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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP 3 Months After Stopping BCP

I feel so blessed to be pregnant already as I had my reservations about our chances. Me and DH are both overweight and I have heard this can cause problems. I am glad to say this cannot be a reason as I got my very first BFP 2 days ago! Still not sunk in and haven't told anyone yet! This site was great for helping me gooo craaaaxzzyyy so here I go... 1dpo sore bbs, a little ewcm (all normal) 2dpo sore bbs, creamy cm, headache and a tiny glob of clear cm with three streaks of blood (ov bleeding) not noticed before 3dpo sore bbs, creamy cm, snotty nose and gas 4dpo sore bbs, bloaty 5dpo sore bbs, glass nipples, creamy cm 6dpo sore bbs, glass nipples, creamy cm, headache, bloaty and tiny spot of blood on tp? Smaller than this o. 7dpo sore bbs, glass nipples, abundant creamy cm. "Period pain" so bad in supermarket I had to lean on trolley for a good 5minutes! 8dpo sore bbs, BURNING NIPPLES and I mean burning! Bloaty and diarrhea. 9dpo same as 8dpo BFN 10dpo period pains (out for sure) and same as 8dpo till 15dpo inc cramps. Thought af was coming as have had most symptoms before except I had a nosebleed which I never have around 8-9dpo. Wasn't going to test but as af did not arrive I did an ic for fun and BFP! FRER BFP! CB DIGI BFP! You can tell I couldn't believe it! Now I need to figure out how to tell my dad! I am 26 but I am still freaked as hell about telling him lol! Sticky baby dust everyone!

BFP, Extra Long Cycle - First Time Trying FertiliTea

Finally a BFP! I got my IUD removed in this has been a long 7 months! I have irregular cycles, (28 days to 45 days). EACH and EVERY month, I too (like many of you) thought for sure I was pregnant. BUT, this month was just....different. I started taking FertiliTea (found it on Amazon)...I THOUGHT I ovulated on CD 18, so stopped drinking the tea, then 1 week later on CD 28, BAM! Strongest Ovulation EVER... so this is what it feels like?! I had SOOO much was literally falling out of me. (TMI) We only BD that day and that is how I know the night I conceived! :) O Day - strong pain on low right side, ovulation, BD a few hours after I felt it... only once, that was it! :) 1 -7 DPO - Nothing...BBS a little tender (regular)... some Creamy CM, slightly hopeful, but not really thinking about it. 8 DPO - I FELT Implantation. Yes, you read that right, I was able to feel the moment this little bean stuck! I was making dinner, and hurriedly running around the kitchen like a spaz... I had the sharpest stabbing pain (I have never felt this sensation before) I actually made a groaning was quick...then a few minutes later, again. I was hopeful, but didn't say anything to DH. 9 DPO - Very fatigued, achy, groan area feels sore, need to rest on the couch. went to bed early. 10 DPO - Very tired, just feel off, tested, BFN, decided to NOT test again until 16 DPO. (when AF should arrive) went to bed early. 11 DPO - Very tired, low dull cramping, like during AF. Very strange. lots of WHITE chunky cm (Sorry tmi) went to bed early. 12 DPO - starting to feel more like myself, energy back to normal...feeling a little sad, maybe this month isn't the month? 13 DPO - bbs are more noticeable, 'swollen'. Besides that, I feel okay. Very light low cramping. dry cm 14 DPO - new veins IN my aureola...not breast, that's strange! very light low cramps... I will test tomorrow! the wait has been hard... AF should be here tomorrow?! 16 DPO - very faint BFP, but definitely there...I JUST KNEW IT... so excited...can't concentrate at work! :) Things I did this month: Drank FertiliTea, deleted apps from my phone (I was obsessing over TTC), only BD when we wanted to this month, watched documentaries on giving birth and babies (instead of obsessing over just TTC), Prayed, used a LITTLE bit of Pre-Seed, no smoking, occasional small glass of red wine or beer, lots of green tea, ate healthy (no fast food).

BFP 12dpo 8 Month Trying! 1st Pregnancy!

I can't believe I'm finally posting on here! I've been stalking this site for months as I'm sure many of you are; don't give up on your BFP! My husband and I have been TTC for 8 months. If I didn't get my BFP this month I was going to go get an HSG test to see if my tubes were all clear (because my blood test showed ovulation and his sperm analysis turned out great.) My cycles are 26-28 Days this month my OPK turned positive on cycle day 12. Let me just say I hate how pre af symptoms are the same as ttw symptoms. I always spot about a week before period light brownish pinkish discharge. This month totally thought I was getting af even told husband last night I was sad and scared for the HSG test. He told me don't be sad until you actually get your period. CD 8, 10, 12, 13,14,16 BD CD12- positive OPK DPO 1-6- no symptoms DPO 7- increased CM brown Discharge DPO 8- really tired fell asleep during Dexter at 8PM one of my favorite shows DPO 9- Reddish/Pinkish spot only when wiped in the morning (Implantation perhaps? But not uncommon so now I'm bummed out) DPO 10- Nothing DPO 11- light brown discharge/backache feel like af is on her way DPO 12- slight positive on ept non digital test so I asked my husband to go get digital not telling him about the slight positive. Go to take a bath and take digital test and before I know it I'm running out of the bathroom to tell husband. (he thought I saw a spider) Calling doctor tomorrow to schedule blood test. I've tried everything from bbt charting, grapefruit juice, Pre-Seed, etc.... This month I stuck with *Pre-Seed *OPK *Laying down after sex *SMEP *One a day prenatals with DHA *Husband has been taking flaxseed oil I pray that this pregnancy sticks. I've always wanted to be a mother, and my due date is on my parents anniversary!!! July 1st!

Pregnant :)

I got my BFP yesterday 8 DPO. I experienced my first symptoms at around 4 DPO, which was increased urination and tender breasts. I am currently experiencing hunger, increased urination, leg cramps at night, excessive thirst, dizziness, and tender breast. I used the cheapie dollar bin test from Walmart and it instantly came out positive. Super Excited!!!

BFP After BFN!

Dh and I have been trying for 2 months now. This month I stalked this site many times during my tww. I was hopeful, but didn't really have many of the symptoms other gals were experiencing (no sore boobs, no implantation spotting). 12 dpo I was getting really antsy and poas. Bfn. I was definitely bummed but was excited to try again next month. The next night a good friend came in from out of town and we had a couple glasses of wine while catching up. Told her we were trying (had been keeping this pretty quiet) and vented frustration about bfn. She was great and encouraged me to stay positive and keep at it. Expected af today and woke up this morning sure I had started. Nope. Nothing all day. Then this afternoon I had the slightest wave of nausea. On a whim picked up a test on the way home from work. I was totally prepared to be disappointed with another bfn and dh even rolled his eyes. Quickly poas as I was getting ready for the gym. Then instantly...BFP!!! Dh and I both in shock, but so excited. Really regretting that wine, though :( Though I didn't notice too many symptoms at the time, here are a few I can pinpoint looking back. Regular 35 day cycle. Bd every other day week before o and then everyday around o O day: dreamt I was pg 3-7 dpo: fell asleep really early. Like several hours before usual bedtime. 7-14 dpo: dog laying on my belly a lot. But we have very cuddly dogs so I fight think much of it. 10-12 dpo: slight heartburn even after non-spicy food (never get heartburn) 15 dpo: slight nausea in afternoon. Can't wait for dr. appointment and to get through first trimester and share the exciting news with friends and family! Luck and love to you all! It will happen!

Finally After 7 Months TTC!

Cd 14 - Light cramping, BD Cd 15 - Positive Opk, BD, cramping, little EWCM (Shocked because I had been having 37 day cycles for the past 4 months and I never get any EWCM!) 1 DPO - Positive Opk, BD twice, stronger cramps, tingly breasts 2 DPO - Negative Opk, BD, light cramps, tingly breasts 3 DPO - light cramps, BD, feeling a little tired, tingly breasts 4 DPO - light cramps, BD, feeling a little tired, tingly breasts stopped! 5 DPO - light cramps, very tired and super irritable 6 DPO - light cramps, BD, very tired, moody 7 DPO - light cramps, feeling exhausted while at work 8 DPO - light cramps, feeling exhausted 9 DPO - strong AF like cramps low in uterus while at work, I felt something was up because it was way too early, I never get AF cramps only bad back and pelvic pain once AF starts!, breast swelling 10 DPO - light cramps, BFP!!!! very faint line on cheapie, hubby even sees it!, Took 2 ClearBlue digitals both said PREGNANT within 1 minute!, nausea and migraine at work, exhausted out of this world, emotional, tingly breasts starts again (breasts are not sensitive to the touch, just tingly)! Body is sore at work from cleaning!, breasts still swollen 11 DPO - light cramps, nausea, emotional, tingly breasts, shortness of breath, breasts still swollen 12 DPO - Darker positive on cheapie and Dollar Tree tests, light cramps in my back and can actually feel uterine cramps all throughout the day, shortness of breath, tingly breasts, breast still swollen


Hi everyone, I'm new, only joined a few days ago, I'm a mummy to 3 little girls aged 10, 7, and 2, this is my first cycle trying for baby number 4. Well I've really enjoyed reading other ladies posts about trying to conceive, tips and hearing the great news of their bfp.. Well here's my story, My last af was 23 September, which meant I ovulated around the 6th Oct.. did the deed only once on the 3rd... I've not had many symptoms but I'll list what I've experienced so far. 2dpo - nothing 3dpo - nothing 4dpo - lots of gas lots and lots (that wasn't fun) 5dpo - same 6 dpo - slight cramping 7dpo - nothing started to feel down 8dpo - did a test I know it was early, but couldn't resist lol BFN 9dpo - did another test bfn 10dpo - did a test bfp couldn't believe my eyes I'm soooo happy can't stop smiling :) Good luck to everyone in their 2ww, lots of baby dust to you. xx

BFP with PCOS Thanks to Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs After 18 Months and 5 Failed Clomid Cycles

I have been a faithful/obsessive reader of this site for many, many TWWs and I almost can't believe I'm here writing my own success story! 4w4d today. Life is good! :) I got off the pill in April 2011 to TTC after only being on it for about 4 months. The reason I started bc in January 2011 was because I inexplicably hadn't gotten my period for months and my OB/GYN diagnosed me with PCOS. I am overweight and have a very hard time losing weight (I am a very healthy person, however) and I have cystic ovaries, but those are really my only PCOS symptoms. I also have had hypothyroidism for the past 10 years or so, controlled with a synthroid. Well, I had one "normal" cycle after taking my last bc pill and that's when the very, very long roller coaster ride began. I was having extremely long anovulatory cycles and my OB/GYN put me on Metformin 2000mg/daily to help regulate this. It didn't work and the medication made me feel horrible so I stopped on my own. Still having 50+ day cycles, December 2011 we started the Metformin again at only 1000mg/daily and I started Clomid at 50mg. I had to skip a cycle after that and had yet another anovulatory cycle with an induced period before I was able to take Clomid consistently. 4 cycles in a row, 50mg once and 100mg the last three cycles. Cycles were 34-36 days and nothing. We were also using Pre-Seed and I was taking a prenatal (had been since starting TTC), but that was it. Also, husband had a SA and he has "rock star sperm" (urologist's own words!) so that wasn't the issue. It should also be noted that during those months it was discovered my thyroid was all out of whack with a TSH level of 7 (way too high) so my dose of levothyroxine was moved up from 112mcg to 150mcg. My TSH is now below a 1 since May 2012. Also it was starting around this time that I started doing yoga regularly and eating strictly organic. I'm 13 lbs. lighter than I was when I started TTC. In July 2012, during my last cycle on Clomid, I started acupuncture once a week. My aunt told me about 5 women she knew personally who became pregnant thanks to acupuncture and I know one woman myself who tried for 5 years and acupuncture ended up doing it for her. My first cycle off of Clomid I was worried I wouldn't have a regular cycle, but it was 34 days! All on my own! (Well, still taking Metformin.) This hadn't happened in years. In August I had an initial appointment with an RE. She started me and my husband on a vitamin regimen and we planned on eventually doing IUI with Femara and injectibles. My husband and I decided not to go this route, but still take the vitamins and I am convinced this has helped as our energy and sleep have been fantastic. Vitamin C, flaxseed oil (for Omega-3) and folic acid along with a men's multivit for him and prenatal for me. This cycle I started a Chinese herbal blend formulated by my acupuncturist from which I made a tea and drank twice a day. I started this on CD3 and continued until my BFP. This cycle we did not do acupuncture once a week, but only on CD17 and CD19 (I was regularly ovulating on CD20 up to this cycle so we wanted to do it leading up to ovulation.) I was supposed to get a treatment on CD18 as well, but missed the appointment. However, I believe I ovulated around CD17 this cycle due to my CM which was copious and very slippery. Every other time it had been a clear, jelly-like consistency, but this time was more like actual egg whites and didn't come out in clumps. Also, as I said, it came 2-3 days earlier than ever before. Also, on CD18 I had a preconception massage with guided meditation that was AMAZING. At one point she told me to visualize my baby and it brought tears to my eyes. Very powerful. We BD'd CDs 15, 17 and 19. About the sex: it was incredible this month. Almost instant, completely simultaneous orgasms every single time. It is rare for this to happen to us at all, let alone 3 times in one week. It was so bizarre (in a great way) and I can't say why this happened exactly. Just more confirmation that "this was our month"! Symptoms: CD15: Small glob of snot-like CM. Wonder if O Day could be coming earlier than usual. CD16: LOTS of clear, smooth, slippery EWCM CD17: Determined my unofficial O day. No cramping or bloating that I normally get. O Day - 3DPO: Breaking out on either side of chin. Unusual. 3DPO: Explosive diarrhea 4DPO: Small glob of snot-like CM only after after BM. Boobs starting to feel very slightly sore after taking off bra. 5DPO: Boobs still slightly sore if I press on them or after taking off my bra. 6DPO: Cervix is "stuffed up" with creamy, snotty CM. More creamy, though. 7-8DPO: Didn't make note of anything. 9DPO: Boobs a little sore if pressed and left nipple had weird, intense, burning, itching feeling for a minute. Insane hot flashes in the early evening--literally sweating. Cervix has been very high for past few days and basically no CM.

BFP 15 DPO, 8 Months TTC

I am so happy to announce my bfp! After 8 months ttc!!! Here are my symptoms: 2-4 dpo had a horrible sinus cold, soooo sick. 5-10 dpo sore boobs but that's usual for me before af 10-11 dpo bfn, cramping was sooo bad, shooting down through my legs. 12-13 dpo, brown smearing not enough for a panty liner but usual pms symptoms so I gave up and bought maxi pads, because all my symptoms disappeared. 14 dpo huh? Sore boobs are back? Strange...and no af?? 15 dpo I caved and did a test at 1 pm, it was BFP!!!! My cervix is also high and dry, and my runny nose never went away. Don't give up on bfns at 11 dpo. Thank you to god, my husband, and to all you ladies who post on the tww. Love you all.


Hi everyone, I've been looking at everyone's symptoms over the past two weeks and can now happily share mine with you all. I've just found out I am pregnant with my second. I started getting symptoms within a few days of conceiving. 1dpo - lots and lots of gurgling in my stomach that went on and off for a few minutes. After dinner, so it wasn't a hunger sign. 2dpo - nothing 3dpo - headache in the pm 4dpo - started getting slight nausea, especially when I was in the car. 5dpo - eyes dry and itchy, nausea in the am 6dpo - head cold, nausea in the am 7dpo - twinges in uterus, eyes dry and itchy 8-10 dpo - weird stabbing pain in left breast, 10dpo - bfn (first response) nausea getting more intense 11dpo - bfn (fr), dull cramps, back ache, increased cm 12dpo - bfn (fr), increased cm, dull cramps, nausea 13dpo - BFP!!!!!, nausea and hungry. Baby dust to you all :)