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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.


I want to start by saying I've been trolling this site for a year, and while I was always so happy to read about the success stories, I found myself incredibly jealous of people I didn't know but so happy for them at the same time! It was a very bizarre feeling but when the ladies would write "it'll happen!" I'd smile but there's also be a little voice saying... maybe not for me. Welp, wouldn't ya know it? They weren't lying! :) My husband and I got married last fall and as soon as the rings were on we started trying for a baby. I wasn't getting any younger and I was afraid I'd have powdered eggs! Well, eight months went by to no avail and I was heartbroken. I began to think I was a useless female. How could my body not do the one thing it was supposed to do? Why did I waste so much money on birth control?! Then it happened. PCOS diagnosis. I low carbed, exercised my tail off (literally) and dropped 60 lbs. I quit smoking and just overall tried to be healthier. Still symptom spotting as soon as my tww would start, still convinced every month was our month. Nothing. Every time I got my period it was like saying goodbye, mourning something that was never there. Heartbroken every month. Untillllllll.... Halloween night rolls around. I've got some heartburn. So, I decide to take a test. Now, I've been looking at stark white negative tests for a flippin year. I know the difference and I swear I see a faint second line on a Internet cheapie. I'm looking with the flashlight, I'm examining this thing I've peed on like I'm Sherlock Holmes. Well, that was it. I closed up shop, headed to the store and got an frer. Sure enough, four tests (don't judge!) later and here I am all pregnant. I've never been happier to have heartburn and bloating. I know that was long winded and god love ya if you're still reading but I symptom spot every month so here it is: 1-4 dpo: heartburn. god awful, fire breathing, melt your face off heartburn. sore nips. 5 dpo: sore nips, very little cm but enough to make me go hmmm. 6 dpo: no, none, zilch, zero sex drive. my husband may have well been a lamp in the room. no interest in it. poor guy! sore nips, heartburn, exhausted by 8pmish every night. 7-9 Dpo: brutal headache, same as above. extra saliva. I was like a frickin mastiff. drooling all over everything. 10 dpo: cramps. cried for two hours, positive I was out. another month of my reproductive system being neither "re" nor "productive". every other symptom disappeared. sad. 11 dpo: heartburn returns. cramps continue. could be all the Halloween candy I ate? I test. faint positive in the evening. four tests later... all positive. woop! It's still very early so I'm cautious, but excited. Couple of things: way less symptoms this month than other months, the tests I've been taking in the morning (all except the digital) are so faint they're almost negative. I get bright bright beautiful bfp's only in the early evening/night time. Also, I SWEAR by Pre-Seed. This was our first month using it and ta-daaaa! Also, I had no sore boobs, no veiny chest, no cm really and no other "oh this is it!" symptoms. Try testing at night, if I was only testing in the am I woulda got nothin'. Good luck ladies. You've all got a place in my heart!

BFP at 12 DPO

My DH and I have been ttc and this is our first try, 12 dpo today and I got my BFP with Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test and First Response Test. :) I literally had not much of symptoms, in fact nothing at all. So ladies out here ttc don't ever worry if u don't have any symptoms. I didn't have nausea, tiredness, EWCM, nothing. I just had pain in my boobs around 10 DPO. It lasted till 12dpo. Nothing other than that. So stay healthy and happy during 2ww. Baby dust to alllll :)

Clear BFP at Only 9 DPO!

This was the second cycle TTC for me and my hubby of two years. I am 9 dpo today and the test came back with a beautiful set of bright pink lines! WOO HOO! 0dpo: Typical O cramps. 1-6dpo: Nothing, nada, zilch. 7dpo: Nips are noticeably larger and VERY perky, became irritable and snapped at hubby for no good reason. Slightest hint of BFP? No, couldn't be. 8dpo: Sore BBs, only on the sides, legs are aching miserably, became ravenously hungry at dinner time and ate two full dinners plus snack and dessert! 9dpo: Achy feeling in uterus (way too soon for my usual AF cramps), BBs more tender, weepy, and HUNGRY. Took Dollar Tree test with FMU and got BFP!!! Took another test in evening when hubby got home and it was even DARKER! No implantation bleeding, cramps, or CM changes. So there is hope for us all!

BFP After 7 Months (Which Felt Like Forever)

I'm so excited to be able to report my very own BFP, after reading so many other people's stories and just clinging to the hope that one day it would be me. Hubbie and I had been trying for 4 months with no luck so decided to get a Clearblue Ovulation Predictor which we have used for the last 3 months, making sure to BD on High and Peak days. For the last 2 months we have also been using Pre-Seed. A little background about my cycle. I am a spotter, starting to spot 5/6 days before my period is due. I have a very regular 29 day cycle. I always have ovulation cramps and bleed when I ovulate, so I know exactly when O day is. However, this month was a little different. The first week of my cycle I picked up a very nasty tummy bug. I still had the runs when the Clearblue started to report 'high' fertility, and it continued to report 'high' for 6 days. This is unusual - normally after 4 days it turns to 'peak'. I put it down to my illness messing with my hormones. We didn't BD any of these days as I was quite ill. Then the 'peak' 2 days finally appeared and we BD'd using Pre-Seed either once or twice daily both days and the following day (just to be sure!). I kept my hips up for 10 mins afterwards, I can't do any longer than that as I am very prone to cystitis and have been advised to pee immediately after BD'ing! I had no ovulation bleed and I couldn't tell about the cramping because my stomach was pretty crampy anyway :( I was worried that the Clearblue might have got it wrong, as it was outside my normal pattern and I had a niggling thought that perhaps I hadn't ovulated at all this month. According to the Clearblue I ovulated on CD 15 (I normally ovulate on CD 13). After this we had a normal week, my tummy bug cleared up and I had no symptoms at all. Then 6 days after ovulation I had some cramping, like very light period pain (implantation?). 10 days after ovulation I had further light cramps, and that feeling that AF was on her way. However, it was 5 days too early for AF and I hadn't started spotting yet. This was my main clue - I didn't spot the following day either and this make me realize I was 'late' (for the spotting if not for AF!) Hubbie wanted me to wait another couple of days before testing as I was still 3 days early for AF and he didn't want me to be disappointed again, but I couldn't resist and got a First Response out the next morning (about 5am as I couldn't sleep!) - BFP! I ran into the bedroom and woke hubbie up to tell him the exciting news. I did another test the following morning, this time a Clearblue Plus, and BFP again! One other clue was that my bbs didn't get sore, at all, and normally they would get very sore around the time that I start spotting. I also noticed that my areola looked slightly darker. To be honest I had a lot fewer 'symptoms' this month than I have other months when I've not been pregnant, it was more an absence of symptoms that made me suspicious! Really really good luck to everyone TTC, don't give up hope! Especially if you are a spotter, I was worried that my lining was breaking down to early and I would need progesterone supplements, but obviously this wasn't the case. OD - 15 6Dpo - Light cramping 10Dpo - Cramping, no spotting 11Dpo - Cramping, no spotting, darker areola 12Dpo - Cramping, no spotting - BFP! 13Dpo - Cramping, no spotting - BFP again!

I'm Pregnant

Ok, so I have a 4 year old daughter and haven't gotten pregnant since. Started using ov kits and narrowed down my surges and ovulation. Here is where I am at. Lh surge positive on 10/16 and 10/17 also had EWCM. Got busy those 2 days and 2 days after. Here are my DPO results (could be a day off on actual OV day): DPO 1: Nothing DPO 2: Nothing DPO 3: Unexplained gas DPO 4: Boobs look bigger but don't hurt, a bit of cramping DPO 5-6: Would normally get acne but haven't, normally moody but not, tired early evening, constipation, and feeling like heavy down there. Had very crazy vivid dreams DPO 7: Woke up brushed teeth and gagged while brushing teeth and threw up a little, nauseous, feel like I have a slight fever, headache, constipation DPO 8: AF cramps/heaviness in stomach/down there, very sensitive to smell, constipated and nauseous.. No acne and not bitchy, instead happy and a little emotional. So far that's it. Is this all in my head? Can't test yet too early! Am I preggo? Yes, I'm preggo! This was my post and and I wanted to let you all know that I got a BFP today (12 or so DPO) and yesterday! So it's true, I'm pregnant. Also yesterday and today I feel some weird cramping in my right side still, and my boobs hurt like hell! Also I have been peeing a lot!
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16 Months, One Surgery, and 3 Rounds of Clomid = BFP

Ah! I can't believe I get to finally do this and say "hey, I'm pregnant!". This was our 16th month TTC. Last June I had laparoscopic surgery to check for endometriosis. I did not have that but what they did find was 3 small fibroids on my uterus and a partially blocked left fallopian tube. 2 of the fibroids were removed and dr. was unable to take the third one out. I felt so much better knowing what the issues were. Part of my stress was thinking that something was seriously wrong with me. I have a perfect 29 day cycle. I am so exact down to the hour! My Dr. reassured me that everything was great but want to try clomid anyways. 3 rounds of that, took pills on cycle days 3-7. This month I also tried acupuncture. I highly recommend it! It gives you a chance to relax! Which is what I did three times a week. While I sat there with needles in me I got to pray. I am a Christian and knew I just had to wait for Gods timing. I put all of this in His hands and let Him worry about it instead of me putting all the pressure on myself. My symptoms are pretty small. I wouldn't even be able to tell if I didn't have a positive test. I have also been taking a prenatal, calcium, folic acid, and B6 vitamin every day. Cycle day 3-7 - clomid Did the deed every other day till I got a positive ovulation and then did IT twice a day. Also one day after for good measure. (with Pre-Seed every time) Cycle Day 14 - ovulated on right side (my good side) DPO 6 - woke up with a very sharp shooting pain through my right tube. Lasted a couple of second, I rolled over and pain went away. (implantation?) DPO 8 - extra bloody gums. I have sensitive teeth anyways but this was extra sensitive! (my dentist has told me that hormones do affect gums) DPO 11 - finally got my Internet cheapies in the mail and I had to test. IS THAT A LINE OR A SHADOW?!?! DPO12 - test again, LINE IS STILL THERE. Very faint! Still not sure if I can trust these things. I'm only used to seeing negatives that I didn't think a positive stick was possible. I got a little test crazy and started testing all day. Finally went out and bought First Response and Clear Blue Digital. Tested with both PREGNANT!!! I can believe it. A lot of crying and relief that this process is over. Then my mind went quickly to stressing about having a healthy baby. ;) I just keep testing and line keeps getting darker. My husband and I have shared the news with are parents and are waiting to share the news with close friends and family until first ultrasound at 5 weeks. I have to have this done to make sure it's not a tubal because of my blockage. I'm due July 17th! Even with everything I went through I do realize I had it easy compared to some. Those "some" will always have a piece of my heart!

BFP at 14 DPO

I finally got my BFP today - I have not had any noticeable symptoms this cycle, other than being very tired, which I figured was because I've been working 12 hour days for the last month. I tested at 10, 11 and 12 DPO - all BFNs. Added with the lack of symptoms I counted myself out. Today AF was due and I woke up feeling nauseous, so I tested and there it was ;) I am 41 and we have been TTC for the past 18 months. I did have 2 m/c - the last one 8 months ago. What we did differently this month: we did not start until I got a positive ovulation test. We did it that night and the 3 following nights. Could be a coincidence but the other months we would start a few days sooner. We have also been using Pre-Seed for the last 2 months. Good luck to everyone ;)

Ten Long Months of Trying... Finally Two Pink Lines!

I was beginning to think I would never have the chance to post on this website, but my day has finally come. After ten long months of trying and a whole lot of tears, I finally got my BFP! I waited until I was three days late to test because I couldn't handle anymore disappointment. I cannot even put the feeling into words of seeing those two little pink lines appear. It was a mixture of amazement, bliss, fear, and craziness. I screamed from the bathroom so loud that DH came running! The lines literally showed up in 5 seconds… no three minutes needed. Gotta love First Response! In these past ten months, I really was starting to worry that something was wrong. I even made an appointment with a fertility specialist that I am very happy to cancel. I had a bunch of blood work done and a sonogram and my husband had a sperm analysis. All the results came back fine, so we just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t happening! But it finally did! As my husband says, we really “got it in” this month. But I prayed every day and I know God answered my prayer. I really had barely any symptoms… but here’s what I did notice… CD 11 - BD CD12 - BD CD 13 - BD (I think this was ovulation day) CD 14 – BD CD 15 – BD CD 18 – boobs started getting sore, but they always do around this time of the month. Thought for sure I was out. CD 19 – 27 - creamy cm CD 28 - I went to buy tampons. CD 29 – late period? Eggwhite cm shows up… very weird… getting suspicious. No cramps? Very constipated. CD 30 – still late… no cramps… too scared to test. Can’t bear the sight of another BFN. Very constipated. CD 31 – still late! Finally get the nerve to test! BFP immediately! I am still in shock! I really had no clue that I even had a shot this month until I missed my period. Here are the things I tried to get pregnant… Drank grapefruit juice Read 50 Shades of Gray lol Used Pre-Seed Made sure my butt was in the air Tried to sleep for a few hours before getting up And the most embarrassing of all…. this month was the only time I actually used a vibrator when DH was done. I swear the orgasms did it! Sorry for the TMI… but I would definitely invest in one! Have faith… all is possible. Sticky baby dust to everyone and I pray that you all get your BFPs soon. :)

First Time TTC and BFP at 12 DPO with Clear Blue Digital

I am SO happy to be writing on here having followed everyone's posts this month and wondering if it could be me one day! We only decided to start trying this month and we're completely shocked how its turned out! DID NOT EXPECT IT and CANNOT AFFORD IT LOL! Here goes: CD 13, 14, 15 - Followed Fertility Friend's prediction re fertile time so BD every day - DH was very happy :) CD 14 & 15 - LH surge. BD. CD 16 CD - Negative LH surge, Fertility Friend says I ovulated. DH and I had a rest that evening ;) 1 - 6 DPO - Cramps almost immediately after Fertility Friend's ovulation prediction, sore boobs and prickly nipples, tired. Got a flu/cold but something told me not to take medication. BD. 7 DPO - Feeling very tired, cramps, sore boobs and prickly nipples, cold still there. Baaaad mood (thought it was the frustration of the 2ww!). BFN on Clearblue strips. Got drunk at a friends house. Very bad trapped wind. 8 DPO - Still tired, bad mood, arguing with DH over silly things (we don't argue like that). BFN which upset me even though I knew it was too early. Bad cramps thought AF on way soon. Had a Brandy. 9 DPO - Keep waking up in the night and can't get back to sleep. BFN. Had a Brandy. 10 DPO - BFN. Really weird nauseated feeling, dry mouth, on and off appetite, cramps exactly like period pains to the point I had to keep going to the bathroom to check. Burping a lot. Really bad mood, PMS symptoms poor DH! weed a lot (for me) that day. 11 DPO - BFN am - starting to become obsessed with testing! Faint faint faint line on First Response that afternoon. DH could not see it so I got upset. Felt very tired and had a headache. Felt like I was in a dreamy place, tingly eyes, strange nauseated feeling, cramps and almost felt a tiny tiny movement in my womb for a split second. Pains stopped when I sat still. Slept well that night. Weed a lot that day. 12 DPO - BFN in the morning (5am). Very crampy and nauseated just like AF was due. Dry mouth, soft headache and stingy eyes. Prickly boob thing has returned. Creamy mucus has appeared so I start obsessing about that. BFN 3 hours later (I know!) looked a bit darker so pulled thing test apart and compared the strip to the one I had done in the morning. It looked darker and hooray DH agreed but said it was ridiculously faint. 3 hours later I bought a Clear Blue Digital to stop all this messing about - BFP!!!!!!! "Pregnant 1-2 weeks." Shocked shocked shocked!!! Now nipples are sore and I still have cramps (as if AF will come even though she isn't likely to!) and I LOVE it! Still have my cold too. No more Brandy! MASSIVE LUCK to all of those who are waiting xxx

Lady Hamilton

I have been trying for so so long and reading these stories kept me going throughout, miscarried 2 months ago at 5 weeks, now happy to say I am pregnant again :) Here are my symptoms: 4dpo Sore boobs 5dpo Sore boobs, sharp pain down right side (implantation) 6dpo Sore boobs 7dpo Sore boobs, strong metal taste, started to feel under weather with cold symptoms 8dpo Still sore boobs (actually not mentioning boobs again, they are still sore now), more sharp pains on right side, feeling ill still sore throat, runny nose, yummy coleslaw!! Ate half a tub with a spoon out of fridge...hmm could I be pregnant! Didn't think I ovulated properly this month. 9dpo Backpain started, vivid dreams (still have both of these), bit constipated. 10-13dpo All of the above nothing new 14dpo All of the above and some fertile CM! Spots errr, 3 big ones on face grrr 15-16 dpo 5 faint positives, done so many to see if they get darker as I am panicking since miscarrying recently. They are getting slightly darker each time. Baby dust to you all, healthy babies :)