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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

2 really positive stories! Conception while breastfeeding.

Hello everyone! I was hoping to share some hope and joy, as I have been reading these stories and they have helped me stay positive along the way. Here are my pregnancy experiences!

Summer-fall of 2013 my husband and I were using a ladycomp fertility computer as a means for natural family planning. We were not ready to conceive and we were in fact trying to use it as birth control. We were following the ladycomp’s prompts of red, yellow or green days of when to or not to make love (I wasn’t tracking any other ovulation signs). After using it for 6 months with fairly normal cycles. I randomly ovulated late and we created our son! My first sign was a missed period. Took a cheap pregnancy test, and it was negative. After 15 dpo of high temps and no period, the ladycomp started flashing telling me I was pregnant. Got excited and tested with another cheap test. Big ol’ negative! Finally at 18dpo the ladycomp was still flashing at me every morning. I did a little googling about false negatives and went into town to buy a first response test. After 2 minutes of squeezing and praying, I opened my eyes and was blown away by seeing my first faint positive!! I actually rubbed my eyes and gazed down at it a second time. Had to wait for my husband to get out of camp to tell him and he was over the moon!
Then half a week later, I had a major bleed and went for an emergency ultra sound and blood work. Based on my period the doctors thought I was 8 weeks along. Based on the findings of the tests, they assumed our son was 4 weeks along. So naturally they sent the crying, bleeding, pregnant woman home alone and told her she must have miscarried at 4 weeks. I was told to go home and rest and let nature take it’s course. This heavy, red, and textured bleed only lasted half a day. A couple days later I kept seeing darker and darker lines on the home HGC tests. I went in for more blood work, and oh hey sorry! The doctors were wrong, we don’t know why you were bleeding but you and your baby are growing, healthy and fine! Yeeash! What a scare. Needless to say, I then started with community midwifery care instead. At 12 weeks, we had another huge bleed, which turned out to be placental abruption. Terrifying. I literally got up from my chair in the emergency room and dumped bright red blood on the floor. They did an internal exam and an ultrasound and didn’t feel the baby was at risk. The abruption was small and healed itself. We then went on to have a full term pregnancy with a natural, home birth. Our son is now 21 months, still nursing and honestly one of the coolest people I know.

BFP Naturally on Cycle #7

I'm 33 and dh is 32. We've been trying for #2 for the last 7 months and I just got a BFP on 9 DPO on cycle 7. We had success with our DD 3 years ago from the first try so this time around trying for so long was very draining and sometimes depressing. It took me a few months to realize that I need to make changes in my life for this to happen. I started taking a whole bunch of supplements about 3 months ago: vitex, cod liver oil, prenatals, vitamin B6+B12. I also took ubiquinol, bee pollen, royal jelly, and spirulina for a month but then stopped as it was to much for my body and I felt nauseous. I ended up having what I thought was a chemical pregnancy two cycles ago. And the cycle after that was very painful on right side of my ovaries. This cycle I stuck with vitex, prenatals, cod liver oil, and vitamin B6+12 as well as GlucoSmart as I believe I have some sugar sensitivity. DH took maca, zinc, and a whole food multivitamin. I also switched to drinking hot cacao every morning. I started doing hot yoga twice a week since about 3 months ago. I went to the Moksha yoga classes - they have a lot of twists and groin streches which I believe is very good for fertility as well. I also started charting and this is my second month doing it. So we adjusted our BDing days and tried to do it every day around ovulation and every other day from the beginning of the cycle. I'm generally healthy with a normal BMI but my doctor suggested gaining a few pounds since my estrodiol was a bit low. I decided to take it as a sign to start eating junk and this month was not the best in terms of diet but maybe it did relax me a bit.

My biggest advice to those who are trying naturally: try to improve egg quality by taking supplements and eating high nutrition diet for a few months. Do some exercise, especially yoga - mainly for stress relief and to massage all those organs and to stimulate blood flow and circulation to the important areas.
figure out the exact day of ovulation and BD throughout the whole months but especially before and during ovulation. Our resolution with HD this cycle was to BD a LOT as opposed to other months!!

I wish everyone very high fertility and to get pregnant real soon. It will happen to you sooner than later - sometimes it's not up to us when exactly it will happen but we can just try and increase our chances by making changes in our lifestyle.

BFP after IUD

Let's start this story when I got the Mirena three years ago and got it removed on July 2015. DH 29, me 24. DH and I began baby dancing and trying to conceive our first child--We did it religiously and after 5 months of no bfp, we decided to stop trying so hard following the sperm meets egg plan. We made the transition to not trying, but not preventing. I was tired of stressing and obsessing over every ingle detail of my menses while Ttc. Each month I would get teased thinking I would get a BFP because my boobs were getting swollen and tender about three days before the witch and I would get really tired. Mind you, I never had Boob growth or boob tenderness before my menses prior to getting the Mirena so these were new symptoms to me. I learned that I cannot trust my new Menses symptoms because they always lead to the witch and not pregnancy. I also cannot rely on congestion or similar symptoms because I suffer from chronic allergies. I stopped using ovulation strips because of my lost hope and my ovulation hasn't been easy to predict after getting the IUD removed without the strips but it typically occurs day 12. It is truly a blessing that I got a BFP this cycle. My cycles average 24 days

3/3- lnmp
3/12- BD
3/14- BD
3/15- suspected o based on luteal phase, no ewcm
3/16- BD, cervix low, wet
3/21- implantation bleed?? I had the tiniest streak of pale pink discharge on the toilet paper
3/22- random bought of tachycardia at work for no reason around 11am where my HR was in the 120s. Very atypical for me
3/24- breast tenderness happens. The witch must be coming!
3/25- my boobs are so squishy. They feel like water balloons instead of my typical instant firm temporary boob job.
3/26- bad GERD at night-- never happens for me
3/27- anticipated witch, doesn't show. GERD again that night
3/28- didn't POAS with FMU because afraid witch was going to show. Woke up at 7:30a, had to urinate by 10- atypical for me. Decided to hold it a little longer and POAS at 11:30 with a BFP!!! In a lot of ways I think deep down I knew because all of these symptoms above were atypical from my norm-- the gerd, elevated HR, squishy boobs. We are absolutely ecstatic over here. Fingers crossed for a sticky bean and baby dust to you all!!

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Natural BFP with low morphology

Well I never thought I'd get to write this. My husband and I have been trying for a year. We finally got the results for the SA to hear the sad news that although his count and motility were normal the morphology at 1% was very low and we'd probably need help to conceive.

We really hit rock bottom and this month started DH on wellman and vitamins and started looking into saving for IVF.

My symptoms were very little,as follows.

CD12 BD with preseed
CD13 BD with preseed ,positive opk
CD14 (O day) BD with preseed
1DPO-7DPO nothing
8DPO feels like cystitis might be coming
9DPO now feels like bladder infection,stabby pains in it all all morning but no wee pain. By afternoon it was dreadful cramps in my tummy and back,lasted several hours and was really painful. BFN
10DPO BFN nothing in the morning but tummy and back pains returned in the evening
11DPO all hope is gone. I feel fine so didn't test but had more lower back cramps in the evening.
12DPO nothing. Tested with midday urine just because I had a FR rapid result left in the cupboard and watched in amazement as a BFP appeared! Rushed out to tesco and bought a clear blue which was also BFP!

I feel totally normal,no sore boobs or anything other than back pain! I'm really scared but I'm hoping more than anything this baby will stick around. Don't give up hope if it takes a while.

I am in complete shock....a little denial maybe!

So.....ive been stalking this site on and off for a cpl years....I didnt think we would get pregnant so fast....we were being careless since january kind of thinking eh if it happens it will and not worrying about ovulating, just making love when it felt right..but for some reason as soon as we did that, thats when i got pregnant. I am supposed to be going to vegas in april for a bachelorette party, camping, motorcycle riding.........all of that and i thought theres no way wed get pregnant this quick ( we r both 33) anyways........this month i just decided not to care, I had yearned for pregnancy soooo bad and then I thought ya know what it will if it will.....and i was looking forward to partying and having fun!

Anyways cut to today, cd 41 and i decided to finally test after being late, was sure it would be negative....blaring fast BFP....I am in shock, i cant believe we made a human! Its early and im being cautious and not letting myself get too excited but....WOW. So heres how it went....

I think i ovulated somewhere between the 16th of feb and the 22nd. We were in a hotel on the 22nd I had ewcm that day and we also happen to make hotel love that day....Since then no symptoms that were out of ordinary until cd 30, where in I had thought huh i guess ididnt ovulate this month because my breasts werent sore at all.....Starting cd 32 , just pms style cramps....figured AF was on her way. Then i started having HOT FLASHES and feeling clammy all the time, then normal 35 boobs started hurting a lot, from there on out here are the symptoms for all ya spotters!

Since about 8dpo ( i felt nothing measurable beforehand) here are my symptoms, in order of when they started

Hot flashes at all times and feeling clammy at night
Sore breasts....only hurt super bad with a bra on but didnt start until cd 35 or so
mild mild nausea (got worse today after my bfp)
On and off period cramps
THIRSTY like hell
CD 40 & 41 feels like i have a lump in my throat and its kind of sore
running out of breath when i talk and exercise
and for the last 4 days SUPER SEXUAL DREAMS

Basically everything ive ever felt before....minus the dreams, sore throat and being winded. All of my symptoms are just like my pms if you are having those, dont feel too out until it happens.

I held off peeing on a stick until today cd 41 i was too scared! I decided to do it today and oh man......we are both like wow? right now? ok! lol GOOD LUCK and dont lose hope!

BFP after a chemical pregnancy and TTC for about a year.

Hi everyone!! I promised myself that I will share my story if I ever get pregnant. I have been reading the stories here while on my TTC journey :)

After trying for about a year, with a chemical, I finally got my BFP :)
Here's the breakdown -
1DPO - Nothing
2DPO - Nothing
3DPO - Nothing
4DPO - very mild cramps on the left side of ovary
5DPO - very mild cramps on the left side of ovary
6DPO - Mild cramps on left side of ovary and below belly button area
7DPO - Intense cramps on left side of ovary, I was lying down when the sharp pain came which make me jolted up. DH and my mum saw that I was in pain and asked if I'm ok but I told them I am fine. I guess that was implantation :)
8DPO - The pain decreased but still there, also difficult for me to lift up my left leg. I had to lie down on my bed when wearing my pants :(
9DPO - Pain is still there but mild
10DPO - mild pain at the same area plus sore nipples
11DPO - no more pain but sore nipples remains
12DPO - Sore nipples (Tested but BFN)
13DPO - Sore nipples (Tested but BFN)
14DPO - Sore nipples, I really felt like AF is coming so I Tested and came up with a very, very faint line - not satisfied though coz that may be evap lines.
15DPO - AF didnt came, I'm very regular. Sore Nipples (Tested with BFP!!!)
16DPO - Sore Nipples (Tested with BFP!!!)

Let me share with you what we did just in case this may be helpful to you guys. (SORRY IF TMI)
3 days before Ovulation we BD. (Dont need to lift your legs high up, just place a pillow on your bum for about 30mins or sleep through it)
2 day before Ovulation we BD. (The same steps as above)
1 day before Ovulation we BD. (The same steps as above)
O day we BD. (The same steps as above)
1DPO we BD. (The same steps as above)

I thought I was out at 12DPO bcoz sore nipples were the signs that my AF is coming but this time, the sore nipples are more painful as compared to AF signs.

I pray for everyone who is TTCing and reading this story that you will all get BFP!
Baby Dusts to all!!

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pregnant at 40 1/2!!

I really can't believe it happened so quickly. We've been TTC for 3 months. Things I did this month:
-charted my basal body temperatures
-drank ridiculously healthy green smoothies regularly (banana, carrot, spinach/kale, protein powder (hemp, so lots of fiber + protein), greens powder, acai powder, chia seeds, spirulina, water)
-tried to eat better, feed the good gut bacteria healthy food, see above
-specifically, cut down on chocolate bars my husband pressures me into at night (ha)
-I didn't cut down on caffeine because I'm powerless against the almighty bean

Charting my temps again was key (I have two other kids, 3 and 11mo, and charted for both of them). Showed me that I was ovulating, and when. I knew from before that I'm a late O'er (usually CD17-19). We BD'd on CD16. Then a couple days later in the evening I felt an O pain/ache in my right side. The next morning my temp jumped 0.3C (0.5F). That was confirmation that I'd O'd. So I ordered my husband to bed me and used him mercilessly and then told him to go make me a sandwich (kidding, it was 6am, I demanded coffee).

Then, the dreaded TWW. But actually, these past few months during the second half of my cycle, I wait, in fear, of my pms mood swings. It's been absolutely terrible these past few months, so bad that I knew I had to act. So the healthy eating part was a first attempt at that. Did you know that in imbalance of gut bacteria species (the unbalance brought on by bad eating) can cause anxiety and depression? Truth. So that motivated me. There's never any disadvantage to eating healthier!

And what do you know, each day I waited for the rage to build inside me and instead my insides were bursting with joyous fairies and songbirds! Maybe an exaggeration... I was in a great mood almost the whole TWW. THere were a couple of low days, but a ridiculously huge improvement over last month. High energy, etc.

Barely any pregnancy symptoms! Except if you count 'good mood, high energy'. Good appetite, but a few days I went most of the day without eating (life of a busy mother) so it's not like I was feeling especially hungry. No boob soreness whatsoever. Near the end of the TWW I could tell I was a bit more hot than usual, and when I bent over my head would hurt (like there was extra blood pressure). I had a vague, steady minor ache in the uterus area (like where your jeans zipper is) the last few days. My temps stayed high, which I was really happy about regardless.

My temp was still high at CD31 (day of or day before period was due). This, wouldn't you know it, was the day of my husband's 40th birthday party. It was the first day in 6 months we had planned to get a babysitter and get a break from our delightful high-maintenance kids. We were living for this day. Sit at a pub, drink, friends, ahhh......
So I take the test, it's negative. Oh well, okay, woohoo! Let's go drinking like the old days!!! Hubby asked if I was pregnant, I told him no, he was fine and happy I could party with him!

Then a few hours later I couldn't help myself, and I fished the test out of the trash. I couldn't believe my eyes... there was a second line.

But could it be the dreaded evap line of lore? So I took another test and waited a little longer this time... yep, there's the faint line again. Wow. By this time the babysitter's here, the kids are wild... We finally escape, we're driving to the train station, he's talking about how he's almost glad I'm not pregnant and so excited to have fun together, because remember, readers, we literally NEVER get kid-free leisure time like EVER ... this is kid-in-Disneyland level excitement for us, sad as it is. I decide I have to bring it up. "So I have something to tell you..." "WHAT??! Why did you lie to me earlier???! No no no!!!" So then I had to explain the whole test-out-of-the-trash timeline, we both yell bad words in surprise of the news and bad timing, and he still didn't believe me so he insisted we stop at a chemist and buy another test, this time one of those digital ones that actually say "pregnant" so there was no mistaking it. I have to slip into a pub bathroom (classy!) and pee on the stick. Pregnant, 1-2 weeks. I show him: "Do you believe me now??" And we sit on the train in half a daze, processing that we're actually crazy enough to have a 3rd kid, feeling sorry for myself that I now have to stay sober on my ONE day out, we have to buy a bigger car, we need a bigger house, do we tell people?

I had to tell a lot of people why I wasn't drinking that afternoon, so here's hoping this is a sticky bean!!

Baby dust to all of you, and remember, take control of what you can control. Chart your temps (take your bbt correctly! google that shit) and feed your body real food. Good luck!!!

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BFP at 8dpo on first cycle!!

Hey y'all! DH and I were NTNP, but mostly NP. I ovulated either on the 22nd or 23rd of February and we DTD every day the 20th-25th. I used a soft cup after every time, just to be sure!

My symptoms so far have been nuts.
1-3dpo: nothing
4 dpo: I poo'd like, 4 times a day from 4dpo until now, which is odd because usually I'm lucky to even go 4 times a week! I also noticed that my pee is a greenish color.
5dpo: SO. THIRSTY. Seriously, my mouth is a desert. I have a UTI feeling tingle, but I checked my urine and there is no infection.
6dpo: DH made eggs in the morning and I almost got sick at the smell of it. It smelled like dirty feet! Also having some pinches in my uterus, like tiny little cramps.
7 dpo: Not hungry. Boobs hurt so bad, my nips can feel every little thing, even through my bra! Still having green pee and still super thirsty.
8dpo: my entire body hurts so much. I feel like I ran a marathon. Even my fingers hurt. I almost left work because of the pain. Also, having PMS-like cramps on my hips. Very uncomfortable. BFN or shadow on test this morning.
9dpo: generally feeling like crap. Legs still sore, lots of little cramps, feel like I have done a million crunches. Feeling very blah, not hungry. POAS around 8:00pm and got a verrrry faint positive!
10dpo: POAS in the AM and got a light BFP! Very nauseous, no appetite, very sensitive to salt. Had to throw out my chinese food for lunch because of how salty it was. Feeling very tired.
11dpo: Couldn't sleep last night. Probably only got about 2 hours of sleep. Woke up this morning feeling very nauseous. Could hardly eat my yogurt and drink my coffee. Feeling very happy this morning, got a darker BFP. My boobs hurt incredibly bad and have already started changing.

I'm so excited to share this with you all! Baby dust to each one of you!

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BFP after 7 years and 1 mcc

symptoms so far dpo :

1-7 days not noticed anything at all
8- 14 :

Sore boobs
Feeling sick
Increased cm
16dpo bfp :)
Got my bfp today I'm on a 28day cycle and af was due 2 days ago

After 7 years we had a mcc last May and so thought it wouldn't probably happen as fast this time and wasn't really "trying" hoping I have a sticky bean this time ;)

I stopped smoking properly aug 2015
Joined the gym January and slimming world and I'm sure all these things contributed

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Finally BFP!!!!!

Omg!! I cannot believe I finally made it! I know 7 months doesn't seem like a long time but for me it was an eternity! I felt like I was broken somehow, (even though yes, I know infertile women are not necessarily "broken") I even made a fertility appointments for the month of March! I wasn't keeping track because I had somewhat given up hope, and thought whenever it happens it will happen:) I believe I got my BFP at 9dpo???

Here are my symptoms!:

Ovulation day I was nauseas and spotting. I knew to baby dance. We had been like crazy but I made extra sure to the day of and day after for 3 days.

Through the two week wait I felt:

Stuffy nose

Watery eyes

Sneezing constantly- like 60 times in a day! I couldn't make it stop for the life of me lol

Slight cramping-not like period cramps,beat lighter.

Very tired!! I cannot stress enough! And I knew exactly when because usually bedtime is 9:30 to 10:00 and I was so sleepy at 7:30 0.O

Agitated and easily annoyed/moody

Not a symptom: And last but not least very family oriented....looking up how to make cloth diapers, watching family videos on YouTube etc etc...

Cervical mucus:
Regular medium amount until about 5 days after I thought was ovulation and then increased. I had a huge amount. It was egg white still and stretchy. Then when I got my BFP, it was like water, constantly felt wet and it was milky white.

So that's it!! That is my BFP:):):):