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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP 10/11 DPO, preseed, no symptoms, 2nd cycle

Hi all! I just received my BfP today! I took a walmart cheapie this morning, saw it was negative, but saved it. I looked at it a few hours later and noticed a second line- I got super excited but was also aware it could be an evaporation line. I took another walmart cheapie and a First response and sure enough- there was a faint second line on each!! I was sure I was going to get my period. All my symptoms were symptoms I have before my period.

Here's the breakdown

Cd 1-6 Af
Cd 6-8- nothing
Cd 9- BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes
Cd 11- BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes
Cd 12- ovulation pain? Pain in lower left side, ECM
Cd13- BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes
Cd 16- positive OPK, BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes
Cd 17- BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes
Cd 18/ 1 dpo- BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes ( sore nipples, but faded after a few days) ( I think this was O day!
Cd 21/ 4 dpo- very tired, sore nipples, mild nausea
Cd 22/ 5 dpo- can't fall asleep at night, empty stomach, moody, thought for sure I was PMSing
Cd23- 6 dpo fatigue during the day, Insomnia ah night, moody
Cd24/ 7 dpo - same symptoms- I felt very sad, I was sure I was out.
Cd25/ 8 dpo - very emotional, moody, tired, and thirsty
Cd 26/ 9 dpo-same symptoms, very typical of before my period, sure I am out!
Cd 27- 10 dpo today! Expected period, cramps, thought I'd wipe and see blood! Positive pregnancy test!!

Dpo is estimated- I had a positive opk cd 16 so ovulated cd 17 or 18.

None of my symptoms are very extreme, I had cramps that felt the same as before I get my period, mild but there. I a nauseous but I have Always been prone to getting nauseous, tired, acne. The most extreme is how moody I am! I am currentLy 3 weeks and 5 days and praying that this pregnancy sticks!!!

Needless to say, don't lose hope because you have no symptoms and it isn't over until AF arrives!!

BFP with IUI #6

I was beginning to think we would need IVF! I have atypical PCOS (I ovulate but have hormonal imbalance) and autoimmune issues--I've had a miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy prior to this one and it took us 11 months of treatment to conceive this time. Oddly, this IUI was "natural" and totally unmedicated (all of our other IUI's were with injectables). I am now 8+ weeks along and happy to share my story!

To begin, I used the CBD ovulation tests with the "smiley face" or "blank face". I got a positive OPK on CD 18, and I was inseminated 24 hours later on CD 19 (9 million sperm--frozen because my DH was out of town).

3dpo Food aversion--ordered food that I usually love but was totally grossed out when it came to the table.

6dpo Began having strange and vivid dreams--this has happened only when I'm pregnant or taking progesterone suppositories, and I *wasn't* taking progesterone this cycle

7dpo Hiccups! This has also been a sign of previous pregnancies. More strange dreams.

8dpo Super sleepy--took an afternoon nap, which I never do this. More strange dreams. Hungry.

9dpo Strange dreams & now waking up *spontaneously* at like 6 or 7am, which is a telltale sign for me (even now at 8 weeks I wake up at dawn)

10dpo Very thirsty. Gums bleeding when I brush my teeth.

11dpo-12dpo all of the above

13dpo We were in the grocery store and I practically ran away from the meat isle (I haven't looked at raw meat since). I felt nauseous!

14dpo I woke up and my boobs were gigantic! Tired and queasy.

15dpo BFP with FMU--used a FRER and the line was nearly as dark as the control line!

I'm so terribly grateful to have come this far and we are praying this is our rainbow baby! Good luck to all TTC ladies!

19 Months TTC & 2nd IUI Success!

I'm 25, hubs is 32. After 8 months trying to get pregnant I jumped the gun to go the Fertility Dr. route and we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I never imagined I would be in that merciless cycle but I was and I came out the other side blessed. A total of 19 months, 6 cycles of clomid, 2 trigger shots, 2 IUIs and 6 BFF babies born, here I am.

First IUI was textbook, everything good but still, AF came just like scheduled on day 28.

2nd IUI started out miserable. I was going to go on my 6th and final cycle of Clomid. On day 5 I went for the baseline ultrasound and i had an 18mm cyst. My dr said I could continue on and so we did just for more bad news mixed with good. On my cd12 us we saw 5 follicles, all mature and all would be released with our trigger. But our lining was down from 7 to 6 and she wasn't quite sure if it was triple layered. She recommended we go ahead with this last cycle before moving to injectables. Much easier for her to say when we were looking at $400 for the wash and IUI. But, even though I kind of felt like I was making a bad decision we went ahead.

Trigger day 12
IUI day 14
BD day 15
I stopped temping, I didn't want to see my temperature drop again. I am assuming I ovulated on day 14 due to trigger and last cycle but I was really bloated until day 15. So I just wasn't sure.

NO SYMPTOMS. I repeat. Nothing. No fatigue. No nausea none of the "oh I am pregnant!"
14dpIUI Nothing....I woke up to cramps and maybe sore boobs...maybe...but I'm always prodding and pushing to see if they are sore so who really knows. A little bit of increased cloudy white CM.

15dpIUI...I'm a day late. I usually wake up to cramps then bleeding. Cramps were there so I popped a Midol and went back to bed...woke up to no cramps and no blood...I don't attribute this next piece AT ALL to pregnancy but we ate at a popular BBQ restaurant and I ordered my fave sandwich. By the end of the meal and the 5 minute drive home I was SO BLOATED and miserable. So much gas in my stomach. Hubs dropped me off at home to get me medicine and I threw up the entire meal. Felt fine afterwards. Less CM that day.

16dpIUI...I woke up to nothing. At all. My boobs were tender but again, nothing noticeable. So, I tested. I snuck out of bed, grabbed my bag of tests (Wondfo is spectacular but I had a ClearBlue and First Response in there too) Peed into a red solo cup and dipped the wondfo. I was determined not to waste the nice tests when all I had ever seen was blank tests...As I watched,I saw the control line and nothing else and I just started to cry. I looked away to compose myself to go back to bed and tell the hubs JK and as I looked back...a line. I didn't even know what to do because I had never seen it before. NEVER. So I ripped open the other tests and dipped those babies in. All three. ALL FREAKING THREE. I got out my box in the closet with the onesies I had hid from other "I know this is it!" months and cried.

I'm 5w3d today. Still peeing on sticks (wondfo, I'm telling you!) because I have to wait until 7 weeks for my first US. My boobs are TOTALLY sore and tender all the time but that's about it. No nausea, no fatigue nothing. I might regret saying this but I almost wish there was SOMETHING besides tender boobs.

Overall, we're so excited and so nervous. I just want to see the first US and hear the heartbeat and then I will really believe. Keep hope and stay positive. This month should just have never worked but the test I took 2 hours ago said it did!! I know that hope and positivity is like THE HARDEST THING TO DO EVER but keep the faith.

babydust! <3

So excited to get my BFP today!

Ok so I got my BFP today at 11dpo! I just wanted to tell you all my symptoms.

1-4dpo nothing
5dpo nothing
6dpo had sex with partner spotted after it, which is weird and thought that never happens! Cervix felt swollen and soft but slightly open.
7dpo felt like af was coming, had bad cramps all night! Cervix felt low and open. Hot flashes
8dpo cramping continued, also has white lotion like cm! Cervix high and closed! Still having hot flashes
9dpo boobs very sore, cramps stopped! Felt like shooting pains in my left ovary. Still having hot flashes, also feel very emotional and wanting to cry
10dpo boobs sore, hot flashes! No cm feel dry.
11dpo bit cramps, hot flashes tested all day and got BFP!!!!!

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Bfp after no +opk!

I got my bfp on Monday and was totally not expecting it! I haven't been ovulating so this is my first month on clomid. I decided to use clear blue digital opk's with fmu (instructions clearly say this is okay) and preseed BD E/o day from days cd7-22. I had a day 15 follicle check and doctor said they looked great and should ovulate in next 24-48 hours. Never ended up getting a positive opk and I used them until the 20 pack ran out so I have been bummed thinking I never ovulated this month!

Fast forward to (what I'm assuming is 10dpo) and my DH and I bd and afterwards he asked 'did it hurt? I felt like I was hitting something- it just felt different' .... Odd- I didn't notice anything different!? So I took a hpt on cd11 with fmu and sure enough-BFP! I was shocked!!

Dpo1-5 extreme bloating, sore nipples
Dpo 5-present(13dpo), still kinda bloated and also acne break out on my forehead which is very odd for me, urinating super frequently, dark nipples

Other than that- nothing really which is scaring me so I keep taking tests and waiting on my blood work! Hoping this sticks! :)

At last my bfp has come along...

After months of reading all of your inspirational stories I just knew I would have to share mine if and when it happened again. A little history I'm 32 and dh is 32 we have 2 dd they are 5 and 21 months. Dd one was kind of a surprise. We had only been married for 5 months and I got pregnant on the pill. When we decided to have another baby we thought it would be easy...... It took 2 and a half years. Dd was born 4.5 weeks early but she was healthy. So 8 months ago we decided to try to add our last and final child to our family. We got pregnant immediately, but had an early miscarriage at 5 weeks .
So July 3 was cd 1. We bd on days 7,8,12,14,15,17. Positive opk cd14. So on 2dpo I already felt crazy because I was having cramps, frequent urination, gassy, copious amounts of creamy cm, breaking out, bloated, fatigue, and cold like symptoms.
3dpo thinking maybe I'm getting a bladder infection from all the bding.
4-5dpo okay so this is getting crazy: creamy cm, cramps, dizziness, feq urination, gassy, headache, inc appetite, getting a little nausea, bloated , sooooo tired, and major irritability.
6dpo- more of the same, and backache , feeling very snappy, strange new symptom burning pain in calves ( really restless legs)
7dpo-9dpo- ok I think I have to be crazy because I just feel preggo. It's so familiar and NEED a nap. New symptom is tmi alert diarrhea . Bfn
10dpo- pretty much the same. I took a test because I was so dizzy at 9pm and instant light bfp! Thank you Jesus!!!
11dpo- bfp, blood work beta is 49
12dpo- bfp and light brown spotting, diarehhea, dizzy spells and so tired.

I am sorry this is so long. I am so excited and praying that this little bean is a sticky one. Good luck to all of you on your TTC journey.

BFP 14 dpo, ahhh!

So excited! And nervous, and shocked. We've been trying for #2 for 2 months now, and what I did differently this month was BD every other day leading up to O, and then slept with a softcup in every time, which is what worked with DS on the 6th month of trying. So I guess it's what works for me! I don't feel like I've had a ton of symptoms, especially compared to other months, but in retrospect there was a lot to notice.

1-3 dpo - nothing except an unusual amount of EWCM on 2 dpo which made me think I didn't O yet. Couldn't BD so thought I may be out.

3 dpo to 8 dpo - extremely emotional. Crying on my car rides home when listening to the news, very weepy in general.

9 dpo - I was very bloated, thought for sure I was out since I always bloat about 5 days pre AF. Also had the smallest most miniscule amount of spotting on the TP after wiping. Wouldn't have ever noticed had I not been looking closely. Also noticing that my mouth tastes rank.

10 dpo - I woke up exhausted. Could not open my eyes or even walk around much. It was a weekend day so I laid up and let DH do everything. This is when I started to suspect something because I have never felt fatigue like that - never even in my first pregnancy. Still thought it was bad PMS though. Breath tastes so bad still. Also got sore bbs and nipples today, super mild and only uncomfortable at night. A very little bit of milk came out at one point even though I weaned DS 7 months ago. Still bad taste in mouth!

11 dpo - bbs still mildly sore, had a few shooting pains in my cervix that made me notice. peeing a lot lately, but it's a PMS sign for me.

12 dpo - same as above, but was busy and didn't pay much attention to my body today. Oh but I did notice my hair was greasy even though I washed it the day before. Very unusual for me.

13 dpo - bbs soreness almost completely gone. Thought I was out for sure. I am also so so dry, no CM whatsoever. When I go hunting I find some yellow CM near my cervix, but nothing when I wipe. However I am constantly humid, like I'm sweating down there. Mild hot flashes today.

14 dpo - super irritable! Thought 'well here comes AF!' Typical sign she's coming. Bbs hurt again but still very mild. AF should show today, or a spot at least, and nothing. So dry when wiping, but very humid still. Some cramping and hip and backaches today. A little winded when doing my workout. Finally, at 8pm, I test without holding any urine and get an obvious line on a FRER. Shocked. DH is out of town until tomorrow, so I have only you guys to tell! I'm so excited.

The things I still have are frequent urination, bad taste in mouth, a little bloating, backache and cramps on and off. Very tired too. Thanks for reading, I love this site and soon after getting my BFP I thought I need to go post! :)

BFP at 39: acupuncture, coQ10, quitting coffee, better diet, chilling out

I believe the journey is just as important as the finish line, so here's my bfp novella.

I have a 21mo old toddler. We got pregnant with him on the 1st try (I was 36). Literally 1 BD and boom! I was up the duff. I had assumed it would take a while, so I had bought the VIP membership on Fertility Friend, started bbt charting, got about 100 opk's, etc. Perhaps I jumped the gun a bit there. But I guess I was just preparing myself for TTC#2, during which I would need ALL these tools and more in my arsenal. (there's a lot of gun analogies here, forgive me, I'm from Texas (and actually hate guns..?)).

It's taken us 7 months. I know it takes some women much longer, but 7 months is still a long time to wait when you're smug and entitled and naive and think it'll happen instantly again. Ha! Joke was on me! There's several ways Mother Nature decided to f* with me this time. Played me like a violin. 1) The first month of ttc, I had nausea and cramping all through the tww. I *had* to be pregnant. I mean please, what else could it be? Turns out that on my new uber-healthy diet I had gone to so much effort to be on, I was eating too much kale. No, not trans-fat McDonalds. Kale. Too much kale??!?!? is that even possible?! yes it is and it involves the kale stems. Which just proves that you really can never truly win in this life. 2)You know that saying "a watched pot never boils"? Well this watched pot started to not even ovulate. Gee whiz, I at least had a few things on my side and they were a regular cycle, regular ovulation, decent health, etc. One by one they went down like that carnival game where you shoot at the ducks and they flip down boom boom boom. First, health. I got absolutely demolished by virus after virus brought home by my vector of contagion son from his petri dish of a daycare. My immune system was reduced to that of a cancer patient, according to blood tests. My cycle went nuts. It took about 3 months for it to steady out again, but all the while I (and my husband) kept taking sucker punches from more colds and viruses. But we futily kept TTCing, my husband using his last ounce of strength heaving his near-lifeless body on top of me while I just lay there blowing my nose. S.E.X.Y. Every month, I would have different symptoms or signs that made me think I must be preggo. Once again, Mother Nature just having a grand old laugh at my expens.! I was so stressed out and felt awful, we moved house, and it was winter and cold and I just wanted to throw a tantrum like my toddler does. My acupuncturist (more on that below) said that I had little hope until the weather got better and we stopped getting sick constantly. But, I think I made some other changes, which along with the easing up of the severity of the viruses (if not the frequency), helped get the magic to happen this month.

13DPO 2MO TTC after BCP

As for so many other women, this site has helped me get through the last week with some sanity. Just this morning I was perusing because I was feeling cramps suspiciously AF-like and needed comforting...

A little background - I'm 31 and last month was first mo off of BCP - I had about two weeks of what I describe as "ovulation pain". I had U/S and CT Scan - Urgent Care doc told me it was intestinal, Gyno the next day told me it probably WAS coming from my ovary and I wasn't crazy, but that there was nothing to explain it. Lo and behold, the pain came back for about 6 days this month, ending 2 days after ovulation (tracking through FF). I knew it wasn't intestinal! Here are my DPO symptoms: I begin with the caveat that it has been many years since I wasn't on birth control so I have no idea what my "normal" AF symptoms are... I had very little EWCM this month and so we used Preseed (highly recommend). Did the BD all four days up to O, day of, and two after.

1DPO-now : some nipple tenderness (new for me, as far as I can recall); creamy CM every day (increasing quantity in the last couple days)

6DPO - now: more "ovulation pain"!? (sharp twinges from ovaries up to above hip, mostly on same side as around O, similar at times to a stitch in my side, like from running). Optimist in me hoped it was implantation pain and this is the only symptom I cannot explain away as normal AF or made up in my mind, but tried not to get too excited.

6/7DPO - now:
* Sleepless nights and needing a nap every afternoon. Work has been painfully boring and of course I'm going to want a nap if I toss and turn all night with anxiety over the TWW and my BBT obsession. Tried not to read into it.
* medium grade headaches - nothing new, I am prone to them, especially menstrual migraines.
* stuffy nose - nothing new, I have allergies.
* frequent urination - I drink a ton of water throughout the day, and I pee all the time but not until today did I feel like I'm going more than usual. Couple times an hour might be a lot.
* Nausea - again, could be making myself nauseous with anxiety... always ends in burping, no vomiting.
* skin break out, gassy (have been really lucky not to subject anyone to the horror yet) and intermittent constipation. Normally I have BM like clockwork but chocked it up to normal progesterone fluctuations.

9DPO: bbt began triphasic pattern but sleepless nights left the accuracy of this somewhat in doubt.

10DPO-now: random pains in V, pressure at belly button. BFN with FMU

11DPO: total mental breakdown and blew up at DH because he got to golf with his friend and I had to be be by myself in my TWW misery. He said I was scaring him. He can be a little dramatic at times ;) BFN with FMU

12DPO: While grocery shopping I turned to DH and said, "Hey, do you want to make burgers this week? I mean we have those buns in the oven..." WHOOPS, meant to say buns in the fridge.

13DPO: this morning cramping turns more AF-like, totally bummed.... but still no AF so a couple hours ago I decided to test and Voila! BFP on First Response and Clear Blue!!

Listen to your body, and baby dust to all!!

BFP ttc 4 cycles after Mirena Removal

hi everyone im so excited to be sharing my BFP story. i had the mirena iud put in 2 weeks after i gave birth to my son. i had it in for a total of 4 1/2 years. i had my mirena removed on April 17, i started my period on the 20th and bled for 3 days. luckily my cycles were back but it was short 24 day cycles with a 11 luteal phase. we started to try every month since April i never did my temps i just went off of my ovulation calendar app on my phone and each month i thought i was pregnant. i had all the symptoms but it was just symptoms that my period was right around the corner. except this month i had some symptoms but not as bad and i honestly thought that i wasn't going to be pregnant this month. but to my surprise today at 10dpo i got a BFP!!! i first tested at 8 dpo bc i couldn't wait and i got a BFN. after the time elapsed i thought i could see the faintest of faint lines but thought it was a evap line. k heres my list of symptoms
0 day cramping like i was ovulating
1-5 dpo nothing
6-7 dpo stuffy nose
8 dpo BFN sore bb and light cramping in the backround a couple twinges and stomach pains near belly button and lil bit of brown discharge on panties
9 dpo woke up early with sharp cramps but i thought it was gas cramps and i had loose stools in the am tmi sorry and gassy with slight cramps all day
10 dpo got 2 BFP with FMU with dollar tree test then went out n bought FRES test and i got a BFP with that one too. im so excited. my symptoms are just cramps it feels like cramps like my period is about to start and loose stools.. im just so excited and i cant wait to share this news with my DH when he gets home from work

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