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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP - 6th Month of TTC

This is my second pregnancy and the symptoms and the order of signs that I got in the 2WW were very different than my first pregnancy. I also got pregnant the 2nd try with my first pregnancy, but took us 6 months this time. I ovulated (per fertility friend and OPK tests) on cd14.
1-8dpo – Absolutely no symptoms, normal post ovulation BBT. I also wasn’t obsessing about the signs this cycle because of previous disappointments when I was convinced I was pregnant, but wasn’t
9dpo – BBT dropped almost close to coverline, thought it may be implantation, but no IB (I had IB with my first pregnancy on 8dpo). The only symptom I had were sore, hard nipples and very yellow watery CM
10dpo – yellow watery CM and sore, hard nipples
11dpo – thick white discharge, sore nipples. We grilled that night and when my husband came next to me with his plate of chicken kabobs, I almost threw up and told him to get that away from me. It got me to thinking maybe I was pregnant, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up high
12 dpo – slight cramping, backache, headache, frequent urination. Sat down to eat dinner and everything tasted bland (I’m Indian, our food has a lot of flavor/spices and I couldn’t taste anything) and I ended up tossing my entire plate and having milk for dinner
13dpo – headache, AF like cramping but a little milder, stretching pain in lower abdomen (my biggest clue), but I had no IB yet, so I kept thinking maybe I wasn’t pregnant. I kept looking up threads online to see if women had IB their 1st pregnancy and not the second and a lot of women did, so I stopped obsessing about IB
14dpo – collected urine to test, when wiped, I saw spotting. Since it was 14dpo, I thought maybe I started my period, but decided to test anyway and got my BFP. I couldn’t believe it after seeing nothing on those tests for 5 months.

I hope this helps! And good luck to all that are TTC!

BFP After TTC with PCOS for 7 Months!

Hello ladies!! It happened! It finally happened! A blaring, digital, bold word reading 'PREGNANT'!! Me (21) and my husband (24) have been TTC since January. I started seeing an RE because I knew I wasn't working properly. I never received my period for 6 years. PCOS was confirmed. Thanks to 5mg Femara CD3-7 and a trigger on CD 19, I stand here typing this 5 weeks pregnant. Let me tell you my symptoms seeing as how I had so many for all my BFN cycles. These symptoms were so significantly different. I was shocked! Ok. Here we go!

CD19 - Triggered because OPKs weren't positive.
CD20 - Ovulation - Nips sore due to HCG
1 DPO - Nothing! - Sore nips - HCG + Progesterone
2 DPO - Nothing! - Sore nips - HCG + Progesterone
3-5 DPO - NOTHING! I could hear my heart breaking with each passing symptomless day... - Sore nips. Just chocking it up to a bunch of hormones.
6 DPO - I was driving to work and felt a lightening bolt shoot from my left ovary straight out of my vagina. It was sharp and RIDICULOUSLY alarming. Nips were pretty sore that morning.
7 DPO - Nothing. Nips aren't sore anymore. Feeling out and pathetic.
8 - 10 DPO - Having the weirdest contraction-like cramps. They're not painful but they feel like my whole uterus is ... Contracting! Nips aren't sore. Boobs are now tender. (good grief give me a break!) Tested with FRER to see if trigger was still hanging around - Stark white. Not even an evap or hint of a line. Good to know trigger is gone but hate seeing a negative...
11 DPO - Cramps were worse. Boobs sore. Thought AF was making an early entrance.
 12 DPO - Woke up at 4AM about to pee myself. I literally pee three times a day. This is ridiculous. I get up and go. Something didn't feel right. Went back to bed. - Woke up at 8AM about to pee myself again!! I have this nagging feeling to take my absolute last pregnancy theft. (Clear Blue Digital). Finally I'll use it to put it out of its lonely misery. ..... I was expecting a giant negative since that's all those tests can say, right?...... PREGNANT! I was shaking uncontrollably! I didn't have any other tests to take or anything. Blood tests confirmed - prrrregnant!

BFP on Fifth Try!!!

My partner and I have been trying for over a year now and yesterday we finally got our BFP. We tried using a sperm bank the first four times with no success. We got very discouraged since it is so expensive. On my 30th birthday extravaganza one of our really good friends offered to donate for us. It was my best birthday ever. So we drove down to visit my wife’s family and get knocked up. Lets just say it turned out to be a very productive trip. Here are my symptoms...

1do- breast tenderness
2dpo- breast tenderness
3dpo- spotted after bm (tmi), do not want anything touching my stomach, breast tenderness
4dpo- 5dpo same as 4dpo a little nervous that period is starting way early, breat tenderness
6dpo- bled a little with a few clots. put a pad on. Now I really think my period started, breast tenderness
7dpo- spotted in morning then went away, peeing a lot, cramping, breast tenderness
8dpo- no spotting, crampy, peeing a lot, still cant stand anything touching my stomach and this has been continues, took pg test- bfn breast tenderness
9dpo- still no spotting, peeing a lot, crampy, breast tenderness
10dpo- spotted a little, peeing a lot, crampy
11dpo- no more spotting, peeing a lot, crampy feel like period any minute, breast tenderness only at night
12dpo- same as 11
13dpo- took a test because wife and mom were harassing me to take it, so I took a internet cheapie and wife and mom checked it and did not see anything, I went and looked and I actually saw something. My wife saw it too but mom did not. So we all start getting excited but not really believing. We decided to run to the store and get a better test, the one that says pregnant or not pregnant so there is no confusion. So I took it and my wife and mom look at the test and they both start screaming on the top of their lungs and my heart jumps into my mouth.
14dpo- go to the doctors and PREGNANT, we are all sooo excited!!! Cramps, and peeing a lot. Also have been having vivid dreams and super thirsty for about 7 days.

Baby dust to everyone!!!! Don't give up, it will happen!!!!

BFP au Naturale

I posted my little novelette called "Possibly Pregnant?" on Wednesday 9/12. I held off on testing because I was afraid of a BFN (plus I was still sort of wondering if AF was going to show up). Well, I decided to suck it up and test today using a Target (Up & Up) brand EPT, and I got two blue lines! Like last time, my husband wants me to get a digital one to be sure before I call the doctor's office.

I am 32, and my husband is 34. This is pregnancy #2 for us (we have an 19-month-old son), and, like last time, we conceived on the second cycle.

The first time around I had mild cramping and VERY sore boobs, and I don't remember any implantation bleeding. This time has been totally different, but I am in much better shape this time around (i.e., my body is totally different). As such I am a bit nervous as to what this pregnancy has in store, since I had a relatively easy one last time.

Here is the summary of my symptoms from my earlier post, plus additional thoughts from after:

AF on 8/19 (CD 1)
BD on CDs 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 18
O'd some time around CD13, LOTS of EWCM
Thick white CM around CD17-18 (~4-5 DPO)
CD20, ~7DPO - tons of clear, loose CM, felt "wet" all day
CD21, ~8DPO - white CM with pink in it plus a teeny-tiny reddish brown dot that almost looked like a drop of AF
CD 22-23, ~9-10DPO - felt "heavy" in my uterus - felt a bit gassy but nothing insanely bad - the side of my right boob hurt, which is typical as AF approaches
CD 24-25, ~11-12DPO - feeling crampy - I even took Tylenol because it was bad on CD 24, and on CD 25 it was definitely still there but not as bad - kept going to the ladies' room to check for AF - side of right boob still sore, side of left boob slightly sensitive - heaviness in my uterus - need to pee a lot despite not drinking ridiculous amounts of liquids

Nipples have been "at attention" quite often since CD20 (~7DPO)

CD23-24, ~10-11DPO - *exhausted* by 8:30-9PM - weird, vivid dreams

CD23 - got choked up over nothing at a parents' meeting at my son's preschool (I'm not normally very emotional)

Since posting these symptoms (CD25), I have been STARVING all the time, and I've had a few times where I had low blood sugar and was shaky and irritable. I have been snippy with my husband for the past few days, which I thought might be a sure sign that AF was about to arrive. I guess I just need to make sure I eat enough! My boobs are hardly sore anymore (kind of like how it dissipates once AF arrives, another reason why I waited to test), but otherwise, I feel totally normal. I am not really having cramping anymore, and the super sleepiness has mostly passed, too. I mean, I'm tired at night still, but not like I was for those couple of nights. I'm still having weird dreams, though!

To those of you who read my incredibly long post (last time and this time), thank you, and to those of you who voted and commented, I appreciate your thoughts! Sometimes you need an outsider's perspective to see what's really going on.

Best wishes and baby dust to all!!!


I was completely hooked on this website when I was TTC and I vowed that when I got my bfp, I would share my story and symptoms to hopefully add to all the great knowledge and experience that I found so helpful.
A little bit of background first. I’m 35 and I’ve been married for nearly 6 years. DH and I decided to TTC in April of this year. I had been on the mini-pill Micronor for nearly 20 years! My first cycle off it showed I did ovulate but my overall cycle length was 49 days! However, after that I was very fortunate as they went to 32 days. We were TTC for 4 months when we got our bfp. The first 49-day-cycle was a bust and we also had one cycle were we missed ov altogether so there were only 2 proper months. I feel very blessed that we got our bfp so quickly. I was taking pregnacare conception, b vit complex (I’m a vegetarian) throughout the month and evening primrose, omega’s, vit C and vit D up to ov. I also took cough mixture to help with cm and I drunk raspberry leaf tea and green tea up to ov. DH was taking the pregnacare for men, vit C, vit D, omegas and zinc. We don’t smoke or drink and we went caffeine free. The cycle we caught we used pre-seed and we dtd four days in a row with ov being the third day. We’d abstained in-between ov with the exception of dtd a week before we thought ov was due, to refresh the stocks, so to speak! After dtd I stuck a pillow under my bum for about 20 minutes before I got up.
I temped up to ov and we used a cbfm to help with ov. Huge point about this though, is that I didn’t get a peak the month we caught so don’t panic ladies if you miss the peak on the monitor – its annoying that the surge happens in-between each days readings, but don’t assume if you don’t get one that you haven’t ov’d.
Cd16 – watery cm
Cd17 – watery cm, ov pains on the right (I always seem to ov on the right), dtd
Cd18 – ewcm, ov pains, dtd
Cd19 – watery cm, ov pains, dtd
1dpo – lots of creamy cm, cramps in the middle and right in the evening, slightly hungry, dtd
2dpo – cramps right and centre, slightly queasy, slightly sore boobs
3dpo – bad cramps center and right in the evening, feel generally quite unwell, sore throat
4dpo – cramps through the night, woke up with a stuffy nose
5dpo – very tired, had a nap, cramps on the right then more in the middle, feel “wet” but not too much cm (I never have loads anyway), some sharp twinges in the evening
6dpo – cramps most of the day (more dull ache now), sore boobs, lots of cm and “leaky” feeling, feel low and tearful
7dpo – mild cramps, boobs feel bigger but not all that sore, mild cold, fell asleep really early, felt a bit down, bizarre shooting pains in right bum cheek!
8dpo – cramps quite bad in PM, painful trapped wind high up in tummy, blocked nose on waking, feel tired, lots of cm, dry mouth, think (but not sure) that my boobs are a bit veiny
9dpo – bad cramps mostly in the middle, queasy on and off, mild headache
10dpo – cramps on waking, very hungry before breakfast (tummy rumbles!), feel like I am getting a head cold, funny taste in mouth, slightly sore lower back, sicky sort of headache
11dpo – tired, mild cramps, bloating, sore back a little, keep getting properly hungry every few hours (tummy rumbling hungry), had ewcm which really confused me (apparently it can happen as the second estrogen surge kicks in), stabbing pain in boobs occasionally
12dpo – up to pee twice in the night, very sore swollen gums (this was really weird for me), boobs just seem bigger not really all that sore, tired and headachy, bloated
13dpo – up three times to pee in the night, rumbly hungry tum all day, sore gums still, need to pee often or feel like I will pop, more bum spasms! Technically AF is now late but in overall cycle days not late until tomorrow.
14dpo – now late for af and overall cycle days. Panic all day about testing!! Decide I have to know so try not to pee for a few hours before getting home from work, which was a nightmare! Got home and did a frer and got a line straight away and a strong one too! Go into total shock and pace up and down taking a zillion photos of the test. DH got home, told him and cried! Did a cb digi a couple of hours later and got a 1-2 weeks. Woohoo! I am now 6 weeks and 3 days!!
Good luck everyone!! xx

BFP Symptoms During TWW

Still can't believe I got a bfp, somehow I'd convinced myself it would take months and months. I had very long cycles, 40-50 days, after coming off bcp in May. (Now mid Sept) First cycle showed no ovulation, second one had O but 9-day LP, so this was my third cycle (4.5 months) TTC. And bingo!

I just loved reading everyone else's symptoms, so I thought I should contribute my own.

0-5 dpo - no noticeable symptoms
6 dpo - clear dip in bbt, feared AF was coming but still hopeful. Also, felt so sad, not just about that but was teary for no reason all day. Bleeding gums. Acne break out on jaw, chin.
7 dpo - temp back up
8 dpo onwards - slight tugging feeling on right side, lower belly. Occasional light-headedness. Also, watery CF constantly. I had barely had any CF since coming off BCP 4 months ago, and having read the TWW symptoms mentioning CF on this website I was hopeful!
10dpo - Saturday morn, tested to make sure I could have a beer that night. Thinking 10 dpo would be too early to know anyway. Dumbstruck by bfp. Tested once more, then went to buy a different brand, thinking maybe it was a false pos? BFP again loud and clear!
11dpo - woke with slight headache. Went for a jog, felt nauseous and had to stop.

Still in a head spin. During the TWW I honestly thought I was imagining all the minor symptoms. Clearest, though, was the tugging in my belly, never had that before. And my bbs aren't sore at all, so don't think that's the decider! I am on vit b6 (for the short LP last cycle) so maybe that affects things.

Unexpected BFP, Thought AF Was Coming

I can't believe I finally get to post my own story! I loved reading the other women's stories and it really helped to keep me patient.. So I promised myself to help the ttc couples too.
Dh is 34, I am 31. We got married a year ago and I was already looking forward to getting pregnant. But we had our honeymoon so we postponed our trials, then I got several coming business trips involving flights so we postponed again, then he had to go abroad, then I did, then I kept getting yeast infections and bv...Thus so many cycles passed, we could only try for 3 months and I did cry a lot when infections came back, I knew one more month was wasted. We really planned too late, I regretted it, I was getting impatient.
My cycles are very regular, my ovulation too as I started charting my bbt last year to know my cycles before we ttc (only charted right before ovulation to see on which CD it was rising then end of cycle to see if AF was coming)
A few days before CD1: Antibiotics flagyl for 7 days to cure recurrent Bv, suppositories to cure recurrent yeast infection. Cut down on breads, sweets, milk. Lots of acidophilus yogurt. Infections cleared after that
CD11 CD12: had so much pressure ttc that I had some fights with DH when I saw him drinking during our fertile time, I am just convinced that it increases birth defects super stressed, didn't sleep much, cried a lot.
CD13: kinda forced myself to forgive DH, he was then very nice and Bd at 4am
CD14: started to use opk. very bad luck DH got food poisoning :(!
CD15: bd at 8am, opk - at 4pm, Opk+ at 8pm I decided to let DH rest and swimmers live easily 48h so no bd at nightime
CD16: bd in am, then going on holidays with my parents only in the evening I usually ovulate around that day and I am now sure I did although I couldn't chart my bbt on
CD 17 to confirm it since

I didn't take my thermometer I didn't think about the symptoms for a week, and I really thought I was out again this month so started to eat lots of food I usually don't eat during the tww including raw fish, raw veg, raw meat, cheese because my preg friend said I should enjoy it before getting preg.
DPO13: af normally comes, nothing, just small cramps. Starting to use pads just in case.
DPO14: bbt drops a little but still much above coverline. Horrible Af cramps, abdominal pressure, back pain on and off especially in late pm, tender breasts too since that day.. To sum up, all usual PMS symptoms but pain is much worse than usual, I am 200% convinced the flow will be coming...
DPO15: bbt goes a bit up, it usually goes down if AF is coming, I think that it must be probably because I only slept for 4h. Still same PMS
DPO16: bbt as in DPO14, never been so late, I keep checking lots of websites, some girls said they had an unexpected late AF due to stress. Still same PMS but even worse. No way I'm preg.. I have no normal preg signs, no constipation, no nausea, no peeing much, etc.. I even tell DH that af came as I could feel he had high hopes I was preg.
DPO17: bbt very high at 5am. Definitely preg! Can’t go back to sleep, then Pregnancy test shows a +!! First time I see those 2 lines!! I cannot believe it so I’m not so excited
DPO18: dark positive lines on preg test, not even on 1st urine!

WHAT I DID DIFFERENTLY Followed a method I read:
Got rid of my infections, improved my diet before Ovul
bd every other day after AF is completely over, then bd after opk+ (or next am if you already bd on that day am)
Relax after Ovul
Eat durians (I know, that sounds funny so I won't insist as people won't believe it)
Not testing before AF

Good luck, baby dust to all of you!!


Truth is this cycle I had less symptoms than I did any of the BFN cycles! Had two 3-day embryos transferred - 1 frozen 8-cell, 1 fresh 4-cell

3DPO Weird Dreams (2hr nap)
4DPO Aft Headache, Constip (2hr nap), Gas
5DPO PM Achy Knees (2hr nap)
6DPO PM Stitch left side, Achy Knees + Ankles, Sleepy, Constip
7DPO sleepy, swollen ankles
8DPO sleepy, swollen ankles
9DPO sore throat, thrush, weird dreams, a little weepy, fat
10DPO weepy, tired, hungry, constip, fat
11DPO weepy, tired, constip, fat, serious cramps aft, erect nips
12DPO tired, constip, slightly aroused
13DPO tired, constip, pm cramping, fullness of abdomen, stye, canker sore
14DPO VJ swollen, cramping/fullness

14DPO - BETA 163
16DPO – BETA 360
23DPO - BETA 6,679

THRUOUT: sides of bbs sore, v. mild smell esp @night, achy knees, swollen ankles, constip, stinky yellow pee middle of nite, gas

I Got my BFP Today on the First Go. I had the Implantation and had to Wait for My Period Which Took Only a Month. This is my Second Pregnancy.

1 DPO: Cramping
2 DPO: Watery CM. Noticed at night that my bbs were significantly bigger and heavier.
3 DPO: Mild cramping and mild groin pain. Increased sex drive.
4 DPO: Cervix high, soft and slightly open (open because its my second pregnancy).
5 DPO: Extremely tired today on the verge of fainting. Have to eat or feel sick.
6 DPO: Groin pain, hip pain.
From 8 dpo - 11 dpo I had almost no CM.
7 DPO: Pulling in lower stomach area, no cramping. Exhausted for parts of the day and have bursts of energy...weird. Partner thinks I'm pregnant.
8 DPO: Shocking cramps from midday till bed time. Implantation day.
9 DPO: Woke up gloriously happy :)
10 DPO: Pulling/tugging again, mild cramping. bbs still a bit sore.
11 DPO: Negative with Clearblue Digital. BFN at 2pm on FRER. Peeing more, sensitive nipples.
12 DPO: BFaintP FMU on FRER! So hungry today, starving 30 mins after eating. Craving fruit like my first pregnancy. Increased CM, kept checking for period (and I had mild cramping)
13 DPO: BFP!!!! Woo! So happy!. No cramps at the moment. So hungry now even though I just had breakfast.

Baby dust to all! xox

Late BFP After 7 Years TTC

I can't believe I'm posting on this website that I've been trolling for years and years!

Me 31 blocked tubes due to surgery + inflammation from adhesions and ovarian cysts. Regular28 day cycle, ovulate regularly.
I was persistent with getting tests done to determine Low iron, vitamin d deficient and recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis-autoimmune disease.
DH 41 perfect thank God!

First 2 years, we tried naturally without any doctor visits. Then moved on to IUI. After 2 fresh IVF & 1 FET failed, our 2nd FET was a success.
I believe my success has to do with me obsessingly researching my symptoms and finding the right doctors to treat me. I made an appt with an endocrinologist and requested I have my thyroid along with other tests checked out. I am currently on synthoid treatment for hashimotos along with taking my vitamins diligently. Liquid iron, 4000 mg omega 3, 200 mcg selenium, 1 mg folic acid, and 4000 IU vitamin d3.
It's been a looooooong road of doctors poking, prodding, ups, downs, hopes and dreams.....

Symptoms for my first ever BFP natural cycle FET: 6day blast transferred 5dpo.
5dpo transfer day, no symptoms, taking endometrin 3x per day for progesterone support. Stayed in bed all day/night.
6dpo mild twinges, stayed in bed all day
7dpo mild twinges, nothing really notable. Minimal house activity, made a sandwich and went bk to bed.
8dpo gassy
9dpo gassy, thirsty (I don’t usually drink much throughout the day so this is unusual)
10dpo gassy , boobs getting sore, very thirsty
11dpo late night mild cramps, sore boobs, watery discharge, lots of gas cramps throughout day, emotional, very thirsty.
12dpo moderate cramps, watery discharge during day, strong AF cramps at 2am woke me up from pain, feels just like AF is coming.
13dpo same as above. faint + AM but disappears after 2 mins on Life brand blue dye test. Not convinced. Test again in PM negative. Ugh emotional roller coaster.
14dpo gushing watery discharge feeling like I’m becoming incontinent but think it might be from endometrin except its clear watery and not clumpy.
15dpofaint + AM after 10 minutes but pamphlet says "disregard results after 10 mins" so I guess I cant rely on this life brand. Feeling like if I was pg, it should show up strong on test by now, feeling very discouraged.
16dpo super sore boobs, mild-moderate AF-like cramps all day on and off. Freq trips to urinate.
17dpo +test on first response digital says "yes"!!! Yay :) I can’t believe it. It’s a miracle. DH woke me up at 8 am to test, I poas then walked out of bathroom and told him I don't wanna see the results. He called me bk in 30 secs later to show me the awesome news :)))) I'm still in shock. Praying for healthy pregnancy and baby xoxoxo

Don't give up, pray, listen to your intuition and take charge of your fertility!

GL to all & God bless!