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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

My Early Pregnancy Symptoms


I'm not really a member of this site, but have been checking it every month that I've been TTC, and even more anxiously since my miscarriage in February. Since my wait is finally over, I wanted to post my symptoms here as well:

1-4 DPO – Nothing unusual
5-6 DPO - BBS very tender which is unusually early for me (they stayed this way since then, with more or less intensity depending on the day)
7 DPO - sharp pains in lower abdomen (I thought it might be implantation)
8-9 DPO - very vivid dreams & insomnia - started waking up in the middle of the night & couldn't fall back asleep (this is still ongoing unfortunately and by now I'm exhausted)
10 DPO - some cramps and a very "nice" combination of indigestion, nausea & bloating
11 DPO - backache & more nausea and bloating
12 DPO - insomnia to the max (slept maybe 2-3 hours in total). After a friend told me I have a "pregnant" feel about me, I did a HPT and to my surprise it was a very faint positive!!!
14 DPO - did another HPT first thing this morning and it confirmed the positive result!!! :)

I'm still in half-disbelief that it's true & a bit anxious since my first pregnancy ended up in miscarriage at 8 weeks - fingers crossed this tiny one decides to stick around... 

+ HPT 9do After 2 Mcs and 15 Months of Trying

I am very in tune with my body (after trying for so long and 2 miscarriages) and I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms besides my breasts being sore at the end of my ttw. I had a very faint positive at 9 dpo on a very sensitive test (I took another dollar store brand test the same day and it was negative). I had a bfp at 12 dpo. I have no magic advice for getting through the months of negative tests besides keeping myself busy to keep my mind off of things. After 2 mc, I am not out of the woods yet... just enjoying each day as it comes. 

BFP at 9 DPO!

I'm excited to be posting on here, but also feeling anxious and nervous as I hope and pray this one sticks!!

A little background on me, I'm 32 and my DH is 28, I have 3 DD by a previous marriage, 13, 8 and 4, all which were conceived on the "first try". I always assumed I was just super fertile... fast forward to November 2010, got an unexpected BFP with new hubby, only to miscarry on New Year's Eve 2010. I was upset, my hubby was devastated, he has no biological children of his own and was really excited about it.

We decide to move, buy a house and stayed busy and let an entire year pass before TTC again. We stared TTC in Feb. 2012. I found out I was pregnant at 10dpo and it ended in a chemical 3 days later...we were very upset. I waited to get my period until the end of March and started TTC again in April. We did everything "right", BD on all my fertile days with nothing :(

I decided I would buy some internet OPK's and pre seed to use for the month of May... and it worked! Here are my symptoms and what I did differently!

**What I did different this month**

-used Preseed internally day before O day
-Used OPK's
-Baby Aspirin every day after AF stopped
-B6 every day after AF stopped
-drank pineapple juice several days after O
-had the Big O after hubby

CD9- OPK -neg
CD13-OPK-POS,BD, pain on lower left side, O pain?, used Preseed
CD14/DPO 1-OPK-POS, crampy feeling
CD17/DPO4-cramps on left side, feel hot
DPO 5- HUNGRY,BD but it hurt,very weird, some pains on left side at bedtime
DPO6- some cramps in am, nips hurt during night, big argument with dh,light cramping off and on, bb pain off and on
DPO7- bb ache off and on
DPO-8- wet feeling down there, kinda unusual, weird crampy feeling in stomach, I take hpt- neg, I knew it was early, but I just feel pregnant
DPO 9- feel wet, constpated(unusual), light bb pain, bfn with fmu, felt "off' at night, went to bed early
DPO 10- woke up feeling sick,, feverish sore throat, constipated, bb hurt thru day, bfn on internet cheapie at noon, I was not satisfied with that...I just had a calm feeling that I was pregnant, can't explain it...went and bout frer 5 days sooner test, went into bathroom at work at 3:30 bfp!!!!
DPO 11- creamy cm, achy bb

I am just so nervous, praying that this one sticks!!! I'm trying to relax, but we all know how hard that is!

Baby dust to all!!!!!!!!!!!! 

6 Months TTC Post-Mirena, and BFP at 11 DPO

Thanks to all of the ladies who have posted here to give me something to read in the past 6 months, and baby dust to all who are currently TTC.

A little background about me: when trying to conceive our first DD over 4 years ago, I got pregnant right away, then suffered a loss at 10 weeks. We then got pregnant very quickly again after the miscarriage was complete (within the next 2 cycles). I had been using FAM for years to chart my cycles, so I felt that I "knew all about this baby making stuff". After the birth of my DD, I got the Mirena, since I knew we didn't want to try again for a while. This past December, I got it removed, and expected TTC to be a piece of cake again, but surprise surprise, it didn't work out that way! I know 6 months isn't that long to try, but it felt long to me in comparison to the first 2 times around!

Anyhow, the only thing I did differently this month was use Pre-seed. If you are a bit older (I am 34) and your CM isn't what it used to be, I can't recommend Pre-Seed enough!

Here are my symptoms:

1-4 DPO - nipple soreness, gassy and nauseous. I always used to laugh when I read this site and people had "symptoms" this early, but I am not kidding, they were severe!

5-8 DPO - nothing at all

9 DPO - dizzy and exhausted. Hungry!

10 DPO - BBs start to get sore (normal for me) although not as severe as usual. I have trouble sleeping this night, even though I am really tired. Cramps, although not a severe as AF cramps.

11 DPO - Woke us early again (5:40, yikes!) Temp spikes up to 98.9! That is half a degree higher than the previous post-O temps. I jump out of bed and take a FRER and get a BFP. It is still faint, but turned up in less than a minute. Today I've been a little dizzy, peeing more than usual, and mild cramps continue.

Hoping for a very sticky little bean, and for a darker test tomorrow morning!

When I Least Expected It!

Got my BFP today, totally not expecting it! I have 3 kids, and had a miscarriage last July. I had been actively trying to conceive up until 2 months ago when I decided my 3 kids were more than enough. This month, only bd once, 3 days before I ovulated. I didn't temp or use any kits, I am just aware of when I ovulate due to cm and pain. I have a 15 day luteal phase.

1-6dpo - nothing. Wasn't looking either
7dpo - tingling nipples, not unusual towards end of cycle. I was away on holiday during this time on a cruise, drinking plenty of cocktails! I also started a thrush treatment, as I was convinced I had thrush from being on antibiotics earlier for tonsillitis. Whether it was thrush and/or lots of cm I'm not sure. Again wasn't trying to conceive, so didn't think there was anyway I could be pregnant! Also extremely irritable. Felt nauseous but could have been the alcohol or the motion sickness.
8dpo - still irritable, and got weepy watching a movie (never happens!) still nauseous but put it down to motion sickness.
9dpo - tired, put it down to being back home after holidays, tender nipples! I get this for 1-2 days about 1 week before af, then it goes away. Terrible headache later in the day.
10dpo - tender nipples still, slight cramping, but not as strong as af, and gas!
11dpo - woke full of energy and happy. Nipples still sore???!!! This was my first suspicion. Then while at church, I could smell bad body odour 4 rows back that was making me nauseous. Had to pee 3 times during the service too! On my way home, I decided to buy a first response hpt. Went to the grocery store bathroom poas. Waited about 1min, saw nothing so put it in my bag and drove home. When I got home, there was definite second pink like BFP!!!!! Worrying that I had looked at the test too late, I quickly did another one which also came up BFP within 2mins!

I am in total shock! The tell tale for me was the ongoing sore nipples, best described as sticky??? They feel like they are stuck to my bra and become instantly erect when I touch them. I have had a few dizzy spells today and the gas continues, but I cannot believe I am even writing this!!!!

Good luck all!

BFP After a MC in December!

My husband and I had a miscarriage this past December. Ever since then, we have been TTC. I've done everything from temping, using opks, to doing nothing at all so I wasn't "stressing" about it. Finally, 5 months later, I got a BFP! I didn't write down my symptoms this month because I always thought I was pregnant every other month, and many symptoms were the same! Haha. But there were a few things that were different that made me think I was pregnant. Here is my guess as to when I think my symptoms came.

This month I used OPKs, and actually missed the surge. Never got a positive opk. However, I was temping as well, and so I was able to pin-point ovulation that way.

1 DPO-5 DPO: Not much. Had some CM. A little queazy here and there, probably due to the hormones changing. But I'm also that person that read into every symptom. Ask my husband... EVERYTHING is a sign of pregnancy for me.
6 DPO: Had a temp dip. I think maybe this was implantation? A little queasy. Light pains in my left ovary.
7 DPO: Temp spike! Feeling pretty good about that. :) Tired. Light cramps on left side.
8 DPO: I had chapped lips! I know this doesn't sound like a big indicator, but I rarely get chapped lips. I researched and found it could be a sign of pregnancy. SCORE! I was a lot more thirsty, so I had been drinking more water. Nothing seemed to help. Super sleepy. Hot flashes as night.
9 DPO: Remember that one time I slept until 1 in the afternoon? Oh wait, that was today. Did I mention I was tired? Took a test (knowing it would be too early). BFN! Was I shocked? Not in the slightest. Still had chapped lips. I'm a Kitchen manager at a restaurant, and I was standing about 10 feet away from the ice tea machine and could smell is brewing. Hmmm... not normal. I asked a girl standing next to me if she could smell it, just to prove to myself that it wasn't normal. Heightened sense of smell (yet another pregnancy sign I told my husband I had...I added it to the list!)
10 DPO: Sleeeeeepy. I only wanted to eat fruit? Yep, for a few days in a row, that is all I wanted to eat.
11 DPO: My husband made coffee in the kitchen. I could smell it from the other room. YAY! Decided I should test again... BFN! Boo. Felt like I was out for the month. Light cramps. Constipated. Gassy (I blamed that on a pregnancy symptom too!) :/
12 DPO: Started feeling like Aunt Flo was on her way... cramps. Tired. Lower back pain. Figured it was on to next month. CM. Gassy.
13 DPO: Peeing more often. Still having cramps. Convinced I was out. SO BUMMED. Ordered a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor for next cycle with express delivery so that it would get here in time for next cycle. Little bit of CM and still gassy, which my husband found hilarious.
14 DPO: Chapped lips. Peeing a lot more. My sister told me to test to just put myself out of my misery--either I am or I'm not. I decided to take her advice and lo and behold, a faint line showed up. I was on the phone with her and I Face-timed her so that she could see the line too. Used another HPT brand and that was positive too! I started crying. Took another digital HPT that night, and it came back PREGNANT!

I praise God for this blessing. His timing truly is perfect and I'm excited for this pregnancy! He has answered my prayers to get pregnant and I'm so so so stoked. Praying for a healthy baby. :)

Things I did differently this month that may or may not have done anything:

1. Used Preseed the day before and the day of ovulation.
2. Drank grapefruit juice almost daily from the day my period ended until I ovulated.
3. Took Mucinex every day the week leading up to ovulation.

Ultimately, it was all of God! He allowed it to happen. Can't wait to meet my little blessing in January. :) 

BFP After MC

I am super excited to finally be writing this, I came across this site for the first time in December during my long wait for AF to arrive, ever since I have been a fan of this site and check it out frequently because it would help me keep my sanity. I thought I would write my story to help keep other ladies like me sane!

Well a little about myself. I came off of bc in May 2011, since we had come off we were not really trying just not preventing. My cycles were still irregular so we were giving my body time to get used to being off of bc. I started a cycle on August 31, 2011 and on October 5 or 6 I tested and got a BFP right away. I wasn't really tracking anything so I don't remember a whole lot of symptoms and all that good stuff. I just remember having headaches and feeling tired. Unfortunately, on November 11 when I went in to the doctor for a ten week check up they couldn't find a heartbeat. They did an ultrasound and discovered that the baby had stopped growing at about seven weeks. I had not had ANY miscarriage symptoms, yet my baby hadn't had a heartbeat for three weeks and was still in my uterus. The doctor gave me three options wait for my body to eventually miscarry on its own (who knew how long this would take considering three weeks had passed and I had no symptoms), or he could give me some medicine that would induce the miscarriage, or he could do a D&C. He recommended doing the D&C. After my DH and I discussed this in our home we decided to do the D&C. The procedure was done on November 16, everything went great and the waiting game began. The doctor advised me that my period would come in four to six weeks and we could TTC after my first cycle. Well that was NOT the case for me. It took thirteen weeks for my period to come after my D&C. This seemed like an ETERNITY!!! AF showed up on Valentines Day for the first time! So let the BDing begin!!

I've had three cycles since, and I guess the third one is the Charm! I got my BFP this morning.

This is how this cycle played out:

April 17 AF arrived.
I started using opks this month for the first time on CD10. I Oed on May 4, we BDed two days before O day, O day, and the day after O day.
1-2DPO- nothing really
3DPO-really hungry all day
6DPO-few light headaches throughout the day, and I got a "feeling" that I could be preggo (didn't really want to listen to it because I didn't want disappointment)
7DPO-few light headaches throughout the day, fatigue, irritable, couldn't sleep, weird vivid dream, DH is getting acne on his face (he NEVER has acne on his face)
8DPO-few light headaches, fatigue, couldn't sleep, light nausea, I think I dreamed I got a bfp during my nap
9DPO-hungry, light nausea, fatigue, lethargic, bb's starting to hurt and look bigger
10DPO-dizzy spells, bb's hurt/sore and are bigger, fatigue, bfn in afternoon with dollar store test, and just have a really strong feeling that I am preggo
11DPO-bb's still hurting, fatigue/sleepy, took a dollar test with fmu and I THINK I see a SUPER faint line (but I could be seeing things), took another test in the afternoon and I think the line is darker
12DPO-Tested FMU with FRER and there is definitely a line there BFP!!!! I couldn't believe it! I am super EXCITED! I am pregnant with my rainbow baby! Today I have been really tired just want to sleep, had a kind of scary dizzy spell right after lunch,very light headache, and super crampy (like AF cramps)

Also from 6DPO to today I have had a lot of creamy/white CM, and occasional backache.

Things we did different:

we PRAYED A LOT! I prayed every night and asked God to give me a miracle! I feel so blessed! I really hope that this little bean/miracle sticks and I have my precious baby in my arms in January.

Sending loads of baby dust to each and every single lady out there on that rough TTC journey. I hope that God sends you all your little miracle soon. Don't give up ladies, have faith it will come to you! 

BFP with No. 2

Firstly I would like to give God all the praise and thanks He deserves because nothing is even slightly possible without Him. After miscarrying in November, I thought it might not happen again. And my DD who is 3 has been calling other people her "brother" or "sister" and I really wanted to give her one too.

My LMP was on 04/15 and we BD on 03/27. That was it! Ok so I did some bycicle peddals in the air afterwards for about 5 mins and then that was really it! DH was tired and didnt want to stress about it anymore so I knew we were out. i still havent told him yet because we've been arguing a bit and both quite emotional right now. But I give thanks to God who works all things out for good for them that love Him.

Symptoms: Nothing. I was not expecting anything so I didnt pay attention till a few days before AF was to show i.e 05/12. A few light cramps, vivid dreams that my DH was cheating (I actually came face to face with her in the dream!), and then no AF but i am a few days late sometimes so thought nothing of it.

Didnt do anything different except cut back on sweet things, a bit of green tea, but most of all lots and lots of PRAYER! Oh, and OPK's as well. Realised I was ovulating earlier than i thought.

Thank you all for your stories which sustain many of us and give us hope, and babydust to everyone! Please dont lose hope!

PRAY, have FAITH and WAIT on the Lord!

BFP on Mother's Day after Miscarriage

I am finally able to post my BFP here on TWW. I've been obsessing like most others out there each month wondering if it's my turn.

I had a miscarriage at 5w on Friday April 13th.... I know, terrible day for a miscarriage.

My Dr. assured me that we would be able to try again once I had one normal period or we could wait until we felt ready again after suffering the miscarriage. I decided there was no reason to wait.

I'm not 100% sure when I ovulated b/c I was not keeping track this month. We just BD around the time I suspected I would ovulate as I wasn't sure if the bleeding I had experienced from the miscarriage was my actual period. I had very little symptoms with this pregnancy but was convinced I had conceived.

The main symptoms I had during my two week wait was increasing breast tenderness, sensitivity to smells, a lot of period like cramping and increased CM.

DH and I have been actively TTC our second since Dec 2010 and one ectopic and one miscarriage later I'm hoping and praying this little bean sticks!!!

Baby dust to all!!!! 

Praise God for the BFP After MC in March

I'm really excited that I get to post here. I didn't post my BFP story when I found out I was PG in February. So, now I decided I would. I'll try to make this simple. Me and DH have been TTC since 12/2011. Got PG in Feb. ended in MC on March 14th. I made my peace with it by the Grace of God and we decided to try again. My doc gave me the go ahead once AF returned for a normal cycle. AF showed on April 18th and we started tryin as soon as she left 4 days later. Decided to buy the First Response daily digital OPK. Got a postive on April 30th. We had BD the Friday and Sunday before and the day of the positive and the following 3 days also. On 6DPO started getting twinges in BBs and was super hungry and had off and on headache all day. Same stuff on Tuesday. So, Tuesday night 7DPO I decided to POAS just as a lil experiment more or less cause I had about 6 FRER tests in the cabinet. Well lo and behold a 2nd line started to show within about 45 seconds. I was tripping out cause I knew it was super early. Showed it to my DH, he didn't know what to think. My mom saw it. I took a test the next AM, 8DPO, then that PM, another test 9DPO in the PM and falso this AM 10DPO. All lines have consistently gotten darker. I also took a digi test this AM too and it said "Pregnant" within 30 seconds. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!! I have my clinical test at the docs today. I'm so, so happy and feel totally blessed!!

Things we did different this month:

Used an OPK starting on CD6
Made sure I had the Big O right after BD
Elevated my hips for at least 20 minutes after each time.
Took 1 1/2- 2 tsps of Reg. Robitussin 3 times a day starting at CD10 until 1 DPO
Turned over the situation to God and let him handle it, after all he knows best!!


1DPO-5DPO - Nothing out of the ordinary
6DPO-7DPO - Slight headache, very hungry, twinges in BBs, light different feeling cramps
8DPO-10DPO - Same as 6-7DPO, plus BBs are tender, waves of nausea and a lil fatigue.

God is good and I know that he had his hand in this for sure. I pray that this will be my Rainbow take home baby in January!! I wish all of you ladies BFPs soon and blessings to you and your family. God Bless!!