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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP with Preseed (after Miscarriage)

BFP after Miscarriage

I found out about my very first pg on May 1, 2007; however, it ended in miscarriage on June 15. My husband and I were devastated because were TTC for 2 years. I was 11 weeks along, but the the baby stopped growing at 9 weeks and 4 days. I was devastated, but my doctor told me I could start TTC again after one normal cycle which would supposedly occur within two months after the D&C. Well, I had a normal cycle 30 days later and felt ready TTC again. DH and I just decided to BD every other day after the last day of AF. I believe I o'd around day 13 because I started to get slight abdominal pain and very abundant ewcm. Here are my symptoms:

1 dpo- +OPK and peak reading on fertility monitor. Abundant ecwm. BD'd 2x  that day.
2 dpo- still +OPK and peak reading on monitor. BD again.
3-4 dpo- just fatigue, not much cm.
5 dpo- strange dream about adopting Britney Spears babies (LOL) and then  becoming pg.
6-8 dpo- extreme fatigue, lots of white clumpy cm, hot and sweaty!
7-9 dpo- lots of creamy white cm, fatigue, temps above 99 (cover line is  97.9).
10 dpo- I have a over a hundred cheapy sticks from the last time so I decide to test and see the faintest BFP.
11 dpo- I caved in and bought a clearblue digital and after a minute it came up positive!
12 dpo- nausea in sleep, heavy lotiony cm, about 4 more BFPs on internet  cheapies.
13 dpo- vomitted while brushing teeth, sleepy, and overjoyed.

What I did differently this month:

Prayed a lot to Saint Gerard- as recommended by a friend. He is the patron  saint of maternity!

Ate only healthy foods- lots of fruits and veggies, no salt, sugar, or  preservatives. Lots of water!

Stayed stress free, even after the loss.

Continued taking Primacare One prenatal vitamins.

Used Pre Seed as lubrication after the first few days of BDing.

Drank lots of green tea.

Didn't go too crazy with temping until I started to physically feel hot.

I hope this little seed sticks around! Baby dust to all! :)


BFP after Loss at 20 weeks

I am now 41 and hubby is 38. I lost a baby at 20 weeks when I was 38, and tried and tried afterwards and nothing ever happened. This is my first baby. My symptoms were pretty obvious but I was so wrapped up in the other aspects of life that I was in total denial. I thought, this cannot happen to me. But it did! I ovulate late because my cycles are 32 days. So ovulation comes at CD 19, the doctor showed me how to track it and everything.

CD 5-10 We BD'd almost everyday CD 11-15 Hubby went out of town on business :( CD 16 BD'd one time, I layed on my back for 20 minutes afterward each time we BD'd. CD 17-21 We BD'd every other day. Remember this is ovulation time. Continued to lie on my back for 20 minutes, with no propping up on pillows because my doctor said that doesn't matter. CD 22 Started having consistent, but definitely there, cramping. Just like my period so I was sure that was it. Slight sharp pains in lower abdomen. Constipation, started smelling things very strongly. Yuck. Nausea.... CD 23 Started having bad gas that I just couldn't get rid of through burping or farting. Still the dull persistent cramps continued. Constipation. CD 24 During this time, my PMS symptoms usually come (week before period). I did not feel teary or irritable, and didn't get too bloated. I didn't get the major acne pimples I usually get, but thought it was due to a new cleanser I was using....But I got these weird white heads in unusual places. CD 25-28 Didn't feel anything unusual, a little diahrrea, but the main thing was I was craving pretzels. I usually don't eat them. But we are living in Germany now and I wanted a BIG, doughy, salty pretzel. EVERYDAY! CD 29 I started to know something was up because I wasn't getting my regular period symptoms. At this time I usually feel like I am going to explode. CD30-32 Still no sign of Aunt Flo. No spotting, nothing. Cramping still continuing, weird smells, nausea. I came home one night and collapsed on the couch. Extremely tired but did not nap. A little irritable with hubby.

**I want to mention that through all of this I had NO BREAST PAIN. Just mega boobs! They are huge! But no changes in the color or sensitivity of the nipples. This is unusual to me because most everyone has this.**

CD 32 A big BFP!! Sooooo excited!

Things I did differently two months in advance: Vitamin D or 2 % milk with more fat (not Skim), cut waaaaaaaaaaaay back on Caffeine (1- 6 oz. cup of coffee per day), almost no alcohol (maybe 2 glasses of wine on the weekends), exercise, more fruits and vegetables, really focused on getting pg. I should add we don't have a lot of stress right now.

Hope that helps someone out there! The two week wait site has always helped me, because for first timers, you just don't know what to expect! Prayers to all of you ladies and loads of babydust****

BFP at age 40 - 2nd month Clomid

I got my BFP in my 7th month of ttc.
This is my second month of Clomid.
I am 40, had a dd on 02/07/2006 when I was 39.
I had had one miscarriage in 1999...twins died at 10 weeks, and miscarried at 12 weeks..probably due to malnutrition since I was excercising to excess and eating 0 fat at the time, but I will never know for sure.

I have been hypothyroid for the past year, maybe postpartum hypo, and have been taking synthroid. Last month during my first cycle of clomid, I found out that my meds were actually causing me to go HYPER thyroid, so they lowered the dosage immediately.

I charted BBT, took opk's almost every day. Checking cervical mucus was hard for me. I couldn't "read" the texture correctly. One thing for sure, Clomid dried me out. I took mucinex (guaifenesin) the day I got a +opk.

I also did some other things differently...due to rumors I had heard about on the net, I stopped drinking milk completely, and cut my morning cup of coffee in half.

I constantly overlayed my charts with those on, and this month "looked" different: I went from spiky up and down pre-o temps to a slow, gradually rising post-o temps that only had a couple small fallbacks.

Here are my early symptoms:

1-8dpo: O pain and lots of AF cramps. A backache not only in my lower back, but also in the middle of my back, radiating out to my hips, where I had felt my epidural during dd's birth.
1-8dpo: I was up 2-3x per night to pee, and I had a sore throat.

4 dpo: Took a progesterone blood test...P4 level was 14. I ovulated on day 18 of my cycle.

5dpo: fatigue on this day...otherwise energy has been fine.
5dpo onward: DROOLING in my sleep, that progressed to watery mouth during the day. Would wake up every morning with a soaked pillow. This was my first hint that I was probably pregnant, because it was one of my big symptoms with dd.

8dpo onward: Big appetite..woke up hungry, went to bed hungry...couldn't wait for normally scheduled meals...had to eat things in between or I felt like I'd starve. I crave BEEF in any form, raw carrots, and grape juice (the purple kind only).

9dpo onward: Same watery mouth during the day, but short jolts of nausea and dizziness that made me feel like my eyes were crossing or bulging. I always had this 2pm nausea with dd too. I started sneezing, and had a runny nose, and more nasal stuffiness too. I thought maybe this was all just a sinus infection.

10dpo: Thought I would use up my leftover opks to check pregnancy. negatives, obviously.

11dpo: Used my last dollar tree hpt this morning, and figured I would waste it, but got a faint BFP. Very happy, but I really knew deep down that I was pregnant at about 5dpo.

Another clue that I was pregnant? NO MOOD ALL this month. My anger really got out of control the last couple months, and this month I was just very content.

NO SORE BBs. I had extremely sore bbs with dd, but not this time.

I hope this helps you with your 2ww. Don't feel bad about obsessing about your symptoms. I can guarantee you that there are always surprises in the 2ww.


BFP after 2 yrs TTC!

I just got my BFP last night and I'm so excited. I've been stalking this site for almost 2 years and it's been a long road. I love this site, it has given me so much information on what to expect. Thank you!

My cycle is 31-35 days, I normally ovulate on day 19.

We had a miscarriage three years ago and we've been trying for 2 years now. God finally blessed us with this bundle of joy. Right before my ovulation I took a week vacation, I was so relaxed and I think that is what helped me. Trying to get pregnant can be stressful, and frustrating especially when you think you have the all symptoms (every twinge is a symptom), and it turns out it's a BFN. Here were / are my symptoms for all you ladies out there TTC. Good Luck to you!

Day before O - BD
O Day - BD, Bright Red / Pink blood (only when I wiped)
1 dpo- Still spotting Brown, light cramping on my left side
2 dpo - BD, light cramping, no spotting
3 dpo - light cramping
4 dpo - nothing
5 dpo - light brown spotting, dull cramps, weird dream that I was pregnant
6 dpo - light vaginal cramping, no spotting
7 dpo - brown spotting when I wiped, looked like a piece of internal tissue on the TP (sorry TMI)
8 dpo - boobs a little tender, BFN on $ tree HPT
9 dpo - boobs hurting a bit more
10 dpo - backache, cramps like pre AF
11 dpo - bad gas pains, dull AF cramps, bad diarrhea, boobs tender
12 dpo - cramping getting stronger, yellowish brown CM on TP, went away after a few hours
13 dpo - cramps, backache, boobs hurt, AF due today - was a no show!
14 dpo - bright red spotting only when I wipe, cramps, boobs VERY tender
15-16 dpo - cramping, no spotting, no AF.
17 dpo - BFP!! in the evening on First Reponse HPT
18 dpo - confirmed by doctor! Due date is March 20, 2008

I hope this helps....Baby Dust to all!

Pregnant after PCOS & Miscarriages

Just thought i would share my story :)

I have had multiple miscarriages,

My first miscarriage was December 31st 2001, I was 8 weeks pregnant but i was told the baby had died earlier

I then had myself a healthy baby girl

My husband and i decided to start trying again in Novmber 2005 and i got an early BFP in late november, And December 4 2004 I started miscarrying, at about 5 weeks(ish), was told there was nothing they could do for me at the hospital after an ultrasound where they wasn't much to see and to just wait for a new cycle, well Janurary 29 2005, I went into the hospital in severe pain with bad bleeding, and was informed i was having a 12+ week miscarriage, and was told i had miscarried twins! Just at 2 different times

In April 2005 I found out again i was pregnant only to have another miscarriage at 6 weeks 6 days

In August 2005 I again found out i was pregnant and had another miscarriage at 8 weeks 4 days

I was getting very frustrated and was getting no answers from my dr's other than "It is normal for a woman to have up to 4 miscarriages in her life",(trust me that does not make a person feel better)

In early December i saw my Dr and she asked me what we wanted to do, I said we really wanted to have another baby, she started me on clomid and temping,

In Janurary 2006, I found out after O'ing on Clomid that i was pregnant again, got in for an ultrasound right away and found out i was pregnant with twins! only to have a miscarriage at 5 weeks 5 days it was Janurary the 25th

My dr just told me, wait 2 full cycles and then take clomid again, and try again

April 2006, I got pregnant again, and started spotting at work, left right away and went to the hospital, where i finally got a diagnosis! I was given an ultrasound which i had a intact 4 week 5 day fetal sac, but they discovered i had PCOS! I had no hormones left a week later, and went in for an ultrasound that confirmed that the miscarriage was complete.

I made an appointment to see my Dr and my appointment was on June 25th 2006, well on the 16th i found out i was pregnant again! I went in to a clinic right away to get a Progesterone and HCG tests.

Me beta for 5 weeks 6 days was 25, 590 and my Progesterone level was 22, which were both VERY good, I was put on moderate bed rest till 13 weeks and my due date was Feburary 3rd 2007, my baby girl came on January 25th!

BFP after miscarriage

I had a m/c last September. I really don't think I ovulated Sep-Jan. I really was depressed over my m/c and so was df. He never really talked about getting pregnant again, after my m/c, but I was determined to. After my af on Feb 10th, I began feeling very frustrated. I mean, I hadn't really been eyeing my cycles, but we weren't using protection. I was starting to feel that all hope was lost. However, I'm a VERY determined person and instead of getting down on myself, I decided to do something. I'm big on herbs and know a lot about them, so I began taking Blue Cohosh, which actually promotes ovulation and is known to get a woman's cycle back on track. I also began daily doses of Vit C which is also linked to the uterus. So, here's what happened and here are my symptoms :)

2dbo (feb.21st) - 10th dose of Blue Cohosh, three tablets of Vit C
Wet cm, feeling frisky :) I took ovulation test and it was +++

1dbo -Blue Cohosh and Vit C
Eggwhite cm, horrid pains in my right side ... almost as bad as af cramps. I was finally going to ovulate!!!
Forced my tired df to bd! lol :)

1dpo - Stopped Blue Cohosh (it can cause abortion!), continued Vit C
Still cramping. Also spotting! I figured it was from the MEGA ovulation I had just had or was about to have.

2ww count down begins ...

2-4dpo - cramping continues, feeling lethargic, sleepy and light headed on and off. No changes in cervix (still low and soft). Spotting stopped.

5dpo - bbs begin to tingle (I noticed this right away because it was a biggie in my previous pg). Cramps continued. Almost puked three times that morning. Felt very moody and had a weird metallic taste in my mouth. Cervix still soft and low, yellowish & stringy, but light cm. I kept asking df if he could smell the cologne I kept smelling (wasn't his) but he couldn't smell it! I also smelled popcorn a few times while I was driving.

6-9dpo - metallic taste getting worse, bbs still tingly, but not sore, started to pee constantly! Felt pukey on and off. I almost thru-up the moment I walked into work (I work at Dominos and love pizza!) I began having very vivid dreams and waking up early in the morning ... much earlier than normal. My nose was extremely stuffy (still is) and I had a slight fever. I also began to hold the power to smell myself. You know how we can't usually smell ourselves? I had this over-powering, lingering aroma of myself! - shampoo, lotion, etc. I broke down and took a test (First Response) - bfn. I was starting to think I was crazy and it was all in my head. However, my cervix had raised so high, I could no longer touch it. I knew something was up! Oh, cramping had stopped.
note: My cervix raised extremely high 8dpo ... I somehow feel this was linked to implantation.

10dpo (the BIG day!) - Okay, okay, I took another test, lol! My daughter and I obsessed over it for at least an hour ... trying to see a line. We came to no conclusion. I was still having all the same symptoms, though (metallic taste driving me crazy!). I went to pick up my son from his dad's and took him out to dinner. I was feeling VERY tired, but extremely hungry! And the whole dinner, I had to pee, pee, pee! Dropped off my son and went to Walmart for, yes, another test - EPT (figured I needed a change). After holding my pee for hours, I took the EPT and watched it like a hawk, lol. Soon enough I saw a faint vertical line! However, by then I had convinced myself I was crazy, so ...

11dpo - Felt VERY pregnant! I woke up feeling very sick to my stomach, stuffed up and had to pee like crazy. Lol, took two more tests - EPT & First Response. Both were very +++! Later that day I was constipated (the symptoms just keept on comin') and later that night I cramped like crazy ... sharp pains up and down my legs! While I was cramping, I felt dribble from my *woo-who* ... thought it was af, but it was just cm.

12dpo - Syptoms all getting worse! Bbs began to feel sore, nipples were tingly, pointy and red. Cramping on and off. Cervix still high, but now feels as if something slimy is covering it. A lot of creamy cm ... A LOT!!! Tired all the time and have to force myself to stay awake during class. Nausea comes and goes. The list goes on and on. Oh, and I still smell things that arent there, lol!

I really hope all of this helps and cuts down on 2ww suffering! Good luck to all! :)

BFP with FET (Male Factor/after Miscarriage)

Here's mine too -

Started IVF 2002 due to MF (at the time) very low sperm count. Had been trying other ways for 2 years.

Started IVF Sept 02
down reg included 225mls of purgon
At EPU collected 23 eggs - 10 fertilised via ICSI and we lost 1 during defrosting. I also had mild hypo-stim.

1st transfer PFP but lost preg at 8 weeks
2nd Transfer FET PFP but again No's didnt rise wait
to mc at 6 weeks.

DH & I are sent away to have blood test for M/C genetic problems etc - Nothing found. However as there seemed to be a problem with implantation it was recommended that I try baby asprin and my naturapath recommended vitex.

3rd Trans FET Start taking Vitex and Cardaprin (Baby
asprin). BFP and DS born 2/1/04

4th Tran FET BFN new nurse who doesnt believe me
that I only "o" within a period of 3
hours and Seraket doesnt work. No
asprin or Vitex.

5th Tran FET BFP again I took baby asprin but I
stopped taking it around 8 weeks as I
kept forgetting and at my 2nd U/S the
baby's H/B had stopped two days
before the U/S at 10 1/2 weeks. I dont
know if its related.

Currently stimming again with the same protocol but we are doing PGD for the m/c.

I feel in my heart that the Vitex and baby asprin helped me to achieve a PFP with DS transfer.

Never rule out FETs as you can see they do work.

BFP with Baby #3 (after 3 miscarriages)

DH and I have been ttc#3 for several months now. We m/c back in May, then again on August 31 and after so, dh made the ultimate decision. He did NOT want to TTC anymore for a while. I was heartbroken. We screamed and fought LITERALLY for the first time in our marraige. I did want to give up... not yet. We agreed (while I was still miscarrying) that we would hold off til Christmas.

Each of my pregnancies (all 6) had been products of charting, temping and my best friend and worst enemy- CLOMID. Of 6 pregnancies, I had 2 daughters- Brianna, and Gracie. So this month, I did not chart, temp, take clomid, nor test with opks.

AF usually shows up 26-28 days like clockwork, even after miscarraiges. So days before CD 26 I started testing with FMU *just in case* I wasn't really expecting much. On CD 25 (which was September 25th) I got a BFP. I was in SHOCK. I had NEVER EVER gotton pregnant without Clomid's help. I scanned my hpt and asked all of my online friends to PLEASE tell me if it was an evap line or a Bfp. Most agreed, it was a BFP. I ran out to walgreens and got a digital test. Bingo- Pregnant :-)

So early on cd26- the day AF was due I called my OB who sent me straight to the lab. I got my results back just before 6pm at night. My quant. beta was at 128 :-) I am not sure how many dpo I was, but from previous charts my Ob was thinking 12 or so. So 128 was a great number! As I write this to you, it is CD27... my first U/S will be around 7 weeks on October 11th. I will be due June 7, 2006 :-) Talk about a wonderful cycle.

BFP Naturally after Miscarriage

Hi! My name is Amanda and I can't tell you how happy I am to be writing this. I got my BFP last week after 9 months of TTC. We were starting to think it wasn't going to happen. In March of 2005 dh and I lost a baby girl to miscarriage at 14 weeks of pregnancy and it just devistated us beyond words. We decided to start TTC again ASAP and when it didn't happen within the first few months I started trying everything I could think of; OPK's, temping & charting, pre-seed....etc. Every month I was so dissapointed, sometimes to tears.

Last Friday I was having some bad anxiety and didn't know why. Dh and I went to dinner and in the car on the way there I was feeling slightly nausiated and asked dh on a whim if we could stop off and buy a cheap HPT. I wanted to have wine with dinner, and assuming that this month would be another let down, I just figured I'd take the HPT to clear my conscience about drinking. I actually took the test in the bathroom before drinking the wine I had already ordered and to my astonishment I got a light, but very-there, BFP!!!!

I came out of the bathroom shaking like a leaf and without saying a word slid my wine glass over to dh. His eyes perked up and I said, "If this test is right, I'm pregnant!" We were both in total shock. We've taken more tests since the and they were all I took this Wednesday was VERY dark positive. I am so excited and am hoping and praying that this pregnancy goes well.

What I did differently this month was not chart, temp, OPK or even pay attention to what cycle day it was. Dh and I bd alot, but I honestly didn't have TTC in my head when we did. I was even discussing with one of my friends that I should get put on birth control so getting pg wouldn't even be a possibility so I could get it out of my head all together. Basically I didn't "try" at all for the first time in 9 months and we got pg. Go figure.

I had no out of the ordinary syptoms when I first got my BFP, other than the very slight (almost like car-sickness) nausia. I have it all now...sore BBS, headaches, CP is high and soft, crampiness, and frequent nausia. I never thought I could be so happy to have all that going on :).

To all of you TTC....GOOD LUCK!!! It'll probably happen when you least expect it, so don't give up!

BFP after Miscarriage/D&C at 10 weeks

I m/c in Aug 05. We were not trying to get preg because my daughter was only 11 months old when we conceived in June. I was on b/c and still nursing my daughter until July when we found out we were preg. We were so very excited until I started spotting in Aug. Four days after the spotting I had a D&C. I was at 10 weeks and our baby did not have a heartbeat. We decided to start trying again right away with the permission and suggestion of our doctor. At my follow up appointment, he said eh expected to see us before Christmas. I had my first period on Sept 18. I was a little disappointed, but didn't really figure I would conceive right away. Well I expected my next period on Oct 16. I tested on Oct 13 and again on Oct 15. 11 dpo and 13 dpo. I got a neg on 11 dpo and a bfp on 13 dpo. at 14 dpo I had some spotting when I wiped. Dr said it was probably because it was the day I was due to start my period but he had me come in for blood tests. 15 dpo my hCG levels were at 291. 2 1/2 days later at about 18 dpo, they were at 862! The doctor was very pleased. I am praying everyday that we get to keep this little baby. I miss the other one so bad. It is funny how you love something so much before you ever even meet them....