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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.


I have two sons in April i got pregnant with my third child. I had my first miscarriage the following june between 6-8 weeks. After that i was determined to have another baby. I had been charting my periods and estimating my O date. Once my first cycle came and gone we were ready. Give or take a day.
8-8:  O...cramping
8-9: 1 DPOnothing
8-10: 2 DPO pains on left side near ovary
8-11: 3 DPO stuffy nose, crampy, watery mouth, little nausea
8-12: 4 DPObody sore, neaseau, slight headache, lower back ache, cramps on and off
8-13: 5 DPOachy and nausea still, tired dont know if its from getting up earlier than norm
8-14: 6 DPO tired
8-15: 7 DPO slight cramps, some discharge, migraine
8-16: 8 DPO pain near right ovary, right bb slightly sore when pressed, started testing BFN, really gassy, still have migraine
8-17: 9 DPO  migraine/neaseu, bad heartburn, still gassy and stuffy nose...still BFN
8-18: 10 DPO headache heaviness in lower abdomen and back some cramping, migraine still and another BFN
8/19:11 DPO cramping all day like af cramps but im not expect her till like the 23/24. took another hpt BFN. ugh im so disappointed so i look at my other pregnancies and realized i didnt find out till after my period was later and still got a very faint BFP so i need to make myself wait.
8/20: 12 DPO same
8-21: 13same except right bb is real sore like someone punched me there.
8-22: 14 DPO slight cramp in am my face feels hot i take my temp its 98.8 i never run one that high. my nose has gotten more stuffy. came home around 3 took a test i sware i see something there but its so light idk if its that or not. Go to walmart and buy clearblue digi get to mother n laws and BFP!!!! FINALLY!!!
my two ds i new i was preggers i had af cramps really sore bbs and spotted  and af never came. my last pregnancy i had no symptoms i got real sick at about 4 weeks and bbs didnt hurt but slightly till i was 6. this one i have cramped sore bbs early but no spotting. i have a feeling this bun in the oven is sticky. last time i just new something was wrong. o and last time i had a migraine i was preg. with ds #2. thank you to everyone for posting their symptoms.

Light BFP on 10 DPO - confirmed on FRER 11 DPO

Hi all,

I love this site and wanted to share my symptoms of baby #2!  First off, I had a blighted ovum (probable genetic error) miscarriage that started on July 19, 2011 - I was 6 weeks, baby hadn't developed past 4 weeks.  Natural bleeding/miscarriage - no D&C.

I noticed EWCM around 8/5/11.  I took an ovulation test and it was negative. The very next day, 8/6/11 the test was positive so my DH and I BD'd on 8/6/11 and 8/7/11.

1.  1 DPO - gassy!
2.  2 DPO - gassy again....
3.  3 DPO - headache and twinges in the abdomin
4.  4 DPO - slight headache still and more twinges and pulling in abdomen
5.  5 DPO - Twingles and pokes in abdomen - feels like it's jumping.
6.  6 DPO - very, very LIGHT spotting - I'm talking microscopic dots that blended into my undies.
7.  7 DPO - slightly nauseaus and I feel hot
8.  8 DPO - my belly feels tight.  Almost feel crampy.
9. 9 DPO - Cramping continues, kind of feels like menstral cramps.  Took test - BFN on internet cheapie (IC).
10.  10 DPO - Menstral cramp like pain continues.  Morning IC test = BFN. Took afternoon IC test - slight shadow line.  Fluke?  BFP?  I'm not sure.  I wait until the evening to take another IC test.  Still that same shadow line.
11.  11 DPO - cramping has subsided a bit.  I feel tired.  I wait until I get home for work  and do a test on a First Response Early Result (FRER), my favorite test = BFP!!!!!  My husband saw the line first because I couldn't look!
12.  12 DPO - BFP on FRER slightly darker line.  Fatigue and slight crampy feeling.
13.  13 DPO - Fatigue, gas, twinges in abdomen.  Didn't take a test.
14.  14 DPO - BFP on FRER - darker line!!!

I would say I'm definately pregnant now!!!  As you can see, I ovulated before another menstral cycle took place and I got pregnant from it.  So ladies that have miscarriages, it can happen again right away!  Praying for a sticky, healthy babe.

I didn't really have sore bbs, no stuffy nose, rarely any nauseu.  What I really noticed:  headaches, twinges in abdomen, spotting and cramping.  I NEVER spot or cramp BEFORE my period so I figured I was pregnant.

Babydust to all!

BFP at 12 DPO 1 year after m/c!!!!!!!

I am beyond thrilled to post my 2WW symptoms! I discovered this site during my 2ww this cycle and have been obsessing over it daily! :) I was looking for every symptom in the book after reading all of the stories and thought most of them were in my head. It's a bit surreal that I got my BFP this month as last year this exact time (End of August) I got my BFP and m/c at 8 weeks. Some things I did different this cycle were robitussin, soft cups, and ovulation kit. Well here are my 2WW symptoms, hope they help someone as much the other posts helped me make it through the long wait!!
O Day: VERY painful ovulation pains, stronger than usual, reminded me of ovulation pains I experienced last time and I was pg! Feeling hopeful. Took Robitussin before BD.
1 DPO: Abdominal cramping continues, notice lots of creamy white lotion CM, could actually feel it coming out which I thought was weird, TMI :)
2-4 DPO: Creamy white lotion CM, slight cramping
6 DPO: Very vivid nightmares, attributed it to eating late and/or reading this site ;) Kept waking up scared and had hard time sleeping. Dreamt that I got a BFP! Bbs start to feel sore, a little earlier than usual.
7-9 DPO: Slight cramping, twinges on right side, HUNGRY, overactive saliva. woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseous ran to the bathroom ready to vomit, lots of saliva but didn't hurl
10 DPO: Very thirsty! I remembered reading that this was one of many peoples symptoms and started thinking maybe this was our month, but then brushed it off as being caused by the hot weather. bbs still sore and feel full, but not much different than when AF is coming.
11 DPO: Felt pretty normal but anxious to test. I ordered the new 10 miu HCG tests from early BFN! Feeling very disappointed and sad, saying to myself "I knew it!"
12 DPO: Woke up early to test again, very faint BFP! Didn't believe it! Took another..same thing! Since I had never used these tests before I was leary to trust it so I took a FR (not early detection, so not sure if would work, expecting BFN)...BFP!!! I can't believe it, so excited! Woke up DH to show the 2 pink lines he is so excited, we say a big prayer that this one will stick! :)

I have to say that this cycle I didn't "feel" pregnant and kept doubting that any of my symptoms were anything more than PMS. I have felt more pg during past cycles and i wasn't even pg. But at the beginning of this cycle I did feel that this month was going to be the month, not sure why but I just had that feeling. GL to all, and thank you to this site for helping all of us going through that 2WW!! :)

bfp after mc 2 w/1 cycle in between

I wondered if it was all in my head but guess it wasn't.  Here's the stuff I remember...
6dpo - 2 very very light streaks of light pink blood when I wiped in the morning.  Very weird for me, have always been regular with no spotting in between.  No more blood at all after that. Had mild cramps all that morning.
7dpo - feet and ankles began to swell...not sure if its pg related but last and only other time it happened was at beginning of this summer after conception of first pregnancy.
10dpo - noticed weird discharge in the morning...very thick and white...kind of looked like wet paper
11dpo - maybe even a couple days sooner, but boobs getting sore.
13dpo - noticed small bumps all the way around both my nipples.  Kind of like large goose bumps.
14dpo- started feeling cramps like af was coming.  Strange because af wasn't due for another 4 days (I ovulate a couple days earlier than the typical 14 day)
15dpo - couldn't take it anymore so I took a test.  Didn't think I peed on the absorbant part of stick because control line didn't even show up so I put it in the wrapper to throw away.  Bout an hour later wanted to show my friend that it was blank...pulled it out and there were 2 pink lines instead.  Took 2 more tests and they were both positive.  GL and sticky baby dust to all

BFP with weird symptoms

WOW! I am in shock! Brief history...DH and I got pregnant in 2 cycles and had a MC in May and this is our second cycle trying and it worked.  One thing that we were told is to do the BD every 3 days, despite what everyone says about 2 days bc it make his sperm even stronger.  I had very few but strange symptoms and I had to look these up bc they werent normal symptoms u hear about.
1 DPO - cramps
2DPO-5DPO- Nothing
6DPO - Made tillapia and used a new recipe and was absolutely disgusted by it and figured it was the recipe, even though DH loved it.
7dpo- began breaking out a lot! BFN (even though I swore to myself and DH I'd wait.
8DPO- nothing new
9DPO - this is strange but I had a pulsating vagina.  It feels as though you just had an organsm and all you can feel is pulsation.  Looked online and saw that it could be a pregnancy symptom and took a pregnancy test FRER and a BFN!
10DPO - still pulsating on and off.  I had decided not to test until at least
11DPO but couldn't hold back.  I had also bought a clearblue digital test, so I used that and got a BFP!!!!

I feel fine and have absolutely no other symptoms.  My breast are not tender and I feel great! Good luck to everyone!

at the start of 2WW!!

Hey there ladies,
I'm new to this site. My husband and I have been trying since December. We got a BFP May 31st, but lost it the next day :(. Took me 7 weeks before I got my next cycle.

I charted my temperatures in April, May and then again just this cycle. Stopped after the M/C and waiting for my next AF to come.

In April I was bang on by the books - temps were relatively normal. Dipped for O day, and then dipped again when AF arrived.
In May - I dipped for O day and then about 9DPO my temps went wonky. Up and down everyday - FF took my crosshairs away saying I didn't O.
Turns out I was pregnant :)

So far this cycle my temps have been fairly low compared to Apr and May. I was worried I wouldnt see my dip for O. I did 2 days ago tho...and then today my temp spiked like 0.5 degrees from my highest temp all month.

I also learned that I don't O on the same day each month. I'm thankful for starting to chart my temps, as it was my way of know exactly when I O'd.
Apr - CD 28, May - CD21 and this month I was CD 18.
My cycles also range anywhere between 28-40 days.

Thought Id share a bit about myself, and wish everyone in the 2WW good luck and TONS of babydust!!!


Pregnant and shocked!

1. Sex on CD 7/8
2. Excessive discharge a week after sex and carried on for 2 weeks, which I found odd.
3. Had sore bbs as normal from mid cycle but that eased off when I approached the day my period was expected.
4. CD 28 and no sign of AF.
5. CD 34 and still no sign of AF and now I begin to feel nauseas and all through this week I have been shivering at work.
6 CD35 and I tested and got a BFP! 5 weeks pregnant and my bb's are beginning to get sore again :S

i am 34 and this is my 2nd pregnancy. I was pregnant about 10 years ago but I miscarried so hopefully this will stick. Already this pregnancy feels different as I didnt have sickness with the last one and also I didnt have sore bbs until week 6, so maybe this is positive???

BFP @ 10 DPO

I have been on the TTC roller coaster for 2 years. I had a miscarriage approximately a year ago and with running every test under the sun there was no known reason why I was unable to get pregnant again. My partner and I changed donors and medication and went for it one more time. I am happy to say that today I am PREGNANT!!!!!  My advice is never give up!!!  Baby dust to ALL!!!!!!

I underwent an IUI w/ Follistim
After the IUI I had had mild cramping for about three days.
1 DPO-  bloated, BB sore, sensitive nipples, tummy upset, mild abdominal cramps
2 DPO-  mild abdominal cramps, BB sore, had a headache in the evening
3 DPO-  tummy upset, BB sore, nipples are no longer sensitive, woke up with headace
4 DPO- headache for most of the day, tummy upset, nausea feeling (but not sure it if was from the headache), gassy
5 DPO- vivid dreams, heart burn (which I never get), lotion like discharge, tired, BB sore (but not as much) , soft stool
6 DPO- lower abdomen feels like AF is coming, soft stool, sense of smell is off
7 DPO- BB are EXTREMELY sore, did not sleep well, soft stool, sense of smell still off, very emotional
8 DPO- BB are the same, vivid dream, lower abdomen still feels like AF is coming, constipated, CM discharge-  tested BFN
9 DPO- constipated, lower back ached, BB still sore, areolas and nipples feel numb/tingly   - tested BFN
10 DPO- Same as 9 DPO however I tested and BFP!!!      FMU/FRER- One with a digital and the other FRER with afternoon urine line test (faint but you could see it)
11 DPO-  tummy upset, BB sore, nipples/areolas still numb- tested still BFP!
12 DPO-  same as day 11 DPO –tested still BFP!
13 DPO- constipated, BB sore, nipples/areolas still numb- tested still BFP!
Went for blood test- 230

8DPO pos, after 3 mc

i have been a true obsessor over this site.  i have a 3 and 2 yr ol. i mc my third at 13 weeks.  last two months i has early mc, 4 and 5 weeks.  had testing all normal. just need some luck sometimes my ob says. . this month my symptoms are --

16 Dpo- crampy-left side -- big LH surge with OPK.  BD
17 dpo- crampy
18 dpo-- not much
19 dpo-- boobs hurt! never happens in regular cycle.  start prometrium twice daily- now boobs will really hurt from that .  let the moodiness continue from here on out!
20- not much
21- nada
23-nada- pissy and moody, think it hasnt taken this month.
24- mild cramping!  encouraged.  also woke up with a side cramp like you get when you run.  weird.
25- broke down and took frer.  not even morning urine. broke apart test and could see faitest of pink lines.  crampy
26- did fmu with frer. faintest of lines- didnt even have to break apart test!  still crampy! BFP.  i hope this one is where i run out of bad luck!
baby dust to all. i love this site and have spent  hours reading about every little twinge.  you are not alone obsessors!


I have tracked my symptoms during all three of my pregnancies. I have a two year old toddler, had a miscarriage in early June, and today tested positive (in July). I will chronicle my symptoms stressing the DPOs for those who are obsessed with the timing of positive results.

With all three pregnancies I knew that I was pregnant a day or two after intercourse. I had stretching pain usually a day after intercourse and became fatigued/foggy within days of conception; I disagree with experts who assert that symptoms do not occur until implantation. With this current conception I experienced intermittent lower back pain before and after implantation. I had a metallic taste in my mouth during the week after conception. I had frequent air-bubble sensations in the stomach on the left side: the ovulation side. I was extraordinarily edgy and weepy: more so than pre-period, and I have PMDD. Finally, I had what feels like restless leg syndrome during all three pregnancies. (It seems as my legs are twitching or ready to run without telling the rest of my body.)

Okay, so when did I test positive? I know when I ovulate because I track cervical fluid and typically have Mittelchmerz pains. With this recent ovulation, it was two weeks after a miscarriage, so I was hesitant trying to conceive again. However, I know my body and felt the miscarriage took care of itself and I was obviously fertile. Allowing 24 hours for conception, I tested positive 12 days past ovulation, and I tested on 9 DPO, 10 DPO, and 11 DPO with negative results. With my first child, I tested positive (faintly) at 11DPO and more convincingly on 12DPO.  So, I did not test positive five, four, or three days before my missed period. There is still hope for you if you believe that you should have positive results earlier. Considering time for conception, the implantation process, and sufficient hormone levels, it is common for women not to receive positive results until 12-14 DPO. Good luck all!