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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP After Acupuncture

We have been TTC for 18 months. I was pregnant in April but miscarried at 5 weeks. I've been on the waiting list for a fertility appointment for 6 months. I was starting to get fed up waiting so decided to try acupuncture. I think I have a hormonal imbalance. I went for 6 sessions of acupuncture and just got my BFP. I found the acupuncture relaxing and I'm sure its the reason I got my BFP. I didn't have a lot of symptoms. The symptoms I had are:

DPO 1-8 mild af cramps (I have this most months so thought I wasn't pg) From 9 DPO onwards I had a cold that would come and go. My biggest clue was on 10 DPO, I felt really unwell with a cold in the morning but was fine by the evening. I tested the next day with a FRER and got a strong BFP. Other symptoms included sore bbs and cramps.

Good luck everyone. Baby dust to u all

BFP 15dpo, BFN 10dpo

2nd month TTC, not charting, but suffer from several days of pain around O. Been on folic acid for a year and a half.
CD14 was Aug 26th. BD ED or EOD from Aug 20th-Aug 31st.
1dpo just cramps, but I usually cramp around O.
2-3dpo continued cramps and nausea
4-6dpo cramps (usually would've ended by now), gassy, seem to always be peeing!
5-7dpo weird vivid dreams, freq. urination, nausea's back, not to the point of getting sick, just a little off.
8-9dpo freq. urination, gassy, heart palpitations
10dpo woke up feeling sick again, did not actually vomit. Tested FRER with FMU. BFN.
11-12 dpo, cramps like AF thought for sure it was over. Continued weird dreams.
13 dpo woke up with cramps in the middle of the night. Kept checking for AF, no show
14 dpo, AF due, no show, still cramping, but less, couldn't sleep, pain on R like O pains (this was the side I O'd from)
15dpo nauseous, very, mild occasional pain on R side continues tested at night with FRER light but definitely there BFP celebrated with DH by buying a gender neutral sleeper
16dpo Tested with FMU on Clear Blue Digital "Pregnant. Nausea continues, R pains continue, but it's too early to feel an ectopic, so I think it's the corpus luteum pumping out progesterone, considering the O pains I get, this is similar. So thrilled to be blessed this soon. Praying our little one is comfortable enough to stay. Trying to be a good host!

BFP @ 9DPO After Almost 1 Year of TTC and 4 Anovulatory Cycles, Herbs, and My Own Progesterone Treatment

Finally I get to post here! I’ve been looking and reading these stories since Oct 2011!
It’s been a long road! 4 anovulatory cycles lasting around 52 days each! A couple of months back I started to suspect that I might have PCOS. I have some of the symptoms, hair on chin (like one or two), hair around nipples, overweight, and of course anovulatory cycles! I never officially got diagnosed. I just knew it had something to do with my birth control pills that I took the first 5 month of our marriage. Turns out I was right! I did ALOT of research on how bad BCP's are bad for you, and they are the leading cause of PCOS due the fact that they suppress your body's natural ability to produce progesterone. They overwhelm you with synthetic progesterone, and your body basically says "Eh,,,, why do I need to make it, something is making it for me,,,, so Ill just shut down". Once you stop taking them, it is very hard for your ovaries and brain to signal properly to produce progesterone. So I started my own progesterone treatment. I bought Pro-Gest cream from Whole Foods made by Emerita (I think). And around CD 18 I would start using the cream morning and night for 14 days. Prior to CD 18 I would track ovulation via BBT and OPK to confirm ovulation or not. I only did the treatment if for sure I didn’t not O. I read that this treatment takes roughly 6 months to work. So I patiently waited. After 4 cycles of Progesterone, I read some additional info that Vitex also helps with stimulation of progesterone naturally. So this new cycle I decided I will take Vitex in addition to another herb called Bourdock. It is sold at wholefoods as well in drops. My mother recommended it. She said in Russia it is used for fertility and PCOS. So I figured why not? I took the Bourdock and Vitex from CD1-19. I had a pos OK on CD 19, confirmed by a temp dip on CD 20. So I ovulated, on my own, naturally!!! So happy! Also we BD everyday for 5 days leading up to O. Just because we felt like it!!! Also BD the morning of O. And used Pre Seed twice during those 5 days. Only a little bit internally.

Anyway here’s my 2WW:
1-Slight dull cramping. Notice I can "Smell Myself". Like not my arm pits, but down there. Like my normal odor but much stronger. I could smell myself everywhere! When I was at the store, sitting in car, everywhere! Same this happened with my first pregnancy but way after my BFP. Breasts tender.
2- Glob of yellowish/greenish ewcm about 2 inches long on my tp. Very mild cramps yesterday and today all day. Breasts more sore. (Normal) Nothing else.
3- more slight cramps, ewcm on tp when wipe. Boobies more sore (normal for me)
4-6 cramps disappeared. Still having random ewcm on tp when wipe.
7-very mild O pains on right side. Lasting around 10 min. Slight sore throat in am, itchy throat. Runny nose, bloody boogers.
8-Another huge glob of yellowish ewcm this morning. BD yesterday am and pm. Slight sharp pain on right side lasting couple of seconds. Still runny nose, pink boogers LOL.
9-BFN on wondfo with FMU. Massive sore throat in am! Very different from a cold. Only hurt on top of throat, and was gone by the evening. Diarrhea. Faint Pos on wondfo on the evening! Ran out and got a FRER.
10- BFP on wondfo and slight slight line on FRER with FMU. Took another test in the evening, both FRER and Wondfo were much darker.
11-Got a digi--"PREGNANT" - smu.. Yayayayayayay!!!! Cant believe it!!!!! Jumping up and down! Already told everyone!!!!!!!! EDD May 15, 2013!!!

I know I did a lot of things differently this cycle. But most importantly I prayed to Jehovah God!!!! I’ve been praying not to just get pregnant, but to get pregnant at the right time. And so I give all the credit to him!!!! Currently I am 15DPO!... and so so thankful!!!!!

Two Week Wait

I've been creeping on this page for a few months and vowed that'd I'd write my experience once I got preggers.

1DPO: little cramping and backache but didn't think anything of it as I have a bad back in general, and going through the TWW has made me realize I feel crampy for a few days after O. What was strange was I had bright yellow urine. Like neon. No matter how water I drank. It was neon.

2DPO: Crampy, bright yellow urine

3DPO: bright yellow urine

4DPO: bright yellow urine again & thirsty. had to get up and pee in the middle of the night which never happens to me

5DPO: crampy again, frequent urination. bright yellow pee, thirsty and sinuses are blocked. My sister-in-law remarked on it. Tested even though I knew it was way too early and got a negative. Of course.

6DPO: Super mood swings

7DPO: Super mood swings. Thought it must be bad PMS. Backache.

8DPO: Mood swings, breasts are sore but don't look different like everyone told me they would if I was pregnant. In fact, because they looked the same throughout all of TWW I didn't think I would be preggers this month

9DPO: moody, frequent urination

10DPO: Moody, had to get up to pee again in the middle of the night, thirsty.

11DPO: Cramps and bloated. Thought AF was going to come right on time.

12DPO: sore boobs, have to get up and pee a lot and again in the middle of the night

13 DPO: same as 12DPO

14DPO: Sore boobs, bloated and thirsty. I'm officially 2 days late at this point but want to wait another day. I think I actually might have a chance this month after all because I have terrible sense of smell, but my husband smells kinda gross to me. (Don’t tell him I said that!)

15DPO: Sore boobs, cramping, thirsty, have to pee a lot, smell myself so much that I think I forgot deodorant. I didn't. I can also smell my shampoo which I honestly didn't know had a fragrance. I thought about waiting another day, but rallied and left work to get a test. 4 tests. All positive. In shock.

BFP That I Have Waited For - For 5 YEARS! 17dpo!

I can't believe I am getting to write a success story on here. For so long, I have yearned for a baby (5 years!). My dh and I were "not trying, not preventing," hoping that it would happen on it's own. In June 2012, I had suspected for some time that I had endometriosis. I decided to see a reproductive endocrinologist, thinking that this was the reason we hadn't conceived. He informed us that it was statistically impossible that we hadn't conceived in all this time - we had never tracked my cycles or anything. Scary thought. His next step was to do an hsg then a laproscopy. My mind was spinning. I decided that we would try very hard and do things a lot different and see what happened. We were going to give it until October 2012, and if I wasn't pregnant by then, that we would proceed with the procedures and the incoming expenses that would follow. It took us 3 cycles to achieve a bfp. Here is what we did:

- Used a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor (not cheap, $200 with sticks)
- Ate clean and super healthy. No processed foods, junk food, stayed away from sugar, caffeine. Made a smoothie every morning from greek yogurt, fruit, agave, chia seeds, and coconut milk.
- Ate pineapple core 1-5dpo
- consistently have been taking good quality prenatals from gnc for the past 8 months
- drank green tea when I could
- used Pre-Seed (I think this is what did it for us, first time we used it this cycle).
- bd for 5 days in a row (all highs and peaks)

BFP on Clomid After 15 Months TTC; Very Few Symptoms

15th month TTC, 1st month medicated: 25 mg clomid (half a pill, since I actually do ovulate on my own). BFP 13dpo! Here are my cycle details:

LH surge cycle day 17 11AM
U/S CD 18 at 1 PM showed one mature follicle, 24mm. I'm guessing this was
O-date, since it was one day after LH surge on CBE digital.

1-8dpo: No symptoms
9 dpo: some mild cramping
10-13 dpo: strong-smelling urine, mild cramping
13 dpo: Negative OPK (I've read you can use them in place of HPT because LH has a very similar molecular structure as HCG), heartburn, diarrhea, continued strong-smelling urine and more consistent cramping. BFP at 8:30 PM.

Another notable "symptom" is my lack of breast soreness. They are normally extremely sore before I start a new cycle, and I don't feel them at all.

I feel great and have very few symptoms, but it's an unmistakable BFP--so don't lose heart if you're not feeling much at 13dpo!

BFP, Baby!!!!

Eep! I'm so excited to share my symptoms!

This was a long cycle for me. I Oed on day 23. We used pre-seed each time we tried (CD 21, 22, 23, & 24). I kept a pillow under my butt each time for about 30 minutes after.

1DPO -- Woke up really hungry. Doesn't usually happen. But this is my first month getting up early for temp charting and it's right around ovulation, so maybe it IS normal, but I usually sleep through the hunger?

2DPO -- Some early morning cramping and abdominal pressure. May just have been bc I needed to take a BM. Woke up really hungry again. Headache and light heartburn.

3DPO -- Had a really weird dream. Some early morning cramping and abdominal pressure. May just have been bc I needed to take a BM. Headache and light heartburn. Late afternoon: Some uneasiness (bordering on queasiness) in my mid/upper diaphragm. Some light cramping (evening) and frequent need to pee! Though, sometimes not a ton came out... By the time I went to bed, my back and my feet were aching soooo badly. I might have been standing more than usual? Not sure--and even if that was the case, the aches and pains were worse than they should have been. But maybe I'm just too in my head, ha.

4DPO -- Another weird dream. Light cramping early afternoon. Pretty tired, too. Slight heaviness "down there." (Which usually happens during AF.) A little cranky here and there, and easily offended. Oh! And I saw a commercial for mustard earlier and suddenly was craving a mustard sandwich. At like 9:45am. Ha. 2:18 pm: I just... FEEL pregnant. Like, I think I am. My body (boobs in particular) feel different. Not fuller, or even tingly. Like the feeling you get right BEFORE a tingle... A pre-tingle tingle... If that even makes sense. Yellow CM in underwear. Evening: Cramping is getting worse and so is crankiness. Lower back really achey (like piercingly so) while sitting on the couch.

5DPO -- Another weird (this time slightly disturbing) dream. Woke up with cramps. This much cramping is making me feel like I really could be pregnant because I *never* cramp like this. Not that it's awful or anything, but I get cramps really just the first two days of AF usually. These are mostly on the left side. Boobs are slightly closer to a tingly feeling in the am, but still not full-blown. Bit into a red onion slice (which was hanging off the bagel I had for lunch) and it tasted SUPER sweet. Not even the slightest hint of that regular sharp red onion taste. 3:30 I AM ONLY HAPPY WHEN I'M EATING. Otherwise, I want to murder everyone. Not that this is a pregnancy sign; this is pretty standard for PMSing for me... 10:30pm: Holy veiny boobs, batman! I showered tonight and noticed deep blue veins across my boobs that are definitely not usually there/that visible.

6DPO -- Couldn't help myself, took a pregnancy test. Negative. But still. I feel pregnant. Lots of am heartburn, tinged with the slightest nausea. The blue veins aren't as noticeable in my boobs anymore. Though my boobs still feel that pre-tingle tingle thing. And usually before my period they are SO SORE. They're not sore at all right now. But soreness is also a sign of pregnancy, so that I'm not doesn't really mean anything one way or another, I guess? 10:30ish, noticed the slightest drop of light pink CM after peeing. Might be the start of AF? Or maybe implantation spotting?

7DPO -- Another weird dream. Boobs still aren't sore. Which is SO weird. Took another pregnancy test, wondfo strip this time, and it came back invalid. I threw out the pee I dipped it in before the result came back--won't make that mistake again. 10:30am, took a first response hpt, came back negative. Headache in the evening

8DPO -- Wondfo hpt and OMG. There's something there!!! It's faint, but it's there! Light heartburn. Lots of little bumps (pimples?) on my chin. REALLY tired in the afternoon (though that could be from waking up at 6:30). Red bumps at the base of my neck. They look like bug bites, but aren't

9DPO -- Wondfo hpt. Another faint line! It's weird, most of my symptoms seem to be going away. Maybe it's because they were symptoms leading up to implantation?
Had blood work done at my doctor's. While waiting for the results I took another wondfo hpt, and the line was much darker!!

And the results came back... BIG FAT POSITIVE! At 9DPO, my HCG level was 45.

I can't stop smiling.

Good luck to everyone who's trying!

By the way, I kept track of every. little. symptom. But to list them all would have made this waaaaay too long, so I listed the biggest ones here. If you want to read through alllll of them, they're listed, by day, here:


BFP @ 10 DPO! So Soon?

Hello everyone. I'm so glad that I found this site. Being able to read the stories and symptoms of other women really helped me know what was going on with my body. A little about me: I'm 33 with a 14-year-old daughter and a 10 year old stepdaughter. My husband and I got married almost one year ago this month.

One of the scariest things right now for me is realizing that I am going to have a 15 year old and a newborn all at the same time. I was only 19 with my first pregnancy and really didn't know what I was doing, but I am so blessed to be able to go through this again with a lot more wisdom and a wonderful husband.

So here are my symptoms leading up to my BFP. I wanted to share them because I know that that is what I looked for obsessively on this site. I can't explain why my symptoms came so early in the process and wondering if there could be twins.

1 - 4 dpo - nothing, felt like I was coming on with a cold.

5 dpo - I went to the gym and felt sick. I love to work out and go hard and I just couldn't go as hard as usual. I also felt a weirdness on the sides of my breasts. Still feeling like I was coming on with a cold. Throat was getting soar.

6 - Tired, a tiny bit nauseous, weirdness in breasts, extremely thirsty, throat was still a little bit sore.

7 - same as 6, really coming down with cold symptoms, breast still weird. I also noticed how hungry I was getting.

8 - felt like crap. breasts hurt, extremely hungry (worried me), sluggish, very thirsty

9 - took a clear blue easy and saw a very squinting faint line. Couldn't be sure if it was positive. Thought I was seeing things and just went on with the day. Went back to the gym that day. (caution...TMI) I did a strike class and all of a sudden my stomach felt like it was about to explode. Ran out of the class, went to the bathroom and had a terrible case of the runs. (sorry) That night I felt like crap, went to bed early and woke up at 4 a.m. with dull side pains.

10 dpo - took a clear blue easy test first thing in the morning and saw a very, very faint line, but it was darker than the one from the day before. I started comparing my stick with other 10 dpo's online and couldn't believe I was seeing this so soon. But then I started to read how Clear Blue was notorious for false positives so I went and bought a FRER. Waited a while, and what do you know, a very clear soft pink line. No guessing about this one. It was definitely a BFP!

11 dpo - Took another FRER, darker line. Went to a clinic to take one of their tests...POSITIVE.

12 dpo - Now today is 12 dpo and of course I have a poas addiction. At 12 dpo, the line was almost as dark as the control line on my FRER. (I'm freaking out how early this is happening.)

Well, my AF is due on Tuesday and I still can't completely believe this until a couple days past my AF is due. I know that I have very clear positives, but I just can't do the full hooray until AF's time has passed.

Right now I'm feeling very tired and sluggish again, but happy and joyful.

Good luck to all of you!

BFP at 11DPO

Hi Ladies

First off I'd like to tell you what I took this during this cycle.
* Apple cider vinegar
* Royal Jelly capsules
* Pineapple core 1-5dpo

O day - cramps, tiredness
1-5dpo - nothing (took pineapple core)
6-7dpo - lots of lotion like CM (not normal for me during LP)
8dpo - very mild heartburn (never get this) BFN
9dpo - emotional (upset & cryin for no reason, thought I was total out & this was part of AF), mild heartburn
10dpo- heartburn & angry (again thought it was af)
11dpo - heartburn hour after eating, grumpy at OH (again af), cramping, decided to test with frer with evening urine & BFP!! Faint but certainly there!
12dpo - BFP with FMU, heartburn, waves of nausea (mild), cramping, tired (normal pre-af)

Everything to me was normal pre-af except heartburn & the large about of CM. No cramping till 11dpo, no IB! I really did think I was out! I expected a BFN on 11dpo! Line is much darker 13dpo (today), I still feel like AF is right around the corner! Hope she stays away for 9 months and that baby sticks!

AF due tomorrow 14dpo!

baby dust to all!!!

Pregnant 2 Weeks After Chemical Pregnancy...BUT!!!

Wow what a rollercoaster I've been on the past few days! Ok so I posted my BFP story last month and ended up losing that pregnancy at 4 weeks and 3 days. So sad. Well two weeks later I ovulated and yep I'm pregnant again!!!

Having an early loss makes you crazy paranoid! It's so unreal how nervous I am and here's why.

This pregnancy is starting to feel slightly like last months but just not as severe. I was so positive thinking last month and I really don't want to think negative but I can't help it. Last month my back was killing me and I had lots of cramping and ovary sensations. I just knew that pregnancy wasn't normal. This month I've had some back pain on some days (something I never had with my son) but no cramping at all. Matter of fact all seems way to quiet in my tummy. No twinges, aches, cramps, nothing! So weird!

Well I'm currently 12 dpo today so WE SHALL SEE HOW THIS TURNS OUT.

Here's my story thus be continued.

What I used:
Started progesterall (self-diagnosed b/c doctor refused even when I KNEW I had low progesterone) at 5po. Started with 20 mg and gradually increased to 80 mg when I got my bfp.
Take 1 baby aspirin daily starting in two-week wait.
Complete multivitamin
Use Pre-Seed every time we bd's and an instead cup if we bd during the day.
Bd's two days before ovulation, on ovulation day and 3 days after (just like last time) That seems to be my winning schedule.

1-5 dpo- not much. cm went from ewcm to wet to creamy and then dry.
6dpo- Breast are so sore on the sides. (I don't get sore breast at all)
7dpo- bd and noticed cervix felt high. Usually I can feel hubby hitting cervix when we bd after I've ovulated.
8dpo- breast still sore. Low back ache started before bed (uh oh)
9 dpo- no back aches. relieved. very hungry
10 dpo- a faint bfp. breast sore off and on today.
11 dpo- darker bfp but still faint. dull back pain all day. So scared by this.
12 dpo- super light bfp in am lighter than yesterday. WHAT!!!!!! I'm so scared. Another freaking chemical!! I retest with second morning urine and the test is darker. So relieved! A few light tummy cramps today. First sign of any kind of stomach sensations. Slight back aches throughout the day. My breast are only sore at night.

I'm suppose to get AF on Monday. I'm so scared. I just keep getting these sensations and running to the bathroom thinking I'm going to see AF.