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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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Twins with IUI/Gonal F

My babies are 5 months but I knew how much I relied on this site during my tww's so needed to come on now and post. Short synopsis - hubby had low motility. Got preggo on 1st try with iui no meds but miscarried at 8 weeks. Then tried iui for 3 times with clomid and nothing. 4th iui was done using injections (gonal f) and got pregnant with twins.
Day 1-3 nausea all day but been sick. Gassy all days long
Day of IUI - Cramps so bad all day. Could barely move/walk.
Day 2 - slight cramps, huge glob of thick white cm when check during shower.
Day 3 - another huge glob of thick white cm when wiped, full boobs, bloated. Bloody nose when blowing.
Day 4 not as nauseous in morn. Boobs so sore and nipples hurt so bad started crinone in am. Gassy. More nausea at nt 2 hour nap and fell asleep b4 10! Up at 4am to pee (prob just crinone).
Day 5. Woke up w sore throat but went away. Peeing lots. Bloated. Gassy. Bloody nose. Boobs so sore. Sharp rt side cramp. Crampy all day. Feels pressure like. Can't suck in stomach at all. Nausea at nt. Cramps. Tired.
Day 6. Woke up w sore throat but went away. Pressure. Crampy. bloated. Lips more chapped than usual. bad lower rt cramp - got worse throughout day, felt like cyst burst. Peeing a lot. Acid reflux repeating on me in mid of night. Bloody nose.
Day 7. Woke up fine. Still sore boobs but ok. Slight bloat and pressure. Can't suck in stomach. Hungry! Not rly crampy. Around 4pm pain started in low rt side and kinda shot down leg/inner thigh.
Day 8. Feel best I've felt. Tired napped for 2 hrs. Was out shopping and got so lightheaded and felt like jelly. Ran to get food. Peeing a lot. Still sore boobs and nips still bloated - can't suck in stomach
Day 9 - rt side cramp and pinching. Boobs are so swollen and hurty. Stuffy nose. Had 1st preggo dream last nt that we were planning my shower.
Day 10 woke up w bad pressure in rt side. So Bloated. Hard stomach. Just feel full and pressure. As day goes on so much pressure and full feeling. Can't suck in. Bloated beyond belief!
Day 11 no cramps but such a full feeling. Very tired. Boobs so swollen. Horrendous lower back pain. Had a strange feeling to take a pregnancy test so at 7pm took a first response test that I had lying around and BOOM! BFP!!! Ran to CVS for Clearblue Digital and within seconds BFP!!
Day 12 Bad rt side cramps. Boobs r prob the worst they've been! SO hurty! Bad diarhea at night. Hungry on and off. Cramps on and off. Low left side cramp like one had on rt side few days ago.
Day 13 darker bfp w fmu :) lower back rly hurting. Tired. Starting to gag and be nauseaus when brushing teeth
Day 14 brown/red blood in morn :( still positive pregnancy tests. Boobs sore. Not as hard stomach. Period like cramps
Day 15 Darkest line yet. Cramps on/off
Had sono at 6 weeks preggo to confirm but was only 1 baby. Went back at 8 weeks and there were 2. Very lucky and blessed to have 2 of the most gorgeous babies ever :) Good luck to all reading this!!!

BFP after 11 IUIs

My partner and I had a beautiful baby girl after the first IUI attempt in 2012. We began working on baby number 2 when she was 6 months old. The first pregnancy was so easy I didn't think twice about it, but this time was a whole different ballgame. I was told I was perfectly healthy and just to keep trying… but I must admit that I was losing the faith after 10 unsuccessful IUIs.

Two of the rounds I took Femara and made 2 to 3 eggs, one round I took Femara I ovulated before the mid-cycle ultrasound. I had to skip a month due to a death in the family.

Last month, I went for the mid-cycle and I had 2 mature follicles (20 & 21 in size) with no fertility drugs at all. I got a bfp on day 10 post IUI!!!! I went to the doctor yesterday and my beta is 155.4. I go back on Thursday for a second beta.
I have had no real symptoms to mention.
Hang in there - to every woman who stalks this website in hopes of her day to write a post like this!

BFP 2nd IUI (first month on Clomid/Ovidrel) after 11 months TCC

After 9 months of trying my OBGYN tested me (27) and my husband (29) for fertility issues. It came back that I was normal but my husband has a low sperm count (20mil) and slow swimmers. We were then sent to a fertility specialist. After the 1st month of a natural IUI (no medicine) was not a success we started our first month of 50mg of Clomid with the Ovidrel shot to increase the odds of the sperm finding atleast one egg. I responded well the the Clomid and had 3 follicles. The day of the IUI my husbands count was 76mil after they washed out all the bad!! 10 days later I got a faint positive on a dollar store test and a positive on a digital. I had no symptoms until the day after my positive test and that was sore breasts and a tired almost hungover feeling. My Dr did HCG bloodwork and it went from 34 (11dpiui) to 84 (13dpiui) which is doubling every 36 hours. I go for more bloodwork tomorrow and then a 6 week ultrasound the following week...could there be more than one?! Praying for a heartbeat and healthy baby!

I want to incourage anyone who stalks this website like I did that your day will come. Everyone says it.. and its easier said than done, but try to relax. The only thing we did different this month was my husband took GNC Men's Fertility Vitamins and we took a week long vacation to Vegas where I relaxed, drank, and keep my mind away from symptom spotting! Best of luck to you ladies!!

Still in Shock

I had read stories on this website for almost a year, and told myself if I ever got a BFP I would share. Reading of others successes gave me a lot of hope!

After almost a year of not trying/not, not trying I decided to start tracking ovulation. After 3 months we got pregnant, but that ended in a chemical pregnancy. My doctor reassured me that "this happens" and nothing to worry about going forward. After 9 more months of no success, and hours of my own research I was convinced I had endometriosis. My doctor essentially said I was simply just too stressed and needed to "just relax". At this point I decided to start accupuncture and see a fertility specialist ( who also didn't think I had endo). We tried Clomid with IUI with no success, so at this point I really pushed for the laparoscopy to check for endo. After essentially begging, he agreed for the surgery. Well, it turned out I had Stage 2 endometriosis with an endometrioma in my left ovary. It was removed on October 9, and then on November 29, the next month, we got our BFP!! That November, I continued with Clomid and IUI, accupuncture and ate pinneapple the 5 days after IUI. We are now 22 weeks pregnant with a little girl on the way!

Moral of the story, always follow your instincts, do your research and never give up hope!

Overwhelmed With Joy!!

This was my 5th attempt with IUI using donor sperm. I was inseminated on 3/16/14. For the next 12 days I experienced absolutely no symptoms and had began to feel like it was another failed attempt. The last two days I experienced minor cramping which I assumed were attributed to the onset of my AF. After balling my eyes out on the morning of 13 dpo, later in the evening I noticed my breast were beginning to feel sensitive and tingly. I still assumed maybe it was my AF (although I never had experienced this prior). To my surprise after taking a HPT this morning, I got a BFP!! I was overwhelmed with joy!! I had a doctors appt a few hours later to confirm via the BHCG and finally my prayer was answered!! To those who may have been in a similar situation, remain hopeful and positive!!! Baby dust to you all!!! :)

WOAH BABY!!! To God be the glory :)

I constantly visit this site to hear all the wonderful stories. Well now it's my time to share to give hope to someone else! I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years! FIVE! And nothing. DH has son 4 year old from previous relationship. So I thought I was the problem, my cycles are normally 24-26 days. In November, we finally sought out fertility help. Doc didn't tell me much just gave us options to get pregnant fast. He wanted us to go straight to IUI but DH though we should try naturally. Here goes my story:

Nov- femara 3-7, oviderel, BD -BFN
Dec- femara 3-7, ovdrel, BD- BFN
Jan- DH out of town- skipped this month- I was so disappointed
Feb- IUI #1, femara 3-7, ovidrel, IUI #1, 3 follies, post wash count 4 mil 30% motilitiy-BFN....BUMMER! Starting to think it would never happen :(
March- IUI #2, femara 3-7, follitism injectables, metformin AND ovidrel, oh and DH put on some pill forgot the wash count bumped up to 4.5 mil 30% only, 4 follies :( totally thought this would be a bust until.....

IUI on 3/13/14
for 3 days after IUI cramping didn't have this with first IUI
4-6 dpo start thinking im out this month because I had tingling prickling senstations in breasts, my PMS symptoms
7 dpo mild mild cramping
8 dpo- a stabbing throbbing noticeble discomfort on right side, this was different, not like the stabbing pain you hear about on blogs, painful and discomforting but not bend over painful (I believe this was my implantation)--lasted for minutes, fatigue, everytime I woke up I felt drowsy, took naps which I never do
9dpo- went to wedding had to weak alcoholic beverages and hungover the next day...weird for me, fatigue, more napping
10po- forehead broke out like crazy, don't get me wrong I ususally have acne breakouts but on my cheeks NOT my forehead, didn't think anything of it, fatigue, more napping
11dpo-throbbing pain again, queasy but think nothing of it, fatigue
12dpo- bloated
13dpo-BFP!!!!! through blood test, don't know numbers but told they were good. I almost fainted! But I was sitting down ;) It was funny blood drawn is trauma for me because I always end up being poked a thousand times, this time was no different but nurse joked "after all these pokes it better be positive, it will be positive"
14dpo- still tingling breast, a little queasy, headache that would not go away

another symptom throughout my wait was belching and frequent bowel movements, I am usually constipated but anything I ate made its way out (TMI), remember everyone is different I was expecting big boobs, sore boobs, everything read on these sites lol still telling nurse how my boobs feel normal lol

Don't lose hope ladies, keep faith, and try not to stress. This cycle I noticed many things different with my body but I didn't look into everything because I wanted to be calm and know how our bodies can play tricks, now that I am pregnant I look back at the symptoms and a lot makes since. Oh and sometimes less is more, one thing I like about my doc is he tells me what I should do without all the numbers and downplays a lot. I think that kept me from stressing about how big my follies should be and so on. Don't pay attention to statistics or anything (4 mil post wash was not good :( but I still got BFP) , keep faith and let God have the final say, he has a plan for you.

Good luck everyone! Hope it helps! Your BFP is right around the corner! God bless! :) :) :)

OMG - in complete shock!

Hello ladies,

I can't believe I'm actually writing this post as I've been lurking on various sites for almost 4 years reading other ladies' stories and now I can finally share mine. My husband (40) and I (34) have been TTC for almost 4 years now. I got pregnant very early on but it was chemical and so the month after month of trying started. Finally we went for some private health advice and founf out that I had a low AMH. Hubby was perfect so that was at least a blessing. We started with IUI and the first one didn't take. The doc said he would allow me to do one more IUI before moving on to IVF but that was would be IVF next. First cycle of IUI, I reacted really well to the meds but BFN all the same. Second cycle of IUI I developed a cyst and only had 1 other good follicle so expectations were super low. I in fact have been convinced for the past week that it was a BFN. This morning, I did a FRER and OMG - it was positive. Followed it up with a digital which says I'm Pregnant at 1-2 weeks. Today is 12 dpiui.

Ladies, I was a crazy symptom checker and was 100% convinced I was out this month...maybe tmi but.....I had no cm, sore boobs only like every cycle on and off and NOTHING else to give me the slightest clue I might get a BFP. I honestly now completely believe that trying to check for symptoms is just completely useless and drives us nuts while trying to figure things out.

If I can get a BFP, I really believe anyone can - good luck ladies, I hope this helps someone out there. I know reading other success stories really helped me out when I was lurking for month after month.

Babydust to all xxx

5 IUI’s, Male Factor, 5 years of hoping for a baby

Here is my story. I have stalked this site for about 4 months. Looking for a story like my situation. Hubby and I are both 34, married for 10 years together for 18 years. I have PCOS, diabetes, GERD, and a fast heart rate. Hubby has low T and very low drive. We have tried naturally for years and thought it would just happen. Finally on my 34th birthday I was at the OBGYN and she said she would recommend me to see a fertility specialist(she said with your husband’s count it would be a miracle if you conceived alone). I called the nearest clinic and made an appointment. Through all the tests they found out I had three large fibroid tumors on my uterus and they were close to where the baby would implant. I decided to have surgery right away. In October 2013 I had the surgery and was very pleased with the results. My period went from a max of 7 days to 5 or 4. Win win! Then in November we started our first fertility cycle. The doctor recommended Letrozole with iui.
#1 Letrozole 5mg 2 follies sperm 5 million post wash BFN
#2 Letrozole 5mg 2 follies sperm 5.4 million post wash BFN
#3 Letrozole 7.5mg 3 follies sperm 7.5 million post wash BFN
#4 Injectable 75 Menopur 100 Follistim 3 follies sperm 1.4 post wash BFN
#5 Injectable 150 Menopure 150 Follisitm 7-8 follies sperm 4.9 million (with two collections)
Pregnant! My first beta was 58.9 12DPO. I am so thrilled. We didn’t think we would be able to conceive without IVF.
I have felt so lost during this process, been through surgery, poked with needles, taking all kinds of medicine and it is all worth it. The first few months I researched every symptom thinking this was my month and the last two cycles I have come to peace that the meds cause many many symptoms in us. I just tried to look for the positive stories and cross my fingers this was my month. I am still in utter shock but feel very blessed. This will be the first grandchild and everyone is so happy. I pray for a healthy baby. Good luck to each of you reading this story and remember there are millions of ladies out there struggling every month with infertility. Just keep your head above water and wait for your month. Baby dust to you all.

BFP over 40 after 2nd IUI!

Attempted medicated IUI in December but didn't work. Waited a month and tried again in February. Medicated with flash protocol to stimulate ovulation. Used frozen donor sperm.

Feb 12 (early AM) Trigger Shot
Feb 12 (afternoon) IUI
I really had no symptoms other than some light cramping and slight nausea which I assumed was caused by the progesterone. In fact, I had way more pregnancy symptoms with the first IUI and that ended up not working. The only other strange symptom was about 12-13 DPO I had incredibly horrible sinus issues. I've never had those before. I was getting terrible sinus headaches and my nose was so stuffy I couldn't breathe. In fact, I had made an appointment with the doctor to find out what the heck was going on!

Started using the Wondfos about 1 week after IUI. Every AM I used and got a HUGE negative. Not even the faintest hint of a line. Not even an evaporation line! I just knew that this IUI didn't work and was already preparing myself for IUI #3, adoption or simply moving on because of my age (I recently turned 43). I felt no real symptoms other than slight cramping during almost the entire 2ww.

Feb 25 (13 DPO) I started feeling horrible cramping. Like pre-period cramping but even stronger. And I knew then, based on the Wondfos and my cramping that I was going to get my period any day. I was scheduled to get a beta-HCG test at my ER's office the next AM but honestly thought there was no reason to go - that's how absolutely certain that I was that I was not pregnant. But something in the back of my head told me to I did the next AM.

Feb 26 (14DPO). Went to get beta HCG test. Didn't think much of it. By mid afternoon my nurse left 2 messages for me to call her back and I just didn't want to. Didn't want to hear the no. I actually called the office back and told them to leave a message for her to just leave the results on my voicemail - I just seriously didn't want to hear "no". But at 4:30pm, the nurse called from her personal mobile to have me call her back on her personal mobile - no matter what. So then I got nervous/worried. Not only is there a "no", but what else awful did they find?

Imagine my surprise when she said "I have great news!" Even at this point, I couldn't possibly imagine how she could spin a negative pregnancy test into "Great news". She continued: "You are pregnant! Your HGC is 144!". The rest of the next couple of minutes was a blur. I remember sputtering out something like "that can't be possible. I'm cramping. I'm going to get my period any day now!" And she said - "No you are pregnant. We want you to come in for another beta and a preliminary scan next week!"

Needless to say the first thing I did was run out and get a First Response test. Even though it was nearly 5pm and it wasn't the first morning urine I had to pee on that stick! And I did. And almost immediately those two lines popped up. The first line was slightly a little lighter than the 2nd, but by the next day they were strong and equal!

Being 43, I know that there is a long road ahead before I consider the pregnancy viable, so I'm taking it day by day. I have a child (naturally conceived) and also have experienced a chemical pregnancy, so I'm taking it milestone to milestone. First I wanted to see the sac, then the yolk, then the heartbeat, then getting the CVS testing done to make sure everything is ok. Only then will I actually be able to breathe a sigh of relief and believe that I'm actually pregnant with a viable pregnancy.

For those who love stats, here's what's been happening since then:

14 DPO POSITIVE beta HCG test. HCG 144
19 DPO HCG 2137 (very high for only 5 days after 1st draw!)
Had first scan. Saw Gestational Sac and yolk sac- only one.
20 DPO HCG 4390 (doubled in only 1 day!)
30 DPO HCG 30,699
Had second scan. Gestational sac/yolk sac is larger. Saw the very beginnings of fetal pole.

The only question/concern is why the beta is so high. At first I feared molar pregnancy, but after two scans, the gestational sac looks normal and is growing normally. There is also no indication that there is a second pregnancy in there. So I guess my HGC is just really super high. At least the numbers are going up!

I will have another scan on Friday (37 DPO) to check for a heartbeat. Thinking good thoughts!!!!

Good luck to those out there who are over 40 and trying to conceive. Honestly, if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone!

BFP 18 Days Post IUI/Ovulation

I cannot believe I am writing this, as I have read this board for so long, never thinking I would have my own positive story to share. I just took a test yesterday at 18days post iui after getting a BFN at 11 and 14 days post. I figured I was out. I waited for my period to come as I had period cramps and my boobs were a bit sore but not as much as usual. My period never came. After four days I called the doctor and said they need to give me something to start my period bc it's delayed. I figured they would ask me when the last time I tested so I swiped a pee stick and took it to work with me - then dipped into the bathroom at work, figuring it would be another BFN. I nearly lost my mind when two pink lines came up right away. I was in such shock, shaking in the stall!! I left work early and went to get a blood test. Today the doctor called and my beta is 940 - more than double what they would expect it to be at this stage. So it truly is not over until your period shows...I always hated it when people said that, but I am living proof that it is true! I hope that helps some people in the tww - don't get too down if you test early and it's a BFN.

I had three follicles over 20mm and my husband had 32 million sperm, 80 percent motility. This was our fifth iui - all failed cycles before.

Symptoms by day

0-4 - nothing
Day 4 - tugging sensation in my labia at night (very strange, I know)
Day 7 and 8 - very low period cramps and my nose begins to run a lot
Day 9 - a little breakout on my chin - runny nose continues
Day 10 - I notice my boobs are bigger but they are usually quite sore now bc of AF.
Day 11-14 - really nothing of note - some AF like cramps on and off, still runny nose
Day 15-18 - more AF cramps..where is my period??
Morning of day 18 - BFP

That's the extent of my symptoms - nothing that noteworthy. I thought I'd be feeling "pregnant" but I still don't!

Wishing the best of luck and baby dust to all!!!