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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP! 6 Months Trying!

I'm pretty excited to post about my pregnancy today! We started trying six months ago. In March I found out I was pregnant but lost it two days later :( so I am pretty excited yet nervous for this one. This will be baby #3 for us! Here is what the winning cycle looked like: I ovulated on cycle day 16 and we had sex on cycle days 7,8,11,12,13,15,17
1dpo: tiny bit of spotting (I usually spot the day after I ovulate)
2dpo: woke up to a ton of cm and cramps
3&4dpo: nothing
5dpo: notice left breast is killing me
6dpo: really can't stop eating!
7dpo: nothing
8dpo: really tired, pain in uterus (pinching in ovaries feeling), boobs are sore, at night I was laying in bed and I felt a burning/pinching feeling that I had never felt before. I'm going to guess that this was implantation day!
9dpo: nothing
10dpo: smell of cooked eggs makes me sick, very grumpy today, boobs sore.
11dpo: decided to take a wondfo pregnancy test around 3pm and I see a very faint line! Husband doesn't see it but I knew it was a positive! Last month I took like 25 tests and I never got faint lines.
12dpo: pulling feeling on right side of belly button, pee every hour, acne, back pains, all over just feel like crap! Another faint bfp but this time it's a tiny bit darker. Husband still doesn't believe me.
13dpo: woke up and took a digital and "pregnant" popped up! Husband believes me now!
14dpo: wondfo tests are finally getting darker, these tests take forever to get dark!
Don't give up! Hope you all get your bfp soon! I have been reading this site for months and was starting to think it was never going to happen!

A Nervous BFP

Well it has been a difficult path but I'm praying this one will be a sticky bean. We started ttc last April and I found out I was pregnant end of December. Sadly that one ended when we went for my 12-week scan to find no baby. Devastated as I was we decided to get straight back to trying again after erpc. These last few months of no joy have been so upsetting but finally I’m there again! My symptoms were very mild really and I'm not 100% when I ov'd so I'll just list them. The most unusual but also the most dramatic were nosebleeds! I've had two -one of which was very heavy and lasted quite a while. Other than that I've had a little dizziness & nausea, light cramps and general cold/flu symptoms (stuffy nose, sore throat, slight temp.) I'm hoping my symptoms pick up a bit more soon as I had none last time and that all went wrong. I know I shouldn't hope to be ill but I'd be reassured by a bit of morning sickness and sore boobs! The only thing different this time was we used Pre-Seed for the first time. No idea if that is just coincidence but I don't have much cm myself I think it may have helped. Anyway, hope that helps someone out there who is feeling a bit down about it all - keep your chin up and try to stay positive.

Miscarriage in January and Finally BFP!

I lost a baby in January and have been trying to conceive since then. We finally bought an OPK and second month in I'm pregnant!
The first month I had every symptom going and was convinced I would get a BFP on all 6, yes 6 tests I did. All were BFN. I was so upset and confused we decided not to put to much focus on it and as long as we got the timing of ovulation right that would be enough this month. I totally relaxed about it all and decided I wouldn't get that upset again and I don’t have to! I tracked my symptoms again and this is how it went:

Dpo4 - stabbing pain right
Dpo5 - really moody
Dpo6 - tender bbs and went to bed and they quite tender and hot!
Dpo7 - bbs tender
Dpo8 - bbs slightly tender
Dpo9 - nothing on bbs, went to bed laid flat felt slightly crampy/pulling - pretty sure af on the way
Dpo10 - slight pulling in lower tummy - feel very tired
Dpo11 - nothin, nada zippo but bloated cramps as per usual before AF. Before bed feel queasy - either a symptom or too much pasta. Cried in the loo for 20 mins for no reason just felt very sad. Think this could be stress.
Dpo12 - Slight pulling/cramp on right ovary but think it is af coming. Due today/tomorrow or day after - very irregular.
Dpo13 - moody all day and really tired, several times during the day I felt twinges in my lower tummy, slightly painful
Dpo14 - woke up feeling really nauseous and couldn't stand the smell of my husbands aftershave. Felt out of breath, Took test BFP!!!! It was a cheapy test so immediately went out and bought a digital one and got the double confirmation I needed. We are so happy but cautious, I am praying this one holds on! I wish you all the luck in world and believe it can happen x

BFP After Miscarriage on Christmas Eve

The first week of December I found out I was pregnant with my third. Well sadly that ended in a natural miscarriage on Christmas Eve. We have been NTNP since January and now we finally have a strong BFP!!!!

This month things I did differently were I just relaxed. I stopped worrying about trying to get pregnant and enjoyed my two children I have. I did however decide to try Mucinex because I have heard only good things about it while ttc.

This month after ovulation I have absolutely no symptoms. Nothing. Then on July 4th we had a huge cookout and after leaving my stomach was so bloated I could barely move. I chalked it up to eating too much food and my period approaching. Well yesterday the day my period was supposed to start I woke up and went to the bathroom and when I wiped I had the smallest amount of pink discharge. Thought wow that was odd, that's never happened. I had a huge desire to take a test so I went and bought a three pack of tests. Waited until 3 pm, and peed when I set the test up on the counter the second the pee hit the test it was positive!!!! The fastest positive I've ever had!!!!!

Keep your heads up ladies!!!!

2 Weeks Pregnant After a Miscarriage in March at 5 Weeks

I thought I would submit these symptoms b/c i was stalking the site and dying for new submissions. I didn't have any symptoms that I didn't think I was kinda making up except slight pinching/ cramps for several days.
I ovulated 3 days early.
1-5dpo- nothing
6dpo- difficulty sleeping. I felt wired and that is terribly unusual for me.
7dop- vague breast pain for a few minutes. right ovary/ hip pulling or presence.
8dpo-difficulty waking up. Bloody boogers (I hope that is relevant otherwise it is weird). Strange vivid dreams- not terribly unusual for me. Creamy CM.
9dpo-headache. nausea but maybe it was due to taking a pill on an empty stomach. smells bother me a little bit.
10dpo-woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep until 8. not crampy but uncomfortable.
11dpo-mildly crampy
12dpo-mildly crampy and slight breast soreness. thought i was making it up. negative pregnancy test.
13dpo- winded walking upstairs and walking across the room. weird. vague back pain and soreness.
14dpo-woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep until 6. when i stood up i noticed that my breasts were heavy and sore for the first few minutes after waking. gassy...not bad just unusual. Very regular going #2 which is unusual for me. Burst into tears for no reason. EXTREMELY faint pregnancy test.
15dpo- 3am took a test when i went to the bathroom. VERY Faint yes. Another at 10am with a digital test as a back up. 2 positives!

3rd Pregnancy in 5 months! Hopefully This One Sticks! Low Progesterone Culprit!

So I should start off with a little DH and I started TTC in February of this year. He is 24 and I am 25, and we have been married for 10 months! I had been on birth control for approximately 10 years and I stopped taking it in January. We got pregnant the first month we tried! Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage just shy of 6 weeks. My doctor said that it was probably just abnormal chromosomes and after a month off we could start trying again. So we followed orders and I restarted my OPK after a month off.
Once again I got pregnant right away. That month my doctor had decided to check my progesterone just to see where it was. My level was 8.4, which would have been fine if I was not pregnant, he said he would like me at least over 14 for the first trimester. So he started me on Prometrium 100mg twice a day. Unfortunately 4 days after starting the progesterone supplement I miscarried again, that was around 5 weeks. Once again DH and I were told to take a month off and we could try again.
Well this month, the month we were supposed to be taking a break, I took my OPK because they were expiring and I thought it would let us know when not to do the deed. To my surprise I never got a positive OPT this month and DH and I only b'd 6 times for the whole month. Approximately a week and a half before AF was due I started to feel pregnancy symptoms. I decided I should start taking my progesterone supplement just in case, but thought there was no way I was pregnant. To my shock 3 days before my missed period I once again got a + HPT.
I am not exactly sure when I ovulated but assume it was probably around the 14th-16th of June. I immediately called my doctors office and they sent me to have a quantitative HCG level and a progesterone level drawn. So three days before my missed period my HCG was 12 and my progesterone was 30.5. They wanted me to have a repeat HCG level drawn in 48 hours, which I had done today. Thankfully my HCG level has impressively increased in 48 hours up to 55! AF was supposed to show today and she has not! My tentative due date is March 8, 2013.
DH and I are praying that this one sticks! I am still taking my Prometrium 100mg twice a day and the doctor said I will probably need to continue it through the first trimester. My symptoms this month were as follows:
CD 18: Very tender nipples
CD 19: Tender nipples and the sides of my BB by my armpits slightly sore. Increased CM and breaking out like a teenage again.
CD 20: slight cramps, tender nipples, BB getting more sore, bad headache, acne, and increased CM.
CD 21: increased cramping, nipples still sore, and BB continued to become more tender.
CD 22: slight intermittent cramping, craving ice cream, nipples sore, BB becoming really tender, and sooo tired.
CD 23: Fatigue continues, cramping very intense in the evening, slight CM, acne clearing up, nipples sore and BB ache and have sharp pains when touched.
CD 24: increased urination, fatigue, and BB and nipples same as day before
CD 25: same as day before
CD 26: BFP with FMU on FRER! Beta HCG 12 and Progesterone 30.5.
CD 27: indigestion and gas...sorry TMI, BB and nipples same, frequent urination! Another BFP with FMU on FRER getting darker!
CD 28: only symptom is sore BB and nipples. BFP with FMU on FRER (I was using up the box and wanting to make sure they were getting darker and they were!) and + on CBED with FMU (I'm addicted to POAS!) Repeat Beta HCG drawn and level has quadrupled up to 55!
DH and I could not be happier! The doctor has ordered me to have a repeat HCG and Progesterone drawn a week from tomorrow and go from there! Praying this one sticks! Will keep everyone updated! Baby dust to all!

BFP Right After Chemical/Miscarriage, No Period In Between!!! I Knew It!!

Hi everyone I just got my BFP yesterday. I had a chemical or early miscarriage at 4 or 5 weeks gestation 3 WEEKS AGO ON JUNE 5TH. My levels were alllll the way down just a couple days after literally!!

Cd 9 and 10-little bit of ewcm
cd 11-watery cm very wet/ovulation pains and twinges 97.7

1dpo-slight cramps every now and then, headache, temp 97.9

2dpo-slight cramps, headache temp 97.9 nausea

3dpo-af like cramps tingling nipples on and off temp 98.2, nausea, bad dreams

4 dpo-af like cramps I keep running to bathroom to check undies. Frequent urination!! Metallic taste, tingling burning nipples off and on, they look huge and dark, bad dreams

5 dpo-frequent urination (biggest giveaway I had it with all past pregnancies temp 98.2, metallic taste, nausea

6 dpo-frequent urination, slight cramping, craving lucky charms (I craved lucky charms with past pregnancies so another giveaway)

7 dpo-twinges on right side like little pokes and jabs, frequent urination,nausea, bad dreams

8 dpo-bfn temp 98.4, forgot to mention I’ve been waking up starving every single morning since 3dpo, nausea, irritable, bad dreams

9 dpo-bfn temp 98.4 frequent urination, nausea, irritable

10 dpo-two bfps using frer. All light pink. Temp 98.5

11 dpo-another bfp using frer although it’s slightly lighter than last nights- two test so I’m gonna retest tomorrow.

But there ya have it I’m definitely pregnant I can feel it and I’m glad all these symptoms weren’t in my head. Frequent urination gave it away the most. And the cramping that whole entire time almost. Also there is a certain smell in my cervical mucus when I’m pregnant. It’s not a bad smell it’s just a different smell. My cm has been increasingly wet and thick and white. Btw my cervix is still low so that goes to show u that what the experts say is true you cant rely on cervical position for pregnancy indication. Only thing I didn’t get this time (so far) that I’ve gotten with all of my pregnancies in the past was a sore throat!! Baby dust to allllllll!

BFP After 6 cycles of Trying and a Chemical Pregnancy

I am 32 and so is my husband. This will be our first child. We had been trying for 2 cycles when I had a chemical pregnancy. Then after 4 months of BFNs, my doctor said I should come in for an appointment to begin testing for fertility issues (both my husband and I had reasons to believe we had issues). We kept trying this month, but because of out-of-town guests and work schedules, we really only did the deed once in the window.

Well, I had to call and cancel that appointment this morning! We instead set an appointment for my first ultra sound!

My symptoms were mostly just some twinges in my bbs at about 6 dpo and light cramping/heavy feeling in abdomen from 8 dpo on. Had a doctor appointment with my primary care physician for a different reason on 11dpo, and we did a urine preg test, which came back negative. So I figured I was out. Then on 15 dpo I really wanted a beer with dinner, but since I hadn't gotten AF yet, I decided to take the $ store test I had left from last month just to be sure, and it was POSITIVE! No beer for me! Went to the drug store and got a clearblue digital and it was positive too, just an hour later!

I am so excited, and hope it sticks this time!!!! I really didn't think this would be the month, life was busy, work was really stressful, and we only dtd once! Today is 16 dpo and I am super tired, and my bbs are sore, which were my symptoms last time, and I woke up to pee last night, which I NEVER do. Actually looking back, the most poignant early symptom was the lack of my monster PMS.

(P.S. I will take the advice of others before me and be sure to update in the comments section of my post if it sticks or not. All these months I have wondered how everything turned out for the women who have posted.)

BFP After Missed Miscarriage

YES! I'm so stoked to be posting! Thankfully I discovered TTW in the empty days following my recent miscarriage and it gave me something to hold on to and hope for. A heartfelt thanks to all the ladies that have posted and kept me going.
I'm 26 and hubbs is 27. We've been married 5 years and began trying for our first baby New Years 2012. I fell pregnant within a week, everything looked GREAT, had a checkup at 9 weeks and felt very proud of myself. Fairy tale first trimester until I randomly began spotting at 13 weeks, just a few days after our 5 year anni when we made our big announcement.
I rushed to the ER "just in case" and to our HORROR found we'd had a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks. The baby had died even before we had announced. Stunned, reeling with disbelief and sinking into depression I closed myself in the house and allowed myself to have a natural miscarriage several days later. I had a wonderful support system and in the aftermath I could only think of one thing -- starting over. I began charting with OPK's and began trying right away when I stopped bleeding. I wasn't surprised to not get pregnant the first month - my body wasn't "right" yet. The second month I WAS surprised it didn't take. This month I went back on the diet I had been on in January and felt myself Ov on the 12th. We bd the 7th, 10th and 12th. Immediately after ovulating I felt the familiar symptoms creeping in and let me tell you ladies that already know --- it drives you CRAZY! Not to mention you are already starting to GO CRAZY cause of the hormones but not having PROOF is even worse!!!
So here's the good stuff:

1DPO feeling rather off, watery CM
2-4DPO still feeling off like a mild cold, figured I had one since hubby claimed same symptoms. Starting to have memorable dreams.
5DPO suddenly bloated like I’m 3 mo preggers, hungry all the time, peeing more, twinges and ovarian pain on R side (I ovulated R side) – WOW vivid erotic dream
6DPO TOTALLY feel pregnant. Irritable, hungry, headache, bloated, total B to my hubby, twinges in abdomen, sleepy off and on during the day, food not sitting right but still eating more than usual. Tender boobs, slightly painful nipples when pressed. Another vivid dream about something mundane.
7DPO wake up with AWFUL sore throat, total BI-ATCH, need three cups of coffee to wake up and still have brain fog, transient headache and starting to feel waves of mild nausea. Peeing a lot, boobs look and feel bigger, starting to hurt even when not touched. Friend says “your boobs look HUGE today.” Upper abdomen looks bloated (not my normal fat spot).
8DPO symptoms diminishing? Heart sinking…sore throat, sore boobs starting to fade. Occasional small zinger thru boobs but doesn’t last. Think I’m out. Quite gassy and constipated (TMI) after I lay down that night. Lower abdomen feels “heavy” but I think it’s just from the box of cookies I inhaled a few hours before.
9DPO No symptoms except sneezy and sore throat. Sad, think I’m out. BFN on digi with FMU
10DPO Boobs slightly fuller, slightly sore, gas is back. Test with FMU on digi, BFN….run out to get FRER and test with SMU and BFN again Λ Wanted to cry and stared at test for half an hour in case it changed. Breakfast tasted a little “off.” Full/almost crampy feeling in lower abdomen not painful, more like a mild pressure that doesn’t let up. Brain fog/mild headache continues, sneezy and sore throat lingers. Obsessively checking calendar, counting days until period due. Still 6 to go in my 32-34 day cycle. So depressed I want to hide inside all day. Wtfreak is wrong with me that I have preggo symptoms and they’re all in my head? Take four more HPT of different brands – all BFN
11DPO Wake up with crampy, AF feeling and sick to stomach. Test with FMU on FRER and IMAGINE I see a faaaaaaaaaaaaaint line come up immediately. Stare at it for 5 minutes in different lighting and run downstairs to google “FRER evap/indent line” only to discover it’s another BFN because there’s no color. I have 20/15 vision so I didn’t have to “look hard” but it was still negative since I was overanalyzing it. Consoled myself with chocolate cake at 9AM but felt sickly after eating it. The next hour I kept pulling out the FRER from the desk door and looked at it hoping color would appear in the line. Sneezy. Nauseous after an apple. Emotional basket case, fatigued and angry. At 11AM I got so mad that I was having all these symptoms that I ran upstairs for a SMU test on a Clear Blue Easy Digi (I read ppl getting evaps on FRER would get positive on CBED), peed in a cup (trying something new) and dipped the stick 20 seconds. Started cleaning the bathroom during the interim and when I looked up…..OMG OMG OMG it says PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed happy scream through the whole house and started laughing hysterically.

BFP After Chemical Pregnancy

I'll start with a little history.. I found out I was pregnant in April at 5 weeks 2 days. 2 days later I started cramping and bleeding. Long story short my hcg levels were at 30 and showed I had a chemical pregnancy. We started trying again 1 month later and these are my symptoms leading to my bfp!

(cd 18) 2 dpo- dull pain in right side ovary. Loose stool. sudden creamy cm on underwear. Cp is very wet. Bd
3 dpo- Creamy cm. headache. Nausea to smells. Lower back pain
4 dpo- anxiety, acne, high cp. creamy cm. loose stool. Frequent urination. Lower back pain
5 dpo- exhaustion. Always hungry. VERY bloated and gas. Cramping in right side
6 dpo- lots of creamy lotion like cm. Bloated gas pains. Tired.
8 dpo- milk taste weird. Gas. Stomach ache. Creamy lotion cm. full breasts. Sore puffy nipples
9 dpo- BFN no symptoms. heartburn
10 dpo- af cramps. Period due in 3-4 days. Had a dream where I went to cook eggs and every one of them had a baby chick in them. Lower back pain. Too tired to read.
11 dpo- cramp in right ovary turned into a burning sensation. Feeling drunk with no alcohol (dazed, dizzy) Jelly taste weird. Convinced I'm getting my period and am out this month. Boobs hurt so bad I screamed when the bf hugged me. Dizzy, flushed.
13 dpo- diahrea, cramping, heat flashes. Bbs full. frequent urination.
14 dpo- cramping. Very very light positive past the 10 min mark (possible evap line) headache. Frequent urination
15 dpo- heat flashes. Vaginas sore. Pulling ache in stomach. Headache. No af but feels like its coming any moment. Lower back pain. Frequent urination. Sensation of holding something heavy in my lower abdomen. Bfp but faint

I stopped tracking after that but took 2 more tests both faintly positive. Went to the doctor yesterday and after drinking too much water their test showed negative. After a blood test it was confirmed that I am in fact pregnant. My levels as of yesterday were 243. Based on my menstrual cycle I’m 5 weeks 3 days. Have to take another blood test tomorrow to make sure my numbers double!