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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.


Hi everyone! I wanted to share my story to help those of you tracking your symptoms. This was our 1st month TTC our second child. I had my Mirena IUD removed in August 2016, We began trying the first week of January. I felt just about everything in the book and very early on, Different from my 1st pregnancy because I didn't feel symptoms this early with my daughter. One thing I noticed right away that was different is that my acne on my face actually cleared up and my skin looks glowy but here are my day to day symptoms.

We BD'd 3 days prior to ovulation, ovulated on January 6th. I know when I ovulate because I have slight cramping in my lower abdomen. Little twinges on the left and right.

1DPO:Musky smelling pee, Watery CM, gas
2DPO: sticky CM, bloating, have to pee all the time today, musky pee again today
3DPO: EWCM, headache in the morning, indigestion, hot flashes at night, dizzy spells, light cramps. Had a glob of yellow/greenish snotty CM
4DPO:Cramping, joint pain in my hip, had a moment of racing heartbeat, burning milk let down feeling in boobs, nipples slightly sensitive,stabbing pain in boobs off and on, Yellow lotion like CM, Empty stomach feeling even after I eat, pinching just below belly button, lots of burping, vivid dreams
5DPO: headache, acne on chest but face still clear (face looks glowy) Cold symptoms, stuffy runny nose, cramps in abdomen- left side cramping (pretty sure this is implantation), pinches and stings in lower left abdomen feels like O pains, Yellow snotty CM again, Dull ache in boobs, feel stressed and emotional and little cranky, vivid dreams.
6DPO: EWCM, Yellow snotty CM, indigestion, gas, stomachache, cramping, cold symptoms persist, have to pee a lot, acne on chest again, joint pain in hips, empty stomach feeling and bubble like gas feeling in abdomen, vivid dreams.
7DPO: EWCM, yellow snotty CM again!, burning tingly boobs, vivid dreams.
8DPO: SUPER sense of smell today,little nauseous, yellow lotion like CM, off and on twinges in abdomen, vivid dreams.
9DPO: Woke up slightly nauseous, Lotion like CM slightly yellow color, Cold is almost completely gone, boobs are really feeling it today, burning and tingly and just overall heavy feeling, very pronounced blue veins on chest and hip area, small cramps in abdomen, vivid dreams.
10DPO: after waking up from crazy crazy dreams I went straight to get a test to try with FMP. Line is there but faint on CVS ER test. I'm 4 days from my missed period. Did another test 2 hours later and again, definite line just slightly faint. Boobs are constant deep ache so far today.
I hope this helps :) Good luck to you all! I hope you all get your BFP!

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My BFP After 1 Year of Trying

Hey everyone!
I used these stories for inspiration and hope, and I wanted to tell my own story to maybe help others who are still trying.

Some background on me is that I started officially trying in January 2016. Before then, I had been using depo provera as by bc and had my final dosage in June 2015. I'm currently 31 (30 when we started trying), and I've been on hormonal bc since I was 13 due to difficult cramps. I've been talking prenatal vitamins since October 2015, but I added a bunch of different herbal remedies to try to impact my fertility: Vitex, CoQ10, Cod Liver Oil, Dong Qui tea, etc. I found that the Vitex had zero impact on me. I hadn't been taking it for two months when I did become pregnant. I continued with the CoQ10 and the cod liver oil until I became pregnant because I didn't think either could hurt and maybe they helped. I have since discontinued cod liver oil and move to a different fish oil upon confirming pregnancy for the DHA without the retinol. We also used preseed on and off this year, but I did not conceive while using it.

The other issue I had is that beginning in May 2015, I started to spot prior to my period. Some months (like August 2016), it would last for more than 7 days prior to the start of my period. Usually, it would appear around 7-9 dpo, disappear, and then return a day or two before my period. It was extremely frustrating. I went to my OBGYN and received an ultrasound to see if I possibly had fibroids, but there were zero problems. OB recommended that I see a RE because it could be a hormonal imbalance. However, my insurance doesn't cover infertility treatments. So in the meantime, I've just been hoping it would happen on its own and taking with my employer about adding coverage.

So this month, AF arrived on Dec 11. It was a four as opposed to a usual five day period. I generally have a 25 day cycle. We BDed on cd 7 and 9. This is way before when my app said I'd be in my fertile period. But with the holidays and family, we just didn't have time. So I really did not think this would be our month, and in retrospect, I wonder if I was missing ovulation, even though I had been temping and taking OPKs. However, per my temps, I am assuming I ovulated on cd 10.

1 dpo- 4 dpo : No symptoms. CM dried up and turned sticky. Temp creeps up a little but not out of the ordinary.
5 dpo : some mild right pelvic pain and acne (which I generally don't get). Temp drops .5 degrees. I assume I'm going to start spotting for the remainder of the month.
6 dpo - 10 dpo : I was a little more tired than usual, which is weird since I was on vacation. I also was getting bloody noses. That is not something that ever happens to me. However, of all of my symptoms, my boobs were the most surprising. They didn't hurt, neither the breast nor the nipple. But they felt inflated; they felt very large. Prior to af, they generally ache a little since I stopped taking bc. However, this month, no aching, but just feeling large. Also during this time, I had no cm. Temp moved back up but was not at super high levels.
11 dpo : I take a pregnancy test for two reasons. 1. It's New Years Eve and I wanted to know if I could drink and 2. My breasts felt so large that I was curious. It was negative, and so I go out and have a good time.
12 dpo : Temp skyrockets to highest I've ever had (without a fever). Since it was negative yesterday, I decide to wait til tomorrow for another test.
13 dpo : My breasts are still feeling large and I'm getting bloody noses. Temp still in the stratosphere, but down slightly from yesterday. I take another test with fmu, and it's positive. I'm extremely surprised.

I've had no spotting and no period. I'm currently at 5 weeks. And as you can see, I found out VERY early : 3w1d. However, I think it's because I must have ovulated so early and so I found out essentially two weeks after ovulation, which makes sense. I would say beginning immediately after the positive pregnancy test, my increased need to pee just exploded. I started waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom almost immediately.

I hadn't considered bloody noses to be a symptom but as the overall blood in your system increases to nourish the baby, your soft membranes can become more porous, hence, bloody noses. I've been congested ever since.

Ladies, good luck. It can happen when you don't expect it, and it can happen with symptoms you'd never consider. Each pregnancy is different, and you have my warm wishes and hope for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

I thought, "Now I can upload my BFP story on twoweekwait!"

My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive since July. I have two beautiful children ages 6 and 9 from a previous marriage, and am in a beautiful place in my life to bring a beautiful life into this world. I am with the love of my life, my babies are at a perfect age, and I am doing well in my career, but it doesn't take over my life too much that I wouldn't be able to have a baby. So long story short, I took my Mirena out on June 9th, and months later, no baby! With my first two it was so easy, actually I didn't even know I was pregnant with them until I was about 7 weeks along both pregnancies, so I guess I didn't even try haha.. I thought it would be a piece of cake!

after 5 cycles, my boyfriend and I decided to make a huge life change.
No alcohol
Lots of exercise
No caffeine
Clean meals with no preservatives
Vitamins (I took conceive easy, and he took fertilaid along with my prenatals)
Raspberry leaf tea

The cycle after trying all this for a month I became pregnant, but lost the baby two days after I got a confirmed pregnancy test. They recommended two months to try again, and so we did, and I am pregnant! And this time was so different than the pregnancy where I miscarried. So many symptoms.

I ovulated on January first (how cool is that that I conceived on New Years eve!)
1 DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary obviously except a small feeling that I felt we made a baby!
2 DPO: Nothing
3 DPO: Feels like something is going on down there, not sure how to explain it. Sore nipples, which is different because normally before AF my entire breasts would be sore
4 DPO: Sore nipples continue, pressure in lower abdomen, tired had to take a nap
5 DPO: Weird dreams start. I am not one to ever dream, let alone remember my dreams, but I had three or 4 dreams, and I remember every detail about them all. One dream I had a baby! Sore nipples, pressure lower abdomen
6 DPO: Lower back pain, sore nipples nothing too noteworthy, although I did take two naps that day but I stayed up late the night before
7 DPO: Weird metallic taste in my mouth, like I put my tongue on a battery. when I tasted this, I actually got excited because I remembered reading about it being a pregnancy symptom! At the same time I was hoping I wasn't making these symptoms up in my head. Watery mouth, sore nipples, lower back pain. That night I had more vivid dreams, one where I was so thirsty I drank two sodas (one pepsi, and one dr. pepper) in a row! When I awoke I was actually thirsty, and drank three glasses of water in a row, that's never happened to me before.
8 DPO: My lower body, from my back down to my ankles were sore and crampy as if I had climbed a hill or something! Metallic taste continues, and is getting worse. I kept having to eat something to make that taste go away, it was bothering that bad. I felt nauseous at night, my mouth was watering so bad and actually walked fast to the toilet thinking i was going to throw up, fortunately I didn't. When I went to lie down for bed, I had this weird electrical zap feeling all over my body, it would zap my shoulders, my legs, my neck, my arms, like electrical static or something it was weird! Had a dream I was with my friend who had a baby, she was breastfeeding hers, and I had a baby in my arms and I was bottle feeding mine and thinking "this is so much easier" (random) But remembered in my dream I saw a birth mark on the babies right leg on the side. When I awoke I told myself if I am pregnant, and I have a baby look out for a birth mark!
9: DPO I decide to take a test, because my symptoms were so strong. I took a wondfo, and my boyfriend who was brushing his teeth in the bathroom at the time, picked up the test and said he saw a line. I am a pee on a stick freak and always saw lines that weren't there, and he never saw them. I looked at it, and this time I couldn't see it! He kept going "What are you talking about, it's right there!" so I decided to take a FRER out from under the sink, and dipped it into my urine and waited the allotted time and put a box over it so I couldn't peak. when the time was up and before I looked at the test I just knew.. I knew I was pregnant, I flipped the box off of it, picked it up and there it was! A beautiful faint pink line! My BFP!!! I didn't have to squint to see it, or hold it to the light or, hold it this way or that way, it was there, and I cried so hard.

My first reaction was to become worried because of my previous miscarriage, but I decided no.. I am going to celebrate this baby, I am going to love this baby so much, regardless of any outcome, and I am going to choose to be happy every day!

Prayers and baby dust to all you TTCers out there! It can happen! I can't believe it happened to me! <3

BFP at DPO 10

This is our second cycle "trying" for baby #2. The first cycle my husband was out of town so I knew we had missed our fertile window. We weren't trying that hard as I wasn't temping or doing it a ton or anything. We just had frequent sex during EWCM which is how we conceived baby #1. This time, I used OPK to confirm ovulation. I have irregular cycles which are always long. I ovulated on CD 28. I was drinking moon cycle tea this cycle to try and regulate this cycle to a shorter length and it seemed to be working for me.

Here are my symptoms:
DPO 1-4: nothing, tired
DPO 5: tired, backache, boobs a little sore, mild cramps
DPO 6: backache, boobs sore, irritable
DPO 7: cramping a lot at night while sleeping, moody
DPO 8: boobs sore, BFN
DPO 9: super emotional and crying, BFN and thinking I am now out since this is when I got a BFP with baby #1
DPO 10: couldn't use FMU because I was so tired and wanted to go back to sleep, very very faint BFP 2 hours later

Our son will be 8 months tomorrow so we are going to have two babies close in age (16 months apart), I am a little scared and worried about that but mostly happy. Hoping for a successful pregnancy! Good luck to everyone!

BFP after 2 years

I finally get to share my story!!!! I'm 36 and my husband is 37. We've been trying for just over two years. My husband had just made an appointment at a fertility clinic, which isn't until next week (he's still going just in case we need answers later) and all my test came back good.

We stopped using preseed a year ago.

I quit temping and stopped using opks months ago.

Sometimes my cycles are wonky and last 40+ days, but after trying for so long I figured out all the signs my body gave me at ovulation and AF always came 15 days after the signs. Strangely enough, this cycle I ovulated on cd 15, that is really good for me.

6 dpo-9 dpo: no matter where I was, I could not cool off! It was right at Christmas and I was so sweaty my hair looked wet, but I felt fine other than that.

7 dpo- 12 dpo: my boobs were sore but that happens from cycle to cycle, so I tried not to read into it. BUT usually they become sore immediately after ovulation. CM normal for AF coming

10 dpo: CM dried up and BFN

11 dpo: big weird glob of CM. Almost like egg whites but so much more at once then I've ever seen! FRER with FMU swore I could see super faint line, but I've tricked myself before

12 dpo: Faint line on FRER but darker then yesterday's. I went to Walmart and bought another pack of FRER and some Walmart 88 cent ones. After a 2 hour hold I used one of each and got what I felt safe enough to call a BFP

It was hard for my husband or myself to believe after so many starch white, negative test. So, I kept testing with a digital and got a "PREGNANT" finally today at 15 dpo. Now it feels more realistic and we are over the moon!

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Faint BFP?!? why is it so hard to believe

Hey Ladies,

Merry Christmas Eve!

This was my second month TTC (still learning the abbreviations for everything-forgive me)

I'm 27 and my DH is 24. We BD'd (he likes that saying now he always calls it that ;-) lol) anyways! We BD'd on November 30th which was still during my last period but I was only very lightly spotting then, the 7th, the 9th and the 13th. According to my glow app (not sure how accurate) my window of ovulation was December 8th-14th. I started having low back pain and cramping on the 9th which I thought was odd, because I never get ovulation symptoms.

Anywho, my DPO's might be off because I'm not exactly sure which day I ovulated, because I wasn't using tests. I'm going with the 12th because that's what glow said my optimal day was for conceiving.

Oday and leading up to Oday...

*cramps, diarrhea (sorry TMI) like very frequently.Pain on the right side (kind of like a hard ball sitting in uterus) gassy, tired. Hollow feeling in uterus. Had to reach up to get any but there was a small amount of EWCM.

1dpo- BD'd (dec 13th)- cramps very mild, maybe not actually there? (in my head) nipples mildly tingling. Sore lower back but not too bad. Empty stomach feeling even after I eat. Tummy grumbling a lot today (never happens) Bad headache. Craving egg salad sandwhich like crazy. Burping more than usual. Fluttering in left side of uterus. A bit irritable, I'm sure DH would say a lot.

3dpo- Leg cramps, minor AF like cramps, back pain, frequent urination, SO SO tired, very faint bitter taste in the back of the mouth, boobs feel fuller but not at all sore, nipples constantly erect, hiccups/burping, gassy, lotion like CM but not a lot.

4-5dpo- Diarrhea is back. Pulse is 78 (not sure what it normally is) Still hungry. Sharp pain woke me up today but not sure if it was because I had to pee really bad or if it was something else.

6dpo-Boobs feel fuller but not sore yet still. Resting HR upon waking is 90. Felt like palpitations/anxiety.

8dpo- Bd'd again (no sex drive but poor DH was in the mood) White creamy CM came out afterwards. Headache.

9dpo-Front teeth so sensitive. Hurts to drink anything remotely cold without a straw. this is one of the symptoms that really makes me think I am pregnant. The roof of my mouth is sore and raw, kinda like when you eat a hot slize of pizza. Light cramping, back ache, hot flashes, sweating more than usual. HR 96. Still so tired.

10dpo- Groin pain mild. Sore throat on the left side. TIRED. Boobs mildly sore but not like usual AF sore. Dreaming more, almost every night. Nipples tingling.

11dpo- Tired, AF like cramps, super green and blue prominent veins around nippes and up breasts. Nipples so Huge and swollen and a bit flaky. I've had a weird rash on tops of hands which is unusual for me, skin is extra dry, wondering if this could be from prenatal vitamins? Prominent green veins on tops of feet getting out of the bath. Too early to have pregnancy brain but man am i ever forgettful lately. (like forgetting my next words in the middle of a sentence forgetful) irritable, not as hungry, low back pain worse, bloated/gassy, feeling constipated but had BM and a normal one at that. out of breath.

So at 11dpo I took a CB test and there was a faint positive. Today 12dpo I took a CB digi test that says 1-2 weeks but now i've gotten myself so down reading all the negative things about CB tests and false positives that I'm terrified to try other brands. So any advice or helpful stories that can relate would be great. Either way, it's christmas tomorrow and stores are closed anyways.

Merry christmas ya'll soon to be mommies!!

baby dust xoxoxxo

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OMG I literally can't believe it!!! Shaking and can't concentrate!

Did a first response today just because I couldn't wait a couple more days for my period. Within a few seconds the second line showed up! (11dpo) Albeit faint - but certainly not a squinter! Pinching myself. Gave Hubby an early Christmas present all wrapped up with the test inside and a baby grow saying ' I love my Daddy- he's funny!' (I'd bought it a few months ago waiting to be able to give it to him). Wrote a tag inside saying 'Mummy is looking after me for a while and keeping me safe on her tummy but I can't wait to meet you!'

To be honest it really just felt like my period was coming. It still does!

1-6 dpo - 1dpo a little spotting- probably from ovulation. Then nothing- but bbt temps went down after the ovulation spike. Right up til 6dpo.

6-7 dpo- spike again - to over 36.9.

7-10 dpo- spotting- I'm a regular spotter and this month has been particularly crazy with the spotting!! All over the shop. When I say spotting I do mean brown CM. other months it progressed to dark blood and then red then period. Not this time. Also other months only started spotting from 10dpo. Not 7dpo.

Also ever so slight soreness in breasts- but honestly- the same as every other month- so just thought it was my period.

Only other symptom that was worth noting was a ridiculously slight ache in my actual belly button a couple of times. Saw others had said similar too on here, which is really odd. But I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't have been sitting down quietly at work.

11dpo- less spotting. Slight brown when wiped once. Took first response for the hell of it as I'm impatient and within 10 seconds the second line came up!!

And here we are. Still don't quite believe it. hubby wants precisely 5 more tests before he's fully convinced ha ha.

FYI- hope for all those regular spotters- this cycle I had the most spotting I've ever had!! It was crazy throughout! But I do mean spotting- as in brown. I think my body was clearing itself out. Anyway- don't let anyone tell you it will make it harder to conceive. This is only cycle 4 since coming off the pill. And I've been on it for years!!!! And I'm 29. So don't be disheartened if you body likes to spot.

Also- be confident that you know your own body. I never listened to this 'first morning wee' for opk's nonsense. It's technically supposed to be the highest concentration. But afternoon urine was always better for me! Always. My body was changing quickly too during ovulation from high fertility to peak- a morning test would be flashing smiley and by the afternoon it was static (clear blue highest levels of LH). Test more if you have the money but equallydon't drive yourself crazy if it stressses you.

I just personally found I felt way more in control and it made me more confident in knowing my body.

This was also the very first month using preseed. That stuff is a bloody miracle worker! Now I know it probably wasn't all down to this but I'm damn sure it helped as I have quite sparse CM. put it this way- it can't hurt!!!

Please feel welcome to ask questions. I stalked this board for months and felt it only right to add to it.

I've posted my bbt chart here. Am stopping taking temps from now on as I don't want to freak myself if they fluctuate.

Baby dust to all!!!!!


Natural Positive

Hello everyone! I've read countless-number of stories on this website while waiting to receive my positive, and I promised myself that once I would get mind I would be sure to share my story!

My partner and I have been actively trying to conceive for 6 months, but we've been not not trying (off the pill, but not tracking cycles for close to 2 years). After attending a meditation retreat and really feeling in the zone, I thought last month was the month, so when I didn't become pregnant I decided that this month I would save the one lonely First Response test I had left for right before my period, instead of obsessively testing with cheap tests twice a day at 7dpo and beyond.

My period is actually due on Christmas Day, but I decided to take the test last night (Dec 22) because we'll be away for Christmas. Right away the test was a very clear and very bold BFP! I told my partner this morning, and we plan to tell his mother and mine Christmas day, but save the news for everyone else once we're a little further along!

This month has been crazy busy for both my partner and I, as we've been launching a new business, so to be honest other than making sure we had sex 3 times during our fertile period, I really didn't put much thought into becoming pregnant. For this reason, I really can't really share symptoms, because I honestly felt like I didn't have many.

That said here a couple things I did notice...

- very subtle pain in ovaries around 8dpo
- crazy mood swing around 9dpo
- sore boobs around 11dpo

Honestly that's the most that I felt, but as I mentioned this month has been very busy so my mind has totally been on other things. So, I don't know, maybe that's a good way to get pregnant - don't over think every single little symptom.

Here are a couple things I did differently this month:

1. Got my mind off of trying to conceive. This happened naturally because I was just so busy.

2. Switched my regular morning fruit smoothie to a green smoothie (cucumber, green apple, spinach, frozen pineapple or mango, water)

3. Began meditating. I've found that meditating has definitely helped me when it comes to staying calm and collected. To get started, the Insight Meditation App has some really great guided meditations, or check out your local meditation centre to see if there's a weekend course or retreat coming up.

4. Changed the way I looked up TTC stuff online.

This is a big one. Keep all online pregnancy research as positive as possible. Reading BFP stories about people finally getting pregnant is so much more rewarding and energizing than reading about someone's day-to-day symptoms at 4 days post ovulation. We all know that for the average couple it takes 6 months to conceive or longer, so what I would suggest doing is set a month for which if you haven't conceived naturally you'll look into further measures, and until then just enjoy yourself and don't overthink TTC! Most importantly stay away from those #6dpo, #7dpo, #8dpo hashtags! All they will do is encourage you to obsess over things that may or may not be there.

Stay off negative web forumns, eat healthy, exercise and just enjoy your free time before that BFP shows up and your whole world changes!

Baby dust to all!

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BFP at 12 dpo!

Tww story

Disclaimer: I did not confirm ovulation with tempting but rather good knowledge of my body. Noticed a big glob of ewcm on CD 11 and 2 days later had ovulation spotting & acne, so I'm counting CD13 as my ovulation date.

2dpo- continued having ewcm type CM but a lot thinner than fertile CM. Started getting tender breasts. Rare for me because they tend to be sore right before O and right before AF.

3dpo- continued ewcm & breasts sore. Also spotted a little after intercourse, which lasted just for that night.

4-9dpo- continued slippery cm/ewcm, sore breast, and new symptom: dull persistent headache! Should note that at 9dpo, I had a very dull cramp like feeling almost literally inside the vagina- I think this might have been implantation.

10dpo- all of the above plus new symptom: lower back aches and runny nose. When I blew my nose earlier in the day I had also noticed a tinge of blood in it.

11dpo- all of the above with some extra fatigue. I definitely felt like I wasn't getting my period at this point because it wasn't feeling normal and I had NO ACNE at all, which is rare for me. I religiously get a few spots before AF. I tested in the am with IC & BFN. Decided to test again late afternoon w 6 hour hold (I know, wtf) with another IC & flat frrr... I swore I saw something very very faint but DH couldn't confirm for me lol. Looking back: VVF BFP

12dpo- Next morning ran out of bed to POAS and used IC & frrr.. BFP!!!

Today: 13dpo- line is getting darker! Most symptoms persist.

Ultimately the biggest signs were constant sore breasts from the moment O ended, headaches, & no acne.. if anything is different for you, then it's prob worth considering. Hope this helps some of you ladies :)

Picture shows vvvf bfp at 11 dpo and then bottom at 12 dpo.

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Defeating all the odds with my BFP

Hello everyone.

I wanted to share my story with you all as BFP stories always helped me keep hope and I never thought my story would lead to a beautiful BFP... here goes...

So, firstly, I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 months at this point, I have 32 day cycles and I have a BMI of 41 so I didn't expect it to happen.

I have a huge heap of ebay pregnancy tests in my cupboard which come out far too early in each of my cycles whilst I struggle with the impatience of the TWW.

This time I was much better and starting testing at 10DPO. BFN.
No symtoms, no nothing.
11DPO. BFN. Still nothing. Counted myself out at this point.
13 DPO. BFN. Boring.
14 DPO, period day, BFN. Period feels like its well on the way with the usual crampy feeling. The only thing I noticed was different was that my boobs DIDNT hurt when they normally do a week prior to my periods.
15 - 18 DPO. BFN. Seriously. This is annoying now. I know I'm not pregnant so just hurry up already period.
19 DPO. BF...P? No? I don't know. My ebay cheapy was showing possibly the faintest second line in the world. This was the most frustrating feeling. I showed various close friends and relatives and they couldn't see anything. I was fuming! What does this mean?
I obsessed all day over it and eventually went and bougbt a clear blue early detection test..
And there it was. A BFP! A REALLY BFP!!! It was so clear!! I'll never use those cheap teasing ebay tests again!
My BFP day was Haloween 2016. My husband came home that evening and I revealed our amazing news. Everyone close to us was overjoyed and It really didn't feel real.
And then...
That evening... I bled.
It was like the start of a period. Bright red blood on the tissue. I put on a sanitary towel but it never touched it, the blood was just there on wiping. I was so upset, my BFP came and felt lost in one day.
I called the early pregancy unit the next day and explained, she of course said I'm very early and what Id need to do is take another test in 2 weeks time and if its positive everything is okay and if negative then unfortunately I har misscarried.
Now, I know how much we all hate the TWW but this was complete torture for 2 weeks. There was no more bleeding and I was so confused.
After a horrifically long 2 weeks I took another test. Digital this time. Within seconds the screen told me I was 2-3 weeks pregnant! Amazing!
I was overjoyed once again.
Two days later... I bled again.
More this time.
Bright red blood.
Again, it didnt touch a sanitary towel but it took a few days to completely dissappear.
I couldnt believe this kept happening.
The early pregnancy unit booked me in for an early scan which revealed a sac and a yolk. A very early pregnancy. From this they couldnt tell me anything, they said we need to see how this progresses, come back in two weeks....
Oh the hurt I went through again..
An incredibly long 2 weeks later...
Second scan day. My baby had grown :) they confirmed a healthy 7 week pregnancy and I saw the beautifully flickering heartbeat.
I couldnt believe it.
I am now 10 weeks pregnant, I have had no more bleeds and I am suffering with terrible morning sickness and I couldn't care less! Bring on the sickness! As long as little bean is healthy :)
Love, a very happy mummy to be xxx