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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP at 11dpo!!!!

After our wedding in March 2014 I came off the contraceptive pill but it was a long time before my period returned and when it did it was very irregular ( i had been on pill since i was very young and can not remember what my cycle was like before hand) This was very frustrating. Some months it would be 45ish days between periods. After purchasing opk and doing a lot of research I recognised that my luteal phase was 11 days. I felt better after recieving +opk (I have always had a lurking feeling that conceiving would be difficult for me) however we still had no luck with cycle 2 or 3 ( after beginning opk's, cycle 9 all together). I visited my doctor for advice and she advised me to get blood tests to see if I was ovulating due to my long cycles. I was due to have this test on the 3rd day of my next period. However, this wont be neccessary as I just got my BFP tonight on cycle day 11. I cannot contain my excitement or how thankful I am. I thank the Lord for giving me what I have always dreamed off. Know to think of an awesome way to tell hubby after he gets home!

This cycle there were a few different things, I felt much more relaxed and did not count the DPO until late. I have drunk raspberry leaf tea most nights and we BD night before +opk (pure luck), night of and then 2 nights later.

In previous cycles I have been positive I was having symptoms that came to nothing so I put these at the back of my mind this month so not to get my hopes up.
My only symptoms are: Acid reflux (more in my throat) for the last week. I have never experienced this ever before.
Harder nipples in the morning and night (notice this in the shower and put it down to the temp change of getting in the shower)
Woke up on DPO 9 and felt slighly nauseous.
Feeling tired in my legs for the last 3 or so days but I am not more tired than usual.
Very vivid dreams two nights in a row (only recognised this as a symptom after reading other BFP stories)
Lots of random sneezing
A few flutters in my tummy DPO9

Praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby at the end of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

BFP on approx DPO11!

For the last 2 weeks I have been convinced that I was pregnant. We were not ttc actively, but had plans to start in the New Year. I had come off my birth control pill only 1 full cycle before this one. I knew approx. when I O'ed because of cramps on the right side (have been on the pill a while, 5 years, but before this used to run like clockwork, 28 days). So after the act (which again, not planned but spur of the moment), I considered the possibility and found myself hoping that I'd get pregnant. Then decided to sit tight and pay close attention to my body - no temps though.

3dpo - I started feeling pretty strong cramps at first all over the lower abdomen and then on the right. I thought - I never get cramps this early. maybe a sign? maybe O was later than I thought? but no, these cramps were in a different place than the usual O cramps.
4dpo - more cramps lasting all day! no sore boobs. Started reading about implantation and thought... this could be it! But weirdly early? Started thinking I might just be reading into my "off the pill symptoms" too much.
5dpo - lots of creamy CM (this continued everyday), cramps on and off. Went to see a Christmas production at a church and cried, had a distinct sensation of peace and happiness - not exactly normal for me, but hey, its the time of year.
6pdo - told DH my suspicion, he was happy but very cautious "let's wait and see." He said I had been acting weird but assumed I was just stressed with work.
7-8dpo - cramps, very tired going up the stairs, very tired in general, very vivid dreams. avoided the gym even though i love the exercise.
9dpo - Started to feel nauseous at work, but didn't throw up. cramps. Tested right after work - BFN ... thought okay it's still too early, must wait for AF.
10dpo - I think my nipples are a little darker? They're definitely a bit sensitive, but then I am getting close to AF. Cramps, extremely motion sick in the car to the airport (was flying home to Canada for Christmas!). Had all sorts of guilty thoughts about potential danger of flying... slept on the plane with extremely vivid weird dreams. Took a sip of wine and thought, yuck! Also started getting a tingle like a cold-sore on my middle lower lip from the dryness of the flight - definite sign of lowered immune system for me. It's still there but not really visible/no vesicles thank goodness.
11 dpo - Woke up early at my mom's house, and thought okay I'll test one more time, I can't help myself! I have had perpetual cramps for the last few days. It feels very much like constant aching AF cramps - but my AF cramps usually come in waves. My boobs are def a bit sore now, but not as sore as they sometimes are before AF! Took the test and bam, a faint but definitely there BFP.
I am the only one awake and beaming over this! Not sure what to do with myself now. Can't wait for DH to wake up so I can tell him!!!!!

Probably nothing that stands out too much in all of that. The one thing that stood out for me was the constant cramping. I'm always tired, I always get heart burn, I have vivid dreams at what I suspect is this time in my cycle anyway.... I get emotional sometimes, although okay that one was a bit strange... I've been on the pill for so long with no AF that all of this could easily have been my body working itself out into a regular routine again. There was also no spotting at all. So nothing apart from the cramping was out of the ordinary or easily explicable. I will test again in two days to see if I get a stronger positive, and go see the doc! For now I am relieved that I wasn't going nuts these last two weeks, and just THRILLED!!

Good luck to everyone trying! :) :) :)

BFP cycle #2

I promised myself I would share my story to help comfort others if God blessed us with this miraculous gift! DH and I have been "not preventing" for about 6 months but only actively trying for 2 months! I took FertilAid for 2 months. This month we added preseed (4g internally) and I took 100mg of B6 daily to lengthen luteal phase. I also read that woman with higher levels of b6 conceive more and easier than women with low b6. I used CB OPK. We BD 5 days in a row.... O day and the 4 days prior. Used preseed the last 4 of 5 BD days. And finally... I tried not to stress this month! Ok here's the good stuff...

1 dpo nothing much... bit tired, constipated
2-5 dpo mild cramps/twinges, lower back ache, sore bbs
6 dpo few tiny bouts of nausea, headache, dull cramps here and there, major mood swings, lower back ache
7 dpo constipated, moody, mild cramping and a tiny drop/streak of blood mixed in EWCM after orgasm, lower back ache, vivid dreams, suddenly my fav bbq chips taste bland, tender bbs
8 dpo clear watery CM with pieces of rubbery white CM mixed in, gassy, slight headaches, lower back pain
9 dpo gassy, lower back pain, mild cramping, slight pulling pain behind belly button while driving
10 dpo constipated, gassy, vivid dreams, lower back pain is really bad
11-15 dpo awful chronic back pain, mild cramping that only lasted about 10 or 15 min, gassy, constipated, vivid dreams, extremely irritable, very bloated, a few irregular heartbeats
16 dpo that morning had a dream that I POAS and 2 lines appeared... So as soon as I woke up realizing that AF still hasn't arrived, I took an internet cheapie and the 2nd line appeared right away!!! Then still convinced that I was hallucinating this BFP... I took a CB digital and confirmed BFP!!!!!!
Today I'm 17 dpo and still have mild cramping on and off. Also, I had tender bb's and nipples off and on for the entire TTW.
Omg!!! I'm still in shock!!!! Told DH last night! I've never seen him smile so much with so much joy in his eyes!!! We are thrilled!!! Praying for a healthy 9 months!!! Sending all you ladies my prayers, best wishes and lots of baby dust!!!!

Christmas came early this year

Let me just start by saying my husband and I got off the pill in August this year we have been trying since then. I have been paying attention to my cycles and when im ovulating. This month (per my calender) I ovulated on 12/6 we DTD the 1st - 2nd - 4th - 5th - and 7th. Every month before AF I usually always get very tender breasts starting about 9DPO. This month the DAY after ovulation my nipples got tender and the day after that my breasts hurt SO BAD. This is very out of the normal for me and I knew in my heart from that day I was pregnant. Here are my symptoms by DPO-

1DPO - sensitive nipples

2DPO - Woke up with very tender breasts mostly on the side, a mild headache, and very minor cramps.

3 DPO - Tender breasts, mild headache, minor cramps, little nauseous at night, and funny taste in my mouth, and urinating more than usual.

4DPO - Woke up my breasts arent as tender but I feel like I have pretty bad cramps (feels like im going to start my period any time and its hard to suck my tummy in) Watery metallic taste periodically throughout the day

5DPO - Tender Breasts on the side mostly, urinating much more than usual, Watery metallic taste periodically throughout the day, pressure/period like cramps in lower tummy, left armpit was sore putting deodorant on this morning (have any of you ever experienced this?) , and just a tiny bit of heartburn. SO THIRSTY! Im usally not a huge water drinker but im craving it.

6DPO - Tender Breasts on the side mostly, urinating much more than usual, Watery metallic taste periodically throughout the day, pressure/period like cramps in lower tummy, left armpit was still sore putting deodorant on this morning, also noticed CM is just a little yellow? (only when put on toliet paper) Hunger pains worse that usual this morning - im usually not a breakfast person but my tummy was screaming for food this morning. Nausea is kicking in - not enough to throw up by mostly in the evening. SO THIRSTY! Im usally not a huge water drinker but im craving it.

7DPO - got way too impatient tested and got BFN (I know way too early but I was convinced) Tender Breasts on the side mostly, urinating much more than usual, Watery metallic taste periodically throughout the day, pressure/period like cramps in lower tummy, left armpit was still sore putting deodorant on this morning, also noticed CM is just a little yellow? (only when put on toliet paper) Hunger pains worse that usual this morning - im usually not a breakfast person but my tummy was screaming for food this morning. Nausea is kicking in - not enough to throw up by mostly in the evening. - SO THIRSTY! Im usally not a huge water drinker but im craving it.

8DPO - Tender Breasts on the side mostly, urinating much more than usual, Watery metallic taste periodically throughout the day, pressure/period like cramps in lower tummy, left armpit is still sore and a little vein is sticking out now? CM is just a little creamy borderline dry. Nausea in the evening not enough to make me throw up just uncomfortable. SO THIRSTY! Im usally not a huge water drinker but im craving it.

9DPO - Tested again BFN again way too early but all this was so out of the norm for me. Tender Breasts on the side mostly, urinating much more than usual, Watery metallic taste periodically throughout the day, pressure/period like cramps in lower tummy, left armpit is still sore and a little vein is sticking out now? CM is just a little creamy borderline dry. SO THIRSTY! Im usally not a huge water drinker but im craving it.

10DPO - Tested AGAIN this morning BFN - starting to feel crazy but I know in my heart again this is our month! Tender Breasts on the sides mostly, urinating much more than usual, Watery metallic taste periodically throughout the day, pressure/period like cramps in lower tummy, left armpit is still sore and a little vein is sticking out now? CM is just a little creamy borderline dry. SO THIRSTY! Im usally not a huge water drinker but im craving it.

11DPO - Woke up again had one last test and got a BFP!!! Clear as day digital that read "pregant!" I cried of course because im SO thrilled and I dont feel crazy anymore! hahaha so far this morning cramping minor like AF is coming anytime now, breast tender on the sides, a minor headache, and of course THIRSTY!

I was stalking every single website and thread I could find with symptoms by DPO. I was getting bummed out when I would read that there is no way you can feel symptoms like this that early and be pregant - well let me tell you ladies it IS! You know your bodies and what is different. I KNEW from basically the moment it happened something was different!

All of you will have your time too! Baby dust to all!! All your posts kept me postive and my hopes up so thank you for making this TTW a little easier!

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9dpo bfp!!!

I gave birth 6 months ago and my periods were very regular, 27/28 days, I ovulate on day 16 and I know I'm ovulating due to ovary pain, here's my dpo story....this is the first time I have kept track

Cd16 8/12/14 ovulated and intercourse

1dpo twinges and cramps, dizzy spinning sensation @ night, restless legs @ night, bed early very sleepy

2dpo woke up with the worst cold, which I had after conceiving my first...stuffy runny nose, headache and tired, not hungry, lots of pooping, sore throat at night

3dpo woke up sore throat gone, stuffy runny nose, woozy head, lightheaded, frequent urination, gas, no appetite but hungry, tired, want mints, burping like crazy...a real burp and I can never do real burps, metallic taste, heartburn, slight sharp pain over pubic bone mid lower abdomen, period like cramps in the evening in top of legs as well like first day of period...makes me feel like I need to sit on the loo, sneeze peeing (lol....when a bit of pee comes out when u sneeze tmi) which I haven't done since I was pregnant

4dpo 36.2--my temp in Celsius, baseline and usual temp 35.7....nausea, tired no energy, stuffy and runny irritated nose, food aversions, general unwell feeling, moody, heartburn, sneeze peeing, very emotional, cried when electric meter ran out, dizzy, lightheaded, just realised my CM has dried up and if any a white cream stain in knickers, usually im always moist the whole way through my cycle that I have to wear a panty liner, headache, shakes and shivers, excessive thirst, 4 glasses of water in 3 hours not like me

5dpo 36.4 headache stuffy runny nose still, bad heartburn like when I was preg with first, cold disappeared afternoon all of a sudden! Constipation!

6dpo 35.1 feel normal today (implantation?) cramps, (from breast feeding I noticed this) let down feel in boobs, fullness in uterus and the odd pulling pressure sensation in ovaries, increased appetite, gas, constipation, sore throat, negative 6pm negative 12am....slept from 8:30 to 7am with midnight wakening with baby and toilet

7dpo 36.4 woke @ midnight nauseous took a test, sore throat gone am, negative fmu test, headache, lower backache, odd belly button pain (which I had with my first) mid pubic bone pain, nipple twinges, let down pain, producing colostrum..stopped breast feeding after 2weeks due to mastitus so I knew something was wrong when my milk came back after 6 months, bloated...look preg, slight dizziness, boobs feel tender pm, didn't enjoy my dinner, gas started evening, cramps

8dpo 36.4 woke with sore throat, still congested but not as bad, boobs seem fuller today, tired, ovary pain, nipple and boob pains, negative test, gas in evening again, frequent urination, metallic taste

9dpo thought I was completely out so gave up and did my last test it was positive!

Have tried for a baby on the evening of my ovulation days both times and got pregnant both times...first time, blessed! Good luck to all x

Unexpected BFP at 15DPO

Sooo... around this time last month, DH and I agreed that we both wanted to wait indefinitely to TTC but I kept temping.
We both had birthdays in the last two weeks, I'm 31 and he is now 32 as of today. We tried actively to conceive for five months and put it on hold because it was causing me to go crazy and we are broke. We wanted more time to get our affairs in order.

I stopped thinking about TTC. I drank alcohol whenever, started having Starbucks randomly, I trained for a 10K and ran it on Thanksgiving; also I turned 31 on 2DPO and ate a ton of sushi. I also started taking Vitex this month, I bought it last month before we stopped TTC and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try and even out my cycles.

The day after Thanksgiving, we had friends over and uncharacteristically got drunk. That night, we had very drunken, unprotected sex and I passed out afterwards. *Romantic, right?

According to my chart, I ovulated three whole days later which made me think we were out of the fertility zone. FF said our chances were low. Immediately after Thanksgiving I came down with a medium-level cold. I took a lot of mucinex, snorted a lot of nasinex, took Zinc and a LOT of vitamin C.

Signs that something was up:

10DPO- after getting, out of the shower I noticed I had blood on my hands and was experiencing a bloody nose for the first time ever. I chalked it up to cold, dry air in the house (our humidifier is broken) and being sick.

13DPO- I experienced a temp rise, freaked out a little bit and took a test: BFN

14DPO- I felt like I do the day before or of my period. I was irritable, and kind of depressed feeling. Also, had significant cravings for red meat, I looked at pictures of r/eatsandwiches and discussed the art of food with DH. But the real kicker that made me realize in the back of my head that I was knocked up was around evening time, my bra was uncomfortable so I took it off while cooking in the kitchen. I have 34B, this never ever happens. Later that evening, my boobs were sore, I NEVER have ever had sore boobs. When I was TTC for five months, I prayed and hoped for sore boobs to be a sign and NEVER got them. Last night, my wish came true.

15DPO- today: I woke up and had a .4 degree temp drop and since I had lower back pain last night and felt a little crampy I was sure AF would be here today or tomorrow. It’s my DH’s birthday so I was up at 4:45a cooking him pancakes. While I waited for him, I decided to take the last digital test I had so we could see a negative and both move on with our day. I was absolutely shocked while I stood there counting down the time and it popped up “Pregnant”.

I said, “Oh, sh*t. Oh, sh*t… holy sh*t.” He goes, “What?” He came into the bathroom. I said, “I wanted to take this for you so you could see a negative before you went to work but…happy birthday?”

Yea we’re shocked and nervous because I don’t have a job, we want to start a business and two months ago we relocated to Michigan from Washington State.

It ‘s cliché but it couldn’t be more true: you get knocked up when you STOP thinking about it! Wish us luck and baby vibes to all who are legit still TTC!

bfp 11 dpo!

We're on month 4 of TTC, and reading everyone's stories has definitely got me through so I wanted to share mine!!

I had tonnsss of ewcm this month so I was hopeful that this would be it! We bd'd 11/30, 12/2, 12/3, and 12/4 with O either on the 4th or 5th via clear blue advanced fertility monitor.

1dpo-5dpo nothing weird!
6dpo- couple sharp pains in the evening. Normal amount of wet cm
7dpo - couple sharp pains in left bb.
8dpo - bbs starting to get a bit sore,
9dpo - dull cramps started which is weird BC I normally don't get them till the first day of AF. BFN on frer.
10 dpo- BBS sore, more dull cramps, and kinda nauseous in the morning. Thought it was BC I took my prenatal in the morning vs. Evening, HUnGRY! Cm mostly dried up
11 dpo- cramps, feels like AF is gonna start, super hungry, nauseous this morning, and super irritable, BFP on FRER!!

This month I took a baby asprin from O to 6 dpo to assist with implantation, drank cranberry juice every night during the same time period. :)

I'm still kinda nervous that its so light. :( what do you girls think?

Eeeeeeek!! BFP @ 12dpo!!!

I am over the moon right now because I just found out I am expecting my second child!!! What a fantastic Christmas present!! My husband and I have been not trying, not preventing for 3 months, which is odd because that is how long it took us to get pregnant with DD (3rd times a charm!)! The first two months, I charted temps LIKE CRAZY - seriously, I became OCD about it! My husband didn't like that it was causing me to obsess, cause one period to be late, which got my hopes up only to crash down when AF arrived. He asked me for one month, to stop charting and symptoms spotting and just let it happen - and HAPPEN IT DID! Praise God!

As I said, I wasn't REALLY symptom spotting, but a few things were noticed. Here are the details :)

1-8dpo: Nothing to report
9dpo: Implantation Day, I believe. I had very sharp pinches in one localized spot in my uterus. Almost like O Pains, but down low - almost to my hair line! (tmi) They lasted for approximately 12-16 hours. Other than that though, nothing to report.
10dpo: I graduated with my Master's degree! (YIPPEE!!!!) I was very busy that day so didn't think much of symptoms, but did notice a few heart flutters (Got those with DD) and got VERY dizzy sitting during the ceremony. Thought maybe I was just a little warm.
11dpo: Craziness begins ... before today I didn't really think I was pregnant at all! I was actually pretty sure we missed BDing on O so I was just waiting to start charting next cycle! The day was fine. I was a little tired but the past week has been very busy so didn't think much of it. Went to a Christmas dinner with DH in the evening and ate a few appetizers and ordered my food. As I was waiting on my food, I started feeling a little sick to my stomach, but that is somewhat normal for me before AF. I excused myself, used the restroom and returned. About five minutes later, the food arrived (in mass quantities) and I HAD TO GET OUT OF THERE! I looked at DH and said I've GOT TO GO. I ended up sitting in the car, not touching my food while DH quickly ate his. I never ended up throwing up, just absolutely felt like I would any second for about 45 minutes. Got home and was completely fine! Weird .....
12dpo (TODAY!): Ended up staying home from work with DD due to an ear infection. Had to take her to the doctor after a VERY long sleepless night for us both. On the way home, stopped at the Dollar Tree for a few tests, just in case ya know! Got home after holding urine for about 2 hours, tested on Dollar Tree New Choice Test and within 30 seconds a huge DARK DARK DARK line popped right up! No squinters here! O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby #2 due August 27, 2015 :) And then there were 4 . . .

Thanking God for His many blessings and praying for everyone reading that God grants them their BFP as soon as possible! It's so hard to be patient, but trust in Him and all things will work out. Praying for a sticky little guy or gal!

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BFP first month in.

Our daughter is 13 m and we decided to "give it a try" this month as we weren't sure how long it would take.
Back ground: 1 mc 07NOV12 after 3 months of trying. Got pregnant again 13FEB13, our daughter was born 28OCT13.

I had bought FRER Ovulation Kit. Never once got a + test. Based O and pending O entirely on CM.

Symptoms I felt as early as 1 DPO - 14 DPO:
cramping since O
veiny chest and boobs
boob aches/feeling of let down on and off/ almost tingly
THICK cm 1 dpo
stuffy nose since 2DPO
lots of extra bowl movements
vivid dreams
sore throat, plugged chest
fuzzy / dizzy head
over all BLAH feeling
pulling, throbbing, cramping in right ovary area
10DPO, faint + (Clear Blue and FRER)
11 DPO, darker but still relatively light + (Clear Blue)
12 DPO, darker + (FRER and a light + on a Life Brand)
13 DPO, darker + (FRER)
14 DPO - no period, and a giant YES + on a FRER Digi.

Hoping this little bean decides to stick around.

Goodluck everyone! xo

BFP at 11 dpo

Hi everyone! This site has been so helpful while TTC so I wanted to make sure to come back to post my symptoms (or lack thereof). I didn't keep track of my symptoms/temperature as closely as I had in the past couple months because I was trying to relax a little bit about it. I didn't have any symptoms until 5dpo when I had some diarrhea, which I thought was unusual at the time because I hadn't eaten anything strange. But I didn't really think anything of it. From cycle day 5 to cycle day 10 I sort of went back and forth between having loose stools and being constipated (sorry that's gross). DPO 3-5 and DPO 6-7 I also had lotiony cm. I took a Wandfo test at 10dpo and it had the faintest line, but I convinced myself that it was an evap line because it took awhile to show out (outside the time window). On DPO 11 I took another one and had a faint line, which lead me to take a FRER and a Clear Blue Ditigal (POAS addict much?:) and they were all positive! We couldn't be more excited!

A couple of things we did differently this month was using Preseed (only has a lubricant) and we BD at least every other day starting at CD 7. I also took some mucinex during my fertile window, but not with any sort of consistency because I heard that if you don't drink enough water it can actually make you more dry (not sure if that's true?).

Sending out lots of baby dust to everyone!!! And praying for a sticky bean!!!