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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

9dpo bfp with pcos 2 months aftet iud removal

I convinced myself it would take a long time to get pregnant. I had paragard IUD removed 3/17. Last AF 4/13. First faint bfp 5/5.

- positive opk on cd12 .. It was a skinny line and i was told it wasn't positive but close. (I'm guessing now it was positive! Lol)
- bd of positive opk. Only bd once in fertile window.
- cd13 ovulation
- 1-2 dpo diarrhea
- 3 dpo dizzy when I stood up.
- 4-6 dpo no symptoms. Cervix medium and hard.
- 7 dpo really bad gas pain and a glob of yellow cm. had what I thought was a bad dye run/evap on wondfo
- 8 dpo I was very moody. Had another weird wondfo. Cervix high and firm. Watery cm. Diarrhea.
- 9 dpo faint bfp with a frer! Another "evap" on wondfo, these were actually positives! Cervix high and much softer.

It took 2 cycles. That's it! I'm very lucky. I do not manage my pcos with metformin and no clomid was used. I had virtually no symptoms except diarrhea! Go figure!

Secondary Infertility, Irregular cycles, Late ovulation

I have really long irregular cycles ranging from 35-60 days. They are never consistent and always different so I really have to pay attention to my body and then do opks when I feel I am approaching ovulation. So anywho I got a positive opk on CD 30 this past cycle in April. And ended up with a BFP!

CD 30- positive opk, ewcm, bd.
1 dpo - nothing worth noting.
2 dpo- nothing.
3 dpo- clear/liquid cm, bd.
4 dpo- scant creamy cm.
5 dpo- scant creamy cm.
6 dpo- scant creamy cm.
7 dpo- right pelvic pain.
8 dpo- scant creamy cm.
9 dpo- even less creamy cm. Seems to be drying up.
10 dpo- crumbly cm.
11 dpo- crumbly/dry cm.
12 dpo- right pelvic pain, a few hotflashes, nipple begin to feel sore.
13 dpo- Cervix feels low, a little creamy cm but not much, sore nipples, sore boobs, cramps.
14 dpo- Cervix feels low, dry/crumbly cm, sore nipples, sore boobs, cramps. Really feel like period is coming tomorrow.
15 dpo- no cm, sore boobs, sore nipples, cramps, right pelvic pain. Had no hpts and really felt like AF was coming but took an opk and it came up super positive. Found this odd.
16dpo- No cm, sore boobs, sore nipples, cramps. Took another opk and it was even darker than yesterdays. Bought a first response for tomorrow.
17 dpo- felt nauseated and woke up at 6am. Tested with a first response and it was a very dark positive!

I have been ttc #2 for coming up on 3 years (one chemical pregnancy and a 14 week miscarriage along the way) So the reason I didn't test sooner is because I truly didn't think I was pregnant, I'd seen so many negatives on this journey, I just figured it wasn't going to be positive. Plus all of my symptoms (minus the nausea) felt just like AF was coming. Especially since my cm dried up, just like before AF. I know a lot of women usually have the creamy cm before a bfp. Anyways, really praying all goes well with this pregnancy and I get to bring a healthy baby home in 9 months!!

BFP one week after period!

I decided to post my ttc story since it is not one you hear too often. Last year in June, me and DH found out we were expecting our second child. We were beyond excited to welcome our new bundle of joy to our family of 3 (5 year old son). After each visit with our OB GYN, something new was revealed at each appt. It turned out that our baby girl had anencephaly. On Oct. 1, 2014, we delivered her at 12:37 a.m. at just 18 weeks. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to deal with, and still is. After months of waiting to try again we decided last cycle that we would start trying to have another baby. Since my menstrual period in March which began on the 23rd and lasted 3 days, I started looking for signs and symptoms, anything to hold onto to convince me that we conceived this time around.

Starting on April 11th, I began charting symptoms, and cm even though it was later in my cycle and I should have started from the beginning.
CD 20: CM was watery: Clear/liquidy me and DH BD I had cramps, increased appetite, sore nips and cravings of spicy food. Mood: Cranky
CD 21: Headaches, decreased sex drive, cramps, sore nips and fatigue
CD 22: School glue: Creamy/sticky CM, me and DH BD. Had Negative PG test. I had increase in discharge, cramps, gas, tender breast. I felt cranky, emotional, impatient and frustrated. Also had some pink spotting

CD 23: Only tracked Cervical position: Firm and low
CD 24: CM: nothing felt, nothing seen. Cervical position feels soft, medium and open. Did the BD. Nausea, headaches, Increase in appetite, gas, fatigued and neckaches
CD 25: CM: School glue, creamy/sticky.Did BD. PG test was negative. Headaches decrease sex drive dizziness cramps and + appetite
CD 26: CM: Creamy Sticky, negative PG test. Having cramps, sore nips and headaches
CD 27: CM: Creamy Sticky. Did BD Headaches Tender breast cramps sore nips fatigue nausea dizziness and hot flashes. (Really Feeling pregnant)
CD 28: Nothing felt nothing seen, Did BD Neg PG Test, feeling frisky. Right pelvic pain, + sex drive, cramps, sore nips, fatigue, neckaches. (feeling like I did not get pregnant this cycle, especially with all of these negatives.
CD 29: CM: nothing felt/seen. Having indigestion, dizziness, cramps, gas, sore nips, backaches. Feeling weepy/ emotional
CD 30: Brown Spotting today, creamy sticky CM today. CP feels medium soft and open. Having headaches, indigestion, sore nips, left pelvic pain, dizziness, and hot flashes.
CD 1: First day of expected period. Right on time and normal flow, still having all symptoms as before.
CD 2: Heavy flow: Headaches and hot flashes
CD 3: Medium Period, impatient. BD
CD4: No period CM: creamy sticky started taking temps- 96.8 cramps
CD 5: Had light period blood again. No CM. BD, and temp at 97.0 Have sore nips, headaches and nausea.
CD 6: Clear/ liguidy CM BD and temp of 96.8 sore nips, headaches, fatigue
CD 7: Pink Spotting today, CM CLear, liquidy CP feel soft, low and open. Temp at 96.7
CD 8: Clear/ liquidy CM. CP: Closed, medium and high. Did the BD and temp at 97.1. Feeling frisky with + sex drive. feeling fatigued, dizzy, Left pelvic pain headache and then later on Right pelvic pain. Decided to take OPK and it came out Positive. Thought it was early
CD 9: Today 5/1/15 Huge increase in CM, Creamy/sticky temp this morning was high at 97.5 so I thought forsure that I was Ovulating soon. Took another OPK and it came out positive. Got a dollar store test and just for the fun I thought i'd take it. Within the time frame a faint line showed up almost instantly. I thought forsure it was a false positive. My DH swore that I was PG. I thought impossible because I just had a period. I took a shower and tried to forget about it. obviously, the anticipation was too much so I took out my FRER digital and sure enough it came out with +YES. I'm shocked, excited, nervous, confused all in one. I was sooo tired today, my stomach felt weird like indigestion and Im having a lot of dizzy spells.

I will keep everyone updated.

BFP at 12 dpo

My husband and I just officially started trying last month and here I am with a BFP! It's so hard trying to read the signs and symptoms so I wanted to share mine with anyone who hasn't tested yet that might be experiencing the same things. We used ovulation tests to predict ovulation, but I knew because of the cramps.

1-6dpo-slight headaches, very vivid and strange dreams, slight fatigue.

7dpo-small amount of brown spotting (only one time when I wiped), heightened sense of smell, cramping on the same side as my ovulation cramps were, vivid dreams continued.

8-12dpo-moderate af cramps, fatigue, slight headaches, frequent trips to the bathroom.

I tested this morning with a clear blue plus test and got a faint positive and then when I got home from work with a first response digital and got a "yes+". We are so excited and just can't believe it!!

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My husband and I are both 30 years old and have been TTC since June 2013. After a full year of trying (temping, pressed, etc.) With no results, we sought the help of an RE. After all of the tests we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, the most devastating news because there simply was no answer.

We decided to start with medicated cycles right away and did 2 rounds on Clomid, Ovidrel trigger shot, and progesterone. Unfortunately, Clomid thinned out my uterine lining and both ended in BFNs. After that we moved on to injectables with Ovidrel and progesterone. 2 cycles went by and nothing but BFNs. This is where I hit my breaking point and needed to take a break. After 2 months of not thinking about getting pregnant, I returned for another round of the same meds. This time the RE said that of this cycle doesn't work, we'll have to sit down and discuss IVF. I was much more positive this time around probably because I put my hope in IVF, and didn't worry so much about this cycle.

I knew that something was different from 2 dpiui, but didn't want to believe it. This was before I started progesterone, so the symptoms couldn't have been from that.

Day of IUI: uterus felt sore, slight brown tinge when wiping
2-3 dpiui: sensitive nipples and tender breasts
4-7 dpiui: tender breasts
8-9 dpiui: tender breasts and pressure in left ovary, almost like I pulled a muscle
10-11dpiui: tender breasts and full feeling in my stomach/uterus; I usually have an empty feeling around now before AF starts
12 dpiui: same as above; woke up at 4 am needing too pee (unusual), tested and BFP!!!

Today is 14 dpiui and pregnancy was confirmed yesterday through a blood test. It hasn't fully sunk in, but I'm simply over the moon! Thank you to everyone else who shared their stories as they truly kept me going through these 2 years.

Wishing all of you the best!

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Testing Too Early

Hi I just got a very faint positive. I know that it is too early to write this but I was hoping to get it down before I forget.

I have a 30 day cycle. FF says that I O'd CD 18, which would put me on 7 dpo. Since I got a bfp, I am tending to believe I actually O's around CD 16 or 17 (9 dpo and 8 d dpo respectively). For easy symptom spotting purposes, I am going to say that I am 8 dpo. Anyway, here is the break down thus far:

CD15: Positive OPK
CD16: Positive OPK
CD17: EWCM, Spotting
1 DPO: Sticky CM, CP: Medium, firm, and closed, and tender nipples
2 DPO: Sticky CM, CP: Medium, firm, and closed, nipples are still tender. Also I start noticing a lot of pimples :(
3 DPO: Creamy CM, CP: High, firm, and closed, bbs are becoming more tender
4 DPO: Creamy CM, CP: High, firm, and closed, Tender bbs
5 DPO: Slight Dip in Temp, yellowish creamy CM, red blood late in the evening when checking cm, CP: High and firm, bbs are still sore, more pimples
6 DPO: CM is still creamy and yellowish, More red blood accompanied by af-like cramps so much that I think af is starting early, my cervix had a dull ache, CP: still high
7 DPO: Bleeding stopped, Cm is creamy and no longer yellow, very thirsty, bbs still hurt, more pimples, CP: high and firm
8 DPO: Very faint Positive on a frer, thirsty, lots creamy CM and a general wetness, temp rise, CP: high, bbs still hurt with some shooting pains, itchy cervix (weird I know)

bfp at 9 dpo

I didn't track my ovulation with opks or by temping I just observed cm. Immediately after the date that I believe I ovulated I had absolutely no cm and I still don't.
1-3 dpo extremely thirsty
4-6 dpo slight cramping, very slight soreness near armpits.
7 dpo peeing every 1-2 hours. I hadn't had anything to drink all day and I was still using the restroom and I peed a big amount each time! Extremely tired but I wasn't getting a lot of sleep to begin with. Also EXTREMELY BLOATED. I swear I looked 4 months pregnant. Tender tummy.
8 dpo slight dizziness and light headed. Again very tired but I hadn't had a lot of sleep. Bloating went down. Tender tummy.
9 dpo easily out of breath. Slightly bloated. Got my bfp at almost midnight so technically 10 dpo. It wasn't as dark as the control line but it was definitely there!
I think it's a bit weird that I haven't had any cm since the day I think I ovulated. I also don't think I had very many symptoms. Another thing is from 7 to 9 dpo I just FELT pregnant for some reason, I think it was the massive bloating

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We Finally Did It!!

I've been trying for 8 months to conceive after I miscarried my son last july..
About an hour after sex on O day I had a twinge in my right ovary and some pretty intense cramps on that side that lasted about 45 minutes.
1dpo - tired, emotional, which is not unusual for me. Right hip pain. Not usual for me.
2dpo - more hip pain and a few small cramps.
3dpo - exhausted and very nauseous in the morning. Thinking maybe I have a bug. Metallic taste in mouth. Slept all day.
4dpo - light cramping maybe implantation? . Lots of creamy cm. Starving all day long.
5 dpo - woke up Starving and nauseous
exhausted and hungry all day w a couple random bouts of heartburn. Still random pain in right hip. Absolute exhaustion
6dpo- woke up really hungry and slightly nauseous. It went away when I ate yogurt. Bbs are pretty sore and some random cramping. Diarrhea which is odd..
Light pink on tp when wiped. Praying that this is implantation. Twinges of pain very very low
7dpo- very thirsty all day. Less cm. Exhaustion hit about 2 and lasted until I went to bed at 830 pm. Hit with random nausea and threw up at work. Threw Up Again And SUPER Bad Heartburn at 8 pm
8 dpo - exhausted, achy boobs and nipples BFN at hospital urine test
9 dpo - exhausted and kind of crampy. Very bloated. Still have 5 days til af
10 dpo - extremely faint bfp with fmu. Thought I was seeing things but my partner saw it too. Stuffy sinuses. Absolutely exhausted even through I slept all afternoon.
11 dpo - woke up extremely exhausted and just wanted to stay in bed. 4 days until af is due. Very faint BFP on equate w/ FM. Absolute exhaustion
12 dpo extremely dark BFP on FRER :D

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BFP on DPO12 after 4th unmedicated IUI

Like so many I've been stalking these forums and wanted to add my story in case it's of help to anyone else, specifically any same sex couples who are doing unmedicated IUIs (wasn't able to find too many of these stories!)

We began the process assuming everything was "normal" in terms of my fertility. I started at age 30 (now 31) and am in good health, but working with frozen samples and timing an unmedicated IUI definitely added some complications.

I used Clearblue Easy Advanced Digital OPKs to track ovulation, and did two inseminations per cycle. I started taking prenatal vitamins (New Chapter) but didn't really do much else differently until the fourth (and successful!) attempt. Not sure if those extra things played a role, or it was more psychological, but I'll take it!

Here's a brief timeline leading up to BFP...

March 2014-July 2014: met with clinic, selected donor, bloodwork, etc.

August 2014: positive OPK on CD 13. Inseminations on CD 13 and CD 14. BFN.

September 2014: timing was definitely off (still getting the hang of the OPKs!) Based IUI timing on ultrasound and bloodwork on CD 13. Inseminations on CD 14 and 15. BFN.

October 2014-January 2015: TTC break

February 2015: positive OPK on CD 14. Inseminations on CD 14 and CD 15. BFN. This BFN was especially tough because it came on the morning I was hosting a baby shower for a friend, and at the shower ANOTHER friend announced she was pregnant. Ouch.

March 2015: ended up ovulating much later than usual (CD 18). It threw off my schedule and we were still upset from the last BFN and decided to take a breather and skip this month.

April 2015: positive OPK on CD 17 after FIVE days of the "high" fertility reading (flashy smiley). Usually had only 0-2 days of flashy before positive result, so this was unusual. Inseminations on CD 17 and CD 18. BFP on FRER on DPO 12. Yay!

In terms of symptoms, not much of note, but here they are:
- in past cycles, I always had CM with a brownish tint a few days after IUI (figure it was side effect of procedure) but did not have it this cycle.
- noticeable amount of yellowish CM on DPO 4. Never completely dried up but after that day was not especially heavy or noteworthy.
- some cramping, twinges, lower back pain, but truly would have not noticed if it wasn't a TTC month.

In terms of what I did differently:
- cut down on caffeine to one cup of coffee per day (only cheated a few times!) for about two months.
- cut out alcohol the week before predicted ovulation and during TWW.
- drank fertility tea blend from start of cycle until ovulation.
- Bach flower remedy (water violet, gentian, white chestnut, impatiens).
- more intentional healthy eating (more protein, fertility friendly foods like avocado, but no drastic changes to eating habits).
- a couple of doses of cod liver oil.
- kept feet warm with socks or slippers during TWW.
- five day "pineapple plan"

I basically just picked a hodge-podge of things that sounded appealing to try, without completely changing my lifestyle. A lot of it felt more about the ritual, which helped me stay calm and alleviate stress.

Feeling really happy to have gotten farther than ever before, here's hoping to smooth sailing!

Let go and let God :)

I am 27 and my DH is 34. We have one beautiful daughter who is 19 months old. It took us 3-4 months ttc DD. I've followed this website for a while and wanted to post my story. This was our first month ttc baby #2 and by the grade of God, I got a BFP at 4am this morning, 11DPO. I never monitored my temp or used OPK's. I simply followed my predicted ovulation and we BD 6x during that window (every day). Here were my symptoms (add in gassy for most of those days!)

1dpo - ewcm
2dpo - ewcm
3dpo - ewcm, backache in the morning, random dull cramps throughout the day, hungrier than usual in evening
4dpo - ewcm (glob in the evening), very very slight and random dull cramps throughout the day, hungrier than usual
5dpo - creamy/sticky cm morning, ewcm evening, right boob slightly sore to touch, eating more than usual
6dpo - VERY vivid nightmare, sore right boob,mild dull cramps
7dpo - very sore right boob, sleepy by 6pm
8dpo - boob isn't as sore
9dpo - nothing noticeable, fullness feeling at night
10dpo - woke up at 4am and had to pee, boobs progressively got more sore in the evening, subtle but prevalent cramps in evening (30+ mins)
***Wondfo - BFN (1pm)
11dpo - woke up at 4am to pee
***FRER - BFP (4am)

I hope this give some of you hope. My symptoms disappeared for a few days and I thought we were out. Also, I tested with Wondfo again today and got a BFN. However, my test with FRER was a definite positive this morning and the line was just as dark as the control line. I used 3 FRER's and got the same result with all of them.

Don't give up hope. Pray and believe for God to answer your prayers. He is never late.

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