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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Fingers crossed!! First time TTC!

Hello all! This is my first time posting to this site, although I have been reading a lot of posts on here and I am hoping that what I am experiencing is going to lead me to my BFP! A little background on me: 31. Nurse for a urology practice. I'm successfully treated for vaginismus (painful intercourse for those that don't know) which I had dealt with for almost 10 years. My DH and I have been married for almost a year, and we had been wanting to start trying for a baby, but I was having awful anxiety to the point where even attempting BD was impossible. I began pelvic floor PT in January, and within 8 weeks I was finally able to BD with my hubby. I've never really attempted to track CM or CP, and have only ever used Glow for period tracking. Now that I am pain free, I am hoping to see my BFP! I would greatly appreciate any feedback. I've been trying to be diligent about tracking my symptoms, but at the same time, I am feeling like I am making myself crazy...

This is based off of the Glow app tracking my fertile window. It said that 3/5 was my best chance of conception. I'm not entirely sure if I did ovulate that day, but we BD through my entire fertile window.

3/5-BD, 30.7% chance of pregnancy per Glow app.
3/6- constant pressure in my pelvic area, felt like I was constantly back and forth to the bathroom. Severe nausea. Stayed home from work.
3/7- trouble falling asleep, appetite non-existent, slight frequency, CM was wet and clear.
3/8- trouble falling asleep, dreamt about baby shower, appetite came back, CM wet and clear, low back pain for 5 minutes, soreness in left breast, LUQ discomfort, breasts feel heavier than usual, bloating
3/9- sore breasts, crampiness, sharp pain in abdomen
3/10- frequent urination and pelvic discomfort, sensitive nose, nausea, passed large clump of white CM, increased CM to point where I had to change my underwear twice, soreness around breast by armpit, thought maybe starting with UTI. Took antibiotic.
3/11- trouble falling asleep, tingling in legs, increased appetite, nausea on and off
3/12- sensitive nipples, nausea on and off, increased CM, sticky CM
3/13- on and off nausea, sticky CM with some pink tinge, crampiness, sharp pain in abdomen, heartburn when laying down
3/14- bloating, sensitive nipples, was cooped up due to the winter storm and decided to try FRER, negative
3/15- woke up nauseated, threw up twice, sensitive nipples, brown spotting when I wiped today

I decided that I won't retest until Sunday, because I don't want to get my hopes up. AF is due according to the Glow app on Monday 3/21. Baby dust to all!

BFP after 2 years of trying!

I have PCOS, and man was it a roller coaster trying to get pregnant. This month, I'll tell you everything we changed, we changed a lot of things, so not sure which one exactly helped us. Here it goes

My husband quit smoking 3 months ago.

This month, he had given up alcohol for lent and I'd given up sweets. (no processed sugar)

We used the last of our pre-seed

I drank red raspberry leaf tea every day this month

We've been consistently exercising the past 2 months, and I have lost nearly 20 lbs.

We have sex EVERY day after my period ended. Every day. That way, we wouldn't miss ovulation.

Now for symptoms.

During Ovulation, I had intense sex drive. I wanted to hump my hubby all day lol sorry TMI, usual ovulation cramps, and some sore boobs that only lasted 2 days.

1-9 DPO nothing really a little backache, occasionally, but that's normal for me, so I ignored it. The thing that stood out during this time was insanely vivid dreams, not about being pregnant, just in general.

10 DPO, I noticed that my CM wasn't drying up like normal, and that it was kind of a creamy watery mix, and there was a lot of it (this continues today). I also experienced a kind of flushing of my face on and off for the next few days. Little insomnia. Spotting, though AF was on the way, but then nothing for the rest of the day or subsequent days.

11 DPO My breasts started to feel full, again not unusual, no pain just full, and I was exhausted. I was tentative to say this was a symptom, because we've had some long days while moving, but man was I pooped. Fullness in my lower abdomen like I've never really felt. It was almost like it was full and firmer than the rest of my tummy.

12 DPO I was so tired again, incredibly thirsty. I couldn't get enough water which is strange because I keep pretty well hydrated, I had a backache, dizziness in the afternoon, and my boobs were sore. I also noticed my actual nipples seemed to be a little wider and more perky than usual.

13 DPO, I finally took a test middle of the day with no hold, and I got a positive immediately! So excited to tell hubby!

BFP at 13 DPO

So excited to be posting on this page..Im 40 and DH 33..Getting pregnant isn't the hard part for us..its keeping the pregnancy thats the problem. I had 3 miscarriages in a row in 2015.I then have been investigated and no problem was found except a dermoid cyst on my left ovary.Had the operation in Nov 2016 and started trying in january after my ob-gyn has given the thumbs my bfp on the 11th of march..
1-4DPO nothing
5 DPO nosebleed in am
6DPO dried blood in my nose in am
7 DPO more dried blood in my nose in am
8 DPO Simultaneous pinching on both left and right
For few minutes
9 DPO nipples starting to feel sore but very mild
10 DPO night sweats/ all I can think of is chips with
Salt and vinegar/ repulsed by smell of
Coffee/boobs sore only when working out/
11 DPO sore boobs when working out/nausea
12 DPO sore boobs/ nausea/ craving for chips
13 DPO sore boobs/ nausea/ creamy cm BFP with

Doctor has started me on baby aspirin and booked for 2 weekly from 6 weeks..Hope this little one sticks
Baby dust to all :)


Ok so today I POAS 4 x and got 4 v faint BFPs!!! This is my 5th pregnancy (2 girls 2xmc 1xcp) with all of my pregnancies I got symptoms from 2/3 dpo.
1dpo cervix still high, lotion cm
2dpo high cervix, mild cramping, lotion cm
3dpo mild cramping all day, strange dreams, kept waking up wide awake!
4dpo dreamt I got a BFP restless, cramping all day, boobs ache. Sneezing (big clue for me) fatigue. Vagina walls feel puffy until present. (another big clue)
5dpo loads of cramping all day very low down and continuous, dry eyes (this happens every pregnancy for me) very slight nausea, gagged when I cleaned my teeth, bleeding gums (another big clue for me) freezing cold during the night no idea what that was about! Restless night.very tired in the evening but couldn't settle. In the middle of the night despite being freezing I felt a warmth on my stomach which made my body tingle.
6dpo feeling pretty sure I'm pregnant just got to do the waiting game! Cramps are Painful, ligaments are sore around groin and back. Very small amount of brown cm, boobs ache, emotional, anxious.
7dpo 4 Bfps!! Faint but definitely positives :)

Good luck!!

PCOS, Clomid, IUI * no injectables

Quick back story:
I was diagnosed with PCOS at 18. I have always watched my weight, ate healthy and worked out! I am not a tooth pick by any means but 5'6 and 146 lbs. I had my son two years ago, he's a clomid baby and an iui was not needed. After my son I went back to working out, eating healthy and began to ovulate on my own! YAY!

My husband was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma last year and it put a halt on our family planning. After being put on a wait list for the fertility clinic we waited a long 8 months before getting the first appt to come in! (We are unable to conceive on our own due to chemotherapy, we must wait a minimum of 18 months before his little friends are safe) SO he froze some for me before the treatment and here we are... P.S. my husband is now in remission.

Alright, so fast track forward to February, I got AF on Feb 15/17. Clomid was taken day 3-7 during this cycle and I caught the LH surge on March 2nd, went in the next day for IUI March 3rd (CD 18)

This was my first ever IUI!


Day 0 - right ovary in pain, lower back ache! Day of IUI!
1 dpo - bloated, immediately apparently a side effect of clomid? Ovary pain gone so I assume the egg is out!
2 - 3 dpo - bloated
4 dpo - implantation I believe, two sharp pricks in the uterus a feeling of an egg being burrowed in.
5 dpo - bloating, bouts of nausea, head ache. Seriously gassy, I could clear a room
6 dpo - tested with a dollar store cheapie, why?!? Waaaaay to early totally a BFN no nausea today but a head ache, bloated, gassy.. I could knock someone out.
7 dpo - bloated, gassy, head ache, low back sore, nausea, hungry, tired ,right nipple is sore but I'm chalking it up to me feeling them up looking for soreness haha.
8 - 9 dpo - same as above but breasts are rediculously sore, I said to my husband "I don't even need to test, I'm pregnant"
10 dpo - 6am tested with a FRER and FMU BFP!!!!!!!! Its a squinter but its totally there. No nausea today but I'm still bloated and my boobs are sore sore sore. Tired and hungry!

I also ate a toasted tomato, turkey, lettuce and cheese sandwich every day with a pickle on the side... May or may not be a symptom.

I wanted to post this on here because you can seriously get symptoms early! I had no idea.. I actually brushed a lot of of it off as clomid side effects (although I have taken it before) but the nausea was a give away.

Baby dust to all!!!

BFP thanks to Vitex

Finally got my BFP at (3weeks 3days ). After 6.5 months of on and off ttcing. I couldn't seem to understand why I wasn't getting pregnant until I did research of my own and found out that I was all off balance with my hormones a lot of unanswered questions then became clear to me then I found out about Vitex . This was my first month taking it. I took 3 tabs a day along with taking vitex :
-I cut out all meats [ate Veggies ONLY)
-I put my self on a Alkaline Diet (Search Dr.Sebi, for more info)
-I took Black Coash cd1-cd11/ O'd on cd 12
-tempted / charted
Symptoms/Thought/Actions During TWW:

cd11 -Positive opk at 12pm bd at 2am same day
ODAY -fuller Bbs-- congested -sniffles
1dpo-dried sticky cm--fuller bbs-- congested (sneezing a lot )
2dpo-crampie-- wired feeling like AF but more sensational-- drowsy --congested (sneezing) temp rosed 3rd time in 3 days
Random migraine- dream about my womb
3dpo-Heavy bbs (kind of sensitive nipples )
4dpo-- crampie -- erect boobies -
5dpo- Did Not Symptom Spot and my day went very good-- Full of energy--erect nipples &a full bbs (noticed them at the stop light lol! ) -- ate a big lunch (Kale Salad loaded with grilled veggies! Yum! ) unnoticeable cramps at night temp dropped .1 degree -- creamy cm
6dpo- 12am cramping a lot DF(dear Fiancé), massage therapist , gave my abdominal area a nice massage put me to sleep-- tempt drop .1 degree -- meditated - felling great-- full bbs -- creamy cm-- small panic attack while with client (professional stylist)--nausea
7dpo--12am increase in cm white milky --temp same as 7dpo- staying positive --head ache -erect nipples (small shooting pain in right nipple)- a bit moody-sleepy
8dpo- temp still dropping , discourage BFN -- (UPDATE: It was Implantation Did)
9-10dpo--Heavy Bbs , temp rise , slight shooting pain on side of breast mainly on left side -- I THINK BFP on cheapie -- very faint had to use a flash light to see it . just going to wait until AF show.
Left breast burning on and off
11dpo: full breast- temp dropped .1 Degree-- AF due in 3 days (I think she's coming) Feeling energized -- 10pm: Cramping -- leg cramp after dinner
12dpo-BFP with FR and Walmart cheapie , cramping still

Ladies please don't give up we all have the power of the sacred womb within us.

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BFP after MC and chemical

In Summer 2016 I was TTC for baby #2 and got pregnant the first month trying. Found out it was twins at 7 weeks and saw heartbeats. At a follow up ultrasound at 10 weeks it was discovered I had miscarried between 7-8 weeks (a missed miscarriage). I had a DNC and my body seemed to go back to semi normal cycles right away, and I was cleared to TTC again after my first period. My 2nd cycle TTC after the DNC, I got an early BFP at 11DPO but started spotting by 13DPO and tests were not getting darker, and a BFN on a digital. I got my period the next day and confirmed I had a chemical pregnancy. My 3rd cycle TTC after the chemical, I got another BFP! I'm currently 5.5 weeks. After the roller coaster 6 months we've had, it's hard to get excited or feel confident this one will stick around, but I figured I would share my BFP story nonetheless. I had loved reading them on here over these many months of TTC.

I typically have 29-30 day cycles and O around CD16. Even though I'd been successful in the past with conceiving without temping or using OPKs, time was wearing on me after 2 losses so this most recent cycle I started temping and used OPKs to confirm my O day.

CD16-17 - ovulation (fertility tracker and temps place O on CD17 but I think it happened late on CD16 from O pain)
CD21 - heartburn in the PM
CD22 - brown spotting when wiping, mild cramping (implantation??)
CD23 - diarrhea twice, mild menstrual-like cramping
CD26 - BFP on a wondfo

I've now had 4 BFPs in my life: 1 child, 2 losses and this current pregnancy. With 3/4 I had implantation spotting/cramping, heartburn and diarrhea as early symptoms before BFP.

BFP 12dpo with 1st cycle of clomid after depo shot

So, a little background I am 27, dh is 28. We have been married just over eight years and have two boys (5 & 3) conceived with no medical help. After my second son, I was on the patch, however due to certain circumstances with migraine meds I went onto the depo shot because the migraine meds made the patch less likely to work.
So fast forward, I only had two shots - one in sept of 2015 and a second in dec of 2015. After the second shot we decided that when it would be out of my system (about six months from December) then we would be ready to try for our third. Well June of 2016 came and I had a period. We weren't tracking ovulation but I knew I ovulated around cd 18 Bc I have always had a 32 day cycle, like clockwork. No prior issues conceiving both my boys - first month with my oldest, third month trying with my second. Due date for my period came and went. Took a pregnancy test, BFN.
Went to my ob, he said wait a few more weeks, if nothing by September then come in. So we waited throughout the rest of July and all of august. No period. Went in and he decided to start my period with medroxyprogesterone. Two weeks later I had a period, tracked with ovulation tests. My body tried to ovulate and failed. Jump started my period in October, same thing. Same for November. December we jump started again and my body didn't even bother to try to ovulate. Same for January 2017. Finally we decided clomid would be the way to go. So, my period came Jan 29th and I took clomid days 5-9 at 50 msg. We bd every other day after the last day of clomid until cd 17 when I finally got a positive ovulation test, so we bd 17 and 18, by cd18 pm the surge was gone.
So, at cd23 got my progesterone checked and it was 14! I Finally ovulated!!!!

So, my symptoms:
Cd 15-cd19 bad ovulation cramps. Both sides. It was bad, hurt to bd, told dh to take it easy.
1dpo constipation and gas
2dpo same
3 dpo same
5dpo same
6dpo same
7dpo still the same, but some cramping and tired
8dpo same as 7
9dpo still comstipated,gassy, cramping a little more, tired, and headaches. Are my nipples getting darker? Also had a hot flash and dizzy spell...implantation?
10dpo const. gassy, tired, more hungry. Wake up starving and I don't do breakfast. Got nauseous near fresh seafood in the grocery store. What? I love seafood. Must be the progesterone I've been taking 2xs a day since ovulation. And extra cm...hmmm not sure.
11dpo my nose is smelling more..sweaty kid in the hair cut place making me feel sick. Still constipated and gassy. Bloated, some pinching and pulling. Stupid progesterone.
12dpo nurse said should start by now and it hasn't, take internet cheapie with fmu just get it over with. Come back ten minutes that a line? Yell to my dh who doesnt believe me. Run to the store to get more tests, just a basic Kroger brand with a line, grab digital too but waiting a few more days for using those Bc it's a faint line. Get home and take the Kroger test and another internet cheapie, yup BFP!! Still faint but it's there!
13dpo test again with fmu with ic, getting darker! Bloods this morning and waiting for results.

A lot of these signs were signs for progesterone and clomid, so I thought it was not our cycle. Especially since I had no implantation bleeding which I had with my first two, and no confusing stomach bug wanna be after implantation. So I thought this cycle was a bust, but it wasn't!!! Have hope ladies!!

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Number 3

Like everybody else, I obsessively stalked this website for the 4 months we tried. Even this cycle, when I was determined not to test until 14 DPO and not to obsess over my symptoms. I even had DH hide my pregnancy tests so I wasn't tempted. Every other cycle this time, my "typical" pregnancy symptoms were much stronger. I had worse breast pain, cramps, spotting, exhaustion, etc. The thing we did differently this month was I bought a Diva cup and 2 out of my 5 fertile days (I use ovulation tests) I had DH deposit his *ahem* specimen into it and laid on my back for an hour. I love DH, but 5 BD days in a row is exhausting. We used preseed only the days we used the cup, I don't tend to have a problem in the CM department. So on to the symptoms:
DPO 1-3: nothing
DPO 4: slight breast pain and creamy CM
DPO 5-6: slight cramping and breast pain, no CM
DPO 7: same cramping/breast pain, add back pain (common symptoms before AF, but seemed a little early)
DPO 8: Started having horrible anxiety, DH thinks I was having panic attacks. Same symptoms as before
DPO 9: More horrible anxiety, less cramping still breast pain, but not as bad as it should have been
DPO 10: Same, but anxiety seemed to stop mid afternoon. (at this point I'm sure I'm out, I had implantation spotting with both other pregnancies and so far absolutely nothing)
DPO 11: A little breast pain and light cramping, but what hit me today was nausea. I'm really prone to motion sickness and that's what it felt like all day. Started getting this weird sour/bitter taste in the back of my mouth. Most people think it tastes like metal, mine tasted like when you've eaten too many sour patch kids and the taste is in your mouth for hours afterwards.
DPO 12: More weird taste, but not much nausea in the morning (thinking I made it all up) but the nausea hit hard at lunch time. Just slight breast twinges and hardly anything in the cramping department. I did check my CP (I only occasionally do this) but it was definitely not as long as it usually is. Still high and medium firm. Convinced by the evening that I was pregnant. DH didn't want to let me test until 14 DPO, like I said I wanted but he gave me a test for the next morning.
DPO 13: BFP :) More nausea, can smell everything, same weird taste.

I have been convinced every other month that I was pregnant. The things different this month was no spotting, less painful breast pain, that weird taste at 11 DPO and the motion sickness. Good luck to all, hope this helped someone!

BFP 10dpo :-)

Hi all
This site has allowed me to keep my sanity during the dreaded two week waits over the past 5 months so I promised myself I would post my symptoms when I finally got my bfp! I still can't believe I am pregnant! It feels so surreal :-) Fingers crossed for a healthy 9 months! My symptoms are:
Ovulated cd13
1-3 dpo nothing
4 dpo Tender breasts and under my armpits. This lasted the whole of the wait and is still present now
6 dpo Increased cm. A couple of work colleagues reported that I was "glowing" and hinted that they thought I was pregnant. I'm very pale and they said I had "more colour than usual"!! Haha! My best friend said a similar thing too on 9dpo
7-8 dpo This is when I really noticed symptoms. I had a mild headache, tender breasts, cramps and back pain. I had a hot water bottle attached to me for 48 hours to ease the back pain! I was convinced that my period was coming a week early, although I never get back pain so got a little hopeful at this stage! Increased cm with spots of brown blood in ? Implantation. I really craved chocolate on 8 dpo when I don't normally have a sweet tooth at all
9 dpo Mild abdominal twinges. Very irritable and hormonal with my husband even though my period isn't due until next week. This made me take a test. I thought I saw a very faint line but my husband couldn't see it. I knew I was pregant and was confident that the test would be darker the next day. Very strange as I am normally quite pessimistic. Cm has dried up a little.
10 dpo Definite faint bfp! Let's hope it gets stronger :-)

Good luck everyone. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you all xxx