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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

OMG BFP Day Period Due!!! TTC for 4 Months Only

Hi everyone, As always I have stalked this site since the birth of my first daughter over 2 years
ago! :) I am now 4 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and me 24 and DH 25 are over the moon!
We didn't chart as I'm not organized enough also we didn't think about it too much! :/ (well he
didn't) I don't remember exact dpo and cd do I'm just going to list my most memorable symptoms
from 5dpo until BFP

Hungry all the time.
Sore bbs (really sore not like af sore!)
Tingling mouth and lips (weird)
Bloated trousers feel tighter
Shooting pains in vagina Light cramps and twinges
Nausea (at night)
Hot flashes Sweaty in sleep (not normal for me)
Sore throat and mucusy
Thrush symptoms but mild!
I took 4 tests day period was due all BFP included a clear blue digi that read pregnant 1-2

So happy Good luck ladies baby dust to all xxxx 

BFP after 9 Months:)

I can't believe I am actually writing this...but I got my BFP last Friday, and have obsessively looked
at this site each month after I ovulated. We weren't using OPK kits for the first four months, but the
decided to just to make sure we were timing it right. Even though it certainly didn't happen right
away, I am lucky to have a pretty regular cycle (28-30 days) and I have obvious ovary/ovulation
pain every month. For the past four months we decided to start having sex everyday during
ovulation time (three days before, day of, and after). If it didn't work this month, I planned to go
back to every other day (as directed by my doctor a couple weeks ago). I know many women wait
much longer than my nine month wait, which wasn't easy. I started to get pretty negative by this
month and started to wonder if something was wrong. The best thing I can tell you is to not give
up, it will happen. I won't tell you to "just relax" though, b/c that bugged me a lot:) It's also not
possible. Side note: I am very regular, usually down to the hour. I have used a lot of will power and
have only used two tests during the nine months we were trying (one of which was positive!). I
recommend this if you can...I just couldn't handle taking an early test, getting a negative and then
my period right on schedule.

Okay, so here are my two week wait symptoms:

Ovulation day: Had sex
1dpo: had sex - no symptoms
2 dpo:migraine headache in am and in afternoon
3 dpo:migraine in am, cm in eve - not fertile cm, but noticeable
4 dpo: no more cm, pimples around mouth
5 dpo: nothing
6 dpo: vivid dreams last night, stomach gurgling in evening, loud!
7 dpo: nothing
8 dpo: had my first baby dream last night ever, was holding our baby girl. strong smelling pee
this am.
9 dpo: smelly pee in am, gassy
10 dpo: boobs feel heavy, hurt to touch (however I have symptom every month)
11dpo: heavy, sore boobs, especially on sides
12 dpo: boobs still sore. start to become upset as i feel bloated and period like cramps starting in
13 dpo: boobs hurt and feel full, bloated. Totally feels like AF is coming, crampy all day. Nipple
twinges of pain. Pimples in mouth/chin area.
14 dpo:AF cramps on and off all day! I'm talking exactly the same. Totally feels like it will start any
minute. Still haven't taken a pregnancy test, because I am so certain my period is coming. Lower
back pain today. Sore boobs in am noticeable. Very bad cramps when laying in bed falling asleep
around 11pm, you know, the type of AF cramps that start pretty much an hour before she shows
her face? Yep, EXACTLY the same. Convince myself I'll wake up to find AF. Maybe it was
implantation though?
15 dpo: no period yet. instead of waking up to that, wake up to cm (this is weird for me, usually
have zero after I ovulate until my next ovulation. ovary pain, on and off both sides (this was new
for me). Had metal taste in mouth throughout the day.
16dpo: can you believe I still haven't tested yet? :) the only reason I did this am was because I woke
up and my nipples really hurt ( way different than I have ever had, and different from the normal
pre- AF sore boobs, very noticeable!). Took a test and it said "YES" on our digital first response

We are both so excited, this is our first:) If everything goes well, our baby will be born right around
Christmas! Best of luck to all of you...don't give up. 

Praising God for my BFP after 5 Months!

5 LONG months at that – and five months that I was convinced that something was wrong with me
or hubby that was not allowing us to conceive. I was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism that
has not been treated yet as the doc was putting me on different supplements first to help with
intestinal issues – so this is something I have to get taken care of asap. I also had a shorter luteal
phase where I would spot at 10 and 11dpo before my period started on 12dpo. And then a whole
other plethora of other health issues I was concerned about.

So let me just begin by saying that like so many others, I actually had MUCH LESS symptoms this
month than any other past month. In fact, last month I was convinced I was pregnant just to find
AF around the corner. While I have been checking my cp position, mucus, and all other symptoms
for the past several months – this was the first month that I actually started 'charting' using
my BBT.

So here is what I did differently this month:
~Started charting
~Started on 50mg of B6 (plus what is already in my prenatals – which I have been taking 2 Flinstone
Complete vitamins), but upped the B6 to 100mg on 5dpo, and back to 50mg on 12dpo – basically
because I wasn't sure which amount was better to take!
~First month using Preseed!!! Not sure if this helped – but it obviously didn't hurt!!
~I didn't obsess over this website ….as much! Lol. I was only on a few times and often stopped
myself before being on too long. As a result I wasn't as stressed or anxious and wasn't paying as
close attention to my body symptoms. I didn't want to have another month of disappointment.

Aside from these new things, what I have already been doing beside taking prenatals is trying to
choose healthier eating options, take Red Whale Krill Oil for the Omega 3's (since I don't eat fish),
and lot's and lot's of prayer. My relationship with Christ is of upmost importance to me and I was
finding that I was spending more time obsessing over what I could 'do' to get myself pregnant,
instead of relying on the one that has the real control of blessing us with a child in His timing.

So here's the rundown (for breast tenderness – BBS - I rate from 1-3, 3 being the worst!!):

BFP 10/11 DPO

My hubs and I "officially" starting TTC in January of this year. (We are both 33.) Seems there was
always something happening! I had a tooth infection in Jan. and the medicine and after effects for
that made TTC not my priority. During the right time in Feb., I was in the hospital with an awful flu.
March rolled around, and I had a killer cold! I was beginning to think these were signs! Hah! Also
during this time, my cycles decided to be wacky for the first time ever. That, coupled with the fact
that my H works nights and I work days and we go literally days without seeing each other made
me think this was going to be a very long process. Imagine my surprise! Actually, I can't imagine
my surprise. I think I am still in shock.

So, getting back to it: I have been taking pre-natals since Nov. when I had a pre-conception
meeting with my ObGyn. That was about all the planning I did. I decided to just take a relaxed
approach the first few months (and technically, this was our first month that we actually got to
"try!" at the right times!) I looked at an app on my phone, crossed my fingers, prayed, and hoped
that my suddenly wack-a-doo cycles would just even themselves out. I guess they did.

And without further ado, my symptoms: Starting about 5DPO, I had cramping (usual for pre-AF)
and lower back ache (usual for pre-AF), some mild boob discomfort (usual for pre-AF) so I really
didn't think anything was different there. First clue came when I slept 11 hours last Friday. I am a
very light, short sleeper so an 11 hour sleep followed by being tired every single night by 9 was
my only hint. Still, didn't think too much of it. Oh, I take that back. I was also super bloated. Felt
like a beached whale. I get a bit bloated after O but this just wouldn't quit. Did make me
say "hmmm..."

On 10DPO (per the phone app), my husband and I were getting ready to go out to dinner. I went
under the bathroom sink for more TP (this is more than you wanted to know, I know!) and saw a
PG test. I just grabbed it and used it without thinking, mainly because I wanted to have a glass of
wine. Left, it went upstairs. Came back down and as we are getting ready to that a
very, very, very faint line? Now, like many of you, I have peed on my fair share of sticks! But I have
never, ever had any sort of line. Show hubs, he isn't sold. We go to dinner (I don't drink) and we
come home and go to bed. That's when it hit me. It's like that very, very faint line opened up the
gates! My boobs were so sore and my uterus was heavy feeling. I also could not sleep, of course,
as I kept thinking "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....I think I'm preg?" Husband, of course, sawing logs next
to me.

Went and got more tests after work, did another (all tests are First Response) and got a stronger
BFP! Holy moly! No tests with FMU yet, either. Of course, being that I am in shock and had to tell
someone, I came right on here. (H is at work.) So, ladies, the symptoms might be slight but it can
still happen. I just hope and pray it all works out, not only for me and my husband but for all of
you, too!! 


YAY!!!!! After 4 months TTC we finally got our positive. I have a 3 year old so you would think that I
would know in advance if I were pregnant..... NOPE!!! I thought for sure I was not this month but
what do ya know :) I cart my CP and I always get sore breasts right after ovulation. I got my first
BFP at 10 dpo.

Here is what my month looked like. BD March 27th, 30, 31. April.1-10 and April 12th. I am pretty
sure I O'd around April 6th or 7th because my breasts started to become sore April 8th. I also
noticed less CM.

1-6 DPO- Sore breasts were my only symptom.
7-9 DPO- Sore breasts, sore throat, back ache and a funky stretching feeling in abdomen.

At 10 DPO I decided what the heck I'll go buy some dollar store tests because I was sick of
spending all kinds of money each month and getting BFN!!!!!!! The night of DPO 10 I took one of
the $ tree tests and BFP!!!!! the line was a little lighter than the control line but I could def.
see it!!!!!!! I was in disbelief so at 4:00am on 11DPO I used another $ tree test and another BFP!!!

I still did not think it was true so I used my last $ tree test and tested with water to see if the other
2 were false positives. The test with just water was def. a BFN!!!! So this morning I called the OBGYN
and asked for a blood test, they said just go and get a FRER and test again in the morning, if it
came back positive to call back and they would get me set up. Well I was not going to wait until the
morning to test so I tested late this morning with a FRER and a BFP!!!!!!! All I can say is woo hoo I
hope everything goes smoothly :) 

BFP Finally! After Almost 5 Months...

Like the rest of the ladies here, I was stalking this site for months now. Every BFP story I read gives
me hope that it would be me telling my BFP story someday. The day finally came! Found out
yesterday that we are PREGNANT! I have used the ClearPlan monitor and CM to detect my ovulation.

Here are my early symptoms...

O day 1 (according to monitor and CM)- BDd at night and put legs up for 20 minutes
O day 2 (according to monitor) - BDd at night and went to sleep
1 - 8 DPO - no noticeable symptom
9 DPO - sore boobs (thought AF is coming)
10 DPO - tired all day and irritable, cramps (AF will come soon)
11 DPO - very irritable and extra tired. I ate a whole bottle of pickled okra. (PMS?)
12 DPO - cramps and starving. Stayed in bed almost all day and ate 4 slices of pizza
12 DPO (evening) - tested with internet cheapie and saw a faint line (imagining?)
12 DPO (night) - tested again with internet cheapie and waited 10 mins... 2 lines!!
13 DPO - tested with clearblue digital and it says PREGNANT! Yay!

Things I did different this month;
* Stopped working-out (used to work-out 4 times a week)
* Stopped drinking Evening Primrose Oil
* Stopped obsessing about everything. Didn't even test until 12 DPO. I used to test like crazy from
8 DPO...

Baby dust to all of you ladies! Someday it will be your turn to write about your BFP experience.
Thanks to all who have inspired me in my journey through their BFP stories... God bless us all! 

BFP!!! Ahhh!!!

So I am 34 and my man is 37. We have been TTC since Sept 2011. Got a BFP today!! :D I tested
this morning using a Dollar Store test and the line was sooo faint I wasn't sure. Then at 430 today I
used a First Response Gold Digital and it said YES+ :) I am not sure what DPO I am, but I am CD29
and I normally get my period on CD24-26.. I had a dream last night that I got a BFP so that was why
I tested this morning.. I didn't really chart my symptoms except the mild cramping that occurred
since CD21 off and on. I also have been having really weird, vivid dreams for a week or so. I have
been burping a lot for around the past 4 days but I always burp so I thought it was normal. And the
past 2 days my stomach feels hard or something. Also, I ate bfast this morning and it sat in my
stomach like a rock for awhile but I didn't feel nauseous.. only like a reflux feeling. I am not tired
and my boobs don't hurt at all to my surprise. I'm gonna be a momma! :D I prayed to God and
thank you for answering my prayers <3 

Conceived Only Having Sex 3 Times This Cycle

Hey Ladies! So just wanted to share my story and my symptoms with you all! Firstly I have a 31 day
cycle and not sure when I ovulate but I am assuming it is around day 15 and 16. I did the BD'ing
cycle day 15, 17, and 20. I honestly thought there was no chance I was going to get pregnant also
considering I was really (sorry TMI) wet down there on day 20 (I guess I was ovulating then) that the
boy slipped out and mostly came outside of me! But I guess it only takes one little spermy =)

Ok so during the Two Week Wait this is what I experienced:

3-5 dpo (estimation): I was SOSO hungry, could not eat enough
6 dpo : Was on Easter vacation and decided to go for a run. Had to stop half way through because I
had such bad pains in my uterus, which has never happened before but I just assumed AF was on
the way
7dpo: Sitting at the table for Easter I felt Sooo nauseous full and tired, had to excuse myself to sit
on the couch; Negative HPT
8-10dpo: EXHAUSTION. I would sleep a good 12 hours at night and still need a nap in the afternoon.
Negative HPT on 9dpo
11dpo: Tested Faint Positive

Good Luck to you all!!!! 

BFP After 5 Months!

I honestly thought I'd never get to see two lines come up. I know that 5 months is not a long time,
but my cycles had been so weird I was thinking there may be a problem. Thankfully, there's not!
I'm 21 and my husband is 22. I don't use any OPKs or temp or anything like that, mostly because
my cycles were so weird. I normally have some pretty intense ovulation cramps, so my husband
and I made sure to time everything right around those plus the EWCM. I knew it'd been a few weeks
since that time and I still didn't feel like I my period was near starting so I took out one of the
internet cheapie tests that came with the preseed we ordered. I took the test and walked away. Came
back and could swear I saw a line but it was so light I wasn't sure. Came back about 2 minutes later
and it was clear as day! Husband still didn't believe me so I took a kroger test that came back
REALLY light. Still not satisfied, I took two more when I woke up and there they are! Beautiful BFPs!

My only symptoms were being super weepy and a lot of EWCM way after ovulation. Also, my face
didn't break out like it normally does before a period so I thought something was up. All in all, I
had more symptoms when I WASN'T pregnant!

The only thing we did differently this month was use preseed. I'm not saying that's why, but I'm
sure it didn't hurt. We also prayed and prayed and prayed for this baby. The Lord has been GOOD
to us and given us this blessing. He is great and greatly to be praised! Praying we've got a little
baby in our arms this December! 

BFP @ 9 DPO!!! So excited - This is #1 for Us!

Well I'm just so excited - I don't know where to start!

A little background...I'm 31, turning 32 this year. DB is 34. We decided to start NTNP January 2012,
although I started track my cycles, and ovulation straight away, so I guess I was trying after all...
I have quite regular cycles - 25 to 28 days, and an LP of 10 days or so.

This last cycle I wasn't temping (although I have done since January), and we did more BD than ever
before!! We pretty much BD every day, sometimes twice a day, but I did nothing else except take
folic acid. Luckily for us, we have pretty high sex drives, and haven't been TTC long enough to
make it a chore! I also didn't tell DB when I was ovulating, just did a bit of sneaky seduction, and
he couldn't resist! LOL!

I'm not even sure why I tested so early...but as I sat there on the toilet, convincing myself that I was
wasting another FRER, I realized that I was still hoping for that BFP. When I glanced down at the test
in the first 30 seconds and there seemed to be a 2nd line, I almost didn't want to pick it up in case
I was seeing things!

When I did pick up the test, I made this completely involuntary squeaking sound...looking back I'm
glad I no-one was around to hear it, as it was quite embarrassing... As the line got stronger, I
started to realize it was actually at good strong BFP!!

Now I'm just paranoid about the line fading and having a CP...but have to stay positive and keep
my FX.

I've had no symptoms except sore bbs, and mild cramping!