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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP After 3 Months

My husband and I will be first time parents in May!! We've been TTC for a little over 3 months now and got our positive pregnancy test just yesterday! My symptoms during the TWW are below, but I will say that I often experienced more "symptoms" in other months and I ended up not being pregnant. So this is to encourage any of you who aren't feeling hardly any symptoms...It's still possible!

O Day - I felt cramping in my ovaries and knew it was time to we did!

3-7 DPO - Nipples began to get sore and more erect; I noticed that I was using the bathroom more while working and was getting annoyed with it.

8-14 DPO - Still urinating often; Bbs began getting sore all over and feeling more heavy; Started noticing smells from everywhere, but not all the time; Moody/emotional

15-20 DPO - Still urinating often; Extremely tired, fell asleep on the couch in evenings; emotional

Day before testing - Very light pink dots (like 2) on toilet paper when I wiped happened only twice (upset that period might be coming, but now I know it was implantation bleeding).

Day of testing - Absolutely no appetite; still urinating often; decided to test on a ClearBlue and got a BFP! Tested 2 more times on Walmart brands and got positives...almost immediately!

We're so excited and I wish all the luck in the world to anyone out there still trying!

BFP after 4 years of trying

Hi ladies,
I've been an avid stalker of this board for years! I have 3 sons and had been trying for #4. I always said if I got my BFP I would post my symptoms. However they aren't to eventful.. But here goes.
1-7dpo-absolutely nothing
8dpo- weird 45 minute hot flash (thinking implantation)
9dpo- weird burping episodes (all day) sore nipples
10dpo-excessive yawning, very sore nipples
11dpo-sore nipples , gassy
12dpo-sore nipples (started to think something was up)
13dpo-sore nipples, sleepy
14dpo- still sore nipples
15dpo-22dpo- convinced AF was coming even though I was 8 days late .. Finally took test that evening and BFP!!!!!!! So surprised and still not many symptoms except extreme hunger and sore nipples.


I was told by my doctor that i couldnt have anymore Fermera (7.5mg) until I had a visit with her. So I was bummed this cycle as I knew I wouldn't ovulate and my cycle would just drag on. I was drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea a lot this cycle and noticed tons of EWCM around CD 17 ... Not taking it seriously we BD'd 3-4 times around that EWCM time.

O day - EWCM, shooting pain Left side.
1-5 DPO - nothing
6 DPoO - Gassy like crazy
7 DPO - when things started to change. I felt like AF was coming hard but one week early? thats odd for me
8 DPO - Bloated, and felt tons of pressure down below all day. Like aching heavy pressure
9 DPO - Same feeling but SO bloated. Like i was 6 months preggo. Pain and pressure. Feeling SO sleepy that I NEED a nap after work ( feel like I implanted this day
10 DPO - Feeling achy and bloated again but not so intense. When I wipe while on the toilet I see light pink watery CM ( hummm? period) later this day the colour was dark brown and very little.
11 DPO - BFP with FMU!!!!!

This is my 5th Pregnancy all others have resulted in miscarridge. Feeling hopeful.

Super faint BFP at 10 dpo

Hey everyone! Well my husband and I tried for 2 months this past March and April and then we found out we would be moving internationally so we decided to take a break for awhile so we could enjoy our travels and would think about having a baby later down the road. I was thinking it was going to take forever as my cycles has been messed up after having taken a birth control shot around a year ago and my cycles have always been long (>35 days).

Well, we have been in Europe for 2 months now and we are pregnant! I had only had 1 semi-normal 42 day cycle so I was totally shocked! I really enjoyed this website in the past to look at other people's symptoms and stories so I thought I would share mine in hopes of helping other people.

I had 5 days of EWCM and we did it on day 2 and 5 and I ovulated the 6th day. I am actually surprised at how late I ovulated after having had EWCM for so many days so my advice would be to keep BDing even after the fertile CM disappears.

O day (CD 22)- no CM, BD the night before, no symptoms
1 DPO- nothing
2 DPO- did a deep cleaning of our apartment and after my lower back killed all night long, I thought it was from vacuuming but this was new for me, I never have low back pain
3 and 4 DPO- I slept so much this weekend. I slept 13+ plus hours for 3 days in a row. It is not unlike me to sleep in but to sleep in 3 days straight and still feel tired was a bit odd. No CM.
5 DPO- Incredibly gassy, I usually eat pretty gluten free so this is very strange for me, I was so bloated and couldn't stop passing gas! I started to think maybe something was up.
6 DPO- Heartburn during sleeping
7 DPO- Super moody. Snapping at my husband for no reason. Had two glasses of wine that night and it tasted delicious- whoops (unlike what other women have experienced on here).
8 DPO- Started to run home with my dog because it started to rain and my boobs were SO sore! This never happens to me. I went home and took a test and a very very faint BFP. You had to squint but it was definitely there!
9 DPO- Another faint line on BFP
10 DPO- Line still faint but starting to get darker

I have a doctor appointment on 13 DPO to confirm. I hope that my BFPs will continue to get darker.

Good luck to everyone else!

BFP 9dpo following 2 miscarriages and with pcos

I know this is a cliche but I cannot believe it is our turn again. I promised myself I would post here if I ever was blessed with another bfp to inspire others as this site has been such a comfort during our ttc journey. I have 'skinny' pcos with long, irregular cycles. I have a four year old daughter who was conceived in the run up to our wedding. We have been trying for baby number 2 since April 2013. I had what they described as a 'chemical' pregnancy in July 2013. To say we were devastated was an understatement. I then went to fertility consultant and was started on clomid 50mg in March 2014. I was lucky to conceive 2nd cycle of clomid in April 2014. Roll on 8 weeks and we were devastated to learn of a missed miscarriage at approx 5-6 weeks. We were completely unprepared for this and I chose the medical management. Roll on 13 months later and I have done 3 rounds of tamoxifen with ovulation but no pregnancy, then finished the final 4 rounds of clomid. On to 6th and final cycle of clomid and went to our first ivf appointment on cycle day 49. Consultant tested amh level which to our relief was high at 54, however due to this and my pcos he was reluctant to start ivf due to high risk of hyper stimulation. He suggested ovarian diathermy which I was not keen on followed by iui. He also scanned me and noticed follicle on right ovary about to rupture and uterine lining thin. We used this last chance saloon and bd as often as we could. Cannot believe I'm posting my bfp story 9dpo. Praying for a sticky bean this time.
What I did: ovulation tracking, acupuncture, bd o-5, o-3, o-2, o-1, pineapple core post ovulation, wore socks post ovulation and used hot water bottle around uterus to keep womb 'warm'

1-2dpo, nothing, took daughter to theme park and went on all the rides
3dpo tender beasts (normal for me)
4dpo- backache, bloated, tender breasts, lots of walking
5dpo- backache, bloated, tender breasts, lots of walking
6dpo - bloated, tender breasts
7dpo - bloated, increased appetite, tender breasts
8dpo - gassy, fatigue, diarrhoea, tender breasts. Bloated
9dpo - tender breasts not so tender, fatigue, tested pm urine and got BFP on clear blue digital 1-2 weeks.

Pray for us that this little bean will stick and our journey through infertility and loss will have a happy ending.x


I have been anxiously awaiting the day that I could post on here with my BFP story and figured my insight signs and symptoms might be beneficial to others in their dreaded 2ww! We've been ttc for 6 cycles using OPK's, temping, and Fertility Friend App. Here are my signs and symptoms.

O Day- OH, the pain. Literally. Felt like I knew the exact second the egg blew from my ovary.
1 DPO- Severe headache. Temp shot up confirming O. Nipples on fire! This is normal for me post O.
2-6 DPO- Nipple soreness went away almost completely after 2 DPO. Usually stay sore for a full week. Why do I have a headache? Tacky, sticky gum like cm. This is my normal for the luteal phase. I'm cold? And my nose is stuffy. Allergies for sure. Extremely tired. Work long night shift, kindergarten is starting for my 5 year old. Definitely just wore out.
7 DPO- Weirdest pulling sensation on left side, almost feels like inside my hip. Lasts several hours, stops. Implantation? Still tired. Creamy cm, then EWCM. Am I ovulating AGAIN? Temps still up and negative OPK. Okay, this is unusual for me. Too early but POAS BFN.
8 DPO- More EWCM today. Temps still up. Negative OPK. What's going on here? Hormonal imbalance somewhere I'm sure. Just tired today. So irritated with everyone. POAS- BFN
9 DPO- Dull pains in my left side shooting down my left leg. I've definitely been on my feet too much. Feeling super skinny today? YAY! Feeling tired but motivated and loving today. LOTS of EWCM. RIGHT nipple is sore? Just the right one! Crazy body. Bouts of dizziness through the day but I have a huge history of this so nothing new there. POAS at 7 p.m.- BFN. Went to bed and woke up at 2 a.m. feeling hot, flushed, and had very vivid dreams about everyone at my work getting BFP's.
10 DPO- Being that its 2 a.m. it could be 9 or 10 dpo depending how you look at it. Decided to POAS with Easy at Home HCG strip for fun. Can't sleep and I'm obsessed... Look at the strip within 1 minute and see a shadow like line. Is it real? No way. I just tested several hours before and didn't even get a squinter. How could it be?! I've be POAS obsessed for 6 months and this is the first even HINT of a line I've ever seen. Had a FRER left over from last month...POAS-BFP. A clear BFP!!

Every other month during the TWW I have had loads of symptoms. Cramping constantly, bloated looking 5 months pregnant, and just every little move my body made I thought was pregnancy. This month I literally had basic symptoms that truly could be related to other things. I even told DH I felt so normal there's no way I could be pregnant and we both considered myself out for the month at 3 dpo. Temps NEVER dropped at implantation, and I never had implantation bleeding. The only thing that made me even THINK I was still in for the month was the EWCM I never get, not even at O. Now to figure out a fun way to tell DH!

Hashimotos. Low AFC, Low AMH, BFP

I have read every board out there and I promised once I got my BFP, I would write about it to give others with Hashi's hope.
Here is a little about me. I am 34 (35 in 2.5 months) and I gave birth to my little girl 14 months ago (conceived her 2nd month trying) and she is perfect, very smart and very advanced from what we can see. My TSH during pregnancy was normal. About 4-5 months after having her, I noticed I had a lot of sadness. I was even seeing a therapist thinking i was depressed. I was picking fights with my husband, and he even said though I did not believe him that I seemed to have a hormonal imbalance.
About 2 months later, I went to the doctor because I had a cold that would not quit. I mentioned my severe constipation since being pregnant which never went away. She recommended they test my thyroid, saying sometimes thyroditis happens after pregnancy.
My TSH came out at 13.2 and I tested positive for thyroid antibodies. I had Hashimotos though I did not know it. I went on 25 mcg Synthroid. I felt better, had it tested a few weeks later and it was 4 something. Convinced by OB to let me take a little more Synthroid because I wanted to conceive again soon and knew TSH needed to be between 1-2 (based on what I read online not based on anything my GP or OB were telling me-they kept saying it was in normal range). I got it down to under 3 (2.78 I believe) by taking 1 extra pill a week per OB's recommendation. Then I read an article about how important iodine is to hypo patients. Read the label of my prenatal, no iodine. Ran out and bought some. 2 weeks later I did not feel right, still trying to conceive (2nd month now) and sure enough TSH jumped back up to 5.2 (it was likely the iodine by the way - it is important but interacts with thyroid medication even if take at opposite ends of the day). Right then and there, I was done. I literally felt hopeless. It was one thing after the next. Made an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist and saw her the same day. She said my TSH was way off (at 5.2) because I was on the wrong dose. She took me up to 100 mcg (3-3.5 times what I was taking). I also began taking a prenatal she recommended called Vita Pearl - has everything in it in one little pearl pill - iodine, folic, everything. 3 weeks later TSH was at 1.5. Turns out you do need iodine when trying to conceive so you need to get it (even for Hashi's patients) but you need to adjust your Synthroid dose accounting for taking the iodine. Perfect, I thought, this is our month. Turns out it was not. My cycle which had always been regular was all over the place and though I was using OPKs, those seemed all over the place too. I said, ok, well my TSH just got regulated. Maybe I just need one more month with a normal TSH and some monitoring to make sure all is well.
Had the AFC count at CD 3 and CD 7 with saline ultrasound (my uterus was called beautiful multiple times by my doc). This plus bloodwork left me with a sad diagnosis (so I thought) - low AFC (only 9-11 follicles) and AMH of 0.6. I was literally devastated. Fortunately, I did not have time to be down. I was already on Cycle Day 7 by the time I found this out and little did I know it but my body was gearing up to ovulate (I had a 14 mm follicle on CD 7). I ended up ovulating on cycle day 12, which is early for me. I highly recommend OPK kits which we were using all along anyway but this month seemed different. I was planning on going on Clomid next month if it did not work out and IVF next year if Clomid did not work - I was stressed about the AFC and low AMH. I should mention my LH and FSH (5.2) were perfect.
Thus began the baby dance. We did have intercourse every day (except 1) and I was 100% sure when I ovulated, due to ovulation pains, OPK, and I convinced my doc to do an ultrasound (might as well monitor the whole cycle since I had already started out monitoring, right?). She confirmed ovulation by ultrasound and the tech could see the corpus luteum. I ovulated on the right side.
I became very religious with my symptoms and wrote every detail down. I know people say that you cannot feel anything early on, but I promise I have in both pregnancies felt and known when I was pregnant. I did have implantation bleeding this time which helped a lot to know I was pregnant. Finally, I should mention I took progesterone supplements the month before just in case (as my progesterone on CD 20 the month before was low). Doc said it was unlikely I was pregnant (started them too late for them to help), but i took it anyway (Endometrin) and took it again this month starting 3 days after ovulation.
BBT before ovulation: 97.7-98.0 F; BBT after 98.2-98.9 F (most common 98.4-98.6 F)

Unexpected Miracle - battling through Endometriosis & Crohn's

Let me just start by saying this TOTALLY caught us by surprise! We had been trying off and on for about 6 months to get pregnant. Since it had not happened yet, and since we are both still fairly young, we decided to just give it a break for a while. After all, I figured it would be hard for me to get pregnant anyways with my health history (endometriosis & Crohns Disease). After we stopped trying to get pregnant, that's when we conceived :)

I have a fairly regular 27-28 day cycle with ovulation falling around CD 13-14.

DPO 1-8: literally no symptoms at all. {I recognized more "symptoms" in the months I didn't conceive than I did this month!}

DPO 9: feeling very nauseated this morning and afternoon until around 2:00. {didn't think anything of it since a coworker of mine had just gotten over the stomach bug}.

DPO 10: nausea in the morning and afternoon until around 1:30 or 2:00; fatigued (normal PMS symptom for me, though)

DPO 11: {morning} no nausea; {evening} light pink, "gooey" spotting (thought I was starting my period 5 days early)

DPO 12: no spotting, very dry; no symptoms except fatigued.

DPO 13: thinking for sure it would be a negative pregnancy test, I took an Internet cheapie anyways. BFP!!!! (Test line appeared before control line). In disbelief, I took another one. Another BFP!! {cue total shock!} My best friend suggested that I go to the store immediately and get a digital test. So I did. Results: PREGNANT 2-3 WEEKS! Crazy shocked.

DPO 14-15: fatigued & moody (crying, laughing, and mad -- at crazy things -- all within 30 minutes).

DPO 16: blood test confirmed pregnancy at doctor's office; confirmed 4 weeks along at this point

DPO 16-20: nauseous from around 10-1:30 every day; very tired all of the time; extremely hungry but can't seem to eat a lot at a time (I get full very easily); VERY sensitive to smells; very emotional.

I hope this story gives hope to someone battling endometriosis and/or Crohn's disease! God has a plan & will fulfill His plan at just the right time! Hang in there, and God bless :)

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my symptoms leading to a BFP (this pregnancy ended in a MC)

BDd on 13.6. and 15.6. (Late night ~ 11pm)

16.6. - O day: cramps on right side, headache, still got a cold with stuffy sinuses, watery cm, face broke out big time
1dpo: cramps on left side, lower back pain, weird stitches on right lower abdomen, lots of watery/creamy cm, headache, hot flushes, fatigued, bit dizzy
2dpo: woke up hungry, bit dizzy, back and abdominal pains gone but af like "very" light cramping, tried on dresses and felt sweaty, had af like cramping
3dpo: woke up hungry again, af like cramping, watery cm with ewcm streaks through it. Sore breasts, especially left one. Major af like cramping while swimming. Still congested sinuses
4dpo: constipated, sore nipples.
5dpo: tired, light cramping, lower back pain on left, hungry, out of breath
6-8dpo: sore breasts in the evening, headaches, have to take a nap at lunchtime, craving coca cola.
9dpo: headaches, tired, nap in pm, af cramping, stinging on lower right abdomen, breasts super sore and heavy.
10dpo: bfn, breasts not as sore anymore, think I'm out. Strong af like cramping at night. Bad night's sleep.
11dpo: frequent urination, light headed and daydreaming, heartburn at night, tender boobs, especially under right arm, some shooting pains in right nipple, gassy. Nothing sounds good to eat but feel hungry.
14dpo: headaches, af cramps, totally think I am out!
17dpo: still no af, will buy a test today as I am feeling so dizzy and shaky.
20dpo: never got around to buying the test until today and BFP! omg... we are having a baby!!

5w2d: no sore boobs anymore, what's happening? feeling sad.
5w3d: cramping
5w4d: it's my birthday...bleeding heavily, passing clots, feeling distraught, I can't believe I am going through this.

Bye Bye little angel, fly high! we will never forget you even if it hasn't been a long time knowing you were there.

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Second time around

I am 36 and DH 42. I posted my BFP story a few years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter who will be 3 soon. When I wrote my first story, I had no symptoms what so ever. In fact my entire pregnancy I wouldn't even had known I was pregnant if I hadn't carried a water melon in my belly. I kept waiting for my symptoms but really had none at all, not even sore boobs, nothing. DH and I have been trying for our second baby for 5 months. Every month was like every other except this month. I knew even before I took my test that I was pregnant. I have had symptoms in adundance so I will share with you what I have experienced so far.

1 - 5 DPO - Nothing unusual
6 DPO - Cramping and pulling feeling and constant headache. Instinct tells me not to drink my wine. I have a sip but it tastes funny so I pour it away.
7 DPO - Cramping and my nose is stuffy. Constant headache, tired.
8 DPO - Cramping, feel extra warm at night, very gassy, headache, toothache and my tooth chips. Tired
9 DPO - Bloated, feeling nauseous, started craving red meat (I am not a big meat eater), thirsty and headache. Very tired.
10 DPO - Sense of smell hightens, headache, still craving meat, heartburn, boobs start hurting, Very tired.
11 DPO - Boobs very achey and sore to touch. They are bigger and feel very heavy. Nipples start hurting. Headaches become quite bad. Nausea. Food starts tasting weird. I even asked my DH if the meat was off and he said No.
12 DPO - Boobs very sore. Heartburn, very hungry, thirsty, hot at night, cramping and a bubble popping feeling on my left side by my ovaries. When I stood up at work, I had a sharp pain on my left side almost as though there was a piece of rope which was too short attached to my uterus area. Lower back hurts
13 DPO - Popping bubble feeling continues. Still have a headache. Heartburn. Very tired. Boobs still hurt, so do nipples. Bloated. Lower back aches.
14 DPO - Cramping, headache, I can smell everything, nausea, I have completely gone off coffee. Need to pee a lot now. Thirsty, Feeling very emotional, cried over something silly, starting to forget what i was doing or a whole load of "pregnancy brain" things. Lots of CM. Watery mouth. Metallic taste starts. Feeling completely drained, no energy and no motivation to do anything. Very stuffy nose but very dry nose and it burns when I inhale through my nostrils.
15 DPO - 2 days late and kind of know I am pregnant by now so finally give in and test. BFP on cheapie!! 2 bright red lines.

My first pregnancy as I said, no symptoms at all. This time round I have had almost all of them in the first few days. Each pregnancy is so different but instinct told me I was pregnant. We didn't do anything different or have any special diet. Baby dust to all x

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