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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After 6 cycles of Trying and a Chemical Pregnancy

I am 32 and so is my husband. This will be our first child. We had been trying for 2 cycles when I had a chemical pregnancy. Then after 4 months of BFNs, my doctor said I should come in for an appointment to begin testing for fertility issues (both my husband and I had reasons to believe we had issues). We kept trying this month, but because of out-of-town guests and work schedules, we really only did the deed once in the window.

Well, I had to call and cancel that appointment this morning! We instead set an appointment for my first ultra sound!

My symptoms were mostly just some twinges in my bbs at about 6 dpo and light cramping/heavy feeling in abdomen from 8 dpo on. Had a doctor appointment with my primary care physician for a different reason on 11dpo, and we did a urine preg test, which came back negative. So I figured I was out. Then on 15 dpo I really wanted a beer with dinner, but since I hadn't gotten AF yet, I decided to take the $ store test I had left from last month just to be sure, and it was POSITIVE! No beer for me! Went to the drug store and got a clearblue digital and it was positive too, just an hour later!

I am so excited, and hope it sticks this time!!!! I really didn't think this would be the month, life was busy, work was really stressful, and we only dtd once! Today is 16 dpo and I am super tired, and my bbs are sore, which were my symptoms last time, and I woke up to pee last night, which I NEVER do. Actually looking back, the most poignant early symptom was the lack of my monster PMS.

(P.S. I will take the advice of others before me and be sure to update in the comments section of my post if it sticks or not. All these months I have wondered how everything turned out for the women who have posted.)

BFP After Missed Miscarriage

YES! I'm so stoked to be posting! Thankfully I discovered TTW in the empty days following my recent miscarriage and it gave me something to hold on to and hope for. A heartfelt thanks to all the ladies that have posted and kept me going.
I'm 26 and hubbs is 27. We've been married 5 years and began trying for our first baby New Years 2012. I fell pregnant within a week, everything looked GREAT, had a checkup at 9 weeks and felt very proud of myself. Fairy tale first trimester until I randomly began spotting at 13 weeks, just a few days after our 5 year anni when we made our big announcement.
I rushed to the ER "just in case" and to our HORROR found we'd had a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks. The baby had died even before we had announced. Stunned, reeling with disbelief and sinking into depression I closed myself in the house and allowed myself to have a natural miscarriage several days later. I had a wonderful support system and in the aftermath I could only think of one thing -- starting over. I began charting with OPK's and began trying right away when I stopped bleeding. I wasn't surprised to not get pregnant the first month - my body wasn't "right" yet. The second month I WAS surprised it didn't take. This month I went back on the diet I had been on in January and felt myself Ov on the 12th. We bd the 7th, 10th and 12th. Immediately after ovulating I felt the familiar symptoms creeping in and let me tell you ladies that already know --- it drives you CRAZY! Not to mention you are already starting to GO CRAZY cause of the hormones but not having PROOF is even worse!!!
So here's the good stuff:

1DPO feeling rather off, watery CM
2-4DPO still feeling off like a mild cold, figured I had one since hubby claimed same symptoms. Starting to have memorable dreams.
5DPO suddenly bloated like I’m 3 mo preggers, hungry all the time, peeing more, twinges and ovarian pain on R side (I ovulated R side) – WOW vivid erotic dream
6DPO TOTALLY feel pregnant. Irritable, hungry, headache, bloated, total B to my hubby, twinges in abdomen, sleepy off and on during the day, food not sitting right but still eating more than usual. Tender boobs, slightly painful nipples when pressed. Another vivid dream about something mundane.
7DPO wake up with AWFUL sore throat, total BI-ATCH, need three cups of coffee to wake up and still have brain fog, transient headache and starting to feel waves of mild nausea. Peeing a lot, boobs look and feel bigger, starting to hurt even when not touched. Friend says “your boobs look HUGE today.” Upper abdomen looks bloated (not my normal fat spot).
8DPO symptoms diminishing? Heart sinking…sore throat, sore boobs starting to fade. Occasional small zinger thru boobs but doesn’t last. Think I’m out. Quite gassy and constipated (TMI) after I lay down that night. Lower abdomen feels “heavy” but I think it’s just from the box of cookies I inhaled a few hours before.
9DPO No symptoms except sneezy and sore throat. Sad, think I’m out. BFN on digi with FMU
10DPO Boobs slightly fuller, slightly sore, gas is back. Test with FMU on digi, BFN….run out to get FRER and test with SMU and BFN again Λ Wanted to cry and stared at test for half an hour in case it changed. Breakfast tasted a little “off.” Full/almost crampy feeling in lower abdomen not painful, more like a mild pressure that doesn’t let up. Brain fog/mild headache continues, sneezy and sore throat lingers. Obsessively checking calendar, counting days until period due. Still 6 to go in my 32-34 day cycle. So depressed I want to hide inside all day. Wtfreak is wrong with me that I have preggo symptoms and they’re all in my head? Take four more HPT of different brands – all BFN
11DPO Wake up with crampy, AF feeling and sick to stomach. Test with FMU on FRER and IMAGINE I see a faaaaaaaaaaaaaint line come up immediately. Stare at it for 5 minutes in different lighting and run downstairs to google “FRER evap/indent line” only to discover it’s another BFN because there’s no color. I have 20/15 vision so I didn’t have to “look hard” but it was still negative since I was overanalyzing it. Consoled myself with chocolate cake at 9AM but felt sickly after eating it. The next hour I kept pulling out the FRER from the desk door and looked at it hoping color would appear in the line. Sneezy. Nauseous after an apple. Emotional basket case, fatigued and angry. At 11AM I got so mad that I was having all these symptoms that I ran upstairs for a SMU test on a Clear Blue Easy Digi (I read ppl getting evaps on FRER would get positive on CBED), peed in a cup (trying something new) and dipped the stick 20 seconds. Started cleaning the bathroom during the interim and when I looked up…..OMG OMG OMG it says PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed happy scream through the whole house and started laughing hysterically.

BFP After Chemical Pregnancy

I'll start with a little history.. I found out I was pregnant in April at 5 weeks 2 days. 2 days later I started cramping and bleeding. Long story short my hcg levels were at 30 and showed I had a chemical pregnancy. We started trying again 1 month later and these are my symptoms leading to my bfp!

(cd 18) 2 dpo- dull pain in right side ovary. Loose stool. sudden creamy cm on underwear. Cp is very wet. Bd
3 dpo- Creamy cm. headache. Nausea to smells. Lower back pain
4 dpo- anxiety, acne, high cp. creamy cm. loose stool. Frequent urination. Lower back pain
5 dpo- exhaustion. Always hungry. VERY bloated and gas. Cramping in right side
6 dpo- lots of creamy lotion like cm. Bloated gas pains. Tired.
8 dpo- milk taste weird. Gas. Stomach ache. Creamy lotion cm. full breasts. Sore puffy nipples
9 dpo- BFN no symptoms. heartburn
10 dpo- af cramps. Period due in 3-4 days. Had a dream where I went to cook eggs and every one of them had a baby chick in them. Lower back pain. Too tired to read.
11 dpo- cramp in right ovary turned into a burning sensation. Feeling drunk with no alcohol (dazed, dizzy) Jelly taste weird. Convinced I'm getting my period and am out this month. Boobs hurt so bad I screamed when the bf hugged me. Dizzy, flushed.
13 dpo- diahrea, cramping, heat flashes. Bbs full. frequent urination.
14 dpo- cramping. Very very light positive past the 10 min mark (possible evap line) headache. Frequent urination
15 dpo- heat flashes. Vaginas sore. Pulling ache in stomach. Headache. No af but feels like its coming any moment. Lower back pain. Frequent urination. Sensation of holding something heavy in my lower abdomen. Bfp but faint

I stopped tracking after that but took 2 more tests both faintly positive. Went to the doctor yesterday and after drinking too much water their test showed negative. After a blood test it was confirmed that I am in fact pregnant. My levels as of yesterday were 243. Based on my menstrual cycle I’m 5 weeks 3 days. Have to take another blood test tomorrow to make sure my numbers double!

BFP After a False Alarm and a Miscarriage!!

I have been reading these and analyzing it all for a couple of months so I thought I owed it to share my experience.
I had a miscarriage in March at 21 weeks pregnant, awful and emotional experience and wanted to try again as was used to the thought of having a family. Got caught very quickly so never analyzed the symptoms!

Had period 32 days later and that cycle thought I was pregnant. Had all the typical symptoms and convinced myself I was so I took loads of tests, all negative! I nearly had a breakdown!!

I decided monitoring symptoms was rubbish as it built my hopes up. So the next cycle I just BD every day from day 11-21 (intense!) my cycles were steady 32 days and I think I ovulated on day 17.

The next week was awful, the same pregnancy symptoms crept in, slightly sore boobs, pulling pains in tummy, weeing a lot.

I had increased CM at 1 and 2 DPO then it dried up!! I was convinced my hormones were all over the place after miscarriage so made an appt for doctor to see if I ovulated. She said leave it another cycle.

I took a test at 9 DPO and negative.

13 DPO something made me test as was due on period next day. I tested with FRER and a pink line showed up. I then did a digital and low and behold!! pregnant 1-2 weeks!!

shock doesn’t even come close!!

What was different:

Back pain in lower back
pain all over tummy rather than one side
slightly sore nipples (last time I was pregnant my boobs hurt all over, not this time)
Weeing a lot!

good luck to all of you waiting and I really hope this sticks this time and doesn’t go to heaven before I do!

BFP After 5th IUI

I posted here in March 2012 with a BFP that sadly ended in an early miscarriage at 5 weeks. I learned from that experience that eggies that implant late (11 or 12 dpo or later) usually end up miscarrying. (I implanted at 12 dpo)

DH and I have been undergoing fertility treatment since May 2007. We have 2 beautiful children that were both conceived via unmedicated IUI's. (Ages 3 and 2) Both kids were conceived on our first IUI each time (lucky us!) This time around was much harder. I hit the big 3-0 this year and my fertility took a nose dive! First IUI this time around resulted in a chemical pregnancy, 2nd IUI resulted in a miscarriage at 5 weeks, 3rd and 4th IUI's were BFN, and just as I had resigned myself to never having another child, I got a BFP at 12 dpo from my 5th IUI. Here are my symptoms: (just an FYI, I took Femara 2.5 mg for my 4th and 5th IUI's and had 2 eggs for my 5th IUI)

1-2 dpo: tons of EWCM (still!) and still having O pains
3-5 dpo: still tons of EWCM, lots of vivid dreams
6 dpo: EWCM finally lets up. Cramping in right ovary (I ovulated on the right side this time) had an ultrasound at my fertility clinic, found a corpus luteum cyst but doc says not to worry, will go away on it's own. Also felt implantation cramping later in the evening on 6 dpo
7 dpo: sooo tired, bb's tingly and sensitive, starting to get forgetful and clumsy, headache
8 dpo: headache, bb's still tingly, swiped Costco card at Costco thinking it was debit card and couldn't figure out why transaction wouldn't go thru, duh!
9 dpo: faint pink streak when wiping after going to the bathroom, still tired, really moody, tingly bb's
10 dpo: another pink streak when wiping after going to the bathroom, tired, moody/emotional, tingly bb's, no spotting after sex (odd because I usually spot this close to my period arriving)
11 dpo: super forgetful today, clumsy, emotional, had dream I was pregnant (got pos result on hpt in dream)
12 dpo: COMPELLED to do HPT. Told self was not going to do HPT until at least
13 dpo but it was like some supernatural force was ripping open that hpt package and making me pee on that stick! Very faint BFP!!! Had bloodwork run at fertility clinic, HCG at 23! Pregnant!

I always check my cervical position when I get to around 10 dpo as my cervix always goes high and firm when I'm pregnant. This time it was high, but not as firm and a little open, which made me think I wasn't pregnant. In retrospect, pushing out 2 kids 12 months apart who each weighed 8 and 9 lbs respectively has more than likely stretched my cervix to the point of no return. Oh well :)

After Miscarriage, TTC 5 Months

This website kept me occupied during every 2 week wait since my miscarriage Oct 2011 on Halloween (of all days!) I was about 8 weeks when I miscarried and in shock that, yes, it could indeed happen to me! Anyway, after following doctor’s orders to a T, we did not try for two months, Nov and Dec. The start of 2012 was when we officially began. I am a jogger and just ran my first half marathon back in Sept 2011. I continued to jog even though in the back of my mind it made me so nervous. January, nothing, February, nothing. So March I went all out with Ovulation strips, temping every morning, and I even just quit jogging all together so my mind would have no excuse. It is hard to give up jogging let me tell you! But only for a couple of weeks.. haha! So IT WORKED!! My efforts worked (Thanking my Heavenly Father) perfectly! The temping- I got a nice even temp (97.4) and then a dip (97.0) followed by a rise (98) so I knew when I was about to and that I HAD ovulated. The ovulation strips- negative then 3 days of positive corresponded perfectly to the dip and rise in my temperatures then negative again We Bd-d on those 3 nights and I did turn my legs to prop them up on the wall with the pillow under my hips and just waited and read 2 week wait on my ipod :)

Finally, early April I get my BFP but of course I wait until now that I'm a couple days shy of 14 weeks to come post it! Plus while reading this site, I always wished there was a way to know how many of these were viable pregnancies.

To faithful readers: There really is only so much you can do. In my case, I knew that if I didn't get my BFP, there was nothing more I could've helped. Knowing before that I was going to ovulate then confirming that it DID happen was the best feeling because I knew we'd BD on those days and really don't we all just hope we are bd-ing on the best days?? I only say that because there was one month where my DH and I exhausted ourselves with Bd-ing. I was getting sore all over the place.. ha! Due Dec 2012!

BFP After 5 Months and 1 Chemical

I am still in shock that we are expecting baby number 2 - Due Feb 25 (Exactly 2 years to the date I was due with number 1!!) I stopped breastfeeding in January and came off the mini pill so we decided to start trying again. In April I got a positive pregnancy test then 2 days later it was negative and I started bleeding (chemical). I was devastated. This month got another BFP and I feel much different about this one! Things we tried differently this month: Pre-Seed, I drank tea (Yogi brand called "Women's Energy), Mucinex, took B-2, ate a lot of pineapple after ovulation. Period is due tomorrow, and have had no spotting (I had a lot of spotting in April and felt something might be off) and two very dark pregnancy test lines! The lines in April never got dark. I ovulated on June 1st. We BD on: May 29, 31 and June 1, 2 and 4. Here are my symptoms:
1 DPO: Heavy feeling in uterus
2 DPO: cramping very low in middle of abdomen
3 DPO: nothing
4 DPO: light cramping
5 DPO: nothing
6 DPO: light cramping
7 DPO: headache
8 DPO: nothing
9 DPO: light cramping
10 DPO: dull period like cramping, backache
11 DPO: period like cramping again - first BFP! Faint but there. Already darker than when I had the chemical
12 DPO: took 3 more tests - all very dark!!!

So so excited. Praying this one sticks!!!!!! Baby dust to you all!!!

Finally Pregnant After 7 Cycles of Trying, a Miscarriage and a Chem Pregnancy!

So our story is this. My DH is 31, I'm 29 and we have been TTC since October of 2011.
We have an almost 3 year old daughter whom we conceived naturally, with no effort. When trying to get pregnant with our daughter, we had sex five nights in a row, always used Pre-Seed, right around my fertile window and I laid in bed all night with a pillow under my tush. Boom! Got a BFP on the day of my period, first cycle. My only memory was that I had bad cramping and I thought my period was going to be a killer. My boobs didn't hurt that much, I didn't get HG (extreme morning sickness) until week 7. I had a baby dream that we were shopping (my hubby and I) and he had his arms filled with pink baby stuff. That kind of made me wonder, so I woke up and ran to Target and got a test, it was instantly positive.

I got the Mirena IUD in at my 6 week appointment following the birth of my daughter. I had horrible PPD and a bad hospital birth experience so I wanted to avoid pregnancy at all cost! I loved the Mirena IUD, it didn't effect my breastfeeding (I nursed her for 17 months- woo hoo!) It didn't cause any weight gain or make me turn into a monster.
October 16th, 2011 I got my IUD out with the idea of the kids being 3 years a part. (I can’t do babies back to back)
We got pregnant right away but miscarried at 6 weeks on Thanksgiving. We let December go by without trying because I wanted to let my body have a chance to recover.
Then it was month after month of trying different things. I charted with an OPK every month so I knew when I was ovulating and we had sex through out the month. But every time, I laid on my back with a pillow under my tush and used Pre-Seed.
I did everything. I tried baby dancing every other day, every 2 days... I did 3 cycles of FertilAid and Fertile CM.. nothing. I did a cycle of Soy Isoflavones and acupuncture and nothing. I did a cycle of 'not trying' and got no pregnancy, once again... each month it was a sad disappointment that I couldn't get pregnant. In March I think I had a chemical pregnancy, I got a very faint pos but my period came (on time) 2 days later and the lines never got darker. Maybe it was an evap?

So the month of May, we did things differently. My husband stopped drinking wine with dinner. This cycle, he started taking 3 FertilAid for men a day and 3 sperm count boost pills a day, starting on the day I got my period (May 2nd 2012)
This cycle: We baby-danced on cycle day 10, 12, 13 and 14 (at night) and Ovulation happened the night of day 14/morning of day 15. Every time we had sex, we used Pre-Seed lube and I feel asleep for a few hours with a big pillow still under my tush. I crossed my legs to ensure nothing leaked out. Every night I'd wake at 2 or 3am, still lying in bed with the pillow under me. I had an orgasm every time we BD'd except for the time on cycle day 12. I drank lemonade all through out the day, ice cream every night after dinner and took a prenatal and 2 fish oil pills. I don't know what worked exactly, so I'm listing everything I did.

(I don’t know if its a factor but the month before I got pregnant, I did acupuncture and a round of Soy Isoflavones. That cycle didn't take, but the next one did.)

I didn't really notice any symptoms because every month I got pretty good at telling myself I was pregnant. My boobs started to get sore at 8DPO and I was sleeping really good at night. My uterus had that full, heavy feeling and whoa, worst headaches ever! At 12DPO, I was on my way to get my daughter something from Target, while I was in there I was like, "What the heck...might as well get another box of First Response..." and then we went for our lunch date with the girls at Nordstrom Cafe. I had the box still in my diaper bag and having to pee every hour, so I took a test right Nordstrom's bathroom, before lunch! I put it in my bag, washed my hands, walked out and met up with my girlfriends and our kids for lunch. About 15 min later I glanced in my bag and my heart fell on the floor! It was a faint positive! I passed it around the table and everyone agreed...BFP!
So yes, I got my BFP at Nordstrom... what is even better, as I am sitting at lunch, staring at this BFP, I got a call from a fertility specialist who wanted to start me on treatments. It felt so good to say, "I wont need to schedule those appointments because I just got a positive pregnancy test!"

I am now almost 6 weeks along and due February 6th, 2013. My first appointment is June 27th 2012 and I am just over the moon! So excited! Our family doesn't know yet and we are flying home to California to tell everyone. I pray this one sticks. I have had two blood tests and my numbers are increasing and very high. My progesterone levels are high too. Feeling sick already, but I hear that's a good sign too.

Keep your head up ladies, your BFP will come too.

BFP Finally After 9 Cycles of TTC #2!

Where to start... DH and I already have one precious little boy who only took three months to conceive back in 2009. When he was 5 months old we got pregnant again but had a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks. DH was then gone with the military for 10 months starting January of 2011 and we have been trying since November of 2011.

What we did differently this cycle: I had a cold during my O time and lower immune function might have helped DH's swimmers, DH took prenatal vitamins and mega doses of vitamin C for the two weeks leading up to O, we BD in the MORNING instead of the evening on O day. I was also MUCH more relaxed this time even though this was our last cycle before DH deploys.

O day- tons of EWCM
1 dpo- dramatic decrease in EWCM
2-8 dpo. NOTHING!!!! I had some Pre-AF acne that I usually get then around 8 dpo it suddenly cleared up. This might be when implantation occurred.
9 dpo- very vivid dreams.
10 dpo- more crazy dreams, extremely horny.
11 dpo- more dreams, peeing a lot during the night but not during the day, nipples were tender but I figured it was from so much sex. Went on a day trip with some friends and couldn't keep my eyes open.
12 dpo- laid down with our DS for his nap and accidentally fell asleep. Went to the store later and kept feeling slightly nauseous so I bought a cheapie 99 cent test. Figured I had totally just jinxed myself. Later that night I couldn't resist the pee stick calling my name... Noticed that my urine smelled BAD but figured it was from the asparagus we ate at dinner. Dropped the pee in the applicator cassette, saw the control line pop up right away and figured it was blank so I got an OPK out (because I'm a POAS addict) and as I was dipping the OPK I noticed a veeeeery slight line on the HPT!!!! Started freaking out and called DH in to look. He saw it too and then I realized that the OPK was DARK!!
13 dpo- took another cheapie test and still a faint positive but noting that I have to pee more during the day.

We are SO excited that it finally happened on our last chance before DH leaves for deployment! I'm 4 weeks exactly today! Already told our parents but waiting to tell the world until after the 1st trimester danger is gone.

BFP After Miscarriage in January

Ok ladies, some history on me, DF and I have been together for over 4 years now, we have a wonderful 17mo old DS, who is literally our world. We always wanted our children to be close in age, so I decided to have my Mirena removed in the middle of December. My son wasn't even a year old yet. To my surprise we got our BFP on December 30th! Strange thing about that was, I had a dream 3 days before that that my Beta levels were dropping, I had a dream that I miscarried. I also felt off the whole pregnancy, it's almost like I knew the pregnancy wasn't viable. Sadly enough, on Jan 8th, my son's first birthday, I lost the baby and had an emergency trip to the ER after his birthday party. It was devastating to lose the baby on his birthday.

My OB advised me to wait a couple cycles before trying again, and it was very hard to do, but we did, the cycles came and went and we weren't trying for another one because we have vacation scheduled in August. So, my LMP was April 27th, but I know I didn’t ovulate until around cycle day 22 or so, I didn't use OPK's or chart, I'm just very in tune with my body and I also could tell by the EWCM.
We only Bd'd twice last month, but it's all in God's will and he is amazing!
Now for my symptoms...
1-5 DPO- ALLERGIES!!! Wow! I have never had so many severe allergy attacks in my life. I'm talking everyday, all day. It was terrible!
6 DPO- Was at work (3rd shift) And felt this burn/pain/throb in my lower right belly. Near my uterus. it stopped me dead in my tracks. Now I know it was implantation! :)
7-11 DPO- Not much at all, just some vivid dreams.
12 DPO- Blood in nose when I blew it.
But this was the biggest sign of all, my boobs are always on FIRE right before AF.... ABSOLUTELY nothing out of them, Not a peep, hurt, tingle, nothing, My boobs were feeling great! :)
Also the exhaustion during the TWW was unbearable. I'm talking tired to the core, it was TERRIBLE! Nothing could keep my eyes open and we're on 60 hr weeks at work, so that doesn’t help at all. :(
I'm currently about 19dpo now, and I'm super nauseous and having terrible stomach cramps, not AJ cramps, like in my stomach, below my boobs. But I'll take it, whatever makes this lil one stick around!
TY to everyone who has helped me throughout all of this. Hearing all of your stories is so inspirational. :)