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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

Totally Unexpected: BFP!!!

Hi all,

After reading all the other lovely ladies' stories it now my turn to share! We started trying to conceive since January this year, but actually last month was the first month I really felt something was going on.

Here are my symptoms:

5 - 7 dpo: constant cramping feeling. Really weird for me, because I only get cramps max two days before af (which should come 13 dpo). Sore nipples.
8 - 9 dpo: cramping is gone, but instead of that I get a more twinging feeling. Still very sore nipples. At this point I felt so sure and relaxed that I was pregnant: I just knew.
10 dpo: nipples are less sore and cramping and twinging feeling is also much less than the days before. Starting to doubt myself, but still feel this is the thing...
11 dpo: first test: bfn. In the morning I felt cramps that are exactly the same as what I get when af is on her way. Nipples are not sore at all anymore, not one other symptom. Not so sure anymore about me being pregnant.
12 dpo: last night I had such extreme af cramps that I'm now totally convinced she is on her way. Therefore decide not to test, but just to wait till she arrives. Nothing happens...
13 dpo: today my af should today arrive so a test should be able to give clarity. Used a Clearblue digital test with the very clear message: NOT PREGNANT. Alright kinda saw that one coming, but still I feel quite upset.
14-16 dpo: I feel totally normal, but I do get some af cramps during the day. I'm sooo annoyed because they come and go. My cycles can be a bit irregular sometimes, so now that I know I'm not pregnant I just want to get on to the next cycle.
17 dpo: when I stand up quickly I get a little bit dizzy. I feel totally stupid thinking that that could be my only pregnancy symptom, but by now even for me af is staying away for a long time. Decide to test again the next morning.
18 dpo: take the Clearblue digital test with fmu. Get back into bed and chat with dh. Almost forgot about it being there, because I'm still that sure I can't be pregnant. Then glance at the thing to see: pregnant 1-2 weeks!!!

This was yesterday and I'm still in total shock of what happened. My feelings have definitely played some tricks on me going from 'very sure, this is it' to 'very sure af is on her way'. I hope my story is of any help. Lots of babydust to all of you!! 

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

I had really very few symptoms. I thought I couldn't get pregnant that month because the CBFM didn't peak, i had highs all month until the 20th day and then it was low. I used a basal thermometer and there wasn't a very strong shift, although at the end of the month my temperature did sort of level out in the high regions. I actually managed to throw the first bfp away before it had developed I was so sure I couldn't be pregnant. I found it the next day whilst sorting the bin for recycling and rubbish. I did another to confirm it. I am now near the end of my first trimester and about to have a dating scan. I have had sore breasts and had stiffness in my muscles but no nausea.


I've been stalking this site on and off for the entire time we've been TTC, nearly 2 years. After so many months of stress and devastation when AF arrived, we decided to let it go and whatever happens, happens. Well it finally happened! Wanted to post my symptoms, as others' posts really helped me over the years.

0-5 DPO - Nothing really. Dry CM for the most part.
6-8 DPO - Really sore BBs all of a sudden, and those weird "zingers". Those kinda hurt! Could swear my sense of smell is heightened, but just figured it was my imagination again.
9-11 DPO - BBs still really sore on the outer edges by my arms. VERY tired after work...actually fell asleep sitting up! Mild cramps convinced me AF was on her way. Increased appetite that started becoming noticeable. Hubby asked me if I felt pregnant, but I thought there was no way.
12-13 DPO - Really considering testing, but didn't want to see another BFN. Very tired, cranky, HUNGRY and thirsty, very sore BBs again.
14 DPO Tested with ClearBlue digital with morning urine, and got my BFP! Kinda want to test again later juuuust to make sure. We're so unbelievably happy!

Thanks to all who post here; it's inspiration for those TTC. Good luck to all!!


0-5 DPO: Nothing, dry CM
6 DPO: woke up with sore breasts and bloating (normal before AF), and back pain between my shoulders and left side jaw pain, took a test because I got it in my mind (I never do before AF is due!) Negative of course!
7 DPO: same sore breasts and bloating as expected, jaw is killing me!, took another test for no reason! (Negative)
8 DPO: sore breasts, bloating, jaw pain, small moment of nausea (lasted only seconds)
9 DPO: nothing new
10 DPO: nothing new, jaw pain feels like a sinus infection, husband commented that I am happier than normal (usually moody before AF starts)
11 DPO: still nothing new, husband had a dream I am pregnant, sister commented on how bloated I am
12 DPO: Mother's Day! I rush out and buy a First Response Early Result- Faintest Possible Positive! Husband agrees it's a line there! But still no card from him :( lol
13 DPO: I test in the early morning (after work, same brand) and Negative! Nothing there! I sleep and test again at 1pm, Faint Positive! At 8:55 I buy a Clearblue Digital and it says Pregnant! Finally convinced it's a BFP!! Throughout the day, I had to pee about 20 times, and the other about 5 times.
14 DPO: glued to the toilet with my jaw still Painful, and still don't feel pregnant (no hunger or nausea or anything I expected)

BFP @ 13 DPO CD 30

This was our 3rd month TTC #1. I've been taking a prenatal, an additional folic acid supplement, and 50 mg. of B6 daily. Speaking of - does anyone out there know if it is safe to continue the b6? I was originally taking to due to a short (10-11 day) luteal phase... Here were my symptoms.

1 DPO - white, creamy CM
2 DPO - white, creamy CM
3 DPO - white, creamy CM
4 DPO - white, creamy CM and pulling sensation in uterus
5 DPO - LOTS of white, creamy CM and full feeling in lower abdomen
6 DPO - white, creamy CM and lower back pain
7 DPO - white, creamy CM, more lower back pain
8 DPO - white, creamy CM
9 DPO - white, creamy CM
10 DPO -white, creamy CM and constipation
11 DPO - white, creamy CM, areolas/nipples look bigger
12 DPO - more white, creamy CM and constipation
13 DPO - Nipples still look big, a little white, creamy CM

I never had any nausea or breast tenderness/soreness. The really big difference I saw was the white, creamy CM throughout the entire TWW. Usually I have a little of this but lots of dry days too. If anyone out there knows about the B6, please let me know! I'm afraid to stop taking it and I'm afraid to take it! Not sure what to do. 

Positive Pregnancy Test After 6 months TTC!

My husband and I had been trying naturally for our second baby (baby #1 is 9 months old, we want our kids close together in age) for the last 6 months or so. I'm very regular but my cycle had changed after I had my son, I went from ovulating on Cd 14/15 to ov'ing on Cd 17 with a luteal phase of only 7-9 days. We kept BDing around days 14 and 15 and I couldn't understand why nothing was happening! So I started testing with OPK's to see if I was off, and I was.

Things I did differently this month-

-BD'ed every other day throughout the month until around ovulation (to keep hubby's sperm at it's best),
-Tried to stay away from junk food and caffeine, drank more water
-Took vitamin B6(25mg) the day after ovulation on, I'll continue this until 3 month mark or so-it helps with low progesterone, I was spotting and thought low progesterone might be the cause. It also helps elongate your luteal phase.
-Tried to keep my mind off of TTC! haha.

We didn't BD during the 4 days before I ovulated because we were at the inlaws (the guest bed squeaks and if we make any noise they comment on it the next morning!! Ugh!). Then we BD'ed again the first night of my positive OPK(I got two positives, the second day we didn't BD)

My symptoms-

Almost identical to pms, except for lots of painful gas and bloating.

1dpo- Closed, high cervix, dry, some slight cramps
2dpo-Nauseous(probably from Ovulating), lower back pain, tired (normal!)
3dpo-Lower back pain, nothing else
4dpo-More Cm(normal)
5dpo-Sharp pain in side, right ovary hurts, bbs a little achy(still normal)
6dpo-Cramps, lots of Cm(again, normal), gas like no other!!
7dpo-Spotted a little but could have been because of sex the night before. Gas.
8dpo-Dry, no Cm, gave up this day. Took a test too early, of course, negative! Gas!!
9dpo-The worst diarrhea I've ever had. I get diarrhea every month before Af so thought I was out. Had my tampons ready! Haha. Still had gas.
10dpo-Period is due today at the latest, no spotting, dry Cm, GAS, negative test.
11dpo-No Cm, cervix high, feels slightly open and soft-same as it usually is before my AF! And yet a BFP!!! Light on an internet cheapie!

Good luck and God bless all of you still TTC! 

TTC and BFP Three Cycles After Chemical

Hi there all the ladies that are trying or have already conceived. Here is my story of preggo symptoms in the two week wait that ended in a BFP!:)

1. dpo: Nothing
2. dpo: Nothing
3. dpo: Nothing
4. dpo: Nothing
5. dpo: Twinges and pain in uterus. So sharp they bothered me a little.
6. dpo: Cramping.
7. dpo: Very tired, took a nap in the afternoon, had cravings for KFC ;)
8. dpo: Nothing except that I had a banana before I went to sleep and it tasted like shampoo and my hear got oily.
9. dpo: Now it hit me in work, I had hot flashes and pain over the chest and heavy breathing, started crying over nothing. Got that feeling that I might be pregnant.
10. dpo: Vivid dreams. Had one last glass of wine with dinner because I felt like I had to be pregnant and after a positive test I couldn't think of taking another sip. Very sore breasts.
11. dpo: Had a test lying around so I peed on it in the morning and right away I saw one strong line and a faint line right next to it. It was Sure sign preggo test.
12. dpo: The pregnancy signs continued to get stronger, Very hungry all the time. Craving for almost everything and sleepy, peeing a lot!

The next few days: I am preggo and I love it, still no signs of morning sickness. But started feeling faint (maybe more hormones are causing that), little crampy but nothing to worry about. And trying to relax and thinking this will be a happy and healthy pregnancy :)

Praying for a BFP to all of you girls still trying! 

BFP at 42 After Eight Months of Trying

CD 1
CD 10 - DTD, EWCM, O date (27 day cycles, I ovulate early). Didn't do anything like lie in bed afterwards, in fact got up and made dinner.
3 DPO - headache all day, light pain right side
4 DPO - burst of white cm after running
6 DPO - weirdly emotional
7 DPO - pimply, tired, dumb, and everything smells weird.
8, 9 DPO more of the same + crampy and needing to pee
11 DPO bfn
12 DPO very light bfp on IC, light line on FRER, ow boobs, seriously.
13 DPO bfp a little bit darker
14 DPO a little darker still

What we did different: I'd gone off antidepressants to try to get pregnant and went back on somewhere during my last period, and life became a lot easier all of a sudden. Unfortunately, now I have to go off of them. Started going to the gym daily for non-related reasons.

Feeling pretty good with little bouts of nausea here and there. Now at around 5 weeks. 

Early Pregnancy Symptoms--BFP 12DPO CD25

I didn't have many symptoms with my first pregnancy and I tend to not have many AF symptoms either, but I thought I would share my story since this website is so wonderful! This was our first cycle TTC, but we have been NTNP since January (4 months).

I take a B50 complex, a prenatal, omega 3s, and a wheatgrass shot every day, as well as guafenesin (200mg 2x/day) from CD5-16. I tend to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, as well as drink a lot of water so I didn't tweak my diet at all except to eliminate coffee altogether.

3DPO Slight red spot on TP, I am amazed I noticed it.
4DPO Very cranky, emotional about odd things (wanted to cry over a pasty that someone else got the last one of!).
5DPO-present TIRED! Like bone weary, especially in mid-afternoon.
6-7DPO Pluggy ears, like I was at high altitude.
8DPO-present Gassier than normal, bloated by the afternoon and it doesn't go away until morning.
10DPO-present Pants feel tighter (probably because of the gas and bloating, lol). BFN.
11DPO-present Softer and more frequent stools than normal. BFP? It is so faint and I couldn't remember if it was within the time limit.
12DPO Funny stomach, needed Tums. BFP! Not super dark but definitely there!

I am testing tomorrow 13DPO on a digital so I can see that "Pregnant" pop up! Good luck ladies!!!

BFP at 6:00 PM

I am 31 and DH is 33. We have a beautiful 2 year old son and have been NTNP for 8 months. My LMP was 4/11 and I have a 28-30 day cycle. I think I O'd around 4/25. I NEVER check CM (and probably wouldn't even know how) but I noticed I felt wetter than normal from DPO 11-16. Kept thing AF had arrived.

My symptoms:

DPO 1-5 nothing except extreme hot flashes a couple of times
DPO 6 moody
DPO 7 extremely moody and emotional
DPO 8 mood is better BFN
DPO 10 got super sick, upset stomach, diarrhea, nauseous; asked DH to bring home ginger ale
DPO 11 nothing
DPO 12 hungry
DPO 13 nothing
DPO 14-15 extremely hungry, tummy is making ridiculously loud noises!, bad cramps and positive AF is on the way
DPO 16 same as DPO 14-15 but cramps are worse, tummy feels 'swirly', and waves of nausea; decided to test at 6:00 and BFP immediately!

Due date Jan 16, 2013

Very excited and blessed! God is good! Praying for BFPs for each of you.