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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

Wanted to share my story!

Hello ladies! I stalked this site while we were TTC and so I wanted to share my symptoms by DPO. My husband and I married later in life so he has two kids and I have two. I 'm 34 and we've been married for 5 years. Been trying to talk him into one more babies for 5 years and I FINALLY did it. Took us 4 months of TTC. I had SWORN I was pregnant last month but wasn't. This month was a little different for me than what I was expecting but it all seems to make sense now. CD 14 Pos O test CD 15 Pos O test CD 16 Neg O test. This was the first time I used ovulation tests so I went with CD 15 as ovulation. 1dpo-nothing 2dpo- bloated, cramps 3dpo-very specific twinges/discomfort in one area. Crampy, gassy, bloated 4dpo-Thirsty. I SO WANT chicken noodle soup. More BM then normal??(sorry tmi) Fatigue, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, gas 5dpo-Nauseous after eating. Isolated discomfort lower left pelvic area. Sore throat at night. Hungry, cramps, bloating, gas 6dpo-diarrhea, tired, bloating, cramps 7dpo-cramps, bloating, tired, cramps **why in the world have I been cramping all week? I NEVER cramp until a couple of days before AF. And this gas and bloating is getting old** 8dpo-cramps, tired, bloated, gas, chills and now the headaches begin 9dpo-same symptoms but don't seem as bad today. BFN. I'm thinking I'm out again. **waiting for my boobs to hurts since that was the first symptom both previous kids** 10dpo-more normal type AF cramps. yep, totally thinking I'm out. Spotted once. I tend to spot before my period so thinking here it comes. Check all day and only that ONE time of spotting. Weird. 11dpo-BFN again. Thanksgiving so I had some wine with the family. Making me feel sick. Strange. 12dpo-BFN again. Same symptoms just not as noticable 13dpo-very very faint BFP! I don't believe it. I POS and then fell back asleep so evap line? It was an internet cheapy. I wait until I have to pee again and pee on one of those that say pregnant or not pregnant in words and holy **** it says pregnant! 14dpo-heartburn. I think I'm having a heart attack and might die in my sleep. ;) still tired and crampy 15dpo-I'm so hot... I'm never hot, always cold. still all the same symptoms then bleeding gums and hot flashes/chills get added to the mix. I'm now 6w3d and go to my first visit next week. The cramps from the start were very abnormal for me. Still no sore boobs which has freaked me out the entire time. I know every pregnancy is different, but that was my norm for the last couple pregnancies. Mostly tired, get sick to my stomach after I eat. NOT hungry because of upset stomach. Headaches off and on and SOOOO Thirsty. Good luck to you ladies!

Unsure of Symptoms By DPO

Hi Ladies! I wanted to come on here and share my story for those of you who are impatient, frustrated, and fed-up! My husband and I have been trying to conceive since June 2017. Not an incredibly long time, I know, but feels like eons for someone like me! Each month was one BFN after another and I couldn't take the constant disappointment. I started monitoring at a fertility clinic, which was the best decision I ever made! Why? Because they took all the guess work out of this already calculating process. For 2 months, I went in day after day for blood work and ultrasound until they told me i was ovulation and should dtd. Once you do, they prescribed me Prometrium vaginal supplements to assist with my luteal phase. I was on Prometrium beginning 1 DPO for 2 cycles which can cause pregnancy-like symptoms. Also, keep in mind, I am the worst symptom spotter! I get lost in message boards. Anyway were my symptoms prior to getting BFP while on Prometrium: Nov 27th 1 DPO: No symptoms. Started Prometrium morning and night 2 DPO: no symptoms 3 DPO: mild pressure in lower stomach and upper vag towards end of day. Thinking it may be a tummy ache and too early for symptoms 4 DPO: Increase in CM by end of day. Probably the Prometrium 5 DPO: Chunky cottage-cheese-like CM. Probably the Prometrium 6 DPO: No symptoms. CM returned to normal 7 DPO: cramps and bloating but chalked it up to eating bad food 8 DPO: left boob a little sore near armpit, but not to the touch. Might be in my head 9 DPO: boobs slightly sore on and off 10 DPO: boobs slightly sore and weird sharp pain to the right of my belly button on and off 11 DPO: boobs slightly sore. mild cramps by end of day 12 DPO: boobs slightly sore 13 DPO: slightly sore boobs, dull headache. Boobs look a little bigger but probably in my head 14 DPO: tired but i just made a big brunch for my family. Boobs slightly sore December 11th 15 DPO: Upper and middle back hurting, boobs slightly sore, dry CM, cervix low, hard, and closed. Went in to the clinic this morning for my blood test and they called to tell me i'm 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant! I'm in shock I got my BFP!!! It's so unreal to me but I wanted this message board to be the first place, the first people I tell about my pregnancy (I will surprise my husband tonight). Boards and sites like these were so incredibly helpful and insightful and not only got me through the dreaded 2ww, but the 9 months we tried to conceive. Ladies, I urge you to share your stories and symptoms because it truly helps those going through the process! If anyone has questions, please let me know!
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Worked with some planning!!

I've stalked this site the last few months and had promised to upload my story when the time came. I'm 37 and we've been trying since the last 5 months. My doctor had scared me saying I have low serve of eggs and some cysts on my right ovary which may make the odds unfavourable. What was different this time? Honestly, this was the first cycle where I tracked my O day with OPKs and noted my O pain and did the BD every other day starting 1 week before the expected O day until 3 days after. I used an Ovulation calculator which took into account my cycle length (32 days). I also stayed in bed for 20 mins after with a pillow under my hips. Ok.. here goes.. the symptoms per dpo!! 1 dpo - 5 dpo : gassy. Cm - white bits on wiping. Sniffles start at 4 dpo. 6 dpo : gassy all day. Runny nose. Intense lower back pain and strange cramps in lower belly. Shooting pain through bb for about 5 minutes.... never felt that before (I suspected implantation that day) Cm still not ewcm which is what I normally have at 6 dpo before AF! Relieved. 7 dpo: Very very hungry. All the time. Which is just not me. Cm yellowish globs on wiping. Nose very stuffy at night. Nipples hurt. 8 dpo: tested with FMU ... BFN. stuffy nose, gassy, very hungry. Cm creamy glob but only when I wipe. 9 dpo: no symptoms at all other than stuffy nose. Cm still yellow glob on wiping. EXTREMELY emotional ... felt I was on an emotional roller coaster ride. (This is what my biggest clue was! ) however I was majorly upset that I had no symptoms. 10 dpo: woke up thinking my crazy emotions weren't usual.. tested with FMU ....... Very faint line... but BFP !!! Emotions still running haywire all day. Bad headache in the evening (I almost never get a headache) 11 -13 dpo: nausea through the day. Hungry as well. Headache which eades wuth rest. Emotions still crazy. Tested each morning... line doesn't darken.. but it's there. Very dark line on 12 dpo with an OPK strip!! ALL with FMU 14 dpo: Boobs sore... hurting. Tested at night.... BFP!! it's still not too dark but my friend who's an OBGYN says it's a BFP!! :-) Thanks so much to all those who've posted here and made my two weeks wait bearable. Tons of good wishes and baby dust to all the ttc-ers. Enjoy the BD... and fx!!

2 x TWW back-to-back

I wanted to submit my 2 experiences so that anyone that experiences the first what was probably an early loss, can find some comfort that you can still get your BFP on the next cycle. I am 36, first baby, NTNP since June but 'actively' trying for around 5 cycles. Not temping or using OPK, just going by 'every other day' from around CD 8 TO CD 18 as I have 30-32 day cycles and get a slight bleed after ovulation so know this is roughly CD16. I have very mild PCOS but regular cycles and OV. Just a hairy chin all the time!! Disclaimer: TMI is gonna be in every other sentence. TWW1 - CP? MMC? DPO 1 - Light bleed and strong headache suspect OV took place in last 24hrs DPO 2 - Full with gas/bloated DPO 3 - I blacked out after 1 lap (0.4km) of my jogging. I average 5-10k 3 or 4 times a week so I definitely wasn't over doing it. Husband said.. 'You're pregnant' (it's his second so I trusted him) DPO 4 - Vivid dreams and gas. A random strong aversion to husbands smelly cigarette hands that were resting on the table next to me. DPO 5 - Vivid dreams and lower back ache. DPO 6 - Constipated. Pin prick of brown blood when wiping. DPO 7 - Light brown spotting, headache in afternoon, dry/itchy throat, hello chin pimple! (Convinced the spotting was Imp. bleeding) DPO 8 - Vivid dream, Gas, Constipated, Spotting brown blood still, sore throat. DPO 9 - Spotting still, stuffy nose and sore throat (probably caught from very unwell husband). Insomnia DPO 10 - Bloating, sore throat, very emotional! DPO 11 - Full on cold/flu DPO 12 - Bloated with gas, constipated, still have the cold, hair is greasing up every other day, can usually manage 2 days. DPO 13 - Cold still DPO 14 - BFN with FMU. AF twinges and very low mood. DPO 15 - Gas, very emotional, Headache DPO 16 - Vivid dreams, bloated, AF twinges DPO 17 - Gas, AF cramps, headache. DPO 18 - No AF still on CD34 - BFN on FMU. DPO 19 - Cough not shifting, learned how to check my cervix and found it high and closed. DPO 20 - Now CD36 still no AF. Spotted brown blood after 5k jogging. Sharp pain in left side. DPO 21 - Spotting again when wiping. DPO 22 - Brighter red spotting DPO 23 - Strong cramps, heavy clotted bleeding - I'm out. Wasn't so hopeful after the BFN's anyway but was worried something was wrong with me that I couldn't carry :-( Next cycle: DPO 1 - Moody, tight bloated gassy feeling DPO 2 - Moody, slight brown spotting when I checked my cervix. DPO 3 - Constipated, sharp pain on left hip area. DPO 4 - Nipples started to be very sensitive to touch. This didn't happen last month and it was weird as since I had breast reduction surgery in 2013, I have never really had full sensitivity in my nipples, they have been relatively numb so this was a bit of a weird one. They were also constantly erect! Winner! DPO 5 - Nothing, only sensitive nipples DPO 6 - Gassy, sensitive nipples. DPO 7 - Extremely low mood. DPO 8 - Still very low mood and angry - nipples the same (and continue to be) DPO 9 - Nothing DPO 10 - Angry again (Poor husband) - had a very sharp pull pain on the left.. around 5-10 seconds where I had to stop and let it pass. DPO 11 - Really gross sex dream. Couldn't even talk about it. DPO 12 - Pully pains again on left, urination frequency up. DPO 13 - Constipation, AF mild cramps DPO 14 - Nipples are still sensitive, constipated, pulling feeling again on left, like really painful trapped gas.. yet my gas was definitely not trapped if you catch my drift! DPO 15 - Constipated, still getting mild on/off AF cramps and waiting for her to arrive. Was not hopeful at all. Gassy and evening shattered, fell asleep 6-8pm and had a headache that wouldn't shift. DPO 16 - Vivid dream, AF cramps getting stronger and feel like she is coming any minute but CP is high, closed and hard. Smelly gas (sorry). DPO 17 - Very moody, AF Twinges still, at night in bed I had a very strong tightening and painful cramp that went on 10-15 secs in my abdomen. Was a little confused by this point as it was not AF cramp. DPO 18 - No appetite (this seems to be the norm) Nips still sensitive this whole time. Getting thirsty after drinking. Another strong intense cramp again when I was in bed, same as previous night, almost unbearable. DPO 19 - Constipated (seems also to be the norm now). Still high, closed cervix but with white CM (I don't produce a lot at all so this was hard to monitor). Zingy pain in left boob/nipple. Gassy DPO 20 - Feels like a full heavy uterus pain. still no AF but strong cramps in that region that are a bit sharper and more isolated than AF cramps. Nose is dry and a bit painful. DP0 21 - BFP with FMU. Still feeling fine, boobs don't ache, only the nipples, only mild nausea once so far. I am 5 weeks and 2 days. No tiredness yet.. got so much to come! Due Aug 2018.
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BFP after 17 months TTC (CP check everyday)

Hi everyone. This page gave me hope every cycle of TTC and I promised to share once I receive mine :) I promise you, for every cycle of 17 months TTC, I have symptoms like sore boobs, bloated abdomen, mild nausea, sore throat, tiredness and vivid dreams. Gave me hope everytime, only to be crushed by arriving AF :( I have since forced myself to accept those "symptoms" as sign of AF. This month, I tried hard not to symptom spot but of course difficult when it becomes a habit to do so for more than a year! So on to the symptoms: 1-3 DPO: hard, low cervix (sign O ended). Glue like cm but only in small amount now and then. Some soreness on side of BB (normal post O) 4 DPO : medium and soft cp. Feels a bit open. Odd. Am I out? Really sore under left armpit. Couldn't even wear a bra to work. Here's hoping! 5DPO: high cp, odd flaky white cm 6 DPO: feels very warm to the touch but not having fever. CP change to medium and pointed. :( 7 DPO - 9 DPO: CP fluctuates everyday! Sometimes its medium, sometimes very low its almost at the "door"!! But never went back high. Os itself remains soft throughout. Was worried abt not getting high cp. 10 DPO - EWCM. Ok. It must be high estrogen thus its AF coming :( very very wet EWCM. Better than O. Haha. CP medium height and medium soft/hard. Basically nothing notable with cp. Slight aches on back tooth. 11 DPO - AF cramps!! :( lower back pain when I wake up. CP normal. Nothing noticeable. Lesser EWCM. More whitish glue but leaves wet patch on undies. Noticed wet patch three times throughout the day. 12 DPO - lower back pain when waking up. White thicker cm with wet patches on undies. Sore BB come and go. Sleepy by 5 but thats not new to me. Hehe. Sorry TMI - loose stool 13 DPO - lower back pain waking up. SUPER LOW CP! barely had to reach up. Feels moist and wet inside cervix but otherwise dry outside. Hungry and ate foot-long subway for brunch. First time ever. More loose stool. 14 DPO - pressure in uterus when waking up. Cant lie on tummy. Had odd dark and soft stool 4 times between morning to afternoon! (TMI sorry! Need to be said!) CP medium high and soft. Skin very warm, fluctuating between 36.9 and 37.0 when I am usually 36.6. Light crampings. Craved steak. Tested in the evening after a game of bowling (worried I overexert myself) and BFP!!! :D I waited so long to see the pink line and had spent a lot of time squinting and turning tests and forcing DH to agree that there IS a line. So surreal to see a prominent pink line :)) Some other things I notice: greasier, heavier hair. Small zits around mouth at 12 DPO. A general feeling of content and happiness. Vivid dreams at 12, 13 DPO. No nausea at all this month when I usually get it before AF in TWW previous months! What I did differently this month: took pregnancy pill right after AF this cycle. No coffee at all. Tried to make sure fertile cm is abundant during BD. Prayed so much for it. Hope this helps someone the way thess BFP stories had helped me through my TWW :) it came as a relief after receiving news that I have a fibroid of 2cm in my womb. All the best everyone :) I pray for BFP for all those trying.

Getting our rainbow

Of course I have been stalking this page for almost 2 years. I finally get to post mine and I am SO excited!!!! We got pregnant back in May of this year (2017) but we lost that baby in July, on my husband's birthday. Since then, I have had 2 IUI's....the 2nd worked. I did not trigger an I did not take any progesterone before or after the IUI. I was on clomid 100mg on CD3-7. We BD'd on CD10, 14, 15, 16. I o'd on CD 15 and did the IUI on the same day *O day- Got the positive OPK in the morning and had the IUI at 4 that afternoon (11.22 (the day before Thanksgiving) cramping after the IUI *3-5DPIUI-My nipples feel like they are going to fall off. THEY HURT!!!! Not the entire breast, just the nipple. I am wondering what's going on because I KNOW it's way too early for pregnancy symptoms. Still cramping but now they are dull and in the background. If I had to guess, I would say they were in my uterus. *6DPIUI-still cramping and my nipples are still sore. Like, I couldn't hug my kids without tremendous in pain. Still crampy. Constipated. *7DPIUI- took my first test...BFN with FRER, walmart first signal and internet cheapie. I'm thinking it's still really early so I didn't really get upset about the negative. My appetite has increased, but that happens as it gets close to my period so i don't think anything of. I am gassier than usual. Nipples still hurt. Still crampy *8-9DPIUI- took a test (internet cheapie)...BFN nipples are still sore but not as bad as it before. This has me worried. I am thinking "If I were pregnant, my symptoms would be increasing, not decreasing." very emotional. Secretly loosing hope but still telling myself that it's still early *10DPIUI- tested with an internet cheapie. BFN. nipples have gone from sore to tender. EXTREMELY emotional. Cried over small stuff, things that i would not normally cry over (example: the dishwasher had not been unloaded). Appetite is still increased. My dog started following me around and being clingy. She would not let me out of her sight *11DPIUI- tender nipples still have those dull cramps in my lower abdomen area. It feels like my uterus. BFN on FRER and internet cheapie. I cried today. Still feeling out this month because I feel like "I should have more symptoms by now" and "the last time, by this time, i had a BFP already" and "it seems like everybody else has gotten their BFP days ago" *12DPIUI- decided not to test. I didn't think that I I could handle seeing another negative. I had a complete breakdown wondering when my time was coming. short tempered and very emotional. My beta was scheduled for today but I cancelled because I didn't want to pay ($40 copay) for my doctor to tell me that I am not pregnant. Just an emotional day *13DPIUI- Decided at the last moment to test...faint positive on the first signal test. Tried FRER using the same sample (FMU)...faint positive. Tested again using SMU on a first signal, darker line. Went to the store and bought 2 boxes of clearblue digitals, 1 box (3 count) FRER, 5 first signal tests. Clearblue gave me those words that I have been waiting SO long to see....PREGNANT. Went in for a blood test to confirm. HCG was at 29. Progesterone as at 24. By my calculations, I am 3 weeks and 5 days today. The doctor says I don't need to be on any progesterone supplement as of now. I go back in on Thursday to make sure my HCG has doubled as it should.

BFP on 12dpo, very few symptoms

Just got my bfp two days ago at 12dpo. I started testing at 8dpo with internet cheapies and at 10dpo with FRERs. Consistent BFNs on everything until 12dpo. Also minimal symptoms. Here is my story day by day! O day: Cramping in general lower belly region, not limited to one side or the other. BD-ing felt crampy too, kind of uncomfortable. 1dpo: crampy and gassy 2dpo: randomly got the hiccups. I know it's prob unrelated but I never get the hiccups so it seemed worth mentioning. 3dpo: very irritable mood all day 4dpo: dry globby cm, kind of nasty. metal taste in mouth on and off, kind of like when you have a nosebleed, but I hadn't had a nosebleed. 5dpo: still abundant globs of white cm. 6dpo: nothing unusual 7dpo: nothing unusual 8dpo: feel like I'm coming down with a cold - scratchy throat. BFN on Clinical Guard cheapie. 9dpo: gastrointestinal issues - horrible gas and cramping. Maybe related to eating beans for lunch? Another BFN on clinical guard. 10dpo: no symptoms at all. BFN on clinical guard and FRER. pretty sure I'm out at this point. 11dpo: no symptoms at all. BFNs everywhere I look. BBT temperature dropped a bit and I'm def feeling out. 12dpo: BBT is up! I decide to take my last FRER and lo and behold a faint but undeniable BFP! Shortly after getting the BFP I began having a crampy/pulling feeling in my pelvis. Not really AF-like cramps - lower and more of a pulling feeling. 13dpo: FRER line darkening, pulling crampy feeling in lower pelvis continues. No other symptoms at all 14dpo: BFP on a digital and line continues to darken. Pelvis cramps continue...they are mild though. The biggest symptom that I did NOT have at any point and still don't have is sore boobs.

BFP CD23 - 11DPO only DTD once

Hi All! I’ve been on this site for over a year now and I’m happy to finally post my BFP journey by DPO. Bit of background info - I’m 29, I have 2 beautiful children (DS12&DD9), I had a cp August 2016 and I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraines, June of this year. I have had constant headaches during the 2WW but haven’t documented them as I wouldn’t know better. This was a surprise and we weren’t proactively trying but if it happens it happens. CD10 - DTD pm, cm - creamy CD11 - EWCM, I can feel my boobs Pm gassy - fuller/bloated feeling, pain when I cough Ovulation Day CD12 - Light cramping, EWCM, ovulation pain left side. BBT 35.7 1DPO - Mid left cramps, bad gas- lower tummy very tight making it hurt when I did a wee wee. backaches. Creamy cm. BBT 36.1 2DPO - ovulation pain left side?! Bad gas with pain. tingly nipples, shooting pain in left breast more than once in afternoon which continued to midnight. pain in left midsection maybe gas related. I need to pee every 1 hour since waking up to lunchtime. body aching. small amount of ewcm not very stretchy, dry cm after 8pm. Hot flushes in the afternoon and noticing I’m thirsty. Craved watermelon? I don’t really like this! Fatigue and nausea. BBT 36.1 3DPO - Left side twinges /pains. Tired. Gassy and bloated with aches. Creamy cm. Heightened sense of smell. My partner can’t seem to do anything right today and into the coming week! So grumpy lol BTW this isn’t me. BBT 36.2 4DPO - light cramps and extreme gas pain. I’m thinking WTH is going on with me?! I have never been like this in my life. My partner offered to swap butts so he could get rid of my gas for me lol so sweet. BBT 36.2 5DPO - Gas aches and pains. Thirsty. BBT 36.5 6DPO - Boobs slightly tender on and off. Very gassy. One sharp cramp this morning and Back aches after breakfast.. I never eat breakfast but I was sick hungry. BBT 36.5 My guess now is this was the day of implantation. 7DPO - Gas pain and food cravings. I wanted a chocolate cake and nothing else haha BBT 36.1 8DPO - very tired. Between not being able to sleep from my headaches to Broken sleep. It’s been and ugly week. Don’t feel the slightest bit pregnant. 9DPO - Sick hungry to loss of appetite. BBT 36.2 10DPO - Thirsty, Sick hungry, Loss of appetite. Watery CM. BBT 36.3 11DPO - Period pain burning, Loss of appetite. So I’m sitting on the couch while my partner is burping and carrying on and I thought to myself, im not the gassy one in the relationship it’s him and maybe it’s a pregnancy symptom? Having multiple pregnancies I haven’t had any of my usual 2WW symptoms. I took a confirm HPT and got a very very faint line. BBT 36.2 12DPO - I find this funny that the moment I take FMU HPT, and get a second faint line that I then get every symptom I normally would. Confirm HPT barely there pink line FRER definitely positive . Sore boobs - bright blue veins. Light headed Nauseous Wanted to vomit after dinner Hot flushes all day Period pain on and off /gas Twinges left side of stomach Poking sensation by belly button left side BBT 36.4 13DPO - BBT 36.5 Sharp stabbing in left ovary region throughout the day. Pulling sensations in uterus? Boobs are really sore. Nauseous / light headed Tired/exhausted Emotional at a wedding ring? (lady taking bloods) it was pretty! Lol Hot flushes Burning / period sensation Gas HPT confirm faint pink positive. FRER BFP Drs appointment also had Blood test today. I’ll post my Beta HCG results for you ladies on Monday. I also recommend not using the Confirm HPT as they not very sensitive. FRER for the win 14DPO - Clear Blue digital not FMU pregnant 1-2weeks, but I already know that only DTD once! Pulling sensations in stomach Sharp shooting sensations left side of abdomin Very sore boobs and sick hungry. Still early days for me but fingers crossed this one sticks. I hope this helps someone :) Baby dust to all

BFP at 10DPO! Symptoms by DPO

I stalked these boards during our time TTC and wanted to add my very well documented symptoms. For the past year, my PMS has gotten worse and seems to have been different each month, thus driving me crazy! I've had one ovary removed and a history of functional, yet painful and large ovarian cysts. The ovary that was removed was due to an emergency surgery from a ruptured and bleeding cyst. I passed out and woke up in the ER from blood loss (thought I had the flu!). Anyway, my PMS symptoms were getting so bad that I just knew I was pregnant every month. I would get dizzy, nausea, sore boobs, headaches/ migraines, weak when standing, peeing a lot, literally everything for two weeks starting right after ovulation. I ended up taking iron which helped with most of those symptoms. Ladies, if you're getting these symptoms every month you may be anemic like me and take a multivitamin and some iron. We began TTC 6 months ago, however my husband had a condition that I had never heard of before. We're both 33. I found out that he was orgasming when we had sex, but not ejaculating. He says he thinks it just came from trying not to get anyone pregnant for so long. It was like a mental hurdle. After months of him getting so frustrated during sex that he couldn't get off at all, we decided to try using a syringe. That didn't work. My guess is that it didn't get far enough in there and that in the process we may have been damaging the sperm. Finally, he was able to ejaculate manually near my vagina which ended up with him basically forcing himself to ejaculate inside me. Like I said, I've had the opposite problem my whole life and thought it was nuts. I guess overthinking and all... who knows. Anyways, the first month that he was able to do it, we got pregnant! 1-4 DPO: No symptoms other than on 3 dpo I had EWCM and was worried that I got ovulation date wrong. Apparently that is caused by an estrogen surge that happens around that time. 5DPO: Light cramps, severe food cravings (specifically white wedding cake), dizziness, extremely tired, peeing more than usual, headache/ migraine, no sex drive. 6DPO: Woke up with acne (I never get acne, just maybe a few pimples during pms), sore boobs, started mixing words up like my brain wasn't working properly, more exhausted, peeing a lot, headaches/ migraine worse, gas and fibromyalgia flared up. Made a note that I was feeling like I might be pregnant, not because of symptoms but just a feeling. Had a 2 minute pinch in uterus area. Was freezing that day, which is odd for me. Sneezing and blowing my nose a lot. 7DPO: Ovary pain, severe backache, insomnia, fibro still flared up (hurt everywhere), boobs still sore, constipated, cramps but not like period cramps. Still craving that cake. Dizzy, Tired, headache and peeing a lot. Nausea, peeing a lot and having hot flashes. I had another 2 minute pinching in the exact same spot of uterus. Temp was up to 99.3. Cried over tv shows 3 times. 8DPO: Cried while watching The Mindy Project, digestive issues and belly feels weird. Still sore boobs, bad sleep, tired, peeing a lot, nausea, hot flashes, no sex drive, and really bad cramps. 9DPO: Very tired. Can't stand for long. Hip and lower back pain severe and shooting down inner thighs. It was so bad I was covered in ice packs and heating pads. Couldn't get comfortable. Heat and ice didn't help the pain. Nearly fell asleep in the store. I had to sit down because I was overheating and dizzy, so I sat in a chair and nearly fell asleep! Mixing up words so bad I feel like I have a brain injury. I would say something like "I love you" and it would come out "I shirt you". It was strange and frustrating! Still peeing a lot, tired and sore boobs.

BFP at 10dpo! Minimal symptoms!

Hi ladies, Given I stalk this site, it’s only fair I pot my own BFP story as well. I ovulated on October 31. We started using preseed about 3 cycles ago and have been unsuccessful. I decided this would be our last month using it and next month we would try without it. Generally I symptom spot like crazy, but this month I felt different. I had decided not to think about that stuff and given I felt that I was out this month I decided to contact my FS to let him know that we will be proceeding with IUI next month. Usually I symptom spot and feel nauseous and I could have sworn a few months ago I felt implantation... but always got a BFN! This month there were only a few different hints. #1 usually my breasts swell up at about 5dpo, this month they didnt! Secondly I normally have a lot of CM post ovulation, it’s generally creamy and can be seen in my underwear. This month I was dry as a bone! No marks in my undies at all. I also found myself drinking a lot of water and green tea from 4 dpo onwards. The night before 10 dpo I had some wackyyyy and Vivid dreams, I woke up on the morning of 10 dpo wondering if I should poas but decided against it. I went to work and while sitting at my desk I realized that my breasts felt huge, as if they grew overnight, and every time my arm hit the side it felt sore... like bruised. This is when I was like ok whooaaa maybe I need to test, but then convinced myself it’s too early. That evening when I got home and was getting dressed to go to a party, I decided to pee on an internet cheapie. After 5 minutes there was nothing so I threw it out. About half an hour later I felt an inkling to look again, and here was a faint line! I grabbed a FRER and forced more pee and within 3 minutes there was a faint line!!! My breasts are still quite big and sore! And the tiredness is just so extreme! Hope this little bugger sticks!!! Good luck and baby dust to you all!