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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP After 23 Months!

After 23 months and 2 miscarriages, I finally think this may be it. The last two cycles, I began medicated (gonal F 150) IUIs using donor sperm. It worked on the second cycle! Since I have been on progesterone, it has been hard for me to trust any symptoms...especially the sore/swollen breasts!

O day--major cramps (had 4 mature eggs)
3 dpo-dreams about an egg fertilizing, trouble sleeping
4-6 dpo-sore/swollen breasts, trouble sleeping
7dpo-sore/swollen breasts, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, lower stomach pressure
8dpo-sore/swollen breasts, shortness of breath
9dpo-sore/swollen breasts, lower stomach pressure
10dpo-sore/swollen breasts, sore muscle-like stomach ache, fatigue
11dpo-sore/swollen breasts, sore muscle-like stomach ache, skin breakout, fatigue
12dpo-sore/swollen breasts, fatigue, sore muscle-like stomach ache, bloating, shortness of breath--went to health center because concerned about OHSS...BFP!!!


Hello everyone, I got my Bfp today @ 11dpo. Second round of clomid 50mg, here are my symptoms:
1dpo a huge flutter in my pelvic area (that's never happened)
2dpo-4dpo= nothing
5dpo-8dpo= stuffy runny nose
9dpo cramps ALL day
10 dpo terrible headache
11dpo super emotional, crying spells, enough is enough, I tested Bfp!

First Time Trying!

Hi all,

I have been lurking these forums for the past couple weeks and they have been incredibly helpful. I have been very appreciative of everyone who shared their stories as it gave me hope and was a pleasant distraction during the 2WW. Thought I'd share my story with you in case it helps anyone else -

I'm 30, DH 34. Off BCP for years, TTA using FAM until a few months ago when we stopped being "careful". First time actively TTC last month.

1-4dpO - not much for symptoms. Fatigued, felt like I was battling a cold, but still not sure if that was PG related.
7dpO - Mild nausea, abdominal pain.
8dpO - Working out at the gym at 6am - broke out into tears three separate times after quasi-emotional songs playing on my iPod (that's never happened before).
9dpO - sore throat, fatigued. ?fighting a cold still
11-14 dpO - cramping, very similar to AF but constant (I normally only get about 24-36 hours of cramping well after AF starts).
Overall, I also noticed that my nipples were a little tender at times (couple times in the shower). Never had the breast tenderness a lot of people talk about. I also noticed that my CM changed slightly (I've heard the word "boogery" used and I guess that would be it) and not that I have a strong odor normally, but I noticed the smell *down there* changed slightly. My BBT stayed high (overall showed a general increasing trend).

15 dpO - FRER in the evening. Immediately positive (used the dip in cup method). I also want to mention that I took another FRER 16dpO first thing in the am (used the pee on stick method) and this time it took wayyy longer to show up and the line was less strong. Just a heads up that there appears to be a lot of variability between the tests!

I definitely did NOT *know* I was pregnant like many people and the only symptom that really alerted me that I should take a FRER was my BBT staying high and the constant abdominal cramping 11-14dpO minus AF. The only other thing I thought I would mention is that DH and I eat very cleanly (minimally processed) but this last month we really cleaned things up. I am eating a ton of meat, fruit, veggies, nuts, whole grains etc. and not eating any dairy, gluten, sugar. I only ever drink water (never liked coffee!) and I drink a ton of it. I'm not sure if this had any effect on our fertility but I have been feeling healthy and great.

We are fingers crossed and hoping for best. I wish you all good luck and baby dust!!

2nd Month TTC and a Positive

Like many others, I was glued to this website every day. Waiting for the new stories to appear.

This is only our second month TTC. I am 32 and my other half 40. I am overweight and always had this had the back of my mind. I've lost 3st and I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and so while I am overweight I am pretty fit.

I was not monitoring BBT.

Cycle varies between 23 days and 33 days although last 3 or 4 months it has been around 24/25 days.

My LMP started on 10 Aug
We BD'd on 18th, 19th and 21st.
I think I ovulated on the 21st - sharp pains in my right side for about an hour and twinges after.
I'm not sure what symptoms relate to pregnancy as I had only been looking at them one month previously but this is how it went:

1-4dpo – nothing.
5-11dpo various tiny twinges but could have been anything. Vivid dreams.
11dpo - very warm at night - very very unusual for me. Sore Boobs. This is usual before AF but as I approach dpo 14 it was not going away which normally happens a day before it starts.
12dpo - very very faint BFP on clear blue first response. I tested because I had been to a spin class and had a strange pain just along my diaphragm.
13dpo - very very faint BFP on clear blue first response- spin class was difficult - I had a stich during sprints and got out of breath more easily - had to take it more easily.
14dpo - Co-op pharmacy own brand (UK) BFP within 2 minutes. I tested just before I went into a meeting with clients and consultants. My stick was sitting in my bag the whole time! This was the day AF was due if my cycle on time this month.
10dpo - 14dpo feeling very very slightly nauseous. Couldn't hand on heart say this is to do with pregnancy - not normal but could be symptom spotting something that has always been there.

From around 4dpo I suffered with serious lack of impatience and annoyance of people and their inability to do things properly or the way I wanted it to be done. My OH has suffered quite a bit on this - I have been biting his head off left right and centre. Now at 15dpo this has subsided somewhat. This was probably my biggest clue.

I tested again this morning 15dpo and still positive (although line not as dark as yesterday?!?).

I know that we have been very lucky to have success so soon. I just hope nothing bad happens over the next 8 months.

Good luck to you all. XXX

BFP on Clomid

I love this website and have been visiting and reading everyone's stories for the past 16 months of TTC. After my second round of Clomid (50mg) I can announce a BFP!
I will break down the days leading up to my positive test!
Ovulation day- felt twinges on both sides, possibly ovulated more than one egg due to Clomid.
1 dpo-7do- not much to report other than I was in a pretty good mood, and by 7 dpo I was wondering why my PMS hadn't started (mood swings and swearing lol) I am a pretty good sleeper, but this whole week I was waking up and not being able to fall back asleep. Also at 5 dpo I had a dream I saw a plus sign on a preg test. I usually get sore bbs every cycle, and they were sore this cycle too, but not out of the norm for me.
8 dpo- Had slight cramping and fullness, a few dizzy spells, but still felt like I had energy and was in a good mood.
9 dpo- I had really painful cramping all over uterus, I started to spot some brown on underwear and saw a little when i wiped. Although most months I start spotting two days before AF, this was the earliest I spotted. This is when I got excited. Possible implantation day!!
10 dpo- got a really stuffy nose and head cold with a sore throat, felt terrible, tired and hot. bbs still sore and spotting had stopped.
11 dpo- Took a One Step pregnancy test ( not first morning pee), the blue dye ones, and instantly a plus sign showed up, it was a two pack so I waited till I had to pee again, and did the other one to make sure, and it was positive too, even darker. Felt a little nauseated today, but so very excited and happy, husband was elated as well. Bbs even more sore today and bigger.
12 dpo- took two digital tests (first response and clear blue) both said pregnant! No more nausea today, peeing all the time and still having trouble with sleeping.
13 dpo- took one more first response preg test (non digital) and saw two dark lines. Feeling better today, no more head cold, and had a good sleep. Slight twinges in uterus and a cramping pulling feeling off and on all day.
14 dpo- day AF was due, and no show, feeling so excited and relieved we have finally got here! Bbs sore but not unbearable, other than that and the little twinges I feel quite good.
Things I did a little different this month were, since I don't get EWCM I read about taking certain cough medicines with an active ingredient in it that starts with a G, to make your CM thinner, so I bought some and made sure that was the only ingredient in it and used it from cycle day 7-14, I also started taking EPO from cycle day 1-14. I ate a lot of carrots as I also read they keep your CM a little alkaline which helps. We bd'd every two days until cycle day 11, then bd'd once on cycle day 11, morning and night on cycle day 12 and once on cycle day 13. I ovulated on Cycle day 14. I wish everyone the best and send baby dust to all that are TTC. I am glad I got to now pay it forward and tell my story, thank you to all that have posted and have helped me along the way!

3rd Month TTC After Tubal Reversal Surgery, GOT Faint BFP at 8DPO

I just wanted to start off by saying I am so excited and really still in a little bit of shock that we got our bfp this month or even really at all! I had previously posted to the do you think I'm pregnant, my post was It's too early to tell but, I'll take opinions. Thank you to every one who voted.

I had Tubal Reversal surgery in May of this year, this was our 3rd month trying to conceive. I wasn't sure that we had done anything good based on the fact that we really only bd'd 2 times before ovulation and then once 2 days after ovulation.

I can honestly say that I didn't really have a lot of symptoms between 3dpo and well really now my nose has been going crazy, I can smell things so strongly! My bbies were and are sore but mostly just the nipples! I noticed I was peeing a little bit more but nothing too extreme! I never have had any implantation spotting in any of my 3 previous pregnancies and didn't with this one either.

8dpo I decided that I just felt kind of different and so I decided to take a test. I waited the 5 minutes to look at it and the line was so faint that I wasn't sure it was really there. I waited about 3-4 hours and did another test just to make sure I wasn't seeing things!!! And the next test still had a line on it. I thought hmm, maybe its something with this brand of test. Wasn't really sure, decided to test again the next day.
9dpo and I tested and there is still a faint line there, when you line them up together you can really see the line. Ok I realized that I am not imagining things, showed my husband and he could see the lines too! called my dr's office to schedule a beta draw (to make sure that I am pregnant as this is what I was directed to do by the dr who put my tubes back together) Beta is scheduled for 10dpo. Took another test before going to the dr's office. Ok this one really does have a second line on it that is clearly pink! Still quite faint though! Came home from the Dr's office and later that night decided to take a digital test (Clear Blue) and was terrified that the words "not pregnant" were gonna show up, nope "PREGNANT" it said!!! I was so excited to see that word, I have never had that show up for me on a test before!!!
11dpo got my Beta results back they were at a 16 the Dr said that this was a very early pregnancy and to repeat the test the following day!
12dpo repeated beta draw as well as took another digital, still says pregnant, beta numbers came back at 39 so they are going up!! Currently at 13 dpo and feeling pretty good, aside from being tired, and still amazed that this is happening to me, for me!

Tubal reversal does work, I know it didn't take me very long to get pregnant, I am just hoping that the baby has implanted in the uterus, won't know that though for about 2 more weeks!! Just gonna try to relax till then!

Good luck to every one and Baby dust to all!!!

First BFP

I have PCOS and was on 100mg of Clomid this cycle. I had a blood progesterone test on CD 21 to determine whether I had ovulated ... Dr rang to a few days later to tell me that progesterone was too low to indicate ovulation. I was devastated. To my surprise, I'm now 5 weeks pregnant :D:D here's my symptoms ...

CD 3-9 - 100mg Clomid
CD 14 - EWCM - thought I was ovulating
CD 16 - lots of creamy CM
CD 17, 18, 19 - creamy CM +++, dull aches and cramps, sore nipples
CD 20 - I suspect this is when I ovulated! Cramps, sore nipples, sore boobs at the sides, hungry and extremely high sex drive.
1-3dpo - only real 'symptom' was still having sore nipples
4dpo - TIRED +++ went to bed at 8.10pm!
5dpo - exhausted, felt like I couldn't run while playing sport.
7dpo - almost fainted at work
8-13dpo - hungry ++, sore boobs, tired all the time.
14dpo - realized my period still hadn't shown up (should come naturally whether you ovulate or not on Clomid) so I took a preg test in the afternoon ... super surprised to see BFP

BFP on 2nd Month TTC! Major PMS Symptoms - Surprised - was Convinced AF was Coming. (Ruptured Ovarian Cyst in Past!)

So happy to be sharing my story, feeling so lucky that we were are pregnant so quickly - after reading a lot of these stories. I stalked the site during both TWW and I can't imagine doing it for many months or years. I really feel for you ladies that have been trying for a lot longer. Hopefully this list of symptoms will help you when you get your BFPs! So many of my symptoms were so much like PMS. I thought I would just "know" when I was pregnant, but I didn't at all.

I have a very normal 28-day cycle and I always felt o pain at the right time (14-15 days after AF started). Notably for some of you, I had an ovarian cyst that ruptured in 2010...ouch...and I was worried that it might affect my fertility since I still sometimes have a lot of pain on that side during o that makes me think that another cyst might be back. For this cycle when I got my BFP, I ovulated on my "good" side....or the side that didn't have a cyst.

I didn't use OPK or temp or anything, but I was planning to start if this cycle didn't pan out. Since I can feel o pain, I was pretty confident on when that was happening.

DPO 1-7 nothing (which was encouraging, but tried not to get hopes up)
DPO 8 - sore boobs, mild, not unlike pre-AF, sometimes they start hurting even earlier than this before AF
DPO 9 - stuffy nose in AM, strong heartbeat when lying down (I read another story where someone said this but I was skeptical, totally happened to me) diarrhea. Slight sore bbs
DPO 10 - BFN FRER on FMU. (Tested due to the heartbeat thing last night. Decided not to test again until AF late because it bummed me out and I was convinced it wasn't happening this month)
DPO 11 - Very tender bbs before bed, mild cramps. (not uncommon before AF, cramps seemed to be right on schedule too. I was bummed).
DPO 12 - Very tender bbs, bbs swollen (but this is normal for me before AF) Are my nipples slightly sore? probably in my head. slight cramps, strong heartbeat when lying down for bed. Ate a pickle and it tasted weird. Husband ate one from same jar and said it tasted fine. Hmm. Legs are super itchy.
DPO 13 - Moderately tender bbs, bbs swollen, boobs looked veiny - but this also might be my imagination, pretty sure my nipples are sore before bed (but trying not to get too excited), strong heartbeat continues when lying down. Should have started spotting today before AF, but I have NOTHING. I started to get excited this day, but I still had cramps, thought for sure that I was getting excited for nothing.
DPO 14 - Moderate sore bbs, nipples sore, weird twinges/cramps in low abd (different than usual AF cramps). Legs very itchy again. Checked in bathroom about 400 times for AF, still nothing. I am NEVER late. Waited until husband got home from work, tested with FRER and brilliant, bright BFP within 1 minute! Stunned and thrilled!
Weird feeling cramps/twinges still happening - today is DPO 16. Should be 4 weeks 3 days today! Boobs are quite sore - entire boob, bbs are definitely veiny and swollen, I don't know how much longer they'll fit in my bras! They're expanding rapidly! nipples not as sore though, yest and today.

Best of luck to all the ladies awaiting their BFPs!! Keep the faith! I prayed that God would let this all happen in His time, I tried not to stress although I know that's really hard! Baby dust to everyone!!

Just Got My BFP This Morning!! I Would Come to This Site to Help Me During My 2WW's so I Wanted to Post My Symptoms Too

1 dpo - Bloating, cramping, pulling and pinching sensations, twinges, tired & wet underwear
2 dpo - Bloating, gassy, cramping, twinges, dry mouth, headaches, vivid dreams, increased cm (clear, stretchy, cloudy globs)
3 dpo- Bloating, cramps, heavy/full feeling, twinges, cranky, headache, fatigue, vivid dreams, nausea, cloudy cm
4 dpo - same as 3 dpo but really crampy, this was a huge sign for me as I am not usually cramping after ovulation
5 dpo - woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom twice, bloating, heaviness/fullness, pulling/pinching/twinges, dry mouth, vivid dreams, white cm on underwear, cramps
6 dpo- really tired, cramps (lower left side), gas, dry mouth, headache, vivid dreams, cm(milky & white), feels like I did a lot of crunches
7 dpo- same as 6 dpo but noticed cold sore, cried listening to a song on the radio, face broke out, flutters in stomach, and very crampy
8 dpo- bloating, gassy, cramps!, fatigue, dry mouth, nausea, hungry, coffee tasted weird, noticed my skin broke out after shaving
9 dpo- bloating, gassy, cramps(not as much today), boobs are sensitive when pressed on, vivid dreams, increased cm(milky, creamy, cloudy, watery), pinching feeling on lower left side, neck ache, yellow pee, sensitive teeth, wet feeling
10 dpo- same as 9 dpo but noticed my cervix was really low and soft and woke up sweating
11 dpo - bloating, woke up sweating, vivid dreams, nausea, cramps, BFP with first morning urine!!

BFP at 9 DPO!!!!

I'm still in shock. DH and I have been TTC our second child for three months. This morning, I woke up from a very vivid dream. My recently departed uncle told me he was very proud of me and that I'm a wonderful mother to my children. I only have one 4 year old daughter. When I woke up, I had a fluttery feeling in my abdomen and although I thought it was still too early to test, I took the dream as a sign. BAM!.."Pregnant" result in less than a minute on Clearblue digital! Other than the flutteries this morning, I have no other symptoms. Here's how it happened.

Last AF was August 8th. Lasted through 8/13. I did not temp or chart this month at DH's request. We BD'd every other day since CD 2 and then every day once we had a positive opk.

CD 5- Noticed slight line on internet cheapie ov strip.
CD 6- line slightly darker, BD.
CD 7- line was the darkest, BD. Lots of ewcm.
CD 8- line still dark, but not as dark as day before. Lots of ewcm.
O- line fading, strong burning sensation in ovaries. Must be ov pain. BD still abundant ewcm.
1 DPO- clear opk. BD, even though not much ewcm. Wish I ordered Pre-Seed!
3 DPO- BD but feeling very dry, not as much fun.
4 DPO- a little gassy and sleepy but nothing much going on.
5 DPO- tired.
6 DPO- Stabbing pain in right lower abdomen.. implantation?
7 DPO- Little stabby pains here and there. I get these before AF most months.. but not as early. Noticed a little bit of lotiony cm on panties, but nothing when I wiped.
8 DPO- slight burning sensation in lower abdomen on the right side. A little more lotiony cm.
9 DPO- fluttery sensations through the night. Took an internet cheapie pt in the am and saw the faintest line and went back to bed. After the dream at 7:10 am took a clearblue digital...."pregnant" result in less than a minute!!! Now that I look at the cheapie, the line looks darker and clearly visible. I really hope this one sticks!!!