weeks pregnant. We were amazed the Clomid worked the first round. My DH and I were so excited and we told close friends and family. We began to start thinking of what it would be like to have a baby and be parents. The planning had already began!! However, the day of April 24th will forever be etched in my mind as it was the day I began to miscarry our baby at 6 weeks 1 day. It was devastating, and at the time I spent most days being angry and bitter at God for taking away our child. After that I determined I could get pregnant immediately again without God, and after my period returned in June we started the second round of Clomid. BFN. Third round BFN. Fourth round BFN. By October I could feel God was screaming at me to just listen to him but I ignored him once again. I was still trying to work through the grief of loosing my baby and TTC was my outlet to ignore the pain. I wanted to try Femara in October as I was just convinced my body was used to Clomid by now. By this point I wasn't even getting a natural period and had to be induced on Provera. I felt so broken as a woman. And to top it off my DH got a sperm analysis and had only 11 million sperm count. I got my progesterone checked after the first round of Femara and I didn't ovulate. This was rock bottom for me. Why God? Why didn't you want us to be parents? Why us? The pregnancy Facebook announcements seemed so cruel.

Then something hit me like a ton of bricks. I finally let God in and began listening to him. I started to surrender everything to him. All of my own plans for motherhood, my worries, fears, etc. It was not easy at first. He was telling me this entire time to TRUST him and his plan in our lives. He started by canceling our next doctor's appointment scheduled for November 23rd. The receptionist called and told me that I was scheduled on accident for that week and since it was thanksgiving that week they were only seeing OB patients. I could have rescheduled but I knew this was Gods first sign for us. I amazingly got a natural period on November 21st. However, December 9th I started "spotting" for 9 days straight. I was convinced my hormones were messed up from the drugs. I continued to pray for strength and grieved our baby's due date in December. In January we began visiting a church. Every week the preacher would talk about the power of prayer and how important it is to hold on to your faith even when you don't feel like God is listening. We held on tight. This was so hard for me, as I felt like I failed him daily. I STILL wanted to be pregnant! January came and went with no period. The first week of February I took 5 days of Provera I had left and then realized I had momentarily stopped listening to God. I didn't continue with the Provera after I felt God telling me this was not his plan. Usually when I would take Provera I would get my period on day 3 of the pill but when nothing happened I thought it was really odd.

February came and I continued to pray for strength daily and trusted more and more in Gods plan for us. I would tell him daily that even though I would give anything to be pregnant, he's plan is far greater than anything I could understand. Most people are probably wondering why didn't you take a pregnancy test if you weren't getting a period? Some woman can relate to the absolute devastation of seeing a negative pregnant test over and over again, and since I knew what it was like to be pregnant already, I hadn't had any symptoms and therefore no need to test! Lol The Sunday before we found out we were expecting, the preacher at church preached about how he felt God was speaking to someone there. He said God was telling someone that it was going to be the end of their night season and their morning would be coming soon. This gives me chills thinking about this.