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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

BFP 21 DPO after 4 day bleed

I can't really believe I got a BFP and I am posting here. I got what I thought was my AF 7 days ago. I spotted on 9 and 10 DPO and then started spotting again 1 day late at 16 DPO. The spotting got heavier and I bled for 2 days and then spotted for another day. I figured I was out but my boobs have been hurting bad and my hips have really been bothering me so I went to the store and bought a few cheap tests. I took the first one and a faint line came up in the 10 minutes. It was there but very faint. I got excited so I went and bought a box of FRER and took one with a two hour hold. It took about 5 minutes but a faint line popped up and got slightly darker at the 10 minute mark. I just wanted to post this so people know that you are not necessarily out if you bleed. If you feel off test! This will be baby #4 and I am overjoyed!

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My DS called it!

Hello lovely ladies!
ME-35, DH-37, DS-7, DD-5
At age 22 a friend of mine did an ultrasound on me and said I had "small ovaries" and may have problems getting pregnant. I was 5'9" and 115 lbs at that time. We ate extremely healthy and exercised. I never had issues with my period and had "textbook" cycles with O on day 14. Never on contraceptives, only using condoms.
That info floored me but I decided to wait and when I was 27, my DH was eager to start family. I figured it was going to take a long time, I went to ob/gyn- got clean bill of health and we started TTC. To our shock I got preggo that very first cycle. All went well, without single complication. did have c-sec due to my son never turning, but all was perfect otherwise. Did gain a lot of weight but I was so underweight to begin with- healthy but underweight. Naturally I am thin and without much trying I lost almost all weight and then was 125 lbs for years. when DS was 2, we decided to add to our family. Under a lot of stress as we sold our house and our new house was not ready yet. Living with in laws and a toddler wasn't necessarily the best to start TTC but alas we did. I went to PCP, got clean bill of health, with what my doc called "horse blood work results" (meaning all good). My TSH was 3.5 and the only reason I mention it here is that there is more to it later in the story. Got preggo with my DD on 4th cycle and potentially only 2nd with good timing. again, all was great, no complications and she was safely delivered via VBAC (had to fight for it of course as docs in U.S. are so happy just doing c-sec).
fast forward 5 years, I am 35 and my husband and I start thinking about adding one more to our special family. DS and DD are super bright, very talented and literally have been begging for a baby. I am again 125 lbs, healthy and all is grand. go to my ob/gyn and the Nurse there shatters me completely. She tells me I am too old to be having babies and "even if I get pregnant" I will have hard time carrying a baby, all those problems, etc etc. I leave in tears. go to my PCP, get blood work done and all is again perfect. TSH is 3.0 now. my new PCP doesn't see any problem, does not feel I am hypo, but his wife is a naturopath and feels my TSH should be 1-2. she feels that my diet is lacking Selenium and Iodine (I do not use salt almost at all!!!). I start taking them. also, my vit D is a little lower so started it (almost all my friends are low on vit d and so is my hubby-I think it due to living in Midwest and such short half life of Vit D). now, I start to panic a little because I feel being 35, TSH "too high", low vit D, I feel I am "never gonna get pregnant". Secretly started taking MACA root. it made me so hyper like on red bull, overall mood was great, but what it did was, it messed 3 of my cycles completely!!!! first cycle was only 14 days, second 21 with O on day 7 and third 21 days with O on day 11. I finally realized it was Maca and confirmed by the naturopath wife to my doc. she tells me to stop it immediately and that I must have taken some enhanced one that paired with my sensitivity to drugs, caused my cycles out of whack. She tells me that my cycles can take 6 months to regulate!!! I freak out thinking I just messed everything up :(((
the next cycle starts normal, I do not feel as crazy as I was on maca and start having EWCM day 10. so here it is:
CD11-BD EWCM- copious amounts- normal for me
CD13- +OPK, BD late at night- feel O pain left ovary
CD14 - OPK and creamy CM later- did not BD was so tired- hubby feels I am sabotaging the cycle, FF confirmed O that day.
1dpo-6dpo- nothing.
6dpo- watching with my parents and kids America's funniest videos and there is a "bun in the oven" video. all of the sudden my son exclaims "mom has bun in the oven"!!! I yell, noooo not true. we told them we were not trying and they accepted it. so weird! that night, I get cramps and low back pain.
7dpo- temps still staying in 98's and I have a cold sore?? small one, take Lysine immediately and it never grows bigger. feel chills- but that is due to 98's temp- I never even have such high temps normally
8 dpo- more cramping and tiny speck of blood in now creamy, EWCM. hmmm
9dpo- temps are staying crazy up, I feel sick and hot! thirsty due to high temps.
10dpo- same as above, now my armpits hurt, break out with terrible acne filled with fluid (yuk!!!!) fall asleep at 8. my husband says something is up!

Crazy 24 hours! Don't Count Yourself Out 'Til You're Out!

Hi! My husband and I are 28, and we decided March 2015 that we'd like to give TTC a shot! I had my non-hormonal IUD removed in April, and we were off to the races! I didn't use ovulation test or take my temperature for the first several months because I hoped to get pregnant pretty quickly. In August, I began using the 50 pack of Wondfo ovulation tests, and I blew through all of them by early October with only ONE positive during that time. My cycles were long, and I wasn't getting pregnant. My average cycle length was 43 days!

I had a normal period beginning on September 15th. I tried wishful thinking for the month--I kept telling myself I would have a normal 28-day cycle (I've been tracking my periods for years, and I usually have one or two 28-day cycles a year. The rest range from 35-50 days). I even got a nearly positive ovulation test on October 6th (CD21), and my husband and I BD'd every day for 5 days straight. After that, we went back to our every other day schedule. THUS, my two week wait was more like FIVE weeks.

We waited until CD37 to take a pregnancy test. Negative. I had noticed some EWCM around CD29, so I held onto hope that maybe I hadn't ovulated on CD21, and I might still be pregnant. I took another pregnancy test on CD46 and CD48. Negatives. I thought that I must not have ovulated.

I'd had enough, so I made an appointment with my OB/GYN to see if I could get something to make me ovulate in the future. I was on CD51 yesterday when I went in for my appointment. The doctor was very reassuring and told me that these sort of issues are common, and that he was glad I'd come in to see him, even though it hadn't been a year of trying yet. He ordered some blood tests for the typical things: LH, FSH, thyroid, Prolactin, DHEA, Estadiol... He also prescribed Provera (a progesterone tablet) to make me start my period. As I checked out at the front, I asked the lady about the urine sample I had given and she confirmed that the pregnancy test was negative.

Right as I got home, the doctor called me! "Your pregnancy test was negative but I thought it looked like there may be an evap line so I had the tech do a second pregnancy test from your sample. The results just came back and there may be a faint line. We're going to do a blood test from your blood sample to rule out pregnancy. I'll call you with the results tonight or tomorrow morning." I had just picked up the Provera prescription, but thankfully hadn't taken any! My husband was in an interview for a fellowship, so I couldn't call him. I had to wait until he was back home and was done talking about his interview day to share my news! I will never forget the look on his face! We took a couple of Wondfo pregnancy tests that afternoon, and sure enough, we had a couple of squinters!!

The doctor called me this morning to tell me congratulations! My HCG is only 36 so he thinks I am super early! I'm going back in on Monday to confirm that my HCG is rising. Based on the HCG and other details, we think I ovulated on CD39. I'll use that date for purposes of the symptoms I list below:

CD1-35: Not much CM
CD36-38: CM ranging from EWCM to watery. I thought this was post-conception CM!
CD39/O Day: Watery CM
DPO2: Noticed soreness in nipples and my teeth hurt (like when you have a headache), tired
DPO4: Tiny bit of breast sensitivity (probably from aggressively poking myself to see if they were sensitive!)
DPO9: BFN and made appointment for doctor
DPO11: Yellow sticky CM
DPO12: Yellow stretchy CM; a little breast sensitivity; maybe heightened sense of smell; Potentially positive tests from the doctor's
DPO13: Phone call confirmation of positive blood pregnancy test!

As you can see, I didn't have a lot of symptoms. I'm still in shock!

Finally, I have a question (I know this has been a long post), but does that timeline sound right to you for getting faint positives on Wondfo pregnancy tests? After CD39, we didn't BD again until CD43. Assuming I'd ovulated on CD42, that would mean my faint positives at the doctor's office were on DPO9, instead of DPO12. Which sounds more likely to result in super faint lines and low HCG?

Miracle BFP...!

I have been a bit of a lurker for a while, reading many of the stories on here and have been touched by them. Since I just got my BFP this morning, which was really surprising, I thought I would share my story, in hopes that those who have been TTC will not lose their hope!

DH and I had been NTNP/TTC for a little over a year. My cycles are generally about 32 days, but they are a bit irregular. About 6 months ago, I went through a cycle where I seriously "felt pregnant" and was late for about a week, but DH was not quite convinced and ended up proving me wrong when I got a BFN and AF came.

This cycle, I tried not to obsess about my symptoms and was beginning to think AF would come. But red flags went up when I began spotting on CD37 which then continued on CD39 and into the middle of the night before stopping. Even the cm pretty much dried up. I was starting to believe that I ovulated REALLY late. AF was supposed to come around 10/22 or so. I had read somewhere it's best to test two weeks after the missed period here in Korea, so I waited until then. It was a bit hard at times, but I tried to keep my mind distracted. We dtd on CD20 and CD28.

Didn't track closely, so here's a list of what I felt at times:

indigestion, tiredness, mild cramping, breast tenderness and soreness, nip sensitivity, some random pain and discomfort around the pelvic bone, into the upper right leg, some pulling behind my belly button just a couple times.

Most of the time it was incredibly similar to what I have normally felt before my period.

I had decided to take a test last Monday, but DH told me I should wait until Friday, which is tomorrow. However, yesterday he told me to try testing this morning, so I used my FMU. I used the PIAC method and I was barely taking the tester out when the test line had a strong streak within the first 5 to 10 seconds.

I have since felt more pregnant than ever and my symptoms have become stronger. Even cm picked up a bit again. Could it be due to the fact I know I'm pregnant for sure? At least I wasn't imagining it this time.

Anyway, the reason I call this a miracle BFP is because we were told by a couple doctors that it would be incredibly difficult to conceive naturally or with insemination and were strongly recommended to use IVF. Yet even then the possibility was still not too high. I had wanted to get pregnant naturally and chose to just leave it to God/Jesus to do the impossible, since nothing is impossible for Him. We were shocked this morning and are still in a small state of disbelief, but are very grateful for this blessing. Especially since we haven't been TTC very long, compared to some women on here.

Long story short, even if the doctors tell you there's not much of a chance to get pregnant, don't stop believing and praying! Miracles DO happen!! For those who have been waiting longer, don't give up hope and just pray, and wait for His timing! The grace and power of God is truly amazing. All glory to Him. He is in control!

Here's to hoping this sticks!

Note: Ignore the strand of hair in the pic, haha.

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BFP after 1.5 years! Second pregnancy.

I've been meaning to post this since I got my BFP a few weeks ago because I know how much these posts helped me get through those rough two weeks every month for the last two years. First though, a little back story... This is my second pregnancy. My first is almost four and was delivered by emergency-C due to being breech and going into labor before my scheduled surgery. After giving birth I have gone through the most terrible period every month, like TERRIBLE! Spotting for three days before my flow, clots as big as my thumb for three more full days, "regular" bleeding for five more days and then spotting for three more days. EVERY MONTH. I couldn't leave the house on clot days as I would leak every time. Just within the last few months I was diagnosed with adenomyosis via MRI. I don't know if that has anything to do with me not getting pregnant for so long when the first one only took two months, but I feel like it did. I had an HSG done last month on my CD 13. The fluid ran through like it was suppose to, but I feel like it "cleared" the path and that it wasn't clear before the procedure. There is no way to tell really. I conceived a few days later and couldn't be happier!

As for symptoms.... My breasts are always tender before my period, but they were EXTRA tender for sure. It was CD 27 when I knew something was up. There were two BIG signs.

1. I had heartburn DURING sex
2. I started crying my eyes out after orgasm....

I took a test first thing the next morning and got a BFP!

Happy baby dancing to all and good luck!

Bfp after 7 months TTC!

For those of you who take just a little longer to get pregnant--don't lose hope! After 6 months I had totally convinced myself something was wrong. I got a suuuuuper faint Bfp before bed 10 dpo and a less faint Bfp with FMU 11 dpo. I was convinced AF was on her way because my breasts were no longer super sore and I had a dip in my bbt. I really didn't have too many symptoms but here is what I can remember:
1-7 dpo: sore boobs which happens every month
8 dpo: fluttering feeling in my pelvis, bad gas
9-10 dpo: AF like cramping, sore lower back, boobs no longer sore, waves of heartburn and nausea. I also had some super crazy dreams the last few nights.
So if you don't get pregnant right away and don't have a ton of symptoms...keep the faith! Sending love to all you ladies!

af SEVEN days LATE before first BFP at 39 years old!!!

After my third baby was born I suddenly gained 50 lbs after being small all my adult life. I didn't have a single period from getting pregnant all the way to his second birthday! About 6 months ago most of the weight disappeared and AF returned and hasn't skipped a beat until we started ttc. My cycles have been 28 days, and this past month I tried to use opts for the first time. I got a million negs during the time I thought I should have been ovulating but went with my instincts anyway. We bd'd on cd10,12,13,14 and then we got company and didn't get the chance again. I had some 'sorta-maybe symptoms' but over all I was not expecting a bfp. What a shock! Look at this weirdness:
3 dpo-15 dpo lotion cm started but not enough for undie touchdown, and high cp
8dpo bfn
9dpo bfn
10dpo bfn
11 dpo bfn
12 dpo bfn
13 dpo bfn
By this point I got too scared to test. I knew if I did AF would show and I would be upset with myself for not secretly meeting my oh in the closet for secret bd while his family sits down stairs.
AF was due 14 dpo but she didn't show.......cp was still high,softish and cloudy cm, not abundant or anything, slightly sensitive nips like AF is mounting her broom headed my way. Last night at 20 dpo, AF still not here, I tested at midnight. BIG FING FAT NEG. not a trace. Even when I looked through my kids lighted ear scope thingy!!!!hahahahaha! I give up....until this morning and did a fmu and guess what!?!? There it is! Two lines. Now, a bunch of tests and 4 hours, it is really, really true! First bfp 21 days after LAST BD!!!!
Good luck to each and every one of you. I have been secretly following you all for over 10 years!

BFP 9/10 DPO

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I am over the moon, thanking God and feeling so blessed. We have been TTC #2 for about 5 months. Mirena removal 5/5. Took 2.5 months to even get positive OPK! I followed this site obsessively (like I do everything! lol) for both pregnancy TTC periods, and promised myself I would share... Just because your stories really lifted my spirits when I needed it! Anyway I also did a few things different this go around, and I hoped maybe it would be helpful to others as well. Heres a list of extra things I did... some different, some carry over from last month(s):

-vitex (second month)
-prenatal (been taking forever, just stopped breastfeeding)
-fish oil 2x per day
-vitamin C
-light exercise (either yoga or long walk) at least 5 times per week
-softcups (!) (with postcoital orgasm)
-legs up at least 30 minutes during fertile week
-OPKs 2 times per day
-BD EOD during fertile week (started about 5 days before positive OPK)
-leafy green salad every day in TWW

OK so I guess that list may be annoying... I didnt realize how much I did until I just listed. Anyway so after BD EOD, the wait begins. As many stories have said, I actually had less symptoms this TWW than others, where I was convinced I was prego, just to see lame AF. Here are a couple things out of the ordinary:

-less cramps and pressure than usual from 1 dpo on
-feeling emotional and tired from from 1 dpo on
-bloody nose and bloody gums 5 dpo (weird for me!)
-slightly more hungry than usual 7 dpo
-serious IBS issue at 7 dpo (almost didnt make it... sorry TMI!)

So I seriously was hoping not to test until day of missed period (tomorrow), but couldnt resist. Tested 8/9 dpo with a BFN (although I seriously thought I saw a shadow of something... stared for a long time). Finally BFP today at 9/10 DPO with FRER. Totally visible line, not even a squinter. Note: I am not sure of exact O day because I dont temp. I think I O'd the second or third day after positive OPK, hence the 9/10 dpo.

Anyway, I am sending so much happy sticky baby dust to all on this site. Thank you for yuor stories and kindness. I am also keeping my fingers crossed since it is still early days. Feel free to hit me with any questions on my regimen... (as I have done to others). Thanks again! xoxoxo

BFP today after a squinter yesterday!! Symptom recap!

Hi Everyone!
Just got my BFP today. I posted other stories on "Do you think I'm Pregnant" and everyone voted no!! So doubters, here ya go:

Only had sex ONCE this month!!! Conceived on our first try, just like with my DD 5 years ago! 28 day cycle, no health issues. I'm 35, DH is 40

BD: Friday Oct 9 at midnight. Laid straight for 30 min, then got up to clean up.
Satuday: nothing
Ov day: sharp pain on left side, Sunday at 1:00 pm
2DPO: nothing
3 DPO: headache
4 and 5 DPO: headache and lotion CM. Exhaustion and tender BB's
6 and 7 DPO: above symptoms with itchy skin all over body and runny nose
8 DPO: above symptoms plush a gush of watery CM. Literally thought I peed. Still scratching skin and blowing nose. Did a two year expired Equate test in the am, FMU. BFN!! had some nausea throughout the day and burping
9 DPO: test in the morning FMU- very faint line on a dollar store test. So faint I had to tweak it to convince myself. Waves on nausea and more lotion CM. Burping!
10 DPO : repeated the dollar store test with FMU. BFN???!!! In a panic, tear open a Sobey's (Our Compliments) brand test and pour the well of pee I collected over it! I didn't think I would have enough. Stared at it.... BFN???!! Threw it under the sink and Went back to bed praying I'm just testing to early, or my urine was too dilute. Lay there looking up values for BHCG at 10 dpo. Decided to get up and toss test in trash before husband saw it.

I reach under the sink, dump out my bag of pee sticks and WHAT DO I SEE????


I didn't give the damn thing a chance to develop! Strong beautiful pink line!! Crying and praying on bathroom floor. So happy!
Now, I have an elaborate plan to surprise my hubby!!! I think he suspects though, since he has been asking why I am craving meat and sleeping so much.... LOL!
Looking forward to more testing in the coming days.

Sending positive vibes, prayers and baby dust for all you deserving Mommies to be!

Loved reading all of these stories, and just got my BFP!

Husband and I have been TTC baby #2 for 5 months. I admire the determination of all you ladies who have had to wait much longer than me.

I am on a typical 28-day cycle and we BD'd for 4 days before ovulation and on day of ovulation. I didn't do any temp tracking or cm tracking, just went off of previous months and a couple different tracker apps. Just to be on the safe side, we BD'd a couple days after ovulation, just in case I miscalculated the ovulation day.

Loved reading your ladies' symptoms and gave me hope! So, hopefully my story can help give someone else hope too. I didn't have the typical nausea, sore boobs, mood swings, food aversions, or a "gut feeling." So I was losing my mind during these last 2 weeks, just hoping for a miracle!

ovulation- bladder infection in the morning, but downed cranberry juice like nobody's business (I wasn't going to let this month slip by because of a stupid UTI), bloated, bad headache, lightheaded in the morning
2dpo- cramps really bad, sore throat and runny nose in morning, vivid dreams
3dpo-mild cramps, gassy, bloated, slight pulling on lower right abdomen
4dpo-dull lower backache, heartburn in the evening, tender nips at night (maybe from not wearing bra to bed?)
5dpo- vivid dreams, tender nips
6dpo- heartburn before lunch, weird feeling in stomach after dinner (not nauseous, almost like butterflies), insomnia
7dpo- vivid dreams, weird twinges in stomach middle of day
8dpo- bloated, sore throat in morning
9dpo- heartburn, painful stomach ache early in morning, weak appetite, thirsty
10dpo- BFN, tired, insomnia, red spots on face (but not pimples, just little red dots)
11dpo- BFN
12dpo- BFN, AF-like cramps
13dpo- very faint positive on 3 cheap internet tests, bloated, mild cramping
14dpo- aunt flow supposed to show, but nothing!
15dpo- very faint positive on cheap internet test, bloated, very hungry when I woke up, started to become more aware of smells

Hope my story can help a few ladies out there who have similar symptoms. I got discouraged halfway through because of the lack of pregnancy symptoms that are "common", but I just kept telling myself that until AF shows up, I could still have hope. Feeling very blessed! Lots of sticky baby dust to all you ladies :)

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