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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP one week before fertility appointment!

I can’t believe I am actually writing this, I’ve followed this blog religiously every month and although I tried my hardest not to symptom spot it was inevitable.

Now, after 15 cycles over 12 months I finally get to write my first ever BFP! I hope this helps some of you gorgeous ladies and you all get your BFP too. Just praying so for a sticky bean! I finally figured out that my Luteal phase is always exactly 14 days, and that it’s the first half of my cycle that is a bit short.

Because my husband had chemo and radiotherapy a few years ago, we were referred to a fertility clinic after just 6 months of trying, and both had lots of test. HB had average sperm count (one sample low, one high) and my hormones were a bit over the shop. Slightly high progesterone, slightly high FSH. However the specialist said they were all very near baseline and not to worry and keep trying for another 6 months. Our appointment was next week and got my BFP one week before. Sooooo excited but sooooo nervous!

Anyway here is my BFP by DPO:

CD9 – BD
CD10 -BD
CD11 - BD
CD12 – Ovulation day. BD
8DPO – This is when my cramps started. They felt different from my normal AF pains and I swear at this point I just knew that something was different. The pains felt more sharp and stabby than that dull low ache. They switched from right to left. I also had a couple of spots and my skin is normally always completely clear.
9DPO – I am convinced this is the day I implanted because the sharp pain on my RHS was INTENSE. I actually get that pain every month and convince myself something has implanted. However this was much longer and more painful. That night I woke up with light pains sort of radiating down my legs.
10DPO – more light cramps, also stabby/sharp
11DPO – Was sat on the sofa reading this very forum and one post just made me think, this is me. So I ran and tested with internet cheapy (was around lunch time) and that big fat but fairly faint positive turned up straight away. (the line was thick but feint)
12DPO – 2 super dark lines with FMU on FRER and more positives with internest cheapies. Lots more cramping.
13DPO – Pregnant 1-2 weeks with Clearblue digital. YAY!!!!!!!!

I went to the Dr’s yesterday (14DPO) and had bloods this morning to check that my HCG is doubling. Next bloods on Saturday so please cross everything for me. Still have stabbing cramps although very mild and I’ve been feeling quite sick. I don’t know if its too early for that but maybe its just nerves! I've had no spotting at all.

I have been on a 1200 cal diet since Christmas and have been exercising. Normally my diet is fairly balanced but eat too much and am stationary. Also, this is probably TMI is that this month my hubby spent much more time on me when BDing! He says it is better for him that way and its certainly better for me! ;)

It was my birthday yesterday and this is all I wanted. Good luck everyone, it can happen so sit tight. xxxx

Three BFPs at 11 DPO!

Holy crap-- it doesn't feel real still.

This is our first month officially trying. I did my BBT and checked my CM. Thankfully EWCM arrived two days before O-day-- because I spotted it, we did the deed every day during my fertile window plus one afterward.

1DPO Wet CM, cough, no appetite
2DPO Felt sick, low grade fever, no appetite
3DPO Full blown illness. Laryngitis. Fever. BBT is wonky as a result.
4DPO Increased appetite and nauseated. Still feverish. Weird pain in breasts, like lightning.
5DPO Finally feeling better. Temp has decreased slightly. Lightning boobs. Big hunk of CM that is spongy in texture.
6DPO Big temp dip.
7DPO Exhausted.
8DPO Exhausted. Diarrhea. Nausea. Occasional cramps. Bloated and gassy with mega heartburn.
9DPO Exhausted. Diarrhea in morning, constipated in evening. No appetite in the morning, starving in the evening. Mega heartburn, bloated, gassy and burpy. Cramps.
10DPO Nipples are super sensitive. Breasts, overall, are tingly. Foggy mind all day, husband even asks what's going on. Dull cramps. Bloated. Exhausted. Heartburn, gassy, my skin is breaking out a ton. Some creamy CM just before bed.
11DPO Skin still breaking out. Very dull cramps. Bloated. Increase appetite in the morning, but gone by the evening. Woke up with crazy tender breasts. Lightning boobs on occasion. Bad heartburn. In the morning, I did a visual check on my vulva (helps me to know where I am in my cycle) and everything is crazy veiny!!!! Like, woah.

Since I bought a bunch of Wondfos, I took one with very diluted urine. I saw the faintest of lines, which was very strong after 10 minutes, but I threw it out since it was passed the recommended time. Then I held my urine and took one a few hours later, got a light yet strong line within two minutes. Held my urine and got another BFP! Then another!!!!

I'm still in shock. I've been stalking this site and others like it for a long while now and I'm so excited to leave my story!!!!

BFP with very little symptoms

Hey guys, I thought I would share my story, even though I'm terrified! I can't believe it and especially when I don't really feel that much different than usual. I did have a miscarriage 5 years ago so I still have that in the back of my mind, making me very nervous and POAS every single day lol. I take pregnacare and also evening primrose oil up to ovulation. I've only done this for 2 months though, I'm so surprised it happened this month when every single previous month I would have way more symptoms than this. I don't temp or track at all so my DPOs are a guess based on when I had what I think was ovulation cramps. I convinced myself every month that I would br pregnant, read into every symptom, but I did read that until implantation occurs, any symptoms are due to progesterone, so I kinda just chilled this month if I felt anything little bit off.

So heres the approximate breakdown
O day: Cramping down my right side
1 DPO: weird shooting pain in my nipples for like 2 minutes and stopped
2-8 DPO: Nothing really, no sore boobs which usually start at about 7dpo, I have a good full week of sore boobs usually.
9 DPO: I went to my insanity gym class after work and struggled through it, but afterwards felt ABSOLUTELY KNACKERED. Like I had run 70 miles, very weird. Maybe I'm just tired in general though. Later on kinda AF cramps? Very early for AF, and didn't come in waves like AF. It was just a very low pain that hurt to the point I couldn't stand up straight. It lasted maybe 1-2hours? My boobs in the evening felt like they were sooooo hot and burning lol but again only for a short amount of time maybe 30 minutes.
10 DPO: Nothing I guess boobs are a little tender to touch, and can see one vein there that I usually can't see. And I have olivey skin so I'm not sure if it's there all the time and I never noticed. I took a test in the evening just to see because the cramps were at an odd time and I got a very faint pink BFP on a Superdrug test, didn't believe it.
11 DPO: Ate like 7 slices of pizza for lunch (almost a whole 12 inch wtf) and a whole load of garlic bread, but I had also gone to the gym again so could just be hungry from after that. Got home and tested again, marginally darker BFP. Still don't really feel pregnant.
12 DPO: Nothing. Didn't feel anything. I guess boobs hurt a bit more but thats usual before AF.
13 DPO: Tested again, line is darker, starting to believe it despite not feeling pregnant. No particular symptoms I guess I pee maybe twice more in a day but I don't feel like I constantly need to go.
14 DPO: Clear blue digi confirmed pregnant 1-2weeks. Holy crap. I am actually pregnant. Why do I have no symptoms!! lol

So I guess now I'm just feeling scared, I've booked my doctors appointment and just trying to wait patiently for that. My husband has also been away so I guess he'll get the news tonight! I

BFP 12dpo and 4 months TTC

Just like all of you, I have been stalking this board for a while now. I am 35, my fiancée is 29 and we have been TTC for 4 months. I have two other kids from my first marriage, and I never even tried to get pregnant with them- they were both "surprises", but very welcomed ones. I had no idea what it was like to WANT a baby and PLAN for one. So, I had no idea how emotional this journey was going to be!!! This was the first month that I temped and used OPK's, but other than that, au natural.

1-5dpo: Nothing
5dpo: huge dip on my BBT chart. I was nervous because I thought temps were supposed to go up? Frantically searched the web to see this was normal (phew)
6-8dpo: nothing special, maybe some nausea here and there but only when hungry
8 dpo: temp dip. Implantation? I started to get excited!!!
8dpo-9dpo: exhausted. I was changing jobs at work, so I figured I was tired and nauseous because of how stressed I was. I also had a little emotional breakdown, but again attributed it to stress. I felt like I was coming down with something and could not wait until my other kids went to bed so I can SLEEP.
9dpo: drinking a protein shake and gagged on the smell of my own saliva? Maybe something is up. A little crampy too, and still TIRED!!!!
10dpo: Cramps. Heavy and PMS like. I usually do not cramp like this until after AF starts and I am not due for 5 more days. Thought what the heck, and took an Answer 100ml. Got an evap. Darn. Took an FRER a little later and thought it was negative. Then about 10 min later I saw theeeeee faintest of faint lines. Could it be? Or is it an other evap? So, like any other POAS addict, I got some dollar store tests and peed again. Another EVAP??? Crazy coincidence if it was!
11dpo: Woke up feeling WAY HUNGOVER... but did not drink. Cried a lot for no reason and told fiancé I thought he was angry with me but couldn't explain why (he was not at all angry lol). Also had thee sorest butt muscles... has anyone had that before? My butt, legs and hips were sore and I had PMS cramps. I also felt nauseous and tired, and lazy. I waited until 4pm and took another dollar test. VERY FAINT POSITIVE!!!!!!!! Yes!!! But I did not want to get my hopes up yet. Took another FRER right before bed and there is definitely a line!! But as a scientist and a freak, I thought maybe it wasn't really there and would need to repeat.
THIS MORNING- 12DPO - FMU took another FRER and definite line. Decided to stretch my luck and used same urine to dip a digi....... YES+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to note- I do not have sore bbs, veiny bbs, bigger bbs, or anything related :) I did get two pimples this morning but besides cramps, fatigue and some off and on nausea, I had no big symptoms. SO DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!

I am so excited! I was so afraid being 35 would make it very difficult to get pregnant! I am also nervous about being at "advanced Maternal Age" but I am so happy !!!!!! Please send me sticky dust :)

Almost didn't believe it!

So, I got my BFP this morning! But, in my two week wait I LOVED reading this thread. I thought i'd write my symptoms for fellow symptom spotters ;)

O'd on Friday, Jan. 16th, 2015

1dpo/2dpo- Overall nothing. Slight breast tenderness on right breast only (odd... never get breast tenderness after O)

3dpo- Indigestion, hungry, very mild cramps, slight breast tenderness.

4dpo- General unwell feeling. Blah. Dull headache, mild stomach upset, mild pinching near ovary, sleepy, slight breast tenderness.

5dpo- Feel normal. slight breast tenderness.

6dpo- breast tenderness, mild constipation, tired, kind of cranky.

7dpo- HUNGRY. Get into bed to try to sleep= hunger pains. Wake up in the morning= hunger pains! This was very new. Headache, breast tenderness.

8dpo- HUNGRY. Very tender breasts, but this is normal PMS symptom for me. I thought I was out this cycle. Slight ache in uterus. Dry patches on cheeks.

9dpo- Woke up around 3 am and had to eat some saltines due to queasy feeling. Couldn't fall asleep. Still felt nauseated. Ran to the grocery store at 6am AFTER fmu to pick up some frers. 4 BFP'S!!!! SHOCKED!

I hope this helps some of you! As for me, up until the queasy feeling on 9dpo, all of my symptoms were very mild! NO spotting, NO implantation cramps! Had I not been looking for symptoms I never would've recognized these symptoms. Don't lose hope! You're not out till AF comes!!!!

Hope for all you ladies who are not showing a lot of symptoms!

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few months now. Last month we were successful however it was short lived. I tested positive the day I missed my period and every HPT I took from that day on kept getting lighter and lighter when finally, on Christmas eve, I started bleeding. It was very heavy and very clotty. I made an OBGYN appointment and my gyno said there was no reason to wait a few cycles before trying again so we started right back up once I stopped bleeding. I suspect I ovulated on January 12. I'm supposed to start my period on January 26th. I caved and POAS on January 21. To my surprise I had a very clear positive on a FRER! I tested again today (January 23) and it is still positive and is actually a shade darker! I'm hoping this one sticks! I know most people on this site like to read the DPO symptoms so here were mine, which are not a lot!:

1-2 DPO: My gums were EXTREMELY bloody while brushing teeth. I mean, It looked like I got punched in the mouth. I never bleed that much while brushing. Not sure if I really consider this a sign or symptom but it was strange so I noted it.
3-5 DPO: Nothing at all.
6 DPO: Had a large clump of very thick, sticky, yellowish/greenish CM. I know it is no infection because I just had my annual gyno appointment with a pap exam on the 16th which would have been 3 days prior to this happening and my gyno said everything looked fine! Also had sharp pinching pains in my left ovary that happened throughout the day.
7 DPO: More yellowish/greenish CM. Boobs were VERY VERY tender (this is very normal for me right before I start my period) thought it was odd that it was happening this early though.
8 DPO: Boobs still very tender had major hot flashes all day long.
9 DPO: Boobs still hurt. Decided to test with a FRER and got a BFP! It was not a faint positive, it was a definite pink positive!
10 DPO to present: My boobs have not stopped hurting. I have had some light cramping all around my belly button area but other than that I have no other symptoms. I have tested a few more times with my internet cheapies and peed on a second FRER with FMU today (January 23) and it is about a shade darker than the one from a couple days ago.

So, to recap, the only real symptoms I have experienced are sore boobs and little cramps here and there which I normally experience right before my period anyways. Don't get discouraged and lose hope if you aren't experiencing every sign and symptom of pregnancy! There is still a chance!

Trust your intuition! BFN on 9/10DPO

Hi Everyone,

So I thought I'd share my symptoms online as I stalked the internet everyday looking for a sign, and the clearest sign I had was my intuition, you can just feel your body is different/pregnant.

This will be my second pregnancy, I already have a DS who is nearly 11 months old, and #2 TTC.

So here is my symptom diary, I hope some of you can resonate!

LH Surge – Sunday 11th January (I used First response OPK as my cycles are irregular)

BD Sunday night x 2, Monday night, Tuesday night

Ovulated (Monday – Tuesday estimated)

1 – 3 DPO, nothing

4DPO – Friday – increased hunger, mild cramps, vivid dreams, tired

5DPO – Saturday – mad food cravings – dairy and sugar, very hungry, emotional feeling warm, vivid dreams, tired, dull ache in lower abdomen intensified in PM and stayed constant, gassy, pimple on chin (unusual as I have clear skin). Ate a whole packet of Tim Tams (out of the norm for a healthy eater).

6DPO - Sunday - still very sore lower tummy, fever 37.5C, hungry, craving sugar, emotional, tired, some CM, lower back ache and aches connected to bbs, tummy and back. 3 or 4 twinges over 30 seconds in evening, gassy

7DPO – feeling very hot, sore tummy but pain is easing, mild bouts of nausea, tired, dizzy, lower back ache, slight sensitivity in breasts, gassy, vivid dreams, cramps returned PM, craving milk, cheese and other dairy.

8DPO – very very tired, hot, cramps – tightness in tummy, not much CM, mild nausea waking up, metallic taste in mouth, flaky patchy CM, nausea on empty stomach, light headed. A few twinges barely noticeable on left side of tummy. Appetite slowing down still hungry. Cramps ongoing. Irritated throat.

9DPO – gassy, low energy, very tired by lunch time, mild cramps, very hungry, constipated, craving milk, general feeling of pregnancy, slight nausea on empty stomach, not much CM, slight ache in legs, irritated throat, headache, body feeling heavy, frequent urination, increased sexual drive. BFN FMU.

10DPO – so tired in morning I felt I could sleep for another 12 hours, hot, gassy, vivid dreams, sore tummy like AF is coming, lethargy, feeling pregnant with heaviness all over, slightly hungrier but cravings have calmed down. BFP in the early afternoon after 2 hours of holding it in. (I wasn’t going to test for another few days but bought FRER on special at the supermarket so was feeling lucky!)

In my first pregnancy I barely had any symptoms except tingly nipples on 10DPO and metallic taste in my mouth. I also don't/didn't have that much CM this early on.
This time around because I'm still breast feeding my bbs don't feel sensitive at all or any bigger. I was also much more relaxed this month and cut back on alcohol and caffeine. I also have mild endometriosis which often gives me a sore stomach but it's different with pregnancy as the discomfort doesn't just sit on your lower pelvis, it radiates through your lower back and through your boobs (just slightly for me)

I have attached a picture of my test not long ago, there is definitely a faint line there but perhaps a bit hard to see online.
I also had a false positive with the clear blue pee sticks last month, NEVER trust their product again!

Good luck to everyone still trying :)

BFP 19 DPO after M/C and CP!

This time I've been stalking the boards and am so happy to post my own BFP story!

In Sept, I had a M/C at 10 weeks and DH and I decided to TTC again after 2 cycles. I received a faint BFP in December but it ended up in a CP and I just tried to relax the 3rd go around.

Here are my symptoms:

1 and 2dpo=Cramps
4dpo=sinus infection cramps and tugging
5dpo=slight nausea, woke up with sore throat and slight stuffy nose, creamy CM
6dpo=sore bb’s, full blown sinus infection, extreme fatigue, can’t get out of bed, yellow tinged EWCM, VERY positive wondfo OPK! (Weird)
7dpo=Cramps, twinges and tugging in abdomen, sore back, sinus infection, VERY positive wondfo OPK! Yellow tinged ewcm. DH and I BD in case O was happening now!
8dpo=sinus infection/cold starting to go away (weird), No appetite BFN with wondfo hcg bad insomnia that night and vivid dreams once I fell asleep
9dpo=Very very tired, sinus infection/cold gone. Cramps, heavy feeling in uterus, vivid dreams! BFN wondfo hcg
10dpo=MOODY and tired, sore bb's, cramps, very yellow cm.
11-16 DPO continued crazy dreams, cramps, sore bb's, fatigue, and yellow watery and creamy cm. I was sure AF was here and checked every day.
17 DPO AF is 4 days late! bfn on wondfo bfn on clearblue digi :(
18 DPO HUNGRY and emotional and very crampy. Today AF will be here I can feel it! Very sore bb's so I pick up a FRER on my way home from work. No AF....hmmm...
19 DPO BFP fmu FRER! Woohoo! The line showed up right as the test was processing! I'm praying this one sticks! Baby dust to all!

BFP at 10 DPO!!- First Month TTC!

I'm a little nervous about posting this because I know a lot of you have been TTCing for a while and I just happened to be lucky on the first go... A little backstory, I'm 24 and my DH is 27. I've been wanting to have a baby with him for years now (we'll have been together for 6 years in march) and he kept putting it off saying that we're not ready yet, we need to renovate the house I'm worried about your well being, etc... side note, when I was first dating my DH I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had a laparoscopy to get rid of it. I was told by my doctor I would have 5 years to conceive if that, which really scared both of us because we were in college! But we agreed if we got married then we would start trying before the "Deadline". 3 years later we got engaged, moved to Buffalo NY, bought a house and I was riddled with pain from my endometriosis again. I saw a fertility specialist this time and he took care of everything, and since I told him we were going to try for a family after marriage he checked to make sure my tubes were cleared too! He said that we could start trying whenever we wanted and we asked him about the deadline I was given. He said that I didn't have anything to worry about. So fast forward a year, finally around before Christmas time this year we decided to have "The Talk" again and this time he agreed that we can start trying in the new year!!! We had a lot of family over for the holiday so we decided to track my next cycle. I had been on BC for about 5 years skipping the placebos because of my endo, and I hadn't had a period in over a year so I had no idea what my cycle was. I tracked best I could and, Well I hate to say it but this was our first month actively trying and I got my BFP Today on a whim!! Since my estimated OV time my BB's have been killing me, so I told myself it's too early probably just the rise in progesterone. I was achy, headachy, fatigued, mildly crampy, (TMI) constipated, had heartburn and was extremely nauseous between 2dpo and 6dpo. Once again I thought there's no way that it could be a sign, it's too early! I started adding food aversions at 8dpo to the mix thinking my body just hates progesterone. Weird note, I was salivating a lot too which is not normal to me, I normally have a really dry mouth. The night before 10 dpo I had a really vivid dream that I was pregnant and I woke up today thinking I am going to take a HPT just for giggles. So I went to the dollar store and brought it home and took it thinking I was going to get a BFN, there's no way I'm that lucky, it's too early, it took everyone in my family months to conceive etc... When I looked at it I was shocked because there in front of me was a faint pink second line!! I was like What the Hell is that?! and kept looking at it not believing it! I then realized I needed to take more tests because it could be a false positive, so I took 4 more tests, including one CBD and they all came out pregnant!!

I told my DH today by giving him the CBD pictured and his reaction was that he already knew that I was pregnant, with 85% certainty!! (I married an engineer hehe) and the scary part about this is that my mother told me in the summertime that I was going to get pregnant in January this year!! I can't believe that she was right! Here's hoping this little peanut sticks and good luck everyone with your TTC journeys :) Sticky rainbow Baby Dust to everyone!!!

Products used: 

BFP 11 DPO on First Cycle TTC!!!

I am 29 and DH is 27 -- this was our first cycle ever TCC. I got a faint line on two HPTs tonight and couldn't believe it!

Here are my symptoms. Note that I have no soreness in bbs so far, but otherwise a good mix.

CD 14-19 daily BD
CD20/1dpo - BD mid-day
2 dpo- BD mid-day
3 pdo - low energy, twinges here and there, fatigue
4 dpo - low energy, light nausea, twinges in lower abdomen, lower back pain, creamy CM, backaches, headache, face break-out, shooting pains through lower abdomen and out of vagina
5 dpo - more energy, twinges here and there, some pressure on lower abdomen, back pain and shooting pains, MAJOR face break-out, creamy CM, weird stomach pulls during workout (nothing like I’ve ever felt before)
6 dpo - no symptoms
7 dpo - twists in lower back (could be from workout soreness), itchy and dry vagina, some nausea before dinner, no appetite at dinner
8 dpo - felt some pressure on lower abdomen at cycling class, then intense nausea and stomach cramps
9 dpo - stomach cramps after breakfast, twinges in lower abdomen, large appetite, especially for sweets and carbs, BFN
10 dpo - BFN, no symptoms other than some twinges here and there, constipation
11 dpo - BFN in a.m., nausea and cramps in lower abdomen throughout the day, faint BFP at night!