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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

pregnant at 40 1/2!!

I really can't believe it happened so quickly. We've been TTC for 3 months. Things I did this month: -charted my basal body temperatures -drank ridiculously healthy green smoothies regularly (banana, carrot, spinach/kale, protein powder (hemp, so lots of fiber + protein), greens powder, acai powder, chia seeds, spirulina, water) -tried to eat better, feed the good gut bacteria healthy food, see above -specifically, cut down on chocolate bars my husband pressures me into at night (ha) -I didn't cut down on caffeine because I'm powerless against the almighty bean Charting my temps again was key (I have two other kids, 3 and 11mo, and charted for both of them). Showed me that I was ovulating, and when. I knew from before that I'm a late O'er (usually CD17-19). We BD'd on CD16. Then a couple days later in the evening I felt an O pain/ache in my right side. The next morning my temp jumped 0.3C (0.5F). That was confirmation that I'd O'd. So I ordered my husband to bed me and used him mercilessly and then told him to go make me a sandwich (kidding, it was 6am, I demanded coffee). Then, the dreaded TWW. But actually, these past few months during the second half of my cycle, I wait, in fear, of my pms mood swings. It's been absolutely terrible these past few months, so bad that I knew I had to act. So the healthy eating part was a first attempt at that. Did you know that in imbalance of gut bacteria species (the unbalance brought on by bad eating) can cause anxiety and depression? Truth. So that motivated me. There's never any disadvantage to eating healthier! And what do you know, each day I waited for the rage to build inside me and instead my insides were bursting with joyous fairies and songbirds! Maybe an exaggeration... I was in a great mood almost the whole TWW. THere were a couple of low days, but a ridiculously huge improvement over last month. High energy, etc. Barely any pregnancy symptoms! Except if you count 'good mood, high energy'. Good appetite, but a few days I went most of the day without eating (life of a busy mother) so it's not like I was feeling especially hungry. No boob soreness whatsoever. Near the end of the TWW I could tell I was a bit more hot than usual, and when I bent over my head would hurt (like there was extra blood pressure). I had a vague, steady minor ache in the uterus area (like where your jeans zipper is) the last few days. My temps stayed high, which I was really happy about regardless. My temp was still high at CD31 (day of or day before period was due). This, wouldn't you know it, was the day of my husband's 40th birthday party. It was the first day in 6 months we had planned to get a babysitter and get a break from our delightful high-maintenance kids. We were living for this day. Sit at a pub, drink, friends, ahhh...... So I take the test, it's negative. Oh well, okay, woohoo! Let's go drinking like the old days!!! Hubby asked if I was pregnant, I told him no, he was fine and happy I could party with him! Then a few hours later I couldn't help myself, and I fished the test out of the trash. I couldn't believe my eyes... there was a second line. But could it be the dreaded evap line of lore? So I took another test and waited a little longer this time... yep, there's the faint line again. Wow. By this time the babysitter's here, the kids are wild... We finally escape, we're driving to the train station, he's talking about how he's almost glad I'm not pregnant and so excited to have fun together, because remember, readers, we literally NEVER get kid-free leisure time like EVER ... this is kid-in-Disneyland level excitement for us, sad as it is. I decide I have to bring it up. "So I have something to tell you..." "WHAT??! Why did you lie to me earlier???! No no no!!!" So then I had to explain the whole test-out-of-the-trash timeline, we both yell bad words in surprise of the news and bad timing, and he still didn't believe me so he insisted we stop at a chemist and buy another test, this time one of those digital ones that actually say "pregnant" so there was no mistaking it. I have to slip into a pub bathroom (classy!) and pee on the stick. Pregnant, 1-2 weeks. I show him: "Do you believe me now??" And we sit on the train in half a daze, processing that we're actually crazy enough to have a 3rd kid, feeling sorry for myself that I now have to stay sober on my ONE day out, we have to buy a bigger car, we need a bigger house, do we tell people? I had to tell a lot of people why I wasn't drinking that afternoon, so here's hoping this is a sticky bean!! Baby dust to all of you, and remember, take control of what you can control. Chart your temps (take your bbt correctly! google that shit) and feed your body real food. Good luck!!!
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BFP at 8dpo on first cycle!!

Hey y'all! DH and I were NTNP, but mostly NP. I ovulated either on the 22nd or 23rd of February and we DTD every day the 20th-25th. I used a soft cup after every time, just to be sure! My symptoms so far have been nuts. 1-3dpo: nothing 4 dpo: I poo'd like, 4 times a day from 4dpo until now, which is odd because usually I'm lucky to even go 4 times a week! I also noticed that my pee is a greenish color. 5dpo: SO. THIRSTY. Seriously, my mouth is a desert. I have a UTI feeling tingle, but I checked my urine and there is no infection. 6dpo: DH made eggs in the morning and I almost got sick at the smell of it. It smelled like dirty feet! Also having some pinches in my uterus, like tiny little cramps. 7 dpo: Not hungry. Boobs hurt so bad, my nips can feel every little thing, even through my bra! Still having green pee and still super thirsty. 8dpo: my entire body hurts so much. I feel like I ran a marathon. Even my fingers hurt. I almost left work because of the pain. Also, having PMS-like cramps on my hips. Very uncomfortable. BFN or shadow on test this morning. 9dpo: generally feeling like crap. Legs still sore, lots of little cramps, feel like I have done a million crunches. Feeling very blah, not hungry. POAS around 8:00pm and got a verrrry faint positive! 10dpo: POAS in the AM and got a light BFP! Very nauseous, no appetite, very sensitive to salt. Had to throw out my chinese food for lunch because of how salty it was. Feeling very tired. 11dpo: Couldn't sleep last night. Probably only got about 2 hours of sleep. Woke up this morning feeling very nauseous. Could hardly eat my yogurt and drink my coffee. Feeling very happy this morning, got a darker BFP. My boobs hurt incredibly bad and have already started changing. I'm so excited to share this with you all! Baby dust to each one of you!
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BFP after 7 years and 1 mcc

symptoms so far dpo : 1-7 days not noticed anything at all 8- 14 : Sore boobs Thirsty Feeling sick Increased cm Tired 16dpo bfp :) Got my bfp today I'm on a 28day cycle and af was due 2 days ago After 7 years we had a mcc last May and so thought it wouldn't probably happen as fast this time and wasn't really "trying" hoping I have a sticky bean this time ;) I stopped smoking properly aug 2015 Joined the gym January and slimming world and I'm sure all these things contributed
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Finally BFP!!!!!

Omg!! I cannot believe I finally made it! I know 7 months doesn't seem like a long time but for me it was an eternity! I felt like I was broken somehow, (even though yes, I know infertile women are not necessarily "broken") I even made a fertility appointments for the month of March! I wasn't keeping track because I had somewhat given up hope, and thought whenever it happens it will happen:) I believe I got my BFP at 9dpo??? Here are my symptoms!: Ovulation day I was nauseas and spotting. I knew to baby dance. We had been like crazy but I made extra sure to the day of and day after for 3 days. Through the two week wait I felt: Stuffy nose Watery eyes Sneezing constantly- like 60 times in a day! I couldn't make it stop for the life of me lol Slight cramping-not like period cramps,beat lighter. Very tired!! I cannot stress enough! And I knew exactly when because usually bedtime is 9:30 to 10:00 and I was so sleepy at 7:30 0.O Agitated and easily annoyed/moody Not a symptom: And last but not least very family oriented....looking up how to make cloth diapers, watching family videos on YouTube etc etc... Cervical mucus: Regular medium amount until about 5 days after I thought was ovulation and then increased. I had a huge amount. It was egg white still and stretchy. Then when I got my BFP, it was like water, constantly felt wet and it was milky white. So that's it!! That is my BFP:):):):

BFP Still Can't Believe it!

Hi girls!! This is my first post, You have all helped me so much through many TTW so now that I have my BFP i want to share with you and help you guys figure it all out! I thought there was no way this was my month we only got to BD one day this whole month which was 4 days before ovulation! I still can't believe BFP is here, so any of you that are disheartened and worried about missing out on the right time, don't worry, anything can happen!!! I'm 29, have 1 DD and have had 1 chemical pregnancy and 2 m/c at 12 weeks and 6 weeks. I'm praying this is a sticky bean! So here goes with my dpo.. 1-3dpo no symptoms although I'm wondering why my bbs havent got sore yet.. they are always so painful right after Oday until a few days before af. 4dpo- Lovely relaxing day but I am exhausted! Fell asleep by 8pm in front of the TV. 5dpo- STARVING can not eat enough food. Very emotional and extremely bloated, I'm never bloated like this... mmm. 6dpo- still Starving, Runny Nose.. maybe it's my allergies and my sisters dog over the weekend. Bloat still here. 7dpo- THIRSTY like 4 liters of water later, I still want more, super hungry, runny nose, nipps very sore. Bloat still here. 8dpo- hungry, thirsty and my nose is still running. Sore bbs, some very mild cramping. What's this?! Lotion like cm? I'm normally dry until af.. 9dpo- more lotion cm, weird tight cramping, not as hungry or thirsty or bloated.. I'm sleeping like baby these days 10pm every night right through! Usually I suffer from regular bouts of insomnia. Sleeping is awesome. 10dpo- Peeing alot today at work. Do I 'feel' pregnant?! No don't be stupid.. Should I test?! NO! It's too early, concentrate on your work. Steady Thin cm all day, little nausea. Bloat is back. 11dpo- Peeing lots, lotion cm, thirsty, tired. Out for cocktails (because I'm being normal until af haha) I can't even better bothered, ready to go home after 2 drinks, all I can think about is how HUNGRY I am and what I'll make to eat when I'm home! 12dpo- bbs very sore today. Lotion like cm. Sharp feelings inutero ouch! What is that?? 13dpo- AF due! Right side cramping. Lots of lower back pain and bloating in the evening *cry* possibly dehydrated from spin class this morning? Took paracetamol! I think af is gonna come tomorrow, now dry cm, very sharp pain at top of uterus maybe is a chemical pregnancy and it's pulling away? That was really sore.. (maybe I'm just letting my previous m/c get to my head.) I have 2 know what's happening. Will test tomorrow with ic if no af. 14dpo- No af despite all that horrible cramping. Woke up feeling sick and loose bm (sorry TMI) maybe that's what all the cramping was about. Very mild cramping so far trying to drink lots of water. Very faint BFP!!!!!!! on ic.. Need to get FRER to confirm! Will retest with FRER 16dpo hopefully I'll get a darker line and no bleeding.. Still Can't believe it!!! Big give aways for me were my bbs not getting sore after O, more cm than usual, extreme hunger and lots of cramping with no spotting or af the next day.

Leap Day Suprise!!!

We have been trying for four months. I am 25 years old. My first and only child was an unplanned pregnancy so this was a surprise when it took longer than a month trying. I was a naive idiot! Anyway, I tracked my symptoms like a crazy person after the first month. I started taking primrose oil this cycle on cycle days 1-18 along with my prenatal vitamin and b complex vitamin. I believe I ovulated on the 17th of this month which would be cycle day 16. I also took the walgreens mucinex too for the first time this month ttc during the days I thought I would be Ovulating (cd 15-18). Also, I have been drinking 2-3 cups of Red Raspberry leaf tea a day. O day- still had positive lh test, had turned positive the day before. had horrifying pains in cervix for some reason. Just sharp pinches seemingly in my vagina where my cervix would be. This happened like 4 or 5 times that evening. Lots of ewcm. it was a bit whitish though. 1dpo- Still had ewcm. dtd just in case. Cervix still high and open. 2dpo-stickie drier cm. maybe yeaat infection starting. feels slightly like that. 3dpo- Medium high cervix, less cm, bloating, vivid dream. 4 dpo No sign of yeast infection. Heavy bloating and so gassy! cramping lower down but not too bad. 5dpo-Low hard cervix scanty cm 6dpo- Low cervix, little bit of cm creamy, So bloated I look preggo! mildly nauseous, mild cramping lower left side. dtd that night 7dpo-SO gassy, boobs bigger and look a little veiny. tender breasts as well. so bloated still. 8 dpo-Slightly sore boobs, cervix up high, seems softish and moist. veiny bbs still. small amount of creAMY discharge on panties. some lower pulling on the sides of uterus. Felt like Braxton hicks contractions. felt nauseous in the evening but thought it was from taking my prenatals late. Neg, test this morning. 9 dpo-Face breaking out. CX seems high and closed. boobs a tiny bit sorer and bigger. neg. pt. (idiot for testing!). 10dpo- very sore boobs today, feel like they are bruised on the sides. bloated and gassiness in the evening. cervix still high but maybe slightly lower than yesterday/ dtd in the evening 11dpo-boobs not as sore which made me feel out for the month! that is what happened the other months, sore bbs that would stop hurting when my period arrived. but they still hurt a little just not as much as yesterday. I have been napping these last few days but havent felt super tired. one white spot on left nipple. 12dpo-It is 5 30 am, I woke up at like 5 after a dreadful nightmare. I decided to test. I used my last first response with the curved handle. Positive came up right away!! I cried and danced like a crazy person. My husband is at work so I need to think of a way to tell him! and try to keep it a secret from my 4 year old! YAY!!!! The biggest sign for me was the Braxton hicks-like cramping on dpo 8. It was something I had not felt the other months trying.

20 months TTC Natural 34 y/o

Wow it's here!! MY BFP story! I have been stalking this site for months, days, and nights! I wasn't going to post except for I had some intense early pregnancy symptoms which I think might be encouraging for other women. I definitely thought I was out this month. My husband and I tried everything from pre-seed, fertiliteas, ovulation predictors, and fertility check ups. I just had bloodwork done, an ultrasound, and an HSG 4 weeks ago! And everything was normal. I think maybe cleaning my pipes helped! We definitely BD during ovulation day and week! I didn't chart symptoms each DPO but noticed that when my period was due, I had intense PMS stympyoms (or so I thought). I had cramps, low back pain, felt exausted, felt bloated, my boobs were super sore, and I was hungrier than normal. I even signed up for my first 1/2 marathon two days ago! And then today was the first time in 20 months that I was a day late. I tested this morning and PREGNANT! This is my first baby and my husband and I are thrilled! We feel blessed! I would definitely stay strong and don't give up hope! God has a plan! Good luck to all of you!

44 And Pregnant!!!

I'm still in shock. Last week I got my BFP after ttc for 3 months. This will be my 3rd child. My other 2 sons are 26 and 22. I will be 45 in July and baby is due on 12th October.
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Unexpected but very welcome BFP!

I want to share my BFP story as visiting these boards is what's kept me sane these last few months! I can't quite believe it....After swearing I was pregnant 3 months ago (our first month of TTC) here I am today with a totally unexpected BFP!! We followed the SMEP plan, used pre-seed and CB advanced digital OPKs. Missionary position only, and I stayed lying down for 15 mins after BD'ing. I read 'Making Babies' and 'Taking Charge Of Your Fertility' which I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone TTC. It only took 1 month after making the suggested changes, using pre-seed and OPKs to get my BFP! I basically had no symptoms at all, and had spotting on day 26 which I thought was AF, but was only a few drops, so I assume this was late-ish implantation bleeding. I also had a BBT drop on day 26 which made me think for sure I wasn't pregnant, but it shot back up today, the day I got my BFP (day 28/DPO 14) - the day of my missed period. I've had some mild cramping and 'pulling' in the abdomen, but I thought these were just signs AF was coming, but apparently not! I have a history of hormonal issues, adrenal fatigue and really bad PMS, so anyone out there with these issues, please have hope!! Wishing you all baby dust!

First Time Around...BFP

I am so excited. I had to log on and tell my story because I read all of yours when I was in my tww. So here goes... My husband and I decided on January 1st that we would start trying. I had my Mirena removed on December 5th so, we were expecting that it would take 6 months to a year to conceive. I actually started taking a cocktail of VITEX, Maca, and Tribulus once a day on January 1st because my cycle in December was anovulatory. I watched a fertility specialist on youtube discuss the herbs that she recommends and I was sold. Low and behold, we conceived on the first try. I don't even know how that is possible. But, here is how it all happened: CD 1- 4 Bleeding CD 9,11, and 15 BD (each BD I inserted my Diva Cup before I got up to go to the bathroom and we used pre-seed) CD 15 - positive OPK CD 16 - Suspected ovulation day (fertility friend) 1DPO - Tender breasts everyday until positive pregnancy test and EXTRA EXTRA creamy CM 4DPO - Sharp pain in lower abdomen, dull backaches, tingling in my nostrils, itchy nipples 5DPO-7DPO- Constant cramping. We were snowed-in, so I laid around over the weekend, trying to figure out if my period was starting a week early because of the herbs I started taking. 8DPO- lower back aches, dizziness, and constipation 9DPO - FRER faint BFP, Wandfo BFN, ClearBlue Digital Pregnant 1-2 weeks past ovulation and lots of heartburn 10DPO- FRER DARK BFP 12DPO- FRER DARK BFP 12DPO- Blood test shows 120 hcG levels and I still haven't technically missed my period yet Today, I am 15 DPO I am beyond excited this is so unexpected. My husband was so shocked and so was my mom. I cannot wait to tell the rest of my friends and family after the first trimester. I hope this helps someone else out. I tested at 9DPO and swore it would be negative. But, the dizziness the night before is what gave it away. Don't be afraid to go buy a FRER if you are having symptoms. The Wandfos are still barely showing a line, even though my blood test is confirmed positive. Baby dust to you all...