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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

Unexpected but very welcome BFP!

I want to share my BFP story as visiting these boards is what's kept me sane these last few months! I can't quite believe it....After swearing I was pregnant 3 months ago (our first month of TTC) here I am today with a totally unexpected BFP!! We followed the SMEP plan, used pre-seed and CB advanced digital OPKs. Missionary position only, and I stayed lying down for 15 mins after BD'ing. I read 'Making Babies' and 'Taking Charge Of Your Fertility' which I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone TTC. It only took 1 month after making the suggested changes, using pre-seed and OPKs to get my BFP! I basically had no symptoms at all, and had spotting on day 26 which I thought was AF, but was only a few drops, so I assume this was late-ish implantation bleeding. I also had a BBT drop on day 26 which made me think for sure I wasn't pregnant, but it shot back up today, the day I got my BFP (day 28/DPO 14) - the day of my missed period. I've had some mild cramping and 'pulling' in the abdomen, but I thought these were just signs AF was coming, but apparently not! I have a history of hormonal issues, adrenal fatigue and really bad PMS, so anyone out there with these issues, please have hope!! Wishing you all baby dust!

First Time Around...BFP

I am so excited. I had to log on and tell my story because I read all of yours when I was in my tww. So here goes... My husband and I decided on January 1st that we would start trying. I had my Mirena removed on December 5th so, we were expecting that it would take 6 months to a year to conceive. I actually started taking a cocktail of VITEX, Maca, and Tribulus once a day on January 1st because my cycle in December was anovulatory. I watched a fertility specialist on youtube discuss the herbs that she recommends and I was sold. Low and behold, we conceived on the first try. I don't even know how that is possible. But, here is how it all happened: CD 1- 4 Bleeding CD 9,11, and 15 BD (each BD I inserted my Diva Cup before I got up to go to the bathroom and we used pre-seed) CD 15 - positive OPK CD 16 - Suspected ovulation day (fertility friend) 1DPO - Tender breasts everyday until positive pregnancy test and EXTRA EXTRA creamy CM 4DPO - Sharp pain in lower abdomen, dull backaches, tingling in my nostrils, itchy nipples 5DPO-7DPO- Constant cramping. We were snowed-in, so I laid around over the weekend, trying to figure out if my period was starting a week early because of the herbs I started taking. 8DPO- lower back aches, dizziness, and constipation 9DPO - FRER faint BFP, Wandfo BFN, ClearBlue Digital Pregnant 1-2 weeks past ovulation and lots of heartburn 10DPO- FRER DARK BFP 12DPO- FRER DARK BFP 12DPO- Blood test shows 120 hcG levels and I still haven't technically missed my period yet Today, I am 15 DPO I am beyond excited this is so unexpected. My husband was so shocked and so was my mom. I cannot wait to tell the rest of my friends and family after the first trimester. I hope this helps someone else out. I tested at 9DPO and swore it would be negative. But, the dizziness the night before is what gave it away. Don't be afraid to go buy a FRER if you are having symptoms. The Wandfos are still barely showing a line, even though my blood test is confirmed positive. Baby dust to you all...

Unexpected BFP on 13dpo after trying for over a year

I spent many TWWs reading these stories, so I wanted to share my own. I am 37, turning 38 next month, and we had been trying for well over a year, and had been having unprotected sex for YEARS. I honestly thought we were going to have to get some intervention to get pregnant because it just wasn't happening. This last cycle we only had sex 2 times, but one of them was within hours of my ovulation, and it worked, miraculously! After dozens of cycles of tracking and analyzing my symptoms, I had ZERO symptoms this time, except for a couple of pimples. The only reason I took a test is because my period was 3-4 days late (I have short cycles, so it's not alarming for one to be a couple of days longer). Took a test on 13dpo, could BARELY see a very faint 2nd line. Had to keep staring at it. I came back an hour or so later and it was darker; came back again much later and it was much darker. Took another test that afternoon and didn't have to second-guess it at all. My husband still doesn't believe me, but I don't blame him because there were SO many months when I thought I was or could be pregnant and wasn't. Good luck to all of you ladies trying out there.
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BFP at 21 DPO and few symptoms

Hi, I am from Sunny South Africa. I have used this site so much so I thought I will return the favour. I only tested at 21 DPO because I wanted to ensure that I will have an obvious answer. My husband and I were not actually trying to conceive, but this all happened on a romantic weekend away and all thought went out of the window. as far as symptoms go. I did have the usual pms/progesterone symptoms until 12 dpo which include (sore breasts, tiredness, crampiness, increased appetite, heartburn, slight nausea) I have had all these symptoms every month so I cannot include this as possible pregnancy symptoms. The symptoms that stood out: 1dpo to now - As soon as I ovulated, my breasts went up a cup size and insanely sore. This was unusual 6-8 dpo - unusual fatigue, could not keep my eyes open. I am an energizer bunny, so this was unusual 10 dpo - all symptoms went away, I felt completely fine only thing that stayed was sore breasts. 12 dpo- I started having period cramps like every month however, cramps were more localized and sharper. I knew my period was on its way 12 dpo - I had dry cm throughout the two week wait, from 12 dpo, Every time I cramp, a gush of watery/ creamy cm will be present. this was also unusual. This lasted until 18 dpo. I really thought I was getting my period 12 dpo - I needed to pee every 45 mins, I have a large bladder so this tipped me off that something was going on all my symptoms only started really from 12 dpo and the symptoms are very mild, almost unnoticeable. Now at 21 dpo, I still feel more or less normal. I have no fatigue or moodiness (this is what tipped my husband off, lack of pms symptoms) My breasts are large and extremely veiny, as well as my thighs and stomach. I have already started getting linea nigrea. My uterus is swollen and sticks out already, my mom looked at it and said it might be twins, we shall see (my brothers are twins). I get irritated easier and don't really have nausea yet, only sometimes and in the mornings or when I eat. The only food aversion I can think of is anything sweet or chocolate. All in all, I feel ok but obviously excited. I do hope each one of you on this site the best of luck and wishes, this is truly a wonderful support system with remarkable ladies.

Cautiously optimistic bfp?

I'm not very good at journaling but this month we decided to do some more try than "not prevent". Anyway I know I ovulated around cd 14/15 because of the light cramping. BD every day from CD 10-15 with definite EWCM on one of those days. I have felt warm (much like with my first) and needing to pee more plus dizzy spells from about 8dpo. I tested with $tree at 11dpo : bfn. It didn't surprise me because blood work at 12dpo came back negative with my first. (Ended up being a successful pregnancy) but I'm obviously curious because today at 13dpo I poas with fmu and it's not NOT a line... Right? Anyone want to weigh in? Pic was taken right at 5 min.

BFP- 8 weeks along

Hi ladies! I wasn't expecting to be posting here anytime soon, but the time has come. I got a BFP this morning with fmu. I don't track much other than the start and end dates of AF. I haven't had AF since November 23,2015. I am (or was) on birth control, but I have messed it up before. I'm usually regular but have in the past gone 6-8 weeks with no AF. I honestly didn't think I was pregnant so I hadn't bothered to test until today. The test was positive in 20 seconds! I did have a few symptoms... sore breasts VERY tired for the past two weeks, could fall asleep during work! hungry, even after I eat a meal. Mood swings, definitely. This is my second pregnancy, my first is 5 years old. I am very nervous, but very excited at the same time! Too shocked to say anymore! :)
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44 and pregnant naturally

I’m feeling so many emotions, ranging from smug to horrified. I still can’t believe this is happening. After a year of trying we got a referral to the RE, who said we should have IVF or let it go. I couldn’t face blowing five grand on a five per cent chance success, so we decided to continue with the traditional method, and that when I hit 45, we’d sell the buggy. My husband is even more ancient than I am, and I think we were both a little relieved not to be starting all over again. We started fantasising about nicer holidays or even sending our son to a private school. Then one night I sipped some wine and felt a little queasy. The next day the unimaginable was confirmed by a faint blue cross. The consultant has been very encouraging. He tells me that I’m a perfectly reasonable age to have a baby, and that chronological and biological age are not the same thing. I apparently could be biologically younger than a really really unhealthy 25 year old. I’m now half way through the pregnancy and all the tests have been normal. I have no symptoms and forget I’m pregnant until I get into the shower and see this ginormous tummy. The pregnancy hormones must be good for the middle aged complexion, though, because the wrinkles have just melted off my face. Unfortunately, I’m told the effect is temporary. I’m writing this because I know there aren’t a lot of success stories at this end of the fertility bell curve. I’ve been really lucky, and I wish the same good fortune to everyone else. Thank you for your inspiration.

Bfp at 10dpo!!

Hi everyone. I thought I'd share my story and symptoms leading up to my bfp with you! I'm so surprised when I saw that squinter of a line this morning, I couldn't believe it!! :) So I went of bc in April 2015 and we were NTNP. 6 months later, still no bfp. So we talked about it and started trying in November. I started temping and using opk's. All went well but no BFP. So I started using Pregnacare Conception in Desember and i'm convinced that played a great role in helping to prepare the uterus for implantation and balancing my hormones. So this month I got ewcm for the first time ever!! Only for one day and only a little bit. I did not get any positive opks up until that stage and I stopped using opk's as it was stressing me out. On cd 19 my temp rose and I assume I successfully ovulated. I have a 26 day cycle with a 11 day luteal phase only and low temps. No preseed used. This month my temps sky rocketed after ovulation and I got a dip at 8 dpo! two days later BAM bfp. Started out as a squinter of a line but took another test 4 hours later and line already progressed to a very visible positive. O DAY: BD'D and I orgasm'd afterward just to suck those babies in :) 1-6 DPO : No real symptoms. I never get sore boobs and I remember constantly poking at them but nothing! 7 DPO: Noticing watery cm and I have a bit of diarrhea. temps very high! 8DPO: Temp drops 0.3 Celcius! Watery cm. Diarrhea. Bloated. Cold like symptoms start! 9 DPO: Temp rose slightly. Vivid dreams. Light cramping. Gassy. Cold like Symptoms. Diarrhea. Watery cm. I wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat! The room is cold though... Start suspecting something is up. 10 DPO: Temp is up a bit more. Decided to test with internet cheapie. First looks like BFN. Then noticed the slightest line. Start jumping up and down softly as hubby and ds is still asleep in the next room. I'm feeling the fatigue and a bit dizzy today (Almost like when you just start getting drunk from some wine) Very light cramping. Still no sore boobs. Still cold like symptoms. Very happy and very excited for baby #2!!

BFP!!!!! - dpo

I said I would post when/if i got my bfp, this site has been my rock/obsession for the last 6 months and can finally say got my BFP at 11 dpo! trying to conceive for 6 months baby number 1! got married end of August, i naively thought it would happen strAight away as soon as I came off BC (on for 10yr) Im 26 DH is 33 heres my DPO as best as i can remember. things i did different didnt obsess this month i.e didnt look at this site every day, read stories even forgot my pre natal vit and just decided to chill a bit after christmas eve AF i was fed up!even booked a holiday for end of the month! 25-26 day cycle very regular. bd"d cd10 cd11 cd 12 cd 14 cd 16 1dpo cd15- wet cm (never have ewcm) had heavy cramps which is unusal for me for ovulation done opk and was next day nothing 2-4dpo 5dpo-vivid dreams- about death 7dpo - vidid dreams about death & felt constipated (very unusual) 8dpo - nothing 9dpo - start with sore boobs (which is normal for me pre period) 10dpo- creamy cm,very emotional had a massive cry for little reason sore boobs 11dpo- creamy/lotiony cm ,enhanced sense of smell, cramps very much like AF really sore boobs shooting pains & worse than normal pre af, didnt have pregnancy test so used opk- very dark- done 4 all dark second lines bought four tests- all very faint BFP- in disbelief! 12dpo (today) bleeding gums when brushed teeth never happened before) feel a little nauseated digital clear blue test - BIG FAT POSITIVE!!! over the moon/ nervous/ excited!hoping for a sticky healthy little bean!! Baby dust to all!!

10 & 11dpo faint bfp?

This is my first post... I am 28 and DH is 27. It's so exciting and so frightening all at the same time. My husband and I just started trying for our first baby this month. I have just been feeling off... I didn't keep track of what I was feelings each day but I have had mild-enough to irritate you cramps, the last 2 nights I have felt nauseous and I had some bouts of indigestion and acid reflux. I went to the dollar tree and got 10 tests... Not that I really thought I would be pregnant but I just kind of had a feeling. We were in line at the deli and my husband asked me what I wanted and I stopped. I had a feeling like I shouldn't be eating the deli meat or the mozzarella. Anywho... I held my pee until we got home. Which I have been peeing a lot! Ran in took the test. I went and changed while the pink dye was running over it and my husband came in and asked what it said. I said "it was blank the last time I saw it." I walked back in... There was a faint line!!! It had only been like 3 mins. It was very faint at 4 pm. Almost unbelievable. I took another one a few hours later and it was even more faint! I don't know what to believe. I'm cramping now. I took three more this morning and they were all faint but right from the go. My best friend says I'm pregnant. My husband and I are so cautious because they are so faint. I want to get a digital but I don't know if it is too early, will it even show up?! Any advice or calming words would help immensely! Thank you! Am I truly pregnant?! It feels unreal.
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