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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.


So a little background about us... We stopped taking oral contraceptives in Sept 2011 after I was on them for 9 years. My cycles were 35-43 days for the first few after stopping OCPs which was frustrating, but I guess is not uncommon. In Feb 2012, we started using OPKs and found out I ovulated very late (day 25 to 29), so we may have been timing BDing wrong (used the calendar method previously). My cycles continued to be long and I figured out my luteal phase was only 9 days, which concerned me. I started taking Vitamin B6 and B Complex to try to lengthen my lutueal phase. This seemed to push my ovulation up a few days (CD 21-24) and extended my luteal phase by a couple of days (YAY!). After two months of taking Vitamin Bs, I started spotting from 7dpo on and my luteal phase seemed to go back to 9 days, but now with spotting (ugh!). So, I stopped the B vitamins. At this point, it was getting close to the year of TTC mark, so I set up an appointment with a fertility specialist on Sept 20, 2012. I was given a prescription for Clomid and was excited to start it next cycle. The doc thought Clomid would help strengthen ovulation and the luteal phase would take care of itself with stronger ovulation. He offered to give me a med to start my period as well (I was on CD 22 with no sign of ovulation yet). I declined, because I should have been ovulating any day after the appointment and didn't want to mess anything up with my cycle by using another med. Well, I ovulated on CD 26 and saw my beautiful BFP 10 dpo!!!!!!! This was my first ever positive pregnancy test. I also must mention that I was VERY sick with a head cold from 1 dpo to 4 dpo and wasn't worrying much about TTC. Also, I think the doctor's appt gave me some relief that we were finally getting help so I wasn't worrying about this cycle as much. It's crazy how things work!!!!! Now I have a $900 bill to pay for the specialist, but it will be worth it for my BFP!

CD24- + opk
CD25- + opk BD in pm (no other BD was close!) EWCM
CD26- + opk Ovulation day
1-4 dpo- SICK with head cold
6 dpo- EWCM--really tipped me off that something was different this cycle!!
7 dpo- acne between boobs
9 dpo- boobs feel full and look bigger, nipples erect
10 dpo- woke up with stomach cramps and had to pee sooo bad, faint line on wondfo hpt with fmu, + FRER hpt

We feel so blessed! The timing of this was so right too.. I was just in my BF's wedding and we just got back from a vacation with friends that had been planned for a while, so I was able to drink at both!

Good luck to everyone trying and try to relax :)

BFP 10dpo Afternoon Urine absolute shock is what I am!!

My husband and I have been trying for 10 months. We started 50mg of clomid CD 3-7. I went in for my progesterone check and ultrasound at CD 21 and it was negative. But 3 days later I FELT myself ovulating, had EWCM and a positive OPK.

We BD CD 6, 9, 21, 22, 24, 25
Ovulated CD 24

1-4 DPO- Nothing
5-6 DPO skin break out, gas, urinating a lot
7 DPO- Saw EWCM again, that was weird! Nipples tender
8 DPO- EWCM again! Took a opk, negative, Nipples tender, now breast are starting to hurt on side/under arm area Also dreamed that I was holding my baby!
9DPO- Gas, INSANELY sleepy in the afternoon, more skin break outs, constipated, crazy sore nipples, breast feel fine though BFN with FMU and afternoon urine
10DPO- BFMAYBE in the morning, took a WONDFO at about 11:00am I think I see a litttllleeee line, Took a FRER, see a DEFINITE second line, though light!!

Good luck ladies!


Me and my partner decided we were ready for a baby so as you do we increased the amount of times we were intimate before and around the time I was ovulating.

1-5 DPO no symptoms
6 DPO sharp shooting pains in the uterus area. Sometimes felt like little twinges or pinching.
7 DPO again more sharp shooting pains and twinges in the uterus area but this time more intense. I was out shopping with my mum and had to rest for a few minutes. That evening I went for a meal and the shooting pains came back. At this point I thought I may be pregnant as I'd never had those type of pains before AF.
8 -9 DPO twinges
10 DPO Took a pregnancy test in the evening and got a very faint line
11 DPO Took another test and another line but this time a little darker.
12 DPO Took a digital pregnancy test and BFP within seconds

I just knew I was pregnant as soon as the shooting/pinching pains came as this just wasn't normal for me. I didn't get any other symptoms at all and I always get the usual cramps, tender aching breasts and hunger 1 week before AF is due but this time nothing. I did notice around 12 DPO I looked run down all of a sudden. I looked like this for the first 3 months then began to look healthy again.

My baby will be 1 next week and we started trying this month for baby no. 2 and once again I've had the same sharp shooting pains for several days but this time I've also had sharp pains in my breasts on and off for days and I feel extremely tired all of a sudden and look run down. I will test in 4 days time.

Baby dust to everyone xx

BFP After Three Years with 1st IVF/ICSI Cycle

I am 31 years old and my DH 29. I can't believe I am writing this, I used to daydream about submitting my BFP on here, I NEVER thought this day would come. I am thrilled to say that after three years of trying, including 6 failed rounds of clomid and one cycle of IVF/ICSI I am pregnant!! me - pregnant!! My husband and I always knew we would have problems as I have severe PCOS, I say severe as I never have periods, so no ovulation at all. Compared to Clomid I actually found IVF much easier to deal with, however I was a poor responder to the stimulating drugs and only had 3 follicles. Our doctor suggested that we cancel the cycle and we were gutted but decided against his advice, we chose to gamble and go ahead with the collection anyway. We were so fortunate that all 3 eggs were collected and all 3 fertilised, better still by the day of the transfer we had 2 top quality embryos, the other had arrested. We had a Grade A plus 8 cell and a Grade B 7 cell, so it really is quality over quantity. My DH is fine but his sample was not so great on the day of the egg collection due to poor morphology so we opted for ICSI, plus we did not want to risk normal IVF with only three eggs so this was a good call. We decided to transfer both embryos as this gave us a 40% chance of success, it was 32% with one, we had a three day transfer as too few embryos to push to blastocyst. So the two-week wait began, the first week was fine. I took a week off work and got plenty of rest but stayed active with housework and evening walks. It is also important to point out I had acupuncture all the way through IVF. Below are some of the things I experienced but it is important to say that I have been on progesterone suppositories since egg collection so it is hard to tell what is pregnancy and what is the drugs. I have also been on slow release metformin since 2 months prior to starting stimulating. I have chosen to only mention the things that struck me as strange and that I never had in my two week wait on clomid.

1dp 3dt - Rash (very itchy like hives), twinges, cramps and pressure.
2 dp 3dt - Rash, hungry, twinges, cramps and pressure, creamy/ gloopy CM
3 dp 3dt -Rash, hungry, twinges and fell asleep in afternoon (which is unusual for me)
4dp 3dt - Rash, hungry, twinges and sore throat
5 dp 3dt -Rash, wet/watery cm and odd period pains/ twinges, feel like I am getting ill
6 dp 3dt - Terrible constipation, like knives are in my bottom with sharp shooting pains where there should never ever be pain!! feel like I am getting ill.
7dp 3dt - Constipation continues, boobs hurt on and off, really cold and unable to get warm, fall asleep in the afternoon again, sore back.
8dp 3dt - Diarrhea begins, still really cold, dizzy when I stand up, sore back, boobs hurt off and on period pains so think AF is coming, teary.
9dp 3 dt - Diarrhea was awful (4 times during the day), Insomnia begins, dizzy when I stand up, AF pains so I think period is coming, boobs hurt on and off. At this point I am going stir crazy and want to test and have to force myself not to.
10dp 3 dt - Wake up at 6am and POAS but don't look for an hour and a half so DH can look with me, so I stare at him until he wakes up. We get a BFP!! but I don't believe it as it could be an evaporation line so I dash out at 8am to buy a digi. Comes up BFP with same FMU super fast and shows 2 - 3 weeks on conception indicator (which means my HCG is over 200 according to Clearblue). I had a sore back – was unable to get comfortable and AF pains continue, boobs hurt on and off, mild nausea.
11dp 3dt - Diarrhea, AF pains, mild nausea, dizzy when I stand, boobs hurt on and off. Tested again in afternoon BFP (I just love seeing a positive test)
12dp 3dt – BFP with FMU. AF pains continue, mild nausea at times, boobs hurt slightly on and off.

I find the strangest symptom is the AF pains, it really does feel just like AF is coming. It makes me nervous but I have read it is very normal and can continue for weeks but it really does feel exactly the same!! Also I thought my boobs would hurt more at 4 weeks but it is just waves of boob ache. Very excited, cautiously optimistic and wonder how many we will be blessed with. So any girls out there who are going through IVF I know how you feel and I never thought it would happen for me but it did and when it did it felt amazing, it was like I had won the lottery – only so much better.

BFP After 5 Months TTC Using CBFM and Pre-Seed

So me and DH have been TTC for 5 months, after being on the implant for 18 months. Was worried as we were both diagnosed with chlamydia about a year ago, & it's possible that I'd had it for 2 years+, so wasn't sure if I could conceive. For past 3 months used OPK's and last 2 months used the clear blue fertility monitor, this month using both CBFM and OPK's and temping. Without the monitor I would not have known that I ovulated really late, around cd20-22, & that we had been bd'ing at the wrong time the previous months. The first month of CBFM I didn't even get a peak, but this month I did. We bd every day of the high and peak which lasted about 9 days, quite exhausting!! I lay with my legs in air for 15-20 each time as well. Also we used both conceive plus and pressed for past 2 months (ran out of conceive plus and started on Pre-Seed!!). The other thing we did this month is both of us took pregnacare conception for his and her. I only had a 10 day luteal phase, and think this helped. And the conclusion is it worked!!!! I highly recommended CBFM, conceive plus/Preseed, & pregnacare! Also temping helped me pin point when I ovulated, as it my temp dipped and then jumped and matched with the monitor and OPK's. Although I will say that fertility friend said it wasn't sure I had ovulated so I stopped using FF!! I didn't temp after 5dpo as found it was stressing me out. This month I had no spotting prior to af as I usually do, and after ovulation no excess CM as others have described. It was the lack of spotting that made me wonder if it had all worked, & it had!!!!

DPO 1-7 general cramping
DPO 8 - very tired, sore BB's but on sides only. Stomach feels like its burning hot.
DPO 9 - still sore BB's and cramping like af due
DPO 10 - BFN. Feeling totally spaced out and BB's hurt!
DPO 11 - late afternoon v feint BFP!!!!!!!
DPO 12 - still feel like af due but still bfp!!

Now on DPO 16, still bfp, still no excess cm, occasional mild nausea and BB's still a little sore but not much. Still feel cramping and pinching on left side particularly, still like af is going to come, but saw doctor today who said nothing to worry about but if I want I can go for an early scan. Am only 5 weeks so hoping and praying and praying some more that this sticks and will go and get a scan at around 8 weeks.

Hope my story gives some of you hope, I feel very privileged to get a bfp, & your stories all helped me in my journey. But try the CBFM, pregnacare, Pre-Seed/conceive plus, temping and OPK's, & it may work!! Oh and this month I also took a totally relaxed attitude at work, didn't do long hours, to try and reduce stress, and I think this may have been the first month I ovulated since coming off the implant, but I'll never know!

BFP With PCOS After Years of Trying

I'm 31 and was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago but had been having trouble getting pregnant for 8 years. My periods were regular 90% of the time and only lasted 3 to 4 days. With my pcos when I was suppose to ovulate my eggs would turn into cysts which made getting pregnant difficult. I could feel a normal ovulation maybe once or twice a year.

I got my first BFP two days ago naturally. No IVF, no drugs. The only thing I know I did differently was changing the way I ate. I started eating all organic foods only. I know I got pregnant 5 days after my lmp.

Day 4 post period: mild pelvic cramps
D5: cramps, bloating, slightly sore boobs
D7-13:major fatigue, sleepiness didn't come close to describing it. The walls were holding me up while trying to make it to my bed. I'd fall asleep before the dime dropped and in public.
D14: nausea, increased cm, fever
D15: body aches, fever
D16: cramps, backaches, sore boobs
D18: sore boobs
D28: fever with temp of 101
D29-33: headaches, body aches, major sore boobs
D34: major sore boobs, so sore I couldn't go without bra. I had to take turns holding my boobs in the shower...runny nose, headaches.

On day 34 I took a hpt.... Super BFP after only 3 seconds.

I thought I would never get pregnant and it happened without me even trying. I had given up for 2 years. I was shocked but excited. I hope this helps anyone. There is hope.

BFP After 11 Years on the Pill, Only Took 2 Months

Hi everyone,
This site was very helpful to me the past 2 months. I am in shock that I got my BFP this soon. It still is surreal to me. I am 31 and my husband is 35. I thought it would take a year since I was on birth control for so long. I read so many horror stories about how hard it is to get pregnant after the pill that I decided to get off it in July and give my body time to get back to normal. Well it only took 2 months for that to happen and the first month I messed up the days. We bd'd the day before Ovulation and the day after and that was it.

O day- cramps at night headache, hot, moody
1- 3dpo- major cramps for 3 days straight, MAJOR bloated (I looked pregnant), cm, headache, tired, hungry, tingling fingers, dizzy
4dpo- vivid dreams, smelly urine bright yellow, dizzy, cm
5dpo- few bb pains, sore bbs, dizzy, tired
6dp- just dizzy when I get up from sitting down or laying down
7 -13dpo - sore bbs, yellow, smelly pee, dizzy, lack of sex drive, tired
14dpo- 18dpo - AF cramps the whole 5 days thought it was going to start any second, never did. I was really moody and mean on dpo 15 like really bad PMS symptoms. Dizzy, bloated, vivid dreams, sore bbs, increased CM, really tired!!! Increased sense of smell. I could smell the grease in the bar/restaurant we went to and my husband couldn’t smell anything and I could smell my dog and my house lol. Lack of appetite. I'm hungry but nothing sounds good to me to eat only bagels and carbs. Foods I usually love (like veggies) I don't want to eat.
19 dpo- 6 days late for my period. I thought the birth control pills were causing this. I went to whole food and bought all these supplements that I researched, to bring back your period and balance out hormones lol!!! This is CD 34. Still all the same symptoms and really bigger and sore bbs. They hurt on the sides. I thought I should test because I was so late and something told me to take a test. BFP!! As soon as I peed on it I saw a plus sign I was shocked! I took 3 and they all came back positive.
Went to my Dr yesterday and positive. Due June 3rd and I am 5 weeks and 3 days along. I go to an OB-GYN next week to get blood work and other stuff done/questions since I am a new patient I guess. This is my 1st pregnancy and I am still in shock, but very happy and excited. This site was so helpful to me I loved reading it every day. I hope this sticks and everything turns out fine. I am not sure what to expect being this is my first. Good luck to everyone!!

BFP Against All Odds!!

I can't believe I am already sharing my BFP story after only 2 months of trying. I had everything going against me - I'm an older mom (38), I have only one ovary and tube, had a terrible AMH level of .16, and was using a sperm donor that had a low motility! After all that, I am in total shock that it only took 2 tries at IUI for a BFP!! Stay positive ladies, it can happen!

Like everyone else, I paid attention to every little detail during my TWW -

I took Femera CD 3-7, and had a follicle scan on Day 10. I had only one little follie that was 12.5mm, so not a good start to the cycle. I came back on Day 12, and it was 17.9mm! I triggered the next day, then IUI 38 hours later on CD 15.

I felt some cramping 1-2dpiui, but I think that was just from the insemination.
Other symptoms:
3-4dpiui - my nips already feeling sensitive (very unusual for me, never get sore bbs for pms), and VERY slight wave of nausea in the morning. Lasted only a few minutes, and wouldn't have thought anything of it had I not been looking for symptoms.
5-6dpiui - nothing
7dpiui - backache, severe cramps, so bad, I was sick to my stomach. I thought this must be pms, and af was coming early. Left dinner w/ friends early so I could go home and go to bed
8dpiui - cramps gone, felt much better, but backache remained. bbs still sensitive. Took HPT, BFN, knew it was too early!
9dpiui - backache, sore bbs, took another HPT, BFN
10dpiui - backache, sore bbs, start to feel like they are swollen, again, unusual for me, never happens during pms. Look at HPT in trash from last night, and see a very faint line. Get excited, and take another HPT, BFN. :(
11dpiui - backache, sore bbs. Out of HPTs, but heard you can use an OPK as pregnancy test - got a big smiley face!!! Rushed to store, got a HPT, and got a very clear BFP!!
14dpiui - beta 117!!!

FINALLY BFP!! Still in Shock

I can't believe I am finally posting my story. Thank you, This site has been amazing in helping me get through my long journey of TTC. A little about me, I am 33 and DH 38. I have DS 17 y/o and DD 15 y/o from a previous marriage. This is my DH first and we were so excited to start. In Aug 2010 I had my IUD removed and we started trying immediately. Well, here we are 2 years later and still nothing. I had myself checked and all tests were ok so I got sent home to keep trying. My cycles are pretty regular 28-29 days so it was an emotional roller coaster every 2 weeks. I did OPK's cheap and expensive, pineapple juice, elevated my legs and even Pre-Seed. What I did differently this month, I got a fertility reading from Suzanne in August and she recommended I take B6 and Soy Isoflavones. She also said I would conceive or find out OCT 2012. So I did research and found that Soy is a natural form of Clomid. I also had my DH take B12 to help with sperm energy. Scared that I wouldn't be able to afford fertility treatments I was willing try anything, I have nothing to lose and a baby to gain.

LMP August 28th
Took Soy CD 1-5
BD Sept 7, 9,10,12
per OPK 9/11 or 9/12 was ovulation day.
dpo 1-5 nothing really
dpo 6 feeling congested (figure its the change in weather) and crampy
dpo 7-9 still stuffy and BB's so sore that it woke me from my sleep. They hurt so bad, I had to sleep on my back because if I would lay on my side and they fell on top of the other it was like someone punched them. (My BB's always get sore before AF but not like this)
dpo 10 a little nauseous and gassy- took it as the cheese I ate for lunch was probably bad. (I love cheese)
dpo 11-12 BB's still hurt still stuffy but no cramps, odd because I always cramp before AF shows her face.
dpo 13 - (Aug25) AF due today according to My Days app. keep checking to see if she's here but nothing.
dpo 14 - sore BB's no signs of AF and have been praying that this was my month. Off today and tomorrow so I hibernated at home and waited. All I could think of was please let this be it.
DPO 15 (Aug 27) 2 days late and no signs, had a dream I tested on a digital and showed pregnant. I ran to the store and got a EPT digital. I was so nervous and scared to be disappointed that I took the test put it aside and brushed my teeth. I kept saying don't cry or be mad if its negative. I slowly inched my way, waited the whole 3 minutes and probably stopped breathing for a second. I looked at the test and I couldn't believe what I was seeing PREGNANT!!!!!!

OMG!!!!! PREGNANT, I really am pregnant after 2 years of tears and stress. I was so happy and nervous that I had to take a shower because I was sweating so bad from all the emotions I had going through me.
I surprised my DH with a card that had 3 little duckies in a row, one blue for my DS, one pink for my DD and the third a green in which below it I wrote -coming soon 2013. Inside I wrote- You’re going to be a Daddy! He dropped what he had in his hands and leaped out of his chair, he was so overjoyed and emotional. The kids are really close to me and are so excited happy. This made up for the 2 years of waiting for our little miracle. First OB visit is Oct 10, to confirm and by then I will be 6 weeks pregnant. We just cant' be any happier, DH is already protective and even more loving. I guess Suzanne was right and her advice helped, Confirming my pregnancy Oct 2012. I hope this little peanut sticks because we already love him/her so much.
Sorry it’s so long but I had to share :)
Baby Dust to all.

Soon to be mommy of 3


A little background: DH and I started ttc #1 last August. We quickly got pregnant in October. Sadly we miscarried at 6wk and I had a d&c 12/27/11. We were advised to wait 2mo before ttc again and so we did. I have been charting temp and using opks since forever. Last month was the first month ttc that I didn’t chart. I randomly took one opk on the day I ended up ovulating. We finally just got our BFP 2 days ago. We just both "knew" this was our month.
Symptoms as follows:
1-6dpo- nothing.
7dpo- I had severe anxiety for the two weeks before, but it suddenly went away today. Usually start spotting by this day but nothing. I thought if I didn't spot by tomorrow, I'm pregnant.
8dpo- took my first test. It was negative. Today I told DH I suspected I might be pregnant. My boobs felt bigger, especially on the sides. No pms symptoms.
9dpo- took wondfo test- negative. still not spotting. Def think something is up!
10dpo- took wondfo test in am- negative. I still felt I was pregnant. DH texted me in the am and told me "this is our month". Feeling optimistic until around 4pm. Had drank water at 2 pm so I could test at 6 when I got home. Left work early, couldn't wait to test, caved and tested at 4:45pm. On my ride home, I was convinced I was not pregnant as I had light cramping. As I was waiting for test, which I ended up forgetting about, I was researching luteal phase defect. Saw test out of the corner of my eye and saw a faint line! So shocked! Jumped up and took $ store test- neg. I had to know now, so I took FRER- faint pos!
11dpo- took wondfo test in am hoping it would be darker, it wasn't. Afternoon it was neg. PM it was faint line.
12dpo- took wondfo test in am- line still light but slightly darker. Took FRER, line darker but still light.
Only symptoms are: boobs bigger and more sore but nothing crazy, light light on and off cramping. That's it! Keep your hopes up!!!