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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP after chemical pregnancy

So happy to have got my BFP! We tried for 4 cycles, with a chemical pregnancy on the 2nd cycle and then took a cycle off after that. So 5 months in all. I had a really good feeling about this month from the beginning. The previous one was the first since the chemical, and I was totally frantic and desperate and stressed. This cycle I was absolutely determined to just chill the eff out. I had loads of fun stuff planned, and I allowed myself to have a few drinks even during the TWW (which I have not done the previous cycles). I was the calmest and happiest I've been since starting TTC. I'm sure it helped somehow. We inseminated 3 times during my fertile week on CD 12, 14 and 16. I ovulated on CD 16 (maybe late on CD 15). Anyway, here are my symptoms.

1-6 DPO: nothing except some cramping and spotting on 3 DPO. Obviously way too early for implantation, but I noted it anyway because I have never had either at this stage of my cycle so it was very odd. I felt very happy during this time and had a deep certainty that I was going to be pregnant. My cm was kind of yellowish creamy all this time, but not plentiful. I started using a natural progesterone cream morning and evening on 3 DPO because a test after my chemical showed luteal phase progesterone was on the low side.
7 DPO: woke up feeling slightly nauseous, and then had about 2 hours of gentle but persistent cramping. I felt strongly that this was implantation. Cm was wet and milky, some white stretchy stuff in the evening. I had shooting pains in my boobs and joints, and achy legs and lower back. My cervix was too high to feel (never happened before).
8 DPO: Woke up with swollen hands. Felt lightheaded and had a headache. Felt as if I was getting a cold. Creamy and white stretchy cm all day, cervix very high.
9 DPO: Woke up feeling nauseous. Dull ache in my lower abdomen. Cm milky and cervix very high. I noticed really bad spots on my shoulders - I normally get a few on my face as I approach my period, but this was like nothing I've seen before, there were at least a dozen on each shoulder and they were big and horrible. My brain felt foggy and I felt turned in on myself, like I was hyper aware of my own body but everything outside me was hazy. I felt oddly serene. Later in the day I started feeling really rough: weak, exhausted, headache, nauseous, shaking so much my teeth were chattering, aching limbs and joints, skin felt really sensitive to the touch, eating hurt my throat. It felt like I was getting flu. I had a long flight that evening and I had strong cramps for about 4 hours during the flight. I also cried because I found the safety demonstration so moving, by that point I knew for sure because I'm not normally emotional.
10 DPO: BFP in the morning! Line was clear after a couple of minutes. Milky cm, v high cervix. Aching arms, shoulders and neck. Skin still v sensitive. Spots on back worse, spread to collar bones and lower back. Very tired.
11 DPO: Line is darker. Milky cm with a glob of yellowish creamy. Weepy and tired. Mild nausea. Back ache. Stuffy nose. Random twinges in tummy and hips.
12 DPO: Period would have been due today. Felt nauseous in the morning. Cramps low behind my pubic bone on and off all day. Unbelievably tired.
I'm now 20 DPO and have been incredibly tired, slightly nauseous and crampy and headachy on and off since BFP - some days I don't really feel anything, others I feel pretty bad. My boobs started being slightly tender at 15 DPO, but they're still not v painful. The flu feelings, sensitive skin and spots have gone thankfully. Still applying the progesterone cream morning and evening and will do until at least 2nd trimester.

BFP at 10 dpo and in shock

So where to begin...

I figured that I owe it to the people on here to also post my story because I have stalked this site many times before! My fiance and I were not trying to fall pregnant, but if its meant to be I guess it just happens. I am 26 and my partner is 29, I don't track ovulation but can tell when I have O'd because I get slight cramps then my boobs hurt afterwards, and I have regular cycles between 28-30 days.

Ok, so here is the story everyone gets on here to read about, the BFP story by CD and DPO:

01 - shark week starts
05 - shark week ends
13 - just starting to get EWCM, we had a big accident in the bed room...
14 - lots of EWCM, start getting O pains, boobs feel like there are about to get sore
15 - O day, glands are up, slight sore throat, nose like a tap in the morning, O pain, boobs start to hurt
16 (1 DPO) - boobs tender (normal), sore throat and swollen glands gone, slight cramps, noticed heart burn after jalapenos (not normal!) went out for drinks that night, bit bloated
17 (2 DPO) - hungover, sore boobs, ulcer in mouth which I assume is to do with the alcohol
18 (3 DPO) - couldn't eat all my breakfast, boobs still sore (normal), super mild aches in my uterus (I think I could be making it up because I knew we had a woopsy in the bedroom), bloated, feeling some prickling 'down there' like I'm getting thrush maybe? Odd because I don't get that unless I'm on antibiotics which is rare!
19 (4 DPO) - mild aches continues in my uterus, prickling 'down there', gassy, thirsty, weird pains in my boob (I cant really find words for the pain.. totally unusual, but only in patches on my boobs not the whole boob?)
20 (5 DPO) - Slight headaches, boobs less sore so I assume my period is close because they stop hurting a few days before it starts gassy, mild period pains (implantation??), thirsty, running nose in the morning, some .. zinging? in my boobs
21 (6 DPO) - boobs mildly sore, gassy, some sharp pricks but nothing too unusual, low back ache but only slightly (I feel like I could be making it all up in my head), HPT negative (well duuuhhhh way to early why did I waste the money!)
22 (7 DPO) - boobs mildly sore, the every now and then aching deep in my boobs (morning only), mild headaches, are my nipples darker? surely not?, yellow cm on TP (not totally crazy I have had that other cycles), HTP negative (why do I do this to myself) but I feel like I might be pregnant.... just unusually calm about it at the moment..
23 (8 DPO) - getting that deep boob ache again, its only in patched of my boob and is gone by the afternoon, mild cramps like digestive issues maybe
24 (9 DPO) - deep boob ache again, sore upper back (might be from yoga), FMU - HPT (FRER)... is there.. a faint line? like a squinter... was looking at it all day... I could see a faint faint line where the line should be but then... is it an indent?
25 (10 DPO) - today... clear as day. BFP with FMU at 10 DPO with FRER, its not as dark as the control but it is absolutely undeniable.. absolute shock....!!!

So there it is, I did get symptoms before implantation cramping but there were mild but I am quite in tuned with my body, I just.. knew? but also completely doubted myself because I have thought i 'knew' before.. It was different I hope this helps all you other ladies :)

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I can’t believe it! TTC 11 cycles for number #2

Hi everyone I just wanted to say I stalked this site since last year. I really helped me to keep my sanity and I promised I would come and share my story. So I am nearly 40 so as my DH with one child. It was so quick to get pregnant with her so I never ever thought it would take this long to conceive again. Believe it or not I gave up of trying the day before my BFP. I told my mum that’s it my period is coming and I am not going to try anymore and than the next day I got my positive. Seriously!!! It’s the craziest thing ever. I have mild endo which was removed last year.
My pre BFP Symptoms were exactly same as pre af with only little difference. I think what helped us was conceive plus this month. I used clearblue fertility monitor for the last 5 cycles and I always get highs and peaks. So from monitoring my body I found out that I ovulate very quickly after the first peak. So it was really hard to know when will be the last high before peak. This month I started to pay more attention to my cm. we had sex when I had the most cm which ended up being the night before peak so I think that’s when I got pregnant.

Here goes my symptoms and diary
Ovulation day: this is strange as I always have ovulation pain on left this time on right. I noted this on my diary but didn’t think anything of it

1dpo: crazy I know but nauseous and threw up my dinner. I never throw up but again too early for anything.
2dpo: period pain same as every month. Strange metallic taste in mouth I thought that was strange. I cried cried for not being pregnant and moody
3dpo: my cm felt so wet at one point. My cm always dry this time but again dried up
4dpo: again metallic taste weird! Same af and endo pains so again not pregnant I thought. Soooo moody
5dpo: crazy hungry today and lots of af pains
6dpo: soooo sleepy today but I am sometimes really tired and sooooo hungry
Tested and bfn of course
7dpo: af pains same as every month
8dpo: af pains and moody
9dpo: soooo moody and bfn again. But today I am like an energised bunny even though I didn’t sleep the night before. It’s like I took an energy pill. Sooo productive at work. I am normally tired and slow lol
10dpo: Sharp boob pains. Bfn and lots of af pains. This is the day I said that’s it I am not pregnant and I give up
11dpo: Bad bad pains bloated but sooo much more pain like deep crazy. And nothing taste good to eat. I was talking to my mum and said that’s no more trying I give up. Because I gave up and I had this pregnancy test to get rid of I thought I am a pee addict so I just get rid of it. OMG there is a line!!!! I had noooo clue nothing whatsoever. Digital confirmed also.
I have been cramping since and nauseous. Cramps are so much worse than my previous pregnancy.
When I think about it the the different symptoms were strange taste, moodiness to a point where I hate everyone and want to scream inside soooo angry. Also some cm at different point but I am not completely dry no extra cm so far.

Thought I was out- still scratching my head

So, I found this board when I first started having symptoms and it helped tremendously... figured I would share my story!
We weren’t supposed to be trying this month, so I didn’t track LH like I normally would so most is estimates.
4dpo: significant increase in thick white CM, noticed it on panties and had to change a couple times during the day- cervix high and soft
5dpo: increases CM continues, cervix low and medium firmness
6dpo: abdominal cramping, very unusual for me mid cycle followed by dull continuous backache. CM continues to be thick “school glue” but, less in abundance
7dpo: backache continues along with bloating, had weird metallic taste in mouth all morning (almost tasted like blood). Cervix is very high, couldn’t assess firmness. Cramping had subsided, had one drink and was drunk!
8dpo: CM is thin and white, less abundance but cervix is wet- faint positive this AM on Dollar tree cheapie!!!
9-13dpo: continue to test, all BFN. Start to think either had a false positive or was a chemical pregnancy. CM continues to be thin and white, cervix stays medium to high and medium to firm. Continue to have bloating, back pain, disturbed sleep, acne (write it off to AF approaching)
14-18dpo: still no AF, continued dull back ache, bloating, sensitive to smell, craving water (I HATE water) call midwife about possible chemical and being late for AF she says to give it a few more days.
19dpo: still no AF, decided this afternoon to take my last test because ya know, why not, just needed something to pee on- BFP on digital!!!!
Still not understanding the positive the. BFNs until 11 days later, but I’ll take it! And will be back to update *babydust to you all*

BFP today with almost no symptoms!

I just wanted to write this as an encouragement to other women who have nearly no symptoms. I've been married before and tried to conceive for a short time with my ex-husband. Plus, when I wasn't trying to conceive, I would imagine myself pregnant nearly every month I was sexually active. I've experienced almost every pregnancy symptom during my non-pregnant cycles.

I turned 38 in March and my fiance and I agreed to start trying this past month. Last month, we weren't "not trying". We BD'd around my time of ovulation (in hind sight, I think I ovulated earlier than I thought I did). I had every symptom from after ovulation. My nipples were sensitive, tingling, always erect and in pain. I even spotted 4 days before my period and had some pretty bad period cramps. Turns out I wasn't pregnant.

This month, I didn't really record every little symptom because I didn't want to drive myself crazy (like I always do). Here's a timeline of what happened.

CD 9-10: BD. Yellow tinged ewcm on CD 9. Lots of ewcm both days.
CD 11: I think this is when I ovulated. I have a 30 day cycle and I should be ovulating around CD 14 or 15. But I've noticed from keeping symptoms on my calendar that I usually have ewcm around day 11-12. This month I had creamy cm by CD 12.
1 DPO- 21 DPO: No sore nipples or breasts, no extra CM. Slight nausea when I haven't eaten in a long time and light headed. Frequent visits to the bathrooms.
4, 17 & 19 DPO: BD. Some nights we actually tried but I was dry and we didn't have any lube. My fiance was worried to use his spit (sorry, TMI) because I told him that it was bad for the sperm. Funny, when we did conceive, my fiance did use spit because he didn't know about it being bad for sperm yet.
19 - 20 DPO - Yellow CM, snotlike. Burst of creamy white CM once.
19 DPO - sharp pain in my left ovaries.
20 DPO - light pinching around my belly button
21 DPO - BFP. 2 days late CD 32.

That's it really. I've experienced light cramping here and there but nothing I haven't experienced before. I'm still in shock!!! I had ordered some preseed and ovulation kit because I thought I was out for the month. Go figure!

Supplements I used, red raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, coQ10, maca. I also eat a plant based vegan diet.

BFP after miscarriage

So, just like many here, I have used this website to get me through those long two week waits (especially when TTC my DD who is now almost 20 months). It took us 18 months to conceive her, so when we started trying for baby #2 we weren't sure what the journey would be like. I got pregnant after about 3 months of trying (Feb '18) but suffered a miscarriage at just 7 1/2 weeks. While this was difficult to come to terms with, I also knew the reality that this was for the best because something just wasn't going well with the baby. I was very determined to try right away after doing some reading about how high my chances were within the first three months of a MC, but after AF came back both my husband and I came down with the flu at the exact time we needed to be BDing. I was very disappointed, but believe that timing is everything. So, as you can imagine I was anxiously awaiting this cycle to finally get down to business! While I don't know the exact date I ovulated, I kept track of my full cycle. The only thing I made sure to do this month was orgasm after each BD session and not go to the bathroom for at least an hour. Somehow I just knew that things were going to work this month - I'm sure that mindset helped!! So here are my cycle days:
CD 1-5: AF
CD 10: BD
CD 12: BD and EWCM
CD 13: BD and EWCM
CD 15: BD - had some cramping on this day that seemed a bit weird. It wasn't located on one particular side, just felt like AF cramps mid-cycle. O Day? EWCM
CD 16: BD - exhausted tonight. Literally couldn't keep my eyes open and fell asleep in my clothes until 1am! I was out cold!
CD 17: I noted weird belly twitches twice today - once while I was at work and once in the evening. I was also peeing a lot more than normal today. I started to wonder if the cramps I had felt yesterday and the frequent peeing might be a UTI.
CD 18: Really weird cramping in the night last night and still lingering this morning. My whole pelvic area and even back are just kind of aching...not sure what's up. Cramping continued into the afternoon - quite uncomfortable. Then all of a sudden it went away (didn't take any pain meds to make it go away).
CD 19: Still have this uncomfortable full feeling (somewhat painful) in the morning when I woke up. Also, I'm smelling everything today! In particular, I smelled stale alcohol all morning and afternoon. This is really weird to me because I remember this specific smell when I was pregnant before (during the TWW). Hard to explain the smell, but I couldn't escape it!
CD 20: Felt a bit nauseous today in the car - not something that ever really happens to me. Also bloated today.
CD 21: Felt totally normal this morning, but have a full feeling in my pelvic area this afternoon. Some slight cramping/bloating, but mostly just full. Craving anything tart/sour. Wanted lemon yogurt but it wasn't tart enough - can't figure out what will satisfy me.
CD 22: CF was creamy today. Also had some diarrhea twice - very strange. The cramping/bloating is still around - noted that if no BFP this month I am genuinely concerned about what would be causing it. I also had very vivid dreams last night - felt very unrested because of it.
CD 23: Woke up with very sharp pains in my pelvic area. Hard to even stand up straight, but I got in the shower and it was eventually alleviated by passing some gas. There was no indication initially that it was gas pain so I was definitely concerned, but it went away right away afterwards luckily. Feeling super bloated today (adjusting pants constantly) - had a big lunch so many that's it? Definitely have an increased appetite today!!
CD 24: Breasts feel tender today, but I've told myself not to consider this a symptom because I'm still nursing my DD and I was tricked last month by my breast tenderness! Had very vivid dreams again last night - woke up feeling very tired. Had a few weird tummy flutters today too.
CD 25: So bloated and full feeling today!! I couldn't suck my stomach in at all!
CD 26: BFN this morning on a dollar store cheapie. If I did O on day 15 this would put me at 9 DPO - still early! By this point I genuinely do think I'm pregnant so I even went and bought a couple FRER's as a way of saying "I'll show you!!" Went out to dinner with my mom and ordered myself a glass of red wine and honestly drank it thinking this would likely be my last glass of wine in a long time so I better enjoy it!! Went to the theater after supper and could feel my boobs tingling the whole time (still not trusting it though), and was fighting to stay awake the whole time.

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BFP after chemical pregnancy

TTC #2. Already have a DS (12months). Keeping track of things with my FF calendar. Not sure when I exactly OV. (Cycles are between 24-30 days) I just have a pretty good idea.
CD14 (OV.)- *Pinching* Twitching Left Ovary, Fatigue,Slightly tender breasts, bloated, headache, light cramps, vivid dream.

1DPO- Upset bowels, breast tenderness, electricity going through my breast/nipple, light cramping, uterus area tenderness, sharp stabbing quick pain left ovary, bloated, fatigue, full breasts, headache, nipple sensitivity.

2dpo- Frequent urination, Heavy achey uterus, Right side, Nipple sensitivity, Tender uterus area, Alot of very thick creamy cm, tender breasts, bloated, full breasts, heavy breast.

3dpo-Breast pain easing up, "Im out" feeling, heavy breasts, full breasts, increased breast size, upset bowels, emotional, fatigue, insomnia, light cramps, nipple sensitivity.

4dpo-Full heavy breasts, BFN vvvfpl(Evap). Craving red onions, Breast/Chest veins more pronounced, tender uterus area achey right side, tooth pain/bleeding gums, frequent urination, increased cm, migraine, fatigue, nausea, nipple sensitivity, tender breasts.

5dpo- Upset bowels, migraine, chills, heartbeat like twinge vaginal area, bigger breasts, full heavy breasts, frequent urination, migraine, nausea, nipple sensitivity, tender breasts.

6dpo- Symptoms are less drastic. "Im out" feeling , nipple sensitivity, vivid bfp dream, stabby pinching feeling left ovary, bloated, fatigue, full heavy breasts, headache, nipple sensitivity, tender breasts.

7dpo- "Im out feeling" symptoms disappearing. Vivid bfp dreams, left sided pain quick sharp, bloated, enlarged breasts, full heavy breasts, gassy, nausea, tender slightly breasts.

8dpo- Another BFN vvvfl(evap), Abundant amount of yellow cm, Car sick(nausea), Right side ovary pain, slightly tender breasts, Tiny dry pieces of cm, hiccups, anxiety, bloated, emotional, full heavy breasts, frequent urination, headache.

9dpo-Bfn vvvfl(evap), Snappy,Tons of yellow thick cm, bloated, depressed, bigger breasts, fatigue, full heavy breasts, irritability.

10dpo- Abundant amount of yellow cm, (yeast infection), pronounced veins in hands, dull pelvic ache, fatigue, emotional.

11dpo- Enlarged breasts, Yeast infection, exetreme fatigue, full heavy breasts, gassy, headache, tender breasts.

12dpo- BFN on a cheapy. Yeast infection, Enlarged breasts, blue/green veins on breast. Rock hard milk ducts, Hungry, Dull ache inside cervix,Right sided ovary pain, fatigue, full heavy breasts, headache, tender breasts.

13dpo- Strong urge to poas, Yeast infection, BFP on Frer (Faint), Light af type cramps, bloated, constipation, dull pelvic ache, enlarged breasts, tender breasts, rock hard milk ducts, exetreme fatigue, gassy, headache, nausea, nipple sensitivity, full heavy breasts.

14dpo- BFP on FRER (a little darker line), Yeast infection, Light cramps, Anxiety, insomnia, diarrhea, enlarged breasts, full heavy breasts, hard milk ducts, more pronounced chest breast veins, dull pelvic ache, fatigue, frequent urination, gassy, tender breasts, slight backache

15dpo- BFP on FRER (nice dark line), hot then cold, light cramps, dull pelvic ache, fatigue, hunger, full heavy breasts, slightly tender on sides.

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BFP after 3-4 months!!! What I Did...TTC#1

Hi all,

I always said to myself that when I get my first BFP, I would make sure to post my story on TWW. I had been a long time lurker during the past year and reading everyone's posts made me feel less stressed(well, maybe at times I made myself more stressed because I kept comparing myself to others and drove myself crazy)!

Anyhow, I got my first BFP yesterday morning. I used the easy@home test strips from Amazon that come in a 50 pack of OPKs and 20 HPTs.
My cycles were irregular(I would skip 2 months or they would range between 30day-40day cycles) when I was younger, but now my cycles would be 40-45 days. I have never been on BC either, no IUD or meds or anything at all.

My husband and I were praying to get pregnant last year, but our timing was off and I was not precise on catching my ovulation day. Up until January 2018, I really made it a point to try everything I could to increase our chances.

January, Feb and March came and went by and still no BFP. My luteal phase is 14-15 days. DH and I are 29.

Here is what I did differently this time around:
1) Really make it a point to be precise and take BBT at the same time every morning and in the same location (right pocket under my tongue)/position. (My previous cycles I would wake up earlier or later than my target time and it screwed everything up)
2) I started WORKING OUT. Ladies, I really think this helped me tremendously. Previous to this cycle, I had not gone to the gym for like a year!!! For 4 weeks once my period was over, I went to the gym 3-4x/week. I did cardio for 30mins on the treadmill or elliptical and then did free weights and lifted.
3) EAT RIGHT or EAT SMARTER. Again, before this cycle I ate like crap. I ate anything and everything I wanted, you name it. After my workouts I would make a protein smoothie. This really helped me and motivated me, it was a good routine.
4) CHIA SEED AND MACA POWDER. I ate chia almost every other day and added this to my salads, eggs, and smoothies. I added the maca powder to my smoothies as well, even gave some to my hubby--couldn't even taste it!
I used the Navitas brand of Maca Powder--just a teaspoon of it and you're set. It it said to help with fertility and balance hormones. My go to smoothies recipe: Choc almond milk, frozen berries like blackberries/strawberries/blueberries, banana, cup of spinach leaves, the chia and maca.
I know for some, Preseed is what helped them conceive, but for my hubby and I we decided not to use it this time around. We used it in January/Feb/March and we do not think it worked for us. So this time we did not use anything.
6) BD every other day to every 3 days. This worked for us. For example, this cycle we BD'd CD24, 26, 28, 30, 34 and 35. My peak LH surge/positive OPK was on CD33.
7) Doggystyle! (TMI!!!)
Previous months he would finish with me on my back, this time with me on all fours lol. Nuff said. And yes, I had my legs straight up afterwards, and a folded pillow under my pelvis for 10-15 mins.
Forgot to mention we went on a vacation a week after my period ended; after our vacation that was when I started working out and eating right! I am sure vacation took my mind off the stress of TTC! I even had sangria!!!
8) PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. If you have faith in God and believe in Him, He will bless you richly. Pray without ceasing. I always thought that it would take more than a year to conceive and I always cried everytime a BFN showed and thought something was wrong. This time around I just Let Go and Let God. Trust in Him.

Finally!!!! Bfp 2nd round of clomid 50 mg!!!

I'm 25 (as of two days ago) ....This is my first pregnancy. We actively tried for 8 months Before clomid. I had low hopes bc my period is extremely irregular! So I got blood work done , the culprit was high testosterone which had been preventing me from ovulating ! My doctor scheduled a D&C to clean out all the linings of cycles past bc she wanted me to have "a spring cleaning " before clomid.!! The first round was difficult for me & ovulation was EXTREMELY painful afterwards I had every symptom I could find on the internet and just "knew" I was pregnant! I was crushed when af came . Second round was much easier and laid back and I honestly assumed I had not ovulated bc besides some swelling in my ovaries I never felt the pain i felt the cycle before. My first cycle day 21 prog test was 22.6 the second round it was only 5 & I cried when I got the news bc I knew that meant i didn't ovulate and this month was a bust!!! Few days later I started getting all the usual symptoms of pms except the cramps and bloating would come and go rather than straight into full gear per usual and instead of just my nipples being sore like normal my breast were extremely sore on the sides too . I slept for an entire day as well but I had completely ruled pregnancy out and assumed the weird pms was due to the clomid or either anovulation .My doctor upped my dose to 100 mg and I was going to start my next round without af bc I thought she wasnt going to show due to me allegedly not ovulating that month! When my period was four days late I decided I would take one last test b4 I started the pills bc i got bfn the day of and day after my missed period .......i got a bfp !!!! Then another one the next day bc I couldn't believe it !! God is so good bc i was extremely discouraged and on the brink of just giving up ttc all together for awhile. The only thing I did different this month was use 2g of preseed instead of 1g even though he didn't like it! And i also took mucinex extra strength pill during my fertile window and prayed extremely hard bc at the end of the day regardless of how hard we try and what all we do to get a bfp God has the final say.i genuinely believe he heard my sincere, humble cry and blessed me thanks for reading.......!!!! read psalm 113 when you build a genuine relationship with God he will grant you the desires of your heart !

BFP on CD 24 (9-10 DPO).

Hello. This will be baby #2 if all goes well. For comparison, you can read my first pregnancy BFP story here (I waited a LONG time to test last time).

First, I do not know my ovulation date. I do not temp or use OPK; I track with the Ovia App and with cervical mucous. My husband is a go with the flow kind of guy and trying to conceive is stressful enough. With that said, I began have EWCM on April 19th. We tried on the 17th and the 22nd. On the 23rd, I felt pain in my right pelvic region and had more EWCM, so I *think* ovulation was on the 23rd.

I will also note that most of the ‘symptoms’ I had were pretty in line with other months when I haven’t been pregnant: tender boobs (not HOLY CRAP DON’T TOUCH ME tender, but slight aches), nausea, fatigue, headaches, and even tugging in my pelvic region.

My noticeable differences? A crazy amount of gas (and this is coming from someone with IBS!), acne (I usually get one pimple in the same place above my eyebrow but this month I got a big pimple on the side of my nose, my cheeks, my chin, and my butt!), mood swings toward my sweet little boy (every single thing he did was driving me up a wall), and frequent urination that felt like a UTI without the pain - just a sense of urgency to go. That was all early on. Yesterday I had a few feelings like I was pregnant, but I wasn’t letting myself get hooked on them because I didn’t think I was pregnant plus I had already had 2 negative tests.

It wasn’t until last night that I had an inkling I might be and had tested too early. I started making dinner - broccoli and beef stir fry - and two things occurred. 1) The meat smelled so terrible I couldn’t continue cooking and 2) I cried because nothing was turning out the way I wanted to.

When I told my husband, he confided that he knew I was last night because of the meat - he could not smell a thing!

For those of you who really like the DPO + symptoms, here you go, but organized by cycle day (CD) followed by DPO (indicated by +1, +2, etc.):

CD14: egg white crevical mucous (EWCM), had sex!

CD15 / ovulation ?: EWCM, pain in right ovary

CD16 (+1): pressure in pelvis, gas, headache, insomnia, chills, altered taste (realized that it was my prenatals causing this)

CD17 (+2): tons of belching, terrible gas (smell, sound), impatient, headache, felt ‘wet,’ large cyst-like zit on side of nose, cervix was high and soft, frequent urination at night

CD18 (+3): irritable, tugging on right side of pelvis, lotion like discharge (not abnormal for this point of my cycle), energetic, more awful gas, more frequent urination, nipple and breast pain (shooting sensations, but not abnormal), cervix still high and soft

CD19 (+4): more belching, more gas, tiredness with small bursts of energy, waves of nausea, bloated, absolutely no cervical mucous, cervix was high and soft

CD20 (+5): increased appetite, tired, frequent urination, cervix was somewhat high and soft, no cervical mucous

CD21 (+6): emotional, a bit depressed, headache, congestion, mood swings, some nausea, cervix was somewhat high and soft, no cervical mucous

CD22 (+7): more mood swings, first bout of real cravings (I NEEDED chips and salsa from Taco Bell - should have been a clue as the same was my first craving during my first pregnancy), felt a cold coming on - scratchy throat and cough, cervical mucous was watery and cervix was medium-high and soft. Negative blue dye pregnancy test.

CD23 (+8): Cold was stronger. Throat was irritated and I felt HOT. We live in Okinawa, Japan, which is subtropical so in the Spring and Summer, humidity stays around 85-95%. I was miserable with chills and bodyaches and felt feverish but did not have an elevated temperature. I had another negative test - this time a First Response Early Result (FRER). Began to think I was pregnant due to brief feelings similar to last pregnancy - I can’t explain, but if you have been pregnant before you may understand. Also, this is when I got so upset and sickened by dinner. Cervical mucous was watery, did not check position.

CD24 (+9): I had planned to save my other pregnancy test for this weekend but I have zero self control. I took a test with first morning urine and expected a result right away (because with my son, it showed immediately. After 30 seconds and only one line, I tossed it in the trash. A minute or two later, something in me said check again. So I did, and there was a faint second line. I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. You never believe the first test. My sister-in-law and best friend convinced me to do another, Clearblue Digital, which I did, and an agonizing 3-minutes later ‘pregnant’ popped up.

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