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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

12 DPO with a BFP!

Though this site has become an obsession for me, I am so thankful for it - so I thought I would share my story. I have two beautiful daughters and we decided to try for a third, who would have thought I would be as anxious as I was with #1?!

1 - 5 DPO nothing
6DPO bloated, heavy feeling - mild cramping, light CM
7DPO same as 6
8 DPO mild cramping on and off all day, stretchy thick CM
9 DPO NO CM at all, cramping gone
10 DPO only heartburn
11 DPO heartburn along with some dizziness when standing up
12 DPO BFP, faint but definitely there (took another 10 hours later, same result)

The biggest thing I paid attention to this ovulation cycle was my CM before ovulation to anticipate when ovulation would occur - huge help. There are some great websites to walk you through the different types of CM and found them to be helpful for the two months of trying! 


Just wanted to share my story. I was diagnosed with PID in August 2011. The doctor said it would be very difficult to become pregnant because of the scarring in my tubes. I was pretty bummed out. We have two beautiful children and thanked God for blessing me with them.

Well this month I just felt different since ovulation. My cycles are normally 28-30 days. We BD on CD 15 and I think I may have ovulated on CD 16. I had major EWCM and ovulation pains. On CD 18-22 I was having tons of discharge. Then it just completely stopped. I really thought I might have just ovulated later then I thought.

I started to get lower back pain and cramping as though af was going to show her face any day. During CD 25-28 I didn't have any discharge. I took a hpt on 11 dpo which would be CD 27 and I got a BFN. Not even a hint of a pink line. So I thought I was out for sure. So on 13 dpo I was at the grocery store and just thought what the heck I am going to buy a cheapie and just try. So I took it and OMG there was two lines!! BFP! I could not believe it. Just two days ago I got a BFN. I went back to the grocery store and bought a two pack of the digital tests and sure enough it said PREGNANT! We are so excited!

Do not give up ladies! Sending you all extra baby dust!! 

Late BFP

Hey Ladies, this website helped me a lot in the last two weeks therefore I had to post this morning.

1-4 dpo - nothing
4dpo- cramps, tired
5dpo- cramps, tired, sore bbs
6dpo- cramps, extremely tired, sore boobs with bulging blue veins, Bach ache Tested and BFN
7 dpo- same as 6 days tested again BFN
8 dpo- sore boobs, tired, vivid dreams also no cm at all
9 dpo- same symptoms as above except back pain gets worse. Tested and BFN
10 dpo- same symptoms tested BFN
11-15- same symptoms except extremely emotional and convinced I am out and will stop testing.
15 dpo- AF is MIA, back ache is worse. Decided to go to the doctor. Doctor did a urine preg test and BFN. And gave me meds for back pain.
16 - 17 dpo- sore boobs, feel like cleaning everything, extremely emotional, little cm, tired, lots of saliva in my mouth.
18 dpo- firs thing in the morning I decide to test again with a pro care dollar store test. I was convinced I was not expecting, but still didn't get AF. Waited a minute after testing and BFP!!!!

This is pregnancy #3 and have never got a BFP this late. But it makes sense since AF hasn't shown. Also started getting a lot more cm.

BFP 3 Months After Wedding!

We are realllllly excited. My husband has been downloading baby name apps today heehee!

1 dpo - was tired
2-3 dpo - nothing
4-5 dpo - bloated, gassy heartburn, backache, really odd dreams, itchy nipples
6 dpo - backache, headache
7 dpo - woke up cold, temp dipped, broke out on my chin, backache, high energy followed by
fatigue and back again, sore throat and stuffy nose
8 dpo - Backache and the high/low energy thing again
9-11 dpo - I felt like I could feel something happening in my uterus on the left side. I called it
cramping but it's like a presence of something, not exactly painful, but weird and unfamiliar.
Plus backache, high/low energy, gas and heartburn

BFP 11 dpo on FRER after seeing "something" on cheapy test.

Now I am exhausted and have a headache! But I'm super excited!!!! 

BFP 5-4-12

Well conceiving happened much sooner this go round! Got my BFP today..still shocked!

1-7 DPO--nothing
8 DPO- pain near right ovary all day, achy thighs and legs.
12 DPO- nausea..gagging while brushing teeth which I suffered with my first pregnancy! Exhausted!
13DPO- bloody boogers, super tired, sharp shooting pains in breast near armpits
14 DPO- blood boogers, exhausted, no energy, pinching type cramps in uterus but not typical AF
cramps. Took dollar store test and BFN, later took Equate test BFP!

I'm Pregnant!!!

I was addicted to this site from my first two week wait until six months later when I finally got my
BFP! I hope my story will bring hope to those who read it that it will happen to them, just as
reading these stories always gave hope to me. (Also, I am sooo sorry this is so long, I just couldn't
help myself!)

First, a little background. I am 26 and DH is 29. We will have been married for five years this July.
My DH has always been very excited and open to the idea of starting a family but it took me a
while to be 'ready'. However, starting about a year and a half ago it started to creep into our con-
versations more and more and I began to think about when we should start trying. Of course when
I was younger I thought that getting pregnant just 'happened', like surprise! I didn't ever realize
that people planned and tried and obsessed...boy did I have a rude awakening coming! Oh and of
course I thought I would get pregnant right away as well, I was so naive.

In October 2011 I went off the BCP after being on it since I was 19. Before going on the pill I had
had irregular periods, but I was hoping that maybe things would be different now that I was older.
No such luck. Although my first cycle off the pill was a perfect 28 days, the second was 70! I was
so frustrated with my body. I had no idea at any point whether or not I had ovulated, or whether I
was late for my period or not. Every time I got a 'symptom' I would test and then be disappointed
by a BFN. I was so relieved when my AF finally did come since at least it was a fresh start.

At that point I knew I had to do something different. The next cycle I used CB Digital OPKs and
also charted. My cycle was still a little long, at 35 days, but I was able to pinpoint when I ovulated
and felt like I had at least a little control over what was going on with my body. Unfortunately, my
DH was at the Police Academy during this time and only home on the weekends so our BD timing
wasn't good. Getting that first smiley on the CB Digital was so exciting, but so frustrating as well
because DH wasn't around to BD! So even though I still remained hopeful since we had BD'd a few
days before O, again it was a BFN cycle.

Next cycle I stuck with OPKs and charting, and received a positive OPK on CD28. Even though I
didn't have the ovulation pain like I had had the previous month, I still thought that I had ovulated,
and discounted the lack of a good temp rise due to the fact that my temps had been kind of all
over the place all cycle. I decided that my thermometer was messed and I needed a new one.

Two weeks after I thought I had ovulated, AF did not show, and I began testing. BFNs. I was
frustrated and resumed temping with a new thermometer. My temps were still low and I finally
realized that I had never even actually ovulated!! Finally, on CD46 I got ovulation pains and a good
temperature rise afterwards. Even though I hadn't realized until I got the cramps that I was finally
ovulating, luckily my DH and I have had great BD timing (three days before, day before, day of, and
day after)! We got a high BD timing ranking on Fertility Friend, which made me very hopeful!

So now my real 2WW began. My main symptom was cramping that began on 6DPO. I desperately
hoped it was implantation cramping. It continued over the next couple of days and on the evening
of 7DPO I thought I saw a tiny spot of brown CM on TP. On the morning of 10DPO I got up and
was very excited to test, but so scared and pretty sure that it would be another BFN. I POAS (First
Response) and then went and poured my bowl of cereal. I went back after the three minutes was up
and...OMG there was a definite line!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it; I didn't know what to do! I was so
used to staring at the test until I was cross-eyed, holding it up to the light, turning it this way and
that, just desperately trying to see a line. But I didn't have to do any of that, it was clearly there!!!

My DH had already left for work when I tested that morning, so after I got off work that day I went
to the bookstore and bought a book for expectant fathers. I also went to Walmart and bought EPT
brand and Clearblue Digital brand tests, thinking that I needed to confirm the first positive. I took
both of them when I got home. The EPT was positive and the Clearblue Digital said 'Pregnant'!!!

After Using the OPK for the First Time - BFP Yesterday

I knew I missed af a couple of days ago but wasn't sure what day because I didn't keep track of my
last period.


-minor cramps
-pain on the chest (think it was heartburn but didn't feel like it)
-peeing more than I usually pee
-lost of appetite
-stomach cramps on and off
-usually I get pimples before af, this time around nothing
-itchy down there (not sure if it was a yeast infection but its gone now)
-no sore breast but a little bigger than usual

I am so grateful and happy that God made this month my lucky month. I will continue to pray
that this one stick and healthy. Baby dust to all!!! 

Natural BFP Ater Failed IVF

Been TTC-ing for 4 years. Did IVF last November and it resulted in a chemical pregnancy. We were
going to do the FET in Feb/ March but postponed due to DH having to go to Europe for work.

But by some bizarre miracle, it turned out we didn't need to do the FET because I found out I was
pregnant in Feb. Au naturale!


I had insomnia and weird dreams when I could sleep. I brushed it off as excitement for the Europe
trip. Woke up a lot at night to pee. My boobs were sore but it tends to be close to AF so I ignored
it too. And yet something made me POAS on the very day AF was due...

What we did differently:

We were both on Fertilaid and FertileCM (for me) and Motility Boost (for him) for three months plus.
I went for massages to get blood flowing and did pelvic tilt exercises.
We tried our traditional Chinese medicine, in which the consultant said we both have too much
"Yin" (cold) and should consume a diet of "Yang" (hot). We both also abstained from coffee, tea
and cold drinks. Pineapple is a no-no as Asians believe it can cause miscarriages.

Despite all this, we weren't expecting the BFP at all.

I hope everyone else here gets their BFP soon!

TTC Story BFP!!!!!

Me and my bf have been TTC for 3 months and got my BFP a week ago, I'm only 5 wks but so over
the moon fingers crossed my bubbie sticks!!

I was constantly on this site during my 2WW was very helpful kept me positive, I just knew this
was my month, didn't have any odd symptoms needed to wee a lot more and just felt like AF was
coming light cramping and dull achy abdomen, had a spot of blood the day AF was due but that
was all. Had a doc app 3 days later, blood test came back positive.

Feel so lucky it only took 3 months felt like the longest of my life tho... My heart goes out to all
who have been trying much longer! I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning (after trying to hold all
night but couldn't) took my PT 10DPO and got my BFP was a little light but couldn't believe my
eyes. 2 days later took PT again very dark lines.

IM SO HAPPY... Hope everyone trying gets there BFP very soon

xx baby dust to all xx 

Pregnant After 5 Months TTC

My husband and I have been trying since December and every month was a roller coaster of
emotions when we were not pregnant. This month I decided that I was not going to think about it.

I didn't take note of my symptoms just remember having vivid dreams and feeling very Hungry. My
period was due yesterday and I woke up feeling exhausted and had flu like symptoms, decided to
take a test and it was positive...

We are over the moon sending all of you baby dust :)