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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

39yrs- low egg reserve, 6 months TTC, clomid, instead cups: 10dpo BFP

I was diagnosed with low egg reserve 2012. I went in cause some things changed in my cycle and I am very aware of whats happening.
sure enough, FSH was 14 I believe.
I even had once cycle where I didnt ovulate at all. But typically I get + opk and feel pain that day and next day followed by low shut cervix and white mucus.

we had been trying 6 months. I have had many pregnancies prior so I get pregnant easily but I was divorced and was not getting pregnant with my significant other. I redid my FSH which was better. however, still no pregnancy and didnt see anymore eggwhites (especially with all the sex) so that concerned me too.
in prior months I swayed, I tried some herbs, instead cups one month and preseed in a tiny amount and even clomid self perscribed at 25mg w out sucess. I get alot of white sticky mucus but I knew I needed stretchy fertile stuff.

so this month I didnt think it was going to work. wasnt even going to try. Then I went ahead and did 12.5mg clomid days 6-9? or maybe 7-10. I only had 4 doses. I had no signs of ovulation other than really in the mood.
then I got a test and just randomly tested and it was a near +. cd 13. cd14 +opk BLAZING dark.

BD cd 11, 13 (2x), 14, 15
Ovulated cd 14 (pains and sex too painful/achey)
3dpo feel wet but its cold. throbbing in belly a bit then gone.
4dpo so much mucus
5dpo sex burns. plus I have a tad bit of a yeast infection (from so much sex deposit) really emotional. plan to give up on trying. maybe Im not meant to have another.
6dpo thick throat feeling/phlemy, gagged at night brushing teeth. crabby, eating alot at night before bed. belly gurgles
7dpo very gassy and loud (not like me) cervix very long and firm. phlemy and thickness in throat and fullness in ears.
hot cold waves. nausea before bed. 1st night I took progesterone.
8dpo woke up feeling pukey and thought, ok I could be pregnant even tho I only have this symptom. (and since i just took the prog i know thats not making me pukey) I said if I cant taste milk, I dont even need a test. sure enough, whole milk tastes blah or like water. very creamy mucus. pooped a ton then had cramps after for hours in abdomen. acne. very hungry and thirsty for days now.
9dpo super hungry and mainly for meat. peeing more often and alot. my back is broken out! super crabby at other peoples kids. a baby was really crabby near me and I was annoyed (thought I would be terrible mother again) questionable FRER today. it has a line but no color. the one from last night has a even lighter test line but no pink. as day goes on, I think- this is a + even tho no color. take a clearblue and a target =/- at night and both FAINT + but then disappear 30 minutes later. read that is normal w those brands. take a FRER and its NEG with same pee.
10dpo. peed at 6am then woke at 7:15 w nausea. temp 98.1 (norm is 97.1) STARVING (ate 5 eggs and 2 slices of ham) peed at 7:30am and tested w that. +FRER within 2 mins. so obvious but still faint. much darker within the hour. clearblue at noon and its a + within 40 seconds. had one spec of pink today. cervix low and softer. very thin watery white mucus.

no boob pain, no green lines, no gagging, not overly tired, NO CRAMPS. Just irritated easily. dont really feel pregnant but then again its early. still sinking in. i was waiting to feel implantation or see some spotting. nothing like my norm.
it was our 6 month trying. I had JUST made an appt to do an IUI in 2 weeks. LOL
I added nordic naturals oil pills daily, vit d, ultra mega GNC pils (green ones 1 x a day vs 2) also b12 disolving tabs at 1500mg? drank more water. no sway. used instead cups 2-3 times this cycle and only had about a 3 drops of preseed so I put that in too. I did try to have an o after he finished, and I had my hips up when I did it. and again, used clomid at 12.5 mg days 6, 7, 8 and 9?
i have very strong pains this month and 3 days of wicked dark +opk.
partner will be 40 next month. he had a sperm sample done in Oct and showed 8% normal morphology but 220MILLION sperm. so we should not have too much of an issue w all those guys!
I didnt have my hopes up so I cared less this month. maybe thats what did it :)

BFP @ 15 dpo. SMEP.

This was second cycle TTC. DH and I are both 32. I decided to try to Sperm Meets Egg plan and it worked!

Here's the breakdown:

CD 1 - 5 - AF
CD 6 - BD
CD 8 - BD, Neg OPK
CD 9 - Neg OPK
CD 10 - BD, Neg OPK
CD 11 - Neg OPK
CD 12 - BD, Neg OPK
CD 13, BD, Pos OPK
CD 14 - BD - O DAY

SMEP says to skip a day and BD one more time but we did not do that.

9 DPO - Implantation bleeding - I wiped and there was a little spot of blood which I found strange. I usually spot right before my AF and it's usually more than one spot.
10 DPO - Felt dizzy
11 DPO - Headache
12 DPO - Metallic taste in my mouth all day
13 DPO - Metallic taste and very thirsty
14 DPO - My breasts were a little sore on the sides. I never get sore breasts.
15 DPO - My temp went up a bit. Stretchy CM but very white, not clear. I'm usually dry before AF. Throughout the day my breasts were very sore so I knew I had to test. I held my pee in for 3 hours and bought a pregnancy test on the way home from work. BFP!

This is our first pregnancy. Excited and hoping for a sticky baby! =)

BFP at 14DPO

I think that I am still in complete shock. After 18 months of trying, I finally got to see what a real BFP looks like! It was the weirdest feeling to actually see that second line show up....a REAL one. There were so many times that I held a test up to the light, squinting and really thinking that I saw one, only for my husband to have to tell me that it was stark white....yet again!

I'm 33 and my husband is 35. Oh my goodness, I am someone who constantly is researching to try new things. I guess it made me feel like I was actually DOING something rather than just waiting. I've been going to acupuncture for the last 6 months (which has been awesome, if anything it relaxed me....not sure if it got me to my bfp), drank a fertility blend tea, also drank red raspberry tea and nettle tea, convinced my husband to try different positions that I'd read about, used Preseed before having sex, propped my legs up for 15 mins or so after sex (which felt ridiculous!), added more iron to my diet (recommended by my acupuncturist), upped my exercise routine (although not to the point of strenuous exercise, just more weights, some yoga, and walking), ate pinneapple during ovulation time, used ovulation tests, temped regularly...the list could go on! I also had finally given in and started to get all of the tests done....

Honestly, I really can't tell you that I relaxed more (I really hate it when people say that don't you??) because I really didn't! I have no idea what was different about this month at all. But, I will say that everything that I was doing did make me feel focused and my body and mind are a lot healthier than when we started trying 18 months ago. I also just had an HSG done last month, so I guess I'm one of those people who you read about that gets an HSG and falls pregnant!

It's funny, because I did what I normally do at 9 dpo and told myself that I was out. Why? Because my temp significantly dropped that day (I guess possible implantation dip?), but then it went up the next day....and then stayed high....until 14 dpo. For those who want to know, my temps were:

9 dpo: 36.64 celsius
10 dpo: 36. 93 celsius
11 dpo: 36.74 celsius
12 dpo: 36.8 celsius
13 dpo: 36.87 celsius
14 dpo: 36.85 celsius BFP

The only symptoms that made me feel that this might be "it" is that I had a bit of spotting around 11 dpo (which I never get that early) and my temps were still high (they usually start to fall around 12/13 dpo) That's really it! I have sore boobs, but they feel like what I've had every month and I have cramps here and there, but again, they really feel like period cramps, so this wasn't a true "sign" for me.

I got my bfp yesterday morning and last night I was out with friends for dinner (all moms) and they were all complaining about how they're so afraid EVERY month to get pregnant because they are SO fertile! In fact, they are trying to get their husbands to have surgery so that they don't have to worry. They also spent a majority of the night complaining about their kids! It was the first time that I actually wasn't feeling upset inside (while smiling on the outside of course right??!), thinking, geez I would give anything to be too fertile and I long to be tired because I have a kid! In fact, I'm tearing up just writing this, because I just really never thought that I'd ever have that feeling go away!

If anything that this process has taught me, it's that I'm going to try and embrace every moment and be thankful....and I'm really going to try very my very best not to complain! Keeping this secret is going to be so hard so thank you for letting me at least tell you! I hope that my little baby sticks! Best of luck to everyone, I know how difficult this process is!

BFP 16 DPO with Preseed

After nine months of trying we finally got our BFP. I started giving up hope and was much more relaxed this month...that has seemed to work even for some of my friends. We also started using Preseed the last few tries; this was the third.
I normally have a 31-33 day cycle. According to Fertility Friend I ovulated on CD 17.
Two week wait symptoms as follows:

5 -10 DPO: Breast started to get tender on day 5 and by 7 DPO were very full and sore with sensitive nipples. It was happened to me a few times over the last few years, breast getting tender very early and lasting for over a week, so I tried not to look into this one so much.

11 DPO: Backache like AF was due soon, breast still sore of course, starting to feel gassy and bloated.

12 DPO: Sore breasts, mild periodic cramps. BFN with Clear Blue digital.

13 DPO - 14 DPO: More of the same. Chose not to do another pregnancy test until it would be most accurate as I really didn't want to see another BFN.

15 DPO: Expected AF this day. It usually gives me a rude awakening in the middle of the night. Cramps were starting to intensify so I figured that's what was going on. I also was more painfully bloated and gassy. Woke up around 3 or 4 a.m. to take some pain killers for intense cramping expecting to be bleeding by the time I woke up (normal).

16 DPO: Woke up to no AF. My temperature had spiked an additional .3 degrees from the range it had been hanging out in the past couple weeks. Took two tests later in the day as I thought there may be a chance. BFP x 2!

I hope this helps someone! So many of these stories have helped me! :)

13 dpo bfp!!!

I'm so excited!!! Here is a bit of my hx. 2 kids 10 & 2. DH and I ttc between the them 2 but nothing worked & nothing was wrong with either of us (both chked by doc when oldest was 5) after years of TTC we decided to stop... 3 years later I bought a opk and Boom preggo 1 month later with girl #2! Now with a 10 & 2 yr old we decided to try again... 3 month ttc... This last month used PRESEED & opk... and this am we got our Bfp @13dpo!!!
Here are my symptoms:
1-3 dpo nothing really, cold symptoms
4-12 dpo lower back pain, fatigue, hungry, emotional, slight cramping ( not like af) lighter... But pinch like off and on for days. Lower back pain was bad! No tender bbs and I don't chk my bbt ( never) or my cm.
13 dpo very clear bfp!
Good luck ladies!!! Baby dust to u all!
When prayers go up... Blessings come down!!! Won't He do IT!!! #amen

10 or 11 DPO

My story. ... for those who are waiting.

I am 10 or 11 DPO. I read these posts almost every day. Issue is... I was having almost EVERY symptom. I did not have IB or big dips in my temp.

1 dpo- stabbing pain in my uterus for about an hour.
2-11 dpo (not every day, but they did get me intense along the way)- UTI, vivid dreams, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, congested, waves of nausea, diarrhea, painful breasts, headaches, cramps, burning sensation in breasts and sides of stomach, times I was very hungry.

I have to say, I am already really sick. It is worth it, though!

Products used: 

BFP- symptoms leading up to

I feel the need to give back to this site, having stalked it as we all do the month before our BFP. I found it something of a relief to read what others were feeling for each day post-ovulation and trying to tally it with what I was feeling/hoping I was feeling, which might indicate that positive.
The best thing in the end was having to be away from internet access, due to holiday- so I stopped the stalking! But it does help :-)
I decided to make notes, for use in future months to notice patterns. I never needed them in the end but hope they will be of use to someone else. My cycles can vary from 28 days to 36 days.
We made love every other day roughly leading up to and during when I thought I might be ovulating.

day 14- stretchy CM
day 15- same
day 16- watery CM, cramp left side all day
day 17- bit egg whitey
day 18- stretchy again
day 19- very eggy in the morning!
day 20- still stretchy,nips v sore
day 21- sore nips
day 22- sore nips
day 23- sore nips
day 24- sore nips. felt rough in the afternoon and had to cancel work and sleep
day 25- nips better. Negative test, too early but couldn't resist, was suspicious of nipple thing as unusual for me.
day 29- Bit of cramp morning, very tired after a bike ride, more so than usual.
day 30- watery CM in evening. Cramp left side by rib. Boobs heavy and full.
day 31- tired, looking well rough, like pre-period sometimes.
day 32- Boobs still full, pinch left side.
day 33- Rubbish sleep again, boobs still full.
day 34- Vivid dreams, more than usual and I do have dreams most nights. Stuffy nose still, been going on days.
day 35- positive test 7am.

The wait is over

I have been trying to conceive for 2.5 years. We tried a few rounds of clomid with no success. We then tried a few rounds of femera. I took a break for about 3 months and then restarted femera. I also had some leftover progretrone and started taking it a few days after our first IUI. Today marks the 2 week waiting period and I just got my BFP. I am excited. I got a negative every day since 10dpo. Today I finally saw a BFP. I had some mild cramps on days 4-5 and again days 13-14( today). I have otherwise not had any symptoms. I have se slight breast tenderness for past 2 days.

BFP after 1 year and some change TTC

I'll start out like many have before me - I have stalked everyone's stories for months, hoping that someone's tales of TTC (the horrors and the joys) and days spent lamenting BFN after BFN would remind me of my own, so that I didn't feel alone in my tragic journey. And the stories definitely helped - I wished alongside everyone for their eventual success, and celebrated those of you who have achieved that sacred BFP.

Also I am sorry for the length of my story...

My husband and I have been together for 7 years, married for 2, and are in our 30s. We barely had the funds to have a wedding, so children were not on our mind until about early Fall of last year, when we both felt comfortable in our careers and general stations in life, and thought that it was time to start trying (much to our parents' excitement). I went off the pill, which I had been taking dutifully for 10+ years, and thought, "this should take no time". HA! After several months I saw a doctor who did an exam and told me she wouldn't be surprised if I got pregnant "any time now". Then a few more months and my husband and I were having serious doubts (you know, that after 30 issue) and decide to make an appointment to see a fertility specialist, regardless of the cost (insurance does not cover S*** where I live, and some of you know how expensive diagnostics and treatments can be). Meanwhile, I have a 23-year-old cousin get married and pregnant the second she goes on her honeymoon. Of course I am overjoyed for her, but feel bad for me, which makes me feel worse that I am upset about such a happy thing.

So, we made an appointment with the specialist, who was out of town and couldn't be seen until November 13th (today). We kept trying just for the hell of it, but didn't expect a thing to happen. Of course I have been an obsessive charter, waking up at 6:20 every morning to take my temperature, and we have been using pre-seed for a few months. I also started taking Vitex about a month and a half ago, as I have a co-worker who swore by it when she was TTC. My cycle is pretty regular, 25 days on average, with an Ovulation day usually around day 10 or 11 and a 14-15 day LP. The first month I took Vitex my cycle shortened to 22 days, so I thought I shouldn't take it anymore, but kept taking it upon my co-worker's insistence (yeah, I know, silly, but a girl gets desperate).

On Sunday, November 9th (expected date of AF), I woke up with a temperature of 98.4, which is WAY high for me (Pre-O is usually around 97, and Post-O is usually around 97.7). I was not sick, it was not late, so I immediately ran to the bathroom and grabbed the last test I owned. Low and behold, BFP!!!!! I woke up my husband and made him look - sure enough, two pink lines!

I can't say that I felt any symptoms out of the ordinary, but I sure didn't feel like my period was about to start. And sometimes that happens - I typically get sore boobs about a week before and a headache for a couple days and that's it until cramping the night before. These were the only signs I can remember that were just a little bit weird...

1DPO and on: Sore boobs - I usually don't feel this until about a week before AF.
7DPO: Uncommonly large amount of creamy CM - I went to the bathroom and it was like someone had pumped a glob of lotion into my panties
13DPO: Tired like I could barely make it through my workday, which isn't too unusual for right before AF. Also by this point my temperature has already started to fall, and it was holding on at around 97.7.
14DPO: Temperature still steady
15DPO: Temperature way up, Positive HPT

Monday morning (the 10th) I called the doctor to cancel the appointment and to see if they wanted me to come in for a blood test. She said they didn't need the blood test, but proceeded to schedule my first 3 appointments in December - the first one being an "ultrasound confirmation", which will be at about 8 weeks. Since then I haven't felt much different - my boobs are still sore and I am bloated mainly. I will get AF like cramps every now and again, but everything I've read says that's normal. I have not felt sick or extraordinarily tired, but I expect next week and after I may experience more symptoms.

I have been over-the-moon excited, but cautiously so, as I know there is always that risk of MC. I wanted to share my story to let you all know that I was there too, and there is hope. And I don't want to give all the credit to Vitex, but maybe it had something to do with it.

Good Luck to you all out there, and I'm hoping for this to stick!

BFP at Day 15 dpo

Hi all, I have really found these sites so helpful so thought I would share my story. I am mid 40's and have just found out I am pregnant. I got married earlier in the year and we have been TTC for about 5 months.

I have been feeling very disheartened as I have had endometriosis and thought at my age nothing would ever come of things. I was even scheduled for a second laparoscopy in January 2015 to have any residual endometriosis removed, not only to help a possible pregnancy but because I was suffering greatly with my periods.

I know it's early days but I really am hopeful that this BFP will remain a BFP and I shall test again tomorrow to be sure.
This morning the line was faintly positive, but it was definitely there. Again this site helped me realise what to look for and that a line, however faint, means only thing.

All I can say is that I have been eating a lot of broccoli! And lemon juice in the mornings and trying generally to eat well and keep active.

Symptoms that I noticed up until now:
I have noticed heartburn for the first time in my life (very mild, but enough to make me wonder). Gassy, but I wondered if that was due to the broccoli and/or supplements I've been taking (pregnacare). I also had an incredibly bad bout of cramps the week after ovulation, or around that time, to make me wonder if the endometriosis was playing its tricks again. As it happens, that must have been the good old implantation symptoms. Breasts hurt terribly for about 5 days and then suddenly subsided - ie today I have no pain, but they are full and I could have sworn I noticed three veins last night rather than the usual one which is usually always present before AF arrives. I have not had headaches or sickness or hunger, but I suppose it is much too early. Oh and dreams - very vivid and some nights I have hardly slept which has made me feel scratchy the next day. Cramps are there, occasionally severe enough for me to think that AF is definitely on its way, but so far no.

I feel on top of the world, to think a little human is starting its course within me...

I have found this site so useful because the 2WW can be daunting and bewildering, and with endometriosis especially you do wonder what on earth is going on.

I was also suspicious because my BBT chart was triphasic this month and this morning my temp was even higher than it had been, meaning the oven is cooking.