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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

TTC and BFP Three Cycles After Chemical

Hi there all the ladies that are trying or have already conceived. Here is my story of preggo symptoms in the two week wait that ended in a BFP!:)

1. dpo: Nothing
2. dpo: Nothing
3. dpo: Nothing
4. dpo: Nothing
5. dpo: Twinges and pain in uterus. So sharp they bothered me a little.
6. dpo: Cramping.
7. dpo: Very tired, took a nap in the afternoon, had cravings for KFC ;)
8. dpo: Nothing except that I had a banana before I went to sleep and it tasted like shampoo and my hear got oily.
9. dpo: Now it hit me in work, I had hot flashes and pain over the chest and heavy breathing, started crying over nothing. Got that feeling that I might be pregnant.
10. dpo: Vivid dreams. Had one last glass of wine with dinner because I felt like I had to be pregnant and after a positive test I couldn't think of taking another sip. Very sore breasts.
11. dpo: Had a test lying around so I peed on it in the morning and right away I saw one strong line and a faint line right next to it. It was Sure sign preggo test.
12. dpo: The pregnancy signs continued to get stronger, Very hungry all the time. Craving for almost everything and sleepy, peeing a lot!

The next few days: I am preggo and I love it, still no signs of morning sickness. But started feeling faint (maybe more hormones are causing that), little crampy but nothing to worry about. And trying to relax and thinking this will be a happy and healthy pregnancy :)

Praying for a BFP to all of you girls still trying! 

BFP at 42 After Eight Months of Trying

CD 1
CD 10 - DTD, EWCM, O date (27 day cycles, I ovulate early). Didn't do anything like lie in bed afterwards, in fact got up and made dinner.
3 DPO - headache all day, light pain right side
4 DPO - burst of white cm after running
6 DPO - weirdly emotional
7 DPO - pimply, tired, dumb, and everything smells weird.
8, 9 DPO more of the same + crampy and needing to pee
11 DPO bfn
12 DPO very light bfp on IC, light line on FRER, ow boobs, seriously.
13 DPO bfp a little bit darker
14 DPO a little darker still

What we did different: I'd gone off antidepressants to try to get pregnant and went back on somewhere during my last period, and life became a lot easier all of a sudden. Unfortunately, now I have to go off of them. Started going to the gym daily for non-related reasons.

Feeling pretty good with little bouts of nausea here and there. Now at around 5 weeks. 

Early Pregnancy Symptoms--BFP 12DPO CD25

I didn't have many symptoms with my first pregnancy and I tend to not have many AF symptoms either, but I thought I would share my story since this website is so wonderful! This was our first cycle TTC, but we have been NTNP since January (4 months).

I take a B50 complex, a prenatal, omega 3s, and a wheatgrass shot every day, as well as guafenesin (200mg 2x/day) from CD5-16. I tend to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, as well as drink a lot of water so I didn't tweak my diet at all except to eliminate coffee altogether.

3DPO Slight red spot on TP, I am amazed I noticed it.
4DPO Very cranky, emotional about odd things (wanted to cry over a pasty that someone else got the last one of!).
5DPO-present TIRED! Like bone weary, especially in mid-afternoon.
6-7DPO Pluggy ears, like I was at high altitude.
8DPO-present Gassier than normal, bloated by the afternoon and it doesn't go away until morning.
10DPO-present Pants feel tighter (probably because of the gas and bloating, lol). BFN.
11DPO-present Softer and more frequent stools than normal. BFP? It is so faint and I couldn't remember if it was within the time limit.
12DPO Funny stomach, needed Tums. BFP! Not super dark but definitely there!

I am testing tomorrow 13DPO on a digital so I can see that "Pregnant" pop up! Good luck ladies!!!

BFP at 6:00 PM

I am 31 and DH is 33. We have a beautiful 2 year old son and have been NTNP for 8 months. My LMP was 4/11 and I have a 28-30 day cycle. I think I O'd around 4/25. I NEVER check CM (and probably wouldn't even know how) but I noticed I felt wetter than normal from DPO 11-16. Kept thing AF had arrived.

My symptoms:

DPO 1-5 nothing except extreme hot flashes a couple of times
DPO 6 moody
DPO 7 extremely moody and emotional
DPO 8 mood is better BFN
DPO 10 got super sick, upset stomach, diarrhea, nauseous; asked DH to bring home ginger ale
DPO 11 nothing
DPO 12 hungry
DPO 13 nothing
DPO 14-15 extremely hungry, tummy is making ridiculously loud noises!, bad cramps and positive AF is on the way
DPO 16 same as DPO 14-15 but cramps are worse, tummy feels 'swirly', and waves of nausea; decided to test at 6:00 and BFP immediately!

Due date Jan 16, 2013

Very excited and blessed! God is good! Praying for BFPs for each of you.

BFP 13DPO After 6 Cycles

During the past few months TTC I stalked this board reading the different posts by people who recently had BFP's!! I can't believe I'm finally sharing my own story!

DH & I talked about TTC; we were "trying but not trying" for a while. Just BD when we felt like it; not going crazy with every other day BD my fertile week or anything. And to be honest we were only BD 1 X per week so it was very little trying on our part. I downloaded the Fertility Friend & the My Days apps from my android phone. I noticed a pattern of 25 day cycles; and then randomly I would have 30 day cycles. I think I was getting confused with the start of AF and just spotting some months. Anyway; the month we conceived; I decided to not even bother with the phone AP fertile window because I didn't find it reliable. Instead I started checking CM waiting for the EWCM kind. We only BD twice the week of my BFP but they happened to be at the right time!

So here are my symptoms:

CD1-CD3 short AF cycle (not normal)
CD4-12 not much going on; water-creamy CM
CD14 No more EWCM
CD 16-BD
CD 17 Cramps (ovulation?)
1DPO-10DPO sore boobs; fatigue; creamy (lotion like) CM
11DPO low firm cervix position; creamy CM; extreme thirst
12DPO low firm cervix; creamy CM; extreme thirst 13DPO-woke up out of my sleep to use the bathroom!
13DPO-BFP! + EPT (NOT with FMU)
14DPO BFP! + EPT test WITH FMU!!

Since getting my BFP I have been extremely thirsty; persistent sore boobs and some fatigue.

Lots of Baby Dust to you all!! 

BFP Naturally After Salpingectomy

After two years of trying, we finally got a BFP! In December 2011 they finally found my hydro on my left side. I had the surgery to remove the tube in January. When going through this, my Dr. said that the best thing was to remove the tube, but I was definitely hesitating because it seemed so counterproductive! He did say that we could try Clomid and injections and leave the tube in, but that there was no guarantee. So I went and removed it anyways. Two cycles later (really just ONE cycle since you alternate) we got a BFP completely naturally!!!

1-9 DPO no symptoms at all
10 DPO cramps and brown spotting. This was key for me because I NEVER spot
11 DPO - temps stayed up, but didn't shoot up, just stayed at 97.9. Spotting continues. Barely there when wiping (TMI)
12 DPO - spotting, cramping, BFP!!!!!!
13 DPO - still a little spotting, cramps, still BFP with HPT
14 DPO - first beta is 29.5 ( little nugget decided to settle in a little late i guess)
17 DPO second beta 98.1 (perfect doubling time!)

From the first BFP and the whole first week I had lots of constipation but really nothing else!!!

I just wanted to share this because I see a lot of women debating whether to remove a tube or not. It really is the smart option. If your tube is damaged, all the gunk can back up and not make it a good environment for baby to settle in - we are proof!!!!

BFP DPO 11 Detailed Symptoms!!!!

Hey ladies! This is my third month trying to conceive and I got my BFP on dpo 10 (only visible to me lol) and my real bfp dpo11! I know it's what a lot of people say but I seriously was convinced that I was NOT pregnant. I was just poasing because I'm an addict.

First off let me tell you what I changed this month:

~Cut caffeine almost completely out. I used to have at least one soda a day. I cut it to about 1 soda every 3 days if that.
~I didn't take any meds!!!! No pain meds, allergy meds, or anything. I suffered through the horrible allergies as I have read it can hinder your chances.
~Cut out sweets
~Used OPKS

Here's what we did during my fertile period:

~My fertile period was the 21st through the 26th. I got my positive opk on the 25 and 26.
~We bd'd the 21,23,25,26
~Used Softcups for the first time. I think it was a mix of Softcups and opks that gave me my bfp!!!!

TWW Symptoms:

~DPO 1- HORRIBLE HEADACHE... also haven't had any meds at all and have cut out the caffeine
~DPO 2- Nothing to note
~DPO 3- Kinda nauseated, also extremely tired. Haven't been sleeping well though and when I don't sleep I get nauseous so... nothing totally unusual.
~DPO 4- Little nauseated in AM but I'm telling myself I'm crazy. A little crampy maybe??? SUPER NAUSEATED at night. Maybe it's the chili's I had for dinner. I wish this could be my month but I don't think so.
~DPO 5- Super nauseated in AM. Again lack of sleep. Bbs started getting sore yesterday(that's weird. Usually happens a few days before AF). No cramps or spotting. Nausea went away after eating and nap. I don't think any of this is pg related. Just my mind playing tricks. Was so gassy I could feel air bubbles moving when I pushed on my lower tummy. Weird.
~Dpo 6- same
~DPO 7-Bbs still slightly tender when poked and prodded. No spotting which is a good sign for me. Still not trying to feed into it. Lower abdomen hurts when I cough, sneeze etc. DH said he had a dream I was pregnant. (We're psycho psychic lol)
~DPO 8-10- Nothing else new. Bbs not so tender anymore. TMI but after bd on dpo 10 I started to spot and thought af was here. I had taken $$ HPT's every day and swore I saw a line but no one on this site or irl saw it except me.
~DPO 11- Had a dream I got a positive. Woke up and took a blue dye test since it was the only thing I had. It was instantly positive. Took $HPT and still wasn't very noticeably positive. Took FRER and it was positive!!!!

I also felt a sense of peace this cycle. Just totally relaxed. I just knew it would happen if it was supposed to.

I don't think we expected it to happen so quickly so we are still in shock. I'm just praying it sticks!!!!! Good luck to all of you wonderful ladies!!!!!


So... We've been ttc baby #1 for about a year. Every month negative. Grrr... This month he was away for business and not using his "mechanism". I tracked my cycle and arranged a weekend visit during ovulation. He was under strict "do not use" orders. He complied. We had a wonderful weekend, drank lots of water and green tea. Also started taking a prenat vit.

Here are my tww symptoms: (ps... I was convinced I was not pregnant)

4 days po - intense sense of smell with gag reflex.
7 days po - exhausted. Fell asleep in middle of social visit.
10 days po - slight twinge in lower region.
14 po - slight cramping thought AF was visiting.
15 po - AF late. Took first response which was positive.

What we did different: no sex for three weeks prior. Keeping fingers crossed.

Good luck everyone. 

OPK and Dollar Tree Tests Really Work!

We've been TTC since January. My period has been all over the place from 26-30 days and I haven't experienced any Egg White CM, which had me a bit worried.

I am not quite sure of the ovulation date, so I will go by actual dates instead.

04/09 - First day of last period
04/18 - 04/21 - OPK negative
04/22 - OPK line was negative with faint line. Love connection!
04/23 - OPK line was just barely as dark as the other line. I read this as a positive. Love connection! (2 tests were used this day, because I was impatient. One test I only waited an hour from my last pee and it was negative. The 2nd time I waited 3.5 hours and it was positive! No more testing, because I ran out of tests. So use these tests correctly!!)
04/24 - Cervix was lower and harder than all other days
04/25-04/30 - No symptoms
05/01 - Cramping on right side. Teeny tiny right nipple soreness I bought a bunch of Dollar Tree tests, just so I didn't have to waste money on the expensive tests. My period isn't due till May 8th'ish, but I thought I'd start testing anyways!
05/02 - Slightly sore right breast. BFN with $1 test. Sore to the touch under both armpits, where the bra straps would be.
05/03 - A little more sore right breast, BFN $1 test. Super vivid dreams. Cervix is SO HIGH I cannot reach it.
05/04 - BFN on $1 test, at morning urine. Still having twinges and small pains in the right ovary area. Same soreness as the day before. Vivid dreams and I JUST KNOW that I am pregnant!

So.... I had this feeling that I wasn't really waiting 3 minutes after I used the $1 test. I was just looking for a minute and then throwing them out. So I looked in the trash and sure enough the tests in there had 2 lines! The test instructions clearly state not to look at it after 5 minutes, but one of the test lines was so dark, that I thought it really was a positive. So, I took another $1 test (in the late morning) waited the 3 minutes and I got the BFP! I went to the store and got a First Response "6 days before missed period" .. held my pee for a couple hours and took it. Waited 3 minutes and BFP! 05/04 -05/06 (today) I've been hot at night while sleeping, which is unusual for me. I still feel tugging and pulling in my lower abdomen, no breast soreness and am peeing a lot. (although this may because I am trying to drink my 60oz a day.) 05/06 - VERY Tired today and took another First Response Test = BFP!

1st Dr Visit scheduled for June!

On 05/04 - I asked my husband, when he got home from work, if he was ready for his "life to change?" and his face was priceless and I started tearing up! We've been together 12 years and just decided this past Dec 2011 that we wanted to start a family. It's still pretty surreal. We are going to tell my mom on Mother's Day! She stopped asking YEARS ago for a grandchild, so this will be QUITE the surprise, cause I didn't even tell her we were thinking about it.

I've been looking at this website every day, reading the stories and wondering what my symptoms would be. This month I actually wrote everything down and checked my cervix and CM. I was also walking around squeezing my boobs all day. To me, they were a little sore, but a little sore is much more than NOT sore at all. I usually only get a sore right breast the day before my period only. So even the slightest soreness was different for me.

Good luck everyone... I really believe in the OPK and the Dollar Tree Tests! 

BFP After 5 Months TTC

I'm 20 and DH is 25. We've been married since 11 December 2011 and have been trying since then. I've got brown spotting starting at 28 December onwards for 4 days. It's so unusual for me to spot that long because usually if I start brown spotting, AF will show either that day or tomorrow. So I feel weird and took the test at 30th Dec at 5a.m, BFN. So I threw away the test but when I look back (accidentally) later at 7a.m, found out it has a second faint line! Show DH but he just silent, either he want to believe it or not. On 31st Dec, took again the test with different brand, the second line appeared within 5 minutes, but more fainter than the first test. Long story short, I bleed heavily than my usual AF on 1st Jan. From this pregnancy, we BD on 12th Dec a.m., p.m., and onwards almost every day. I started to feel nausea from 17th Dec onwards.

I've gained 16lbs since I got married, so on February, when I'm late for AF, around 10 days late (usually the maximum I've ever late was 5 days only), I go to the Dr for u/s, since the p.t always BFN. The scan shows nothing, Dr said I have hormone imbalance. She said to come back when I first start my period. So the next day AF show her face on 9th march. Meet the Dr and she gave me clomid for day 2-6 and dexamethasone. And she ask me to comeback at CD15 (23rd March 2012) for follicle scan. So on CD15, scan doesn't show any mature follicle. Dr said this month will not be my month and she said I have polycystic ovary. She gave me metformin and duphaston. I feel depressed. Thank god I was on vacation with DH at 24th March till 30th. I only take the metformin (sometimes I skip it) and shockingly, my period come to regular, and she show herself on 6th April.

Ever since we comeback from our vacation, I decided to get to my healthy weight which is 121lbs. My starting weight was 138lbs and I was able to get down to 128lbs in 1 month. I got my positive OPK on CD16 and CD17, so we bd almost every day during my fertile time.

On 4th may, I'm expecting AF to come, and as usual it starts with brown spotting, only one spot. Thinking this will not be my month again, I try not to think about it. But AF never shows her face. I thought my hormone is imbalance again, I even think to get some medication to start my period so I can start a new cycle. But before doing anything, I decided to take a test (afternoon pee) with internet cheapie that turn out to be BFP within seconds! I couldn't believe it, so DH bought Clearblue digital test, took it in the morning of 6th May, it read 'PREGNANT 1-2' I'm sooo thankful and happy! :) My symptoms that I remember was lightheaded for few days, feels like the world spinning around me! And mild nausea a week after positive OPKs.

This is the only month I didn't take any supplements or medication. The only month I didn't chart or anything. Praying for a sticky bean! :)