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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Early BFP - So Excited!!!

My DH & I have been married since May of 2009 and TTC since March of 2010. We started seeing an RE in February of 2012. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and tried IUI w/ Clomid & HCG trigger in March and April without success. Somehow, we got pregnant on our own in May of 2012, but ended up having a miscarriage with D & C in early July 2012. Our pregnancy was diagnosed as having tetraploidy (92 chromosomes) instead of the normal amount. Our RE told us we had to wait three consecutive months of negative Beta's before we could try again, and we were only released to try again on 10/16. I ovulated on 10/17. (We had decided we were going for it this month regardless as to whether or not we got the "all clear" or not). I got my BFP @ 11DPO with FMU!!! Today is 13DPO and my beta is 166 with a Progesterone of 31 (but I am being supplemented). BD = CD 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20 O'd = CD 17 I really haven't had any real symptoms. With my last PG, I was a little over 5 weeks when I found out, but really early this time. I did have some really bizarre & vivid dreams around 4/5/6 DPO. Also, my right eye has been twitching intermittently since the same time (and still is!). I have had some mild cramping and occasional pain in my BB's, but nothing horrible. A little bit of fatigue is setting in, but that may just be a result of the progesterone supplementation (My progesterone was low in my first pregnancy that was tetraploidy, so as soon as I called with a BFP, they re-started my progesterone supplementation without a level while PG... it was 11.9 at 6DPO). So the biggest thing I did between my 2 years of no success and now two BFP's since May, was to stop working night shift. I worked nights for 6+ years and recently transitioned to evening shift. I got PG (with my m/c due to tetraploidy) the first cycle that I didn't work nights. What I did this cycle: ClearBlue Digital OPK CD 9 - CD 17 (was positive on CD 16, felt O pain on CD 17). Used Fertility Friend for the first time - no temps, just OPK & cervical mucus. Prenatal, DHA, & Probiotics in the AM, Folic Acid in the PM. through entire cycle Vitex Calendar Day 4 through O Day (this was 1st month of vitex) Mucinex 2x a day Calendar Day 9-1DPO. (first time I used mucinex) Pre-Seed only if needed for comfort. BD Calendar Days 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 20. I O'd calendar day 17. Most important, I prayed for peace, patience, and God's timing, not mine :). I think that the Mucinex really helped with Cervical Mucus production/thinning. Not sure if the Vitex did anything or not. I am really at peace with this PG - I feel good, not anxious or stressed, so I think this one is going to have a really good outcome!!!!

Definite BFP!!

Hi, all! DH and I decided in September to start actively trying for #1. I went off of the pill in July 2012, but waited until September to start trying so that I could return to my regular cycles. I've got no history of fertility problems, and AF comes with alarming regularity each month (27 day cycle). I O'd on or around 9/16 (I didn't chart or BBT--I can usually tell when I O because of the type of CM), so we BD'd 9/10, 9/12, 9/14, 9/15 and 9/16. Then: 6-8 DPO: crampy, like I was expecting my period. Light cramps on and off. 8 DPO: Acne breakout (usually this doesn't come until RIGHT before AF, but that was over a week away at this point!) 9-12 DPO: super tired. I came home pretty much every day after teaching and took a nap, then had no trouble falling back asleep at 10 PM. Very, very gassy. Felt as if I needed to poop--when I did poop, it was soft, not like normal. My stomach hurt and I began to have little or no appetite. On 11 DPO, I felt so nauseous; I almost barfed on a student (but didn't--I haven't actually thrown up yet). 12 DPO: took a test with FMU and got a BFN. Disappointed, but figure maybe I'm still too early along to have enough HCG in my pee yet. Feel definitely pregnant. 13 DPO: still felt nauseous (no barfing yet) with very little appetite. Stomach felt heavy. No sore boobs--odd for me at this point in my cycle. Don't want to test until Monday (which would be 15 DPO), but DH insists on buying some new tests (he was SO excited!!!). I agreed to POAS, but wanted to wait until the next morning, so I could get FMU. Again, DH wheedled me into POAS late that night. And guess what? A BFP (faint but still there)!! I was so excited!! I had felt pregnant for several days, but it was so weird to have confirmation of what I'd been feeling. 14 DPO: tested with FMU to reassure myself. Still BFP! Shared the news with just our parents and siblings. I was the most shocked of all that we conceived the first month that we tried. I figured the statistics were against us, but I guess this little baby wants to arrive next summer. :) I'm 7 weeks along now (10/23), and the morning sickness is kicking in big time. I am so excited to meet my little baby in June 2013!

BFP After 2 Years

OMG I can't believe that I finally got my BFP after my laparoscopic surgery because of PCOS 6 months ago. After trying very hard after the surgery, we can't wait anymore and asked for clomid, which my RE gave a three months supply and walla! Got pregnant with my first clomid cycle. I never got pregnant or seen any positive hpt so it was a crazy roller coaster ride for my feelings and dh and I are really confused on how to react. I have been reading this website for almost 3 months as my bedtime stories. Here are my symptoms by dpo 1-3 dpo : nothing 4-7 dpo : sore nipples, breast doesn't feel fuller or heavier, sharp pain on sides 8 dpo : bad sore throat in the morning, Sneeze, headache, gagged few times 9 dpo : sore heavier breasts 10-11 dpo : vomit after shower, sore breasts, fatigue, feeling very hopeful, good mood 12 dpo : brown spotting on wipes! Thought was my period, slight cramp, disappointed, went to toilet 20 times to check! But spotting lasted 1 hour i think. Got home and decided to check and OMG BFP! But a very thin line. We didn't cheer yet because i have another 2 more days before my period is due. 13 dpo : BFP again, thin line. Slight pms cramp. 14 dpo : BFP again! And this time the line is much darker. 16 dpo : BFP using clearblue digital! Clear pregnant I went to see a doctor just now and confirmed my pregnancy! I can see a very tiny black spot but doctor said it is still early to clearly see it but he said that i am pregnant because of my womb's changing. I can't believe after so many hpts I finally got my positive this month. Keep trying is my key. Baby dust to all!

BFP DPO 12, 4th Cycle - After Loss

Last year, we were lucky to get pregnant on the second cycle, but after an easy pregnancy, we tragically lost the baby at 7 months due to an umbilical cord accident. So needless to say, I had really hoped after taking some time to heal, we would be able to get pregnant as easily again without any further stress. I'm 32, healthy, and so is DH. Starting the 4th cycle, I was a little nervous that it had already taken twice as long as last time, but kept telling myself that we got pregnant before, and will again, just don't stress too much. I went about my life just as I had before; eating healthy, exercising, but still having a glass or two of wine here and there (to be honest). Yesterday was the first BFP, at CD 27, DPO 12! The only difference with this cycle was the use of Robitussin (generic Tussin from CVS). I also took Tussin for the first time when we got pregnant last fall. I really think this is what did the trick. I could tell a difference in my CM: I saw it more frequently and it was less thick. All 4 cycles, I drank a lot of green tea and took an extra 800 of Folic in addition to my prenatal. The cycles before this, I would keep my hips up and lay for over a half hour. I ended up with BV-like symptoms and despite a negative swab for infection at gyn, she suggested I not let his stuff stay inside for that long. Also, BD every other day instead of 7 days in a row - it was overkill she said. So this cycle, I heeded the 'don't lay too long rule' and went about my business after we BD. Also took a day off from BD and only felt it was needed 4 times, thanks to pinpointing ovulation with the OPK. I hated feeling it come out after I got up after about 5-10 mins, but figured I didn't want to create an environment in there that would kill the swimmers the next time we BD. My cycles range from about 28-30 days. And this was the third month of using an OPK. The first and second use was the digital Clear Blue Easy and got the smiley face at day 15 both times. This cycle I saved money and bought the CVS brand dip sticks and got the two dark lines at day 16. I was nervous it wouldn’t work, but it did. CD 11: tussin (2 tbsp., 3 times a day) CD 12: neg OPK, tussin CD 13: neg OPK, tussin, ewcm, BD CD 14: neg OPK, tussin, ewcm CD 15: neg OPK, tussin, BD CD 16 (dpo 1): positive OPK, tussin, BD CD 17 (dpo 2): tussin, BD CD 18 (dpo 3): feeling 'off' for a couple hours (not very hungry, just feeling yuck), ewcm CD 19 (dpo 4): creamy discharge CD 20 (dpo 5): ewcm, gas, slight congestion CD 21-22: nothing CD 23 (dpo 8): slight sore throat, really thirsty, brief 'off' feeling again CD 24 (dpo 9): pinch on right side, slight sore throat/runny nose, slight heart burn, creamy disc, gas CD 25 (dpo 10): slight heart burn, bloat, moody, went for my normal 3 mile jog and felt like I could barely finish it. Same the next day. CD 26 (dpo 11): first POAS was negative, slight heart burn CD 27 (dpo 12) BFP!!! 2 faint lines on first FRER in the morning, same faint line on a second test. Hot flashes, heart burn. CD 28 (dpo 13): Another faint positive on FRER. Disappointed it wasn't getting darker so I bought the Clear Blue Easy digital and it said "pregnant" - even without first morning urine. Still no soreness in BBs. One BIG difference this pregnancy was my BBS were NOT SORE AT ALL. Nada, nothing, not a pinch, no tingling, soreness, etc. I was sure I wasn't pregnant because last time this symptom started about three days before AF. Also, the heart burn was new this cycle. I had this during my last pregnancy, so I started to suspect, but didn't want to get my hopes up. Some of the other symptoms I felt at some point during all 4 cycles, so it's easy to convince yourself you're not feeling anything 'important.' Thank you for all of your stories and good luck to everyone!

BFP Cycle 4

Came off of birth control 4 months ago (July 1st) (nuvaring) and started trying right away - first 2 cycles had crazy symptoms and 3 cycles not sure if I even ovulated. Then this cycle - lots of EWCM (I mean lots) right on schedule (I temped for cycles 2 and 3 but didn't for cycle 4 because it was too much- but it did teach me to look for the right signs etc so it is worth trying for a few months). For those ladies looking for symptoms (I was SURE I was out this month) I think much of the TWW symptoms are normal post-ovulation symptoms- so I have listed below what I felt but again most of it probably normal ovulation symptoms. I did not have any cramping or spotting during my TWW 1-3 dpo - nothing 3-6 dpo - lots and lots of gas - bbs starting to hurt but normal for me 6-12 dpo - bbs very sore and full, no more gas but feeling sea sick- really really sea sick - I was really excited but then took 2 tests (8dpo-11dpo) and BOTH BFN 13dpo - bbs hurting less but see blue veins, sure AF is coming! sea sickness (nausea) gone completely - very very cranky mood 14dpo - expect AF in morning but nothing (I am SUPER regular 27 days - even after stopping birth control), take my temp just to check (even though I haven't been temping all month) it is 99.3. WHAT?? I never have that high of a temp (even during day) especially if AF is coming. Sure it will be negative but take a test....... BFP!!! In shock (happy shock) so is hubby. What I did different this month: Used Conceive plus Ate Pineapple (plus core) 3 & 4 dpo No temping - just assumed I would ovulate CD14 and forgot about the rest.

Pregnant at 35!

Hi everyone, Firstly I can understand the frustration and disappointment people feel at not getting pregnant with AF arriving and numerous discouraging BFN's. When my last AF arrived I cried. Any way I have been secretly wanting to be pregnant for last 3 months with DH only on board this month so obviously I took my opportunity and thankfully I got pregnant with no 4 (I have 3 children from previous marriage 9, 12 and 14). The last two months I practically begged him to BD with me at ovulation time but he refused. It was heart breaking. I still kept thinking I had a chance with the odd time of unprotected sex and believed I was pregnant too. I had severe bloating, extremely sore swollen breasts (also had a let down feeling in them like in breast feeding which was stimulated with stress which I had not felt since nursing DS nine years ago), went off tea and coffee ( I was a complete coffee addict) and I wasn't even pregnant that time! I believe I have cysts which I am getting a scan for and that was perhaps causing the crazy symptoms. So to start with I wasn't sure what I could trust this month symptom wise. Still hardly drinking the tea and coffee but glad about that tho! Previous to ovulation this month we BD every night all 5 days before ovulation. Twice on ovulation day and once the day after. I have a very regular 28 day cycle with ovulation pains in the middle and so I am very aware of ovulation time. I got the EWCM on all those days so I knew it was my fertile time. Ovulation day: ovulation pains both sides (could it be twins?! lol), lower back pain, tired, BD twice 1dpo: tired, sore nipples, bloating, constipated (was at docs and they gave me med for constipation which was a surprise cos went in about the suspected cysts... made me suspect pregnancy tho cos knew constipation could be a symptom) 2dpo: sore nipples, bloating (I have a prob with bloating at moment connected with cycles I believe so not that suspicious about this symptom), headache in evening. The headache was a tip off for me because I rarely get headaches and in pregnancy no 1 I got a lot of horrible headaches every night in early pregnancy. 3dpo: woke up to vivid dream and now I really think that is a strong indicator. Been having so many dreams. Had read this symptom on other BFP stories, sore nipples, headache, irritable, then major significant important symptom today; large thick gloupy cloudy white stretchy snot like CM that was stronger, bigger and whiter than the normal EWCM at ovulation time. I have never seen this before. I personally believe it was from the plug forming on the cervix. 4dpo: vivid dream, woke up to headache, constant sneezing, sore nipples. 5dpo: similar thick CM to 3dpo, tender, itchy breasts esp at night (weird cos never get itchy breasts), bloating, headache on and off 6dpo: BFN (I couldn't resist cos new internet cheapies arrived). vivid dreams, tender breasts which are still annoyingly itchy but pleased cos maybe it means I'm pregnant, cried with both DH and sister separately today, emotional, right ovary pain twinges; (implantation or cysts playing up? usually only get that at ovulation time) 7dpo: right ovary pain again, tender breasts, BFN maybe I'm not pregnant. Don't want to get hopes up. 8dpo: vivid dream, fell out with DH, bloating, BFN thinking I'm out this month, then in bath wonder if BBs look more veiny and spot on chin....mmmm preg hormones acne? 9dpo: vivid dream very very faint BFP on internet cheapie on FMU, DH not convinced, did FRER BFN (next day sister noticed incredibly faint line on that FRER test tho), v bloated, feeling sick in morning, clearblue BFN 10dpo: am clearblue digi BFN, FRER v faint BFP, BFP FRER 7pm stronger line so braved another clear blue digital (pregnant 1-2!) couldn't wait to show disbelieving DH 10 dpo-17 dpo continued taking multiple preg tests just to prove to myself I'm pregnant. Enjoyable to see after countless BFN's in last few months. Also paranoid in case I miscarry and like to see I'm still pregnant. I have a whole display of HPT's on my dressing table. Even did an ovulation one which I read could work as preg test and it did work! Btw I would not recommend predictor brand tho cos bought two "early "ones for fun once I knew I was preggo and they gave me two false negs near my due date...absolute rubbish. I feel sorry for people relying on them. Also I recommend avoiding testing in afternoon cos I got my strongest BFP's in morn and surprisingly in the evening. Internet cheapies are the way to go (the early 10 ml ones)

BFP - 13 DPO!

I have been reading the BFP stories on this site for the last 2 months. My husband and I have been TTC for 7 months. This month we used PreSeed for the first time, I laid down with hips up for about 30 mins afterwards, we did the SMEP, and I used ClearBlue Ovulation kit. We also prayed that God would bless us with a baby! I did not ovulated until CD25 which is really late into my cycle. I usually have 30-34 day cycles. This morning, at 13 DPO, I got my BFP! We feel so blessed! I am going to list the few symptoms that I had up until my BFP... but there were very few! 1-4 DPO: I didn't notice anything out of the normal for me, I had a few cramps but I always get those around ovulation time. 5-6 DPO: My eyes were watering and itching so badly, I felt like I was getting a cold because I had stuffy nose and scratchy throat. 7-10 DPO: A few more cramps, my vagina felt like I was getting a yeast infection (itchy but no discharge besides the normal) 11-12 DPO: Tired and cramps... I thought for sure my period was about to start. 13 DPO: Slept until 10:45 ... I NEVER do that!!! Woke up and POAS to see a BFP!!!! I pray that those of you who are TTC will get to soon experience the joy we experienced this morning! God Bless! Baby dust to all!

I am so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been over a year of TTC and I will be 40 in one week. I have had one miscarriage 5 months ago and have PCOS. Starting seeing an RE and I just got my BFP. This site helped me so much in giving me hope so I wanted to share that hope with those of you out there waiting. Things I did differently: I prayed more, used Pre-Seed, 2nd round of clomid (this time I was monitored and used a trigger), lost over 14lbs, took more folic acid, we BD the night of the trigger and the next night....and that was it:) We were told to BD the night after the trigger and the next morning didn't work out exactly like that..... I had an US at 10CD and it showed 4 follicles..... maybe we will have twins. I have to say I thought I had many more symptoms last month. 1-6 dpo- Lots of cream CM (this was present my whole last cycle up to AF) 7dpo- CM changed to more watery and continues to be that way 9dpo- Lots of nausea around 10am and couldn't stand the thought of eggs would make me gag. Took first response (I knew it was way toooo early) got a BFN. 10dpo- Cramping... and burning sensation below the belly button. 11 dpo- Took a first response with FMU and BFN (was very disappointed) 12-13 dpo- Very sensitive to smell, continued burning and cramping feeling but different than AF... also I have the sense of calm that came over me... just felt very very calm....constipation (which is unusual for me before AF) 14dpo- Around 4pm had nausea and feeling a bit more tired.... 9:27pm took a first response and BFP!!!!!!!! Sooooooo Happy. Now I just need to go get the beta's done, will be calling the RE office first thing. Praying for this little one or ones to stick and stay for a healthy 9 months..... well really 8 months now :) Just also wanted to say my RE said to count the first day after the trigger as 1 dpo.

BFP 3 Months After Stopping BCP

I feel so blessed to be pregnant already as I had my reservations about our chances. Me and DH are both overweight and I have heard this can cause problems. I am glad to say this cannot be a reason as I got my very first BFP 2 days ago! Still not sunk in and haven't told anyone yet! This site was great for helping me gooo craaaaxzzyyy so here I go... 1dpo sore bbs, a little ewcm (all normal) 2dpo sore bbs, creamy cm, headache and a tiny glob of clear cm with three streaks of blood (ov bleeding) not noticed before 3dpo sore bbs, creamy cm, snotty nose and gas 4dpo sore bbs, bloaty 5dpo sore bbs, glass nipples, creamy cm 6dpo sore bbs, glass nipples, creamy cm, headache, bloaty and tiny spot of blood on tp? Smaller than this o. 7dpo sore bbs, glass nipples, abundant creamy cm. "Period pain" so bad in supermarket I had to lean on trolley for a good 5minutes! 8dpo sore bbs, BURNING NIPPLES and I mean burning! Bloaty and diarrhea. 9dpo same as 8dpo BFN 10dpo period pains (out for sure) and same as 8dpo till 15dpo inc cramps. Thought af was coming as have had most symptoms before except I had a nosebleed which I never have around 8-9dpo. Wasn't going to test but as af did not arrive I did an ic for fun and BFP! FRER BFP! CB DIGI BFP! You can tell I couldn't believe it! Now I need to figure out how to tell my dad! I am 26 but I am still freaked as hell about telling him lol! Sticky baby dust everyone!

BFP, Extra Long Cycle - First Time Trying FertiliTea

Finally a BFP! I got my IUD removed in this has been a long 7 months! I have irregular cycles, (28 days to 45 days). EACH and EVERY month, I too (like many of you) thought for sure I was pregnant. BUT, this month was just....different. I started taking FertiliTea (found it on Amazon)...I THOUGHT I ovulated on CD 18, so stopped drinking the tea, then 1 week later on CD 28, BAM! Strongest Ovulation EVER... so this is what it feels like?! I had SOOO much was literally falling out of me. (TMI) We only BD that day and that is how I know the night I conceived! :) O Day - strong pain on low right side, ovulation, BD a few hours after I felt it... only once, that was it! :) 1 -7 DPO - Nothing...BBS a little tender (regular)... some Creamy CM, slightly hopeful, but not really thinking about it. 8 DPO - I FELT Implantation. Yes, you read that right, I was able to feel the moment this little bean stuck! I was making dinner, and hurriedly running around the kitchen like a spaz... I had the sharpest stabbing pain (I have never felt this sensation before) I actually made a groaning was quick...then a few minutes later, again. I was hopeful, but didn't say anything to DH. 9 DPO - Very fatigued, achy, groan area feels sore, need to rest on the couch. went to bed early. 10 DPO - Very tired, just feel off, tested, BFN, decided to NOT test again until 16 DPO. (when AF should arrive) went to bed early. 11 DPO - Very tired, low dull cramping, like during AF. Very strange. lots of WHITE chunky cm (Sorry tmi) went to bed early. 12 DPO - starting to feel more like myself, energy back to normal...feeling a little sad, maybe this month isn't the month? 13 DPO - bbs are more noticeable, 'swollen'. Besides that, I feel okay. Very light low cramping. dry cm 14 DPO - new veins IN my aureola...not breast, that's strange! very light low cramps... I will test tomorrow! the wait has been hard... AF should be here tomorrow?! 16 DPO - very faint BFP, but definitely there...I JUST KNEW IT... so excited...can't concentrate at work! :) Things I did this month: Drank FertiliTea, deleted apps from my phone (I was obsessing over TTC), only BD when we wanted to this month, watched documentaries on giving birth and babies (instead of obsessing over just TTC), Prayed, used a LITTLE bit of Pre-Seed, no smoking, occasional small glass of red wine or beer, lots of green tea, ate healthy (no fast food).