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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

My bfp story at 8dpo

3 DPO: Nausea, mild cramping, fatigue, light headed
4 DPO: Gas, tingling BBs, fatigue, food aversion
5 DPO: extreme fatigue, gas, mild cramping
6 DPO : period like cramping , tingling breasts, started prenatals
7 DPO: glob of lotion like CM when I wiped in the morning, itchy down there,mild cramping, UNGODLY fatigue,gas, tender breasts.
8 DPO: faint BFP w/wondfo, freq urination, fatigue, mild nausea, difficulty breathing, mild cramping, tender breasts , itchy down there - started progesterone
9 dpo : ruptured cyst - visit to ER confirms pregnancy with 6.5 beta , 2.5 cm endometrial lining.

Bfp after 16 months

My husband and I have been trying to conceive our third baby since May 2013. In August we decided to take a little break from trying, but not prevent. In September, I got my bfp at 10dpo.
1-6dpo. Nothing. I felt normal.
7dpo. Sore breasts started. And the smell of hamburgers made me feel sick.
8dpo. Sore breasts.
9dpo. Sore breasts and increased sense of smell.
10dpo+. A lot of cramping.
10dpo. Very faint positive with a first signal test and a first response test.
11dpo. Positive on Clearblue Weeks Estimator. "Pregnant 1-2"

The only thing we did different this cycle were using coconut oil as lube.

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BFP despite of weird temps and spotting

We were not really trying (well, I was), but DH agreed to not preventing either. Actually the only BD that could have gotten me pregnant is exactly on my O date. I tried to get DH to DTD before but he wasn't in the mood, so I'm happy it worked out anyway.

DPO 1-5 nothing really out of the ordinary, very sore nipples though. I lately get them after O but that really hurt.

DPO 6 DH could piss me off easily and in the evening I got weird twinges in my uterus, which lasted for about an hour, tired

DPO 7 gassy, but that's not new between O and AF, very dizzy at work, I thought I might pass out, slight cramps and the nipples still hurt

DPO 8 temp dip a little over coverline, nothing else

DPO 9 temp shot up, started spotting in the afternoon, which made me feel out. I was sure temp will drop the next day and AF would come. Headache. BFN

DPO 10 dreaded temp drop, below cover, was super emotional and close to cry (maybe because of the spotting), still spotting (tmi, got quiet a bit on my finger), slight cramping and backache

DPO 11 temp up again! WTF?? I was so gassy, it made me wake up at night (that is NOT normal) Still spotting so I was thinking "should I waste another test?" "Screw it, I have tons!" So against better knowledge I POAS and there was a second line! BFP! Other than that, very tired after a day out with hubby and very (VERY) light headed. DH and I were talking and I barely couldn't focus on what he said, as much as I wanted to. Worried about the spotting, maybe a chemical?

DPO 12 temp is still up, spotting seems to have stopped, still gassy, headache all day (fun at work with screaming 4 years olds), tired and a all day wet feeling, like on AF days but gladly nothing, tested again and the line is still there

DPO 13 temp didn't really change, took a clearblue digital (25 miu/ml), since I used 10 miu/ml for the first 2 tests, and it came back as "pregnant". Later I'll go to an ob/gyn for confirmation

After a M/C last year at 9 week I hope this one will stick and I'll hold a happy and healthy newborn in my arms May 2015

BFP 11dpo with symptoms

Found this site 3 months back and as I started to NTNP. Found the bfp stories very positive so decided to contribute mine when the day comes.

Eventually we started to ttc in July & Aug as my husband and I both agree it is time after 14 years together. We are 30 & 31 this year. Here are the list of symptoms for you. Hope you get your BFP soon!

Opk cheapie was positive so we bd that night and only did it once.

1dpo-9dpo: nothing out of norm. Did my manicure and hair cut and color at the salon. Feeling great.
10dpo: surprise was how difficult to pull myself out of bed that morning though I slept fr 12am-8am. Odd. Extremely tired. Had intense spasms in uterus area for 1-2mins & I tot f*** what was tat?

11dpo: Friday night. Boobs are sore today. Had great Italian dinner outside with hubby and wanted to have a drink before bed so took a cheapie just to be sure and extremely faint line came up in 5-10mins. Hub admits he sees the line but declares "it must be too faint to be a real line. What good can a 30 cents cheapie be" So i drank it anyways.

12dpo: bloating with backache. I always get this when af is coming so it's normal for me. tested with cheapies on fmu and faint lines within 5 mins again, darker than previous night. So took a fortel ultra sensitive test (10miu) and it was BFN. No faint line, evap or shadow, nothing. Even I am doubting the cheapies now. So hubs decided the cheapies are real cheapies and faulty. Haha

13dpo: sooooo tired like I haven't slept a wink last night. Took cheapies again with fmu and faint but slightly darker lines. Hubs concluded this must be a faulty batch. So I forced him to pee on one and it came up stark white. Bloating and backache started in evening. Cramping very low in uterus area. Like first day of menses where everywhere feels tired and achy and you just want to sit down. Weird that my boobs stopped hurting that much but still bigger.

14dpo: menses due today. Nothing. Just still bloated. Cheapie looks not much darker than yday. Contemplated using the CB digital but since line on cheapie looks so faint, I tot the hcg may have been low or it could turn out chemical so didn't want to waste the CB digi. Couldn't stand it in the end so broke out the CB digi and bam BFP 1-2 weeks.

Turns out the faint cheapie is probably just as dark as it gets....there is a line. Unmistakable. Looks like a negative opk test where there is a line. But apparently nowhere as dark as control line is too faint for my husband to take it seriously. obviously he doesn't understand "a line is a line is a line"

So I snap a pic of CB digi, whatsapp him and wished him happy Father's Day.

Dont Lose Faith

I know, its easier said then done...but dont lose faith. I felt like we would never get pregnant. But the month we decided to try preseed for the first time and delete our ovulation apps and stop checking CM and stop using ovulation sticks, I ended up getting those BEAUTIFUL pink two lines!

I honestly dont remember any days of symptoms...NONE actually. Ive had a lot of symptoms the previous month and actually, when I reached 11 DPO (not realizing i was that far into my cycle) and I realized I hadnt had any symptoms, I kinda got excited!

12DPO- BFN, Very Moody!! And craving spicey foods.
13DPO- Lots of CM. Bloating. Craving spicey foods again. Diarrhea. VERY faint positive...Was persuaded to go get a blood test by a co-worker. Came back negative around 4pm
That evening I took another test and it was clearly a positive! Took every type of red dye test and digitals all saying Pregnant!
14dpo- Positive is getting a lot darker! Diarrhea still. Spicey food cravings. Bloating and CM still rapid.
15dpo- VERY Positive Pregnancy Test!! Diarrhea in the morning. Craving vinegar...sooo weird for me! Bloating still and a lot of EWCM (gushing, made me think i was starting my period.)
16dpo- Still getting darker positive pregnancy test. Woke up feeling reallllly nauseas! Diarrhea. Mood swings and an emotional wreck like crazy. EWCM still coming. Craving really weird food! Went and took a blood test..came back Positive!! One of my favorite days of my life!!

Thinking we are due at the end of May!! We cant wait!! Praying this first trimester goes by quickly! This is our first child so the excitement cannot be contained!

I knew it at 3 dpo!

After trying for 2 years for #2, I finally got my BFP. Losing 45 lbs in 3 months prior to conceiving seemed to really help this time!

Symptoms- I had started smoking (ew I know) after having a miscarriage a while back and on my 3rd dpo I just quit unexpectedly. Not only that but it was effortless! I thought man, I must be pregnant.
8 dpo and on - excess watery cm
9 dpo - very faint BFP.
The next morning I tested again and it was much darker :D
12 dpo BFP on a digital, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, ect.

Praying for a sticky bean :D

BFP after six months trying...

Am so thrilled to be writing on here, this site has been such a help, scrutinising other ladies' stories on the day past ovulation you are and has been so helpful in feeling early signs that otherwise would've gone unnoticed.
We had a silent miscarriage 6 months ago, found out at the scan which was very cruel and have been TTC ever since.
Got my smiley face on the Thursday before our first wedding anniversary weekend which was great as we had a lovey hotel booked and a weekend with friends and family, the following weekend was my 37th birthday and then the weekend after that, we go on holiday so if I can recommend anything for the two week wait, it would be this! Fun, excitement and lots to do and therefore distract.
Right, here goes..

O: pains in right side, definitely feel my ovulation. Lots of BD'ing.
1 DPO: Haven't had a BM for two days. Pains on right side.
2 DPO: Very windy and heavy feeling in stomach. Start of a coldsore. Still no BM.
3 DPO: Mild cramps on right side and a definite pulling feeling behind bellybutton. Coldsore tingling but not fully blown. Strong sense of smell. Small BM.
4 DPO: Early morning twinges in right side. Vivid dreams. Cramps on right side whilst exercising. Pinching feeling behind bellybutton late morning and carried on as slight cramping/scratching. Feeling good though, almost exhilarated and full of energy. Noticed a tingly feeling in nipples. Went to Acupuncture, second session. Pains on right side. No BM. A little grumpy with DH. Hiccups at bedtime.
5 DPO: Seriously bad wind. DH said he thought there was a machine gun going off in the night! Totally mortified! BM in the morning. Finally, but didn't feel like it was enough. Pulling feeling with stretch. Wet feeling. Itchy scalp. Noticed blue veins on BBs. Pain on right side when lying down in bed.
6 DPO: Day before my birthday! Vivid dreams. Woke up early.
7 DPO: Woke up at 4am really hot and had to go the loo. Considerable BM! Happy Birthday!! Got emotional very quickly at one point and had to stop myself crying - this was the first time I thought I could be pregnant. Hiccups and swollen hands. Had a weird sense of euphoria, marvelling at the strangest things like we caught the tube and I was overwhelmed at how brilliant it is that we have this underground network of trains... I have lived in London for two years!
8 DPO: BM which is good two days in a row. Felt a cramp all over my stomach when first out of bed. Laid on sofa with DH and was weirdly concerned about his feet near my stomach, worried that he may accidently kick me, felt very protective. Sensitive nipples in the shower.
9 DPO: Have read about BFPs on 9 DPO so of course I POAS as soon as I woke up. BFN although I stared at it long enough to convince myself there was the faintest of faint lines. Roll on tomorrow. Feel like AF is coming now. Testing too early is never a good thing but seriously cannot help it. Really protruding nipples at bedtime. Sensitive BBs when took bra off but not sure. Usually have sore BBs leading up to AF but no tenderness at all. Excited to be 10 DPO tomorrow.
10 DPO: Tested at 6am and there was a faint line!! It was totally there but not bold or clear. I have one expensive digital test which I will believe when I see it on there. Am so excited/nervous! Have been planning how to tell DH for months and planned to put the due date in our shared calendar. Anyway, I ran straight to the bedroom and told him! He had such a gorgeous smile on his face when I told him, I was glad that I got to see it. Roll on the morning and the digital test!! Took another cheapie test at 3pm and there was a faint line on there too.
11 DPO: 4.45am... BFP!!!!

What we did differently this month... used the OPK which just give you a circle or a smiley face, none of this flashing nonsense which we have found totally unhelpful. I gave up caffeine in all forms and laid for a good 20 minutes with hips up after BD'ing.
We get a 7 week scan this time because of the miscarriage and just really hope everything is ok this time.
Good luck and baby dust to you all!! xx

BFP 21 DPO! AF a whole week late!

i've been stalking this board for awhile trying to relate but when af didn't appear on august 31st and i kept getting bfns, i thought i was out and having some hormonal issues but i was wrong - late bfps really do happen! here were my symptoms:

1 dpo - cramps
2 dpo - cramps, diarrhea, backache, bloating and hot flashes (this did not happen last pregnancy!)
3 dpo - cramps, backache, irritability and i noted low milk output (working, nursing mother of 6 month old)
4 dpo - backache
5 dpo - moodiness (high and low)
6 dpo - cramps, backache, breast and nipple sensitivity
7 dpo - cramps, diarrhea, backache, bloating, breast sensitivity and crazy hot flashes
8 dpo - cramps, crazy bloat and breast sensitivity
9 dpo - nothing
10 dpo - breast sensitivity and soreness, stabbing/shooting pain INSIDE vagina (came and went all day)
11 dpo - cramps, breast sensitivity and soreness
12 dpo - gas
13 dpo - more gas, BFN
14 dpo - no af, BFN
17 dpo - BFN
19 dpo - BFN
21 dpo - BFP!

good luck, ladies!

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After one miscarriage, then 5 months TTC, I got my BFP!!

I love the website and spent a lot of time reading stories from other ladies every month who got their BFP's. I always hoped I could come back with my own story, so here I am:

After my miscarriage in April, I started TTC immediately. By my June cycle, I was charting, temping, recording every symptom I had all month long and using OPK's. My BF and I were getting stressed out and starting to fight regularly because of all of the stress. This past cycle, I decided to just let the chips fall where they may and I stopped temping, stopped using OPK's and stopped charting. The only thing I really did this time around was check my CM. Since I wasn't worried about all the stuff, my relationship healed and my BF and I started BD'ing every other day. We did that from CD7 to CD21. On CD22, I woke up early in the morning and noticed I had a tiny bit of pink smeared on my toilet paper after peeing and wiping. I thought that could have been implantation bleeding so I got a little excited. I took a test and of course it was negative (it was so early!) My test the next day was negative too. I started to feel a little disappointed but tried not to worry.

On CD 24, I woke up with an urgency to urinate so I ran to the bathroom. I keep a little measuring cup by the sink in case I decide to test so I went ahead and used it. I got the faintest line ever on a FRER that morning. It was after only a 2 hour hold though. The whole reason that I tested was because I thought it was almost time to get up for the day (5 30 or 6am) and I tested before I looked at the time. Anyhow, my faint line was there and it was so light that it was hard to be sure if there was pink to it or if it was just an indent. Of course, I was super excited, so on my way to work later that morning I picked up another pack of FRER's. Took my second test about 9am at work that day, after another short hold, just under 3 hours, but the line was more obvious that time. I ran around the office and had some of my best girlfriends here confirm it. I tested again the following day and got a line that was a bit darker than the first two!! I am so excited!!

Some early pregnancy symptoms that I had were:
Bleeding gums (they bled a little on CD20 randomly and then they bled a lot on CD21 when I brushed my teeth--no bleeding since)
Fatigue (it got so bad that I was falling asleep sitting at stoplights waiting for the light to turn green--this was on CD20 and CD21)
Mild Nausea (started about CD22 and today at CD27, it's still there and a little bit worse)
Sore boobs (but this didn't happen til after I got my positive--the soreness was bad enough to be noticeable by CD25)
Frequent urination (started the early morning of CD22, when I got noticed the pink smear that was probably implantation bleeding)
Implantation bleeding (CD22, which was approximately 6DPO-- I don't know for sure since I wasn't charting but according to previous months, I ovulate around CD16-18 and I felt ovulation pains earlier this cycle)
Back pain (this began almost immediately after O time but it got worse and worse. Worst pain was on CD 24 and 25 thus far)
Light cramping (similar to pms cramps but not as bad--they haven't been as serious as the cramps I usually have leading up to AF)

Symptoms that I previously had with pms before AF but thought at that time that they were pregnancy symptoms included: sore boobs (by CD21 in previous months--with my BFP they didnt get sore til much later, CD25), intense cramps the week before AF, copper taste in my mouth briefly but no bleeding gums (this is something that I read over and over was a symptom of pregnancy but for me it was a symptom of AF, didn't happen with my BFP although gums did bleed), gas (much more gas with PMS than with BFP), and hot flashes with sweating (which had me thinking I was either pregnant or peri-menopausal).

Oh, I am 34 years old too and I was starting to think I was perimenopausal because I would have so many symptoms every month that felt like pregnancy but would end up just being AF. But I got a BFP instead! :)

I am still super early in this journey (3 weeks and 5 days pregnant today) and I know I have a long way to go...but I am hoping, wishing, and dreaming for a happy and healthy nine months. I hope my story gives someone else hope. As soon as I stopped stressing, I got my BFP, after 4 previous months of TTC, and 3 of those months with obsessive charting, temping, and OPK's.

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BFP at 11dpo

Hello. Super excited to post.

Ovulated on CD10
1-10 dpo not a lot going on.
9dpo Diarrhea at 7pm. Really bad but I didn't feel unwell just a bit fatigued. I reckon this was implantin. Mild cramp at 9pm.
11dpo REALLY breathless whilst walking to the shops. So bad that being the only symptom it made me buy a cheap test. BFP (instant on blue dye).
12 dpo Hungry. Really hungry. Could smell my neighbour opening raw beef mince. Breathless. Yawning. Sweating under arms
13 dpo breathless. BFP on FRER. Still hungry and burping like Homer Simpson. Nauseous. Yawning.
14 dpo onwards Burping contstantly, nausous and yawning constantly but not feeling sleepy. Sore BBs.

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