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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Valentines BFP After 2 M/C

One M/c last year and one Bio chemical on Christmas eve make me very cautious in telling you all this, but...I got a BFP today at 8dpo!!! I actually had a faint one yesterday at 7dpo on an internet cheapie but discarded it as a mistake. Today's is pretty bold on a FRER so I'm confident it is correct. Not sure I'll share with anyone till I see a heartbeat this time since I've already been through the heart break of having to untell people twice.

So here were the symptoms:
CD 13 OPK+
CD 12, 13, 14, 16- B/D once each day
1-3 DPO Nothing.
4 DPO Cramping on one side, tugging feeling and odd twinges. Beginning of a yeast infection (TMI)
5 DPO Cramping, tugging full feeling, I felt uncomfortable crossing my legs, strong smelling urine
6 DPO Woke up with an intense headache (unusual for me) and very tired despite a lot of sleep the night before, exhausted by 5pm (literally falling asleep at my desk), bbs began to get sore
7 DPO Still had the headache, exhausted all day, out of breath walking up the hill to work, sore bbs, nausea when I woke up, and my stomach absolutely turned when I smelled DD's urine in the toilet. At this point I took an internet cheapie and saw a faint line appear after several minutes.
8 DPO Faint nausea and the headache when I woke up, vivid dream that I was pregnant, sore bbs, heavy full feeling in uterus and some light tugging throughout the day, very emotional (almost cried at work!). Faint line on internet cheapie in the morning and medium strength line on FRER in the afternoon. Yay!!!!

This month we used OPK kit, pre-seed after getting the OPK+, instead cups on CD 13 and 14, Folic Acid every day, and drank green tea CD 10-14. Praying for a super sticky baby because I don't think I can go through another M/C!

Here We Go Again

BFP (VERY FAINT) FRER. The last two pregnancies I've had, as well as many others, have ended in MC. So we are conservatively excited right now. This time is the "I thought NO WAY for sure." We have been not trying, not preventing since the miscarriage two months ago in December.

But there were symptoms, and I loosely kept track in my App. Ill share with u now
O days listed as Jan 29-31 we will call 31st 1 DPO

1 DPO: BD'd
2 DPO: Bratty attitude
3 DPO: BD, Heavy Uterus
4 DPO: Nothing Noted
5 DPO: Ovary type Pain, R side, lasting all night. Weird Period type aches, Cried at weird movie portion! HUNGRY. Achy upper left Breast (fairly normal for me.)
6 DPO: Nothing Noted
7 DPO: Nipples a little sensitive, no change in color though. ZITS everywhere.
8 DPO: MAJOR PAIN, BURNING throughout uterus area. NO UTI, Normal Ultrasound, negative urine Pregnancy test at DR.
9 DPO-10 DPO: Nothing
11 DPO: Sense of Smell increased a tad.
12 DPO: MORE MOOD SWINGS. Full feeling uterus, Think AF is coming
13 DPO: AF Due today, tested after work, 1 am with FRER Very Faint BFP. Sore boobs. Mood swings.

That's it, ladies. I am 13 DPO today. I plan to test again in a few days and continue to do so, to confirm darkening lines. I've had so many pregnancies end awfully, but I have an excited feeling about this one, as does my husband... So keep your fingers crossed? I'll do the same for all of you, in the hopes you get a NICE DARK BFP!

May God's will be my plan.


BFP After Miscarriage AND Depo

I have loved reading all the stories on here since TTC, it has really helped inspire and encourage me. In May 2011 I had an early miscarriage at 8 weeks. We decided to wait awhile before trying again, so I agreed to take a Depo Provera shot in June 2011. I did not do near enough research about this shot, and I had terrible side effects.

My DH and I decided we would try again once the shot wore off. My first period came December 2011, and I fell pregnant on the January cycle.

I know I am so blessed to have fell pregnant so shortly after depo provera, I know it is too early to be out of the woods, but for right now I am really excited.

Here are my TWW symptoms: I have 34 Day cycles.
2 days before O day BD with Preseed
0 Day- Ovulation pain on right side, small amount of EWCM
1 DPO- BD (no pre seed)
2 DPO - 12 DPO- not much, I was trying to convince myself everything was a symptom, but nothing really, the occasional twinge in my BB's but nothing major, mild cramping, might not even had noticed if I wouldn't have been paying attention. I did have excessive saliva a few of those days.
13 DPO- nothing really, my CM stayed watery/lotiony the entire time past ovulation.
14 DPO- BFN!!!!
15 DPO- BFN!!!! small twinges here and there
16 DPO- didn't test, but I got a SORE THROAT so that gave me some hope :)
17 DPO- I still had sore throat so I went ahead and got two more tests, went shopping, kinda put off testing, then got home and BFP !!!!

This really is from God above, the Bible says with thanksgiving present your requests to God. Praying for a sticky Bean!!!!!

We Did It Again! BFP 7 Months After M/C

I only recently found out about this site, and have been faithful for this past week. We got preggo last April, and lost the baby in June. We've been trying really hard for the past 4 months with no success...and then I got some advice - RELAX. Don't think about it, don't plan, just have fun! It worked!!

I don't know when I ovulated, so I don't know any dpo, but I know my CD's. I'm a 25-26 day cycle.

CD 10 - 20 We started trying every night, to every other night. (I just let it happen, no planning)
CD 18 Woke up in the middle of the night, and felt like right nipple was on fire! Lasted a few seconds.
CD 20 - 25 BB's not sore, but nips seem more sensitive, hurt just a tiny bit every once in a while.
CD 22 Noticed Brownish/pinkish discharge on tp after I wiped.
CD 23 Still faint trace of pinkish CM on tp. After poop, when I wiped, there were three drops of bright red blood. Thought I was out for sure.
CD 24 Nothing
CD 25 Stood up at work, felt wet, went and wiped, lots of CM with brownish tint.
CD 26 Some mild cramping in AM, much more noticeable cramping in PM. But it was not like AF cramps, where it feels like your guts are falling out, it was sharper, and less constant, also felt like pulling/tugging.
CD 27 AF should be here....she's not! FRER at 5am ....BFP!!!!!!!!!
Go to store, Clear Blue Digi - "Pregnant" again!!!!!! It looks soooooo good! We're thrilled!

I had the weirdest gut feelings this I just knew I was preggo. But for those of you out there with barely any symptoms, there's hope! If it hadn't been for this website, I would have thought those cramps were just AF coming and wouldn't have tested! Baby Dust to you all!!! YAY!

BFP After Miscarriage

I have one child who is almost 3. We were pregnant and lost the baby at 7 weeks in September. We have been trying every since. It has been stressful and we almost lost hope. This month was a little different. I was focused more on other things that were happening in my life then getting pregnant. We did try though.

I took my doctors advice and bd'd every other day starting day 11 of my cycle. We used pre seed but only a very tiny amount. Another thing I did that may or may not of helped was I ate pineapple during and after ovulation. I also stopped using my makeup with sialic acid. I read somewhere that it was bad for the baby but I think it helped a lot in getting me pregnant day 11,13,15, 16
lh surge day 13, and 14
ovulated on day 15
dpo 3 that evening I had really horrible cramps.
dpo 5 boobs started feeling heavy
dpo 7 very very faint line with fondo
dpo 8 faint line again a bit darker with fondo (tried not to get my hopes up because this has happened MANY times before.
dpo 9 Tested in the morning. Faint but a bit darker. Decided to buy frer. There was a definite line! Told my dh that evening and tested a gain. A bit darker this time
dpo 10 tested with fondo and line is darker
dpo 11 fondo test shows bright pink line!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy. A bit scared because of our previous miscarriage. Wishing the pregnancy sticks! Good luck to all and thanks to everyone for sharing their stories.

25 Months TTC, 1 Angel, 6 Months of Clomid, PCOS--BFP!

Miscarried Dec 09, actively TTC after that, dx'ed PCOS Feb 2011, Clomid started Aug 2011, BFP 9DPO Feb 2, 2012

1-3 DPO: nothing odd
4DPO: started getting itchy
5DPO: itchy
6DPO: gassy
7DPO: Temp dropped- implantation I assume.
       woke up at 1am SICK ( I'm sure it wasn't related to anything though)
       dull sharp abdominal px
       sore gums
       sore bbs
8DPO: took OPK bc I wanted to POAS- was rather dark. prompted me to use HPT (at night)-BFN.
       stuffy nose
       sore bbs
       sore gums/ bleeding
9DPO: BFP using Wondfo HPT strip
       stuffy nose
       sore bbs
       heart palpitations
       sore gums/ bleeding
       sore gums/ bleeding
11DPO:BFP- used WalMart First Signal $.88 brand
       slight nausea
       sore gums/ bleeding

My Big Fat Positive!!!!!

I cannot believe it - TTC since I got married in May, had a missed miscarriage in sep and medical management for this. I have PCOS and my cycle length varies - ovulating on day 28 one month, then day 20, then day 36. Never thought I would get another BPF! finally! today - 13DPO!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY - CANT STOP CRYING -

Here are my symptoms - not been fully charting/documenting all symptoms

Main symptoms: flu like symptoms 3-7 DPO.
Feeling of being 'wet' doing below despite having ovulated.
tired +++
feel slightly nauseous. cooking + for my hubby but not wanting to eat it my self - that is COMPLETELY UNLIKE ME!!!!

8dpo bfn
9dpo bfn
10dpo bfn
11 dpo bfn
12 dpo bfn

Today 13DPO - did cheap preg test but very very very faint line appeared straight away - thought it was an evap line. did another and it looked more faint.

Went out and bought digital clear blue - PREGNANT 1-2 WEEK!!!!!!!!! STILL IN SHOCK!!!

Hope baby sticks around!! worried as I have PCOS and don't want my progesterone levels being too low causing a miscarriage - I'm going to see OBGYN next week to discuss

BABY DUST TO ALL - I am a serial worrier - everyone told me I wouldn't get pregnant worrying - for all those who worry as well - keep praying - your dreams will all come true!!!

BFP Finally After 2 MC!

Finally got my BFP, actually got it last week but only just felt brave enough to post.

had 2 mc before dd. Been TTC for just over 2 years now. In that time, after ttc 10 months, had mc at 13w. Then after another 6 mth had BFP but it only lasted 5 days. Since August 11, been having tests for recurrent mc and generally going insane. no problems have shown up and dr told us to go away, enjoy xmas and stop being so stressed about it. easier said than done.

So, this time, I was not hopeful at all, drank lots of wine before and during 2 ww, did intensive exercise and had bad fall, was not particularly careful as was convinced it would not work and would end up starting IVF in a few month time.

2 dpo - sore left boob started (but I get that most months before AF).
8 dpo - felt bloated and mildly constipated (which I never get but had in previous pregnancy). really thought nothing of it though. not like the implantation pain I think I have felt before.
9 dpo - BFN- think about now both boobs a little bit sore but thought nothing.
10 dpo - BFN
11 dpo - BFN (or so I thought) vague dull ache. convinced AF coming. boobs feeling a bit sore. glum.
12 dpo - BFN (tested last thing at night), told hubby it was definitely not happening and both upset. mild dull ache again. boobs bit sore but totally convinced just pre-menstrual symptom. glum.
13 DPO - in the morning, for some weird reason, dug out my BFN from 11dpo, had not thrown it out and there were 2 lines, frantically researched evap lines but this one was def pink not like an evap line! I think I was so upset the line had not appeared right away with the control line and was annoyed I had wasted yet another test, I had not waited long enough. so, quickly did CB digital test and got another BFP! still dull ache. convinced it won't last the day. that was one week ago.

Since then, had mild ache in lower ab on and off, faint pulling feeling and sore boobs on and off but I know I am actively looking for any slight feeling now.

what did we do differently?
didn't hold back on the drinking! had a good xmas, drank without going OTT, relaxed and had fun.
started up my exercise class again.
stopped using pre-seed. seemed to irritate me and affect cm.
genuinely did not get my hopes up, focused on our plan B.
dr has now put me on low dose aspirin and progesterone supplements (since BFP).

That's it, just hoping this one is a healthy bean!


Here is my story. I just wanted to let you guys know that I never lost hope and after a couple months of trying, getting BFNs and crying my eyes out I got my BFP today. I am so happy!!!! I can't believe it!

So I stopped my birth control back in April 2011. Little did I know ( DH and I was not really trying) I got pregnant! But unfortunately that end in miscarriage. I had a D&C Procedure back in August and have been trying since then. It was really rough because everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant. In October I tried the Clearblue Fertility Monitor and this will be my third month using and I am pregnant! I would recommend this monitor because it really narrow down your most fertile days and ovulation before it happens.

Here are my symptoms dpo:
1-7 dpo: a lot of CM and mild cramps, dizzy
8-10 dpo: cm, mild cramps and very thirsty
11-14 dpo: very thirsty, sore breast and dizzy

BFP at 10 DPO After 2 Miscarriages

Some quick background... I'm 36, DH 43. We've been TTC for 13 months. After the first four months we had tests done and found out I was hypothyroid with
Hashimoto's disease (everything else looked great). We got my TSH down and got pregnant in September but miscarried at 6 weeks. Pregnant again in December and miscarried again at 5 weeks even though I was on clexane and progesterone. (on Christmas Eve!!!). I haven't even had a regular cycle in between and today I got a faint BFP (frer) at what I'm estimating is 10 DPO because we weren't trying this month.

My symptoms in retrospect were:
DPO 1-10 creamy CM... I usually dry up about a week after O
DPO5-8 very gassy... not normal for me
DPO 7-10 difficulty sleeping (I usually sleep like a rock) and crappy dreams
DPO 9-10 Mild af like cramps and increased saliva

I'm back on clexane and progesterone and but I'm super scared I'm going to miscarry again.

Happily accepting all wishes for a healthy sticky bean.