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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP at 14 DPO

Hi, I just received my BFP a few hours ago and I am so happy. I am 22 and have been on birth control since I was 15 (due to a history of endometriosis) back in January my husband and I decided we were ready for a baby. I immediately got pregnant in February but we sadly lost our baby April 13th at 9 weeks. We waited 3 months as recommended by my doctor before we started trying again, since July I have been religiously following this site and reading all the BFP stories. So happy to be posting my own and I hope it gives encouragement to other women.

1-8 DPO: No signs and symptoms at all
9 DPO: Throat and ears hurt like I’m getting a cold
10 DPO: Def have a cold, started antibiotics
11 DPO: White Creamy CM, and loads of drainage and chest congestion, also period like cramps before I got out of bed.
12 DPO: White Creamy CM, Feels like I have the flu (chest congestion, cough, chills, and fever)
13 DPO: More white Creamy CM and I usually start spotting today but nothing so far, Upper respiratory symptoms slack off but still have runny nose and chest congestion
14 DPO: Throat still sore, more creamy white CM, expecting AF today she hasn't arrived, took a test at 6pm when my hubby got home from work and was scared to look at it, walked off for 20 minutes, came back and it was a BFP! Took another to make sure and got another BFP!

The only thing I did different this month was tried not to be so stressed and did some nice things for myself. I bought a new car, had a few drinks and I haven’t drank since January! We also took an overnight trip the week I ovulated and BD'd like crazy that week. I followed the every other day until OPK+ and then do it two more days method. I also prayed frequently after ovulation. Today when we found out we were pregnant we prayed together for a healthy baby and I have faith that we will have our healthy baby next June.

Two DPO Timelines and Early Positives!

I stalked this site as well for my last pregnancy (James 1/21/2012) and now I’ve found out today at 8 dpo I’m pregnant again! So here you are ladies I had to share because so many of you helped me through the wait!

With my son James:
CD 15 and 16 I got my bright positive OPKs so the symptoms start right after that..
1 DPO: cervix coming down, yellow and light brown CM, ammonia smelling CM
2 DPO: yellow/brown CM, cervix lower, ammonia smell
3 DPO: left side ovary twinge
4 DPO: possible AF smell? cervix still low
5 DPO: right twinge/pulling sensation, cervix low
6 DPO: low back pain (never get this, this was my first suspicious symptom), twinge pulling, cervix low
7 DPO: low back pain, cervix low, breasts heavy at night
8 DPO: clear/yellow CM, breast heaviness
9 DPO: very very faint positive in PM from internet dip strip (, slight breast soreness, some cramping
10 DPO: cervix moving upward, "pregnant" on digital, sneezing (sneezed every single day of both my previous pregnancies) major fatigue has set in

With this current (very very new) pregnancy
CD 17 I got my positive OPK...
1 DPO: cervix very high still
2 DPO: low back pain
3 DPO: cervix coming down, low back pain
4 DPO: odd shooting breast sensation (like a shooting star across my breast), cervix very high again?, all over back pain, warm face at night-flushed, insomnia, sore throat
5 DPO: cervix very high, runny nose, twinges, tingly breasts and nipples, red face at night, constipation, moody! and "in the mood"
6 DPO: cervix back down again, sore throat, back pain, moody, yellow CM, dizzy, heavy breasts, in late PM these symptoms have gone away?
7 DPO: some brown CM, cervix low and hard, woke up starving, sneeze, cramps, all my food tastes too salty
8 DPO: food tastes really salty again, cervix going back up, mild smell aversion to juicy fruit gum, sneeze, insomnia
9 DPO: yellow CM, cervix higher, my nipples have some brown coloring on them, BFN on frer but three light light positives on a Walgreens blue dye and two clear blues, low back pain, sneeze.

SO as you can see my cervix was all over the place with both and I had a lot of CM with the first but not the second. So just look for odd things? Things out of the normal is my best advice when you’re in your TWW. Good luck!

BFP With No Symptoms

Hurrah I finally get to post here! I have been visiting this site now for over a year. As a sufferer of PCOS, I would often go up to 6 months without a period so there was a lot of time to read others stories...

Background: I'm 34, DH is 35. I have a daughter from a previous marriage, conceived accidentally with me not even aware I had PCOS.

Fast forward 6 years and decided to come off BC 12 months ago to try to fall pregnant with my fiancé (now hubby).

I had 2 periods in that 12 months, so decided to go see a fertility specialist. I was already on metformin but he prescribed me letrozole to induce ovulation.

First month it worked but fiancé was hung-over one day then sick the next then went interstate for 3 days! So no luck.

The second month it appeared we struck gold :)

2 days out from O - BD

1 day out from

O - BD O day - nothing (I get no EWCM so I never have any idea when I'm ovulating, well, except for the Dr's scans!)

1 DPO - BD

3 DPO - I come down with a migraine. Now, a year ago this would have been a normal thing for me but since I've stopped the pill I haven't had a single one. This made me go 'hmmmm' but then I was 3 days out from getting married so figured it was just emotional stress.

4DPO - fall back rise through to 9 DPO. Have never seen this on my chart, but then I've really only had 4 proper cycles, so not sure if this is odd or not.

6 DPO - my wedding day. Got outrageously ridiculously drunk on 3 glasses of champagne. Like can't-remember- black-bits-from-the-evening-kind of drunk (not ideal given the importance of the day - lucky we have it all on film!). I am not a big drinker by any stretch, but can normally hold a few glasses of champagne.

11DPO - on honeymoon in Singapore, have a dream that I get a BFP! Get up and wee on a stick, BFN. Pretty sure it would have shown up by now, so that combined with the fact I'm not getting a single symptom, figure I'm out for the month. Get very mad at my subconscious for tricking me.

15DPO - have only had 2 'normal' cycles since being on letrazole, but they've both been 28 days. So think that maybe something is up. The fact that I had also wee'd 12 times before 11 am had me scratching my head. I'm in Thailand still on honeymoon, so pop to local chemist and get HPT. Figure I need to wait until morning to test.

16DPO - test in morning and woo hoo!!! Pink line. Definitely there. Had I have been at home in Australia I would have been over the moon, but given I was in Thailand I wasn't sure of the reliability of the tests, so go to Dr's for blood work. Yep, positive :)

I'm now 6 weeks and 5 days preggers. What a wonderful, wonderful wedding gift. Nipples are so sore I could seriously punch anyone that looks at me sideways, and still weeing like a banshee. Was feeling very cocky as I wasn't sick at all (I was desperately ill with my first) but sure enough, it's now kicked in. Not as bad as the first which has me thinking this one's a boy!

Had a scan at 6 weeks 2 days and saw the glorious little heartbeat. We have already told everyone, couldn’t keep it to ourselves. This is hubby's first so he is telling anyone who will stand still long enough to listen!

I've since wee'd on about another 15 sticks. After 14 months of seeing nothing staring back at you except for the starkest of white tests, it's such a wonderful feeling. I know just how heart-breaking that white stick can be. Month upon month upon month...

14 months of TTC felt like forever, my heart goes out to those that have been trying for longer than that.

I honestly wish football field sized amounts of baby dust for you all. For any other PCOS sufferers who have not seen a fertility doctor, do it. Will be the best thing you ever did. And for those with no symptoms? Does not mean for a second that you are out.

Good luck to you all!!!!


BFP on 11DPO!

I'd like to preface my account with the fact that I truly thought I was pregnant last month. We weren't TTC, but it was a welcomed surprise. After having symptoms that I'd never had before and analyzing them to death, I was certain. It turned out that I wasn't, which was a blessing in disguise. My husband and I decided to officially start trying after that and the false alarm helped me realize that I had no idea what I'm supposed to feel like.

I've been charting my BBT since I stopped BC in February. I was pretty sure I knew when I ovulated, but I wanted to be 100% sure so I used an OPK. My temp dropped when I expected it to (normally signaling ovulation), but I never got a positive OPK. I marginally began freaking out and thinking I didn't ovulate at all, but.... well, you'll see below.

Cycle day 16 - watery CM; BD (negative OPK)
Cycle day 17 - BD (negative OPK)
Cycle day 18 - temp drop; BD (negative OPK)
Cycle day 19 - slight temp rise; BD (negative OPK)
Cycle day 20 - temp the same (positive OPK!)
Cycle day 21 - slight temp rise; BD (positive OPK!)
O - temp the same; nipples slightly sore
1 DPO - temp spikes; nipples sore; pinching on left side
2 DPO - lower back pain; nipples sore to touch
3 DPO - woke up to pee at 3am with cramping
4 DPO - woke up at 3am with lower back pain; nipples less sore; lotiony CM
5 DPO - nipples barely sore anymore; lower back pain; feeling of being hot; lotiony/milky CM
6 DPO - woke up to pee at 4am with slight headache; crazy dream; creamy/yellowy CM; irritable
7 DPO - spreading lower back pain; vivid dreams; lotiony CM
8 DPO - temp still high; vivid dream; woke up with horrible lower back pain; cramping on left side; lotiony/creamy CM
9 DPO - vivid dream; wide spread lower back pain; nipples sensitive again; dry mouth
10 DPO - temp rises; vivid dream; queasy in the morning (but not overly nauseated); hyper-salivation; wet/lotiony CM
11 DPO - temp rises again; vivid dream; outside of boobs sore; lotiony/creamy CM; BFP at 6 PM
12 DPO - BFP at 6 AM!

BFP at 10 DPO

This is #3 for my husband and I. I had my Mirena removed on April 6th. We avoided pregnancy for a few months after that to allow my body to have a few normal cycles. I had no period at all while Mirena was in. So, I got my bfp today at 10 dpo and here is how it went for my tww. I track cervical mucous and have very distinct O pains. DTD CD15 in am
CD 16- Ovulation day- lots of O pain on Left side this month (i always have pretty strong O pain) EWCM
DPO1- creamy cm, moderate cramping, bloated feeling
DPO2- creamy cm, feel very normal otherwise
DPO3- same as yesterday except having random itchy boobies
DPO4-still creamy cm kind of lotiony, cont. itchy boobies and very slightly tender near armpits and sides (think I might be imagining it)
DPO5 same as yesterday, got the worst headache-went to bed early because it just wouldn't go away. Slept from 8:45pm-11:00am wow!!!
DPO6- breasts still slightly tender, sharp pains near ovaries. creamy cm still
DPO7- watery cm (not normal for me) boobies still tender otherwise feel very normal
DPO8-watery CM. small amount of O type of pain. achy near Left ovary area, random sharp pains in Left ovary. Hot and flushed all day from 2pm through night, face feels like it is on fire.
DPO9-still watery sm, starting to suspect something is up because I never get watery cm in my tww, random very light cramps
DPO10- watery cm, heartburn, breasts more sore today, sharp twingy pains in uterus and BFP with fmu!!!!!
Now all I have to do is find a really cool way to tell DH :D

BFP 14 DPO - A Present on Our 2nd Year Anniversary!

The test FINALLY said- pregnant! Those words just bring so much joy to my husband (29) and I (27). We have been trying to conceive by not preventing for 4 months, and planning/charting for 5 months. We didn't realize how badly we wanted a family until the BFN's kept appearing month after month. And like all of you ladies- this website has given me so much hope and insight! So I'm thrilled to write my success story!

I've been praying for God to give me signs- and he really did just that. This month I needed to relax and take a break from the stress of trying to conceive. So we decided to celebrate my birthday in Miami. My good friend always told me that the ocean helps with the PH level and just relaxes the body. I have a 31-33 day cycle. My predicted ovulation was 9/11/12. During my predicted fertile window- we BD on 9/8, 9/9, 9/10/,9/11, skipped a day, and did it one more time just in case on 9/13. Here was my 2 week wait:

First- my friend that I went on vacation with, said she dreamed of fish and she thought I was going to get pregnant
O Day- Nothing, no cramping- and I usually do on one ovary.
1 DPO- A little Acne- Progesterone
2-3 DPO- Feeling fatigue, achy, cold symptoms starting
4 DPO- Cold/Cough, Itchy throat and emotional. Had to say goodbye to the best boss ever. When she said goodbye to me- she could have said anything under the sun- but the first words that came out of her mouth was- YOUR GOING TO BE A GREAT MOTHER. (she had no idea that I was trying to get pregnant)
5-8 DPO- Still having heavy cold symptoms- hard to look for other symptoms. I heard that sometimes when you get a cold during your ovulation window- it gives the sperm a chance to survive because the body is too busy fighting off the cold symptoms. I also had a Pap Smear during this time- and CM whitish/lotiony. Also before I went to the OBGYN- I was looking at the website for possible reasons why I wasn't getting pregnant- like ovarian cyst, PCOS etc. but when I tried to click on the infertility tab- nothing would happen, everything else on the webpage worked. Starting to think that God was giving me messages.
9-8 DPO- bbs are tender, bloating, mild twinges/cramps. Had some hunger pangs.
10 DPO- bbs are feeling very heavy. Acne. Bloating. Mild cramps, thinking AF is on schedule
11 DPO- Same symptoms as 10 dpo. Today we were scheduled to celebrate our 2nd anniversary early on a dinner cruise. We preordered champagne for a romantic evening. We have done this 2 times already- so there is 1 hour from 5-6 to dock the boat. Getting there we hit the most traffic ever! We got there at exactly 6 PM just to see the boat sail off. Usually the boat still gives another 10-15 mins before sailing off. Instantly I knew that Got didn't want me to drink alcohol. We rescheduled for our actual anniversary in 2 days later.
12 DPO- Feeling very wet down there- Creamy White CM, thought AF was for sure on its way. Bbs were still very heavy. AF like cramps. A little discouraged. I decided to go to the store and buy some test- for some reason I picked up the expensive Clearblue digital ones- impulse and usually doesn’t do that
13 DPO- Still having the same symptoms. Our dinner cruise was this evening. I decided to pee on the stick before the shower. Nervous, said a prayer before I flipped it over...and it said PREGNANT!!!
14 DPO- PREGNANT AGAIN! We are over the moon and so blessed!

I have been taking prenatal vitamins. Drinking lots of green tea. Eating a more balanced diet. Oh yeah, we used Pre-Seed during the dry days. I agree that I had much less symptoms than the BFN months. We prayed a lot! I asked for this and God answered with the best anniversary gift ever! Keep hope and your time will come! Baby Dust to all!

Hooray! BFP 13dpo!

Hi Everyone,

After many months of negotiation DH and I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and try for a few months. I am a teacher and coach so I want to see if we could plan it to work with my summer vacation. Luckily it didn't take us long, because of all the wonderful advice from all of you guys. I did drink green tea and took mucinex two days leading up to the big O, which I felt this time from the left at CD 19. Since DH works outside all day in the heat, we decided to try in the mornings before work :)

We BD on CD 7,12,13,15,17,19 and some others. I O'd around 1 in the morning on 19.
DPO 1-13 all I had was sore nipples that would not go away. I also found myself falling asleep at 8 or 9. It was hard for me to run with my cross country team.
DPO 3-13 I also noticed an increase in lotiony CM. I kept waiting to go to my dry stage but it didn't happen. Bloating also!
DPO 11- I had some sharp cramping for about 15 minutes during the morning.
CD 13- was the day I expected to get my visit from AF, but I decided to take a test before I left for my XC meet. I saw it start to change and forced myself to look away for 3 minutes. When I looked back it was BFP! I squeaked with excitement. I immediately ran into the other room and jumped on husband in bed! I said guess what! He said you're pregnant! I am!
CD14- I tested again and another BFP with Clearblue plus.

I hope this helps someone. I never had sore boobs or nausea during my wait.
Also no implantation bleeding.
Good Luck and Baby Dust!

BFP on Digital, Blood Test, OPK - I am in Disbelief! (12 DPO)

First and foremost, I have probably been coming to this website for the past two years, reading and dreaming that one day it would be me posting. And here I am, I still can’t believe it!

From the beginning... I had a missed miscarriage in June 2011 and was devastated, well, over the course of the next year, we started trying again March 2012 and June came and went, July, and we were BDing all the time! What I soon found is that my periods were super irregular, I would have a cycle for 32 days, then no period for 2 months, and then a period for 37 days and another two months... It was terrible. Finally, I went to a fertility doctor and we found that I had PCOS and I was not ovulating regularly. Now, I had been on birth control for around 8 years and two years before this I had actually tried to get pregnant and soon gave up and went back to school to get my masters because it was too stressful at the time to keep going through the disappointment. So, this is why, finally good to know. The doc prescribed me Clomid 100mg and then I did an HCG trigger. 14 days later BFP!
Here are my symptoms:

Ovulation cramps came day of trigger and day after and it hurt, I could actually feel it on my right ovary!

1 DPO on and off dull ache in right ovary
2 DPO lots of CM
3 DPO lots of CM
4 DPO lots of CM
5 DPO vivid dreams, lots of CM
6 DPO a lot of energy, lots of CM
7 DPO slight cramping (implantation), lots of CM (BFN, yea, I know)
8 DPO slight cramping (implantation), lots of CM (Neg OPK)
9 DPO lots of CM (Neg OPK)
10 DPO tired, irritable, pimple, crampy, backache, just don’t feel good (Faint Positive BFP, I thought it was HCG in my system so I didn't get excited)
11 DPO slight headaches off and on, boobs starting to get sore on sides (Faint Positive BFP and then "Pregnant" on Digital
12 DPO Went to the doc for blood test, HCG 43 and Prog 36, they tell me congratulations! And scheduled next visit in two days to check levels. Then I decided to take another test, another OPK, just to test the theory, and guess what, a big fat happy face!
My boobs are getting really sore and my headaches are a bit stronger!

So there you have it, I will tell you, I didn’t believe it until I peed on the the OPK and got the happy face, that was something! I just want to wish everyone baby dust to all and dreams do come true! Now to get through the first trimester!

Finally After 11 Months!!!

I got my BFP on roughly 15dpo after 11 months of trying... DF is 37 and I'm 23. We could not be happier. Things we did differently this month:
Prayer/meditation, Maca root powder (tastes gross but I felt awesome on this stuff, highly recommend, very healthy and balancing for female hormones. Get a gelatinized version, meaning it's cooked and the starches are removed so it has a 95% absorption rate compared to 45% with regular maca, vega makes the one that I used), took a break on temping, hated it.
Symptoms (not exactly sure on the dpo since I didn't temp, guessing based on cm)
From 3 dpo on and off until now I had very light pinkish brown spotting, I NEVER spot.. so I was already suspecting something was up.
I was extremely fatigued from 5 dpo on... I even napped in some afternoons, and I am not a napper at all, I usually can't sleep unless it's totally dark Slight nausea after food 7 dpo. Still spotting a little
9 dpo breasts feel tender, and swollen. BFN
12 dpo same symptoms BFN on dollar store brand
15 dpo took another dollar store brand, saw 1 line appear and just threw it out, thinking it was BFN. 20 mins later I went into the bathroom, happened to glance in the garbage and saw 2 clear lines... immediately went out and bought a first response 3-pack. BFP!!!!! Still spotting, it's extremely light and only seems to appear in the morning. A little worried. Baby dust to all who are trying!!

BFP on a Rest Cycle

I had had two IUIs and they both were negative. I went in to start my 3rd IUI and I had cysts EVERYWHERE from the Clomid. The dr. put me on a rest cycle. Went back and the cysts were still there, other rest cycle. Then........ as I was waiting for my cycle to start:

13 DPO- Weird headache
14 DPO- Tested, very, very faint line. Very crampy, thought my period was starting
15 DPO- Test very faint line, spotted bright red blood/crampy. Tested later that night with digital-PREGNANT
16 DPO- went to Dr. for blood preg test-POSITIVE

Cramping and bloated for a month into pregnancy. Thought my period would start at any second.