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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

Pregnant at 45 with no fertility help, will be 46

I have been a loonnnngtime lurker on this forum, and since I just got my BFF, I thought I should repay the favor by sharing my story also! I’ll be 46 before my due date, so I was not at all optimistic about my chances of getting pregnant this time. We’d only really been trying for a few months. We have 4 kids already, so we would not have gone for fertility help if we didn’t conceive. I know I personally have liked reading of the happy stories from women around my age. Hopefully this will also end up to be a happy story, though I am realistic that miscarriage is very common at my age. I can only try to think positively and enjoy every day of the pregnancy. I really can hardly believe it’s real! We are definitely holding off on telling any family, including our other kids, until after the first trimester. I did have one miscarriage in the past, between two of my other pregnancies. Please send prayers and positive thoughts for me that that doesn’t happen this time! Our youngest is in elementary school, and we had told the kids before now that I am too old to be hoping for any more babies, whenever the idea of wanting a little baby brother or sister came up. I really hope we’ll be able to give them some amazing happy news around March. My cycles have been 26-28 days long, and always with a little light spotting 1-2 days before my period starts. When I didn’t have even a trace of spotting, and it was 28 days after my last cycle started, I wondered if something could be happening! Then that same day, I got up from a nap and had a huge overwhelming rush of nausea and almost dizziness/ lightheadedness. It took a few minutes for this to pass and it was a very extreme miserable feeling. I took that as a definite sign! Since that day, I also now have constantly sore swollen bbs. No more nausea for now. I did have a little heartburn around CD 26 or 27, which I never really get, but at the time, I didn’t feel it could really mean anything. I did take a home pregnancy test to confirm, but I pretty much knew what it would be. It was a very solid “+” sign immediately. Sorry if this post is a little long! I always like to read plenty of detail in other people’s stories though. Hope this post might be helpful to someone out there. You are the only people I’m telling for now! Hope to hear back from some of you! I intend to keep you updated!

BFP 8dpo!

I’m so excited to finally get to post my BFP story. I’ve watched this site for a while and I love reading everyone’s stories. First let me say that this was our second cycle trying to conceive and here is a list of things I did differently. 1.Took prenatal vitamins! 2.Used Ovulation test. 3.Less caffeine 4. Tried not to stress! 5.Legs up after sex. I personally think the ovulation test and prenatals are what helped us this cycle. I believe I had a chemical last month I had a vvfl and slowly but surely it got lighter and then AF came. So I’m very excited about this! Now to the good part my list of symptoms! CD 17: positive opk! Did the baby dance! CD 18: peak opk! (Crampy, threw up, feeling weak) CD19: O day! Did the baby dance (feeling better, slight cramps could be from gas) CD20:1dpo ( creamy lotion cm, tired (could be unrelated) felt a few “pinches” CD21: 2dpo (Feeling normal) lots of cm CD22:3dpo (Feeling normal) left ovary pain. CD23:4dpo (feeling normal) CD24:5dpo(feeling normal) CD25:6dpo(feeling normal, gassy, went to bed early) CD26:7dpo(feeling normal, slept so much today) CD27:8dpo( Feeling normal, slight cramping in back, BFP?!, lots of CM) CD28 ( Feeling normal, more pinching and pulling in my lower abdomen, took another test definitely a BFP!!! I don’t have any “real” symptoms yet. I didn’t get symptoms with my son until I was over 6 weeks so I’m not worried. My line is way darker than last month with my chemical. I will continue to test to watch my line progression. Praying for a sticky bean! My AF is due in 5 days praying she never comes! Good luck ladies! Baby dust to everyone.
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Natural BFP at 42

I have been pregnant 5 times now in my 40s. 2 were chemical pregnancies, 1 was a miscarriage, 1 was a live (although preemie) birth (my TTC story is in the post with the title "Natural BFP After Vasectomy Reversal, Over 40, Low Progesterone, Short Luteal Phase"), and I am now 16 weeks pregnant again. I will be 43 1/2 when I deliver. I just wanted to provide encouragement that it is possible to get pregnant in your 40s. We were not trying/not preventing this time. My baby was 6 1/2 months old when I conceived again. Also, since some might find this reassuring, all genetic testing has come back fine on this pregnancy and multiple ultrasounds so far have shown that baby is healthy. As for symptoms, I generally know soon after conception that I'm pregnant due to a strong gag reflex, but otherwise I didn't really have any other symptoms. The whole pregnancy so far has basically been symptom-free. Don't give up hope. God can do anything.

Baby number 2

It's taken 6 months of trying this time but finally I get to post again. I feel so blessed. CD 1: Period. Light. CD 2: Period. Medium. CD 3: Period. Heavy. CD 17: EWCM started in the afternoon. CP high medium openness. Unable to DTD. Negative opk in the afternoon. Pulsing pain on in my back left side. CD 18: EWCM. CP high open. DTD 12:30am. Negative opk. Pillow under hips for 30min. CD 19: EWCM. CP high open. Unable to DTD. Positive opk in the evening. CD 20: EWCM. DTD 7:00pm. DPO 1: ewcm dried up. Creamy cm. CP closed. DPO 2: cramping. Mix of watery and white cm. CP high closed. DPO 3: same ^ DPO 4: Creamy cm DPO 5: Creamy cm. CP position low hard closed. Dizzy. Nausea. DPO 6: Dreamt about implantation (strange). DPO 7: cramping. Sore breasts DPO 8: same^. CP low creamy cm. DPO 9: Creamy cm, sore breasts under nipples mostly. DPO 10: POAS FMU with FRER POSITIVE!!! Super excited. Baby dust to everyone!

BFP 11 mo PP & BF - caught the first Egg!!

I didn't think it could happen but it did. We have a baby girl days from her 1st b'day and I took a test wondering Because I still haven't started my cycle after 2 most weaning. Sure enough it's positive!!! We haven't been on bc because we knew once I finished Breastfeeding we wanted to try right away. EBF Baby girl self weaned all but 2 very small comfort night feedings almost 2 months ago and I never had a period start back. But late August into September I started having symptoms of a period and now we know it was pregnancy symptoms. I haven't had a cycle for almost 2 years and here I am starting this new journey first baby #5!!! So exciting and literally I'm in shock!! My husband just knew it would happen this way but I never expected it!! If anyone is wondering if you can get preggers before your cycle returns... YES it can happen, I'm pregnant while BF and never starting your cycle again! Wow!!

BFP After 5 Years of Trying!

I have read so many stories on TWW for the past five years, I always hoped I could write one too. And here I am! *Fair warning, this is not one of those Symptom by CD. Those are super helpful when you are scouring TWW for hopeful insight, however, I was not able to catalogue my symptoms. This is also a lengthy post. I am 22 and DH is 27. Before I begin I want to explain that this cycle was unlike any other. When you've been TTC for so long it is almost inevitable to begin to learn to "listen" to what your body it saying. Since tracking my ovulation via FertilityFriend and the occasional ovulation testing, I learned how my body would feel during ovulation. Usually occurring on the left side of my lower abdomen, I could feel a small pinching throughout the day. My breast would become sore on the sides for two weeks, then the day before AF arrives my breast were no longer sore. This was my indication of ovulation. Two weeks later AF would arrive like clockwork. This cycle I did not feel any of my normal ovulation symptoms. So much so I assumed I was having an anovulatory cycle. My cycles used to be extremely irregular: six months without a cycle for example. However, in the past year they have regulated to a 28 to 35 day cycle with ovulation occurring around CD17-CD20. CD27 rolls around and I assume I am out this month since my breast are becoming sore and DH and I haven’t (TMI) BD in the way you make a baby. CD29: I am feeling pre-AF cramps. So really think I am out. CD 30 TMI: after using the restroom I found peach colored discharge upon wiping. I assumed this was my period. In the past I have had multiple periods that consisted of spotting of light brown to dark red and a flow light enough for only a panty liner. This lasted until CD32. I did have the thought this could be implantation bleeding but five years of TTC slightly smashed that hope. CD34: Got my faint BFP in the evening yesterday after deciding to test for some reason. When I saw the line, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me or it was a faulty test. But a pink line is a pink line. CD35: Tested again today. Actually two times, out of disbelief. Both BFP. The darkness of the line has not changed since last night, but I know it takes two days for the HGC to double. Thinking back on how I was feeling before I knew I was pregnant I did have a few symptoms, though I cannot tell when in my cycle I experienced them. List of Symptoms: Extremely gassy. This is of no attempt to be modest, I barely pass gas unless I ate something unhealthy. But the past two weeks, just terrible. DH even noticed. I kept smelling a fishy smell everywhere, but it was and still is no where to be found. And I am the only one who can smell it. Lucky me. Very sensitive and lots of tears. Crying during movies is normal for me, but I’ve been ugly crying at a lot of stuff. Things that aren’t even sad. I am feeling lots of pinching and pulling in my lower abdomen. It feels as though I am flexing below my belly button. So overall, I honestly don't feel pregnant. And I am still in disbelief.. It happens you guys, just be patient and remain hopeful. the pain is real and can overcome you if you let it. Fingers crossed for you.

Digital confirmation of BFP

So happy to share with you all this pic of our digital confirmation. We are pregnant! According to the test I'm 4-5 weeks which ties in perfectly with my app and everything. Baby dust to you all xxx
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BFP after 1 year and 6 months of TTC

It's been a long journey till this moment. I'm 31 and Finally a BFP after one year and a half trying and never once getting pregnant and having nothing wrong with me or husband. Somehow I always found the strength to continue and never gave up. We women are strong beings. Through this experience of frustrations, sadness and feeling worthless I discovered a lot of my self. I started doing yoga and meditate, eating well (no sugar, salt or processed food, a lot of orange, yellow and green fruits and veggies) and in the end, pray a lot. I used the Kindara app to track my cycles. Here are my symptoms 1-6 DPO nothing 7 DPO a lot of yellow dense CM, light cramps 8 DPO dry CM, light cramps 9 DPO little yellow CM, heavy cramps, dry rest of the day 10 DPO cramps, headache, little yellow CM, dry rest of the day 11 DPO cramps and little spotting. AF should have come. Dry all day 12 DPO cramps and little spotting, dry all day 13 DPO high temp in the morning. Severe cramps, took test and BFP. Little spotting in the afternoon but a lot of yellow CM Good wishes to everyone!!!

**BFP after 12 months of TTC**

Hi to All!! I promised myself I would share my BFP success story when it finally happened to prove that TTC for over 12 months is 100% normal and natural! In April 2017 my husband and I got married and I finished my last Microgynon Pill end of May 2017. I had been on the pill since the age of 17 and never remembered my periods being irregular or bad. I was probably extremely naive in that I just expected it to happen straight away. My husband and I are healthy 28 and 29 year olds, no health problems, we don't smoke etc. From about September onwards, my periods were way out ranging from 28 - 47 days so we never really knew when I was fertile and I wasn't in sync with what my body was telling me. I also just thought I was ovulating on day 14 (which only 10% of women actually do!!) which wasn't the case! For so long I had taken the pill to prevent pregnancy and now I wanted my body just to snap back to being 17 again - how wrong was I? We told ourselves that we'd start investigating if things hadn't calmed down by the start of 2018. That's when my husband suggested the OPK tests. We tried them in February and March which is when I went to the doctors. I actually figured that I ovulated slightly later in my cycle anywhere from Day 16 - Day 21 (depending on the length) and my periods were anywhere from 32-34 days long. Finally, we felt we were getting somewhere. In March my doctors ran some bloods on days 20, 23, 25 and 27 of my cycle which showed I was ovulating and also did an internal examination with no concerns at all. We started to relax a little more knowing that things with me were working. Our anniversary came and went in April followed by May....each month I started to get anxious that maybe my husband needed to get tested as I knew that sometimes there are sperm issues but we wanted to wait until the full year was out. Those who have been trying for a while will understand this when I say, when you desperately want to get pregnant it seems everyone around you is and falling very quickly. This was the case for us, there was at least a hand full of people I knew who had fallen within 1 - 3 months. We couldn't figure out what we were doing wrong, why not us? Well, month 12 came and went and June was out. My period started on 30th June and I just resigned myself to the fact that maybe it wouldn't happen. After all, we were together on the days leading up to and on ovulation so we were doing all we could until July happened.... July 2018 - Conception month I told my husband we would just continue with the OPK tests just to maximise our chances but just to try every other day. By luck we were together (probably for the first time) the day before we got our "Smiley Face". I had read somewhere that this is actually the best time as the sperm waits for your egg. Sometimes although you get the smiley face you miss your window and by luck it happened this month. We carried on as we did, continuing to be together when we wanted not too often and not too little. I will note my symptoms after ovulation below: Day 18 / 19 ovulation: 0-6 DPO - no symptoms at all. 7DPO - a small, clear jelly like discharge. 9DPO - my husband and I were out for a meal and I had the worst stomach cramps. It felt like gas and I was bloated but just thought it was my period looming. 10DPO - 16 DPO - tired, tired, tired. I was coming home and sleeping an hour or so and then going to bed and sleeping some more. I had the busiest week at work so just put it down to that. 13 / 14 DPO - period due - Had the regular stomach cramps but no period, no spotting. 15 DPO - onwards - my boobs started to hurt, especially my nipples and they were extremely veiny! I was also getting ALOT of clear watery discharge which I knew wasn't right for my period coming. Also started to feel sicky every now and then. I was adamant that I didn't want to read into any symptoms as some of these were similar to BFN months so I just let my body do the talking. I left it until the Sunday (as I couldn't deal with the heartbreak of me testing and getting a BFN!) so this was over 4 days after my missed period....and just like that the second line appeared. I told my husband that if it happened on this month it would be lucky month 13! So, after all the worry, anxiety, stress and tears nearly each month it took us over 12 months to conceive our first baby. Nothing wrong with us, it just took time. I wanted to share my story as I used to read blogs trying to reassure myself that trying for this long was normal and I can tell you it is!! There is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't tell you what I did differently this month to all the other months but whatever we did it worked. I am now 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant and our long awaited and very much wanted bundle of joy is due 6th April 2019 - 2 years after we got married. It couldn't be more perfect. Although it is still early days I am determined to enjoy every minute of this experience.

BPF 8 DPO - 41 Years Young - Natural Pregnancy

Hi ladies, Thank you for posting your stories on this website - you have helped us all to get through this awful two-week wait!! I am very surprised to be writing this. I have a son that was born 11 years ago (at 30 years old), and we never restarted using birth control after I had him. I figured that I would have another one at some point - so I was in no rush for it to happen. Little did I know that 11 years would go by! When I was 39, I naturally got pregnant, and I was in total shock because I figured that if it had not happened yet- it wasn't going to. After I had accepted that my husband and I were going to be 60 and 65 respectively when this one is 20 - I got excited - but I miscarried at 9 weeks. I think that I took that pregnancy for granted - drinking coffee, weight lifting, stressed about work, etc. I think that I thought that it would work the same way as when I was 30. Boy was I wrong! I ended up seeing a reproductive endocrinologist about 5 months ago, and I had low ovarian reserve and was diagnosed with "unexplained fertility." My husband and I became serious about trying about 3 months ago during my first femara/ovidrel cycle. That cycle failed, and I really heated being on those drugs. My basal temp was all over the place during that month. After that, I started reading everything on the subject, and started with prenatal vitamins, vitamin E, vitex, fish oil, coq10 as well as a handful of other supplements. I also used progesterone crème and magnesium lotion. This month, I started acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and fertility smoothies. Here are my symptoms: 3 DPO - current: excess white creamy mucous, very tired (had to take a nap in the afternoon 2x this week - luckily I work from home), very quick bouts of boob and back soreness, felt strange heavy feeling in my uterus when I tried to lift something heavy 5 DPO - mild cramping/tingling for 2 hours 8 DPO - lots of tingling/heart beat between my left ovary and belly button (but lower) I am hoping that this one sticks - I know that the chance of miscarriage is high at my age (41). Good luck everyone!!