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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP after Miscarriage

My husband and I suffered a miscarrige in Jan 2007, we decided to hold off trying for a while. We started trying again after my September (2008)cycle which started the 25th.

25th - cycle started
29 - cycle ended

We bd on the 3,4,6,7,8,9,10! Yes I knw we were really trying!!

1-7 post ovulation really no symptoms at all
8-9 post ovulation really emotional, being very rude too!!! Broke down on the 9th in the evening because I was tired.
10 post ovulation BFP in the morning!!!!!!!!

The two week wait was horrible, I just wanted to know and I cannot believe that we did it on the first try!!! Good luck to all of you!! Baby dust!

BFP after Miscarriage

I'm 31. DH is 32. Had 1st miscarriage at 12 weeks in June (we think baby stopped growing around 10 weeks). It took forever (13 weeks) for my HCG levels to return to zero, though they did steadily decline. My cycle is long, approx. 37 days. We waited two cycles before TTC; BD'ing every other night during fertile period. I used OPKs (First Response) but never got a convincing positive. Had 3 dark lines on CDs 21, 22 and 23, but not as dark/darker than the control line. I must have ovulated though because we got a BFP on CD 35/12 DPO. Perhaps the ovulation cycle was less than 24 hours because I was only testing once/day at approx. 6:00 pm. I was very confident that I would see BFP. Here were the symptoms:

1-3 DPO - Ovulation pains on right side. Then cramping just above pubic bone that felt like pulling from the inside. Lots of watery cm.
4 -9 DPO - Sore, full BBS, continued cramping above pubic bone. Overactive salivary glands and mild nausea that goes away with eating. No noticeable cm. Occasional twinges above pubic bone, especially when I stand up quickly or sneeze. Vivid dreams.
9-10 DPO - Sore, full BBS, continued cramping above pubic bone. Overactive salivary glands and mild nausea that goes away with eating. Vivid dreams.
11 DPO - One or two blue veins on BBS. Creamy cm. Sore, full BBS, continued cramping above pubic bone. Overactive salivary glands and mild nausea that goes away with eating.
12 DPO - BFP with FMU using FRER. Woo hoo!!!!

Let's hope this one is sticky. I already feel much better about it because with M/C had three BFNs after missed period and did not see BFP until one week after missed period. BTW - I did not do a D&C or D&E with M/C, but rather took the pills because doctor said there would be less scar tissue. It was a horrible experience. For anyone out there trying to make that decision, I have two thoughts: (1) You CAN take pain medicine (advil, tylenol, etc.) with the M/C pills. I didn't know this and endured way too much excruciating pain for too long before DH called the doctor in the middle of the night. (2) I think not having the D&C may have caused the loooong delay in my HCG levels dropping. This was super frustrating because we had to wait so long before TTC again.

Anyway, we have BFP now and I'm very excited. Thank you so much for posting others' symptoms and stories. It really does help the TTW go by.

BFP at 13dpo after 10 months TTC

My husband and I have a five year old boy and we have had a bumpy road but we have been ttc for 10 months now with one miscarriage during that time. I finally got a BFP last night and we are thrilled. Here is a list of my symptoms.

1-4 DPO- nothing out of the ordinary feeling fine
5 DPO - Feeling slightly light headed, very crampy with a tugging sensation for most of the day on the right ovary. (I feel mittelschitz so that is the best way to describe it)
6 DPO - Still light headed, Cramping and tugging stopped in the a.m.
7 DPO - BBS starting to get sore like they do before AF, EWCM by cervix, heartburn all day
8 DPO - BBS sore no CM, heartburn all day
9 DPO - BBS sore, nauseated, tired , heartburn, very tired - BFN
10 DPO - Cramping, BBS screaming by this point they are sore on the "inside", starting to notice little veins on my nip's, CM very watery, feeling like AF is coming, BFN
11 - DPO - BBS extremely painful when putting on a bar, and noticeably fuller, AF craming ran to potty a couple of times swore this cycle was a bust. I am a pregnancy test addict once again BFN digital very discouraged.
12 DPO - BBS still painful and growing, a few AF cramps in the morning, nauseated, and extremely tired. Decided this cycle was over didn't take a test
13 DPO - BBS still the same, very tired, and moody, AF is due tomorrow decided to use last digital test with a "what the heck" mentality. Walked away knowing a negative was going to pop up. Walked back to the test after 3 minutes....BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to do a double take couldn't believe my eyes. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in October and I am hoping all the cramping was a good solid implantation

:-D Baby dust to all!!!!

BFP after miscarriage

wow this site helped so much in the horribly long TWW,
now i would like to share my early signs of pregnancy with others,
first of all i have a gorgeous 2 year old little girl i had no symptoms at all whilst pregnant with her, me and my fiance decided it would be nice to give her a little brother or sister so on my 2nd cycle we were so excited to find out i was pregnant so quick but it wasn't meant to be a week later i had a miscarriage i was 5 weeks along, we didn't try after that but also didnt prevent it and well i never.... i got pregnant straight away, we are excited and as expected a little nervous but any how here are some of my symptoms:

8th april........ BD
10th april...... BD
11th april...... Felt ovulation take place, BD
1dpo... tingling nipples and mild heartburn
2dpo... a little crampy kept coming and going throughout the day
3dpo... very very moody, cramping, sore boobs mainly up near my armpits
4dpo... headachey, almost snot like cm with a slight yellow tint colour
5dpo... headache, heartburn, horrible taste in mouth
6dpo... hot flushes, headache, snot like cm, and windy!! also tested today BFN!! dunno what else i was expecting that early
7dpo... very sore throat on one side
8dpo... shivers even though i was red hot (may not be a symptom as i've not been well since 7 dpo)
9dpo... BFP BFP BFP BFP, couldn't believe my eyes, tested for further 2 days after and all were bfp's

i hope that everyone in their TWW gets their BFP very soon and remember it will happen when you least expect it lol good luck y'all xx

BFP using Preseed (after miscarriage)

I just had a miscarriage on january 5th and heard that you are more fertile within 3 months after the miscarriage. I waited one period and was pregnant. I just got my BFP on feburary 26th.

o'ed on the 17th
1-3dpo nothingno cm
4 dpo- some cm (clear)
5 dpo cm
6 dpo cm, i started to have a feeling that i was pregnant, my rationalizing was different
7 dpo cm, MOODY! headaches, felt cramping in uterus when i did crunches (sign in my first pregnancy)
8 dpo- MOODY! much more cm, started to feel light headed and dizzy spells,headaches off and on. I actually tested (haha) BFN with FMU
9dpo Moody! white creamy cm, light headed again. I was hungry but nothing sounded good, and tired. I tested with FRER and if I held it to the light in the right angle I could see a faint shadow of where a line should be(called FRER they said if I see anything it is +, bc they don't have evap lines). I thought I had lost my mind so I didn't count it
10dpo creamy white cm, light headed, some uterus unusual feelings, tested with FMU with dollar tree test faint BFP!, tested again in the after another BFP

This month I used preseed, it helped lighten the mood and of course I was taking prenatal vitamins. And used an OPK. I just had a feeling though from about 5 or 6 dpo.

BFP with Preseed (after Miscarriage)

BFP after Miscarriage

I found out about my very first pg on May 1, 2007; however, it ended in miscarriage on June 15. My husband and I were devastated because were TTC for 2 years. I was 11 weeks along, but the the baby stopped growing at 9 weeks and 4 days. I was devastated, but my doctor told me I could start TTC again after one normal cycle which would supposedly occur within two months after the D&C. Well, I had a normal cycle 30 days later and felt ready TTC again. DH and I just decided to BD every other day after the last day of AF. I believe I o'd around day 13 because I started to get slight abdominal pain and very abundant ewcm. Here are my symptoms:

1 dpo- +OPK and peak reading on fertility monitor. Abundant ecwm. BD'd 2x  that day.
2 dpo- still +OPK and peak reading on monitor. BD again.
3-4 dpo- just fatigue, not much cm.
5 dpo- strange dream about adopting Britney Spears babies (LOL) and then  becoming pg.
6-8 dpo- extreme fatigue, lots of white clumpy cm, hot and sweaty!
7-9 dpo- lots of creamy white cm, fatigue, temps above 99 (cover line is  97.9).
10 dpo- I have a over a hundred cheapy sticks from the last time so I decide to test and see the faintest BFP.
11 dpo- I caved in and bought a clearblue digital and after a minute it came up positive!
12 dpo- nausea in sleep, heavy lotiony cm, about 4 more BFPs on internet  cheapies.
13 dpo- vomitted while brushing teeth, sleepy, and overjoyed.

What I did differently this month:

Prayed a lot to Saint Gerard- as recommended by a friend. He is the patron  saint of maternity!

Ate only healthy foods- lots of fruits and veggies, no salt, sugar, or  preservatives. Lots of water!

Stayed stress free, even after the loss.

Continued taking Primacare One prenatal vitamins.

Used Pre Seed as lubrication after the first few days of BDing.

Drank lots of green tea.

Didn't go too crazy with temping until I started to physically feel hot.

I hope this little seed sticks around! Baby dust to all! :)


BFP after Loss at 20 weeks

I am now 41 and hubby is 38. I lost a baby at 20 weeks when I was 38, and tried and tried afterwards and nothing ever happened. This is my first baby. My symptoms were pretty obvious but I was so wrapped up in the other aspects of life that I was in total denial. I thought, this cannot happen to me. But it did! I ovulate late because my cycles are 32 days. So ovulation comes at CD 19, the doctor showed me how to track it and everything.

CD 5-10 We BD'd almost everyday CD 11-15 Hubby went out of town on business :( CD 16 BD'd one time, I layed on my back for 20 minutes afterward each time we BD'd. CD 17-21 We BD'd every other day. Remember this is ovulation time. Continued to lie on my back for 20 minutes, with no propping up on pillows because my doctor said that doesn't matter. CD 22 Started having consistent, but definitely there, cramping. Just like my period so I was sure that was it. Slight sharp pains in lower abdomen. Constipation, started smelling things very strongly. Yuck. Nausea.... CD 23 Started having bad gas that I just couldn't get rid of through burping or farting. Still the dull persistent cramps continued. Constipation. CD 24 During this time, my PMS symptoms usually come (week before period). I did not feel teary or irritable, and didn't get too bloated. I didn't get the major acne pimples I usually get, but thought it was due to a new cleanser I was using....But I got these weird white heads in unusual places. CD 25-28 Didn't feel anything unusual, a little diahrrea, but the main thing was I was craving pretzels. I usually don't eat them. But we are living in Germany now and I wanted a BIG, doughy, salty pretzel. EVERYDAY! CD 29 I started to know something was up because I wasn't getting my regular period symptoms. At this time I usually feel like I am going to explode. CD30-32 Still no sign of Aunt Flo. No spotting, nothing. Cramping still continuing, weird smells, nausea. I came home one night and collapsed on the couch. Extremely tired but did not nap. A little irritable with hubby.

**I want to mention that through all of this I had NO BREAST PAIN. Just mega boobs! They are huge! But no changes in the color or sensitivity of the nipples. This is unusual to me because most everyone has this.**

CD 32 A big BFP!! Sooooo excited!

Things I did differently two months in advance: Vitamin D or 2 % milk with more fat (not Skim), cut waaaaaaaaaaaay back on Caffeine (1- 6 oz. cup of coffee per day), almost no alcohol (maybe 2 glasses of wine on the weekends), exercise, more fruits and vegetables, really focused on getting pg. I should add we don't have a lot of stress right now.

Hope that helps someone out there! The two week wait site has always helped me, because for first timers, you just don't know what to expect! Prayers to all of you ladies and loads of babydust****

BFP at age 40 - 2nd month Clomid

I got my BFP in my 7th month of ttc.
This is my second month of Clomid.
I am 40, had a dd on 02/07/2006 when I was 39.
I had had one miscarriage in 1999...twins died at 10 weeks, and miscarried at 12 weeks..probably due to malnutrition since I was excercising to excess and eating 0 fat at the time, but I will never know for sure.

I have been hypothyroid for the past year, maybe postpartum hypo, and have been taking synthroid. Last month during my first cycle of clomid, I found out that my meds were actually causing me to go HYPER thyroid, so they lowered the dosage immediately.

I charted BBT, took opk's almost every day. Checking cervical mucus was hard for me. I couldn't "read" the texture correctly. One thing for sure, Clomid dried me out. I took mucinex (guaifenesin) the day I got a +opk.

I also did some other things differently...due to rumors I had heard about on the net, I stopped drinking milk completely, and cut my morning cup of coffee in half.

I constantly overlayed my charts with those on, and this month "looked" different: I went from spiky up and down pre-o temps to a slow, gradually rising post-o temps that only had a couple small fallbacks.

Here are my early symptoms:

1-8dpo: O pain and lots of AF cramps. A backache not only in my lower back, but also in the middle of my back, radiating out to my hips, where I had felt my epidural during dd's birth.
1-8dpo: I was up 2-3x per night to pee, and I had a sore throat.

4 dpo: Took a progesterone blood test...P4 level was 14. I ovulated on day 18 of my cycle.

5dpo: fatigue on this day...otherwise energy has been fine.
5dpo onward: DROOLING in my sleep, that progressed to watery mouth during the day. Would wake up every morning with a soaked pillow. This was my first hint that I was probably pregnant, because it was one of my big symptoms with dd.

8dpo onward: Big appetite..woke up hungry, went to bed hungry...couldn't wait for normally scheduled meals...had to eat things in between or I felt like I'd starve. I crave BEEF in any form, raw carrots, and grape juice (the purple kind only).

9dpo onward: Same watery mouth during the day, but short jolts of nausea and dizziness that made me feel like my eyes were crossing or bulging. I always had this 2pm nausea with dd too. I started sneezing, and had a runny nose, and more nasal stuffiness too. I thought maybe this was all just a sinus infection.

10dpo: Thought I would use up my leftover opks to check pregnancy. negatives, obviously.

11dpo: Used my last dollar tree hpt this morning, and figured I would waste it, but got a faint BFP. Very happy, but I really knew deep down that I was pregnant at about 5dpo.

Another clue that I was pregnant? NO MOOD ALL this month. My anger really got out of control the last couple months, and this month I was just very content.

NO SORE BBs. I had extremely sore bbs with dd, but not this time.

I hope this helps you with your 2ww. Don't feel bad about obsessing about your symptoms. I can guarantee you that there are always surprises in the 2ww.


BFP after 2 yrs TTC!

I just got my BFP last night and I'm so excited. I've been stalking this site for almost 2 years and it's been a long road. I love this site, it has given me so much information on what to expect. Thank you!

My cycle is 31-35 days, I normally ovulate on day 19.

We had a miscarriage three years ago and we've been trying for 2 years now. God finally blessed us with this bundle of joy. Right before my ovulation I took a week vacation, I was so relaxed and I think that is what helped me. Trying to get pregnant can be stressful, and frustrating especially when you think you have the all symptoms (every twinge is a symptom), and it turns out it's a BFN. Here were / are my symptoms for all you ladies out there TTC. Good Luck to you!

Day before O - BD
O Day - BD, Bright Red / Pink blood (only when I wiped)
1 dpo- Still spotting Brown, light cramping on my left side
2 dpo - BD, light cramping, no spotting
3 dpo - light cramping
4 dpo - nothing
5 dpo - light brown spotting, dull cramps, weird dream that I was pregnant
6 dpo - light vaginal cramping, no spotting
7 dpo - brown spotting when I wiped, looked like a piece of internal tissue on the TP (sorry TMI)
8 dpo - boobs a little tender, BFN on $ tree HPT
9 dpo - boobs hurting a bit more
10 dpo - backache, cramps like pre AF
11 dpo - bad gas pains, dull AF cramps, bad diarrhea, boobs tender
12 dpo - cramping getting stronger, yellowish brown CM on TP, went away after a few hours
13 dpo - cramps, backache, boobs hurt, AF due today - was a no show!
14 dpo - bright red spotting only when I wipe, cramps, boobs VERY tender
15-16 dpo - cramping, no spotting, no AF.
17 dpo - BFP!! in the evening on First Reponse HPT
18 dpo - confirmed by doctor! Due date is March 20, 2008

I hope this helps....Baby Dust to all!

Pregnant after PCOS & Miscarriages

Just thought i would share my story :)

I have had multiple miscarriages,

My first miscarriage was December 31st 2001, I was 8 weeks pregnant but i was told the baby had died earlier

I then had myself a healthy baby girl

My husband and i decided to start trying again in Novmber 2005 and i got an early BFP in late november, And December 4 2004 I started miscarrying, at about 5 weeks(ish), was told there was nothing they could do for me at the hospital after an ultrasound where they wasn't much to see and to just wait for a new cycle, well Janurary 29 2005, I went into the hospital in severe pain with bad bleeding, and was informed i was having a 12+ week miscarriage, and was told i had miscarried twins! Just at 2 different times

In April 2005 I found out again i was pregnant only to have another miscarriage at 6 weeks 6 days

In August 2005 I again found out i was pregnant and had another miscarriage at 8 weeks 4 days

I was getting very frustrated and was getting no answers from my dr's other than "It is normal for a woman to have up to 4 miscarriages in her life",(trust me that does not make a person feel better)

In early December i saw my Dr and she asked me what we wanted to do, I said we really wanted to have another baby, she started me on clomid and temping,

In Janurary 2006, I found out after O'ing on Clomid that i was pregnant again, got in for an ultrasound right away and found out i was pregnant with twins! only to have a miscarriage at 5 weeks 5 days it was Janurary the 25th

My dr just told me, wait 2 full cycles and then take clomid again, and try again

April 2006, I got pregnant again, and started spotting at work, left right away and went to the hospital, where i finally got a diagnosis! I was given an ultrasound which i had a intact 4 week 5 day fetal sac, but they discovered i had PCOS! I had no hormones left a week later, and went in for an ultrasound that confirmed that the miscarriage was complete.

I made an appointment to see my Dr and my appointment was on June 25th 2006, well on the 16th i found out i was pregnant again! I went in to a clinic right away to get a Progesterone and HCG tests.

Me beta for 5 weeks 6 days was 25, 590 and my Progesterone level was 22, which were both VERY good, I was put on moderate bed rest till 13 weeks and my due date was Feburary 3rd 2007, my baby girl came on January 25th!