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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP 9dpo

This was my first month ttc and our first baby! I was very nervous because my husband is significantly older than me and I've been on b/c since I was 16 so I thought it would be hard for us. It turns out it wasn't!

I did not have really any symptoms the 1dpo-8dpo. I had a bfn on 8dpo but I felt about the same. What I DID notice was the lack of PMS. I'm usually downing soda and chips and cookies by the tub full the week before AF and this month was nothing!

Slight cramping 9dpo so I took a test with the lightest bfp. I have taken several pregnancy tests in my life (when I wasn't trying) and I have never had any sort of line. Since 9dpo the lines have been getting darker and I took a digital and they are all positive! I went in for my blood test yesterday and we will know by this afternoon what the results are. We couldn't be more happy! I'm just hoping it's a sticky one. I read about so many mc that I'm constantly worried but I have a feeling everything will be ok.


Just got a BFP today. This is my 5th pregnancy. I have 2 children at home and my symptoms this time were totally different than before so I thought I would share.
Cramping 3dpo to 9dpo
Restless Legs (keeping me awake right now)
Very impatient with my 2yo which is unlike Me
BFP @ 12 DPO

FYI amazon sells very early pregnancy tests that test positive at 10 instead of 25 and they are inexpensive.

Good Luck

BFP at 14 DPO

I am 26, my husband is 37. Trying for over a year.
I am still in total shock. I haven't even missed my period yet! (It's due Friday). There have been so many times that I imagined pregnancy symptoms only to get my period. I had been feeling weird all day so I decided to humor myself and take a pregnancy test that I had at home already. Immediately it was positive! I had gotten so used to seeing one line that I couldn't even believe I was looking at two. Here's a rundown of my symptoms ( I wish I would have taken better notes)
1-7 DPO nothing really. Some light tugging down there. Slight sensitivity to smells. Especially mildew and chemicals. Loudly exclaimed at Target "it stinks in here! Does it always smell this bad?"
8 DPO i manage a retail store and we're getting our Xmas stuff. Saw a bracket with Rudolf on it that said "it's ok to be different". Started crying for no reason. Told husband, and he jokingly said "I guess you're pregnant"
9 to 11 DPO very sensitive to smells. Thinks everyone is crazy because they can't smell what I smell. Light cramping and tugging. Very hungry but once I see food I decide I don't want it or I want something else. Ate a Rueben even though I hate sandwhiches and mayo based sauce.
11 to 13 DPO sore boobs and weird gassy cramps and light tugging sensations. So very hungry. Also very tired.
14 DPO positive pregnancy test. :)
Very, very hungry. It's unfair. I am between paydays and all I want to do is eat.
That's my story! I hope it helps. Good luck to everyone out there. I seriously didn't think this would ever happen to me, but just keep trying because it will when you least expect it. :)

BFP with unexplained infertility 3rd IUI - 2.5 years trying

This is my first ever bfp after 2.5 years trying and no diagnosis totally normal cycles and ovulation (normal ovulation per both opk and vag ultrasounds)

Background: We tried on our own 1 year, then did 4 months clomid, no luck so I had laproscopy with hsg, everything looked beautiful structurally but couldn't get dye through so my doc sent me to a specialist who did regular hsg and found both tubes open, thus the unexplained infertility ( all DH analysis have been tons of sperm).

Treatments: once we ruled out every diagnosis the RE started me on letrozole (since 4 months of clomid failed in past). First IUI was one egg/foolicle, second was two eggs/follicles, the third and successful was 3 follicles measuring 21, 19.5, 16.5 at CD13. Opk was positive the same evening of the scan so the next day CD14 had IUI. Got faint bfp on FRER 11 dpo and by 12dpo 3 difftype tests including digital were clear bfp!!!

2ww: no symptoms until 9 dpo. Honestly I never once thought I might be pregnant this cycle and was so depressed so the bfp was total shocker....
9dpo: Started getting fullness and discomfort in lower abdomen and bloaty feeling.
10dpo: for some reason felt strong need to eat healthy. I even threw out my junk food and bought tons of produce. I have done this in past though even when not preggo. I also ate olives for the first time and loved them, started craving them for the next few days.
10dpo to now (14 dpo): lots of cramping that feels like period about to start any minute. Comes and goes but can be very uncomfortable at times. Not worrying too much though since just got a great beta yesterday...

Beta hcg drawn morning of 13dpo= 152

BFP after 10 DPO - 30 years old, 3rd cycle TTC

Hello! I am so thrilled that I get to share our BFP story after reading this site religiously the past few months. I stopped taking my birth control pill about 11 months ago but it wasn't until 3 months ago that we really started TTC. This was our 3rd cycle TTC and my first cycle temping. The temping really helped me feel like I had more "control" in the process, so I really do recommend that! Also I started doing acupuncture when we started TTC and I do think it helped relax me. I didn't take any OPKs, which means I don't know exactly what day I O'd, it was either CD 19 or 20. So I will list my symptoms from CD 19 since that is the day before I showed a big temp increase and the day I still had EWCM.

Day "0": Stressed like a crazy person and definitely drank a glass of wine or 3.
1 - 4 DPO: Slightly sore Bbs. I normally have VERY sore Bbs that get more and more sore until 1 day before AF. Received acupuncture. Have lots of energy, feeling generally very happy. Getting very restorative sleep.
5 DPO: Had a big BM. Noticing that my Bbs are not getting more sore.
6 DPO: Had another big BM, right side cramping, stomach bloating and cramps
7 DPO: Left ovary had a sharp pain in the PM and felt lightheaded
8 DPO: This was my biggest symptom day. I had a big temp dip of .7 degrees F; I woke up feeling so nauseous that I thought I was going to throw up. I thought it was the flu, but I went to work for meetings and then smelled someone having fried chicken and had to run to the bathroom to throw up. I convinced myself it was a stomach bug and went home to nap. I slept 2 hours that afternoon and then had no problem sleeping that night. I had a sharp left ovary pain (so much so that I said "OW" in the car). Boobs full but not tender at all. I also had a blob of lotion-like CM when I wiped. I never have CM after O.
9 DPO: Boobs still not sensitve. Temp went back up. Medium CM on panty. Feeling lots of twinges on my left ovary. Took a test at night, got a BFN, though when I looked at it later there was a slight line, thought it was an evap line so ignored it. Felt very lightheaded when I stood up after sitting for a while.
10 DPO: Took a FRER test, BFP! Took two Dollar Store tests, they were even brighter BFPS! Took a CB Digital - Pregnant 1 -2 weeks! My hubs found the tests while I was at the store, we are so thrilled! Feeling tired and lots of twinges - sometimes sharp sometimes like a dull cramp - just feeling like lots of activity going on down there.
11 DPO: BFP on CVS brand Digital (I just wanted to be really sure!) Tiredness and twinges continue.
12 DPO: Nausea in the AM eased by just a little food.

The lack of sore BBs (when I always get sore Bbs) was my first warning sign. The nausea was what alerted DH. But the constant twinges that started around 7 or 8 DPO was really what made me think this might be our month.

Thank you to all who posted detailed accounts - this is a great community and I wish you all the best of luck, health and happiness!

I can't believe I'm going to be a MOM! :) :) :)

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Crazy BFP Baby#2

This month was crazy. We were TTC our 2nd and I was using OPKs but I never got a positive! I was having EWCM on the 7th and 8th of this month so we DTD those two days only. My AF was due on the 23rd. Here are my symptoms, which were way too early for me.

On the 11th: My right leg was super achy and it would travel all the way from hip to toe. I got this with my 1st but at like 5/6 weeks pregnant!
12th: My right leg was still killing me, it would not let me sleep in peace. I also started getting heartburn.
13th: My gums were bleeding and I had heartburn that made me miserable.
14th: Heartburn! Gassy and going #2 a lot!
15th: I slept great! Creamy cm still going #2 alot!
16th: Woke up at 2 am with heartburn, couldn't sleep. Got a killer Charley horse and had mild cramping.
18th: Dreaming of a BFP, constipated, tired, so tired.
19th-21st: Tired, thankfully heartburn stopped. Boobs are tender to the touch.
22-23rd: Tired, BFN every day since the 19th. I took a Answer brand pregnancy test on the 23rd but it wasn't until the 25th when taking out the trash that I saw the faintest BFP.
26th: BFP!!

Good luck and baby dust to all the ladies!

BFP 9 months after MC...keeping it quiet

Hi all

First off! good luck to all you families out there who are trying. Getting a BFP after a MC is a happy and scary time, but DH and I are delighted- and Funnily enough- you ladies know months before we tell anyone as we are going to wait until 3 months this time. Glad to share my secret with you!

Been TTC by tracking my period and ovulation days and making sure we are doing the no pants dance frequently ;)

Here's how the Symptoms for me went down

1-3 DPO- cramping and throbbing in uterus, tiredness, BBs tender, vivid dreams
3-6 DPO- tiredness, really gassy and bloated- fluttery feeling in tummy, increased sense of smell and aversion to sweet food- but felt Hungry!!!
7 DPO- BFN and symptoms seemed to disappear
8 DPO- weird symptom- I had one glass of wine (don't judge I thought it was over for another month) and I literally felt wasted and REALLY sick
9 DPO- really tired, bloated
10 DPO- literally no appetite swollen and tender BBs- tested again FRER and BFN thought AF was on the way
11 DPO- today, woke up and really awful cramping in my right calf muscle, BBs were uncomfortable to sleep on, again Vivid dreams. Dull aching feeling in my tummy. tested again FRER- faint pink line
tested again 2 hours later with the clearblue digital and it spelled it out "Pregnant 1-2 weeks" WEIRD thing is- pulled all of my tests out to take a picture (as you do) and the one from 10 DPO had developed a really faint pink line. definitely wasn't there when I first took it. not saying it is always the case, I know after 10 mins you should discard, but just sharing should the same thing happen to anyone else.

Anyway, Good Luck to you all and Baby Dust all round XXX

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BFP at 10 dpo

I can't believe I finally got a BFP this cycle. I was not really trying to get pregnant from last 4 cycles ago but I kinda let it happen if it happened. The problem was I never did the deed in my most fertile days since the hubby was always away around that week until this cycle that we did the deed 3-4 days before the ovulation day (Opk was positive and I felt the ovulation pain in my right side of abdomon in the same day). Anyways, the funny thing is I got a cold a week before my ovulation day and I thought for sure I might not ovulate or Ill ovulate later in the cycle. I ate 10 oranges for couple of days to get better. I also took antibiotic for my sore throat. I thought my CM will be acidic at this point and I won't have any chances. I used pre-seed earlier in a day that we did the deed. I lay in the bed after that since it was at night so it might have helped with the sperms moving faster.
Anyways, every cycle I had all sorts of pregnancy symptoms that I felt I'm for sure pregnant but this cycle After the ovulation day, I had no symptoms whatsoever. I decided not to buy any preg. test until the day I get the AF. Tonight, I was supposed to get the AF but I was out so I got tempted and I bought a pregnancy test so of course, I tested right away when I got home. I was so surprised to see the positive line right away. I Have been taking my pre-natals for 4 months now. I don't know if I could have got a BFP earlier that 10 dpo since I didn't test.
0-7 dpo: no symptoms except my boobs felt heavy and full ( that's not too unusual)
8 dpo: I felt very emotional and I had a heated conversation with my mom. I felt bad after that and I couldn't understand why I felt so annoyed.
9 dpo: I was very tired (I got up so early in the morning and I was at work so I don't know). I came home earlier and I was watching TV around 2 pm that I thought, I can not open my eyes anymore and I had to go to my bed. I slept until 9 pm. I woke up and watched tv and I went to bed around 1 am until 10 am. I had a very vivid dream.
9 dpo: my boobs felt a little itchy and it I felt heavy and full. I felt really hungry at night and I felt like i needed to eat a piece of pizza. ( I'm usually hungry so I don't know if it's related). I came home and took the preg. Test and i saw a BFP.

BFP!! :-)

Hi Ladies!!
So after 4 months ttc we got our bfp this week!!! Like most people, I have stalked this board during our ttc journey, desperately looking for signs and symptoms that mimic my own, only to have AF arrive a on time. Well this time around definitely did seem a bit different. In some bfp stories, some women have stated that they had less symptoms leading up to their bfp then in any other cycles. That is mostly true in my case too.
A little bit of history, I'm 27 and my DH is 26. We have been married since July and pretty much started ttc since then. I was on bcp for two years before stopping at the end of June. My cycles were always very regular pre bc and they went back to normal right away. The first 2 cycles I was like a women possessed. I could not read enough, poas enough was symptom spotting every little twinge and pinch. DH was starting to get worried as I took every bfn so hard.
Cycle 3 I made an effort to behave less obsessively. It helped a lot, but still took the bfn pretty hard. We weren't doing the BD enough times in my opinion so this cycle we really made a go of it. We BD'd every day during my fertile week bar one day (O Day!) I can always feel when I am ovulating so I don't use the O-Kits. This O Day seemed particularly intense. So here it is, my bfp by dpo. I really hope this helps put someone's mind at ease.

1dop: Very tired. Slight sharp pain on left side of uterus.
2dpo: Lower back pain. Slight cramps in uterus (possible still due to O day)
3dpo: Lower back pain. Bloating. Creamy CM
4dpo: Slight ovarian pain on the right side. Badly constipated. Felt very nauseous in the pm (Very strange) Watery CM (Strange for me)
5dpo: Slight cramps in uterus, nauseous on/off throughout the day. Very hungry even after eating. Water cm
6dpo: Cramps are gone. Very nauseous. CM watery but was sticky in the am.
7dpo: Nausea has gone. Lots of watery CM
8dpo: Lots of watery CM
9dpo: Lots of water CM. Took two cheapie tests (am & pm) and got a very very faint positive both times.
10dpo: Bad af type cramps and lower back ache. CM still watery. Broke out all over cheeks (very stranger) Took another cheapie and got a bfn :-(
11dpo: Still cramping slightly. Took another cheapie and got a bfn (DH thinks it was a bad batch as it was a two pack) CM was watery
12 dpo: Didn't test today as thought I was having a chemical. Still had watery CM. Had slight twinge on the right side of uterus in the pm.
13dpo: Really bad heartburn in the pm. More slight twinges on the right side. Watery CM. Had one last FRER left. I wasn't going to test as thought AF was on her way but decided to at 10pm with only a 3 hour hold. Got a faint BFP within two minutes!! Cried my eyes out.
14dpo: Took a CB Digital with FMU and got negative. Freaked out. Bought a FRER in the afternoon and beat the control with a much stronger line :-) Had so much water cm today and lots of little cramps. Lots of frequent urination.
15dpo (today): Feel very normal bar little cramps and lots of peeing. BBs are starting to become tender.

DH has suggested the cramps at 10dpo were implantation cramps but that would not explain the very faint positive at 9dpo. The few things that stud out to me were the nausea and watery cm. I did not have these symptoms in previous cycles.
I am so grateful this is our month. We always said we would love to tell our families on Christmas morning and if this little bean sticks our second wish will come through. To top it, my due date is on our first wedding anniversary!!
I wish you all the best of luck on your ttc journey. I hope to see you post your bfp story soon!!


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Bfp after MC with not many symptoms!

I just got my BFP 5 months after my MMC @ 9weeks.
I was beginning to think it would never happen again, you read so many stories of people falling pregnant right after their mc and it's torture. If you've had an mc and are trying again please don't give up hope it seems like weeks not months once you finally get the bfp again.
I'm so thankful and praying this one sticks.
I am 31 DH is 34 we have no known issues but since the mc I have short cycles and only a 10 day luteal phase.

I started a course of reflexology 5 weeks ago and I swear it's helped me get the bfp.

So I didn't have many symptoms in my tww but the main clues were:

• I usually feel nausea in tww when I'm NOT pregnant and I didn't get any this time.

• I got really emotional on 8dpo all day for literally no reason - once just because the dog followed me to the loo!

• I didn't dry up before AF

So my breakdown is like this

1-4 dpo - nothing
5 dpo - came out in lots of small spots (not like me)
6 dpo - a little crampy / nasal stuffyness
7-8 dpo - a very small amount of pink & light brown cm, my gums get sore. Still a little twingy.
9 dpo - my cm goes from creamy as usual to watery when I'm usually drying up by now.
10 dpo - still watery cm, gums still sore, on off cramps and dihorrea.
11 dpo - boobs feel a little sore but I think it's all in my head. Take a test very very faint bfp but I don't believe what I'm seeing!
12 dpo - husband makes me take a test at 5am when he leaves for work on internet cheapie and were still unclear so I buy a FRER later and it's a clear bfp.

My cervix stayed soft throughout but sometimes was feeling open and it moved high - low constantly!

I hope this helps.

Wishing for you all to join me soon!