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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Bfp story by home insemination 35 years old

I have stalked and read all the lovely BFP stories for I dont know how long. Today I recieved my First ever BFP and wanted to share it all with you and maybe help anyone who is trying by home insemination. The only thing I done differently this time was to wait 38 hours after positive opk to inseminate. Dpo 1-10 no symtoms what so ever 11dpo was shopping and went all light headed 12dpo no symtoms other then normal af symtoms of sore boobs only when pressed. 13dpo had a weird pressure feeling in bed in my lover stomach. But was due af today so didnt think anything of it. 14dpo today. Just felt exhausted had tests so decided to test. Never felt so happy in all my life. I honestly believe that pre seed really helped.

BFP on 11 DPO - Odd symptom: Nesting.

Been TTC for 2 years after having an “oops” pregnancy 5 years ago. Was dx with PCOS last September but mild. What we did differently: Him: Clean eating, Her: No antihistamines or decongestants, quit smoking, lost some weight, keto diet, decaf green tea, OPKs. BD on days 17, 18, 21 using tiny bit of preseed vaginally (otherwise it’s like slip-n-slide!) CD 21- O day – OPK+. CM is watery and egg white, dull pelvic and backache, gassy, headache. We BD with preseed. 1 DPO - CM EW but cloudy.... is that due to semen? Tingle/pricky/poke feeling outside of right BB at same time as Rt ovary twinges 730pm. By evening CM was a combo of stretchy clear with cloudy and small globs of sticky. 2 DPO – CM sticky, ovary/pelvic aches on Rt side, dull backache, constipation 3 DPO – CM sticky, increased CM, bloated, gassy, pelvic and backache, a minor pelvic pull when at the dinner table as I changed positions. 4 DPO – CM sticky, CP low w/ medium texture, increased CM, constipation, irritable, NESTING (odd sx for me) – I was cleaning for my DD’s bday and I ended up totally gutting and repurposing a closet and our office. I became very irritable when she wanted to help and I essentially yelled at her for no reason during my cleaning binge. I later apologized and she asked if we could be friends again :’( 5 DPO – CM sticky, CP med/med, bloated, constipation, light cramps, full breasts, tender breasts (a couple days late. I usually have sensitive BBS around 2-3 DPO), noticed a vein in my chest I’ve never seen before (on my areola). 6 DPO – CM creamy, CP low w/ med texture, bloated, gassy, ovary twinges, full and tender breasts, irritable, dreams. Felt like a normal PMS day. Nested again. Weird. Became obsessed with cleaning the dishwasher so it won’t leave soap scum on my dishes. Felt somewhat frantic and panicky. Husband made a joke/comment and I told him I was feeling a little edgy and I just wanted people to be nice to me? 8pm dull pelvic aching with some pressure/ballooning feeling. At 9pm some sharp ovary pains on right. 7 DPO – CM creamy, CP med/med, gassy, pelvic/ovary aches on Rt side, really tender BBs last night but not so bad today, feeling out but I know this pelvic ache isn’t in my head! 8 DPO – CM creamy, CP med/med, gassy, acne, tender and full BBs, runny nose this a.m., very little CM, BBs and nips are annoyed to be in my bra (that’s the best way to describe it). 9 DPO – Creamy CM, CP med and soft, Feeling normal. BBS hurt, a painful gas bubble thing at 430pm, acne. 10 DPO – CM creamy, Just BBS hurt on sides and under. Acne and I want to eat everything.... AF is definitely coming in the next 1-2 days. Cervix seems harder. Dry lips. 11 DPO – Period is due tomorrow. CP high and firm, bloated, dizzy, full and tender BBS so bad, giant BBs! Nipple sensitivity, light cramps, acne, lower backache, pelvic twinges, dry lips. Took a dollar store cheapy, dipped it for too long because I was distracted, literally said “oh shit” when I saw the BFP cross line. I thought for sure I was out?!? I didn’t believe it so I went to get a pink line test (apparently they are more accurate?) Got a FRER test…. Also BFP!! It’s my DD’s 5th bday! What a sweet day to find out  12 DPO – CP high and soft, same sxs as yesterday, some pelvic pulling, DH comments on how my BBS are spilling out of my sports bra – omg they hurt so bad! Took another FRER. BFP! Fast forward to 17 DPO (today) – I am peeing all the time, heightened smell, some food aversions to smell of cucumbers and the taste of donuts (like a weird chemically sweet), lower backache (using a heating pad). My BBS are less tender and I get some nausea if I am not eating frequently enough. I can’t believe how early some of these sxs are coming!! Given the tummy upset, I think I’ll be puking by next week (6 week preg) lol.

BFP on 11 DPO

Hello. I wanted to share my symptoms. From 1DPO to today. I have regular 28/29 day cycles. Usually ovulate around 14/15 and this month I only BD once on CD13 and ovulated on CD14 1 DPO - temp rise by .4 degrees. Nothing else. Cm turning creamy. 2 DPO - temp rise by another .4 degrees. Sore aeriola/nipples already. Peeing a lot. Mild cramps in lower pelvic area. Hopefully not the start of a bladder infection. White creamy cm. Lotion like. Headache in the evening. Super tired. 3 DPO - a lot of CM. Very tired even with a full night of rest. Slight headache. Felt light headed all of a sudden and needed to eat immediately. 4DPO - CM is still pretty creamy. A lot of snot when blowing nose in the morning. Gassy. Bbs not sore. Sore throat in the evening. But overall no real symptoms as I can attribute almost all of this to PMS symptoms. 5 DPO - woke up very gassy. Still have a scratchy sore throat. Bbs becoming more sore. Gassy all day. No other symptoms. Diarrhea. 6 DPO - bbs sore this morning. Woke up in a sweat from a very vivid dream. Sore throat in the evening. Bbs more Sore in the evening. No headache or cramping. 7 DPO - Temp dip by .4 degrees, could it be implantation? Sore throat/stuffy nose in the AM. Bbs sore. Period type feeling in uterus. Way too early for that. Sneezing. Vivid dream. some low back cramps. Cramps seems to feel more like pokes. Left boob more sore. Left side of it feels extremely painful. Like I have a giant bruise in the evening. 8 DPO - bbs very sore. Not really cramps but like a full feeling. CM had been watery last couple days but don’t want to put thet on FF as it changes my ov line from solid to spotted even tho temps and ppl confirmed it. Sore throat in the evening. 9 DPO - sore throat in the morning. Left breast is deff more sore than right. Nipple area is very sore. CM is kind of a milky white. Not thick. Thin milky white. Not really any cramping. Not sure if it’s nausea but a weird empty feeling. Mouth watering feeling. Headache in the afternoon. Very sleepy. Sneezing. 10 DPO - woke up with sore throat. Temp went up a bit. Bbs still sore and very firm. Side of bb sore. Vivid dream. Very bloated full feeling. Gassy. Af feeling cramps. Headache in the evening. Diarrhea. 11 DPO - feels like I have a yeast infection. Left breast still sore, mostly sore to touch. Sudden dizzy spell in the morning while sitting. Never had this before. Slight feeling of nausea after dizzy spell. Light headed. BFP 11 DPO. Not even FMU and internet cheapie. What I did different this month. Started using OPK’s and also started taking CoQ10. Differences I noticed. Dizziness and the reoccurring sore throat. Kept coming back and leaving. 1 breast had significantly more soreness than the other. The larger one. Sneezing. No real implantation symptoms except a temp dip on 8dpo.

BFP after DTD 2+ Days before Ovulation

What I did this month: • DTD CD12, CD14, & CD15, Ovulating on CD17. This month I had hardly any Ovulation pains as per previous months which was odd. But finally started getting them on CD15. Usually get Ovulation pains DAYS beforehand and used Preseed with each “session” • Cut back on caffeine to 1 Cup a day • Journal more often- to keep a clear head especially those TTC thoughts & obsessing over every little thing • Pray daily & nightly to keep my relationship with God strong in the midst of all of this • Daily devotionals- again to keep my relationship with God strong • Avoid Stress • Staying hydrated • Rest as often as possible • Visualization of the sperm meeting egg from 1DPO to about 7DPO Keeping Uterus Warm to aid in Implantation • Slept with socks on every single night • Ginger baths once a week until Ovulation during my set “Spa Days at home” Warm, quick showers after Ovulation even during Spa Day to keep uterus warm and inviting • Avoid ice in drinks and cold foods (ice cream, raw veggies, etc.) • Keep hair dry after shower (I chose to straighten my hair as to keep water off of it for 2-3 weeks to follow) Fertility & TWW • • • • • • Weds. CD16: High Fertility 5AM & Peak 10AM, Dry CM (possibly from DTD more often), Ovary pains, light AF Cramps, Sore BBs, Clear face-not typical for me 4/18 Thurs CD17 Ovulation Day: EWCM, O Pains on Left & Right sides, AF Cramps, Sensitive BBs, AF type lower back pain, no energy 4/19 Fri. CD18 1DPO: -OPK, Creamy CM turned EWCM, Throbbing in Uterus and Ovary area for just a moment, clear face, light lower back pain, No usual ovary pain I get each cycle for a couple days post O, Very Light AF Cramps, pinching in Cervix, ice cream craving 4/20 Sat. CD19 2DPO: Schoolglue CM, very light cramps, left pelvic pain, vaginal itchiness (no odor or discolored discharge), fatigue, light contraction feeling, ice cream craving 4/21 Sun. CD20 3DPO: Schoolglue CM, on and off AF cramps, left pelvic pain, lower backache that gets worse throughout the day, vivid nightmare among waking, woke up with strong urge to pee, pinching in uterus, light contraction feeling a few times, light pinching in left ovary which could be nothing, ice cream craving 4/22 Mon. CD21 4DPO: Creamy white CM, light pinching in right ovary, fatigue, on and off AF Cramps, light tingly feeling in uterus, nauseous after smelling fish (gagging),slightly sore BBs, tingly nipples and bbs off and on, slight headache in afternoon (possibly from cold), slight lower backache, Med Soft CP in PM, heightened sense of smell, saw a rainbow this morning reminding me of God’s Promise “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24 4/23 Tues. CD22 5DPO: Schoolglue CM, Pinches in Ovaries, pangs in right hip and lower back in the same spot, off and on light AF cramps, nauseous with strong smelling perfume & cologne, Tingly Nipples, Sore Lower Back, Knee & leg pain, light headache, heightened sense of smell 4/24 Weds. CD23 6DPO: Schoolglue CM but dried up at the end of the day, On and Off AF Cramps, tingling BBs, EXTREME bloating, Restless legs, cramps on the lower left side of my back, groin pain 4/25 Thurs. CD24 7DPO: BFN, Light Schoolglue CM, Stronger AF Cramps in tummy & back  trying not to lose hope and remember God’s Promise maybe He knew that I would be tested into losing faith in my ability to conceive and that’s why He showed me that rainbow, sad, Extremely Constipated, cramps on the lower left side of my back, cramps disappeared in afternoon, groin pain, pounding heart (palpitations), sharp pain in both ovaries at the same time 4/26 Fri. CD25 8DPO: BFN, No CM, Off and On Crampy, VERY bloated, Off and On Sore lower back (still more towards Left Side) kind of burning sensation, HORRIBLE Constipation ‘“So more cramping and less bloating is more likely to be PMS while milder cramping with more bloating is likely to be early pregnancy related.’ Abdur-Rahman 4/27 Sat. CD26 9DPO: **gush of CM at 1AM making me think I started AFbut it was just CM*** BFN, Schoolglue CM, groin pain, on and off pre-AF cramps, lower left sided back pain along with lower left sided pelvic pain (ovary area), Headaches, Stuffy nose, tired, diarrhea, Soft closed and high CP 4/28 Sun CD27 10DPO: BFP on Clearblue Digital at 5AM & 9AM.

BFP at 12DPO 2 months after Jadelle implant removal.

BFP with baby number 2! Baby number 1 is now taller than me and he wears bigger shoes so there is a wee age gap lol (just a over a decade lol not that much). Our story: My hubby and I waited for over 10 years for baby number 2 so that I could get my university degree and live a little with just one child. We were worried that it would be hard to convince because I used Jadelle contraceptive implants for 8 years (I had 2 in) and I’m also 31 and he’s 40. Today I got my BFP and I’m really excited. Currently I’m only 12DPO and used a first response early detection test so I’m hoping our baby stays alive and makes it as I know these early positives can lead to disappointments. It has taken only 2 months of trying and i feel very blessed to even see the 2 lines on the test. It was funny when i took the test as I came out of the bathroom straight away (the 2 lines showed up really fast) and my hubby was watching as they showed up. I wish I could have videoed his face. The only way to describe it was like “yay then holy sh*t we’re really doing this again after so many years of freedom” as our son is turning 11 and is quite independent, cooks for himself etc. Over-all I’m so excited and feel so blessed :) but I’m also sacred about telling work and also because I’m thinking back to the days of no sleep and never ever eating a meal in peace, tantrums in the grocery shop etc. etc. LOL .....Here is hoping for a healthy baby and good luck on your TTC journey :)

It Finally Happened!

Been ttc for about a year now. Every negative Pregnancy was heartbreaking so this cycle I decided to not symptom spot or drive myself crazy. And I got my BFP early am at 11DPO. Here is what I do remember - 1-7dpo - Nothing, in fact it was so symptom free that I wondered if I had even ovulated. 7dpo - Heartburn at night before bed. 8dpo - Some slight cramping but nothing too painful. Twinges and aches throughout the lower abdomen. 9 dpo - The heartburn is back and I cannot keep anything down. 10 dpo - Nothing, all symptoms disappeared and as always I thought "Oh well on to the next cycle!" 11 dpo - Woke up feeling those cramps and a tonnne of white lotiony cm in my panties. Took a test and a line came up right away on FRER. Took a minute to come up on the .88 cents walmart cheapie. 12 dpo - Still positive and getting darker. Fingers crossed!!!

BFP at 11dpo - few real symptoms - TTC month 2

This is going to be a bit long so grab a drink or a snack :) I know pretty much everyone starts off like this... but I can’t believe I’m writing my BFP story on here! I would read the BFP stories on here every single day, some dating back to 2011 (!) and just dream of the day I saw those two beautiful pink lines.. and now I have! I am currently 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant, EDD 12th December 2019. This was the second month TTC for baby #1 for my husband and I, and I can’t believe it happened so quick for us. I hate saying this because it’s so cliché... but I truly do feel blessed. I want to post my story to help out other TTCers in their tww because I had little symptoms that were not AF symptoms and truly thought AF was on the way. Honestly, I’ve had more “pregnancy” symptoms during months when I wasn’t pregnant. Okay, so now onto the good stuff. I used a mix of OPKs (Clearblue digital ovulation tests) and period tracking apps (Flo and Ovia). Usually the apps are pretty accurate but this cycle I ovulated late, got a flashy smiley (‘high’ fertility) on CD16,17 and peak solid smiley on CD 18 (ewcm) and ovulation cramps on CD 19. We BD’d CD 11, 14, 16, 18, 19. Now on to symptoms by DPO... 1dpo - gassy, small ewcm but mostly watery cm, cp medium and soft. 2dpo - slight constipation, creamy/lotion cm, gassy. 3dpo - same 4dpo - constipation, gassy, lots of creamy/lotion cm. 5dpo - stuffy nose like hay fever, constipation, gassy, headache and in the afternoon I had cramps that felt like period cramps. 6dpo - gassy, sticky cm, terrible gas, irritable and super low and hard cervix. 7dpo - vivid dreams (not unusual for this time in my cycle), felt a weird bubble/butterfly feeling in my stomach when I woke up but figured it was just gas, very bloated, big bowel movement and no cm when wiping. During the day I was eating potato chips on the couch (feeling sorry for myself because I felt ‘out’) and a huge glob of saliva just fell out of my mouth. At 7.30pm I felt this weird wave of warmth on the right side of my stomach/uterus area, I can’t explain it other than just this wave of warmth that lasted a minute. Looking back this might have been implantation? 8dpo - vivid dream of taking a FRER and a digital and one said Error and one said Yes. The usual dragging/uncomfortable feeling like AF is on her way. Skin felt warm and I also had a slight thrush-like feeling downstairs (itchy and uncomfortable). Caved and took a FRER at 5pm BFN. Increased smell (could smell my husband’s lingering body odour on the couch after he came home from football training). Sensitive teeth and emotional (teary when watching a reality Paramedic show on TV). 9dpo - full feeling, extremely gassy, loose BM, thrush-like feeling still there, blue veins noticeable on chest however I am quite fair skinned so they are often noticeable (plus last month I was convinced that my large blue veins on my chest and through my nipples meant I was pregnant... and I wasn’t, I’m just pale!). Heaviness in utuerus like AF coming. Burped on and off which is very unusual for me, I’m not a burper. 10dpo - slight nausea at times throughout the day. CP low and hard, cm sticky. Uncomfortable period feeling, tummy pains. Increased appetite and moody. Also, this was really weird and TMI so apologies - at 10.30am I was out shopping in a homewares store and suddenly I had this huge cramp in my tummy like I was about to have diarrhea. I had to race home (luckily I was only a 5-10min drive away) and had diarrhea. 11dpo (day my period was due however I ovulated two days later than previous cycles so who knows) - I woke up at 2am needing to pee, went back to sleep after and had vivid dreams. When I woke up I had cramps and was gassy, weird gas bubbles like popping in my belly. At 8am I got up to have a shower, I was convinced AF was coming but thought I’d take a FRER anyway just to see... and when I got out of the shower and glanced at the test as I walked past I did one of those cartoon double-takes - there was a clear pink second line! I was in total shock. Took a clearblue digital with conception indicator with the same sample and it said Pregnant 1-2weeks!

Pineapple + Robitussin BFP after 16 months

I have spent a lot of time on this website reading the BFP stories with interest. I’m so excited that I now get to share mine. DH and I have been trying for 16 months. We each have a child from a previous relationship but this will be our first together We found out shortly after ttc that DH had a varicocele, which could have been affecting fertility. He had varicocele surgery primarily because he was experiencing pain, so we do not know what his numbers would have been before the surgery. DH had a varicocele embolisation in late August 2018 - 9 months after we first started ttc. We were told there would be a minimum of 3 months before he would have an improvement in fertility. In the meantime, he did a semen analysis for the infertility clinic and his motility + morphology came back below average. However, the test was within 3 months of his embolisation. Fortunately, my tests came back normal and a dye test in January 2019 showed my tubes were clear. In early December 2018, we found out I was pregnant for the first time (just over 3 months after the surgery). Sadly this ended in a chemical pregnancy just 2 days after the BFP. Since the chemical, I have been even more obsessive with checking my sympoms. This month I ovulated early (I know from temping) so we just had sex 2 days before ovulation, on the day of ovulation and 2 days after ovulation. Things I did differently: 2nd month temping I took 5ml of Robitussin Chesty Cough mixture 3 times a day from 3 days before ovulation to the day of ovulation to increase CM. I cut a pineapple into 5 pieces (including the core) and are equal segments from 1-5dpo. I saw the Bromelain in pineapple can help with implantation. We used Conceive Plus, although have tried it on a few other cycles. On ovulation day, I inserted a menstrual cup to keep the sperm up there as I didn’t have time to lie down. I didn’t have any spotting this month either. With the chemical and my son, I had spotting around 10-11 dpo. This time.. absolutely nothing. Symptoms: 1-2 dpo - nothing 3-6 dpo - sore boobs (common each cycle) + irritable 7dpo-9dpo - itchy nipples and temp seems to be going up at 9dpo 10dpo - very mild nausea when hungry and slight heartburn (so mild I thought I was imagining symptoms) 11dpo - temperature still up and FF has indicated ‘possible triphasic chart’. My nipples are still itchy and had a wave of nausea when I woke up at 5am. I couldn’t resist, so I tested (twice!) this morning. BFPs. It’s my wedding anniversary in 2 days so I’m going to wait and surprise DH

Faint positive 9dpo

Got my bfp, faint on 9dpo. Still waiting to confirm with blood work but here were my symptoms. 1 dpo- no sore boobs (always get sore boobs 1 day after ovulation). Strange warm feeling in belly around lunch time which lasted half an hour. 2 dpo- still no boob soreness, odd. 3 dpo- breasts enlarged but no soreness 4 dpo- vivid dream last night about friend being pregnant and not telling me until 20 weeks, felt so real. Creamy cm when wiped in morning. White staining undies throughout day. Gassy, bloated (too early, but seriously never like this) 5 dpo- more vivid dreams. Peed twice though the night, odd. Lower pelvic pressure, stabbing back right side. 6 dpo- boobs getting sore now, really tender. Lotion like cm. 7 dpo- boobs so so sore, heightened sense of smell I could smell someone's smelly feet at yoga yuck. Sudden wet feeling in undies after yoga 8 dpo- vivid dream about zombies (lol). Boobs are burning. Cm wet. 9 dpo- boob soreness woke me up so tender. Felt like I needed to be sick in middle of night. Wet cm all day. Afternoon light BFP!! 10 dpo- boob soreness as disappeared.. Uh oh I am worried. Poas line seems a tad darker than yesterday.. Fingers crossed it sticks. Read up that it is common for symptoms to come and go with so many hormones. Any way, good luck to everyone xx
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4 years

I started following the different post on here about 4 years ago. We have been trying for that long!! I’ve had two very early miscarriages in the first 2 years we were trying. I’m 31 and my husband is 44 so we figure it just want meant for us to have another. We still continued to try but not really. We weren’t charting or anything and we’ve just stayed off of BC since we weren’t getting pregnant anyways. About 7 months ago we made a few major changes in life. I started working and DH quit his full time, constant over time, stressful and crazy job. We’ve been so much happier and less stress!! My cycles are very regular with a 25-26 day cycle. I can usually tell you 2-3 days before I start. This month was different. Because I don’t chart o didn’t keep up with much Dec 31st was first day of LMP it was a normal cycle. Didn’t notice anything to be abnormal. Around cd 14-16 we had really really awesome BD!! Like I remember saying if we do this would be when lol Cd 26 day AF is to arrive I got sulfur burps. This is not abnormal for me but I kept them for three days instead of the normal 24 hours. Cd 27 woke up with horrible diarrhea for about 3 hours and still had sulfur burps. Couldn’t go to work and felt completely drained. Slept all day!! Was nauseous on and off Cd28 still had slight upset stomach and not as many burps. Still nauseous and so tired. Cd 29 naustead all day. Went to work and decided if I didn’t start there then I was testing when I got home. 2 test later and we are positive strong!! I go tomorrow to dr to be sure. Fxs this peanut stays!! It’s been so long that it doesn’t feel real. Stick with it ladies. When it’s your time you’ll be ready!!