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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP, age 33 with 4 months TTC

This is my bfp story from our 4th month of TTC. I'm 33 and became a little too obsessed with symptom spotting and looking for a triphasic pattern. But my bfp just slowly evolved. No big list of symptoms really. Just 4 - The first was a feeling of my body just being 'highly strung', by this I mean I'd have moments of my heart really pounding and adrenaline going yet I wasn't doing/thinking about anything to trigger this really. The second was there was a noticeable increase in how often I was urinating. The urge was a lot more even though sometimes I only peed a little amount. The third was tiny bloody nose when I got up in the morning 9dpo. The final was a whole day of period cramping but no af. This was at 10dpo and I would usually only have that level of cramping pain a day into my actual af when it would be heavy.

So the following night after these cramps and still no af I took a cheapie paper dipstick test and there was a very faint line at nearly 5 mins. And I mean faint.

Nothing happened at all 1-9 dpo for me to have thought anything was significantly going on or this month was successful. Absolutely no increase in CM at any point at all, however it never went creamy as with previous months. It just stayed clear but I've had this happen before when not TTC and using condoms. My CM hasn't always been 'textbook' so I though nothing if it. I still don't really have any CM at the moment and I'm 8 days along since original positive test.

The only thing we did different was BD in the AM as we were on holiday during my fertile window and normally we are PM people. I'm not convinced that this was anything we did 'wrong' the previous 3 months by having PM BD or that this is what made the difference. In fact being AM means I got up and showered soon after rather than the usual going to sleep (sometimes with a pillow under my bum!). The other months I still ovulated on the same day and all other BD efforts was similar frequency. Moods and stress levels would have been the same too. I wasn't that relaxed on holiday!! Still working on email, travelling around, little sleep. It just happened to be this month that conception / implantation happened.

Good luck to everyone and I hope this story helps but that you know that your bfp month will be so unique for you and your body. I got too stressy and obsessed with other people's lists of symptoms from 1dpo, but there is every chance that your month and your body will just do what it likes. Big hugs and positive thoughts to you all x

11dpo BFP after a year!

We've been TTC for one year, this will be my first pregnancy. I really didn't know what to expect and tricked myself many times into thinking I was preggo. This month I am!

So. What was different? Last month I had a ten day regimen of progesterone to bring on period after a hemoraghing cyst threw my cycle for a loop.

28 day cycle. O was cd15 (opk lh surge CD 14,15, neg 16)

O'Day: nstr
1dpo: bb sore. Nipples on fire. Not unusual. I have perpetually sore bb allbthe way till AF typically.
2dpo: same same, tired
4dpo: cranky, moody. Sore bb. Ewcm, which is odd. Backaches and headaches. Lots of gas!
6dpo: hungry hungry hippo. Tender aching boobs. Tingly almost. Thought I felt some weird boob shivering. Tired. More headaches. Creamy cf.
9dpo: neg preg test. One of the Amazon cheepies. Feel really sick. Flu like, aches and pains and dizzy. Sore throat. And no more bb pain. Or very little. This was my first clue!
10dpo: I know I'm sure preggo. But waiting. No bb pain, intermittent heart burn. Achy joints and weird energy.
11dpo: positive hpt! Fmu on cheepies. Confirmed with clear blue digital that puts me at two weeks from ovulation and blood test at doc with hcg at 25mlU. Nipples tender but bb not sore. Slight tugging poking feeling in left pelvis. Keep burrowing little chia seed! Metallic sort of taste way back in mouth. Almost as if it's coming from my gums. No facial acne, which I always get before AF, but I have a couple randoms on back. Creamy yogurt looking cf, distinct smell. Not fishy, just more.

I hope it sticks. Will post updates!


I told myself that if I ever get a bfp I would post my story so that it could help those going through their TWW and TCC journey. I never knew how frustrating and disappointing this process could be until I started. Trust me, if your anything like me you research things online 120123898 times a day and drive yourself crazy. But one thing to remember, is have faith, it will happen in due time.

I have been TTC for 7 mnths now, and I honestly am so used to seeing BFNs that i was completely shocked when this BFP showed up. For months, I would search the internet on every single possible early pregnancy symptom and somehow convince myself that I had each and every one of them every month. I think my mind literally played tricks on me constantly!

The funny thing is... this month I actually did the day 3 and day 21 blood tests that check for ovulation and the doctor called me last week saying that my progesterone was at a 5 when it should have been at a 10 (very low)!!!!! It was so low that she said I most likely didn't even ovulate. I told her my cycles were normally 30-35 days so isn't it possible i ovulated later? She hesitated and said well its possible but not likely. LOL guess it was a strong one! Since she told me my progesterone was low, i started looking into VITEX which is supposed to help with low progesterone, ovulation etc. I went to the store last night, bought it and decided to take a pregnancy test before taking it since I had read that it could cause miscarriages. I took a pregnancy test from a couple months ago, and was SHOCKED when it showed up right away with a bfp!!!!! (at 1030pm). I went and bought a ton more tests and all came back positive. I will be calling my dr today and getting a blood test.

Now to the good stuff...

Things i did differently this month:

1.Held my legs up for a few mins after BD and slept one night without washing down there or standing up (prob only BD twice around ovulation week, not a whole lot this month in general)

2. Been taking one a day womens multivitamin for past 4 months

3. Drank a lot of water, barely any caffeine

Since I didnt use an OPK and i dont chart, here are my symptoms that now looking back could have been pregnancy symptoms. They are not by DPO since I have no idea exactly when I even ovulated.

1. Had mild AF like cramping middle of cycle for 2 minutes, then nothing.
2. Went to bed one night, woke up a few times and felt like i was drugged, hot flashes.(week after ovulation)
3. This one REALLY stood out to me because it was weird. For two days, whole body felt itchy!! no rash, and didnt change detergents or anything.
4. One nipple had a burning sensation for like 5 seconds.
5. A little more emotional than usual, teared up at a lot of things on tv that most people probably wouldnt LOL

I had read so many things where women said they just "knew" or "felt pregnant". This was not me at all, no sore boobs, no implantation spotting, not really any cramping either except the past couple days which is when AF is suppose to be due so i thought it was just that. All my regular pre-af symptoms were here.

I have learned so much from reading everyones posts that I hope this helps someone out there. Do not give up faith or hope, and try not to drive yourself crazy symptom spotting because in my case, i thought i was pregnant every single other month EXCEPT this one! The one month your relaxed and not thinking about it as much, it will happen :-)

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41 years old and bfp!!

I've loved this website! Over the last 6 months I have spent the second half of my cycle symptom checking and comparing. About me...I'm a married and mother of 5 already... Was hoping for one last baby but knowing my age 41 and high bmi were working against me. I began 6 months ago tracking cm. Here's my symptoms..
1-6 dpo normal... Felt like I was symptomless
7dpo lower back ache/ was annoying and way too early for period cramps..took ibuprofen, increased creamy cvm
8dpo morning back ache/cramping took ibuprofen, sore boobs, ewcm....this was very weird and hasn't happened outside of ovulation
9dpo VERY sore boobs, stomach feeling off, emotional, tired all day
10dpo VERY sore boobs, no appetite and feeling full quickly after I do eat, just feeling blah, very tired...couldn't resist took equate 5 day early blue dye test very very faint blue line bfp
11dpo sore boobs, tired, full feeling in lower pelvic area, took another equate test with fmu..another faint blue line bfp, went to the store and bought frer 6 day early test....took it about 7 hours after the fmu test...a faint but clear pink line!!!! I'm thinking it's early still and that's why the results are faint...but 2 different brands, 3 tests taken so far and all with faint lines I'm embracing the bfps! I'll continue to test again in a couple days.

BFP 13DPO after BFN on 7,8,9DPO!!

I've been dreaming of this blog post!! Woo!!

I hope my story can help anyone who is as symptom spotting and POAS obsessed as me!

DH is 31, I will be during 30 in 2 weeks. This is our second child, we have 1 son who is a year and a half. We conceived him with zero aids, first month trying. This time around we have been TTC for 4-5 cycles. No temping, but we do use OPks (internet cheapie- MediTesti). We tried preseed and softcups for the first time this month and voila - a BFP!

My cycles are pretty consistent, around 27 days but recently I have been spotting leading up to AF. According to my OPks I O around CD15-17 (short luteal phase, which I was concerned about).

Mar 20 - light spotting
Mar 21 - CD1 - Full on AF
Mar 26- CD6 - End of AF

No BD for the next week. DH was leaving for a business trip abroad and nervous which caused some performance anxiety issues that we incur from time to time

Apr 2- CD13 - BD. After BD, I put some preseed in a softcup and inserted it for about 8 hours. It was my first time using one, it was so comfortable I completely didn't notice it. Getting it out was tricky, but not impossible

Apr 4- CD15 - BD. Pretty Dark LH Surge. Used preseed & softcup again
Apr5 - CD16 - BD. DARK LH Surge. Used preseed & softcup again, pretty sure I O'd that day due to cramps (I don't temp)

DH left that day for 9 days, so no BD'ing during the TWW. It was just me home with the baby and the dog, which left my lots of time to SS, POAS & Google

Apr 8 - 3DPO - Bloated. The band of my leggings was cutting into my stomach. I checked my calendar and realized AF was due on the 16th, not the 18th as I had previously thought. This changed my entire plan. We were going to California for my cousin's wedding the day AF was due. Earlier, I thought I wouldn't test until we came back. But then when I realized I miscalculated, i threw out my entire plan and just tested everyday. I was hoping to get a BFP to surprise DH with when he got home from his business trip. I didn't get one.

Apr 11- 6DPO - Tested on an IC - BFN - Lots of creamy white CM, both on my panties & when wiping

Apr 12 - 7DPO - Tested on an IC - BFN - cramping in the evening. I thought this might be my implantation day.

Apr 13 - 8DPO - Tested using a FRER - BFN - creamy white CM
Apr 14 - 9DPO - Testing on an IC - BFN - creamy white CM

At this point I was thoroughly discouraged. With my son, I got a faint BFP around 9DPO. This time - nothin. Stark White. No "squinter" - nothing. And I'm VERY good at finding squinters!

We left for vacation that day and I packed tampons, pads, and pregnancy tests. I didn't end up using any of it!

Apr 15 - 10DPO - Cramps in the evening. I assumed AF was on her way, as she was due the next day. I had some wine with friends.

Apr 16 - 11DPO - Cramps gone, enjoyed the day with my family and didn't think about anything. No sign of AF. I was VERY irritable and moody, but chalked it up to the stress of traveling.

Apr 17 - 12DPO - No sign of AF, ran to the bathroom every chance I could to check for spotting. Zero spotting this cycle. I was very tired but assumed that was due to the time change. I had significant back aches, just a dull pain in my lower back similar to when i have AF.

Apr 18 - 13DPO - Officially 2 days late. My cycles are VERY consistent but I was still nervous to get my hopes up. DH told me to go buy another FRER and we took the test together in the evening. It only took about 30 seconds for a faint line to show up, which quickly developed into a blazing BFP!!

I'm still in shock I can't believe it!! I'm still having some cramping and back aches but Im hoping that's just my uterus preparing for baby #2!

Fingers crossed & God Willing our EDD is Christmas Day!!!!

BABY #3!!!


Hi, ladies! DH and I have been actively TTC for 4 cycles (including this one) and NTNP for 1 cycle (for a total of 5 cycles). Just as everyone else always says, I stalked this site quite often over the last 4 months. I loved learning little TTC tricks from the seasoned veterans and reading all of the hopeful and inspiring BFP stories. I told myself that I would share my story when my time comes and..well.. this morning at 6:00am, my time came! first, a brief back-story;

I am 27 years old and hubby is 37. we have a 6 year old son who was conceived after 4 months of trying and a 3-soon-to-be-4 year old daughter who was conceived on our first try! when we were discussing our family plans after our wedding back in 2008, we decided that we wanted 3 children and I wanted to do my best to have all 3 before I turned 30. Our first cycle of "trying" was around christmas time and we were NTNP. we thought that it would be fun to "play russian roulette" and just see where the ebb and flow of the universe took us. well, the universe decided to bless me with more "flo" than ebb! lol. I was mildly disappointed and with that disappointment came the full blown TTC itch. for our first cycle of actively trying, in january, i was only lightly obsessed. i tracked ovulation via CM, CP and sex drive. that cycle was a BFN. in february i decided to start temping but never saw a clear ovulation pattern. it was an unusual cycle of only 24 days (always very regular, 26-29 days), i believe it was annovulatory. obviously BFN. in march, i started prenatal vitamins and cleaned up my diet. BFN. this month, april, i decided to break out the "big guns" supplement-wise and took evening primrose oil cd1-ovulation, as well as vitamin C, fish oil, vitamin b6 & b complex, zinc and my prenatal. i also used the clearblue advanced digital OPK. that concoction, in addition to more water, less stress and more fruits and veggies did the trick for us! alrighty, onto the good stuff!

cd15-18; flashing smileys on digi OPK, indicating high fertility. lots of awesome EWCM, which i attribute to the EPO. the previous 3 cycles i had 1-2 days TOPS. i highly recommend it to any ladies who are on the fence about whether they should take it or not.

cd18 (evening); solid smiley, ovulation cramps that felt oddly similar to pre-AF cramps. they lasted for about 2 mins.

cd19; ovulation day confirmed via temp rise on cd20. CM dried up. tender nipples. pms-type cramps

-1-3dpo; very tender nipples. pms-type cramps. dry CM

-4dpo; nipples so sore i could hardly stand it. raised and swollen montgomery tubercles. pms-type cramps. dry CM

-5dpo; tender nipples typical pre-af acne. dry CM. start to feel out this month because i'm always dry leading up to AF. stronger cramping. feel like af is gonna make an early appearance.

-6dpo; strong cramps. not as bad as af but definitely noticeable. i wonder if this could be implantation? nipples only slightly tender. small amount of creamy CM.

-7dpo; nipples no longer sore. scant amount of creamy CM. very strong cramps in the evening.. so strong that i had to take tylenol! thought FOR SURE that this cycle was another bust and that AF would show any second. i thought "there's no way that this is implantation, these cramps are too strong." (i didn't notice any cramping until 8-10ish weeks with my other two pregnancies.) i actually cried, tears and all, to my DH saying "i don't know why i'm not getting pregnant!" (this should have been a major indicator though, as i'm NEVER weepy.)

-8dpo; major temp spike and no AF. how can this be? after the cramps experienced the previous night, i was certain i'd wake up to a temp dip and spotting just like previous months. now the cramps are very sporadic and not even a 1 on a scale of 1-10. boobs start to feel slightly heavy but not sore. CM is starting to pick up just a tad. had band practice and couldn't hold back the tears when playing and singing a murder ballad that i recently wrote. had to cut that song short and save it for a later practice. ok, now something has got to be up ... maybe this could be it?

Trying for 4 months after 15 years on the pill

These stories helped me so thought I would share. I came off the pill four months ago and had regular 28 day cycles straight away. The first few months we weren't 'trying' very hard but this cycle we had sex every other day from CD8 to CD16. I had no EWCM at all this month, just watery from CD11 to 15. I didn't use OPKs so not sure when I ovulated but if I assume CD14 then I had the following:

1dpo - nothing
2dpo - nothing
3dpo - nothing
4po - sharp pains low down on right hand side, stabbing pains, on and off for a couple of hours
5dpo - odd sharp pains in side and boobs, infrequent
6dpo - 9dpo - diarrhea in am but had started new vitamins so put it down to that
10dpo - tired but didn't sleep well, BFN on one step in eve
11dpo - nothing, BFN on one step in eve
12dpo - nothing much, tired and bit of a headache but long day at work, was sure I was out this month
13dpo - sore boobs all day, not to the touch but just felt heavy and I noticed them being there, noticed they were aching in a meeting but had ran out of tests!
14dpo - no AF, I'm never late, started to suspect!
15dpo - BFN on one step with FMU but had a few beers the night before as was sure I was out (typical!). Very very very faint line on Tesco hpt in afternoon after holding urine for few hours
16dpo - still no AF. Very weird. Another faint line on Tesco test with FMU. BFP with clear blue digital, pregnant and 1-2 weeks at 11:30am after holding urine for approx 2 hours.

Delighted and anxious in equal measures! Baby dust to all...

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Hey ladies! Ive been stalking this site for a few weeks now! I wanted to share my symptoms with you in hopes that it will calm your nerves. I used opk so i know when i ovulated. I was sure i was out this month as i ovulated a few days after hubby was deployed.... but he left me a little something the morning of deployment and what do ya know... it worked! It was our first month trying so i really didnt expect this! We BD on sat morning and my opk was positive Monday morning. I knew i was preg about a week before it showed up on the test. So here were my symptoms
1-3 DPO Nada
4 DPO unquenchable thirst! I drank SOOO much water and couldnt get enough. Creamy cm, lots of it. Cp low and soft
5DPO tired, sore bb (usually goes away after O) so thirsty
6DPO sore bb, super thirsty, tired napped (unusual for me)
7DPO BFN,stabbing pain on right side of uterus comes and goes all day gets worse at night (implantation?) Napped again, sore bb, thirsty, crazy dreams
8DPO BFN, crampy, tired, thirsty, sore bb, very congested thought it was bad allergies but no allergy meds helped, super gassy both ends (sorry tmi) but it was unusual for me
9DPO BFN, slept like a rock went to bed early like 830 (not norm for me), sore bb, thirsty soooo thirsty, bfp dreams, gassy still, lots of lotiony cm, napped again
10 DPO BFP super light on ept so got first response and it was super positive! Also bfp frer digital. Super nautious and alllll the smells i can smell.... so weird!
Blood test this afternoon! So excited!
Baby dust to all!!!!! Praying for all of you to see your bfp!!!!!

Think we got our BFP but not sure

So I got a positive opk on 3/27. We BD three times that day and once the next day. I should have gotten AF on 4/11 but nothing. Took digital and said negative. The afternoon of 4/12 saw faint line. Took 2 more and faint lines. Took 2 more morning of 4/13 and more faint lines I think. What do you guys think?

2nd Baby on the way!


My husband and I have been TTC for three month, NTNP for about 8. Our son is 20 months old. I have PCOS so I spend a lot of time worrying that any moment my body will attempt to kick out the little one whose currently growing inside. But, I try to remain positive, and think about how well my first pregnancy went. There was a moment in week 8 of my first pregnancy when I got a subchorionic bleed, and I bled for a few days, but I took it easy, cut the stress and all turned out well. Hoping the bleed will not repeat with this pregnancy!

But, that is not what you are here for. You are here for all those lovely symptoms.

1-5 DPO I didn't really feel anything. Some gas, definite cervical mucus present, but nothing abnormal.
6 DPO Mild cramping starts. I don't get AF cramps, so I knew something was up.
7 DPO More cramps. A bit irritable. Went off on a request from a co-worker, which is not unlike me, but this was totally irrational. I don't get PMS either so after the episode I was like, hmmmmm...
8 DPO Not much cramping, but the dreams I started having were insane! I never remember my dreams, and I was waking up with some ideas for weird, but decent movies. Mild boob tingles. Shortness of breath when trying to sing my toddler his nighttime songs.
9 DPO More dreams, some not so pleasant. I was determined to wait until further along to test, but I couldn't finish my mid-morning apple due to nausea, and I a---never leave food unfinished. Especially an apple. And b---the only time I get nauseous is when I'm really sick, or when I was pregnant the first time. So, I went to Target at lunch and got a 3 pack of 6 days sooner tests. Took one, and it was a very faint, but obvious in person BFP! I was so surprised it came up within thirty seconds.
10-12 DPO Yep,more dreams. Took a test with FMU both days each one darker. Boob tingles just slightly. No milk ever came in the first time around, so I never got bigger breasts anyway so I don't expect much from that area!
13 DPO Took test with FMU, and freaked out that it was a bit lighter, but forced myself to contribute it to maybe my urine being more diluted than usual. I always wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and that night I'd woken up twice for a dog emergency pee, and my own bladder. Luckily, my son didn't add in an extra trip!
14 DPO FMU again, and darker, which made me happy. Went to doctor to get blood work, and they confirmed. Shortness of breath during workouts now as well.
15 DPO to today(20 DPO)Since then it's been a lot of hip pains, more dreams---one was truly awful where I miscarried. I kept going, 'wake up, wake up, wake up.' Luckily, I finally did. I took a digital that day just to make me feel better, and to see the word show up with the weeks indicator. I have one more left, which I'm hoping will pop up with a 2-3 weeks instead of 1-2!
I go back in tomorrow to recheck levels. Fingers are crossed that everything is doubling nicely. Congrats to everyone who got their BFP, and lots of fertile thoughts to those still awaiting their own. I am thrilled to be having another bundle, and can't wait to see my son being an older brother!