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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP after 1st round of clomid!!

I cannot believe I am actually writing my BFP story!! My DH and I have been trying to concieve baby #3 for almost 4 years. I was given clomid to start in April. Well after one cycle I got my BFP!!

CD 16 - Confirmed O day
1 dpo - sore bubs ( normal for me post o), gassy, very bloated - think it's from the clomid
2 dpo - Bbs sore, very light cramping, backache .. Bloating went down a little gassy, breaking out, headache
3 dpo - Boobs sore, nausea, headache , sharp pain left ovary for a second
4 dpo - Boobs sore, headache, crampy , bloating, back ache
5 dpo - Headache, nausea, sore boobs
6 dpo - Sore boobs and headache, fatigue
7 dpo - Sore boobs, pain left ovary, nausea
8 dpo - Brownish CM am, sore boobs very slight cramping am - more like aching. Blood tinge CM afternoon - start thinking this is implantation???
9 dpo - can't sleep.. Get up at 4 am and take test. A faint line?? No?? Really??
10 dpo - BFP fmu!! And several tests since to confirm!! Go to doc today for blood work!

I will say I think some of my symptoms during my TWW may have been clomid side effects. But DH and I are over the moon!!

Finally! A BFP at 11dpo

My hubby and I have been trying for a baby for 7 months now. I've been going back and forth on these boards every month checking my symptoms, day by day. And now I am finally able to post my own success story! Note- these symptoms aren't as detailed as previous months because I was trying sooo hard not to symptom spot and just relax.

1 dpo- Just ovulation cramps left side

2 dpo- I don't know if this was pregnancy related or not, but I craved chocolate milk. I had this craving all week long! I couldn't get enough of it

3dpo- Had 3 small reddish brown spots on my pantiliner. I freaked out, cause it was way too early to be implantation bleeding. I chalked it up to ovulation spotting, but after this BFP I don't know

4dpo- About 2:30am, I woke up to pee and found more pink spotting in my undies. I also wiped up a pink streak. When I got back to bed I had really bad cramps right in the middle, so bad that I couldn't sleep. I spotted a little more the rest of the day, and by about 2pm, it had stopped. I knew something was up after this

5dpo- Not much, but a few occasional cramps in the middle.

6dpo- Got up to pee about 3 times in one night, and I started to have back pain. During work that afternoon, I had a very sharp pain on my right side that took my breath away. It lasted for a good 10 minutes or so. Later that night I wiped up some more pink spotting, but it was only on the TP, it didn't make it to my undies. I knew right then that it was implantation

7dpo- No notes for this day

8dpo- Woke up on my birthday with sneezing and a stuffy nose. Had a bad headache, and nausea, like I was carsick. Slept pretty much the whole day, was very tired. When I was out shopping later that night, I was dying of thirst. Very unusual for me.

9dpo- Had bad nausea while taking my shower. More sneezing and congestion throughout the day

10dpo- Had a very faint BFP on a Target brand early result test. Could not believe my eyes! Took another test with FRER and had another very light positive. Wow! Noticed I was getting emotional and teary over everything. Also noticed my stools were really soft. I don't know if this is pregnancy related but it was weird.

11dpo- Had a much darker positive today on a FRER. This is it, it's really happening. I was tired all day long today, so tired I had to skip eating lunch and take a nap in my car. I never do that.

So, to sum it all up, I would have never thought it was my month if it wasn't for that implantation spotting. That totally gave it away.
Baby dust to all of you!

6 months, 1 m/c, and now we are pregnant again!

I know we all freak out during the tww, symptom spotting and I remember wondering if every little thing was a symptom. So I want to share my symptoms in hopes they help give somebody hope during their tww! Congratulations to everybody and their BFP! And baby dust to those who are waiting.

1-2DPO cramping, cervix medium height soft barely open
3DPO cramping, mildly sore bbs, gassy, cervix high/firm/closed
4DPO woke up with headache, hot flashes, mildly sore bbs, gassy, cervix high/firm/closed
5DPO left pelvic pain, cervix high/firm/closed
6DPO left pelvic pain, nausea, cervix high/firm/closed, slight dizzy spells
7DPO left pelvic pain, nausea, sensitive nipples, gassy, cervix high/soft/closed, slight dizzy spells
8DPO nausea, gas, cervix firm/medium height/closed, out of breath fairly easily, metallic taste in mouth
9DPO-10DPO bloated, contipation, left pelvic pain, mild cramping, slightly achey bbs(not tender to the touch they just ache)
11DPO slight nausea barely there, achey bbs, very bloated, trapped gas, constipation, very very very faint BFP I almost didn't even see it, light red/pink spotting right before bed
12DPO-13DPO waves of nausea, achey bbs, fatigue, lots of pinching sensation in my uterus and right ovary, woke up with brown spotting both days, BFP on digital, went in for beta test
14DPO waves of nausea, pinching feeling is still happing, bbs are getting more sore, spotting has turned very light brown/tan
15DPO nausea is becoming more frequent, bbs are very sore especially when I wake up, no more spotting, went in for another beta test and it doubled and now is at 596 Yay!

I drank raspberry leaf tea after my period up until ovulation day. I also did this with my 4 year old daughter. So I swear by it!

Bfp after depo

Omg!!! I'm sooo excited to finally post my bfp story! This site has eased my thoughts, answered my questions, and kept hope alive!! I am 27 and my husband is 29. We have a 5 year old daughter and finally decided to have another. 15 months ago I had one shot of depo and my first month ovulating was the cycle previous to my bfp. Here's my symptoms:

CD1-4: AF
CD 13: BD (used preseed)
CD 14: BBT 97.75
CD15: pos opk @ 11am, BD with preseed 97.08, felt sharp pains on left side at 11pm
CD 16(1dpo): 97.85
CD 17(2dpo): 97.20 (fallback rise?) sharp pains left side
CD18(3dpo): 96.89, came down with a cold, very gassy and bloated, strong smelling urine( urine clear) checked for uti at work and was negative
CD 19(4dpo):97.48, cold symptoms, gas, dizziness when going from sitting to standing,
Strong smelling urine
CD 20(5dpo): 97.88, headaches, thick yellow cm, gas
CD 21(6dpo): 97.90, gas bloating
CD 22(7dpo): 98.10, pinching on left side of uterus(very distinct) implantation?!?! Progrsterone was 6.2
CD 23(8dpo):98.44, frequent urination, gas
CD 24(9dpo): 97.89, gas, very very very faint bfp on FRER (Almost thought it I was seeing things)
CD 25(10 dpo): bfp on FRER!!!!! 98.31, watery cm (kept thinking AF was here),cramping JUST LIKE AF cramps. Nipples tender all of a sudden.

I hope this helps! Good luck to you all!!!


Like many, I stalk these boards during my TWW each month. It took me one year to conceive my first and 10 months for this one. Things I did this month (and other unsuccessful so who knows) was preseed and softcup. I also used a vibrator right after sex to have another orgasm because I heard that helps. And it's fun. Ha! So here it is:
O day- backache and cramps - normal. I also got a cold this day. I had lots of discharge and could just feel that this was a strong ovulation. BD
1 dpo- BD
1-3dpo- no symptoms besides my cold
4-5dpo- cold still lingering and now I completely lose my voice!
6dpo- lost voice still. Cervix VERY hard and high. Smallest pinprick of dark (blood) when I wiped. So tiny was unsure but marked it in case it was implantation. Could've been nothing though.
7dpo - lost voice still. Cold is still lingering! Cervix sill high and hard. Bad gas. Yuck. And fatigue.
8dpo- had a coughing fit in the morning which made me gag and then I had a bit of nausea for a couple hours after. BFN
9dpo- backache and cramps for about an hour. Felt like AF was coming but I just felt confident it was my month still! Gas and fatigue continue. BFN
10 dpo- all symptoms disappeared. The slightest ever BFP on FRER!! Negative clearblue digital
11 dpo- definitely a BFP now with FRER but still faint. Also took a Walgreens brand blue line in the evening, also slight positive. Nauseous and more picky with food. Some things turning my stomach. Negative clearblue digital.
12 dpo- same with the nausea. Driving and felt carsick. Definitely dizzy. Even stronger BFP. Negative clearblue digital
13 dpo- same symptoms. Positive clear blue digital!!


Hi Folks,

This is cycle 2 TTC and this morning I go my BFP on 13 DPO. Well Actually I got it on 12 but threw the test away too soon - when I looked back today there was actually a line!

So as I have been avidly reading the stories I thought I would put mine, alongside my symptoms

1-5 DPO - cervix high on day one and then progressively getting lower
6 DPO - Creamy CM, cervix low, hard and closed, dizzy spell at work
7-8 DPO - nothing noted
9 DPO - BFN - cervix high
10 DPO - BFN - cervix high
11 DPO - BFN dizzy spell again - cervix high. Felt a bit sick all day
12 DPO - very strong pulse in centre of tummy between belly button and pubic bone. Went to bed early feeling sick - BFN (I thought) - on reflection the next day in better light a very faint positive
13 DPO - BFP in the morning on cheapie!! When I got home from work I did a first response and stronger line.

Hope the line gets stronger each day.

I was trying not to obsess over symptoms so I only noted things down when they were out of the ordinary. For example I NEVER get dizzy so to have two distinct dizzy spells that really made me think something was going on. The other was the pulse in my stomach. Very strong and I'd never felt that before.

I also always get really sore boobs from about 12DPO onwards and this month they haven't been sore at all which when accompanied with my high cervix made me thing I could be in for a chance. My cervix is fairly predictable and in line with standard commentary on positions you find online but this month it went back up high again after being low for a few days after my FW. Normally just before AF its very low down and hard. No major feelings I think for me it was just a case of being tuned into my body and so random events really sticking out.

Heres hoping things go OK!

Good luck ladies. xx

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BFP with uterine fibroid after 12 cycles!

I've read a million of these over the last year and just wanted to share with the other people reading these while they feel like they are waiting and waiting and waiting....

Just a little background info. I got pregnant with my DD with only 3 months of trying. During that pregnancy they found I had a uterine fibroid. It grew to about the size of a softball but somehow did not interfere with my pregnancy.
Second time around not so easy. Still have the fibroid and with watching my diet and taking DIM plus for the past 4 months we were able to shrink it a ton. God finally gave us a yes! This is our 12th and finally successful cycle of

DPO 1-7 - Nothing
DPO 8 - found I was emotional and pretty tired
DPO 9 - still tired and emotional also had loose stools tmi
DPO 10 - exhausted and starting to not sleep well. Cried over a commercial. Loose stools.
DPO 11 - completely exhausted and ate chipotle twice in one day and was still hungry! That was one of the first signs with my first pregnancy. Hungry all the time
DPO 12 - had a very vivid dream that I was pregnancy and had a blonde hair boy. I jumped out my hospital bed and yelled to everyone "See, I told you I was pregnant!
It'll be interesting to see if this little one turns out to be a boy :)
DPO - 13 Usually start craving chocolate by this time and my boobs are sore but I have none of this. Buy a hpt and decide to test next morning
DPO - 14 I take test's a dud! It only shows a partial test line but wait! I think I see the top part of the pregnancy line! I Wait one hour and test again and bam! BFP! PTL!

Things I've been doing differently the past couple months is taking an estrogen metabolizer DIM plus - look it up! It rids your body of all the "fake estrogen" your body takes in from all the junk we eat. It also helped my periods a ton.
We dtd from cd 5 and on (which I was really still on af) because I had a huntch I O'd earlier than my signs showed. I also have been a ton more active this past month mostly due to it being nice out. Not sure which one worked but so so so glad it did! I can't wait to meet our little bean! Do your research and don't be afraid to talk to a Dr! Blessings to all you reading this!

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Bfp with Short Cycle, preseed, and very few symptoms.

I can't believe I'm writing this. I'm in denial, if I can be honest. I've taken multiple cheapie tests, one digital and a clearblue.
I've spent some time on this site, scouring and finding hope. My journey started many years ago, in my early 20s. And in spite of years of trying, I was a firm believer that it would happen when it was supposed to. I considered more invasive fertility treatments, but let's get real - Those options can get expensive, and I (like most of us) don't make a lot of money. Even with damn good insurance, it just wasn't feasible. I envy anyone who is in a position to explore those options. But, back to my BFP.

LMP March 27, 2017. I have a 24 day cycle.

CD 1-5 AF
CD 6 BD with PreSeed
CD 7 & 8 nothing exciting
CD 9 BD with PreSeed
CD 10 BD with PreSeed
CD 11 nothing
CD 12 BD 2x (what can I say, we were feeling frisky!)
CD 13 BD with PreSeed
CD 14 Nothing special. I believe I have ovulated at this point.
CD 15 - 1dpo (?) Instant hemorrhoids. Made my partner run to drug store for Prep H.
2dpo - 5dpo Constipated, hemorrhoids (not uncommon for me, but I took note of them)
5dpo - BD, no PreSeed. Just frisky.
6dpo. Very thirsty. Skin on lower stomach seems softer??
7dpo - 9 dpo. Still very thirsty. None of my usual af symptoms. Just a different sensation in my lower region. Like, I'm more aware of my babymaker, if that makes sense.

9dpo/cd23 Faint positives on dollar general tests, not fmu.
10dpo/cd24 More faint positives on cheapie tests, DG/dollar tree. Negative Target digital.
11dpo/Cd25 (Today) 2 more Positives on cheapies, Positive on ClearBlue easy.
I'm waiting another day or two to take the other digital. I've read that they aren't as sensitive, somehow. None of my +s have been with fmu.

What we did different?
PreSeed - I believe, 99%, that this was the deciding factor this time around. Let me explain- I like lube. I've used another brand for many years, always suspecting that it was hindering my chances. The PreSeed was wonderful, and I would highly recommend it.

Baby Danced twice in one day! - We had fun with it, went to bed happy. We did this 24-36 hours before I expected my ovulation. I imagine I may get some backlash about this, as many of you suggest to wait a day in between bd, as to get higher quality & quantity swimmers. But we had a blast, and perhaps it helped? :)

Layed on my stomach post-BD. - I don't know lol. Maybe this helped.

Prenatals daily, drank a lot of Powerade (B vitamins)

I haven't temped in years, and my last run with opk's was January. In other words, I cannot say with certainty when I O'd. Past experience suggests that I ovulate between CD12 and CD13, giving me an 11 day LP. I did not experience any kind of implantation bleeding.

I'm writing this to give you ladies some hope, the way previous BFP stories did for me. I have a short cycle, short luteal. I'm in my 30s. This is my first pregnancy. It is possible. Much love, Baby Dust, Good vibes, prayers to all.
Have a beautiful Thursday!



Had a frozen embryo transfer and got my faint bfp today (not fmu)

Mon transfer date- very very tired

Tues 2dpt nothing of note

Wed 3 dpt brown discharge
Feeling wet, tight pulling heavy feeling

4dpt feeling wet, tight pulling heavy feeling, been sleeping through night for once but waking up unusually early every day. Blood in tissue from nose all day, stuffy/runny nose

5dpt uncomfortable boobs , sense of smell heightened, smells bothering me, been sleeping through night for once but waking up unusually early every day. Gassy, blood in tissue from nose all day, stuffy/runny nose, slight nose bleed

6dpt cramping on and off more prolonged than usual. Smells bothering me. Coffee tasted bitter, foods seeming bland, preferring sweeter foods unusally. been sleeping through night for once but waking up unusually early every day. Gassy

7dpt pinching feeling on left side of abdomen, olives made me feel sick, smell of deodorant has changed! Uncomfortable boobs, frequent urination, been sleeping through night for once but waking up unusually early every day. Further aching in abdomen at night. Really gassy. 1 slighly dizzy spell

8dpt woke up later than usual quite lethargic but slept through night. Smells are bothering me again, hands are shaky, forgetful like brain isnt switched on, feeling slightly nauseaus, wanting specific bland foods. Coffee tasted odd again, pinching pains in abdomen, vv faint bfp not using fmu- took a chance cos i just feel pregnant.

official test date isnt for another 4 days!

good luck everyone!

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BFP Late Evening 12 DPO: Symptoms Before BFP thru 16 DPO

Hi all!
As cliche as it sounds, I am typing this because I spent much of my TWW on this site to help me & obsess over at the same time! Haha. So, here is another story for all of you who are doing the same, and I truly hope you are blessed soon with your BFP and a healthy pregnancy!

Okay, for starters, I didn't keep up with tons of stuff before this bc DH and I were not technically "trying" yet, but had begun talking about it in the next 1-2 months to start. We had one time where he just decided to be sloppy lol, and that's all it took! Looking back through everything, I was in the first day on my fertile days according to My Days app or maybe Fertility Friend (I downloaded it as well after we DTD). We DTD on a Tuesday. I felt sure I O'd three days later, Friday of that week. I had stronger cramps, etc to back it up. It was the only time during our fertile window we TDT. Knowing there was a chance it might just be our month, on a whim, Friday night I bought an OPK just to see. I was expecting it to be negative, but it was positive. It was not darker, but as dark as the control line. I was sort of confused, but I really believe that I was catching my surge on the way down. I tested the next morning, and evening, and they were negative. So, I may be off by a day or so on O day, not knowing for sure....

According to My Days, I was due AF the day I tested & got my BFP, but Fertility Friend said three days later, Sunday for AF. It was my first month using FF, so I went with MD as far as when I tested bc it has been tracking for the better part of a year now.

So, the good stuff....
Day 1-3 DPO- I noticed that the moderate cramps went away (though I still had mild ones), but I still had patches of what looked to be EWCM. By the 3rd day, it was stretchy, but had turned more yellow than clear.
3 DPO-Headaches started, and been on and off since that day, gassy, mild cramps
4 DPO-very low, intermittent cramps, headache, gassy
6 DPO-wet feeling, but pretty dry CM-which has been the case so far up until today -16 DPO, white in color when I wipe, but very scant, some cramps, but mild with some side stitches/sharp pains at times.
7 DPO-irritable, maybe peeing a little more during day, but not really noticeable, cramps
8-9 DPO-pretty uneventful, but some weird dreams
10 DPO- pretty moderate cramps-feels more like AF is coming, thinking I may be out this month....may have been implantation??
11 DPO- couple of light dizzy spells, cramps are more noticeable low down when I strain to pee
12 DPO-this is when it got real for me! I had lots of side stitches, backaches (mostly lower, but even some weird feeling in upper back), low cramps, and very sore legs from hips down, increased sense of smell, little irritable, headache on and off. AF was supposed to show according to MD app, and I just, on a very crazy spontaneous moment for me (I like to wait so I won't risk false negative), we tested in the evening-after lots of water consumption I might add, and BAM!!! BFP, both with FRER & digital! The next morning, I was hoping the line was darker than the night before, so I tested again, and it came up before the control line came up! God is good!
13 DPO-pretty uneventful-no cramps, just feeling a little tired
14-16 DPO headaches on and off, decreased appetite, only occasional cramp, but I am starting to have more of a "wet feeling" down there, but still not much CM. Slight aversion to some smells. But that is pretty much it so far.

I know it doesn't happen this way for all, and I feel very blessed! But, please don't count yourself out even if you only DTD one time during the window like us, or other details. It CAN happen. Also, remember, not everyone has the same symptoms! Here's a list of common things I did NOT have: implantation bleeding, sore breasts (& I still nurse DS), no color changes/breast changes, not a whole lot of frequent urination yet at night, not a whole lot of CM.

Praying for you all!!