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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

My Pregnancy Symptoms

I have endometriosis and thought it was going to be very hard to conceive. I haven't used birth control for over a year. We just bought a house and the timing couldn't be more perfect. We tried for two months. This is the second month and I got my bfp!
11dpo boobs tender, thrush felt thickness on my tongue couldn't brush off the taste, const.
12 dpo nothing really
13 do nothing really
14 dpo boob are sore and deal swollen
15dpo emotional, heartburn, nauseous thought it was from prenatal, boobs still sore
16 dpo nipple sore and tender, boobs swollen
17 dpo had a few beers last night, thought I was just feeling hung over cause I usually don't drink got very nauseous and puked, we were running errands got tot the bank and puked again, felt very dizzy every time I stood up and nauseous. Kept thinking I didn't drink that much last night. Talked to dh and asked if he thought my boobs were bigger and he was like yes I think you should test. But I started feeling slightly crampy so I thought I'm gonna start tomorrow I'll wait
18 dpo more cramping thought I'm gonna start I'll test tomorrow for sure if I don't......
19 dpo tested and got bfp! Had to take a second look cause I still thought I was gonna start any time. Very emotional today and tired, like I can't think and need a nap.
Baby dust to everyone don't give up, I almost did!

So Many Negatives, Then BFP Blood Test and HPT at 16DPO!

This is our first month TTC and we only did the BD one time during fertile period which was the day before O. Here's my story and symptoms:

Day prior to O: had sex
O day: nothing
1DPO: Gums bleeding while brushing
2DPO: Nothing
3DPO: small amount of red blood when wiping
4DPO: Very gassy, stomach cramps/twinges, weird hunger pains, mild nausea, slight CM
5DPO: Only ate 1/2 of breakfast, wasn’t feeling hungry and got a bit nauseated while eating. Cramps on both sides (mainly left), getting sick with flu-like symptoms, very bad headache, slight CM
6DPO: Heavier CM, low back pain, vaginal "bubble" type feeling but nothing ever came out
7DPO: Gums bleeding when brushing, Stabbing pain in breasts, breasts feel swollen, EXTREME veins on chest and nipples
8DPO: Tested negative: Didn’t sleep well, kept dreaming about my basal temp, boobs feel more swollen and slightly tender, low back pain, slight CM, veins don’t seem as prominent as yesterday. Very emotional, cried over two songs. Heart is POUNDING when I lay down, short of breath just going across the living room, belching a lot, inside vagina felt extremely tight.
9DPO: Tested negative: Didn’t sleep well again, had a dream about having twins at home, peeing more frequently (is that possible this early?!) slightly nauseated, heavy boobs, vaginal "bubble" feeling again, veins are now leading into my nipples.
10DPO: Negative blood test: Veins very prominent, areoles seem a lot bigger/not darker though, short of breath in the morning, breasts are getting more and more tender, low back pain, mild cramps on left side of abdomen, blood test done at drs office with HCG of less than 1, pulling/stabbing sensation beneath/behind boobs, vaginal "bubble" thing again.
11DPO: Didn’t sleep well, feel discouraged yet I feel like I should be happy, dropped a few pounds when I weighed, not much of an appetite, short of breath, crying a lot.
12DPO: Headache, VERY sore boobs and large areoles, bra uncomfortable, out of energy/drained!
13DPO: Dreamt I had a BFP! Woke up to disappointment of a negative. Still HUGE blue veins all over chest and now also leading up to my neck. Really bad cramps (almost like I need to poop but can’t.. sorry if TMI) very irritable and emotional, even a bit angry.
14DPO: Expected date for period, no sign of AF. sticky/watery CM, still obsessing thinking I am pregnant and the blood test had to have been too early. Pulling feeling in the right upper abdominal area, tested negative again.
15DPO: Tested negative on HPT but something told me to go in and do another blood test anyway. 1 day late for AF, veins seem even bigger now!! white/yellowish sticky CM, had another blood test done at drs office. Crampy, gassy, stabbing/pulling feeling in breasts, heart beating super hard.
16DPO: 2 days late for AF. Tested negative on HPT(the dip in pee sticks. FYI: DONT USE THEM!!!!!) Feeling discouraged and wondering how it can be negative when I KNOW I'm pregnant?! Anxiously awaiting call from dr for results, cramps on both sides near pelvis. Received call from drs office confirming I am indeed pregnant!! HCG level of 31! I had to see it for myself so I POAS (FRER) and got a BFP!

BFP So Excited.. Such a Pleasant Surprise

Ladies please don’t give up. We got our BFP in only two cycles, when we decided to put this in God’s hands. I know that can be challenging, especially when you want to be pregnant so bad. I wasn’t exactly sure when I ovulated. My calendar said one date, but my body felt as if it happened two days earlier than that. This was a pleasant surprise, because my symptoms felt like my period was coming earlier than usual. I’m 33, husband is 34, and we have two boys 11 and 6 years old.
Here are some of my symptoms
2-3 dpo Sick feeling in stomach, but not as if I was going to vomit. This feeling was more like a dull stomach ache (thought I had to go to the bathroom)
4-6 dpo back started to hurt, mid and lower. (I remember thinking……it’s too soon for period cramps)
7 dpo sharp pains on right side, (I thought this might be implantation cramps) I was trying to stay calm and not get to excited. Funny stomach feeling came back also.
8-9 dpo bad backache mid and lower. I thought we’ll my period should start any moment now. I made up my mind to take a test the next day, so I can get back to my work out. (Thought we were out)
10/11 dpo BFP Went to Wal-Mart and got a Clear Blue Easy digital “pregnant” I was in stock……so I took the other one in the pack… I’m so, so excited!!!
I’m almost 4 weeks according to the nurse who made my appointment. Ladies again, my symptoms were minor compared to the stories I’ve read on this web site. My breasts are still not really sore at this point. Please keep the faith regardless of what you feel or think. God has the final say so! God bless all of you

First Try, Both Times... I'm Surprised BFP 12 DPO

Supposedly I o'd on the 7th my lmp was Aug 24th. We bd on 3,4,7 & 8th. I did not expect to get pregnant so easily because I got lucky with my now 4 1/2 yr old son. We Bd one time without protection and that's all it took I was Preg that month.

This time around we planned to get pregnant (we talked about it intensely for almost a month before trying) I've never been on bc we just use the pull out method and it has worked for 7 years. Any way I didn't do anything special I just enjoyed making love to my hubby:)

*symptoms by dpo*
O day- slight cramps which I've never had before I think I was just super aware of my body this month
1-7dpo- still cramping nothing major, very dry no cm at all(rare)
8dpo- went to hospital have kidney stones, I told them I thought I might be Preg they did a urine screen bfn, disappointed
9dpo-wake up super hot, cheeks and chest have been rosy all day, cannot wear a bra hurts too bad, take hpt still neg.
10 dpo- wanted subway so bad, bbs still painful, still feel like I'm on fire at night, super weird, vivid dream
11dpo- feel the same as 10dpo but started to "know" I'm Preg. Wanted pizza hut so bad that I got out of bed at 10:30pm and got a personal pizza... I've always hated pizza lol
12 dpo- BFPx2:) stoked!

I feel bad though because I got Preg so easily twice and some women haven't even gotten one bfp. I feel like I'm sucking up all the baby dust.. Anyway congrats to all those who got their bfp and I'm praying for the one who haven't yet..

Pregnant and Over the Moon!

I got my very first BFP this week after 5 long months of TTC! My partner and I are a bit late into the game at 39 but we're very excited and hope for a healthy pregnancy.

My story: I have a fairly regular 25-27 day cycle but We decided to see a fertility specialist after 4 months of trying to check if everything was ok - this may seem quick, but I didn't want to waste any more time if there was something wrong due to my age. I also suspected that I wasn't ovulating as I was getting multiple positive readings using OPKs which can be an indicator of PCOS. The doctor gave me the harsh reality of trying to conceive naturally at my age and sent my partner and I off to do a blood test, saline hysterogram and semen analysis.

The break down:
CD5 - Have the Saline hystergram, otherwise known as ultrasound and dye. This checks for abnormalities and blockages and can also be useful to unblock tubes. The doctor tells us that some people fall pregnant straight after this test, but we're doubtful.

CD7 - BD (used Pre-Seed)

CD10 - We return to the fertility doctor for our results. My partner's SA was good in everything but morphology and they also think that I'm not ovulating as the ultrasound indicated polycystic ovaries. She prescribed clomid for me to start next month on CD2 and for us to think about IUI. We kind of right off this month and wait for the next month to tick around so we can get started! So I decide not to document any symptoms (which is annoying because now I have to try an remember what was going on!).

CD10-12 - BD (used Pre-Seed)

CD13 (used Pre-Seed) - BD in the morning and partner prepares to go on a fishing trip for 3 days.

DPO3 - I start to cramp a bit and get a sore back

DPO4 - Cramping continues on and off but it's a bit sharper at night. My skin also breaks out

DPO5 - BD, no symptoms

DPO8 - yucky diarrhea

DPO9 - BD, no symptoms

DPO10 - Develop terrible head cold (that's still hanging around)

DPO13 - AF is due but is a no show. I decide not to test as it was two days late the month before. I also spot a couple of days up to a week before I get AF. This month there was nothing, but at the time I thought this might because the saline hystergram cleared everything out. I also notice my dog and cat are both trying to sit on my lap.

DPO14 - Still no AF. We have plans to go out to dinner with friends, so I start wondering if it's ok for me to drink. My partner goes to an art show and I stay home and get ready for dinner and decide to do a test. I watch the control line come up straight away and tell myself that I was just being silly and next month hopefully we'll see some results. I turned my back for a couple of seconds and then looked at it again and noticed a second line. A second line! I can't believe it and do another test. The line comes up straight away again! Yay! I patiently wait for my partner to come home so I can tell him the good news before we go to dinner. He brings his cousin home and invites her out to dinner - which means my window to share the news just closed! I had to sit through the whole night keeping the news to myself. Luckily I still had a head cold so no one really questioned why I wasn't drinking. When we got home I obviously broke down and shared the news.

DPO15 - we did 2 more tests including a digital and they were all positive!

I truly believe the saline hysterogram cleared my tubes and allowed me to ovulate. We're very excited and hope for a happy healthy 9 months!

First Round of Clomid and BFP!

This site has helped me so much in the past, so I wanted to contribute. We ttc for over two years with our first naturally. Suddenly we were pregnant, but had trouble with our second. I found out later I had pcos and also had ovulation problems. So we decided to use clomid.

Day of O: woke up horribly sick. Vomiting and feel terrible, assume its a side effect of the clomid, but holy cow! I ovulated!! O confirmed the night before with opk. Also had pinches on sides, thought at one point a cyst had ruptured. BD

1-4 DPO: felt nothing, just a little tired, but I chalk it up to coming back from vacation.
5 DPO: peeing a ton. Actually had to take a potty break in the middle of my kickboxing class, which never happens.
7DPO: woke up with a few cramps, start thinking af is here, grouchy, and super hungry. Bfn.
8DPO: a few more cramps, hungry, tired. Queasy that afternoon, actually gag on dinner.
9 DPO: bfn, queasy, start thinking I am pg bc of the nausea. Call my mom and tell her I'm pg.
10 DPO: poas with fmu, is that a line? DH thinks I'm crazy. Test at noon, totally see a faint line with wondfo, take about 4 more, all have faint line. Start spotting and get worried.
11 DPO: still spotting, still faint positive

BFP When Least Expected

Hello ladies!
So this is my BFP story in brief:
1 DPO - I got flu, no fever though
5 DPO - I got terrible tonsillitis, fever up to 39C (102F), 7 days of augmentin (antibiotic)
6 - 13 DPO - light barely noticeable cramps (I thought it was all in my head), slightly sore nipples for about 12-20 hours.
13-14 DPO - I had ultracain (anesthetic) gialuronic acid injections to my lips
15-17 DPO - AF like cramps, I was expecting it any minute, TMI - I checked several times but only found some cm
18 DPO - BFP right away. I poased just to confirm that I was out this month as I was sure that nothing would stick after my fever and antibiotics.

I hope so much that everything ok with the baby and it sticks. So strange, the less we think of pregnancy and symptoms the more likely we succeed easier said than done though.

P.S. I still believe that implantation bleeding is a myth

Very Happy to be Pregnant!

Got my BFP this afternoon at dpo 10 (or 11, not quite sure)!! This will be our 2nd child and I'm so happy to add to our family. This time it took 2 months to get pregnant, last time it took 5 months. I know a lot of people have trouble getting pregnant and I don't take my situation for granted. I did want to post because, both this time and last time, it really helped reading other people's symptoms.
Here's the basics:
Regular cycle of 28-29 days. My ovulation is slightly later than usual at either cd17 or 18 (I really recommend ovulation prediction strips for those who assume they O on cd14, it might not be the case). Was on the pill for 16 years before my first, and for 10 months before this one. It didn't seem to affect my periods at all, I am lucky that they are regular.
Got a smiley face cd 16. BD once in the morning (this was the only time this month we were able to BD so from the beginning I felt we didn't have much chance). Raised hips up on a towel for 25 minutes afterwards. Didn't do anything different aside from drink one cup of green tea the day before (I don't get much EWCM that I can see) but I doubt that helped!
Didn't keep track of minor symptoms as we had a death in the family and consequently was pretty stressed for a week or so. During that time though I did notice a couple of things:
DPO 5 & 6 - felt hung over all day (exact same symptom with first child) but I hadn't drunk enough to be hung over! Thought I had some cramping but this was nothing like the first child (30 minutes of intense cramping and heavy breathing to control the pain).
DPO 6 (or 7) - checked my cervix in the shower and it was so low and squishy. That afternoon I had two small brown spots of blood on my underwear; this was my first big clue that something could be happening, as the only other time I've spotted was implantation with my first child. But didn't want to get hopes up.
No other symptoms, no sore boobs or veins, or metallic taste or anything, aside from my pants felt tight around my waist but I attributed that to all the overeating from the past week!
DPO 7 - BFN (too early I know!)
DPO 9 - BFN (disappointed)
DPO 10 - BFN with first morning urine. Really disappointed as thought this could be it.
DPO 11 (today) - BFP!! Late morning test after I was so hungry I ate my lunch at 10:30am (same exact symptom as last year). Went out got a Clear Blue Digital just to check. Held my pee for several hours (difficult!) and just got a "Pregnant"!

Excited to tell my DH tonight and praying that this little one sticks :)

13 Months TTC Finally BFP

I'm 26 and my husband is also 26 (supposedly prime time for fertility) I've temped, brought the cb fertility monitor, used the smilie face opks the cheap Internet opks and nothing for 12 months, we went to the doctors and everything was fine, so why was it not happening, everyone around seemed to fall within a month and it was heartbreaking every time (selfish I know) but when your broody you become very irrational, but there is hope for everyone, as at apparently not so lucky (so they say) month 13 I got my BFP using the clear blue pregnancy test.

After my period stopped including the brown discharge the doctor advised us to bd ever two days nothing more nothing less, anxiously I thought y not I've tried everything else, let's give it a go. Baring in mind I've been with my husband 9 years, married for 1 so it's not easy being intimate so frequently but you just have to both keep positive and try and not mention and just try and enjoy each other (sorry if tmi) :/

1-6dpo no symptoms at all - went out drinking evening of 6dpo
7dpo dull pinching feeling in uterus on the right side, and felt very tired but assumed this was because of the alcohol the night before had a nap in the afternoon. Milky cm
8dpo I went away with work but noticed that the dull aches were still there and we're also on my left side watery cm
9dpo slightly relentless sleep, by 11 my stomach was growling very unusual for me then after lunch I whipped and there was a tiny amount of discharge very light brown lighter than the brown I normally get before m period which lasted about 3 hours (implantation spotting?)
10dpo I woke up and felt like I had been run over by a train, normally after my work meetings I'm tried the next day but this was something else, have had headaches and still got the pinching feeling but more noticeable now as it has be continuous, so when I came home from work I did a test which I never normally do and it came back with PREGNANT 1-2 weeks! Am still in shock.

If your trying to conceive don't listen to people who say when you stop trying you'll fall it always made me laugh as I'd ask them to explain how I stop trying? No one ever gave me a straight answer, you just have to bd regularly oh and keep your legs up after the deed! I did this month! Good luck to you all!

BFP - 6th Month of TTC

This is my second pregnancy and the symptoms and the order of signs that I got in the 2WW were very different than my first pregnancy. I also got pregnant the 2nd try with my first pregnancy, but took us 6 months this time. I ovulated (per fertility friend and OPK tests) on cd14.
1-8dpo – Absolutely no symptoms, normal post ovulation BBT. I also wasn’t obsessing about the signs this cycle because of previous disappointments when I was convinced I was pregnant, but wasn’t
9dpo – BBT dropped almost close to coverline, thought it may be implantation, but no IB (I had IB with my first pregnancy on 8dpo). The only symptom I had were sore, hard nipples and very yellow watery CM
10dpo – yellow watery CM and sore, hard nipples
11dpo – thick white discharge, sore nipples. We grilled that night and when my husband came next to me with his plate of chicken kabobs, I almost threw up and told him to get that away from me. It got me to thinking maybe I was pregnant, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up high
12 dpo – slight cramping, backache, headache, frequent urination. Sat down to eat dinner and everything tasted bland (I’m Indian, our food has a lot of flavor/spices and I couldn’t taste anything) and I ended up tossing my entire plate and having milk for dinner
13dpo – headache, AF like cramping but a little milder, stretching pain in lower abdomen (my biggest clue), but I had no IB yet, so I kept thinking maybe I wasn’t pregnant. I kept looking up threads online to see if women had IB their 1st pregnancy and not the second and a lot of women did, so I stopped obsessing about IB
14dpo – collected urine to test, when wiped, I saw spotting. Since it was 14dpo, I thought maybe I started my period, but decided to test anyway and got my BFP. I couldn’t believe it after seeing nothing on those tests for 5 months.

I hope this helps! And good luck to all that are TTC!