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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

BPF 5 months after MC/D&C

Just wanted to share my BFP story to give back to the site that gave me so much during my TWWs!

Brief backstory- We starting TTC in Feb/March of 2015 and were pregnant by May ("just see what happens"). Unfortunately- with sky-high betas and an abnormal ultrasound at week 8- my OB was suspicious of a molar pregnancy. I had to have a semi-urgent D/C in July without really having the time to process the loss. Devastating. We took a couple months off to heal physically & emotionally then started TTC again in October after my betas returned to zero. October and November were spent stalking this site, using OPKs, symptom spotting and generally freaking out. BFNs despite lots of "symptoms". December turned out to be our lucky month even though I had PRACTICALLY ZERO symptoms. I also didn't test before AF was late because I shed too many tears for early BFNs in the past 2 months. Here are some things I noticed in retrospect (in case it helps anyone):

--Faint + OPK on Dec 1, strong + OPK on Dec 2 (I don't temp/chart- that was going to be January's obsession).

--I suspect O was on Dec 3 or 4th. We DTD on Dec 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and then every other day or so afterwards.

--2-4DPO: I got a mild yeast infection. Very strange for me. The only other time I got one was the month got pregnant in May. 2-4 DPO should have been too early for the infection to be the result of any hormonal changes related to pregnancy (obvi I scoured the internet about this)... so maybe it was just due to me laying on my back for several hours after BD?

5-12DPO: Not really anything at all. Maybe a little tired? I'm a daily runner, and I found myself needing to stop for water more frequently and not running as fast.

13DPO: Was flying home from a business trip and had a wave of intense nausea for about 30 min. Thought it was related to skipping lunch. Also had some uncomfortable (but not unbearable) lower pelvic cramps. Thought AF was imminent as she comes on 14DPO like clockwork. Checked my cervix on a whim- it was low, medium soft and kind of open. A quick google consultation suggested this also meant AF was on her way.

14DPO: Waited all day for AF who never showed. Tried to keep busy- went for a long run with DH (had a hard time keeping up with him and got winded when trying to chit chat- which I usually don't have a problem with). Watched movies, made dinner. When I got up from the couch- I had a strange near-fainting spell where I actually fell to the ground but didn't "black out". Was again suspicious because that hadn't happened to me since I was pregnant last time.

15DPO (AF one day late): Woke up in a cold sweat and sneaked out of bed to test with FMU. Used a Clear Blue digital as it was all I had in the house. BFP! I crawled back into bed and waited till DH woke up at a civilized hour to tell him (had vague aspirations of waiting till xmas to tell him... but who has that kind of self-control???)

We are over the moon- but now that the shock was worn off... the anxiety is starting to kick in. I know the chances of having a 2nd molar pregnancy are single digits (mine was a partial MP anyway). I also know there is nothing I can do now but wait. I have beta hcgs scheduled for Monday and Wednesday, and I'm going to lobby for the earliest possible ultrasound my OB will allow. I think I'll be able to breathe a little easier once I can see that heartbeat.

I wanted to share my story to show that you don't have to have symptoms to get the BFP. I also wanted to encourage anyone else TTC after a loss/MC that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck to everyone still TTC. Y'all will be posting your story here before you know it! :)


Got my BFP this morning and am still in shock, but wanted to share my story as this site has been a comfort to me for years! I'm 29 (30 in less than a month) and DF is 22. DF and I weren't trying, but weren't "not trying" either. We used the "pull out method" on my fertile days, which I determine through tracking my period (very regular, mostly 26 day cycle, but could be 25-28 some months). Because of the few day difference, I judge ovulation by the presence of EWCM which was arriving on day 11 for a 26 day cycle, day 13 for a 28 day cycle. DF and I always started the pullout method on day 9 since we thought there was a fairly low chance on any day before that. So, every month DF and I would BD without pulling out on day 8 and that never resulted in pregnancy. This month we BD on day 8 again like usual, but I noticed that this time EWCM started a day earlier, day 10 instead of 11. When I saw that, I thought ut oh!

I don't use ovulation kits, etc., but presume that I ovulated around day 12 meaning that the little swimmers lived 4 or 5 days, 2 whole days before they had the rich environment of the EWCM. Was very stressed and busy in work so was not thinking about being pregnant at all. And, after all, I was NEVER pregnant so this month wouldn't be any different. The first thing I noticed at 8 or 9 dpo was that I was warmer than usual all the time and felt hot. The next sign just after that was when I got very hungry I felt very unwell! Felt nauseous and shaky, but the second I ate a bite of food I felt perfectly fine again. Thought that was definitely a sign, but still didn't believe that I could be pregnant. Period was supposed to come at 13 dpo, day 25 (I presumed it would be a 25 day cycle instead of a 26 since I ovulated one day earlier), but no period. That night I stood up from the couch and felt really dizzy and had to sit down. I thought I just stood up too fast. An hour or so later, I stood up and same thing happened. I thought now that is definitely not right.

This morning day 26 (14 dpo) I thought to myself, you know what I have an old test in the closet, I might as well take it so I can confirm that I'm not pregnant and just get on with the day. So I took it and a faint line came up. I thought, ok this test is cheap and old and it's just an evaporation line. Text DF the photo and said this stupid cheap test must be broken or something, can you pick me up a good test please. Absolutely did not think I was pregnant. DF came home with the test. I peed on the stick and said ok we have to wait 3 minutes now and went to put the test down. Before it hit the toilet it was already positive. I said ok well it's already positive so I guess we don't have to wait. DF and I were and still are in shock. I have wanted to be pregnant for a very long time, so feel completely ready and very blessed.

Still don't feel very pregnant, just feel a little bloated and stomach has a dull pain off and on that feels similar to the stomach pain when you have diarrhea. I've heard women say that they were sooo tired, but I'm just a little more tired/yawning than usual, nothing that would scream "definitely prego", but I may be speaking too soon!

Thank you for reading and baby dust to you!

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BPF 5 months after MC/D&C

DH and I have been TTC #1 since early 2015. I got pregnant in May after using the "see what happens" approach. Unfortunately- betas were sky high and the 1st trimester ultrasound showed a molar pregnancy and I had to have a semi-urgent D&C at 8weeks gestation. We were devastated and took a couple months to heal physically & emotionally before TTC again. We've been actively trying now for the last 3 months and this morning I got a BFP on a digital HPT at 15 dpo. I was remarkably asymptomatic this cycle, and actually I think I had fewer symptoms than in cycles prior where I didn't end up being pregnant. I don't temp or chart- but I have been tracking ovulation with 1st response OPKs for the last two cycles. Here are my details & symptoms in case it helps anyone else trying to conceive after a loss.

--I started OPKs on CD16 due to my regular 33 day-long cycles. (BD CD10, 11, 13, 15 & ran a marathon on CD12 with DH!!)

--Positive OPK on CD18. I was on a work trip that day, but woke up DH to BD at about 1am on CD19 when my plane landed back home. BD CD19, 20 (O-day), 21 (1DPO) and 23 (2DPO)... the just for fun after that ever 2-3 days or so. Not sure when I O'd as I don't temp, don't check for EWCM and never feel any ovulation pains. I'm guessing it was CD20.

VERY few symptoms.
--1-6 DPO I felt practically nothing. The only clue was I developed a bit of a yeast infection on 3 DPO. I was a little suspicious b/c the only other time I have had one was two weeks before I found out I was pregnant the 1st time. However- it could have been all the time spent on my back after BD to keep those little swimmers in there...
Promised myself I wouldn't test this cycle until officially late. Made myself crazy and wasted too many HPTs and tears on early BFNs in prior 2 cycles.

--7-10 DPO: increased fatigue but that's about it. Starting going to bed at 9pm every night, getting sleepy at work about mid-day. Would have napped if I could. I blamed it on the weather, though, as it was gray and rainy.

--11-12 DPO: very mild headaches. Seemed a little hungrier than normal. Seemed to get strange shooting pains from lower pelvis during my daily runs. Tended to want to run fewer miles at a slower pace than usual. Drank lots of water.

--13 DPO: Mild lower pelvic cramping. Was very nauseated in the evening after going about 5-6 hours without eating. Thought maybe AF was coming. I did check CP today- and it was low, firmish and slightly open with wet CM. Thought this also might be a sign AF was coming.

--14 DPO: Expected AF all day. More wet CM but not a speck, spot or streak of blood. Kept running to the bathroom to check. Kept myself busy- finished Christmas shopping, we for a nice run with DH (was more out of breath than usual). I am a "like-clockwork" cycle girl- so at the end of the day when no AF had appeared, I started to get a bit suspicious. Also- had a very strange near-fainting spell after getting up off the couch too fast (actually fell to the ground but didn't lose consciousness).

--15 DPO (TODAY! AF officially 1 day late): Took a Clear Blue Digital test with FMU (at 3:30AM!!- woke up in a cold sweat anxious to test). BFP. Had vague aspirations to wait till Christmas to tell DH- but that's 5 days away. Obvi I don't have that kind of self-control....

Given my history- DH and I are cautiously optimistic. I'm going to get betas drawn tomorrow and Wednesday and push for a 6week ultrasound. Don't think I'll be able to fully exhale till I see a heartbeat- but I'm taking DH's sage advice and enjoying this moment for what it is and trying not to be too anxious.

Good luck to all you TTC- especially after a loss. Give yourself time to grieve and only start again when you're ready. Be prepared for the anxiety related to all the unknowns of very early pregnancy but also try to enjoy the process day by day!! FX for you all. Thank you for sharing y'all's stories (they kept me going during my TWWs) and for providing such an amazing community of support.


Surprise BFP!

For the last 8 cycles, I had been tracking my cycles again after not writing anything down for 2+ years. I have been having cycles going from 37 to 43 days. So long, but some sort of regularity. Dr said as long as it's my natural cycle and if it's always been like this, no problem.
So in November, I had my periods on the 7th. I was going around a lot and not temping, no checking symptoms etc. We BD here and there, and on the 20th I notice some clear ovulation signs and it stopped on the 22nd (it usually lasts for 5 days..). I just thought it was in my mind, because in my whole life, I have had only one 28 days cycle, or ovulated on day 14!
We left for a 3 weeks road trip on the 28th so I was not at home worrying about little details of how I was feeling, but looking back...! I vaguely put December 2nd as the day of AF's visit. It was easy to remember how I felt because the man was really aware and convinced early that i was pregnant, and because we did specific things on the trip!

1-2 DPO : nothing. I decided I had ovulation on the 22nd because of the signs...but i was not so convinced..!
3 DPO : very sensitive breasts, it never happens so early after ovulation, but not making a case about it..
4-5 DPO : packing stuff and preparing the car to go, I feel like i am leaving home forever and cried 2 times. Not like me at all.
6 DPO: long long drive, breasts are killing me at every bump!!
7 DPO : we go to hot springs (I wld never have gone there at any other 7 dpo of other cycle!!!) and stay up very late.
8 DPO : very tired, but went to bed late, breast are..argh!!
9 DPO : long drive, and cramping while sitting and low back pain, i feel like i have to twist myself in weird position to relieve the pain, the man is very suspicious at this point, but i am convinced AF is coming.
10 DPO : cramps while sitting in the car, everyday from now on. I feel like my body odour is different, but so convinced AF is coming. AF is taking the blame for everything.
11-12 dpo: hotsprings again (still in disbelief!!), breasts are big, but less sensitive. Tired, but in know winding down.
13 DPO : So crampy! Can't wait for Af so it stops. Eating olives every day and craving salt!!
14 DPO : teeth hurt mysteriously, car having a problem, it's 10pm when I think again that i have not had my periods
15-19 DPO : Thinking I did not ovulate the day I thought, we are in a national park for 4 days and no test with us (so much disbelief that month I am now laughing at myself!!!). Still having all those PMS symptoms, and at this point the man is just rolling his eyes because I am still waiting for AF and he knows it is not coming..
20 DPO (!!!) : back in a city, i am starving and i eat a veggie burrito not even spicy, get really uncomfortable stomach acidity. Later that day, I snack on crackers and get the same thing. Next stop is pharmacy....
And a big, as dark as possible BFPPPPP!!!

I got so disappointed seeing all those negative tests since we started TTC. All women who have seen to many white tests can relate to this, and it was harder for my partner to understand the sadness everytime there was no positive! I also cried when I saw the positive! Being on a vacation I was just not gonna go through this again. It was the first cycle I just ignored everything and was convinced as ever that AF was on its way.
I am still in shock about this beautiful dark line! I saw the positive line showing up before the paper was soaking the test line!
A food friend also told me she got pregnant the 1st month she didn't chart, check every details etc.
Who knows! Pregnancy is a magic phenomena, and I wish to all of you a happy positive!

6 yrs TTC

Still in disbelief... I've been staking this site for a couple years now and I can't believe that I'm sharing my story now. I had come to terms with possibly not being a mom. So here you go for all you other "stalkers"! =)

CD1 - 12 Normal
CD13 Noticed a lot of cm
CD14 - 15 BD
CD17 - 21 Spotting. It was red, but light and it did get in my undies. Never had this mid-cycle before. I really didn't think it was implantation due to the timing, but I took ov and preg tests every day starting on CD18.
CD23 Started showing signs of AF (face breakout, bbs hurting)
CD27 BFP w/FMU!!! Very light 2nd line on Wondfu. My DH thought I was crazy. But I know what I see! Stopped at Walgreens and got a digital and it said YES!

DH and I have been TTC since 2009. I used to be on clomid a couple years ago, and I've done all the tracking stuff. But for the past year or so, we just did it when we felt like it. I use iPeriod for tracking stuff. No idea when I ov'd...

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My unexpected BFP!

I read through this site several times in the past few months thinking I had most of the pregnancy symptoms other women had listed! I would get super excited and when it came time to do a test, they were all negative. We weren't ttc, but we don't use birth control so I normally tested when I felt I had some symptoms. Even though we weren't ttc, I still felt extremely disappointed to see the tests come out negative. But this time it didnt!

We had actually bought a house during the time I had become pregnant, so I didnt chart symptoms like I normally did but I wanted to say looking back what I did notice;

1-6 dpo- Nothing out of the ordinary that stood out.
7-9 dpo- Tender breasts, moodiness and extremely tired. (We were painting the new house so I chalked this up to pms and exhaustion from over working ourselves)
10-12dpo- symptoms continue but rather than pms cramps, I noticed a pulling sensation in my abdomen. I have never felt this before so I decided to buy a test just in case. I took the test (on day 12) at 6:30 pm and was absolutely shocked to see an extremely dark positive line show up in seconds.

I hope this helps! This is our first so we are excited and just got to hear the little heartbeat. I am currently 8 wks.

Good luck to all!

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First BFP

Hi everyone! Just got my BFP this morning... It is mine and DH's first. I was having some hormone issues that have now mostly resolved so hopefully this is a sticky one! I did not have as many symptoms as I thought I would... However, I did have spotting 9DPO which I never do. This cleared up after 2 days. My DH also had a dream that I was pregnant around 7DPO which is VERY weird! He never dreams. I did notice some cramping that was similar to AF coming but not completely the same. I work in a hospital occasionally and the actual smell of the hospital was a little gag-inducing for a couple days. Also, there were a couple days when I felt kind of sick after eating breakfast but I didn't think anything of it.
Praying that this is a sticky bean!!! I am trying not to get too excited yet... :)
**I ovulate around day 18 and my TSH is a little high right now- 3.3- it is being monitored by my doctor because I have had high TSH in the past. Currently I am not taking medication**

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Bfp 14 dpo. First sign of pregnancy yeast infection

Hi ladies! First of all, thank you to this amazing website for keeping us sane (or not sane according to the hubby hahah:p). To all you symptom spotters out there, I understand you! I literally googled everything from sore boobs to cm to cervix position. Lol
I'm 25 and hubby is 26. Ttc for 3 months. Things I did different this month:
Preseed (gotta love it!) and evening primrose oil to increase cm. It worked! Lastly, I charted my basal temp.
Here are my symtoms:
Ovulation day 19: ovulation bleed ( first time that happens)
1 dpo-3 dpo: yeast infection, vivid dreams and small cramps
4 dpo: cold and migraine
5 dpo: craving ruffles. Extreme hunger. Hands were shaking I was so hungry.
6 dpo: cervix very high
7 dpo- 10 dpo: cramps, tingling nipples
11 dpo: implantation spotting. A very small yellowish brown spot of cm when I wiped. Vivid dream that I was pregnant.
12 dpo- 13 dpo: negative hpt. Period cramps. Oh no:( I was 99.9 sure periods were coming. Cervix low, hard and open. No cm, dry! Typical before my periods.
14 dpo: BFP:) the only reason i tested was because for shits and giggles. I had one pregnancy test left.
hoping for a sticky bean :)
Good luck ladies, never give up!

In shock as I'm writing this

So last weekend I was just feeling off. Hard to explain. Very moody and just overall off. I had a pregnancy test and granted it was way early, it was a 6 day sooner frer. And I was just in the beginning of that window. So I said what the heck. Took it and nothing. Out of idk instinct or just desperation, I took it and shined a flashlight to it. With a little extra light and serious squinting I saw a slight faint second line. I was in disbelief. Later that afternoon I went to the store and bought more tests. Took another one and yup, very faint but noticeable second line. Each day I tested and each day the line got stronger and stronger. There were some confusing ones such as a couple blue dyes and 1 digital that were total fails. Af was due Saturday (yesterday) and even texting friends who have had babies to show them my early BFP a lot of what I heard was when you miss your period it's official. Saturday seemed so far away! Well Friday I got the dollar store cheapies and took one yup, positive. Yesterday came and went, one thing that didn't come was my period. So I took my first official missed period poas first thing this morning and bam! No doubt about it BFP. I can't believe how quickly I tested and it showed up. I don't know if that's a good thing or what. I just turned 38 and this would be my first. As far as symptoms the best advice I can say is trust your body more than someone else's. I've read all kinds of symptoms on here and mine were much different but in some cases similar to others. About 2 weeks ago all I remember was feeling extremely tired. More than my normal. Now that I look back I complained to my bf that my bra hurt and when I went to take it off he said it looked like it was digging in. Which that particular bra never had an issue. So maybe boobs were a little swollen. By the end of that week I had interesting little twingy pangs in my left side. Then that weekend I was completely moody. Snapped at my bf for everything. And now here I am. 4 weeks pregnant. I can't believe it. It only took me 2 cycles after going off my pill. I thought because of my age it could or would take longer. I'm trying to embrace every minute of it and not worry too much. I can't wait to keep sharing my progress. :)

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BFP 10DPO Happy Surprise

Firstly thanks ladies for posting all your symptoms and stories which i loved reading xx

We were not trying to conceive however I did track my symptoms due to undiagnosed period issues I had earlier this year. However I am so excited, blessed and grateful even though it is early days!

I am 37 my DH is 25 and we have a 3.5 year old daughter together. We dtd only twice, CD 10 and 16 according to my application cd 16 was ovulation day but cramping said otherwise (was not temping etc). So to help you ladies out by dop....

CD 14-15 cramping left side what I believe ovulation cramp, did dtd cd 10 do it?
Dpo 1 dtd, very creamy white cm
Dpo2 sore BB and nipples
dpo 3 to 5 nothing really, googled no symptoms bit still bfp lol. NO SORE BB
Dpo 6 slight cramping and heavy uterus feeling
Dpo 7 still heavy uterus feeling and stitch for 15 minutes left side.
Dpo 8 creamy yellow cm. Started googling yellow cm pregnancy! I believe this is really a good sign! Plus i got sore thoat (like i did with DD)
Dpo 9 this is where i got light headed feeling (googled that too), tired, light cramping and bb stared to feel ever so slightly sensitive (now thinking something is up, I dont usually get sore bbs around this time.
Dpo10 just feeling different, decided to get test for fum and randomly chose clear blue, went and tested between classes around midday and bam! 1-2 weeks pregnant!
dpo11 very slight bb, MASSIVE headache, creamy CM (since ovulation).

With my DD i had massive implantation cramps for a few hours and a pindrop of IB. sore throat, more tingling BB.

I genrally feel more normal then my weird periods whete i thought i could be pregnant. Everyone is different bit for me heavy feeling, yellowish CM and feeling light headed were big signs. Again still early days but good luck lovelies.

Dpo 9