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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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Let's try this again....

Hello I am new to this site. I am 31 and married and have been TCC since August 2012. 3 failed iui. I have not been responding to injectable horomones. I am now starting metformin and on a strict diet and exercise. It's been a tough road. I am going to try IVF however I need to respond to the medications! All the shots have been intramuscular hoping that would help but no such luck. Need some support feeling pretty down. Thanks all!

TTC for 2 years, blocked tube, adhesions, IUI, chronic spotting before period and finally SUCCESS!

Hello :) I have spent literally the last entire year of my life Googling every possible infertility issue and every phantom early pregnancy symptom. It was really consuming my life. I was living in this constant 14 day limbo and month after month getting my hopes up during the two week wait only to be sadly disappointed when my period would come without fail.
About two years ago I started experiencing extreme pelvic pain not related to uterine cramps during my Period. Sometime after sex I would have trouble even standing due to the pain for any length of time lasting up to 3 days after. I am 26 years old, my husband is 36 with an off the charts sperm count and motility. At this point I expressed my concern to my OBGYN during a routine exam. She scheduled me with a RE to do a sonohistogram. He could tell something wasn't normal with at least one of my tubes so I was scheduled to have laproscopic surgery in December 2013. During the surgery, the doctors found tons of heavy abdominal adhesions and that my right tube was proximally blocked (at the uterus). The doctor said we were likely to be pregnant in 6 months with timed intercourse. Well 10 cycles passed and we decided to move forward with IUI. Two weeks later I was devastated with a negative pregnancy test. We really were facing the fact that the doctors wanted to move us to IVF and I really couldn't find much info online about successful IUIs with tubal infertility, even one blocked side and one open side. We decided we would finish our last IUI cycle before IVF and take time to decide if we really wanted to spend the $13000 it would have cost us for what felt like a huge gamble. Well yesterday at 10DPIUI I was not experiencing the usual spotting I have every month like clockwork on 9DPO, I was at work and just felt some heaviness in my breasts and decided to come home and test midday without holding urine for more than and hour... Just for the hell of it I guess. Well you can imagine my complete shock when a light pink second line showed up. I threw up I was so blown away! That was my instant reaction!! I took another test 24hrs later and it was still light, but darker than the day before! I mostly felt compelled to share my story for anyone feeling helpless from long term TTC and dealing with tubal factor infertility. As long as one tube is patent, IUI can work!! I am the living proof of this now. I never thought we would conceive without IVF! Good luck to anyone out there dealing with something similar. I wish you luck and happiness. Thanks for reading my journey :)

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Last year I promised to myself I'll share my story.
I had breast cancer at 35 and had operations and chemotherapy.
I had to wait 2 years and three months after I finished the last chemotherapy treatment before I could try to get pregnant so I was 38 and 4 months when I started trying.
As I was worried time was running out we went straight to IVF. However, as a result of the chemotherapy my overian reserve was extremely low (1.1) psh very high (range between 10-22) and the response to IVF treatment was poor (best result was 2 follicles, 2 eggs one fertile = bfn).
Do we decided to move to IUIs as we were told there would be the same chance of success.
First cycle of IUI I had a chemical pregnancy and the result of the second cycle is now 5 weeks and sleeping in a bassinet next to me! I was too worried to post until now but was keen to share the good news now that my ds is out and well. I found out that I was pregnant on 23 December 2013 and could not have hoped for a better Christmas present.
My strategy was to have a plan b and c in case things were not going to work ( egg donation and serogate). It have me hope that no matter how I will have a child at the end of the process. I felt that there was less pressure on each cycle that way.
Good luck to you all and thank you to all the great stories it really gave mad hope during the long painful wait.

My BFP story!

My husband and I are 38 years old. We have one 3 year old daughter. It took us over 6 years to get pregnant with her. We both have unexplained infertility plus I've had some issues with endometriosis. Its way too much to go into detail but after 2 surgeries, months on clomid and a few iui's we moved forward to IVF and conceived.

I breast feed my daughter for a year and since then we have been trying to conceive #2. This is my story.

End of 2012 - tried naturally until mid 2013
2013- July IVF failed - Aug through Nov clomid - Fluid showing on ultrasound that could be hostile and more endometriosis DEC Surgery to remove fluid and some scar tissue- one tube and ovary attached to wall of abdomen from endometriosis - stage II
2014 -Jan-Aug -Tried clomid and had to skip some months due to a cyst. 2 iui's with clomid & ovidriel
2014- Sept IUI with clomid and follistim booster, Trigger & progesterone BFP!!!!!!!

Clomid cd3-7
Follistim cd5, cd7, cd9
Scan cd9 Follicles 14mm, 14mm & 12mm
Trigger cd11
iui cd13, BD cd11, 13, 14 and 15
Sperm Post Wash Volume- .06, Total Count 26 million, Motility, 61%, Progression Slow, Normal Morphology 17% (count & morphology was actually lowest this month)

iui day cd 13- nothing
1dpiui -bloated and mild cramping lower abdomen
2dpiui -mild cramping - started progesterone
3dpiui -mild cramping and lightheaded on and off all day, metallic taste in mouth in evening
4dpiui - nothing, felt great
5dpiui - hot flash night before
6dpiui -boobs and nipples sore today - didn't sleep well last night and some hot flashes
7dpiui -nipples and side boobs sore all day
8dpiui- slept really good last night, boobs feel less sore but feel heavy, some mild cramping, got REALLY tired at night and had dull aching in evening
9dpiui - woke up feeling good, had hot flash last night again, cramping throughout the day and lower back starting to hurt, faint line on Walmart test mid day (maybe trigger??) urine held for about 2 hours.
10dpiui - hot flash again last night, metallic taste in mouth, nipples and boobs sore, some mild cramping, small brown dot on tp when wiped
faint line on Walmart test late morning (darker then yesterday), cramping, bloated and tired at night
11dpiui - hot flash last night, yellow cm and mild cramping, lower back pain all day, crotch feels heavy, FMU BFP! pretty dark line, called doc and they stated trigger is out of your system in 10 days so BFP was actually at 9dpiui. BETA 107

Since 11dpiui I am still having some cramping, some mild nausea, hot flashes, heartburn, boobs feel super huge and nipples feel raw.
I had my 2nd BETA today and waiting for the results. I am still in shock. We tried so long for #1 and #2. We actually decided to only do 1 more iui after this one and we were going to try naturally for maybe another 6 months. After that we were going to accept the fact that were only going to have one child. Now things have changed. I have always felt in my heart we were going to have another baby and it actually happened. God has blessed us a second time and I cannot be happier. Now we wait for the 12th week so we can share the news!

If your curious of the things I did differently .....
Bought & ate the following ORGANIC only -the past 6 months (only when eating at home)- eggs and anything on the dirty dozen list
Ate more fruits and veggies, added kale to all my shakes after working out
Switched from weights and some light cardio after 5 years to Body sculpt & abs/cardio classes 3 times a week (I think this helped with circulation)
This month only- had green tea (match) every morning and very little coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker but a had coffee every day
Husband took maca pills everyday and we tried to BD more often
Both my husband and I took 15 minutes to pray each day for a week straight last month. Paying is not new to us but we made that week commitment after learning more about the power in prayer from our church.

I wish the best of luck to anyone who is reading this and hope that you get your BFP soon! Have faith and hope and it will happen. I truly believe that everyone has a plan and everything happens for a reason. God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

got a BFP at 45 with 2 nd IUI please don't loose your hopes

Hi Everybody,

I have been seeing fertility specialists and heard similar stories that for my age it is not possible to get pregnant with my eggs but donor eggs (Which was very stressful to hear because I did not have any babies ) and my chances are 1%.
I was hopeful and determined so I did not give up my hopes- infact I told the Doctor and Nurse that "I feel I am going to get pregnant"
for more than my belief I was just hoping that they would stop any discouraging words when I say so :)
I believe in self confidence, nothing works for me without it.

If you ladies would like to know anything about tww and other little tips I followed I am glad to share 'cos its too much to mention here.
I was diagnosed with a uterus polyp and the doctor recommended me to do a laporascopy to remove the polyp and me and my DH was very nervous but that was the best decision I ever made in this journey. Right after the lap I did the 1 st IUI and the next cycle which is the 2 nd IUI in which I got pregnant.I prayed everyday and cried asking for a one baby regardless of all negative comments from fertility specialists and nurses.

First BFP with First Cycle of IUI - PCOS 38 years old

It still feels very surreal, but after more than 15 months of TTC naturally with PCOS, we did our first medicated cycle with Gonal F and Ovidrel and it worked! I had one 17 mm follicle and a 12 mm follicle the days we did the trigger and 18 days later my beta results showed high numbers and I had two bright red lines on the HPT. My husbands sperm count was awesome at 35 million post wash, my gorgeous superman! I was so convinced that I was out this cycle that I didn't even want to POAS for fear of disappointment. I have to say that while I was trying to hone in on symptoms, I didn't (and still don't) feel much except for sore boobs. I think that too many women on these forms OBSESSS about every symptoms and drive themselves crazy! That being said, you know when something is up/off with your body.

** DPIUI=DPO (I had the IUI on ovulation day, 36 hours after the trigger shot. My uterus felt crampy and stretched during the insemination, which the doctor believed meant that I was ovulating at that exact moment! I came in with a full bladder, which makes the procedure go much smoother because it helps guide the catheter to the right place).

Things I did differently this cycle: I had several glasses of wine and a few cafe lattes. Throughout most of this cycle I did daily meditation and fertility yoga to calm me down, bring rich and nourishing blood to my uterus, and take the seat of a momma in my heart.

1-6 DPIUI: Nothing

7 DPIUI: Period-type cramps and pinching ovaries. I am convinced that my body is preparing for an eventual period.

8 DPIUI: Went to bathroom four times. Intense cramping after orgasm. Period like cramps.

9 DPIUI: Pinching ovaries in the morning, period-like cramps.

10 DPO: I am SURE that my period in the next 2-3 days so I bump up my Beta test at the hospital by three days to make sure that I can start another round of fertility meds next month :(

11 DPIUI: Insane uterine cramping after sex. I have never had this before and worried that something is wrong.

12 DPIUI: Went hiking and during this time had about 30 minutes of the most insane cramps that suddenly went away. I think this may have been implantation day. I felt like I was going to pass out but just breathed and walked through it and felt nothing for the rest of the day and evening.

13 DPIUI: Boobs KILL and I have lower pelvic cramping. Period is coming any day now…

14DPIUI: Some lower pelvis cramping, but more mild.

15DPIUI: Period like cramps and intense heart palpitations that prevent me from sleeping soundly.

16 DPIUI: Heart palpitations again, annoying! Mild period type cramps. Since I am convinced that I am not pregnant, I worry about why my period hasn't started. In the evening I get weird pokey pains near my belly button on/off.

17 DPIUI: Pain in uterus after orgasm and pressure in anus (sorry, TMI). CM is very wet.

18 DPIUI - BFP!!!!!!: Very mild period-type cramps and while my boobs are sore, they are less so. Go for Beta in the morning and don't check my messages until I am with my husband at 5pm. I can't believe it, so so SURREAL. The nurse didn't leave the numbers, but said that they are very high and look amazing. Going in for a viability scan in 11 days.

** This was our first medicated cycle and it worked! While potentially pregnancy was on my radar, I slept with a pad from 11-15 DPIUI because I was SURE that AF was on the way.

Never stop giving up hope and don't read the dire information regarding TTC after 35. Think positively and believe that it is possible. Miracles happen EVERY day to those that least expect them. I know many women who have 2 or three kids and didn't start TTC until way after 35.

BFP after PCOS and Fibroids and 2+ Years of Trying

My brand new baby is actually sleeping, I was too superstitious to post my story during pregnancy. I took comfort in reading other people's success stories and vowed I would post mine one day, so here it is! It was a long 2+ years of trying for my LO and I am so blessed that I can now call myself a Mama!

Here is the condensed version of my journey:

After coming off BCPs my periods were non-existent/ 50+ days. After 6 frustrating months I was dx'd with PCOS. My MD put me on 2000mg of Metformin and my cycles regulated to 31-32 days ( and I lost the extra 30 pounds I had been carrying). Still no BFP. At the one year mark I went in for an HSG and was diagnosed with fibroids. I had laparoscopic surgery to remove them, but my case was way too complicated. Talk about a crappy thing to wake up to after surgery. A month later I underwent an abdominal myomectomy (my MD threw in some bonus ovarian drilling while she was in there!). That was a big, tough surgery, but they removed over a 1/2 pound of fibroids that were preventing implantation and blocking my tubes. After I had three periods, I was able to start Clomid. 4 rounds of 50 mg and one IUI and I was still getting BFNs. I ovulated without a trigger, but apparently it was weak. On the 5th round I was bumped to 100mg and did an IUI and boom BFP! I couldn't believe my eyes!

Pregnancy symptoms before BFP:
Moody and really irritable (unusual for me)
Cramps ( thought AF was coming early, never got cramps until after she arrived)
Very tired
Slightly Nauseous (my hubby had a stomach bug and I was sure I had it too but nope it was my baby!)

It was a journey filled with lots of tears and lots of heartache. Physical and emotionally, I went through a lot but it was all worth it! The sound of my baby's first cry made all that I went through seem like a distant dream.

Yes! On DPO 11

We used IUI and got a BFP on our first round. Here we're my signs:

DPO 1-8 Nothing
DPO 9 Extreme tiredness early evening and very moody/ cranky.
DPO 10 Woke up with spotting (light brown), bad headache which I never get, strange taste in mouth but not metallic.
DPO 11 Spotting continues on and off, slightly sore boobs but nothing more than what I normally have during PMS. Moodiness and crying. Took a test with First Response Early and got faint line but Clear Blue digital said Not Pregnant.
DPO 12. Spotting gone. Boobs more sore. Took blood test at doctor and pregnant with hcg 25 and prog at 18. Doctor tells me these "are good numbers". I'm going in on DPO 14 for another blood test.
DPO 13 Woke up with no symptoms but Clear Blue now says I'm pregnant!

Good luck ladies!

Over 3 Years TTC

I can't believe it's my turn! My DH and I have been TTC since we got married. I'm 30 and he's 35. After a few months I decided to try using OPK's. They didn't work for me and I was frustrated and spending too much $! I'd start at cd10 and would neg up to cd22. One month I finally got my first "blinking smiley face" and it stayed that way for 9 days and I never got the standard smiley. I started temping trying to figure my O Day at cd21 and some months it was all over the place. After a year we went to an RE. He started me on Femara since I wasn't O'ing each cycle. My husband had an SE which came back slightly low. He had be dx with Acromegaly, a rare form of adult giantism the year prior. He had a golf-ball sized tumor removed from his pituitary gland and his symptoms started to improve. He was put on Clomid to help with his sperm and started taking FertilAid. Within a few months his sperm count increased to low-normal. We continued Femara and then started injectibles to time our chances better-BFN's. We then had our first IUI-BFN. Something was bothering me about the clinic and I really liked the doctor, but I didn't like his RN's. I didn't feel they cared about me and the one RN also talked to me like I was an idiot. I decided to switch RE's, but a bit further. She was great! I didn't have to temp-wahoo! I'd been temping for over a year with the other RE and on my own- I was sick of it! She checked my blood work each cycle, before and after O, and the other clinic didn't. We did 2 IUI's-BFN. I was starting to lose hope. Everyone around me was getting pregnant and I was turning into Negative Nancy-BFN as in Big Fat Negative Nancy since I had gained weight through TTC and even though I was exercising and eating well I was gaining! My boobs were ginourmous- I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. We had taken 6m off TTC to give us a break and my DH quit drinking and we started marriage counseling. We started repairing our relationship after the toll that TTC and other life stressors put on our marriage. I had already spoke with the RE about IVF before our break. I was putting financials in order, but then going through such a rough patch in our relationship. We were even turned down for a loan for IVF and I thought it wasn't meant to be. We decided to start trying again and the RE did bloodwork and saw that my Prolactin was high and sent me for an MRI. They found a small pituitary tumor that was producing too much Prolactin making my boobs ginourmous and throwing my ovulation off each month. My husband and I both had pituitary tumors!! I was put on Cabergoline in June and my symptoms improved. In Aug we decided to try IUI again since we couldn't afford IVF and our insurance covers half. I did Femara days 4-8 (supp to be 3-7, but my Rx wasn't sent through), and 250mg Ovidrel on cd14 after finding 1 follie (18mm and 1 large 30mm cyst that's been there for a year)on u/s cd 12. Our insurance didn't cover Ovidrel and it cost $140. I didn't think 1 follie would be enough! It was! The morning of the IUI was a disaster! My husband is a firefighter and had to do his sample at work and then rush it to the clinic. He got "stage fright" and couldn't do it- I cried. He tried again at home and he got it! I rushed to the clinic 45 mins away and almost ran out of gas! I was so afraid we wouldn't get the sample there in time and it wouldn't be enough (didn't look like a lot)! It was! 19 million (93%mot, 81%morph)!
1-8dpiui-bloating, slight dizziness
9-14dpiui-same with indigestion, fatigue (no boob tenderness at all!)
Very very faint BFP on 13dpiui-DH was skeptical (CVS brand)
Faint BFP on 14dpiui, BFP on Clear Blue Digital!
We still need to get bloodwork to confirm, but after NEVER having the slightest BFP I'm so excited! I'm hoping it's a sure thing! Sorry so long, but 3y is a lot of work!
I didn't like when people said "it'll happen"- it made me so mad, but they were right!
Keep praying my friends <3

BFP at second IUI

Hi!! Really excited to share my BFP story with you.

Background- Me (32) and DH (36) have been married for 7 years and have been ttc (first timers) since last 2 years. 2 Years!! Man! That was a long wait and we started getting desperate though we tried to be calm and patient about it. We were regularly using OPKs to make sure we don’t miss out on important days. My cycles have been regular, with slight length variation 29/30/31 days. I had one off cycle of 45 days when it was a stressful time on work front for me. I always got ovulation days as CD16/CD18 when using OPKs. Both of us are working, jobs are stressful though not all the time.

On Gynae recommendation, we did hormonal profiling, follicular study, semen analysis, endometrial blood flow study and results were OK, sperm count being slightly on lower side but still OK. I did not do any tube check- either HSG or laparoscopy.
Three months earlier, we consulted fertility expert. He suggested multi-vitamins for both of us. After a month of observation, he recommended IUI considering my age. First IUI did not work out but second one did 
Following were details-
CD2-9- Injectibles- gynogen
CD12- One follicle 17mm on right side, trigger Ovidrell
CD14- IUI (sperm count post wash- 3 mill (0.5ml) with 100% motility)
CD15-29- Progesterone support
CD30-33- Stopped progesterone and now waiting period. When no AF showed, I tested on CD33 (19 dpiui and got dark BFP)

Following were symptoms-
No symptoms before CD28. I did not notice implantation pain or bleeding.
CD 28-29- feeling that AF is coming, weak legs.
CD 30-33- AF feeling pretty much gone; Gassy, Heavy lower stomach, frequent urination, watery CM but not significant.
(I never experienced any breast changes either during normal cycle or BFP cycle.)

I hope things go smoothly in next 8 months and best wishes to those of you who are ttc.