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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Bfp after MC with not many symptoms!

I just got my BFP 5 months after my MMC @ 9weeks.
I was beginning to think it would never happen again, you read so many stories of people falling pregnant right after their mc and it's torture. If you've had an mc and are trying again please don't give up hope it seems like weeks not months once you finally get the bfp again.
I'm so thankful and praying this one sticks.
I am 31 DH is 34 we have no known issues but since the mc I have short cycles and only a 10 day luteal phase.

I started a course of reflexology 5 weeks ago and I swear it's helped me get the bfp.

So I didn't have many symptoms in my tww but the main clues were:

• I usually feel nausea in tww when I'm NOT pregnant and I didn't get any this time.

• I got really emotional on 8dpo all day for literally no reason - once just because the dog followed me to the loo!

• I didn't dry up before AF

So my breakdown is like this

1-4 dpo - nothing
5 dpo - came out in lots of small spots (not like me)
6 dpo - a little crampy / nasal stuffyness
7-8 dpo - a very small amount of pink & light brown cm, my gums get sore. Still a little twingy.
9 dpo - my cm goes from creamy as usual to watery when I'm usually drying up by now.
10 dpo - still watery cm, gums still sore, on off cramps and dihorrea.
11 dpo - boobs feel a little sore but I think it's all in my head. Take a test very very faint bfp but I don't believe what I'm seeing!
12 dpo - husband makes me take a test at 5am when he leaves for work on internet cheapie and were still unclear so I buy a FRER later and it's a clear bfp.

My cervix stayed soft throughout but sometimes was feeling open and it moved high - low constantly!

I hope this helps.

Wishing for you all to join me soon!


BFP 13 DPO with lots of symptoms!

I am so excited to say I got a BFP last night. DH and I have been trying for 6 cycles, but I my cycle lengths have been all over the map, and I hadn't been getting ewcm all summer, so I am fairly certain I wasn't ovulating for most of that time. Last cycle, I finally got a huge amount of EWCM late on CD 20, and AF arrived 2 weeks later. This cycle I finally had TONS EWCM on days 12 and 13 and CP was SHOW on day 13, and low and hard on day 14 with no CM, so I am sure I ovulated sometime between days 13 and 14. I have never had that much EWCM in my life, so I was already feeling so confident that I was extra fertile this month! DH and I BDing whenever we could make time (he works nights and we have an 18 month old), we managed to BD on CD 10, 11 and 13. I had lots of symptoms that were out of the ordinary for me during my TWW and a few early pregnancy symptoms I remembered from DD. Here they are:

1-12 DPO: Lots of creamy CM, some days heavier than others, but there was always some creamy cm and some days there was a lot of it. Not a normal thing for me as it's usually pretty dry down there unless it's O time.
1-9 DPO: Tender BB's. I always have tender, sore to the touch BB's starting at 1 DPO and it lasts all the way until AF, getting a little more sore each day. This cycle they stopped hurting when I woke up at 9 DPO... and then it started again around 12 DPO. I'm thinking they stopped hurting during implantation and then started up again.
7 DPO On: I always feel like I'm a couple degrees warmer than my usual temp. I don't take my BBT so I never confirmed this, but my skin was always warm and I always wondered if I had a low grade fever.
7 DPO: Had some bad indigestion at work. All I ate for lunch was a bagel with cream cheese and I bloated up so bad I couldn't do up my pants for the rest of the day!
8 DPO on: Nausea started. So early, I know, but it is the exact same nausea I had in my first trimester with DD, just a constant nagging icky feeling in the pit of my stomach, and it's always the most intense in the evening. I have no appetite for anything, and I haven't felt actually hungry in days.
8 DPO on: Stuffed nose and dry throat, these were constant pregnancy symptoms all through my 9 months with DD. My nose was always clogged, people were always asking me if I had a cold.
12&13 DPO: Fatigue. By the last hour of my shift at work, I felt like I could curl up in a ball on the floor and pass out.

I tested on 9 and 10 DPO with frers, didn't see much except the HUGE indents frers have been having recently, decided to switch brands out of annoyance, and the store I was at only had blue dye tests, so I bought a 2 pack. on 11 and 12 DPO I saw a faint line on both tests within the time limit, and the tests dried with an obvious positive line, but research online showed me that even negative tests dry with evaps that look the same as a positive, and lots of people who were not pregnant said they had faint lines in the time limit too.

Not wanting to throw away more money on negative tests, I picked up a dollar store test and used it after work last night, and to my surprise, BFP! No squinting or tweaking needed, an albeit faint, pink line! I'm going to buy a FRER today to test with after work so it's official (DH doesn't trust the $ store tests), but I have seen lots of negative $store tests, with convincing evaps and dye runs, and I can see my test is an undisputable positive! I will indulge DH anyway because I never get positives on FRERs so it'll be nice to have 1! :)

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Bfp 14dpo imolantation bleeding, clomid/iui

I'm so excited to finally write my bfp story!!! we tried for a little over a year. After 7 months I went to a fertility clinic, they found I had low progesterone, and a slightly sluggish thyroid. I tried with herbs, fertilitea, fertil aid, had cycles with no coffee or drinking - nothing... After over a year then started trying clomid with an injectable and iui - our second IUI round finally worked!!! I gave up nothing during that 2ww and had quit acupuncture haha. If this hadn't worked I was prepared to have laparoscopy surgery to see if I had stage 1/2 endometriosis.

This cycle definitely tricked me because I spot EVERY SINGLE MONTH since coming off birth control, and it's always different - sometimes just brown spotting on 10dpo, other months red blood at 9dpo...and I learned to always associate it my period coming. Here's my symptoms...

Cd 13: iui
1-10 dpo no symptoms that stand out
11dpo: felt dizzy, like i had a sinus headache all day so I stayed home from work and laid around all day... But still no spotting! But I've spotted later before

12dpo: felt normal aside from a little cramping. Was getting hopeful since my temp went up a little bit...later that night I got a little bit of light pink spotting and I was pretty upset...went to see a movie, came home and I had bright red blood, it was fairly heavy, enough to keep dripping in the toilet (sorry if tmi). So i figured my period came early - was so sad.

13dpo: brown spotting, which has also been normal for me after red bleeding in the past, and my temp dropped to just above my coverline which was right on schedule. Went to a baby shower which was really hard!!!

That night I started feeling warm, when I took my night temp it was way high, and that usually isn't the case. Went to bed hopeful.

14dpo: woke up expecting my temp to have dropped and for period to start - but my temp went up!!! I called to schedule a blood test, they called that afternoon to say it came back POSITIVE - BFP!!!

I'm still 4 weeks now, feeling really warm all the time, some headaches and minor cramping and breast soreness, but nothing major.

I still can't believe my body tricked me! Absolutely nothing was different from other cycles, I'm so glad I was temping bc that was my only clue. This past year has definitely been an emotional struggle and I never knew it would be so hard to get pregnant, and how hard it would be to deal with all my friends getting pregnant. So I feel for anyone that has trouble conceiving!
My advice is to get tested before waiting a full year of trying! I'm glad I did, because you might as well know early if you have low progesterone or some other issue that can be worked with... And take your temperature! :)

I'm so happy we finally got pregnant and i pray for a healthy 9 months!

It happened!

I'm posting my experience here because while TTC I stalked this site reading all the stories/symptoms and found it very useful to see that there were people experiencing the same symptoms as me! My husband and I began trying right after getting married and got a BFP 3 months later! We were very lucky!

0-3 dpo: absolutely nothing
4 dpo: for a few minutes in the evening I felt my face flush and had slight cramps (not period cramps more like small pricks) and slight queasiness (not nausea but just that feeling where you're not in the mood to eat)
5 dpo: slight cramps, slight queasiness
6 dpo: slight queasiness
7 dpo: face flushed again, slight cramps, slight queasiness
8 dpo: dull cramps. Aversion to smell of someone heating food in the microwave
9 dpo: EXTREMELY sore boobs. My husband tried to lay his head on me and even that hurt really bad. Took a test BFN.
10 dpo: slightly sore boobs. Started spotting. Thought for sure AF was coming
11 dpo: nothing out of the ordinary except constipation. Maybe slightly sore boobs but nothing too bad.
12 dpo: dull cramps. Tested first thing in the morning and got a very very faint BFP!

BFP after 3 years and ovarian tumour

After 3 years of trying and having gone through the tests for IVF we were told we just needed one final repeat check then would have IVF the next month or so. In an internal scan they spotted a mass on my ovary, looked like a cyst, after an MRI and CT scan it was confirmed as a 4.5cm ovarian tumor. To be brief, I had surgery in march 2014 to remove my right ovary and the tumor (confirmed as cancerous but all traces removed in surgery) then we were told we could go straight to IVF, but before we had chance we fell pregnant au naturel in June, just 3 months after surgery, amazing! 19 weeks now and still cant take it in. Here are my symptoms, had more symptoms other months (and im a pro symptom spotting after 3 yrs!) so had no clue.

1dpo onwards - sore side of breasts (normal)
8dpo some mild cramps at night, thought I brought them on by thinking about it
11dpo slight sore throat and slight stuffy nose, felt a bit achy but hard week so didn't think anything of it
12-14dpo v mild cramps, thought AF would come, woke up at 4.30am for no reason
16dpo took 3 tests, all positive, 2-3 wks

My advice is DON'T GIVE UP HOPE no matter how tough it gets, a huge sprinkling of baby dust to all xxxxx
Also if you have LOTs of spotting starting 8-10 days before ur period get it checked, this was my main symptom of the tumour but I didn't know it till after the surgery.

Newbie - BFP w/ odd symptoms!

This is our first round TTC, and I'm a newbie here, so forgive me if I don't get all the acronyms right! I have been obsessing over this site waiting for my own BFP so I thought I'd contribute since I had some strange symptoms and it was difficult for me to find other stories like mine. First of all, I didn't temp or anything, I just have an app that tracks my fertile window, so everything may not be perfectly accurate, but I'm assuming I O'ed on CD 14. I also did not start making specific notes until about 8 DPO. All that being said, here goes:

CD 10, 12,& 14 - BD
1 DPO - felt fluttery, all of a sudden feel like I'm pregnant feeling, although I'm sure it was in my head
2-7 DPO - sneezing a lot, lots of crampy pulling sensations in uterus, particularly left side. The first few days PO I felt extremely hungry when I first woke up, which is odd for me. Had to stop and get a breakfast sandwich, which I never do! The hunger passed after a couple of days and my appetite was back to normal, but nothing really tasted good. Not nauseous, just didn't hit the spot. Had vivid dreams.
8DPO - Had a BM in evening, when I wiped, had quite a bit of BRICK RED blood - thought AF had started way early. Everything I'd read about IB said it would be just a couple of drops, light brown or pink. If this was IB it was definitely not just a couple of drops. Put in a tampon and went to bed. Next morning there was just a bit of brown cm on tampon.
9 DPO - diarrhea :( No spotting today. Felt sore in my groin area, like glands were swollen or something. Thought I may be coming down with the flu. Vivid dream of BFP on test.
10 DPO - took FRER test w/ FMU - BFN. Started noticing shortness of breath today, along with CRAZY bloating - looked like I was 3 months pg already, some back pain, cramping, no noticeable soreness in boobs, a little watery red CM when wiping
11 DPO - woke up tired & hit snooze for first time in like 6 months, had feeling like I wasn't pg, just felt calm all day, no cramps, lots of energy as day progressed, watery brown/pink cm when wiping, when going to sleep felt shortness of breath and racy heart, that night had a vivid/scary dream
12 DPO - took FRER w/ FMU - BFN. Felt normal, energetic. Diarrhea (after eating my weight in Hibachi, so we may not want to chalk that one up to a symptom...), still ridiculously bloated (although, again, Hibachi...)
13 DPO - no major symptoms except another vivid dream/night terror (which I get fairly often anyway)
14 DPO - by now I'm convinced I'm not pg, attended a wedding, felt fine all day, had a couple of drinks, was able to stay up late no problem
15 DPO - By now should have seen signs of AF. Normally I spot a few days before, have at least one day of being horribly agitated, want to eat tons of chocolate. NONE of these PMS symptoms have shown up which has me thinking I could still be in. Take another FRER test in evening, still BFN.
16 DPO - still no sign of AF, start to notice boobs feeling SLIGHTLY sore today, nothing sounds good to eat, no spotting, just waiting around for AF all day. Decide to stop by Walgreens and get Walgreens brand EPT tests just to see what happens. 4 PM POAS - BFP! Sooooo shocked. Rush back to store to get digital - BFP 2-3 weeks. What?!?

So, to recap I NEVER had sore boobs until 16 DPO, then were just slightly tender, had BRICK RED IB, not light pink/brown like what I'd heard, and 3 BFN on FRER tests before I got my BFP on a cheapie. My biggest symptom has been shortness of breath - just feels like I can never get enough oxygen. So don't give up just because your symptoms are different from others. I guess every body is different. Good luck ladies and I hope my story helps someone!

BFP @ 14 dpo

Wow! I still can't believe its my turn :).
My BFP came after an IUI with very low post-wash sperm count of 2.4 mill (morphology and motility normal) while awaiting first round of IVF. AND I only have one fallopian tube due to a previous ectopic! I thought I was definitely out because my RE told me my chances were very low this round. Also, my 2ww symptoms were virtually identical to pre af symptoms.
So there is hope, ladies!....

1-5 dpo - bloating, abdominal twinges
6-9 dpo - above plus tired, deep sleep w/ wild dreams, full/non-tender bbs
10dpo - above plus frequent urination, a lot of creamy CM, sore throat
11-12 dpo - above but VERY full/non-tender bbs and moody
13 dpo - above plus single episode of mild nausea
14 dpo - BFP!
14 dpo beta #1 - 202
16 dpo beta #2 - 485!

Praying for a sticky little one :)

No BFP until 16 DPO, don't give up!

I was thrilled to get my BFP this morning after 4 cycles TTC for my first baby. The past two weeks have been awful as I've tried to convince myself I wasn't pg because of several BFNs. There were new symptoms everyday though, and eventually, no AF. Here is what I experienced, don't give up until AF arrives!

CD 16: O, judging from sharp O pains at night. Pretty reliable for me as I always get AF 14 days after these pains.
1 DPO: BD'd in the AM, only chance to catch the egg this cycle as we were travelling, so this must've been when the magic happened.
1-6 DPO: watery CM, went from significant amount to lighter. On the 6th DPO, felt some mild cramps and low back pain.
7 DPO: first felt nipple tenderness
8 DPO: just some minor cramps and twinges, normal throughout my luteal phase
9 DPO: couldn't wait, BFN on offbrand EPT. Felt cramps/mild low back pain. Weird, my gums bled a little when brushing my teeth.
10 DPO: gums bled again, BBs are a little sore, light white CM, and moody as hell. BFN on FRER with FMU :(
11 DPO: more of the same, but I actually got a little shortness of breath today, and a little queasy after eating
12 DPO: queasy after eating, full sore BBs, face was flushed, had a short episode of heart palpitations and feeling shaky in the afternoon. BFN though
13 DPO: full sore bbs, starting to get constipated, a little milky discharge, mild AF-like cramps. Expecting AF tomorrow
14 DPO: no AF, always regular. Just milky discharge. Very depressed feeling. Sore bbs. When going to bed, felt the strangest sensation of pulling from below my belly button. Took a Target brand Early Result test, and saw a hint of a line, but convinced myself it was BFN. Later, pulled it out of the trash and saw a darker line, but even now I think it was an evap line.
15 DPO: still no AF, very sore bbs, flushed, and constipated. Have clear and then yellowish CM. No cramps, but slight pain in pelvic region at night, concentrated on left side of uterus. Went to bed at 8:30 PM (?) All day just felt scared to take another test and be disappointed.
16 DPO: no AF, so moment of truth. BFP on FRER after about 30 seconds. Just have sore bbs, and feel flushed and hot, though a normal temp.

Still trying to wrap my mind around it... best of luck to everyone!!

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BFP after 8 months TTC with endometriosis and PCOS

So after 8 months of trying I finally got my bfp.

The main thing I noticed was there were not many symptoms. In fact I had less symptoms than the 'symptoms ' I had when I wasn't pregnant in the past and that drew my attention.

- Normally have tender breasts week leading up to period and didn't have this
- Felt cramping on day of implantation arpund 7dpo. Felt like af was coming for sure. That night was sooo tired I kept falling asleep on the couch. Next day cramps gone.
- major aversion to meat. Couldn't touch it

Nothing else really except nausea. This wasn't until after implantation and once I already knew. God told me to take a test so I did!

This month what I did differently was taking evening primrose up to ovulation and stopped taking after ovulation as it can cause uterus cramping.

Bfp at 10 dpo.

ladies, I understand

I understand the obsessive forum searching, the praying, the signs and symptom checkers, the hundreds of dollars spent on prego tests. It's torture but I completely understand 100%. But the one thing I understand the most is seeing a BFN each and every time you take a test. That feeling of being let down, holding the test in every angle possible and under different lights, praying you'll see even the faintest positive, I completely get that's why I'm posting. To help you see my very early symptoms...

Ovulation day - my lower stomach hurt so bad like in the groin area. I felt like I had extreme gas that was stuck.

1 dpo - cramps, abdominal pain, fatigue, bloating, dizziness, constipation, hot flashes, acne, headaches

2 dpo - one beer, felt tipsy
Itchiness, woke up in the middle of the night HOT and itchy from head to toe, bloating, gas, insomnia, moodiness, fatigue, breast sensitivity

3dpo - nothing

4 dpo - rash on upper stomach, sternum area, breast sensitivity and tenderness, itchiness, especially on back, acne and cm

5 dpo - itchy, fatigue, insomnia, moody, abdominal cramps, acne, breast sensitivity and tenderness, rashes, gas, irritable, anxiety, lower backaches, bloating, unable to concentrate, cramps, cm, chills, confusion, dizzy, HOT

6dpo- ab cramps, itchy, stress, rashes, moody, queasiness, backaches, cm, cramps, dizzy, gas, irritable, acne, bloating, breast sensitivity and tenderness, heartburn, headaches

7 dpo - extreme exhaustion, legs feet and hips were killing me, it felt like I had worked out HARD for the first time in years, I went to bed at like 9 that night when normally I go to bed around 11-12. Moderate AF cramps, weepy, slightly nauseated, very sensitive boobs, felt wet down there, craving for tomatoes, green veggies like spinach and lettuce, itchy scalp, ab cramps, backache, body aches, cm, fatigue, queasy, bloating, breast sensitivity and tenderness, cramps, chills, dizzy, gas, headache, hot flashes

8 dpo major cramps right above pelvic bone, frequent urination, headache, exhausted, slight nausea, (ended up with a severe cold) pulling, tugging sensation in uterus, heighten sense of smell in evening, pain in ovary, had a dream that I had a bfp but wasn't sure if my partner was the father or a gay man that I work with, backache, bloating, body aches, cramps, acne, breast sensitivity and tenderness, cm, gas, moody, muscle pain, constipation, shoulder pain, heartburn, chills, queasiness, neckpain, spotting/bleeding thought for sure AF was near, hot, headache, irritable

9dpo - vivid dream, 3 tests, one in am and 2 in evening... all BFN...The two in the evening were VERY FAINT POSITIVE after allowed time, evap? And they only SLIGHTLY looked positive if held at certain angles and in certain guarantee...I was positive it was positive but the test still said negative...the second line was almost invisible on's weird because the two test I took in the evening were negative but very slightly appeared positive and the first one I took was very negative...but I kept those tests and almost a month later, the two I took that day that ALMOST appeared positive are completely negative and the one I took in the am is now very positive...anyway, I had the same old symptoms, backache, moody, itchy, cramps, hot flashes, insomnia, gas, I also had a dream my partner said "it's postive" but it wasn't his a very deep, loud voice, yet it sounded far away...

10dpo- two bfps!!! Couldn't believe it so I took a digital one the next day... tugging in stomach, white nipples? Very sore boobs, hot, back pain, body aches, cm, dizzy, fatigue and hunger, cervical firmness, migraines, acne, bloating

11dpo- took a digital with morning urine...PREGNANT! Craving for peanut butter, bananas and V8 juice, hunger, insomnia, breast sensitivity, cm, hot, cramps, queasiness, backaches, bloating, cramps, gas, headaches, dizziness, irritable

Then I stopped keeping track. But overall, the acne and itchiness were major symptoms for me. I also had a feeling of knowing...but with uncertainty. A lot of women are certain but i felt i knew but with uncertainty. So I don't really consider myself to be one of those women who "knew" Plus, I was very clumsy too...and it seems to be getting worse...I'm about a month along and I drop everything...I'm all thumbs. My boobs are sore and FULL 24/7. I'm constantly tired and going to bed around 9-10. I find it hard to make simple decisions. But ladies, don't give up hope. I was just like you searching for any and all early signs. I was obsessed. It will timing was TERRIBLE...Very long story but it seems to happen at the strangest moments.

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