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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Yes! On DPO 11

We used IUI and got a BFP on our first round. Here we're my signs:

DPO 1-8 Nothing
DPO 9 Extreme tiredness early evening and very moody/ cranky.
DPO 10 Woke up with spotting (light brown), bad headache which I never get, strange taste in mouth but not metallic.
DPO 11 Spotting continues on and off, slightly sore boobs but nothing more than what I normally have during PMS. Moodiness and crying. Took a test with First Response Early and got faint line but Clear Blue digital said Not Pregnant.
DPO 12. Spotting gone. Boobs more sore. Took blood test at doctor and pregnant with hcg 25 and prog at 18. Doctor tells me these "are good numbers". I'm going in on DPO 14 for another blood test.
DPO 13 Woke up with no symptoms but Clear Blue now says I'm pregnant!

Good luck ladies!

Something new you can try?

Hello! These DPO stories were so helpful in figuring out what was going on with me that I felt I ought to return the favor.
A little background on me: I'm 33, SO is 22. We have been NTNP since about November. I was having some trouble the last few months with extreme breast tenderness spotting before my period from about ovulation day until. It was making me wonder every month if I was pregnant. My periods of late had shrunk from around 27 days to 26 or less in the last few. I had read some articles on short luteal phase and estrogen dominance and began some things to fix that , just for general health. I have been taking Vitex and a Female Hormone Blend for a few months now. (I can post the brands later if anyone wants to know.) But the thing I did different this month that may have made it happen after six years withdrawal only method with my last SO and this last nine of NTNP with the current SO was the addition of Now Solutions brand progesterone cream from O day until af day. (Or would have if AF had actually come!) I'm sure there's other stuff I should tell you but I'm super scatter brained today. Ask we anything and I'll try and answer asap.

O DAY- Sharp twinge cramp on right side that lasted a few hours. There was also a full moon the night before.
DPO 1-6- Nothing notable.
DPO 7&8 - Bad gas, headache
DPO 9- Hunger, gas, headache, shoulder ache, constipation.
DPO 10- Constipation, lower back ache, light cramps, headaches, very irritable and moody, fatigued a little, shoulder aches, light about cramps, and BAD night sweats.
11 DPO- Cramps, a big zit ( I never get zits), body aches, breast tingling/crawling sensation, gas, headaches, hungry, insomnia, night sweats, shoulder aches, can't concentrate.
DPO 12- cramps, constipation, insomnia, queasiness, can't concentrate.
DPO 13- queasiness, more frequent urination, tingling breasts near nipple. BFP on WalMart test ($3.50) and First Response.
DPO 14- breast tingling, constipation, cramps, headaches, nasal congestion, cramp under right rib, frequent urination.
DPO 16- Af due date. Back pain, cramps mostly right side, dizzy, tired, nausea and itchy behind navel. BfP at Family Planning Clinic.
TODAY- Same as yesterday with some pulling behind navel.

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BFP after 2.5 years of loss and surgery

I promised myself I would post here after my BFP as this site helped keep me hopeful during our long TTC journey. The back story is that we easily conceived our first child after two months of trying (I was 32 years old). That pregnancy was uneventful and she was born healthy. When DD was around 3, we decided to start trying again. I got a BFP after 6 months of trying, but had a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks. I was disappointed, but as a genetic counselor, I understand these things happen and that it was nature's way of taking care of an unhealthy embryo. My OB said I didn't have to wait to try again, so two months later I got a BFP again. I never felt right about that pregnancy. It was hard for me to be excited and I was having some strange dreams that felt ominous to me. When I went in for first trimester screening (12 weeks), the ultrasound tech was silent and very focused on the baby's head. My heart dropped. She went to get the doctor and I lost it. They very nicely put us in a private room while the doctor called some perinatology offices to get us in ASAP. Luckily, we were able to get in the same day. We had a high resolution scan and the MFM shared the bad news - the baby's brain was severely underdeveloped and suggestive of an underlying genetic cause. I suspected trisomy 13 (an extra chromosome 13), and unfortunately the CVS revealed that to be the case. Trisomy 13 is a lethal genetic condition that leads to late miscarriage, stillbirth, or death within days of delivery. We made the heartbreaking decision to end the pregnancy. No flaming please - if it's not a decision you would have made, I can respect that, but it's the decision that made sense for our family and until you've walked in someone's shoes, it's unfair to judge. I feel it's important to share this part of the story because things like this do happen and it's important to be informed. DH and I couldn't bear the thought of our baby's suffering, the unknowns of carrying a child that would die, sooner or later, and the complexity of caring for our DD through all of that.

I grieved for months and months (who am I kidding - I still am and always will). It was recommended we wait 3 months after the d&c to try again. We tried for an entire year with no luck. I was very confused because conceiving had always been relatively easy for us and I felt like something was wrong. A year into trying we went to a reproductive endocrinologist and had a full workup done. I had a small submucosal fibroid that the doctor said could be interfering with implantation. Hormone panels for DH and I were all normal. He recommended I have a hysteroscopic myomectomy to remove the fibroid. This is an outpatient procedure where a special scope is used to go into the vagina and remove the fibroid tissue. After surgery, the doctor said that not only did he remove the fibroid, but that there was tons of scar tissue from the d&c that needed to be removed, as well, and he felt that was the main culprit with our TTC failure. I was advised to wait 8 weeks to allow for healing before trying again.

Month 1 after 8 weeks of healing:
CD1-10 -not much, BD'd once or twice
CD11 - started using OPKs
CD12 - start EOD BD schedule
CD18 - BD
CD19 - +OPK (late ovulation is my norm), BD
3DPO - nothing
4DPO -13 DPO - really strange bloating. I looked pregnant by the end of each day.
8DPO - BD, very intense cramping after O, no spotting (which I typically get after BD before AF arrives); started to suspect I might be pg
9DPO-12DPO - bloating continued, too scared to test
13DPO - couldn't wait any longer, used a FRER, would normally pee and set it aside but I had a compulsion to watch it process and the test line showed up before the control line! Bawled my eyes out and ran to DH to show him.
14DPO - beta came back at 212, it was official!

I had a couple of real scares weeks 6-8, where I had a gush of fluid and blood and was sure the pregnancy was over. I went for ultrasounds both times and saw a tiny heart beating away and no signs of bleeding. I suspect that it was just part of the leftover gunk of surgery the couple of months before making its way out. Now I'm 36 weeks pregnant and waiting for DD number 2 to arrive. I feel so lucky and grateful to be here. I know my story is a convoluted one but hope that it offers others struggling in any of these ways some hope.

12 DPO faint BFP

Hiya I just wanted to share my story as I have been stalking these sites for the past week as I was displaying lots of symptoms, however upon reading more I finally convinced myself it was all in my head. Fortunately today I tested 12 dpo and got a faint bfp! I'm trying not to get to excited at the moment as af is due in two days. Here's a list of my symptoms;

1-9dpo - constant mild cramping on and off, very moody and irritable, increased appitite and cravings, constipation, insomnia
10dpo - did a test bfn gave up hope as I had no sore bbs but still had the symptoms above
11dpo - went to toilet sorry tmi but huge stringy cm coming out, still got cramping down below, bbs we're sore but I think it's because itd prodded and poked them the day before
12 dpo still got cramps on and off convinced af was coming but had some tests through post that day so tested mid morning as got my faint bfp! Still no sore bbs or change in colour.

Just thought I'd share this as I really thought I was going mad :)

baby dust to all!

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Almost a year trying and a BFP!

Thank you to everyone for your support through my months of trying. I have tried pretty much everything! This month we used Pre-Seed and I was put on antibiotics for Strep throat. I used Clearblue Easy OPKs. Not the kind with different kinds of smiley faces, just the simple pink ones with a smiley face or blank. We bd'd every day for 6 days leading up to and on the day of my ovulation.

I am almost 5 weeks and feel great. If I hadn't poas about 10 times I wouldn't believe I was pregnant. I ovulated on CD 16. I recommend the apps Ovia and Glow for anyone TTC- they're both awesome and accurate.

Symptoms by DPO:

1-10: Just tired. CM never dried up, but lessened and then became a little more obvious clear and white colored.
11- Woke up to take a run and had a painful stitch in my side. Didn't go running because I was worried I was having a heart attack or something! It lasted about 5 minutes. I was SO thirsty all day I couldn't quench my thirst. My tailbone hurt! BFN! Small, concentrated pinpoint size cramps on the left side of my uterus.
12- This is the day before my period was due. Had a small hangover feeling. Woke up STARVING and Thirsty. A little queasy. My favorite store smelled funky? BFP in the afternoon!

For two days after that I felt terribly hungover and had pounding headaches. Since then I feel awesome!

Good Luck to everyone! Keep your head up and stay positive!

Cycle Day 34 and 17 DPO... don't give up ladies!

Hi everyone! I am sooo excited to share my experiences from the past two weeks. Its been 19 months me and my wonderful hubby have been TTC... That's a lot of hpts if ya know what I'm sayin! Anywho, I am 30 and my hubby is 33. I have two beautiful children from a previous marriage- my daughter is 10 and my son is 8. My hubby doesn't have any children so we thought after trying for awhile that maybe it was an issue with his little troops. We decided not doing any tests right away and leaving it in God's hands. I started tracking my cycles on a fertility app and realized they were all over the place... Anywhere from 28 to 38 days with an average of 33. I'm on cycle day 34 and couldnt wait to poas any longer. Woke up at 3 am and sure enough BFP! Don't give up ladies... I didn't think it would happen and it took almost 2 years and it did and I could just feel it this month. Here are my symptoms:

6 dpo- I was getting terrible cramps and didn't want to get off the couch.

7 dpo- Still cramps but not as intense. Headache which I NEVER get. Eating everything and gassy which isn't normal.

8- 12 dpo- Headache still... They would start usually every day in early to mid afternoon.
Its been so muggy out so I thought maybe the weather. Eating everything again.
And feeling bloated. My sense of smell has increased big time. My sniffer can track a pile of puppy poop from 10 yds. Lol (we just got a puppy) and a lot of other things. Still extremely gassy.

13-15 dpo- damn headaches still! My back ached tremendously on 15 dpo but then nothing the next day. Felt waves of nausea and pelvic pressure. Also had some low pelvic cramps that would only last maybe two minutes and usually happened in the evening when I was laying down. Very tired but I can't take naps very well. Boobs and nipples have been a little tender but not like they were when I was pregnant with my daughter but its still early. A little cranky and I don't really get cranky until I start getting really bad cramps with AF. On day 15 was gonna make tilapia so unthawed a piece and hopped in the shower. Got out and cooked the in the cupboard and I had stuck the whole bag of frozen fish in there... A little airheady I'd say. Lol Still so gassy and a little heartburn.

16 dpo- nauseous in the morn. Had to work 7 to 7 and felt hungover. Most symptoms gone today tho and not as hungry. Still feel pelvic pressure. Dizzy and uncontrollably cranky! My poor hubby... I bought an early result pregnancy test at Walgreen's and gonna take it with fmu. No gas today thank you.

17 dpo- 3am and nervous as shit becuz I feel so positive and if its not I decided to get fertilaid and preseed. Blue line popped up right away! Started crying and still crying right now writing this. Can't wait for sweet baby. And my kids and hubby will be ecstatic... Thank you Jesus!

Main thing I noticed during this wait was gas, headaches(which has been the worst but will take a headache any day for a baby), and the sense of smell thing. My cm remained creamy but only when i checked...nothing really on undies. There was one day I think between day 12 and 14 that my cm was kinda gritty which usually happened before AF but next day it was normal. I thought, like everyone else says, that I was just making symptoms up bcuz I wanted to be pregnant sooo bad but apparently not. I seriously just knew this month. I hope this helps some lovely ladies out; )

BFD at 9 DPO!

Hi ladies! i just want to say how much i love reading everyone's stories and it's so nice to be able to share this journey with other women who are going through the same thing :) I never realized how big the TTC community is but just know that we are all in this together and don't lose hope - you are not alone! We can all be crazy symptom spotters together!! <3

So, i am only 9 DPO and this was our second month trying after being on BC for 7 years. I don't think i ovulated the first month after stopping my pill. My body was totally screwed up and I could feel that my hormones were all over the place. What I did to help this was eating as healthy as I could, taking a maca root supplement daily and charting my BBT. Not sure if the maca root actually did anything, but it certainly couldn't hurt right? The charting was a huge relief because i could pinpoint the day I ovulated (CD 19), which was helpful.
I totally was not expecting to see anything at all, but i just got my first (I think) BFP today!!! Because the tww makes us all absolutely insane, i decided to go out on my lunch break today to buy a pack of FRER's to take this weekend. Well, I think we all know where this is going.... yep, the first thing i did when i got back to work was go straight to the bathroom and take a test!!! I figured what the heck, why not? Well, within a minute or so (not sure about the timing because i was too nervous to pay attention) I got a faint pink line! I'm pretty sure it's the real deal and not an evap line, because it was definitely less than ten minutes... i have it in my purse (haha - I know!) and can't wait to show my husband tonight!!! I have 2 more tests left and plan on taking them both this weekend to confirm :) Yay!!!

Symptoms: So i think it's still pretty early and I haven't really had many symptoms at all. I was thinking a lot of it was in my head mostly :) I have a 7 year old daughter and the first sign I remember with her were the incredibly sore bbs - which i don't have at all at this point!! I will try to remember as best I can what my symptoms were within the last 9 days and hopefully this helps some of you!:

CD 19: Ovulation. BD'd on CD 17, 18 & 19.
1 DPO: Nothing
2 DPO: Nothing
3 DPO: Start noticing lots of really creamy, lotiony CM - nothing else.
4 DPO: Lots of lotiony CM - nothing else.
5 DPO: Super irritable at work - figured because it was a monday, lots of lotiony CM, nothing else.
6 DPO: Lots of lotiony CM - nothing else.
7 DPO: Lots of lotiony CM, crampy? (thought it was in my head), daughter asked me to paint her nails and had a super dizzy spell as soon as i smelled the nail polish (OK - that was weird)...
8 DPO: CM not as lotiony, but still there, just slightly clumpy. Crampy again (hmm), very crazy dream that night, and the one that convinced me there could be a possibility: eye twitching! yes - constant, annoying eye twitching going on ALL DAY at work - what?! Go to go to bed that night and the eye is STILL TWITCHING omg...
9 DPO: Wake up and start getting ready for work - eye starts twitching again. Eye twitches all day at work - still twitching now as i type this. CM is stilly creamy, but again more clumpy now. No cramps, feel really great today actually! Go to store on break and take test - BAM! There it is :)

Good luck to all of you!!! <3 Thanks for reading my story and I hope it helps you with your wait just like reading others stories helped me!

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Scared but happy

I'll try to keep this somewhat short.

PCOS diagnosis at 19. Took 10 months to get pregnant with my daughter -- nothing needed, but I was 23. She's 3 1/2 now.

Been trying for a second baby for 2 years. 40+ day cycle until I was given metformin 1000 MG. That made it drop to 32ish days. Folic acid of course and then Vit. D. I got pregnant August 2013 for a little over a week. Miscarriage out of no where and I was a wreck.

OBGYN gave me Clomid. Lowest dose. CD 3-7, I believe. Unmonitored. Cut my cycle length, but no pregnancy. Horrible mood swings though.

Go to a fertility specialist. I hated him so much. He made me feel like a horrible person and I was so stressed at the office I got a nose bleed.

To the better part --

I went to a second fertility specialist. Much better! Did an HSG -- nothing blocked, or oddly shaped. I was on CD 9, but she gave me femara anyway. 2.5 for 5 days. She checked my eggs via ultrasound -- 13.5 egg on the left, 19 egg on the right. Gave me a trigger shot I took the next day. We had sex that day and two days afterward. Used preseed.... and it worked. One time!

I thought I was out a 100 times. I told my husband and those that have been supporting me I wasn't pregnant. So here's the details...

DPO 1-7: Nothing
DPO 8 and 10: Harder time breathing at kickboxing
DPO 8 on: STARVING. Can't stop eating. Eating things I don't usually -- like plain bread with butter and salty chips.
DPO 10 on: Heartburn!
DPO 10&12: BFNs, but I notice I have to pee in the morning way more than usual
DPO 13, 14, and 15: AF type cramps, or worse.
DPO 15: BFP! Faint line on a cheap Dollar General test. After that BFP, hundreds of symptoms kicked-in. Breasts hurt. Smells. Lots of trips to the bathroom. Stuff nose. Can't brush my teeth in the morning without gagging (something I had with my daughter, but not the miscarriage)

I'm terrified that I might miscarry again, especially with all the cramping I've had, but things are good so far. If I don't have cramps, I have back pain.

I had a draw on DPO 16 and the HCG was 236. Progesterone was over 20. I find out in about 15 minutes how the second draw went, but I wanted to post this in good faith that there's good news.

Keep trying, ladies.

11dpo BFP after Tubal Reversal 3 months ago!!

Hello ladies. This is so surreal even posting this on here. I have been stalking this site even before my tubal reversal this past June. I am 24 and my DH is also 24. After our second child we made a hasty decision and had my tubes tied. We immediately knew it was a mistake and that we would one day want more children. Fast forward 3 years later and here we ARE! I couldn't feel more blessed and thankful because I prayed so heavily this cycle. This cycle was our 3rd cycle TTC since the TR. This cycle I truly stepped it up because my DH is military and will be gone for about a month soon. I incorporated OPKS, Mucinex, and Preseed into this TTC cycle and it WORKED!! Here are my DPO symptoms (although I tried my hardest not to pay attention to my body as I have been fooled before in the past lol):
DTD: -3,-2,-1,0,1,3
1-3 dpo: Not much at all. Felt absolutely normal
4-5dpo: I felt a couple of cramps here and there. Noticed my CM was not drying up.
6-8: Nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe some gas here and there. A few times I bent over and would feel a bit dizzy upon standing back up. But I really didn't want to believe that was due to anything
9, 10 dpo: Cramps and more cramps. Especially on 9dpo. I was a bit gassy as well, nothing new there :). I noticed on either 9 or 10 dpo that I was constantly salivating. Like, I had to keep swallowing my saliva. It was a lot. IDK why that happened and was afraid to take it as a PG symptom. But that had never happened before to me. Even in previous pregnancies. I also was visiting the bathroom more frequently. A bit tired and falling asleep earlier at night. BUT ALAS...BFN. Total bummer. Still a LOT of CM. Noticed my cervix wasn't low during sex with the DH.
11dpo: Today I felt crampy, like the last two days. I also felt a little queasy. This morning I was craving Chinese food, and went and got some before it was even noon. Once home I ate and almost immediately fell asleep while watching my little ones play. I woke up and IMMEDIATELY took a test. BFP.....but it was a blue dye. I didn't want to trust it and get my hopes up. So I tested again with a FRER when DH got home. BFP!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I came out the restroom in TEARS and immediately started thanking GOD as I shoved the test in his face.
We are BOTH so overjoyed. This process has been such an experience. I was so down about my BFN's and felt even more regret about my Tubal ligation then I ever had, but GOD was on our side. My TR was only 3 months ago. Ladies, please keep your heads up!! I know it seems hard, and it may not come as fast as you want it...But God is an on time GOD. Good luck. And thanks for reading my story!!! :D

BFP this week

Hi all,

I've been obsessively reading various forums while ttc, so I thought I'd share my story particularly to give hope to early testers who are seeing BFNs before 14dpo.

This was my third cycle ttc, went off Loestrin bc before starting ttc (nightmare first month as a slave to progesterone). This is my first ever time being pregnant.

I used a little bit of pre-seed here and there but not every time, and not very much. I BDed the day before O, O Day twice and the morning after O once. Would have been two days before but I ovulated a bit earlier than I was expecting. Tilted my hips and lay there for a bit afterwards (the only thing I did differently). I used cheapie OPK sticks. I had started to temp this month but I felt it was adding a little more stress to everything.

I can't help symptom spotting but have been all too aware that I also get insane PMS symptoms.

1-6 dpo - Nothing. Which was a bit odd in itself. I normally have very sore boobs by now due to ovulating.
7 dpo - Sore boobs, but only a little, and only to the touch.
8 dpo-10 dpo - Boobs getting more sore but a different kind of sore to my usual PMT. Hard to explain. Soreness was also under armpit and they also felt swollen. Cramping also started around 8-9 dpo. Mild cramps, not like period pains but definitely in the uterus. Also, horrendous wind!!! For days. Seriously.
10 dpo - BFN on an ic
11 dpo - BFN on an ic
12 dpo - BFN on an ic but with indent line
13 dpo- BFN on a Tesco test but indent line (indent lines could be pure coincidence!) At this point it feels constantly like AF is seconds away from coming and I can't stop checking.
14 dpo - Faint, faint BFP on a Boots own 4-day early test
15 dpo - Same faint line as above. Another even fainter line, barely visible on a Co-op test in the afternoon.
16 dpo - BFP on a Clearblue digital, 1-2 weeks pregnant.

I'm now only 4 weeks pregnant and the nausea is baaaad. Getting headaches too. It's eased a bit so hoping it's just the hormone rush.