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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP One Month After Miscarriage

I can't believe I'm here... I am not a newbie to this rodeo, this is my 5th pregnancy. But the circumstances are so bizarre. It took us 2.5 years to get pregnant with our son. We had 2 miscarriages before he came along. Then, I didn't get my first period until he was 14 months old. We decided to try to take advantage of the "you're more fertile in the first few postpartum cycles myth. We BD'd ONE TIME that month, and got pregnant. We were ecstatic. How could it possibly be so easy when it took us so long for our first?! Unfortunately, I lost that pregnancy at 8 weeks (my previous miscarriages were very very early). We were devastated. I talked to my midwives about seeing a specialist, since it was our third miscarriage and they referred me, but I hadn't heard back yet. I asked if there was any reason why we shouldn't keep trying in the meantime, and she said if I was emotionally ready and able, there was no reason not to try. So less than 3 weeks after the bleeding from the miscarriage stopped, I felt some mittelschmerz on my right side. I used an ovulation stick, and sure enough, it was positive. We BD'd one time. It was a complete repeat of the last time. BD'd one time, kept my hips up for about 45 minutes, and didn't wash until later that night. 9DPO, BFP! And 4 more since then. :D I can't believe it. I literally can't believe it. We've gotten pregnant twice in two times of BDing (I was unwilling to have sex during the first trimester, since we have a history of miscarriage). 2 for 2! Please have some sticky thoughts for us? I would be devastated with a 4th miscarriage. :( ANYWAY, my symptoms:

Day of ovulation: sharp pain in right ovary (my last *3* pregnancies have occurred after sharp pain in my right ovary - apparently righty is working overtime! :) ) BD in midday, hips up for 45 minutes.
1 - 2 DPO: Nothing
3 DPO: EXHAUSTED and face broken out really badly; headache (common for me in early pregnancy)
4 DPO: Exhausted again - took nap during day, odd for me; face broken out even worse (doesn't usually happen to me during pregnancy); slightly nauseous; headache
5 DPO: face is even WORSE
6 DPO: exhausted, still broken out, super hungry, cramps (implantation?); ragey (VERY common for me in early pregnancy); heartburn (I ONLY get heartburn when I'm pregnant - it's how I knew last time
7 DPO: Nausea on waking, still super irritable, face still broken out; twinge in my right abdomen
8 DPO: Eggwhite CM, veiny bbs, still broken out, gassy, pooping all day (also common for me during pregnancy - with my son, it was how I knew I was pregnant); while my son was nursing, he pulled off, pointed at my chest and said 'baby' ???!
9 DPO: first faint BFP, and then another. Thought I might be imagining it.
10 DPO: This morning same thing. Went and got a CB Digital - "1 - 2" weeks!

This is weird for me. I don't usually get a BFP until 11DPO. But I was having so many symptoms I thought I'd check early. <3 AND, my baby is due on April 22, which is 2 days after my late brother's birthday. I'm taking that as a sign that this baby is going to stick around. For him.

Pee Stick Addict Finally Got a BFP!!

Ok let me just get right into the good stuff : ) Oh and you've been warned, I'm not even going to use the word "TMI" because well...TTC is filled with so much tmi isn't it?

Ok so here's what we did differently this month:
* Used Pre-Seed, instead cups on ov. day and took geritol multivitamins. (I had a TON of ewcm this month for some reason. Could have been the geritol but I swear when I ovulate from my left ovary I have more ewcm.)

Major New Discoveries: I learned that I ovulate two days AFTER I feel ov pains! And all this time I thought I was ovulating the day I felt the pains so I'm sure I wasn't bd'ing enough around the times I should have in the past.

Ovulated on July 23. We bd'ed on July 21,22,23,24, & 25th. Yep we got it IN this time!!! If I was gonna get that dreaded BFN I was gonna be SURE we did everything we could.

Ok here is my journal:

1dpo- still a little ovulation pain today, but nothing major. CM is wet but light.
2do- Ov pain is completely gone but there is still a dull heaviness on my left side.
3dpo- didn't notice anything today. Very quiet in my body.
4dpo- Very light cramping or some kind of dull sensations on my left side that I could feel if I jumped or walked fast.
5dpo- very gassy today. Thought I was feeling some fluttering going on down there, nope just gas. Darn! Tonight while laying in bed I had the weird feeling that I wasn't one person anymore. Strange. Just felt pregnant, although not many symptoms to go off of.
6dpo- Today was weird. I've felt like I've been walking around with a belly full of gas all day but I'm not gassy at all. There is this constant feeling in my left ovary. It's not cramping, kinda like a light pressure feeling. Nipples got really sore at night. (I never get sore breast or nipples with my cycles)
7dpo- BFN (tested in am/pm) Nipple are still a little tender but nothing like last night. For some reason I can't get enough Gatorade. I hate Gatorade but it tasted so good today.
8 dpo- BFN (tested in am/pm) Quick spasm on left side. CM is creamy, lotion-like and mixed with ewcm. Don't think I've ever seen this texture of cm. Lots of rumbling gas at night. Smelled awful!!! Even I ran from those farts. The poor girl behind me in line today was an unfortunate victim. Bless her heart.
9 dpo - BFN in am. Hunger goes from full to starving instantly. Did the same thing when pregnant with son but not this early. low back ache. Take a test with a wondfo before I get in the shower and by the time I got out it was a faint pink line on the test. I thought, yeah right! I was cautiously happy but seriously didn't believe it. The line looked more purple than pink.
10dpo- Felt great today. Noticed that I didn't have my normal breakouts that I get before af is due. My skin was actually very dewy and even. Didn't need makeup today. And wowsers by boobs looked FABU!!! So full, lifted and huge!! Didn't even think about testing today, was too busy out flaunting my new set of twins. Grabbed some FR at the store and got a pink line late that night before bed. I was sooooo happy. I immediately dropped down to my knees and prayed for baby, the pregnancy everything, which is the same thing I did with my son and that was the best pregnancy ever.
14dpo- Got it confirmed at the doctors office.

What made me suspicious before the BFP:
My crave for Gatorade.
My glowing complexion
The weird almost daily sensations in my ovary. I've never had that before. Thought it was a cyst or something.

A quote that has stuck with me for the last 2 months "Either pray or worry, but don't do both" I decided not to worry this cycle and with this pregnancy.

Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy to us ALL!!


Finally, after a late miscarriage in March our dreams are alive again.
Here are my symptoms:
1-3 DPO – tender BB- odd this never happens! Cramps and heavy feeling!
4 DPO – Had slight heartburn and still getting cramps and sore BB. Temp dip
5 DPO – This when it all started to happen, still had cramps and sore BB, started to wake in the night to wee, have Vivid dreams – I woke up and my heart was pounding! Backache, tiredness and gassy! Temp started to rise
6 DPO – Bleeding gums when brushing my teeth – only have had this when I was 5 months pregnant. Vivid dreams again, backache, sore BB and cramps
7 DPO - Headache
8 DPO - definite dull AF cramping, Sore BB, woke again to wee, Skin break out, vivid dreams again
9 DPO - feeling in stomach is there, but different now, hard to describe, Headache, Tender BB, feeling nauseated in the afternoon- strange!
10 DPO – constipated, Woke to wee, hungry and feeling nauseated! Temp spike
11 DPO –Sore BB still, hungry and feeling nauseated! Temp still high
12 DPO - +ve!!!!!!! Couldn’t believe it!
We are thrilled but staying optimistic. Please don't give up and I hope, easier said than done I know!!!!

BFP on 11 DPO!!!!

We were only TTC for 1 month and didn't expect it to happen so quickly, but we're over the moon! Here are my symptoms:

O-day - strong O pains that kept me awake
1DPO - 4DPO - nothing
4DPO - Very sore nipples
5DPO - Very sore nipples, tiredness, bloated
6DPO- sore nipples, kept waking up at night with vivid dreams, headache/sick feeling after only a small glass of wine, bloated
7DPO - sore nipples, tiredness, think I felt implantation - sharp twinges on the right hand side, unlike anything I've felt before, diarrhea
8DPO - nipples less sore, tiredness, diarrhea, itching all over
9DPO - tiredness, diarrhea, BFN
10DPO - really sore throat, some AF type cramps, sore nipples, visible veins on arms and chest
11DPO - sore throat, yellow CM, lower pack pain, BFP!!!!! very faint @ midday, positive on clear blue digital at 1.30pm, darker line at 4.00pm
12DPO - sooooooo tired! leg cramps
13DPO - tired, leg cramps, stomach cramps
14DPO - even more tired, very painful leg cramps all day kept me awake at night, another BFP - much darker line
15DPO - today. Nipples still quite sore, some stomach cramps, legs sore but less so, woke up feeling slightly sick but didn't last long, still feeling very tired

Fingers crossed everything goes ok.

Good luck to everyone TTC!

BFP First Month of Trying!!

Hey ladies! My name is Amanda and I am so excited to finally share my story as I have been stocking this website & going crazy! This is technically our first month trying, and I say that because me and my husband and I decided to start trying on my last cycle so that was the month of June, but when we decided I was already on the 14th day of my cycle, and we were still trying, but in was a fail obviously.

Information hopefully this will help you guys!
AF: July 10- July 15
*We BD'D EVERY OTHER DAY starting from the day I finished my period which was on the 15th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, 25th
Expected AF: AUGUST 5TH

And we have no children, we are trying for our first!
Here it goes, I don’t know when I actually ovulated but I am assuming it was on the 23rd due to the high Fertile CM (EGG WHITES) & left ovary cramping

1 DPO: Had dream about me having a baby, and it was a girl.
2 DPO: EWCM, had another dream about having a baby, who knows it could be because I want one so bad and I keep thinking about it?
3 DPO: Frequent urination, maybe because of drinking a coffee in the AM? who knows.
4 DPO: wet like CM, but with it was a slippery, stretchy CM mixed with light blood... weird.. Boobs started to get sore behind and around my nipples, I started noticing a mothers line from my belly button down to my vagina.. sorry TMI. BUT THAT WAS FREAKY FOR ME...also, vaginal wall cramps.. that was so odd for me, I knew there was something up at this point! extreme fatigue, pulling and tugging on the left side of uterus, and feeling noxious right before bed.
5 DPO: Boobs feel slightly heavy and sore again behind nipples.
6 DPO: Boobs not sore anymore.. really weird
7 DPO: Stabbing pains in right boob
8 DPO: Couldn't resist, had to test.. and... BFN! didn't get discouraged, I knew it was way too early.. boobs started to get sore and swollen at night, especially when I took off my bra.. OUCH I felt light it weighed a ton!
9DPO: Boobs not sore anymore.. like what is going on? very fatigue but don't know if that's because of the activities I did today (swimming)..I passed out in the middle of the day.. very strange for me!
10 DPO: Boobs really sore right before showering, at night.
11DPO: Sore boobs, I feel like something is trying to shove itself into the left side of my uterus, feeling shock like cramping and pokes, a little bit of Heartburn at night, lower abdominal pains, boobs not a sore as yesterday, Insomnia - I CANT SLEEP, kept waking up every 2 hours, boobs itchy, frequent urination at night!
12DPO: Abdominal pains and feeling like my uterus is so sensitive, its a little swollen and a stretchy sensation when I breath and cramping when I breath as well...stabbing pains in left side of uterus,
13 DPO: AF DIDNT SHOW UP, AND I DONT FEEL LIKE ITS COMING EITHER, usually I have period cramps 2-3 days before my period..
14 DPO: Constipated and...... I tested with a digital first response 4 days sooner.. and BFPPPP!!!!! the best part is, the nest day (which is today is my husband’s birthday!) so I got to tell him today in the sweetest way possible!

So we are ecstatic! I hope our little one sticks! and lots of Baby dust to all those who are TTC! I hope this helped.. XOXO!

Finally, After 23 Months of TTC, 4 Miscarriages and My Second Round of Clomid, I Got My BFP at 11dpo :)

23 months ago my Husband and I began a journey. It was a journey that we thought would be easy and ended up leading us down an emotional rollercoaster that anyone TTC should never have to go down. We seemed to get pregnant quite easily but always at 5-6 weeks, we'd lose it and be left to pick up the pieces and question if we should even continue trying. In May of 2011, I had my last loss and have not had a positive pregnancy test since. Until today :) My specialist felt that he was going to end up diagnosing me with unexplained infertility and gave me a prescription for 3 months of Clomid 50mg to be taken 3-7 as a "Hail Mary" and the second month was the winner. Here were my symptoms, or lack there of to be honest.

1-7 dpo-nothing
8dpo-dark brown discharge, enough to leak onto my undies and lasted the whole day. I noticed that afternoon that I couldn't finish my smoothie because it made me feel a bit queasy. I also broke out in a few pimples.
9dpo-mild cramping and light pink spotting. I couldn't finish my steak for dinner because I felt queasy again while eating it. BFN
10dpo-more cramping, enough to make me believe that I not only was out for this month, but that I was already psyching myself up for my final round of Clomid and my final month of TTC. BFN
11dpo-I had BIG trouble sleeping and was wide-awake from 2:30am till 5am and that is not usual for me. Woke up to cramps and though AF was probably starting but took a test anyways and had a faint BFP! I took a picture of it for my hubby and he could see it too :) At noon, I took another test and it was even darker than my FMU! I am still cramping and am hopeful that it is the little bean burrowing in good and deep and am off to the pharmacy to pick up my Progesterone and Baby Aspirin that I was told to get at the first sign of a BFP...wish me luck :)

History of Ov. Cysts/Preg. First Try!

In February I found out I had several ovarian cysts, one of which ruptured and the other that had
grown from the size of a golf ball to the size of a tangerine in one month. Drs said BCP would help
but DH and I wanted to begin TTC soon, so I wouldn't get on them until the cyst starting growing.

I did and then got a normal period, after which I stopped taking them. My sister is the queen of
getting pregnant, knows all the tricks, and told me to stop taking Advil and take only Tylenol as
needed and also stressed the importance of PreSeed as a lube since it imitates CM.

I also read Taking Charge of Your Fertility which tells you things to look for in your body so you'll
know when your ovulating. I also bought an OPK with 20 test strips and tested daily with my first
AM urine--it never gave me a fully dark line, but lines were darker the week around my ovulation
so DH and I practiced baby making every day for about 9 days straight. Exhausting? Yes, more for
him than me but we did it and I think that has a lot to do with our success because you don't risk
missing your ovulation.

When I tested and got my BFP yesterday and confirmed today at Drs office. I was elated! I've been
told b/c of cysts and retroverted uterus I may have trouble conceiving. And I just knew we should
start b/c it may take us forever! But that's all I can think of--PreSeed, daily sex, the book and the

I was also POSITIVE AF was coming b/c of the horrendous cramping I've had for about a week--it
has been WORSE than pre-menstrual cramps actually--don't believe it when you hear implantation/
early cramps are mild--they were so bad I couldn't stand straight when I got one lightning flash of
them two nights ago and someone I know had them throughout her entire first trimester that bad.

Anyway, hereare my symptoms:

3dpo=super soft areolas, extremely tired
4dpo=soft areolas and slightly sore breasts but not bad
5dpo=same as 4dpo 6dpo=soft areolas, heartburn, sore breasts and strangely enough, slight
random itching over body
7dpo=soft areolas, heartburn, sore breasts, HORRIBLE itching (thought it was an allergy and had to
put Caladryl over my whole body) and slight cramping
8dpo=no itching, heartburn, sore breasts, still soft areolas and horrible cramping
9dpo=itching on back and ribcage, could not sleep and when I did couldn't stay asleep, heartburn,
Breasts so sore I couldn't wear a bra or sleep on my stomach (I should note that I felt no zings in my
boobs like many women report, just very sore all around, not just on my nipple area). Cramping was
so bad I called in sick for work and was worried ovarian cysts had come back!
10dpo=Awful cramping (at 8 and 9dpo it did what it did this day and got much worse at night), again
I couldn't sleep and was up half the night, very sore breasts still and soft areolas, bad heartburn
12dpo=same--cramping so bad it was radiating down my legs

On some days I also had headaches, but not sure if they were related or not. I have never had
cramping like this unless it was related to ovarian cysts but Dr today says that's not what it is, that
some women just have really bad early cramping. Boobs less sore today but had gotten extremely
sore. Funny thing is, I've had no nausea at all, just heartburn every day.

Good luck to everyone and don't give up!