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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

BFP after 3 months

Well, I have to say...I really didn't think this was going to be our month. It was the first month I decided not to temp, not to check the cervix, nothing.  We just BD'd when we felt like it and we just kept it fun and stress free :)  My husband is 29 and I'm 26, this will be our first.  We've been married for 8 months now and this was our 3rd try.   Here it is:

1-5 dpo  nothing.  Not even sure when I ovulated as I wasn't keeping track of any of it this month.  This is an estimation.
6 dpo:  very very slight boob tenderness on sides when poked
7 dpo:  same as 6 dpo
8 dpo:  same
9 dpo:  same
10 dpo:  some slight cramps...wasn't even sure if they originated from the uterus.  Could have been gas, still sore boobs on sides but getting increasingly sore.
11 dpo:  sharp AF like cramps, thought I would start my period but nothing. Still sore boobs, very large might I add.
12 dpo:  more sharp cramps in the am, but no period.  Boobs the same.  I keep wondering maybe they look a little veiny??  Oh, I'm sure it's all in my head.  Took a bath, went to the store.  Was going to wait till friday to test but I bought a couple EPT digital tests and went home and peed on one.  Just a formality, as I was sure it would say "not pregnant."  But nope!  At 4:45 pm on tuesday, I got my very first ever in my life BFP!!  I couldn't believe it.  I was in shock and shaking when my husband came home from work.  All I could say was, "babycakes, there's something in the oven...."  lol!  He was so happy!  We are so happy!!  Yay!  Good luck everyone!  Let's hope he/she is extra sticky :))

Natural BFP at 41

Of course, I've been a lurker for months but since I know how much I looked for "over 40" stuff, I wanted to post

Me 41 DH 41 DD 2

what I did this month:  Evening Primrose cd1-O Wild yam extact o-present Pre-seed (1st month!) softcups, prenatals, B-6. extra folic, baby aspirin (my other usual stuff: Vit D, cal/mag/zinc) Started committed exercising!

1-3dpo noticed a change in my usual post-o cp.  CP usually comes way down really quickly after o, this time it only came half way down 7 went back up for several days.  CM dried up & was fairly scant until the BFP
4 & 5 dpo just some weird dreams
6dpo More weird dreams (all of these dreams were AF, baby, maternal type dreams)  woke up w/ a stabbing pain in left pelvic area (2am) stayed up for about 2 hours better after a snack but the stabbing continued mildly throughout the day.
7...not much
8 dpo constipation..& tmi, I had bean for both lunch & dinner, no dice. Some cramping, thought it was AF cause my cycle has been fluctuating a bit. tested $ store:  BFN
9 dpo more constipation, dried nose bleed???? curious!! tested $ store: BFN
10 dpo constipation in the am then (tmi, sorry) everything broke free!! 4 trips to the border!! Weird backache, but I have been working out.  Very slightly tender underarms. Caved by 8:30pm Faint BFP w/ a FRER
11 dpo (today) Absolutely NO sleep, DD up at 5:30a  Waited until I was absolutely busting to test w/ my 1 Digi so it wouldn't shut off before DH wakes up. POSITIVE!!! Oh heck, I'm waking him up!!!!!  Good luck ladies, it does happen!!

BFP after 5 months!

Hi! Glad to be able to post now to help some women who are where I was just a week ago! I stopped bc around 5 months ago after quite a few years on it so it took me some time to realize what were normal af symptoms and what weren't for me.  I am 21, DH is 27 and this is my first and his second. I have a 30 day cycle which seems pretty regular. I am not exactly sure when I ovulated because I didn't use opk's or basil body temps. I checked cm and cervical position though.

4 dpo - really weird jelly like blobs of cm accompanied by major cramps, which I never get, that lasted two to three days. This was my first clue because it resembled the consistency of a mucus plug, but I dismissed it for fear of getting my hopes up plus it seemed a bit early. Cervix hard and high with creamy cm. A bit constip.

8 dpo - Nipple tenderness which I thought was because of approaching af although it was a bit soon compared to previous cycles. Cervix high and hard with lots of creamy cm.

9 dpo - I thought I noticed my nips darkening a bit but I thought I was over thinking it again. Nips still sore and boobs beginning to become sore as well. I noticed when I brushed my teeth the there was blood and continued to notice this every few days. This has happened before but not as frequently. My arms and legs would get tingly often even when they weren't above my heart which I found odd.

10 dpo - headaches which I NEVER get. sore boobs and sorer nips. cervix high and hard with creamy cm. Also spurts of emotional overwhelmingness over the littlest things.  HPT neg. Really gave up on being prego this cycle. Won't test again because I'm sure af is coming.

15 dpo- cervix high and hard but it's always high from ovulation to af. AF due today but no sign! I have been a few days late before so tried not to think anything of it.

Around 16 dpo - The fourth of July and had a drink, and felt for the first time a bit of nausea! didn't think to much of it because a lot was going on at the time.

The next day I was running errands and half assed decided to grab a dollar store test even though I didn't want to waste more money and time just for more disappointment. I took it and of course it was a negative, but wait... a few seconds later I swear it a BFaintP!!!!!!!! I absolutely did not believe it! I went straight to the internet looking like crazy about what a faint line meant and everything said it was still a positive!I looked at that test about a million times in all sorts of lighting and it was definitely there. Asked a freind if she could see it and she said a lil but take another test. I thought I should wait till FMU tomorrow but said what the heck and splurged  on FRER test and what do you know... A BFP!!!! I looked at that one a million times every five minutes just to try to convince myself that I am actually pregnant now! I am now 5 weeks and still have really sore nips and boobs, DH says they're bigger too. I have slight nausea,headaches and am tierd a lot. cervix still high and hard but little watery cm to none lately. Thanks to all the tww symptoms I obsessed over the last five months!! Good luck to all, sincerely ! BABYDUST!!

1st Month TTC

I loved reading the 2ww stories (over the last 2 weeks) - and tonight I just found out we're pregs! So I thought I'd share a few of my symptoms, even though I don't know the official dpos... as I didn't track them.

Here it goes...
My cycle is 35 days... I ovulated around cycle day 18-21.  During the week around this time, my hubby and I tried approx every other day. Around 2 dpo, I started spotting... It was even red at times, but mostly brown.  This continued for approximately 7 days, and was strongest at the start.  It was strong enough that I needed to wear panty liners.  I was worried by this because I couldn't find anyone else on here with this symptom. After that, my CM was almost non-existent, and I even thought I might have a yeast infection one day, because I was dry and itchy.  This feeling cleared up in a day or two.  In the past few days my CM has returned and is a creamy texture/colour.

Some of my other symptoms include...
Very vivid dreams. I never remember my dreams normally, but lately, every time I woke up, I would know exactly what I had dreamed. (I even dreamed I got my period one night... luckily, woke up and still didn't have it).

At around 9 dpo, I had very severe period cramps in my lower back... This is normally how I feel the day before I get my period. Around this same time, I had a crazy flip out on my hubby. (Over nothing big at all). I was crying and screaming.  The hormones were on a rampage I tell you.

Around 9-13 dpo, my bbs did seem bigger.  They didn't hurt at all, and weren't tender, but definitely were fuller than normal. And a few blue veins were more pronounced.

That's pretty much all I can remember, but I did have an inkling for most of the time that something was up.  Something just seemed different this month. Normally I spot for a week leading up to my period.  This didn't happen this time (I spotted a week earlier - perhaps ovulation bleeding? Not sure).

I tried a ton of dollar store HPTs before I finally started getting faint lines.  The first few were VERY faint, but nonetheless there.  Strangely, my afternoon tests were darker lines than my first morning urine (which are recommended on the box). Finally the hubby told me to buy a digital test from the drug store so the anticipation would be over, and there it was! Pregnant 2-3 weeks!

Good luck to all you ladies! Hopefully some of my symptoms are things you are feeling these days! :D

Very Weird Cycle => BFP!

I think this is a great example for ladies who are frustrated by their irregular cycles, and are worried it might mean they don't conceive right away.  Sorry for the length, but I think it's reassuring!

A little background: I have been charting and obsessing over my cycle since my husband and I got married.  In all honesty, I think it was detrimental to our sex life and added unnecessary stress to both of our lives.  In order to keep up the data collection but not worry about it, we made a little Excel program that allowed each of us to alternate symptothermal inputs, but that wouldn't let us see the pattern until after the cycle completed.  On our first month of "no-stress-conception" (which was, I must admit, a bit rabbit like -- woohoo! :P), and during a very weird cycle, bam -- BFP last week, at 18DPO.  Four of them, actually.  Haven't been to the doc yet (going in two days), but super upbeat and eager to start getting some real tests/scans!

My cycle was perhaps two short cycles, or one long cycle with breakthrough bleeding.  I am leaning toward two short cycles: one 27-day anovulatory (no temp spikes/erratic) followed by a short, scant period; then, another where I seem to have ovulated on CD8, as after that day my temps spiked and stayed high for 18 days.  I had a hunch (the DH even called it), but when no AF came, I knew I had to test.  Of course, this could all change if it turns out that scant period was actually implantation bleeding when I get a fetal age, but I am skeptical, as I never spiked in temps afterward and actually had a BFN (took it just in case) about a week after the bleeding stopped.

Here are the symptoms I've had since that CD8 temp spike:

1DPO-7DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary.
8DPO: Revolted by the smell of peanut butter (which I normally love but now appears to, sadly, be one of my pregnancy aversions!).
9DPO-18DPO: VERY wet discharge, abnormal for me.
14DPO-18DPO: Nauseous/food aversion.  Had to force myself to eat.
14DPO: Strong cramping, extremely irritable.
15DPO: Extremely irritable, VERY sore upper lady bits.
15DPO: Started strongly craving meat (and I'm a vegetarian!).
18DPO: One positive BFP!  Booked a doctor's visit.
20DPO: Crazy nosebleed (also abnormal for me, as I've never had one in my life), second BFP!

Anyway, hopefully the doctor can shed some more light on what went on with me this go 'round, but there isn't a doubt in my mind that I'm preggers!  Have had zero bleeding, just a bit crampy, nauseous, and emotionally insane since then.

I hope this information helps wannabe-moms that are nervous about their crazy, erratic cycles.


BFP on First Try!

I feel the need to share my TWW symptoms after having read through everyone else's so many times.  I do not know the exact day I ovulated (did not use an OPK), so I am just going to jumble them all together!  All of these occurred after my "fertile period" (I was basing this on my EWCM)
BD 2 days before EWCM
BD 1 day before EWCM
BD on last day of EWCM

-Headache (slight tension each evening for a few nights in a row.  I do not get headaches so this was weird for me)
-Cramping (lots of cramping coming from what felt like my right ovary at first, then sometimes from the left, then all over my uterus area.  Was very mild but noticeable.  When gardening about a week after BD'ing, had to stop because the cramps got more intense.)
- Moody/Emotional (had a couple of random breakdowns, but I attributed this to the stress of waiting).
- Did NOT have any unusual CM (and believe me, I was checking for it)
- The day I tested, BBS felt bigger than normal, but not sore.  Did not have sore BBS at ALL and still don't.
- Took FRER 2 days before missed period (at night) and got a faint BFP!
- Took a digital the next morning and another BFP!

This was our first month trying and I wasn't convinced it could happen this quickly, especially since I did not experience the creamy CM or the sore BBS.  We did use Preseed, which I would definitely recommend.  I send prayers and baby dust to all of you out there trying!  THINK POSITIVE :)

Pregnant at 42(almost 43) au natural

It was the first time I used OPK's.  I have regular cycles at 28 days and I usually ovulate around day 14.  To conceive in the past, I have relied on cervical mucus.  Because of my age I decided to use OPK's and I began a little earlier than the directions stated as I did not want to miss my ovulation.  Well sure enough the opk turned positive on cycle day 10, as the previous two days(cycle day 8 and 9) were negative so I know I caught the surge in time.  We b'd that night and the night after. Here are my symptoms

1-5 dpo nothing much except twinges in my ovaries 6 dpo....major lightning strike type of pain that lasted a few minutes in my uterus area.  I had a feeling it could have been implantation.
7 dpo started to feel very lightheaded and fuzzy, like I was floating.  This happened in my previous two pregnancies so I thought I just might be preggo...also my BB's began hurting especially my nipples, almost like a burning sensation and like the sensation that they are letting down with milk.  My bb's usually dont hurt that much before AF and NEVER this early before.......took a pregnancy test BFN
8-10 dpo started to have a lot of gas and burping.  Still very very lightheaded and dizzy and fuzzy. Also started to feel crampy, not like AF though, just very light and dull and higher up in my uterus instead of down below in my pelvis.  BBs still hurting, especially my nipples, almost felt like a burning sensation.  Also woke up with the craziest driest cotton mouth ever and everything started to taste very metallic that lingered on long after I ate.  Starting to have smell aversions as well and just a little bit nauseous.  Took another pregnancy test still BFN
11 dpo started to get severe heartburn, I never get heartburn ever.
12 dpo started to feel round ligament type of pain, especially when turning over in my bed, like a pulling sensation around my bikini line.  Took another test BFN
13 dpo...started to think I was having a hysterical pregnancy, that I was making up all of the symptoms in my head.  Went to the store tonight and picked up an HPT.  Peed on it and watched it and only saw the one line so I set it down and started making dinner.  Went back a few minutes later and BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BFP after Mirena IUD removal

I had the Mirena IUD for approximately 18 months before deciding to try for another baby. I wasn't sure when I got it placed that I would want anymore children. So the delayed fertility after removal wasn't a concern of mine.That is until my husband saw a little girl in the mall and wanted a sister or brother for our first. So, in June of this year I went and got my coil removed in hopes that I would become fertile at least by the end of the year. I also went and bought some ovulation kits to help me to determine when to try so I wouldn't drive myself crazy with wondering if I could or couldn't be pregnant. It was removed on the 13th of June and I bled immediately. Very similar to a regular period. I wanted to wait until I had at least one normal cyle to start trying. I bled again on July 2nd, again very similar to a cycle. So, I went ahead and put the ovulation kits to use. I used them for a little over two weeks and according to the tests, I never ovulated in July. I took a test anyway on July 30th when my next cycle was due and BFN!!! My cycle ended up being two days late which drove me CRAZY, b/c I thought I really was pregnant. My next cycle started on Aug. 1st., again it seemed to be normal. After no positive ovulation tests I decided to just test myself once the day before my period was due. And another BFN!!! By this time I was convinced it would take my body some time to return to fertility. So, I put away the ovulation kits and decided if its going to happen, it'll happen. My next cycle started on Aug. 29th and it was also "normal". On, Sept.15th I had some weird cramping on my left side similar to ovulation pains. So, I whipped out a test and sure enough I was ovulating!!! My husband was out of town and I was losing it. This was it! We had to get busy and he wasn't home. All I kept thinking was we had sex on the 12th. I hoped his sperm had survived all this time. After all, the books I've been reading say they can survive for up to 7 days. Lets hope that holds true. Anyway, my husband got home on the 19th which was way too late to do the baby dance. So,I waited on my cycle due on Sept. 26th. it never came!!! On the 28th I took a test and, I finally got my BFP!!! I'm 12 weeks along and due in May. To anyone who has had the Mirena, getting pregnant is possible. Don't give up!!! Good luck and baby dust to you all!!!

BFP Naturally after IF Treatments!

Hello! I have found your website very helpful and amazingly enough, I can finally contribute this crazy story!

I am 28, DH is 28. We started ttc #1 in December 2005. No luck after 12 months of trying. All fertility testing (HSG, sperm count, ovulation) came back normal, we were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility". We got pregnant in February 2007 on our first IUI (natural, no meds), but miscarried at 7 weeks. This year we have been through 3 more natural IUI's, 3 Clomid/trigger shot IUI's (all "textbook perfect") with no success (plus surgery - I had very mild endo removed).

After a 3 month break of no charting or keeping track of anything, we were ready to begin In Vitro this month - I was just waiting for my period to start to begin my meds. Well, that period never came!!! I am 5 weeks today! Talk about shock! So, apparently, during the 2 day window when my husband was home from his business trip, we somehow conceived (well, I know how, /technically/, but you know what I mean!).

The doctor gave us a 1% chance of EVER conceiving naturally, so this has been absolutely amazing! Our family is shocked, everyone was getting prepared for us to go through IVF. We were so close to starting the IVF we are having to get our IVF loan cancelled.

Anyways, even though I had no idea (thought it was impossible) that I could be pregnant, here are some symptoms I have noticed (estimated OV date 09/27/08):

3 DPO: fever blister
6-10 DPO: incredibly thirsty, very unusual
from 11 DPO on: occasional tiredness, going to bed earlier than usual on some days
from 11 DPO on: occasional cramping. The first few days (11-14 DPO) I was expecting AF, and cramps seemed exactly the same. Now they are more varied (poking,
AF cramping, tingles, etc.)
from 14 DPO on: very very gassy!
19 DPO: very very gassy and bloated, heartburn in the evening (I never get heartburn), pretty uncomfortable.

*I had no spotting whatsoever, that I noticed (I had no visible implantation bleeding with my previous pregnancy either, I watched that one very closely).

FYI, my numbers:
4 weeks 4 days = 551 HCG / 23.7 PRO
4 weeks 6 days = 1508 HCG
We are nervous, but hopeful!

That's the story. I hope it gives hope to all those "Unexplained" couples out there!

Thank you!

BFP at 10dpo

I am remarried with three children from previous marriage, ages 5, 10, and 11.

DH vacillated on whether or not to have one of our 'own'. He informed me that he was getting vasectomy on Friday, four days away. He was doing this for me, yes, I know. I'm approaching 35, am a smoker, and have been taking care of the contraception for many years....Allowing something to possibly happen in the next five years considering the risks involved for all seemed irresponsible, and it was now or never.

We knew, because we looked it up, that I would be most likely to conceive on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And he agreed that if I were to get pregnant during that time, he would be happy, too, as this was his first, last, and only chance to have bio offspring.

It also happens that those three days I'd be off work (I have an apt in a major metro area 1.5 hrs away, where I live when I work) and I'd be home, willing, and able.

Tuesday I noticed EWCM. So I called dh and asked him to bring home a couple bottles of something yummy to drink. As I am not a regular booze person, just a few shots did us both in. We had a wild, passionate, fulfilling night of love. That next day, I just 'knew' it worked.

Oct 26, 28, 29, 30 EWCM/BD

31 dry cm

3-4 dpo nausea on and off, BBT up, creamy cm

4-5 dpo creamy cm, mild cramps, nausea on and off, metal mouth, food tastes funny, dream of BFP

5-6 dpo creamy cm, moderate cramping, BBT up, nausea on and off, metal mouth, food tastes funny, feeling faint/woozy occasionally, tired…

6-7 dpo creamy cm, mild cramping, nausea on and off, metal mouth, woozy, strange dreams, sex (hard to tell cm, but feel wetter than usual)

7-9 dpo uti like symptoms, outside of breasts tender, dizzy at times, hungry, diarrhea, feeling of fullness/bloating, twinges L side, sharp, sex multi times (hard to tell cm, but feel wetter than usual. Cp high

10 dpo ++++++++.

Baby Dust to all!!!

and btw, I've quit smoking to provide the best possible uterus to grow in. now if only i can get dh to quit. haha