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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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Seven years TTC on our own, nothing. Had a failed 1st attempt IUI with letrozole cd 5-9, trigger w/ ovidrel. had two 15mm on right side, 1- 17mm on left. IUI turned to ICI as Dr couldn't penetrate my cervix.

Second attempt IUI on the day after Christmas, followed same protocol as mentioned above. This time I paired the treatment with an FR OPK. CD 12 went in for U/S, had one follicle at 18mm. OPK said I would ovulate on CD-13/14 so I had the IUI, 30 hours after U/S. TWW ensued. Didn't have to take the trigger as my doctor told me that my body would ovulate on it's own (since the FR OPK said I would in 24-36 hours). At 10dpo I took FRER got a faint pink line. Hubby insisted I wait and not be hopeful. Waited the entire two week for the official bloodwork. HCG is 41, Dr. said I'm definitely pregnant. and Progesterone was 19.5.

FYI- I really had no pregnancy like symptoms, other than just being really tired. Untill about 11 or 12 dpo I started having my boobs feel like they are on fire, so sensitive to any touch, it hurts!!!

Lots and lots of sticky baby dust to you all!!!!!!!!

God is good!!

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BFP after 20 Cycles TTC!!!!!!!!

I just got my BFP, and it was a total shock because I thought my period was going to start for sure. I told my husband I was going to start and I even started wearing pads. Here is the story:

Day of IUI was also the day of ovulation
1 dpo: Cramps, probably from IUI the day before
2 dpo: nothing
3 dpo: nothing
4 dpo: nothing
5 dpo: Did not sleep well at all last night. I don't know if what I feel is cramps or bloating. Really mild. Then in midday I had extreme pain/cramps in the lower left side. It was crippling pain for maybe 5 minutes, possibly caused by gas. In the afternoon, I feel far off period cramps.
6 dpo: Feel mild cramps and bloating. Headache and nausea in evening.
7 dpo: AF cramps, they are pretty painful. Wish I could take Advil. Absolutely no sore boobs to date. OPK in evening is positive. Feel really wet down there.
8 dpo: Feels like period is coming with AF cramps. Wet down there and bloated.
9 dpo: Boobs started getting sore last night. AF cramps and bloating. Gas.
10 dpo: Boobs really sore this morning. Mild AF cramps. Acne breakout. Nipples are huge. Bloated and gas. Extreme craving for my favorite food.
11 dpo: Woke up with really sore boobs and gas. Have a sinus headache. Slight nausea. Cramps have subsided somewhat.
12 dpo: Sore boobs, nausea, a little dizzy during the day. OPK really positive this morning. Feel AF cramps at midday. VERY small amount of pink tinged CM in evening.
13 dpo: Tiny bit of pink spotting in AM, sore boobs, gas. Mild period cramps, definitely feel like I'm going to start my period. Did not sleep well last night. Sharp stabbing pains in uterus midday. Red spotting and serious cramps after lunch.
14 dpo: Red spotting all day, cramps, really positive OPK in am--test line came up before control line. Sore boobs. Took a FRER at lunch that was positive, but I did get a trigger shot the day before ovulation so I'm not sure.
15 dpo: Sore boobs, brown spotting, cramps. Feel like period is coming. Feels like I'm getting a bladder infection or something--CONSTANTLY have to pee.
16 dpo: ANOTHER positive FRER with FMU--it's darker now! HCG Beta is positive!!!!


Almost too good to be true

Same as everyone else I stalked here and read almost every page looking for hope and over analyzing everything. I owe it to the women in my same shoes to add my story. First thing I have to say is that I had so many more symptoms during my BFN cycles than I had with the BFP: sore boobs, swollen gums, early AF cramping, heartburn, you name it. This time around I wouldn't have caught anything if I wasn't looking for it.

This was my first IUI cycle after 14 months of TTC on our own. Numbers were:

Clomid days 5-9
Scan on CD 11 - 2 follies at 19 and 20mm.
Ovidrel trigger on CD 12
IUI on CD 14
1 DPO: ovulation cramps
2 DPO: still some ovulation pain
3 DPO: nothing
4 DPO: nothing
5 DPO: could it be maybe some nipple soreness? I never get sore nipples, only sore boobs right after O
6 DPO: definitely some soreness, left nipple only
7 DPO: still kind of sore, pretty strange for me
8 DPO: still a little sore. Since I know it's too early for BFP, let me see if I still have the trigger in my body - Very very faint line
9 DPO: is the line darker? It's still so faint I can't even tell. Still think it's the trigger
10 DPO: don't even have to squint - BFP! BFP! Confirmed later on at my doctors office with a beta of 42.

Ladies this journey is cruel and heartbreaking, I know, but worth it!

3rd times a charm with iui!

After almost exactly 2years of ttc.....finally got our bfp! After countless at home remidies to try to increase ferility such as preseed, fertiliaid, multiple vitamins, pineapple, and to name a few, then 6 months of clomid and 3 iui's....we thought we were going to have to move on to ivf if this 3rd iui failed and now finally able to say we are pregnant! And after many months of symptom spotting....i really didnt have any! My bb's became sore/tender about the time they usually do before AF comes but have still remained sore! No nausea, nipple changes, food intolerances or noticeable tiredness. Usually about 3 days before AF comes my cm turns brown/bloody tinged...this time I kept checking for it but when I got to my expected AF date withno mucus change I tested. At 14 and 15 dpo/iui i had to squint to see a second line so was not convinced. I went out and bought a digital test pack and frer pack and took both 16 dpo/ came back 'pregnant' and frer with a clear, no second guessing second line! real symptoms, actual lack of my colored cm 3 days before expected af was my biggest hint! Going to get my blood work drawn tomorrow so hoping all is well! Anyone going through iui treatments dont give up! We had no reason for the iui not to work so by the time the first 2 failed I was basically already convinced #3 wouldn't work and we would be moving on to ivf! Now praying for a health pregnancy!

BFP on second IUI!!!!

I can barely believe it's true! I am 38 years old and we have been TTC for about two years. I had my 2nd IUI on Dec 20th and wasn't at all optimistic about it working. When we first started working with an RE, we were told to go straight to IVF based off of my age and my husband’s sperm quality. We thought we'd get a second opinion and I am so glad we did. Our new amazing RE agreed to let my husband go on clomid to improve his sperm. It appeared that the clomid worked because his sperm improved significantly and they approved us for IUI. He was also taking Fertil-Aid but I'm giving most of the credit to clomid. He is at a healthy weight but he also tried to exercise more as well. My tests came out fine (sono and the HSG as well as my FSH and AMH levels) but I also implemented several healthy lifestyle changes. I continued to exercise moderately, mostly boxing classes, jogging and weights. I also started acupuncture and eating full fat dairy. The only other thing I did differently this cycle was get a massage the day before the IUI, but I don't think that had any real effect over my success, it was just a nice thing to splurge on.

I didn't have any symptoms prior to getting my BFP except for a bit of nausea. I was taking progesterone supplements which can mimic signs of pregnancy so I didn't really stress out too much about it. I was supposed to wait and take a pregnancy test 15DPIUI, but does anyone really wait that long? Not me! I tested on NYE, thinking I might have a couple of drinks if it was completely stark white but lo and behold, I saw a faint positive! I was dubious because it could still have been my HCG trigger shot (I did injectables for both my IUI's). But every day, those lines got darker and darker! My first beta was 880! Two days later it jumped up to 2240! I am now five weeks pregnant and waiting for my week seven and my first ultrasound!

I feel like this is a miracle!

Best Gift Ever!

Today I am officially pregnant with Baby #2! Both my babies will be IUI babies now. Thank you science! It took 3 IUI's this time since we just kept trying what worked the first time around. Took much longer back then - 3IUI's, failed IVF, and 3 more IUI's to get baby #1.

Here is the breakdown from this time around: [Non medicated cycle, except for neupogen for my lining issues)

Day 14 - Ultrasound (5mm lining) & Neupogen (this drug has helped thicken my lining, which stops around 5mm without it.)
Day 17 - Morning - Ultrasound (6mm lining) & Neupogen - 1 Follicle around 22MM, HCG Trigger shot given that morning.
Day 18 - Morning IUI#1 - DH count - 6.46M 85% Mot (1/2 fresh/ 1/2 frozen)
Day 19 - Morning IUI#2 - DH count - 4.5M 85% Mot (1/2 fresh/ 1/2 frozen)
1DPIUI - 6DPIUI - No Symptoms
7DPIUI - Vivid Dreams, Emotional, & Twinges.
12DPIUI - OPT = YES!!!!

We were so happy to finally have our first baby after 3 years of trying, but after finding the right doctor (Thanks Dr. El-Roiy!) and trying different things we feel so incredibly lucky. I know how hard and heartbreaking it can be especially dealing with a low count or lining issues. My husband had to freeze 4 samples in order to reach those small numbers above, but it just proves that you should not give up hope and that a small count can work eventually! Wish everyone luck and happiness in the new year.

BFP at 12dpiui with femara and ovidrel!

My turn! Got an unexpected BFP on my first medicated IUI with donor sperm, two years after giving birth to my daughter, also conceived via medicated IUI with donor sperm. With her, it took two attempts with clomid and ovidrel, this time around we used femara and ovidrel and BOOM! I'm 12dpiui as of this morning and so excited! This two week wait was quite different from my first pregnancy, so just because you have different or missing symptoms doesn't mean you can't be pregnant!

1-6dpiui: nothing noteworthy
6dpiui: acupuncture
7-8dpiui: mild cramping, heavy feeling in my uterus, similar to last trimester
9-11dpiui: no more cramping; bad headaches; felt nauseous from smelling raw garlic; one major bout of nausea; chin acne (throughout the whole tww)
12dpiui: major temp spike in the morning! Decided to test using wondfro dip stick and got a faint BFP! Another BFB with clearblue digital!

I went in for my blood test and got a good number for this early, first ultrasound scheduled for the first week in January. I feel so blessed, it's a Christmas miracle!!

With my first pregnancy, I knew because my breast got big and veiny and sore before I tested. This time? Absolutely no breast changes at all! So again, different or missing symptoms doesn't mean you are out! Baby dust to you all!


I am soo excited. God answered my prayer.
I'm 25 years old, have severe PCOS, I had regular menstrual cycle only for a year when I was 12 and it has stopped. I used to have my period like the most twice a year and then once a year (which means I don't ovulate at all) then Dr put me on birth control when i was 13 or 14. So I was on birth control up until I was 22,23ish so I was on birth control for 8 years even though I really didn't need it. anyways, Im writing all these because maybe there's someone out there who might be taking bunch of birth control (like I did) that they don't really need that actually can hurt you. My Fertility doc said because I was on birth control for soo long my body stopped even trying to produce some hormones. Anyways so that's my issue.

Me and my husband ttc for 2 years,
1 year with just bunch of herbs and vitamins and whatnot. (had a surgery, Dr removed a polyp from my uterus, all the years I wasn't ovulating and not having menstrual cycle caused this)
Then about a year ago doctor put me on Metformin 1500mg and tried for 3-4 months, no success.
Then we added clomid 25mg for 5 days, biggest follicle was around 8mm, cycle cancelled.
Then clomid 50mg for 5 days, biggest follicle was 11mm, cycle cancelled
Then clomid 150mg for 5 days, biggest follicle was 17mm, had timed intercourse BFN
Then clomid 200mg for 5 days, biggest follicle was 8mm, cycle cancelled

so doc decided to switch to Letrozole (femera) lowest dosage and bravelle for 9 nights, biggest follicle 19, trigger shot that night and 36 hours later my very very first IUI. Husband's sperm count after wash was 79mil and 85%motility.
I did my research and it said I should lay down at least 15 mins, but the nurse said just lay down for 5 mins and you're ok to go, but of course I laid down there for 30 mins ^,^
and started progesterone vaginally the day after the IUI

2 weeks wait... OMG so anxious.
1dpiui-no symptoms
2dpiui-no symptoms
3dpiui-no symptoms
4dpiui-Slightly tender bbs, Probably because of progesterone
5dpiui-Slightly tender bbs,
6dpiui-Slightly tender bbs,
7dpiui-Slightly tender bbs, nothing different, because when I'm on progesterone I get sore bbs.
8dpiui-Slightly tender bbs.
10dpiui-had nausea that lasted only for 10-15 seconds in the morning, had poking feeling (not pain), very very mild cramps. had this weird dream about water ( I was going to an appt and was walking on water lol)
11dpiui-Mild crampls
12dpiui-Blood test that confirmed BFP

I am so excited, hopefully I get good beta on Monday, they want to make sure my beta is increasing as it should and will monitor my progesterone level

So all the ladies out there who's trying to conceive IT WILL HAPPEN, be positive, You know your body more than anyone else. Think positive and don't get your hopes up but still have faith in God and in you, I used to pray and pray and ask God please give a child but then this time I started just Thanking God for what he's done and given and He rewarded me :) Hopefully I will have a healthy 9months pregnancy.

Baby dust to you all Ladies <3 Be strong Be positive and You will be a Mommy one day Don't give up!

BFP after 16 months, 1st IUI

We tried naturally for 15 months with not a single BFP or late AF. We found at the beginning of the 12th cycle that DH had low count, low motility, and low morphology. I later got tested as well, I have normal, pretty predictable cycles, clear tubes, and normal hormone levels. DH began taking a few other vitamins along with his multivitamin, stopped taking baths, and for all of the 15th cycle started taking Naturally Smart vitamins recommended by our RE.

The 1st week of our 16th cycle of trying, DH got retested, his count improved to 4 times what it was, morphology went up 2% into the normal range, but his motility decreased by 6%. The improvements meant that we qualified for IUI that cycle! I took Clomid 100mg CD3-7 to produce more follicles for better chances at conception, then the morning of CD 13 was given a Pregnyl trigger shot to induce ovulation. I had two good follicles, 21mm & 26mm, ready to go! We had back to back IUIs, on the mornings of CD 14 & 15 (November 18 & 19). They were fairly easy, with only a little minor cramping after.

I was supposed to wait until December 3rd to test, but DH convinced me to test early at 11pm on November 30 (which was 11 & 12 DPIUIs). To my shock, there was a second line on the FRER. Right away I was so happy but fearful that it was still the trigger shot. Over the next few days, I continued to test and see a somewhat faint second line on 3 brands. The lines were not getting much darker, so of course we were paranoid it would be a chemical pregnancy!

Come "test day" December 3, I took a Dollar Tree cheapie, saw a faint line, and a FRER digital and got a "No-" I thought our fears were confirmed! I called the RE office, told them the situation, and scheduled my first beta for the next morning. The morning of the blood draw, I tested on a cheapie again and the line was darker! After the blood draw, I anxiously anticipated the phone call while at work, I even got butterflies on and off! Finally at 3:25pm I got the call! Beta was 134!! I am pregnant! It feels so surreal after trying for so long. We cannot help but be afraid of losing our little nugget, but are remaining hopeful and positive. I have the second beta test tomorrow along with a progesterone test, I hope see great numbers!

My symptoms: Before testing the first time (which was 11 & 12 DPIUIs), I had nothing to even hint at pregnancy. Because the Clomid had changed my normal mucus and other ovulation signs, I decided not to chart this cycle, and stopped temping after the IUIs. After seeing a positive test Sunday, Nov 30, the next night I did notice pretty sore nipples. That only happens at/after O for me, so I was hopeful it was the pregnancy progesterone. Then, starting Wednesday (14 & 15 DPIUIs), I got really gassy and bloated for 3 days, I even woke up that way, so I knew it had to be a sign (my bloat and gas usually go away over night). I also had some lower abdominal tenderness (not sure if it's my growing uterus or bloated intestines). Now, 18 & 19 DPIUIs, I am barely bloated, but my breasts are starting to get tender, and I occasionally have some aches in my uterus area.

Good luck to all of you trying! I know how hard this whole process can be!

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Let's hope the second time's the charm.

I had another BFP back in January, but unfortunately it ended in a chem a week later. Today, after my first cycle with injectible meds, I got my second BFP.

Okay, so: I took injectibles of Gonal-F on CD 3-10. On CD10, I went to my doctor's office for another ultrasound. It was not my usual doctor, but he was the guy on duty, so I went. Turned out he couldn't even find my follicles (this is not the first time this has happened with this guy), so he told me to make an appointment for the following day at the main office where there's a better ultrasound machine. I was annoyed. Later that afternoon, my nurse called me and told me that I should bring my partner with me to the ultrasound appointment. I was confused. Why would he need to come? But I brought him anyway, and my regular doc informed me that my bloodwork from the day before had told her that both of my follicles were due to ovulate literally any minute; we needed to do my IUI right then!!

Okay, we got my partner's sample prepped and washed and did the IUI. Awesome. Pretty sure I oved in the time we were waiting for his sample to be done, 'cause I couldn't feel the follicle any more after that. Okay, then:

1-3 DPO-nothing, really. Relaxed and took things easy.
4 DPO Headache! The kind that feels like it's connected to the flu. Like someone hit me in the head with a 2x4.
5-6DPO nothing
7DPO-felt really sick and had constant pinching and twitching cramps. Headache is back in a big way. Felt nauseated and grouchy too, but it was better when I got out with my dogs and walked on the beach for a couple hours.
8DPO- Pinching and pulling cramps all day. Still feeling sick.
9-10DPO-AF-like cramps. Grouchy.
11DPO-Nauseated. Had this idea that my uterus felt "slippery" or "precarious" and if I moved too quickly it would slide around. Weird, yes. Later on in the day, it started to hurt to lean against the table.
12DPO TONS of creamy CM
13DPO could feel two weird "spots" in my uterus, one on either side.
14DPO BFP! Very faint. Betas tomorrow.

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