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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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The wait is over

I have been trying to conceive for 2.5 years. We tried a few rounds of clomid with no success. We then tried a few rounds of femera. I took a break for about 3 months and then restarted femera. I also had some leftover progretrone and started taking it a few days after our first IUI. Today marks the 2 week waiting period and I just got my BFP. I am excited. I got a negative every day since 10dpo. Today I finally saw a BFP. I had some mild cramps on days 4-5 and again days 13-14( today). I have otherwise not had any symptoms. I have se slight breast tenderness for past 2 days.

4 years TTC, 3rd IUI with injectables

Like many of the ladies on this site, getting able to post here seemed like a distant dream. I will try to sum up our story as much as I can, given over the past 4 years we have certainly gone through a lot. We started TTC in November 2010, and after a full year of trying with no success, we decided to seek help from a fertility specialist. My husband was tested and came back with low sperm count, so immediately the fertility doctor said we needed to go straight to IVF. We weren't ready to go down that path yet, so we decided to take a break from the doctor route and continue to try on our own. A year after that, I started seeing a nurse midwife who specialized in pelvic massages and manipulation to help with the uterus. First, my periods were much improved after my sessions. The therapist recommended a fertility doctor who she felt would really listen to our situation and not immediately resort to IVF unless that was our last option. We started seeing him and he wanted to try a few IUI cycles to see how I would respond to it. The first cycle I took Clomid, and my husband's post wash count was 4 mil. No success. The second cycle I went on the Gonal F injectable, and my husband's post wash count was only 1 mil. No success. On our third go around, i went back on the Gonal F, and his post wash count was 2 mil. We also BD'd the day after the IUI in hopes to increase our chances. On CD 23, I started to experience my typical pre-menstrual spotting, so immediately felt I was out. I have been a spotter for the past three years, and no doctor has ever been able to tell me why or has seemed concerned (I have always been concerned about it). Two days later, the spotting was almost gone and I started feeling crampy and really bloated. I tested on CD 27 when the spotting was completely gone, and got my first BFP ever! I have had two blood tests already confirming the pregnancy as well as my HCG rising numbers. I am praying for a healthy pregnancy as it has been such a long journey to get here. I believe in God's plan and prayed every night that He give me the strength to have patience in His plan. Not that it was ever easy, or that I didn't have meltdowns every month Aunt Flo showed up. This site has been my go-to for hope and comfort over the years.

Ok, so my symptoms have been on and off cramping (exactly like menstrual cramps), bloated, dizziness, sore boobs (these started while I was taking the Gonal F and have only subsided a little) and constipated. To be honest, ever since I found out, I have not felt great at all physically but we are over the moon that we are here and are hoping for the best! My prayers and best wishes to everyone out there reading this. It does happen when it's supposed to, as cliche as it sounds.

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BFP After Two Years With PCOS, Low Motility/Morphology, on Clomid (both partners), plus HCG Trigger Shot and IUI

The Doctor just called with amazing news! My HCG level at 14dpo was 95 so I'm pregnant! I go in again on Wednesday to ensure that my numbers have doubled. I took three pregnancy tests from different manufacturers after I got the call though... All Positive! I am SO happy I will finally be able to give my Little Boy a little brother or sister. : )

Timed Intercourse and HCG Trigger Shot on Cycle Day 16
IUI on Cycle Day 18 - Husband's Motility and Morphology were even worse than usual which scared me, but his concentration was finally up from the Clomid. More timed intercourse.
5DPO - Tightness in pelvis before bed. Nipples tingly/sensitive.
6DPO - More pelvic tightness at bedtime.
8DPO - It may have been today that I dreamed about a nurse name Christy calling me and telling me that I was pregnant!
9DPO - It may have been today that I felt a sharp twinge in the front left side of my uterus. Implantation?
11 DPO - Weepy!
12 DPO - I found that I was irritable, weepy, and intensely hungry when I shouldn't have been. This made me start wondering, but at the same time I was wondering whether I was only weepy and irritable because I was so freaked out to hear another no in a couple of days.
14 DPO - The nurse (NOT Christy from my dream) called! My HCG level was 95! PREGNANT! I didn't know what to do with myself so I took three pregnancy tests from different manufacturers. All Positive, including the digital!

This was our third IUI cycle trying to conceive this child and they had already started throwing the work IVF around. I was SURE it was going to be another negative. : )

Online calculators say I will be due July 17th, and this baby will be about 2 years and 9 months younger than my Son. : ) We hadn't used protection since my son was born, and started actively trying a year ago, when he turned one.

Crossing everything I can cross and praying for a safe arrival!

Wishing you all much luck and much love!

BFP with unexplained infertility 3rd IUI - 2.5 years trying

This is my first ever bfp after 2.5 years trying and no diagnosis totally normal cycles and ovulation (normal ovulation per both opk and vag ultrasounds)

Background: We tried on our own 1 year, then did 4 months clomid, no luck so I had laproscopy with hsg, everything looked beautiful structurally but couldn't get dye through so my doc sent me to a specialist who did regular hsg and found both tubes open, thus the unexplained infertility ( all DH analysis have been tons of sperm).

Treatments: once we ruled out every diagnosis the RE started me on letrozole (since 4 months of clomid failed in past). First IUI was one egg/foolicle, second was two eggs/follicles, the third and successful was 3 follicles measuring 21, 19.5, 16.5 at CD13. Opk was positive the same evening of the scan so the next day CD14 had IUI. Got faint bfp on FRER 11 dpo and by 12dpo 3 difftype tests including digital were clear bfp!!!

2ww: no symptoms until 9 dpo. Honestly I never once thought I might be pregnant this cycle and was so depressed so the bfp was total shocker....
9dpo: Started getting fullness and discomfort in lower abdomen and bloaty feeling.
10dpo: for some reason felt strong need to eat healthy. I even threw out my junk food and bought tons of produce. I have done this in past though even when not preggo. I also ate olives for the first time and loved them, started craving them for the next few days.
10dpo to now (14 dpo): lots of cramping that feels like period about to start any minute. Comes and goes but can be very uncomfortable at times. Not worrying too much though since just got a great beta yesterday...

Beta hcg drawn morning of 13dpo= 152

Bfp 14dpo imolantation bleeding, clomid/iui

I'm so excited to finally write my bfp story!!! we tried for a little over a year. After 7 months I went to a fertility clinic, they found I had low progesterone, and a slightly sluggish thyroid. I tried with herbs, fertilitea, fertil aid, had cycles with no coffee or drinking - nothing... After over a year then started trying clomid with an injectable and iui - our second IUI round finally worked!!! I gave up nothing during that 2ww and had quit acupuncture haha. If this hadn't worked I was prepared to have laparoscopy surgery to see if I had stage 1/2 endometriosis.

This cycle definitely tricked me because I spot EVERY SINGLE MONTH since coming off birth control, and it's always different - sometimes just brown spotting on 10dpo, other months red blood at 9dpo...and I learned to always associate it my period coming. Here's my symptoms...

Cd 13: iui
1-10 dpo no symptoms that stand out
11dpo: felt dizzy, like i had a sinus headache all day so I stayed home from work and laid around all day... But still no spotting! But I've spotted later before

12dpo: felt normal aside from a little cramping. Was getting hopeful since my temp went up a little bit...later that night I got a little bit of light pink spotting and I was pretty upset...went to see a movie, came home and I had bright red blood, it was fairly heavy, enough to keep dripping in the toilet (sorry if tmi). So i figured my period came early - was so sad.

13dpo: brown spotting, which has also been normal for me after red bleeding in the past, and my temp dropped to just above my coverline which was right on schedule. Went to a baby shower which was really hard!!!

That night I started feeling warm, when I took my night temp it was way high, and that usually isn't the case. Went to bed hopeful.

14dpo: woke up expecting my temp to have dropped and for period to start - but my temp went up!!! I called to schedule a blood test, they called that afternoon to say it came back POSITIVE - BFP!!!

I'm still 4 weeks now, feeling really warm all the time, some headaches and minor cramping and breast soreness, but nothing major.

I still can't believe my body tricked me! Absolutely nothing was different from other cycles, I'm so glad I was temping bc that was my only clue. This past year has definitely been an emotional struggle and I never knew it would be so hard to get pregnant, and how hard it would be to deal with all my friends getting pregnant. So I feel for anyone that has trouble conceiving!
My advice is to get tested before waiting a full year of trying! I'm glad I did, because you might as well know early if you have low progesterone or some other issue that can be worked with... And take your temperature! :)

I'm so happy we finally got pregnant and i pray for a healthy 9 months!


So excited to make this entry. Reading these blogs has definitely helped me get through the 2ww! I did have to do injectables/ovidrel/iui and I am so excited I finally have my bfp!
Dpo symptoms I noticed:
5 dpo: gassy! Especially after eating, and it didn't matter what!
10 dpo: starting getting slight stomach aches after eating again didn't matter what
10 dpo: thought for sure I was getting af had cramps exactly like I do before af starts mild-mod but I could feel them in my upper thighs which is kind of a tell for me. ( so sad thinking af would be here soon )
11dpo and on going to the bathroom more often (nervous every time!!)
12 dpo a few mild cramps but they feel different, stomach aches again. Kind of feels like burning stomach

13 dpo took a home test.. Positive!!
Didn't want to get to excited because of the meds

14 dpo blood hcg test, came back in the 400s which they told me is really good for my first pregnancy!

Hope this helps good luck!! Baby dust to you all

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BFP @ 14 dpo

Wow! I still can't believe its my turn :).
My BFP came after an IUI with very low post-wash sperm count of 2.4 mill (morphology and motility normal) while awaiting first round of IVF. AND I only have one fallopian tube due to a previous ectopic! I thought I was definitely out because my RE told me my chances were very low this round. Also, my 2ww symptoms were virtually identical to pre af symptoms.
So there is hope, ladies!....

1-5 dpo - bloating, abdominal twinges
6-9 dpo - above plus tired, deep sleep w/ wild dreams, full/non-tender bbs
10dpo - above plus frequent urination, a lot of creamy CM, sore throat
11-12 dpo - above but VERY full/non-tender bbs and moody
13 dpo - above plus single episode of mild nausea
14 dpo - BFP!
14 dpo beta #1 - 202
16 dpo beta #2 - 485!

Praying for a sticky little one :)

Let's try this again....

Hello I am new to this site. I am 31 and married and have been TCC since August 2012. 3 failed iui. I have not been responding to injectable horomones. I am now starting metformin and on a strict diet and exercise. It's been a tough road. I am going to try IVF however I need to respond to the medications! All the shots have been intramuscular hoping that would help but no such luck. Need some support feeling pretty down. Thanks all!

TTC for 2 years, blocked tube, adhesions, IUI, chronic spotting before period and finally SUCCESS!

Hello :) I have spent literally the last entire year of my life Googling every possible infertility issue and every phantom early pregnancy symptom. It was really consuming my life. I was living in this constant 14 day limbo and month after month getting my hopes up during the two week wait only to be sadly disappointed when my period would come without fail.
About two years ago I started experiencing extreme pelvic pain not related to uterine cramps during my Period. Sometime after sex I would have trouble even standing due to the pain for any length of time lasting up to 3 days after. I am 26 years old, my husband is 36 with an off the charts sperm count and motility. At this point I expressed my concern to my OBGYN during a routine exam. She scheduled me with a RE to do a sonohistogram. He could tell something wasn't normal with at least one of my tubes so I was scheduled to have laproscopic surgery in December 2013. During the surgery, the doctors found tons of heavy abdominal adhesions and that my right tube was proximally blocked (at the uterus). The doctor said we were likely to be pregnant in 6 months with timed intercourse. Well 10 cycles passed and we decided to move forward with IUI. Two weeks later I was devastated with a negative pregnancy test. We really were facing the fact that the doctors wanted to move us to IVF and I really couldn't find much info online about successful IUIs with tubal infertility, even one blocked side and one open side. We decided we would finish our last IUI cycle before IVF and take time to decide if we really wanted to spend the $13000 it would have cost us for what felt like a huge gamble. Well yesterday at 10DPIUI I was not experiencing the usual spotting I have every month like clockwork on 9DPO, I was at work and just felt some heaviness in my breasts and decided to come home and test midday without holding urine for more than and hour... Just for the hell of it I guess. Well you can imagine my complete shock when a light pink second line showed up. I threw up I was so blown away! That was my instant reaction!! I took another test 24hrs later and it was still light, but darker than the day before! I mostly felt compelled to share my story for anyone feeling helpless from long term TTC and dealing with tubal factor infertility. As long as one tube is patent, IUI can work!! I am the living proof of this now. I never thought we would conceive without IVF! Good luck to anyone out there dealing with something similar. I wish you luck and happiness. Thanks for reading my journey :)

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Last year I promised to myself I'll share my story.
I had breast cancer at 35 and had operations and chemotherapy.
I had to wait 2 years and three months after I finished the last chemotherapy treatment before I could try to get pregnant so I was 38 and 4 months when I started trying.
As I was worried time was running out we went straight to IVF. However, as a result of the chemotherapy my overian reserve was extremely low (1.1) psh very high (range between 10-22) and the response to IVF treatment was poor (best result was 2 follicles, 2 eggs one fertile = bfn).
Do we decided to move to IUIs as we were told there would be the same chance of success.
First cycle of IUI I had a chemical pregnancy and the result of the second cycle is now 5 weeks and sleeping in a bassinet next to me! I was too worried to post until now but was keen to share the good news now that my ds is out and well. I found out that I was pregnant on 23 December 2013 and could not have hoped for a better Christmas present.
My strategy was to have a plan b and c in case things were not going to work ( egg donation and serogate). It have me hope that no matter how I will have a child at the end of the process. I felt that there was less pressure on each cycle that way.
Good luck to you all and thank you to all the great stories it really gave mad hope during the long painful wait.