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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP at 11DPO

Hi Ladies

First off I'd like to tell you what I took this during this cycle.
* Apple cider vinegar
* Royal Jelly capsules
* Pineapple core 1-5dpo

O day - cramps, tiredness
1-5dpo - nothing (took pineapple core)
6-7dpo - lots of lotion like CM (not normal for me during LP)
8dpo - very mild heartburn (never get this) BFN
9dpo - emotional (upset & cryin for no reason, thought I was total out & this was part of AF), mild heartburn
10dpo- heartburn & angry (again thought it was af)
11dpo - heartburn hour after eating, grumpy at OH (again af), cramping, decided to test with frer with evening urine & BFP!! Faint but certainly there!
12dpo - BFP with FMU, heartburn, waves of nausea (mild), cramping, tired (normal pre-af)

Everything to me was normal pre-af except heartburn & the large about of CM. No cramping till 11dpo, no IB! I really did think I was out! I expected a BFN on 11dpo! Line is much darker 13dpo (today), I still feel like AF is right around the corner! Hope she stays away for 9 months and that baby sticks!

AF due tomorrow 14dpo!

baby dust to all!!!

Pregnant 2 Weeks After Chemical Pregnancy...BUT!!!

Wow what a rollercoaster I've been on the past few days! Ok so I posted my BFP story last month and ended up losing that pregnancy at 4 weeks and 3 days. So sad. Well two weeks later I ovulated and yep I'm pregnant again!!!

Having an early loss makes you crazy paranoid! It's so unreal how nervous I am and here's why.

This pregnancy is starting to feel slightly like last months but just not as severe. I was so positive thinking last month and I really don't want to think negative but I can't help it. Last month my back was killing me and I had lots of cramping and ovary sensations. I just knew that pregnancy wasn't normal. This month I've had some back pain on some days (something I never had with my son) but no cramping at all. Matter of fact all seems way to quiet in my tummy. No twinges, aches, cramps, nothing! So weird!

Well I'm currently 12 dpo today so WE SHALL SEE HOW THIS TURNS OUT.

Here's my story thus be continued.

What I used:
Started progesterall (self-diagnosed b/c doctor refused even when I KNEW I had low progesterone) at 5po. Started with 20 mg and gradually increased to 80 mg when I got my bfp.
Take 1 baby aspirin daily starting in two-week wait.
Complete multivitamin
Use Pre-Seed every time we bd's and an instead cup if we bd during the day.
Bd's two days before ovulation, on ovulation day and 3 days after (just like last time) That seems to be my winning schedule.

1-5 dpo- not much. cm went from ewcm to wet to creamy and then dry.
6dpo- Breast are so sore on the sides. (I don't get sore breast at all)
7dpo- bd and noticed cervix felt high. Usually I can feel hubby hitting cervix when we bd after I've ovulated.
8dpo- breast still sore. Low back ache started before bed (uh oh)
9 dpo- no back aches. relieved. very hungry
10 dpo- a faint bfp. breast sore off and on today.
11 dpo- darker bfp but still faint. dull back pain all day. So scared by this.
12 dpo- super light bfp in am lighter than yesterday. WHAT!!!!!! I'm so scared. Another freaking chemical!! I retest with second morning urine and the test is darker. So relieved! A few light tummy cramps today. First sign of any kind of stomach sensations. Slight back aches throughout the day. My breast are only sore at night.

I'm suppose to get AF on Monday. I'm so scared. I just keep getting these sensations and running to the bathroom thinking I'm going to see AF.

Chronic Spotters.. There is Hope!

I've been reading tons of stories on here the last few months, and thought I'd finally contribute. We've been NTNP for 9 months, and actively TTC for 4. I started charting about 4 months ago after going to the doctor due to having pre-period spotting (she said no big deal). After charting 2 months, I found out I have a short Luteal phase. One month I started spotting at 8 days, AF at 10, and the other month, I spotted at 5 days and AF at 7! I also ovulated late, at day 20 and 24. So this cycle I started taking Vitex, and upped my dose of B-complex to 100mg per day. I didn't ovulate until CD35! I was ready to stop the Vitex, but decided to keep on taking it. This cycle, I DID get EWCM (never had that before), and got really strong OPKs (previously they were still officially negative, but I went with the most positive).
Also, my temps were much higher Pre and Post OV. We also used conceive plus and BD 1 and 2 days before ovulation. Here's my symptoms:

1-3 dpo... sore nips! never had this before with ovulation, though I always get sore BBS
4-5 dpo...BBs start getting sore, but only on the outside toward the armpits, no soreness all over like I usually get
6 dpo... Tiny bit of spotting. I think I'm out, as my pre-period period has started.
7dpo.... bright red streak after a BM (sorry TMI). I usually get this at the start of my pre-period period, so now I'm convinced I'm out.
8dpo... no more spotting, maybe a teeny bit of tan/brown. Getting a terrible sore throat. Had some aching pains on the right side of my back., and had to go to the doctor for a UTI, possible kidney infection. Never had a UTI before. Started on antibiotics.
9dpo... stomach just has a general "unwell" feeling. nothing to write home about. Horrible headache and sore throat. yellowy, boogery CM, but no red/brown! Did hpt on a wondfo, and pink line showed up in about 7 to 8 minutes. Agonized about whether it was real or not, but decided to write it off as an evap since it was after 5 minutes.
10dpo (today!)... Sore throat and headache still, stomachache. BFP on wondfo (within time limit), FRER, and EPT digital. All clear positives. I'm so excited there are no words. Can't wait to surprise hubby tonight. Hope it sticks!

I think Vitex was it for me. I never thought I'd say that, but I just think my hormones were a bit out of whack, and the vitex normalized them a bit, resulting in EWCM, strong OPKs, higher temps. I guess that's all I needed!

BFP 11 DPO Only at 6PM

Positive OPK at 1400 CD 13. Still positive at 1800 CD 13 (I test OPK three times/day). BD Tonight
Positive OPK at 0600 CD14 and again at both 1400 and 2100. Peak reading on fertility monitor. BD this morning and tonight. Horrible ovulation cramps.
Really excited though because we BD'd maybe an hour before I started getting O cramps. ;)
Peak reading on fertility monitor at CD15, no more positive OPK. Minor ovulation cramps.
Started prenatal yoga this morning. I feel so good now! Relaxing the day away today. Some cleaning and de-stressing.
2DPO- can feel the sore boobs starting, but it's really nothing yet. A little fatigued today, nothing serious. Feel pretty good, actually. Minor cramps hanging around. A little gassy. Dry CM. CP High Firm Open. By end of day CP was high firm but slightly softer. When I came in the door from work I was very bloated and very gassy internally. My lower abdomen was pushed out a little with the gas and pressure. Very tired by 8pm. Much more crampy then, too. 2 mile run this morning.
3DPO-Prenatal yoga this morning. Found out that I O'ed likely late at night CD14 right after we BD'ed. Temp shift confirms. Boobs a little sore, a little fatigued. CP High, Medium, Closed. CM starting to get lotiony, but there isn't much of it. Woke up very hungry (but I didn't have dinner, just a small snack before bed). Continued to be hungry throughout the day. Some discharge in panties. Don't remember it this early. Keep having weird cramps/twinges in my uterus area. Around 11am started getting very tired. Like “you are getting sleeeepy” kind. Slight sore throat when I went to bed.
4DPO- Boobs not sore anymore. Strange. Still some cramps and twinges, but not much. Feeling like it was a failure this month. CP High, Firm, Closed. CM is lotiony and kind of thick, but not increased, just thicker than usual. All in all, I feel pretty good, which is worrying. Caught a whiff of someone else's lunch today at work and it kinda nauseated me for a short second. Strange. Towards end of day, serious full feeling in lower abdomen. Feels full when I push on it. Like gas, but not.
5DPO-Boobs only slightly sore. Lots of gas and cramping today, but cramps were like AF cramps. CP medium, firm, closed. More CM. Creamy. Lots of gas. Got two low-grade headaches today at random times. Both went away fairly quickly. Also with the cramps came low back pain. Almost like sciatica. Very low. Starving at lunch. Frequent urination, but drank lots of water. Thirsty often. Breasts get more tender as day goes on, not at all in AM but noticeable at night.
6DPO- Woke up having to go to the bathroom a little. Tried to go back to sleep, but got a heartburn-like sensation in my chest and my back started to hurt and then I really had to go to the bathroom. Got up (an hour before the alarm). Areolas look a little more brown/yellow. Breasts a little tender this AM. Mostly on the sides. Got up to do prenatal yoga and got very nauseated in the middle of it. Minor cramps/twinges in the morning. Thirsty.
7DPO- Thirsty still. Woke up having to pee at 615am. Was able to wait only 10 mins before having to get up. Crampy today again. BFN (not that I really thought it'd be positive). Starting to get nausea not right away when I wake up, but after I get up and do something (like go to the bathroom – usually takes 10-20 mins to kick in). Started to get really nauseated today when hungry. Feeling very bloated. Boobs hurt, but not incredibly. Took a nap midday for almost an hour, but I was out late last night and only got 5 hours sleep so I can't really count that. Decreased appetite today, but still get nauseated when I am hungry.
8DPO- Slept in for almost 9 hours. Apart from that. Nothing. Everything is gone today except the sore boobs and even those aren't very sore. I'm worried I'm out. All of a sudden mid-morning, skin breaks out, I'm exhausted, can't keep my contacts in, get a sharp stabbing pain in my uterus on the right side and had to lay on the floor and stretch out to make it feel better. Dog is being a little more cuddly, but not anything to make me certain, just suspicious. Also I look in the mirror while getting into PJ's and realize my areolas are huge.
9DPO- Tested in morning, shadow of a line. Has to be evap. Same of the days before. Feeling a little like I'm going to get the flu. Slight headache. Boobs really really sore. Eyes are doing better, but not great. Very tired. Tested at night, slightly darker line. Strange. Start getting excited.
10DPO- Temp up .5 degrees. Super excited. Tested again. Slight shadow of a line. Same evap HAS TO BE. Not getting darker than the day before. Took dog out today and she would not get off my lap. Had to be around me. She actually pace-guarded me (like paced back and forth in front of me for a bit).

Finally Got My BFP After 3 Years TTC

Had to put my story as this as helped me so much over the last year or so... 4 months ago had a laparoscopy to see if anything was wrong and ended up having a 7cm cyst removed that was on my ovary but actually growing into my fallopian tube and finally got my BFP on Monday!!
1DPO Cramps
2 3 4 5 DPO Nothing
6DPO cramps and felt really sick
7 8 9 10 11 DPO Crampy, Bloated (ridiculously gassy) Sorry TMI!! Feeling/Being Sick (after everything I ate!!), Pulling/heavy Feeling in lower abdomen that felt like it was rising. So much cm that actually kept checking AF hadn’t come early!!!
12 DPO Nearly fainted when out shopping which as NEVER happened in my life so took a test and Very faint positive that faint I actually thought it could be a water mark so did a clear blue digital and got my BFP!!!!
Hope My Little Peanut Sticks Around!!!

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

The 'only' changes I made this month were starting acupuncture and chinese herbs. I also gave up coffee and alcohol altogether and ate a healthy diet: Check these symptoms out - got my BFP 12 DPO! BFN 10 DPO 1-3DPO: Creamy cm (thought I mis-timed O!) have been charting cycles last 6 months. I'm def a regular/avg 28 day cycle so hoping conceiving straight forward, but have ttc 3 months with no luck. The only change this cycle is that I had acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Flatulence 4DPO creamy cm, weird ache in upper chest above breasts in am while driving, wave of nausea while making kids banana bread, no sore breasts etc, def tired... had nap during day (very unusual for me I usually don't stop), hungry! Bloated! Flatulence 5DPO creamy cm continuing, tingly feeling in fingers/hands going to sleep, (maybe its iphone over-use from reading too many ttc forum ha!) def more tired, hungry! Bloated! 6DPO slightly nauseous after breakfast, sensitive gums (zapping), creamy cm, bfn... I know too early, prob haven't even implanted yet! I really should no better! On the early preg forums some women getting faint line bfp at 6dpo so I thought... what the heck!? Ev pg different. Hunger has subsided somewhat, no symptoms today thinking nothing happening & preparing for AF, but have a 'feeling' this month ttc is different from others!! However, was convinced pg before & had 'many' symptoms - stumped me... so now just going with the flow 2ww... not charting temps etc as yet. Will test when pg due in 7 days... slight cramping right side might be implantation! Larger appetite, still bloated! Flatulence 7DPO sharp shooting pain left boob, cramping right side ovary, creamy cm, no sore nipples etc or any other symptoms. Hips/legs/back achey while walking. Joints feel soft. No major flatulence thank goodness has lessened 8DPO creamy cm, cramping gone, slight lower back pain/twinge while walking, tired, sore pain/twinge deep top right breast (right chest), strong smelling urine, woke temp up - feel hot, pain behind belly button 9DPO creamy cm, no other symptoms, bfn tested morning & night, vivid dreams, hot 10DPO creamy cm, constipation, cramping back right ovary, twinge pain deep left breast at bottom, bloated, strong smelling urine, hungry, insomnia 11DPO all symptoms completely gone, no pms either ? Feel great! Insomnia :( doc said level 7 HcG on blood test. Too low to be certain. But "hopeful". 12DPO BFP! Clear blue digital reads 'pregnant 1-2' yaaaaaaay!!! I'm 34 years old and ttc #3 baby - second marriage. 1 x miscarriage last year and now trying again. My children first marriage now aged 11 and 7. I have a daughter and son. I conceived in my 20s and was 'easy'. 30s a different ball game! Chinese herbalist said ttc is easy during 30s if you get the environment right/corrected in the uterus and follicles working well to release egg from ovaries, and uterine wall strong. My friend put me onto acupuncture and herbs after she had 2 x miscarriages & lost a baby boy at 23 weeks! Was devastating. Had funeral etc for him. Now she has a healthy gorgeous baby boy after carrying him full term and is continuing the Chinese herbs for breast feeding. Happy ending!! She also has two older children and said this pregnancy & breast feeding a 'breeze' compared to other two and credits it to acupuncture & herbs. Her gorgeous blue eyed blonde haired baby boy is so healthy, settled and has slept through the night from early on. No digestive upsets etc for him or her & she has a great milk supply. He is thriving. Got my BFP 12DPO! BFN 10DPO yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! (PS… I'm, due 18 May 2013. NOTE: The 'only' changes I made this month were starting acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I also gave up coffee and alcohol altogether and ate a healthy diet).

BFP After 23 Months!

After 23 months and 2 miscarriages, I finally think this may be it. The last two cycles, I began medicated (gonal F 150) IUIs using donor sperm. It worked on the second cycle! Since I have been on progesterone, it has been hard for me to trust any symptoms...especially the sore/swollen breasts!

O day--major cramps (had 4 mature eggs)
3 dpo-dreams about an egg fertilizing, trouble sleeping
4-6 dpo-sore/swollen breasts, trouble sleeping
7dpo-sore/swollen breasts, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, lower stomach pressure
8dpo-sore/swollen breasts, shortness of breath
9dpo-sore/swollen breasts, lower stomach pressure
10dpo-sore/swollen breasts, sore muscle-like stomach ache, fatigue
11dpo-sore/swollen breasts, sore muscle-like stomach ache, skin breakout, fatigue
12dpo-sore/swollen breasts, fatigue, sore muscle-like stomach ache, bloating, shortness of breath--went to health center because concerned about OHSS...BFP!!!


Hello everyone, I got my Bfp today @ 11dpo. Second round of clomid 50mg, here are my symptoms:
1dpo a huge flutter in my pelvic area (that's never happened)
2dpo-4dpo= nothing
5dpo-8dpo= stuffy runny nose
9dpo cramps ALL day
10 dpo terrible headache
11dpo super emotional, crying spells, enough is enough, I tested Bfp!

First Time Trying!

Hi all,

I have been lurking these forums for the past couple weeks and they have been incredibly helpful. I have been very appreciative of everyone who shared their stories as it gave me hope and was a pleasant distraction during the 2WW. Thought I'd share my story with you in case it helps anyone else -

I'm 30, DH 34. Off BCP for years, TTA using FAM until a few months ago when we stopped being "careful". First time actively TTC last month.

1-4dpO - not much for symptoms. Fatigued, felt like I was battling a cold, but still not sure if that was PG related.
7dpO - Mild nausea, abdominal pain.
8dpO - Working out at the gym at 6am - broke out into tears three separate times after quasi-emotional songs playing on my iPod (that's never happened before).
9dpO - sore throat, fatigued. ?fighting a cold still
11-14 dpO - cramping, very similar to AF but constant (I normally only get about 24-36 hours of cramping well after AF starts).
Overall, I also noticed that my nipples were a little tender at times (couple times in the shower). Never had the breast tenderness a lot of people talk about. I also noticed that my CM changed slightly (I've heard the word "boogery" used and I guess that would be it) and not that I have a strong odor normally, but I noticed the smell *down there* changed slightly. My BBT stayed high (overall showed a general increasing trend).

15 dpO - FRER in the evening. Immediately positive (used the dip in cup method). I also want to mention that I took another FRER 16dpO first thing in the am (used the pee on stick method) and this time it took wayyy longer to show up and the line was less strong. Just a heads up that there appears to be a lot of variability between the tests!

I definitely did NOT *know* I was pregnant like many people and the only symptom that really alerted me that I should take a FRER was my BBT staying high and the constant abdominal cramping 11-14dpO minus AF. The only other thing I thought I would mention is that DH and I eat very cleanly (minimally processed) but this last month we really cleaned things up. I am eating a ton of meat, fruit, veggies, nuts, whole grains etc. and not eating any dairy, gluten, sugar. I only ever drink water (never liked coffee!) and I drink a ton of it. I'm not sure if this had any effect on our fertility but I have been feeling healthy and great.

We are fingers crossed and hoping for best. I wish you all good luck and baby dust!!

2nd Month TTC and a Positive

Like many others, I was glued to this website every day. Waiting for the new stories to appear.

This is only our second month TTC. I am 32 and my other half 40. I am overweight and always had this had the back of my mind. I've lost 3st and I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and so while I am overweight I am pretty fit.

I was not monitoring BBT.

Cycle varies between 23 days and 33 days although last 3 or 4 months it has been around 24/25 days.

My LMP started on 10 Aug
We BD'd on 18th, 19th and 21st.
I think I ovulated on the 21st - sharp pains in my right side for about an hour and twinges after.
I'm not sure what symptoms relate to pregnancy as I had only been looking at them one month previously but this is how it went:

1-4dpo – nothing.
5-11dpo various tiny twinges but could have been anything. Vivid dreams.
11dpo - very warm at night - very very unusual for me. Sore Boobs. This is usual before AF but as I approach dpo 14 it was not going away which normally happens a day before it starts.
12dpo - very very faint BFP on clear blue first response. I tested because I had been to a spin class and had a strange pain just along my diaphragm.
13dpo - very very faint BFP on clear blue first response- spin class was difficult - I had a stich during sprints and got out of breath more easily - had to take it more easily.
14dpo - Co-op pharmacy own brand (UK) BFP within 2 minutes. I tested just before I went into a meeting with clients and consultants. My stick was sitting in my bag the whole time! This was the day AF was due if my cycle on time this month.
10dpo - 14dpo feeling very very slightly nauseous. Couldn't hand on heart say this is to do with pregnancy - not normal but could be symptom spotting something that has always been there.

From around 4dpo I suffered with serious lack of impatience and annoyance of people and their inability to do things properly or the way I wanted it to be done. My OH has suffered quite a bit on this - I have been biting his head off left right and centre. Now at 15dpo this has subsided somewhat. This was probably my biggest clue.

I tested again this morning 15dpo and still positive (although line not as dark as yesterday?!?).

I know that we have been very lucky to have success so soon. I just hope nothing bad happens over the next 8 months.

Good luck to you all. XXX