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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.


I am 8 dpo and just got a BFP! Took a test for the heck of it on a cheapir and got a BFP, went back to store to get a FRER and got another faint line. My period is due in 5 days. We BD CD 9, 11, 12 and ovulation calculated stated i ovulated on CD14. Fx. Also yesterday i had AF like cramping. I had twinges in my breast but no other indicators.

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Shocked and Happy!

Wow!! Can't believe at 39 I am posting this here!! We were NOT trying to get pregant. We have three precious children and were content and trying to avoid pregnancy. God had other plans!! Had sex on CD7 around midnight. Started charting temperatures because I was a little concerned that I could get pregnant if I ovulated early. I ovulated between CD11-CD12. Not sure exactly because BBT didn't rise abruptly like it normally does. It was a slow rise. Gonna go with CD12 for now.

O day:97.3 Bad O pains hit around 3:30. Sore nipples immediately. Last day of EWCM
1DPO:97.5 Tiny bit CM pasty CM. Cervix closed/tilted. Sharp pain low pubic bone right side. Constipation.
2DPO:97.5 CM white/sticky/creamy but stretches and holds shape. Temp 99.2 afternoon.
3DPO:97.77 pasty CM, normal. Cervix closed. Ovaries feel strained/pulling. No breast or nipple tenderness. Got stung by two honey bees. Awesome.
4DPO:98.1 CM same.
5DPO:97.9 Lots white thick pasty creamy cm with some bits in it. Intermittent breast burning and feel kinda sore on sides like had done pushups. Periody feeling down low.
6DPO:98.1 Very white thick creamy CM my me of crumbly. Headache all day, dull. Increased sex drive
7DPO:97.9 Cm milky/creamy evening and some thick stretchy. Small twinge felt bladder located. Boobs aching on sides under armpits. Vaginal aches.
8DPO:98.03 Cm opaque/yellow ewcm. Boobs aching sides/armpits. Cramping to left of pubic bone area and above at night. Light vag aches.
9DPO:98.12 Few light twinges same place as yesterday. Light vag aches. Some very white/yellow thick snotty cm. Leaking colostrum??!?!? What? TEST BFN
10DPO:97.87 Vivid pregnancy dream involving telling my sister I was pregnant. Cm drying up. Late night:sharp shooting pain up crotch and rectum.
11DPO: 98.25 POAS and while waiting had sharp shooting pain up vag and rectum. Oh, and a BFP!!! Shocked!!! Take two more test, all positive. Husband in denial! Coming around now though!!

Didn't know sperm could live that long to be honest. Thought we were in a safe zone but obviously we weren't!! Husband had a vasectomy after our second was born and then reversed it five years later and we had our third who is almost 4. We were told his reversal was unsuccessful and we wouldn't be able to conceive. I was already pregnant when they told us that and now I am again!! God is great!!!! We would have never tried for another baby, but God has blessed us with one anyone!! A friend had told me last month that he loved all my kids and any other kids God may bless us with. I asked him why he said that and he said maybe Jesus laid it on his heart and here we are a month later! Wow!!! I also saw a baby in the clouds 2 weeks ago. stopped and took a picture! God speaks!! Awesome! Good luck to all of you ladies!! Trust God!!!

BFP at 14dpo with #4

I thought I was losing my mind. I kid you not, I had about every symptom in the book, starting at 10dpo. Full feeling in lower abdomen, tingling nipples, tender breasts, cramping, back ache, head ache, mood swings and constipation. I tested 6dpo, 8dpo, 10dpo, 12dpo and 13dpo, all negative. My hubs and I thought it was all in my head, cause I never had symptoms with our first 3. I was about to give up and decided, one last test in the morning. BFP! I couldn't believe it, took another test, it was positive as well.

#1 Girl 8/2009 8lbs 6oz
#2 Girl 5/2011 8lbs 10oz
#3 Boy 6/2013 9lbs 3oz
#4 coming 3/2016!!!!!!!!!

#2 and #3 were born at a Birth Center. We're thinking home birth with #4

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Bfp after ttc 18 months

Just some background - I have one child already ,a boy, I conceived on the second month with him. We started trying for # 2 in January 2014, actively trying from April 2014. It was a very frustrating and a long year, not one single bfp. December 2014 I went to see my OBgyn and we ruled out PCOS as i was having regular cycles and no other symptoms( Although since we started actively trying they were jumping from 28 -34 days which was not normal for me )

The doctor said we should try for 3 more months then come back to him. He also noted that my follicles that cycle were not as developed as he would have like to see them, but didn't discuss it any further. We also tested my progesterone and it came back as very borderline/inconclusive.

Well, in February 2015 i got my bfp but had a miscarriage just after 5 weeks, i was so disappointed but we kept on trying. When 3 months later I still hadn't conceived i was fed up, called the OB and asked for Clomid, we discussed it further and he said he also thinks my eggs are not maturing and that the Clomid may be the boost i need to mature my eggs and up my progesterone. He monitored me that cycle and i had 2 mature follicles, Progesterone was great 7dpo. ( 43.4 nmol/L )

Took CB Digital ovulation tests from 10dpo, got a strong positive CD 16 , had ovulation cramps Cd 17

1-6 dpo - no symptoms, I took Clomid days CD 4 - 8 , 50 mg

7 dpo - tested progesterone, doctor confirms that i did ovulate

8 - 9 dpo - not much going on, tying to keep myself from symptom spotting

10 dpo - a lot of pinching/stabbing pain near my ovaries all through the evening.

11 - 12 dpo - the one symptom i also had with my miscarriage, globs of creamy,cloudy cm that i don't usually have
during the luteal phase, this made me think and i took a test and got my bfp at 12dpo at 8pm with a 2 hour hold
13 dpo - keep testing to see progression of lines ( bit paranoid after miscarriage )

15dpo - do blood work and get my Hcg level of 353, progesterone 101.5 nmol/L - YAY im very pregnant!

We are very excited and cautiously optimistic this will be a sticky baby. Just want to give other hope that clomid can help with immature eggs and low levels of progesterone even if you ovulate on your own and have regular cycles. I had sore breast as side effect from the Clomid but not during the tww, only reappeared 13 dpo.

Other things i did :
Legs in the air 30min after bd
vitamins - Pregnacare conception
Clearblue digital ovulation test

I was a mess this whole time ttc, I couldn't understand why God didn't want me to have
another child and felt so confused after the miscarriage, and i still don't understand why but i do trust
in God's timing and that He knows so much better what we need and when we need it. And i learned the
hard way that we have NO control over certain things and it was foolish to think that i ever had. Trust in God and
do not rely on your own understanding of things.

Finally a BFP 13 DPO!

We've been trying since December and we're thrilled to finally get a BFP! I'm 35 and my husband is 36 so we were getting a bit anxious when month after month we were unsuccessful. In previous months, we've done the SMEP schedule pretty religiously. I also took Fertile CM supplement 3x per day and this cycle I added Mucinex 2x per day starting the day my OPK came up positive through CD 16 when we stopped BDing.

OPK was positive on CD 11, so likely O'd on CD 12.
BD on CD 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16. Legs up for about 20-30 mins each time afterwards.
Started 2 slices of pineapple 3 DPO and had 2 slices each day (with core) for the next 4 days.
10 DPO I started having spotting after using the toilet. Bright pink and never enough to seep into a pantyliner. Smells started to get really intense. Slight nausea in the morning, but nothing too bad. Some on and off headaches.
Concerned about the spotting I took a test and got our BFP 13 DPO. The spotting continued for a full week from when it started and then stopped.

Tested again on 17 DPO one day after my missed period just to be sure!

Praying this is a healthy babe. Will see the doctor in another month or so to confirm all is well.

Best of luck to you all!! It felt a little nuts doing all of the above, but it the most worth it kind of nuts looking back. :)

insomnia/cramping/crazy dreams

Hi everyone,
I looked at these stories when I was starting to think about TTC, so I'm going to add my symptoms to the mix! I was tracking them in real time. DPO is approximate because I don't know exactly when I ovulated. We did the BD every few days during the week I expected to ovulate. It was our first month trying after years of using a timing/pull-out method of "birth control," so I wasn't expecting it to be so easy. I am 33 years old, my partner is 42.

The # 1 main symptom I had that was out of the norm for me was insomnia. I never have insomnia. During my tww this time, I felt so wired at night that it seemed I would never sleep. I guess the second symptom that raised questions was that I had cramping in my lower left abdomen from 4dpo to 6dpo. Also, I was having some crazy dreams. And the final thing is that I was constipated - also very rare for me.

0 dpo – increase cm, insomnia, cramping lower left
1 dpo – bloat, constipation, crazy dreams
2 dpo – didn’t take notes
3 dpo – didn’t take notes
4 dpo – insomnia, bb feel slightly full (normal for luteal phase), cramping lower left, tired in p.m., bloat
5 dpo – crazy dreams, bb slightly full
6 dpo – mild cramping, bloat/constp, tired in the p.m., bb mild sore/full
7 dpo – mild bb soreness/fullness, tired, nausea in p.m.
8 dpo – mild bb soreness, hungry, crazy dreams, shaky, quick to anger, headache
9 dpo – nausea in p.m., mild bb soreness, mild headache
10 dpo – BFN, bbs full/sore
11 dpo – BFN, bbs full/sore; mild nausea a.m., mild headache, kind of shaky in p.m., high energy
12 dpo – BFN, mild bb soreness; insomnia
13 dpo – BFP! (wondfos and then FRER)

After tubal reversal and recent pcos diagnosis

Hello ladies! Of course I have been on this site day on and day out for months. These stories truly gave me hope. Thank you! Now for my story I'm 31 dh 32 I have 4 kids from a previous marriage and got my tubes tied after my youngest daughter 7 years ago. I had them reversed 6 months ago. I was trying to figure out why I wasn't having any luck after the surgery because I obviously had no issues before. I was diagnosed with pcos 2 months ago and told it would be difficult to conceive this time around. I took provera to induce a cycle because I hadn't had a period in 2 months. I faithfully drank red raspberry tea, watched my sugar levels and hoped for the best. This was the first month I ovulated since February so I was happy about that. I didn't notice anything major accept a few days ago o felt dizziness for a second. I kept taking dollar tree test for the past week knowing they would be negative but hoping I'd see a hint of something. This morning I took a dollar tree test and saw a faint line which confused me because it was stark white yesterday as I was hoping for a Father's Day positive. I took another one and same thing. I went to work and thought about the fact that I have never gotten 2 evaporation lines like the ones I got. When I Got home I tested with a digital and low and behold BFP! I am so happy. I believe I'm around 13 dpo. I can't be sure because all my apps say something different. I do temp and believe I ovulated 2 weeks ago. By dpo

1dpo- 10 dpo nothing really white cm that's all

10 dpo dizzy spell white cm some breast tenderness but only sporadic, BFN

11-12 dpo nothing much easy to fall asleep still white cm BFN

13 dpo feeling cramping like af, white cm, faint on dollar tree( I did take a frer after the faint positive this morning but didn't see anything) BFP on digital after work 4 hour hold.

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Bfp on My Birthday!

I got my bfp this morning on my 29th birthday! My cycles range from 32 to 46 days. Used Rite Aid OPK.

CD 17 light o pains
CD 18 intense o pain. Worst pain I felt in my pelvic region EVER. I know I O'd.

1-3 DPO some cramping but not bad

4-6 DPO tender sore beasts and nipple. Took 2 naps on 5 dpo. So rare for me. Yellow CM.

7 DPO I never have had problems with low blood sugar. Decided to work through lunch and at 3pm was attacked with shaking dizziness and the most intense hunger. Also sore breasts and cramping more like AF is coming than O pain. Yellow CM

8 DPO weird cramp very low near public bone. Felt like it started at one spot and radiated outward. Never felt this before. Very tired took a nap which is so rare for me. Dried up. Thinking AF is coming.

9 DPO AF Cramping, hungry, gums randomly started bleeding. Breasts feel less tender. Thinking I'm out. BFN

10 DPO Hot, hungry, tired. AF Cramping. Father's Day. Very faint BFP on Wondfo. DH didn't see it. Best friend did.

11 DPO my 29th birthday! Woke up at 5am took a Clear Blue Digital Weeks Estimator - BFP 1-2 weeks!

Bfp first time actually trying!!

I almost can't believe my luck!!
I've finally gotten a bfp! And I say finally because we've been together for 11 years and it's taken a few years of trying to convince DB that the time is NOW!!

Actually to be honest it's my third bfp... We got more and more in to the ntnp method which ended up with two early miscarriages late last year which made us realize that maybe we should give it a proper go!

With my 30th and his 40th birthday out of the way, temping since the miscarriages, taking vitamins and cutting down on alcohol, etc etc we were good to go!

So here's the lowdown...

-1 O day: + opk BD only the one time in the night.

O day: beauuuuutiful stretchy ewcm, I actually said to myself "oooooooh yeah!" As it stretched a good inch or so between my fingers ;)

1-2dpo: nothing really

3dpo huge temp spike and maybe some tingles on my nipples in the shower?

4dpo: nothing really except for major gas during the night, DB almost had to evacuate the bedroom haha!!

5dpo: temp dip and boobs start to ache a bit more now.

6dpo: feeling like period is near after a long bike ride?

7-8dpo: some sore boobs but otherwise not much really.

9dpo: notice I'm doing small burps like I have extra air in my tummy? Inner thighs a bit achey but am on my feet all day at work.

10dpo: feeling a fullness in my breasts and I'm pretty damn sure that our timing was perfect, why not try a frer?... Lo and behold, very faint positive but definitely there with 4 hour hold in afternoon.

11-12 dpo: a combination of all the above at some point or another. Pretty sure I feel different now.

13dpo: forgot to pee on the stick with fmu, try to squeeze a few drops out anyway. Barely get any on the stick but still BFP!!! I knew it!!!
Very bloated and sore boobs, had to take my bra off at the midsummer party haha!

14dpo: feeling good but uncomfortable to sleep on my front due to sore boobs.

15dpo: temp up again, boobs felt very full and heavy when I woke up. Bit of a podge going on in the afternoon.

Calling tomorrow to book in my first appointment.

Best of luck to all you wonderful women!! I'm going to sign off by letting off a confetti canon of baby dust :)


Still in shock....bfp at 13dpo!

Hubby and I have been trying for about 8 months now. Every month I thought "this is it", I was way off and so disappointed! This month we bd'd on all the right days but I thought for sure I was out! Here's my dpo symptom (or lack of) list!

0-12dpo- zero symptoms....literally zero! My boobs hurt a lot but that happens every month after O. On day 12 my temp dropped quite a bit so I thought I was definitely out and then before bed I saw a teeny tiny spot of pinkish brown discharge in my undies....thought my period was coming!

13dpo- woke up and temp had sky rocketed!! Took a dollar store test and it was faint. Went to walgreens few hours later and took a frer....definite line! Took another at 930 pm cuz all the cramping was making me nervous and it was solid!!

We are so so excited! I surprised my hubby with a father's day card and he was in complete shock! Things I did, in case anyone is wondering, used soft cups after bd....used preseed every time....and progesterone cream.