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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP Symptoms by DPO

So I've never posted on any board anywhere before but I got a lot out of this one so I'd thought I'd share my experience. I have a four year old daughter but don't really remember any of my symptoms because I didn't really journal them. My Husband and I have been trying for three months and I just got my BFP! I usually know when I ovulate because it's a little painful and it seems like I haven't felt it the last couple of months. This past month though I knew exactly when I ovulated because I had pretty intense pain for three days. I've actually never had ovulation pain that bad before. I also bought an OPK pack just for curiosity sake and it was positive for three days. So here's my timeline along with symptoms:

Ovulation kit was positive for May 13th, 14th, and 15th so I counted the 14th as the day to calculate from.
1 DPO - Fatigued. Was exhausted but couldn't fall asleep. I felt like my cells were on an energy high. Slight white/clear CM.
2 DPO - Same as last night. No cramps, no soreness. Slight white/watery CM.
3 DPO - Feel Fine. Tired but besides that nothing. Slight CM. Gums HURT and bled when I dental flossed. I'm an AVID dental floss-er too, so my gums are already tough...I thought this VERY weird.
4 DPO - AM. Little creamy white CM and breast slightly tender when I squeeze them. PM- Wet spot in panties most of day.
5 DPO - Barley any CM. I had a sharp pain for a second in my stomach but I had a little bit of gas too so not sure if it was from that. My breast are tender which is unusual for me. Lower back a little sore. I feel run down and get these weird internal chills. Not the chills that make you cold, just rolling chills. Very slight pain in right side where I ovulated. Not much of an appetite.
6 DPO - AM. Woke up around 3am-ish feeling anxious. Had really bad hunger pains that made me nauseous. Had a small amount of white CM and wet CM. Breasts slightly sore when squeezed. Nauseous from hunger this morning so I ate breakfast early. PM. Slight headache that started with my workout and lasted all evening. Breast sore. Made love and it was a little painful which it never is.
7 DPO - AM. High gassy cramps (thinking it's the new vitamins I started last night). Made love this morning and it was painful on my right ovary side. Don't feel as hungry today and I feel bloated and have an increased heart rate. (I noticed because my resting heart rate is low 40's). PM. All day so far bloated, gas pains and pretty dry down there. I've had bouts of nauseousness and last night sharp stabbing pains on the right side of my right breast.
8 DPO - Woke up early in the morning from nauseousness due to hunger. Slight headache. Stomach EXTREMELY gurgling and loud.
9 DPO - AM. Nothing really. The only thing is a rumbley, grumbley stomach. Highly doubt I'm pregnant. PM. Very tired. Took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Diarrhea and sore breasts and achy all over..I feel like I'm coming down with something...The kids are a little sick so I'm thinking maybe I got what they got. VERY sore back I think it's because I picked up my son Gavin the wrong way yesterday.
10 DPO - First half of the morning I felt period like cramps. Almost POSITIVE I'm not pregnant and that my period is on it's way. Feel slightly off energy wise and back is still sore along with my abs now. Breast are a tad sore...they actually feel less sore today.
11 DPO - AM. Woke up STARVING. Had a little cramps but nothing else. My nipples have been sore though which they never are. PM. Stuck toilet paper up there and had small pink blood on paper. Pretty sure that's AF :( Slight cramps. Felt slightly nauseous in the afternoon. I'm definitely not feeling at ALL pregnant. Pretty sure it's over. Later when I got home I took an OPK test because I read that if you are pregnant an OPK test would show up positive also and I have a lot of those but only one pregnancy test so I took the OPK test. There was actually a very faint positive line....interesting.
12 DPO - AM woke up starving AGAIN. Having period cramps. Stuck toilet paper up there again and had a little bit of pink blood. Cramps are getting stronger and I am having lower back aches which is unusual. I'm positive I started my period. However, some other symptoms I had this day are nauseousness, very thirsty, tired and pretty bad lower back ache. And my gum tasted off. (I'm a gum-aholic). PM. I took another OPK test and same thing, a very faint line. So I thought what the heck, I'll take the pregnancy one and to my SHOCK I got a pretty good positive! Not super dark but more than a faint line!
So, there is definitely hope for anyone who thinks that they might not be. Everybody is different and every pregnancy too! Good luck to everyone!

BFP on CD 26 after BFN CD 24

This is my first time posting, however I have been obsessively reading this board and any others I could in the last 5 months since my missed miscarriage. I am still in disbelief and nervous as this positive is very early. I'm praying this one sticks.

So here's a little background on me. I'm 36, DH is 38. We have two girls 12 and 6 years old. I had my mirena IUD removed in August 2014 and had two normal periods in Sept & Oct. We decided to try for one more starting in October. I didn't use any OPK's, just timed sex 14 days after period and got a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks later. We were very surprised and happy to get pregnant the 1st month trying. Within two weeks my MS kicked in full force and I had no reason to think anything was wrong.

I had my first OB appointment at about 6 weeks pregnant. The ultrasounds at that first appointment showed me measuring about a week behind (no heartbeat). The doctor advised me to return in a week. Well one week later there was no growth and still no heartbeat. Because it was so early and I had no signs of miscarriage I refused to believe this was true. So I waited until I was 10 weeks (baby still measuring 5 weeks) before I opted for a d&c January 9th 2015.

I normally have a 28 day cycle but I bled and spotted on and off for the first couple of months after my d&c which made it difficult to track my calendar days and try to conceive. My OB recommended I wait two cycles anyway I told myself. So I officially started trying again in March 2015 with no luck. I started using OPK's in April but got over 7 days of positives so I was beginning to think I wasn't ovulating. This month I started my period May 1st. I bought the clear blue advance ovulation kit (the one with the smiley faces) and began testing on CD8.

Here are my results and symptoms:

May 1-5 (period)
May 7 (BD) ~ just for fun
May 8-10 ~ negative OPK
May 11 (BD)~ negative OPK
May 12 ~ HIGH Fertility flashing smiley
May 13 (BD) ~PEAK Fertility solid smiley
May 14 (BD)~ PEAK Fertility solid smiley
May 15-17 ~ still had strong postives on OPK strips
May 18 (BD)~ Didn't use OPK. Was getting discouraged since same thing happened last month. But BD anyway just in case ovulation was late.
May 19~ OPK strips finally went negative

Not sure when I ovulated since the OPK's stayed positive for so long.

May 20~ Headache
May 21~ Lower back pain,Very tired,sore boobs, nauseous in AM
May 22~ Very tired, sore boobs. BFN HPT on dollar tree Assure test
May 23~ sore boobs, tired
May 24~ Slept on & off ALL day. Took pregnancy test BFN (Clearblue digital with weeks estimator)
May 25~ sore boobs
May 26~ BFP on dollar store Assure test, FRER, and Clearblue digital shows pregnant 1-2 weeks

I am so scared right now. I am 2 days before my period and nervous this will end up as a chemical pregnancy or another miscarriage. Please pray for me. I hope my story gives hope to anyone trying after a miscarriage. I won't say the cliche "it'll happen when it's your time" because that did not make me feel better before my BFP. But reading other people's stories did so this was my story. Baby dust to all!!

BFP after Chemical Pregnancy, Spotting, and Whacky Temps!

Like many before me, I want to share my story to provide hope to those of you who may think you're out this cycle, because I definately thought I was! This is our 3rd cycle TTC #2, and we got our blazing BFP at 13 DPO. Here's my story...

Stopped birth control in February, and expected my cycle to regulate pretty quickly, which it did. We began "trying" in March. I got several faint positive FRER tests in the days leading up to AF, but the test line never darkened with each passing day, then AF showed up two days late. We were very disappointed, but this motivated us to try harder because we want a baby so badly!

Second cycle we BD every day for ten days around fertile week so I was convinced that would do the trick... also logged a ton of symptoms, but I was wrong. BFN. Started to wonder if I was even ovulating (maybe those faint positives HPTs were all simply false?) and decided to order OPKs, temp, and change my prenatal vitamin. Also felt so silly for convicing myself I was pregnant based on symptoms.

Third cycle:

CD7 through 11- BD

CD12- Positive OPK

CD13- Negative OPK, OVULATION DAY. BD am and pm.

1 DPO- Temp spike confirmed ovulation. Ate a ton of pineapple core and pineapple.

2 DPO- Nothing

3 DPO- BD, drank a couple alcoholic beverages with dinner

4 DPO- Emotional, irritable (unusual for me)

5 DPO- Drastic temp dip, noticed creamy CM on toilet paper, moderate cramps

6 DPO- Sharp cramp on right side, most painful while standing and walking

7 DPO- Nothing

This is when the magic starts happening...

8 DPO- Tons of creamy CM on toilet paper again, SO MOODY, everything DH does bothers me, tired

9 DPO- Big temp dip, BD, pink spotting after BD so think I'm out this cycle and also mad at DH for "causing AF", tons of cream CM in toilet paper, SO MOODY, EXHAUSTED

10 DPO- Temp spike, light pink spotting in the am, creamy CM in toilet paper, 2 small cocktails with dinner, SO TIRED AND MOODY

11 DPO- Light spotting, still so moody and tired

12 DPO- Blazing BFP!

13 DPO- BFP on digi!

The only true giveaways for me were the extreme fatigue and moodiness, both of which I experienced with my son. But regardless, I didn't expect to get a BFP this month due to the spotting and whacky temp dips post ovulation (I've heard of an implantation dip, but two?).

All the glory goes to God and I pray every moment for a healthy baby come February 2016! Good luck to everyone trying, and my advice would to be keep busy during the TWW and try to distract yourself if possible. I was on vacation from 8 DPO through 12 DPO and that helped keep me from obsessing too much.

BPF after 3rd round of Clomid and HSG test

Well like many of you I have read this site for months, trying to see if I was on the right path to a BFP. I have been off of birth control since August of 2014. Did not get a period for 4 months, doctor gave me progesterone to try to trigger my period, nothing happened. She did all kinds of blood work and everything came back fine. I have endometriosis so I did not have to wait the full year before trying something else. In November she gave me clomid to take day 5-9. First 2 months, I did ovulate, confirmed with blood test, but did not get BFP. Before the 3rd try she sent me to get the HSG test, did not have any blockages, but did have some minor pain so could have had minor blockages. This month finally BFP!!!!! Going to the doctor Thursday to check to see is twins!

My symptoms were:

1-7-DPO nothing except lots of lower pressure in abdomen, I normally have very sore boobs after ovulation until period this time nothing
8-10 DPO stomach a little upset. boobs still not sore
11-14 DPO diarrhea off and on and tired
Tested 14DPO- and BPF on 2 different brand tests!! I still can't believe it is really happening. Don't give up it will happen and if your doctor suggests the HSG test do it, was not very painful and totally worth it!!

Don't worry you if you don't feel BFP still may be out there!

So I read these stories every month and am always BLOWN AWAY by the number of early symptoms people feel. So I wanted to share my BFP by DPO story for those of you don't feel nauseous or like your BBs are going to explode before your missed period :) I did have a m/c in Nov 2014 the week before Thanksgiving. Luckily (i guess??) I did not have to have a D&C and it happened all pretty naturally and fast minus having to take a pill for a couple days that would "clear out" the remainder. I started regular periods again pretty much 4 weeks to the day of the m/c. However these last 5 months have been torturous every month getting AF and not a BFP (especially as ya'll know ALL my friends seem to be getting their BFPs). So this month my DH said ok lets get serious about this and we used Preseed and starting BDing everyday CD10-CD16 (I'm pretty regular so I didn't want to overdo it as I hate that it often feels like a task). We had to skip CD12 because I was out of town which was scary, but I got positive OPK on CD13
DPO 1-4 Nothing except CM thicker and decreased
DPO 5-6 We went to a outdoor event and I did not feel like having a drink which is not normal for me on a warm summer day outside!
DPO 7 Nothing remarkable
DPO 8 I had a moment of dizziness where my face starting tingling and eyes watering and felt like I might faint. This had happened in previous preg but didn't think much of it because thought for sure I would get a BFN again this month.
DPO 9 Nothing remarkable
DPO 10 FAINT positive with FRER with SMU. I googled stuff ALL DAY so not productive at work, but I didn't have sore boobs, was definitely not nauseous, not even fatigue at that point.
DPO 11 Another faint positive with Clear Blue and DH said he saw it too. Did start feeling tired this afternoon, but thought it might be in my head.
DPO 12 BFP on Clearblue digital!!! Fatigue really kicked in and frequent urination, but still not really sore BBs or any nausea.
DPO 13-15 Full on fatigue and took naps (thank God for long weekend). Starting feeling fullness in BBs around DPO 13 and finally some soreness DPO 15 but again this would be AFTER missed period so don't give up hope!!!

I am actually hoping for some nausea this go around because there is some research that found women with some nausea have less chance of m/c but I guess I'll be careful for what I wish for. I am going in today DPO 15 for blood work and progesterone check because I pretty much begged my Dr. even though she said evidence is not strong to check progesterone after 1 m/c I am hoping it will be perfect and give me some piece of mind!

Just praying this baby sticks as it will be first for us and we are READY (or as ready as we can be right :)
GOOD LUCK to everyone out there and praying for your BFPs!!

BFP...Finally! (Praise the Lord!)

My husband and I tried to conceive for 9 months. In the middle of it I was diagnosed with adenomyosis, but after a lot of prayer the symptoms subsided and today we finally got our BFP! My symptoms were nearly unnoticeable. One forum poked fun at the idea of having itching breasts, but that was an indication that they were growing. Around 10 dpo they were bigger and spilling over my bra a little but the soreness came and went. There was little inconsistent cramping, and two sharp pains on two separate ocassions that felt as though it shot from my vagina to my uterus. Both only lasted a few seconds. No spotting. No implantation bleeding. Days 8 and 9 dpo I was incredibly emotional. I cried looking at pictures and I'm not that gushy normally. I believe 8 DPO I bought soda in a styrofoam cup, and when I went to eat the ice, I couldn't stand the smell of the styrofoam...but I LOVE eating ice from this particular fast food restaurant, so that was weird.

We used Pre-Seed only minimally this cycle on the outside of my vagina before sex to make inserting easy. I'm a 25 day cycle and ovulate on day 12. We had sex on days 10, 11, and 12.

Today I feel like my normal self, minimally sore breasts and a heaviness in my abdomen area but no cramping. These are similar symtoms that I had in my first pregnancy...and then comes the nausea! (Can't believe I'm celebrating that.)

Baby dust and many blessings to each of you! (Prayer works too!)

Bfp 9dpo hardly any symptoms!!

I temp so I know what day I ovulated :) usually my boobs hurt until I start my period but this time they stopped at 5 dpo!
5-9dpo symptoms were heartburn, dizzy and a little more emotional.
9dpo Bfp with fmu!! Beta was 9.44
Since then NO symptoms just an awful cough and cold.
11dpo beta 52! And climbing :)
I think we finally caught our rainbow!
Good luck to you all.

Bfp after 2 miscarriages, 11 months ttc

I'm so excited to be able to finally post here after stalking the site for the last 11 months!

(I know I wrote 10/11 dpo on the tests but I should be 11. Left one 7am right 11 pm)

I am 21 years old, boyfriend is 28. I've always wanted kids young because I didn't come from so great of a family and wanted to raise them right, he didn't want to wait until he was 30. He's only got one testicle and low morphology count, I have dysmenorrhea and possibly endometriosis.

I had a miscarriage in September but didn't know that's what it was at the time, I went to pee at Applebee's and a blob fell out of me that looked like a wet brown paper towel rolled into a ball (tmi). I thought maybe I had some period left or was starting early and didn't think anything else of it until months later when a girl at work had it happen to her and got the tissue analyzed.

My second mc I knew I was pregnant for only 3 days before it felt like someone stabbed me in the tailbone, I couldn't stop throwing up and started bleeding very heavily. I also had purple vision and couldn't walk. Of course this was a Sunday so I had to go to the ER where they confirmed id lost the baby

I was also told that because I am so young I should've been pregnant at 3-5 months and if I wasn't pregnant this month my obgyn wanted to start me on clomid which I was a little afraid of but couldn't tell you why

My boyfriend had taken off work to get me pregnant (he tests medicine) and money started running low so this month was our last shot for a while and I figured we would do everything we could.

We used the smep plan this month. It was my first month using ovulation predictor kits and the second I got a positive we BD and for the next 3 days as well. I always go to sleep right after just to keep everything inside for as long as I can. I've also been on prenatal gummies for about 3 months

Also the last pregnancy was possibly a chemical as my lines never got darker, but now they are growing very dark :)

Thanks for reading this book if you did

My symptoms were-

-Frequent urination around 8 and 9 dpo but I hadn't drank much at all
-really uncomfortable sleeping to the point of almost crying because I couldn't find out why I felt uncomfortable. I wasn't hot or cold or sick.
-was carsick at 9dpo which doesn't happen to me if I sit in the front of the car, I avoided looking at my phone because I thought I'd puke. Almost walked out of the new avengers movie to throw up but managed not to
-had a headache for a string of days in a row that I could feel in my teeth
-today my boobs hurt going down the steps and I thought ok ok I'll give this test thing a whirl.
-I'd also had very vivid dreams, one of which was just me eating icecream and being covered in it because it came out of a fountain, another one I was watching my nipples darken in the mirror and telling everyone I was pregnant.

BFP with IUI #5-Femara/Ovidrel

This was my last cycle on oral meds before moving onto all injectables, and we had met with the doctor about IVF and were considering it for August or September. So this is such a blessing!

This cycle was Femara 5mg CD 3-7 and Ovidrel 250 trigger shot, with IUI 24 hours later because I had a positive OPK at home (its normally 36 hours after) They originally thought the Femara didn't work this cycle because nothing was really growing as fast as it normally does, but I really think my body was acting more naturally based on my diet and exercise. Each previous cycle I had 1-2 follicles and my DH had great SA counts, but this just took this time! I had an HSG 2 months ago.

What I did different this cycle: I have PCOS, so after doing some research on diets, I discovered a LCHF (low carb, high fat diet) and have been following it for about 6 weeks now. So that means no sugar, no processed carbs, very limited fruit. Basically proteins, veggies (except potatoes and carrots) and full fat dairy (with no added sugar) I also did pilates on the reformer machine for 2 hours each week. I lost about 9 pounds in those 6 weeks, and I didn't count calories at all! In fact I feel like I ate a ton. If you have PCOS-try the diet!! It helps to regulate your insulin levels, etc.

1DPO/IUI cramping, EWCM

2DPO/IUI cramping, EWCM

3DPO/IUI mild cramping, no CM

4DPO/IUI nothing

5DPO/IUI nothing

6DPO/IUI watery cm-almost like I pee'd my pants

7DPO/IUI water cm

8DPO/IUI cramping

9DPO/IUI mild twinges/cramps

10DPO/IUI faint BFP on FRER & Wondfo (I had already tested out the trigger)

11DPO/IUI BFP on FRER, CB digi, and Wondfo, Beta 50.4

12DPO mild cramps, hungry

13DPO a little nausea in the am at work before eating, hungry, mild cramps, Beta is 172.2!

14DPO tired, hungry, mild cramps, nausea at bedtime

15DPO tired, hungry Beta is 406.4!

Good luck to all you other ladies out there!! God is good!

BFP on 1st Cycle of Clomid

Hi TWW! I have found so much hope and positivity through all the BFP stories I've read and I am so blessed to be able to share mine!

A little background: I am 26 and my husband is 32. My cycles started out regular however when I started college they became irregular (every other month, sometimes every two months) up until I got married July 2014 which was when we started TTC. The first 8 months we tried to conceive naturally (while using OPK), however long before we were TTC I was already concerned that I would have a hard time due to my irregular cycles. After 8 months of disappointing BFN, I scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN and my husband scheduled a SA. After a lab test, my results showed a low progesterone level of 0.3 ng/mL, my OBGYN prescribed me Clomid to take on days 5-9 of my next cycle. My husband's SA showed normal for motility and count however morphology was at a low 4%.

April 25th was day one of my heaviest flow so I started Clomid April 29th through May 3rd. OPK showed high fertility on CD14, and peak fertility CD15 and CD16 - BD all three days using PreSeed
1DPO to 3DPO - no symptoms other than normal amount of CM
4DPO - I had a glass of wine and it hit me right away (I am not a lightweight!), was dizzy and eyeballs felt like they were vibrating
5DPO - CM was thick, felt wet down there all the time. This was also my CD21 and I was due for another lab test to see how my body took to Clomid
6DPO - CM was abundant but curdy...ew.
7DPO - CM still thick and curdy, tired earlier than normal, the girls felt heavier and I had really bad backaches (have had back problems due to previous accidents, attributed backaches to this)
8DPO to 9DPO - same as above but CM lessened, frequent urination (normal for me as I drink a ton of water on a daily basis), some tiny cramps here and there. Also, received my lab test from my OBGYN and progesterone levels are now at 23 ng/mL!
10DPO - Took a FRER test with AM urine and immediately see a BFP! I was in disbelief sitting on the toilet for 10mins just jaw to the floor, shocked, looked around to see if anyone was seeing this (clearly, no one was). Went out and bought three other brands (CB digital, EPT and Walgreens) and tested with PM urine, all but the EPT were BFP.
11DPO - POAS this morning using FRER and CB, both immediately showed BFP!

What worked for us -
Prayers <3
Cutting back on drinking (literally have had 3 glasses of wine since March)
Find a genuine OBGYN who cares about your needs - two previous OBGYNs I saw about family planning told me not to worry after I expressed my concerns about my chances of infertility

We are so grateful that God has blessed us with a little bean, we are no where near the safe zone but we are praying that this peanut sticks! Sending lots of baby dust and positivity to all of you!!