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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Second bfp with same EDD as first child :)

First of all, thanks everyone for posting your stories! They give hope and help pass the time in the dreaded TWW :) So, I'm 30, DH is 33 and we are happy not to have encountered difficulties in our TTC journey so far. We have a 16m old son, who is now going to have a little brother/sister next year :) With my son things happend quickly, I got pregnant during the second TTC cycle. My only symptom was breast tenderness (when poking only) from around 4dpo and got a positive midday on 10dpo. With this one I expected the same. We started trying in June 2017 and I stopped breastfeeding in September. I got my first PPAF in July after stopping Cerazette (many horror stories about it on the internet, but I took it for 10 months and no complications coming off!) My cycles were 28-34 days but I suspected a short LP (around 10-11 days). A new (compared to before my first pregnancy) post ovulation symptom for me was nausea (got me excited a couple of times, booo!). Here are my symptoms the second time around: Cd21 ovulation (pretty uncomfortable ovary cramps, a bit like gas pain but only once a month :) We bedded for a week before it and on the day of O. From 2dpo nausea came (as usual for me), mild af cramps (a new symptom) and no breast or nipple pain (had it in previous cycles so I started hoping that maybe this is it ;) 7dpo my toothpaste tasted wierd 8dpo tested with FRER and faint BFP (stared at some BFNs before so was sure there was a line) Retested in the coming days and it grew darker! DH doesn't know yet, easier to wait for and plan the announcement with #2 ;) Funny thing is my LMP starting day is Sept 25 just like with my son. Maybe I'll give birth the same day? Lol Good luck to you ladies and baby dust to everyone!
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2nd times a charm

Basic stats: Age 32 Mirena removed 8/26 Cycle 2 post Mirena Background: Husband and I decided to start trying a bit on a whim, but I started doing research immediately. Read "expecting better" then on recommendation in the book read "taking charge of your fertility." Started tracking with Glow app, following cm, bbt (vag) and using opks. CP all over the place. Story: Cycle one lasted 49 days, CD39 ovulated and short LF. Was using clear blue advanced for first half and was high but not peak for 10 days, never had ewcm and doubted I ovulated. Thanks to the books I knew what was happening later when cm picked up and tested with cheapy opks to track ovulation. Confirmed with bbt. Got period day 10 but learned a great deal. Wonder if delayed ovulation was due to a trip right when it should have happened based on CBA opk. Following cycle switched to vaginal bbt which I found easier to do consistently. Tracked with cheap okp from CD7. Had a positive on 13 with ewcm but bbt never rose so kept waiting. CD17: opk -, creamy cm, bd CD18: opk -, ewcm CD19: no opk, ewcm, bd CD20: opk + (night), ewcm, bd, suspect ovulation (traveling, missed temp) 1dpo: opk +, ewcm, bd, temp rise, sore bb 2dpo: opk -, creamy cm, sore bb 3: sore bb 4: bb pain increases, swollen bb 5: bb huge and painful. In evening blue veins appear on them 6: bb enormous and so painful. Hungry 7: bb same, plus stabbing sensation. Sensitive to smells - cologne of coworker nauseating 8: bb continue, sharp pain in groin 2x when stand up from couch, metallic taste in mouth beginning in afternoon continuing all day 9: bb awful and veins more pronounced, some metal taste, creamy slightly stretchy cm 10: wake up at 3am and then 4am, can't fall back asleep. Lay in bed reading bfp stories here!! Bb awful, more metal taste. Hungry and bloated Had negotiated with my husband that would test 12dpo am, but on 10dpo pm used the countdown to pregnancy stats of positive by time of day to sell him on it being far enough along. Took an opk and it was negative and worked up courage to test with frer- BFP! Solid line no question! So happy to be pregnant and really glad in 2 cycles as I hated the tww with a fiery passion. Think the difference maker was knowledge - knowing how to read the signs made it easy to plan and gave me confidence in the process, which made me less crazy. Also used Pro-Gest cream 2x daily as I was worried about short luteal phase. Going to continue until see a doctor. First pregnancy so excited! So scared! So hoping it all goes well! Good luck everyone!!

BFP after miscarriage with diagnosis of severe endometriosis.

I'm not much of an online poster but I really felt that after this long journey I owed it to myself and to give others hope. I fell pregnant within three months of trying last time and my pregnancy was going fine apart from feeling rough! However, heartbreakingly I found out that my baby boy had died at 12 weeks at a scan at 13 weeks. I was admitted for medical management of the the miscarriage which didn't work. I was then booked in for surgery and the baby decided to come naturally five minutes before I was due to leave to go to the hospital. They were the worst nine days of my life. The baby came in April 2016. After the miscarriage I still had pain which I was told would go eventually. It persisted. I kept going back to the Doctor who suggested that I might have IBS. I took peppermint oil for this and the pain still persisted. I got to the point where I could not shake the feeling that something was wrong so I paid for private tests. The consultant said that he thought he could see an endometrioma on one of my ovaries. I went back to my Doctor and I was referred for a laparoscopy. I had that in March 2017 and I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and was told that my tubes were patent but a little swollen so I could be at slight increased risk of ectopic pregnancy. I was heartbroken all over again and started to fear that I may never get pregnant again. I was referred for IVF and I was told there was no waiting list which gave me hope. My husband and I decided to go on holiday to try and heal from everything in between and came back tanned and a little refereshed. We had our first appointment and we were told that because we had been somewhere where the Zika virus had been reported (we didn't know this at the time) they couldn't treat us for six months. I was heartbroken for a third time and went home and cried for hours. I then decided to focus on other things (with the help of some low dose antidepressants!) I applied for new jobs because I had been unhappy in mine for a while and had only been staying for the maternity leave (bad I know). I got a new job which is less stressful and more money (great combo!). Anyways yesterday I found out 18 months after my miscarriage that I'm expecting again. I was in shock and took two tests including a digital to make sure and sure enough both were BFP! One month before we were due to start IVF too! I didn't record for every day because i was trying not to focus on it too much but this is what I can remember: 6dpo cramps on right side which I assumed were endo pain and got my husband to get me paracetamol. I now think this was implantation pain. Sore throat. 7dpo-9dpo sore throat on an off. 10dpo the most squinty BPF that I discounted it and had a naughty glass of rose! Twinges on left side. Gassy. Bloated. Itchy left breast. Sensitive nipples. 11dpo BFP on acutest early sign and clear and simple digital. Light cramps and gassy. Thanks for reading and baby dust to all. I know it is early days for me but I am keeping everything crossed for a sticky baby. I know the heartbreak that can come through this journey of TTC and send hugs and baby dust to all going through this. X x x x

38yo, natural conception

I am 6weeks pregnant, all good on the ultrasound HCG=20000. So far so good. After a miscarriage in april 2017, here is my 2ww BFP story ! I've read these stories so many times while being in the 2ww that I had to put mine. Hope it helps ! Please note that the signs were different in april (I'll write them down below as well). Also, 10 years ago I was pregnant but I was forced to abort because of incredible, inhumane pain in the uterus that was killing me. It was excruciating all day long, not stopping for more than 5 minutes/day. It was a nightmare. I managed to hold on for 3 weeks until I aborted. This time, no problem, a bit hurting, but nothing compared to back then. Hope it helps ! ****THIS PREGNANCY**** CD 1-3: menstruation, quite short as normally CD 4-8: nothing special CD 8: egg white cm CD 9 : egg white cm CD 10: egg white cm, bd CD 12: exhausted CD 13: positive ovulation test, ovulation pain in the ovaries, I recognize it 1-3 dpo : nothing special 4 dpo : sligthly sore breasts 5 dpo : sligthly sore breasts 6 dpo: on/off stabbing/spikes in ovaries, very clear and long one while visiting a celtic dolmen in France!, sensitive breasts, spider veins on boobs have appeared 7 dpo: mild cramps all night and morning, sore breasts felt on/off 8 dpo: cramps all day, sore breasts on/off 9 dpo: nothing 10 dpo: VERY FAINT positive on fmu with clearclue 6days early; peed more often than usual, hungry all night, mild cramps but on and off 11 dpo: FAINT but clear positive in fmu; crying a lot, cramps in the evening 12 dpo: cramps and spikes in uterus on/off all day, tired 13 dpo: BBT 37.2 degrees celsius, headache in the evening, during the night cramps exactly as if AF were coming !! Horrible.. 14 dpo: no AF, mild cramps from 5pm 15 dpo: first day late, but no symptoms 16 dpo: cramps from 3pm, BFP on clearblue digital saying 1-2weeks!!! 17dpo: mild cramps 32dpo: blood test hcg at 2900 35 dpo: hcg at 7300, all good in ultrasound 40 dpo: hcg at 20000 *****pregnancy that ended in mc after 5weeks**** CD1-6: menstruation, rather long CD14 : ovulation pain 1-4 dpo : nothing special 5 dpo: mild cramps 6 dpo: mild cramps during the day 7 dpo: cramping woke me up 8 dpo: nothing 9 dpo: continuous cramping all day, FAINT POSITIVE in fmu with clearblue early 10mUi, at 7am, but negative at 10am! 10 dpo: negative in fmu with clearblue digital 25mUI 11 dpo: night cramps, crying and sad, nauseous 12 dpo: FAINT PoSITIVE at 3am with clearblue early, spikes in uterus at night, sore breasts, sad 13 dpo: sore breast, smoked 2 cigarettes and had 2 glasses of wine, and BFP at 11pm !!! 14 dpo: BFP again at 6am, angry at everybody, blood test hcg at 47 mUI/ml, mild cramps in the evening 15 dpo: mild cramps 16 dpo: sore boobs, cramps at night Baby dust to all of you, hoping you will get there as well, in no time !

BFP by DPO...

I tested using a very sensitive pregnancy test at 10DPO and it was stark white negative. From then I gave up! Only when I missed my period did I wonder if I was pregnant! And so got my blazing BFP at 15dpo!! My cycles can vary from 28-32 days per month, so I use OPKs. BD'd 4 days before O day, didn't BD on O day. Anyway, the DPOs... 1 DPO: dull achy cramps (probably left over ovulation pains). 2 DPO: Intermittent sharp cramping. Boobs getting more sensitive (usual). 3 DPO: Cramping and more sensitive boobs (usual). 4 DPO: Still cramping and sensitive boobs (usual). 5 DPO: Little ewcm when I wipe. Tired. Crampy. Hungry!! (Usual) 6 DPO: Sensitive boobs. Dull aching uterus. Still hungry!!! (Usual) 7 DPO: EWCM although a bit thick. Tired. Thirsty. (usual)... 8 DPO: Twinges. Felt sick. Cold. Bloated. Dull achy, bloated uterus. (TMI!) Massive snail trail in my underwear but dry when I wipe. Boobs are itchy and very sensitive. (Itchy boobs were my first sign for me). Looking back, this day was slightly unusual. 9 DPO: same as previous day, crampy, sore boobs, etc. 10 DPO: Tested, but in the afternoon on a 5 day early test, came back stark white BFN. I think I'm out. STRONG period like cramping and bloating (looking back I think implantation?). Sore/sensitive boobs! 11 DPO: Crampy. (Still usual) Very sore sensitive boobs. EWCM (sometimes usual). 12 DPO: Cramping on and off (Usual). More cramping - (sad I think AF is on the way). Itchy, sensitive boobs (looking back, my biggest sign!) Not emotional (2nd big sign!) I'm usually a grisly bear by now! Put tampon in at 9pm - but no blood in sight??? 13 DPO: crampy, good mood, sore boobs still. 14 DPO: wondering where my period is.... (same symptoms). 15 DPO: Still no AF start wondering if I'm pregnant as in a great mood so I tested in the afternoon and finally got my blazing BFP!!! So my biggest signs were; (more than usual) sensitive and itchy breasts, and not grouchy! (In a very good mood actually)! Good luck everyone!!! And if you don't get your BFP by 10 DPO, don't worry! There's still a massive chance ;)
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BFP after two long years

I've never been pregnant, I'm 33 and we've been trying for two years and month. Six months ago DH had a varicocele surgery and it worked! In two more days it'll be our second anniversary so it couldn't have come at a more exciting time. We even tried four IUIs and they didn't work. This was natural. I had just about given up hope and these stories helped me through the two year rollercoaster of hope and despair. Please hang in there. If it can happen to me it can happen to you. 2dpo - Spotting. I often get spotting during O and read it was common for it to happen up to two days afterwards. 3dpo- Started cramping at night. Emotional. Slightly sore nipples, like deeper in the tissue. I've never had nipple tenderness before. 4dpo- Woke up and 3am and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour and a half. High sex drive (normal for luteal phase, especially as AF approaches). 5dpo- Period-like cramps in the morning. High sex drive. Feeling dazed. Feel like I'm getting a cold and VERY tired. 6dpo- Sore bbs. 7dpo- Sore bbs. Mild cramps for a few minutes. Very tired. 8dpo- Very tired. It feels like I've been hit by a truck and coffee does nothing. Tension or sinus-type headache. Wet feeling down there. Mildly sore bbs. Little bumps on bottom lip (they went away so maybe just a coincidence). 9dpo- Sore bbs. Slept 9.5 hours and still tired. Constantly cold. Bad sinus or tension type headache. Nose tickling like the beginning of a cold. 10dpo- LOTS OF ENERGY!!! 11dpo- All appetite gone. I'm ordinarily a really hungry person, especially this close to AF. Wet down there which is pretty normal around now. Spotting in the evening when I wiped. Probably AF coming since I usually spot beforehand. Made fish for dinner and was so grossed out I couldn't eat it. High sex drive. 12dpo- Blood-tinged CM when I wiped in the morning. AF due tomorrow and disappointed. Sex drive through the roof (normal). For whatever reason I'm like a walking vagina this close to AF and this was no different. 13dpo- AF due today or tomorrow. I think today but my app says tomorrow. One big glob of stretchy, tacky, brown-tinged CM in the evening. All other spotting gone. Smells! This one room I was in smelled like rotting salad. Nobody else thought so. 14dpo- I either missed my period or my app was right and I'm supposed to get it today. A little bit of YELLOW CM when I wiped (that was nothing I'd ever seen in all two years). Bbs a little sore but not much. I'm a social dancer. This one guy I was dancing with almost made me puke because he smelled like he just downed a huge glass of milk and it was exuding from his breath and pores. It was unbearable. The bathroom smelled like it was magnified by 20. I'm like clockwork and AF a no-show. I took a pregnancy test and I thought I saw a faint line. Just to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks I ran out and got a digital. My husband and I hugged and cried when we saw the positive result.
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Bfp with pcos and while using myo-inositol

Hi! This is my second time posting on here! I’ll try to keep this short. I tried to have my son for 2 years, clomid and letrezole failed.... ended up giving up because of all the stress and getting pregnant naturally three months later. He is now 5 years old. I haven’t even really been actively trying since then because I never want to go through that stress again. About a month ago I started taking myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol to help regulate my cycle and to manage my pcos symptoms. apparently two weeks after I started this pills I ovulated. Like I said me and my boyfriend were not trying but also not preventing. I got a faint... but definitely there... bfp about an hour ago. I barely had any symptoms this tww... tbh I had way more “symptoms” when I wasn’t pregnant. Here are my symptoms: *note: I do not temp or use opks so I am not sure of my exact O day. This is an estimate based on my symptoms.* O day: slight nipple tenderness and a teeny tiny bit of ewcm. It was not a lot at all, I usually have way more in previous cycles. 1-4 dpo: nipple tenderness (very usual for me post o) 5-7 dpo: absolutely nothing. 7-8 dpo: I started getting a stuffy nose..and my allergies went crazy. I have terrible allergies as it is but I take Zyrtec every day and that usually takes care of it. It was as if I wasn’t even taking my pill at all. I also had this weird lump feeling in my throat... like I swallowed a pill and it didn’t go down. I thought “how in the hell is this related to pregnancy?” But I googled it and apparently that’s common tww symptom so I noted it. 8dpo-10dpo: notice my breast look huge (this was my first symptom with my son) they didn’t hurt at all, just gigantic. Also, horrible allergies and stuffy nose... 10dpo was the worst for the stuffy nose... I felt absolutely awful. Not sick... just really stuffed up and a sinus headache. 11dpo: bbs still swollen and are slightly tender off and on... to be honest I thought they just hurt from me poking them so much. stuffy nose gone... allergies still bad 12dpo: notice my breast are a little more tender...felt like a bruise so again I thought it was from poking them too much. 13dpo: bbs still swollen and tender and now my nips are hurting slightly. 14dpo: same as 13dpo faint BFP with fmu on frer!! Now I just need to figure out a way to tell my boyfriend, he’s still sleeping haha. I’m praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Good luck everyone. And I hope my symptoms help or give hope to those of you in the tww.

44 natural BFP with APS, PCOS, suspected Adenomyosis & previous m/c

Quick Background: One daughter just turned 14. 2 previous pregnancies both at 42 with M/C at 9 and 10 weeks, both within 48 hours of perfect ultrasounds. Got a full workup by RE and found to have Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, as well as being a carrier to several other blood clotting disorders (but not diagnosed with)... hemotolgist found it unusual to see so many carrier genes in one person. So... on baby aspirin for life. Was told to stay on Lovenox while TTC. Tried for about 6 months and gave up. Since we have been NTNP (not trying not protecting). That being said, we felt time was running out and I did get serious this month, used opk's and temped. This cycle we only BD'd one time due to both of us traveling. Got a positive OPK on CD 16 and BD'd on CD 17. That was it! I did symptom spot and will post below everything I noted, but in truth the only really OBVIOUS symptom I had that was totally unusual for me, was the most intense heavy full swollen breasts and sensitive nipples that started at 3 days post ovulation (confirmed with temping). And it never went away. I did NOT expect that and have never had that with any of my 3 previous pregnancies that early. In fact, I even worried my last two because I read so much about breast tenderness and it didn't really start for me until maybe the 6th week. So... here is my story... fingers crossed I stay pregnant, but I am grateful for the chance even with odds stacked against us. Most my life pcos has had my cycles all over the place, but for last few years eating a clean paleo diet & low in carbs... I've been super regular (by my standards)... periods are 30 to 35 days apart pretty consistently. Ovulating between CD 16-22. Typical is day 21 for me. CD 16 +opk at 2pm (had taken one at noon and it was "almost positive" so felt inclined to check again) Called DH who was out of town and arriving next morning. Ovulation Day: BD'd around noon that was it for this whole cycle 1 DPO confirmed O with temp rise, very large glob of clear super stretch cm in the morning. Slight breast tenderness, CM dried up and gummy by afternoon. 2 DPO cm scant but creamy/sticky, stong twingy cramps on left ovary (typical for me), mild uterine cramps, mild lower back cramps...also typical in early luteal phase. 3 DPO runny nose upon waking,. Breasts more tender than usual, nipples way more sensative than typical for me. On and off mentrual like cramps all day... stonger on left. Nipples were so tender I felt tortured playing softball everytime I ran... never happened before... even with previous pregnancies, never had such sensitive nipples until way later in pregnancy. Boobs feel full and very heavy/achy. 4 DPO cracy how heavy and full my breasts are and nips... OMG super sensative. Woke up in the night from a really strong cramp (too early for implantation?), mild headache all day, very gassy. Can't stop crying today, super emotional. Cried at daughters choir performance (never done that and felt silly). 5 DPO same as 4 dpo. I think I just had a really strong progeserone response or estrogen dominance or something this cycle. It's too early for Pg symptoms, but feels like the worst pms of my life. Emotional, boobs are killing me, just weird for me. 6 DPO Same as last 2 days, but noticed complexion looks great! Even had compliments which is also not normal for my luteal phase. 7 DPO BFN Same as aove, heache all day, lots of pain twingy cramps around what feels like left ovary. Radiates into hip. Feel really wet, have had light creamy cm since O, today it is thinner and wetter... even left wet spot on panties. 8 DPO BFN feeling out, all my other pregnancies (3) I tested positive by 8 dpo. Only really unusual symptom is the persistent incredibly sore breasts and crazy tender nipples. I have had some, but not quite like this and never this long, usually by now it lets up a bit. 9 DPO BFN Same as yesterday... Boobs still KILLING ME! 10 DPO BFN boobs and nips still super baaaaad! Seems like more crampiness today. Had a super sharp and very painful cramp while in line at grocery store in the afternoon. Honestly IF I did conceive that had to be an implantation cramp... I wanted to double over but it passed like in 15 seconds and then I've had on and off mild cramping in the area since. Kind of curious if this could be implantation... it was super intense but not gas, radiating pain into hip and down leg, it was different. Seriously, even thinking maybe with all this crampiness if I'm not pregnant (which I really don't think I am because I'm sure I would have a bfp by now) I need to go to the Dr. I'm worried I might have a pelvic infection, BV? I don't know, but a lot of cramping and discomfort lately.

BFP on 9 DPO

Hi ladies! I've never posted on here before but this thread kept me sane during the TWW. My husband and I were very lucky and got pregnant on the third month of trying. We did BD on CD 13, 16, 17, & 18. Ovulation day was CD 18. I ate pineapple DPO 1-5 and tried to keep my feet warm. Here's a list of my symptoms: 1 DPO: nothing 2 DPO: light cramps, constipated, light CM 3 DPO: Sore nipples, a little constipated (I'm usually very regular... sorry lol) 4 DPO: light CM 5 DPO: a little nauseous, stuffy nose, sore nipples 6 DPO: feel like I'm coming down with a cold. Tired. Sore BBs (this is not a normal AF symptom for me so I was getting suspicious) 7 DPO: sore nipples. Stuffy nose is gone but throat is still a little sore. Felt a twinge on the left side of my abdomen 8 DPO: broke down and took a test- BFN.BBs aren't sore today and I start to get bummed and think I'm out. A few more twinges on the left side. 9 DPO: took a test with FMU... BFP (verrrryy faint). BBs sore again. Test again when I get home from work and the line is darker. Def BFP :) 10 DPO : line is darker on today's tests. BBs are still a little sore 11 DPO: very dark line. Hopefully it sticks! Good luck to everyone!

BFP at 9dpo while nursing

I wanted to share my story because it is a little unbelievable and I couldn't really find anything similar during my 2ww. Maybe this will be useful to someone in my situation. My DD is a result of a medicated iui cycle after 2 years of trying. The plan was to enjoy her for at least a year before TTC #2. DD was exclusively breastfed for the 1st 6 months and continued to nurse after starting solids. Starting solids slowed her down nursing during the day, but she continued to nurse all through the night. She is a really high maintenance child and that really took its toll on intimate couple time with DH (well it squashed it to be exact). That is until DD turned 9.5 mos.... We went on a little family outing one saturday almost 2 weeks ago. When we got home DH couldn't keep his hands off me. It was out of nowhere that he just HAD to BD, and with quite a sense of urgency. I was taken by surprise, but was so happy to be returning to our normal selves. Of course we had to wait til nighttime because the dog thought we were playing and the baby kept crawling over and wanting a hug (aw!). Anyway, DH basically followed me around until a finally got the baby to sleep and we were able to BD for the first time since before DD was born (that's right, 1st time BDing postpartum). Immediately after I felt so hot and my face was flushed. My first time parent exhaustion was completely gone and I couldn't fall asleep for hours. When I woke up the next morning I just had this thought like "I think I'm pregnant". I brushed it off as ridiculous because, not only did I previously have fertility problems, but I still hadn't gotten my 1st postpartum af. However, I just couldn't shake the idea that I was pregnant. I kept googling things like "chances of catching the first egg" and "pregnant while breastfeeding". Over the following week I started getting a ton of pregnancy symptoms. I was really driving myself nuts because I just felt pregnant, but so many of my symptoms could be due to breastfeeding and the return of af. Not to mention, I had been convinced I was pregnant many times with ttc DD. Also, I had almost no symptoms with DD in the first 8 weeks. Well, to my complete shock, I am sitting here staring at a BFP! It's closer to my first pregnancy than I would have liked, but I cannot be happier about not having to go back to the RE for more fertility treatments. Clomid is the devil! Here is how my 2ww went. O day- I'm guessing this was Saturday 9/16, but it's hard to say without having af since before my first pregnancy. BD. I feel hot after and my face is flushed. Suddenly wide awake and not able to fall asleep. 1dpo- I just feel pregnant. I'm very confused about not being able to shake that feeling. 2-6dpo- I'm suddenly struggling to do my daily run. I'm an avid runner and had been feeling great for the past few months. These days I just felt like my legs were cement. I start napping with my DD instead of catching up on chores or watching a show. Some mild cramping just above my pubic bone. 7dpo- my morning coffee tastes awful. This happened during my last pregnancy, but not until week 7 or 8. Now I'm more suspicious. My bbs are so sore. I think it's because my DD missed her early morning feed so I take my normal pump break early to relieve the pressure. Letdown is extremely painful and also causes a stabbing sensation in both armpits. I think I'm going to get a ton of milk and only get the usual amount. Not much relief of sore bbs after pumping. Pelvic cramps and backache. Fluttery twinges around belly button. I can't shake the feeling I'm pregnant so I test even though I know it's too early. BFN. 8dpo- coffee tastes bad again. Uterus feels full and heavy. Backaches, cramps, sore bbs. I have visible blue veins all over my bbs, but then remember that can happen with breastfeeding. I can't remember if they were there before or not. I get really angry at myself for not paying attention to my body before this started. Hair is really greasy. 9dpo- cramps, no appetite, slight backache. Bbs aren't really sore anymore and coffee tastes ok. start to think Maybe I'm not pregnant. Then my heart starts racing from a few sips of coffee and I think I'm pregnant again lol. Later DD falls asleep on my stomach after nursing for her afternoon nap and her weight just kills me. I've never had pain from her laying on me before. Uterus feels heavy. Not as tired on my run, but feel hot and heart rate stayed really high for way longer than normal afterwards. I decide to test again after dinner, but expect another neg.......BFP!! I'm shocked, but also not because I "knew" I was pregnant this whole time. Just know that anything is possible really. Also, you can get pregnant while breastfeeding and before af returns. Good luck and baby dust to you all!
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