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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After Miscarriage 4 Months Ago

This is my second BFP in my life. I had a missed miscarriage at 7 weeks and 2 days. I have heard that it is common for a first pregnancy to end in a miscarriage, and I have a good feeling about this one! So happy!

I used OPKS, and did not basal body temp.

1 DPO - Cramps, gassy, creamy CM
2 DPO - Gassy, creamy CM, and vivid sex dream last night - very odd.
3 DPO - Cramps, diarrhea, chapped lips, another weird and vivid sex dream last night! What is going on with these dreams?!?!
4 DPO - Uterus felt like it was buzzing or vibrating, brown CM, chapped lips, gassy
5 DPO - Sticky CM, cramps, uterine twinges, gassy, heartburn, skin break out, a touch of nausea
6 DPO - uterus twinges/pain on left side, tightness in throat, sore throat, stabbing pain in left breast, headache, some leg pain
7 DPO - Ear ringing, headache, cried at an episode of GLEE, pain in middle of uterus
8 DPO - multiple BFN's on all kinds of tests!! Don't test this early ladies, it's a let-down!!! HUGE migraine (never get migraines, first clue), cried multiple times at work (awkward!), uterus pain, shooting leg pain, left eye started to burn, feeling wet
9 DPO - Multiple BFNs on many tests again. Disappointed. Almost PARALYZING backache - that really scared me. I literally could not move for 10 minutes. Slight nausea, shooting pain in uterus, right earache, stabbing pain in both breasts. At 9DPO, I still did not have tender BBs or nipples and that worried me. I thought I was out...
10 DPO - Multiple BFNs. I made the mistake of reading everything on the internet and scouring every First Response Early Result test for a hint of a line after 10 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3.... I was seriously obsessing and getting dejected... Only had heartburn and creamy CM.
11 DPO - Took a FRER with FMU. After squinting for about an hour, I THINK I can see a hint of a line?! But is it an evap? Took two more FRERs...after a long time, same faint faint faint line shows up....maybe....

Took FRER Gold Digi a few hours later.... NO- . DAG NABBIT!

Took Clearblue Digi in the P.M. ..... PREGNANT!!!!

Creamy CM, slight heartburn, another sex dream last night

12 DPO - Another faint faint faint FRER BFP with FMU. Still a negative on internet cheapies, dollar tree tests, Answer tests...
13 DPO - Still a faint line, a little darker....barely positive on Answer....
14 DPO - Still faint, but getting darker on FRER! I never had implantation spotting. Not one drop of blood or even a hint of it.

I never had tender BB's or nipples. Even if you don't have common symptoms, don't lose hope ladies! 

My Pregnancy Symptoms

Hi. I recently got my BFP after ttc for 6 months after our first pregnancy ended in mc.

My symptoms this time was very tender nipples right from ovalation. Never get that till a few days before my period. I also had heartburn. I almost didn't test, because I started to spot a little a few days before my expected period. But it stopped after some hours, and I got my BFP. I am 4 weeks and some days. Hoping it ends well this time :)

Good luck to everyone.

BFP 5 Months After Miscarriage

Just got my BFP today after an xmas day miscarriage!

Have been TTC since Jan with no luck until now. The difference this cycle was that I relaxed, and tried to adopt the "it will happen when it happens" mentality, had lots of sex (usually every second day) without lube (which we had been using the previous months), and just enjoyed each other! I have always had an irregular period so it is very difficult for me to know when I ovulated, so I watched for EWCM to tell me I was ovulating. As much as I had seen women write that once they relaxed and stopped looking for every tiny symptom possible it happened, I never actually believed it somehow! But, funnily enough, that is exactly how it happened for me. I had less symptoms this month then I've had every other month when I wasn't pregnant (and even when I was the first time)!

Anyway, I can't give exact DPO as I'm not sure when I ovulated (1st day of my LMP was 1/4), but the symptoms I experienced were:

-Slight heartburn (which I very rarely get)
-Very mild cramps on and off for a day or two soon after I ovulated (not really AF-like, hard to describe, what I assume was implantation)
-Slightly hungrier than usual, especially in the morning as soon as I wake up
-I have headaches almost daily, but I haven't had any for the past few weeks, which should have been a big clue.
-Broke out a little, but this is pretty normal for me when I'm close to my period
-The biggest symptom was being tired throughout the day. I still fall asleep at roughly the same time (sometimes even later), but I find it very hard to get up and feel tired all day (heavy eyelids etc.). I had just put this down to starting a new job.

I didn't test throughout my whole cycle until today, and that was only because I was still tired after a weekend of relaxing and lots of rest! I almost didn't test because I was having very mild AF type cramps and assumed she was on her way!

I hope this is my sticky rainbow baby, and I hope everyone gets their BFP soon!!

BFP 12dpo After Silent M/C

BFP today... 12 DPO (a/f due in 3 days)

I had a M/C at 11 weeks, silent one in early March, saw one period and I'm 3 weeks 4 days pregnant
today!! Over the moon and just using every will in my body to keep this peanut in and get cooking.

I used OPK, we BD the Thursday night, positive opk Friday 2am (in from night out and just
crashed). BD Saturday and that was all the dancing we done around ovulation time - IT WORKED.

We're both happy healthy 28 year olds and I hope what happened the last time was a one off.

The last pregnancy "I knew" right away... Textbook symptoms. This one completely snuck up on us.
My bbs were tender if I prodded, I was a little emotional and had bad cramping, that was all and it
kinda felt like A/F was en route. It may seem obvious but they were all mild whereas last time I was
crippled with sore bbs from day one!! Each time is different I guess.

Very best of luck folks and I hope bfps are on the agenda for tomorrow x 


After 2 miscarriages in the last 7 months, I am feeling very optimistic about this month.

Things I did:

Used Preseed.
Had sex every other day during fertile phase versus every day
Took folic acid supplement and prenatal months prior

1-6 dpo nothing noteworthy
7 dpo major headache
8 dpo nothing
9 dpo 2 extermly faint bfp on cheap tests. Lines didn't show up until about 1 hour after test
was taken.
10dpo very very faint positive on first response. Can barely see it, doubting whether or not there is
a line or if I am seeing things.
11dpo line showed up after a minute on cheapie.

Started taking oral progestrone on 11dpo night. Hoping this baby bean sticks.

January 10, 2013, here we come!!!!

BFP at 10 DPO!

After miscarrying last month at 5 weeks, and after getting the all clear from the doctor - DH and I
started trying right away. And I'm so happy to report that I got my BFP yesterday, at 10 DPO!!! I was
hopeful it would happen again in one try (pregnancy #1 was the result of our first month of trying)
but I was still being realistic and thought it might take a number of months. But nope! I guess we
are really fertile - I just hope and pray this bean is extra sticky this time!

1-6 DPO: no real symptoms, but kind of just "knew" or had a really strong suspicion this was it.
7-9 DPO: TONS of creamy, clumpy cervical mucus, the likes of which I have never seen before! I
just knew something was up.
8 DPO: Started breaking out - haven't had this many zits since maybe college!
9 DPO: INSANELY THIRSTY! I normally drink the typical 8 glasses a day, but today I had over 16
glasses - seriously! And I was still thirsty!
10 DPO: Took a HPT and it was a clear, but faint positive! Thirst continues today. Breasts seem
fuller, but aren't sensitive. Fatigue settles in early in the evening.
11 DPO: HPT is more of a standard positive now. Still super thirsty. Fatigue continues.

I'm going to do my best to take each day one at a time and count my blessings. With my last
pregnancy, I was worried from day one and I think I somehow knew it wasn't going to work out.
Now, I feel happy and clear headed and I hope to welcome a little person into the world in about
36 weeks! Stick, bean, stick!

 Good luck ladies, I wish you all the best! 

BFP After First IUI, After Miscarriage Last Year

Hi All- I have been waiting to post on this site for about a year now.

A little background... Me and my DH have been TTC for about a year now. We had an early
miscarriage about a year ago after easily conceiving the first time around, and couldn't seem to get
pregnant on our own since. Being the type A person that I am, every month I had pregnancy
symptoms (so I thought), even when the doctor confirmed I didn't ovulate (ha ha oops). I couldn't
stand being out of control. We went to a fertility clinic and they suggested an IUI.

I took 50 mg of clomid and used the ovidrel trigger shot. On the first IUI we conceived. I promised
my doctor I wouldn't test until I confirmed with a blood test. It almost happened :)

Here are my symptoms.

Day0/IUI - IUI
Day 2PIUI - acne (unfortunately normal for PMS) and backache
Day 3PIUI - nauseous, achy and bloated
Day 9PIUI - very dizzy
Day  10IUI - dizzy again
Day  11IUI - sore breasts, PMS like symptoms, cramping
Day  13IUI - BFP in the evening, and knew before it even came up that it would be positive
Day  14IUI - Confirmed blood work HSG beta level 174
Day  17pIUI - beta number confirmed level ~760

Now just hoping that he/she makes themselves comfortable and sticks around!!! 

Cycle 1 after MC in Feb 2012- We got our BFP on Easter!

I'm back ladies. I had a mc in Feb 2012. Waited one cycle and tried again and now preggos again.
Praying for our Christmas time baby to stick.

1-7 Sore BBs- thought hmmm this happened last time
9-10- Implantation- I know what it feels like and was pretty sure it was it-slight bleeding- tiny bit,
cramped for a full day
11-13- sore BBs continues, backaches, feeling yucky, sleepless nights, thirsty, cranky, emotional,
got slightly sick twice(spit up)
13- BFP!!! Will test again tomorrow.

Happy Easter ladies. This was a wonderful surprise for me and my hubby!

Sticky bean, sticky bean!

BFP 11 Months After Miscarriage

I'm 32 and DH is 30. We got married in October 2010 and starting trying straight away. We were lucky enough to get pregnant in February 2011, but unfortunately found out we'd had a missed miscarriage at our 12 week scan in April. I had the medical management which we found out didn't work 3 weeks later at a further scan and then had a D&C in May. We thought we were pregnant 4 weeks later following a positive pregnancy test, only to find out that it was still left over hormones from the miscarriage. The whole thing left us utterly devastated, but we thought having gotten pregnant so quickly the first time it would happen again soon.

Months came and went, and despite temping, using ovulation sticks and timing sex perfectly every month it just wasn't happening. It was so heartbreaking hearing other people getting pregnant effortlessly and quickly. We started using Preseed and pregnacare conception tablets (his and hers) a few months ago, I even used a conception hypnotherapy CD for the last month to try and stop me stressing/obsessing - which I do think really worked! And finally on my 10th cycle I got my BFP at 15dpo!! I deliberately didn't record my 2ww symptoms to try and stop myself stressing but what I do remember is that I didn't really have any symptoms other than lots of creamy CM (sorry!) No sore boobs from ovulations like normal and no cramps until 2 days before AF was due. I had way more 'symptoms' in all my non-pregnant cycles!

Hopefully this little bean will stick :)

BFP After Early Miscarriage

For some reason, I just knew this would be our month! I had an early miscarriage in January at about 5.5 weeks, with no medical intervention needed.

Long story short, I have super irregular cycles & always have. According to my fertility app for my phone (so helpful!), I average at 45 days. Since May of 2011, my shortest cycle has been 26 days and longest cycle was 62 days. We started "not preventing" in April of 2011 and nothing was happening, so I started using CBE's digital OPK. Sooo helpful.

My last AF was on 2/24 and lasted my normal 5 days. I started using the OPKs about a week after it ended, and got my "smiley faces" on 3/19 and 3/20. We BD 3DPO, 1DPO and day of O. Here were my symptoms:

O: Slight cramping from O pain
1 DPO: Nothing
2 DPO: Slight back ache, light cramping & nausea
3 DPO: Tired and crabby!
4 DPO: BBs hurt! --they NEVER hurt like this, also had a back ache
5 DPO: BBs hurt worse, felt nauseated and slightly dizzy during the day
6 DPO: Slight cramping, BBs still hurt, nauseated, acne
7 DPO: BBs really hurt, cramping and some dizziness, more pimples!
8 DPO: Awful heartburn in PM - ended up waking up and vomiting in early morning, light cramping, still had acne & very sore BBs
9 DPO: BBs still going strong, light cramping & dizziness, more pimples --- decide to POAS (I'm a bit of an addict) VERY faint BFP on Wondfo!!! (thinking I might be crazy b/c it's so light)
10 DPO: VERY tired, BBs still very sore, headache ALL day --- Definite BPF on Wondfo with FMU, confirmed w/ digital test in PM. Left it on the bathroom counter for hubby to find. :)
11 DPO: nauseated, sore BBs, light cramping --- Even darker 2nd line on test!

We are so (optimistically) excited! DD will be 2 in a few days & we're hoping this baby is extra sticky and we can make her a big sister!