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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Thought I Was Out This Month For Sure...

Last month leading up to my period I was so certain that I was going to get a positive. I was feeling nauseated, tired, headaches, backaches, sensitive smells... the whole 9 years. I even went late and so I felt pretty confident. Then, nothing. Never got even a hint of a positive even though my cycle went 10 days longer than it ever had.

This month I felt so good that I thought there was no way we had gotten lucky. I felt none of the expected symptoms except for some nipple tenderness. Around 7/8 DPO I suddenly developed some really annoying vaginal irritation, like my outer lady bits had been scratched up. It was definitely not a yeast infection or BV so I felt completely mystified. I was googling possible reasons for it and one thing that kept popping up was hormonal changes like menstruation or pregnancy. That was my one and only clue. (I bought some vagisil wash for balancing pH and it cleared right up)

So, to sum up:
1-8 DPO - sensitive nipples
9-12 DPO - vaginal irritation due to pH imbalance
13-14 DPO - some nausea
14 DPO- BFP!!! the line popped up on the FRER right away and was just as dark at the test line. I was completely shocked. Where were all the symptoms? :)

I still feel really shocked and like it's not real. I can't wait to call the doctor and hear someone else say the words, "you're pregnant."

Things we did this month- SMEP! I think this really worked for us. I used a combo of Wondfo and Clearblue digital OPKs. I used the wondfo to test 2x/day (SMU and in the evening) and the digital to confirm a positive since it can be confusing with the lines.
I drank green tea, but that's pretty normal for me, and took my pre-natal vitamins faithfully. This month I tried really hard not to stress or worry and refused to let myself test until 14 DPO (16 DP positive OPK).

So thankful for our miracle and hope and pray for all the best for all of you ladies! Thanks for sharing your stories on here, I've loved reading them.

2nd Pregnancy

I took extensive notes last time I was TTC, so that the next time I would have something to compare it to, to make the TWW more bearable. However I think it was more of a roller coaster because I was expecting the same exact symptoms and that was not the case. Here is a tale of two early pregnancies :)
First Pregnancy (cycle started 5/15/10)
1 dpo- Moderate cramps
2 dpo- Ovary pains
3 dpo- Crampy. White, stretchy cm
7 dpo- Heartburn, creamy cm
8dop- Nausea, Hot flash, veins becoming prominent on my chest/boobs
9 dpo- Chest looks see through, very prominent veins, pain in ovary
11-13dpo- Crampy, diarreah, nausea. MAJOR boob growth, about 1 cup size or more
14 dpo- Nausea, lots of pimples (white heads), mild cramps. Calf cramps
15 dpo- BFP! Cramps, heartburn, indigestion

2nd Pregnancy (cycle started 7/17/12)

1 dpo- crampy, watery cm (soaked underwear) leg cramps
2dpo- rt. ov pain, watery cm (soaked underwear)
3-4 dpo- fatigue
5 dpo- white/yellow cm
6 dpo- maybe see some veins coming through (but I am REALLy hoping I see them, so hard to tell)
8 dpo- BFN, wishful thinking, plus I didn't know when I ovulated, and could have been 10 dpo.
9 dpo- rt. ovary pains
10 dpo- sporadic boob pains (sharp)
11 dpo- crampy, backaches, nausea. Brief, intense headache in the afternoon
12 dpo- veins are DEF. more prominent, nausea, dizzy/light headed. Ran to Wal-Mart for an ept. BFP with third pee of the day!!! Very shocked. Metallic taste later in the day.
13-14 dpo- crampy, back aches, head aches, Fatigue! ZERO boob growth. I was convinced that I must not be pregnant because my boobs weren't growing, but when I was sure that the veins were poppin again, I decided to test and BINGO. Maybe that means this baby is a girl instead ;o) The nausea started way earlier this time and I don't recall having back aches/head aches the first time around. Also, another clue was that I kept getting out of breath and leg cramps for both pregnancies. Good luck ladies

BFP w/ Clomid 10 Months TTC

After 10 months of TTC and trying 50mg, 100mg & finally 150mg of Clomid I got my BFP 11dpo.

9dpo - Got up for the first time ever in the middle of the night to pee.
10dpo - Extremely cranky
11dpo - Faint positive (to good to be true?)
12dpo - Bright pink line!

Good luck ladies!

BFP 1st Try

This is my second pregnancy after 14 years and super excited to share my story. My first child was 14 years ago and would've been a fraternal twin just like my maternal grandmother was, except I lost the second at 2 months. It was what the doctors call an involuting twin. Ever since my son was born in Feb. of 98 I really had no intention on conceiving again until recently when I got the baby itch. Now I'm 34 years old a kind of feel like I'm pregnant with twins again only because I'm 5 wks and am extremely bloated. I can't even close my pants.

My cycles range from 25-27 days. Last MP was on July 13, 2012. With an estimated ovulation day of July 24 or 25 according to the doctor.
CD 1-5 AF
CD 9-21 BD everyday I know they say skip a day but hey my DH and I were having fun not thinking about it.
CD 14 I believe was ovulation day
CD 17 Felt a little weird today. Not sure if it's because of me drinking but my stomach was a little crampy but very mild. Pimples are ridiculous.
CD 18 Felt a sharp pain in stomach below belly button. Some mild cramps and constipation. Slight headaches and cramps in lower back and legs.
CD 21 Felt something weird by belly button like a little sharp pain. Tossing n turning at night. Major heat flashes. Neg hpt
CD 22 Feels like period is coming at any minute. Slight headache, might be due to bobby pin in hair I swear I see a faint positive!! Gonna wait a couple more days and retest. Sore throat also at night accompanied w heart burn and indigestion
CD 23 Threw up when I brushed my teeth
CD 25 Threw up this morning while brushing my teeth. Took an HPT with first morning pee and it was a +. Doctor appointment later on today.

Blood test confirmed I'm PREGNANT!! The Doctor was shocked that I found out so soon. Turned out that my LBP was due to a UTI which I've never had. Next appointment is not until I'm 10 weeks since I found out do soon. At that time I will check if it's a single baby or multiples. Baby dust to all

My First Ever BFP!

I have been reading this site religiously for two weeks, and today I get to contribute my own story!

Used OPKs
Used Pre-seed (small amount) for dry days
BD'd every day for about 8 days ;)
Elevated my hips on a pillow for 20 minutes after sex
Prayed A LOT!

I really did not have many symptoms until close to the end.
1-8 DPO: Off and on cramping and extra gas
6 DPO: Shooting pain in my lower left abdomen that lasted for several hours and then disappeared.
9 DPO: Feeling tired, but nothing unusual. Already accepting the fact that I am probably not pregnant, and anxious to get started for the next month.
10 DPO: BFN with FMU. Extremely tired and hungry. That night, my breasts started feeling very tender after I took off my bra. I decided to test again. Looked like another BFN, so I left it on the counter and walked off. 3 hours later, I went to the bathroom again, and I realized a tiny faint line had formed on the test! I freaked out (of course), took another test (faint positive again), and make my DH take one (wondfo strips) to make sure I wasn't seeing things. :)
11 DPO: 2 more faint positives with FMU. Bought a FRER test before work and took it at lunch time. A very clear (though still light) line popped up in no time.

Today is 12 DPO, and I have now gotten positives on 4 different brands! The digital is still negative, but I think I should wait to take one after my actual missed period. I am so excited!

Praying for all of you! God is faithful!

BFP After 14 Months (Just After Infertility Referral)

Hi all,

I got my Bfp on Saturday after 14 months ttc. I am just 29 and dh is 33. We were just about to go for our first fertility appointment with a specialist and had pretty much resigned ourselves to needing IVF or ICSI

CD1 Period arrived for 13th time while I was at work and my male colleague chose that day to be evangelical about how lives are worth nothing without children- went home and cried! :-( Later found out that a friend had lost her baby at 22 weeks, which put everything in perspective. Decide to develop a life vision without pregnancy (travel, PhD, it helped to cheer me up)

CD2-6 on period and busy with family party and exhausted by work conference

CD7-14 went on holiday with my sister (without dh) and was so exhausted I was sick in a cafe. Had given up on ttc (though wasn't planning to prevent), but knew enough about my cycle to know I was in my fertile stage as kept thinking about Bding

CD15 arrived home and had welcome home BD ;-)

CD16 went out drinking with friends and stayed at their house (no BDing- it felt rude!!)

CD17 BD'd as still felt very fertile, really relaxed about it though and had some fun!

CD18-37 Didn't track BD or symptoms during this time as was not expecting a BFP, but remember feeling tired and had sore bbs from day 27. Got quite tearful a couple of times too- thought it was pms though

Once CD 35 passed, I got suspicious as that made it my longest ever cycle (the last time I had one that long I was in a car accident!) and previous cycle was 29 days. We were too scared to test after so many BFNs so went for a night out with some friends to take our mind off things.

CD37 went to hairdressers and she said my hair was thicker and looked at me weirdly, she had previously told me my hair would be crazy if I got pregnant! Decided to buy a test in town, but got some more pre seed too so as not to tempt fate.

When I got home, I decided I fancied a glass of wine so took a test to decide and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw two lines. Took a 2nd to be sure and kept re-checking that I'd read the instructions properly!

Hubbie got home and checked too, so I finally started to believe it (we went to Tesco at midnight to get him some wine and me some fizzy grape juice to celebrate!

I've checked this site so many times over the last few months and have no idea what made the difference this time. I just think its luck or law of averages.... If you roll the dice enough times it will eventually happen.

Am praying for a healthy pregnancy now :-)

P.S. we'd had primary tests at dr at month 6 and 9 and I was normal but hubbie was borderline for count, motility and morphology in different tests.

First Month Success After Miscarriage

I am so surprised that I got pregnant this month! This month I really worked on eating healthy (lots of veggies and sweet potatoes) and didn’t really think much about conceiving since I didn’t expect it to happen right away.
Here are my symptoms:
Day 1: Ovulation day- nothing
Day 2-4: No symptoms
Day 5: Lots of cramping, tugging on sides, and a general feeling that something is different
Day 6-8: More cramps; Negative pregnancy test days 8,9,10 (I know I’m an idiot for trying!)
Day: Begin to feel slight breast tenderness
Day 10-12: Lots of breast twinges, tired
Day 14: Positive pregnancy test!
So happy and really hoping this one is meant to be!

BFP After 8 Months and a Miscarriage

I'm 28; my husband is 33. We conceived our son after a mere two months of trying. We figured conceiving our second child would be just as easy. After starting to try in January of this year, we got pregnant within two months. I knew almost immediately I was pregnant, but my intuition told me something was wrong. We lost that baby at 11 weeks. We started trying again in April, and finally conceived in August. These are my symptoms:

O Day: Wet CM; temp. was at 96.5.
1 DPO: Creamy CM; gassy; temp. climbing
2 DPO: Little CM; gassy; temp. climbing
3 DPO: Headache; cramps; gassy; temp. climbing
4 DPO: Headache turns into a migraine; little temp. drop (fall-back rise)
5 DPO: Creamy CM; headache; cramps; temp. climbing
6 DPO: Creamy CM; headache; gassy; temp. same
7 DPO: Creamy CM; headache; cramps; backache; fatigue; temp. climbing heartburn/indigestion; dry mouth*; temp. climbing *I've never had dry mouth before, and rarely get heartburn, so these stood out.
8 DPO: Boogery yellow CM; headache; gassy; heartburn/indigestion; thirst and dry mouth (couldn't get rid of the thirst or dry mouth!); temp. climbing
9 DPO: Egg-white CM (what?!); headache; cramps; backache; TEMP. DROPS OVER .2 DEGREES
10 DPO: Egg-white/boogery yellow CM; headache; cramps; gassy; bloated; food aversion; fatigue; temp. climbing and BBT chart becomes triphasic; faint BFP!
11 DPO: Creamy CM; headache; cramps; gassy; backache; bloated; breasts start to feel slightly tender on sides; temp. climbing; BFP tiny bit darker
12 DPO: Creamy CM; headache; cramps, gassy; backache; bloated; breasts slightly tender; decreased appetite; diarrhea; tiny temp. drop; BFP tiny bit darker
13 DPO: Creamy CM; slight cramps; slight backache; boobs tender throughout day; temp. same; BFP dark!

My stand-out symptoms were the lingering headache, indigestion, and dry mouth. The boogery and egg-white CM also stood out as major symptoms since I've never seen them in a cycle before. Interestingly enough, the egg-white and boogery CM happened about the same time as my temp. drop on 9 DPO when I suspect implantation may have occurred.

Hope this helps someone out there TTC!

DPO Symtoms with BFP

*NOTE*- (I ALWAYS get sore BBS that start right after ovulation leading up to AF)
1 DPO- EWCM, low back pain, gassy, feels like AF.
2 DPO- Sore BBS, cramps
3 DPO-Sore BBS, cramps
4 Dpo-Ext sore BBS, gassy
5 Dpo- light headedness, tender bbs
6 DPO- BBS tender, cramps on and off, gassy
7 DPO- BBS tender, twinges, feels like af is coming
8-9 DPO- BBS tender bloated feeling
10 DPO- BBS tender but NOW ALSO NIPPLES (*I’ve never experienced sore nipples before af before) new symptom.
11-12 DPO- Sore BBS, sensitive/tender nips, cramping, lower back pain, irritable.
13 DPO- Sore BBS and nips, cramping, feels like af is on the way.
14 DPO- BFP on clear blue digital and BFP on the dollar store ones on 15 DPO.

--I’m the kind of girl who gets every PMS symptom there is before my period, the one symptom that made me believe I could be pregnant was the sore nipples b/c I never get them-- GOOD LUCK EVERYONE :))
*also I have 32 day cycle* & I’ve experienced a chemical pregnancy in the past, so I was a little nervous this time :)

BFP @ 14dpo w/ Poor Morphology

Hi y'all!

I'm 28 and my husband is 30. I just got my first ever BFP (with first response confirmed with clearblue digital!) at about 14dpo on cycle #6. It will be our first child!!!! We are so happy and grateful. After actively trying for 4 cycles (doing OPKs) I was so stressed out thinking there was something wrong with me, so I went to see my OBGYN for some basic fertility tests. Blood test showed I was ovulating, ultrasound looked great too. She then asked for DH's SA and the results were good counts, good motility but horrible morphology. only 2% normal forms. My doctor told us to go see a urologist and she was not going to proceed with any other infertility treatment such as Clomid until a final report from urologist. I was devastated because mostly of what I found on the internet was that poor morphology is very hard to change and the solution is IVF. My husband was sent to a urologist who ordered a second SA. Results were better - 4% normal forms. His doctor encouraged us. He said still his overall numbers were good and we could get pregnant on our own. He then ordered a blood test for him and the results were scary: very low testosterone levels and FSH. He was prescribed Clomid (for men... ) to try get his testosterone levels up and started taking it one week ago. Today I just found out I'm pregnant which means he got me pregnant all natural because he wasn't taking Clomid when we conceived.
Now I 'm praying for a healthy pregnancy and looking forward to calling my doctor tomorrow morning with the great news!

Now, a little bit about symptoms. Not many different ones. The normal ones pre af symptoms =: tender boobs, bloated, etc.
CD13 positive OPK
CD14 assumed ovulation day.. but this cycle I did not feel the usual ovulation pain.
1dpo - 11 dpo - I felt drier than the usual. Less cervical mucus.
11 dpo - noticed an increased appetite. I ate well on previous night but woke up starrrrrving and it's been like that ever since. Increased appetite in the mornings. I usually start spotting at the end of 11dpo and then will spot for the next 4 days before af arrives full force. but nothing until end of the day. I started being cautiously hopeful.
12 dpo - decided to take a pregnancy test with FMU. BFN. Devastation. Thought I was out and told my husband... of course it's not gonna be this month honey... Clomid hasn't started to kick in in your system yet.... . So I was waiting for spotting to start at any time. But it didn't start by end of 12 dpo. Went to bed dry as bone.
13 dpo - no spotting still.
14dpo - no spotting. but I'm a spotter... well we went out for an amazing breakfast with my husband (today is Sunday morning) and on our way back stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up early response. at this point I was suspecting it could be positive because I always start spotting latest at 12dpo but this cycle nothing. I was thinking maybe it would be a false negative because I wouldn’t be using FMU? Well second line appeared almost immediately. I cried. We ran back to Wal-Mart and bought clearblue digital and it said " pregnant". I'm pregnant!!!!!

I know I haven't been on this journey for as long as so many of you have but it can happen. Don't lose hope. Every month is a race inside of us and one day a little sperm will make it up there. It happened to us with a poor morphology diagnosis, all-natural.

What we did different this month:
- Stressed less. Last month we bd 10 days straight. So much stress on my poor dh and I had so much mid cycle bleeding as a consequence. This month we took it easy. Maximum 2 days straight when I got a positive opk I guess it worked better for us.
- Went swimming on ovulation day, exercised more (walked for about 40 minutes 4 times a week)
- Stopped charting.
- Brought back my daily cup of coffee (which I absolutely love) and stopped with the green tea (which I don't like but was trying to take it because I heard it could help)
- Took a breaking on taking maca, vitamin b, robitussin during ovulation time.
- Only used Pre-Seed as a lubricant for the days I wasn't fertile (had no ewcm)
- Had about 3-4 alcoholic beverages weekly. Had fun!!!
- Took a glass a day of Trader Joe’s not from concentrated pineapple juice from 3 dpo to 8dpo (have no idea if it helped)

Good luck to all of you!!!! One day will be writing your story too!!!