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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

After Using the OPK for the First Time - BFP Yesterday

I knew I missed af a couple of days ago but wasn't sure what day because I didn't keep track of my
last period.


-minor cramps
-pain on the chest (think it was heartburn but didn't feel like it)
-peeing more than I usually pee
-lost of appetite
-stomach cramps on and off
-usually I get pimples before af, this time around nothing
-itchy down there (not sure if it was a yeast infection but its gone now)
-no sore breast but a little bigger than usual

I am so grateful and happy that God made this month my lucky month. I will continue to pray
that this one stick and healthy. Baby dust to all!!! 

Natural BFP Ater Failed IVF

Been TTC-ing for 4 years. Did IVF last November and it resulted in a chemical pregnancy. We were
going to do the FET in Feb/ March but postponed due to DH having to go to Europe for work.

But by some bizarre miracle, it turned out we didn't need to do the FET because I found out I was
pregnant in Feb. Au naturale!


I had insomnia and weird dreams when I could sleep. I brushed it off as excitement for the Europe
trip. Woke up a lot at night to pee. My boobs were sore but it tends to be close to AF so I ignored
it too. And yet something made me POAS on the very day AF was due...

What we did differently:

We were both on Fertilaid and FertileCM (for me) and Motility Boost (for him) for three months plus.
I went for massages to get blood flowing and did pelvic tilt exercises.
We tried our traditional Chinese medicine, in which the consultant said we both have too much
"Yin" (cold) and should consume a diet of "Yang" (hot). We both also abstained from coffee, tea
and cold drinks. Pineapple is a no-no as Asians believe it can cause miscarriages.

Despite all this, we weren't expecting the BFP at all.

I hope everyone else here gets their BFP soon!

TTC Story BFP!!!!!

Me and my bf have been TTC for 3 months and got my BFP a week ago, I'm only 5 wks but so over
the moon fingers crossed my bubbie sticks!!

I was constantly on this site during my 2WW was very helpful kept me positive, I just knew this
was my month, didn't have any odd symptoms needed to wee a lot more and just felt like AF was
coming light cramping and dull achy abdomen, had a spot of blood the day AF was due but that
was all. Had a doc app 3 days later, blood test came back positive.

Feel so lucky it only took 3 months felt like the longest of my life tho... My heart goes out to all
who have been trying much longer! I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning (after trying to hold all
night but couldn't) took my PT 10DPO and got my BFP was a little light but couldn't believe my
eyes. 2 days later took PT again very dark lines.

IM SO HAPPY... Hope everyone trying gets there BFP very soon

xx baby dust to all xx 

Pregnant After 5 Months TTC

My husband and I have been trying since December and every month was a roller coaster of
emotions when we were not pregnant. This month I decided that I was not going to think about it.

I didn't take note of my symptoms just remember having vivid dreams and feeling very Hungry. My
period was due yesterday and I woke up feeling exhausted and had flu like symptoms, decided to
take a test and it was positive...

We are over the moon sending all of you baby dust :)

#2 Is On the Way!

This was our first month TTC#2 and we feel so blessed. I really felt 'out ' this month during my
2WW but am thrilled! So excited for our son to be a big brother.

Like many of you, I obsessively read the posts by other women to 'compare' if you will, what I was

Here were my symptoms:

BD CD 14,15,16,17
CD14- NEG(-) OPK; EWCM, ovulation cramps
CD15- POS(+)OPK; EWCM, ovulation cramps
2DPO- watery CM, no cramps, energy and mood- good
3DPO- vivid dreams, sore bb's, a little tired in the afternoon
4DPO- bad dream, sore bb's, chills, strong smells?
5DPO- sore bb's, vivid dreams; PTest= (-) I don't know why I took it but I was just tempted to see
if anything would show up to put me out of my misery.
6DPO- very sore bb's, vivid dream, cramps/pulling, gas, peeing a lot (but I was also drinking more
7DPO- vivid dream, peeing @ night, sore bb's, irritable/cranky, chills, nausea in the AM.
8 DPO- sore bb's, backache, irritable- feel like AF is on her way
9DPO- sore bb's, hungry, slightly irritable
10DPO- bb's not as sore, vivid dream- def. feel out this month
11DPO- sore bb's ; faint + on PTest; had no more PTests so used Ovulation test in PM- (+) OPK
12DPO- diarrhea(sorry, TMI!), this is very odd for me so I feel like I should test again. Get a clear
blue digital and within seconds- 'pregnant'
13DPO- expected AF date- no show! Yeah!

I really felt like I was out because I didn't get very nauseous like many other women feel, and I
don't temp. Because it is too confusing for me so I didn't have that to go by. We are so blesses for
miracle #2 and looking forward to a happy and healthy pregnancy. Best of luck to all of you still
trying... don't give up it is so worth it, and coming from someone who has experienced pregnancy
before- it is such a joyous experience! 

BFP @ 10 DPO

Hi Everyone,

Like many a first timer FTC I have done a fair amount of stalking on this site. I got my first bfp
today and so thought I would share my 2ww symptoms as they were not as I would have expected...
Hopefully they will reassure some other reader out there.

My Partner and I BD both 4 and 2 days prior to ovulation, so I was not sure how good a chance we
were in with as we did not DB directly before,during or after O. However I did notice that my O
cramps were very strong this cycle and carried on to 1 dpo.

My genuine symptoms are below- I had more of them during my first month off the pill than this

Days 3 & 2 before O ewcm. Used literally a 'thimblefull' of Preseed internally for BD 2 dbo

O day sudden onset wave of nausea in the car, lasted for about 5 minutes.
1 dpo strong sharp O pains lingering sticky cm
2-5 dpo nothing except very mild cramps occasionally and creamy cm (more than usual but not
6 dpo noticed achy lower back on waking, went away with movement, creamy cm continues
7 dpo few twinges in left side of uterus (would not have noticed if I had been busy doing
something else) rash like small insect bites (6 in total) appears across my chest just before bed
time. Very itchy!!
8 dpo notice that a dry patch of eczema I have had on my face for the past 8 weeks has suddenly
gone. Creamy cm continues. Rash still itchy temp up slightly
9 dpo random dizzy spell when getting up from sofa in afternoon. Had to sit down again. HPT with
Internet cheapie, very faint (can only see in certain lights/my imagination) second line
10 dpo HPT 2x Internet cheapies. Still very very faint line but slightly more than yesterday. Decide
to use my only other test in the house a clear blue digital (was not expecting anything as it is early
and they are less sensitive) to. My surprise it read 'pregnant 1-2 weeks'! Nearly fell on my chair! Feel
slightly lightheaded today but that may just be the excitement/nerves.....

So excited! Praying I have a sticky bean and a healthy pregnancy.

Tons and tons of baby dust to everyone TTC, just remember you may not have hardly any symptoms
just like me!

BFP After 14 Months of TTC!!!! : )

This is particularly for all the lovely ladies out there who have been trying for SO long! I want to
give you all HOPE! I know that I lost all hope after so long! Finally after 14 heartbreaking months of
BFNs, my darling hubby & I got our BFP last night at around 9:30pm! (Funnily, I wasn't going to test
til Friday but I had a spare OPK and so quickly peed on that & it came up positive instantly – I KNEW
something was up, so sent hubby down to the chemist LOL).

A little about us – I'm 29, Hubby is 38 & it's our first. We haven't gone for any tests as we wanted to
give ourselves a little longer, but I did get tested and knew I ovulated and I have regular periods of
between 28-31 days each month.

Anyway here is how the month played out.

CD 1 – Feeling a little lost & desperate. Decided to go to this shop in town where they sell pendants
that represent something. On one of the jars it said 'fertility'. It was actually one of those Egyptian
"Anah " symbols that represent infinity & life. I wore it around my neck every single day & even
while sleeping. It had this really strong & positive energy.
CD 14 – started getting a little ewcm, so BD in morning.
CD 15 – BD in morning. Afterwards I laid with a pillow under my back and kept my legs up in the air
for a full twenty minutes. I made myself orgasm again to ensure those swimmers went right up
there ha ha
CD 16 – didn't BD as far too tired. BUT had mega ovulation pains in the evening. To the point where
I got a hot water bottle.
CD 17 - Continued O pains & the tiniest of EWCM (but can I just say that I never experienced the
EWCM that people talk about everywhere. Mine was just a tiny amount on my undies, and it didn't
stretch anything over a cm like people say it does). BD in the evening and kept my legs up for 20
minutes at least, made myself orgasm.
(*Side story, I saw a kenisiologist today for the first time in five years. I was desperately hoping
natural therapy could help. She did a full two hour treatment on me! And what can I say, I'm
pregnant now after 14 months of not being able to get pregnant! I want to send her flowers haha
she explained to me that there was a mental block & she removed those blocks!)
CD 18 – BD in the evening again (thinking O was coming to and end here so thought I'd give it one
last try!) Kept legs up for 20 minutes after & orgasmed.

Skip forward a week now as nothing happened…

DPO 7 – strong AF type cramps in the evening. It was the first "sign" for me as why would I be
getting AF cramps so early?
DPO 8 – Sore BBS. Only on either side, and only when I sort of prodded them!
DPO 9 – 12 I noticed in this time different things like flushed cheeks, quite gassy (and that's really
not me), lots of CM (WOO HOO now I knew that had to be a sign!), and milk AF style cramping
DPO 13 – Well in the evening I really thought I was out of the game because I had quite strong AF
cramps, and pains. I was so wet down there that I thought it was on its way any second. Whilst I
was sleeping I had radiating through my whole body type AF pains.
DPO 14 – Fully expected to wake up to AF but nothing (how strange!). All morning though I
cramped, and then suddenly they kind of stopped, and still no arrival of AF. I knew something was
up. I had so much watery discharge it was amazing! Then at around 7pm I tested with the OPK
and positive, and then HPT and BFP!!!!!!!!

The things we did different this month:

ONLY BD on the four days of ovulation (two before, two after)
Went to see a kenisiologist
Bought my lucky charm
Laid with my legs up for 20 minutes after & made myself orgasm

I wish you all the very very best of luck!!!!!!! You ladies who have been waiting for a long time,
don't lose hope! Your BFP is just around the corner! xx 

Post Deployment Baby Success!!!

My husband is in the Marines and just got back from a 8 month deployment on April 4th. My cycle
started on the 3rd, and we got our BFP Saturday morning (4/28)! Blood work just confirmed it this
morning too (4/30) We are so thrilled. This will be our second child and we are looking at a due
date on January 8, 2013. I tend to have a cycle that lasts around 32 days, so getting a positive test
almost an exact week before my MP was due was so surprising!

Here are my symptoms:

CD 12- EW cervical mucus (only day it was EW; Earlier Ovulation than usual?)
1DPO- slight breast tenderness (unusual for me to have at all); bloating; constipation; Creamy
cervical fluid (like lotion color/texture); cervical position high, soft, medium opening
2DPO- creamy fluid, breast tenderness
3DPO- Mild cramping(also unusual this soon before MP is due; breast tenderness, creamy fluid;
cervical position medium, firmness medium, opening medium
4DPO- Mild cramps; breast tenderness; creamy cervical fluid; cervical position medium-low, soft,
medium opening
5DPO- Mild cramps; breast tenderness, creamy cervical fluid; cervical position low, firm, and closed;
extreme forgetfulness
6DPO- Mild Cramps; creamy cervical fluid; cervical position medium, medium firmness, closed;
extreme forgetfulness
7DPO- Mild cramping; breast tenderness; nausea; fatigue; cervical fluid creamy
8DPO- Mild cramps; creamy cervical fluid
9DPO- Mild cramps; constipation; fatigue,
10DPO Mild backache; Neg preg. test. Creamy cervical fluid; cervical position medium, medium
firmness, closed
11DPO- Creamy cervical fluid; wet feeling down there (like period had come); mild cramps; mild
backache; cervical position high, soft, closed
12DPO- Creamy cervical fluid; mild backache; mild cramps; cervical position high-medium, soft,
13DPO- BFP with first morning urine; mild cramps; creamy cervical fluid; cervical position high,
medium-soft; closed
14DPO- BFP again with first morning urine; creamy cervical fluid
15DPO- Positive blood test; same symptoms as above.

We are so excited to be expecting our second child and to be finding out only 3 days before our
DD's 2nd birthday!

BFP Unexpected!

My husband and I have one child already. We tried to conceive for 5 months and were then
successful. This site helped me through each cycle. After feeling terrible with an Iud and BC pills
we decided to just track my cycles to determine when we could BD. Well, with this little miracle we
were pleasantly surprised because we weren't trying and thought that when we were going to that
it would take as long or longer as our first. I thought I O'd earlier than I think I did.

Here are my symptoms:

Cd 14-28: cramping, sharp twinges on left side, menstrual like cramping on both, fatigue, always
felt dehydrated, per was very strong (smell), skin didn't break out, veins that were green were thick
and dark running from my armpit to nipple down my side to upper thigh, no spotting, cm was
yellow tinged, fluttering in belly, hard time running my usual time had to keep stopping, nausea,
full and sore breasts on sides and nipples, nipples darker with white spots on tips and very moody
with DH. Guess I get a pass :-)

This one is very different from first as with first I only felt cramping and an "off" feeling. Thanks
to everyone who helped me with my first. I hope this helps you. Lots of babydust! 

BFP Thank You So Much!

Just a little about me and my wife! Yes I think I may possibly be the first man writing on this website!
I have to say all the women here may think a man can't understand how they feel and the whole
process but I do feel that every emotion was experienced by me too.

I am a 23 year old male primary school teacher! I've always wanted children and been married for
3years! Me and my wife started to try for a baby our march cycle and the first month I waited and
nothing! The wait was awful and I assume you just think that's it no contraception a baby will be
made. Although you don't surface the thoughts you can't help but doubt yourself and think what's
wrong why didn't it happen?

Because my younger sister has polycystic ovaries and my mum suffered with repeat miscarriages
I had done lots of research on conception and pregnancy and after lots of reading decided to try
something different month 2 of ttc!

My wife's symptoms:

Day of ovulation: high temp and stuffy nose
1dpo – stuffy nose continued it's like a cold fully blocked nose
2dpo – nose is still blocked and in the night a high temperature. The high temp just in the night
continues and the stuffy nose until
8dpo 9dpo my wife body begins to ache all over she thinks it because she's being health (dieting)
and because AF is due! She wants to get healthier for next month's try as I did a test two days early
7dpo and it was negative!
10dpo and 7days before af due and I do a test its BFP! I use the early response its very faint but I
know it must be true! Next day I spend £40 n more tests more first response, normal Clearblue and
the digital Clearblue! All show pregnant and even the digital one does
11dpo 6days till expected AF and 5 tests confirm we are pregnant with baby 1 2nd month ttc. I'm
such a happy dad I can't believe it's actually happened; hope we have a good healthy pregnancy!

What I did different this month?

My wife was already on the folic acid and calcium chews from the docs, I got her b6 vitamin,
vegetarian omega 3 which contains flaxseed, evening primrose oil and cod liver capsule! I really think
they helped along with faith and our prayers and having a baby born in the house my sister had her
beautiful girl 5th of April 2012!

BFP – 26TH APRIL 2012

Baby dust to all and enjoy ttc I hope all dads and mums get their bfp too! 

My prayers with you all! xx