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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP at 14 DPO

I finally got my BFP today - I have not had any noticeable symptoms this cycle, other than being very tired, which I figured was because I've been working 12 hour days for the last month. I tested at 10, 11 and 12 DPO - all BFNs. Added with the lack of symptoms I counted myself out. Today AF was due and I woke up feeling nauseous, so I tested and there it was ;) I am 41 and we have been TTC for the past 18 months. I did have 2 m/c - the last one 8 months ago. What we did differently this month: we did not start until I got a positive ovulation test. We did it that night and the 3 following nights. Could be a coincidence but the other months we would start a few days sooner. We have also been using Pre-Seed for the last 2 months. Good luck to everyone ;)

Ten Long Months of Trying... Finally Two Pink Lines!

I was beginning to think I would never have the chance to post on this website, but my day has finally come. After ten long months of trying and a whole lot of tears, I finally got my BFP! I waited until I was three days late to test because I couldn't handle anymore disappointment. I cannot even put the feeling into words of seeing those two little pink lines appear. It was a mixture of amazement, bliss, fear, and craziness. I screamed from the bathroom so loud that DH came running! The lines literally showed up in 5 seconds… no three minutes needed. Gotta love First Response! In these past ten months, I really was starting to worry that something was wrong. I even made an appointment with a fertility specialist that I am very happy to cancel. I had a bunch of blood work done and a sonogram and my husband had a sperm analysis. All the results came back fine, so we just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t happening! But it finally did! As my husband says, we really “got it in” this month. But I prayed every day and I know God answered my prayer. I really had barely any symptoms… but here’s what I did notice… CD 11 - BD CD12 - BD CD 13 - BD (I think this was ovulation day) CD 14 – BD CD 15 – BD CD 18 – boobs started getting sore, but they always do around this time of the month. Thought for sure I was out. CD 19 – 27 - creamy cm CD 28 - I went to buy tampons. CD 29 – late period? Eggwhite cm shows up… very weird… getting suspicious. No cramps? Very constipated. CD 30 – still late… no cramps… too scared to test. Can’t bear the sight of another BFN. Very constipated. CD 31 – still late! Finally get the nerve to test! BFP immediately! I am still in shock! I really had no clue that I even had a shot this month until I missed my period. Here are the things I tried to get pregnant… Drank grapefruit juice Read 50 Shades of Gray lol Used Pre-Seed Made sure my butt was in the air Tried to sleep for a few hours before getting up And the most embarrassing of all…. this month was the only time I actually used a vibrator when DH was done. I swear the orgasms did it! Sorry for the TMI… but I would definitely invest in one! Have faith… all is possible. Sticky baby dust to everyone and I pray that you all get your BFPs soon. :)

First Time TTC and BFP at 12 DPO with Clear Blue Digital

I am SO happy to be writing on here having followed everyone's posts this month and wondering if it could be me one day! We only decided to start trying this month and we're completely shocked how its turned out! DID NOT EXPECT IT and CANNOT AFFORD IT LOL! Here goes: CD 13, 14, 15 - Followed Fertility Friend's prediction re fertile time so BD every day - DH was very happy :) CD 14 & 15 - LH surge. BD. CD 16 CD - Negative LH surge, Fertility Friend says I ovulated. DH and I had a rest that evening ;) 1 - 6 DPO - Cramps almost immediately after Fertility Friend's ovulation prediction, sore boobs and prickly nipples, tired. Got a flu/cold but something told me not to take medication. BD. 7 DPO - Feeling very tired, cramps, sore boobs and prickly nipples, cold still there. Baaaad mood (thought it was the frustration of the 2ww!). BFN on Clearblue strips. Got drunk at a friends house. Very bad trapped wind. 8 DPO - Still tired, bad mood, arguing with DH over silly things (we don't argue like that). BFN which upset me even though I knew it was too early. Bad cramps thought AF on way soon. Had a Brandy. 9 DPO - Keep waking up in the night and can't get back to sleep. BFN. Had a Brandy. 10 DPO - BFN. Really weird nauseated feeling, dry mouth, on and off appetite, cramps exactly like period pains to the point I had to keep going to the bathroom to check. Burping a lot. Really bad mood, PMS symptoms poor DH! weed a lot (for me) that day. 11 DPO - BFN am - starting to become obsessed with testing! Faint faint faint line on First Response that afternoon. DH could not see it so I got upset. Felt very tired and had a headache. Felt like I was in a dreamy place, tingly eyes, strange nauseated feeling, cramps and almost felt a tiny tiny movement in my womb for a split second. Pains stopped when I sat still. Slept well that night. Weed a lot that day. 12 DPO - BFN in the morning (5am). Very crampy and nauseated just like AF was due. Dry mouth, soft headache and stingy eyes. Prickly boob thing has returned. Creamy mucus has appeared so I start obsessing about that. BFN 3 hours later (I know!) looked a bit darker so pulled thing test apart and compared the strip to the one I had done in the morning. It looked darker and hooray DH agreed but said it was ridiculously faint. 3 hours later I bought a Clear Blue Digital to stop all this messing about - BFP!!!!!!! "Pregnant 1-2 weeks." Shocked shocked shocked!!! Now nipples are sore and I still have cramps (as if AF will come even though she isn't likely to!) and I LOVE it! Still have my cold too. No more Brandy! MASSIVE LUCK to all of those who are waiting xxx

Lady Hamilton

I have been trying for so so long and reading these stories kept me going throughout, miscarried 2 months ago at 5 weeks, now happy to say I am pregnant again :) Here are my symptoms: 4dpo Sore boobs 5dpo Sore boobs, sharp pain down right side (implantation) 6dpo Sore boobs 7dpo Sore boobs, strong metal taste, started to feel under weather with cold symptoms 8dpo Still sore boobs (actually not mentioning boobs again, they are still sore now), more sharp pains on right side, feeling ill still sore throat, runny nose, yummy coleslaw!! Ate half a tub with a spoon out of fridge...hmm could I be pregnant! Didn't think I ovulated properly this month. 9dpo Backpain started, vivid dreams (still have both of these), bit constipated. 10-13dpo All of the above nothing new 14dpo All of the above and some fertile CM! Spots errr, 3 big ones on face grrr 15-16 dpo 5 faint positives, done so many to see if they get darker as I am panicking since miscarrying recently. They are getting slightly darker each time. Baby dust to you all, healthy babies :)

BFP - Barely any symptoms

Hi All, So my husband and I started TTC last month (September) and we got our BFP this month (October) :) My cycles are around 30-32 days and are regular. CD1 27th September BD'd lots this month, especially during the fertile days where we BD'd everyday. Used OPK and determined LH surge occured at CD18 (so ovulated at CD 19, 15th October - 2 weeks prior to expected AF) As far as symptoms: 1-6 DPO - Nothing 7-11 DPO - Gassy and very irritating eye twitches (though not sure if eye twitches are a symptom?) Faint line at 9 DPO using FRER Faint but darker line at 10 DPO using FRER And again faint but darker line at 11 DPO using FRER. Went to the doctors today at 11DPO took a test there and got a faint positive, but confirmed that it still meant preggers :D She recommended I come in again in 2 weeks and gave me a bunch of pregnancy pamphlets to read. Things we did differently this time round: *Used Pre-Seed Lubricant *Used OPK. Didn't realize last month that I ov'd 14 days prior to AF as I was counting 14 days into cycle (last month). *Stayed lying down after BD and put a pillow underneath my hips All the best to those TTC!!! xx

I Knew I Was Pregnant Very Early On..

Doctors say you don't exp. pregnancy symptoms until implantation occurs but I have to disagree. I began having symptoms at around 5dpo. People can call me dramatic but I know my body. Something felt different. 1 to 4 dpo- Nothing 5dpo- Tender Breast, slight movement in my abdomen. 6dpo- Tenderness in my breast still and lots of pull and twitches in my lower abdomen. 7dpo- Slight cramping in my lower abdomen and gassy, sharp pains in my breast on occasion. 8dpo- Slight pulls in my lower abdomen and very gassy (TMI). 9dpo- BFP!!!! Very faint line on First Response Early Results test. 10dpo- Didn't test.. All the same symptoms. 11dpo- "Positive" on First Response Gold Digital Test.

Still in Shock!

I have to start out by saying that even after three days of positive pregnancy tests, that are getting consecutively darker, day by day, I am still in shock. After the official blood test tomorrow, I will finally feel like it is real! As far as the TWW symptoms, I hate to say that this month, out of all the other symptom spotting months, I was pretty "symptom free". The only thing that stood out to me, was that I never really had AF symptoms. I have had far less cramping, less mood swings, and noticed more "twinges" this time. I guess I always thought that I was feeling these twinges before, but this time, I knew. I guess I will break it down, as best as possible: 1-6 DPO, nothing out of the ordinary. 7 DPO, I had a temp dip, not a huge one, but a dip for sure. It was actually this day that I started noticing little things (things that could easily be attributed to the dreaded AF). I had a few twinges, and very emotional this day (I cried over two television shows, and I do not cry over fictional shows). 8 DPO, Twinges, enlarged breasts, and hot flashes. Oh yeah, I was also in the crabbiest mood ever. 9 DPO, Twinges again, enlarged breasts, and cold-like symptoms. 10 DPO, this is the first time that I took a test. The line was so so so faint, that I didn't really believe it (figured it was an EVAP). I was short of breath, I had twinges, enlarged breasts, and felt very cold. I talked to my Doctor, and told him about the faint positive(s), lets be honest, I took a few tests this day, and he said "Congratulations! Call us in two days, and we will bring you in for a blood test." 11 DPO, another faint positive, but this time, it was getting darker!!! Again, I was feeling the twinges, had enlarged breasts, and felt very cold. 12 DPO, I was super excited to wake up this morning to test again, hoping that the line would be even darker, and sure enough, within 1 minute of dipping the test, there was the line, starting to appear! After 3 minutes, the line was darker than it had ever been. Ok, now I am going to believe that it is a BFP. Three days of faint lines, getting darker, it must be real! Tomorrow, I go in for the blood test, and it will be then that I will be totally satisfied. My husband refuses to get too excited until he has the concrete proof. Although, I could see his eyes light up this morning as he saw the test. I have to say that we lucked out this month as far as timing. I temp, and check my cervix, as well as use OPKs, so we are definitely on top of things as far as making sure we get it done! Ha. But, this month, we went to see a fertility specialist, and during my ultrasound, the nurse told me that I had an egg, ready to go. She recommended going home, and getting busy. So, that night, and the following night, we made sure to BD (and use Pre-Seed). Sure enough, here I am, writing my story on this website that I was very addicted to. I was diagnosed with PCOS 11 years ago, so I am praying to God that this is a sticky bean! Good luck to everyone, and just keep up your faith. It will happen!

3rd IUI After Miscarriage - BFP on 11 DPO

1-4 DPO: clear CM 5-6 DPO: mild cramps more like twinges on left side; clear CM; BB sore to touch (this is earlier than pre-AF); gassy; felt too hot at night; vivid dreams; mild insomnia, less sleep than usual yet bounced out of bed in morning feeling energetic; partner tells me I am irritable and "hope it's because you're preggo!" 7 DPO: all of above but twinges on left side increased; very tired by 6pm 8 DPO: all of above but creamy CM; twinges on left and right sides; low abdominal aches, much milder than AF cramps 9-10 DPO: bb not as sore; very few twinges; low back ache; feel full faster; feel bloated; vivid dreams; very tired; very little CM 11 DPO: vivid dreams; woke up with cramps, felt very much like AF; twinges in lower abdomen throughout morning; no CM; felt faint and dizzy briefly mid-morning; off and on cramping during the day; feel bloated; bb moderately sore. Took EPT HPT in morning, partner saw nothing, I thought (imagined??) I saw a very faint second line. POAS obsession: took a CBE HPT mid-afternoon, again I saw the faintest line but partner only looked at me like I may be crazy. Definitely too faint to feel comfortable calling it a +HPT. Hard not to get hopes up now. Late evening, tested using FRER and finally a definite (faint) line, a +HPT! Even my partner finally saw this one. We aren't telling anyone yet for fear of a chemical pg but we are definitely optimistic and excited. Update: Strong, fast BFP this morning, 14 DPO. Going to tell parents and OBGYN tomorrow. BBs quite sore now and heavier, fatigued all day, vivid dreams, hard to sleep, hungry every 3 hours, sore gums, gassy, very little CM, occasionally light-headed (trying to eat more nutritiously/more regularly to reduce this), bloated, mild cramps and twinges in abdomen. I'm 35, had my 1st pg earlier this year after 4 IUI cycles, but miscarried at ten weeks, so I am thrilled with this new pg but predictably anxious; praying for healthy baby!

BFP After 12 Months TTC, 1 MMC & 1 CP

Sooo happy to be posting here!!! My husband and I have been TTC since Nov 11. During that first cycle I actually got pregnant with twins, but unfortunately we couldn't find a heartbeat at 8 weeks. In February I had a chemical pregnancy. I was heartbroken/depressed and have been trying to get pregnant ever since then...failing month after month. Last week I was finally able to schedule a meeting with a fertility specialist (I had to wait one year until they would schedule me) which was suppose to happen next week. There were a few things that I did differently this cycle: - CD 3- 12: Detox Tea, Red raspberry leaf tea, Pregnancy prep vitamin x2, prenatal vitamin & I worked out a couple times a week - CD 13- Present: I stopped taking everything except my prenatal on CD13, just in case this was my month - TMI alert!!: My DH & I had sex CD 7, 8, 10, 12-14; We did positions that are "suppose" to put the sperm closer to the cervix (missionary/doggie style)..maybe this helped, maybe it didn't... and we used Pre-Seed Here are my DPO results: DPO 1: Nothing DPO 2-3: Very sore nips, typical for me after AF; usually only lasts a couple days DPO 4: less sore nips, gas DPO 5: Nothing DPO 6-7: AF cramps; I was SURE AF was on the way, I always start to get little cramps 1 week out DPO 8: Nothing DPO 9: constant AF cramps / heaviness in stomach (usual for me) DPO 10-11: nips slightly sore again...this made me wonder a little if I was preggo, but I dismissed the idea because I had been wrong so many times. With my other pregnancies sore nips was always a sign towards the end of my cycle DPO 12: sore nips /AF cramps DPO 13: sore nips, AF cramps, sore throat, AM: took Wondofo HPT just on a whim (first time I've ever made it to DPO 13 w/o testing) positive!!! OMG!!! PM: Took clearblue digital & early response HPT Positive!!! Told my hubby who was shocked!!! I honestly had resigned myself to not getting pregnant. I didn't think it was going to happen this month. The "just relax" thing wasn't what worked for me. I still felt just as sad/weepy/anxious as I had in previous months, but I did not feel/act as frantic as I had before (constantly using my OPKs, HPTs, charting, checking pregnancy sites) This is probably because I was moving to a new state during this time and didn't have access to the internet and wanted to "try" to take a break from thinking about baby making for a month... But I'll admit it was still on my mind 24/7. We've prayed for this baby for so long. I just can't believe it & I am hoping and praying that this is our take home baby! Remember every month is a new month & try not to get discouraged. Good luck ladies!

Early BFP - So Excited!!!

My DH & I have been married since May of 2009 and TTC since March of 2010. We started seeing an RE in February of 2012. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and tried IUI w/ Clomid & HCG trigger in March and April without success. Somehow, we got pregnant on our own in May of 2012, but ended up having a miscarriage with D & C in early July 2012. Our pregnancy was diagnosed as having tetraploidy (92 chromosomes) instead of the normal amount. Our RE told us we had to wait three consecutive months of negative Beta's before we could try again, and we were only released to try again on 10/16. I ovulated on 10/17. (We had decided we were going for it this month regardless as to whether or not we got the "all clear" or not). I got my BFP @ 11DPO with FMU!!! Today is 13DPO and my beta is 166 with a Progesterone of 31 (but I am being supplemented). BD = CD 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20 O'd = CD 17 I really haven't had any real symptoms. With my last PG, I was a little over 5 weeks when I found out, but really early this time. I did have some really bizarre & vivid dreams around 4/5/6 DPO. Also, my right eye has been twitching intermittently since the same time (and still is!). I have had some mild cramping and occasional pain in my BB's, but nothing horrible. A little bit of fatigue is setting in, but that may just be a result of the progesterone supplementation (My progesterone was low in my first pregnancy that was tetraploidy, so as soon as I called with a BFP, they re-started my progesterone supplementation without a level while PG... it was 11.9 at 6DPO). So the biggest thing I did between my 2 years of no success and now two BFP's since May, was to stop working night shift. I worked nights for 6+ years and recently transitioned to evening shift. I got PG (with my m/c due to tetraploidy) the first cycle that I didn't work nights. What I did this cycle: ClearBlue Digital OPK CD 9 - CD 17 (was positive on CD 16, felt O pain on CD 17). Used Fertility Friend for the first time - no temps, just OPK & cervical mucus. Prenatal, DHA, & Probiotics in the AM, Folic Acid in the PM. through entire cycle Vitex Calendar Day 4 through O Day (this was 1st month of vitex) Mucinex 2x a day Calendar Day 9-1DPO. (first time I used mucinex) Pre-Seed only if needed for comfort. BD Calendar Days 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 20. I O'd calendar day 17. Most important, I prayed for peace, patience, and God's timing, not mine :). I think that the Mucinex really helped with Cervical Mucus production/thinning. Not sure if the Vitex did anything or not. I am really at peace with this PG - I feel good, not anxious or stressed, so I think this one is going to have a really good outcome!!!!