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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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Over 3 Years TTC

I can't believe it's my turn! My DH and I have been TTC since we got married. I'm 30 and he's 35. After a few months I decided to try using OPK's. They didn't work for me and I was frustrated and spending too much $! I'd start at cd10 and would neg up to cd22. One month I finally got my first "blinking smiley face" and it stayed that way for 9 days and I never got the standard smiley. I started temping trying to figure my O Day at cd21 and some months it was all over the place. After a year we went to an RE. He started me on Femara since I wasn't O'ing each cycle. My husband had an SE which came back slightly low. He had be dx with Acromegaly, a rare form of adult giantism the year prior. He had a golf-ball sized tumor removed from his pituitary gland and his symptoms started to improve. He was put on Clomid to help with his sperm and started taking FertilAid. Within a few months his sperm count increased to low-normal. We continued Femara and then started injectibles to time our chances better-BFN's. We then had our first IUI-BFN. Something was bothering me about the clinic and I really liked the doctor, but I didn't like his RN's. I didn't feel they cared about me and the one RN also talked to me like I was an idiot. I decided to switch RE's, but a bit further. She was great! I didn't have to temp-wahoo! I'd been temping for over a year with the other RE and on my own- I was sick of it! She checked my blood work each cycle, before and after O, and the other clinic didn't. We did 2 IUI's-BFN. I was starting to lose hope. Everyone around me was getting pregnant and I was turning into Negative Nancy-BFN as in Big Fat Negative Nancy since I had gained weight through TTC and even though I was exercising and eating well I was gaining! My boobs were ginourmous- I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. We had taken 6m off TTC to give us a break and my DH quit drinking and we started marriage counseling. We started repairing our relationship after the toll that TTC and other life stressors put on our marriage. I had already spoke with the RE about IVF before our break. I was putting financials in order, but then going through such a rough patch in our relationship. We were even turned down for a loan for IVF and I thought it wasn't meant to be. We decided to start trying again and the RE did bloodwork and saw that my Prolactin was high and sent me for an MRI. They found a small pituitary tumor that was producing too much Prolactin making my boobs ginourmous and throwing my ovulation off each month. My husband and I both had pituitary tumors!! I was put on Cabergoline in June and my symptoms improved. In Aug we decided to try IUI again since we couldn't afford IVF and our insurance covers half. I did Femara days 4-8 (supp to be 3-7, but my Rx wasn't sent through), and 250mg Ovidrel on cd14 after finding 1 follie (18mm and 1 large 30mm cyst that's been there for a year)on u/s cd 12. Our insurance didn't cover Ovidrel and it cost $140. I didn't think 1 follie would be enough! It was! The morning of the IUI was a disaster! My husband is a firefighter and had to do his sample at work and then rush it to the clinic. He got "stage fright" and couldn't do it- I cried. He tried again at home and he got it! I rushed to the clinic 45 mins away and almost ran out of gas! I was so afraid we wouldn't get the sample there in time and it wouldn't be enough (didn't look like a lot)! It was! 19 million (93%mot, 81%morph)!
1-8dpiui-bloating, slight dizziness
9-14dpiui-same with indigestion, fatigue (no boob tenderness at all!)
Very very faint BFP on 13dpiui-DH was skeptical (CVS brand)
Faint BFP on 14dpiui, BFP on Clear Blue Digital!
We still need to get bloodwork to confirm, but after NEVER having the slightest BFP I'm so excited! I'm hoping it's a sure thing! Sorry so long, but 3y is a lot of work!
I didn't like when people said "it'll happen"- it made me so mad, but they were right!
Keep praying my friends <3

BFP at second IUI

Hi!! Really excited to share my BFP story with you.

Background- Me (32) and DH (36) have been married for 7 years and have been ttc (first timers) since last 2 years. 2 Years!! Man! That was a long wait and we started getting desperate though we tried to be calm and patient about it. We were regularly using OPKs to make sure we don’t miss out on important days. My cycles have been regular, with slight length variation 29/30/31 days. I had one off cycle of 45 days when it was a stressful time on work front for me. I always got ovulation days as CD16/CD18 when using OPKs. Both of us are working, jobs are stressful though not all the time.

On Gynae recommendation, we did hormonal profiling, follicular study, semen analysis, endometrial blood flow study and results were OK, sperm count being slightly on lower side but still OK. I did not do any tube check- either HSG or laparoscopy.
Three months earlier, we consulted fertility expert. He suggested multi-vitamins for both of us. After a month of observation, he recommended IUI considering my age. First IUI did not work out but second one did 
Following were details-
CD2-9- Injectibles- gynogen
CD12- One follicle 17mm on right side, trigger Ovidrell
CD14- IUI (sperm count post wash- 3 mill (0.5ml) with 100% motility)
CD15-29- Progesterone support
CD30-33- Stopped progesterone and now waiting period. When no AF showed, I tested on CD33 (19 dpiui and got dark BFP)

Following were symptoms-
No symptoms before CD28. I did not notice implantation pain or bleeding.
CD 28-29- feeling that AF is coming, weak legs.
CD 30-33- AF feeling pretty much gone; Gassy, Heavy lower stomach, frequent urination, watery CM but not significant.
(I never experienced any breast changes either during normal cycle or BFP cycle.)

I hope things go smoothly in next 8 months and best wishes to those of you who are ttc.


I have like many other woman stalked this website for years and promised when I got my bfp I woukd tell my story.
once my wife and I saved enough money for 3 rounds if DIUI I started taking pre conception vitamins that was about 4 months before my iui I also had a hsg dye test done at the same time to make sure my tubes were open. Thank god they were I believe starting the vits and having the dye test really helped.
I have a high AMH so my clinic created a personal protocol for me of gonal f to stimulate and cetrotide to stop me ovulating too early. I was started on a low and slow dose of gonal f to stop me over stimulating here in the uk we are only allowed no more than 2 follicles for iui to go ahead. so it took me 22 days to get one big juicy follicle.

Day of iui as soon as I iui was done I put a pillow under my bum and once back in private room in clinic popped in an instead a cup for a few hours also had an orgasim :)

Dpiui 1 cramping on right side less on left had to go to work.

Dpiui 2-8 more cramping on right side but on day 8 it moved further down into pubis this day also water tea and coffee gave made me feel really nauseous..

Dpiui 9 and 10 cramping lower in to pubis and sharp pains shooting up right side but only lasted a few seconds. my back was also really sore. Day 10 also had 1 drink at a comedy night woke up feeling like a hang over.

Dpiui 11 gay pride no drink but crying at a sign someone had saying proud mummies lol

Dpiui 12 still waking up with like a hangover but put it down to lack of sleep.

dpiui 13-15 cramps think for sure AF was on route but bbs still not sore.

dpiui 15 blood test at clinic HCG 179 BFP...

could not be happier :) but now the fear of loosing this wee one has set in I hope to shake it soon when we get our heart beat scan at 7 weeks :) good luck to everyone still in their 2ww I hope my story helps I put all my faith in god whats for me wont past me xxxx

BFP after cancelled IVF

We were trying for about 2.5 years. After 3 failed IUIs, we decided to move on to IVF. I was then found to have a very low AMH (0.53) and an antral follicle count of 2. I am 34. No male factor issues. My doc put me on DHEA for 3 months hoping to improve my follicle count. Unfortunately, I still had a poor response to stims, and my doc recommended converting to IUI. I didn't have much hope of success, but we did it anyway with 2 follicles. Here are my symptoms:
DPO 1-5 mild cramping from the IUI
DPO 5-10 pretty uneventful
DPO 10 moderate cramping that started suddenly and made me want to lay down--lasted about an hour
DPO 11-13 sore nipples and mild cramping
DPO 13 BFP!! Praise God! :)

Things I did differently this time:
Used injectables (follistim, menopur and then bravelle, menopur when found to have poor response)
Eliminated caffeine (including decaf and chocolate which both contain some caffeine)
Eliminated alcohol
Added full fat dairy
Took DHEA as directed by my RE
Kept my feet warm
Oh we also used preseed for BD before and afer IUI

Things I tried in the past without success:
Pineapple core
Acupuncture and acupuncture diet (nothing cold, only whole grains, no dairy, no refined sugar etc.)

Hope this can help someone! I have studies to support why I gave up caffeine, alcohol, and dairy if interested, I can link.

IUI #2 and PCOS and 13dpiui

I am shocked!!!!!!!!!!

I just got my beta on 13 dpiui and it was 104! I took a IC pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative, so i thought I was out of the game. I didn't even take my progesterone supplements because I was like, "what's the point?" I was even looking into doing IVF for this winter because these IUIs were not taking. I had two iuis in 2011 and they didn't work, and I couldn't even get my period for the longest time! My pcos is crazy because I have high testosterone and sooo many cysts!

I didn't "feel" pregnant because I had no cm, no implantation bleeding, and my boobs were big and not that sore but I thought it was because of the progesterone supplements. I had a craving for sushi but honestly, no symptoms that were out of the ordinary. I had an IUI last month and that was BFN.

Here were my numbers:

started Bravelle on cd6: 2 vials for two weeks.
E2 levels dropped but it was 577 two days before trigger, which was the highest I ever had.
One follicle measured 18mm and the other was 14 mm. I took Ovidrel and triggered on Sunday, and BD with husband that night.

Tuesday was the IUI at 10 am, and I think I ovulated after. I didn't know husband's sperm count but it was over 10 million last month.

Of course, I kept on looking up stuff online about symptoms until I told myself to stop. I didn't test until 8dpiui (negative) and since I didn't get implantation bleeding, I just stopped hoping. Took progesterone until yesterday after another negative test, and took blood test this morning!

YAY! No symptoms. No morning sickness and maybe some cramping but I thought that would be AF.

I did pray a lot this month and tried to be more positive. Last month I was full of anxiety and wanted to cry all the time. This time, I was more chill and like, if it happens, it happens. And it did!

Wish me luck as I go in for beta #2 on Wednesday! Hope my numbers double!

9 iui's

Hello! I wanted to post to give hopeful Mom's in waiting inspiration. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 2.5 years. We're both 35, unexplained infertility. After a year of trying we started trying iui's. First 3 rounds with clomid, unsuccessfully. Then we took a 6 month hiatus before trying 3 more rounds of iui's, 1 with increased dosage of clomid and 2 with Follistim. I felt awful the last round while I was taking the Progesterone suppositories and decided to take another break from the meds and iui's. We tried naturally for 3 months however my cycles were way off at that point. I was ovulating late and my luteal phase was short (8-9) days which was new. My hormones had tested normal as well as the other standard tests they completed. I had done the first 6 iui's at my OB/GYN's office. So we went to see an RE this April and he basically said I had a 5% chance of an iui working since we had tried 6 unsuccessfully. He was strongly suggesting IVF but was in agreement with trying a few more iui's, only on Femara this time. I responded well to the Femara however, did the injection in the bum as the trigger shot for the fist 2 cycles with the RE(previously used Ovidrel). I was checking my temps and for whatever reason, I don't think I responded well to that trigger because my temps did not coincide with iui and they had on the Ovidrel. I was ready to quit after the 8th iui but my husband suggested we try one more. We did, had a good response to Femara plus 2 days of Follistim, and went back to using the Ovidrel. I felt like I ovulated 1 hour before the iui and was feeling positive about the timing. Sure enough, it worked! First time getting a positive in 2.5 years!
I had some subtle symptoms:
1 dpo: ran 4 miles, felt great. Lot's of energy.
2 dpo: nothing
3 dpo: nothing
4 dpo-6 dpo: mild cramping
7 dpo: lot's of CM-yellow and thick(usually white)
8-9 dpo: woke up during the night 8 into 9 with moderate cramping like period was coming. Typically if cramps start that early, they keep on up until AF. They also usually don't start out being as strong as this pic ramping was. I was up for a few hours due to the cramping. The next day they were gone.
10dpo: yellow thick CM, noticed unusual smells(I have a pole sense of smell normally).
11 dpo: yellow thick CM, smells increased, boobs sore (also happens before AF), no cramps!
12 dpo: went in for blood test in AM. Tinge of brown in yellow CM. Thought AF was arriving. Listened to VM from doctors office after work. Positive!...but slightly low HCG 16.
13 dpo: light brown spotting.
14 dpo: reddish rust color spotting fairly heavy. Continued spotting through next week then stopped at 5 weeks. Hcg on 16 dpo 190! Go back for US week 7.

BFP with IUI #6

I was beginning to think we would need IVF! I have atypical PCOS (I ovulate but have hormonal imbalance) and autoimmune issues--I've had a miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy prior to this one and it took us 11 months of treatment to conceive this time. Oddly, this IUI was "natural" and totally unmedicated (all of our other IUI's were with injectables). I am now 8+ weeks along and happy to share my story!

To begin, I used the CBD ovulation tests with the "smiley face" or "blank face". I got a positive OPK on CD 18, and I was inseminated 24 hours later on CD 19 (9 million sperm--frozen because my DH was out of town).

3dpo Food aversion--ordered food that I usually love but was totally grossed out when it came to the table.

6dpo Began having strange and vivid dreams--this has happened only when I'm pregnant or taking progesterone suppositories, and I *wasn't* taking progesterone this cycle

7dpo Hiccups! This has also been a sign of previous pregnancies. More strange dreams.

8dpo Super sleepy--took an afternoon nap, which I never do this. More strange dreams. Hungry.

9dpo Strange dreams & now waking up *spontaneously* at like 6 or 7am, which is a telltale sign for me (even now at 8 weeks I wake up at dawn)

10dpo Very thirsty. Gums bleeding when I brush my teeth.

11dpo-12dpo all of the above

13dpo We were in the grocery store and I practically ran away from the meat isle (I haven't looked at raw meat since). I felt nauseous!

14dpo I woke up and my boobs were gigantic! Tired and queasy.

15dpo BFP with FMU--used a FRER and the line was nearly as dark as the control line!

I'm so terribly grateful to have come this far and we are praying this is our rainbow baby! Good luck to all TTC ladies!

19 Months TTC & 2nd IUI Success!

I'm 25, hubs is 32. After 8 months trying to get pregnant I jumped the gun to go the Fertility Dr. route and we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I never imagined I would be in that merciless cycle but I was and I came out the other side blessed. A total of 19 months, 6 cycles of clomid, 2 trigger shots, 2 IUIs and 6 BFF babies born, here I am.

First IUI was textbook, everything good but still, AF came just like scheduled on day 28.

2nd IUI started out miserable. I was going to go on my 6th and final cycle of Clomid. On day 5 I went for the baseline ultrasound and i had an 18mm cyst. My dr said I could continue on and so we did just for more bad news mixed with good. On my cd12 us we saw 5 follicles, all mature and all would be released with our trigger. But our lining was down from 7 to 6 and she wasn't quite sure if it was triple layered. She recommended we go ahead with this last cycle before moving to injectables. Much easier for her to say when we were looking at $400 for the wash and IUI. But, even though I kind of felt like I was making a bad decision we went ahead.

Trigger day 12
IUI day 14
BD day 15
I stopped temping, I didn't want to see my temperature drop again. I am assuming I ovulated on day 14 due to trigger and last cycle but I was really bloated until day 15. So I just wasn't sure.

NO SYMPTOMS. I repeat. Nothing. No fatigue. No nausea none of the "oh I am pregnant!"
14dpIUI Nothing....I woke up to cramps and maybe sore boobs...maybe...but I'm always prodding and pushing to see if they are sore so who really knows. A little bit of increased cloudy white CM.

15dpIUI...I'm a day late. I usually wake up to cramps then bleeding. Cramps were there so I popped a Midol and went back to bed...woke up to no cramps and no blood...I don't attribute this next piece AT ALL to pregnancy but we ate at a popular BBQ restaurant and I ordered my fave sandwich. By the end of the meal and the 5 minute drive home I was SO BLOATED and miserable. So much gas in my stomach. Hubs dropped me off at home to get me medicine and I threw up the entire meal. Felt fine afterwards. Less CM that day.

16dpIUI...I woke up to nothing. At all. My boobs were tender but again, nothing noticeable. So, I tested. I snuck out of bed, grabbed my bag of tests (Wondfo is spectacular but I had a ClearBlue and First Response in there too) Peed into a red solo cup and dipped the wondfo. I was determined not to waste the nice tests when all I had ever seen was blank tests...As I watched,I saw the control line and nothing else and I just started to cry. I looked away to compose myself to go back to bed and tell the hubs JK and as I looked back...a line. I didn't even know what to do because I had never seen it before. NEVER. So I ripped open the other tests and dipped those babies in. All three. ALL FREAKING THREE. I got out my box in the closet with the onesies I had hid from other "I know this is it!" months and cried.

I'm 5w3d today. Still peeing on sticks (wondfo, I'm telling you!) because I have to wait until 7 weeks for my first US. My boobs are TOTALLY sore and tender all the time but that's about it. No nausea, no fatigue nothing. I might regret saying this but I almost wish there was SOMETHING besides tender boobs.

Overall, we're so excited and so nervous. I just want to see the first US and hear the heartbeat and then I will really believe. Keep hope and stay positive. This month should just have never worked but the test I took 2 hours ago said it did!! I know that hope and positivity is like THE HARDEST THING TO DO EVER but keep the faith.

babydust! <3

BFP on 10 days post ovidrel shot 250 and 8 days post IUI

This forum has helped me to cope with this tww.. My husband and I have been married for the past seven years and trying to conceive for more than 5 years. With a low sperm count and well everything is ok with me, had my ovidrel shot on July 15 and IUI on July 17th, dr said everything seems to be looking good so I'm suppose to back to the office to have my blood work and ultra sound done on August 2nd, however from the 3 day post IUI I was having sore boobs cramping like period pain and occasional nausea lasting just for a few seconds the nausea that is so on day 7 I decided to test with first response and I just saw one line and about seven minutes after I saw a very faint line which I cud have bearly seen so I'm guessing that was the trigger leaving my system continued feeling the same way so I tested again this time with a clear blue digital and to my surprise it said pregnant never had one if those before... I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I'm always faced with the disappointing BFN.. Hoping for the best...

1st day post IUI - to 2nd day nothing
3rd day - 8 day menstrual cramp sore boobs nausea positive BFP...

I would love to get some feed back on what you guys think I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard to after all those BFN...

First BFP after second IUI

I am now 17 weeks! This thread helped keep me sane during my TWWs.

CD25 (long cycle for some reason...): Faint line on OPK cheapie, but no smiley on Clearblue, figured I was close!
CD26 @ 10am: Smiley!

1DPO: IUI at 10am, Doc said the egg had already released and she could see the fluid around where it had been.

2DPO-8DPO: nothing really out of the ordinary, had lots of my typical PMS symptoms like increased hunger & libido. Temps steady at 97.8.

9DPO: Holy smokes! Woke up with loose stool during the night, with horrible painful gas--figured I had food poisoning!
Temp 98.00. Lots of feelings below belly button during the day, almost like a cramp or twinge/drilling sensation, but in one very specific spot. Also felt like I pulled my ab muscles every time I got up. -HPT with SMU on FRER

10DPO Temp 98.2 -HPT with FMU, +HPT (squinter) on FRER around 7pm! Lots of pinches/pulls/twinges, loose stool. Nothing out of the ordinary with CM.

12DPO +HPT on digital. HOLY BOOBS! They are HUGE and soooo painful. Still loose stool...temp 98.7 CM still normal, dryish.

Baby Dust to all!