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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

Surprise BFP

Just got my BFP with #3, FMU with a generic early response test (says that it’s comparable to FRER). I’m 9 or 10 dpo, with a 10 day luteal phase. This positive came up really, really fast. Or maybe it was that I was so distracted by the kids that the time didn’t really seem to drag by….. What’s interesting to me is that each pregnancy has begun differently – I had NO symptoms at all with my first (except a positive test and some minor cramps), but with the second I had some dizziness, queasiness, fatigue, and a bloody/crusty nose upon waking every morning. I KNEW I was pg the second time. Had no clue the first. With this one, I would have been equally in the dark had we not been trying –most everything I’ve experienced so far could be dismissed as something else. I had cramping and pulling since 3 dpo – different than AF cramps in that they were rather constant and dull instead of actually painful, and a lot more “pings” and stretches. And again, I’ve had the bloody nose, and slightly sore bbs. I almost never have much change or pain in my bbs either before/during AF or during preg, so when this started happening a little I got suspicious. I also noticed that even though I got my pre-AF migraine last night (which made me question whether to test this AM), my skin did not do its normal breakout thing. In fact, despite the fact that I’m almost 32 years old, I’ve never had such great skin EVER as when I’m pregnant and even 6-8 mos. into nursing. Kind of a big sacrifice for good skin, though :-). With both of my kids I didn’t have true morning sickness problems until 6-8 weeks. Prior to that just a bit queasy or sensitive if I didn’t eat right away, but none of the killer nausea till later. Good luck to everyone!

BFP after BDing on lunch breaks!

Finally got my BFP yesterday and today after around a year of trying naturally. I just turned 29 and hubby turned 30. I think this is the first time the both of us want the weekend to get over faster than ever so I can get my blood test to confirm. Below are symptoms and what we did different.

Added Zinc to my normal doses of Folic and Multivitamins. Popped extra vitamiin C tabs every few days as well. BD'd in the afternoon during our lunch break rather than at night. I really do think that's what did it. Cut out all alcohol and caffiene from diet (except for dark chocolate).

1-4 DPO: nothing (BD'd on CD15 afternoon and went out of town for work that evening for 3 days)
5-7 DPO: BB's sore, headache off and on, normal PMS symptoms
7-11 DPO: lots of CM; thought AF was on her way; very sore BB's; tired, struggled to finish mowing the lawn
12-14 DPO: CM; sore BB's; always break out during PMS, but skin stayed clear
15-17 DPO: usually always love sweets, but craved salt; craved Taco Bell; haven't been there in 5 years.
18 DPO: sore BB's; BFP!!! cried so hard couldn't believe it; ate Taco Bell burritos again for lunch; couldn't get enough
19 DPO: tested again, still BFP!!!

Don't give up girls.... it will come when you least expect it. Baby dust all around!!!!

BFP Au Naturale after 3 yrs TTC

We had been TTC for 3 years. For most of the time we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. During the spern testing for the IUIs the doctor told us that 3 out of the 4 times my husband ahd no normal sperm although he had lots of almost normal sperm. Also my progestrone tested low. (Mind you none of these things showed up the previous years but things change month to month.)

Anyhow, we traveled halfway across America and I drank at several parties figuring that we were on a break and the doctor said we had a "1% chance" of conceiving on our own so I might as well party. I went to talk to her about IVF and went home to talk to my husband about when we should do it and if we had enough money.

Then I noticed some spotting, the first day I kind of ignored it because it was so little that I just didn't think about it. Then I spotted again and I figured my period was coming as usual but then it occured to me that it was 8 days early. Then I got some really, really big zits. The first day I missed my period I went right out and got a pregnancy test.

TWO BLUE LINES! I couldn't believe it! I went in for the blood test on Martin Luther King Day, then again two days later to be sure the levels were rising! THREE years! I can't believe it! We are really excited!

BFP Naturally after Miscarriage

Hi! My name is Amanda and I can't tell you how happy I am to be writing this. I got my BFP last week after 9 months of TTC. We were starting to think it wasn't going to happen. In March of 2005 dh and I lost a baby girl to miscarriage at 14 weeks of pregnancy and it just devistated us beyond words. We decided to start TTC again ASAP and when it didn't happen within the first few months I started trying everything I could think of; OPK's, temping & charting, pre-seed....etc. Every month I was so dissapointed, sometimes to tears.

Last Friday I was having some bad anxiety and didn't know why. Dh and I went to dinner and in the car on the way there I was feeling slightly nausiated and asked dh on a whim if we could stop off and buy a cheap HPT. I wanted to have wine with dinner, and assuming that this month would be another let down, I just figured I'd take the HPT to clear my conscience about drinking. I actually took the test in the bathroom before drinking the wine I had already ordered and to my astonishment I got a light, but very-there, BFP!!!!

I came out of the bathroom shaking like a leaf and without saying a word slid my wine glass over to dh. His eyes perked up and I said, "If this test is right, I'm pregnant!" We were both in total shock. We've taken more tests since the and they were all I took this Wednesday was VERY dark positive. I am so excited and am hoping and praying that this pregnancy goes well.

What I did differently this month was not chart, temp, OPK or even pay attention to what cycle day it was. Dh and I bd alot, but I honestly didn't have TTC in my head when we did. I was even discussing with one of my friends that I should get put on birth control so getting pg wouldn't even be a possibility so I could get it out of my head all together. Basically I didn't "try" at all for the first time in 9 months and we got pg. Go figure.

I had no out of the ordinary syptoms when I first got my BFP, other than the very slight (almost like car-sickness) nausia. I have it all now...sore BBS, headaches, CP is high and soft, crampiness, and frequent nausia. I never thought I could be so happy to have all that going on :).

To all of you TTC....GOOD LUCK!!! It'll probably happen when you least expect it, so don't give up!

BFP Naturally (after twin IVF pg)

OMG! I don't even know where to begin! OK - here's the short version. I wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant on my own! We tried for soooo long to get pregnant starting back in 1999. Eventually we tested - I only had one working tube and DH has poor motility, count, etc. They said our chance of getting pregnant would be to do IVF/ICSI. If you can believe it - we were blessed with twins our first IVF cycle!

Fast forward a bit, I had to have intestinal surguries shortly after their birth. My doctors told me that with scarring around my reproductive organs on top of our infertility issues, we will not be able to conceive again without IVF/ICSI. (We no longer have infertility insurance) Well two years later, I didn't give up hope and cycle after cycle was negative... until now! I will go to my OB and RE and do the happy dance and say - NEVER tell someone that it can't happen, because it can!

Here are my symptoms:
Slight AF cramping
Nausea on and off starting around 9 dpo
I can SMELL everything!
Hot, tired, irritable (sorry DH!) LOL

That's it! All I can say to all of you trying is never give up hope! It CAN happen! No - wait - it WILL happen!!!

I just pray this is a healthy, sticky bean! I feel sooo blessed!!!

BFP Au Naturale with Male Factor

I want to share a Male Factor Infertility story with you and everyone else.

In September 2003 my husband had a sperm analysis done and his sperm count was 12 million and his mobility of his sperm (swimmers) was only 10%. It was very bad news.

We were told by his Urologist and 3 other INFERTILITY doctors that we had a LESS THAN 5% chance of DH being able to get my pregnant. And we were told the only hope of possible concieving was with ICSI. So in December 2003 we did the long hard process of IVF with ICSI and it failed. We decided to never do it again because of emotional and financial reasons.


March 2004 the day after Easter my period (which is always 28 days and never late) was 1 day late and because I had some leftover pregnancy tests I tested with FMU and BFP !!!!!!

It was such a surprise and we werent even trying and we had a beautiful son born in November 2004.

Miracles CAN AND DO happen!!!!!! Our story is proof doctors are not always right!

BFP Au Naturale (Endo, BCP until ready to TTC)

I'm still in a bit of shock I think. I can't believe it happened!

My last lap was in May 2003 and my hysterscopy was in late March 2005. We were using BCP's continuously (no period ever) to control my endo until we were ready to start trying.

What I did:

-did my best to before but my was over a week later than last cycle and I had actually given up on getting pregant this cycle and told my DH that I didn't know when I was going to at that point and that if we could, we should but not to worry about it. (we had been having way more sessions than we were used to and it was kinda hard to just go thru the motions without actually being "in" to it, ya know? Anyway, 2 days since we had last 'd and I assumed DH really needed a break but he surprised me and it was one of the best nights we'd ever had! Turns out, I 'd the next day!

-I was on top for a change (remember, I had given up this cycle) but as soon as we were done, I rolled over and propped my bottom up a bit on a pillow for 25 mintues (just in case! )

So that was it. Nothing really special. We did did use a little KY, but not internally. I take prenatal vitamins but nothing else. I did not use OPK's or a fertility monitor. Just basic charting.

I honestly am in shock. I fully expected it to take forever and part of me wondered if I'd ever get pregant.

My symptoms were that my breasts & nipples were tender, tingly, and burning off and on thru out the day, almost every single day since I 0'd. About 4-5 DPO I woke up smelling mexican food and craving it at 1:30 in the morning, I was tired a lot, and 9DPO, I was dizzy once or twice. I also had a metalic taste in my mouth on 9DPO just before I went to bed. I've also been hungrier than normal. But mainly, it was the breasts that felt so different. If I didn't get a I was going to wonder what was going on with me because I didn't remember my cycles ever causing this much breast tenderness!

Oh, and I have had lots of pain. Not sure if it is from Endo or typical for pregnancies, but I've had both Left and Right Ovary pain pretty much every day and have also had some mild AF type cramps.

Hope that answers ya'll's questions. Feel free to ask more if you want. I go to the doctor's office for a test today. They told me they don't do blood tests unless you are late for your period and the urine test comes back negative. I took a HPT this morning with FMU and it was a much darker line (though not as dark as the control line) than my previous two tests were.

BFP after Miscarriage/D&C at 10 weeks

I m/c in Aug 05. We were not trying to get preg because my daughter was only 11 months old when we conceived in June. I was on b/c and still nursing my daughter until July when we found out we were preg. We were so very excited until I started spotting in Aug. Four days after the spotting I had a D&C. I was at 10 weeks and our baby did not have a heartbeat. We decided to start trying again right away with the permission and suggestion of our doctor. At my follow up appointment, he said eh expected to see us before Christmas. I had my first period on Sept 18. I was a little disappointed, but didn't really figure I would conceive right away. Well I expected my next period on Oct 16. I tested on Oct 13 and again on Oct 15. 11 dpo and 13 dpo. I got a neg on 11 dpo and a bfp on 13 dpo. at 14 dpo I had some spotting when I wiped. Dr said it was probably because it was the day I was due to start my period but he had me come in for blood tests. 15 dpo my hCG levels were at 291. 2 1/2 days later at about 18 dpo, they were at 862! The doctor was very pleased. I am praying everyday that we get to keep this little baby. I miss the other one so bad. It is funny how you love something so much before you ever even meet them....

BFP Naturally, 7 mo post-lap, Endo

Hi there. I had a lap in March 04. I had mild endo (REs are getting away from using the stages) on both ovaries which my RE removed and an adhesion had pinned my right ovary to the back of my pelvis. My RE was very happy about the mild endo and said to try naturally for 2 mos and then we would move to clomid.

I had no desire to take can be very bad for endo sufferers particularly those with endo on their ovaries. It's like pouring gasoline on a fire. I understand that femara/letrozole is a much safer ovulation stimulant for endo sufferers.

Instead, I made dietary changes - no sugar, low carb, lots of healthy protein and minimal dairy. Any dairy or meat consumed was organic. Also took Essential Fatty Acid supplements, flax seed supplements and bee pollen. Acupuncture became a big part of relaxation and getting my body back in balance.

I did not get pg in 2 mos, but decided I wanted to avoid medications etc for the time being.

I got pg naturally on my Sept cycle - 7 mos post lap. I highly recommend looking into dietary changes and other methods before taking medications that can really mess up your already ailing body. It needs time to heal and get back in balance.

BFP Au Naturale (Endo, 2 Laps, failed IUIs)

Hi all!
I have severe endometriosis (so far have had it lasered off pouch of douglas, left ovary, bowel, liver, bladder). I am currently 29 weeks pregnant.

This was my time line.

March 2003 - start TTC
May 2003 - Laparoscopy due to severe pain ie spending AF in hopsital with the pain (after being off pill for a year).
May 2003 - diagnosed with severe endometriosis
Sept 2003 - conceived naturally
October 2003 - M/c'd
January 2004 - conceived naturally
February 2004 - M/c'd
Sept 2004 - IUI with no drugs - BFN
Oct 2004 - IUI with peurogen self injections (3 eggs) - BFN
Nov 2004 - 2nd Laparoscopy with hystercoscopy and dye testing (tubes clear, endo on bowel, liver, bladder, left ovary, pouch of douglas)
December 2004 conceived naturally
Present - 29 weeks pregnant
EDD 1 September 2005!!!!!!!

I am very lucky that the laparoscopies worked for me.
Good luck all!!!!