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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Very early symptoms- I m not crazy , I was really pregnant BFP!

I had very early weird symptoms , and then I found this website and it was really helpful to get through the 2 week wait . At the end it was not in my imagination!!!, I was really pregnant!!!! I even asked the dr and he said ¨Ÿou probably just have a short menstrual cycle this month¨ so I thought maybe it´s all PMS, Im getting sick or it´s my imagination . Here my story

1 dpo : Lots of gas, back pain and sore bbs
2 dpo: Hot flashes, back pain, thirsty,bbs tender and sore
3 dpo : Mood swings, increased sense of smell, very thirsty, sore bbs, hungry
4dpo: Hot flashes, slightly nauseous , thirsty, mood swings, sore bbs,increased sense of smell
5dpo: Hot flashes, cravings, metallic taste, mood swings, sore bbs feeling like I am about to get sick
6dpo: Very tired, mood swings,
7dpo : increased sense of smell, no so tired anymore, bloated
8dpo:increased sense of smell, hot flashes, no so tired anymore, lots of creamy CM, aversion to food, sad, bloated
9dpo: Mood swings, sad and negative, bss pain, slightly nauseous, metallic taste, lots of creamy CM, hot flashes,slight cramping
10dpo: Mood swings, bbs full and tender, slightly nauseous, lots of creamy CM, hot flashes,lots of creamy CM
11dpo: Hungry, sore bbs, very tired, waves of nausea, mood swings, hot flashes,lots of creamy CM

Thanks to this website for making my 2ww better, some of us we do have very early symptoms!!
hope you get your BFP soon!


***WARNING*** THIS WILL BE LONG! THIS STORY HAS BEEN YEARS IN THE MAKING AND I AM SOOOO GLAD TO FINALLY BE ABLE TO SHARE IT WITH YOU ALL, PLEASE NOTE. I BELIEVE IN GOD AND THIS TESTIMONY IS VERY MUCH BASED ON MY FAITH IN JESUS!! I hope I can encourage someone that God has a plan for all of us and there is so much beauty in waiting upon him, we just don't always see it when we are in the process! We have been trying for almost 4 years and now have our BFP!

So this is the back story..... I am 32 years old. I just turned 32 on September 23. When I was about 15 years old I began to notice an absence in my periods. I was slightly over weight but nothing too major. No one really seemed concerned and here and there I would get it so I wasn't too worried. I was distracted with being a teenager, and was actually heading down a pretty destructive path of being promiscuous, drinking and doing drugs. When I was 16 I was in a long term relationship up until about 19, we had unprotected sex all the time and I was actually shocked that I never ended up pregnant. THANK GOD! It was an awful relationship! We ended up breaking up.

Anyways at 19 I decide I'm tired of being overweight and I decide to make a lifestyle change, so I start eating right and exercising about 3 x a week. Right away within the first month my periods returned (I was not aware at the time what PCOS was, or that I even had it, and that working out and exercising would work in my favour). So that whole year I drop about 50lbs. At 20 I begin a new relationship with a guy I actually grew up with, to my shock I ended up pregnant (this was 2004) within 3 months of being with him. He was addicted to drugs, bad news all around but I was "in love". I gave birth to my son in 2005 who I just adore and love, I married his dad and we were in the process of divorcing within 6 months. It was a mess and it hurt me deeply for so long.

So fast forward a few more years and I meet my DH, we date for 3 years. I take things extremely slow. We eventually got married! We decided we wanted to start on children straight away as I had a feeling there might be some complications with me. Upon research I started suspecting I had PCOS (I was over weight again and the periods started disappearing, they would never come back unless I ate right and exercised). I ate right, lost a bunch of weight again...We tried for one year and nothing, finally I visited my OB/GYN and we did testing. It was determined that on my end I had PCOS. We were told there was nothing we could do and that we would need intervention with Clomid, Metformin, or IVF if all else failed.

I was very new in my faith and I didn't know what to do. I would pray and cry and ask God over and over again to help me. Oneday my husband and I were at a church function and the pastor who we barely new came upto us and started praying over us. We never told him our situation or anything and when he prayed over us he said God was showing him we were seeking a healing and he said that our prayers would be answered and that they would not be answered by any doctor, any medication, any institution that God himself would answer this request. We still never told the pastor our issue we just believed in the prayer and what God said and went home.
Soon after this I had a dream. I had a dream I was trying to climb this huge mountain. I was struggling and Jesus appeared on the mountain beside me and he said "Take my hand, I will help you across the mountain". I told him if I let Go I will fall and he said no "I will not let you fall take my hand". I didn't know that the mountain at that time was us trying for a child and overcoming it with his help.

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I wanted to know if it look like the lines are progressing. First test was at 9dpo second was 10 dpo the next two were 11 dpo then 12 and 13. Does it look like the later ones are dark enough?

Month 4... A cautious success!!!

After trying for 3 months, I decided this month I'd be more relaxed and just have sex whenever but I still had my plans. DH on the other hand, he decided he'd "try harder" and so we had sex a lot! I used Fertility Friend and this month, just like a previous month, it gave me a High for sex. I have 1 five year old and no history of m/c.

Things I tried differently this month:
Soy Isoflavones (SI) cd2-6 (80/80/120/120/160mg my attempt to produce a strong quality egg)
Preseed (During every bd, mostly as lube, not in the tube)
Instead Softcups (I used this during every bd, even when I wasnt fertile, just in case, most times I used a little bit of preseed in them)
Selenium (100mg mostly a benefit for sperm, but heard it helps with implantation)
Prenatal Gummies (previous months I just used multi-vitamins)
Baby Aspirin (81mg every other day starting on 1DPO only until a few days after my bfp b/c I was spotting)
Vitamin D3 (5000mg pill every other day)

Things I always used:
Calcium Magnesium Zinc (1 tablet every night)
Temping/Fertility Friend
OPKs (Wondfos and CB digi because I like to see the smiley face)
Checking CP/CM

I normally O between CD 13 and cd16, but around cd 11, I had no indication that O was coming, I was dry and was a little nervous thinking that the SI delayed my O. We'd already been going at it like rabbits and I wasnt sure we'd be able to take any more so I brought some Vit-D3 as I read that it can help with O. I started taking it that day, every other day and by CD 13 I had more CM and that night I had an almost positive OPK, on CD14 I had a very positive OPK

CD 12 - BD, Dry CM
CD 13 - BD, Wet CM, almost positive opk at night
CD 14 - BD, EWCM, positive OPK all day. Initially FF designated this as my O day but later changed it to CD 15 at 4DPO
CD 15 - O DAY... well Night (it always happen at night). No BD because we were a bit tired. Wet CM/EWCM, positive OPK during the day, negative at night (I always have a 36 hour surge). My cervix hasnt gotten soft for O since month 1. Temp increased slightly
CD 16/1 DPO - Dry CM, Cramps, backache, Sore boobs, Temp increase above coverline
2-3DPO - Creamy CM. Cramps, backache, sore & bigger boobs, temp increased. Crosshairs on 3DPO
4DPO - Normal temp drop (not below coverline)
5DPO - Temp rise, Creamy CM, Cervix MMC, Sore Boobs, little cramps on right side
6DPO - HUGE temp drop, Creamy CM, Cervix LFC, almost at coverline
7DPO - Another HUGE temp increase, Creamy CM, Cramps mostly on right side, more sore boobs (mainly tingly, zinging on upper and sides of boobs)
8DPO - Sticky CM, Cramps on right side, tingly/zings on upper/sides of boobs
9DPO - Same as 8DPO. BUUUT couldnt resist the urge to POAS... Thought I had an evap in the morning. But was definitely a BFP at night on Wondfo.
10DPO - Creamy CM, cramps, sore boobs, another BFP on wondfo and FRER. BFN on $tree brands (VeriQuick & Assure)
11DPO - Told DH. He was excited. Creamy CM, cramps, boobs arent as sore and feel like they went back down in size like before AF, but definitely BFP!!! on Wondfo and FRER. BFN on $tree brands. I went to get a betas drawn. Noticed brown spotting when I wiped.
12DPO - Same as before but super light BFP on $tree brands. Got results with a BHCG level of THREE! WTH! I'm confused and the doc. Must be a chemical, I'm so devastated. More brown spotting when I wiped. Late at night had a small amount of dark red blood come out. I put on a pad because I'm fully expecting AF to come tonight.
13DPO - AF would typically arrive today but pad was dry. Confused b/c BFPs are getting darker on all brands. Get another beta done. Still brown spotting only when I wipe occasionally. Boobs are starting to get tingly on sides and top (so confused!)
14DPO - All tests are +++, even the CB Digi said Pregnant. Betas came back at a 13 (doc considers anything over 5 Pregnant! Doc wasnt concerned because my levels more than doubled and said that I'm just very early pregnant. I honestly think either something is off with whatever they use to test betas, I had a vanishing twin or something went fairly wrong during initial implantation. My boobs got suddenly got bigger again and are tingly on sides and top. NO SPOTTING TODAY!
15 - 17DPO - I'm hungry, tired, crampy and my tests have definitely gotten darker. NO MORE SPOTTING!

It was a roller coaster and due to these ever progressing HPTs, we are not as concerned anymore.

Had me at HELLO!!!

Good Morning Ladies,

So... I am 4 weeks pregnant today!!! YAY!!!

This is my first pregnancy and I must say that my SO and I are VERY excited. How did it all start?

LMP- September 5, 2015.

After getting off the pill in July, AF showed 5 days late in August. I knew it had to come so that I could monitor when I ovulate. After AF left, the BD began. I ovulated on September 16, 2015. I felt the pinch coming from my left ovary, so I knew what time it was.

This is my breakdown:

2-12dpo: Dull abdominal cramps (off and on) and headaches (off and on)
4-12dpo: Tingling nipples and itchy breast
6-12dpo: Fatigue
11dpo: Greater sense of smell

All my symptoms, I passed off at if it was AF. HA!! Made me out of a liar...

The morning I got my BFP!!

I woke up 12dpo (9/28/2015) knowing it was testing day. I followed my Ovia app, logging all my information.

I knew (or I thought I knew) I had a dollar test under the sink along with a digital (shown in the picture). When I went to get the dollar test, it was nothing but the box... So, I'm thinking Great. Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't test. Then something was like no TEST. I believe it was the dream I had the night before that I got my BFP. I have NEVER had a dream like that. After I took the digital, I kind of threw it to the side because I just knew it was going to say NOT PREGNANT. After about 2 minutes, I looked back at the test and BOOM... PREGNANT!!! I stood in the mirror looking at my stomach for about 5 minutes before going into the bedroom, turning on all the lights and jamming the test in my SO face. He was so surprised (and sleepy). All he could do was hug me and the first thing he said was, "you are carrying my little BOY, in there". Ha!!!! So that day, at 3 weeks 3 days, according to my LMP, I contacted my OBGYN to confirm. They brought me in for blood test and a PT. PT had a faint positive and the next day my blood work was at a 23 hCG. So I had to go back the following day to make sure my levels went up, and they did!! Up to a 90!! Whoohoo!!!! I am filled with so much emotion and is so scared at the same time. We are so blessed to be adding to our little family and we can't doing anything but thank God for allowing it to happen.

This was technically our 1st cycle TTC. Prayer works and we conceived on God's timing.

BFP after 8 months!

So I've read and read these pages for the last 8 months. Your stories gave me hope and so I wanted to share mine.

This month I started Juice Plus (capsules filled with fruit and veggies) and an herbal medicine called Nu Passant because I was told I had 3 cysts on my left ovary. I also exercised more. Overall I felt better than I had in months.

DPO 1-9: nothing new except yeast infection after ov for a few days
DPO 10-14: bbs started getting sore, but biggest indicator for me was cramps after BD and absolutely no spotting. I always spot 3 days before AF. There was nothing but I was cramping so I took at test on 15 dpo and bam! Instant 2 lines! I was in shock! So just because you're cramping doesn't mean AF is on the way! Now just praying for a sticky bean

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Baby #3 (yikes!)

We tried for a few months, then thought maybe baby #3 just wasn't in the cards. Then, the month we weren't trying...

3 dpo normally my pms is already starting, but instead of having lower energy, irritability and sadness, I had tons of patience, lots of energy and woke up super smiley.
4 dpo a little bit fatigued, a little absent minded, mild cramps
6 dpo sinuses stuffy, so tired no amount of coffee is helping
7 dpo mild cramps, fleshy looking clot when I peed, acidic stomach, in good spirits
8 dpo crampy, little pressure
11 dpo cramps, gassy feeling, back ache, boobs burning
12 dpo think I implanted last night, because when I wiped I had a spot of blood. really wiped out all day. felt a little sick. BFN (in morning)
13 dpo Another BFN, went to bed at 7:30 with a fever of 99.7. Thought I was getting sick.
14 dpo Woke up and was still 99.1 and I just knew, so I peed in a cup then ran out and grabbed some more tests. Two Dollar Store test came back with faint positives. Ran back out and grabbed a First Response and EPT digitals. Two lines and a big fat PREGNANT.
15 dpo period was due, nada.
I had just starting to accept our sweet little family of four would stay just that, four. Now there will be five of us (oldest is 5, next is 3 1/2, this little one will be due June 8). WOW.
I spend SO MANY hours reading other peoples BFP stories looking for hope, I now hope reading this does the same for someone else!

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After over 5 years, BFP!!! Baby #2 on the way!

First of all, I have been a stalker of this website for years. Month after month, I would compare my symptoms with others and hope for my own BFP. Finally, I can share my own experiences and I am so greatful and feel very blessed. It took over 18 months to get pregnant with my daughter who is now 6 and a half years old. After about a year of trying, I went to the doctors and then eventually to a fertility specialist. I was diagnosed as having PCOS. During the testing process, I got nervous about one of the tests and walked out of the doctor's office. My husband and I talked about adoption and just came to the realization that pregnancy wasn't going to happen. The next month, I was pregnant! Go figure! After my daughter was born, we tried for a second when she was about a year old. We figured it would take a while, but years passed. I almost went through IVF treatments, but decided against that as well. In all this time, my doctors would say, your TSH is a little high, but not high enough to treat just yet. Finally, I went to an endocrinologist who prescribed me levothyroxine for hypothyroidism. I lost a bunch of weight and the first month we tried to get pregnant since then, I got pregnant. I could tell that my cycles were becoming more and more regular, my luteal phase corrected itself (it was short), and fertile CM was changing as well. So here are my symptoms leading up to this BFP:

Night before ovulation: BD!
Ovulation day: Some cramping and stretching from ovulation. Pretty normal for me.
1-3 dpo: Nothing really

4-5 dpo: I was still getting the pulling sensation I get from ovulation. I thought it was strange because I usually only get that right after I ovulate. It's kind of hard to describe, but it's more noticeable when going pee. It's kind of in the ovary area and just feels like tugging or pulling. Skin is oily, breaking out, increased creamy CM.

6-7 dpo: Breasts really sore. They hurt on the bottom and sides, and pretty badly. I thought that was strange since they never really hurt on the bottom. Skin still oily.

7-8 dpo: nausea is beginning... I just have a slightly upset stomach. Oh, I started craving strawberry shakes. That was the same thing I wanted with my daughter...

9 dpo: nausea, indigestion, constipated, I thought for sure I was having my period from the cramping. I had heartburn, and this is the evening that the hot flashes started. Usually, the night before my period starts, I feel really hot. I have come to expect my period the next day when this happens. So with the cramping, and that... I was sure I was out. Breasts not hurting that badly. It comes and goes. Oily skin is kind of clearing up. Dry cm.

10-11 dpo: nausea increasing, hot flashes continue every evening and progressively get worse every day. No CM. Started dry heaving. Cramps have subsided a bit, but still have pulling and pinching sensations. Heartburn as well.

12 dpo: We go on a little road trip and I feel like Im going to puke with all the turns on the road. I grabbed one of my favorite candy bars and after taking a bite, I spit it out. I told my husband it was bad... He said it was just fine. I don't believe him, because it tasted really bad. The same thing happened when I tried to eat a few of my daughter's cheese pringles. I spit them out too! I swore they were bad or expired or something, but they said they tasted perfectly normal. I'm hot, then cold, then I feel like my face is on fire... No PMS, no oily skin. All of this was very strange... lol. I was beginning to suspect I may be pregnant, but I didn't let myself think too much about it. I kept telling myself that it was all in my head and Im just psyching myself out... lol! If you've been TTC as long as I have, you know how hard it is to get your hopes up just to get AF.

13 dpo: All of the same symptoms, also tired. Made my husband get me a strawberry and peach concrete! Oh, this is just like when I was pregnant with my girl! Increased appetite. Oh, I actually threw up that night too.

14 dpo: I have an appointment for laser treatments, and I figured I better take a test just so I can rule it out before my appointment. My husband went to go pick one up while I held in my FMU. OMG, OMG, IT WAS A BFP!!! Dark line that showed up immediately!

I'm nervous because I'm still having some cramping. I just hope and pray that this baby we be healthy and full term. Hang in there if you are reading this. I know the struggle!

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Still in Shock!! (no symptoms until bfp!)

I took a test today expecting it to be negative and was surprised to see two pink lines! Took a total of 4 tests and all came back positive! Hope this kiddo sticks!!!

Me: 28 (hx of IBS, allergies, and asthma)
Hubby: 30 (no health history)
TTC kiddo #1 for 2 cycles

Today I am around 12dpo. I thought I was out for this cycle, because I had next to no symptoms (even my stomach from my IBS has been feeling really good lately!). I have had more "symptoms" when I wasn't pregnant! I always have around 5 days of ewcm prior to ov and we went bd'd on every one of those days. Looks like it paid off! (Also used pre-seed during some sessions)

I did a lot of CM documentation since I didn't really have any other symptoms.. so here ya go..

1dpo - slightly tired - thick/lotiony cm

2dpo - lotiony then thin/watery with stretchy cm at night (bd'd twice just in case), boobs hurt (normal for me post-O)

3dpo - dry cm, achy pelvis and back, boobs still hurt (normal)

4dpo - a lot of thick, creamy white CM (enough that some "fell out" and I had to wipe down) and some stretchy cm at night (weird), boobs hurt

5dpo - large amount of creamy, white CM that slowed down to almost nothing at night (CP medium and wet), boobs hurt

6dpo - scant thick CM, but mostly dry, boobs hurt

7dpo - thin, watery, cloudy CM with bits of stretchy stuff, gassy/bloated (normal for me post-O), boobs hurt, increased appetite

8dpo - cloudy, watery CM, gassy, boobs hurt

9dpo - cloudy, watery CM, gassy, tired, boobs hurt

10dpo - creamy, white CM with bits of stetchy stuff. boobs literally delated (no longer sore or large... which is weird since my boob pain/swelling normally lasts until AF.. regardless, I feel discouraged.), still tired, and not I am really itchy all over (odd..)

11dpo - cloudy, watery CM, "pokes" in right side?, very mild cramping, super hungry, still itchy, and boobs still feel delated

12dpo - BFP x4!!!! Boobs are still "deflated" and I am still itchy and hungry, but there are no other "symptoms" to speak of.. =D

BFP during extended nursing, short-ish LP, bleeding (Long)

34 y/o, husband is 35. We have a 2y/o son who I have been nursing this entire time. He only night nurses now. Cycles 'returned' in February of this year (when he was around 16 months) but weren't anywhere near normal until June, ranging anywhere from 26-65 days. We have been TTC his sibling since my cycle returned.

I started using OPKs in May, assuming that because my cycle had started back up I was ovulating around the same time I did prior to giving birth (day 13/14) so I wouldn't continue using the OPKs past that point, assuming I had not ovulated if no surge was detected. I could not have been more wrong and should have realized things were different now. In June, I began to use the OPK thru the entire month because I feared something was wrong. On CD22 I detected my surge. Our timing was off that month (hard to get things done with a toddler around!) and my period came on CD33. In July I repeated the process, detected my surge on CD19, all the timing lined up and had tons of EWCM but no luck. Started my period on CD28, for a LP of 9 days. I was a little scared about a LP defect but persevered. More of the same in August, ovulation on CD19, timed our BD accordingly, period began on CD27, LP was only 8 days. My awesome OBGYN told me I would have to quite nursing entirely to conceive. Challenge accepted!

I took Vitex for the first week of my September cycle but it was causing severe headaches that would last days. The moment I stopped, they stopped also.


CD1-CD16: low temps, cramping, EWCM on CD12, 13, 14, 15, BD CD13, 15 and again on CD18

CD17: intense, gripping pain on both sides of my hips and in my back early in the morning, blazing positive OPK AM, Midday, and later evening, EWCM, absolute lowest temp I have seen in several months of temping (96.47, coverline is 97.13)

CD18: creamy cm, scant; OPK unquestionably negative, temp still lower but a significant rise over the previous day (.3); this day I also noticed I was having trouble making a BM which is very atypical for me, I'm a regular kind of girl!, breasts hurting which is usually my go to verification that ovulation has occurred

CD19(1dpo): big temp rise (.5), BD, starving, breast pain gone; CM swinging between copious and creamy and scant EWCM; mild headache; extremely tired; all normal symptoms of higher progesterone for me except this next one: EXTREMELY SHARP pain shooting from behind and into my right nipple. it hurt so suddenly I cried out and scared my son. gone as quick as I noticed it.

CD20(2dpo): nose is stuffy, so much so that I'm mouth breathing a lot at night and getting worried my temps won't be consistent this month. temp up another .2; leaked breastmilk all over my tank top while sleeping, hasn't happened since I first began nursing two years ago, I rarely even get engorged anymore. Hmmm. So hungry I was shaking; terribly metallic/bitter/sharp taste when brushing my teeth, mouthwash made it worse.; flushed, burning eyes, tired, headache

CD21(3dpo): I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee, i can normally sleep straight through; temp up again .5; having cramps like AF is coming and feeling like I'm out this month; GIANT cystic pimple under my chin, in my "hormone" spot that I used to get them in when I was a teenager, mortifying. Pinching pain on right, cramping on left at night; another sharp pain in my right breast, behind nipple, not as bad as the first one

CD22(4dpo): definitely peeing more, getting up 1 to 2 times a night no matter how much or little I drink; stronger cramps today, not painful but feel exactly like AF, breasts almost feel sore again, particularly when I lean into something that presses my nipples back; so hungry I had to eat mid morning; more shooting pains in breasts, both left and right; a weird thing and I dont' know what to make of it: this day on my way to the bank and at costco two honey bees hitched a ride on me. The first time it was on my hand that was holding my phone, second was on my back. I'm a beekeeper and they just don't typically grab onto moving objects. It was super weird.

CD23(5dpo): headache again, every day since O; oily skin and hair, figure I'm going to be right on time for AF; breasts sore on bottom, which is unusual and nipples are dark, not pale like they normally are; bad AF like cramps around noonish; hungry but filling up fast, frustrating; husband follows me after I use the bathroom and comes out asking if I ate something weird because my pee smelled like catnip, which he could still smell after I had flushed. Weird and a little gross. Bad cramps and pelvic pressure after 10pm, while i'm trying to sleep

CD24(6dpo): low cramps; feeling nauseated but I had just gotten some terribly sad news about two people who used to work for me; feeling hot; waking more frequently to pee at night; headache


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