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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP 10 DPO Baby Number 2! Short luteal phase

Hi all!
I am beyond excited to share my BFP story with you ladies! I've been following this board for months and I feel so blessed to be able to share my details after TTC for just 2 months.
My husband and I have an 18 month old baby girl. We decided a couple of months ago to start trying for baby number 2! It took about 8 months to conceive on my daughter, so this was a huge shock. But, in hindsight, I wasn't charting very well and we didn't use OPKs until the month we did conceive on her.
Here is my story:

CD 13 DTD because I knew my fertile window began.
CD 14 DTD.
CD 17 I randomly decided to take a CB opk (as I thought I had already ovulated) and sure enough I got a static smiley face, which meant PEAK time to conceive! We DTD. It was pretty sensual and I also orgasmed, haha. I think this may help!!
CD 18 this is when I likely ovulated; ewcm, L pelvic pain.
1 DPO glue like cm, vaginal itchiness (came to find out in a few days that I have BV), joint pain, hungry, cold/flu symptoms, L pelvic pain, BM.
2 DPO glue like cm, gassy, light nausea at one point, tired all day.
3 DPO vaginal itchiness, VERY gassy (like clear the room gassy, haha), tired.
4 DPO glue like cm, nausea, gas, bloating, started Monistat 3 because I thought I had a yeast infection (turned out to be BV), decided to take a HPT and it was negative.
5 DPO gas and insomnia.
6 DPO gas continued, bloating, very hungry! Decided to take another HPT (I bought 25 cheapies online), it was negative again.
7 DPO no cm noticed, gassy, bloated, increased sex drive, vivid dreams, thought I cleared up my yeast infection, and I added a note "feeling out of the game this month" (!!)
8 DPO glue like cm, no BM, tired. I decided to follow up with my gyno about my vaginal irritation and she tested me for yeast/BV.
9 DPO no cm noticed, some cramping (but AF was due in only one or two days), finally had a decent BM, some bloating, minor acne, felt "sharp zaps" in center of uterus around 2pm (but this is somewhat normal for me right before AF).
10 DPO gas, bloated, constipated. Doctor called and said I have BV!! She told me to take a HPT to ensure I am not pregnant so we can decide which course of medication/antibiotics would be best. Took a First Response early detection HPT (not a cheapie!!) and saw a very faint BFP line!!! Thinking I got my BFP! Called my Doctor back and she was so excited for us. I began taking Clindamycin cream that night since it is safe during early pregnancy.
My mom was randomly visiting from out of town, so this was super exciting for me to share the news with her in person.
11-12 DPO I probably took 10 more HPTs, all of which had faint to slightly less faint BFP lines depending on the quality of the test. The cheapie tests from online are pretty much worthless until high levels of HCG is in your blood as the FR test showed a much darker, albeit faint line.

I can't believe I will have 2 babies as of July 3rd, 2017!
Side note: I have very regular periods every 28 days and my luteal phase is rather short at about 9 days. So don't be discouraged if you also have a SLP.
Baby dust to all!!!!!! xoxo

11 DPO, BFP! 2 months TTC

So I will give you a little back story....

I am 32, DH is 34. I've never been pregnant before, DH has a son from a previous relationship. I cannot stress how much I've wanted a baby ...and I thought because I wanted it so bad it would take longer, but we got our BFP on our second month trying. DH works out of town, so I thought that would hinders us as well. I bought Easy@Home ovulation kit to help us and I really believe that it was the reason we got pregnant so fast. We only BD 2x durning my fertile window. The day before and the day of ovulation as per the OPK.

Because I stalk these message boards like a crazy person, I decided to tell you my story to give hope to all the future moms to be because it will happen for you as well :)

I will also say, I did track my CP and it was all over the place ...low, high, hard, soft... all through out my DPO. So, I don't even think it's a good indicator of pregnancy or even worth tracking.

I have a fairly regular cycle. 29-31 days. This month I ovulated on CD15.


2-4- DPO - not many symptoms, cm becoming more creamy and whitish... lotion like ?

5-6 DPO - the cramps start in my low pelvic area. They are less than bad period cramps, but are constantly there... a dull cramping... feels heavy in my uterus, boobs are not that sore but feel full, constipation, and I feel really tired. CM- increases, creamy white wet.

7DPO- exhaustion. Feel like I could nap 2x a day, irriatable, emotional. Dull cramps still there, skin breaks out with some acne (rare for me) my gums and teeth are sore...very strange... no bleeding gums as I have read before but very sore. I get a headache in the evening. CM -creamy white wet

8-9DPO- exhaustion- going to bed at 830pm (Rare for me), sore gums, increased appetite, feel like I am getting sick...temp is high, sore throat a bit...over all, I think I'm just coming down with something. Pressure in pelvic area still.

10DPO- something tells me to take an IC hcg test...I swear I see a line but it's sooooooo faint (basically a shadow) that i actually cannot fully believe it's there. I think it's all in my head. CM- creamy wet, more of it than normal. Getting suspicious.

11DPO- dull pressure in uterus. Mild cramps.test with first response early results and get a faint positive. My first BFP!!!!! No longer have to squint to see, but it isn't a strong positive. Overwhelmed by emotion. Thankful to God for this blessing.

12DPO- strong positive BFP. Not even a guess that it's positive. Dull pressure in uterus.

symptoms I did not have:
-sore nipples
-metallic taste

It's so hard emotionally when you want a baby so badly and people tell you to just relax and let it happen...easier said than done!!! I am not saying stress over everything but I don't think there is anything wrong with doing everything you absolutely can to increase your chances :)

I feel so blessed and I know it'll happen for YOU as well. Baby dust to all. I hope my BFP turns out to be a healthy baby :)

Natural BFP after 4 years!

Like most of you this board has been a source of comfort! I've had every symptom going every month for 4 years, but finally I can record the actual symptoms!

We are both 32 and trying for 4 years, test results were all clear and we decide against any treatment. There have been some heartbreaking times!

I wasn't keeping a close track of ovulation this month, so not 100% sure of days, I've based them on a pregnancy tracker app, cycle varies but average is 32 days.

1-7dpo - really bad spots and occasional ewcm . High sex drive. Can feel my hormones raging more than usual!

8dpo - had a super stressful day at work and felt a really weird sensation in lower abdomen. It was in the middle of a really bad situation so I wondered if it was the stress giving me stomach ache. Now pretty sure it was implantation. Felt like trapped wind but lower down and more intense and lasted about 30 seconds.

9-11dpo - tested daily (bfn). Had lower back ache and period-like cramps, though not quite same. Weird and vivid dreams, waking up really early. Thought it could be work stress.

12dpo - bfn in very early morning with cheap internet test. Went back to bed and felt period cramps, period due and thought this must be it.

12dpo pm- weird glob of yellowy discharge. Feel like I'm getting thrush...except I've never had it so I'm guessing. Go to store after work and buy a cv digital. Why? I never buy the expensive ones because they're always negative? Don't know what possessed me!

Took it when I got home and 'pregnant 1-2 weeks'!!!

I'm not sure what changed, but I did recently lose a few pounds and been eating a really healthy vegan diet. Not sure if I'll stick to that now! I also started taking seven seas trying for a baby vitamins.

Good luck, especially to the other's a brutal thing to go through and I wish everyone a positive result x

13DPO BFP!!!!!!!!!

So I kinda feel bad that it's taken us only two months to conceive but I understand infertility and I wanted so desperately to share my symptoms with you, even if it helps just one woman conceive. Also my BFP story is PROOF that a FAINT positive OPK can mean pregnancy too!
Baby dust to everyone!!!!

~ Things we did differently to previous month ~
Had more sex, first month using OPK's, chilled out a LOT during fertile week, used hot water bottles every evening on pubic area during TWW(supposed to keep womb warm), didn't check CM because I have a low cervix and heard this can disrupt implantation.

~ BD dates and OPK ~
We DTD every other day or more during fertile week (I have short 25 day cycles so FW is usually only a few days for me)
Positive OPK CD11, We BD on CD's.. 6, 9, 11, 12 and 15. Didn't spend a crazy amount of time with legs in air but we DTD at night before bed so usually rested afterwards.

~ Symptoms by DPO ~
1DPO (Counting CD12 as O day) - No symptoms Noted
2DPO - Nothing, Dreamed about being pregnant with a daughter who became a toddler when she was born! Very weird.
3DPO - Nothing. Dreamed AGAIN about having a daughter.
4DPO - My notes say "It feels like my boobs vibrated for like, ten secs in the evening, really weird?" No other symptoms.
5DPO - Nothing too noticeable, some strong ovulation pains before going to sleep, more from the left but pretty sure I O'd from the right?
6DPO - Nothing too major but did notice that minuets before I fell asleep at night, i felt the weirdest spasm in my uterus.. best way I can describe it is that it felt like someone had a finger on the outside of my womb and just pressed against the right side, really strong spasm but it didn't hurt, only lasted a few seconds.
7DPO - Woke with really strong AF cramps, mainly on the right side, feels so heavy on this side.. like someone is scraping against my uterus. Boobs are quite sore today, they feel bruised. Super super cold, freezing all day and can't get warm!
8DPO - Right ovary twinges, boobs feel bruised when I press on them.. sure I felt nauseous in the morning? Could be imagining it.. Dizzy spells and headache on and off ALL day. Freezing cold all day also. Left ovary had some very strong cramps in the evening when watching TV with DH. Very Hungry.
9DPO - Af cramps in the morning, My notes say "I'm out, I just know it. All of my symptoms match my negative cycle and I know i'm not". Emotional. Pinches on the right side, feel very very specific in the same spot all day. Boobs still sore.
10DPO - Had a pelvic ultrasound today to check on some pains I've had for a few cycles, watched the sonographers face because I have a bit of health anxiety and she looked very surprised at one point!?? Very faint AF cramps in the morning but nothing else for the rest of the day. Boobs and nipples are very sensitive. Cried because I chipped a nail....
11DPO - Af cramps in the morning until lunchtime when pinching in right ovary took over for the rest of the day. Boobs and nipples still very sensitive. Emotional.
12DPO - Took an OPK in the morning because I read that OPK's can detect pregnancy, it basically came up as 'half' a positive, not faint, but not as dark as control line. Everywhere I read said that meant no pregnancy, so didn't take HPT today. Nipples and boobs more sore.
13DPO - Took another OPK because my cramps were so strange, just like AF but sticking to one side. OPK was almost a positive, basically just slightly off. Took a HPT and... Positive!

I really didn't think I was pregnant, honestly. Despite typing out my notes, it didn't seem obvious to me, and it still doesn't.
I think OPK's really helped because they showed me that I O a little earlier than I thought. It's also worth noting I've had no IB so far!!

Really hoping for a sticky baby and a healthy pregnancy with a baby due in june 17 , I wish you all a massive amount of baby dust and I hope every one of you reading gets a giant BFP!!!!!!!!!!

Almost No Symptoms at all!

Today is either 12 or 13 DPO (i think 13 based on my CP, which slammed shut evening of 1 dpo).
I just tested, so this is not FMU, it's in the evening with a CB Digi on a 3 hour hold. i was totally prepared for a negative...
and what do I see but Pregnant 2-3 Weeks!

Guys, i had basically zero symptoms. No breast tenderness, no nausea, no unusual fatigue.

Here's everything by dpo:

2DPO and every day since - creamy cm (which is normal for my cycles) and low closed firm cervix
11DPO - cramping feeling in left ovary area, slight cervix twinges for a few minutes
12DPO - nasal drip, slight sore throat (i assumed allergies), and a slight backache, but I've been sleeping on a guest bunkbed, so that's likely unrelated.

That's it.

I would like to note that i have a 26-27 day cycle and if i had followed my Glow app's fertility window, I would probably have missed o by a few days (which i knew because i check cervical position). Ovulationcalculator, however, was spot on to my early ovulation, after putting in about a year's worth of cycles. My fertile days start as soon as my period is done, no dry days in between.

Now to scheme up how to tell my husband!
Ah! So excited! I really felt out this month.
But, it's never over til it's over!

Hope this is helpful!

Products used: 


6DPO AM-I had cramps, which I think were implantation cramps. PM-I was constipated and very gassy.

7DPO ALL DAY-I was constipated and very gassy.

8DPO AM-Constipated and very gassy. Ate some prunes. Then ate more prunes an hour later. PM-Good BM then an hour later diarrhea.

9DPO AM-Diarrhea 2 times again and still so gassy. PM-POAS VFP! No BM. AF like cramps and my nipples are sore.

10DPO AM- Still so gassy. NO BM. Very Sleepy/Tired

11DPO AM-Woke up to a sharp cramp at 4AM. It went away within a minute or so. I had AF like cramps on and off, cramps around pelvic area too. Still Gassy. POAS BFP it said that I was 4-5 weeks.

Products used: 

BFP on 3rd Cycle after Mirena

Mirena removal 7/11. Post IUD period 7/26. BFP 10/11. What we did this cycle: OPKs and mucinex
My husband is only home on the weekends so knowning O day was important. 28 day cycles and ovulation happened CD 12.

CD 12/O day (10/1)
- Intense lower left pelvic pain lasting about 20 minutes
-Headache, bloating, tender breasts

CD 13 /1 DPO (10/2)
-Headache, tender breasts
-OPK negative

CD 14/ 2 DPO (10/3)
-Watery cm
-Headache, tender breasts, achy joints

CD 15/ 3 DPO (10/4)
-school glue cm
-Cold/flu, horrible ear ache, headache, tender breasts

CD 16/ 4 DPO (10/5)
-back to watery cm
-Continued cold symptoms, tender breasts, mouth ulcer, itchy nipple (weirdest symptom ever)

CD 17/ 5 DPO (10/6)
-school glue cm (lots of it)
-cold symptoms gone
-Nausea, tender breasts, fatigue
(At this point, tender boobs started to clue me in)

CD 18/ 6 DPO (10/7)
-school glue cm (still lots)
-nausea, headache, brief dizziness, tender breasts still there
-Late night pelvic pain (like a shock/pinch sensation) right behind c section scar

CD 19/ 7 DPO (10/8)
-school glue cm
-headache, tender breasts, cramps, alcohol tolerance low (tried a glass of wine at dinner and couldn't finish)

CD 20/ 8 DPO (10/9)
-school glue cm
-unusual face breakout, frequent urination, full & hot breasts, cramping, backache, fatigue
-Neg frer

CD 21/ 9 DPO (10/10)
-school glue cm
-continued symptoms from 8 dpo
-very emotional
-negative frer

CD 22/ 10 DPO (10/11)
-school glue cm
-all symptoms gone except slightly tender breasts
-starting to feel like we missed it
-vvvf positive on frer

CD 23/ 11 DPO (today 10/12)
-school glue cm
-tender breasts
-faint positive frer

Best of luck to all still TTC! We are shocked it happened so quickly this time. Our last pregnancy took 18 months to achieve.

36 BFP after a year and a half trying

Hi All thanks for reading! I often found myself here "symptom spotting" and feel it necessary to share my story. If there's one thing I learned through this experience it's to never give up hope...even when your heart is shattered month after month!

So here goes.... I am 36 with a 13 year old and a 10 year old from a previous marriage. Both girls that took over 2 years to conceive, only back then I had no idea on tracking ovulation. Just learned that since me and current hubby (who has no kids of his own) have started trying. Although I got pretty good at not only nailing which day I ovulated, I could tell the difference in my body in general when the progesterone would kick in. Who knew progesterone gives you EVERY pregnancy symptom known to man?! So many months I thought for sure we were in, only to be devastated by af showing her ugly face! That said, don't read too much into your "symptoms" during the first 2 weeks. They can only be confirmed as possible symptoms AFTER you find out you're pregnant anyway! I know I know, probably not what you wanted to read, however, after I came to that realization, things got so much easier and less devastating. Sorry for such a long read but wanted to just be real......and now what you're really here to read......

1dpo-10dpo......insanely sore breasts (very normal for me after ovulation)

2dpo...husbands grandmother passed away and when he told me, I instantly had a wave of "I'm pregnant" come over me. Crazy I know but in my family, when someone is pregnant, someone almost always passes.

7dpo-8dpo....12 hour car ride home the hubby opens a bottle of Mtn Dew and the glorious smell of it still makes me want to drink one (haven't drank pop in months) which is funny to me because I craved it with my oldest girl.

11 dpo....cramps and temp dropped to just above coverline and I thought FOR SURE I was out AGAIN this month only i didnt start by mid morning like I always do on temp drop days. Took a wondfo cheapie around 2pm (these are ALWAYS stark white for me) except if I turn this one a certain way and close one eye, do a little hop....there's a shadow! What the what?!?! No, these are always stark white, remember?! So I immediately go to the store and get a box of frer to which I took on about a 3 hour pee hold. Yep, definite FAINT of all FAINT lines within 3 minutes. Disbelief strikes and I somehow managed to not tell anyone or let my excitement out. (The in laws are here)

12dpo....2am pee darker pink line of frer and darker barely there shadow on wondfo. BFP on baby #3 and I am scared, nervous, ecstatic and so many other emotions rolled into one!
Also told the hubby.....he did a happy dance and almost cried! He's been waiting on this!

BFP at 10dpo after the Evra Patch

I cant quite believe its happened so soon - I was convinced that it would take me ages to concieve #2 especilly as my forst month off the patch was a lllloooooonnnnggggg month with no ovulation detected!

i used the clearblue easy monitor which is what i used last time when i conceieved my son on the 2nd month of using it after 3 years off the pill!

last month i had so many symptoms after ovulation.. pains in my boobs, slight nausea, cramps. i stared AF on 7dpo ( thought it could have been IB) so was worried about my LP... this month my main symptom has been, well.. no symptoms..

that said I made a note of anything which may be useful to you guys..

0 - positive OPK - peak on machine - no EWCM BD'd 6.30am
1dpo - a little spotting (ovulations) cm creamy, gas, bloating, ovulation cramos
2dpo - creamy cm, bloating some stomach ache
3dpo - no cm??? slightly tender breasts, bloating, a little cramping but really really mild
4dpo - cm back and creamy, bloating and stomach ache
5dpo - creamy cm, bloated
6dpo - creamy cm, a little twingy cramoy feeling at the left hand side
7dpo - i didnt record anything- i was on holiday and totally forgot about it!
8dpo - creamy cm - took a cheap pregnancy test -ive
9dpo - a little pink spotting, creamy cm, bloated
10dpo - a little pink spotting, creamy cm - faint +ive on a FRER!
11dpo- now - mild cramps occasionally, some waking in the night for a wee (last night 14dpo)
12dpo - did another test (clearblue) pregnant 1-2 weeks
done a few more tests since.. just to make sure!! ha ha

hope this helps.. i think the main thing i get from this is that cm stayed the same from ovulation till now, there was little implantation bleeding - id have missed it if i wasnt looking (with my son i had 3 days of what i thought was a period) ivehad very little cramps and i feel ok....

My BFP symptoms

I got my bfp today after trying for quite a while. The posts gave me lot of hope and answers. I want to share my own experience.
1-7 dpo - No symptoms. Noy even a cramp.
8-12 dpo - Swollen and tender boobs. Which i get before AF but this time there were twinges and sharp pains from time to time.
I had no CM!! Dry as a desert.
I got skin rashes. Red patches on stomach and chest. Kind of eczema flare up. But subsided on its own Thank God.
12-15 dpo - Painful boobs... intermittent respite. No nausea no heartburn yet. Sleep is disturbed. I sleep like a log in night but lately i am waking up around 5-6 am and unable to fall back asleep.
16 dpo - Tested twice in the morning. Attaching the bfp. Feeling worried though as this is my first pregnancy. I had a small fibroid which was discovered in office healthcheck an year back. No problems so far.