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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Pregnant For First Time at 44

Hey I just found out I’m pregnant after 10 months of trying at 44! I had the blood tests and internal scan done and all came back ok, but then doctor said they could do nothing else for me as I was 43 about to turn 44!
So I was taking folic acid, royal jelly and C0Q10. And after 10 months of trying I finally got my BFP today at 18dpo! SO please all you ladies over 40 please don't lose hope
Here are some of my symptoms:
7dpo dizziness in the middle of the night total room spinning dizziness and again in the morning when I got up.
8dpo temp dip on the night felt like I was getting a cold
9dpo light pink show when wiped only once
10 dpo felt bloated and gassy farted and belched like a set of bagpipes!
11 dpo took test BFN felt gassy and tired but not totally exhausted by 4pm
13 dpo cramps mild period style cramps sure period is going to start soon
14 dpo cramps still mild and all over tummy area boobs slightly tender but that could be from poking them to check if they are tender!
15 dpo day of period no show! Really crampy and tired and emotional. Convinced period is coming felt sorry for my boyfriend who took the brunt of my bitchy then tearful state!
17 dpo 2 days late now still crampy and boobs slightly tender, slightly tired but not exhausted. Been wearing pads for 2 days waiting for period
18 dpo at work cramps more like twinges in lower belly really gassy and exhausted by 3pm. Leave work early by old fashioned pee stick pregnancy test and modern clearblue digital type. Test when I get home with 1 of each just because I am nosey and cannot wait for first pee of tomorrow morning! Both come back BFP within 2 mins digital says 2-3 weeks! Totally shocked and gassy and literally nearly pee myself with excitement. Thank the heavens for this blessing!
After being told by my doctor my eggs are probably too old and at 44 chances are virtually zero naturally here I am sitting with 2 pee sticks waiting for my boyfriend to come in from work to tell him!
Don't ever give up or stay focused, I bought all the baby magazines even though people said it was tempting fate! I hope for you all BFP whatever your age xxx

BFP After 2nd Try, Miscarriage and 7 Months of Trying

I had a miscarriage at 17 weeks in January and have been trying to conceive ever since. I got pregnant no problem with my DD and then again with the miscarried pregnancy, but have not had luck this time around...until now! Pre-miscarriage my cycles were extremely regular (28 days) and I seemed to always ovulate on/around CD14 (at least I figure I did since that's when I would time intercourse and got pregnant twice on the first cycle). After my miscarriage my cycles were much more irregular - ranging from 27 days to 34 days - and I seemed to ovulate later than I used to (usually CD 18 or CD19). Honestly, I think my body was just trying to "regulate" itself after all of the trauma and blood loss of the miscarriage, D&C, etc. I was also diagnosed post-miscarriage with two different types of blood clotting disorders (after taking dozens of vials of blood from my already anemic body:-) Also turns out I have polycystic ovaries (although not technically PCOS since I have no other symptoms). So I've spent the past 7 months being kind to my body and trying to whip it back into baby-making shape!. I tried to get to acupuncture as much as my wallet would allow and took lots of herbs prescribed by my acupuncturist. In addition, I took prenatals, extra folic acid, b vits, Metformin, baby aspirin, probiotics, and Vitex during my luteal phase (which always was around 11-12 days only). After 6 months of trying, I saw an RE who diagnosed me with "inefficient" ovulation and put me on 50 mg clomid CD2-6. I didn't react to the drugs and was told to that if I didn’t get a + on my OPK by CD18 to use the trigger shot and have intercourse the day of the trigger and the following two days. I ended up not having to do the trigger, but was not optimistic about this month since nothing seemed to be different than previous months when I wasn't on clomid. I should also mention that I used to run quite a bit and seriously scaled back on my exercise per my acupuncturist's recommendation. And I try to each a lot of nutrient-rich warm food (supposedly better for conceiving than cold, raw food which is hard to digest and "puts out the fire in your belly" - again, per my acupuncturist). Lastly, I eat one serving of full-fat Greek yogurt each morning. I've read that whole milk helps with ovulation (although research to support this is spotty), and figured the extra probiotics could only help. Honestly, I have *no* idea if any of this worked. I got pregnant twice w/o doing any of this no problem. But I do believe that my body is different post-miscarriage and needed to heal. I found comfort in this site during the dreaded 2 weeks waits and it always gave me a sense of hope, even on the cycles where I ended up not being pregnant. I really believe that hope is important, even if the let down is super, duper rough. So I wanted to share my symptoms and contribute to this great community:

CD 2-6: 50mg clomid
CD7-17: nada
CD18: +OPK, ewcm, BD
CD19: +OPK, ewcm, mild cramping, BD
CD20:-OPK (thus leading me to believe I O'd on CD18), BD'd for good measure
1DPO-7DPO: nada
8DPO: serious nausea and runs
9DPO: less nausea, cramping
10DPO: nausea gone, mild cramping, took hpt bc I like to torture myself and BFP
11DPO: more cramping, feels exactly like PMS
12DPO - day: more cramping, moodiness, really bummed out for another month
12DPO - evening: more cramping, but boobs suddenly feel tingly and sensitive which NEVER happens unless I’m pregs. I took another hpt and faint BFP!!! I was amazed. I have never had such bad PMS symptoms.
13DPO: more cramping and another faint BFP and terrible runs (thought I had a stomach bug)
14DPO: still cramping and darker BFP line, runs totally gone

I'm 16 DPO today and went in for my beta test this morning. I still have off and on cramping and my boobs hurt steadily now. I didn't have any cramping with my first two pregnancies, which make me a little nervous (are they a prelude to a miscarriage?). But from what I’ve read here and elsewhere cramping can be normal as your uterus stretches AND every pregnancy is different. My biggest take-away is that it really isn't over until you get AF. I mean, I would have bet a large sum of money on NOT being pregnant this month due to my period-like symptoms. Our bodies are amazing, but truly mysterious sometimes. Just take good care of yourself and don't lose hope!

BFP!!! Spotting

Hey all this is my story thought it might help here goes ...

Last Nov. 2011 we started trying but stopped in March 2012 as we hadn’t fell pregnant and something just didn’t feel right. My dad was told he had cancer in Dec 2011 so I think my head wasn’t in the right place so we stopped…
In Sept this year we decided to start trying again things seem to be a lot less stressful and my dad had the all clear so we thought let’s just see how it goes ....... this was our first month of trying, this is baby no 4 but I had a really bad feeling that it wasn’t gonna happen as quick as the others (boy was I wrong)
Anyway I put that to the back of my mind and really relaxed, enjoyed trying we went on holiday for 5 days just me, hubby, had an amazing time :)

I ovulated around the 16 -20 Sept, not 100% when as my periods are 28-32 days BD -15, 19, 21, 26 Sept
1-6 DPO backache, light cramps, very tired, bloated, slight bleed after sex which really confused me loads
7-10 DPO - started spotting, was convinced period was on her way as I was due on any day!!!
11-12 DPO- spotting, very tired, loads of gas, massive break out of tiny little spots on face 100% sure she was coming
13 DPO - took test first thing in morning was NEG :(
14 DPO - weeing sooooo much still spotting , bit snappy too :/
15 DPO - back ache , bloated , tired , cramps (like she was coming today ) light pink watery stuff
16 DPO - cramps , constipation , tired all the time now
17 DPO - all the same as 16
18 DPO - couldn’t wait any more had breakfast went got test and it was BFP!!!! WOW we feel very lucky and blessed that it happened so quickly. My advice is relax and enjoy it as I think it really helps get away if u can too :)

All the best to u all.
Still in shock hope all goes well.


BFP with Very Few Symptoms

So happy that I can finally add my story. We have been trying for a year and were ready to book a dr's appointment.
This is what we used/did:
Clearblue fertility monitor
Pre-Seed (first month)
dtd every other day on high fertility days and both peak days
Soy isoflavones 200mg on cd's 3-7

My symptoms:
1-6dpo: Nothing major. Bbs tender, but that is normal for me. Cervix high and closed (Again, normal for me)
7-9dpo: Still sore bbs. A bit tired, but with 3 children that is nothing new. Cervix still high and closed.
10dpo: Sorry tmi, DF farted in kitchen and I promptly threw up. Vow to stop giving him veg :). Cervix medium and closed. Test bfn
11dpo: Suddenly become a complete moody cow. Jeans feel really tight, think it must be the dreaded AF bloat. Massive acne attack (normal for me) Cervix up high again. Test bfn
12dpo: Back starts aching, super moody, found fault in everything DF done. Decided to test for the last time this cycle, v v faint line on internet cheapie. decide it's a evap and re test 4 hours later. Another faint line!!!!!!
13dpo: Test using FRER with FMU. BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to put it blunt, I really had no unusual symptoms at all, had more symptoms in months I didn't conceive.
I hope this brings hope to all those who keep testing bfn and have no symptoms. It can happen.
Baby dust to all xxx

BFP on the Fourth Try!

So it's hard to believe but it has happened...This is our second pregnancy, and I thought it would happen in the blink of an eye, but it took a little longer, but at least it's here! This pregnancy took 4 cycles, about as long as my first pregnancy. What clued me in this time was the lack of soreness in my BBs. Here are my symptoms:
CD 15- BD (-OPK)
CD 16- (+OPK)
O day- (+ OPK) Felt a bad cramp on my left side on and off for 2 hours, very uncomfortable, possible ovulation pain (have never had that before)-we BD
DPO 1-11 Nothing! Weird...I usually get sore BBs a week before. Soreness came and went for a couple first clue.
DPO 12- BBs sore on sides only, uterine cramps on and off all day, CM switched between white to yellow gel like, cervix felt really warm and puffy. Took an opk for fun, and VERY positive! Thinking omg, this could be it, trying not to get excited.
DPO 13- take a pregnancy test with FMU, and BFP!!!!
So overall, it was lack of PMS symptoms, how different my cervix felt, and I just felt like I was pregnant, but denied it to not get too excited. Were excited, as it was my husband’s birthday this week. It was a nice present to give! Hope this pregnancy will be as healthy as our first. Good luck ladies!

36-40 Day Cycles with BFP

Am so so thrilled! Taken 2 tests to make sure :-)
Day 17 - EWCM
Day 18 - EWCM (did the BD)
Day 19 - Spotty forehead
Day 20 - Very spotty forehead and chin (did the BD)
Day 21 - Ovualtion (BBT dip 0.3'C) (did the BD)
1DPO - BBT rise of 0.4'C
4DPO - Loads of EWCM in a big glob whilst in the bath... very confusing - never happened before
5DPO - dull cramps like PMT and another rise in BBT 0.3'C
6DPO - Sore/stinging nipple (Left) and dull cramps, slightly queasy/dizzy
7DPO - EWCM, Sore/stinging nipple (Left)
8DPO - Sore/stinging nipple (Left)
12DPO - another BBT spike 0.4'C, Thick creamy CM.
13DPO - BFN and mood low as a result
14DPO - Tender breast near underarm (Right), continued high BBT
15DPO - Tender breast near underarm (Right), continued high BBT
16DPO - Both breasts very tender (Right more so), continued high BBT and dull cramping and pinches in abdomen
17DPO - Both breasts very painful (Left top of breast, Right under breast) continued high BBT, cramps like bad PMT - thought AF was on her way!
18DPO - No sign of AF, cramps, sore boobs and at 6pm = BFP!!!!!
19DPO - Another BFP at 4pm, just to be sure :-)

We're so happy after TTC with long cycles (meaning long waits every time) and BFNs
Keep getting the sticks out to check it's actually happening!
I recommend using an online ovulation calculator - worked for me :-)

Tww: OVER!

I loved reading all of these tww stories as I endured through weird symptoms that I hoped were real symptoms.. while still not wanting to get my hopes up too high.. you know how it is. So here is our BFP story. Back story: Quit taking birth control and started tracking my cycle and temping in July. Decided after two months of tracking that we would start ttc in September. We bought a 40/10 pack of OPKs and HPT from the internet (Wondfo brand). Cheap and effective.

CD15: Positive OPK in evening. Had BD'd that afternoon, again that night, twice day before and every-other-day prior to that. Previously I'd ovulated on CD 20 and CD 23, so I was surprised that it was this early. I'm just glad we'd been BD'ing and that I was using OPKs. I'd also been practicing how to roll up on my hips with my legs in the air without spilling 'it' out. Thought it was just practice but turned out that BD'ing and rolling up on CDs14/15 was actually good timing and fun (not the legs in the air part though).

CD16/Ovulation day: Ovulation pains R side
DPO1: BFN (obviously) this was a control test to compare to later- no water line noticeable. Sore nipples (probably from the hormone surge of ovulation, I've experienced it in previous non-ttc months), cramping and sore girly parts (tmi-probably from so much BD'ing back to back!).
DPO2: sore nipples
DPO3: sore nipples
DPO4: sore nipples
DPO5: unremarkable/nothing to report.
DPO6: unremarkable/<1 glass of wine
DPO7: nausea, pains near uterus/tingles, peeing more frequently, cold symptoms, BFN on evening urine w/Wondfo (hey, some people get faint reads early, just didn't want to miss it if it was so).
DPO8: cramping, *burning* - feels like maybe a UTI but a little different (this is what made me start reading others' tww symptoms!), runny nose.
DPO9: light cramping, mostly unremarkable
DPO10: AF-like cramps all day. Tingles and pains.
DPO11: BFN First Response (FR); BFN w/Wondfo at first; after 5 mins very, very faint BFP? Hesitant to say BFP for sure. Light cramps, runny nose, tingles and little pains. So sure I'm PG from my symptoms (never felt any of this before), but again, hesitant to get hopes up.
DPO12: light cramps, tingles in uterus (getting used to this now), faint but definitely BFP w/Wondfo on evening urine... getting excited.
DPO13: BFP on FR! light cramping, sore BBs.

I'm sure I'll continue testing until my appt with the midwife. I definitely *felt* pregnant (as much as a first-timer can feel anyway) but really didn't want to get mine or DH's hopes up. It was our first month of trying after all. It's exciting and a little scary. Can't wait until the first trimester is over and we can let out a sigh of relief, as the risk of MC is less. I just had a few friends that MC'd and it makes me more aware of it. But, God is good and in control. I trust Him to bring us only what we can handle! Yay for BFPs!


So a little background about us... We stopped taking oral contraceptives in Sept 2011 after I was on them for 9 years. My cycles were 35-43 days for the first few after stopping OCPs which was frustrating, but I guess is not uncommon. In Feb 2012, we started using OPKs and found out I ovulated very late (day 25 to 29), so we may have been timing BDing wrong (used the calendar method previously). My cycles continued to be long and I figured out my luteal phase was only 9 days, which concerned me. I started taking Vitamin B6 and B Complex to try to lengthen my lutueal phase. This seemed to push my ovulation up a few days (CD 21-24) and extended my luteal phase by a couple of days (YAY!). After two months of taking Vitamin Bs, I started spotting from 7dpo on and my luteal phase seemed to go back to 9 days, but now with spotting (ugh!). So, I stopped the B vitamins. At this point, it was getting close to the year of TTC mark, so I set up an appointment with a fertility specialist on Sept 20, 2012. I was given a prescription for Clomid and was excited to start it next cycle. The doc thought Clomid would help strengthen ovulation and the luteal phase would take care of itself with stronger ovulation. He offered to give me a med to start my period as well (I was on CD 22 with no sign of ovulation yet). I declined, because I should have been ovulating any day after the appointment and didn't want to mess anything up with my cycle by using another med. Well, I ovulated on CD 26 and saw my beautiful BFP 10 dpo!!!!!!! This was my first ever positive pregnancy test. I also must mention that I was VERY sick with a head cold from 1 dpo to 4 dpo and wasn't worrying much about TTC. Also, I think the doctor's appt gave me some relief that we were finally getting help so I wasn't worrying about this cycle as much. It's crazy how things work!!!!! Now I have a $900 bill to pay for the specialist, but it will be worth it for my BFP!

CD24- + opk
CD25- + opk BD in pm (no other BD was close!) EWCM
CD26- + opk Ovulation day
1-4 dpo- SICK with head cold
6 dpo- EWCM--really tipped me off that something was different this cycle!!
7 dpo- acne between boobs
9 dpo- boobs feel full and look bigger, nipples erect
10 dpo- woke up with stomach cramps and had to pee sooo bad, faint line on wondfo hpt with fmu, + FRER hpt

We feel so blessed! The timing of this was so right too.. I was just in my BF's wedding and we just got back from a vacation with friends that had been planned for a while, so I was able to drink at both!

Good luck to everyone trying and try to relax :)

BFP 10dpo Afternoon Urine absolute shock is what I am!!

My husband and I have been trying for 10 months. We started 50mg of clomid CD 3-7. I went in for my progesterone check and ultrasound at CD 21 and it was negative. But 3 days later I FELT myself ovulating, had EWCM and a positive OPK.

We BD CD 6, 9, 21, 22, 24, 25
Ovulated CD 24

1-4 DPO- Nothing
5-6 DPO skin break out, gas, urinating a lot
7 DPO- Saw EWCM again, that was weird! Nipples tender
8 DPO- EWCM again! Took a opk, negative, Nipples tender, now breast are starting to hurt on side/under arm area Also dreamed that I was holding my baby!
9DPO- Gas, INSANELY sleepy in the afternoon, more skin break outs, constipated, crazy sore nipples, breast feel fine though BFN with FMU and afternoon urine
10DPO- BFMAYBE in the morning, took a WONDFO at about 11:00am I think I see a litttllleeee line, Took a FRER, see a DEFINITE second line, though light!!

Good luck ladies!


Me and my partner decided we were ready for a baby so as you do we increased the amount of times we were intimate before and around the time I was ovulating.

1-5 DPO no symptoms
6 DPO sharp shooting pains in the uterus area. Sometimes felt like little twinges or pinching.
7 DPO again more sharp shooting pains and twinges in the uterus area but this time more intense. I was out shopping with my mum and had to rest for a few minutes. That evening I went for a meal and the shooting pains came back. At this point I thought I may be pregnant as I'd never had those type of pains before AF.
8 -9 DPO twinges
10 DPO Took a pregnancy test in the evening and got a very faint line
11 DPO Took another test and another line but this time a little darker.
12 DPO Took a digital pregnancy test and BFP within seconds

I just knew I was pregnant as soon as the shooting/pinching pains came as this just wasn't normal for me. I didn't get any other symptoms at all and I always get the usual cramps, tender aching breasts and hunger 1 week before AF is due but this time nothing. I did notice around 12 DPO I looked run down all of a sudden. I looked like this for the first 3 months then began to look healthy again.

My baby will be 1 next week and we started trying this month for baby no. 2 and once again I've had the same sharp shooting pains for several days but this time I've also had sharp pains in my breasts on and off for days and I feel extremely tired all of a sudden and look run down. I will test in 4 days time.

Baby dust to everyone xx