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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP at 8DPO!

Hi ladies! I wanted to share my story since this site has got me through the last few months ttc.
I got my BFP at 8 DPO, testing in the evening.
A little back ground on the hubby and me, I am 26 and hubby is 25. We have been trying to eat healthy and exercise, and I have been trying to eat healthy the last few months. We have been ttc for 3 months, and finally got our BFP 3rd try. :)
My cycles are very regular, 28-30 day cycles, lasting 5-6 days. We have 4 year old twins already, and are excited to be having number 3.
I used OPKs this month, and that really helped in pin pointing ovulation. I usually get ovulation pain and a lot of CM. I have been taking pre-natal pills and my normal daily vitamin everyday on top of eating lots of green veggies and fruits ( lots of pineapple and berries).
Now for the good stuff, lol.

Cycle day 13- tested with opk, not very dark. Had EWCM. BD.
Cycle day 15- Positive opk, lots of EWCM. BD once.
Cycle day 16- Ovulated. BD once.
Cycle day 17- 1 DPO- woke up with slight sore throat. Light cramping. Boobs tender ( not normal for me this early to get breast tenderness).
Cycle day 18- 2 DPO- same, light cramping, but breast more tender. Full blown cold. Low backache.
Cycle day 19- 3 DPO- very little CM. No more cramps or low backache. Still have cold. Breast still tender.
Cycle day 20- 4DPO- feeling tired. No more CM. Still have cold. Breasts getting more sore. Low backache.
Cycle day 21- 5 DPO- same.
Cycle day 22- 6DPO- face broke out, no CM, breasts very sore ( can't hardly touch them or wear bra), backache and cramps come and go all day, cold is completely gone overnight!
Cycle day 23- 7DPO- breasts still very sore! They hurt deeper and are more tender than normal pms sore. Hardly any more cramps, and backache is gone. Craving fruit and juice!
Cycle day 24- 8DPO- woke up to very sore breasts, they are more sore than I ever remember with pms.
I also am not having my usual cravings for sweets like I do when I have pms. I am actually not wanting any type of sweets at all. Lol
Had another breakout on my face, which is not normal for me. Slight pinching feeling in uterus.
Went and bought FRER test, and was going to wait until 13 DPO, but couldn't.
At 7:00pm, I took the test and expected to see a bfn. I thought I was out this month for sure. But within just 45 seconds I saw a BFP! I quickly took the second test and it too within seconds showed a BFP. I bought 2 more tests, FRER, and both of them also within minutes showed BFP.
Now today at 9DPO I still have sore breasts, and a low backache, but the cramping has stopped and now my lower belly area and uterus feels "full".

I did not think I was pregnant this month. I counted myself out since I had most of my normal pms symptoms, but the only difference was my breasts were sore and tender earlier than usual, my face broke out more then usual, and I did not have my usual pms cravings. :)
So don't count yourself out if you have pms symptoms. Baby dust to all!!

BFP with PCOS , all natural

Ok so I have never had normal menstraul cycles. This last cycle I had was 35 days long... So I didn't ovulate until cycle day 26 ... So here goes my dpo!!!

3dpo- twinges, low back pain

4dpo- flutters I know that sounds weird but that's what it felt like, also some more twinges.

6dpo- twinges, constipated, headache

7dpo- sharp pain in right side (which I will now call implantation ) lasted about 15 seconds but definetly felt it

8dpo- got some mild cramps around noon, also the twinges , took a nap during the day

9dpo- tested today?!?! BFN!!! With having abnormal cycles it's hard to not want to. Pretty sure I was out this month. Also had acne which usually happens for me before AF

11dpo- surprisingly acne was gone and my face seemed so clear. More of the twinges but just thought it was just me at this point.

13dpo- pressure , light cramps, stood up at night and felt like a tugging on my right side, laid down that night and felt a little nauseous ..

14dpo- woke up went to work and felt a lil nauseous , no vomiting but expected AF , went on my break at 10:00 and went and bought a FRER , came back and took it, the window started to fill and both lines showed up immediately !!!! BFP!!! Stick baby stick!!!!

BFP 11 cycles ttc 14 dpo on Clomid

Still in shock over our BFP!!! DH and I (married almost 3 yrs) have been ttc for 11 cycles. (I'm 30 - DH is 29).

Around 6 months we had all the basic tests run and the doctor said everything looked great.

This month the doctor prescribed me Clomid 100mg, & I took it cd 5 thru 9, we BD every other day cd 10 thru 20, (we also had a fertility statue from my mother under our bed, lol).

Normally I've been a POAS addict, but opted not to do that this month. I even decided not to test at 14dpo the day AF was due and was going to wait until the next day. I got to work at 7 am and got sick about a handful of times. I came home early around 12pm to rest, took an hpt, and there it was our BFP that we've been waiting for!!!

my only symptoms during the tww started around 8 dpo (I wasn't charting anything (cm or bbt), and I didn't even use opks this month) were extreme tired ness, super sore bbs (almost feel like they are going to pop off, lol) and nausea.

Bunches of babydust to everyone in their tww - always believe something beautiful is about to happen :)

First BFP after second IUI

I am now 17 weeks! This thread helped keep me sane during my TWWs.

CD25 (long cycle for some reason...): Faint line on OPK cheapie, but no smiley on Clearblue, figured I was close!
CD26 @ 10am: Smiley!

1DPO: IUI at 10am, Doc said the egg had already released and she could see the fluid around where it had been.

2DPO-8DPO: nothing really out of the ordinary, had lots of my typical PMS symptoms like increased hunger & libido. Temps steady at 97.8.

9DPO: Holy smokes! Woke up with loose stool during the night, with horrible painful gas--figured I had food poisoning!
Temp 98.00. Lots of feelings below belly button during the day, almost like a cramp or twinge/drilling sensation, but in one very specific spot. Also felt like I pulled my ab muscles every time I got up. -HPT with SMU on FRER

10DPO Temp 98.2 -HPT with FMU, +HPT (squinter) on FRER around 7pm! Lots of pinches/pulls/twinges, loose stool. Nothing out of the ordinary with CM.

12DPO +HPT on digital. HOLY BOOBS! They are HUGE and soooo painful. Still loose stool...temp 98.7 CM still normal, dryish.

Baby Dust to all!

Got our first BFP ever!!!!! Baby #1 due April 2015

Wow was this site the best thing ever invented for all us obsessive, single track minded women on the journey to babyville. A little info on us:
Me 30, DH 29 (no babies between the two of us this is our first). Married in Feb of this year and started NTNP in Nov, but after a few months of it "not happening" we (as in me) got serious. First month of actively trying we BD every day before and during my fertile window and still BFN. I didn't temp or use OPKS. So the month we did SMEP and I took Robitussin from Af to O and honestly I really think this helped me since I was on the pill for over 12 years and this apparently does the opposite of what the BC pill does by thinning out the lining. Anyway, I also used Preseed for the first time along with Softcups. I also took Vitex for the entire cycle up until my BFP. Not sure which "did the trick" but maybe it was a combo? I dunno.
Here's my DPO symptoms:
We BD CD10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, and 22. I O'd on CD 16 and could feel the pain in left side
2DPO- Had a HUGE breakdown and just really didn't like ME. I felt incredibly ugly and insecure which is not usually how I feel.
3DPO-Creamy CM, fatigue
4DPO-Slight cramping, creamy CM
5DPO-More cramping and some burring pinching in the evening
7DPO-Creamy CM, sad, lots of gas and bloating, loose bowl movements, woke up starving which is VERY odd for me, twitchy hands
8DPO-Back aches, more gas, woke up starving again even tho I ate a very big meal before bed the night before, dream about baby gifts,
9DPO- gas, cramping, hungry, tired, sore throat, took hpt and fell asleep only to wake up an hour later to a faint line... not sure if it was BFP at the time.
10DPO-EWCM, gas, bloating, fluttering in uterus in the afternoon?, backache (was at work but couldn't take a FMU hpt so figured I'd wait a day :()
11DPO- BFP with FMU!!!!!!, gas, constipated (didn't take one BM at all!! very very odd for me), bloated, cramps (Got beta done - it was 7 hcg)
12DPO-Another BFP with FMU and getting slightly darker, heavy BB, starving again in the morning (this still continues), Constipated or loose bm ( no in-betweens)
13DPO-First day of missed period, another darker BFP with FMU, acne, sore bb, bloating, tired, hungry
14DPO-Same as above
15DPO-Bm are better, got my follow up betas today 138HCG!!!!!! :)
DH and I are beyond happy!!!!!


Hello everyone!!!

I am happy to say that after 2 cycles of TTC we are soo blessed to have gotten our BFP so fast! During my TWW I was driving myself insane trying not to over think everything but remain hopeful that I would see those 2 beautiful lines soon. A little bit about DH and I. I am 24 and he is 28. Have been married for almost 9 months but have been together just over 5 and a half years. In October of 2011 we had an unplanned pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage at 5 1/2 weeks along. TTC was a often a topic between us even before we got married. In April 2014 we researched midwifes and decided that we wanted to have a preconception appointment. We found one that we liked and made an appointment, she recommended I start taking prenatals right away if we planned on TTC within the next couple months, so I did. May-June was officially our first cycle and I did nothing to track ovulation other than try to observe my body more (cm and ovulation pains). We did not end up conceiving. June-July we decided to add a couple things to the mix, I began to do my research on how to pin point ovulation...I purchased the Clearblue Digital Advanced Ovulation kit, pre-seed and began taking BBT. Below are my symptoms.

CD18- Received my solid smiley face (Peak) on my OPK BD
CD19 (Ovulation day)- Mild headache, mild nausea, twinges on my right side (ovulation cramps) BD 2 times this day
1DPO-temp spike to confirm ovulation, a little bit of breast tenderness, bloating, some diarrhea (very random) extremely tired, came home and took a nap (never do that)
2DPO- breast tenderness, diarrhea (what's this about?) tired, creamy cm
3DPO- cramping lower right side at night, very creamy/thick cm diarrhea, dreamt I was pregnant
4DPO-creamy cm, soft bm, dreamt I was pregnant again
5DPO- breast tenderness, crying spells (out of nowhere feeling very emotional), twinges in lower abdomen, fell asleep watching tv at 3PM
6DPO- creamy cm
7DPO- metal taste in my mouth for a brief moment, stuffy nose, ALOT of sneezing, kinda feeling like I'm going to get a cold, creamy/lotiony cm, cramping low but not like before period cramps, the are sporadic, really bad stinging cramping on right side. boobs are a bit more tender at night
8DPO-gassy and bloated in the morning, stinging pain on right side not too bad, creamy cm at night, period like cramps at night had to run to the bathroom (TMI) BFN at 6:30PM
9DPO- extremely tired, couldn't stop yawning at work, boobs are noticeably more tender, DH texted me at work saying he felt really sick (sooooo bizarre) something in me told me to test again at night, stopped at walmart and picked up FRER and got my beautiful 2 lines!!!

I just want to say don't get discouraged during TWW, many times I doubted I was and didn't necessarily "feel" pregnant. I hope my story keeps at least one person hopeful out there! I truly feel that the preseed helped ALOT, I don't normally get EWCM so I'm not sure if that was why I didn't get pregnant the first month because the swimmers couldn't really survive in that environment. Also, I laid flat on my back for a minimum of 45 minutes after every time we did it. Also, the OPK I feel really eased my mind and made it guessing game! BBT was a nice confirmation tool in addition to the OPK.

Please send good vibes my way for a sticky bean as I am a little nervous because of what happened with our very first pregnancy! :) Sending loads and loads of baby dust to all you ladies TTC!

BFP after Mirena, 1st cycle TTC

So I'm 14 dpo and I got a faint line on a 99 cent store cheapie hpt. Can u see it? I'm fighting feeling crazy because some ppl (those who aren't ttc can't see it, DH can tho :)... I got my mirena removed mid June, and ovulated July 1st just like Period Tracker guesstimated. I felt a sharp pain st my right ovary and knew I just reread an egg. We BDd daily 6/26-7/2. BBs have been badly sore, hurts to even lay on my tummy. Ewcm since O day. Nagging headache, sore throat, bloating, slight cramps/ twinges, and feeling foggy.
So, pls tell me y'all see a line. AF is due today and I don't think she'll come...

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BFP 11DPO with no real symptoms

I'm 37 and have a beautiful little girl who will be two in September. In December I fell pregnant with twins unexpectedly. It was a very welcome surprise that sadly ended at 11.5 weeks. Obviously we were devastated so took some time to grieve and heal emotionally.

That brings us to the present. We decided we were ready to try after my period in June. I was taking my BBT, checking cervical mucus and using OPK's. The OPK's were confusing to me because I got a positive on cd 15, along with ewcm and what I believed to be O-pain. I thought this is it! Let's get this show on the road! However, my BBT didn't rise. So I kept peeing on sticks and lo and behold I had another LH surge on cd19 and 20 also with ewcm. Away we go again having fun in the bedroom. :) The next day BBT went up. Perfect! Now the dreadful TWW starts.

Between DPO 1 and 9 I had no symptoms at all besides some creamy cervical mucus. I didn't consider it a symptom because I always have a little bit and it didn't seem like more than normal. (I had to go looking for it, it wasn't on the tissue) On DPO 5 I did notice that it was a tiny bit pink tinged. Again, I thought nothing of it because I figured it was too early to be implantation spotting and thought maybe I was a bit rough checking or something.

9 DPO my cm was yellow and stretchy. This was when I started to think something was up because I hadn't noticed that before. I was also a bit moody but thought it was from the heat. (We are having a heat wave) I decided to test. BFN on internet cheapie and clearblue.

10 DPO nothing different today but decided to test around noon because... well no reason really, you know how it is during the tww, it's all you think about. Maybe positive on clearblue if I held it at just the right angle in just the right light at just the right time but it was so faint and not a complete line. It's probably BFN. I'll test again in the morning with fmu.

11 DPO fum clearblue BFN. Oh well. My period isn't expected for 3 more days so maybe it's too early to test. Carry on with my day, running errands and happen to be at the grocery store so I grabbed a couple frer. Couldn't wait for tomorrow so I tested right away. BFP!!!! Smu 4 hour hold with no liquids.

I'm pretty excited and will confirm when I see my Dr. later this week.

I hope this helps other hopeful Mama's who don't have symptoms. There's still hope. Don't give up or get down just because you test negative at 10 or 11 DPO and don't have any symptoms. :)

Pictures of progressing bfp!

So I posted last Wednesday "WE DID IT" and said I would put pics of the tests up. Still saving the digital one as I can't help but keep poas just to make sure ;)

Been having quite intense cramping about once or twice a day since ovulation which had me worried but doc seems to think its fine as long as no bleeding. And as lines are getting darker I'm not too worried. God is lookin after us!

First 2 tests are 10dpo, third is 11dpo, fourth 12dpo, fifth 13dpo (broken line a didn't have enough pee to pee on in afternoon!) and lastly, today at 14dpo :) glad to see it's finally getting noticeably darker!

Good luck to everyone ttc!

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Hard to Believe it FINALLY HAPPENED

Hello to all of you wonderful, and inspirational, women on that long and, sometimes, painful journey we call Trying to Conceive. I am 26 years old, and DH is 29 and we have been married for 3 years now. We have been ttc for 9 very long months, and suffered a loss in May. I always visit this site to read the very inspirational bfp stories to help me keep my faith that my day was coming, so I knew I was going to share mine to help as many women out as I could. So... Here goes!

I have very irregular cycles ranging from 35 to 60 days, and as you can imagine that makes ttc and pinpointing ovulation VERY difficult. I have been taking prenatal vitamins since we started ttc in November and tried using the opk kits a few times in the beginning with no luck. I would run out of them before I could actually get a positive one then I was buying more and I just decided that was a waste of money and time. Then I tried using the cm method of figuring out ovulation, that was horrible! Apparently I tend to have ew cm for a full WEEK! We we doing the bd every time we turned around! And let's be honest ladies... After a few months of ttc, bding becomes very mechanical and feels more of a must than a get to lol. Anyways, in early May we suffered a loss. I was probably between 6-7 weeks when I miscarried. It hurt a lot so we took a month off and let my body and soul recover before trying again in June. This was the first time I ever had used a chart for symptoms and bbt. It was my first time using the bbt method too and it worked REALLY well to figure out when I ovulated.

July 2-Ovulation and bd
1dpo-bd, cramps on left side, acne, ew cm
2dpo-ew cm, cramping and lower back ache
3dpo-slight headache, moodiness, gassy, bloating
4dpo-horrible headache, stuffy nose, bloating, bbs are huge and tender
5dpo-headache, bbs tender and huge, gassy, fatigue(I slept 12 hours total that day and still felt exhausted), sticky clear cm
6dpo-sharp cramping pains on left side, bbs even bigger and tender, temp drop, sticky yellow cm
7dpo-fatigue, gassy, bbs tender and huge, lower back ached, creamy cm
8dpo-headache is back, bbs tender and huge, cramping and slight nausea, creamy cm, bfn
9dpo-cramping, backache, creamy cm, bbs huge and tender, runny nose, bbt evens out a bit, dizziness, VERY FAINT BFP!! DH says he doesn't see it. It's a squinter all right lol
10dpo-nausea, bbs huge and tender, creamy cm, bbt even, dizziness, sick after eating, cramping, and a much darker BFP!!! Even DH can admit to seeing it!

This time I felt different, I FELT pregnant. I knew there would be 2 lines, and I had faith that it would happen when it was meant to happen.

I wish all of you ladies much baby dust and hope for a BFP in your futures!!!