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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

False Negative 17DPO (Wondfo), Positive BFP 18DPO (Clearblue Easy Digital w/weeks estimator)

Absolutely No symptoms until 17 dpo. Just a missed period. Each time I've been pregnant I've had absolutely NO symptoms until 18dpo at the very, very earliest. The cycles I had a ton of pregnancy symptoms I was NOT pregnant each time. Go figure!

17 DPO - False Negative on Wondfo pregnancy test strip.

18 DPO - Faint Positive on Wondfo pregnancy test strip + positive on Clearblue Easy Advanced Pregnancy test w/weeks estimator (digital) that came up as "Pregnant, 2-3 weeks" which would be dated 4-5 weeks pregnant according to their chart. Not sure why the Wondfos didn't pick anything up until today and why they were so light compared to my result w/Clearblue Easy? I'll still to Clearblue Easy next time. 1st day I started feeling really tired and nauseated.

Only thing I did differently this cycle is I was not stressed this cycle like the others. I also used the Wondfo Ovulation test strips and had lots of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G intercourse the day of the stark positive double line. I also skipped oral sex as not to kill the sperm. We did not use lube, as not to kill the sperm too. Just lots of foreplay for natural lube. It worked because we are now pregnant.

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Handstands, preseed, and instead cups

I stalked this website and many others for several months trying to get a BFP. Trying everything possible naturally to get pregnant as quickly as possible. I had been trying for a year with my fi. He is 44 and I am 22. I initially thought he was the problem. I got checked and was totally healthy. I have regular cycles and ovulate monthly, while he on the other hand refused to get his SA checked until recently. His ego obviously. We compromised and said if we didn't get pregnant this cycle he is getting checked.

I had been taking herbal supplements like vitex, soy isoflavone, royal jelly, conceive easy, maca, ect on and off for the last nine months. This month I stopped all the supplements and just ate healthy. I'm an on/off vegan too by the way, but I occasionally eat seafood when I want.

I also used preseed and instead cups religiously from cd 11 to cd 21 in case I missed the Lh surge. I did a handstand against the wall in the morning and at night from cd 11 to cd 22 (I know silly, but desperate at this point). I have a 29 day cycle. I ovulated late this cycle on cd 19 instead of the usual cd14/15. I also ate sunflower seeds and pineapple core from 1dpo to 6dpo to help implantation.

This morning with fmu, I got my BFP at 10dpo on an ic. My fi and I are overjoyed. His swimmers just needed a little push from gravity, preseed, and instead cups. Thanks ladies for all of your insight and funny comments that kept me sane during ttc this past year.

Here are my symptoms ladies:
O day: woke up very hot, sinus pressure, stuffy nose, ears popping, bad nightmares, and just generally felt really wet down below, ovulation pain

1dpo: increased sex drive, irritable, increased appetite after recently not being in the mood to eat, high energy

2dpo: symptoms from day before continue but moodier. Feel really out of it. Sad, don't want to interact with fi or anyone. Took a walk and I guess my sadness was so obvious a random Korean man hugged and kissed me on the cheek to cheer me up didn't like that.

3dpo: gassy and sense of sense sharpened

4dpo: nauseous and strong sense of smell. I went off on my fi. Gave him a verbal tongue lashing via text. I usually give him the benefit of the doubt, especially since he's stressed out from work, but I gave him a new was really bad.

5dpo: more weird dreams

6dpo: wake up really hot. And I'm still super hungry and gassy. Fi noted weight gain from last week :/.

7dpo: serious cavemen lol or rabbit like. I had a drop in temp today looked like an implantation dip. Fingers crossed

8dpo: irritable and in a bad mood again. Totally want to unleash on my poor fi, but I keep it to myself.

9dpo: more detailed weird dreams still really hot like 99.4. I have the chills too now. Trying not to test even though my temps are elevated still.

10dpo (today): tested with fmu and I got my First BFP... Faint but visible. Af due tomorrow. My FI is all proud of himself lol. I'm very happy to finally be able to include my own tww story :D. Baby dust to all of u ladies still ttc and or in their own tww.

4 days of implantation bleeding BFP!!

Hey everyone! I promised myself I would submit my two week wait once I got my BFP, after reading thousands of them over the past few months. I am 26 and my husband is 30. This is baby #3. Started taking Prenatal vitamins and Vitamin B Super Complex the month beforehand.

Ovulation day - EWCM, lower pain in abdomen, feels sore
1dpo - EWCM, some body aches.
2dpo - Tired, a few cramps, slightly bloated and slightly nauseous.
3dpo - Tired, Moody, Tender BB's.
4dpo - Nothing much just a little sleepy.
5dpo - Gassy, tired and some bloating.
6dpo - Bad painful cramp at 4am that woke me up, only lasted a few minutes. Tired & moody the rest of the day.
7dpo - Runny nose feel like a cold is coming and super moody.
8dpo - Metallic taste in mouth all day, gassy, moody, tender BB's and slightly nauseous. Still a little stuffy nose.
9dpo - Gassy, feel like I'm getting a yeast infection (itchy down there) MOODY & irritable, some cramps.
10dpo- BFN with FMU, started spotting brown at noon. Thought AF was coming since I always spot a day or two before. Twinges on left side of uterus, pulling behind belly button. Moody & weepy. Tender BB's. Bright red blood at 9pm just while wiping and after a BM.
11dpo - Surprised I didn't wake up to bright red blood! Brown spotting all day not enough to even wear a panty liner. Bright red blood at night time again but only when wiping.
12dpo - Still spotting brown but basically only when wiping now. Cramps at night, nauseous. Another round of bright red blood at night-only when wiping, what the heck!
13dpo - Metallic taste in mouth. Moody. Still spotting brown but not enough to even wear a panty liner.
14dpo - No more spotting, no more red blood, what is going on!! Dry throat, runny nose & sneezing. BB's feel heavy but not sore. Moody & tired. Just feel "different".
15dpo - BFP with FMU FRER!!!!!!!!!! The line was super dark so I probably could have tested a few days earlier. Tired and heavy BB's.
16dpo - Another BFP!!!!!!!!! Tired, Tired, Tired!

My tell tale signs should have been the gassy-ness and the extreme moodiness! My period usually spots for 1 or 2 days and then goes into full blown super heavy bleeding for the following 5 days. So it had to of been implantation bleeding. You don't hear about IB going on for 4 days very often and going from brown to bright red. Good luck to all!!!

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BFP at 9dpo

We got married and January and I really expected it to take quite awhile to conceive (i'm 33 & DH 39).
My cycles are between 28 - 31 days but sometimes I can have up to 7 days of spotting before AF... I was sure something was wrong!
I've been charting for two months and we had no luck the first cycle. Still worried about the spotting I had my hormone levels checked this month. Day 3 was all good and day 21 also detected a 'strong ovulation'.

I have treated this month like a military operation (my poor husband!)
I took VB6, evening primrose until O & we used pressed and OPKs.

I think the VB6 worked as my cycle lengthened and I didn't ovulate until the 17th... last month it was the 14th (not sure about before that as it'd never taken any notice).

1-5 DPO - Nothing
6-7 DPO - Very sleepy and mega grumpy for no reason (other than I was sure it wouldn't work) and some light cramping which was weird for this time of the month.
8 DPO - Small amount of very light brown/yellowy CM after exercise. (Not unusual for me)
9 DPO - (BFP day) Light brown spotting which is exactly the day and type from last month so i was sure we were out. I don't really know why I bothered testing in the afternoon, probably because of those unusual days 6-7. Initially the test looked like nothing but i put it in front of me at my desk and looked at it again in about 10mins and saw the tiniest of faintest of lines. I was absolutely shocked and swore to myself!
10 DPO - Brown spotting was worse but test line comes up slightly more with FMU (still very faint).
11 DPO - Light brown spotting. Cramps on and off all day. Tummy feels really tight. Possible heartburn. Retched when brushing teeth.
12 DPO - Gush of brown cm about 10.30am. Light Cramps. Still positive and getting darker.
I only felt confident enough to tell DH this morning... I didn't want to get his hopes up as the test was still too light until now. He was stoked!
I sort of enjoyed having a delicious secret for a couple of days (weird ay).
13 DPO - Very light brown spotting. Backache begins
14 DPO - Spotting is gone but Backache in full force.
15 DPO - Nothing so far but I go in for my second BETA level today.

Being pregnant for the first time is lovely but fraught with worry!
I am obsessed with googling all the bad things that could happen and can't quite let myself get excited yet.
I mean to stop temping but this morning it was nice and high and it made me feel a lot better.
When I get the blood results and know they are climbing up correctly then I think I won't be so worried.
My husband it being so cute and protective and is going to wrap me and baby in cotton wool for the next 9 months. He will be an amazing dad!
I can't wait to tell my mum she has wanted to be a grandma forever!!

The two week wait is over!

I honestly thought I was out this month after bfn on 10,11, & 12 dpo. I ended up going to the emergency room at 11 dpo with terrible pains in my ovary, thinking it was a cyst. After a urine test and an ultrasound..they said I had a few open follicles where I ovulated and my endometrium was very thick and looked like my cycle would be starting soon and I was not pregnant. I lost hope. This is our 4th cycle ttc and it is nowhere near a long time but I experienced the anxiety and disappointment of multiple bfn's. Then, at 13 dpo in the evening took a +|- ept and the line was sooooo faint! I thought it had to be an Evap. Read nothing but horror stories on blue dye tests and Evap lines and the heartbreak of false hope. So, I put that aside. Woke up this morning to no AF!!! This has got to be good news! Ran out and bought a digi that read "pregnant"!!! The symptoms I had:

10 dpo- didn't feel right...foggy, sleepy, out of sorts, bfn
11 dpo-severe cramps in the right ovary area. Bfn morning, bfn evening
12 dpo-really emotional and super cranky, also had little bumps on the aereoles that were different. Felt like I started AF, had to run to the bathroom. Later took a pg test and BFN
13 dpo-TIRED! So sleepy! Emotional, CP was high and medium. Faint faint plus sign on ept. (I'm going to post the faint one)
14 dpo-BFP!! On a digi!

28 day cycle

Good luck to everyone and lots of sticky babydust to everyone in their TWW!

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PG again the cycle after early m/c!

I've been stalking the BFP stories over the TWW, so only fair that I contribute my own! Last cycle I had an early m/c at 4wks, but never got solid positives. It was my second m/c; first was years ago, the cycle before I got PG with my son. This pregnancy, I've been getting definite lines! Squinters at 9DPO that got darker each day and today at 13DPO, I got a BFP on the digital! Nothing like the word "Pregnant" staring up at you to make you believe it's real!

As for symptoms, I've been feeling pretty good so far, but definitely some things stick out:
- Abundant lotiony CM starting after O and continuing to date
- Less acne than I normally get when PMSing, although I did start getting itchy bumps on my belly around 6DPO
- Strong pinching/cramp at 9DPO; guessing this was implantation cramping (although no spotting)
- Crazy dreams started around 8DPO -- extremely vivid and off the wall, although in one of them I got a BFP at 4 o'clock (I tested with the digital at 4am today)
- Sore abs and leg muscles started around 6DPO; has felt like I did hundreds of crunches and lunges
- Bloating at night; by evening I look like I've got a solid 3 month belly
- Boobs were sore the whole 2WW; nipples had stabbing pains off and on, they've felt heavy/full, started to get bigger in the last couple days, and the bumps on my nips started expanding beyond the border of the areola.
- For the last 4 days (9DPO on) I've been incredibly weepy. Crying at the drop of a hat; cute baby pictures, twinkle lights, my son not picking me for his team, and tasty bacon.
- Food cravings -- I follow a vegan diet most of the time but I've been craving bacon and red meat; guessing it's the iron/protein/fat I'm really craving.
- Fatigue set in about 3 days ago; going to bed at 8:30-9pm and ready for bed long before that.
- Really sore while DTD; can hardly stand doggy style and I've been cramping like crazy after orgasming
- Heartburn and gas off and on for 2WW
- Crazy thirsty for days and peeing all the time (about every hour)

Other: I usually have a short luteal phase, about 11 days, so testing early for me is normal. If I'm not PG by 11DPO, I'm not PG. I've also been taking a B6 supplement, mostly because of my vegan diet, which is supposed to help extend the LP.

So there you have it! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby!
Baby dust and sticky dust to all you ladies trying!

BFP 15 DPO- Don't give up hope!

I can't believe that I'm actually writing on here since I've been the one religiously looking through these stories day after day searching for a story that seemed similar to mine to keep the hope alive that I would get my BFP. Well it finally happened and couldn't have happened better! These forums truly has been so helpful so I want to share my story and all my symptoms so hopefully they will help someone like you!

I'm 28 and this will be my first. I have a 28 day cycle and although I don't temp I'm assuming my O happened between the 15 and 17th of march. I BD on both the 15 and 17th. So I'm for timelines sake, I'll start my O on the 16th Here we go:

DPO 1: nada- BD
DPO 2: headache and creamy CM
DPO 3: felt nauseous, acne, creamy CM
DPO 4: felt a few breif twinges (could be imagination) also kept feeling wet down there. More creamy CM
DPO 5: nipples are a little sore, feel like a cold is coming on, creamy CM
DPO 6: cold feeling gone, nipples still sore, creamy CM
DPO 7: twinge in left ovary. nipples still sore, just on nipples not anywhere else. Tonight I had really vivid dreams, one in which I took a pregnancy test and got a BFP! So weird, I also had a bad nightmare and BF had to wake me up because I was yelling in my sleep
DPO 8: appetite increased today. I overrate them felt sick lol. Creamy CM
DPO 9: really dull cramping which increased in afternoon, breast beginning to feel tender, but not sore like nipple. A lot of creamy CM, kept getting that dripping feeling
DPO 10: same as yesterday but I had a stomach ache today and more cravings for sweets- for sure thought AF will be here soon because I always crave sweets around that time. Took a dollar store cheapie BFN
DPO 11: I was really grumpy today. My students (I teach middle school) asked me are you on your period? Lol we just so happen to be learning about menstruation, fertilization and pregnancy right now in science. I had cramps today (bad enough to use a heating pad) and breasts starting to be more tender nipples really sore. Joint pain in knees kinda felt like growing pains
DPO 12: tender breasts/nipples creamy CM
DPO 13: AF due today. woke up with a horrible stomach ache and indigestion. I never get heartburn so this was weird. Tested with another dollar store and it was a BFN.
DPO 14: felt heavy down there like AF could come any minute. Felt super bloated, crampy (low cramps) and breasts/nipple soreness
DPO 15: where the heck is AF? Heartburn again are you kidding me? I was super impatient today. Another student pulled me aside: "are you pregnant?" I asked why they would say that? Apparently because of my mood swings. Lol I told them no of course not. Felt so unusually heavy down there like something was off. Went and got a FRER pack. Didn't even wait for it because I knew it would be negative, especially since it wasn't FMU. So I just peed and set it down and went to take my dog outside. I came back 5 minutes later and holy shit!- BFP! The two lines were very clear! I literally couldn't believe it so I mustered up another pee about 39 minutes later and sure enough another line!

Since I didn't know my O date I assumed my BFP was somewhere between 14-16 DPO. Don't give up hope! I never had implantation bleeding and after two BFN I for sure thought I was out until I saw those two lines. Looking back now I can say the biggest thing that made me have the teensiest bit of hope was those sore nipples (I never get sore breasts/nipples before AF) but the biggest was the heartburn! That's really unusual for me.

It's almost been a week since my BFP and the biggest change since then is my entire breasts have become horrendously sore. I've had more gas and I feel bloated but no cramping anymore. I also have noticed I'm much more sensitive.

I hope you all get the BFP you are hoping for and not get discouraged by all these people getting their BFp's at 9 DPO. Yours will come!

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Still in shock!

Well I'm 34 and my husband is 35. We have a 7 year old daughter and we have been TTC for15 months with an early miscarriage in July 2013.

Of all months my husband was going in for a colonoscopy on the day I was due to ovulate and so I thought for sure that we would have to just miss this month. He had been fasting for two days and the night before we literally forced just one time to try and give us a slight chance of catching ovulation the next day.

Here are the DPO

Ovulation - sharp pain in the AM for about 20 sec
1 DPO - nothing

2 DPO - nauseous in the AM. Super grumpy and got very angry at my daughter :(

3 DPO - nothing really, bit tired

4 DPO - I had a constant mild tightened/stretching in my stomach all day and was super, super gassy. Like excessive all day gas. It made me suspicious. Hungry and cold. Had a dream that I had a baby already.

5 DPO - nose was stuffy and running/ blocked, hungrier than normal, craving salt, felt cold.

6 DPO - nose is worst than yesterday, slight sore throat, and faint pains in my V. At this point I just knew. There were so many months where I thought I knew but this was different I was 99% that I was preg without seeing the test. I was just sure. Hungrier still, wanting salty foods. Had a dream that we had a baby. Felt cold

7 DPO - I read that you can get a positive on a ovulation test and I had one spare so I thought I'd give it a go and it was a faint positive, hmmmm

8 DPO - did a test in the AM and faint BPF! I literally screamed and danced around the bathroom.

9 DPO - nose is better but still a little stuffy, throat is slightly sore, slight tickle of a cough, weak bladder, just a general feeling of being wiped out. Another BFP :)

My period isn't even due for another 3 days and the sickness is already so prominent. I can't believe it showed on the test so early either. I think it probably would have shown if I had tried on 7 DPO even as the line came up straight away. I'm just amazed. I had nothing at all with my daughter and so this is a whole new experience for me and I am so super super excited.

Ok so things I did to assist: I went to see a homeopathic doctor after refusing fertility treatment as it was just too invasive. He told me to drink ABC juice every day Apple, Carrot, Beetroot and I added in pineapple with the core and ginger as well. I also took Macca powder, vitiman B, Folate and three Spirulina tablets daily. I also tested to know exactly when I was ovulating and made sure we did it the night before and then afterwards I put a pillow under my bum for 30-40 mins to angle my cervix down and get a little help for gravity. I also faced some emotion demons that were causing me anxiety and put them to bed and just generally made an effort to relax and be grateful for everything I already have in my life.

Lets pray this one sticks!

I know everyone says this but do not give up. It will happen. My sister after 3 failed tries at IVF and less than 3 % chance of conceiving had a beautiful baby girl at 40 by following these steps and its happen for me too so I'm backing it all the way. Baby dust to all xxx

Suprise BFP!

So very shocked!! Did not expect my BFP as I had very few symptoms that were different from other cycles.. Very lucky as this was only our 2nd month trying.
Also didn't think I was much of a chance this month as we didn't BD the day I got my +opk or any days after that, only before!
1dpo -slight cramps, sticky white cm
2 dpo - loose stool and slightly upset stomach, creamy cm, ate 1/5 of pineapple including core
3-5 dpo- skin break out, creamy cm
6 dpo - nausea in morning and again in afternoon, feeling slightly emotional, creamy cm
7 dpo - skin still breaking out, HEARTBURN! (its not uncommon for me to have heartburn so I discounted this the whole time!) creamy cm
8 dpo - sore breasts, more heartburn, same cm
9 dpo - still have heartburn, shooting pains in breasts but not overly tender, gentle cramping, cm looks like its drying up, I'm positive AF will arrive tomorrow
10 dpo - tiny bit of cm, breasts still a bit tender, decide to test BFP!!!!

Sending baby dust and positive vibes to everyone TTC xxx

BFP after tubal and ovarian ectopics!!!

I'm so excited to finally post something positive! I have had 2 ectopic pregnancies. The first ruptured and lost my right tube, and the second was on the ovary of the right side (with no tube...weird we know). I just went to my first prenatal and there was a sac in my uterus (yay! finally in the right place)!!! It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I ovulated late on CD 21. Here are my DPO symptoms:

1DPO - vivid dreams, runny nose, sore throat, sore breasts
2DPO - gassy, sore breasts
3DPO - cramps, fatigue, gassy, sore breasts
4DPO - backache, constipation, cramps, sore breasts
5DPO - backache, cramp, gassy, headache, sore breasts and nipples
6DPO - backache, cramps, gassy, headache, sore breasts and nipples
7DPO - 0.8 temp increase!!!! Bad cramping, backache, constipation, gassy, sore throat, sore breasts and nipples
8DPO - backache, cramps, diarrhea, gassy, headache, sore throat, sore breasts and nipples
9DPO - faint BFP with FMU on wondfo strip!!!! backache, cramps, diarrhea, gassy, sore breasts and nipples
10DPO - clear BFP with FMU on wondfo strip!!! cramping continues, gassy, sore breasts and nipples
11DPO -18DPO - constant sore breasts and nipples (getting worse each day), veins start appearing in breasts, gassy, on/off cramping and backache
19 DPO - ultrasound shows sac in uterus! Another scheduled for next week.

I never get sore breasts and nipples unless I'm pregnant so this was a big sign for me. I have a tilted uterus so that explains the backaches. The cramping was new for me. Doctor said that was good sign that it was implanting properly. Hope this helps! Good luck to all!