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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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First Clomid/IUI round

A short back story: I'm 36 and started trying for my first baby at the beginning of this year. I had been tracking my ovulation for a few months, so I thought I knew when to time things so that I'd get pregnant fairly quickly. I had been on some form of birth control since I was 19, and most recently went off Depo Provera a year ago. I had regular periods and no signs of concern. I got pregnant after 3 months of trying, only to sadly end up having a chemical pregnancy and losing it before I even made 5 weeks. I decided to see a fertility specialist when I hadn't become pregnant again after 6 more months of timing things perfectly. I was SO frustrated and scared. Month 9 of this journey was my test month. I had an ultrasound, blood/urine tests and an HSG exam to rule anything out. Everything came back normal with me and my husband - we had "unexplained fertility". I was almost hoping for something specific that would explain why we weren't pregnant yet, but this unexplained thing was so irritating. My doctor decided since I was older and already had 1 miscarriage, she would start me on a round of Clomid at the lowest dose of 50mg. I would then have an IUI done after tracking with opk's at home. The Clomid/IUI round when pretty smooth. Clomid made me pretty uncomfortable, though. By the time I had my folicle ultrasound check, my ovaries felt so incredibly sore and swollen. Having sex was so painful, too. My ultrasound did show i had 3 very mature follicles (which explained my pain). I when home and got a positive opk that evening, called the clinic and scheduled my IUI for the following morning at 11am. I was slightly concerned the timing may have been too early, since it was less than 24 hours from my positive LH surge. We BD that night and i was feeling myself ovulate overnight (so much pain!!!). I was also concerned we screwed everything up doing that, too - since my husband had less than 24 hours to "remake" a good sperm sample. Well, after he gave his sample the next morning, I went in for the IUI and the nurse told me beforehand he gave a fantastic sperm sample! LOL I guess the refraining for 48 hours thing didn't apply after all. My IUI was painless and took about 3 minutes total. I've had more discomfort having IUD's inserted to be honest! I went home and rested that day. I know we probably should have BD that night as well, but my stomach was in so much pain still from ovulating 3 huge eggs, I just could not handle it again. Fast forward to 10 days post IUI and I was feeling soreness in my boobs. I normally didn't start feeling PMS symptoms until closer to my period, and I was still 4 days away from my test date. I thought that was strange, so I decided to test early expecting nothing to happen. To my shock, I got a faint positive that morning!! I tested again the following two days. Every time, the lines were getting darker. I decided to call my fertility clinic and they had me come in for an HCG beta test at 13DPO. My level was at 98!! I came back 3 days later and it had increased to 350. They said there was no need to keep testing, I was pregnant. I'm still in shock after 9 months of stress and trying, it worked on my first IUI try. I think the combination of multiple eggs and the IUI was the key for us. All along I suspected maybe I was deficient in fertile CM, which would explain this being successful for us. Who knows??! I am now almost 6 weeks and feeling hopeful this is the one. Hope this brings someone some hope as well. I felt so discouraged while trying - but just know it'll happen for you eventually. Stay active, eat healthy and take supplements. I also went to acupuncture to regulate my hormones every month. Don't be afraid to seek out help sooner than later, doctors have lots of things to speed up this process for you.

TTC 8 years now 43

Been w hubby as bf gf 2001 never used protection w him. Got married 2010. No luck still no pregnancy maybe a chemical loss. Went to get help to Ttc starting 2012 for 8 years unexplained infertility with help from VA hospital 2012 thru 2017. First few years dr told me to count days and use timing methods for a few years and used fertilaid vitamins. Took multiple tests, spill test, ultra sound, etc hubby took sperm test. I Wasn't ovulating regularly said the docs. Took prenatal vitamins. Exercised 2 to 3 times a week. I Took clomid, practiced luck. Took metformin practiced timing...didn't work as well for me. Dr put me back on clomid. Says I ovulate w clomid. Went on maybe 4 times per year for years. Cried to get a specialist at 40 yrs old. Dr wanted a few more tests and clomid attempts. 2 yrs later of and off asked dr fir specialist. Then, Begged dr in tears explaining "hey I'm running out of time! Pls send me to specialist already!". Finally they Referred me to CA IVF feb 2018 at 42 yrs. Ca ivf ran tests found 2 polyps to the VA's denial that they would have ever been big enough to get in the way and that they were not as big as when the CAIVF dr found them. Operated surgery was actually 3 polyps. Removed. Waited 1 month. First iui failed. 3 month break btn until 2nd attempt both Using femara and hcg triggers. No luck. VA said No to invitro only Yes to iui due to PTSD but no damage to ovaries while serving my country. Difficult journey TTC years. A handful of chemical eggs lost. Many years disappoint lost hope prayers renewed hope roller coaster. June 2019 3rd attempt at iui 43yrs after waiting 4 mos due to my tears losing hope and needed a break. Tried using femara, didnt get follicles this time, and immediately given clomid 50mg 5 days, waited for dr to test follicles 5 days after. 3 on right and 1 on left. Did HCG trigger same night. Came back 36 hours later for iui procedure. Quick easy just like a pap as far as discomfort. Dr said can test 14dpo. I was impatient. I tested at 10dpo clear blue digital said not pregnant. Moody. Ovaries get off and on random light cramps mostly in AM noticed. 11dpo moody snapped at a stranger pops. Peeing more. Sporatic very light cramping somewhere on sides of uterus or maybe that's my ovaries? 12dpo first response faint positive. Really really moody. Favorite foods steak sushi taste bad. Water at restaurants taste bad to me like dirty water. Pee a lot. Woke up hungry. Irritated. 13 dpo spotted worried but tested more deeper line yet faint still positive on first response. Nipples starting to get sensitive to touch. Really moody. Sensitive to smells. Pee a lot. Wierd hunger streaks at random especially when I wake up. And very faint on generic test strip barely visible. Emotions out of wack crying at random. 14dpo first response a definite solid 2 lines visible. Generic test strip more apparent. Going to wait until 18dpo to test again. Hope this is going to be it finally and not a chemical .....!!! Prayers! So hopeful.

IUI #2 at age 36 and endo

I have mild endometriosis diagnosed only recently during the 6 month fertility workup. I had surgery to take out one fallopian tube which was blocked. Surgery was actually a breeze. I wish I hadn't waited 3 months to do it because I listened to others telling me to "let nature do its job". Turns out, docs know what they're doing. We tried for another 5 months before going to IUI. Nothing on the first try. Second IUI I had two mature eggs and my husband provided a really generous number. TWW symptoms were pretty mild and likely started about DPO11 - tingly nipples, "dense" feeling breasts but not exactly sore, I was out of breath walking home from the bus stop or doing yoga, a small wave of nausea in the morning and hip soreness. Not to get disappointed by an earlier negative, I tested on DPO13- BFP (I don't know about the "F", it was more of a faint line still)! I'm a cynical old owl so I didn't get excited yet because I know the trigger shot can last in your body until day 14 resulting in a false positive. Next morning, the line was darker and blood test confirmed positive! DPO14- nauseous all day- not sure if it's from the anticipation for the phone call from the fertility clinic or just the oldest symptom in the book. Here's to all of you super patient TTC'ers. It was a journey of 1.5 years for me and we just had an IVF consultation last week since we were losing hope and everyone around me was getting pregnant. I guess there's a time for everything. What I did differently: lots of things so it's hard to pinpoint what worked- switched to decaf, drank one single beer all month and not even a sip of alcohol otherwise, ate lots of sardines and avocados, acupuncture twice and relaaaaxing - not overbooking, visualizing and generally just not stressing (not easy to do but saying no to invites helps), also stopped working out, not that I did a lot of that before.
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BFP on IUI #1

DH and I have been together over 10 years now; married in 2014. I wanted to wait to have a baby until we bought a home (not thinking it would take long to get pregnant). Went off birth control pills in September 2016 since I was on them over 10 years, I figured I wanted to give my body a good 6 months or so to be off of them before getting pregnant (plus we planned on buying a home in the spring). So we weren't trying, in fact I "thought" I was appropriately tracking my cycles to not BD during my fertile window because we had a big trip to Mexico in January 2017 with friends. In April, we officially started trying. After two months of nothing I decided to buy OPKs, and realized I was completely off in timing my fertile window. So June 2017 was the first month we finally timed intercourse correctly. Fast forward to March 2018, still no BFP, after trying everything under the sun (preseed, all sorts of vitamins, the stork, softcups, mucinex, legs in the air/laying for 30 mins after BD, etc. etc.) and saw my OBGYN. Had cycle day 3 bloodwork done, all came back normal except slightly elevated testosterone, so I freak out that I have PCOS, and my OBGYN convinces me I don't even though I have super irregular cycles, she said I'm ovulating every cycle so its most likely not PCOS but wants to have an ultrasound and HSG done on me. OBGYN also puts in request for DH to have an SA done. DH's SA comes back with 54 million at 32% motility. Urologist asked for a repeat which came back worse at only 18 million with 60% motility. They run bloodwork on DH and determine he has low testosterone levels and prescribe 25mg of clomid to take Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My ultrasound and HSG come back completely normal. OBGYN finally prescribes me 50mg clomid cd3-7 in June, which greatly helped regulate my cycles. DH and I both took our clomid for 3 months, DH had bloodwork 30 days after starting clomid and his testosterone levels more than doubled! Also put DH on fertilaid and countboost and COQ10. After 3 months of no BFP, I decided it was time to go to the RE (kept putting it off because our health insurance doesn't cover reproductive medicine and we were already drowning in medical bills). RE told me based on all my tests and cycle tracking that she believes I do have PCOS (which is what I thought all along). RE suggests IUI (which is what I figured/ wanted to try). First IUI cycle I continued to take 50mg clomid cd3-7 (she said she would have done letrozole but because I had been doing good on the clomid already she wanted to keep me on it for at least the first go around). I went in for an ultrasound cd14, and only had 1 follicle around 15mm, so they decided not to trigger, and told me to come back in 3-4 days if my OPK did not turn positive. The very next day cd15 my OPK was positive, so they set the IUI for the following day cd16 at 11:30AM (I tried to get a later time because according to an article I read 'in the northern hemisphere 90% of women ovulate between 4PM-7PM July-February'... and it was September). DH's sample improved slightly (was still on his clomid and vitamin regiment) to 27 million with 67% motility but only 20% progressive motility- Postwash ended up being 13.8 million with 52% motility and 43% progressive motility (~6million progressive). They told me the sample was fine but I wasn't convinced especially since I knew I only had 1 follicle. The IUI procedure itself was pretty fast, RE had to switch out the catheter and use a more firm one she said but it didn't bother me at all. I laid on the table 15 minutes after the procedure and went home to rest (decided to take the whole day off since I didn't know what to expect for first IUI). I barely had any symptoms during my tww, just the typical PMS symptoms I always have, semi tender boobs but barely, backache, and cramps. I thought for sure my period was coming. I told my husband 9dpiui I felt my period was coming however I did have a significant backache this day but it went away about 2 days later and thats when my typical af cramps started. The only big difference in the tww was I didn't spot at all. I always start spotting either 10 or 11dpo and usually spot for 2-3 days and get my period after 13dpo. I decided to wait to test because I couldn't handle the disappointment of another BFN. Woke up at 2am on 14dpiui and had to pee, I didn't want to because I wake up about 5:30am for work, so I knew I had to test now if I wanted the strongest urine. POAS and watch the control line pop up and I'm totally disappointed, keep watching and slowly see a faint line appear next. BFP, no way? Take 4 more tests like a crazy person.. all positive. Wake up DH and we are both so happy we can barely go back to sleep. I do another test at 5:30am also BFP! Went in for beta HCG at 57. Take another few hpts the next morning at 15dpiui and they all come back significantly darker! Total real BFP not even a little faint on FRER.

BFP - IUI #3 and MFI

Hello ladies, I stalked this page for symptoms during my tww and promised to post my symptoms when I am blessed with a BFP. IUI #3 - 5.0mg Letrozole and Ovidrel Trigger, 2 Follicles and 7.1 million post wash, 79% Motility. 1dpiui - Bloated and Constipated 2dpiui - Bloated, Constipated, and twinges on right side. 3dpiui - Twinges on the right side and butt pain. Started progesterone vaginal suppositories. 4dpiui - Twinges and pulling in lower abdomen. More intense pains on right side. 5dpiui - Cramping... Not excrutiating but very uncomfortable 6dpiui - Pin in both hips, Gassy, Bloated, on and off back aches. 7dpiui - Tested out the ovidrel trigger. Negative internet cheapie, twinges on both sides. Still having some back aches 8dpiui - No usual sore breast. Extreme pain in ovaries. 9dpiui - Still having some mad pains in both ovaries, nipples are sore. Vvfl Internet cheapie. Assumed it was the trigger 10dpiui - Bloated and cramping on both sides. BFP on IC again. Went out to pick up a First Response BFP... I am in shock 11dpiui- Intense side pains, visited the ER... Closed cervix and 53 beta. 12dpiui - Pain in Hips.. Took some Tylenol. Pregnant on digital test 13dpiui - Horrible cramps... Worried something is wrong.. 14dpiui - Brown spotting that filled up a panty liner, but stopped. Freaked out. Went in for another beta 141. 15dpiui - Spotting stopped.. Cramps Days leading up to Week 5... More cramps and hip pain.. Sore breast and nipples.. Slightly nauseous... Very tired.. 5 weeks Scan - Two Gestational sacs... Beta 7472 5 weeks 5 days scan after spotting and cramps - Beta 33756.. Saw both sacs and fetal poles.. Cannot wait to hear my babies heart beat... What I did differently? Husband started taking Fertil Aid and Sperm Boost. IUI #2 was only 500,000 post wash. Huge improvement within 3 weeks. Abstained from sex for 3.5 days, husband started eating better, had sex after iui and we used Pre-seed, used the progesterone regularly this time around, drank plenty of water, and prayed. Thank you Lord.... Good Luck ladies


My husband and I have been trying for a year. I am 32 and he is 34. No issues with me but he has morphology and motility issues. His count averaged around 25 million. Our first IUI was not a success (post wash was only 1 million) and I had 4 eggs. I was on femara CD 3-7 and trigger shot - iui 24 hours later. Fail. 2nd iui was a success and even the doctors were shocked. I had two eggs 17 and 20) and sperm post wash was only 3 million. I was on femara CD 3-7 again and trigger shot - iui 24 hours later. I was convinced it wouldn't work. I gave up alcohol and reduced caffeine intake to one cup of coffee a day. My husband gave up alcohol for only 2 weeks prior to procedure. We were both on several vitamins for several months. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy! I received a BFP on 10 DPO (11 DPT). I had literally no pregnancy symptoms! I also normally spot and didn't spot at all leading up to BFP. Male: Conception XR with motility support (l-cartinine) Liquid Fish oil Vitamin D3 Coq10 pycnogenol Female: Prenatal vitamin with DHA Liquid fish oil Vitamin D3 Coq10 pycnogenol

BFP after m/c with PCOS - IUI, trigger & femara

This was my second iui/trigger/femara cycle, I did iui 24 hours after trigger (honestly I thought this was too early go figure). I’ve done previous cycles without iui and clomid and none were successful. This go round I delayed taking a test b/c I just knew I was out. Low and behold we got our bfp 17 days post iui!!!! I even waited a bit to share my bfp story because it’s still surreal. I am currently sitting at over 7 weeks and got a good strong heartbeat at our 6 weeks ultrasound. Needless to say I cried like a baby when I heard the heartbeat (our first cycle we had a bfp but nothing at our first US not even a sac). I honestly didn’t have many symptoms other than a missed period and slightly sore boobs. We are apprehensive about telling even close family until we at least get to our week 11 US but excited nonetheless and can’t wait to scream it from the rooftops. I just want to take the time to say to my fellow pcos’ers or anyone who needs to hear, if it happened for me it can happy for you. Lots of baby dust and healthy full term pregnancy wishes to all. ☺️

2nd IUI success - Natural, unmedicated & unmonitored! It CAN work!

I can't believe I am writing my BFP story. It's super early (I just found out this morning) but I knew I wanted to share on this site. Like most, I've been stalking these stories during my TWW for some hope! It's gonna be long..but hopefully this helps someone else! Background - DH had one testicle removed in 2014 due to a cancer scare (we were together at this point). Just as a precaution, he wanted to freeze a sample before surgery in case we ended up having issues later on..long story short we found out he had 0 sperm. Zilch, nada, nothing. It was devastating. We weren't ready for children at this point but we knew then we would have issues conceiving. He had a second SA done and the results were the same, he was actually missing a crucial part of the system needed to produce them. Our only option would be donor sperm. Fast forward 1.5 years which included me thinking I would have a miracle baby didn't happen. Queue lots of tears and money spent on OPK's and HPT's that were always negative. We were finally ready to take the next step and so we had our consult with a fertility clinic. I had all of testing done and I have no issues. I ovulate on my own every month so we were cleared for 4 natural, unmedicated/unmonitored IUI's (so no ultrasounds, no trigger shot, no meds)..I was only going to be taking progesterone 1 day past IUI through the entire TWW. I swore up and down I was pregnant the first time around. The progesterone gave me vivid dreams, stabs/twinges, a lower backache, kept my cervix high and soft and I had horrible headaches! They truly mess with your head.. For round 2, I had a positive OPK on CD 12 around 7am and I went in at 11:30am the next day for the IUI. The sperm numbers were actually lower than the first IUI...they were 19.8 million with only 28% only around 5.5 million motile!! We had 13 million motile for the first one so I was bummed. Here are my symptoms by DPO/DPIUI (same) IUI Day: EWCM. That night I came down with a sore throat, it severely progressed and I was super congested by the time I went to bed. 1DPO: Big glob of EWCM, was super worried I had the O day wrong and we missed it. I was still super sick and I was beginning to think it was a sinus infection. Had to work from home. By the end of the night I had developed a headache in relation to said sickness. 2DPO: Woke up at 2am with the WORST headache, definitely sinus related although I've never had a sinus infection before. Sore throat is gone and I'm still half congested/half runny nose. I really don't know if this was at all related to any changes in my body..I feel like it may have been funny timing. Still worth noting. 3DPO: Sickness has converted in allergies. This makes sense as I always have seasonal allergies. Nothing Else 4DPO: Progesterone twinges. I say this because I had these almost my entire TWW of my failed IUI and its definitely too early for implantation. Allergies. 5DPO: Stronger twinges. Allergies getting better but still there. My throat is super dry/scratchy feeling at night and I had gas. 6DPO: More twinges but on both sides and center (again why I blame the progesterone, can't even keep it consistent). Brief wave of nausea..not even like full on, just kinda felt off-putting for a minute or two. Dry/scratchy throat again 7DPO: No allergies but I start noticing I have a ton of post-nasal drip..just like excess mucus at the back of my throat constantly. I have read this can be caused by estrogen. My nipples are a little sensitive, just a little tho and maybe a little more hard. Big wave of fatigue at night before bed. Horrible gas at night..I mean just horrible..poor hubby. 8DPO: I had a few sharp pains today but they felt like they were at the back of my uterus and would stem down to my anal gland. No noticeable cramps. Still phlegmy..its very annoying actually. The disgustingly smelly night gas is back, it's weird to me that its only at night? 9DPO: This had to be implantation day. Dull headache. I had full on AF cramps, like the ones where you literally think it's coming at any moment. These turned into a lower backache and then stopped. Had a few more at night. This day I started getting excited..I had LIGHTNING CROTCH at night. Just once, it literally felt like someone stuck a taser to my V and it shot up my cervix. I jumped out of the recliner it was so intense. Also you guessed it....Gas at night, just awful.

Faint BFP 9dp first IUI!

I was going through first IUI cycle which didn't include any medication...just a natural cycle. I went to clinic 10 days after AF began and got bloods. Got called up the same day for my IUI. Felt like I was lying there forever as the nurse couldn't get the catheter in my cervix and had to call for the Dr. Luckily he sorted it within a few minutes. However this made me feel quite down asif it wasn't meant to be and there was something wrong. That day and the next couple after I suffered mild cramps...i was told to expect this due to the catheter irritating the cervix. 5-7 days post IUI I noticed I had a very dry mouth and felt lightheaded occasionally for about a minute after standing up. Other than that I had no symptoms apart from pulling sensation on the left side...cant remember ever having this before. On the evening of 9th day I caved and took a HPT (Clearblue dye). We waited anxiously ...i told myself to expect a negative as it was still so early. But when we looked we noticed a very very faint blue line!! It was hard to get excited at this point so looking back i wish I'd waited atleast another few days. I did another one the next morning (as this is the best time) and the line was definetely darker so I allowed myself to get excited and tell my mum and other close family. I am now only 13dp IUI i have since done a digital clear blue test which was positive with 1-2weeks on It. Just wanted to share my wee story as I know it's very difficult in the wait time and I was certainly not expecting it to work 1st time or get a BFP so early!! Good luck to all you other mummies to be and I hope you are all successful in your can happen first time :-) ! Xxx
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BFP after 3rd IUI, was 100% sure AF was here

Like many of you, I have obsessed over this blog and googled my symptoms like crazy during the 2WW period for over 2 years. I was losing hope. And like many of you, I never thought I would be able to share my story here. The stories I read were so encouraging, but only to a certain degree when you sometimes read them and think to yourself "right, whatever, will never happen to me, SIGH, UGH, etc...." I posted a poll about a week ago regarding my symptoms thus far and asked if I was pregnant. Most said no. Only 1 person said yes. Well guess what, it's a YES! MY SYMPTOMS: 1-3 DPIUI- crampy and super bloated and uncomfortable from the procedure 4-6DPIUI- beginning to develop what I identify as period cramps, very sore boobs, muscle aches 7-9DPIUI- cramps are subsiding, boobs are less sore, now my uterus just feels very achy, like a sore muscle, and like my uterus is screaming out to be shed lol. But, it cannot because I'm on progesterone suppositories which prevents my period from starting. ALSO, my BBT dropped back down. I'm out for sure. One weird thing- I can't poop! I chalk it up to progesterone, but has never been an issue for me. 10-11DPIUI- 100% sure my period is coming. just want to get it over with and stop taking my progesterone so that I can start feeling a little better and move on to the next steps. major meltdown, crying a lot, cramps are returning, I'm waking up to pain in the middle of the night, very classic period cramping symptoms for me. Still can't poop. Have to take milk of magnesia. 12DPIUI- Finally, ready to take a pregnancy test. Took my BBT "just for fun" and it was back up at 98.2. Weird, but still no hope for me I know it. Took the test and had immediate BFP. Lines were super dark. I almost passed out, sobbed uncontrollably, couldn't believe my eyes. Went to the doctor same day for HCG check and confirmed! HCG at 170 and progesterone at 67. Shooting cramps still in my uterus. 12DPIUI- Shooting cramps are subsiding, now I just feel pressure/achiness... kind of like my period again! Can't poop today LOL. 13DPIUI- Going in for a 2nd blood test today and praying my levels double! Please pray for me! My takeaway from all of this is that all those stories I read about people thinking their period was coming and never did- that is ME 100%. I just really thought I knew. I bought tampons, I already accepted it before I took that test. All those years of obsessing over my symptoms---- damn. Now I know that I just really don't know. Now I believe that the symptoms really can be identical. The ONLY difference for me was severe constipation, which can happen with progesterone supplements anyway. I hope this post gives others hope and encouragement just like the ones that did the same for me.