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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP 11DPO for baby #2

Hello, so glad to be able to finally post on here! I have been on this website so much! Little of my history had 2 ectopic pregnancy prior to my pregnancy of my daughter. Since she was born in Oct 2013 just haven't been using protection, figured it would take a while to get pregnant again...which it did. This was our 7 cycle trying since getting my period back (breast feeding) I just felt different I was so positive I was pregnant and so glad I saw BFP!!

I have long cycles lasting typically anywhere from 31-34 days, and I ovulate late this cycle I ovulated CD 19 (which was early for me, got positive opk CD 17/CD18) I also typically have short lutheal phase typically 9-10 days and I have hypothyroidism so like I said a bunch of stuff to overcoming. Since we were trying I paid close attention to my symptoms here we go:

3dpo-indigestion, increase appetite, backaches, diarrhea
4dpo-gas,tender boobs,body aches,diarrhea
6dpo-gas, sore throat, nasal congrestional,tired
7dpo-slight nipple soreness,cold/flu,tired
8dpo-very light spotting (only when I wipe, mixed with mucus-implantation spotting?! Had it with my daughter too), gas,dizziness, cold/flu
9dpo-light spotting this just in AM only then stopped nothing now, stomach ache,cold/flu,backache,cramps (very slight different from AF ones), gas
10dpo-tired,gas,cramps,nasal congrestion, dizziness,constipation
11dpo- gave in and tested this morning, was First morning pee, took a test (cheapie) didn't see anything rig away so went back to bed -- got up later and saw very faint line...was so happy - took digital to make sure it wasn't just a evp line ..nope BFP, soooooo excited and happy

Now just super nauseous but so happy going to doctor to confirm it tomorrow, wishing you all luck even if it takes time don't give up hope and pay attention to the signs your body tells you!!

4months ttc #2 BFP 8DPO on TWO DIGITALS!!!

I had a gut feeling to test and to my surprise it was positive! Here is my timeline:

1dpo-3dpo: Light cramping from my right ovary. Assuming this is from either post ovulation or a rise in my progesterone.
4dpo: Nothing, but creamy cm which is normal for me until af. Cervix is high, closed and very firm.
5dpo: Went to er for pain in my groin area. Did a pg test to rule out ectopic. Negative. Dr also told me 5dpo was PERFECT time to detect a pregnancy& he never had a false negative (ha!). Ordered an ultrasound for next day to rule out cysts on ovaries. Cm is still less creamy than the day before. Cervix is still high, closed and very firm. Felt out and really down.
6dpo: Had transabdominal&transvaginal; ultrasound. Nothing was seen in cervix or ovaries. Cm is watery now, not normal at all for me. Cervix is still high, closed and very firm. That night, flossing really hurt my gums. That never happens! &laying; down I had af like cramping and lower back aches, only on the right side though.
7do: Still cramping and lower back still aches. My gums also hurt again, but not nearly as bad as the night before. Almost thought it was all in my head. Decided to test that morning, bfn. Way to early I know. I fell asleep at work that afternoon! Sometimes I have a hard time keeping my eyes open, but I never have fallen asleep! Still had cramping and that night I passed out as soon as I put my daughter to bed, on the floor! Woke up 3hours later and went to my bed. Usually, I'm up till at least 11pm (her bedtime is 8).
8dpo: Had a gut feeling to test, I did and got a veeeery veeery faint line. I had an appointment already that morning so I showed my ob, but she said she saw nothing and that it was all in my head. Not even three hours later I took a first response, a first response digital AND a Clearblue Weeks Estimator Digital (read 1-2 weeks! Still SOOO SHOCKED IT EVEN SHOWED!! )and they all showed POSITIVE!! I am 3weeks and 1day! Cm is still watery. Cervix is still high, closed, and very firm. still have slight cramping, as well as had some mild hot flashes earlier.

I also wanted to add, don't stress if you didn't bd a lot. We only bd'd the 14th and the 15th and I ovulated the 16th. That was it! Babydust to all!

31 yo Doc, 8 months TTC with hormone imbalance, BFP at 8DPO!!

Hey ladies, I've been stalking this website during my TWW for 8 months, so hopefully sharing my story will help others keep the dream alive as they have for me!

Here's my background story: came off the pill in July and starting TTC and taking prenatal vitamins right away. My periods at first appeared regular, then from cycle 4-6 started going on the fritz (one month coming 5 days early, one month spotting 7 days prior to expected period) so I realized my hormones had not yet regulated. Starting at Cycle 6 I started taking Vitamin D 3000 IU, fish oil, and B-complex. Cycle 7 I added EPO.

I was always diligent about OPKS (wondfo cheapies) and somewhat consistent with bbts and could identify a biphasic pattern every month. However, I did notice that my CM was never fertile (always tacky/ sticky). I tried guaifenesin Cycle 5 and 6 to thin the mucous + preseed +softcups, but it didn't seem to do much. The last 2 cycles I gave up all that and only took the vitamins/ supplements. I will say after I started the EPO, I noted a small amount of EWCM on O day Cycle 7, but THIS time (Cycle 8), I can definitely say I saw EWCM for the first time ! Here is a breakdown

CD12: negative OPK, BD
CD13: +OPK, BD, small amount of EWCM
Ovulation day: lots of nice lovely EWCM! (freaked out, pressured DH to come home early but we still only BD around 11pm that night)
POD1: BD, still some EWCM
POD2: CM now sticky , noticed small tinges in lower abdomen (middle and left side). Also felt that uterus was "tight" and heavy-feeling.
POD3: woke up with sore throat. Didn't think anything of it since DH had a cold, assumed I caught it
POD4: sore throat, mild headache. Fatigued
POD5: felt better, had a few glasses of wine at brunch and dinner, that night started getting reflux. ASsumed it was from the alcohol.
POD6: still reflux, woke up in the middle of the night with painful cramps. This is actually common for me in every cycle though (about 1 week before AF), but what was different is that they didn't go away after a few hours, kinda remained low grade PMS-type cramps.

POD7: still reflux??? At work my blouse buttons popped open at the bust (are my bbs bigger? I didn't notice anything. Hmmmm). Started sneezing, headache like the cold symptoms are back.
POD8: Fell asleep during a faculty meeting at 3 pm...hmmmm. My friend "had a dream" and says I am totally preggo. Ha!

That night I POAS (internet cheapie), and 3 mins later...DEFINITE faint line. NO need to squint or alter the image, Although my DH swears he couldn't see anything. Must be all those months staring at stark white sticks, made me better able to see the subtle line ;)

POD9 (today): line slightly darker, this time hubby can see it if I invert the image. I have a OBGYN appointment today (that I made 2 months ago assuming I would still be TTC). So we'll see what happens!

So to summarize the only symptoms I really had that were DIFFERENT is persistent reflux, and slightly more persistent cramps ,and the fact that I had classic EWCM around O day this cycle for the first time! I can't attribute the sore throat to anything since it's more likely I caught my DH's cold.

Pray for me that we have a sticky bean, and of course BABY DUST to you!!!

Baby #2 EDD 12/4 :)))

Stalking this site kept me sane the last 10 days so I decided to post my story here for those of you still waiting for positives!

First month officially trying for #2, I decided to use Clearblue Digital Ovulation tests just so there was no guessing, even though I have a regular 28 day cycle.
BD cycle days 11, 13, 15 & 17
CD14: positive OPK in morning
CD15: positive OPK in afternoon, around early evening had intense sharp pains on right side near ovary and wrapping all around my lower back. Lasted about 20 mins then gone. BD soon after that.
1DPO: Horrible migraine. This is normal for me after O.
2DPO: Headache. Random bouts of nausea, I figure it's from the migraine and headaches, this is a common symptom for me after O. Had a strange dream this night, I never dream.
3DPO: Headache, diarrhea, nausea. Randomly emotional--cried watching my son play by himself at playgroup. Felt "blah" all day.
4DPO: Gums bleeding in the morning while brushing my teeth. Headache all day. Exhausted. Sporadic sharp pains in uterus. Peeing a lot but trying to chug water to combat the headaches.
5DPO: I was super busy this day so I wasn't paying much attention to anything. Got a shaky low blood sugar feeling at one point.
6DPO: Achy legs in the morning. Sides of breasts feel sore. I'm also breastfeeding still but this is not common for me at all. In the evening uterus feels warm and heavy kind of? Cramps and pinching feelings in that general area. Lower back pain, vibrating feeling in uterus.
7DPO: Itchy palms. Cramps and heavy feeling in uterus all day. Exhausted in the afternoon.
8DPO: Cramps off and on. Tired. Headache. Gums bleeding when brushing teeth. Sharp stabbing pains in breast. Itchy palms again.
9DPO: Wildly energetic in the morning and I'm not a morning person. Heavy feeling in uterus, faint crampy feeling. Tired in afternoon. Sharp electric pains in cervix in evening. Weepy and emotional in evening. Feel like a crazy person. Convinced I'm out this month.
10DPO: Tired. Gums bleeding when brushing teeth. Heavy feeling in uterus and at night sharp pains in cervix again. Sensitive nipples.
11DPO: Faint positive on cheap Internet dip stick. BFP 1-2 weeks on ClearBlue digital! Hooray!!! Good luck to all you ladies!


Hi ladies! Have a story for all you girls in the tww with no symptoms!

I'm 27 and my partners 25, we have a son 18 months and been trying for 7 months for baby #2, I've been using asdas ovulation sticks up until this month when I decided to splurge on the clearblue ovulation kit with the 2 extra fertile days! Your supposed to get a flashing smiley in the days leading upto O day (which i never got....)so hear is the break down!

CD13- negative
CD14- negative (ewcm)
CD16- Smiley (baby danced)
CD17- O day!!!
1DPO- Sore boobs
7DPO- Pinchy pulley cramps on right side
8DPO- light headed, sore nipples
9DPO- BFP with first response :)
Been testing everyday to watch progression! Confirmed on 15dpo with clear blue pregnant 2-3 :)
Top picture-9dpo
Middle picture-15 dpo
Bottom-(today) 23dpo

In disbelief... Seriously?

I have had many obstacles and seeing each month not pregnant or 1 line on the stick became the norm.
But this month I have had cramping for over a week and my period is due in 4-5 days. I just figured it was gonna be a heavy flow.
I've been super hungry and eating everything.

And today at 10 DPO I always start the torture of peeing on those damn sticks.... I got smart and bought tons of dollar tree tests.

So right now im stunned and I keep peeing on more tests because I don't believe it. Like the tests will change their minds!
Now what? Is it too early to call the dr??? I feel frozen!


The only thing I did different this month: BD during the day on O day, as opposed to at night. Also didn't use the bathroom for 5-10 minutes after Bd 2 days prior to O day and on O day.

Ovulation predicted with OPK and Fertility App.

1DPO-nothing noted.
CP: High,soft
3DPO-CM: Creamy
CP:High, soft
Bloated, very light cramps,
Tender bbs, gassy
4DPO-Bloated, cramps, diarhea,
Fatigue, tender bbs
CP- medium/medium
VERY strong cramping, felt like
Beginning of labor!! Ouch!
Tender bbs, fatigue, gassy.
Backache, bloated, cramps,
Fatigue, tender bbs, frequent
Urination, increased appetite
7DPO- CM-sticky
Same symptoms as day 6 but
Also with bad headache
8DPO-faint positive.
EXTREMELY bloated. Same
Symptoms as day 6&7
9DPO-clear positive. I believe I just implant early because this was the case with my first pregnancy as well.

Currently 12DPO- mild cramping, fatigue has slightly worn off, frequent urination and tender, full bbs. Still fairly bloated as well.

How I knew? Let down feeling & tender feeling in bbs because they usually don't become very tender & fatigue.

Good luck, hope this helps!

First BFP!!

I got a BFP and I feel on top of the world. DH and I have been trying for 5 cycles. Here is all my info:

CD8: BD; drank in evening
CD 9: Didn’t temp (woke up late)
CD 10: BD in evening
CD 11: OPK (neg.)
CD 12: OPK (at time thought it was negative but ended up being much darker than CD 11 & 13); BD
CD 13: EWCM/Watery/Stretchy in morning; OPK at 1300: Faint pink line; OPK at 2030: No pink line; had one pint of beer; (possible PK day?)
CD 14: BD in morning; slight headache
CD 15/1DPO: BD in morning; right side Ov. pain; dull headache most of day
CD 16/2DPO: Right side Ov. pain; breast tenderness in afternoon
CD 17/3DPO: breast tenderness; fatigue
CD 18/4DPO: vomited in morning; struggled to eat breakfast and overall decreased appetite; breast fullness on left bb near armpit; fatigue
CD 19/ 5DPO: vivid dream; struggle to eat breakfast and overall decreased appetite; strong headache in afternoon; skin breakout; left bb sore to touch; lower back pain (strong in the evening); watery CM
CD20/ 6DPO: Can’t stomach breakfast again; skin breakout; left bb appears bigger and still tender to touch (neg. preg. test)
CD21/ 7DPO: vivid dream; gassy; gurgling stomach all day (even after I ate) (neg. preg test)
CD22/ 8DPO: vivid dream; heartburn, light cramping; very slight breast tenderness (neg. preg test)
CD 23/ 9DPO: very tired; sore breasts (neg. preg test)
CD 24/ 10DPO: night sweats; creamy CM; back pain; gurgling stomach (neg. preg test- I decide taking preg test is too emotional every morning and decide to hold off until a more realistic time frame (dpo 14, 16, 18)
CD 25/ 11DPO: very slight breast tenderness (feels like it is going away)
CD 26/ 12 DPO: very mild cramping on right side in morning for an hour; very slight breast tenderness
CD 27/ 13DPO: My temp raises up very high so I break my rule of waiting to POAS ; Peed and looked neg.- I almost threw it out but left it while I went to make breakfast when I came back and looked again, there was a faint line!!
CD 28: POAS with FRER on 14DPO to confirm a BFP

Looking back my biggest signs were constant gurgling stomach and always thirsty. I want to send out the BIGGEST kudos to all the trying ladies on here. I was definitely so lucky to get my BFP so quickly (I feel a bit guilty for posting), but I really want to let all you women know that I truly believe you are all so strong and beautiful. Your BFP are coming too. Thank you for all your kind words and support.

Love you lots and sending BIG hugs xoxo

11 DPO BFP!!!!!

Got my BFP at 11DPO after 5 cycles and two early losses.

DH and I DTD three days before O, then the day before O and the day of O and that was it. We weren't trying too hard this cycle. Tried to be more relaxed this month and I guess it worked!! This will be baby 3 for us if the little bean sticks!

Here were my symptoms:
1-4dpo: nothing
5 DPO:boobs started to hurt a bit
6-7dpo: very sore boobs, headache that would not go away, slight nausea, lots of discharge that was slightly yellow and thick. Cramping.
8 DPO: starting to feel tired, boobs stil so so sore, headache gone, slight nausea dull cramping, still lots of discharge.
9-10 DPO: peeing all the time! Hungry all the time. Sore boobs!!!! Cramping is almost gone. Slight nausea still. So tired. Fell asleep at like 8pm both nights which is abnormal for me. Discharge still. Took a test knowing it was super early on 9dpo and it had a hint light faint line that maybe wasn't actually there and maybe I was just going crazy.
11 DPO:took a test before supper and BFP!!!! Same symptoms still.

Symptoms are still strong, sore boobs are the most noticeable. Feeling so tired and hungry, a little nauseous at times. Took another test at 13 DPO and it is getting darker (pic attached).

Been reading all the stories on here during the dreaded two week wait and it really helps to get you through. Baby dust to all!!!

BFPs at 11dpiui and 12dpiui - 2nd IUI trying for baby #1

This is the story of our BFP; my wife and I have been working toward this for this for six or seven months now, though only were able to able to try to conceive in February and again in March. She is the one carrying the baby, and is 30. I'm in my late 20s. Married for 2 years and together for 8. She got pregnant using donor sperm and through the assistance of a fertility clinic in the city where we live. It was a ridiculously distressing experience to get this far, and I feel embarassed to say that; I know so many women who read this website try for so much longer, and have actual fertility issues (which we don't - we just don't have sperm, hah), so I don't mean to complain. It was just very frustrating to not be able to begin *trying* for six months, once we felt ready, while many of our friends seemed to be getting pregnant the first or second month of trying.

We got the first BFP at 11dpiui, on both Clear Blue and First Response tests. A bit of a disclaimer, though, is that the ovulation happened late in the cycle, so 11dpiui was actually AF 1 day late. Her cycle is typically 28 days.

CD 13-15: OPKs showed light lines, but not dark enough to be a full LH surge, despite using Babi brand and First Response brand.

CD 16: OPK showed lighter line than previous days. We were really upset, thinking we had missed the surge and lost our opportunity to TTC this month. Went to clinic for blood test to confirm. Discovered surge hadn't happened.

CD 17: Another blood test. Still no surge. Starting to think either something is wrong, or cycle had become longer. Maybe from stress?

CD 18: Another blood test. SURGE!

CD 19: IUI in the afternoon. Doctor says it was a very strong surge. Nurse says over 13 million sperm in this batch. Both of us feeling hopeful.

1-3dpiui: nothing really

4dpiui: hiccups in evening. Probably not related to IUI.

5dpiui. Twinging in abdomen during car ride to work in the morning. Boobs slightly sore at night, but that's not abnormal for CD 24 of a 28-day cycle.

6dpiui: no realy symptoms. Sleepy at work. Hiccups in evening.

7dpiui: No symptoms. Took a test. BFN.

8dpiui: Slight cramping in afternoon. Breasts somewhat sore but very mildly. Hiccups again (I think this is an old wive's tale, but still interesting to note!)

9dpiui: Breasts somewhat sore in morning. Only a little, though. First response test: BFN. Started feeling pre-period-y in evening. And with a body ache like a cold was coming on. Hiccups again.

10dpiui: Expected day of AF. Didn't arrive. Slight cramping on and off. Fell asleep at 9:30pm.

11dpiui: Feeling very much that AF was on the way. Crampy. Sore books. Took a Clear Blue test and BFP! Very faint line, and I didn't entirely trust it, so I raced out to buy more First Response tests. Took one an hour later: another BFP!!! We know the tests don't give false positives, but after the last failed cycle and our disappointment, we didn't know if we could believe it. We didn't tell anyone; just went to sleep and got up and went to work like normal. Afraid to hope, really.

12dpiui: She called me from work, freaking out and crying, saying the worst had happened - her period had arrived. So, so sad, thinking the baby hadn't stuck. We both stayed at work all day, tried to be calm, hoped it was just harder cramping and spotting and not full AF/miscarriage. 5 hours later, seemed to have stopped bleeding. Not normal AF colour etc. (sorry if TMI). Took a First response HPT that night: BFP!!! See attached photo.

13dpiui: Still no AF. Sore boobs.

14dpiui: Still no AF. Sore boobs. Headache and slight nausea (probably from headache, not morning sickness yet).

So even though we're only at the end of the 2ww now, at 14dpiui, with the late ovulation the pregnancy is considered to be 4w4d already! Pretty wild.

Blood work on Monday (18dpiui/5w1d) to determine if we have a good level of HcG, and if everything looks normal! Wish us luck! We are ready to have this baby!

And don't lose hope if you test positive and then there's a bit of bleeding! It doesn't necessarily mean disaster :)