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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

bd 3/4 days before ov. positive hpt 9dpo

Hello ladies,

Currently in a state of shock here, I am 31 years old, have a 3 yr old daughter. Experienced a loss at 22 weeks before dd. I came off cerazette in February and cycles returned to 28 days (but only 12 day luteal phase) in April. This month I wasn't expecting anything as husband away and only got to bd once 3 or 4 days prior to ov!! I've been taking a prenatal multi vitamin daily for a few months, just a supermarket brand.

Here are the symptoms....

Cd1 28th June
cd11 bd late evening
cd15/16 ov cramps
cd18/3dpo mild sporadic cramps not unusual for me.
4dpo lots of creamy cm and so moody it's ridiculous! Increased urination.
5dpo as above but also feel like I might be getting thrush (start wondering if this is a genuine sign as only happens when pregnant) again giving myself whiplash with mood swings! Lol.
6dpo lots of creamy cm
7dpo mild cramps and creamy cm but also I notice literally the smallest pinky orange dots on the tissue when I wiped. Put it down to potential thrush.
8dpo creamy cm but nowhere near as much. Nausea in the evening. ..really hit me.
9dpo cm drying up, nausea first thing in the morning. Decide to test with Internet cheapie and got a faint bfp.... definitely not evap as there's a shade of pink to it.
10dpo (current day!) Use a clear blue digital 4 days before af is due and get "PREGNANT" result!

Early days but fingers crossed for a healthy sticky bean.

Good luck to you all and remember that you know your body and what is different for you personally when symptom spotting! Xx

BFP next month after Chem Preg

Hi lovelies,

I shared my bfp story prematurely last month in June at 12dpo right before I experienced a chemical pregnancy. Prior to that I never really knew what one was. Since it was a natural early miscarriage that started the day my period was due like a normal cycle we decided to try again the next month, this month, for our rainbow baby. So you know I had to come and share my symptoms and story to this lovely community that has helped me along each of my twwaits.

*Caution this post is long. I may have been symptom spotting but these lead up to my now pregnancy.

July dpo leading up to bfp:

⦁ sore nipples
⦁ gassy
⦁ tired
⦁ dizzy
⦁ lotiony cm
⦁ hungry
⦁ thirsty
⦁ nausea
⦁ warmer
⦁ irritable
⦁ peeing more often

⦁ Sore nipples fading away
⦁ Boobs feeling full
⦁ A little crampy
⦁ Gassy
⦁ Light amount of lotiony cm only when I check
⦁ Moody
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Very hungry
⦁ Sleepy
⦁ Lower back ache
⦁ Thirsty
⦁ Peeing more

⦁ Dizzy
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Vivid dreams

⦁ Wanting to cry
⦁ Light cramps on left side last night
⦁ Sensitive nipples
⦁ Heavy bo0bs
⦁ Low libido
⦁ Hot last night (unusual)
⦁ Chest pain (gas?)
⦁ Crazy dreams
⦁ Headache
⦁ Light cramps right side

⦁ Nausea
⦁ Tired
⦁ Light cramping

⦁ Backache
⦁ Leg soreness
⦁ Hungry
⦁ Horny
⦁ Crampy
⦁ Tired
⦁ Sore nipps

⦁ nausea
⦁ backache
⦁ moody
⦁ full bo0bs
⦁ sore bo0bs
⦁ crampy
⦁ tired!!!
⦁ crazy dreams
⦁ waking up mid night
⦁ metallic taste
⦁ peeing more

Now I am currently 4 weeks and 6 days along. I have already missed my period which was due the 16th of this month. Today is the 20th. I am still experiencing many of these symptoms. Especially the full and sore boobs, moodiness, and being tired.

I took a digital test after I got the faint positive before my missed period that said pregnant 1-2 weeks. Last week I took another digital test that came up pregnant 2-3 weeks. I am happy that my hcg levels are rising this time unlike last month. I plan to take another test tomorrow at 5 weeks to assure they are rising further, it should say 3+weeks. I will be seeing the doctor soon and scheduling an appointment at 8 weeks or so, whenever they can get me in.

I am happy but still have a hard time taking in the fact that I am actually pregnant. I have only told my fiance of course, two friends, and my mom. I do not plan on telling others until things are looking safe and secure. Although we never broke the news of the chemical pregnancy to our extended family who lives out of the state. Soo to avoid explaining a loss I plan on telling them my due date changed.

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5+ years ttc with PCOS BFP+++Conceived naturally with diet change!

This will be long so if you just want symptoms DPO then scroll down to the bottom. I wrote this for my PCOS lady's because i want us all to cure are PCOS, and I have found out how. Cleared my skin, lessen excess hair, regulated periods, induced ovulation, and weight loss all without medication, or supplements.

I have PCOS, and I was not ovulating on my own. I did not want to take metformin and clomid. After a lot of research I found that pcos is caused by insulin resistance, which is in turn is caused by too much sugar, and carbohydrates in the diet. Which is why metformin helps women conceive by increasing insulin sensitivity, which allows your hormones to normalize.

On 12/05/15 I started the Ketogenic Diet. It is Low carb, high fat, moderate protein. Basically all you eat is Veggies, meat, and small amounts of dairy, and nuts. No sugar, no grains, no starchy, veggies, no fruit!

At the same time i tracked my calories on an app so as to not go over 2000 cals a day. So far i have lost 40lbs, but this was not my goal pregnacy was.

with in 2 weeks of starting this diet, i got my period for the first time in 6 months. I then had 3 consecutive 28 day cycles, but i do not believe i was ovulating because i had no fertile cm, negative opks, and light bleeding for my period.

In MAY 2016 i got my first positive OPKS, EWCM, ovulation pains, followed by heavy, crampy 6 day period. Yay!!! I'm ovulatating! bfn cycles, but progress :)

My cycles where i actually ovulated became longer 39 dayish cycles. I feel if I ate too many carbs, my ovulation would delay.

Well this cycle, was a long one. I ovulated on the fourth of July Cycle day 26. positive opks, 8 days of ewcm, lots of right sided cramps the 3rd, and 4th.

1DPO: Sore Nipples, and fronts of breast, no side breast pain. Had this the whole TTW

2DPO: Sore breasts

3DPO: right ovary cramping, sore breasts

4DPO:sore breasts

5DPO: Exhausted, couldn't keep eyes open, napped 2 hours, sore breasts

7DPO: gas bubbles in tummy, Exhausted, couldn't keep eyes open, napped 2 hours, sore breasts

8DPO: more gas bubbles, but no gas, Exhausted, couldn't keep eyes open, napped 1 hour, sore breasts -BFN WONDFO

9DPO: diarrhea in morning,Tired, occasional light cramps, almost like I'm imagining them. like uterine contractions after an orgasm. sore breasts -BFN WONDFO

10DPO:diarrhea in morning, light cramps only when i standup. I would stand up, walk a few feet and would be hit with cramps in the center of my uterus, would last 5 seconds or so, and i would not cramp again until i sat, and then stood up again. Sore Breasts -BFN WONDFO

11DPO:diarrhea in morning, Same cramps but getting stronger and more uncomfortable. sore breasts -BFN WONDFO almost think i see something, but toss it.

12DPO: Same intense cramps. consitpation, tested with FMU saw a line so light, i thought it was an evap, i couldn't capture it in a picture. but it made my wonder. Tested on another WONDFO in afternoon on 4 hour hold very Faint BFP, but i see color! dip Frer in same urine Sample and a faint pink line there as well!!!
13DPO: same cramps, but random, not just when i stand. Boobs are not as sore. slight nausea. Positive Clear blue digital!!! 3 weeks 6 days pregnant!

I account my pregnancy 100% to the ketogenic diet, if i do not count my carbs, and my calories i do not ovulate. It took me 7 months from starting this diet to convenience after 5 years of nothing. If you have PCOS try it, you will see vast improvements. I pray this bean is a sticky one! Baby dust to all!!!

Almost 41 and got BFP at 11 dpo

Hello everyone so yesterday I got my BFP. When we started this journey I really didn't know what to expect.
I never have had trouble
*never miscarriages
Always healthy pregnancies and deliveries 4 children. Here I am 11 years later and have somewhat of a new start in life, phenomenal children but new partner. He is younger and figured this is probably going to be my last child. My new husband has never had children or been married so it was really important for me to give it a good try.
They say at 40 your chances are conceiving are in about one years time. "O Man" I thought, well here we go. The second month after really trying we succeeded. I have never obsessed about looking for symptoms and as I have gotten older my body has changed before my period which really was tricking me. It was the most textbook signs this month that gave it away.Hopefully my journey below will help someone else as I was a bit lost myself.

I did not use OPK tests, and BBT in the mornings or ever, but just checked my cm daily, I found out that I was ovulating on day 17

Intimacy the night before ovulation day.
O DAY- Ovulation morning curled up in a ball cramping for about 3 min then I was fine
1-3 DPO- Elevated temp 99.6 dull and achy cramps felt ovaries distinctly when I sat down or bent over
3-5-DPO- Elevated temp 99.5 Cramps subsided but achy by armpits, under arms and sides of both breasts.
5-6 DPO- Elevated temp 99,6 Raised veins in Areola and blue veins going up along top of my breast to my armpit, starting to use the bathroom more, constipated three mornings in a row, horrible night terrors last night 3 times scared my husband and needless to say a very tired day the next day for both of us.
7 DPO- Temp 98.5 and crazy ache on my pelvic floor. Really weird faucet like runny nose.
Very sore Vagina internally, like the start of yeast infection but more severe, (not yeast by the way, just the feeling) and
achy pubic bone area
buzzing feeling through the entire front.
8 DPO- Temp at 99.6 again today and only breasts feeling fuller anytime to de-bra myself was taken
9 DPO- temp still up and my husband could not sleep curled up to me due to my temps up really high while I slept
10 DPO- temp is still up and have been exhausted last two evenings. At work in the afternoon caught myself at the edge of my desk (thank goodness no one was there) Started getting a lightening or pin prick feeling inside of my. Happened for about 1/2 hour then never felt it again. Can't keep up with hubby's night owl habits. Drank cranberry juice all day thinking the pain from the day before was a bladder infection.
11 DPO- temp is still hanging on at 99.6 and breasts do not feel like normal PMS symptoms, feel like they want to pop out the top of my bra and notice I didn't really feel regular menstrual cramps. Oh and CM was in abundance all the sudden!!! Yellow tinted and globby

So I decided today was the day to pull out the two First response tests I had (6 day early) used first morning urine and there was a faint second line. Totally in disbelief had no liquids and did it again and sure enough two pink lines.

So 11 DPO and BFP I told my husband and we both said "Well I guessed we proved science wrong and beat the odds of conceiving at an older age" We both teared up and hugged, for me it was so much more because I now knew I would give him one thing that he wanted in his life. Don't know if anyone relates but it's hard when you have kids from previously and your new spouse has never had children but desperately wants at least one of their own.

The biggest indicators:
Elevated temps
Veins on Areola (had with all my others)
Crazy jolts in cervical area
Pains in breasts on sides rather than front

DPO 12- Full breasts, nipples are SENSITIVE (no bra today, working from home ; ) ), lots of potty breaks, heartburn, hips felt a bit wobbly on walk. Walked for 1 1/2 hours today.

Pre- ovulation I did the following:

To ensure I had enough mucas I did some doses of Robitussin
Started pre-natals 6 weeks before hand
Took extra Folic acid
Drank 1/2 glass of milk each day
Drank a lot of water
Everyday had a yam for 7 days (you never know if the myth is correct for twins lol ) and at
my age the odds are up (will update if there are 2) : )

Good luck everyone at 40 all I have to say is:

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BFP by DPO. 8 DPO with Walmart 88 cent test

TTC #1 Cycle #5

I'm having a baby!!! Happy but still crying off and on and boyfriend is too. We are scared and shocked and happy.

BFP 8 dpo. My cycles are mostly 31 days. But once in awhile are 29 or 30 days.

My ovulation window was July 1-5.
We BD on July 1 and 3. Clear Blue ovulation test gave me a smiley face July 3rd.

At 4:00-4:30am on July 4th I felt what I thought was ovulation pain, but who knows.

I just knew our BD timing was right and there was a good chance this cycle.

DPO 1-2 nothing
DPO 3 Depersonalization for a few hours. Like conscious of myself as if looking at myself through someone else's eyes, but at peace. This is what it made me feel like I "knew".

DPO 4, Overwhelming sense of calm, peace, while at stressful work!

DPO 5, light hurt my eyes horribly

DPO 6, Headache. Intense lovey/cuddly feeling of happiness towards my boyfriend. I googled if this was a sign, but all I could find was that anger is a sign! So i brushed it off as not a sign.

Also on DPO 6 i had school glue CM, creamy CM, and EGCM all in the same day mixed with each other!
The EWCM was a dime size jelly bit and it was brown tinged.
Never had EWCM after ovulation and never this much CM in general days after ovulation.

DPO 7 My boobs were sore. Never in my life have my boobs hurt.
This made me 95% sure I was pregnant.

DPO 8. I tested, even though it seems so early. But I thought, if I'm already having physical symptoms like boob pain then that means it's already implanted.

Walmart 88cent test shows 2 lines at 8DPO FMU. I confirmed it with a FRER digital 1 hr later and got "YES +"

Look how dark the line is!! I should have tested earlier! My period isnt due til July 19th CD29, and today is July 12th!

DPO 8, right now sore boobs. Alot of soreness in my back and abdomen exactly like a period. Still creamy CM and EWCM. Thirsty, drinking 3x normal amount.

Bfp 8/9dpo

Got a clear bfp this morning at 9dpo!! Had taken an IC last night at 8dpo and got such a faint line that I wasn't even sure it was there!!! Thought I'd share my symptoms as I know I loved reading these during my previous tww.

1- 4dpo - nothing out of the ordinary, except lots of creamy cm and no boob pain (always get boob pain after O right up until AF arrives), slight cramps but again that's normal for me.

5dpo - cm completely dried up! Nothing out of the ordinary again although I'm starting to wonder because I've had more 'symptoms' in the months I've had bfn! Later on in the evening just before im going to bed I got a sharp shooting pain in my lower abdomen slightly to the left, like I'd been stabbed with a knife, it nearly knocked me off my feet. That pain lasted all of 3 seconds then nothing!!

6dpo - boobs have gone a little tingly but that's it! No pain, no cramps, no cm, no nothing!

7dpo - today's the day I really started wondering, I could smell EVERYTHING, especially bad smells. Boobs started aching too. Cm still non existent.

8dpo - boobs really sore now, and smells are starting to really bother me! Decide to use an IC before I go to bed, I don't know why because I wasn't expecting anything to show up that early and it wasn't very concentrated as I'd been drinking coffee all day. The faintest bfp showed up after about 2 mins, so faint that I wasn't 100% sure it was there! Decide I'll test with fmu tomorrow.

9dpo - I do a test as soon as I wake up, set a timer for 3 mins and go and make a drink, timer goes off, I run upstairs to check and it's a clear as day BFP!!! So happy, this is our 6month ttc!

Good luck and hope everyone else gets their bfp's soon!! Xx

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BFP 9 DPO clearblue digital

I had my Nexplanon implant removed Dec 31st 2015. We've been ttc since. 7 months now. My cycles were 50 days until my June cycle came which was 31 days. I also stopped breastfeeding June 16 during my last period. I follow two apps but Fertility Friend was the accurate one. I started taking ovulation test at 12 days past my last cycle and on July 1st it was positive. I even had ovulation cramps and the ideal discharge. Here are my daily DPO symptoms:

1DPO-5DPO none
6DPO- extreme fatigue and cramps in the evening. BFN wondfo
7DPO-extreme fatigue, cramps still, zero appetite
8DPO- still fatigued but cramps stopped mid morning and BFN wondfo. All night I had terrible dreams and super dizzy
9DPO-same symptoms so I took 2 wondfos and they both were super faint so I thought what the heck. Why not take a digital. It comes with 3 test so if it's negative I'll take more later on. Well I got a BFP. Best feeling ever. I used afternoon urine too. Like I had just peed and then had to push hard to pee enough for the clearblue digital lol.

All I can say is if you have an implant removed it def takes 6 months to become regular. I also think not breastfeeding helped a lot. I'm 25 and this is my second. Hoping it sticks!!! This site helped me stay positive this whole time. Thank you to everyone.

First BFP at 11 DPO!

Hi everyone!

I am so happy to say that I got my BFP this morning at 11 DPO!! DH and I are so excited to have our first! I read these stories everyday and was so obsessed with every little symptom. To be honest, I did not expect this to happen so quickly! This was our first month using OPKs and charting, so I guess we got the timing just right the first time around! We also used Pre-seed every time we BD. Here were my symptoms:

O day- ovulation pains on left side
1-4 DPO- slight cramping on left side intermittenly
5 DPO- HUNGRY, slight cramping continues, backache, break out on chin
6 DPO- HUNGRY, cramps have finally calmed down,back ache, vivid dream
7-8 DPO - One sided cramps are back,backache, more break outs. Burping ALOT
9 DPO - Big temp drop, shooting pains on my left side (implantation maybe?) So hungry, VERY vivid dream.
10 DPO - BFN ( I couldn't resist), could have sworn I saw a shadow though! Cramping continues. Temps back up!
11 DPO - BFP!!! Naseau in the morning, cold-like symptoms

I am so excited to start this journey, and I know all of you will be joining me shortly!!! Baby dust to everyone :)

BFP Story

Dpo 1-3: sore bbs, lower back pain (bad), stomach cramps (pulling, twinges), SHO CP, white lotion like cm
Dpo 3-4: weird dreams (could be my thinking patterns before bed) sore bbs, lower back pain, face broke out, CP & Cm same as dpo 1-3.
(Cp isn't a good indicator, but my cervix usually drops low day after O)
5- dreams, back, sharp pain @ work, bbs, diff smelling cm, cp dropped a little
6- watery cm, back,medium cp closed, dreams
7- same. Cp a little lower, tired
8- back, twinges under belly button left, bbs, tired (I worked out though) cp was medium this morning high around 4, dreams
9- watery/lotion cm, sore bbs in am, high cp in am (9) higher @ 1, tired, dreams
10- couldn't sleep last night. 8 cp was low @ 9 am cp was high. Watery cm. back, bbs(4:30 pm) feeling normal though. Period bumps on chin
11- dreams last night. Cp high @ 9. No sore bbs or back. (july 1) took a test, faint line but it was after 10 minutes so i ignored it.
14- creamy light pink discharge. period cramps early in morning and throughout the day. cp low and hard. bbs hurt when i wake up
15- bfp. period like cramps. cp low and hard, white creamy cm

reflection: i wouldn’t rely too heavily on cp, probably wouldn’t even check it. back pain is normal before my period, but this pain was way too consistent and it was different, more sore than achy. strong sense of smell, blessing and a curse i must say.. urine was very light even when i had been drinking soda, that was odd to me. also I’ve had itchy legs, arms, and stomach since about 8 dpo. before my period comes i get super tired and the only thing that quenches my thirst is water, this time was the same but worse, i was waking up in the middle of the night for water.

first appointment tuesday the 12th

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BFP day 10

We fell easily on our honeymoon only to find out in November at our 12week scan that our baby's heart had spotted beating 1-2 weeks prior. I had no symptoms of misscarriage. We were devastated and the sense of loss was profound. Going to the hospital knowing I would go to sleep and wake up without a baby inside me was probably one of the most gut wrenching things I have been through.

I had a D&C which I later found out was not completed properly. With ongoing HCG recorded and passing of more tissue 5-6 weeks after D&C.

Our HCG levels finally got to 0 in February.

March-cycle 1 chemical pregnancy
April-cycle 2 no success
May-cycle 3 no success

We decided we didn't want to/couldn't wait any longer. Our baby's due date had come and gone, it was much too painful and we wanted to find out if there was anything contributing.

Female testing came back will nil concerns. My cycles are long average 35 days so it meant longer between chances.
My husbands sperm count and motility were both really high but morphology was <1%. Our doctor suggested we start fsh injections, with trigger and IUI.
DPO 0 (going with day post trigger but with following day symptoms also could have occurred next day) -no symptoms
DPO 1- increased libido, large, achey full breasts
DPO 2- breasts large, achey, full
DPO 3-mild cramps
DPO 4- left side uterus cramps mild
DPO 5- heart racing in am, emotional
DPO 6-very emotional and moody
DPO 7- symptoms as above. Cervix low and hard
DPO 8- symptoms as above.
DPO 9- breasts extra full, heavy, achey, hard which is unusual. Emotional ++. Runny nose, generally feeling like I'm getting sick. First response early detection digital in an negative
DPO 10- came home from work early. Runny nose, sore throat, fatigued-cold symptoms. Decide to test late at night with clear blue digital and BFP!!! Cervix higher but still firm.

Also DPO 2-current have had sharp cramps in uterus when moving quickly, standing up,coughing.

The different things for me were being so emotional, getting sick (probably a coincidence!) and the firmness of my breasts.

Crossing every part of me that this little one stays around! Exciting but really nervous at the same time.