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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Newbie - BFP w/ odd symptoms!

This is our first round TTC, and I'm a newbie here, so forgive me if I don't get all the acronyms right! I have been obsessing over this site waiting for my own BFP so I thought I'd contribute since I had some strange symptoms and it was difficult for me to find other stories like mine. First of all, I didn't temp or anything, I just have an app that tracks my fertile window, so everything may not be perfectly accurate, but I'm assuming I O'ed on CD 14. I also did not start making specific notes until about 8 DPO. All that being said, here goes:

CD 10, 12,& 14 - BD
1 DPO - felt fluttery, all of a sudden feel like I'm pregnant feeling, although I'm sure it was in my head
2-7 DPO - sneezing a lot, lots of crampy pulling sensations in uterus, particularly left side. The first few days PO I felt extremely hungry when I first woke up, which is odd for me. Had to stop and get a breakfast sandwich, which I never do! The hunger passed after a couple of days and my appetite was back to normal, but nothing really tasted good. Not nauseous, just didn't hit the spot. Had vivid dreams.
8DPO - Had a BM in evening, when I wiped, had quite a bit of BRICK RED blood - thought AF had started way early. Everything I'd read about IB said it would be just a couple of drops, light brown or pink. If this was IB it was definitely not just a couple of drops. Put in a tampon and went to bed. Next morning there was just a bit of brown cm on tampon.
9 DPO - diarrhea :( No spotting today. Felt sore in my groin area, like glands were swollen or something. Thought I may be coming down with the flu. Vivid dream of BFP on test.
10 DPO - took FRER test w/ FMU - BFN. Started noticing shortness of breath today, along with CRAZY bloating - looked like I was 3 months pg already, some back pain, cramping, no noticeable soreness in boobs, a little watery red CM when wiping
11 DPO - woke up tired & hit snooze for first time in like 6 months, had feeling like I wasn't pg, just felt calm all day, no cramps, lots of energy as day progressed, watery brown/pink cm when wiping, when going to sleep felt shortness of breath and racy heart, that night had a vivid/scary dream
12 DPO - took FRER w/ FMU - BFN. Felt normal, energetic. Diarrhea (after eating my weight in Hibachi, so we may not want to chalk that one up to a symptom...), still ridiculously bloated (although, again, Hibachi...)
13 DPO - no major symptoms except another vivid dream/night terror (which I get fairly often anyway)
14 DPO - by now I'm convinced I'm not pg, attended a wedding, felt fine all day, had a couple of drinks, was able to stay up late no problem
15 DPO - By now should have seen signs of AF. Normally I spot a few days before, have at least one day of being horribly agitated, want to eat tons of chocolate. NONE of these PMS symptoms have shown up which has me thinking I could still be in. Take another FRER test in evening, still BFN.
16 DPO - still no sign of AF, start to notice boobs feeling SLIGHTLY sore today, nothing sounds good to eat, no spotting, just waiting around for AF all day. Decide to stop by Walgreens and get Walgreens brand EPT tests just to see what happens. 4 PM POAS - BFP! Sooooo shocked. Rush back to store to get digital - BFP 2-3 weeks. What?!?

So, to recap I NEVER had sore boobs until 16 DPO, then were just slightly tender, had BRICK RED IB, not light pink/brown like what I'd heard, and 3 BFN on FRER tests before I got my BFP on a cheapie. My biggest symptom has been shortness of breath - just feels like I can never get enough oxygen. So don't give up just because your symptoms are different from others. I guess every body is different. Good luck ladies and I hope my story helps someone!

BFP @ 14 dpo

Wow! I still can't believe its my turn :).
My BFP came after an IUI with very low post-wash sperm count of 2.4 mill (morphology and motility normal) while awaiting first round of IVF. AND I only have one fallopian tube due to a previous ectopic! I thought I was definitely out because my RE told me my chances were very low this round. Also, my 2ww symptoms were virtually identical to pre af symptoms.
So there is hope, ladies!....

1-5 dpo - bloating, abdominal twinges
6-9 dpo - above plus tired, deep sleep w/ wild dreams, full/non-tender bbs
10dpo - above plus frequent urination, a lot of creamy CM, sore throat
11-12 dpo - above but VERY full/non-tender bbs and moody
13 dpo - above plus single episode of mild nausea
14 dpo - BFP!
14 dpo beta #1 - 202
16 dpo beta #2 - 485!

Praying for a sticky little one :)

No BFP until 16 DPO, don't give up!

I was thrilled to get my BFP this morning after 4 cycles TTC for my first baby. The past two weeks have been awful as I've tried to convince myself I wasn't pg because of several BFNs. There were new symptoms everyday though, and eventually, no AF. Here is what I experienced, don't give up until AF arrives!

CD 16: O, judging from sharp O pains at night. Pretty reliable for me as I always get AF 14 days after these pains.
1 DPO: BD'd in the AM, only chance to catch the egg this cycle as we were travelling, so this must've been when the magic happened.
1-6 DPO: watery CM, went from significant amount to lighter. On the 6th DPO, felt some mild cramps and low back pain.
7 DPO: first felt nipple tenderness
8 DPO: just some minor cramps and twinges, normal throughout my luteal phase
9 DPO: couldn't wait, BFN on offbrand EPT. Felt cramps/mild low back pain. Weird, my gums bled a little when brushing my teeth.
10 DPO: gums bled again, BBs are a little sore, light white CM, and moody as hell. BFN on FRER with FMU :(
11 DPO: more of the same, but I actually got a little shortness of breath today, and a little queasy after eating
12 DPO: queasy after eating, full sore BBs, face was flushed, had a short episode of heart palpitations and feeling shaky in the afternoon. BFN though
13 DPO: full sore bbs, starting to get constipated, a little milky discharge, mild AF-like cramps. Expecting AF tomorrow
14 DPO: no AF, always regular. Just milky discharge. Very depressed feeling. Sore bbs. When going to bed, felt the strangest sensation of pulling from below my belly button. Took a Target brand Early Result test, and saw a hint of a line, but convinced myself it was BFN. Later, pulled it out of the trash and saw a darker line, but even now I think it was an evap line.
15 DPO: still no AF, very sore bbs, flushed, and constipated. Have clear and then yellowish CM. No cramps, but slight pain in pelvic region at night, concentrated on left side of uterus. Went to bed at 8:30 PM (?) All day just felt scared to take another test and be disappointed.
16 DPO: no AF, so moment of truth. BFP on FRER after about 30 seconds. Just have sore bbs, and feel flushed and hot, though a normal temp.

Still trying to wrap my mind around it... best of luck to everyone!!

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BFP after 8 months TTC with endometriosis and PCOS

So after 8 months of trying I finally got my bfp.

The main thing I noticed was there were not many symptoms. In fact I had less symptoms than the 'symptoms ' I had when I wasn't pregnant in the past and that drew my attention.

- Normally have tender breasts week leading up to period and didn't have this
- Felt cramping on day of implantation arpund 7dpo. Felt like af was coming for sure. That night was sooo tired I kept falling asleep on the couch. Next day cramps gone.
- major aversion to meat. Couldn't touch it

Nothing else really except nausea. This wasn't until after implantation and once I already knew. God told me to take a test so I did!

This month what I did differently was taking evening primrose up to ovulation and stopped taking after ovulation as it can cause uterus cramping.

Bfp at 10 dpo.

ladies, I understand

I understand the obsessive forum searching, the praying, the signs and symptom checkers, the hundreds of dollars spent on prego tests. It's torture but I completely understand 100%. But the one thing I understand the most is seeing a BFN each and every time you take a test. That feeling of being let down, holding the test in every angle possible and under different lights, praying you'll see even the faintest positive, I completely get that's why I'm posting. To help you see my very early symptoms...

Ovulation day - my lower stomach hurt so bad like in the groin area. I felt like I had extreme gas that was stuck.

1 dpo - cramps, abdominal pain, fatigue, bloating, dizziness, constipation, hot flashes, acne, headaches

2 dpo - one beer, felt tipsy
Itchiness, woke up in the middle of the night HOT and itchy from head to toe, bloating, gas, insomnia, moodiness, fatigue, breast sensitivity

3dpo - nothing

4 dpo - rash on upper stomach, sternum area, breast sensitivity and tenderness, itchiness, especially on back, acne and cm

5 dpo - itchy, fatigue, insomnia, moody, abdominal cramps, acne, breast sensitivity and tenderness, rashes, gas, irritable, anxiety, lower backaches, bloating, unable to concentrate, cramps, cm, chills, confusion, dizzy, HOT

6dpo- ab cramps, itchy, stress, rashes, moody, queasiness, backaches, cm, cramps, dizzy, gas, irritable, acne, bloating, breast sensitivity and tenderness, heartburn, headaches

7 dpo - extreme exhaustion, legs feet and hips were killing me, it felt like I had worked out HARD for the first time in years, I went to bed at like 9 that night when normally I go to bed around 11-12. Moderate AF cramps, weepy, slightly nauseated, very sensitive boobs, felt wet down there, craving for tomatoes, green veggies like spinach and lettuce, itchy scalp, ab cramps, backache, body aches, cm, fatigue, queasy, bloating, breast sensitivity and tenderness, cramps, chills, dizzy, gas, headache, hot flashes

8 dpo major cramps right above pelvic bone, frequent urination, headache, exhausted, slight nausea, (ended up with a severe cold) pulling, tugging sensation in uterus, heighten sense of smell in evening, pain in ovary, had a dream that I had a bfp but wasn't sure if my partner was the father or a gay man that I work with, backache, bloating, body aches, cramps, acne, breast sensitivity and tenderness, cm, gas, moody, muscle pain, constipation, shoulder pain, heartburn, chills, queasiness, neckpain, spotting/bleeding thought for sure AF was near, hot, headache, irritable

9dpo - vivid dream, 3 tests, one in am and 2 in evening... all BFN...The two in the evening were VERY FAINT POSITIVE after allowed time, evap? And they only SLIGHTLY looked positive if held at certain angles and in certain guarantee...I was positive it was positive but the test still said negative...the second line was almost invisible on's weird because the two test I took in the evening were negative but very slightly appeared positive and the first one I took was very negative...but I kept those tests and almost a month later, the two I took that day that ALMOST appeared positive are completely negative and the one I took in the am is now very positive...anyway, I had the same old symptoms, backache, moody, itchy, cramps, hot flashes, insomnia, gas, I also had a dream my partner said "it's postive" but it wasn't his a very deep, loud voice, yet it sounded far away...

10dpo- two bfps!!! Couldn't believe it so I took a digital one the next day... tugging in stomach, white nipples? Very sore boobs, hot, back pain, body aches, cm, dizzy, fatigue and hunger, cervical firmness, migraines, acne, bloating

11dpo- took a digital with morning urine...PREGNANT! Craving for peanut butter, bananas and V8 juice, hunger, insomnia, breast sensitivity, cm, hot, cramps, queasiness, backaches, bloating, cramps, gas, headaches, dizziness, irritable

Then I stopped keeping track. But overall, the acne and itchiness were major symptoms for me. I also had a feeling of knowing...but with uncertainty. A lot of women are certain but i felt i knew but with uncertainty. So I don't really consider myself to be one of those women who "knew" Plus, I was very clumsy too...and it seems to be getting worse...I'm about a month along and I drop everything...I'm all thumbs. My boobs are sore and FULL 24/7. I'm constantly tired and going to bed around 9-10. I find it hard to make simple decisions. But ladies, don't give up hope. I was just like you searching for any and all early signs. I was obsessed. It will timing was TERRIBLE...Very long story but it seems to happen at the strangest moments.

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Here are my symptoms :)

*1-3dpo High CP, wet CM-- I noticed nothing unusual except for LOTS of acne.
*4dpo I started to cramp late at night. Fatigue
*5dpo Tired all day despite a fulls nights sleep. Very wet CM. High Cervix. Bloated, Backaches, lots of AF like cramps. Lasted for hours!
*6dpo Lots of energy (cleaned like hell!), Insomnia at night. Bloated. Gas, burping and felt like I had to go to the bathroom alot! (#1 and #2) Thirsty! Tender cervix, CP medium high. Very creamy and wet CM and even more when we DTD (hubby commented on the excess amounts of CM). Nauseousness late in the night.
*7dpo Back ache, very sharp pains on the left side of my uterus, bloated, gassy, fatigue, medium CP, not as much cm as the day before. My breast feel heavy but are not painful (they are DDDs.. So they are going to be heavy in the first place hehe).
*9-11 Tender bbs, emotional, SLEEPY! SLEEP! CAN'T GET ENOUGH!, #2 issues, increase creamy CM, CP medium, cervix hard and closed, hungry more than normal.

I kept a look out for spotting this whole time and saw NONE. Also, a few days after ovulation the cramps were a little stronger than AF cramps...

I took a test at 8dpo and it was a BFN (FRER)! and I took one this morning, and it is a faint BFP (Dollar gerneral $1).. Hope it sticks!! We are so excited! I'll update again when I do a clear blue in a few days closer to missing my AF..

I am so very lucky, and very happy! (this will be detailed)

Hi Ladies!
A little background.. I am 32 and my sweet husband is 34. We have been together since high school, with the exception of a few years when we lost touch. I had 2 boys, and he got married. Of course we found each other again. He adopted my boys, and we have been trying since to have another child. We lost a baby at 5w 3days in June, and it was really hard. I never understood how women felt loss over something so tiny, but it's very real and very, very sad.
We saved up to have our wedding ceremony last month. Finally after all this time we made it official! Lol. We had a weekend honeymoon and today, 2 weeks after our getaway, I got our BFP at 10dpo. :) Here are some symptoms for you to spot, I certainly felt different this time!
1-6 DPO: Nothing new. Nothing stood out.
7DPO: Cramps!!! I get period cramps in my thighs, and I only get them about an hour after I start each month. These felt exactly the same as the ones I get the day of my period. I would rate them as moderate, I never get them outside of my monthly.
7-9 DPO: My head almost exploded. No, seriously. I had the WORST headache ever. It last 2 days and almost made me sick. It was on the right side of my head and felt like someone was trying to hammer their way out.
Heartburn! I get heartburn sometimes but I had not had anything that usually triggered it. I had it for 3 days. This might be because I have not had a good poop in a week. (TMI? At least I dont track my CM.) I still can't poop, and my husband pointed out I can't stop talking about how I can't poop. It's like I ate paste... nothing is moving.
I am at 10DPO now. My boobs weigh 10lbs each and are so swollen they are actually HOT. I have sore boobs with PMS sometimes, so I didn't pay attention to when they got a little sore. They hurt underneath and on the sides. They dont hurt as badly as they did with my first son, but they feel like they are being weighed down. They also look pretty amazing.
I have not been nauseated except for during the headache. Im a little crampy, but thats about it. (Nothing like I was 7dpo).
Cross your fingers ladies for a sticky baby for us!

Blessed with BFP after MC

Hi there, Ladies!

I am super excited to share my symptoms with you!! DH and I have been trying for a long time for baby #1. We were really excited earlier this year when I had my first BFP. Sadly, that pregnancy ended with a MC at 5 weeks. We took a month off after, then got right back to trying. Several months later, and I have another BFP. I haven't told DH yet because my HCG numbers were a bit low (37 at 12 DPO), and I wanted to make sure they doubled before I got him all excited. Today, I got the results from my 14 DPO blood draw--146! My numbers are definitely doubling! I really hope that they doubled appropriately, and that they stay where they need to be. I am definitely nervous, scared, and excited. I definitely lost some of the blissful innocence of pregnancy with my MC. All around me, people are having babies, and we have been the couple silently trying for longer than most of those around us. We have been the subject of innocent jokes, casual conversation, intrusive prodding, etc. It can be really hurtful sometimes, but I thank God that I have been blessed with an incredible husband, who has been so loving, warm, and kind to me.

As far as the pregnancy, I literally knew from the day after O. I had different post O symptoms, and that really gave it away for me. Ok, here are the symptoms!! :)

CD 16 O: I definitely felt O. I am a total chart addict, so I knew exactly when we should O. I also use the Pearly Fertility Monitor. We BD on O night. We randomly decided to try the Shettle's Method--more as an experiment than anything. Gotta keep this baby-making interesting! ;)

1 DPO: Nothing--no nipple soreness that I normally have post O. HUGE sign to me. I ALWAYS have nipple soreness. It's how I know that I am post O, even before my chart shows crosshairs. The only thing that I had was a stuffy nose and some heart flutters in the late evening.

2 DPO: I felt crampy. I NEVER get cramps, even before AF--huge sign. I am gluten-intolerant (non-Celiac, blood diagnosed), and I felt like I had eaten a bunch of gluten.

3 DPO: I wanted bell peppers like they were the most amazingly delicious food to ever be grown. I also took a two-hour, dead-to-the-world-I-hope-the-house-doesn't-burn nap. Still no sore BBs. I had a really stuffy nose. Some cramps still. Very unusual. Definitely knew something was up. So tired. I also started getting super vivid dreams. I would wake up exhausted from how real they seemed.

4 DPO: During another crazy deep nap, I woke up hot and sweaty--kind of like what I imagine menopausal women have at night. My heart was also racing. It wasn't "that" kind of vivid dream, either. ;) I was also craving more strange food. Like, I had to have it. My hips were achey. I was dizzy, tired, and peed nonstop. I had a stuffy nose, but an increased sense of smell.

5 DPO: Slept in. I was really flushed, even DH noticed it. I was flushed even on my back and arms. More CM. Dizziness, frequent urination, STARVING, small cramp, could smell everything, and more vivid dreams.

6 DPO: More CM. I was taking a nap, and I had this freaky electric pain radiating all around my rib cage. It woke me up, and I freaked out and left the house (figuring, of course, I was about to die at home alone of some freaky heart thing or something). It lasted about 15 minutes. My heart was also racing. It made me really anxious. Still tired. Started feeling O pain again--odd. I also started to get the metallic taste in my mouth that we all hear about. My throat was sore and I could smell everything again, even with a stuffy nose. Vivd dreams again.

7 DPO: UTI--lame! Restless sleep, can't fall asleep. Lightly tender BBs. My dr. had me take a urine preg. test, and it wasn't positive or negative she said. She sent blood work out--negative. I KNEW it was wrong. I even told them on the phone that it was wrong, and I would be getting more done later. I felt pressure in my lower abdomen. I felt hot, my mouth felt hot, and I was flushed. I was super tired, had a headache/mild nausea. The metallic taste has continued. Vivd dreams, again. My teeth also were more sensitive.

8 DPO: So thirsty in the middle of the night...screwed up my temps! Lame. HUGE backache...all of my muscles locked up in my back for no reason. Really unusual. Only a slight right side cramp. Starting to feel out, but knowing I wasn't. Still tired. Frequent urination, assumed to be a UTI thing. Couldn't sleep. Stuffy nose.

9 DPO: Right side cramp. Feeling out. Felt TERRIBLE at workout. I couldn't get through it. I felt like I was going to have an asthma attack, but I don't have asthma. I usually rock this class, but I couldn't get through it. Even the instructor noticed, and took it easy on me. Took a test. Super faint, probably line eyed, line. I had heartburn (huge sign with BFP with last pregnancy).

BFP at 12 DPO!!!

I am so happy to be posting on this site!! I have been stalking it for 1.5 years. Some background-
My husband and I have been married for 4 years and started trying for baby 1 about a year and a half ago. I didn't go nuts, just started tracking my cycles by checking CM. After a couple of months I realized I had really inconsistent cycles, ranging from 35-45 days. I then tried OPKs, but got frustrated because I would get a positive, but then wouldn't ovulate for several days, sometimes a week. After 6 months of trying and getting really frustrated, I went to the doc. They did blood tests to check hormones and an ultrasound to check for cysts and everything was normal. My husband went for tests as well, and found that his sperm count was a little low and motility was slightly abnormal, but doc wasnt overly concerned. Just in case, he was prescribed Clomid. Then, in Feb of 2014, I slipped on ice and tore my ACL and meniscus. I needed surgery and lots of rehab, so the baby making was on hold for a while. I started tracking my cycles again in June after I started feeling sort of normal again, and was shocked that I now had a 28 cycle. From June until now, its been like clockwork. I attributed it to weight loss (I've lost almost 40lbs since March). This was our first month trying again, and it worked!! I should also mention that we only BDed once this cycle bc my husband was sick. Here's the good stuff-
O day- feeling good :)
1-2 DPO- Nothing
3 DPO- I was walking through the hall of the school I work at and suddenly everything felt like it was spinning. I had to stop for a second until it passed.
4-5 DPO- Nothing
6-7 DPO- period cramps and a spot of blood in my undies. I started getting suspicious.
8-12 DPO- boobs sore, continued mild cramping, dull headaches, watery CM, lightheadedness, HUNGRY, and my husband says I'm moody, but I dont see it :)

I am super excited and really hopeful that this little bean sticks. Good luck out there to all the couples trying!!

Long Awaited BFP

This is for all of the ladies who have been ttc for 12+ months. My husband and I have been ttc for 16 months with absolutely no end in sight! My RE felt confident I have endometriosis and with every passing month or became more and more apparent I needed surgery. BUT I got my BFP yesterday, entirely natural, and with no medical intervention whatsoever! Here were my symptoms leading up that those two beautiful pink lines...

1-7 dpo - totally normal. Noting happening at all and wasn't even expecting it bc we only BD'd once during my fertile

8-9 dpo - AF cramping hard core. Waayyy too early for these so what is going on?

9-10 dpo - feeling normal, nothing unusual going on at all

11-13 dpo - AF has to be on its way. Sore bbs, watery cm, cramps, sleepy, diarrhea. Oh, yeah, she's acoming.

13 dpo - woke up with a VERY sore throat out of absolutely nowhere and a legitimate cold underway. Slight fever of 99.8 and an overall weird feeling. This is when AF was due.

14 dpo - AF still not here when I wake up. Gushing CM I kept thinking was AT but still nothing. I'm a day late so I have no reason to fight the urge to POAS today. BFP! Darkest line ever! Take another one! Darkest line ever! We're having a baby! Woo!

I just want to add that every month I failed to conceive broke my heart. I not only had started doubting the process, but genuinely thought it couldn't happen this month bc we only BD'd once. And then, surprise. My life has officially changed. :)

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