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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP at 9 dpo after Mirena removal. Yeast infection, first sign!

My husband and I were TTC #1 for us and #7 for our family (we were the real Brady Bunch with 3 children each when we met! Haha). Also: yeah we're nuts. Our other children are older for the most part. I had my IUD removed at the end of February so it took us 3 cycles to conceive. We are both 33.
During my two week wait I wondered if I was going insane because I read so many stories about having no symptoms and I had almost all of them! Haha.

I usually have a 29 day cycle, extremely regular. I didn't have a period at all while I had the IUD. We only BD on CD 11/12 in my fertile period. We didn't use any meds or supplements, but I did take a prenatal since we were trying and I've read folic acid is best in advance.

CD 13: O day according to OPK's and a temp spike the next day. I also was bloated and had o pain.
1 dpo: I still had watery cm but my cp was high and already starting to close. I had cramping and tender breasts, which is normal for me after O.
2-4 dpo: I had a yeast infection for the first time in years and thought that's strange...the last time I had a yeast infection I was *gasp* pregnant! So I googled it and found a ton of stories about women having this sign before implantation even because of the rise in estrogen! Tried to stay realistic but couldn't help but think I'm definitely pregnant, haha. I also continued with the sore breasts and cramping, normal.
5 dpo: I had looked up what was safe to take during pregnancy and saw monistat externally is fine so I picked some up. Strangely, my yeast infection cleared up on its own before I even used this! My cm went to lotion like and yellow but no more itching or discomfort or clumpy like discharge. Also I had the slightest tinge of pink at one point but I had read that yeast infections can cause spotting because of the irritation so I didn't think much of it because I thought it was too early for implantation. Still crampy and tired. My bbs had a milk let down feeling but no pain or swelling.
6 dpo: Milk let down feeling. Cm was not much and watery. Cp was mid firm and closed. I had a stuffy nose, was tired, emotional, and my bbs started becoming sore but not bad at all. I was bloated and so hungry. That lasted from 6 dpo till the present 12 dpo.
7 dpo: Still SO tired. Bbs still slightly sore. Just all over. I had CM but it was hardly anything and creamy. My cp was still med firm and closed. I noticed this day that my areolas/nipples were darker. And my actual nipple had pronounced Montgomery's tubercles! Not the areola, the nipple.
8 dpo: Tired, hungry, emotional, crying over television which I don't do, sore bbs, areolas even a little darker and slightly bigger. Cm creamy but increased a lot. Cp low firm and closed.
9 dpo: Tired, hungry, emotional, and nauseated after eating. I was bloated and crampy. Nipples now puffy and a little bigger and still brown. I took a test that morning because of all of the symptoms but it was negative. Took a dollar tree that night because of the nausea, faint BFP! But I wouldn't say 100% it was because I've tricked myself in the past thinking I saw a line.
10 dpo: Same symptoms and cm and cp. went to get an FRER to double check the dollar tree from the night before, 100% positive. It was light at first but darkened over a few minutes. It was a 2 pack with one digital, one regular and the digital was negative. I wanted a digital for hubs, because he of course always questions the lines, though he did say he saw the one on the frer, but the digital said no ugh!!
11 dpo: Same symptoms, cp is higher now and a little softer and my cm is more milky and there's a lot. I got another digital and it was taking forever so I thought it would say no but it said YES +
I'm very thankful for this blessing and pray for a healthy bundle of joy in February of 2018. Something funny: I was a young mom at 17 and had my oldest son, who will be 17 when this baby is born! I thought that was neat.

Baby dust for you all!!

BFP at 10DPO after 6 months (36yo)

I swore I would post my story as I was obsessed with reading these while TTC. So here we go...

Me: 36, DH: 34. One DS: 2. We are statistically average as it took 3 months to conceive our son (before I was 35) and took 6 months to conceive this one (after age 35). And this was 6 months of charting and BD'ing at the right times with stark white pregnancy tests staring back at me each month.

I eat a healthy diet, the only things I did differently this month were to cut my caffeine intake to 2 small cups of coffee or less a day (down from 3-4) and started exercising more frequently. I typically have 25 day cycles with a 14 day luteal phase and based on my charts this month was looking to be around 25 days too. We BD'ed one time 3 days before ovulation due to DH going out of town, so I was pretty sure we were out this month too.

Symptoms (I noted ones that are normal PMS symptoms for me):
1-6 DPO: Nothing. Felt the same as every other month
7 DPO: Started to notice that I was unusually tired, but thought it might be because I'd had a few drinks the day before and had to get up early with my toddler
8 DPO: Sore breasts (normal). Hungry, ate a ton (normal). Veins on chest more noticeable. Gassy. Extremely tired.
9 DPO: Cramps felt like period cramps, along with diarrhea. Cramps worse than normal. Extremely hungry (normal).
10 DPO: Sore breasts (normal). Somewhat less tired. Cramps don't feel like period cramps. Face feels hot. BFP!!!
11 DPO: Cramps/pressure ongoing. Sore breasts, getting more sore. Major nausea after lunch. Feels like I'm getting sick. BFP again.
12-17 DPO: Cramps and sore breasts ongoing. Extremely tired all the time. Starting to get some minor waves of nausea and food aversions.

The big clue that something was up was the fatigue. I never nap, but I was tired all the time. Other symptoms were all pretty similar to PMS.

1st ever BFP ended in CP/Early Miscarriage

CD 13: O day
DPO 1-9: Nothing except my normal post O diarrhea around DPO 1-3 (Normally I would have slightly throbbing ovaries and very light cramps here and there after O, but nothing)
DPO 10: Lighting bolt pain across lower abdomen just above pelvic region (I'm sure this was implantation)
DPO 10-13 Full breasts(normal pms,) More bloated than usual making me feel fat even though I am not overweight so, I cried(like bawled) to DH at Wal-Mart about how sad I was that he never got to see me in my 20's haha, waking up hungry and feeling hungry often even 15 mins after eating, at DPO 12 I could smell dog poop from our bedroom-We sleep with the window open in an apt complex and it was so strong it smelled like it was in the room, and I felt no "action" in my tummy-normally I feel all kinds of stuff(not necessarily painful,) but I felt nothing which made me think along with the hunger and sensitive nose that I was pregnant.
DPO 13- Got a very faint BFP at lunch time and another one around 5 PM (2 days before AF due) Told DH and we were so happy. I told him I wanted to keep testing until we see 2 dark lines.
DPO 14- Got a slightly darker BFP with FMU, but still faint. Told DH we should wait two days so HCG could build up.
DPO 16- AF 1 day late and the line with FMU was so faint we almost couldn't see it (I knew what was happening, but tried to remain hopeful.) My bloating and appetite was also decreasing.
DPO 17- AF 2 days late BFN, but DH still wanted me to go get a blood test just in case, so he called and scheduled my appt. for the next day.
DPO 18- AF started at 3 AM, went to have blood test at 10 AM and the nurse called us at 2 PM saying HCG was only 1.

We've been TTC for 6 months. Since DH is gone for work often we have really only tried for 4 cycles. We are praying we get another BFP soon. This was heart breaking, but I know God's plan is better than our own. I strongly believe God wanted me to know that we ARE able to get pregnant and that I just need to remain positive and wait on Him. His timing is perfect!

We've used Pre-seed for the past 3 cycles. I try to eat healthy, get a little exercise, take a prenatal everyday and drink a lot of water. The only thing I did different this time was during my fertile window when we BD'd at night I would just go to sleep when we finished instead of waiting a little bit and then going to the bathroom. I went to sleep and waited for my body to wake me up to use the bathroom.

I think I finally believe it

I used opk's to figure out when I ovulated and we BD all the time so definitely did that the same day.

About 4 dpo I noticed flutters in my tummy and learned about early pregnancy factor. Previously I thought you couldn't experience symptoms before implantation, I was wrong.

7 dpo I had light cramping which continued to 9 dpo. Cm has been unusually little. Cp has been high, hard and closed since 3 dpo

9 dpo my breasts started getting sore and this has continued through today at 11 dpo. 9 dpo was my first Bfp I think. I did a wondfo with fmu and forgot to look at it. 8 hours later there was a faint line, so I did another one that afternoon which looked like a very faint positive.

10 dpo I did a wondfo and an Ept, both faint positives. I told DH who seems excited.

11 dpo this morning I did a store brand "6 days sooner" which is a clear bfp. Still trying to wrap my head around it.

I had my paraguard copper iud removed three months ago and I admit I was a bit pessimistic. I usually have a very predictable 28 day cycle but since my IUD was removed I'm closer to 31 days. I'm still worried this will turn out to be a chemical or I will miss carry. My mom miscarried a few times, I haven't told her yet. I'm excited and scared. This is the first time I've ever been pregnant.

I've been on a prenatal vitamin for three months. Learned to use opk's. We used preseed during fertile window. I use the clue app for tracking. I've been eating breakfast (used to just drink a cup of coffee). Exercising slightly less, I used to go to the gym five days a week and now I go three. I hope those still looking for their bfp's find them :)

7 months after removing IUD

My DH and I have been TTC for 7 months, after removing the IUD birth control. For 6 months, I would start spotting anywhere from 3dpo to 8dpo and I would continue to spot until AF came on time. I got my progesterone levels checked and the doctor said they were normal, although I didn't agree. I even took prenatals for the entire 7 months and used preseed. Finally it happened, and I believe it was due to the fact that I started taking methylated b6 vitamin supplement. I have done research that indicates a gene mutation can cause an inability to properly convert b6 and b9 (folic acid) into the forms your body can use. This is likely why the normal prenatals I was using did not work. Anyway, I will also be taking methylated b12 and methylated folate instead of regular folic acid to ensure that me and baby get the usable forms of these vitamins. In the mean time I am also getting my genome sequenced to see if I have the mutation. We only BD once this cycle, which speaks for the effect of the b6 since I got pregnant the same cycle I started taking it.

As for the symptoms, I had almost none but I will go through anyway because I know how it is to symptom spot

1-5dpo - no symptoms
6/7dpo - nausea, I also normally have insomnia but these nights I passed out before midnight and I could not keep my eyes open
8dpo - no symptoms, I just thought it was odd that I wasn't spotting like I normally do by now and I had no breast pain, took a test and got an extremely faint BFP
9dpo - tested w/FMU and got a faint BFP, but it is darker, only noticeable symptom is that I did not want an egg with my bagel, will be purchasing FRER today just because I am still in disbelief

If you are spotting every month before you period while TTC, I strongly suggest trying a methylated b6 (not Pyridoxine HCl). If you get pregnant after doing this, consider taking methylated prenatals as well since this gene mutation is fairly common.

BFP at 12dpo!!!!!

1-3dpo cramps, light nausea. Thinking it's ovulation pain. Tired, but could be lack of sleep. Bloat

4-5dpo cramps nausea, feeling warm but didn't take temp... occasional tingling in breasts, occasional pangs there as well. Tired. Bloated. Acne

6dpo BFN (knew it was too early, but was worried I must have ovulated much sooner if my nausea and cramps were that strong. Cramps, nausea especially after eating, more tingling in breasts, raised temp. Feels like something is definitely up but trying not to psych myself out! Lower back pain. Thirsty.

7dpo- gassy, bloat, very sore lower back, milder cramps, nausea, feels like body temperature is up. Reflux-bad bad reflux!

8dpo-woke up with very intense stomach pain (constipation), fatigue, cramps

9dpo- boob pain, reflux, frequent urination

10dpo- BFN, not much else, maybe low back pain and fleeting nausea

11dpo- BFN, intense cramps,intense pangs of pain in boobs jut about once or twice, reflux, irritable

12dpo- BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the faintest of faint lines, but it's definitely there! FRER. I tried uploading a photo but it's too blurry on film.

Thanks ladies for all your comeraderie! My symptoms were so intense this cycle that I thought there was either a baby in there or something really wrong with me! It was so helpful and informative to read what is shared on this site!

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Finally got a POSITIVE after so many negatives. But is this positive?

My lmp was 5/2
Ovulation was 11-16th. Unprotected sex 14th & 16th. I tested using dollar tree and clear blue tests at 5, 7, 10 DPO & they were all negative. I finally got a positive today and I'm so happy I can cry but it's really faint. What do you guys think of these?

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Bfp after miscarriage, no symptoms

Well guys I'm back.... I wrote my first ever bfp story back in February but I ended up miscarrying at 9 weeks in April and now I'm finally back with my bfp story! Just hoping for a good outcome this time. On April 6th we found out our babies heart stopped beating so we opted to induce a miscarriage... it was a rough month to say the least. My hcg numbers finally went to 0 on April 29th and I told my doctor I wanted to try again right away. Instead of waiting for a period we started our second round of clomid that day which would count at cycle day 3.
I got a positive ovulation test on the night of cycle day 15 and the morning of 16 and noted cramping on cycle day 16 in the evening.
Also I want to mention we had a saline ultrasound on cycle day 14.
Cycle day 14- baby dance - saline ultrasound (not sure if that kills the swimmers)
Cycle day 15- baby dance/ positive opk
Cycle day 16 baby dance positive opk
Cycle day 17 baby dance
2 dpo I noted I took a nap
3 dpo I noted I took a nap
4 dpo nothing
5 dpo nothing
6 dpo nothing
7 dpo nothing
8 dpo I noted cramping
9 dpo nothing
10 dpo nothing neg test
11 dpo nothing took test and line turned up hours later not sure what to think
12 dpo nothing slightest line keeps showing up on all test feel like I'm just wanting to see it so bad but had one test that was so convincing I called the doctor for a blood test. Took a FRER late at night and see a faint faint line but much fainter than the cheap tests I've been taking and husband says there's no line. Start thinking I'm out
13 dpo have to wake up early for blood test almost didn't go thinking I'm out. Doctor called that day and said positive blood test but very weak hcg only 12
14 dpo I still have no symptoms but I'm starting to actually feel pregnant like there's something there.... hard to explain but you have to remember I was pregnant only a few months ago
15 dpo today I did another blood test and my numbers have doubled... things are looking good right now so I'm praying I get to keep this baby
I have NO symptoms..... I'm only tired but I'm also on progesterone suppositories which could be the culprit.

BFP Symptoms to help others

I wanted to post my symptoms because I know how much they helped me when searching for symptoms. I am 38 yr old and DH is 45. We have 4 kids, 20, 18, 16 and 3. I wanted to have one more so my little one wouldn't grow up alone. I was worried because of my age that I would have a hard time conceiving. This is my second month ttc.
My Cycle started on April 24th
Pretty sure I O'd on May 8th or 9th (do not temp or use opk's)
We BD on CD 12, 14 & 15
1DPO - felt spasm on lower left side, lasted for like 10 seconds, felt like when you get a twitch in your eye.
2DPO - Very tender in pelvis and tender during sex, corpus luteum cyst forming?? CP: mid, soft, closed CM: Creamy mixed with some ewcm
3DPO - Still tender in pelvic region but not as bad. CP: same CM: Same with more ewcm??
4DPO - tenderness went away, felt normal as I do every other cycle. CP: same. CM: Some tacky white with moments of ewcm, the super clear stretchy kind.
5DPO-7DPO - felt same as every cycle CP stayed the same, Only different symptom was the ewcm that I kept getting was the same as during O. Very abnormal.
8DPO - Same
9DPO - ewcm stopped and have creamy CM. Had pain shoot through uterus but was more concentrated on right which was weird cause O'd on my left, implantation?? Had bad diarreah, sorry for the tmi ;) CP: mid, felt like tip of nose and very closed.
10DPO-11DPO - Started feeling like AF coming, same cramps and heavy feeling. Was so strong I had a dream I started and woke up crying and ran to bathroom to check but nothing. Had super vivid dreams every night. CP: mid, felt like tip of nose still and closed. CM: went from watery and milky colored to creamy and back again, was strange. Also, had a couple moments of pale yellow thick ewcm type when I would wipe, mucus plug forming?? Felt like I had to pee but would go and would not be that much come out, over and over.
12DPO AF Cramps not as bad, in fact hardly at all. Felt slightly achy down there. CP: same but feels tightly closed. CM: Still watery and a little creamy mixed together. Still more pale yellow ewcm mixed in. Starting to suspect I am pregnant. Plus I always start my period 2 to 3 days early every month.
14DPO: took test with FMU amd faint positive. CP is very, very high and can't even reach it, feel very soft and CM is very creamy and white snd lots of it. Getting the pulling pains I remeber from my last ones. Breasts are slightly tingly and sore. Have to pee a lot. Heart palpitations, burping a lot. I know they say u get constipated but not me, I have to go twice as much ;)
Today I am 2 days late, have headache from the fluctuating hormones, breasts getting heavier but not really sore, hungry, tired, pubic bone pain, slight nausea when waking, lots of Creamy white CM, tender pelvic area with off and on mild cramping and pulling.
Sorry for the long winded list. I just know when i was looking, I liked descriptive symptom lists. I can say that when they say it feels like AF is coming, that is exactly what it felt like. I just knew I was out. To all you lovely ladies searching for your signs I pray that God blesses you with a happy, healthy sticky bean!

Hope for those with Adenomyosis

I have been on this site for 5 years and had just about given up hope prior to seeing my first EVER BFP. I just wanted to share my story to give hope and maybe advice to anyone out there with adenomyosis who thinks there is not a chance.
Background.. I am 38, husband is 32. His results were “excellent,” but I have suffered with adenomyosis and endometriosis, which become noticeable around age 26. After several procedures to reduce the endo, still we had no luck. We did 5 IUI’s and nothing. Finally in February we did an IVF cycle with our one lonely (but beautiful according to RE) embryo. I got the worse period ever on March 15th of this year and was devastated beyond belief. Prior to IVF, they gave me one shot in the behind of Lupron-Depot to put me in a menopausal state for 3 months. I believe this is the reason for my recent BFP. The RE said my uterus looked really good after those three months and I did see it on the ultrasound and couldn’t spot any of those nasty large blood pockets. The very next cycle after IVF I ovulated 2 weeks late and instead of my period, FINALLY got that big beautiful BFP! I’m not sure if the hormone meds for ovulation had anything to do with it, but I strongly believe the menopause treatment played a huge part in my BFP. I didn’t have many symptoms besides my temperature remaining at a low grade fever (and still is)…
1-7 DPO – Nothing, EXCEPT: 5 DPO – Felt very sharp pinch front and center of my uterus. So much so that I doubled over. My husband happened to be standing next to me. I just attributed it to my normal awful cramps and impending AF.
8 DPO – Very faint bpf (dollar store cheapie, thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me!) couldn’t wait, took a FRER, faint BFP popped right up!
10 DPO – headache, a little irritable
12 DPO – another headache, seems to be after I eat.

And I am still crossing my fingers and waking up each morning in SHOCK that I am ACTUALLY PREGNANT. I finally stopped testing about a week and a half ago so as not to keep wasting money… but after never seeing one, I have to admit I very much enjoyed peeing on all varieties of sticks and watching the test line become so dark the control line almost disappeared. :) I am 8 weeks, 2 days today, first appointment is 6/2.. trying not to tell anyone other than our parents (and my sister who was seriously considering being our surrogate) until after 12 weeks but after so long, this is the hardest secret ever to keep!