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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP at 11dpo after a chemical pregnancy

Hello all,

I have waited a few days before posting here as I am being very cautious this month after an upsetting early m/c last month.  This month I wasn't even sure I wanted to try buy DH was keen to not let last month put us off so we went for it...  I had already been taking Pregnacare for a couple of months but this month I drank an abundance of grapefruit juice (not the sweetest of drinks!)

I really thought this month hadn't worked as I had no symptoms whatsoever up until 10dpo when I started to get light cramping and feeling run down just as if AF was about to arrive, so naturally I started to count myself out (we already have a DS so I guess I was comparing the early symptoms with the time before, which I now realise each pregnancy can be very different!)

At 11dpo I took a CB digital test in the evening and not the fmu as advised on the pack and was very doubtful but it came up almost straight away pregnant and the timer kept on ticking over for a few minutes before the 1-2 weeks popped up.   Now I cannot explain the mix of emotions that flooded through me at that point, half of me was so excited but the other half dreaded the days to come and for history to repeat itself...  I was still convinced AF was around the corner as the cramping was still there.

12dpo and my AF due date...  I didn't get any sleep that night and had a rubbish day at work, rushing to the ladies every 5 minutes convinced AF was here.  The torture was killing me so on the way home from work I bought another digital test (I had planned to buy a first response but the shop I went to didn't stock them) and again I took it that evening and to my surprise the 1-2 weeks had moved up to 2-3 weeks.. in just 24 hours.. by this time I allowed myself to get just that little bit hopeful.

It is now 13dpo for me and I am completely shattered and AF never arrived. so I am praying that this little bean sticks.

We had only been ttc for 3 months but I have never been on edge so much and I guess the only advice I can give is try not to stress like I did, I am sure if I had relaxed things may have gone a littler better (at least for my nerves and nails anyway!) but then again that was probably just not my time. Best of luck to everyone and baby dust all round x

BFP after M/C and F/P

So, I had a miscarriage, we didn't waste any time trying again. BUT a false positive on a CBE OPK threw me off. We were trying about a week before I actually ovulated.  (I should have known when I popped out the stick, the line wasn't dark at all) I bought some IC OPK's from amazon and they worked WONDERS!!!  I think I purchased 20 of them! lol Anyway, so in the cycle after m/c I had some ovulation symptoms that I thought were pregnancy symptoms. Then I got a false positive...several of them. STAY AWAY FROM BLUE DYE TESTS! They will set you up for heart break. In fact, something needs to be done to ban them completely!  Anyway, once I got the IC OPK's I bought MANY IC hpt's from they claim they are 10 mIu. I have no idea because I used them all before implantation! lol  I just got them to satisfy my POAS addiction.  (Which is still there even after 2 BFP's) Ok enough with the is how the success happened:
Tools I used:
ovulation tracker app on my phone
continued use of prenatals
regular/moderate exercise
My husband! ;)

3 dbo: ewcm bd temp: 97.0 F
2 dbo: progressively darker opk but not positive yet. damp cm temp 97.2
1 dbo:postive OPK in the AM.  Plentiful ewcm after bm. bd late that night... and he stayed on the "dance floor" and kept dancing even after the music help push those music notes in further.  I made sure I stayed off of my feet and also acheived a post bd oragasm, as I heard that helps suck the "music notes" in :) temp 97.2
DAY OF O -positive opk in the am EWCM, HIGH sexdrive. (not unusual, it gets intense every month around O since I started wanting a 3rd baby)  BD in the evening JUST in case. temp 97.7 but I took it 30 mins later then my usual time at 5:30 am. But the temp rise makes me think I O'd late the night before or EARLY the morning of. (remember to take your temp the same time every day before getting out of bed!! Sleep with the thermometer next to the bed!!
1dpo-temp 97.6  dry cm
2dpo- water cm temp 97.7 mild headache
3dpo-mild backache mild cramps (I've heard implantation can happen that early, but my bfp came so much later, I don't know. BUT I do think it's associated with the fertilized egg somehow) just my random opinion. EXTREMELY vivid dreams (I know that's a pregnancy symptom, and since there isn't an actual scientific reason why, I think our heart knows before we do that a baby is coming, because I most likely hadn't implanted, but it was a pregnancy dream for sure! EWCM followed by a gush of water (which happened to me at O a previous cycle) bfn
4dpo-moderate cramping throughout the day. temp 98.1 pregnancy dream.bfn
5dpo-temp 98.1 (vivid dreams continue to present day) bfn
6dpo-slight nausea temp 98.1 (continued to present also) bfn
7dpo- orgasm in the AM (after the fact I heard that this can help or hinder implantation not sure if it helped, but for me it didn't hinder)creamy brown spotting after BM. Just on tp when I wiped. Then I wiped again, a small trace of color. All of this was followed by cramping and a very excited mommy!
8dpo-a tiny spot of blood after wiping and moderate cramps.  I tried to stay off my feet and hydrate and keep warm. Not sre if it helped, but I felt like I was doing something to aid in implantation. (Implantation was not bleeding) it was two minor and quick occurances of blood and cm) creamy cm
9dpo-faint BFP on FRER (my last cycle I was so convinced I was pregnant again because of those awful blue dye tests) I thought FRER was wrong and terrible. In fact, it's WONDERFUL... it picked up my pregnancy 2 days after implantation cramping.  Most beautiful pink lines I've seen in a long time!
10dpo-took my remaining FRER and an even darker BFP. Pregnancy symptoms are stronger this time and I welcome it! Even the morning sickness!

Ladies PLEASE do me a favor, don't torture yourself the way I did staring at bfn's holing it up to lights, popping the strip out and scrutinizing it until you think you see a line. That is torturous. When your pregnant those lines will show up. Let your body do the thinking.  I know it's hard. But it'll save your emotions.  Hopefully. Good luck and I wish BFP's to all of the loving mommies and mommies to be out there! *I got several bfn's a day after O because I am an addict! But I was more calm this time. Other little "omens" and signs were telling me a baby was coming.  It's as though I knew before I knew.

Finally A BFP with hypothyroidism and a miscarriage

Hey Everyone.....
I m 24. and I got married last year in December...we were ttc right away ...wheni didnt concieve i consulted a obstetrician and she suggested some tests of thyroid..and my levels were elevated so was the prolactin hormone..i started thyroxin ...i also consulted another doctor for a second opinion...and he said that i dont have any thyroid this onth i concieved right away..and got a miscarriage at 8 weeks as i stopped thyroxin...
then i started thyroxin last month and this is my special month... I got MY BFP yesterdayyyyy....i m so happyy....
oh yess..and this month we went on our delyed honeymooon :)
we BD;d everyother lmp was 25th september..i have a 24 day cycle and very regular

here are my symptoms....
.1dpo sore nipples (not normal for me)
2dpo sore nipples, hungry
3dpo sore boobs all over, very hungry, cramping
4dpo more  cramping very hungry, sore boobs, peeing frequently(5 am)unlike me
5dpo sore boobs, gums bleeding, dizzy spells, extremely thirsty, peeing frequently
6dpo sore boobs, sneezing, sore back ache, dreams about having a baby
7dpo sore boobs, sneezing, increased cramps, vivid dreams, peeing frequently
8dpo sore boobs and stabbing pains, mild backache, bfn with strip test, sexy dreams :P
9dpo nightmares, mild nausea, boobs and stabbing pain, sore back..gums bleeding, constipation..tested again BFN
13dpo Did a strip test today because i waz out of tests..
AND 2 dark lines right awayyyy....:D BFP!!!!!!!!!!!
MY DH was already sure that  i was pregnant and wasnt shocked at all...

I also got a brown discharge on the day of my period was implantaion bleeding...

Today is 15dpo, have sore boobs, moderate nausea and extremely fatigued...

Hoping and praying that this one sticks. Good luck to you all. The TWW is horrible but it will happen one day

BFP after Fullterm Stillbirth 6mths ago

Hi!  Very happy to be posting on here and babydust to all!  Just a bit of background; Got pregnant last year (3rd cycle of trying), was due in April this year and went overdue by two weeks so was booked in for an inducement on 25th April 2011 but when we got to the hospital we were told that our little baby boy has passed away without our knowledge but probably that day. Anyway, after that I ended up having a complicated birth and obviously we all went through a very traumatic time but still our hearts longed for a child. We decided to try again after a few months not to replace our son but to fulfil our need for a child.  So, this is our fourth cycle and I have a BFP. Here's my actual tww diary:

1 st day of AF - 20/9 and we used a ovulation kit and also Pregnacare conception vitamins for the first time,  so we Bd'd 25/9, 1/10, 2/10.

3/10 - increase in cm, left and right side twinges (possible ovulation??)
1 dpo - lower abdominal aches, diarrhoea
2 dpo - on off twinges and cramps
3 dpo - on off light cramps, ewcm when wiped???  Could be because of pregnacare???
4 dpo - on off light cramps, increased cm - Could be because of pregnacare??
5 dpo - on off cramps, little bit stronger and lower, dry cm, lower down and almost like tops of thighs were achy last night? Achy hips.
6 dpo - diarrhoea, shooting pain in bb, skin break out
7 dpo - (am) No symptoms so far this morning so think I'm out.  Only difference is no cm at all for past couple of days which is unusual. (pm) slightly renewed hope, lower abdominal cramps this afternoon, plus another sharper pain earlier this afternoon that is hard to describe? Still bone dry on the cm front, very weird.
8 dpo - loads of thick creamy cm, few cramps and stabbing pains, achy hips, sore bb's this morning. At night a full/dragging feeling lower down, few pinches and sharp pains in bb's. Had thought up until now I was perhaps holding my breath when the pains were happening but turns out it's more like I feel like I'm not taking a full breath.  This is what I had first time around when I was pregnant so I see that as a good sign.
9 dpo - bb's not that sore, only a bit every now and then - am I out? pinching in lower abdomen. Damn it!!  Thought symptoms were improving (which they are) so took a test - BFN - Grrrrr!!!  Very cross with myself so am vowing not to test again. : (
10 dpo - tested this morning BFN!!  Why do I keep doing this to myself!!!????
 10dpo today and would have thought symptoms would have increased?  Guess I'm still in with a chance but....feeling doubtful right now.  Ok, clearly I am now obsessed!!  Did some research on the web and alot of people said the internet cheapie strips weren't much cop so I went out and bought a couple of Asda own brand tests as alot of people said these are pretty sensitive.  AF not due for another 5 days and Asda test says it's for 4days before AF but I did the test anyway and think I have a very faint positive!??  I've looked at it in a hundred different lights and the longer time goes on the better I can see it.  So, I'm crossing fingers and toes that I'm not dreaming and this is my little bubba.  Rest of the day and evening had a couple of pinching feelings either side and also a full feeling above my pubic bone.
11 dpo - Woke up early, couldn't sleep so did another Asda test with FMU - faint positive! Told Boyf and showed him, he agreed it was faint but could defo see it.  We agreed to wait until 16/10 to do another test and see if it's stronger.  Had a full feeling all day again, bb's still a bit sore on the sides and randomly if I moved quickly.
12 dpo - did an internet cheapie strip and it said BFN??  So decided to dash out to Tesco and buy 2 x clear blue and 2 x FRER - BFP with FRER (am saving the rest for the next few days as AF not due til 18/10).  Am very happy but still know I have to wait til 18/10 and pray AF doesn't show up.  Not many symptoms, bb's tender, hungrier than normal.
13 dpo - BFP with FRER and FMU.  It's about as strong as yesterday's one which at first I was a bit disappointed with.  But then decided to also do a test with internet cheapie strip and faint line came up!  Maybe they aren't duds?  Guess you need to use them only a couple of days before AF and no earlier?  No real symptoms to report apart from I keep waking up mega early (6am) and not being able to get back to sleep!!  Bit hungrier than normal too.
14 dpo - Stronger BFP with FMU using clear blue.  AF due tomorrow so hoping she doesn't show and nothing goes wrong!
15 dpo - No AF - Hurrah!!!!  Have booked an appt with the doctors for this week so will see what he says.

BFP after 2 chemical preg. and a m/c at 10 weeks

I had a chemical pregnancy two years ago in fall and then got pregnant  right away the next month and carried until 10 weeks and then found out through my first U/S that there was no heartbeat so I had a missed m/c. I had a D/C almost 2 years ago coming up here in January. Since then my b/f and I have been trying to concieve without much luck. I had at least 1 possibly 2 more chemical pregnancies since then. Finally I got a BFP and am hoping it sticks this time!!!!!! I contacted my OB/GYN today to find out if I need to take Progestrone to help hold my pregnancy which she said yes. So, I will be starting my progesterone tonight!!! I really hope this helps hold my pregnancy and I hope I have a healthy baby!!! I am extremely excited and ready to be a mom!!!! Please keep me and the baby in your prayers!! :)

So with that said, My last period start date was September 16th, 2011.  I got my BFP two days prior to my next period start date!! I know I know you're not supposed to do that but I am not patient. :)

I beleive I ovulated the week of 10/03/11. On 10/04/11 and 10/05/11 I had thick egg white discharge and VERY high Libido :) My b/f and I BD'D on 09/30/11, 10/01/11, 10/03/11, and 10/05/11.
The week of 10/10/11 I was sick to my stomach a couple of nights before bed, alot of gas, bloating, and cramps. I was really crampy on 10/12/11 and 10/13/11 and my breasts also started hurting really bad on those days. I took a HPT (First Response) on my lunch on 10/12/11 and got a very, very faint line. On 10/13/11 at night before bed I took a Clear Blue Digital HPT and that said "not pregnant". On 10/14/11 in the morning I took another Clear Blue Digital HPT and it said "PREGNANT". YAHOOOOO.....very exciting!!! I'm sure I will take a couple more to keep reassuring myself that I am prenant.....hehe.....but yeah just thought I would share this with you TTWaiters!! Hope it helps!! Stay positive and keep trying! Please keep me in your prayers that this one will be a sticky bean!! I shall pray for all of you as well!! Happy baby making :)

BFP after Miscarriage

Hi everyone! I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to have a baby and got pregnant in April of this year. Sadly, we lost that baby at 7 weeks in May. The first few months my boyfriend was hesitant to really try again and just wanted to do the "if it happens it happens" method. Well this month I got him to agree to trying things my way and it has seemed to work. I haven't gone to the doctor yet as I have switched jobs and I don’t have insurance until Nov. 1st but I am approx. 4 weeks. This month I used Walgreens Brand OPKs starting on CD 10 testing in the afternoon (I have a 28 day cycle) and I have been taking prenatal vitamins since April. We also planned our BD using the calendar at: It seemed to work, cause I am approx. 4 weeks pregnant right now but still a little nervous. I will feel much better once I get to the doctor and see the baby on the screen.

Below are my symptoms by CD/DPO:

AF 9/11-9/14
OPK (+) 9/24
BD 9/20, 9/22, 9/23, 9/24, 9/25

CD 10 - BD, Neg OPK, Sticky CM, CP Medium
CD 11 - Neg OPK, Creamy CM, CP Medium
CD 12 - BD, Neg OPK, Watery CM, CP Med-High
CD 13 - BD, Neg OPK, EWCM, CP High
CD 14 - BD, Positive OPK!!!, EWCM, CP High
CD 15 - BD, Neg OPK, EWCM, CP Very High
CD 16 - 1 DPO, Creamy CM, CP Med-High, Felt small twinges on the right side
of my uterus and dull backache.
CD 17-22 - 2-7 DPO, Not really feeling any symptoms, Creamy CM, CP Medium.
CD 23 - 8 DPO, Starting to feel slight cramps in my lower abdomen, dull backache, BBs starting to get tender, Creamy CM, CP Medium.
CD 24 - 9 DPO, Feeling the same as 8 DPO but nauseous off and on, Creamy CM, CP Medium. Took Dollar Store HPT BFN!
CD 25 - 10 DPO, same symptoms as 8-9 DPO, Creamy CM, CP Medium, Took another Dollar Store Test is has a very, very faint BFP! Not sure I really see it so show it to boyfriend who says he can see it but not convenienced and best friend who can also see it.
CD 26 - 11 DPO, same symptoms as before but increasing, Creamy CM with slight brown twinge, CP Med-High, Took FRER HPT with FMU and get faint BFP but it's darker then the pervious one.

I must admit that the brown CM makes me a little nervous since I miscarried back in May, but I hope that everything is okay and this one sticks!

Wishing sticky baby dust to everyone! :)

BFP after five miscarriages and one live birth.

 Background: I have always gotten pregnant easily but have had five miscarriages. First time: partial molar pregnancy that stopped growing at ten weeks...had D & C at 12 weeks when we found out the baby had died.   Second time: chemical pregnancy, started bleeding at five weeks.  Third time: My ds, born healthy and normal and on time (he will turn 7 this week).  Fourth time: early miscarriage at 5 weeks.  Sixth time: miscarriage at almost 12 weeks.  I am now 37 years old. Just got a BFP but I'm not jumping for joy or telling anyone until I make it to 12 weeks.
9/4/11: AF
9/15/11:  LH surge
9/16:  sex
(nothing of note)
9/23: sharp twinges in lower left side.
9/24: more sharp twinges throughout the day on lower left side.
9/25: headache
9/26: headache
(nothing of note except mildly chapped lips and a zit.)
Today, 10/1: BFP.

BFP after missed miscarriage

I became pregnant in April 2011 and suffered a missed miscarriage in June. Cycle returned a month after bleeding (and surgery) ended (End of July) and then next period was 30th August.  Therefore, I worked on a 30 day cycle, basing that on the two periods I had had since my miscarriage.

Estimated fertile period = Sunday 12th September – Thursday 16th September.  Think I ovulated on Wednesday 15th as CM was at its wettest (day 17). BD on Friday 10th (day 12) , Tuesday 14th (day 16)  and Thursday 16th (day 18).

On OD, horrible headache (possible worry at work) which developed into a cold.  Cold lingered until Sunday 25th (not bad but still there).  During this time it was also slightly sore when I urinated.

Feeling sick started on Thursday 22nd (day 24)  and continued all day Friday 23rd (day 25) .  Wondered whether this was implantation time.  Sunday 25th, woke at 6.30am feeling sick.  Boobs not painful but were 'there'.

Tried Clearblue Digital Test on Friday 23rd (evening) = BFN, Tried Clearblue Digital test on Monday 26th (morning) = BFP!!!!!!!

Wanted to post these symptoms as the 2WW has been a god send during the last few months.  Good luck to all going through it.  I just hope that I will get to meet this baby.

BFP at 11DPO

0-9DPO - no real symptoms

10DPO - thinking i may have been slightly nauseous and dizzy, but thought i was just hungry

11DPO - my BBT had been up at almost 98 degrees and dropped this morning to 97.5 so i thought i was out this month ... decided to test anyway with FRER and slight positive!!!

12DPO - BBT back up to 98.01, felt a little bit more nauseous, and a much strong BFP on FRER

I have miscarried twice before this -- both times only the FRER test was able to pick up I am pregnant - one time it picked up and my blood test at doctor showed only a 6.2 hcg level.

FRER is my favorite test - it by far has the earliest results!!!

Hoping this BFP is a baby here to stay!

BFP + endo + celiac + miscarriage

It's very hard to believe but I'm pregnant. It's taken 2.5 years, 2 laparoscopies and a very recent diagnosis of celiac disease but I'm there. I also had a miscarriage 12 months ago.

Pregnancy 1: Pregnant one month after 1st laparoscopy and miscarried at 7 weeks. Miscarriage may have been due to Celiac disease which I was diagnosed for just one week ago.

Have tried, clomid, IUIs and was about to start a cycle of IVF when i found out I was pregnant.

I credit my naturopath, acupuncturist, and my commitment to the endo diet and exercise for getting me pregnant.

My symptoms:
9 DPO: Sore boobs, creamy discharge, vivid dreams
10 DPO: Sore boobs, creamy discharge, vivid dreams
11 DPO:  Very sore boobs, creamy discharge, insomnia  - decide to test BFP - very faint
12 DPO: Same symptoms.  4 more faint positive home tests. Attend pre-IVF meeting and have blood test.
13 DPO: Doctor confirms pregnancy. Same symptoms plus a touch of nausea.
14 DPO: Cheeks feel warm, slight instances of nausea, boobs still sore and creamy CM. Slight twinges in tummy.

So now the count down to 12 weeks begins. I'm on a strict gluten free diet to stop my auto immune disease from attacking the embryo.

Fingers crossed, I'll be welcoming a baby next June.