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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP at 11 DPO :)

I have been following this website for the last four months especially about a week before my period is supposed to start. I have kept up hope and compared my symptoms to all the other ladies. For the last four months, I have kept up hope that I was pregnant until Aunt Flo came. Finally today, I got my BFP at 11 DPO.

Just some background, September 2011 I got pregnant. About a week before Thanksgiving, I found out I had a partial molar pregnancy, and the baby had died around 8 weeks. At this point, I thought I was around 12 weeks pregnant. The doctor ordered a D&C for the next day. I went in for a D&C. After my D&C, I had to have lab work drawn weekly until my beta hCG was less than 2 to make sure I had did not have gestational trophoblastic disease. It took until March, for my beta hCG to completely drop to below 2. This was complete torture!

After March, we decided that we would start "trying" again. I did not want to put pressure on becoming pregnant so I did not chart anything. I just used an app on my phone that showed about the time I ovulate. I wanted it to just happen naturally without pressure. I do not have my symptoms written out day by day, but this month my symptoms have been different to the other months. The main symptom I have is a pulling sensation in my abdomen when usually I have period cramps around this time of the month. Also I usually spot 2-4 days before my period, which I have not done this month. Today, I also started to have extreme nipple tenderness.

Just a couple other weird things...I had two dreams I hooked up with a girl (I am completely heterosexual), and other vivid dreams. Some had to do with pregnancy like finding out my best friend was pregnant. I also thought the smell of beer was disgusting, and I usually love an ice cold beer.

So today at 11 DPO, I got my BFP. I have been testing for the last 3 days. I took one this morning, which looked negative. I then took one tonight when I got home because of the nipple tenderness. At first, it looked negative, then the beautiful second pink line appeared. I pulled the one out of the trashcan from this morning, and it too was positive. I know this is very premature, but I am so excited. We have decided to keep it a secret this time for a while because of our heartbreak last time. I still cannot believe I am actually typing up my BFP story.

Things I did differently: We went on vacation for a few days this month. My job is extremely stressful. Also, I could feel when I was ovulating this month because it was so painful. We had bd'ed the night before I ovulated (which is when my app said I was ovulation) and when I felt the pain, we did it again that night.

This website was awesome, especially since I saw all the miraculous stories of women getting pregnant after several years of TTC. I feel so excited, scared, and blessed :) I am praying that this one sticks and for a healthy pregnancy. Praying for all the other ladies out there for their BFP!

BFP After 5 week M/C = 13 Months Trying

We tried for 10 months and then I fell pregnant but miscarried a week after we found out. Then I saw my natropathic Dr who said that blood levels for the thyroid can be normal for some time before they start to show a thyroid deficiency but mentioned that the thyroid can be a factor both in fertility and in early miscarriage, so he started me on 2 kelp tablets and 3 okra pepsin tablets a day. I also take prenatal and fish oil. Would you believe I got pregnant two cycles later after it took 10 months the first time??!!! Ladies, even if your TSH and T3 and T4 levels look normal, get your thyroid energy tested! Kelp is an iodine supplement, so it is good to take for balance of the thyroid if, like me, you try to avoid salting your food or using much food with sodium in it. Anywho here are my symptoms (I have a 35 day cycle)

CD 20: looks positive on Answer OPK, negative on CB digi. Had BD a day or so before and did again that night.
CD 21: Again, positive OPK, negative digi. BD again and a few more times over the next few days.
Let's assume O day was CD 23.
All month: Signs like I would have a baby. Adorable scrapbook album matching my future nursery theme brand-new in the Goodwill. Friend gave me a rocking chair, etc. Like God was giving me stuff. Cute "Father to be card" jumps out at me, I buy it and hide it away for later.
7dpo: Watched UP and cried (snot, tears and sobs) 30 min straight before DH came home from work. That eve, awful cramp/burning pain in my uterus. Had to go to the bathroom to rub my stomach so DH wouldn't think I was pg again.
8dpo: Nearly fell asleep driving. Felt like I'd worked 17 hours and been up 22. (I have done this. Very hard to stay awake driving home!) Same day, so sure I am not pg, order a value pack of OPKs and early HPTS.
9dpo: Sister asks at a bridal shower, how is it going with the baby making? I tell her I don't know, my period is next week. But I somehow peacefully am sure I will have a baby soon. Tell her I'd rather wait a month so I will get maternity leave at work. Zit in my ear. (had with other pg too)
10dpo: Notice cm is white--preg symptom? Tenderish boobs, but not like when I was pg before so dismiss as preAF soreness. Mad at DH for sending UP back to the Netflix.
11 dpo: Still got the white CM, cranky, boobs slightly sore. Stomach occasionally feels like I got off a roller coaster. This feeling continues to this day. Know I am NOT pregnant because I don't have the mouth sores I had last pg. (Dentist said those are from the changing hormones)
12 dpo: Coding a pt (not mine, but helping.) Took a blood sugar and about to relieve the nurse doing CPR when I feel like I am going to faint. My manager notices and tells me to go out and see my own its. ( later when I tell her I am pg, she said she wondered when she saw me turn pale) Think I might be pg. Test when I get home FRER has two DARK lines! (last doomed pg line was light) and CB digi says pregnant! Call natropathic MD who used to deliver babies, says he will do US when I am 6 weeks ( my OB won't) OB orders Betas, progesterone levels for the am, sends script for progesterone which I go pick up and use. Hubby working late, call him and tell him to wake me up when he gets home. Around midnight, he wakes up, I give him the card with the tests and we are ready to try again!
13 dpo: HCG is 213 progesterone 39.1. Still tired, cranky. Cramping in the am, but this is ok.
14dpo: Test line darker than control on HPT
15dpo: Beta 433!
Currently 6 weeks pg, ultrasound next weekish! Giving thanks for the baby we have, surrendering it to God should it be His will to bless me with the privilege of carrying life temporarily and adding a heavenly citizen, and asking God to let us see this baby's children.

TTC 12 Months For 2nd Baby

I will share with you a summary of my symptoms to hope to give others hope. It did take about 12 months to conceive after I had a chemical pregnancy last August, but I did have a few months off around Xmas time as I was a bit fed up of trying!

I would say that we really started trying again three months ago and used OPK's and monitoring CM (no temp because I always forget to do it!). We tried to BD a few days before OV, day before OV, and OV. Tried for 4 times around ovulation. The main difference this month was that I really told myself to chill out about it.

I had some sore boobs about DPO 10 onwards. DPO 12 got a couple of 'hot flushes' and waves of nausea and also on DPO 13 and 14. This was when I knew I was pregnant as this happened with DS and also Chem Preg. I usually take heaps of preg tests leading up to it, but waited til DPO 13 and got a strong positive (with chem preg only ever got a faint positive so I’m a lot more certain with this one). Then took another test today, DPO 16 and the BFP was stronger than test line and really really positive. Hoping this one sticks - good luck to all!

My biggest tip - as much BD as you can around Ovulation - My CM is a dead giveaway and the OPK helps, and try to tell yourself it will happen and its just a matter of time. If not this month, then we will try the next one. I did stay websites (or as much as you possibly can) as I felt it just added to my stress!

The Seven Year Wait!

DH and I have been BD'ing for 7 years unprotected. I was diagnosed PCOS a few years ago. After 2 chemical pregnancies and no natural periods we decided to not try again until we were healthy. 3 months ago we became vegan and on Jun 21 I got my first natural P after losing 40 lbs, DH and I thought we would give it another try!! If I'm not pregnant I don't have an explanation for the following:
Jun 21- Jun 25 - AF

Jun 26- BD

Jun 27- OP EWCM- BD

Jun 28- BD (getting tired already!)

Jun 29- Jul 3 BD 3 more times..

Jul 4- OP ( again? questioning earlier OP) right O side. EWCM

Jul 5- Original target for O, brown spotting, could not eat my favorite summer snack... watermelon, it tasted so bad!

Jul 6- 1DPO- Tired, urine smelled different, less brown spotting

Jul 7-2DPO-NTR- BD again

Jul 8-3DPO- Nausea, no vomiting just upset stomach, little dizzy, emotional, CONSTIPATED (being vegan you never have this problem) watery CM but feel dry down there. Need to pee.. urgently!

Jul 9-4DPO- BFN (POAS addict!) Short of breath with very little exertion, TIRED, Skin breakout on right jaw and around mouth (very sore and oily skin) Sore bumpy throat ( thought I was getting sick) Clear runny nose, upset stomach, still constipated small hard bm's. Watery whitish CM. Thirsty.

Jul 10- 5DPO-Sore front teeth!! very sensitive! Hot face, runny nose, heavy eyes ( I could barely keep them open all day!) Tired, More skin breakout chest, back, LEGS??? heartburn, upset stomach, constipated ( not eating anything out of the ordinary, trying to drink more) Watery whitish CM. Jul 11-6DPO- Woke up with headache, nausea alleviated by eating, runny nose, sore teeth, hot face, gassy, feeling a pulling sensation behind my belly button, pain on lower right ( like O pain) Constipated. Watery CM. Lots of bathroom breaks! tingling feet and right arm ( like they have fallen asleep) Convinced and feel pregnant....

Jul 12- 7DPO- Woke up felling great, BFN After POAS with MU, Convinced I must be crazy not pregnant! by 2 pm needed to eat to feel better, sore teeth again, heavy tired eyes, hot face, sore bumpy throat again, not painful but I was aware of my throat and thick phlegm at the back of my mouth. Opted for a large soup at a favorite restaurant to get the bowels moving, it worked!! Watery CM. Could not fall asleep tossed and turned for hours despite being tired all day.

Jul 13- 8DPO- Feel good waking up, right ovary pain, Green snot in nose (TMI) Phlegm in throat again, gassy gassy gassy (both ends) heavy eyes, watery pink bleeding lasted overnight turn brown in am and was thicker to the end. Too scared to POAS thinking it is still too soon, very tender pelvis ( convinced AF is starting) nipples slightly tender (or maybe I am just wanting them to be...) Constipated again! Bleeding stopped!

July 14- 9DPO- woke up with a headache again, feel loose? down there, very watery feeling kind of swollen. Constipated, nausea, tired teeth still a bit sensitive.

Taking Maca to help with fertility, a prenatal vitamin and since becoming vegan I have not felt unwell one day! Until now. I have been scouring this site... obsessed. I will update after July 19th when AF is due on a 28-day cycle (because of past PCOS and this being a spontaneous AF I don't know what my cycle is or will be...) Good luck to all!

BFP After Miscarriage and With Prayer!

In February my husband and I lost our first child due to a missed miscarriage. This was a totally heart breaking experience for us both and I'd be lying if I said apart of me isn't still fearful that this wonderful BFP could have the same tragic outcome. However I decided to trust in God, which is a massive step for me as until yesterday I was not a believer. We had been trying ttc for around 4months, my husband is a Christian and suggested I pray. I wanted to be pregnant again and this time to have a baby to keep, sooo I started praying most days. It can't hurt? I thought. Well :) this month was our BFP and I'm starting to feel that it’s thanks to me letting go of all my anguish with God for our previous miscarriage and instead asking for his love and help.
1-2 DPO. Tugging and slight cramping sensation in right ovary.
3-5 DPO. Nothing.
6-8. DPO. Increasing stomach pains in right side and cramping, with right side lower back pain - like AF. Some breast soreness and tingling but not consistent. Diarrhea (sorry tmi) and waves of nausea. Went to the doctors thinking I had a kidney infection and she suggested I may be pregnant, however to early to tell. Took a home test with first morning urine (as always) BFN.
9-10 DPO. Soreness in breasts still, really thirsty and really hungry. Smells are starting to bother me more and I nearly threw up at work when I picked up a residence used tissue (not like me at all, its my job to do personal care). Took a test and BFN.
11 DPO. Nothing, starting to think I'm out and that it was all just wishful thinking.
12 DPO. Breasts and nipples tingling, eating more and thirsty. I'm 7 stone and 5'4, never been a big eater but suddenly I could not stop lol. Took a test BFN.
13 DPO. Having some light pulling sensations in right ovary, still have diarrhea and occasional breast pain. Decide to test again, BFN. That day I decided that I needed to prove to myself whether or not these symptoms where in my head so I splashed out and bought a first response early detection.
14 DPO. Took a test at 6am in the morning using first response and BFP !! Faint line but still a line. Also a very very very faint line appeared on cheapy £1 store one. Continued symptoms all day, sore boobs, hungry and some cramps on right side. Also feeling very tired.
15 DPO. Woke up to two spots on my face! Eeek! And swollen breasts, decided that the hormones may have increased so retested using both pound store and first response.....**drum roll please** Two much much clearer BFP :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D

So so happy and I will be praying each day for God to keep this little bean safe and sticky.

BFP After 3 Blighted Ovums and 1 Chemical

Hey Ladies,
I wanted to share my symptoms with you all because I LOVE reading everyone else's as I am going through my TWW. I am pretty in tune with my body and can usually tell when I am going to get a BFP, but this time was different. As soon as 1dpo I could feel it! I woke up with a very stuffy nose and I knew instantly. I could feel flutters, cramps and achiness in my ovary/lower ab area the whole TWW also. I had weird vivid dreams that I remembered when I woke up. My taste buds were off...things were just not tasting good about 5-7dpo. My boobs continued to be sensitive from O to BFP, which was a good indicator too. More than anything I just felt it. I felt relaxed and happy. I have been doing acupuncture from right before O and am continuing treatments. This helps the blood flow, levels hormones and helps me relax. I "tried" this cycle, but did not stress about it. Just did it w/out all the TTC stresses. I let my body tell me what was going on and what I need to do. I got my BFP on 10dpo and it was fairly dark (darkest ever that early). I got a confirmed darker line and positive digi on 12 dpo. It is still early and has not completely sunk in, but I feel very happy and blessed. I want to enjoy every second and not take any of it for granted...even the being sick and tired parts! I pray this is my take home baby!

I wish BFPs for all you ladies TTC and lots and lots of baby dust!!


After having a miscarriage at 11+ weeks in January and taking two months off from TTC, we have our BFP this month. I did not temp or use OPK's this month, just DTD every other day for 4 days before I thought I would ovulate and 3-4 days after. I am praying that this pregnancy goes full term! Here are my symptoms:

1-4 dpo: NOTHING
5 dpo: Indigestion.
6-7 dpo: Mild cramping in my lower left ovary area. It felt like a tugging or pulling sensation. It wasn't too painful, just noticeable.
8-11 dpo: Indigestion, no appetite whatsoever, couldn't sleep well. Woke up several times in the middle of the night sweating.
12 dpo: mildly sore breasts around the outside only, and I was wondering if squeezing them was causing the soreness at all. Did a First Response test and saw a faint second line around noon after drinking a bottle of water. Yawned all day.
13 dpo: Sorer breasts, but still not to the extent I recall it being during my first pregnancy. Exhausted. Did second FR test upon waking and the second line was dark and immediate.
14 dpo: Sorer breasts, exhausted.

BFP! 6 Months Trying!

I'm pretty excited to post about my pregnancy today! We started trying six months ago. In March I found out I was pregnant but lost it two days later :( so I am pretty excited yet nervous for this one. This will be baby #3 for us! Here is what the winning cycle looked like: I ovulated on cycle day 16 and we had sex on cycle days 7,8,11,12,13,15,17
1dpo: tiny bit of spotting (I usually spot the day after I ovulate)
2dpo: woke up to a ton of cm and cramps
3&4dpo: nothing
5dpo: notice left breast is killing me
6dpo: really can't stop eating!
7dpo: nothing
8dpo: really tired, pain in uterus (pinching in ovaries feeling), boobs are sore, at night I was laying in bed and I felt a burning/pinching feeling that I had never felt before. I'm going to guess that this was implantation day!
9dpo: nothing
10dpo: smell of cooked eggs makes me sick, very grumpy today, boobs sore.
11dpo: decided to take a wondfo pregnancy test around 3pm and I see a very faint line! Husband doesn't see it but I knew it was a positive! Last month I took like 25 tests and I never got faint lines.
12dpo: pulling feeling on right side of belly button, pee every hour, acne, back pains, all over just feel like crap! Another faint bfp but this time it's a tiny bit darker. Husband still doesn't believe me.
13dpo: woke up and took a digital and "pregnant" popped up! Husband believes me now!
14dpo: wondfo tests are finally getting darker, these tests take forever to get dark!
Don't give up! Hope you all get your bfp soon! I have been reading this site for months and was starting to think it was never going to happen!

A Nervous BFP

Well it has been a difficult path but I'm praying this one will be a sticky bean. We started ttc last April and I found out I was pregnant end of December. Sadly that one ended when we went for my 12-week scan to find no baby. Devastated as I was we decided to get straight back to trying again after erpc. These last few months of no joy have been so upsetting but finally I’m there again! My symptoms were very mild really and I'm not 100% when I ov'd so I'll just list them. The most unusual but also the most dramatic were nosebleeds! I've had two -one of which was very heavy and lasted quite a while. Other than that I've had a little dizziness & nausea, light cramps and general cold/flu symptoms (stuffy nose, sore throat, slight temp.) I'm hoping my symptoms pick up a bit more soon as I had none last time and that all went wrong. I know I shouldn't hope to be ill but I'd be reassured by a bit of morning sickness and sore boobs! The only thing different this time was we used Pre-Seed for the first time. No idea if that is just coincidence but I don't have much cm myself I think it may have helped. Anyway, hope that helps someone out there who is feeling a bit down about it all - keep your chin up and try to stay positive.

Miscarriage in January and Finally BFP!

I lost a baby in January and have been trying to conceive since then. We finally bought an OPK and second month in I'm pregnant!
The first month I had every symptom going and was convinced I would get a BFP on all 6, yes 6 tests I did. All were BFN. I was so upset and confused we decided not to put to much focus on it and as long as we got the timing of ovulation right that would be enough this month. I totally relaxed about it all and decided I wouldn't get that upset again and I don’t have to! I tracked my symptoms again and this is how it went:

Dpo4 - stabbing pain right
Dpo5 - really moody
Dpo6 - tender bbs and went to bed and they quite tender and hot!
Dpo7 - bbs tender
Dpo8 - bbs slightly tender
Dpo9 - nothing on bbs, went to bed laid flat felt slightly crampy/pulling - pretty sure af on the way
Dpo10 - slight pulling in lower tummy - feel very tired
Dpo11 - nothin, nada zippo but bloated cramps as per usual before AF. Before bed feel queasy - either a symptom or too much pasta. Cried in the loo for 20 mins for no reason just felt very sad. Think this could be stress.
Dpo12 - Slight pulling/cramp on right ovary but think it is af coming. Due today/tomorrow or day after - very irregular.
Dpo13 - moody all day and really tired, several times during the day I felt twinges in my lower tummy, slightly painful
Dpo14 - woke up feeling really nauseous and couldn't stand the smell of my husbands aftershave. Felt out of breath, Took test BFP!!!! It was a cheapy test so immediately went out and bought a digital one and got the double confirmation I needed. We are so happy but cautious, I am praying this one holds on! I wish you all the luck in world and believe it can happen x