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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Bfp after two years trying and two mmc.

I got my bfp this past Saturday! I was due for my period in four days and decided to take a test just to prove to myself that I really wasent so I could get the long tww over with! To my surprise a bfp showed up right away on the digital. I was shocked! Keep hoping and praying and your bfp with come to!

1 dpo- nothing
2- dpo- nothing
3 dpo- slight cramping
4 dpo- nothing
5 dpo- cramps/headache and almost threw up in the morning! Figured I was getting the flu as my hubby had the flu.
6 dpo- slept for eleven hours wihh is strange for me
7 dpo- no symptoms at all
8-creamy white discharge ( lots of it )
9 dpo- headache again. Wishing I could just sleep all day. This is when I first just " felt " pregnant. I'm a smoker and when I had a smoke when I woke up I couldn't even finish it. I just felt horrible.
10 dpo- more creamy discharge
11 dpo- dollar store test negative ! Boo
12 dpo- really bad cramps/ figured if was out this month for sure.
13 dpo- really bad diarrhea ( sorry tmi) but it was really weird for me as I never get that.
14 dpo- light pink discharge after sex. At this point really figured I was out as I has bad cramp like pain around my hip bone on the left side. Decided to take the last test I had and got an instant bfp!!!! Followed by two more bfp.

I tried for so many months and always thought I was. The only thing I found diffrent this month was the strange cramps and how extremly sure I was that there was no way I was pregnant! I almost dident take a test because I was so sure. I started working out last month and taking folic acid ( 800 mcg) and a baby aspirin !

Good luck to everyone and baby dust to all! :)

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BFP on our last cycle actively TTC (cycle 6)

Well I just got my BFP yesterday. And I've literally read this BFP story section for years. So thought I would share mine :) I'm 31 and DH is 37 and we have to young boys. But I always wanted a third. Took a bit to convince DH but I did. I went off the pill and we started trying right away. We conceived our boys both on the first cycle. So I thought this time would be quick. Boy was I wrong. It took us 5 months and 6 cycles, which really isn't nothing. But can feel kinda longish when you're stressing each month. I temped for a few months and used OPK's. My cycles went back to normal after the pill but my hormones were off balance. We decided February would be our last go of actively TTC (hubby was done with the stress of TTC). So this cycle I stopped temping, but I still used OPK's. Got my positive on cd11, and positive I O'd on cd12 as I felt it (and I always ovulate then). We bd on cd7, cd9, cd11 and cd12. And I didn't test until 12dpo when I got my BFP!

1dpo-8dpo: nothing out of the ordinary but a random sore throat that didn't amount to anything. And I don't know if this was a symptom but I literally spilled my glass of water 3 times in that period. Clumsiness? No cramping, no excess CM (besides the odd bit of pale yellow CM).

9dpo: that morning while making dh's lunch I got this strange stitch down low on the left that I literally had to curl up in a ball on the couch for it to go away. Lasted a minute maybe. Implantation I'm assuming. No bleeding though. Back pain started.

10dpo: diarrhea twice today (morning and night), bad backache, no extra CM, bad headache, and pinchy cramps down low all afternoon, tired but not overly tired. Woke at 2am to pee (which I never do).

11dpo: diarrhea really bad in the evening (this really made me thing maybe?), huge amount of stretchy pale yellow CM when wiping (so strange), bad back pain (felt like I was 30 weeks pregnant), headaches, pinchy cramps. Just felt blah today. Super nervous to test in the morning. Woke at 2am to pee (which I never do).

12dpo: woke at 2am to pee again!! Held it and went back to sleep. Woke at 5am and really had to go! Used my FRER. My hands were shaking. Watched the test develop and saw the line. BFP! Bad backache still, super bloated, stuffy nose (which I've kinda had the entire TWW), dull AF like cramps.

So this cycle was way different then my previous cycles as I had symptoms right from 1dpo. All those cycles I could of sworn I was pregnant. I had no clue this cycle! I was pretty shocked, and still am to be honest. I will say with my boys I cramped from 1dpo to BFP and I didn't with this one, that's probably why I figured I was out. Wishing you all lots of baby dust!!

Bfp 11dpo!!

just a little background-
I am 26 years old. This pregnancy will be my 2nd child. My husband and I had a mc at 5+0 weeks. This is our 3rd month of trying (10 altogether before and after mc). This was the first month out of the 10 I used opks and preseed. TRY PRESEED if you are having trouble getting pregnant. We BD the 2 days I had my surge and the day after my surge went back down.

1dpo(first day my surge fell): leftover cm from BD day before, crampy on left side, uterus felt tight
2dpo:vivid dreams, craving meat (which I'm not much of a meat eater), creamy and watery cm, crampy all
3dpo: uterus tight and crampy, dry crusted cm on underwear, craving chicken, nauseous from cinnamon, vivid lengthy nightmares
4dpo: vivid dreams, crusted yellow cm on underwear, felt 'wet', crampy
5dpo: nightmares, moody, crampy very low, gas
6dpo: slight nausea waking up, ewcm and thick yellow cm, vivid dreams, cramping, gas
7dpo: boobs look bigger, creamy yellow cm, gas, nipples sore, starving
8dpo: vivid dreams, got a couple pimples, back hurts, starving, no cm
9dpo: nightmares, headache, backache, nausea when waking up, woke up in middle of night from intense side cramping, hot, creamy stretchy cm, period cramps at night, temp rise to 98.6
10dpo: back really hurt till later afternoon, slight nausea waking up, pinching pain, temp rise again to 98.8, yellow stretchy cm, speck of tinged cm (possibly from implantation?), pinchy/period crampy, look and feel fat all over my body, headache
11dpo: 4:30 am took a test expecting it to be negative or a false positive, but it was a BFP!

I worried something was wrong since I got pregnant right away with my first, but took 10 months trying for this baby. Just pray, believe, use opks, and try preseed!!! I thought $25 was a lot for lube but I got pregnant the first month I tried it. Good luck ladies!


Well I have been tracking my symptoms and comparing them to the stories I read on here. Every cycle I had every single symptom. So much to where I was convinced that I was pregnant and utterly shocked when Aunt Flow would arrive. This cycle I had pretty much no symptoms.. none at all. Which is why I am having a hard time believing these BFPs. I also only had unprotected sex 2 days before my ovulation date.

1 - 3 DPO nothing, nada, zilch

4 DPO Ridiculously bloated / indigestion like gas

5 DPO Slightly Bloated / indigestion gas / no appetite

6 DPO Nothing

7 DPO Nothing maybe a little sluggish (tired)

8 DPO Nothing feeling warmer then the norm

9 DPO Nothing

10 DPO Tender Breasts / a little emotional nothing out of the ordinary with my period being less then a week away

11 DPO AM pretty tired / a lot of watery white cm / super light cramping / convinced my period is fast approaching. Symptoms are identical to my monthly PMS routine / Want to test but terrified for a BFN

11 DPO PM accidentally grabbed a 2 pack Digital Tests when I meant to grab standard ones took it that night BFN

12 DPO am woke up took the 2nd Digi Test BFN

12 DPO Afternoon bought the standard 2 pack test CVS Brand within 5 seconds BFP clear as day

12 DPO PM took the 2nd test BFP 5 seconds even slightly darker then the previous. Still experience some cramping feels like my period is still coming and technically I'm not due for it until tomorrow. Thank You God.

BFP on 9 DPO

So I thought I was out this month because I literally had NO symptoms, but my husband and I were hoping to get pregnant. My periods are very irregular and the last one feels like it was forever ago (maybe the beginning of January?), so I think it's safe to assume that I ovulate SUPER late. I had a bunch of ovulation tests left over from last time we were trying to conceive, so I decided to take one on Feb 12th and there was no mistaking that it was positive, since it was the darkest two lines I've seen yet.

We had BD'd about three days before, then the morning AFTER the positive ovulation test. Then I had no symptoms, literally. Nothing. I started by taking a couple ovulations tests just to see what they would look like- and they looked very light, so I figured there was not way I was preggo. Then I decided to take a dollar store pregnancy test on day 9 (DPO) and there was the FAINTEST second line, I had to squint a lot and my husband couldn't even see it- he thought I was crazy. Then I took one that same evening and it was super faint but my hubby could see it by that point. Now I've taken quite a few dollar store tests and they're all positive, no mistaking it :) By my calculation I'm due Nov 5th. Since 9 DPO, I've been feeling mostly bloated and really tired. I can also see the veins on my chest are getting darker. Best of luck to all of you!

The attached picture was taken at 10 DPO

Almost 40, BFP following miscarriage 7 months ago.

I am going to be 40 years old in June; I have 2 children from a previous marriage, age 10 and 11. Hubs is 39 as well, with no children, no previous marriages. We became pregnant unexpectedly last June. I had been using birth control at that time, but we went away just overnight to celebrate our first year together and, of course, I forgot to pack it...we took a risk and in July, I found out I was pregnant from that one time! I had a lot of mixed feelings initially, but then just as I was getting excited, I lost it. I was only about 7 weeks along at the time of the miscarriage. I knew that we were getting older, and if we were going to have a baby, we needed to do it soon. Hubs has always wanted a child of his own. I have 2 great kids, a boy and girl, and I didn't want to be selfish with trying to have another. However, I was open to the idea. We decided just to stop using birth control and see what happened. I tried to be casual about it, and let it play out, but try as I might, every single month since that miscarriage, I obsessed with symptoms and was convinced each month that I was pregnant. I would read these BFP stories obsessively and look at symptoms listed, and I swear, I had symptoms that seemed to be so specific to pregnancy. However, every month, despite being "casual" I would pee on stick after stick to be disappointed time and time again. I would get my AF, then I would be sad, but make peace with it, try to enjoy my kids and husband and I would move on...until ovulation time and the TWW. I would turn into a crazy lady...I think I have read every story, every site, every folk tale about how to tell if you are prego in the TWW...month after month...Fast forward 7 months. I got my BFP yesterday at 12DPO, using CVS brand early PT.
If I compare this time to when I miscarried, I have symptoms that I did not have, and my BFP then was actually very faint at a week past my period. My BFP yesterday, 2 days before my period was faint, but darker than the one I got in the summer. In fact, in the summer, I didn't have any symptoms beyond missing a period. I am hopeful that this time will stick since I have some actual symptoms. (And, I think it may have been a CP, not necessarily a miscarriage in July.)
On the night of ovulation, I had a dream, a very weird dream!!! It was so clear, seemed like I was watching a PBS special of a sperm meeting the egg. I woke up thinking that I had conceived that night, but like so many other months...I did not want to get my hopes up. Plus, I was scared that my crazy was reaching a whole new level requiring intervention!!!
My BBs are always sore (sometimes very sore and swollen) from ovulation to period, and this time was no different. The only difference was that they sometimes become less sore as AF approaches, and this time, it stayed consistent. No blue veins to note, but that's because I already have them anyway. One other thing, that may help others, were that my nipples felt slightly tingly, like when you get cold and they get hard, but they weren't necessarily hard, they just felt that way.
5DPO woke feeling hot and sweaty (this sometimes happens before AF, but not this soon)
6DPO nipples felt tingly like when you get cold, BBs sore like before AF. Headache.
7DPO BBs more sore.
8DPO BBs sore, slightly more than previous day, and low back ache.
9DPO Low back ache again, BBs sore, indigestion!!! Indigestion, this was new for me and made me wonder...I just felt yucky after eating, overly full, and almost sick.
10DPO nothing other than sore BBs and tired. Fell asleep before DH, very rare for this to happen.
11DPO headache in the evening, woke up hot in the night, hot in the morning, and BBs still pretty sore still. Fell asleep before DH, never happens, especially twice.
12DPO BBs sore, Hot in the morning when waking, so tired despite being able to sleep in, tingly sensation is back in BBs. Took test in afternoon...BFP!!!!
13DPO tired, tired, tired! BBs feel enormous, heavy, sore to touch.

So, the dream tipped me off, but you start to think you are crazy after all these months and I didn't really know if that was intuition or my insanity. The slight difference in tingly nipples, backache, and indigestion were the symptoms that gave me a reason to make the trip to CVS in the middle of the afternoon. I hope this helps someone. I want to thank everyone who posted things these past 7 months. It helped to read the stories of all of you who have struggled to conceive and then to see the BFP, it gave me some hope. Goodluck to all of you still trying!

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It only takes once!

After stalking TWW BFP stories every single time I thought I could be pregnant over the last two years, I finally get to post here!

My DH and I (32 and 31) were officially ttc for 5 months when we got our bfp. And it happened when I least expected it. I had been temping fastidiously each month and decided to take it easy this time after AF. I have a 32-day cycle and usually O around day 20-21, so I didn't temp at all until day 17. But my temp was already elevated, meaning I'd O'd early! DH and I BD'd, but I assumed it was too late. :(

Most months, I can't keep from testing at 8 dpo, but this month I didn't even dare to hope, since it seemed so unlikely. I also didn't have as many symptoms as I'd expected.

1-8 DPO - Nothing apart from the normal for me (sore boobs, moody)

9 DPO - Lots of creamy cm. Way more than usual. Also, went out for Mexican and ordered flan for dessert, which I normally love but couldn't eat since it tasted sour and rotten to me. DH said it tasted fine and was happy to eat it all.

10 DPO - More creamy cm. Suspicious because I normally begin to spot by now but haven't seen a speck. DH and I decide we will POS the next a.m.

11 DPO - BFP with FMU at 6:30 am!!! Line was just as dark as the control line, which made me feel silly for squinting at all of those BFN tests before. >.<

15 DPO - BFP still. Super dark line.

I am now 5 months pregnant with a little boy. So if there's anyone out there trying the Shettles method, we only BD'd once and it was after my temp elevated. So even though it wasn't on purpose, it worked for us! :)

bfp when you least expect it

Well hello ladies out there that are ttc! First i want to say is I wish you the best of luck and it will happen when you least expect it. I have been checking this site daily for four months trying to symptom spot and make myself think am i pregnant.
I would also like to mention that at the beginning of my cycle I had the worst case of thrush and only got rid of it 3 day before ovulation and honestly didn't see any egg white cervical fluid.
I only baby danced the day before and day of ovulation believing that it wouldn't happen this cycle and I was eager to get it over with so I could start trying again next cycle.
Here are my symptoms
1dpo nothing, bbt rise indicating ovulation taken place.
2dpo some creamy cf and hot flushes in the evening evening.
3dpo creamy cf, really hungry at work, lower back pain and hot flushes.
4dpo woke up with a bad case of acne all over my face, even a few on my chest (I never get acne before my period and rarely with my period) gas, exhausted from work just wanted an early night. Creamy cf
5dpo creamy thick cf, gas, acne, backache, indigestion and af type cramps
6dpo creamy/sticky cf, more acne, lower backache, slight sore breasts, hot flushes.
7dpo creamy/sticky cf, cervix really firm and low.
Light nausea, acne, bloating, cramps on right side.
8dpo sticky/creamy cf, another rise in bbt to 36.84
Woke up in the middle of the night with strange cramps and very thirsty! Strange. (possible implantation) fatigue and neck ache, acne still there!
9dpo creamy/sticky cf, cervix very hard.
Body ache, indigestion, cramps coming and going, woke up all congested and vivid dreams.
10dpo sticky cf. Woke up with a chronic shoulder and back pain could hardly get up out of bed. Bloated, gassy and thought my period was on its way.
11dpo very sticky cf. Very hungry eating everything everything! Gas, period type cramps, back and shoulders still very sore and achy, insomnia and tender breasts when laying down.
12dpo same as yesterday. Got a faint line on a internet cheapie was in denial thought I was imagining things kept looking at it. Took an ovulation test for fun and it was a very strong line on the opk strange!
13dpo hot flushes, back and shoulder still aching, took a Frer with fmu it's a definite bfp! I couldn't believe it, I didn't feel pregnant well not what I imagined.
This is my first pregnancy so very nervous and excited. Partner was over the moon and just as shocked as I was as we thought we were out this month.
Currently I am 19dpo and still having period type cramps come and go. Amazing sense of smell,dizziness, and mild nausea if I don't eat regularly.
So all you ladies out there don't give up it will happen when you least expect it! So Goodluck I hope this helps in your tww like it did for me.

BFPx3 , Is this real ??

So I was put on femara cycle days 6-10. I went in for follicle monitoring on cycle day 14, the doctor determined I had 1 very large follicle and I would ovulate the next day (based off transvaginal ultrasound). She had me take a 250mg shot of Ovidrel. And scheduled IUI for the next day. On the way home (2hrs away) she called and said my bloodwork came back and my LH was 103, and that my surge was happening right then. Therefore, she canceled the IUI and encouraged us to BD (timed intercourse). Anywho, I started testing the Ovidrel the same day with cheapies to see when it left my system. The test was positive for a few days and then negative for a few more. I decided to test yesterday afternoon (9dpo) with a FRER and got a faint but very visible second line . I tested this morning (10dpo) and again got the same thing , I tested again when I got home and the same thing. Is it possible that I am indeed pregnant or could it still be the Ovidrel ????

Symptoms so far :

0-3dpo - Nothing

4dpo- couldn't finish a bag of popcorn because my tummy was upset.

5dpo- Gas

6-8dpo- Nothing

9dpo- BFP , ate wayyy more food then usual.

10dpo- BFPx2 , ate wayyy more food then usual and was still starving afterwards.

***Also, I've noticed myself burping a lot lately and I never burp. I've had some "weird" pinching and short sharp pains in my uterus. Found a streak of blood in my panties. Ovaries have continued to hurt since Oday.

If I am pregnant this would be my first baby.

3 years TTC, 2 failed IUIs, successful on 1st round of IVF!

I promised myself when (and if) I received my (lasting) BFP, I would post my story since I was obsessed with reading all of the BFP stories leading up to it! Hope this helps or gives hope to people...

About me: 35 years old, married 6 years, TTC for +3 years. 2 previous pregnancies thanks to Clomid (1 ecoptic, 1 miscarriage @ 7 wks).

After a helluva time getting - and staying - pregnant, we decided to move forward with IVF. Honestly, it was an easy decision for the 2 of us. Everyone was right - it was an emotional rollercoaster. Probably one of the most difficult things we have faced in 13 years together, but (as trite as it sounds) it brought us closer; rallying together for our child-to-be!

After 1 false start due to overstimulation, my doctor changed my protocol and decided that low & slow was the best since I had a lot of eggs, but very few were mature.

My protocol:
Days 1-3 - Menapur 75 unitsl
Days 4-6 - Menapur 150 units
Days 7-10 - Menapur 225 units
Days 11-15 - Menapur 225 units + Ganirelix

As you can tell, I was stimming for quite a while. Outcome: 11 retrieved / 3 mature / 3 fertilized via ICSI.

3 DPO - Transfer of 2 - 8 cell 'perfect' embryos
1 DPT - Relaxed & watched movies
2-4 DPT - went for a walk, carried on normally, no real symptoms
5-8 DPT - felt...different. Odd dreams, white CM, sore boobs
9 DPT - very faint BFP on First Response
11 DPT - beta day (HCG = 29)
13 DPT - repeat beta (HCG = 52)
15 DPT - repeat beta (HCG =100.4) At this point concerned it could be chemical since it wasn't doubling...
17 DPT - repeat beta (HCG = 207)

Went in at 7+2 and saw 1 beautiful sac + yolk + heartbeat of 142!

Right now, I'm 17 weeks and everything is looking healthy and as it should! For those symptom watching, I actually had higher betas and more pronounced symptoms with my pregnancies that didn't work out than I did with this little one. Even now, I really feel fantastic! No morning sickness, no spotting, no backache, no headaches - nada.

Good luck to everyone!