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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Just Got My BFP This Morning!! I Would Come to This Site to Help Me During My 2WW's so I Wanted to Post My Symptoms Too

1 dpo - Bloating, cramping, pulling and pinching sensations, twinges, tired & wet underwear
2 dpo - Bloating, gassy, cramping, twinges, dry mouth, headaches, vivid dreams, increased cm (clear, stretchy, cloudy globs)
3 dpo- Bloating, cramps, heavy/full feeling, twinges, cranky, headache, fatigue, vivid dreams, nausea, cloudy cm
4 dpo - same as 3 dpo but really crampy, this was a huge sign for me as I am not usually cramping after ovulation
5 dpo - woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom twice, bloating, heaviness/fullness, pulling/pinching/twinges, dry mouth, vivid dreams, white cm on underwear, cramps
6 dpo- really tired, cramps (lower left side), gas, dry mouth, headache, vivid dreams, cm(milky & white), feels like I did a lot of crunches
7 dpo- same as 6 dpo but noticed cold sore, cried listening to a song on the radio, face broke out, flutters in stomach, and very crampy
8 dpo- bloating, gassy, cramps!, fatigue, dry mouth, nausea, hungry, coffee tasted weird, noticed my skin broke out after shaving
9 dpo- bloating, gassy, cramps(not as much today), boobs are sensitive when pressed on, vivid dreams, increased cm(milky, creamy, cloudy, watery), pinching feeling on lower left side, neck ache, yellow pee, sensitive teeth, wet feeling
10 dpo- same as 9 dpo but noticed my cervix was really low and soft and woke up sweating
11 dpo - bloating, woke up sweating, vivid dreams, nausea, cramps, BFP with first morning urine!!

BFP at 9 DPO!!!!

I'm still in shock. DH and I have been TTC our second child for three months. This morning, I woke up from a very vivid dream. My recently departed uncle told me he was very proud of me and that I'm a wonderful mother to my children. I only have one 4 year old daughter. When I woke up, I had a fluttery feeling in my abdomen and although I thought it was still too early to test, I took the dream as a sign. BAM!.."Pregnant" result in less than a minute on Clearblue digital! Other than the flutteries this morning, I have no other symptoms. Here's how it happened.

Last AF was August 8th. Lasted through 8/13. I did not temp or chart this month at DH's request. We BD'd every other day since CD 2 and then every day once we had a positive opk.

CD 5- Noticed slight line on internet cheapie ov strip.
CD 6- line slightly darker, BD.
CD 7- line was the darkest, BD. Lots of ewcm.
CD 8- line still dark, but not as dark as day before. Lots of ewcm.
O- line fading, strong burning sensation in ovaries. Must be ov pain. BD still abundant ewcm.
1 DPO- clear opk. BD, even though not much ewcm. Wish I ordered Pre-Seed!
3 DPO- BD but feeling very dry, not as much fun.
4 DPO- a little gassy and sleepy but nothing much going on.
5 DPO- tired.
6 DPO- Stabbing pain in right lower abdomen.. implantation?
7 DPO- Little stabby pains here and there. I get these before AF most months.. but not as early. Noticed a little bit of lotiony cm on panties, but nothing when I wiped.
8 DPO- slight burning sensation in lower abdomen on the right side. A little more lotiony cm.
9 DPO- fluttery sensations through the night. Took an internet cheapie pt in the am and saw the faintest line and went back to bed. After the dream at 7:10 am took a clearblue digital...."pregnant" result in less than a minute!!! Now that I look at the cheapie, the line looks darker and clearly visible. I really hope this one sticks!!!

BFP on Cabergoline/Dostinex!!!!!

During our 2 years of trying I spent every two week wait pouring over the bfp stories on here so wanted to add my own symptoms for those who are still trying.

I should add that after a year and a half struggling, my wonderful new GP (newly qualified no less!) recognized my symptoms and I was diagnosed with a pituitary gland tumor. I began treatment with Cabergoline once per week at the end of June. My cycle length reduced immediately and I finally conceived on our honeymoon in Mexico!

Here are my symptoms:

o day: I identified this from the day my EWCM stopped and the sharp ovulation pain.

1dpo: Nothing

2dpo: Nothing

3dpo: Nothing

4dpo: Mild af cramps for 20 minutes in the afternoon, creamy cm

5dpo: Ovulation type pain lower right tummy, af type cramps right side

6dpo: Af type cramps right side, feel full quickly when eating, right bb aches on side

7dpo: Right bb aches, nipples sore, nausea after evening meal, BFN on IC

8dpo: 7:30pm light pink spotting on tissue when I wipe, turns brown by 9:30, never reaches my knickers, assume I'm out this cycle, feel devastated!

9dpo: Bbs ache on the sides near armpits (right one worse), spotting gone when I wake up but resumes by 11am, today spitting is pinky brown and only visible if I sort of push the tissue paper inside (sorry tmi!)

10dpo: Spotting as yesterday but stops by 2:15pm, nipples sore, right bb aches, nausea during the night

11dpo: BFP on IC at 8:30 am!!!!!!!!! Sooooooo happy and excited!!!!!! Bbs hurt, nausea more frequent, can't stomach breakfast but could be the excitement, hehe!!

I'm now 14 dpo and got another BFP yesterday on a clear blue, much stronger line :-)

Main symptoms are achy bbs, sore nipples and constipation/wind!

Before this I honestly couldn't imagine ever seeing that second line on a pregnancy test. For those who are wondering, the symptoms of my tumor, which was I diagnosed for so long were headaches, very long cycles (40-70 days), very light periods, thinning hair, excess body hair (all could be confused with pcos). My Dr found it by my elevated prolactin on a blood test followed by an MRI. Worth thinking about if you have explored other issues.

Apart from the cabergoline, other changes to our bding routine this cycle were:
*being very relaxed (3 week honeymoon in Mexico)
*used conceive plus every time we dtd
*dtd every day from 8 days before ovulation until 3 days after
*positive thinking (we tried using the law of attraction, talking as though we were already pregnant from the day of ovulation, my husband was convinced even before the BFP!!)

Very best of luck to everyone who is trying xx

BFP 1st & 2nd Pregnancy Symptoms via IVF

Hello everyone!

1st Pregnancy via IVF

In March 2008, I had a laparoscopy draining endometriosis (stage 3) cyst on left ovary. In June 2008 began my IVF cycle and 31 years old. I had 11 retrieved, 4 had fertilized (1 arrested) and I had 3 embryos transferred on day 3: a 4 cell, 5 cell, 6 cell and none left to freeze. The doc said they were in fair condition, that's why he transferred all of them. We were excited!

1dpt-2dpt: nothing
3dpt: mild period-like cramping, low cramps
4dpt: nothing
5dpt: went to see friend who just had baby...when I held baby, one of my nipples began to feel tingly and prickly
6dpt: sharp stabbing pain above vagina just several seconds and gone...I had to bend over (10pm)...very unusual, never felt that before and I've had some painful periods because of endo
7dpt: sharp stabbing pain on right lower pelvic region, on my bikini line, just a few seconds and gone
8dpt: clear mucousy, gel-like cm, few seconds of sharp pains on right side above hip bone- had to bend over and stop walking, faint spell of nausea and dizziness-came and went in a few minutes at night
9dpt: more clear mucousy cm, warm period-like feeling, prickling, tingling sensation in right nipple
10dpt: nothing
11dpt: feeling hopeful because I never had these symptoms before, but thought it also could be the progesterone; later feeling grumpy and discouraged
12dpt: the day I got my blood test 4 weeks 2 days since LMP and I was definitely pregnant!!! I forgot my hcg level. I did an hpt at home after I got the news and of course it was a BFP!!! In March of 2009, I gave birth to a baby girl!

2nd pregnancy via IVF ICSI

Now, I am 35 years old and endometriosis came back on left ovary. Doc retrieved 6 eggs, 5 were mature, all were ICSI'd this time, only 4 fertilized (1 arrested) and 3 were looking good on transfer day! Doc did a 2 day transfer and transferred 3 embryos, all 4 cell, grade 1 and again, none left over to freeze. Again, we were excited!

1dpt: went pee and had beige discharge in pm...probably from progesterone suppositories before the transfer and from metrogel, nips sensitive
2dpt: in early am low mild cramps and low back ache too, woke up to spontaneous orgasm and felt crampy and pressure right above vagina, cramping on & off in evening, feels tight down there, boobs tender
3dpt: cramping on & off, feeling groggy & tired, nap, in pm had a wave of nausea come over me...just a few minutes, light headache
4dpt: constipation, when walking got shooting feeling from right side, but not too sharp, but noticeable- had to stop for a second, hungry and eating a lot; white stretchy cm, light headache
5dpt: woke up again to a spontaneous orgasm from sleep-pressure down there and felt like blood rushing down there (googled this spontaneous "O" thing and it seemed to be an early sign of pregnancy for most women-gave me hope!)
6dpt: feet feel so hot and a bit swollen (I and my feet are usually always cold), vagina/cervix feels tight-uncomfortable like uti, pooped, but still constipated feeling, skin feels tender to touch, boobs tender, feeling aroused...must be all the blood down there ;)
7dpt: boobs seem less tender, didn't sleep well
8dpt: boobs less tender but feeling really full and heavy, EMOTIONAL-cried at pretty much anything, even when DD woke up from nap, just looking at her made me cry, felt really down
9dpt: woke up with headache, watched a movie and cried for MOST of it, cramping/pinching feeling, low back ache-right side, AF cramps in evening, felt like I was peeing more today, boobs look HUGE, next to little cm
10dpt: noticed sharp pain and pressure in butt, watery cm, snot-like cm too, crampy off & on, warm period-like feeling, backache left side, brief pulling/stretching feeling left side
11dpt: noticed hot feet all week, felt hot in general all week, night sweat, boobs are still HUGE and burning feeling inside them, wet feeling down there, very little cm, right lower back-like someone drilling in my back, eating like a hog, gassy for past few days too, feels tight down there
12dpt: blood test today at 3 weeks 5days since LMP: PREGNANT again!!! I am so thankful!!! I took HPT after hcg test confirmed pregnancy and it was a light positive. I had a slow rising hcg this time around, but kept taking hpt's at home...getting darker and BFP! Hcg tests confirmed good doubling 3 days later and then again 2 days later. Yay!
tummy making a lot of gurgling and bubbling sounds after lunch

I've been taking fish oil (at least 5 months), vitamin D and folic acid for several months if not close to a year.

I Finally Got My BFP After ~ 9 Months of Trying!

Last period=7/13/12-7/17/12 been trying to conceive since January 2012 BD-7/25, 7/30. 8/4, 7/5 a few other times

Baby Making Diary:
I am 27 years old and my husband is 29. I thought and felt pregnant during month 2 of ttc. My af has been a little out of whack for 2 mos. One month I had saved the data of when and how long in my phone and my phone erased it. I tried hard to remember when af had been but couldn’t. I used to have a 28-32 day cycle, but now I am off apparently...even more stressful! I wasn't actively ttc this cycle because we were so burnt out from it. Too stressful and demanding. This cycle I was not focused on the 2ww or even really paying attention to when af was supposed to arrive. Since I got my af on 7/13, I am only predicting my af for new cycle is supposed to be 8/14 if I have my cycle length to 32 days? I am also guessing I ovulated somewhere between 7/27-7/30 I have not checked my basal body temp ever! I really wish could tell you how many days EXACTLY past ovulation, but my period is so screwed up that I can't pinpoint it. Some people say the 14 days after your period ovulation guess is just not accurate. If I did ovulate 14 days after my period then BIG O would have been around 7/27 or something. In that case LISTEN TO THIS LADIES...THERE'S HOPE....I WAS MANY MANY DAYS PAST OVULATION BEFORE THAT HCG SHOWED IT'S FACE!

8/12 (16 dpo) I have felt a little nausea in the morning and have been having crampy feelings in my right ovary and constipated and feel like I am suffering from allergies-sore throatish.

8/13 (17 DPO) I felt more achy in ovary. I swear my vagina had an oniony odor (presex) WE BD because I was so freakin horny! My ovary hurt with sex.

8/14 (17 DPO) I felt very tired this morning. It could be from housework yesterday. I had no desire to do my workout today. My right ovary was very achy after I got up. I felt very constipated this morning. My stomach felt icky as well. I wasn't hungry but forced myself to eat eggs-my body said eat spinach so I added some. I took a pregnancy test at like 12:30 pm-since I happened to have one lying around-it was equate blue line- I discovered a faint blue line in test circle. I was shocked; it was in the parameters of the time limit. I had to relook at it several times. I got excited and started reading everything pregnancy symptoms. Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought 3 generics and one FRER and 5 dollar tree ones. I got home and took one of each=BFN :( I was so disappointed :( I felt I was pregnant. But now I remember having similar feelings in ovary when I thought I was preggars a few months ago. Disappointing! But I'll be ok! I felt sick after dinner tonight, throw up sick. I didn't really have a strong desire to eat today either. Except salsa and pickles. I had a lil bit of forehead fever and a back fever (where I usually tend to get my fevers) at 9 pm. Ever so slight nipple sensitivity. I SWEAR MY CAT IS BEING EXTRA LOVEY! I always have a good sense of smell. But the poo farm outside and raw chicken wing scent bothered me today. I felt a tightness in lower abdomen as well today. I have icky upchuck feeling-possibly acid reflux or heartburn at 12:30 am :( feel bloaty. Sore throat loose morning bowel. Tummy growls! Emotional-cry at tv shows

8/15 (18 dpo) took one more preggo test at fmu...BFN! AHHHHH I am quitting these!
8/15-8/19 NADA

8/20 (23 dpo) Right side crapping under belly, near tattoo when I was walking on treadmill. Felt it during dinner too…wtf…. it’s been 38 days this morning since the 1st day of my period. ahhhhh! I just need a period or a “pregnant.” dumb. Annoyed.
8/21-8/23 NADA
8/24 (27 dpo) Sore throat.
8/25 (28 dpo) Sore throat
8/26 (29 dpo) SIck SIck SIck-cold-like. My husband's deodorant smelled so nasty ,like he used the whole stick. My own deodorant annoyed me too!
8/27 (30 dpo) sick-cold-like. I had to go to the doc to discuss my cholesterol blood work, which I had taken for my husband's wellness program through work. All the blood work was good! Added bonus. I was excited to knock out 3 birds (blood work talk, getting a script for antibiotics, and talking about inability to conceive) with one stone. I explained what was going on with me and being 18 days late on my period. She asked me if I wanted to the serum (blood) pregnancy test, just to check, but I didn't feel like getting stuck by a needle again since I had a week ago, just to find out I wasn't pregnant. I explained I would just be sad. She asked me if I at least wanted to get a urine lab done (pee on a stick). I said that was fine, but that it's gonna be negative since I've peed on 5 already :( I peed in the cup and didn't wait for my results. She did schedule an ultrasound in a few days, so we could check out my ovaries and check for cysts.

BFP After 8 Months TTC

Finally got a bfp this am on a clearblue digital and an internet cheapie!
1-9 DPO = nothing
10 dpo = slight pink spotting, mild cramps
11 dpo = light brown spotting, ? very faint line on internet cheapie, nauseous in evening
12 dpo = light brown spotting - started and stopped all day, cramping, feeling sick as a dog from lunch on, boobs getting sore, think af is coming, bfn on internet cheapie
13 dpo = bfp on clearblue digital and internet cheapie with fmu

Fingers crossed a bit concerned re the spotting but it seems to have stopped, we used opk this month as usual but used Pre-Seed which seems to have done the trick! Baby dust to all

BFP After 1 yr Trying

I just want to start by saying thank you to all the ladies on the forums and also posting BFP's as they kept me going through so many TWW.......

Fiancé and I have been actively trying for a year now, charting temp and cm etc......... Fiancé works night shift every two weeks and seemed to coincide with ovulation so we never got to BD enough at the right time.....also I am quite thin and wasn’t eating properly at all as in not enough healthy food and not drinking enough water etc. Anyway, I started eating small frequent healthy meals, drinking water and taking conception vitamins, also fiancé’s night shift pattern changed to a 3 cycle shift so we managed to BD at ovulation :) Well whatever we did worked this time........Hoping so much the bean sticks with us :) Here's a breakdown of my symptoms :)

1-4 DPO - nothing really except very sore nipples day 4 and 5.... a few odd clumps of EWCM and tender lower back, slight headaches

5 dpo raspy throat, stuffed nose, tender lower back while cleaning house and creamy cm
6dpo vivid dream, woke up middle of night with very back cramps like af but more sever, had these cramps all day long and creamy cm
7dpo AF like cramps all day sharp twinges through pelvis, dry no cm at all
8dpo cramps still there but lower like af but not :-/ clothes actually feel strangely tight, dry no cm
9dpo very tired all day, dull headache that turned into sinus pain and piercing behind eyes, one sharp pain across abdomen that made me bend over and gasp, gassy, need to pee a lot, woke up from sleeping soaking with sweat, lotiony cm
10dpo peeing a lot today, odd twinge in belly, some hot flushes and went from fine one second to shaking and weak with hunger the next, weird!!!
11dpo shaky and weak with hunger all day, peeing a lot, very tired after a half day at work and started to dose on the couch, twinges in belly and hot flushes, restless sleep, sweaty and oily skin
12 dpo 29th August BFP with FMU first response, very faint line though, not convinced.........Clear blue digi test evening time.....PREGNANT 1-2 weeks :)

Fiancé and I are delighted and shocked after so many BFN's its strange to see a BFP :) booking a doc appt first thing in the morning :) So happy and grateful to whatever force helped this to happen!!! I really hope this baby sticks!!!

Spreading baby dust to everyone

Unexpected BFP!!!

I had my IUD removed in early May after 3 years of no periods. DH and I weren't 'ready' to have kids yet, but we wanted to give my body a chance to get my cycles going again before we started trying. We were going to use condoms until then. My cycles settled into a 29-31 day pattern over the next few months. We went on vacation 1 week after AF and forgot to bring the condoms. We counted up cycle days figured we were ok and didn't need to run out to the store. We BD'd on CD #10 without condoms. Then, to my surprise, I ovulated on CD #13 - EARLY!! That's when I started to freak-out.

DPO #1-4: I had a headache every day and felt really tired. I was hungry, but nothing sounded good to eat. I was also sick at the same time, so I blamed my symptoms on a cold. But I couldn't get the 'pregnancy' idea out of my head.

DPO #5-6: I started to get pelvic and lower back cramping, aches in my thighs, and had a dream about being pregnant. I had very brief episodes (a few seconds each) of dizziness and nausea. My appetite came back with a vengeance. My energy was back too. I finally felt 'normal' in terms of energy and appetite. I talked myself out of being pregnant and blamed everything on the cold.

DPO #7-9: The fatigue came back, but I was STARVING all day. I started noticing things like nausea, breast tenderness, peeing more, and heartburn. But I only noticed them when I was obsessing about pregnancy. I convinced myself it was all in my head. I was making myself feel sick just from worrying too much. I took a HPT to reassure myself - BFN.

DPO #10-11: I kept taking HPTs - all negative. Otherwise, I felt 100% back to normal. I was convinced that there was no pregnancy. I was just sick with a cold and stressed out. But both are over now so I can just sit and wait for AF.

DPO #12: I went out to do yard work and felt like I was going to vomit / pass out only 10 minutes into the work. I told myself it was the heat. I stayed out another 2-3 hours, and then took another HPT. I saw a VERY faint line. I showed it to my husband, who convinced me it was an evap line. We even took the thing apart and examined it under a magnifying glass. This was the first I told him about my obsessing. He laughed at me, then we went out to dinner at a wine bar to relax and get my mind off of things.

DPO 13 - Nothing. I felt totally fine except for some PMS cramping and BB pain. Then I ate some Mexican food for dinner and felt like I was going to vomit the rest of the night. I blamed the food.

DPO 14 - FMU - faint positive line, no confusing it with the test from DPO 12. I showed my husband again. He still wasn't convinced, but said that after our 'scare' on DPO 12, he realized he was a little disappointed and wanted to start trying next month

DPO 15 - No question. BFP. Darker than the day before. DH convinced too. BBs still feel like PMS. My appetite is normal, but nothing sounds good and I just pick at food all day. But no vomiting.

I am still in SHOCK and don't think I'll believe it for a while. We are thrilled with this unexpected surprise. BD 3 days before ovulation then didn't get the BFP until DPO 14-15. Ladies - don't give up!!

BFP with Spotting After 9 Months TTC First

This site and the many stories and experiences helped me to get through this period of TTC. It took nine months and I was about to give up when out of nowhere I was blessed with my first BFP yesterday. I cannot believe it. Here were my symptoms before and after the BFP. I'm only praying that this is a happy and healthy nine months from here on. All the best to all you mothers and mothers to be!

CD7 - BD

CD 9 - BD

CD 10 - Positive OPK but did not BD.

CD 11 - I felt ovulation pain and knew I was ovulating. BD.

1DPO - BD.

2 DPO - BD.

3 DPO - Sore breasts. But this was not out of the ordinary as I have sore breasts right after ovulation occurs.

4 - 11 DPO - Other than sore breasts, I did not feel any symptoms of either PMS or pregnancy. My breasts were very sore but not unusually sore.

12 DPO - spotting began with very very very slight AF cramps. I thought AF had arrived but noticed the cramping was next to nothing. My breasts were still sore, which I though was weird because the soreness usually eases shortly before my period arrives.

13 DPO - spotting stopped but I began to have more PMS like cramping- but a little less than what I usually feel at the beginning of my period. I thought AF would continue anytime.

14 DPO - Still no more spotting, no cum, and no period but I was still having very slight PMS cramping and sore breasts. I was sure my AF would arrive any minute. I told my sister about the weird spotting and she suggested I get a test. I bought an equate pregnancy test; and an almost immediate plus sign appeared! I couldn't believe it. I asked my husband if he was seeing what I was seeing. He couldn't believe his eyes either, he insisted I test again. I ran out of the house and got a clear blue digital test. The test showed "Pregnant." It is funny that the symptoms started to get more intense after I got the positive. My breasts became very sore, more than usual and I was having more intense cramping, but the cramping was not constant.

15 DPO - Intermittent cramps and unusually sore breasts. Still BFP!

All the best to all of you and be patient, relax, it will happen!

BFP at 13 DPO After Miscarriage in Feb This Year

Finally a BFP! Fell pregnant easily last November but sadly had missed miscarriage. Was told to wait a few months post op before trying again due to some minor complications. Started trying in April, and after 5 agonizing TWWs, I am finally posting here!

This was my first month using OPKs and charting BBT and I found it to be a very helpful process. I didn't have nearly as many symptoms as last time, but noticed a few:

1-6 DPO nothing much. Bit crampy. Is it me or are my boobs tender?
7-13 DPO definitely sore boobs. Touchy and emotional. Some twinges but nothing I hadn't had in previous months before.

Fingers crossed this one sticks! Thanks for all the messages and BFP stories, good luck to all xx