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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

2 years of trying, BFP at 18 dpo

I have been searching through this website for the past 2 years trying to find anything to give me hope of having a positive. I finally got it and I wanted to help others that struggled like me. I don’t have anything medically wrong with me but my doctor prescribed me clomid 50 one time I got pregnant that cycle. 4 DPO: I marked that I was feeling very sick and chalked it up to clomid side effect also tender boobs started which is super weird because I usually don’t get it until a week before my period. 5-9 DPO: night nausea. I felt perfectly fine through the day but once the sun went down I felt horrible, my coworkers smelled terrible, I constantly felt like I was going to puke 10 DPO: got a really strong cramp in my left ovary that made me double over, it lasted about 30 seconds, later that evening I felt a pull sensation literally in my vagina and it hurt to walk. 11-17DPO: ANXIETY, oh lord I’m snapping at coworkers, I’m snapping at hubby, I’m snapping at the TV I am so ANGRY and my stomach feels like it’s in knots! Days 14 and 16 and had LOADS of this bright yellow cm in my underwear, no matter how much I wiped there was just an abundance of yellow cm. It went away the next day 18 DPO: I already had a doctors appointment so when they piss tested me it came back dark positive within 10 seconds. I probably could’ve tested way sooner but I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

BPF 8 DPO - 41 Years Young - Natural Pregnancy

Hi ladies, Thank you for posting your stories on this website - you have helped us all to get through this awful two-week wait!! I am very surprised to be writing this. I have a son that was born 11 years ago (at 30 years old), and we never restarted using birth control after I had him. I figured that I would have another one at some point - so I was in no rush for it to happen. Little did I know that 11 years would go by! When I was 39, I naturally got pregnant, and I was in total shock because I figured that if it had not happened yet- it wasn't going to. After I had accepted that my husband and I were going to be 60 and 65 respectively when this one is 20 - I got excited - but I miscarried at 9 weeks. I think that I took that pregnancy for granted - drinking coffee, weight lifting, stressed about work, etc. I think that I thought that it would work the same way as when I was 30. Boy was I wrong! I ended up seeing a reproductive endocrinologist about 5 months ago, and I had low ovarian reserve and was diagnosed with "unexplained fertility." My husband and I became serious about trying about 3 months ago during my first femara/ovidrel cycle. That cycle failed, and I really heated being on those drugs. My basal temp was all over the place during that month. After that, I started reading everything on the subject, and started with prenatal vitamins, vitamin E, vitex, fish oil, coq10 as well as a handful of other supplements. I also used progesterone crème and magnesium lotion. This month, I started acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and fertility smoothies. Here are my symptoms: 3 DPO - current: excess white creamy mucous, very tired (had to take a nap in the afternoon 2x this week - luckily I work from home), very quick bouts of boob and back soreness, felt strange heavy feeling in my uterus when I tried to lift something heavy 5 DPO - mild cramping/tingling for 2 hours 8 DPO - lots of tingling/heart beat between my left ovary and belly button (but lower) I am hoping that this one sticks - I know that the chance of miscarriage is high at my age (41). Good luck everyone!!

BFP #1, 13DPO!

TTC for baby #1 for 3 months, but even with only those first 2 failed cycles I sincerely feel everyone's pain and anguish - I mean how strong are we women for putting ourselves through this month after month, both physically and mentally?! These boards gave me hope so coming to share my BFP story, however honestly I'm still pretty shocked as I thought for sure we had missed our window this month. Bottom line - I mostly felt like I was having my normal PMS symptoms, and was sure AF was coming this weekend. The ONLY different symptoms during this 2WW (and really - just that last week when the actual implantation happens) for me were the following: DPO 8, 9, 10: An increase in creamy white cervical mucus; I mean like a coin sized dollop in my underwear on days 8, 9, gross. DPO 8, 9, 10, 11, etc: Headaches! I'm usually accustomed to headaches whenever I miss a meal or am not getting enough sleep (which I was getting), so I was confused and therefore kept eating to eat the headache away. Can't tell if there was also an increase in appetite or if I was just trying to eat away the headache. DPO 11, 12: Mild period cramps started, however they would come and go. Then on the night of the 11th as I was falling asleep I had the strangest cramping sensation in my stomach; almost like a wave went through my abdomen to the point I woke up and wad like "woah, ok THAT was weird". That last cramping sensation on the night of DPO11 was the only thing that lingered in my mind as not a typical PMS symptom. My period (AF) was due on Sunday (DPO14) so I woke up this morning and planned to take a test with first morning urine (FMU) to rule out pregnancy in case I wanted to have a drink with dinner (hey, it's saturday night!) Sure enough, a stark double line showed up, clear as day. I tested again this time with a Clear Blue Digital test, and the YES+ showed up to confirm! I'm still super early which brings on an entire new wave of anxiety and emotions, but trying to take it easy and enjoy the moment. As far as what we did differently this month -- it was the first cycle that I tried using the ClearBlue digital ovulation predictor kit (OPK). I peed on the stick every morning until I got the smiley face which indicates the LH surge, meaning ovulation is going to happen within the next 12-24 hours. We BD'd the afternoon of the smiley and again the next day (Sat & Sun). However come Mon & Tues, I had clear as day EWCM and was upset thinking the OPK must be wrong and I should listen to my body and should have BD'd on Mon / Tues (which I couldn't, as the hubby was out of town). So in any case, I would recommend the ClearBlue digital OPK for anyone who hasn't tried that yet! Definitely took the guess work out! Gluck to all!

Almost No Symptoms

DH and I have been trying for 5 cycles and we finally got our BFP! I've had more symptoms in other months and the few I had this time around, matched up with ones I had in the past. Here are the symptoms that I marked in my app: 1dpo Nothing 2dpo Creamy CM? 3dpo Nothing 4dpo Faint cramping 5dpo Mild Cramping 6dpo Nothing 7dpo Nothing 8dpo Nothing 9dpo Nothing 10dpo Nothing 11dpo Light Pink Blood 12dpo Nothing 13dpo Nothing 14dpo Feeling in the evening that I might be pregnant 15dpo BFP on FRER I was thinking that I would at least have CM because I get quite a bit at ovulation, but I had absolutely no CM. Usually I'll have a little bit of CM that can appear creamy at the beginning but then it dries up, and I would get my period. The exact same thing happened this time. I still am quite dry. I didn't track my temps, but if I had been tracking, I think I would have noticed that my temps stayed high because I felt that my skin was hot to the touch and my breath had the feeling I usually only get when I have a fever. I can also say that in the evening on 14dpo I thought that my cervix felt soft but that it was low, so I figured that my period was probably imminent. So basically I had implantation bleeding as my only real symptom, but since I sometimes spot early (and its sometimes pink), I didn't think we had been successful this month. I sometimes don't get my period until 16dpo and didn't want to waste tests and wanted to wait instead. But the feeling I had at 14dpo made me test in the morning on 15dpo, and I am glad I did!

10 DPO BFP!!!!!

I am sharing my story because I was obsessed with the DPO success stories for weeks, trying to give my mind something to obsess over obviously! Number one symptom- sore, achy breasts 2 weeks before ovulation (normal) but didn't stop so I knew something was up. Sometimes hurt to the touch, but not always. Number two symptom- blue veins more pronounced everywhere: thighs, legs, pelvic area, elbow and inner arm, wrists, breasts, and sides of abdomen. Since day 4 after ovulation and worse every day after. More energy! Its wierd but after ovulating, I haven't been as tired and have had way more energy. Ovulated on CD 17 (32 day cycle) 1DPO Tender Breasts, Cramps 2DPO Tender Breasts, Low back pain, Cramps 3DPO Tender Breasts, Cramps 4DPO Pronounced blue veins, tender breasts 5DPO More veins noticed, tender breasts, cramps 6DPO Low back pain, insomnia, tender breasts, cramping, veins 7DPO Fatigue, Tender breasts, BAD Cramps, veins 8DPO Cramping, Tender Breasts, Low Back Pain, veins, BFN 9DPO thought I was out no sore boobs tod at, but bad veins, really bad on thighs and skin where my abdomen 10DPO BFP!!!! Morning urine! Restested 11DPO and 12DPO lines just getting darker! Baby dust to you all!!

BFN 10 DPO then BFP 11 DPO !!!!!

Hi Ladies! I'm 27 yrs old and no babies but have been obsessed with pregnancy vlogs, forums, boards etc for over a year. BF and I have been together for 4 years and plan to get married but not engaged yet... We did the deed a few weeks ago and was the 2nd time ever we didnt use protection. I know my cycle very well and also use a period tracker app. Well at the time I didnt realize it was 1 day before ovulation. I actually didn't notice until 4 days later when I went to check when AF was due.. I started testing secretly on 6 dpo. Insane, I know. I tested every single day and I couldn't even pretend to see anything. Yesterday was 10dpo and still stark white. Not a hint of anything. Nothing. Today at 4pm(11dpo) I decided Okay I'm going to do this one more time. If its negative I'm done and I'll just wait for my period and tell no body about this ever. I'm walking to the bathroom and had a convo with myself out loud ( i never do that !) "Okay, if its negative you're fine. You want to go to the Caribbean in December anyways..." POAS... I left it in the bathroom, did some chores around the house and returned to check yet another negative test. BUTTTT!!!!!!!! there it was, 2 pink lines. I could see it before I even picked it up! I just looked at myself in the mirror and kept thinking NO WAY. NO WAY. I ran to the store and got two more tests and they came back positive too! My BF is out of town until tomorrow and has no idea at all and I can't wait to tell him!! I kept reading BFN to BFP stories this whole time. I think i had a feeling but wasn't sure. But here we are !!!!!! I'm not sure if anyone will read this awfully long story but since I can't tell anyone yet this is the next best thing!!! sending everyone out there the best of thoughts and good vibes to you all. xoxo
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BFP by DPO 28years old

After relentlessly stalking these boards while TTC, I wanted to share my BFP story by DPO in hopes that it gives other future mamas some reassurance like it did for me! I stopped my birth control pills in December, and my husband and I just "let it be" for a few months... that's when i realized that getting pregnant can be much trickier than I ever realized. I feel very blessed that my journey was still so short, because even in my 6-7 months I was so very on edge with everything, but have faith!! I am happy to report that we conceived in June (I am currently 5 weeks 5 days)- with an expected due date of March 19th (not yet confirmed by OB). What I did differently for this month: #1- Tracked OPKs (second month doing this) #2- Tried to have sex every day leading to ovulation (ended up missing O day and the 1-2 days after because we were out of town) #3- Used Preseed (first month using this!) Used like a typical lube, did not do vaginal inserts #4- Did not pee or get up for about 10 minutes after (i usually pee right away) Now, for DPO symptoms: 1 DPO- mild cramps upon waking, went away 3 DPO- mild cramps in the morning and creamy/milky vaginal discharge 4 DPO- creamy/milky vaginal discharge 5 DPO- creamy/milky vaginal discharge 6 DPO- indigestion and upset stomach, creamy/milky vaginal discharge 7 DPO-creamy/milky vaginal discharge, headache (pretty mild, took Tylenol and went away), VERY irritable, armpit soreness 8 DPO-creamy/milky vaginal discharge 9 DPO-creamy/milky vaginal discharge, tested earlier than i knew i should (BFN on First Resp) 10 DPO-creamy/milky vaginal discharge, back aching, indigestion, and mild headache (Possible VVFL on cheapie HPT, didn't get excited about it) 11 DPO- yep, you guessed it-creamy/milky vaginal discharge ... this day i just KNEW something was different in my gut.. tested with Clear blue digital.. BFP "Pregnant" * The biggest sign for me was that i didn't dry up down there like i typically do after ovulation, i had consistent creamy/milky discharge every single day (no burning, pain, itching, etc)... i have never had this happen before, so that was my biggest clue i would say! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL. IT IS POSSIBLE!!! Baby Dust!!

37 years old & BFP for baby #1!

I still can't believe I finally get to post my own BFP story! After only 6 months of trying, I was starting to worry it would take a lot longer than anticipated. I just turned 37 in April and DH turned 34 in March. This is a first pregnancy for both of us. We've been together for five years, but it was only this year that we finally felt ready to start trying. What I did differently this cycle was acupuncture and Chinese herbs from CD1 and Evening Primrose Oil. I had already been on a regular regime of prenatals, vitamin B complex, vitamins C and D, and COQ10. I got my BFP at 10dpo! My LMP was June 21, meaning that if all goes well, we'll be welcoming our little one at the end of March 2019 - right around DH's birthday! I didn't experience alot of the "typical" symptoms I've read other ladies post about. For example, I did not have implantation bleeding, no breast tenderness, nor did I have a metallic taste in my mouth (and I still don't). In fact, my only two symptoms were fatigue and diarrhea. To be completely honest, I thought we were out this cycle. We only DTD twice and I thought the timing was all wrong. Without further ado, MY symptoms by DPO: 1DPO: Fatigue, creamy cm 2DPO: No notes other than creamy cm 3DPO: Backache, fatigue, frequent urination, dry cm 4DPO: Backache, creamy cm 5DPO: Diarrhea, headache, heartburn, sore throat, creamy cm 6DPO: Chills, diarrhea, emotional, fatigue, sore throat, creamy cm 7DPO: Diarrhea, fatigue, hot flashes, creamy cm 8DPO: Backache, diarrhea, creamy cm 9DPO: Thought for sure AF was on the way because I had a huge energy boost and urge to clean absolutely everything! Felt great and was able to get a lot accomplished. 10DPO: Urge to clean continued, urgent diarrhea. OMG! FAINT BFP ON WONDFO! 11DPO: Faint BFP once again on Wondfo! Wowzers! 12DPO: BLAZING FRER! Lit up like a Christmas tree almost IMMEDIATELY. Got bloods done which confirmed hCG levels at 96, which is consistent with 1-2 weeks gestational age. That's it! It happened quietly and without much to go on, which is why I wasn't counting on this month. Since learning of my BFP, the sore boobs have kicked in as has the cramping/stretching and some mild nausea. Good luck to all of you reading! I never thought I'd be posting about my good news so soon, so just know it can happen when you least expect it!

I am still in S-H-O-C-K!!!!!

Hey Everyone! Super Excited to finally share with you my BFP story. I started off on BC and i just got off of it in OCT 2017. I didn't see myself regular maybe until February 2018. I am now 30 and My husband is 35 turning 36 this year. TBH I started being serious about TTC just last month. In June. I thought that it was finally time and that I was ready to be a parent. It literally seemed that everyone around me was getting pregnant so easily. All my friends and family. I thought there was something wrong with me. My husband and I DTD whenever and I never kept track of my Ovulation and every time AF always came. So I kid you not i was literally determined to get pregnant In June. I finally purchased the Ovulation strips that came with pregnancy strips and used them when I was done with AF. I kept track everyday. Charting and taping them on paper. Soon I had a positive on day 14 . So it is said that 24-36 hours later you will ovulate. Well the 30th of JUNE my husband and I DTD twice both in the afternoon. Everytime when we were finished I would prop my legs up and pillow under me and stayed like that for 30 min. That's the only time we did it. Here is what my DPO's were like: DPO 1- abdominal discomfort DPO2 & 3 - Nothing DPO4- yellowish CM DPO-5- Abdominal discomfort and nauseous late in the afternoon plus a headache DPO-6 -11 Nothing out of the ordinary. B's felt sore like AF was coming. Tested on DPO 9 and saw the faintest line EVER and I though OMG this is it. But the following day test 10 & 11 were negative so I was sad and told myself its okay next month will be our month. DPO 12- I decided to test for fun I noticed a little spotting and some sticky whitish/yellowish CM when I wiped. Tested when i got home from work about 8pm and i got my BFP!!!!!! DPO13 - I bought the clear blue digitial test because I wanted them to actually say "HEY! you're pregnant!" instead of seeing the two lines on the cheap PT's i bought on amazon. haha ** Don't give up ladies. I know that 2WW is so hard. Trust me! I used this website as a tool to distract me. I still am in shock and cannot believe it. I'm am pregnant with our first child. You don't have to have so many symptoms like the other ladies on here. I barely had any. I thought this month was a NO since i barely had any type of symptoms. I am now 4 weeks and 4 days. GoodLuck to all of you!!! <3


My boyfriend (34y/o) and I (25 y/o) found out I was pregnant in December, which ended in a miscarriage. It was a surprise to us because I was on birth control at the time (pill) and had been for 10 years prior. We have been TTC for 4 months and we finally got our BFP @ 9DPO! I read these stories day in and day out! It helped me be hopeful and kept me sane. I do not track ovulation or temp, just because I wanted to try and let this happen when it happens. I did say if I got to 6 months and no luck, I would begin to track ovulation. My last period was on 6/22. It was a short 3 day period. I know when I ovulate based off of CM. Pretty sure I ovulated 7/6. BD 7/2, 7/3, 7/5, 7/6 1DPO- Very tired! I slept most of the day. Headache on and off all day, cramps on my right side only. Nipples are sore. 2DPO- Sharp pain on right side, quick. Belly button pulling feeling. Left hip area was cramping. I also had leg pain that lasted a few hours on and off, behind my thigh and calf. Nipples are very tender from here on out 3DPO- fluttery feeling, crampy all over pelvis area. TIRED and SO HUNGRY. Hot flashes 4DPO- Armpits are sore. shooting pains in left breast. Pulsing heart palpitation twice while I was just sitting down on the couch. HUNGRY all day. Broke out with 3 pimples on my face. I usually get 2 a couple of days before period, so it was too soon. 5&6DPO- cramping around the hip area. breast felt very heavy and hurt! Headache. I could not sleep! I was waking up a few times throughout the night. I could smell everything! 7DPO- Tired! mood swings, I was very emotional and I also felt very "annoyed" all day. Nauseous at night 8DPO- Mood swings, felt like crying all day! Couldn't sleep. I went on a Ferris Wheel at the fair and I wanted to vomit. Food aversion, but I was hungry all day. I was hot and then really cold. Stuffy nose/coughing all day. (allergies?) 9DPO- Slept in until noon! I never do that. very sore breast and they looked very full! I had a feeling I should just test with a cheapie (dollar tree) and I got a BFP within 2 minutes! cramping on and off all day 10DPO- Woke up and had some nausea. I decided to test with a clear blue digital and it said "pregnant" :-) I did start working out again, tried to remain as stress free as possible (hard for me, I stress over everything lol). I also ate a bit healthier (fruits, veggies, lean meats). I have been taking prenatals for the past 3 months. Good luck to all! Try and remain positive and it will all fall into place. Reading positive stories is key, it is so easy to feel discouraged during these times. Best wishes!
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