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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP after Surprise Late Ovulation!

We have been using FAM for contraception, and I've always been pretty regular so there was rarely any guessing as to my fertile phases. I had been taking my BBT every morning for months on end, but it was stressing me out because I would obsess over every single little dip or rise in my charts. So, with my husband's blessing, I gave up on temping a few months ago and relied solely on other ovulation cues: EWCM and ovulation pain-- both of which are regular indicators for me... ...until THIS MONTH! I could have sworn I'd ovulated right on time, around CD 13. I had several days of copious EWCM and some very noticeable ovulation pain. Usually, these symptoms clear up suddenly as soon as ovulation is done. But in this month's case...I started getting clear, slick CM each day, beginning around CD 16. (Weird because I usually dry up right after ovulation). But it wasn't enough like true EWCM to raise my suspicions too much. And, I reasoned with myself, hadn't I already CLEARLY ovulated this month? Meh, it's fine, it's probably some weird fluke. [We resumed daily unprotected DTD around this time as well!] But on the night of CD 20 I started having what were unmistakably ovulation-like pains on my right side...followed by some very obvious EWCM the next morning. After doing some slightly panicked research online, I realized that my body just might have "geared up" for ovulation at the normal time this month, and then failed to actually follow through with it, until now. Oo boy. So I started tracking my symptoms by DPO, based on this new estimated ovulation date (either CD 20 or 21): CD 22: 1/2 dpo: - some right side pain - a few tiny left side pains (!) - gob of gummy/stretchy CLEAR cm - slick clear thin cm - In the evening: out of nowhere my left knee joint started really hurting. CD 23: 2/3 dpo: - dry cm - slept restlessly - angry - craving sugar - fleeting vague crampiness - moody - my stomach got super knotted-up and nauseated tonight during a discussion about vaccinations with my husband. This felt like anxiety but was really weird because it’s been a while since I’ve felt anxiety nausea about anything. - pounding heartbeat tonight - made cupcakes from a mix because I was craving them CD 24: 3/4 dpo: - still dry cm - woke up with heart still pounding — didn’t feel particularly anxious about anything though - assorted abdominal zings and pings - nausea this evening before dinner - Heart palpitations and nausea and chills after DTD tonight --- DTD was also painful internally. CD 25: 4/5 dpo: - cm is wetter, kind of milky (in AM) - then cm dried up again - Crampy legs and abdomen this morning, like typical vague PMS crampiness - Stabbing left boob pain this morning for a while - felt a bit dizzy/spacey early afternoon, while simultaneously (and suddenly) a bit nauseated. This passed. - stabbing/throbbing and significant pain near right hip bone late tonight, this lasted a few minutes and MIGHT have been just gas since I was having other gas pains around that time. [I think now this might have been implantation!] - bought a bag of sour Skittles and ate half of it late tonight (the other half in the morning) - lower right back feels “cricky” and it feels good to stretch it CD 26: 5/6 dpo: - misophonia/irritability/frustration in high swing (a typical PMS symptom for me) - some crampiness - cm still basically dry as a bone, saw a tiny tiny bit of yellowish-green mucus, which is also not unusual for me - some mild heartburn - vertigo while sitting down and working very still at my desk - somewhat gassy - anxiety and OCD flaring up CD 27: 6/7 dpo: - right uterine pinging pains for a while this morning — this has happened before so not too special - CM is picking up. Got a noticeable piece of stringy white stuff this morning — this has also happened multiple times at this point in the cycle in past months, not special - also got multiple noticeable fingertip-fuls of white creamy cm (finger to cervix) - Intermittent abdominal cramping - Mood is somewhat better. - A bit of mild heartburn - A few left boob stabbing pains - basically began sobbing happy tears just listening to sweet love songs while looking at photos of my husband and me, and crying because I love him so much (haha) - Convinced AF was on the way. Horrible "pre-cramping" in my abs, back, and legs tonight, and I feel like crap. - Several minutes of heart palpitations late tonight, really bothersome and concerning CD 28: 7/8 dpo: - slept terribly last night but this really was because of eating too much gluten and having caffeine too late in the day yesterday - several fingertip-fuls of creamy cm (finger to cervix) that was definitely yellowish when smeared on toilet paper - Surprisingly, basically no abdominal cramping today beyond maybe a whisper or two. - Legs were intermittently crampy though, ouch :( - In a surprisingly really good mood despite being tired

A new baby is coming!

I promised myself that I would write a message if I did get pregnant because reading the BFP stories gave me hope that it could happen to me. So I just got my +++ yesterday after over a year and a half trying to conceive. My husband had a vasovasostomy in May 2015 after having a vasectomy for 9 years. I am 38 years old. I was trully starting to believe that it would not happen. Here is a list of the symptoms that I had, starting at DPO6: DPO6: My breasts were heavy and sensitive; DPO7: I had a feeling of pinching in my ovaries, I was very tired and my breasts were still sore; DPO8: I felt like I was having fever, I was tired and my breasts were sore; DPO9: Same as DPO8; DPO10: Still having chills all the time, I had intense dreams during the night and I woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night; DPO11: I had chills, I had a bit of cramps in my uterus, I thought I was going to have my periods; DPO12: Feel more sensitive, my breasts are still sore, extremely vivid dreams; DPO13: I had menstrual cramps, I was certain that I was not pregnant and that my periods were going to start imminently; DPO14: Still had menstrual cramps, but no bleeding. My breasts are still sensitive and I feel a bit tired; DPO15: Strange feeling in what I think was close to my left ovary. Still have small cramps and when I push on my belly towards my uterus, it feels a bit painfull and heavy. I had diarhea in the afternoon. I decided to go by a test during the afternoon, and I could not believe what I saw. I am pregnant and so happy !!! Good luck to all. :-)

Finally me!

So I have to say thank Jesus! I know it’s because of him my 10 month infertility has come to an end. I know that may not seem like a long time but after the doctor told me I didn’t really have a chance a getting pregnant I knew I had to talk to a higher power i.e. God! Details: Cd 21: Dreamed I was at the doctor 38 weeks pregnant. Cd:23 Me and DH did the BD OD: I ovulated 1DPO: I felt hot! I guess this was a temp rise due to ovulation. 2DPO: nausea and watery CM 3DPO: Indegestion/ Heartburn, watery CM 4DPO: very hungry 5DPO: BFN (I originally thought I ovulated the week before. 6DPO: started Vitex so period should start. (I had been having issues with having a period). 7DPO: Vitex & red raspberry leaf (RRL) tea, very hungry, hot, tired, light cramps here and there. 8DPO: Vitex, RRL Tea, tender breast, watery cm, easily irritated, hungry, hot 9DPO: Vitex, hungry, sore nipples, watery CM, exhausted, easily irritated, more cramps 10DPO: Vitex, went and looked back at chart since period still hadn’t come (it only took 3 days of Vitex to start it last time). Watery cm, tired, very hungry. 11DPO: Vitex, RRL tea, ate ALL DAY! I couldn’t get full! I worked from our office break room so I could eat all day, tired, watery cm, breast tender, nipples sore, dull lower back pain on right side. 12DPO: Woke up to pee at 6am. I prayed and told God please let this be it! BFP on FRER and Walmart 88 cents text!!!! I am 30 soon to be 31 in 3 months!!!

BFP at 13dpo

I signed up just to share this with y'all because this site has helped me through the last 4 cycles. Here are my symptoms by dpo: O day: nothing special except emotional. Worried the donor will be unable to donate tonight. (It worked out, but later than I wanted) 1-7: sore boobs, emotional, heightened sense of smell. Nipples felt hot or moist. 8dpo: super dizzy every time I get up, this never happens unless I'm pregnant. Took a test, BFN. Cried, went to bed. 9dpo: woke up starving. No other symptoms. 10dpo: still dizzy, super hungry, a little heartburn in the pm. 11dpo: sore boobs, especially on the left. Heartburn. Endless appetite. SO TIRED. 12dpo: Decided to take a test when my wife got home. At the 3 minute mark it was blank, looked again at 4 minutes and saw a faint line. Thought I was out for the month but I saved the test. 13dpo: Took a test as soon as I woke up, not FMU because I got up in the middle of the night to pee. Another line at 4 minutes. Starting to get excited but also unsure if these are evap lines. 5pm: (12 hours later) Take a FRER as soon as the wife gets home, BFP in 30 seconds! CUE CRYING. 14DPO: Woke at 4 am to pee, took another test because I had a dream I wasn't really pregnant. POSITIVE. ❤❤❤
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Wow - 1st Month TTC BFP

I promised myself I would post here once I got my BFP since I STALKED this thread during my TWW. Just yesterday I got my first BFP after this being our first month of trying, my fingers are crossed all is well. I hate writing TMI, I never really understand it, so forewarning, I'm not writing it. We're all here to get the down and dirty, nothing is TMI. I'm writing exactly what I wrote to myself on FF. I ovulated on CD16 of a usually 30-32 day cycle We BD Monday, Wednesday, Thursday(O Day), Friday CD16 - O day & :) on OPK 1 DPO - Negative OPK 2 DPO - Nothing - temp down below coverline, fallback rise? 3 DPO - Diarrhea (maybe that's dramatic, soft stool) - from hot dogs maybe? Woke up again at 11 with same thing. Very painful gas pains - doubled over. very mild cramps - maybe in my head or maybe gas pains. Felt very short stint of light headed / dizziness earlier in the day 4 DPO - Bottom of right boob is kind of sore - nothing crazy, confused as I'm almost positive they never hurt THIS soon before AF - dull uterus pain - heightened sense of smell in PM briefly, but never returned after - can’t sleep - CRAVED Poke bowl at night (dreaming of our honeymoon in Hawaii and couple months ago) 5 DPO - Woke up with dry mouth. Still mild tender boobs. Barely anything - creamy CM 6 DPO - Temp in the house was lower - maybe effected my temp today? Went down slightly - creamy CM Marking down that boobs still tender but they’re still only moderately tender on the sides. Not even up my armpit. PM cramps, gas pains, diahrrea (again maybe dramatic, soft stool). Didn't eat anything out of the norm. Gagged when taking pills this morning. 7 DPO - mildly tender boobs still maybe not as bad? Mild cramps again Gagged taking pills this morning - creamy CM Abs HURT - maybe from pushing so hard when I had an upset stomach? Feels like I did 100 sit ups. Dull pain in uterus briefly 8 DPO - Boobs still mildly tender - a little more than before Vivid dreams last night - creamy CM Got dizzy briefly in afternoon during a meeting. Light headed like, woah! Mild quick cramping Teeth hurt when chewing Swollen gums on right side? What the heck? Feel starving a lot sooner between meals Irritable at lunch time 9 DPO - Legs feel on fire like human furnace but not hot to touch dull uterine pain - creamy CM Ate Portillos - went right through me literally pooped my pants (que lmao) EXTREME hunger in the pm Tightness in chest Peed in the middle of the night last night Nipples look bigger Boobs more tender had VIVID dream that I got a BFP Nipples seem to always be erect 10 DPO - Right uterine pain when got up too fast Watery CM *Took HPT in the AM, no line Took another at 3 PM - faintest line ever on a clinical guard Took a digital and FRER, confirmed positive. First month trying (me - 27 DH - 30) - but this is what we did and what I took - -Preseed (can never hurt ) - Baby aspirin, Vitamin D, Prenatal with Folate not Folic Acid, Allegra, Apple Cider Vinegar Pills, Super Enzyme Vitamin -Temped vaginally and logged in FF, although this seemed to get my hopes down more than up with my temps. I would've stopped after confirmed O day was logged if I did it all over again *Going for a Blood Test after work today, and I pray this isn't a chemical or ectopic and all is well Good luck and baby dust to all - I am attaching the Clinical Guard I took that was the faintest positive, I thought it was an evap. Don't lose hope ladies!

A year for #2! Thought I was out!

We were approaching over a year of TTC #2 with no fertility issues documented. It was my 2nd cycle on Femara and 1st cycle seeing an RE. CD7- First visit with RE. Got an HSG to check tubes. They were clear. Husband has sperm analysis and he was also clear. CD12- Follicle scan. Had one HONKER of a follicle (24mm) so they went ahead and triggered me to ovulate. CD13- Painful ovulation. 1DPO-9DPO- NOTHING. 10DPO- Red spotting. This is normal for me before AF. Thought I was out. 11DPO- Dry, brown spotting. Back had acne ALL over it. Boobs were blue and veiny. Spinach and artichoke dip smell was intense and I made my husband throw it away. 12DPO- No spotting. BFN negative on Amazon cheapie. Tired. Bloating. Couldnt get enough to drink. 13DPO- BFP on Amazon cheapie and digital!!!

First Time TTC BFP!

This is my boyfriend and I's first time ttc. So I thought that I was going crazy when I was having symptoms so early after our first time, I thought I was just symptom spotting. On Christmas my boyfriend and I decided that we were ready to have a child. My estimated ovulation was the 28th. Now this may or may not be accurate because I have never really tracked my cycles before, a lot of times my periods came a few days early or a few days late, so I never really cared to track them, I just kind of went with it (and I never really ever had a reason to). So the ovulation date I am using is just my estimate based on the date I had my period in December. We DD on Christmas, the 28th, 31st, and 1st, just in case my ovulation was later than expected. 1-3 dpo: Slight cramps, almost like period cramps, but not quite as harsh. They were just kind of irritating 4-7 dpo: EXHAUSTED. On New Years Eve I woke up at 6 a.m. and ended up staying up until 6 a.m. on New Years Day and then only slept for like 4 hours, so I assumed when I took a 6 hour nap later that evening it was because I just hadn't gotten enough sleep. But the next few days afterwards I was still getting between 8-12 hours of sleep a night, but when I woke up, I was still exhausted. This is extremely unusual for me considering I usually sleep very poorly. 8-10dpo: I didn't really have any symptoms between 8-10dpo. 11-14dpo: Sore boobs. My boobs usually get sore the week before AF, so I didn't think much about it. They were mostly just tender to the touch, again nothing unusual. I was also extremely emotional and moody (coming from my boyfriend) Which is also not really uncommon the week before my period. At this point I just decided to wait to see if AF came instead of testing, because I was convinced AF was right around the corner and I didn't want to be disappointed. 14-18dpo: My boobs were extremely sore. I could barely move without complaining about them, at this point I knew something was off with my body because they had never felt like this before, even before and during AF. For a regular 28 day cycle AF was due on 15 dpo and she didn't show up, but as I said, I knew my day of ovulation could have been slightly off so I was going to give it until the end of the week to see if AF showed up. 19 dpo: BFP!!! I couldn't wait until the end of the week because I was just too tired of waiting, so I had my boyfriend pick up some tests on the way home from work and I took them around 6 p.m. I used the digital kind so I couldn't convince myself there were two lines if there really wasn't. Both came up "pregnant" in like a minute. 20 dpo: Took a third test this morning with same "pregnant" result!

Wow Prayers Work! Don’t Give Up, Pray To God!

Hello everyone my name is Kaiyla and for a looking time I been trying to have a baby, to be honest ever since I lost my virginity at 18. I had a boyfriend (my girls for 2 1/2) years, we ended. Then I met my EX James and we were engaged and together for 3 years unfortunately I had a abortion and a miscarriage with him.... I then met my soulmate, my husband :) My husband and I have been together for only 6 months and married for 2 months! It was turkey love at first site! Him and I been trying to get pregnant for 3 months and NOTHING! I would do everything! I even was so desperate I started watching infertility YouTube videos and desperately trying to find answers! I figured since I’m in perfect health and 23 years old I shouldn’t have any issues with conceiving!, I began buying natural fertility herbs with my cycles. Viitex, Macao roots, natural progesterone cream, raw prenatals, prenatal DHA, and digital and cheapie OPKs Finally 3 months of trying I got sore achy boobs and at 8-9dpo I got faint lines and a Official BFP at 10 DPO! Here’s some by DPO symptoms 1DPO-5DPO hot temp between 97.88-97.99 Left pelvic pain tender breast , school glue cm, neg hpt 6DPO-11DPO HOT TEMP!, cramps Cervix closed and firm 12FPO POS HPT AT 8:50 vomiting

In Shock! BFP @ 10DPO

I apologize in advance, this is going to be a long post. All of these BFP stories have gotten me through many TWWs so I had to pay it back! DH and I have one DS (11y/o) and have been TTC #2 for 15 months. We got a BFP in June 2017 which ended in miscarriage at 7w5d. We took a couple months off to recoup and started TTC again in October. My cycles are pretty regular 30-32 days with ovulation on CD 16/17. I use the Ovia App and CM to track ovulation, and this is the second month that I have also been tracking my BBT. I have been taking prenatal vitamins throughout the whole TTC journey, and started a regular workout schedule about 3 months ago (I am average weight but I wasn't very healthy/active). DH and I did the BD every other day from CD 10 - CD 20 to make sure we covered every possible fertile day. Also, I ate pineapple core everyday from O Day to today (10DPO). Iv'e read online that eating pineapple core helps with implantation and I figured it couldn't hurt to try, maybe it helped! This TWW has not been much different from all the others but here are my symptoms by DPO: CD 17- O Day - BD - EWCM - Tingling sensation in bbs 1DPO - NYE - No symptoms 2DPO - BD - White/creamy/stretchy CM - Gassy 3DPO - Watery CM - Tired at work - Sore bbs at the gym during workout 4DPO - Watery CM - Twinges in abdominal area when standing up too fast - Strange warm feeling in my stomach (IDK how else to explain it, it just felt warm) 5DPO - Creamy/wet CM, constant wet feeling - Random twinges of pain in bbs throughout the day - Pain on right side of lower abdomen - Weird warm feeling in stomach again - Dizzy/lightheaded in PM, lasted a few minutes 6DPO - White/creamy/thicker CM - Stuffy nose/Cold symptoms when waking but gone before I got to work - Dull ache in lower abdomen - Dizzy/lightheaded in PM again 7DPO - BD - Creamy/white CM - nipple soreness 8DPO - CM disappeared - Nipple soreness - Gassy 9DPO - Still no CM, started feeling out this month - Dizzy/lightheaded during PM workout 10DPO - Creamy/stretchy/yellowish/snot-like CM (gross sorry!) - Woke up and felt dizzy/lightheaded when trying to get out of bed. (Being dizzy/lightheaded is not normal for me) - Remembered I had a 2 pack of FRER tests that I was saving for a time when AF was finally late! I normally don't test early because I HATE seeing BFN's, but the dizzy spells were really making me wonder so I took the test even though I knew it was too early. I was brushing my teeth and barely glanced at the test because I just knew it was going to be a BFN, but it was positive! It was a faint positive, but definitely positive, not even a squinter! Two Lines!! BFP @ 10DPO w/FMU on a FRER! I am still in total shock, it just doesn't feel real yet. I am going to tell DH when he gets home from work today. It is still very early but I am so happy! Fingers crossed for a sticky bean!! Good luck and baby dust to you all!

BFP @ 8dpo

Like everyone says; I cannot believe after reading story after story, that I would be here. I have a (almost) 5 year old little girl from a previous relationship. I am now 23 almost 24. Pregnant with #2. Unfortunately I am going to be a single mom to two... I am nonetheless excited, scared and so nervous! After I had my daughter and when I eventually stopped breast feeding her (19 months!) I tracked my cycles through a handy dandy app.. I average a 28/30day cycle. I typically ovulate on CD15/16 ODpo: DTD, felt crampy after wards, had ewcm that night.. Nothing out of the unordinary. 1Dpo: still cramping, mainly from right side. Creamy cm. 2dpo: my goodness my bbs hurt, I noticed my nipples were hella erect. Never experienced that before. Crampy. 3dpo: had a emotional fit over xmas. Weird dream, cramps and just bleh. Creamy cm. 4dpo: tingly bbs, cramps. Just had a "feeling" my bbt was still high 98.3 my bbs felt "hot", my heart beat seemed to be fast too. Idk how to explain it but it felt like it was beating a lot faster than before. Weird dreams. Chapped lips. Gassy. Clear watery cm. CP high and soft. 5dpo: forgetful. Tired. Moody. Kind of blah. Then around 6pm i had the most period like cramps and my bbs were throbbing, mainly on the sides. I literally thought AF was going to burst through the flood gates. Bought three pregnancy tests. 6dpo: absurdly tested. Bfn. Duh. Less crampy more twingy. Tired. Blah. Clear watery Cm. 7dpo. Woke up craving broccoli! I needed raw broccoli and lots of it. Crampy (I was mainly cramping at night time. I noticed when I went to lay down. To go to bed.) Weird dreams. Clear watery cm. irritated. Slight heart burn. My toddler is driving me nnnnuts! So touchy and loving (bless her heart) my skin felt so dry and itchy I was going bonkers itching my head my legs, my arms. 8dpo: I just knew.....dun dun dun. Yes I just couldn't help myself but go into dollar tree buy some tests and start testing. BFP. Faint but it's super there. Bought three more at Walmart after that. FRER 6 days sooner. faint positive and took less than a minute maybe two to show.. Going to keep testing until AF was due. I'm in disbelief. But God blessed me for a reason and I should embrace it.
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