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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

TTC for 2 months!

As almost everyone that post on here comment on how they stalked the other user posts and I did exactly the same!

1-3 DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary

4 DPO:
Slight twinges and very sore in lower abdomen when sneezing
Had a little bit of wine and made me feel very drunk
Bit bloated
Breaking out on my face a bit

5 DPO:
Cramps and very sore when sneezing
Going to the bathroom a lot!
Very tired in the afternoon
Still breaking out on my face

6 DPO:
Didn't really sleep well woke up and didn't feel tired at all
Full feeling
Very windy
Had extreme chills and hands were freezing cold! Came and went for about 3 hours. (This was the one symptom that stood out for me that was unmistakably implantation signs!)
Going to the bathroom a lot
Very hungry
Quite tired
Just feel pregnant :)
Sneezing quite a bit and runny nose
Very tired late afternoon

6 DPO:
Felt very nauseous for a few seconds this morning thought I was going to throw up
slight headache
little bloated
itchy nose - sneezing
Lots of chills during the day
Tired already at 9:30am!
Pressure on bladder
Nausea coming and going throughout day
Metal taste in mouth
Bit constipated
Peeing a lot and feeling very cold
Still breaking out
Eating a hell of a lot
Very emotional

7 DPO:
No real symptoms
Craving sweet stuff and eating a hell of a lot
Little bit of a full feeling and very slight cramps

9 DPO:
Very nauseous and couldn't even look at sushi which I usually love!
Also turned my nose up at a glass of wine which I never do!

10 DPO:
Didn't test today as I didn't have any early detection tests
Didn't sleep well, woke up the first time at 12am and felt wide awake
Bit nauseous and coffee stinks
Smells are very vivid
Runny nose
Feeling very cold
Quite gassy
Now feeling very hot and flushed around 2pm!
Tight/full feeling lower abdomen
Hot and cold on and off
Lower back pain
BFN the evening

11 DPO:
Tested at 4am and VERY faint line!!!!!!
Tested again at 5pm and again a faint line!!!!
Tingling breasts - a bit sore but not too bad

12 DPO:
Breasts fell very full when I got up this morning
Did the digital Clear blue test and it was positive for 1-2 weeks!!

We are completely over the moon!

Hang in there ladies!!

My BFP Story

This has been a very interesting year TTC. My husband and I been together for 9 years. We been married since July of 2014. Since our wedding, we have been TTC. We have tried in the past on and off but never conceived, so I would say we been TTC officially for 18 months. With that being said, Our TTC journey finally landed in a BFP!

Here are some things we tried over the year TTC
- quit smoking ( cigarettes)
- used OPKS
- took Folic acid
- soft cups
- preseed
-easy@ home opks
- charting with Fertilty Friend
- had an HSG done ( everything turned out positive and tubes were open, I highly encourage women to get an HSG done as the pregnancy rates increases for women after this procedure. My doctor informed me that, women tend to fall pregnant with 3 months after an HSG, I can say that I have my HSG done in April and I got my BFP exactly 3 months later! It's worth a try!!

-This month I ovulated on cd 18 of a 26 day cycle. Once ovulation was confirmed we used only Preseed and soft cups. We used preseed before BD and put preseed in the soft cup before inserting it in. This help to keep the spermies closer to the cervix and allowing lubricant for the spermies to swim.
- I also ate pineapples spears not the core leading up to ovulation. The core was nasty to me! Yuck!

I am over excited to be here sharing my story as I told hubby " I want a A BFP for our anniversary" and sure enough after our anniversary trip from Miami I came home took a test and it was a faint BFP at 10 dpo. 11 dpo confirmed BFP with clear blue digital. The only symptoms I had was sore boobs and frequent urination I still have today. My temps have been high as 98.6 since 9 dpo when it's normally around 97.7.

I want wish everyone who received a BFP A healthy pregnancy and for those still TTC, stay positive and give it your all each and every month, you will indeed land your BFP. As always I'm here for support if needed!

Our Rainbow

Our rainbow baby
We lost our son at 17 weeks in May. It is the worst thing DH & I have ever been through.
We feel so blessed to be expecting so soon.
DH: 37 ME: 28

Period started June 29th. I have a 30 day cycle.

CD 1: Period started. No cramping. Light pink and brown
CD 2: period. Heavy and dark red.
CD 3: period. medium dark red. Minimum clots.
CD 4: period ended. Brown cm.
CD 5: Brown cm (lots)
CD 6: Brown cm (med)
CD 7: Brown stretchy cm (minimal )
CD 8: White creamy cm (minimal )
CD 9: White creamy sticky cm ( minimal ), CP soft medium closed.
CD 10: same as above
CD 11: same as above, tender heavy feeling breasts, strange tugging feeling in uterus (to early for ovulation).
CD 12: clear watery cm (minimal ), feeling moist, mild cramping left side, CP soft medium closed, very tired (couldn't get out of bed. slept 11 hours. missed work). DTD @ 12:20am.
CD 13: crampy off and on all day , clear watery cm, pinching in left and right side CP soft medium closed.
CD 14: Nausea, less cramping, EWCM, CP soft high open. O? DTD@ 11:00pm.
CD 15: mildly sore breasts, mild nausea in AM (maybe from O)
CD 16 : pimples on forehead, runny nose in am, cream white cm, mildly tender breasts. DTD@ 11:30pm. Vagina sore after (possible YI?) Will monitor over the next few days.
1 dpo: hot flashes, pinching lower back left side, EWCM, tired, tender breasts. DTD @ 11:00pm (just in case).
2 dpo : tender breasts, tired, spasms in uterus, cramping, shooting pain up rectum, pulsing on left side of lower abdomen.
3 dpo: pinching on left side, tender heavy feeling breasts, shooting pain up rectum, heavy feeling in vagina. EWCM? (clear with white). Tired slept on and off all day.
4 dpo: stretchy-ish (cloudy egg white) cm, cramping on left side, no appetite, burning sensation in lower abdomen on left side (for around 20 seconds), mild tingling sensation in breasts (maybe in my head?) Late O?, DTD 12:30AM.
5 dpo: EWCM, diarrhea, shooting pain up rectum, exhausted by 7:00pm, cramping.
6 dpo : ewcm, up to pee 3 times at night, slept 13 hours, pimples, Nausea, heartburn, dreamt about being pregnant and rock bands, hot flashes.
7 dpo : up to pee every hour. at 6:15am pink spotting only when I wiped, headache, heartburn, cramping, craving for chocolate.
8 dpo : cramping, pinching on left side of lower abdomen, sore throat, frequent urination, clear & creamy white cm, feeling dry, headache, heartburn.
9 dpo : emotional, itchy feeling vagina, clear & creamy white cm (slightly stretchy), milky cm, sore breasts ( mild), craving chips like crazy for the past few days. finally succumbed and bought Pringles (ate the whole thing ) craving went away lol.
10 dpo : frequent urination, mild cramping, white milky cm, large pimples on chest. couldn't sleep so I decided to take a pregnancy test and BPF!!!!!

*****Baby dust to everyone!

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BFP 11DPO whilst on demand breastfeeding!

So after 6 months of trying we are finally pregnant!! Yayay.

We practice attachment parenting and cosleep and breastfeed still. My son is 17 months old and feeds on demand. My first PPAF returned when my son was 13 months old. We have been TTC since that point using OPKs and having sex every other day or almost every day of my cycle. 2 months ago after receiving a positive OPK on clear blue advanced digital. I went in for a blood test about a week later to see what my progesterone levels were and they were a dismal 0.2 meaning the OPK was wrong and we never ovulated. Our doc said it was because my son was breastfeeding so regularly. We decided that we wouldn't try so hard each month as it was wearing my husband down and he felt under immense pressure, so we just let nature take its course. This month we only had sex 3 times as I used an OPK again and it was positive a lot earlier than I thought it would be. We had blood taken a week later and sure enough we ovulated. DH and I thought that we had missed the window. But today at 11DPO we got our much wanted BFP!!

What we did different was- I was working almost full time so bubs was going about 7 hours between feeds during the day. We only DTD 3 times (compared to 20 plus times previous months) and we definitely relaxed more about it.

I also have NO symptoms to report. I felt less pregnant this month than any other month this year. Also we had a BFN 9DPO AND 10DPO so please don't give up hope on the early BFN! I seriously thought we were out this month. The only symptoms I've had has been feeling a little tired and having hot and cold flushes. That's it! Hoping for a happy and healthy 9 months. Keep your hopes high everyone, try to take off the pressure and for nursing moms TTC use an OPK and try to space out feelings longer.

Warmest luck to everyone!!!!

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BFP - TTC 1st Month!

We did not expect this to happen so soon, and we understood that sometimes it can take a while. Of course the first month ttc, we got a BFP! We were actually traveling, and I was wondering if I ovulated later as a result. I've been charting for three - four months, checking my cm for two, and cp for one. While traveling, we went across two time zones, so I would either wake up earlier to keep the time straight or use the online calculator to add the necessary amount of time (usually .2 degrees at most).

1 - 4 dpo: Traveling on the road, so I wrote off any symptoms as sitting too long in the car, and recovering from a long trip.

5 dpo: While working out, I felt a sharp pinching above my left hip in my lower abdomen. I thought it was a pulled muscle, so I stopped working out when it didn't go away. It felt like someone was poking me with a needle in the same place, and the pain was radiating down my leg. It didn't hurt too badly, but was uncomfortable. It kept coming and going throughout the evening.

6 dpo: The pinching feeling came and went throughout the day, and I felt an abdominal pressure as well.

7 dpo: I kept getting short of breath while cleaning, which was strange to me. I also had a slight wave of nausea, but not too extreme. I also had a pink tint to my cm, but I spotted last month so I became convinced I was out. Because of the pinching the days before, I decided to test, knowing it would be BFN... POAS - BFN (dollar store test). Later that night, I felt a pulling under my belly button like a string was attached underneath it (I had this last month as well, so I wrote it off as nothing).

8 dpo: Barely slept, and I felt really bloated and full that day. No more pinching and no symptoms to notice.

9 dpo: My bbs were tender, and DH made a joke about me being pregnant because of that. I still had the same pressure to my lower tummy, but I thought af was coming. POAS - BFN (dollar store test)

10 dpo: Shortness of breath again, tender bbs, really tired early in the afternoon (I don't usually experience this, but I didn't sleep well), and slight heartburn (the heartburn didn't alarm me because I get that a lot, and I will occasionally have sore bbs before af).

11 dpo: Temp went way up today (it had been really low and close to the coverline so I was really convinced I was out). On the way to work, the shortness of breath was following major heartburn (almost felt like anxiety), and it stayed around most of the day. I struggled through my usual workout. I went home at lunch (which I never do!), and while sitting there feeling the heartburn occur, I randomly thought of those stories where women take a hpt, get a bfn, and throw it away only to find out later it was a bfp.... I went upstairs and looked, sure enough BOTH tests from 7dpo and 9dpo had faint bfp lines!! I was so shocked, I decided to use my last dollar store hpt and poas - bfp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the store after work and bought a few more expensive tests to check (First Response). BFP, BFP!

12 dpo: Same heartburn, same shortness of breath, same crampy feeling. POAS FMU- BFP (Clearblue Easy Digital: 1-2 weeks)! It's still so unbelievable. I ended up taking another test that afternoon to confirm again (Fact Plus): BFP!

13 dpo: Same as yesterday and the day before! Slight nausea. More creamy cm.

14 dpo: No more heartburn, but still short of breath a little, and still a little crampy (most likely from gas/bloating, sorry tmi!). It feels like I did an ab workout the wrong way and still feel the strange soreness from it. That's been on and off the last few days. Slight nausea.

I still can't believe it. Had it not been for those random stories I searched, I would have had to wait a few days. My symptoms had me convinced af was coming, and I’m still feeling crampy and tired. I've been checking my cm everyday, and everyday it's become more and more creamy (tmi). I also feel really strange, but I know it's a good sign (HSC cp). I am now 4 weeks pregnant with a doctor’s appointment scheduled next week to confirm everything with a blood test.

I attached my chart, and I wanted to wait until 18 dpo to submit this, but I'm so excited!

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Finally I get to share my bfp story!!

First off I have been reading these bfp stories for three years. I have two children from a previous relationship. My dh and I were not able to conceive and when we finally did we miscarried. We found out the infertility was on my dh's part. He had surgery to fix a varicocele vein in Nov of 2014. After three months we weren't seeing any bfps. So I was sure we were out for good. But here we in July of 2015 with a bfp. So I can say that it is possible after 3 years. I poured over the bfps here every single cycle in hope that I would finally get a chance to post here. So Here goes!

Day before O bd like crazy
Ovulation day temp spike! CD 15!

Dpo 1 - 6: absolutely nothing (convinced I was out for the entire cycle)

( I had watery, lotiony cm, from 7 dpo on. I had this every cycle, but it's a bit more abundant then it was in my bfn cycles. Also I usually dry out a day or two before af.)

Dpo 7: went fishing with dh and the kids, got extremely car sick on the way home. (I usually do not get car sick on short rides like that,)

Dpo 8: woke up tired and grouchy and very congested.

Dpo 9: felt pain about an inch and half below belly button, nauseated, emotional.

Dpo 10: Sore boob, just the left and very itchy boobs, left boob looks bigger then the right. Nausea, tired, crabby, upset stomach. Had strange nightmares and hard to get comfortable at night. Temp starts to climb.

Dpo 11: Nipples sore, both boobs sore, the left hurts more then the right. Itchy boobs, the left looks way bigger then the other. Convinced I was out. Very difficult night sleeping but temps still up. Peeing a lot! Still convinced it is pms. Crabby and emotional. Refused to record anything that I felt because I was sure my period would show up. Walked into the kitchen at 12 a.m. and played whats that smell for a half hour. Finally cleaned the trash can in the middle of the night and washed the kitchen down.

Dpo 12: Nipples felt horrible, nausea upon waking up, tired, horribly crabby. Bad back pain, tossing and turning all night, bad hip pain at bed time, could hardly walk. I expected my temp to dip. Due to my temps dipping on 11, 12, and 13 dpo in the past I was sure it would fall. It was still up and climbing slowly. The peeing game continues. Dizzy while sitting and watching a movie. Scared the piss outta me I thought we were having an earthquake. Itchy boobs still.

Dpo 13: Temp still up this morning-- shocked and happy. Really digging these mood swings. I am convinced I am getting old and my body is falling apart. Boobs are sore and noticeable, hello headlights. Very tired and nauseated through out the day. I think the toilet has become my bff, I cannot stop peeing. I am entirely convinced I will see af every time I go to take a pee. I swear I keep feeling af about to happen! Bouts of hunger but then I eat and feel sick. Coffee tastes like garbage. My favorite laundry soap is now too flowery and I have to replace it. I got mad at my kids and dh in the store for no reason. I cried on the way home from the store for no reason. Dizzy again. Really tired. Itchy boobs.

Dpo 14: Told myself that a test would do no good. Even though my luteal phase is always 13 days precisely. I knew I was a day late and my temps were still up. I woke up just aching all over. My hip hurt, my elbow, my back. I couldn't get comfortable which I never had that problem before with this mattress it feels hard as a rock! Same stuff, sore boobs and nipples. Digging and pinching below belly button. Lots of peeing, nausea, mood swings, and now heat rash, plus mild cramping. I keep swinging between hot and cold I cannot make up my mind. Also I keep smelling weird smells and I cannot stop sneezing. So tired that I couldn't get through my daily routine. Spent most of the day in my pjs.
Dh bought me the new curved handled frer test and I broke down and took it at 5:00 pm! I was convinced it would be a bfn! BFP instantly!! We are both still in shock!

TTC for 3 month and BFP at 9 DPO

This is my 3rd month TTC for my second, my DS was succeeded on the first try. This time the first month have implantation bleeding at DPO 14 and very very faint BFP, just about to tell DH, AF came next day :(, guess it was a chemical. I normally have 31 day cycle and had clearblue smiley faces on both CD17&18 this month, I O at CD 19 (lots of CM, pain on the right ovarian), BD at CD 17,18 & 19 (at CD 19 BD really uncomfortable, feeling very painful on the right ovarian during...).
DPO 1-2, AF like cramp from ovulation, which is normal for me.
DPO 3-4, nothing
DPO 5, mild cramp, very very little pain no my nipple (I have small breasts).
DPO 6, back pain, very yellow creamy CM! Not normal for me at all, normally very dry until AF. Feel very energetic and did a lot of yard work!
DPO 7, Whole body pain maybe from yard work, but unusual back pain. Feel very energetic, not tired at all. More CM, white, feel nausea when looked at my dinner, did not eat that night. POAS and BFN in the afternoon.
DPO 8, More AF like back pain. Less CM. POAS and BFN in the afternoon.
DPO 9, Back pain! Tender breasts, POAS and BFP in the afternoon!
Generally I feel very energetic, not tired at all! No big feeling on my breasts even at DPO 14 (thought it was a big symptom for most women), unusual symptoms are back pain and more CM.
Fingers crossed it all goes well!!
Lots and lots baby dusts to YOU!!!

Faint positive 9dpo?

1dpo-6dpo no symptoms
7dpo woke up runny nose very congested very tired no energy felt like I'm coming down with a cold
8dpo still runny nose sleeping longer than usual experiencing wet cm upon wiping very bad gas cramps
9dpo pulling pain in uterus decided to test I think I have a faint positive gonna retest in a few days

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BFP 1st Month ttc @ 14dpo!

Hi all, this is my first post to the site. I have to say alot of the stories I have read on here has inspired and moved me, and also kept me sane this past week! LOL

Me (29) and my fiance (33) decided we wouldnt be careful anymore, and kinda see what happens - although I know we were both getting a bit broody this past 3/4 months!

I have a 26 day cycle, which is always regular.

Here are my symtoms...

1-8 dpo - nothing
9dpo - very sore boobs, kinda heavy tingling and burning.
10dpo - Cramping, a bit dizzy and sore boobs, little bit of pink cm
11,12,13 dpo - mild cramping, hipbones kind of tingling, sore boobs which have got bigger!
14dpo - BFP with CB digital, did 3 more!

*My CM had completely dried up from 5dpo (apart from pink cm @10dpo), thought I was out, then the cramping made me feel my AF was starting.

Feel so blessed, and hope everything goes well. A bit nervous, as it has happened quite quick, but whats meant to be will be.

Good luck ladies, and i will look forward to all of your stories in next coming weeks!


BFP with 1 month TTC after mirena removal

I can't believe I'm already able to post on this board. I've been reading all of the bfp stories for a few weeks and thought for sure it would be a while before I could share anything. However, here I am at 33 with my DH of 4 years who is 43. We are absolutely to the moon happy since getting our bfp on July 10. We are first time parents and heading to a family reunion tomorrow. Hopefully, I can keep our secret! Here's our story:

In February, I had my 5 year old mirena removed and was told we should wait at least two months before ttc so that we can track my periods and wait for my body to be in the best shape for conceiving. From what I understand I'm one of those rare people who opted for the IUD despite having never given birth.

By April, we weren't tracking or reading much of anything but still clumsily attempted to conceive. I had been taking prenatals, and was armed with an opk, but I wasn't even sure on which days were the best to bd. At the time, I didn't even know what the acronym "TTC" meant. And we ended up missing our window.

In May, I became fixated on getting it right and we prepared for our first real TTC month. I started tracking my ovulation with two types of OPKs, temps and cm. My husband travels A LOT and one of our biggest problems was this logistical nightmare. So, we decided that June would be the month we'd give it a real go and organized a mini vacation for me to be in whatever city he was scheduled to be in for the ultimate bd day.

I ovulated on either 6/29, 6/30 or 7/1 (obviously I'm still not great at this). BD on 6/28-7/1. I got my first very very light bfp at 7dpo. I didn't believe it because I thought it was an evap line since I had left the test on the counter and forgotten about it. I retook the test the next day. I did see another very light bfp but the line didn't show within the time frame. I had also learned that some women were using opks as a pregnancy test, and had started using them too. I got a OPK- and assumed I was bfn.

I waited until I was 9dpo to test again because I remember falling asleep nauseated. A very faint bfp showed up on the wondfo test within 5 mins. Later that day, after all of the Comic Con San Diego events that I was attending was complete I picked up a frer to confirm. I made it back to the hotel and tested in the evening and almost instantly I got a bfp on the frer. (Picture available)

I'm now 4 week +2 days with my first appointment coming up on Aug 7th.

Some symptoms:
* DPO 1-3: Nothing
* DPO 4: CM creamy, wet feeling all day, gassy
* DPO 5: Sore boobs if I jump or push them, peeing more, (but I had been drinking a lot more too so I guess more thirsty)
* DPO 6: Very mild cramping on right side, boobs remain sore, cm is unusually sticky when trying to rub off fingers (that has never happend), felt a little tired and took a nap in the afternoon.
* DPO 7: Mild soreness of boobs, feeling hot and sweaty, light headed like car sickness feeling in airplane (that never happens)
* DPO 8: Really weird salty foods taste EXTREMELY salty. I thought the chef went crazy on the salt on the fries, but the same issues with my favorite chips, and again with potatoes later in the evening. Felt nausea right before bed. (This is when I thought something might be up)
* DPO 9: Woke up at 2 am to poas, saw a really really faint line appear within 5 minutes.
* DPO 9: Mid day - Felt a little tired. Walking up mini stairs seemed challenging. Ate more chips and it tasted as though it was over salted. Noticed some back aches, thick cm in panties. Took a frer in the evening and got a BFP!

Please wish me luck as I mentioned earlier this is our first time, and I'm super nervous since the bfps were somewhat early.

Baby dust and love to all of the ttc couples. You can and will do it!