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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.


Had a miscarriage in May and been trying ever since. Here's my symptoms! I have been obsessed with this site for months and I finally get to write on here 1dpo- Sore throat (I never get ill) 2dpo- Getting a cold, flu like symptoms 3dpo- Sore throat gone, very achy caught a cold 4dpo- Dreamt I had a positive preg test 5dpo- Very creamy cm, bad cold really achy 6dpo- Tuggs in left side (same side I ovulated from) 7dpo- Bfn I know way to early lol 8dpo- Bfn cramps back ache 9dpo- feeling very wet which is really odd for me, still got my cold, heartburn, sore bbs but in a diff way to normal 10dpo- woke up with my mouth glued shut because it was so dry! very tearful and moody today 11dpo- grumpy again, hard bigger boobs and BFP on asda own faint pos and confirmed wit CB digi 1-2 weeks pregnant Baby dust to all! Hang on in there xxx

BFP Hardly Any Symptoms!

I found this site months back when I was having different PMS symptoms, and have been lurking here, eagerly anticipating writing my own 2ww story. I'm 32, and had been on the pill for 14 years before coming off last December in anticipation of starting to try. I finally served my qualifying time at work (to get maternity) so we ditched protection last month and then went on our first holiday together. The holiday was amazingly relaxing (we both work hectic jobs) and it turns out we've got the most amazing holiday souvenir to show! I wanted to post here as I had hardly any symptoms, much less than usual PMS, and was so worried that my boobs weren't sore - they're usually agony about 5 days post ovulation. O day on holiday, usual cramping on left side 1 dpo not much 2 dpo ditto 3 dpo very definite ovulation pain on right side, think first may have been wind? 4/1 dpo lots of cm 5/2 dpo lots of cm, feeling full quickly 6/3 dpo cm, OH asks if I feel pregnant, I don't :( 7/4 dpo back from holiday, mild cramping, see two tiny pin pricks of blood on pant liner, think I might be pregnant after all! 8/5 dpo wet cm but nothing else 9/6 dpo wet cm, bloated, constipated, so tired I practically nod off when reading at 11am! Need nap around 5pm 10/7 dpo still bloated, still lots of cm, worried that boobs aren't sore... Everyone says that's the first symptom! 11/8 dpo back at work, exhausted, starving hungry (tummy growling!), creamy cm, still bloated, occasional twingey feeling in abdomen 12/9 dpo starving hungry but can't eat much, boobs feel different, like they're looser (I am very flat chested, 34aa), still not sore tho. Bloated and constipated. 13/10 dpo ditto, occasional boob twinges, but still not sore, couple of spots break out 14/11 dpo still starving hungry, bloated etc, strong cramps thwart last most of the day, exactly like PMT pain. Text other half that I think period is on the way (a little early) gutted :( 15/12 dpo cramping is lighter, some brown spotting exactly like pre period, but buy pregnancy tests just in case 16/13 dpo period due bloated, lots of creamy cm (think I'm in danger of thrush) no period, boobs starting to hurt 17/14 dpo test first thing in morning. Clear blue digi with conception indicator. Longest 2 mins ever. Pregnant 1-2 weeks! Since then, boobs have been torture! Very sore all over, tho not actually noticeably bigger yet. Key for me was total opposite to usual PMS symptoms, bloated from word go, growling hunger and no sore boobs till period due. Am now 5 weeks, and hunger has totally vanished, boobs really sore, moods all over. Conceived naturally, first time (so lucky!) But with lots of holiday baby dancing. Good luck to everyone and don't panic if your boobs don't get sore like normal, could be a good sign! Xx

Is That a Faint Line?? OMG Yes It Is!

Well hello;) Haven't been TTC for a long time. Our third month we got pregnant. I had a baby girl on August 1st, 2009. After I was immediately put on birth control - the Mirena IUD. After a horrible experience, we decided to try for our second child so I made a appointment and removed my IUD August 3rd, 2012. Two days after removal, I had withdrawal bleeding like a regular period for 4 days. Then two weeks later I had my regular period. We were unsuccessful that month because my cycles needed to regulate. The next month I research so much on how to conceive successfully. Stocked up on OPK's and HPT's. When my OPK caught my LH surge we BD'd that night and the following morning. I never stayed laying down after being romantic, I always got up & of course some of his spermies would trickle out so maybe that's why I wasn't successful the second month either. Also I relied on my OPK to BD when i should have been already BD'ing. This month I decided to take it easy since I didn't wanna stress about every symptom. This month I started to temp, so I could pinpoint exactly when I ovulated. I caught my LH surge on Oct 2nd and sure enough Oct 3th I ovulated. I BD'd the night of Oct 1st & Oct 2nd. I stayed laying down those nights. Fell straight to sleep did not get up whatsoever. I did not BD ovulation day. Everyday I took my temperature to see what was going on. Counted down day by day. Here are my symptoms: Ovulation day: Nothing, no cramps nothing, unusual because I normally get ovulation cramps 1dpo-5dpo: Bloated! Extreme bloating! I've never felt so blah & huge. Felt disgusted when I looked in the mirror. Told myself if this wasn't the month then I seriously needed to lose some weight lol Normally I get bloating with AF so this was new to me. GAS!! I was so gassy. Felt less of a woman every time I passed wind :( 6dpo: Lots of creamy CM. Whenever I checked my cervix I always saw milky-lotion like more than usual. Backache. Dull cramps near ovaries. Seemed on both sides. They didn't hurt but were noticeable 7dpo: Cramps continued. Lots of creamy Cm still. Gas. Temp dip below the cover line. HUGE HEADACHE. Tingly Bbs 8dpo: Gas. Hungry. Tingly BBs. Mild cough. Temp spike 9dpo: Nausea hit me so bad in the morning. Didn't feel like I wanted to puke. Just felt like I was hungover and dizzy. When I ate I felt much better. Took a FRER in the am & got the faintest most faint line EVER! like its almost not there. No one else saw it but I did. Cramps 10dpo: Nausea. Cramps. Temps rising. Backache. Sore bbs. Took another FRER and its there! My BFP:) so thrilled!

Our First Ever BFP on Cycle 5 of TTC!

For the past 5 months TTC I have read through the BFP stories on this website for inspiration. I am thrilled that the time has come for me to post my own! I ovulated on CD12. We were on the ball this month...DH and I BD'd on CDs 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. I made sure to orgasm after every BD and remained laying down for 10-15 minutes afterwards. I have been taking a prenatal & b-complex everyday for the past 5 cycles and this was my 2nd cycle taking EPO from AF-O & flaxseed oil from O-AF. I also consumed a lot of green tea this cycle. DH has been taking b-complex, zinc, multivitamin, vitamin C and cod liver oil on a daily basis for the past 5 cycles. Also something I should mention is that this is the first cycle I tried a TTC "vision board". Basically this means to gather a selection of TTC/pregnancy/baby related pictures and look at them daily while imagining them entering your life. The idea is that you manifest what you want into your life through thinking about it. It may sound crazy to some but I was willing to try anything and I do believe in the concept that thoughts are very powerful tools in shaping one's reality. The vision board was the only thing I did differently this cycle than on any other cycle. It could have played a part in helping me get my BFP...who knows. I was planning on waiting til 14DPO to test but I caved on 12DPO. So I held my urine in for 3 hours and tested using a FRER at around 2 PM. To my surprise an obvious second line appeared. I immediately rushed to the store, purchased another FRER and rushed home to test again. The 2nd test also came back positive! Then this morning I went in for a blood test and just got a call back with the news that I am indeed pregnant! I can't believe it! :) It still hasn't really sunk in fully. Here are my symptoms: 1-7DPO: nothing 8DPO: pinching/pulling/twinges in uterus (implantation?) 9DPO: nothing 10DPO: woke up early and was VERY restless & couldn't get back to sleep, boobs slightly sore 11DPO: breasts more noticeably sore then yesterday but it's still very mild (no different then PMS so I figured that's what it was) 12DPO: sudden abundant white creamy cm (unusual..this was my first real clue), woke up early & restless again, boobs moderately sore (again, no different then regular PMS so I didn't think anything of it) 13DPO: woke up restless again, more white creamy cm, breasts are very sore...considerably more so then yesterday, constant hunger accompanied by INTENSE craving for an eggs Benedict (which i fulfilled :D) DH and I are absolutely over the moon with joy and praying for a sticky bean! I send copious amounts of babydust to all those TTC! Your time will come and it will be worth it. xo


Well, my husband and I have been trying for 4 months and I realized my calendar was off keeping up with ovulation so I decided this month I would trust my body. I thought my o day was actually 2 days before my chart and it was right! is the play by play!! Last period started 9/22 and it was extremely no tampon or anything... I took a test bfn. We bd on 9/30, 10/1, 10/3, 10/6. I knew my o day was 10/3 even though my calendar said 10/6. I checked my temp...first month doing this... and it was 97.19. Next day I knew I ovulated. Here we go... 3 dpo: clear cm with red streak of blood 4 dpo: white cm, stretchy 5 dpo: white & pink cm. At 3pm sharp stabbing pain on left when stood up. 6 dpo: dry, bout of dizziness, short of breath. 7 dpo: cramping, watery cm. Dogs attached. Energy!!!! 8 do: dry when I woke up. Checked cervix white for me. Felt wet down there. Cramping & hungry. Bad cramping before bed above vagina for about 30 mins. Dogs attached...weird... energy!!! 9 dpo: white cm, wet feeling, cramping, dogs attached, energy 10 dpo: white sticky, cm, wet feeling, pinching on right, dogs attached, energy! Talked to hubby and told him I wasn't as tired and witchy as I usually am before my period....and he agreed. Came home took a test and boommmm... BFP!! It was so bright. So basically....lack of PMS....attached wet feeling and white cm were my symptoms!!! Soooo excited!!!

BFP After 11 Months With No Symptoms For This Cronic Spotter

I got my BFP after 11 months of TTC! I have somewhat short cycles, I ovulate on CD 16 or 17 then get AF on CD 26-28 (only 10 days some months!) In addition to short LP, I also have spotting each month anywhere from a week to 2 days before AF. We only BD once during my fertile period because of my husband traveling for work. CD 15: BD CD 16 (I didn't use OPKs this month so I am guessing based on ECWM): O Day 9 DPO: Spotting, always brown, never red, but quite a bit of it (it looked the EXACT same as my spotting always looks before my AF). Enough for a pantyliner not a tampon. It continued from 9 DPO until 13 DPO. 11 DPO: Cramping at night, thought AF was coming that evening 12 DPO: Light cramping all day, not as bad as my AF cramps usually are but thought it was definitely coming. (Felt like how my cramping felt when I was taking B50 complex). Husband said I should take a test and I didn't want to at first cause I was sure it would be negative. I took the test waited a minute and looked, it was negative. He looked at it a minute later and thought he saw a faint line which I was shocked! It was a BFP!!! Very faint line on First Response so we went to store and bought a CB digital that said Pregnant! I had really had no symptoms AT ALL except for the two things I get every month: sore BBs and spotting. Each month we tried I had all these phantom symptoms, this was the one month I was positive I wasn't pregnant. I am actually 12 weeks along now and still haven't had many symptoms. So I have been a chronic worrier and this month I decided to give it all up to God. Over the past several months I tried several tactics from taking B50 complex to lengthen my cycles on my own (did it for 2 months and it just made my periods weird), to eating pineapples after O day, I used OPK kits several times and even borrowed my friends fertility monitor for a few months, and BD every day during my fertile period and still nothing! This was going to be my last shot before calling my doctor to get checked out, and I decided to give everything up and just try not to stress about it. The hardest part was figuring out how to actually relax about everything. I decided to start doing yoga for fertility (I just bought a video and did it at home), I got a 60 minute massage at 2 DPO to relax me, but the biggest change I made was I prayed A LOT. For patience and for the ability to accept Gods will for me. I truly think that made a big difference. I still thought about it everyday, just kept reminding myself that it was out of my control and it would happen when it was meant to happen. I am praying for everyone struggling with TTC and wish you all the best.

BFP Through Prayers and IUI Helped Too

BFP after one year of trying by prayer. Hello everyone, I never thought a day would come that I'd get the chance to post my pregnancy success stories, but I always said to myself when it happens, I will def post my experience. I am 28 years old and dh is 33 years old. We have been married for a year and together for 8 years. During the course of our relationship I never got pregnant, but those years we weren't even trying but I was not on birth control or anything so I knew something was wrong.. it started getting really frustrating when we got married and 9months of marriage we tried (naturally but it never happened ) so we decided to see our RE. We did a bunch of overwhelming tests later we found out that I wasn't ovulating regularly and dh had low sperm count 11 million. We believed in God. And the doctor started me with clomid 50 mg (July 2012) with timed intercourse. Only had 1 follicle and it didn't work. The second cycle, August 2012, we tried clomid 50 mg and iui (only had one follicle) and the test came back negative... RE decided to move on to injectables because clomid made me very dry (tmi) and my lining was very thin he said. So September 2012 I started injectable (bravelle 75 iu , 3-7 and i had nine follicles 5 on the right 16.16.20,13.14and 4 on the left 16,15,16,16 and then later started vaginal progesterone. We did and it work! I can tell you things we did different this month, it's not about injectables or follicle, I believe it's God (not to lessen your hope on medication but to heighten your hope in God) no matter what your situation might be, no matter how long you have tried, one day will be one day. We prayed quite a lot. We were running out of money for fertility treatments so we wanted it so bad. I can tell you that prayers and trust in God did it.. Sarah in the bible was 70 yrs old.. she stopped ovulating, no more menstrual period, no western medicine intervention.. she gave up trying to conceive for years because it didn't happen (Genensis 18 ). An angel of God prophecies to her and her husband (Abraham) that by this time next year she would give birth.. Sarah said it's impossible, she is old and she is no longer fertile.. but God did it. She got pregnant and had a healthy baby. I don't know what your situation is, or how bad RE has told you your ovaries, tubes, etc are.. Trust God, pray and believe in God.. there is nothing God cannot do.. God of Sarah is alive and God of Hannah. If you have not given your life to God please do, if you haven't submitted your self to Jesus, please do.. challenge him on this matter and let God prove to you he does exist even through Christ Jesus... Stay blessed... below are my symptoms... 1dpo - cramps 2 dpo - cramps 3 dpo - started feeling pain under my belly button/ sore breast 5dpo-7dpo - sore breast/ uterus still hurts 8dpo - light headed (only when I get up to suddenly), heavy breast, fatigue 9dpo-11dpo - uterus pain continued breast is very sore 12dpo - started to feel a lot of cramps... af on her way? 13dpo - more cramps exactly like period was coming, bloated, frequent urination through the night 14dpo - one of the scariest day of it all ( when pushed vaginal progesterone) brown light dirt was on the stick (sorry tmi) 15dpo - out of breath, dizzy, diarrhea, sore stomach, uterus unbearable, stupid af playing pranks, mucus with brown dirt 16dpo - went for my blood and beta was 965 .. finally took 3 urine test at home and bfp (whoaaaaaaaaaa, thank you lord) If you feel cramps around 12dpo, don't be discouraged, doesn't mean AF will come, I thought I was getting my period and witch AF didn't show up. I am now pregnant.. Can't wait for the ultrasound!

This Doesn't Feel Real!

Hi all, As is the tradition of this site, I wanted to share my experience just in case it helps anyone else at all. I had a Mirena removed on 30th July (had it in for three years) and then spent the next few weeks 'enjoying' a variety of symptoms while everything worked its way out of my system! My boobs were so sore for weeks, had a random three day bleed two days after having the Mirena out, then nothing, then two days of spotting a couple of weeks later, then nothing.... and nothing... was wondering whether I was pregnant then but kinda knew I wasn't - in a weird sort of way. Anyway, AF finally came on 10th September and I felt SO MUCH BETTER!! In all honestly, I have been fully preparing myself for it taking at least three months to get any sign of a BFP as I've spent quite a bit of time on this site and know how lengthy and frustrating it can be. So I was viewing this cycle as a practice run. We worked out dates and did the deed on 20/9, 22/9, 24/9, 26/9 and then on the 29/9 and 30/9 but those two were just for fun as I figured the window would have passed at that point. We also flew to Germany on 28th Sept till 2nd Oct for some friends' wedding (including free bar - which was taken full advantage of given that I was viewing this month as a practice run!). We went away again on 8th - 10th 0ct and I had a few glasses of wine over the weekend too. I sound like an old soak! However, at all other times I cut back on alcohol and caffeine, and was exercising a lot (bike, gym, swimming, walking etc). Anyway - the symptoms I've had are as follows: DPO 1-5 Sore boobs, like OW! Not uncommon for me around AF time though and was still thinking I may be out of sync since the Mirena. Also generally aware of my uterus area. DPO 6-10 Started to feel like I was getting ill, boobs still mega sore and also was a total ratbag with zero patience for anything or anyone! However, put that down to feeling under the weather. Was singing in a small gig on the Friday night and all I wanted to do was go home to bed as I felt so grotty. The next day I came down with more of a cold. A lot of CM. DPO 10+ Cold progressed and my chest felt really tight - however, I didn't take any meds as something just told me not to. Was very tired and had an afternoon snooze one day (normally I can't sleep during the day) and went out like a light for a good couple of hours. Had some tummy troubles, if you catch my drift. And was still an absolute horror of a ratbag. Was seriously on the brink of caving my other half's head in for crunching poppadoms too loudly!! Still lots of CM DPO 13 All of a sudden my boobs felt very firm on that day - so much so that I got my other half to check them as well (a tough job, but someone had to do it!) and he said they felt extra firm. Could really feel my uterus as well and still can now. Still plenty of CM. DPO 15 was yesterday. My boyfriend is going out tonight so I wanted to take a test last night so we could be together if it was good news - which is was! Clear Blue Digital came up with the BFP - hurrah! Couldn't believe it - we sat there for a while totally stunned. Feeling VERY guilty about the boozing, but none shall pass my lips from this point onwards. Rang up and booked my docs appointment for next week and it felt so strange as it hasn't sunk in yet really. I'm 34 and my OH is 27. I have a 13 year old daughter so can't really compare symptoms from last time as it was a) so long ago and b) a 'surprise' so I wasn't looking out for things back then. I know things can change in a heartbeat and it's very early days but all being well, in 9 months time I'll get to meet my second kid :) Good luck to all of you, I look forward to reading your success stories in the not-too-distant future!

Had a Feeling This Month - BFP

Excited to post after four months trying and many more months stalking TWW. We have been using Pre-Seed since TTC. I have been charting and had been using OPKs, but circumstances didn't allow for OPKs this month. I had been ovulating rather late in my cycles (short luteal phase), so I started taking vitex a month and a half ago. Last cycle, I took it all the way through my luteal phase, but this cycle I stopped at ovulation. I also researched how to boost progesterone (and egg health, if that was the issue) and decided to increase my intake of vitamin C by eating lots of oranges. I've also been eating healthy, drinking fresh vegetable juice, and eating eggs on a regular basis. Some or a little bit of everything must have worked! Instead of CD19/22/17 ovulation like previous months, I ovulated on CD15 this cycle, and we finally got our BFP! Also, I was highly distracted this cycle. My grandmother had just passed away, and we celebrated her memorial the weekend before I ovulated. Because of our travel I didn't mess with OPKs, and I wasn't paying too much attention to timing our BD with respect to ovulation. Day-by-day Symptoms: 2 days before O: BD O day: BD 1-2dpo: nothing 3dpo: thirsty, got grossed out by a taking a sip of a margarita I usually love to drink 4dpo: thirsty 5dpo: felt a wicked sore throat coming on, with cold symptoms and a low grade fever (99F). This was when I started to think it might actually be happening (yay, the stereotypical cold! I think?) 6dpo: worse breakout than normal pms, fatigue, cold symptoms 7dpo: fatigue, cold symptoms, had this really weird sensation of my boobs tingling, radiating from my armpits to the rest of the boobs - definitely different! Further feeling like this is our month 8dpo: fatigue, cold symptoms, sore boobs, frequent urination 9dpo: same as 8dpo, but with small amount of pink cm, then a pinching feeling in my uterus around 9pm that evening. Kinda felt like a needle stick at the doctor's office 10dpo: based on the previous night's feeling, decided to take a pregnancy test with an internet cheapie, even though I know it's usually too early. Left the bathroom so I wouldn't be tempted to peek. Super surprised to see a faint positive!! Made up an excuse to run to the store for a pack of digital tests for sharing the news with my husband. Clear Blue Digital showed "Pregnant" even with my afternoon urine. 12dpo: positive HCG blood test (didn't get the results until much later though) 15dpo: took another test (FRER) for the heck of it - turned positive instantly! Other notable things: - The pinchy feeling at the top of my uterus continued off and on from 9-14dpo - I had spotting/scant menstrual flow from 14-18dpo which has now disappeared, apparently consistent with placental activity - Boobs have stayed tender, joined by bloating/constipation/gas Now at 5+ weeks with my dr. appt next week! Very excited! I really feel like my diet, especially getting vitamin C straight from the best source, helped a lot this month in addition to my many months of healthy eating. Charting (BBT and cm) really helped me feel in tune with my body. I also like to think that my Mimi heard my prayers and put in a good word for us. :) I'm hoping for a little girl to name in her honor. Good luck and hope this helps!

My BFP!!!

I just got my BFP today at 12 DPO! Here is how it all went down dpo by dpo.... 1-6 dpo: gassy, bloated, bbs swollen and sore only getting worse from ovulation, exhausted 7-8 dpo: pretty much all symptoms stopped completely except the exhaustion 9 dpo: pinching down on my right side near ovaries hurting on and off for about 30 mins, slight nausea, bbs are bigger than ever 10 dpo: some nausea, swollen and sore bbs, really short of breath 11 dpo: woke up in the middle of the night starving with low blood sugar, short of breath, pinching cramping pains 12 dpo: bad cramping-feels like AF is on her way 13 dpo: BFP first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon So there it is! I am still shocked and don't quite know what to think but we are excited! Extra sticky baby dust to you all TTC-ers!