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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Thought I Was Crazy!

I got my BFP, well two BFPs this morning. :) My husband and I had wanted to start trying for our second child in June but due to work conflicts, my ovulation didn't match up with when he was in town. We conceived our first within the first month that were together for ovulation. So we commenced trying in July and I had thought I had pinpointed my ovulation on day 14 the month previously using OPKs and figured it'd be about the same in July. Well, we got busy every day for the 5 days leading up to and on O day or what I thought would be O day a (Thurs) but I never got a positive OPK (I figured I just missed it as I was testing once a day). I was leaving town on Friday so we made one last attempt that morning and then we were to be apart for two days again. Guess who got a positive OPK on Friday afternoon? This guy! I was so bummed, I totally thought we were out for this month as well. I know people say that sperm can live a couple of days, yada yada, but I had figured since we got busy every day for 5 days and then again only 10 hours after the last time that his last "load" wouldn't be as potent if you know what I mean.

7-9 DPO- Feeling a bit crampy and soar bbs. Actually hurt when shower water hit them.
10 DPO- Tested in the morning and got a BFN. Crampy
11 DPO- Another BFN in the morning. Feeling kinda nauseous and lots of BMs and gassy.
12 DPO- BFN in the morning, maybe a slight pos? But not convinced at all. Nauseous, loss of appetite and food aversion to red grapes that I usually love! I eat them everyday and they seemed too sweet suddenly. I also really wanted turkey pepperoni, which was really random. This is what really peaked my curiosity. Took another 2 tests that afternoon, thinking I was for sure pregnant and again more BFNs. The control line never showed up on one of them but still one BFN. I was starting to think I was making it all up in my head...
13 DPO- I had a regular EPT and 2 Digitals, so when I woke up I peed on the regular one thinking if it looked even faintly positive then I'd pee on the digital. Well, it immediately looked negative, but the control line didn't really show up either... So I thought, well I'm not pregnant but lets just confirm with the digital. Oh and I had started to get more pronounced AF type cramps so I thought that confirmed no pregnancy, as AF was due the next day. With my first child I had AF type cramps for the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy though... Anyway, I peed on the digital and got in the shower. Shower finished and low and behold! I about lost my s*it when I saw the word 'pregnant.' I still couldn't believe it though after all those BFNs and I squeezed a little more urine for the second and last digital I had and got another 'pregnant'!

So don't be discouraged by all of the those BFNs ladies! It can still happen!

I still haven't told my husband as he was already gone in the morning and I want to tell him in person. I picked up a "I'm a big sister" shirt for DD and plan on putting her in it tonight when I get home. I can't wait to see how long it takes DH to notice. I'm excited!

Hope Is Not Lost, BFP #3 After 7 Months TTC and 2nd Round of Clomid

This was TTC #3 for me. DH and I conceived our first 2 children naturally and very easily. Pretty much 'tied' one cycle and that worked. I thought this time around would be the same, but it was not. I had a time-frame all planned out for when I wanted baby #3. It ended up taking about 6 months longer than I 'planned' and I even resorted to trying Clomid. Every AF brought on second-guessing and guilty feelings about choices I made in the past. I had to let go of those negative feelings and accept that my time would come - even it was not according to my plan.

After my second child I had the Mirena IUD placed by my OB-Gyn. I had no complications or side effects and never once spotted and never got AF. I had my Mirena removed in anticipation of TTC for #3, so I could start to keep track of my cycle.

For the first few months after removal DH and I actually 'prevented' because I wanted a little more space between #2 and #3 and foolishly assumed I would get pregnant the month I decided to start trying. After I didn't get a BFP right away, I mentally beat myself-up and second guessed my decision to get the Mirena in the first place, to not get it removed earlier, to not starting to try earlier. I felt like I was being 'punished' for trying to mess with fate.

I had major stress/loss-grief in my life around the time we started TTC. I now assume it was stress, and not the Mirena or anything else, that was the source of my difficulty. My body knew better, knew I needed some time to heal, before I was ready to carry this blessing.

In my 7 or so months of TTC I tried different things every cycle. BD before, during and after positive OPK days, changed my diet, cut out caffeine, took different vitamins, BD every day during my fertile time, BD every other day, different positions, propping my bottom up and staying in bed after, etc. Some months I felt I tried everything, other months I got sick of 'trying' and didn't do anything special. I used OPKs religiously for 5 cycles.

For this BFP I had been getting fertility acupuncture for about 2 months. This was also my second round of Clomid. (First round of Clomid was CD4-8, this round was CD 3-5). For both cycles I got +OPKs on the 6th day after finishing the last Clomid pill. Clomid definitely dried up my CM, so I used Pre-Seed for every BD and drank lots of green tea. Also, I tried to not make 'trying' routine or scheduled. We were on a family vacation, so I tried to be more relaxed and in the moment with DH. We BDd every day for 5 days before +OPK, the day of +OPK and the day after +OPK. I was convinced that we should have BDd a few more days after +OPK and were therefore out for this cycle... but I guess timing was in our favor.

As far as two-week-wait symptoms, I felt like I had every one the cycle before BFP. Of course, AF came.

For this BFP:
1-12 DPO - No symptoms (I didn't have any with my first 2 pregnancies either)
13 DPO - Twinge of low back pain when I went to bed. That's it.
14+ DPO - No spotting and no PMS acne.

I took a test the next morning and got a faint line. I almost could not believe it. I had taken so many pregnancy tests over the past months only to have them stark white and followed by AF. There were times it felt like I was looking at a mirage; knowing there was nothing there but staring at it until I almost convinced myself there was.

With my first 2 pregnancies, my BFP lines never showed up until AFTER I miss AF. This one showed up really faint on an Early test and finally got darker around 16+DPO.

For me, with all 3 of my BFPs, I've really had NO two-week-wait symptoms. With TTC, if I had to look for them or convince myself they were there, I never got the outcome I wanted.

Good luck!

Baby #1... BFP After One Month TTC!!!

This morning we finally received our first BFP!!! We are so excited, this is our first baby!!! Here where my symptoms:

7dpo nausea late afternoon
8dpo nausea off and on all day
9-10dpo nothing...loosing hope
11dpo soar nipples, POAS BFN
12-14dpo still soar nipples
13dpo AF where in sight
14dpo POAS BFN...frustrating...still no AF
15-17dpo soar nipples....pinching type cramps. Keep running to bathroom because it feels like AF started, but nothing.
18dpo woke at 6am, had to pee...POAS using ClearBlue Digital. "Pregnant" within 1minute!!!!!

The biggest "symptom" that led me to believe that I was pregnant right after conception is how my two chihuahuas where acting. They didn't leave my side! Wanting to constantly be in my lap and constantly licking me!!

Baby Douglas is due April 24, 2013! One day before my birthday!!! Thank you Jesus for Blessing us with this baby! Praying that all goes smoothly!!!

Baby Dust to all who are still waiting for your BFP!

<3 FINALLY GOT MY #2 BFP!!!!! <3

Ok I'm Amy I'm 20 soon to be 21 yay lol husband and I have been TTC baby #2 since February 2012 without success that is until the cycle in July, we had been using OPK's off and on the whole time so I decided to give it one more try. We decided to give Pre~Seed a go also after reading amazing stories on the internet of people getting pregnant the first cycle using it, so we gave it a try. So we used Pre~Seed, the First Response Ovulation 20 Day Kit, and we BD'd EVERYDAY during the fertile time. Here are my symptoms from ODPO-9DPO.

Oday: Gassy, Ovary Pain, Ovulation Pain, Achy Legs & Back, Irritable, Headache, Stuffy Nose, Fatigue, CM Increase, Acne.
1DPO: Gassy, Ovary Pain, Ovulation Pain, Backache, Moodiness, Fatigue, Constipation, CM Increase, Acne, Nausea.
2DPO: Gassy, Pulling&Pinching, Sharp Pains, Achy Legs & Back, Sex Drive Increase, Moodiness, Weepy, Thirsty, Fatigue, Constipation, CM Increase, Acne, Nausea.
3DPO: Gassy, Pulling&Pinching, Backache, Heartburn, Irritable, Thirsty, Headache, Stuffy Nose, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, Sleeplessness, Constipation, CM Increase, Acne, Nausea.
4DPO: Cramps (not like pms), Gassy, Pulling&Pinching, Achy Legs & Back, Heartburn, Irritable, Thirsty, Headache, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, Sleeplessness, Constipation, CM Increase, Acne.
5DPO: Bloating, Gassy, Mild Pressure/Cramps, Pulling&Pinching, Achy Legs & Back, Heartburn, Irritable, Bleeding Gums, Thirsty, Headache, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, Sleeplessness, Constipation, Diarrhea, CM Increase, Acne.
6DPO: Bloating, Gassy, Heaviness in Breasts&Stomach, Mild Pressure/Cramps, Ovary Pain, Pulling&Pinching, Sharp Pains, Twinges, Achy Legs & Back, Heartburn, Sense Of Smell Increased, Stuffy Nose, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, Sleeplessness, CM Increase, Acne, Appetite Increase.
7DPO: Bloating, Gassy, Heaviness in Breasts&Stomach, Mild Pressure/Cramps, Pulling&Pinching, Twinges, Achy Legs & Back, Anxious, Irritable, Depressed, Moodiness, Weepy, Thirsty, Headache, Sense of Smell Increase, Stuffy Nose, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, CM Increase, Acne.
8DPO: Gassy, Ovary Pain, Pulling&Pinching, Sharp Pains, Twinges, Achy Legs & Back, "I Feel Out This Month", Anxious, Irritable, Depressed, Moodiness, Weepy, Thirsty, Headache, Sense of Smell Increase, Fatigue, Constipation, Acne.
9DPO: Gassy, Mild Pressure/Cramps, Pulling&Pinching, Backache, Sore&Sensitive Nipples, Moodiness, Thirsty, Fatigue, Constipation, Appetite Increase.
9 Days Past Ovulation, I took 2 Pregnancy Tests, the 1st test was taken at, 9:32pm it was an ANSWER BRAND HPT, it was Very Faintly Positive....then 2nd was at 10:45pm it was a Clearblue Digital it confirmed my pregnancy "PREGNANT"....I FINALLY GOT MY #2 BFP!!!!!!!!

BFP 1st Period After Miscarriage!

I got pregnant for the first time in March 2012 on my 2nd month of trying to conceive. That pregnancy sadly ended in miscarriage for unknown reasons at 13 weeks along on June 20th, 2012. I ended up getting my first period post miscarriage on July 24th, 2012 about 5 weeks after my D&C.

I usually ovulate on cd 15 of a 28 day cycle. But on this cycle post miscarriage luckily I was checking for ovulation sooner or I would have missed my mark. According to my clearblue digital ovulation tests I got 2 smiley face positive opk's on cd 11 & cd 12. I only had intercourse on the 2 days of my positive opk's. Judging from my ovulation pains and ewcm I believe I ovulated on cd12.

1-7dpo Absolutely no symptoms besides creamy cm & a few weird cramping off and on but nothing noticeable. Face breaking out (thought AF was on her way :(
8dpo - I was having crampy bubbles in my lower abdomen, white creamy cm, and craving seafood over and over again. That night 10pm I took a dollar tree hpt and got a light bfp! took another walmart brand and another light bfp!
9dpo - feeling very hot in body temp, peeing a lot, starving and eating every 2 hours more on and off bubbly cramps. took clearblue digital hpt with fmu -bfp. I'm pregnant!!
10-14 dpo- hot body temp, peeing a lot, still hungry all the time, same strange bubbly cramps...kinda feel like af is coming but every time I check...nothing. hpt lines getting darker every day.

My last pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage I literally had no symptoms besides sore breasts and hot body temps. I rarely ate and had nausea all day. This time around I have no sore breasts and no nausea as of yet. The big give away was my strange cravings and wanting to eat all day. I've never been this hungry so much in all my life!

I am praying for a sticky bean this time around and wish everyone out there trying lots and lots of baby dust!

BFP After 14 Months TTC & Clomid

I have been reading the stories on this site for a year now, analyzing everyone's symptoms and comparing them to my own. Specifically I was curious about ladies with long irregular cycles and spotting and BFP since I spot for 4-6 days before my period. Now I am happy to share my own!

100mg of Clomid days 4-8, second round (first was only 50mg and I didn't ovulate)
CD 15 - Ovulation Day - positive OPK, cervix high and soft, increased sex drive
CD 16 / 1 dpo - BBT up, cervix high and soft
CD 17 / 2 dpo - noticed a little EWCM so I worried I didn't ovulate
CD 18 / 3 dpo - a little EWCM again, convinced I didn't O even then BBT is up
CD 19 / 4 dpo - creamy CM
CD 20 / 5 dpo - progesterone test score 36!, creamy CM
CD 21 / 6 dpo - creamy CM, cramping and pulling (convinced spotting or AF will start)
CD 22 / 7 dpo - creamy CM
CD 23 / 8 dpo - watery/creamy CM
CD 24 / 9 dpo - creamy CM, boobs started to get sore at night
CD 25 / 10 dpo - BFN on dollar tree test, creamy CM, boobs didn't hurt again until bedtime
CD 27 / 11 dpo - BFP on dollar tree test (FMU), creamy CM, BFP on FRER in afternoon
CD 28 / 12 dpo - BFP on FRER (FMU) and the line is getting darker. I'll be calling my doctor today to schedule a BETA.

I never did get spotting, so that was my first sign. Other little signs were feeling bloated and gassy, being slightly congested, just feeling pregnant, and lastly all of a sudden my dog started sleeping with me and she curls up against my belly.

BFP!!! So Stoked :)

Hi everyone! I pawed over this site over the last few months and got much hope from it, so wanted to share my story to bring some hope to others!! I have a beautiful 17 month old daughter who wasn't planned, and I didn't find out I was pregnant with her till I was 5 1/2 weeks along. (seriously, how did I do that!?! Wish I could have been so oblivious these last few months, that would have been bliss!) So needless to say I remember nothing of those early days with my first pregnancy! Anyway here was my tww!!! :)

1dpo: Sounds stupid, but I know I will be pregnant this month, I even said it to my DH 1dpo! Suddenly I'm really freaked out and scared at the whole idea!! (so weird lol)
2dpo-6dpo: Ovarian twinges ovulation pain, but alternating sides. Only for a moment, but I am aware of it. CP is all over the shop, but mostly hard and low and closed. Increased sticky cm (but not heaps).
7dpo: I swear this was implantation! Period like cramping all afternoon, not as bad as AF but very noticeable! I had some diarrhea, which I think was due to the cramps, and then by about 8pm that night cramps COMPLETELY disappeared. Haven't had any since.
8-10dpo: super thirsty of a night, and increased hunger. Blocked nose every morning, but I had a head cold around ovulation time so I thought it was that lingering around. Took a test 10dpo- BFN. CP high and soft, CM is like EWCM and sticky cm combined? Weird!
11dpo- Took a test first thing (internet cheapie), it didn't come up within a few minutes and I got distracted with my daughter and left it for an hour...came back and there was a very very faint BFP! But I try not to get my hopes up, as I know you shouldn't read the tests after 10 minutes...CP VERY high and medium soft, more sticky EWCM.
12dpo- FRER- very faint BFP, and even darker BFP on internet cheapie! Yay!! Today I am exhausted but that’s because I was up all night with my DD, who is teething badly. Nothing can wipe the smile from my face though, I feel so blessed. :) I really hope that all you ladies out there wanting a beautiful baby get your wish really soon xx

BFP at 16dpo, Second Month TTC!

This is my first pregnancy! My partner and I are extremely excited, nervous and thankful for this amazing miracle we have been given. I'm still in shock.. just starring at those beautiful 2 pink lines that I have imagined and dreamed about.
I've always been very intuitive, this month I just 'knew' I was pregnant. I came off the birth control pill 2 months ago and started taking two vitex tablets a day, which I believe brought my cycle back to normal and got my first period 33 days later. I read all these stories everyday of my two week wait, comparing my symptoms. I really hope I can help someone else. I thought I was crazy for getting symptoms as early as 1dpo! But here shows that I wasn't crazy, I was right :) Never doubt your intuition. I got my very first verrrrry faint BFP at 16dpo. It has gone from a second extremely faint line to a blazing positive second line in only two days. So late implanters take heart! So excited for my April Taurus Baby <3
1DPO - Cramps, Tired.
2DPO - Felt exhausted by 7pm, Mood swings, Starting to get a cold.
3DPO - Mood swings!!! DP annoying me one minute and not the next, I'm so snappy. Bloated feeling in uterus. Cramps come and go through the day. This mornings cramp made me have to lean over and say Ouch! I'm Very tired.. Couldn't stay awake after 6pm.. Fell asleep while watching movie. Cold and flu symptoms. Nauseous drinking morning coffee.. Couldn't drink it. Extreme thirst about 3am this morning, drank a whole bottle of water.
4DPO - Yuck taste in my mouth on waking up. Just feel out of it.. really spacey. Slight headache, constant runny nose with bright yellow snot. Lotion thick cm, pressure in uterus like I'm about to get a UTI, pulling on left side of uterus when walking. Not interested in any sugary sweet foods.. very strange for me.
5DPO - On/ off sleep from 3 am. Woke at 5am starving! tummy grumbling. Gassy. Light waves of cramps in uterus.
6DPO - Skin has broken out, pressure feeling in uterus, all over back pain, loss of appetite at lunch, Feeling sick, congested nose, hot flash during the night.
7DPO - Sensitive sore nipples, dull cramps, headache, congested nose, nightmare of being beaten up and thrown off a balcony.. strange, I never have nightmares.
8DPO - Fluttering feeling of bubbles popping in my stomach lasting about 10 seconds while laying down, Sensitive sore nipples, dull cramps, light backache, congested nose is a bit better, Extremely tired by 6pm falling asleep at dinner, sharp cramp in uterus at dinner lasted 2 seconds and made me say ouch!
9 DPO - Waves of cramps, sore back, cramp that made me say ouch! Wave of nausea seconds after eating Caesar salad at dinner, gone away after 5 mins but thought I was going to throw up! Skin really broken out on forehead, chin and back of neck. Boobs and chest achy, nipples are sensitive.
10 DPO - Vivid dreams last night! Dreamed of being pregnant! Tender boobs, sensitive nipples. Tested at 11am BFN.
11 DPO - Dreamt of being pregnant again last night! Sensitive nipples, gassy, diarrhea in the morning, all over back ache, Cramps, bright red spotting about 4 drops this size 0 on toilet paper this morning when I wiped! Increased saliva. Fainted while getting a blood test and very nauseous before it.
12 DPO - Dreamt of getting a positive pregnancy test with two pink lines, Tested at 2am.. BFN. Af type cramps for a few seconds on and off, nauseous this morning. Pulsing feeling in right lower side of stomach, waves of dull cramps at night, bleeding gums at night when brushing teeth.
13 DPO - Yuck taste of Metal/blood in my mouth on waking up, on/off cramps, wet/eggwhite cm.. felt so wet I had to check if it was af.. It wasn't.
14 DPO - Boob zingers, really tired! Craving chocolate.
15 DPO - Woke up in the middle of the night feeling so sick like I needed to throw up.. went away after 15 minutes. Sooo hungry! Tested with FMU, couldn't see anything. Went back to bed and had a look at my temps.. they are still so high! Went back to the bathroom to have another look 5 minutes later.. A VERRRRY FAINT BFP!
I am now 18 DPO and this morning I got a blazing positive! :) the last 3 days the only symptoms I have had is increased appetite.. eating a full meal every 2 hours. Waves of cramps in uterus and Fatigue.
Hoping for a happy and healthy 9 months!
Good luck on your ttc journey!

BFP After 8 Months of Trying

I am so excited to be posting my BFP story. Like many of you I've been reading this board for ages and soaking in all the great energy and advice!

I am 34, and this will be my second pregnancy-- my DD is 2.5. We've been trying for eight months for number 2.

I did a few things differently this month. First, I've been using OPKs since January (I tried charting during my first pregnancy -- my cycle was fairly regular but I never did a good job pinpointing ovulation and it ended up driving me nuts). I got all kinds of results -- from CD 11 to CD 20 -- the past 8 cycles and also was generally not feeling terribly motivated to BD without seeing that smiley face, which of course I realized probably was contributing to my lack of success. I decided to cool it on the OPKs this month.

I also read How to Get Pregnant by Dr. Sherman Silber -- a lot of good info there from an infertility specialist, but probably overkill because I hadn't even gotten to the point of needing any kind of tests/treatment. (I'd also definitely recommend this book to anyone with an endo diagnosis considering treatment, and/or dealing with male factor infertility.) Still, I took away two helpful tips:
1) don't try so hard to time BD. just do it 2-3 times per week during the most fertile weeks in your cycle;
and 2) keep a positive, relaxed attitude. Which obviously isn't completely new advice/easier said than done -- but he backed up with scientific data of IVF success stories and some key things he started doing in his practice -- recommending visualization and meditation to help keep a woman calm during the IVF procedures and the TWW. Very interesting stuff!!

Second, I finally bought some Pre-Seed. So we, as many others before us, conceived during our first cycle using this miracle product. I was skeptical -- I have pretty "good"/slippery and consistent CM, but not only did this actually work for me, it made the BD that much more enjoyable. Seriously you have nothing to lose! (Okay maybe $20. Worth it.)

So sorry for the rambling preamble. I didn't track/notice tons of symptoms, but here are a few things about my cycle:

BD CD 7, 10, 12, 14, and 18
0, 1, 2 DPO: headache/minor migraine (not unusual for me)
9 DPO: headache
11 DPO: got a random head cold that lasted a few days. might be unrelated but thought I'd mention it anyway... I was sniffy throughout most of my first pregnancy...
12 DPO: BFN, VERY irritable and moody; figured AF on her way; major insomnia.
13 DPO: spotting. this is about a day early for me, but figured I was def out for the month. emotional and feeling sorry for myself.
14 DPO: more light spotting. insomnia.
15 DPO: very light spotting, but almost none. headache. boobs starting to feel sore and very heavy. I'm starting to get excited -- also trying not to get my hopes up.
18 DPO: test with FRER: BFP!! boobs very sore. SO excited!! still in shock.

This pattern of spotting a day or so before AF expected, and that tapering off after a day or two, is exactly what happened my first time around. So if you see a little spotting a few days early--don't lose hope. Also try pre-seed!! Baby dust to everyone!!

BFP 14 DPO Baby #2

Like many of the women here I stalked this page. It took us 2 months to get a BFP with baby #2. I had a feeling that this was the month my uterus area just felt different. Here were my symptoms:
2 DPO-Cramping and Gassy
3 DPO-Backache, Tired, Gassy and Irritablility
4 DPO-Backache, Constipated, Cramps, Tired, Gassy, Tender Breasts, Irritability, had a dream I had a baby girl
5 DPO-Tired, Gassy, Headache, Skin Breaking out and Tender Breasts
6 DPO-Bloated, Tired, Gassy, Tender Breasts, Shortness of breath, had a dream I had a baby girl.
7 DPO-Backache, Tired, Gassy and Tender Breasts
8 DPO-Tired, Gassy, Broke out with little bumps on my chest, Tender Breasts
9 DPO-Tired, Gassy, Tender Breasts, Gums bled with I brushed my teeth, at 8PM lots of pressure in uterus and a couple sharp pains on left side, some fluttering and twinges lasting about 2 hours.
10 DPO-Cramps, Dizziness, Tired, Heartburn, Skin Break Out, Tender Breasts, Heart beating VERY strong when I lay down.
11 DPO-Constipation, Cramps, Dizziness, Thirsty, Tired, Frequent Urination, Gassy, Heartburn, Tender Breasts, the stong heartbeating continues when I lay down.
12 DPO-Backache, Cramps, Dizziness, Tired, Gassy, Tender Breasts, Strong Heart Beating Continues.
13 DPO-Backache, Cramps, Dizziness, Tired, Gassy, Tender Breasts, Strong Heart Beating Continues.
14 DPO-Constipation, Dizziness, Tired, Frequent Urination, Heartburn, Tender Breasts and strong heartbeating continues. Took a HPT at 12PM and very strong POSITIVE!
Good luck to everyone. I highly recommend taking your BBT it kept me in tune with my body and I believe that helped me a bunch!