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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.


I have two children and I was finally ready for another one so I told my boyfriend I was ready so we
didn't use protection or the pull-out method. Here are some of my symptoms leading up to my BFP..

10-15 ovulation
1dpo- no symptoms
2dpo- same
3dpo- tender and sore bbs
4dpo- tender and sore bbs and some nausea
5dpo- same
6dpo-nausea went away but still a little sore
7dpo- took hpt and got a faint line with morning urine
8dp- 2more hpt and got faint line sore breast and nausea
9dpo- 2 more hpt test and def. positive went to a women's center and got a walk in preg. test and
another BFP...

First appt..May 21st and due January 5th!

I didn't think it was possible for it to happen that early and this site def. help me realize it could! 


I had a semi normal period starting on March 25th and it lasted about 5 days and then on Friday
April 20 I started getting such bad heartburn that lasted for 12 hours!! I was slightly nauseous the
week prior and VERY EMOTIONAL I cried because my fiancé wouldn't go to Wal-Mart with me and
because I scored a lower grade than expected in one of my medical courses!!

I decided to take a test on Friday the 20th and I had a slight bfp AF was due today and I was
shocked I waited and took another an hour later and it was another slight line so I took 2 more
First Responses the next day and again POSITIVE and then 3 Clear Blue Digitals and they all said

BABY DUST TO ALL:* *Please say prayers that this baby makes it, and I don't have any issues :) <3 


I still can't believe it!!! DH and I have been "not trying, not preventing" since he came home from
deployment in January. We agreed to start trying next cycle so I was literally waiting for AF to show
so we could get the ball rolling.

My LMP was 3/26/12 I got a positive OPK on 4/12/12. We BD'd on 4/10/12-4/12/12. I personally
think BDing on the days BEFORE ovulation is what did the trick.

The only symptoms I had before getting a BFP were: 6dpo to present- extremely tender breasts
(mainly on the sides) 7-8dpo- dull cramps on the left side. Tested, BFN 9dpo- a few waves of
nausea 10dpo- BFP FRER DH and I are ecstatic. We can't wait to tell our 4yr old (whose been asking
to be a Big Sister for months) that it's REALLY happening. My due date is 12/31/12.


BFP at 10DPO

Can't believe my eyes! We have been trying to conceive baby #2 since January (I stopped
breastfeeding in January as our son was turning 1 in February) so I was unsure how my cycle would
regulate out. This month it worked! Got a positive OPK on Tuesday, April 17th, in the evening so I
assumed would ovulate in the next 24-36 hours. We BD on 4/17 and 4/18.

Here are my symptoms:

1DPO - major creamy white cervical mucus & cramping
2DPO - mild cramping & headache
3-4DPO - nothing
5DPO - mild cramping, super hungry!
6DPO - cramps similar to AF, super hungry!
7DPO - woke up with headache
8DPO - woke up with headache
9DPO - lower back ache, cramping, light spotting
10DPO - took a test (Answer brand which was missing the cap??) and I see a very faint BFP!!!! Took
another test that evening (FIrst Response Rapid Response - meant to buy the First Response Early
Result!! - oops!) BFN!!!
11DPO- BFP with First Response Early Result!!!!!!!

First sono is May 23rd...due date is January 1, 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe we will have 2 little
ones a little less than 2 years apart. I couldn't be happier and feel like our family will be complete.
Keep the faith for those of you that haven't seen a BFP yet, I have been posting in "Am I Pregnant"
for what feels like forever! Patience! It will happen! :) :)

Baby dust to all!!!! 

BFP with Odd Symptom

I just got my BFP on 13DPO. So excited to be able to share here! This was our first month really
trying (haven't been preventing for about 6 months) and we only BD once during my fertile period
(1 day before O). I used OPK and preseed.

My main symptom was mild diarrhea, which I've read everywhere isn't really a "symptom." Well it
was for me! I have an iron stomach, so I knew something was up! I experienced it on 9DPO and
10DPO and again today on 13DPO. I also had some mild AF cramps and nausea today and thought
for SURE AF was coming (felt just like before AF). I figured I'd test and get the disappointment over
with before AF showed up (due in two days). And it was a faint BFP! Feeling so blessed. I really hope
it sticks!

Good luck to all you amazing ladies. You don't know how much support I got on here during
my wait. 


Ok so I stalked this site while I waited and I promised myself I would share when I got my BFP, so
here it goes :)

O day- mild breast tenderness (totally normal for me)
1dpo-mild breast tenderness
2dpo- mild bloating, mod breast tenderness, a little moody
3dpo- mild cramps, mod breast tenderness and more moody
4dpo-mild bloating, mod breast tenderness and mod fatigue
5dpo-mild cramps and mod breast tenderness
6dpo-nothing really
7dpo-more breast tenderness
8dpo- more of the same
9dpo- took a test, tiny faint, ghost line...I'm not even sure it's there. I feel some pulling/stretching
in my abdomen but this is #2 so it's more common earlier, called round ligament pain
10dpo- Test, still very faint but has some color now. Tell my DH :). Stronger pulling sensation,
more breast tenderness, very tired
11dpo- BFP!!!!! I'm sure of it this time :) DH gets me flowers :). more pulling, more tenderness,
more fatigue

Now I'm 14dpo and breasts are very tender-near untouchable and I've gone to sleeping in a jogging
bra. In the afternoons I'm exhausted, peeing every hour or so, getting up once a night to pee and
occasional waves of nausea.

Good luck ladies, sticky sticky baby dust!!! 

BFP =)

Hello ladies! I am so excited to finally post my bfp story. Well I'm 21, my husband is 11 years older
than me lOl but my cycle is 23 days..regular for me. Anyways my last menstrual was on March 31,
and my period usually last about 4 or 5 days.

My husband and I BD on April 7-11 (CD 8-12)

According to my ovulation calendar I OD on CD 11.

1-7DPO - NO symptoms at all
8-DPO came home early and my husband was asleep at like 2pm (weird because he NEVER takes
naps, ever and he was feeling kinda queasy) I think I went to bed around 8 or 830 this night which
is early for me because I usually don't go to sleep til around 10pm. My BBT was 97.9 **first day I
charted throughout my entire 2ww.
9DPO- My bbt was 98.74
10DPO- bbt 98.4 :( I thought because it went down some that I was definitely out this month for
sure, even though I had only been temping for 2 or 3 days lol...threw up twice that morning and
once in the afternoon so late that evening I began to question if I was pregnant. BFN on EFR
11DPO - didn't take temp today because I got called into work at midnight (military life) took
another EFR around 9am after I finally got home and got some sleep....BFN :( ugh
12DPO- woke up to get my car registration done and got these TERRIBLE headaches on and off for
about 45 mins....decided to test again and OMG I saw a VERRYYYYYY faint line with clear blue...
now this was around 10:15am, after I used to bathroom like 3 times already before....decided to
take another test with EFR this time just incase I was seeing things...1 line showed up, thought I
wasted a test and sat down for 2 mins...had to pee AGAIN and when I came back in the bathroom
I saw a 2nd VERYYY faint line. STILL thought I was seeing things so I test again lol and still a very
faint bfp.

At this point I went straight to the doctor to get a blood test, called back for my results 3 hrs later
and the doctor told me it is positive! I am PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited.

Today is 13dpo and I test again this morning just to be extra sure even though my blood test was
confirmed lol and BFP immediately showed up with another clear blue :) I go in next week to make
my first OB appt and I am so excited !!!!!!! I pray that I have a great and healthy pregnancy :)!!!!!

BABY DUST TO ALL!!!! **** 

BFP!! New World Baby 2012

I've been visiting this site for a few years, but this pregnancy was completely unexpected! It's so
ironic because I remember in 8th grade, I first heard about this whole December 21st, 2012
doomsday/newworld scenario. When I heard about it I said to myself, "I'll be 23 then...I just want to
have kids by then!" Now here I am! I guess God gave me what I asked for lol.

So, my fiancé is in the military and currently lives in California. My permanent address is in
Virginia. I went to visit him for three months until 4/14/2012. I tested on 4/20/2012 and got
a BFP!

My symptoms:

- Moderate cramping hours after conception. I told my fiancé, " I think you inseminated me"...he
didn't believe me.
- Really intense bloating
- Increased appetite
- Swollen boobs and painful nipples
- On my flight back, I was really lightheaded and nauseated. Strangers were fanning me and
rubbing my back. I guess I really looked ill (lol) - Weird sleeping patterns.
- Vivid dreams
- Can't hold anything down. As soon as I felt hunger pains I would throw up.
- I often experienced complete and total RAGE. Which is really unlike me. I was really mean to
my SO.

That's all I can think of for now. Baby dust to all! <3 


3 months TTC, age 35

Just got my BFP this morning after having a bunch of symptoms for the past five days. I kept track
of every symptom using the "Pink Pad" App, which I totally recommend if you are TTC. This is the
first month I used it, and BAM! It calculated a different peak ovulation day than the various websites
I've been stalking. I'm going to post my symptoms below, as I know what it's like to be in the TWW
and seek out possible signs! :)

Ovulation day: To begin with, I actually felt my body ovulate this month. In the past, I had trouble
telling. Pink Pad App may have helped me notice as it picked the exact day.

1-6 DPO no symptoms
7 DPO: mild bloating, extra hungry, very mild nausea while getting ready for work
8 DPO: exact same as 7 dpo
9 DPO: BFN with FRER, but definite a.m. nausea, mild breast tenderness, bloating, mild cramps,
fatigue, cravings, extra hungry
10 DPO: mild bloating, increasing breast size and tenderness, nipples enlarging, definite a.m.
nausea with hot flashes, mild cramps, fatigue, super irritable at work, cravings, extra hungry
11 DPO: Same as 10 DPO, but all symptoms escalating -- especially moodiness (cried at work for a
couple minutes), heavy/tender breasts
12 DPO: BFP on FRER! The line came up right away and was just about as dark as the control line! :)

Coincidentally, I have my annual OBGYN visit scheduled for this Thursday. Now that is super convenient! :) 


I self admittedly forced myself to wait til the day af was due before I tested. 
Here were my symptoms.

2 days prior to o- ewcm
1 dpo sore nips
3 dpo vertigo
4 dpo serious vertigo- stayed home from work Heavy bladder and headache, pain in back
5 dpo lower left pelvic pain
6 dpo Lotiony cm
8 dpo little blood in nose in morning
9 dpo tan cm
10 dpo cotton mouth, watery cm
11 dpo thirsty, frequent urination, random boob pain
12 dpo tired, watery cm, frequent urination
13 dpo dry cm, indigestion
14 dpo slight nausea, occassional sore nips
15 dpo no af, Lotiony cm, poas Bfp