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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP after two miscarriages this year (twins and a singleton)

I am sharing my story with you all, as this board helped me stay sane during my two week waits, and nothing in the world makes me crazier than a two week wait after a about scrutinize every little thing!

I have two children, ages 8 and 4. I conceived identical twins in December and lost them in Feb. At 10 weeks. I conceived again in April and lost the baby at 8 weeks. I had D&C's with both losses.

As the karyotype on the last baby came back completely normal, We saw a fertility specialist to rule out any cause that may be preventable. All testing returned normal, except for a MTHFR mutation, which my doctor does not believe is significant; however, I believe it could be significant as both of my daughter's have lip ties and one has a sacral dimple, both of which can be seen with the MTHFR mutation. While I cant prove its what happened in my case, it certainly doesn't hurt to take precautions. I switched my prenatal vitamins to Best Nest Wellness, which contain methylated folate, B6, and B12. I also started taking royal jelly for egg health, as well as baby aspirin, as it may help women with recurrent miscarriage conceive and carry to term.

I used the CB Advanced digital ovulation test last month, which gave me two flashing smileys on cycle days 8 and 9, with a solid smiley on CD 10. I thought it was odd as I usually ovulate around CD 15 or 16, but what do I know, as its the first cycle after my last miscarriage? We BD according to the ovulation test; however, I never had EWCM until CD 14 and 15. We did BD more at that point, but I believe that we missed our window.

I used the regular clear blue digital to conceive my last baby, and it truly was accurate, which I do not believe the clear blue advanced to be.

This month, I decided to start using the CB digital advanced ovulation test initially, but would continue testing with CN digital ovulation test (not advanced) afterwards, as the advanced version locks until your next cycle after shoeing the solid smiley face.

CD 1-6 AF, then spotted until CD 10. This is,my second cycle after my second miscarriage.

CD 9 BD, CB Advanced negative
CD 10 BD, CB Advanced negative, 97.1
CD 11 BD, CB Advanced positive solid smiley (slipped flashing smiley altogether), but no EWCM or other O symptoms, 97.0
CD 12 BD, CB digital (not advanced) negative, 97.0
CD 13 BD, CB digital negative, left sided cramps
CD 14 BD, CB digital positive, EWCM, left sided cramps, 96.8
CD 15 BD CB digital negative, but line on test cartridge is darker than yesterday when it was positive, EWCM, L>R cramping, 97.0
CD 16/1 DPO BD bilateral cramps, no OPK as I ran out of strips and figured I had my bases covered by BD every day, 97.1
CD 17/2 DPO 97.3
CD 18/3 DPO BD, light cramps, 97.3
CD 19/4 DPO dull pain around cervix, light cramps. 97.6
CD 20/5 DPO dull pain around cervix, hungry upon waking, vivid dreams, palpitations (I have supraventricular tachycardia, whichbis usually controlled), 97.8
CD 21/6 DPO lightheaded, bilateral pinching cramps, hot flashes after drinking tea and eating salsa, dizzy upon standing, lower and feel like pulled muscles
CD 22/7 DPO dizzy upon standing, hungry, slight ache under arms, breast tenderness, hot flashes, 97.6
CD 23/8 DPO dizzy upon standing, hungry, breast tenderness front and sides, feel wet, burninh pain beneath navel to right, 97.9
CD 24/9 DPO pinching groin pain when standing, breast tenderness, breast warmth and tingling when bending over, breast swelling, slight pinching cramps, which radiate to knees, 97.9. I think AF is coming early, that I must have a literal phase defect, and become really depressed for the rest of the day. I took a CB digital pregnancy test with weeks indicator to ensure that I was out and that AD was on her way.
CD 25/ 10 DPO pinching, burning cramps radiating to knees, hungry, lightheaded, 98.1
CD 26/ 11 DPO slight pinching pain in groin when standing, hungry dizzy after bending over, white, thin, watery cm, temp 98.0. While I thought that I was out, i took another pregnancy test since my temp went triphasic and saw 1-2 weeks BFP!!!!!
CD 27/ 12 DPO hot and hungry

When I ovulated in this cycle is questionable, and when I implanted is questionable. Any cycle that ive conceived, we BD nearly every day for 2 weeks. It seems to do the trick for us. My advice is to not completely trust digital OPKs.

I feel very differently about this pregnancy. With the twins, I never felt like anyone was there-no connection. With my last baby, I believed she was a girl (which she was), but not that id ever meet her.

I believe with all my heart that our rainbow baby is officially in transit and there's no stopping us now.

First BFP after 2yrs ttc, no symptoms and was sure AF was coming!

Hi ladies, I can't believe I am finally able to tell this story! DH (34) and I (32) have been ttc for 2 years and I just got my first BFP!! I really think it was all due to soft cups and Geritol which were the only things we tried differently the last cycle. I temped everyday and about 4 days before AF was due I had a major drop in temp so I started to count us out this cycle. I stopped temping that day and just went about the rest of the week like AF was coming. I had a little bit of brown spotting 2 days before AF was due which was normal for me. Fast forward to 18DPO and still no AF, but I've had 2 previous cycles ( a year apart) where she was over a week late, so I was still counting us out. I had none of the "normal" pregnancy symptoms, no sore boobs, sense of smell was the same, no weird dreams, no extra creamy cm. The spotting stopped but I still didn't think about testing. I already had a pre-conception/fertility appt scheduled with my dr the next day so I figured she would tell me it was just one of those cycles again. Typical appt, pee in a cup, but this time when they did a PT it came back positive!!! Did a HCG test as well and it was positive!! I was in shock!! The next morning, (bc I peed on so many sticks I wanted to finally see that BFP myself) I took a HPT and there it was! PREGNANT!

I hope my story gives someone ttc a little bit of hope to not count yourself out! There were so many times I symptom watched or came on here and tried to compare symptoms and when I finally got my BFP there wasn't one symptom there for me to notice! Everyone is different! Baby dust to all!!

Breastfeeding, TTC #2, BFP 15DPO

I wanted to post because I feel like I saw very few posts by breastfeeding women. Today is 15 DPO and I took my first test. My DS is 14 months old. My cycle returned around 7 months pp, and became regular around 11 months pp. DS nurses 1-2 times per day (morning and night).

BD'd CD9, CD10 and CD12. O was likely CD13. I don't temp - just track CM.

O - CM was lesser than previous days. Feeling pretty normal.
1DPO to 6DPO: no real symptoms. DS had hand-foot-and-mouth and a cold. I caught his cold.
7DPO-9DPO: shedding uterine lining? Or particles in urine? Not sure what's going on here
9DPO-10DPO: feeling more aroused
10DPO - present: feeling pregnant - uterus feels like something is there - just a general awareness; nursing makes me feel sleepier than normal
11DPO - present: smelly urine (but less pungent than beginning of 1st pregnancy), slight increase in CM (dry throughout entire 1st pregnancy), very slight breast tingles. May not have even noticed them if I weren't TTC and hyper-focused on symptoms
13DPO - present: slightly more tired, but only very slightly; peeing lots (and I already pee a ton)

15DPO: strong BFP on FRER at 8pm. I don't test until I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant - I fear BFNs!

Nothing especially telling or exciting, except for my smelly urine. But strong positive, and just had a feeling that I was pregnant. Many nursing moms seem to report fewer symptoms while breastfeeding in very early pregnancy than they experienced in early pregnancy with their first.

Best of luck to all of you out there TTC while nursing! Hoping my bean sticks!

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BFP on 11DPO

Hello All beautiful ladies, so finally after 6-7 months of trying, I got my bfp on 11 dpo (very faint line on internet cheapie) and then a very dark line on first response on 14 dpo and a clear 'Pregnant' on digital on 15 dpo. I did not do anything different this month. It was supposed to happen now I think. I did go to the doctor on 13 dpo to get the confirmation but they could not find a line and sent me for blood work which of course was Positive. So am now 4 weeks 2 days Preggo.
My symptoms? NONE...yes you read it right, NONE at all. I just checked on 11 dpo onwards as we have been ttcing for 6 months and I wanted to know. That's all. Even now, I do not have any symptoms except for the positive HPT and the missed period. This is my second pregnancy, have a 3 yr old girl. And first time around also, I did not have any symptoms before 6 weeks mark. It started hitting as soon as I hit the 6 week mark. So may be the same is repeating now. So yeah, NO SYMPTOM is not bad at all. No sore boobs, no sickness, no cm, I MEAN NOTHIGN AT ALL. We re very excited.
I AM 35 and DH is 34 and have a 3 yr old girl :) :)

BFP - 10dpo

This was our first cycle TTC our first baby & boy did we get lucky! I have to say first and foremost that we could not feel anymore blessed than we do right now.

I started using opk's and got my positive on CD12, so I marked ovulation on CD13! We ended up having sex four times in total around this time, making sure we missed a day in the middle to replenishes the swimmers! As this was our first time, I can't say I did anything out of the ordinary! One thing I did do was start myself on Seven Seas - trying to conceive vitamins about a month before we actually conceived!

The weirdest thing to me is that I felt like I knew from the minute we had finished having sex that we had conceived.. That we had did it? Very strange!!!

1dpo - tender breasts and dizziness seemed to be my only symptoms
2dpo - cramping, i can remember having to use a hot water bottle to ease the pain, breaths still tender and a little gassy
3dpo - more right ovary pain, I'm pretty sure I ovulated from the right ovary and still gassier than usual, a lot of creamy/watery CM, this is something I noticed from day 1
4dpo - niggles on right side, bloating, tender breasts, I also wrote down on my symptoms that "I had a feeling I was pregnant" CRAZY!!
5dpo - this point I was having the craziest dreams, super vivid and really weird concepts, still crampy, really really tired, gassy and also feeling a little sick
6dpo- still crampy, vivid dreams again, tender breasts although nipple sensitivity was more obvious, lots of watery and creamy CM
7dpo - backache, cramps, sensitive nipples, feeling nauseous, dizziness, I hadn't monitored my temp thoughout my cycle and I did it this day out of curiosity and it ended up being 37.3 degrees Celsius or 99.14 Fahrenheit - which is around the temp you'd have if you were pregnant
8dpo - still got cramps, spots on chin (hormonal) CM was still really watery and creamy and I had also checked my cervix position and it was SUPER high and closed, temperature stayed the same
9dpo - nipples still sensitive, constipated, we did have sex this day and I bled a little bit (could have encouraged implantation bleeding) that night when i went to bed I had 2 dreams that I was taking pregnancy tests and they were positive...
10dpo - took test on a FRER and it was REALLY REALLY visible!!!!! Absolutely amazed and shocked and happy, we couldn't believe it!!!

11dpo - now: had implantation bleeding 12dpo, cramps and right side twinges, very tired, however all in all just so happy I get to grow my baby!!! Took about 1 million pregnancy tests just to be sure :D

I am currently now 4weeks and 6 days!

Greatest gift from God

Me and my husband have been together since 09'. He was a senior I was a junior in high school we've never used protection and I've never been pregnant. July 21 2016 was our one year anniversary and we were planning to start fertility treatments next cycle. I guess God just wanted us to be married and finish college before we started a family.

DH age:24
Lmp: 7/15
Cycle length: 25 days

Supplements used af to O
First cycle using these
*castor oil packs
*self fertility massages
*maca root capsules 500mg 2x a day
*serrapeptase(doctors best brand) 2x a day
*emergen-c packet everyday even after O

Last day of period was 7/20 so me and hubby were good to start BD for anniversary

Sex: 7/21, 7/24, 7/27
Ovulation day:7/26 clear blue opk confirmed

1dpo-3dpo:increased sex drive
4dpo: painful cramping
6dpo-present(10dpo):super sensitive tender nipples
8dpo-present(10dpo):increased sex drive
10dpo:cramping brownish spotting to early for period

Took a ept a hour ago not FMU and semi dark line

GOT MY BFP!!!!!!! after seven years by the grace of God I'm super overjoyed pray this little Lamb sticks and I have a healthy pregnancy

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Bfp after 14dpo :) 2 months of diet change

I hope my story can benefit you just like how I benefited from some of the mum to b here :) I'm really thankful to come across this website and learnt many things - kudos to the team

I had always thought conception is a super easy process and I always get my period on time even during stressful periods so I thought it should be no issue. I even started off WITHOUT any positive changes to my diet except some folic acid. However after 4 months which I read was an average conception time for those in early 30s ,I still do not see the results and started to worry and consulted a gynae who found no issue with me and deduce I could probably be showing some mild sign of insulin resistance (which develops into pcos) and advised me to cut down on sugar drastically. If I still do not see results I can consider hsg test to see if my tubes r blocked. Being on the cautious side I started to undergo this strict diet (refer below) for 1 to 2 months and oso cut off cold and icy drinks (tcm guide) and on the month I took my hsg test I got pregnant ( sorry I can't assume this helped but I think it might have cleared something in my tube) :) so all in all it took me 6 months and through this process I started to really detest sweet stuff which I have been researching on and it is really harmful to women's fertility , hormones and youth so all ladies please take note!! Its hard to cut down at first esp for sweet tooth like me but the body does get use to it after a while and I stopped craving for sweet stuff ever since.

The 1 to 2 month diet and supplement:
I increased my massage sessions to help me relax more too

Royal jelly
Evening primrose during ovulation phase and flax oil in luteal phase
Prenatal suppl
Lots of dark fruits filled with antioxident
Healthy nuts like walnuts
Vegetable powder - really hate veg but still try to boil some broccoli at times
Almond milk and no low fat stuff
Stay clear of sugar
Warm feet with socks at night in bed during luteal plase which I heard can keep the womb warm
No cold or ice drinks and just warm drinks


7 dpo No symptoms except occasional twinges at lower abdominal area
8 to 9dpo keeping my mind occupied about other stuff rather than conceiving :) not much symptoms btw
10 dpo Sudden diarrhea. Drank room temperature milk n ate spicy pasta

11dpo July right left center mild twinge.
Flu n feverish

11doo night very light bleeding. On and off twinges. Backache to pelvic ache when waking up . high basal mid day 37.17 continues to bed time. Pelvic ache stopped. Got my first faint positive

14dpo A positive with clear blue digital. :) feel feverish which I guess due to lower immunity

So never give up!! Baby dust and stay healthy ! :)

1st month trying! bfp 9dpo!!

Holy crap! NEVER in a million years would I have thought I would conceive my 1st month actually trying. We have talked about having a baby last month so we pretty much were trying without actually trying. This month we decided we were actually going to try. I got my period July 1st the day before my birthday and ovulated on the 22nd of July. Keep in mind we work at opposite time of the day so we only had time to bd 5 times that month. we did it on the ( 6th, 12th, 16th, 21st, and 22nd) here were my symptoms leading up to the BFP

1dpo: nothing
2dpo: sticky cm
3dpo: very fatigued, heavy cough
4dpo: very fatigued, light acne, light nausea, light upper backache, stuffy nose, heavy cough
5dpo: light nausea, light cramps, heavy cough
6dpo: sharp pain under belly button (implantation??) nausea, heavy cough
7dpo: light sore throat, medium cough, medium upper backache
8dpo: nothing
9dpo: light fatigue, light cramps. (tested ebay cheapie, FAINT LINE)

Today im 12dpo and I used a first response and a VERY DARK BFP!!!

so I have extremely irregular periods I get about 2 a year so for my irregular ladies my advice to you is to NEVER lose hope!! Also PRAY I prayed every night for someone else then I pray for this this to be the month! praying never fails <3

always I was a twin anyone thing its likely I have twins?? just curious?

BFP 10dpo with Preseed!

So today at 10dpo I got my BFP!!! So excited to be having another baby! First time round it took us 10 months to conceive. As soon as I used preseed we fell straight away so this time round I knew I would be using it again. We fell on the first cycle!! Needless to say, in my opinion, preseed works wonders!

I have had more symptoms on other cycles where I hadn't conceived. I thought for sure I was out this month because I was DRY DRY DRY after O and this is quite normal. We BD the day before +opk, day of and two days following. Here is what I recorded:

1dpo: nothing- some lightening pains in breasts.
2dpo: CP high and firm
3dpo: nausea and feeling of being hungover, could be from pizza night before though as rarely have takeout. Cold sore coming on.
4dpo: bubbly gas pains in tummy
5dpo: very emotional and moody. No cramps, no cm, no breast pain. Starving!! Ate like a horse for dinner and full ferning on the Maybe Baby. Weird but have heard this can happen.
6dpo: cp high and soft and feels quite open which is so strange for me..usually hard and closed by now. Backache, congested, +appetite, +sex drive (very unusual for this time of month!). More energy though and not tired at all.
7dpo: bright red spotting (convinced this is implantation) nausea in am, tender breasts, bloating, + appetite, +sex drive, cp still high, very scant amount of creamy cm!
8dpo: low dull backache which goes through to the front, more energy, cervix high and soft, DRY DRY DRY!!
9dpo: cervix high soft open still. No cm. Sure I'm out. Still backaches but cp makes me wonder....
10dpo: slight increase in cm, backaches, pinching cramps, cp high wet soft...decide to test even though had promised myself not to as didn't want disappointment! BFP in the afternoon!!

So elated and happy to share!! Good luck in the TWW and if you haven't already, I highly recommend giving preseed a go!

Symptoms before bfp on 13dpo

Hi there! I'm so excited to share my BFP story and hope it will help some of you in your tww.
I'm 33 yrs old and I got my first ever bfp yesterday at 13 dpo on just our second cycle of ttc.
It hasn't really sunk in yet particularly for my DP as he was willing to ttc thinking it would take a bit longer I think!
For the last few years my once very regular 28 day cycle has been anywhere between 25-33 days.
This month we BD on CD 13, 15 and 17.
I think I O'd on CD 15 based on cycle averages, so my dpo are estimated.

Only real obvious symptom was sore breasts. Normally they get sore anywhere from a week up to a few days before AF but this started earlier and was far more painful. (And for me a lot of bb pain is pretty normal until AF but this was definitely even more so)
Nothing more for the first week, until I had a very vivid dream around 9 dpo.
Also by 9 dpo I realized that my sex drive was elevated to a noticeable degree. This normally happens around O then goes away but this month it stayed that way.
10 dpo tiredness begins, as does a feeling of muscle fatigue.
Legs are muscles feel sore in particular.
11-13 dpo still tired in the afternoons but insomnia in wee hours each night.
12 dpo AF like cramping
13 dpo Instant bfp with fmu, instant bfp with evening diluted urine.

All of my symptoms were mild enough to allow me to think they were pms or in my head until yesterday when obvious nausea kicked in. Glad I knew why! I did notice that my usual PMS acne did not show, but I had no obvious change in cm or sense of smell or anything.

I hope this helps some of you during your tww!