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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After Miscarriage

I fell pregnant in May last year and unfortunately suffered a missed miscarriage. Baby died at 9 weeks three day and this was discovered at our 12 week scan in July. So three months of thinking everything was ok to being told there was no heartbeat left us more than devastated. Worst of all we told a few people and had to untell everyone, which in a way made it harder.

I decided to wait for my body to naturally reject the baby but after six weeks of waiting nothing happed. I decided to go into hospital and take strong medication to induce the miscarriage but again this didn't work. Finally I had the operation on the 18th August.

My body has never been quite the same since and I went to my Gp for further tests as still hadn't got my period after 3 months. Finally got my period on the 2nd December and ovulated on the 27th. Got my BFP on the 11th Jan. New year wishes do come true. Just hoping everything will be ok with this baby.

My advice to any lady who has had a miscarriage and TTC is to keep hoping and praying and be blessed in the knowledge that you know you can get pregnant. Baby dust to all!

BFP After Miscarriage

I miscarried at 11 weeks in late August last year, and was advised by my Ob to let 3 months go by before trying again. We tried in November but didn't conceive then. I think my body did really need to settle down a bit with hormonal levels. In December, we used OPKs and Preseed and also charted my BBT.

Drum roll please!! On New Year's day, at 9 dpo, I tested positive (faint but clearly visible on an IC). I took a Clearblue Digital the next day and it popped up with Pregnant - 1-2 weeks!!

We are so ecstatic but not telling anyone until the first trimester sails away. Praying and hoping that this will be a happy and healthy pregnancy just my DS. Not many symptoms to report other than tiredness, being extra emotional and needing to go to the toilet!

Love and lots of hugs to all of you wanna be mums! Enjoy your partner and it will certainly come to pass. God bless.


BFP After Miscarriage

My husband and I have been trying since August. In November, we found out we were pregnant and so excited when only a week later we miscarried at 5 weeks and 5 days. I miscarried on December 1st. We were devastated because this was our first and we had gotten so excited for the possibility.

I had heard that after a miscarriage you were more fertile but I was skeptical. Anyway, we decided not to try in December and just enjoy the holidays. We had sex a total of four times in December and I just got my BFP. I haven't had a period since the miscarriage and I don't even know when I ovulated because I wasn't tracking this month.

I knew I was pregnant before I took the test because I had some symptoms... It started with having vivid dreams, my boobs growing, a firmer stomach feeling and emotional although I was never 100% convinced that I was pregnant until the test and I am still unsure and scared because of the miscarriage last month.

This is hope that you can get pregnant right after a miscarriage and here is hoping to a sticky baby. Looking forward to September.

4 months after Miscarriage, BFP?

I thought my 2ww was worth sharing , because I've read so many, and had so many and this one is unlike any of my previous waits! Enough to drive you crazy, isn't it?

Back story: I am 28, almost 29 DH is 30. We have three kids, 2 of which I carried, and a bonus daughter from his previous marriage :)
I have been pregnant (not counting this one a total of 9 times since the age of 16.
2 live births.

My last miscarriage was July 2011, missed miscarriage around 8 weeks, D & C performed.  We had not planned that pregnancy, but right after the m/c we talked about trying again, and decided to go for it. I have NEVER had a planned pregnancy. I am simply birth control resistant, lol. So I want one more baby, and I want it planned. We agreed now was the time!
In august, I started tracking. I was convinced three months in a row that I had succeeded. And each month AF came. and Each month, I sent her a memo that SHE WAS NOT WELCOME HERE. sheesh. Well, I guess she got the memo, so far... I am 4 days late today.

According to my Calender I was SUPPOSED to O on 11-21. I THINK (bcuz of symptoms) I actually O'd on 11-25, so that's the day I will Count from.

O DAY! - snot like, clear CM, felt one sharp zing on right side early AM
1 DPO- Sore bbs (normal) and Baby dance ( HELLO, CONCEPTION!)
2 DPO- Zits on Cheekbone area (normal around this time), Cloudy Urine
3 DPO- Lotion-like CM, thick.
4 DPO- bbs not sore anymore. no more CM, no. nothing.
5 DPO- Oh, yes, I tested this early. BFN
6-8 DPO- no sypmtoms. 8 DPO, Tested. I've seen this work on YouTube, so I MUST have a chance. BFN. (Goodbye Ten Dollars)
9 DPO- According To calander, which is usually right, AF is due today. No cramps, no sore bbs, Q-Tip test negative... hmm. Moods swinging like a monkey in the tree... BFN AGAIN. I figure I'm out.
10 DPO- No Period. No Syptoms. By now with all of my 9 others I was throwing up, tested Positive, sore bbs, basically everything... I'm out.
11 DPO-ok, AF, where are you? quit playing with me, WOMAN!! Test. Put on counter, go back to bed. Two hours later, it's neg---oh, wait is that a line?   WAKE UP HONEY, I THINK I SEE SOMETHING!
DH Doesnt look. DH is a non believer in faint lines.
  Walk outside. take pics, send to BF, she sees it, too.
Walk inside, call company FRER...Told there is no such thing as an Evap. It's positive.
12 DPO- Test again, Still faint, still positive. Waiting for AF, because I still have zero symptoms, except for Once I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to throw up, but didnt.
13 DPO- today. Still no Af, took another brand. Another faint Positive.

I am reserved about being happy, because of all my history, and because of my lack of symptoms. But I am hopeful! WE CONCIEVED!  I'll be waiting too call OBGYN until next week. I'd like to get a stronger hpt line before I  ask for a blood test.
But, Ladies...I NEVER THOUGHT 'd be on here saying that sometimes there are now symptoms, because, while that IS VERY TRUE, I never thought it'd be true for me. Ten pregnancies now. the first 9 were covered sloppily in symptoms from break-outs to murderous hormonal outbursts, to "just knowing" and SUPER dark positives days before a missed period, Sore, big boobs, peeing a lot, increased smell. I had it ALL.
Not now, I don't. And as much as I know there may not be a baby at the end of this, I KNOW I AM PREGNANT. And I HAVE NO SYMPTOMS.
Ok, I'm sorry, I'll stop this now! I am so Hopeful for ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!
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Two week wait symptoms!

Yaaay I'm so excited to be able to be posting  my BFP on here! After 6 years of fertility treatments in 2009 we had our beautiful twin daughters, then had a heartbreaking m/c earlier this year, and a failed attempt with our last frozen embies in April.  I knew it was a long shot but figured I'd go back to the beginning and try clomid again for 3 mos to see if it could at least get me to ovulate, as I don't on my own.  And now, on my second cycle of clomid I got my BFP!!
3 DPO only thing going on was sore nips, typical for me after I O.  I got SO SICK, brutal cold, cough, thought there's no way I'm getting pregnant this cycle!
4 DPO still sore nips, barely got out of bed and was coughing constantly. Body aches, chills, all of it!
5 DPO sore nips, creamy cm, still sick, but was able to function.
6 DPO BBT temp dropped a bit, cramps, nips sore and creamy cm, ovary cramps and twinges same as last cycle that I got a BFN; feeling pretty sick again today.
7 DPO, saw a temp drop even more, still have ov pain, cramps; nips not sore anymore, starting to feel this is not a good cycle.  STILL sick!
8 DPO Ov pain, cramps, nips perhaps a bit sensitive still?  Or my imagination perhaps. Still feeling rough.
9 DPO Hey hey, feeling better today; I was sick for almost a full WEEK!  Skin breakout, gotta love that!  And NOTHING else.  Not a thing.
10 DPO A wee few niggles and twinges in my ovaries, but last cycle it seemed to be worse at this stage....?
11 DPO Wow can't believe I held out this long! Cramps again, ov pain, backache big time this morning, and tender nips again make me think AF is on her way.
12 DPO have myself convinced that this cycle is a bust, ready to move on so took an HPT.  Is that a phantom line? Took another one.  NO IDEA but I think there's a line there...??  Went out to buy another test, an early response one, and WHAM within a minute there was the most beautiful 2nd pink line staring at me!  BFP!!! Went for my bloodwork and confirmed pregnant! Though she said it was low, unless it was less than 14 dpo, which it was, just waiting for her to call back to tell me what the # was!
So here's a few words to perhaps ease your mind, as things like this eased mine when I was obsessing over stories during my 2ww's:
I was SICK AS A DOG for a week, starting 3 days after ovulation, so YES you can get pregnant if you are sick, and even coughing constantly for days! You DON'T need really sore boobs, or blue veins popping out, or nausea or stinky pee or sensitive smell, or ANYTHING out of the ordinary to tell you you are pregnant, so if you don't have anything going on, you could still be pregnant :)
Baby dust to everyone ttc and praying for sticky babies for those of us who have, and will in the future!

Early pregnancy symptoms

We got our BFP Thursday night at 10 dpo! We have one daughter already and lost our second pregnancy in July. We used OPKs, BD EOD until O and then did 0-1, O and O+1, and I took baby aspirin 4dpo-8dpo.

6dpo Nausea
7dpo Nausea and headache
8 dpo Headache
9 dpo Headache
10 dpo Headache, backache, very sore breasts convinced me to test again that evening and very faint BFP on FRER
11 dpo Tender breasts, backache, darker BFP in the afternoon on FRER
12 dpo Tender breast, nausea and positive CBE digital!

Hoping you all see a positive dpo very soon!

BFP 11DPO After Miscarriage

I've been stalking this site for months & finally I can join all the blessed mommies on here, I got my BFP at 8am this morning!

I had a devastating miscarriage on Jan 29, 2011 at 13 weeks and have been ttc ever since. Some months I tried a little more actively than others but finally after 9 months God has blessed me with another beautiful bean! This month I didn't track ovulation but I normally ovulate around CD 14 - 16, with a 28 - 32 day cycle.

This is assuming I ovulated on CD 14
2DPO: Copious amounts of creamy CM. So much to the point where I'd have to change my underwear or even shower twice.
3DPO: Lots of creamy CM
4DPO: Lots of creamy CM, Extremely thirsty all day
5DPO: Lots of creamy CM, Extreme thirst, nose running like crazy but no other cold symptoms
6DPO: Creamy CM (but I also notice EWCM in the shower & start to wonder if I miscalculated ov), Extreme thirst so decided to bring a water bottle with me every where, runny nose, gassy, Exhausted
7DPO: CM is lotiony and not as much, still very thirsty & gassy & that runny nose won't go, finally my first noticeable cramp! Implantation? Exhausted
8DPO: All the symptoms as the last day, more noticeable cramps, also bought my favorite cookies but couldn't eat  one bite- food aversion? So exhausted I took a nap in the day- & I rarely nap.
9-10DPO: Not a single cramp, slightly creamy CM, Extreme thirst, runny nose, gassy, exhausted, very irritable
11 DPO: My bfp using FRER with FMU.

I am so blessed. Good luck to all TTC, this site is amazing. Lots of prayer and baby dust your way. It will happen! :*

BFP 13dpo after miscarriage

I have been looking at this website for about a month now and said I would post if I got a BFP!!
AF October 10-
Thursday-positive opk for ovulation 0ct 20
Bd with DH Thursday Friday Sunday

1-6 dpo - coughing excessively extremely thirsty bloated prolly need to have bowel movement(tmi)

7dpo I take a opk for fun and got a positive opk test. I was so shocked because i already ovulated. Other than that nothing to noticeable except when I sleep seem to keep choking on saliva 98 temp

8dpo - still coughing up cold positive opk test again (so wierd and confusing) slight cramping but not AF like cramping just small sharp pains

9dpo - nothing really slight cramping but probably only noticed becuz I thinking about pregnancy....vomited late that night didn't feel nauseous but just vomited Cm kind of heavy

10dpo - nothing really got really nauseous in Walmart and began to gag...but did not vomit...don't really feel pregnant aside from that starting to think it's just in my head!! Took frer hpt at Night BFN!  Not to worried still early...Cm still heavy

11dpo nothing really frer fmu still

12dpo nothing really... little nauseous really nervous feeling all still

 13dpo I woke up this morning feeling Kind of nauseous decided to try one more time with hpt and to my surprise I got a BFP frer fmu...the line was faint but definitely there... Breast slightly sore and took another hpt frer in the afternoon another bfp but still faint line but a little darker....took a digital CBE before bed and Yayyyy!!! excited 

Hope it sticks this time and ladies don't give up after a miscarriage...I had a miscarriage in April so its still dust to all!!!

BFP at 11dpo after a chemical pregnancy

Hello all,

I have waited a few days before posting here as I am being very cautious this month after an upsetting early m/c last month.  This month I wasn't even sure I wanted to try buy DH was keen to not let last month put us off so we went for it...  I had already been taking Pregnacare for a couple of months but this month I drank an abundance of grapefruit juice (not the sweetest of drinks!)

I really thought this month hadn't worked as I had no symptoms whatsoever up until 10dpo when I started to get light cramping and feeling run down just as if AF was about to arrive, so naturally I started to count myself out (we already have a DS so I guess I was comparing the early symptoms with the time before, which I now realise each pregnancy can be very different!)

At 11dpo I took a CB digital test in the evening and not the fmu as advised on the pack and was very doubtful but it came up almost straight away pregnant and the timer kept on ticking over for a few minutes before the 1-2 weeks popped up.   Now I cannot explain the mix of emotions that flooded through me at that point, half of me was so excited but the other half dreaded the days to come and for history to repeat itself...  I was still convinced AF was around the corner as the cramping was still there.

12dpo and my AF due date...  I didn't get any sleep that night and had a rubbish day at work, rushing to the ladies every 5 minutes convinced AF was here.  The torture was killing me so on the way home from work I bought another digital test (I had planned to buy a first response but the shop I went to didn't stock them) and again I took it that evening and to my surprise the 1-2 weeks had moved up to 2-3 weeks.. in just 24 hours.. by this time I allowed myself to get just that little bit hopeful.

It is now 13dpo for me and I am completely shattered and AF never arrived. so I am praying that this little bean sticks.

We had only been ttc for 3 months but I have never been on edge so much and I guess the only advice I can give is try not to stress like I did, I am sure if I had relaxed things may have gone a littler better (at least for my nerves and nails anyway!) but then again that was probably just not my time. Best of luck to everyone and baby dust all round x

BFP after M/C and F/P

So, I had a miscarriage, we didn't waste any time trying again. BUT a false positive on a CBE OPK threw me off. We were trying about a week before I actually ovulated.  (I should have known when I popped out the stick, the line wasn't dark at all) I bought some IC OPK's from amazon and they worked WONDERS!!!  I think I purchased 20 of them! lol Anyway, so in the cycle after m/c I had some ovulation symptoms that I thought were pregnancy symptoms. Then I got a false positive...several of them. STAY AWAY FROM BLUE DYE TESTS! They will set you up for heart break. In fact, something needs to be done to ban them completely!  Anyway, once I got the IC OPK's I bought MANY IC hpt's from they claim they are 10 mIu. I have no idea because I used them all before implantation! lol  I just got them to satisfy my POAS addiction.  (Which is still there even after 2 BFP's) Ok enough with the is how the success happened:
Tools I used:
ovulation tracker app on my phone
continued use of prenatals
regular/moderate exercise
My husband! ;)

3 dbo: ewcm bd temp: 97.0 F
2 dbo: progressively darker opk but not positive yet. damp cm temp 97.2
1 dbo:postive OPK in the AM.  Plentiful ewcm after bm. bd late that night... and he stayed on the "dance floor" and kept dancing even after the music help push those music notes in further.  I made sure I stayed off of my feet and also acheived a post bd oragasm, as I heard that helps suck the "music notes" in :) temp 97.2
DAY OF O -positive opk in the am EWCM, HIGH sexdrive. (not unusual, it gets intense every month around O since I started wanting a 3rd baby)  BD in the evening JUST in case. temp 97.7 but I took it 30 mins later then my usual time at 5:30 am. But the temp rise makes me think I O'd late the night before or EARLY the morning of. (remember to take your temp the same time every day before getting out of bed!! Sleep with the thermometer next to the bed!!
1dpo-temp 97.6  dry cm
2dpo- water cm temp 97.7 mild headache
3dpo-mild backache mild cramps (I've heard implantation can happen that early, but my bfp came so much later, I don't know. BUT I do think it's associated with the fertilized egg somehow) just my random opinion. EXTREMELY vivid dreams (I know that's a pregnancy symptom, and since there isn't an actual scientific reason why, I think our heart knows before we do that a baby is coming, because I most likely hadn't implanted, but it was a pregnancy dream for sure! EWCM followed by a gush of water (which happened to me at O a previous cycle) bfn
4dpo-moderate cramping throughout the day. temp 98.1 pregnancy dream.bfn
5dpo-temp 98.1 (vivid dreams continue to present day) bfn
6dpo-slight nausea temp 98.1 (continued to present also) bfn
7dpo- orgasm in the AM (after the fact I heard that this can help or hinder implantation not sure if it helped, but for me it didn't hinder)creamy brown spotting after BM. Just on tp when I wiped. Then I wiped again, a small trace of color. All of this was followed by cramping and a very excited mommy!
8dpo-a tiny spot of blood after wiping and moderate cramps.  I tried to stay off my feet and hydrate and keep warm. Not sre if it helped, but I felt like I was doing something to aid in implantation. (Implantation was not bleeding) it was two minor and quick occurances of blood and cm) creamy cm
9dpo-faint BFP on FRER (my last cycle I was so convinced I was pregnant again because of those awful blue dye tests) I thought FRER was wrong and terrible. In fact, it's WONDERFUL... it picked up my pregnancy 2 days after implantation cramping.  Most beautiful pink lines I've seen in a long time!
10dpo-took my remaining FRER and an even darker BFP. Pregnancy symptoms are stronger this time and I welcome it! Even the morning sickness!

Ladies PLEASE do me a favor, don't torture yourself the way I did staring at bfn's holing it up to lights, popping the strip out and scrutinizing it until you think you see a line. That is torturous. When your pregnant those lines will show up. Let your body do the thinking.  I know it's hard. But it'll save your emotions.  Hopefully. Good luck and I wish BFP's to all of the loving mommies and mommies to be out there! *I got several bfn's a day after O because I am an addict! But I was more calm this time. Other little "omens" and signs were telling me a baby was coming.  It's as though I knew before I knew.