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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

1st IVF = My Rainbow

Just a little background on me. Me and DH started NTNP in June 2015 but didn't start officially trying until Aug 2015. Between then and today, we've had 1 ectopic that resulted in me losing my right tube, 1 ectopic that couldn't be found (managed with MTX) and 1 chemical pregnancy all within a year. We decided to seek a Fertility Specialist and had a HSG right before the chemical in which my left tube was clear and fluid moved through rather quickly. After months of monitoring ovulation and attempting IUIs, we discovered that my left ovary was lazy and I had O'ed on from my right 4 months in a row. We then went to IVF.

We used the Lupron Antagonist Protocol: I took BCP for 3 weeks followed by 8 days of stimming with Gonal-f and Menopur (Cetrotide was added on day 6) and a Leuprolide trigger.
IVF was a success as we had 14 eggs (all mature... 10 on right, 4 on left), 12 fertilized, 1 day5 5AA blastocyst transferred and 8 embabies on ice. I contribute my egg quality to folic acid, age (32) and royal jelly. The day of my retrieval I had a small amount of HCG booster to help prepare my uterine lining. I tested it out of my system by the morning 3dpt (8 days after HCG booster) as my wondfos were practically negative; however, that night, it appeared darker and got darker every day since then.

My symptoms were:
ET Day: Crampy; Constipated at night; Woke up at 330 and couldnt go back to sleep;
1dp5dt: Crampy; headache; Woke up around 330 again and couldnt go back to sleep; +HPT (trigger)
2dp5dt: Constipated; Finally full nights sleep; feeling faint; +HPT (trigger)
3dp5dt: Cramping on right side; headache; Major Constipation; feeling faint on and off; Trigger almost gone in AM, but HPT darker in PM
4dp5dt: Very Moody (got mad at DH for not wanting to do a gender reveal party); Headache; feeling faint on and off; HPT is a bit darker than yesterday (Praying this is it!) Clearblue digi w/ weeks said "Pregnant 1-2 weeks". Clearblue Advanced digi said "Not Pregnant" in PM.
5dp5dt: Darker HPTs. Pregnant on Clearblue Advanced digi HPT in AM!!!! Woke up hungry with a headache. Headache majority of the day
6dp5dt: HPTs still getting darker. My left boob gives me sharp pains every now and then, especially when I press on them. Constipation returned.
7dp5dt: Constipation. Fullness and pressure in uterus
8dp5dt: Constipation. Small cramping
9dp5dt: Really bad AF type cramps at night. Nurse said could be uterus growing.
10-13dp5dt: Hunger. Constipation let up a bit after taking stool softeners. Very mild cramping. FRER beat control line and Wondfo was equal to control line on 10dpt. YAY!!!
14dp5dt: Beta = 3768!!!!

So excited for my Rainbow after the storms I've had!

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Dream a bit!

hi girls! 10 months TTC and reading stories on this site convinced me not to symptom spot. I thought I was pregnant month 1-4 ( thirst or cramps or fatigue had me Googlng baby announcements), and I gave up symptom spotting by month 5. That said, this month, MONTH 10, did come with a couple things!

So, I O'd on day 17 of a 31 day cycle. We BD'd on ovulation day, and also the two days before and after.
1 DPO nothing
2 DPO nothing
3 DPO nothing
4 DPO nothing
5 DPO nothing
6 DPO vivid dreams. of course i tell myself this is nothing!
7 DPO vivid dreams.
8 DPO vivid dreams.
9 DPO vivid dreams. I tested with FRER 6 day early. Negative.
10 DPO dreams stop and I figure I'm out. No testing.
11 DPO nothing. No testing.
12 DPO nothing. No testing.
13 DPO BFP!! <3

Now I'm feeling extra emotional, but that could just be 'cause I'm feeling so grateful! What a wait, what a journey. I hope everyone gets a BFP soon. Well wishes!

Is This Real?!? 10 DPO

My husband and I want a baby so bad. We haven't been trying super long so I really do consider myself lucky. I just got this result like 10 minutes ago and the sobs have not stopped. But then a little panic sets in.... Because this is finally real!

I haven't had many symptoms except being tired and sore boobs. I honestly thought it was too early for me to get this as I am only 10 dpo, but here we are. Good luck ladies. I wish everything this amazing feeling.

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Yay first ever BFP

Today AF was due I'm 15dpo. I got my first ever bfp, I promised myself I wouldn't test till af was missing as I kept getting my hopes up but this time I actually got it! Woohoo!

*~BFP on 11dpo with Wondfo, symptoms match up with AF exactly ~*

Hello everyone~

I've been TTC for 11 months. Next month we would have been going in for fertility tests if we didn't conceive this month.

Surprisingly, although I've tracked symptoms this last month more than any month before, this was the most normal and symptom-free month. I was pretty confident that I was out this month and I was fine with that. The *only* differences were that I got headrush several times after Ovulation. Also, I did feel more exhausted 5dpo - 9dpo than usual, but I was away from home for a week with coworkers, and I blamed the exhaustion on working for long amounts of time and being around so many people for so long.

Other months I've sworn 50 times I was pregnant when I wasn't, had the most pregnant symptoms ever and even convinced myself I was pregnant even after getting AF. It was all worse because my cycles are wildly irregular, and I felt like every month I was getting a new "pregnancy" symptom that I hadn't had before.

The only change this month in TTC was that I was using Wondfo OPKs to pinpoint Ovulation. I've previously tracked my CM, which also has helped. I also had a bunch of cheap Wondfo HPTs that I got with the OPKs. If it weren't for those cheap Wondfos, I probably would have still not known that I was pregnant (bc I don't like to spend money on expensive drug store HPTs especially if I think I'm out).

Here are symptoms by day:
CD17: creamy CM, dry rubbery CM at night, <1 min of aching on the r. side of my chest, Wondfo OPK: negative
CD 18: OPK positive, ewcm, BD!
CD19 (Ovulation Day): OPK still positive, ewcm, acid reflux, headrush, really high sex drive (this is why I think it was O day), BD!
1DPO: OPK still positive, woke up often at night, ewcm, BD!
2DPO: OPK negative, not much cm
3DPO: not much creamy cm
4DPO: not much cm throughout the day, but had one moment of a LOT of cm at once
5DPO: started off with high energy, end of day EXHAUSTED! small amount of creamy cm and headrush
6DPO: high energy, little bit of creamy cm
7DPO: dry cm except for a LOT of creamy cm at one moment, headrush, extremely exhausted (I blamed this on being on a work retreat for the last week--I'm usually not around so many people 24/7 for an entire week), did not want to be intimate bc tired
8DPO: dry cm except for a LOT of creamy cm at one moment, EXHAUSTED, cried (with happiness) when S-I-L told me she's preggo. Lol, I had no idea that I was too :P
9DPO: small amount of creamy cm, exhausted, took my first hpt and had BFN. wasn't expecting anything this cycle bc I felt very normal.
10DPO: feeling PMS-y, warned my DH that AF is coming, tender breasts (this is all normal for AF), bfn
11DPO: that morning, I had a dream that I got two very dark BFPs. I tested in the morning with Wondfo and had two faint positives, but I started distrusting Wondfo's, but was obsessing and researching it all day. no cm at all, totally normal to dry up before AF. high energy, breasts were aching. The only difference with breast achiness is that sometimes they were getting this poky feeling from the inside in an for a couple seconds, maybe 1-2 times a day. The areas of the pokiness changed every time. Nipples totally didn't hurt and still don't.
12DPO: Got BFP on Clearblue and FRER, and on two Wondfos!!! I would have never believed it if I didn't have the cheap tests to begin with, because I still feel so normal. Started getting AF like cramps. Told my DH and both in disbelief.
13DPO (today): AF like cramps. They are on and off throughout the day, just like before AF. It sometimes comes on when stretching awkwardly, just like with AF. So there's no difference. Still getting the occasional breast pokiness in certain areas.

Besides that, no other symptoms at all. No food aversions, no smell sensitivities, no nipple darkening, no itchiness, no burpiness/gassiness, no irritability... it's hard to believe that I have someone in there!


I wasn't keeping track of every symptom by DPO but 14 DPO was yesterday and here I am with my BFP! I started to get a little excited when I noticed myself just feeling different, with that said I think I should mention that I didn't feel pregnant, I just felt like something was up & wanted to wait until missed AF to test because I didn't want to start driving myself crazy!

1-5 DPO- I was extremely car sick, and dizzy at random moments throughout the day, for at least 30 seconds each time. Frequent urination but I normally drink A TON of water all day so it's not really unusual for me. Food aversions, nothing tasted good to me and when I did force myself to eat I would feel really sick so only thing I've been able to eat is cheez-its for some reason I can't stop craving them & im an organic only super healthy eater so I thought WTF!!
6-8 DPO- still dizzy on a daily basis, lots of watery clear CM, still frequent urination, bloated & im very gassy (TMI) but I've been burping a lot! Slight cramping on/off nothing major but enough to say painful!
8-10 DPO- no dizziness but I was feeling very weak, my hands were shaky and I thought I must've had low sugar/blood pressure but I couldn't taste any of the fruit I was trying to eat to get some glucose in my system so I couldn't really eat enough to help myself. I started getting random BURSTS of energy towards night time, I wasnt the slightest bit tired at all and felt more energetic than normal!
10-12 DPO- symptoms were pretty much gone but I had little flutters in my ovaries and very very slight cramps on my lower abdomen under my belly button, not even painful to be honest but kind of felt like I had a boulder attached to my belly button weighing my stomach down- weird!! I had crazy vivid dreams & I remembered all of them, I normally don't even have dreams I don't think.
12-14 DPO- I still feel cramps in my belly which made me think AF was coming but my af cramps are normally super painful to the point where I have to stay in bed & this time they were very light and short but I didn't get my hopes up until I took my test. I also noticed my gums were very sensitive and inflamed, my nose was slightly stuffy but not anything crazy, my fatigue started to kick in around 13 DPO& I still can't really eat anything because I have don't taste anything & when my DH smokes his cigarettes I wanna punch him and throw up all over him- only time I feel nauseua! I think my sense of smell increased because it smells really strong on him when he smokes and before I never smelled it (He promised to quit when I get a blood test confirming my BFP :)) also I smelled blueberries out of a muffin that was accross the room :-) I also broke out in an itchy rash all over my thighs and my skin is super dry lotion doesn't help! 13 DPO was Valentine's Day and it was strange because I didn't drink alcohol but I woke up in the middle of the night and felt extremely HUNG OVER- like literally that horrible feeling that makes you say "I'm never drinking again" I felt like that at like 3 am and couldn't sleep for the rest of the night! By am I was fine but we went to my favorite cafe in Chicago and I didn't taste my favorite omelette and couldn't finish it because I wasn't feeling it which is SUPER unusual. I also gained weight which is weird because I haven't really been eating.

My symptoms weren't even that crazy, which is what made me suspicious in the first place because my AF symptoms usually start a week prior to me getting my AF and I'm
Usually SUPER hormonal, I get deeply deeply depressed and I cry for no reason for like a week straight (In public too LOL) and this time not only was I not the slightest bit hormonal but I also felt super energetic and contempt & upbeat for the most part. I had NO implantation bleeding or spotting, I had NO nausea, NO breast tenderness although nipples changed shape, I had no veins and NO weird cravings and NO hunger at all-- although it's not too late for all Of that to kick in& I know that!
Some DPO I had no symptoms and felt totally fine, which was a sign because at that time I'm
Usually already PMSing.

So to sum up, bacially my symptoms were scattered, barely there, and when they were they only lasted a couple minutes each--if this is a sign for an easy 9 months ahead I'll take it! Lol. But the symptoms I did have were out of the ordinary for me so mentally I was prepared for either a BFP or a BFN, it wasn't urgent for me to get pregnant but we weren't using any protection or pulling out we just wanted whatever was meant to happen. (I want to mention that we BD every single day, sometimes twice a day--and that's normal for us we weren't trying to conceive, just not trying not to, incase that is what made it happen?) we're super excited and happy about our BFP! Baby dust to all of you!

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BFP on 18 DPO

This is our second cycle TTC #1. Because we were in the initial phase of trying, I wasnt charting temps or checking exact dates when I ovulated. I have a regular 28 day cycle, so just decided to bd on all days in the week leading upto what should have been ovulation day. this must've been the longest two weeks of my life. felt many symptoms, but then I always doubted if my wishful thinking was making up symptoms for me in my head.

1DPO: dull pain deep inside near the hip. weak and shaky legs, extremely hungry, dinner smelt great but tasted off
2DPO: wet feeling. hungry and thirsty frequently. bowel movement more usual than normal. I usually go once in 2-3 days
3DPO: wet feeling, definitely bloated. gassy, burping frequently. a pulling feeling in lower abdomen when I stretched
4DPO: wet feeling, definitely bloated. gassy, burping frequently. stomach growling all the time.
5DPO: stomach growling. tired and sleepy. two pangs in left bb but lasted only a few seconds (not sure if its all in my head)
6DPO: tired and sleepy after yoga. hungry, not so much bloating. couple of secs of pricking feeling in bbs. feeling wet. mild pain in armpit and upper arm and low back
7DPO: woke up with a blocked and running nose. feeling feverish. slightly tired. vivid dreams
8DPO: woke up with a cold and dull back pain. metallic taste in my mouth after dinner, like i was chewing on a coin.
9DPO: all symptoms have disappeared :( still have the cold though
10DPO:feel like Im going to get AF soon
11DPO: BFN on FRER with fmu. cold suddenly better in the afternoon. gassy at night. bra feels very uncomfortable
12DPO: slight twinges in lower abdomen in the evening lasting for about ten seconds. extremely cloudy urine
13DPO: low back pain in sleep.BFN with $tree. definite bloating. stretching and pulling feeling in abdomen and low back in yoga
14DPO: All symptoms have disappeared. getting ready for AF tomo
15DPO: AF due today. no AF when i woke up! yay! BFN with $tree. had spotting in the afternoon a couple of times. nothing on my underwear, just on tp when I wiped. another BFN in evening with cvs
16DPO: no AF yet. BFN with fmu on FRER. one more spot in my underwear this time. had to literally take an effort to swallow my lunch. felt nauseted. no other symptoms
17DPO: no AF yet. this is the third day i'm late (and i usually never am late). BFN with fmu on $tree
18DPO: BFN on CBD with fmu. no AF yet. im now four days late and almost wishing for AF, so that I can atleast cry about it, and plan for the next cycle. BFP on smu with $tree. a faint line, but its definitely there. another BFP with FRER.

All the best to all of you ttc. Hoping you all get your BFPs soon!

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First attempt at IVF/ICSI - BFP


I froze 21 oocytes at the age of 35/36 and had them fertilised almost 4 years later at age 39.5 with a guy who had low motility/low morphology/low count and therefore required ICSI.

The thaw rate of unfertilised eggs is pretty terrible so it was an extremely stressful few weeks. We decided to use half for the first IVF to see how things went. So out of 10, only 5 thawed and fertilised properly, by the next morning, we only had 3 embryos left, by day 3, two of those embryos weren't looking good but 1 looked really good. I went and sat in church a few times to pray for a good outcome and try to destress in there. By day 5, I had one A grade embryo! It was incredibly depressing and stressful and I was so worried that this one shot would not take.


Embryo transfer day, Acupuncture at 8:15am and transfer at 10:00am - the Dr told me the embryo was an A grade embryo and would implant within the next 24 hours. Acupuncture again at 11:00am. I felt so happy that I had at least one good one and one good shot.

I had cramps during the day likely from the prodding of the procedure itself. At 3:00am that night, I felt a fast sharp pin prick stab on my left side. I thought to myself, "Surely it's too early for implantation signs?!" But he did say it would start to happen within 24 hours! I assumed this is when the embryo first latched onto the uterus lining.


1dp5dt - 7dpo - morning cramps from procedure or embryo action? Stressed out and depressed as I was taking antibiotics for Ureaplasma at the same time. Slight pressure on the left side ovary area where I felt that sharp stab. Mild cramps after shower - progesterone or embryo related? Bloated. A little itchy around the left ovary area.

2dp5dt - 8dpo - lots of symptoms today. Felt pressure on left ovary or lower left side somewhere towards the surface. Slight sting in left side /ovary area after lunch. No ovary pressure in the evening but it did look more swollen and felt slightly tender in the left lower side. Pressure returned briefly after a shower. Feeling pressure and not at all comfortable when trying to sleep. I had to lie on the right side to try and get some sleep. Slight uterine cramps at 2:20am, uterus feels bloated and full when lying down. Slight lower back ache, pressure, feels uncomfortable all night. Shooting pain in left ovary at 3:40am.

3dp5dt - 9dpo- I read that implantation into the uterine lining wall usually complete by day 9dpo which is today. Brief bloating feeling after progesterone pessary. Otherwise absolutely no symptoms all day, feeling depressed.

4dp5dt - 10dpo - No symptoms except for a short light twinge on left ovary area and slight itch briefly on left ovary area. Went to church to pray. Acupuncture at 5:45pm (it is recommended this done 5 days post transfer). Bloated - So bloated that my leggings are way too tight and unbearable to wear. Breasts have been tender all week, however I think it's due to the progesterone pessary.

5dp5dt - 11dpo - FAINT POSITIVE!!!!!!!!! NO SYMPTOMS. By this point, I really haven't felt anything significant since the 2nd day after transfer.

6dp5dt - 12dpo - No symptoms. HPT is darker.

7dp5dt - 12dpo - afternoon, brief and slight pressure/throbbing sensation in the left ovary area again. HPT is darker.

8dp5dt - 13dpo - super slight pressure, throbbing sensation on and off all day, mild sting left side. I read that the placenta is now also producing HCG so maybe this is what I am feeling. HPT is darker.

Praying that this sticks.

Beta testing is 2 days away - fingers crossed all goes well :)

VERY faint positive 9 dpo and 1st cycle ttc our second!

Posting this here in hopes my tracking can help someone else!

Little background on me. I am 32 and DH is 37. We had a blighted ovum leading to a DNC in April 2012 which I believe was caused by getting pregnant my first cycle off of the BCP. Suffered fertility concerns (long, irregular cycles. possible PCOS but never confirmed) until finally getting pregnant in June 2013. My daughter was born March 2014.

Since having my daughter my health has become a priority. I have a 99% gluten free diet, workout 20-30 minutes nearly everyday and do my best to cook and eat whole, natural foods at home. I do not eat any fast food and very little, if at all, processed food. When my husband and I decided we wanted to go for number two in January 2017, we were already using natural family planning for preventing pregnancy (no BD during ovulation/fertility window).

This cycle here was our very first trying to conceive. Since I was already monitoring my cycle signs very closely to prevent pregnancy, getting the timing right for ovulation seemed to work easily for us. We only needed to BD once :)

I used OPKs in the past for prevention but did not use them this cycle. Did not temp but used CM & CP to know when to BD (I check both only once in the morning), as well as the GLOW app to track symptoms. My cycles are on the longer side but consistant now. Also some TMI with bowel movements below!

01/21/17 CD 16: Second day of EWCM for me. I usually have it for 4 days. Let Hubby know its time. We BD once that day at 1p.
01/22/17 CD 17: O Day! Like normal I feel O Pain on the left side. Lots of EWCM today. I wanted to BD but Hubby had an unusually long day and was too tired. Whole pelvis is achy and cervix is high and open.

1 DPO - EWCM present but much less. Signs of ovulation are weaker than yesterday. Pelvis not as sore. Worried that maybe I was going to O today and we may have missed the egg (Hubby's sperm only seem to live 72 hours). Husband is out of town so no BD today. Cervix is still high.
2 DPO - CM turns sticky and high cervix. Nothing different than normal after O symptoms.
3 DPO - 7 DPO - Creamy CM and high cervix. Usually around 4 DPO my creamy turns to nothing, this time it kept going. Diarrhea and acne appear around 5 DPO. Acne is common but not this early. I have had loose bowels from digestive issues before but this feels like a purging. I eat and everything comes out. 7 DPO experience slight decrease in creamy CM and a shift to scant EWCM.

8 DPO - Literally the first hours of 8 DPO. At 1:30a I was jolted awake from a deep sleep. I have had PMS insomnia in the past but this was different. I woke up with so much energy, just like I had slept 8 hours. I tossed and turned for the next four hours before finally falling asleep at 5:30a. I believe this is when implantation happened and the rush of hormones awoke me (thanks Estrogen!). Later this morning my CM turns back to creamy.

01/31/17 9 DPO - Decided to test with FMU with ClinicalGuard test from Amazon after what I felt the early morning of 8 DPO. VERY very faint positive. So faint Hubby said maybe our eyes are playing tricks on us. I know its positive though, just early. Any line is a line and I had NEVER seen a hint of a line when I used this test in past cycles.
10 DPO - Faint Positive on FRER. You can see this on the top test in the photo. Its faint but its there! So over the moon. Symptoms are pretty calm. Abundance of CM which is a mix of creamy and EWCM. Normal PMS symptoms, just milder.
02/03/17 12 DPO - Strong BFP on FRER with FMU. Wanted a stronger test line so took this one for pictures!

I am currently 4 weeks 5 days pregnant or 19 DPO. My diarrhea disappeared around 13-14 DPO. My cervix dropped at 14 DPO and has since moved around everywhere, however it is very very tightly shut. Currently CM is a mix of creamy, white, stringy and watery. But there is plenty. For me, I think lack of strong symptoms were my first sign of pregnancy. Usually PMS hits early, this time I felt like I was in a weird limbo where my body was just there, haha. I do believe now that diarrhea was a symptom for me, however at the time I could have seen it as indigestion.

If you're having issues with fertility, look at your diet first. Going gluten free and adding daily exercise to my schedule completely changed my fertility, my cycle and my relationship with it :) good luck everyone!

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12 dpo BFP!

Hello All

I've been reading stories and tracking symptoms for a few months now. All the while trying not to read into symptoms too much (so so hard when you're actively trying!) This site has been so useful and comforting though so thought I'd share my BFP story.

Hubby and I have been trying over 3 cycles. I'm 30 years old he's 31.

CD 12-13 clear CM BD'd both days
CD14 - Bloated, gassy, CM clear
CD 15 - CM creamier
CD 16 - Acne, cold symptoms. Sore throat etc
CD17 - + OPK, ovulation back ache. BD'd before cold was in full swing. Acne. Creamy CMP
1-2 DPO - energy low, full of cold
3 DPO- nausea, could have been because of cold
4 DPO - headache, low energy, DIZZY, HUNGRY
6 DPO - needed to wee at night
7 DPO - breasts only just starting to get tender. This is unusual for me they usually start to feel full and tender after O.
8 DPO- nausea, only improves after eating. Hungry again after an hour or so. HEARTBURN. Acne
9 DPO- high energy levels. Same nausea. Breasts tenderness staying the same. Usually it gets worse before AF.
10 DPO - creamy CM. Acne
11 DPO - cramps on right side, thought game was up. Still nauseous. Restless at night. HOT. Nauseous after eating.THIRSTY, dry mouth.
12 dpo - BFP clear blue digital 1-2 weeks.

Biggest clues for me were feeling hot, hungry++ bursts of energy when usually before AF I'm usually very tired. Nausea. I usually have acne couple of days or after period not after O. Breasts felt different. Had tenderness under armpits. Someone wrote they feel like water balloons, that's the best way I can describe it. Not the same fullness or ache as before AF, however tenderness on the sides when poked. Slight burning sensation you get after AF when the tenderness dissipates.

I also had short sharp cramps below belly button lasting no more than a couple of seconds. Enough discomfort for me to say out loud 'argh'. Before that I felt what I can only describe as someone pulling a thin piece of cotton up on my right side through uterus up to ovary, lasted seconds, ??implantation.

Had no bleeding before BFP.

Hope this gives someone out there some comfort. My advice is listen to your body we're all unique and you'll know when something is out of the ordinary.

Good luck all! Xx