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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

4 days of implantation bleeding, now a BFP

Hey People,

I wanted to share my story because I want people to know that there is hope of a BFP after 3 to 4 days of spotting.
DPO 8: a glob of brown discharge when wiping after my first urine that morning
DPO 9: more spotting each time I wiped throughout the day light pink to red in color
DPO 10: same as day 9, even had some brown/red spotting get on my pantyliner. This made me think it was my period a few days early as it in not spot on each month.
DPO 11: very small amount of light pink discharge when wiping a few times
DPO 12-13: No more spotting
DPO 14: every now and then I had tingling nipples. They were not darker in color and my boobs don't hurt.
DPO 15: missed period, no spotting. cramping like it's coming though. more tingling nipples. Emotional. very thirsty. nauseated. uh-oh.... i should know the drill by now but honestly a 5th kid is making me think I have to be imagining this stuff!
DPO 16: Very thirsty. Sore nipples. Can't concentrate on anything. I know it even before I test. BFP! I already have my hands full with a 8,6,4,and 18 month old....but I am so in love already. Now to tell the husband... LOL Happy Thanksgiving

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BFP 21 dpo after 3 years ttc with PCOS & low motility. 1 cycle of clomid.


I have been stalking for about two years now and I never thought I would be sitting here and actually sharing my story. This might be a bit long for some but I hope this can help someone.

Hubby and I are in our middle 20's, how could we possibly tell our friends and family we suffer from infertility? That's not something you can tell everyone even though it would help to have more support. I quit smoking, and by the 2 year mark of ttc I was really sucked into a void of anger, sadness, despair and the feeling of utter uselessness. Booked an appointment with my gynie in September of 2014 for December of 2014. And she started me on Metformin and Pregnitude I'd take 500mg of Metformin in the morning and 1 sachet of Pregnitude in the late afternoon, and this helped tremendously with my symptoms and helped to regulate my cycle, I felt great! But still did not get pregnant after 6 months of being on it, but at least I had a pretty regular cycle.

So I went back to my gynie June of 2015 after a stressful work trip on the opposite side of the country where I hardly had sleep, got the flu twice in a period of 5 weeks! Had an ultrasound done and at least my ovaries were looking a lot better since December 2014. She asked if I'd be willing to try Clomid next, and at this point it was definitely a yes. Carried on with Metformin and Pregnitude as per normal, and lo behold I couldn't use the Clomid yet because my period decided to go haywire after that trip, So AF disappeared from end May to early October! October was another few weeks work trip but thankfully not a stressful one hubby and I went together this time. It was pretty much like a holiday, we got to go to the beach in our free time and were surrounded by the most wonderful people. My cycle came 3 days after arriving, thankfully I packed my Clomid in and I thought to myself it's now or never. Took it everyday at 11 am from CD 5-9 unsupervised (haha), had some side effects though such as lower abdominal cramping, mood swings and headaches. Dtd not digitally monitoring, wasn't completely focusing on ttc much but still keeping an eye out instead of obsessing as I'd always do and rather enjoying ourselves away from the city.

I remember getting a sharp pain in my right ovary on cd 12, for about 2 minutes. I knew this had to have been ovulation cramps! And pretty early might I add, I also noticed a lot of ewcm. The cramps never returned after that night. I started tracking from there.

1- 10 dpo: Felt nothing but a minor side effect still from the Clomid which was mood swings, other than that just my normal self.

11 dpo: Lower abdominal cramps, (felt kind of like period cramps).

12 dpo: Shooting pains pulsating up in the morning, and this very odd tickling sensation below my navel in the evening, felt like someone was stroking a feather inside my uterus.

13 dpo: Had a very intense dream this evening, lower abdominal cramps. Started shivering with goosebumps at night even though it's very hot.

14 dpo: Another intense crazy dream, lower abdominal cramps, and shivers with goosebumps at night.

15 dpo: Another totally messed up dream, lower abdominal cramps and shivers with goosebumps at night.

16dpo: Lower abdominal cramps uuugh, shivers with goosebumps ended.

17 dpo: Period like cramps, highly irritable.

18 dpo: Had a dream of pregnancy, and a baby. Period like cramps.

19 dpo: Period like cramps, irritable to no end.

20 dpo: Still cramping, very annoying, feeling hungry.

21 dpo: Lower abdominal cramps, boobs starting to hurt and BFP in under 10 seconds!

It took me 3 days to finally come post because I just couldn't believe it! I'm still struggling to believe it happened to me. Thank you for reading my story, and wishing all you ttc'ers good luck and baby dust to you all, don't give up yet. I was going to ttc till December and look into other options because I couldn't handle it anymore. And I got lucky, I just wish I could give you all a big box filled with hope, hugs and compassion. I needed a lot of that with our journey. I also switched to a better multivitamin (Viridian) 2 months ago, and have also been taking an extra high 5 B-Complex with Magnesium Ascorbate (Viridian) for 2 months where as I used to only take a regular B-Complex, I don't know if that helped, but felt worth mentioning.

BFP @ 19dpo

I finally got my BFP at 19dpo!!!! I had a miscarriage last May, we have been tcc since July. My cycles are super long usually 35-40 days. I took Clomid this cycle so that I could better track my ovulation. I took it on cycle days 5-9 and I ovulated on or around October 25th. I felt symptoms early but the symptoms seems to disappear after 10dpo. I tested everyday starting at 8dpo. After getting BFN at 15dpo, I started to believe that I was out for this month. Never give up ladies!!!

DPO 1-3 nothing
DPO 4-8 tingling nipples, stuffy nose, vivid dreams, waking up very early in the morning
DPO 9-15 stuffy nose
DPO 16-19 stuffy nose, gassy BFP!!! I'm cautiously excited about our rainbow bean!!!

baby dust to you all!!!

Thought it was an EVAP turned out to be a BFP

I had a natural MC on 8/6/15. Doc said to wait 3 cycles until we could try again.

We didnt plan the 2nd month but I was in the TWW..turned out BFN

This was my 3rd cycle and I was so worried since I ovulated on CD9!! Last month I ovulated on CD11..prior to that it was CD13. So I felt my MC caused me to O early. After doing reading I felt that I was doomed with a poor quality egg and that my eggs were depleting! But after comparing charts from FF I found several women got pregnant ovulating on CD 9.

Here were my sypmtoms: (didnt have none really)

1dpo: O like pain very mild
2dpo: very little sticky cm, soft stools, very mild O pain
3dpo: felt pressure and mild O pain again. Very sleepy but I had worked 7days that week so chucked it to that
4dpo: Creamy CM, twinges, gassy, tired, then clear stretchy cm but could have been semen from the night before, mild o pain
5dpo: lots of creamy cm, tired, gassy
6pdo: tired,gassy, sharp pains during sex...felt totally out this cycle
7dpo: waves of pain on right side, cried, gassy, frequent urination, skin breakout could have been creamy cm but could have been from sex the night before (TEMP SPIKE, 98.23 TO 98.67)
8dpo: creamy cm (insert finger)
9dpo: feels like AF is on her way (TEMP DROP TO 98.05) didnt have any hopes I was pregnant
10pdo: sticky cm but could have been from sex the night before, tender boobs randomly
11dpo: felt wet/creamy cm, nausea, tender boobs randomly
12dpo: tender boobs, DRY DRY DRY NO CM stomach hurt really bad in the am..had soft stools...decided to test and I put in back under the sink since I keep all my tests. That night around 11hours after I took the test, I saw the fainest of the faintest pink lines.. I considered it to be an EVAP but it was pink so I had hope. Went to sleep and dreamed all bout taking multiple tests and they were all BFPs!!!
13dpo: tender boobs, DRY DRY DRYM NO CM took a cheap blue dye test from Family Dollar (2nd morning urine) and saw a 2nd line. Thought it was bad dye so i took the 2nd test and put water on it and there was no 2nd blue line like i the one I peed on! It was so hard to capture on my phone. So around 2:30pm I went and found First Response Rapid Response flat test. The curve tip is the one with the "evap" so I was glad to find the original First Responses. The immediately had 2 pink lines!!!

97 days later and 3 cylces later I am pregnant again! I feel like this cant be real because I dont feel anything like I did with my MC cycle.

All the symptoms I describe were super mild and very similar to when AF arrives. I would say other than being tired this entire time and having random sore boobs pop up so late in my dpos I never once suspected I was pregnant. I only took a test because my temps were still high on FF

Positive after having twins via IVF

My twin daughters are 2 years old, we have not been on BC since and finally got a positive. We weren't tryinv until the girls were one so it took us over a year. Some months we missed our window and some months we really tried hard. I was starting to think we were not going to conceive again and that I still had infertility. So happy we are going to have baby number three!! I tracked my symptoms just incase I wasn't pregnant so I could compare next month and avoid getting my hopes up.

I am also a regular spotter before my period and I still spotted this month.

CD 7 bedded
CD 10 bedded
CD 13 bedded, i was extremely nauseous during this ovulation, like never before. So strange, maybe I was dropping a big ole egg. Headaches, bloated, just had a carsick feeling.
CD14 post OPK still nauseous didn't want to have sex that night.
cD15 bedded that morning to hit the window for sure.
5dPO start feeling pms bloating, headaches, acne, boobs sore
6dPO irritable, headaches

7DPO started spotting I felt like I was maybe out, but I had read on herethat some people spot and are still
pregnant. Left ovary pain, moody, irritable( typical)
8DPO-10PO sore boobs and spotting. Neg test, irritable, depressed.
11dPO no more spotting neg test. Here is where things changed up on me. I was seriously fatigued this day, and emotional. I'm a bitch and cranky during pms but I dont get weapy. I got emotional from a picture. I also temeber thinking omg this pms is so bad, let it end already!!!!
12DPO boobs feel very swollen no spotting, odd so I tested and got a line! So happy!! Also my mother died suddenly in May, I prayed so hard to her and God this month, I wanted to create life after death.

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Unexpected BFP After Period?

Hey all, DH and I have been TTC since June of this year. This cycle we BD'd every other day starting the day after my period ended, and used pressed and I drank raspberry leaf tea every night. I was sure we got it right this cycle, but got my period about 5 days earlier than normal. Yesterday, I thought I was CD 11 expecting to Ovulate CD 13, but I had some spotting the last couple days so I tested and I got a BFP! Here is the break down:

DPO 1-5: No Symptoms
DPO 5 Onwards: Very sore boobs (common for me after O)
DPO 9-14: pulling and cramping in pelvis, hips feeling heavy.
DPO 13-14: Super nauseous, pounding headache for 48 hours, starving, thought I had the flu. Tested and BFN
DPO 15: Period, sore boob pain vanished. I stopped paying attention to symptoms after I got my period.

There is no way we could have gotten pregnant any other time, because I haven't ovulated yet since last month. I don't understand the period unless it was (heavy?) spotting, but it seems unusual. In addition, last month I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and was put on a dose of synthroid, which I originally thought caused my early period, and the subsequent spotting the last few days. Does anyone else have a weird experience like this? Of course, we will be making a doctors appointment to see!

It goes without saying we are feeling so blessed and giving thanks to God for everything.

BFP 10DPO Happy Surprise

Firstly thanks ladies for posting all your symptoms and stories which i loved reading xx

We were not trying to conceive however I did track my symptoms due to undiagnosed period issues I had earlier this year. However I am so excited, blessed and grateful even though it is early days!

I am 37 my DH is 25 and we have a 3.5 year old daughter together. We dtd only twice, CD 10 and 16 according to my application cd 16 was ovulation day but cramping said otherwise (was not temping etc). So to help you ladies out by dop....

CD 14-15 cramping left side what I believe ovulation cramp, did dtd cd 10 do it?
Dpo 1 dtd, very creamy white cm
Dpo2 sore BB and nipples
dpo 3 to 5 nothing really, googled no symptoms bit still bfp lol. NO SORE BB
Dpo 6 slight cramping and heavy uterus feeling
Dpo 7 still heavy uterus feeling and stitch for 15 minutes left side.
Dpo 8 creamy yellow cm. Started googling yellow cm pregnancy! I believe this is really a good sign! Plus i got sore thoat (like i did with DD)
Dpo 9 this is where i got light headed feeling (googled that too), tired, light cramping and bb stared to feel ever so slightly sensitive (now thinking something is up, I dont usually get sore bbs around this time.
Dpo10 just feeling different, decided to get test for fum and randomly chose clear blue, went and tested between classes around midday and bam! 1-2 weeks pregnant!
dpo11 very slight bb, MASSIVE headache, creamy CM (since ovulation).

With my DD i had massive implantation cramps for a few hours and a pindrop of IB. sore throat, more tingling BB.

I genrally feel more normal then my weird periods whete i thought i could be pregnant. Everyone is different bit for me heavy feeling, yellowish CM and feeling light headed were big signs. Again still early days but good luck lovelies.

Dpo 9

BFP 12dpo ttc baby 1 for 2months

Very excited to get definate clear positives on 13dpo on a poundshop test and a clear blue. Here was my symptoms:
1-3dpo: no symptoms
4, 5,6,7 dpo: white cm, sore boobs, mild tolerable cramps
9dpo: weird stabbing pain, tired, snappy and irritable (typical pms feeling)
10dpo: bfn on clearblue
11dpo: sorer boobs, white cm- mild cramping
12dpo: faint bfp on first vue poundshop cheapy- got a bit excited- mild cramping all day
13dpo: BFP on cheapy and on a clearblue
:) wooohooo

wishing you all the best of luck and babydust galore to those who need it, dont give up hope.

Crazy 24 hours! Don't Count Yourself Out 'Til You're Out!

Hi! My husband and I are 28, and we decided March 2015 that we'd like to give TTC a shot! I had my non-hormonal IUD removed in April, and we were off to the races! I didn't use ovulation test or take my temperature for the first several months because I hoped to get pregnant pretty quickly. In August, I began using the 50 pack of Wondfo ovulation tests, and I blew through all of them by early October with only ONE positive during that time. My cycles were long, and I wasn't getting pregnant. My average cycle length was 43 days!

I had a normal period beginning on September 15th. I tried wishful thinking for the month--I kept telling myself I would have a normal 28-day cycle (I've been tracking my periods for years, and I usually have one or two 28-day cycles a year. The rest range from 35-50 days). I even got a nearly positive ovulation test on October 6th (CD21), and my husband and I BD'd every day for 5 days straight. After that, we went back to our every other day schedule. THUS, my two week wait was more like FIVE weeks.

We waited until CD37 to take a pregnancy test. Negative. I had noticed some EWCM around CD29, so I held onto hope that maybe I hadn't ovulated on CD21, and I might still be pregnant. I took another pregnancy test on CD46 and CD48. Negatives. I thought that I must not have ovulated.

I'd had enough, so I made an appointment with my OB/GYN to see if I could get something to make me ovulate in the future. I was on CD51 yesterday when I went in for my appointment. The doctor was very reassuring and told me that these sort of issues are common, and that he was glad I'd come in to see him, even though it hadn't been a year of trying yet. He ordered some blood tests for the typical things: LH, FSH, thyroid, Prolactin, DHEA, Estadiol... He also prescribed Provera (a progesterone tablet) to make me start my period. As I checked out at the front, I asked the lady about the urine sample I had given and she confirmed that the pregnancy test was negative.

Right as I got home, the doctor called me! "Your pregnancy test was negative but I thought it looked like there may be an evap line so I had the tech do a second pregnancy test from your sample. The results just came back and there may be a faint line. We're going to do a blood test from your blood sample to rule out pregnancy. I'll call you with the results tonight or tomorrow morning." I had just picked up the Provera prescription, but thankfully hadn't taken any! My husband was in an interview for a fellowship, so I couldn't call him. I had to wait until he was back home and was done talking about his interview day to share my news! I will never forget the look on his face! We took a couple of Wondfo pregnancy tests that afternoon, and sure enough, we had a couple of squinters!!

The doctor called me this morning to tell me congratulations! My HCG is only 36 so he thinks I am super early! I'm going back in on Monday to confirm that my HCG is rising. Based on the HCG and other details, we think I ovulated on CD39. I'll use that date for purposes of the symptoms I list below:

CD1-35: Not much CM
CD36-38: CM ranging from EWCM to watery. I thought this was post-conception CM!
CD39/O Day: Watery CM
DPO2: Noticed soreness in nipples and my teeth hurt (like when you have a headache), tired
DPO4: Tiny bit of breast sensitivity (probably from aggressively poking myself to see if they were sensitive!)
DPO9: BFN and made appointment for doctor
DPO11: Yellow sticky CM
DPO12: Yellow stretchy CM; a little breast sensitivity; maybe heightened sense of smell; Potentially positive tests from the doctor's
DPO13: Phone call confirmation of positive blood pregnancy test!

As you can see, I didn't have a lot of symptoms. I'm still in shock!

Finally, I have a question (I know this has been a long post), but does that timeline sound right to you for getting faint positives on Wondfo pregnancy tests? After CD39, we didn't BD again until CD43. Assuming I'd ovulated on CD42, that would mean my faint positives at the doctor's office were on DPO9, instead of DPO12. Which sounds more likely to result in super faint lines and low HCG?

Bfp at 3 weeks 3 days

I took a break from clomid.. .didn't expect much this cycle but heyyyy. Evening Primrose Oil and guaifenesin did the trick
1dpo to 7 dpo-nothing
7dpo-cramping and dizziness
8dpo-cramping and nausea
9dpo-cramping more intense...nausea.very faint bfp. Hubby can't see it
10dpo-another faint bfp Dh can see it now
11 dpo-line now darker !!!!
I O'd really early ths cycle EPO effect maybe.hope its a sticky bean.