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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Lesbian BFP

This was my wife's and my second month TTC and we got our BFP at 11dpo/CD31. I feel like we have been TTC for three years since we found our sperm donor that long ago but didn't actually start inseminations until 2 months ago. For other lesbian couples who read this page and want the low-down on known donor at-home insemination with fresh (not frozen) sperm, here's what worked for us!

We inseminated on Cycle Days 13, 15, 16, 18, and 19 with 24-48 hours between each one. I ovulated on CD19 (later than I thought I would) and had some spotting that day. I had EWCM on CD 18 and 19 positive OPK on CD19, and ferning salvia and CD 18 and 19. (We used a little microscope used for putting a drop of your spit and looking at it - if it looks like nothing you're not fertile, if it is making a ferning pattern you are fertile. It was great because I could test unlimited times with the one thing unlike OPKs.)

This month we added in using PreSeed. My wife put some in me and we'd let it warm up to body temp for 5 minutes, then do the insemination. Our donor made his deposit into a sterile plastic cup we had bought online and had put between my boobs to warm up first. His wife (our best friend, 5 month prego!) would immediately bring the cup in to my wife (keeping it body temp between her boobs on the walk between rooms) and I'd already have my pants off and butt propped up on a couple of pillows. My wife used a sterile plastic syringe (bought in the same insemination kit online) to suck up the semen and then would feel for my cervix with one hand's fingers and put in the syringe with the other hand. (Sorry to be graphic but this is what I wished I had known that is so hard to find!) She would get the syringe close to the cervix but not directly on it and SLOWLY push it out as the nurse midwife had shown us how to do in a preconception appointment, kind of aiming to coat the cervix. I'd lay there for 15+ minutes and try to have an orgasm. Then she'd put in a soft cup (same kit again) and I'd get up and dressed. This was all done in the spare bedroom of our donor's apartment. (They live 2 hours away so we drive to them instead of them coming to us at our home. Sometimes we slept over, sometimes made the drive up and back in a night. Exhausting!) I left the cup in overnight each time.

This month I also upped my acupuncture appointments from once a week to twice a week and my acupuncturist used extra moxa. I never did BBT. I drank both FertiliTea and red raspberry leaf tea this month and didn't last month. I have been having one cup of coffee per day and taking a prenatal vitamin for 3 months (and no smoking or drinking). I also had the worst obsessing freaking out TWW our first month and this time was so much more relaxed. (I was positive I was pregnant last month and didn't think I was this month.) I used the Kindara app the first month and then this month also used Ovia and Glow. All three gave me different predictions with the same data so it helped me not to rely on one app's guess too much but also get a good sense of the range of fertile days and the range of when the peak day might be coming. Also different from last month is that we always waited at least 24 hours between inseminations (last time we did one at night, sleep over, and one in the morning before we left for work, leaving less than 12 hours in between). At the insemination on CD18 this month I told my wife I had a feeling we had just conceived.

Symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary. Sore boobs, less so than for my typical PMS. Really little bit of nausea with breakfast on CD 10 and 11. White creamy CM and feeling bloated the last several days. No spotting since ovulation.

9dpo: Negative FRER with FMU
11dpo: I thought I had line eyes! It was so so faint (FRER) that I threw it out and told my wife it was negative, which I thought it was. (I fished it back out the next day and we saw there actually is kinda a vvvvvvfl.)
12dpo: Positive FRER!!! Faint second line with FMU. My wife casually told me she saw a faint line but she was confused because she had been seeing my faint line OPKs where a faint second line is a negative and the darkness of the line actually matters. I was like UM NO A LINE IS A LINE but kind of didn't believe it either. Took a ClearBlue digital in the afternoon that said Not Pregnant. Took two cheapo pink dye sticks in the evening that also had faint second lines (one barely visible like 11dpo FRER, one clear). I'd usually start spotting before my period around this point in my cycle.
13dpo: Peed on three brands of stick with FMU and all BFP! We called the closest people who knew we were TTC to tell them that day. The donor's first words were "I did it!" LOL
14dpo: Ran out of FRER but took the two cheapo sticks with FMU and both BFP. Darker second line each of the 4 days in a row. No AF! Hoping it sticks.

BFP on bromocriptine for 2 month after trying for a year :)

Hi All,

this site was my bible in my TWWs, so here is my story :) DH 31, me 31, SA came back fine, cyst on my left ovary, prolactine 19ng/ml, progesterone 6 ng/ml, started to take Bromocriptine from December, prolactine went down to 4 ng/ml and progesterone up to 15 ng/ml :) (sorry for my english in advance :))

BFP after D&E

Hey everyone! I feel so blessed to be able to be posting here and I hope I can help out some other ladies and give them hope.

In October 2015, I had a MMC with a d&e at 19.5 weeks. I cannot even explain the pain, heartache and sadness my husband and I still feel. We lost our baby boy and it was totally unexpected. All of our bloodwork and pathology came back fine and they have no idea why he passed away. This was my second pregnancy. We have a healthy 18 month old baby girl.

We were desperate to try again. Not to take away the pain but to lessen it and help fill our hearts and make them feel whole again.

I got my first cycle 31 days after my d&e. I got my second cycle 26 days after my first. On my third cycle (29 days later) we decided to try and use OPKs. During this cycle I found that I had two LH surges like my body geared up to ovulate but never did and finally did on CD19. I got AF 29 days later.

Cycle #4 (this cycle!) I decided to try taking Mucinex during my fertile window. This helps to thin the cervical mucus and make it a better environment for sperm. I took two Mucinex day from CD 10-CD 17. With my OPK, I got a very positive OPK on CD14. (I am convinced that my cycles were still not regular and my body wasn't fully ovulating until this cycle)

1-3dpo: no real symptoms
4dpo: crampy
5dpo: spotting after husband and i dtd in the pm (I wasn't positive this was implantation as it was alittle early - figured it was just sensitive from intercourse)
6-8dpo: sore boobs, sharp pains/twinges in right nipple
9dpo: BFP!! faint positive with FRER -- now I do think that 4 days prior was implantation bleeding
11dpo: BFP with Clearblue digital

We're so thrilled that we are blessed with our third baby! Hope this one is healthy and happy!

BFP after yasmin 1.5 Yrs TTC

I honestly thought it would never be my turn to write on here! My hubs and I were just about to go to an IVF consultation. Because I know how helpful these threads were for me, I've decided to share my story.

I was on Yasmin for 8+ years, when I came off the pill it took me a full year to get my cycle back to normal. I got a period about 4 months after coming off the pill and my cycles were 45+ days they finally returned to normal 30 days this September. We went into the doctors after a year of being off the pill where we had the blood tests etc. done to be told everything was normal. This November I started going to accupuncture and a naturopath.

I would have awfully bad cramps and heavy flow before accupuncture and after one month of treatments that went away.

My naturopath put me on the following supplements: fish oil, high potency B vitamin, high potency chaste tree, selenium, zinc and vitamin E. I truly can't say enough positive things about my naturopath and accupuncturist and I believe they are the reason I was able to get my hormones regulated and fall pregnant!

I had a BFN on 10 DPO where I also had pink spotting, I got my BFP 14 DPO and have had no symptoms. I thought AF was coming for sure this cycle.

Baby dust to everyone ****


After a year of stalking this site I'm finally able to share my story!
My spouse and I have been #TTC for over a year, and on Super Bowl Sunday, we found out we are expecting. I'm currently 4wks and 5 days, slowly approaching 5 weeks! Only thing I did different this week was take #Geritol (pill form) along with #Prenatals (Spring Valley). I said if I ever become pregnant..I will share my story! So here goes......

I started taking Geritol pills 5 days before my cycle (Jan 4th). My cycle was due to start Jan 9th, but instead it started Jan 6th. Idk if the Geritol brought it down early or what. My cycle lasted from Jan 6th-Jan 10th. On January 13th I got a positive OPK, and I was very shocked I ovulated soooooo early. On the following day, it was negative. I continued to test and received 2 back to back positive OPK's on Jan 20th and 21st. So I'm assuming this is when I ovulated. Not sure.

We did the do, Jan 12th, 13th, and 14th, and also Jan 20th. I counted myself out, because I was sure I missed my actually ovulation day. Low and behold..I WAS WRONG!!! Lol...Geritol mixed with Prenatals and tons of praying must have done the trick! I took Geritol with my breakfast every morning, and Prenatals with my dinner..EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I stopped taking both once I ovulated.

#BFP by #DPO
I DID NOT HAVE SORE BOOBS, and still don't!

Day of Ovulation (which I'm assuming was the 21st)- Very intense ovary pains on left and right side
1-5 DPO- Nothing
6 DPO-Severe heart burn
8-DPO-Wozy feeling, but after I burped..I was okay (probably gas)
9 DPO-Severe migraine
10 DPO-Woke up to big pimples on my chin and above my eye. Over 6 bumps...
12 DPO-Sore Throat
16 DPO-Left/Right Ovary Pain
18 DPO-Test and got a positive

I totally counted myself out this cycle, because it totally felt like my cycle was coming. I don't cramp before my cycle, but my cervix is always achy on and off, that's how I know my cycle is on the way! I felt like that, and still feel like it's coming any moment! So don't count yourself out if you feel like AF is on the way, because my body definitely fooled me!!!!

****I'm so excited to share my story with you ladies and ****baby dust to all****!!!!!!!

Our first BFP!!

I m a constant stalker here, and I cant explain how comforting this site is, big thanks to all. Now to my story, I am 26, ttc 1year. I know how it feels to overlook every symptoms. Yoga kept me somewhat sane.
Jan 8 to 16 AF
Had heavy flow, I m on clomid from last 2 cycles and I have been writing all my symptoms.
Cd 14 -ewcm, bd
We bd every day during fertile window, I dont temp.
I got my BFP on cd 31, it was dark and 2 days late for af. I was afraid to test before.
Symptoms that were so promising were the goosebumps, I live in India and its not at all cold, I was surprised by this symptom and the other constant sore bbs, it never left me, I could also spot some new blue veins on bbs.
Clomid did the magic, I was diagnosed pcos at 20 yrs. Hoping for the best, need your prayers

BFP 6 months after MC

Yesterday (2/6/16) I officially confirmed that I am pregnant with First Reponse Early Response (FRER) dye AND digital tests. I am thrilled, anxious and still in a little bit of disbelief! But I wanted to make sure I wrote down and shared my experience this cycle -- hopefully it will help someone else, or even myself in the future.

I had an early miscarriage last August. After that, I downloaded the “Clue” app and started tracking my cycle each month. My cycles were very irregular at first, but in the past few months they have become somewhat more predictable. This was only my second cycle using OPKs.

Last cycle was 28 days, with a 10ish day luteal phase. So I was expecting the same this month. I didn’t end up ovulating until much later in my cycle though.

CD19: Unprotected sex; negative OPK
CD20: Negative OPK
CD21: Negative OPK (at this point, I was thinking maybe ovulation wasn’t in the stars for this cycle)
CD22: Positive OPK in the evening (woo! I almost didn’t even test today because I was feeling so discouraged after a string of negatives); globular, watery CM (almost like I peed myself); unprotected sex after seeing positive OPK
CD23: Another positive OPK; more unprotected sex; small twinges in my pelvic area that I assumed were ovulation cramps
CD24: Unprotected sex; OPK back to negative (according to Clue, this was my actual ovulation day)
CD25: Tender breasts; negative OPK
CD26: Tender breasts
CD27: Unprotected sex; watery CM; bloated/gassy; face broke out a little bit (usually happens leading up to period)
CD28: A little nauseous; skin not looking great; took a HPT because I’m crazy (obviously it was negative)
CD29: Had a GYN appointment
CD30: Went to the bathroom mid-morning and had some very light brown discharge/spotting on my pantyliner and a little more went in the toilet when I peed; I chalked this up to my pap smear the day before… now I think this was definitely implantation bleeding!
CD31: Negative HPT; skin back to normal
CD32: Negative HPT in the AM; squinter in the evening before I went to bed (Wondfo brand); tender breasts throughout the day (they were especially sore when I first woke up in the morning); very tired at work
CD33: Mind was racing all night; took another Wondfo test at 2 am… a very, very faint line showed up again. To see if it was an evap line, I dipped another test in water and it was stark white. I took a few more Wondfos over the next few hours. One was stark white (my pee was probably just not concentrated enough from going so much!), but another had the faint line. Ended up going to CVS to pick-up a FRER digital/dye test package AND the CVS digitial (generic version of Clear Blue Digital). Dipped the tests in the same urine I used for the faint positive Wondfo earlier. Got negatives on the CVS tests but CLEAR POSITIVES on both the FRER tests! I’ve read that FRER is much more sensitive, so I am 100% confident these are my BFPs. I will probably retest with the Clear Blue or CVS brand in a few days when my hcg has a chance to rise. Took another Wondfo a couple hours after getting the FRER positives just for peace of mind, and the line is definitely getting darker. Other symptoms: felt a little nauseous in the morning, and my breasts have been very tender all day (even a bit sore around my ribs right under my right boob). I’m currently wearing a sports bra, and it’s uncomfortable.
Just like my last pregnancy, the sore boobs were really the first symptom. Clue was predicting that my period would start on CD35, so the FRER showed results two days before my missed period (~9 dpo). Wondfo gave me a squinter three days before my missed period (~8 dpo).
CD34: BFP with CB Digital

I really hope this one sticks. Appreciate any prayers/positive thoughts you can send our way! I’m calling my doctor on Monday to schedule my first appointment. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in sooner than the standard eight weeks. I don’t think I can wait that long to know what’s happening in there!

BFP at 11dpo!!

Hi all!
This is my first time posting on here but I have been reading everyone's BFP stories for awhile trying to gauge whether it was finally my month or not-it kept me sane! Hoping I can now help someone else out with my symptoms :)
I'm 27, DH 26, DS 18 months. This was third month TTC but have been off BC for 6mo.

Used clear blue OPK this month to pinpoint O day. I do not temp, just used OPK's and O calendar app.
We BD'd on CD9, 11, 12, 14, 15, &16. O day was CD14 (received peak fertility smiley on OPK that morning, lots of EWCM, and twinges on right side).
1DPO- gassy, crampy, EWCM(normal O signs for me) also had some really bad random anxiety pangs in stomach, really out of the blue.
2DPO- BD'd, still more light cramping, lots of EWCM.
3DPO- EWCM,sore lower back, "sick" feeling (headache, dizzy, achy, tired)
4DPO-lower back pain, gas/cramping, no energy at all, sick feeling continues.
5DPO- twinges/pulling/sharp at times cramps in lower abdomen (around ovaries really), still no energy and feeling like I'm getting soreness begins.
6DPO- all symptoms continue except now with bloating and loose BM's too (sorry TMI!)
7DPO- all symptoms continue, aversion to milk and cereal (which I normally love! Doesn't make me gag, but just doesn't sound good)
8DPO- still all symptoms. noticed some brown flecks when I wipe, suspect it was implantation blood.
9DPO- all symptoms continue, plus had a crying fit over a small argument with DH lol
10DPO- all symptoms continue, cannot take it anymore-break down and test with FRER (not FMU) see a faint, I'm talking major squinter that DH and I both see! Then it disappears! BFN. Was down the rest of the day thinking it's not my month.
11DPO- all symptoms continue, take another test with FMU (this one was a rite aid brand) faint BFP! Feel like I must be seeing things and refuse to get too excited
12DPO- took another rite aid test in afternoon with slightly darker BFP!
13DPO- took digital test with FMU and pregnant reading :)

Really the cramps I was feeling did not feel at all like period cramps. They were very sharp/stabbing/twingy. Sometimes it felt like I had gas pains up higher in my stomach with no gas.
My bb's were only mildly uncomfortable (like only when you touch them or lay on them)not to have clothes touching them or anything. And they were not swollen (and still aren't!)
I had absolutely no noticeable CM. only EWCM right after O, and now today I've begun having some tiny amount of yellowy EWCM.
I am not due for AF for another 3 days still, so got my BFP 5 days before!

DH and I are so thrilled for baby #2, a little Halloween peanut :)

Baby dust to all you TTC'ers!

BFP at 12DPO - TTC for 3 months

So happy that I get to post here!!!

I stalked the TWW BFP stories for about 3 months before we started TTC and picked up some really good tips like using OPK's and I also used Conceive Plus as I do not normally get a lot of EWCM around ovulation time. This month we BD'd every 2nd day starting the first day of the fertile window and BD'd 4 days total including O day.

Main difference this month was very tender breasts and extremely sore nipples. Also I have Crohn's Disease and normally have a lot of gas and bubbling in my stomach and jump between diarrhoea and constipation but for the last 2 weeks I have had very normal bowel movements.

I actually didn't have as many symptoms as I would normally get before AF in the first week post ovulation but that might have to do with me trying not to think about it and trying to convince myself that I hadn't conceived this cycle but here they are :)

22/1 - Positive OPK in the AM
23/1 - Ovulation day(according to "Clue" App)
1 DPO - 5 DPO - Nothing at all
6 DPO - Really tired in the afternoon but got up at 5am for work so put it down to that
7 DPO - Same again, extremely tired in the afternoon after at 5am start. Took cheap internet test BFN(of course!)
8DPO - BFN again in AM with cheap test(I bought a pack of 50 on eBay so went nuts with POAS) Very thirsty all day and drinking heaps of water. Nipples starting to get sensitive which is normal for me before AF
9 DPO - BFN again in AM. Extreme dry mouth during the day and slight metallic taste. Went to bed and got up an hour later busting to pee(not normal for me). Nipples very sensitive(normal) but breasts also quite tender which I don't normally get.
10 DPO - No real symptoms other than sore breasts and sensitive nipples. Slight twinges in lower abdomen but didnt think much of it. BFN again in AM. Was about 100% sure I was out this month.
11 DPO - Breasts still crazy tender and feel huge! Nipples so sore and sensitive. Worked a night shift til 3am, got home and decided to do a cheap test before bed and super super faint 2nd line. Tried to brush it off and not get my hopes up.
12 DPO - Breasts + nipples still insanely sore. Did cheap test again with FMU, same very faint line. Told DH and he drove straight down to the chemist to get more tests. Tested with FRER and dark 2nd line straight away!!! I did another FRER a couple of hours later and same result!

Still in shock and so excited and nervous and freaking out all at the same time! Hope it sticks!!!!

Thank you to everyone who posted, your stories and advice were so helpful :)

Clomid BFP 10dpo!! God is Good.

It has been a long time waiting to write this story. It's a crazy one, but bear with me and I'll get to the good stuff :)
DH is 36 I'm 32. We've been together for 9 years and married for 5. We've always NTNP. After getting married, we decided to begin "trying". After a year of "trying" I went to my OB/GYN and asked him for help. My cycles are very regular, so we had DH SA (great) and then there was me. HSG test = all clear. On to Clomid. Now, around this time, someone prayed over me and told me I'd have not one but TWO children. I dreamed of being very early in my pregnancy, almost to the point that noone believed me. A doctor was hooking me up to machines and then I woke up. First round of Clomid=BFP. Around 7.5 weeks, I started spotting. I went to get an ultrasound at 8 weeks, no heartbeat. It was my dream. I was heartbroken. I was upset and angry with God for taking this away. I needed some time to recooperate, so I took a long year off and did some soul searching. I prayed more than I've ever prayed and seeked God with my whole heart. During that year, my sister who is very prophetic, told me I would be pregnant at the age of 32. That was two years away!! I continued to have faith anyway. In October of 2014, I had another dream. I dreamed that I was early pregnant again, and that a blonde lady told me " I know how to fix this." Fast forward to 33 weeks pregnant and I woke up. I knew it was time for us to try again. So, I took my last prescription of Clomid in December. NOTHING. In May, I went back to my OB/GYN and he started me back on Clomid 50 mg for three cycles. NOTHING. I didn't understand. Why was this not working? I prayed for healing.
In September at my three month checkup, my OB/GYN decided not to move me up to 100 mg (for the fear of multiples because I technically ovulate on my own) and had me do three more cycles of 50 mg. And then he would move me up to 100mg if that didn't work. I was furious and so upset!!
That night, I prayed and I cried out to God, "When?? When will this happen Father, I can't wait anymore!" He replied, "February".
After lots of prayer, I decided to call a Fertility Clinic and seek more help. On the day of my first appointment, my insurance had issues and I had to cancel. So, I decided to continue the Clomid.
Now, I have some co-workers that were seeing this Homeopathic/Spiritual Healing Doctor. I was curious. After lots of prayer, I felt I had to go. Here's where my story REALLY gets interesting. As I sat down with Barry, he asked me what was on my mind. I replied "well, infertility". He asked me how old DH and I were, our names, and if I'd ever been pregnant and what had happened. I told him of my loss at 8 weeks. He stared off for what seemed like an eternity before he finally said "Ok, your husband has stomach parasites. We can fix that easily and really clean up his sperm." Then to me he says "Now, I'm going to tell you something that is very scary, but I don't want you to be scared because we can fix this, ok?" I said "Ok....?" He says "You have two bloodclots that are very close to your heart, probably had them for 10 plus years, like 17 or 18 years old. Did you have dental work or braces at that age?" My heart sunk...."Yes" I replied. "I had a root canal at 17". He says "That's when they formed. They're causing your body to work too hard, thus preventing pregnancy from sticking. You're also highly anemic." I was so stunned at this point. Not only had DH NOT even been there at all, but he had told me that something was wrong with his stomach? DH had a colonoscopy two years ago and they couldn't find anything wrong!! Anemia? I give blood and my iron is always borderline. The Red Cross also had just recently called to ask if I would donate platelets because my count was so HIGH! I was just blown away. He then says " Now get this done, I see twins". I'm like "Excuse Me??????"
So, I had two months of vitamins/herbs and iron (blackstrap molasses ewww) to get started on. After two weeks, I felt like a new person! I had energy, I could breathe better!
It gets better.......
My OB/GYN is a guy, and while I'm sitting at Barry's store, I get a text that said he would be on extended medical leave until mid January!
So, I wait until December (knowing that I'm supposed to get bumped up to 100 mg Clomid in January) and I ask what I'm supposed to do. The nurse calls me back and says "We're sticking you with Dr. so and so and they want you monitored, so day 21 progesterone test, day 28 ultrasound and then we will bump you to 100 mg."
No lie, I hung up the phone, googled this new Dr. and my jaw hit the floor. SHE was BLONDE. What are the odds? My dream is coming to pass!!!!!