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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

10 months ttc and I got my BFP!

I literally just got it this morning (June 22) and my hands are shaking so hard right now, it's difficult to type. I haven't told hubby yet because he's still asleep (it's 8 in the morning). The saying if you just relax it'll happen seems to hold true for this mama to be! I'm scared and elated and excited and nervous, so many emotions right now. This is my first pregnancy. I did no charting and hubby and I only baby danced a couple of times, but it seemed to be enough! My only symptoms were peeing more than usual, and the fact my breasts soreness wasn't as bad this month as usual. That and my nipples being unusually sensitive. I've done a lot of cervical checks, and this month was very different, but I just kept telling myself it wasn't anything. Af due to arrive....nothing. I cramped for about three days, telltale sign, still nothing. Cramping went away. I decided I'd wait until I was 3 days day (4 by Ovia) and tested. BFP at 12 dpo! I didn't think it would ever happen! I'm uploading a pic because I still can't believe it, but there it is! PREGNANT 2-3 WKS! Sorry if it's a little blurry, again shaking hands. Praying this is a sticky bean and baby dust to all of you trying!

BFP - at FIFTY ! read that right! Had our first daughter at (almost) 42 - The "old-fashioned way" - no IVF or ART at all ! Yes, I am aware of "what could happen" but, I'm in fairly good health (well-controlled diabetes) I don't smoke or drink. Our daughter turned out just fine - she's nine now . Symptoms started at 3DPO (unusual for me!) I ovulated later than usual -usually 'right on time' -cycle day 14 - this time, it was about cd twenty started feeling 'flushed' about 3 DPO . Had to 'go' more often. EXCESSIVE saliva ! Other than those - pretty much nothing. Also unusual for me as, normally the DAY after O, my nipples get SORE, and stay that way until af shows up. This time, they didn't ! Look...if a *MIRACLE* can happen for ME , it can happen for YOU, too ! *BLESSINGS*
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BFP 12dpo First baby

Hello lovelies. I am so excited to share my story leading up to my BFP!!! It all started in March when my fiance and I decided to start our family. I got home in early April from visiting my mom in Florida for a month. We started trying but we had just missed my ovulation date which falls around the 31st or 1st each month. I actually got a yeast infection for the first time. I thought for sure that we had a little bun in the oven but I was disappointed when AF showed up anyway =P . The only reason I thought that we had gotten lucky was because I was reading that a lot of women don't get a YI until they get pregnant for the first time, or that is when it is most common. So we were pretty much out during April. When May rolled around we started trying again. We are both young and healthy, I am 22 and he is 23, so I thought that we would conceive the first month we tried. I know that many take longer to get their BFP and I am blessed that we were able to get pregnant so fast. During May's TWW I thought for sure I was pregnant and having symptoms but they were just from PMS as usual. That month my period actually came a little late. When it did come I almost thought that I was pregnant but had heavy implantation. [Yes I know I read too many stories on TWW]. It was all in my head. Anywho.. This month came around and we did our usual routine. I had been using the app Ovia to keep track of when I ovulated. Since my period was late last month I did not know for sure when I would ovulate. I actually stopped documenting everything in the app because I wanted to just let nature take her course, and I am glad we did. When we started to baby dance again after AF was gone we did it around my ovulation days and I actually remember one day he said I was really wet. [sorry tmi]. He was wondering if I got it ready for him ;-) and I said no. That was when I realized I was ovulating and we actually caught it right on time. We baby danced a few more times around that day and some more after that. During June's TWW here are some of the things I experienced: Swollen ankles, headaches, moodiness, loss of appetite, fatigue, thirsty, dizzy, very dizzy, creamy white CM, feeling warmer, nausea (not throwing up), metallic taste, and my nipples stopped hurting a week before my period. The last symptom gave it away for me because my nipples always hurt from my ovulation date until the day my period starts. This time around they just stopped and I knew I had to test. First tested with WalMart 88cent cheapie Tested on 8dpo and got a BFN! Stark white test strip. Tested again on 12dpo got a faint faint BFP! (has never happened before) Tested again on 13dpo got another faint BFP! The line was so faint I had a feeling we were pregnant but I just wanted to be sure. If not for the fact that the faint showed up within 5 mins I would have thought it was an evap line. So 14dpo I went and bought a Clear Blue Digital test that tells you the weeks. After the 3 mins of waiting for the results it said Pregnant 1-2 weeks!!!!! I am super super excited to be pregnant with my first baby. I am hoping for a safe delivery and pregnancy. I still don't know how we will tell the family but I know for sure I want to wait a little longer and get closer to the end of my first trimester. I am currently 4 weeks and 1 day along if you count from the first day of my last period which was the 16th of May. I had to post here because I can't tell anyone else yet. I hope this has helped relieve someone as all of these stories have done for me and that your TWW is short in your brain lol. To all the mama's to be I hope you also have a safe and healthy pregnancy that results in a beautiful healthy baby(s).
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BFP with very few symptoms

Hi! If you're anything like me, you've just spent the last week stalking Google and YouTube which led you to here looking for even more tww symptoms or BFP success stories. If so I hope this post can help if you're in your tww. I just confirmed that I am two weeks pregnant! DH and I are elated, but a bit shocked since I had very few symptoms during the tww. Here are my list of symptoms: 1-16 Dpo: Cramps, bloating, and gas (especially early in the morning) 8 dpo: 1 vivid dream Yup that's it. After reading through so many posts here I realized that there are other women out there with minimal tww symptoms as well. I thought maybe couldn't be pregnant because I didn't have nausea, sore boobs, fatigue, increased appetite, mood swings, etc. Just hoping to reassure someone out there that if you think you're pregnant, don't test too early, but don't be discouraged if you don't have a long list of symptoms. Thank you to all the women who have posted. I was truly blessed to have read each and every one of your personal journeys. Blessings and Baby Dust!
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First BFP at 39, 6 months of trying

I delayed marriage and family to focus on career. In August 2015, I married my love (who currently is 37) and went off the pill in November. I used ovulation test kits beginning in December, which simply told me what I already knew. I have a 28-day cycle and ovulate around day 14. It was great to know my cycles were as clockwork as I thought! By January, I was symptom spotting and was convinced I was pregnant. (I worry I was actually conjuring the symptoms I read here on other BFP stories though I'm grateful for every one I read!) When I wasn't pregnant, I was astounded and sad. Month after month, I got BFNs and began to worry I am just too old to conceive naturally. DH and I agreed we would not use fertility treatments but we would get tested--to determine whether I would have to go back on birth control. I made an OB/GYN appointment for early June (annual exam and to discuss testing) and then, whammo, BFP! Just when I'd lost hope. I'm exactly 4 weeks along. My symptoms during the TWW were really minimal (compared to my January symptom-spotting month). Typically my breasts are VERY sore between ovulation and my period. This time, I had very little soreness. In fact, they were the most sore the day I expected my period, which was the day I got my BFP. I noticed I was running to the bathroom to pee a lot more than usual and getting up at least once during the night. I have been incredibly thirsty but I thought that was because everything I have been eating seems very salty. I also was hungry first thing in the morning, which isn't normal for me, and had these sudden urges of extreme hunger every 3-4 hours. One night while I was brushing my teeth (4 days before my BFP), my gums bled which is highly unusual for me; I'm a twice-a-day flosser and brusher. I should also note, I was CERTAIN my period was coming this month. All the signals were there leading up to the day it was expected--uterine heaviness, cramping, CM. I put in a liner two days before my period's due date because the symptoms were so strong. I spotted that day, just a drop or two, and thought this was the start of my period. (I was yet again convinced I was too old to conceive and this was a signal that my cycles are getting shorter as my fertility dwindles.) I was wrong. I'm now sure it was implantation bleeding. DH and I know we haven't made it through the woods yet, but we're optimistic and excited and are looking forward to all the adventures to come. Baby dust to all of you, especially those of you who are a little older and are losing hope.


Hey everyone! I wanted to share my BFP story in hopes of giving someone hope abd motivation like this website has given me. I had an MC at 15 weeks in march, my DH and I were heartbroken but wanted to keep working on our now rainbow baby! First cycle didn't happen for us so I got some OPKs downloaded an app and was determined to succeed. And today my BFP!! So here's how my cycle went: Cd1-cd6 period (I usually have heavy ones this ond was no exception) CD 8 : positive opk, BD CD 9- CD 12: negative opk, BD just in case CD13- CD 20: BD every other day just for fun CD 21: positive opk ( what the what?!!) No BD didn't have the opportunity. CD 22- CD 23: positive opk again!!! BD on CD 23 CD 24- 30: negative opk, felt like we missed out since we only had the chance to get at it once sp bd every other day without giving it a lot of thought. CD 31-cd 34: HPT negative BD again for a good measure. CD 35 or more like cd 1 since af arrived. BUT wait, there's more... CD 1- CD 6: period completely normal for me heavy period nothing out of the ordinary. CD8: decided to take opk since last month waa so strange and guess what: blazing positive so, BD again and throughout until CD 11 Now comes the fun part I found it strange that I kept getting blazing positives non stop and I've read a lot about the fact that if opk stays posituve for longer it could indicate pregnancy so decided to take HPT without any hopes and guess what faint positive, not a squinter. Next day (today) took more hpt's including the digital all show BFP and significantly stronger then yesterday! How could this be? I mean I've as well have been having spotting since cd 9. Tomorrow going to doc to confirm but this is the strangest thing ever. Means I had implantation a day or so after my period which is practically impossible. But I am optimistic since lines have gotten a lot stronger, hoping for a sticky bean! Don't lose hope ladies, baby dust to u all!!!

BFP at 8 dpo

Hi there, Ecstatic to announce I got my bfp this morning! My DH and I were married last August and put off trying for kids until I was at least done nursing school and working for a year or close to (will be due 13 months after graduating). Well I graduated in December and have been working steadily ever since. DH applied to go back to school in the fall but has been waitlisted. We decided to start trying this cycle as both felt ready even though we're young (I'm 24 and he's 22) and there are some uncertainties in the future. However we are Christians and have a strong faith in God that He will provide us with all we need. I've never kept track of much besides my period start and end dates via an app in my phone but low and behold we started trying during my fertile days. BD'd lots ;) On Sunday evening (3 dpo according to my phone app) I began having cramps. Had them again all day Monday/Tuesday (4 and 5 dpo). Nothing Wednesday (6 dpo) but very gassy. Yesterday (7 dpo) felt twinges in uterine area all day like I had pulled a muscle but deeper. Today (8 dpo) had really bad cramps in morning but gone now. No spotting. So took FRER this morning with FMU and got a pretty dark bfp! Was expecting bfn as so early (must've ovulated earlier than thought) but thought I'd test as never cramp mid cycle (only day before AF and get irritable before AF). Also been having vivid dreams every night but happens when I eat cheese and also had cheese some of those nights. So only symptoms are cramping and possibly dreams :P Also couldn't stand the tww so thought I'd test to get it out of my system haha. DH thought I wasn't gonna test until I missed AF but I caved so he was a little annoyed at first but quickly got over it ;) Going to test next Friday (15 dpo) if AF doesn't show to confirm again.
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Took the full year...Long story

Super stoked about bfp this morning, I've been putting off taking it because it was the last one in my stash. (Don't we all have one?) So anyway I should start with some background, as I always liked reading those bits and we're all here for the same thing...our fix. Background: DH is 34 and I am 30, we are ttc #2, our first was our dd that we were NOT trying for and conceived after only being together for a whopping 3 mo. On to the YEAR of my life spent on this ttc journey. I never charted bbt because I felt I wasn't yet wanting to get that into it, but I have the mycycles app (which was a not terrible, not awesome app) for tracking my o dates. I have an amazingly long, but regular cycle of 36-38 days. Great for anytime except when ttc. I teach, so we tried really hard to get pregnant last summer after I got my copper iud removed on May 18th and I'm sure I don't have to tell you all the suckfest it was seeing all those bfns. We really were starting to think there was something going on with one of us when it wasn't happening even when we'd bd every other day possibly fertile day of my cycle that summer, (very close to true statement). I had actually just gone into my yearly gyn appt and asked her about the 11 cycles of bfn and was set up to get blood drawn on cycle day 3........but cycle day 3 did not come. I GOT A BFP. Here's the juicy details, I kept track of everything for some odd reason this time and I hadn't done that in months, perhaps some women's intuition? Bd cycle day 16 and 18 O day was supposed to be cycle day 20, we were ntnp so we actually weren't timing bd. But I would put money on the night we did doggystyle. Cycle day 18, his bday. I think this is valuable info., as I have been told I had a tilted uterus. Nothing at all until: 9dpo: my boobs, which never hurt ever, are SORE. Like feel heavy, hurt in the armpits, nipples so sensitive, hurts to jog, skip and/or jump. I do have a 4 yr old so I regularly do all of the above. Cm is pretty much there, but not there, nothing special, nothing to write home about. 10dpo: boobs feel same as yesterday 11dpo: boobs still hurt same, I realize that I am waaaaaaay too tired for a Saturday at 7pm...I start to think perhaps it's this month... 12dpo: crabby, tired, gassy, boobs, BOOBS are bigger and softer and heavy, normally a 34b, put the girls in my old 34c from first pregnancy and it feels wonderful! 13dpo: boobs are still BOOBS, notice ewcmish 14dpo: low abdomen pain, BOOBS, cm. 15dpo:same as yesterday 16dpo: the elmer's glue cm of legend is in my undies! At this point I am a day away from being late and boobs still hurt, I feel crampy, and tired and...bitchy if I'm being real honest... 17dpo: I peed in a cup and after wiping and seeing no af, I allow myself to use the last Equate 5 days sooner test and within the first 30 seconds the test shows BFP!!! Told dh while he was on the potty, teehee, now lets hope my short cervix holds up and bean stays the full 40wks. PS: took a second test, dollar test, this afternoon after school and BFP instantly as well, crampy all day and BOOBS, of course. Hope you got your fix! Good luck and baby dust to us all!!
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BFP at 17 dpo. 2-3 weeks

Hi all. So I took my first pregnancy test at 13 dpo. I got disappointed when there was no result within 30seconds (I know impatient). Threw it in the bin and forgot about it. A few hours later I got this nagging feeling that I should check the test again. Sure enough a faint line, but as it was outside of the max of 5 minutes I ignored it. However I thought what if the line appeared within 3 minutes after all. Tested again the next morning and lo and behold a bolder line. But still in disbelief as we had only been trying for 2 months (this is our 2nd month) really thought it would take longer as this is our first. So I decided to wait until AF was officially atleast 3 days late and tested again this morning and the test said 2-3 weeks. So now I can go and do the blood work to confirm. Let's hope our little poppy seed wants to hang around and be our 5th wedding anniversary present :-)

Another BFP with MFI!

I am now 6w3d after getting my third BFP with MFI. We were told over 3 years ago that natural conception was unlikely and that we would likely have to undergo IVF with ICSI. We started preparing ourselves emotionally and financially....and then we got pregnant. Our son is now almost 2. I figured that this was hitting the lottery and that he would be our one and only. When he turned 1, we started thinking again about whether we wanted to head down that road again. It had been so painful and frustrating the first time around. We stopped preventing (and of course I secretly started timing) and we fell pregnant again. Sadly, it ended as a chemical pregnancy. Three cycles later, we fell pregnant again! So far so good. We are very cautiously optimistic this time around. We really have no idea what happened here. We have not had his sperm count rechecked. We made a few lifestyle changes starting at a few months before my first BFP. We switched to an all organic diet and he started eating a few Brazil nuts each day. They are high in selenium. However, we learned that more than 2-3 a day can actually be bad or even toxic. As far as symptoms go, I didn't have many. My boobs were perhaps a little more sore than they usually are with PMS. I had insomnia pretty much immediately. But, I can never tell whether that is an actual symptom or if it's just because I am so excited about a BFP. At 12 dpo, I had a headache that wouldn't go away. At 14 dpo, I had a nosebleed. I hope our story gives some of you with MFI some hope. I know that is an incredibly frustrating situation because there is just so little you can do to control or fix it. Good luck, ladies! And send me a little prayer for a sticky baby!!