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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After Miscarriage

I am writing this as I have read these stories many times over the past few months and I promised myself I would write one if I got another BFP! I just got my bfp yesterday after doing 4 tests! I couldn't believe it, my Husband and I decided to try for a baby nov 11 and shockingly I got pregnant the first month! sadly I mc at 6weeks we were absolutely devastated and its taken a while to get over it, but now I'm so excited I'm pregnant again but I'm sooooo scared something will happen again! every twinge makes me so scared! I cant fully remember symptoms but I was shocked to get my bfp on 10dpo! (yesterday!) and two today 11dpo.

This month firstly I tried to CALM down because I was getting crazy obsessed i decided to put my faith in God and hope that God would bless us again, I also continued taking my pregnacare conception since the mc, we used ALOT of preseed (TMI) and this month we also tried the SMEP (sperm meets egg plan) because I heard great things about it and I can say it works! lol this month I also ate pineapple core from 1-5dpo I don't know if that helped but I definitely implanted a lot earlier this time so that might have helped!

Symptoms were: sore tingling boobs, a lot of creamy cm (sorry! and I did have that last month so dunno if its related) light cramping on and off all day 6 and 7 dpo, a big clue was two nights ago I was wide awake all night and had loads of energy the next day which is unusual for me, that is really it, no headaches (had that last time) no metallic taste, no bleeding gums etc, just sore boobs and cm and getting a bit tired although I'm hoping for some more symptoms because I think it would make me feel a bit more content. sorry if I have rambled I just wanted to give you all hope because I know it only took 3 months but I had convinced myself I wouldn't get a bfp again so I am sending good luck to everyone out there ttc good luck and have a look at the smep plan it seems to have very good results, I am praying this is our time and that I will have a h&h 9 months good luck!

Bfp At 11dpo After 3 Miscarriages

Some history: I just turned 37, dh is 44. After about 6 months ttc we discovered I had an autoimmune thyroid issue (hashimotos). Once we got that under control I fell pregnant in sept 2011, but miscarried at 6 weeks. Fell pregnant again in December 2011 and miscarried at 5 weeks. Pregnant again, with no cycle in between, ended in a chemical. Had a full panel of tests done and it turns out I have a clotting disorder MTHFR, and some immune issues. The doctors put me on a variety of supplements, steroids and progesterone from ovulation, and clexane (heparin shots) from bfp. I got my bfp at 11 dpo

My symptoms were:
1-7 nothing
8-10 increased saliva and super thirsty
11dpo faint bfp
12 dpo faint bfp
9-13 constipation
9-13 mild, not severe breast tenderness... mostly sore nipples
13-15 difficulty sleeping, mostly because I was scared to death to lose this one too.

Had beta's done on 13dpo 43 and 15 dpo (today) 133... more than tripled in 47 hours!!

I just want anyone who's experienced one or more loss to know that you can and will get pregnant again. I've got a super good feeling about this one (They've got me on so many drugs, how can anything go wrong)

BFP Before I Turned 40

We were talking about pregnancy around Halloween of last yr. (2011) My sister-in-law found out she was expecting and made the announcement at Thanksgiving. WELLLL, that sorta kicked us into gear PLUS I would be turning 40 that next March. If we were going to do then we needed to get started especially if we have trouble. I have 3 from a previous 16, 15 and 9 and he has a 27 yr old out of state. Good kids;) This will be our 1st. Anyway, my period started Dec 9, 2011 and we conceived that month. I didn't chart, I didn't do anything and remember feeling all these sorts of feelings with a lot of symptoms<------if only I'd charted!!! dumb, dumb & dumb! I had nothing to compare too! As it turned out, we m/c'ed in January. The positive being I knew we could get pregnant... We tried right away again but it didn't happen and my first period after the miscarriage was more painful than the miscarriage itself. I bought ovulation predictor kit the next month, I started my chart on FF very soon after. (I was determined) and wanted to kick myself because I didn't record my symptoms , did I mention that!?!?

1-2 DPO Breast feeling heavy, nips more sore than anything else
3 DPO Right Breast feels full and nips still sore. Bloated but I'd gained 5 lbs since my m/c in Jan. Walked with daughter. Tongue felt sore like I bit it during the night. (weird).
4 DPO Right breast very much heavy and tender. Gums maybe throbbing and chest is still full and heavy... veiny........heartburn too!
5 DPO Crampy, heavy full breast.
6 DPO Same heaviness. Right bb is still more tender. Mild burning sensation in the nip area. Trying to concentrate on the lack of erected nipples I had the last time I got pregnant. I don't remember...dumb, dumb& dumb for not charting. Oh well, (this is about the time I start getting mad at myself) and I'm quick with comebacks at most everyone. I've considered myself out this month because I wasn't burning in the nips yet. Also, having trouble w/ evaporation lines on these internet HCG test strips. Implantation dip? on my FF chart? and...endless backache. Had lots of back labor during my m/c too. Crampy in fact, my whole body aches, joints hurt and kind of tired finally. I just want to sit here and not cut hair. Rather short with a few clients...normal.
7 DPO Think I'm out. That makes me mad! Right bb still more puffy and veiny.....Can't tell if test looks slightly + or not. Must be my imagination.
8 DPO Still think I'm out. Heartburn. Heart fluttering several times this week. Same breast tenderness.
9 DPO Pulling sensation and crampy day before and OH! I guess I was rude too! Ta-duh! Detecting a BFP on my Early Test Strips. Really big heart flutters in early hours of the morning. Nipples more burning. Now, I'm not dismissing the obvious.
10 DPO First Response Early Detection. Now my nips are starting that familiar burning I had back in Dec/Jan the first time we got pregnant! All I need to do now is relax....

Baby Dust to all of you! I pray this one sticks! Ciao

BFP After 1st Pregnancy Miscarried

My fiancé and I decided to start trying for children in Oct 2011, and we were surprised to learn we fell pregnant on Christmas day. Unfortunately, I started having cramping and bleeding and was rushed to the hospital on Valentine's day where I naturally miscarried at 9 weeks. I stopped bleeding after 6 days, and an u/s confirmed my womb was empty, while a blood test verified my hcg levels were dropping. My doctor suggested we wait one cycle before ttc, but she told me if I were to get pregnant right away it would be fine. I continued to take my prenatal vitamins, and though we weren't actively ttc, we weren't preventing, and what do you know, af never arrived and my body was giving me all the prior symptoms of pregnancy..

O day: high cervix, o pains, dtd used preseed
1 dpo: No symptoms, dtd
2 dpo: No symptoms
3 dpo: headache
4 dpo: headache
5 dpo: pulled muscle feeling in uterus (implantation?)
6 dpo: gassy, bloated, sore in the morning
7-10 dpo: gassy, bloated, swollen and heavy breasts, irritable (my poor dh!)
11-13 dpo: gassy, bloated, sore, enlarged breasts (painful) aversion to foods, headache, frequent urination. Got a frer test on 13 dpo poas@ 5pm, BFN :(
14-16 dpo: same as above, but super emotional, (crying over text messages and tv commercials lol)
17 dpo: poas with a frer with fmu and BFP!!

I am very nervous about this pregnancy, but am also excited as well. My doctor said that there should be no problems with my being immediately pregnant again (because I didn't have a d&c) and I have an appointment next week to get bloodwork done.

Miscarriages are hard, one of the hardest things I've ever gone through both physically and emotionally, but there is hope. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. :)

BFP - Thought I Was Going Crazy!

Hello Ladies, I'm going to be brave and submit my TWW symptoms for the first time as I LOVE reading everyone else's. I'm 26 and I'm grateful that I get pregnant extremely easily BUT I've suffered 3 miscarriages in the last 13 months :-S 1 @ 5 weeks and 2 @ 8 weeks. I've had every test under the sun done and everything comes back normal so my hubby and I are STILL trying to conceive number 1. Here are my symptoms for my latest pregnancy. Fingers and toes crossed that this pregnancy is a lucky one and results in a happy healthy baby!!!

1-5 dpo - nothing out of the ordinary except boobs getting larger.
6 dpo - trouble getting to sleep, vivid dreams - this is a hallmark sign for me when pregnant because I always sleep really well. Not convinced yet though cos its only been one night.
7 dpo- trouble sleeping again, vivid dreams and woke up at 4am to pee. - suspicious.
8 dpo - sharp twinge in abdomen at work, secretly excited that this a pregnancy symptom. Also vivid dreams and night time toilet trip.
9dpo - shocking headache at work and extreme exhaustion AND boobs getting sore and heavy. I've been really busy at work so I chalk the exhaustion up to that and me paying more attention to my feelings than normal. I also normal have a bowel movement once a day and I am somewhat struggling for that to happen (LOL tmi)
10 dpo - Really really tired and yawning at work all day, unable to do the house work and I'm someone who cant relax unless the housework is done but I'm too tired to care. Still having vivid dreams and waking in the night to pee. Sore boobs.
11 dpo - I go to work looking like a raccoon due to lack of sleep, I feel sick to the stomach and so tired I'm not really functioning properly, at 11am and consider going home but I have something to eat and gradually start to feel better. Presume my guts are upset because lack of sleep but secretly hope its morning sickness even though I think it would be super early for that.
12 dpo - Feeling angry and upset. I've decided I must be going crazy and decided I probably didn't ovulate at all and my hormones are severely out of whack and not because I am pregnant. I've never felt this tired in my whole life.
13 dpo - Finally have a day off work and after forcing myself to stay up late last night so I would sleep better ( I did sleep better but still had vivid dreams and woke to pee). I picked up a first response preg test while doing the groceries. Was planning to take the test the following morning but once I got it home, I felt nervous that the test was in the house and couldn't relax until I took it. I really thought It would be negative but the test line popped up quicker than the control line. BFP!!! I got a hot flush the minute I saw that line. I also started shaking. Very relieved I'm not going crazy but also nervous considering my history. I want this baby more than anything. I pray that it happens, eeek :-)

This pregnancy differed from the others a little as I've never been this tired with any of them and never felt any nausea until the 7th week with last preg. Also every other preg I had AF like cramps in the week leading up to the bfp. I've had none of that yet. I'm a worrier by nature and over think things a bit much. So I am banned from googling anything pregnancy related and my hubby and I will cautiously optimistic.

3 yrs TTC, 1 Miscarriage, Stage 4 Endo

I have spent 3 years on this forum, reading of hope each day. I am excited to finally have the chance to give hope to someone out there reading this now...about to throw the towel in. I wanted to pinch anyone who would offer advise saying, "stop trying honey...that's when it will happen." I watched each one of my friends who had fertility troubles get a BFP one by one...I was left feeling alone. Had endo surgery in October last year, stage 4. So this New Years resolution was to not get pregnant. No charting, no checking, no temperatures, just work, and focusing on a new job opportunity with DH. I got my BFP on Thursday. Because I wasn't tracking anything here is what I can share:

Spotting like the end of AF 7 DPO
No symptoms except major tender BB's (this is normal with AF)
DH said my PMS was mild (meaning I wasn't being a bear) clue
Lower abdomen cramping
No AF signs at all
Took test within 30 seconds was super dark pink line.
Went to Dr. to confirm. BFP

I think it finally hit me today when I realized I am still waiting for AF but I won't see her for a while. All of you are truly in my prayers. Infertility isn't talked about as much as it should be. Sometimes advise may be coming from a good place but I just didn't want to hear it. I pray there will be more simple nods of understanding, and a hug offered to those of us who struggle. Baby dust and a big hug from someone who has been there ((((((hugs)))))).

BFP After Miscarriage Last June

I just wanted to give some hope to all the ladies out there that are having trouble conceiving after a miscarriage. I spent months with a completely irregular period - 51 days apart, 52 days apart.... my last period was December 26, 2011. I just found out that I am pregnant on February 21! I have NO idea how many weeks I am. I POAS on Feb 21 and it was instantly positive. I then bought a digital test and on the 23 of Feb it said 3+ weeks which per the instructions says I am 5 plus weeks!!!! I went to the doctor on Friday and had blood drawn etc. but won't find out how many weeks I am actually along until I go back March 23. I even feel different this time. sick, constipation, sore nipples. I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. I am guessing our baby will be due in October sometime. Don't give up hope ladies. It took us since June but it has now paid off.

BFP@12DPO Right After MC

2WW helped me deal with my 11 day wait, especially the detailed reports. This being said, I have been as detailed as I could. Had a MC in January and my sticky bean is already here. Conceived Valentine’s Day!!!

1DPO- Felt irritable, down and gloomy. Intuition told me I was pregnant. My mind told me it was way too early to know. Ate at midnight because I was so hungry even though I had already brushed and flossed. This never happens…But I did eat an early dinner and cookies for a snack, so blood sugar could have been way too low.

2DPO- I had slight nausea and a hot flash during martial arts class, thought I might be coming down with a bug. Felt slightly dizzy earlier in the day from standing up to quick. Also had watery CM. This rarely happens.

3DPO- Felt nothing different all day except I slept in and took two short naps (this happens sometimes). Then at 5, the pizza DH and I love was finished baking. Stood up out of a chair and felt dizzy. Then the pizza I had been craving made me nauseated and seemed very unappealing. I LOVE this pizza and we get it FedExed, so I forced myself to settle down and enjoy it. I did. Breast felt funky, but no pain. I examined both breasts trying to figure out what felt different, couldn’t do it. Lower back hurts.

4-DPO- Had horrible sleep. Like horrible. There was a thunder and lightening storm happening, but beyond this I was restless. When sleeping on my stomach, my breast hurt slightly, but I could not pinpoint tenderness upon examination. My back is a bit crampy or achy. I had to blow my nose a couple of times, unusual. Feel a mild headache and feel slightly ill. Boobs feeling weird and left armpit hurt and then stopped. A bit gassy. Lower back hurts. Tired. Fell asleep twice after waking. White CM.

5-DPO- Slept well. Barely any breast pain, but still a tiny bit tender with some weird tingling sensations here or there. Slight congestion, but hubby has a cold. Lotion CM. Fatigued, but woke up early. Lower back slightly achy, but so does DH because of his cold. No concrete symptoms. High sex drive.

6-DPO- Slept horribly due to DH being ill and moving every 2 seconds. Breasts hurt slightly while sleeping on my stomach. 3 mild cramps on left side. Felt very energized despite having little sleep. Too hot in the morning and had to change even though the house was at the same temp it always is. Felt a bit light-headed. If DH wasn’t so ill, would think this is a good sign. Had white CM when scooped. Breast feel different, but not painful. Low backache. High sex drive.

7-DPO- Slept okay. Felt some light cramps on my left side. Gum bleeding, this NEVER happens. Breast felt a tiny bit achy when I put on my bra. Very hungry. Back aches. Napped, but this is usual. Slight headache. Indigestion.

8-DPO- Slept like crap. Felt anxious. Woke up and wanted to eat at 5am. Almost burst into tears this morning because my BBS don’t hurt. Slight congestion. Felt very hungry. Had to stop in the middle of yoga class to eat. Was famished by 11am. Very slight headache. Continued mild backache, but started a new exercise program. Woke up from a nap feeling a bit ill with slight indigestion. A bit dizzy. Headache, unusual for me, but not in the last week. Just feel sick and hungry. Weepy and indigestion.

9-DPO- Slept for 9.5 hours and still tired. Hurt my BBS a bit to sleep on my stomach. Feel good besides this all morning. Dizzy when I stand up fast. Felt very mildly crampy and was afraid AF showed up, even though I NEVER get PMS. Cried in the bathtub. Feel a bit rundown in the afternoon. Chest hurts mildly. Very slight nausea and hungry as usual.

10-DPO- Slept okay and had very vivid dreams and believed I am pregnant in my dream. Breasts are more sensitive today. Morning nasal congestion. High sex drive. Burst into tears three times. Indigestion. Lotion CM (didn’t check the last few days prior).

11-DPO- Woke up several times during the night 100% sure I am pregnant, but holding off on testing to 14DPO. Boobs were sore when I slept on my stomach, not so much in the morning though. I fell asleep twice at an all day workshop. Minor backache. Itchy down there for a tiny while.

12- DPO-Could not hold out on testing. BFP!!!

TTC #2 After 8 Months, 1 Chem, and 1 MC

Last year, the beginning of June, I found out I was pregnant (ntnp) because of my horrid symptoms and being 3 days late (was like clockwork). I got a faint positive, then AF arrived the next day :( I have a child from a previous relationship, but none with my husband, so...DH and I decided to start trying in earnest after that. In October, we finally got a bfp, but ended up MC'ing the first week of November. Now, we got another bfp, and couldn't be happier!! Well, cautiously happy anyways. ^-^ I didn't have a whole lot of symptoms, but if my lack of symptoms can help someone else feel more secure the way you ladies posting your symptoms or lack thereof have, I want to be of as much help as possible.

Things I did this cycle:
Put away all my TTC apps, hid my pregger bookmarks, and shelved my OPKs, lol. I continued to temp as I wanted to make sure I ovulated in the first place, and I cheated towards the end as I got on here yesterday to read symptoms ^^; Basically, I just relaxed and stopped trying so hard. We BD'd whenever we felt like it. In other words, as soon as AF went away and I stopped being dry, every day, lol.

CD 1-6 dry cm
CD 7-11 creamy cm
CD 12-13 EWCM!!
CD 14 O'd as indicated by bbt

DPO 1-4 Nothing, nada, zilch. BBT seems to have flat lined a little from 2-4
DPO 5 Temp rises, creamy cm, mild headache
DPO 6 Implantation dip? Drop from 97.7 to 97.3 Mild headache, breasts beginning to swell, little cramping, fatigue, happy, insomnia starts...a little nauseous when trying to sleep and it wakes me up and no matter how tired I am, can't fall asleep. Urination frequency rises. All but the insomnia are signs of AF for me, so I log them and ignore them.
DPO 7 Creamy CM, light cramps, massively tired because of insomnia, cranky.
DPO 8 Creamy, minor headache, insomnia worsens...can't even sleep during the day now in addition to night.
DPO 9 Creamy, headache is worse, metal mouth...tastes like I've been licking pennies and tooth brushing only worsens the taste, YUCK!! Low backache, CRANKY!! I broke down crying because I couldn't sleep and was so tired. Appetite increases, minor cramping continues.
DPO 10 Creamy, got a small nap in so a little happier. Metallic taste still around, cramps hit medium, backache.
DPO 11 Creamy, light headache comes and goes, starting to feel pulses of pain in breasts, cramps start to feel like AF but for some reason, I don't quite feel out yet. Back aches way more, and appetite increases - RAVENOUS!!
DPO 12 Woke up at 12:30am and try as I might, could not go back to sleep...still can't. DH woke up from my tossing and noted I was "really hot," and I noticed the heat blowing out of the vent felt like a/c and DH was cold when usually I'm the block of ice in the bed. I take my temp anyways since I'd been laying in bed for nearly 4 and a half hours and know how much my temp rises after movement...98.34 Triphasic... I waited until 6am and decided to test using SMU (pee'd when I woke at 12:30)...bfp! Showed up in less than a minute!

Other than the metal mouth, insomnia, and resulting tears from said insomnia, everything else is an AF symptom for me. My cm didn't dry up, but it hasn't increased yet either, nor do my breasts feel like they need a DO NOT DISTURB sign yet. My cramping comes and goes, but it DOES feel like AF for me, so don't count yourself out just because you cramp some. Reading the other ladies' posts and experiencing it myself, it really is normal. So sit back, relax, and have fun. That was actually my dad's advice and I'm glad I took it. :) Good luck and baby dust to all!

BFP at 3rd Cycle TTC

Hi everybody,

I obsessed over this site for the past 2 months on my tww, and promised myself that when my day comes, I will share my story.

Had a miscarriage 4 months ago at 20 weeks. Was devastated.

Now to the present:

1dpo to 8dpo no symptoms
9dpo: heartburn at bedtime, vivid dream
10dpo:nausea, breast fullness, digital hpt BFN
11dpo: nausea, vivid dreams
12dpo: fatigue BFN
13dpo: nothing
14dpo: No AF, BFP :)

Good luck ladies!