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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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BFP on 10 days post ovidrel shot 250 and 8 days post IUI

This forum has helped me to cope with this tww.. My husband and I have been married for the past seven years and trying to conceive for more than 5 years. With a low sperm count and well everything is ok with me, had my ovidrel shot on July 15 and IUI on July 17th, dr said everything seems to be looking good so I'm suppose to back to the office to have my blood work and ultra sound done on August 2nd, however from the 3 day post IUI I was having sore boobs cramping like period pain and occasional nausea lasting just for a few seconds the nausea that is so on day 7 I decided to test with first response and I just saw one line and about seven minutes after I saw a very faint line which I cud have bearly seen so I'm guessing that was the trigger leaving my system continued feeling the same way so I tested again this time with a clear blue digital and to my surprise it said pregnant never had one if those before... I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I'm always faced with the disappointing BFN.. Hoping for the best...

1st day post IUI - to 2nd day nothing
3rd day - 8 day menstrual cramp sore boobs nausea positive BFP...

I would love to get some feed back on what you guys think I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard to after all those BFN...

First BFP after second IUI

I am now 17 weeks! This thread helped keep me sane during my TWWs.

CD25 (long cycle for some reason...): Faint line on OPK cheapie, but no smiley on Clearblue, figured I was close!
CD26 @ 10am: Smiley!

1DPO: IUI at 10am, Doc said the egg had already released and she could see the fluid around where it had been.

2DPO-8DPO: nothing really out of the ordinary, had lots of my typical PMS symptoms like increased hunger & libido. Temps steady at 97.8.

9DPO: Holy smokes! Woke up with loose stool during the night, with horrible painful gas--figured I had food poisoning!
Temp 98.00. Lots of feelings below belly button during the day, almost like a cramp or twinge/drilling sensation, but in one very specific spot. Also felt like I pulled my ab muscles every time I got up. -HPT with SMU on FRER

10DPO Temp 98.2 -HPT with FMU, +HPT (squinter) on FRER around 7pm! Lots of pinches/pulls/twinges, loose stool. Nothing out of the ordinary with CM.

12DPO +HPT on digital. HOLY BOOBS! They are HUGE and soooo painful. Still loose stool...temp 98.7 CM still normal, dryish.

Baby Dust to all!


I know everyone on this site is looking for hope! as i have been for the last 2 years and finally here is my BFP !! yay!!! im sooooo happy and nervous at the same time.

my background i only have one tube due to an ectopic pregnancy in the past. so i knew since thn my chances of getting pregnant were lower but not impossible. after TTC on our own for over a year i dicided to go see a fertility Doctor. im not sure why but for me it was kind of embarassing to go to a " fertility doctor" i felt like i had failed a woman
(completely crazy thoughts i know) but we did and he gave us all the options available. he recommended i started with a dye test to check if my only tube was open. Since i was still in denial i told him we would try on our own for 2 more months and wait for after the holidays to start this process. well january was here and no baby bean yet. so i called to schedule my appointmet for a "dye test".

01/2014 dye test results came back good we had one good working tube!! yay
02/14 i had irregular cycles so AF decided not to show this month
March-april -first cycle on clomid =BFN
April-May cycle= after blood work was diagnosed with PCOS was put on Metmormin 50/100/150mg increasing dosage over 3 weeks. had to be on metoformin for 6 weeks before i can do clomid again= all of this equal a BFN on metformin alone

June 2014 now on metforming did my second round of cloind 100mg on CD 5-9. wnt back for sonogram on CD 12 and had 2 follicles one on the right side 20mm and one on left 18mm
06/26/14 trigger shot
06/27/14 IUI
06/28/14 BD

3DPIUI i developed 2 mouth cold sores ( strange)
4-7DPIUI moody/angry
8DPIUI- AF like cramping was starting to feel sad
9DPIUI-sored/heavy boobs
10DPIUI-(TMI alert) foul smell with FMU felt like a yeast infection was coming. tested with dollar tree cheapie BFN
11DPIUI- urine was back to normal on its own. moved on from issue
12DPIUI-i prayed and prayed and asked God for the blessing of being a mother one day. i told him i didnt understand why this was happening but i would try to understand his plan for me. so once i got up i tested with dollar tree cheapie first thing in the morning and got my first very faint Positive! i tested again in the evening same results
13DPIUI- tested in the AM again and the line had a bit more color ( yay) tested at night time with a digital clear blue test and it said " pregnant"

im so excited and nervous just praying everything goes good. i have my blood test today to confirm pregnancy.

Baby Dust to everyone. i know it gets very hard but dont give up!!!

2 weeks wait is over

26 th june did my iui. Ghe 2 weeks wait was like waiting forever.

Diring the wait my appetite has increased..gassy..bloated..cramping and twiching on my right side.also a bit constipated.

Tomorrow would be visiting the doc..please pray that i am pregnant.

I also feel giddy and nausea.

Am i pregnant?

37 years old, PCOS, and pregnant from IUI!

I was originally a tww stalker 7 years ago when I tried to get pregnant with my first husband at 30. We tried for a year and a half-6 months on clomid, the last two at 150 with IUI's. I had a chemical pregnancy from the 2nd IUI, and then I stopped trying to get pregnant. After all that time I realized I was trying to get pregnant by myself, as crazy as that sounds, so I knew I had to figure out what was going on in my marriage before I kept going. My fertility journey at that time uncovered the problems my marriage had-I wasn't supported and I wasn't happy. It took about a year, but I left him after accepting that I might not have the chance to be a mother in a traditional sense. I knew I had to leave, so I had to let go of my want, obsession with, and dream of being a mom. I was 32, had PCOS, and didn't know if I'd remarry, at least in time to start a family. Fast forward a few years...I just got remarried in December to a wonderful, handsome, and supportive man 6 years my junior. He knew all of my pregnancy worries and drama when we met, and he still married me! God Bless him. So a few months after we married, I went back to the specialist as we had been unofficially trying since we were engaged. They put me on Metformin 50mg, and clomid 50mg, that didn't work. I then had a cycle with 100mg clomid and an IUI on mother's day, and we were both so confident that this was it. Nope. So we got started with an IVF consult, injectables class, and orientation all while doing another round of clomid 150mg and an IUI with a novarel trigger shot. I truly didn't think it was going to work, even though it was the same plan that got me pregnant 6 years ago. I didn't pay much attention to symptoms only because I obsessed the month before and it didn't happen. I decided to jump on the super hopeful train to IVF and that's where I put my energy. The only thing I would say is that my breasts didn't hurt all that much, I felt like I was getting my period, and that's it. On 13dpo, I took a test because I had one at home already and the second line came up in a few seconds. I was calm because I thought it might just be the hcg in my system from the shot, but it wasn't. The blood test the next day came back positive. I'm now at 19dpo and all my numbers are good right now, so I'm happy and shocked and grateful beyond words. My advice to all of you who are reading this is:

For me, I feel that the trigger shot was huge. The month before, they said I didn't need it, but I don't fully believe that so when they gave me the choice to use it this cycle, I chose to.
Ovulation sticks were bs for me. I used the expensive ones with the flashy electronic face, but they didn't work for me. They gave me positives at the wrong times. I believe they work, but the directions say PCOS can affect the effectiveness of the tool so just be careful if you obsess over those also. I know I did, but when they told me to ditch them, I was relieved.
I'm 37 and this worked for me. I know and believe that after 35, our fertility declines. But decline doesn't mean ends.
And lastly-if you feel unsupported on your quest to start a family, reconsider what's going on in your relationship. For me, that was a huge problem and it made me feel terrible. It felt so different with my new, upgraded hubby that I know if this blessing doesn't stick, he will be there for me as we push forward through IVF.

BFP after 18 months TTC and IUI + Ovidrel

We started ttc in January 2013 and thought it would be a piece of cake. Wrong. After 6 months with irregular cycles (33-90 days) I got a PCOS blood work up. Levels were within normal range, except LH and FSH, showing borderline PCOS. I also have polycystic ovaries. Doc said to wait until we'd been trying for 12 months, then try clomid. Hubby had a semen analysis done (all normal). We did 50mg clomid and 100mg clomid. I ovulated both cycles, but still got BFN. Started seeing an RE. Had an HSG done. Right tube slighty blocked, but dye pushed through. Blood tests and ultrasounds still showing all normal, except polycystic ovaries. Did one cycle of unmonitored femara: BFN. Went back to RE. Here's the combo that worked for us:
-Things I'm taking already: fish oil, prenatal vitamin-
CD3 blood test showed vitamin D3 levels were 17 and should be at the least 30+. Started 4000iu vit. D3 on CD17
5mg Femara (CD3-7)
250 Ovidrel on CD13 with 24mm and 29mm follies, 9mm lining
IUI on CD15
Ovulation pain 2 hours after IUI
Start 400mg progesterone suppositories on CD16
CD18 bloodwork shows P4 of 45

Nothing unusual until 7dpo: nausea in p.m.
8dpo: really strong cramp for a few seconds in the morning. Felt like when you hold a fart in, but more frontwards. Nausea again in p.m., trigger still faint on HPT
9dpo: more nausea in p.m. on and off nipple/breast pain and swelling., trigger faint
10dpo: a little nausea, a little breast pain, trigger faint
11dpo: hungry all day, thirsty, BFP!
12dpo (today): early morning insomnia, horrible bloating in a.m. that makes stomach hurt, BFP again and it's darker so I know it's not trigger!

Going for an HCG beta on Wednesday! I hope this is it for us! Good luck to everyone ttc :)

BFP after failed 1st IVF

This site has helped me patiently get through my 2WW and I am happy to say that I have great news to post for my fellow readers. I am 41 and DH is 36. My issues are obviously age and high FSH/diminished ovarian reserve. DH had no issues and his swimmers were tested as excellent. After meeting with my 1st RE, he had me go straight to IVF with 300 iu Follistim and 300 iu Menopur (aggressive treatment.) This ultimately resulted in about 8 follicles. Two fertilized (one mature, one matured JUST in time for my transfer.) After a LONG 2ww, BFN. I decided to change my RE to one that specialized in diminished ovarian reserve. He told me that my body may not respond well to aggressive treatment and felt strongly that I should do a much less aggressive IVF cycle. Bad news was that the lab was closed for cleaning in July, so I would need to wait till Aug for my 2nd IVF cycle. He suggest that I not waste the time and just give IUI a try. He said, it was a long shot, but that it would be worth it just to see how my body reacted to Clomid. So we did an IUI cycle with just Clomid. The results were about the same amount of follicles (which was amazing since I hardly took any medication for the IUI cycle) Here is the daily breakdown:

* Trigger (had sex the night before...JUST in case)
* IUI 24 hours after Trigger. Also had sex the night after IUI and the morning after - esp since the IUI was only 24 hours after trigger. Definitely felt cramps throughout the day. I never felt cramps with ivf, must be a good sign.
* 1dpiui - First time I've slept through the whole night. Had some minimal cramping
* 2dpiui - No symptoms
* 3dpiui - No symptoms
* 4dpiui - Some white milky discharge
* 5dpiui - No symptoms
* 6dpiui - A little cramping
* 7dpiui - Woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (never happens). Felt a tugging type of cramping on my left side. Also slight heartburn and gassy
* 8dpiui - Bathroom again in the middle of the night. Feeling very hungry.
* 9dpiui - Took cheap Wondfo HPT. There could be a really light line? Maybe not. I think i'm seeing things.
* 10dpiui - Wondfo HPT gave me a very very very faint line. Still don't want to get excited. More cramps/tugging on left side.
* 11dpiui - Definitely seeing a faint line. Things are definitely looking good.
* 12dpiui - Took FREP and its a solid line!!!! Strong tugging on my life side
* 13dpiui - Wondfo HPT giving me a stronger line. Weird tugging now on my RIGHT side. First time i'm feeling anything on my right side. Also felt a tightness around my ovaries during the night.
* 14dpiui - Beta came in BFP!!! HCG levels are high at 356. Nurse said I should prepare myself for the slight possibilities of twins. Will need to check 2nd beta at 16dpiui and ultrasound a week later.

I don't even know how this is all possible (thank you GOD). With a failed IVF, I can not believe my first IUI was a success, especially at 41 years old. For everyone not give up or lose faith.

Pride BFP!

My partner and I have been TTC for 5 months. I am 32 years old and we are using frozen sperm from a donor. A year ago my doctor said I had "low AMH", indicating a low ovarian reserve (.9) I've had horrific period pains since I was 12 and I've also never been pregnant. I had an irrational fear that I wouldn't be able to conceive, but here I am, sharing my BFP!!!!

We tried 4 natural IUIs (no fertility drugs) using opks for timing. None of them worked, although I was ovulating on my own. With frozen sperm, timing is really tricky. You basically have to time the IUI within 6 hours of ovulation (which is mainly why I think IUI #5 was a success. I felt ovulation pains about 5 hours after the insemination.)
I also was taking my temperature for 8 months or so... but quit after the 4th IUI for sanity's sake. I got my BFP with our 5th IUI, first one on 100mg of Clomid. I had no unpleasant symptoms while taking Clomid. I produced 2 follicles (one side had a 30mm and the other a 17mm) when I had a natural surge on cycle day 12 (which was early for me- I usually ovulate day 14-17). The doctor said the 30mm was a bit large and the 17mm was a bit small, but one of them must have triggered the LH surge and eventually implanted!

Sunday was the Gay Pride celebration in San Francisco. I was out all day Saturday celebrating (without alcohol, of course) but I felt a bit queasy throughout the day. Since I hadn't been feeling well, I took a pregnancy test (one of the cheap $ tests from the Internet) and when I didn't see a second line (after an impatient 30 seconds of waiting) I decided it was negative and slumped back to bed. My partner went into the bathroom about 5 minutes later and said, "I see a faint line!!!!" I couldn't believe it. I bought a First Response test and had a very clear double line. Tears of joy. Just to be sure, I got a blood test and my bHCG was 90... which apparently a good number for 13dpo. I go back tomorrow for another test to make sure the number is going up.

I've been going to acupuncture, taking prenatal vitamins, an Omega complex supplement, Floradix, Inositol, and CoQ10/Ubiquinol. I also quit drinking alcohol and caffeine 8 months ago and have been eating healthy (no processed foods, high protein, lots of leafy greens, minimal grains).

Since I'm on progesterone suppositories I tried my best to not read into any symptoms. I've thought I was pregnant almost every time we have tried due to the pesky progesterone fake out. Despite this... there were a few things I noted:
6-7 dpo Notable bouts of nausea (lasting for 30-45 minutes). I felt so ill, I was getting goosebump chills.
Then I had the normal progesterone fun: bloating, gas, irritability, fatigue
I was a bit more fatigued than past cycles though. I also have incredibly vivid dreams starting about 6dpo. I was dreaming I was pregnant almost every night.
I also had constipation (fun!) followed by explosive diarrhea (even more fun!) on 12dpo

I'm 14dpo now and haven't noticed any soreness in my breasts. So, I guess it doesn't happen to everyone (which is what I thought by reading everyone else's BFP stories).

Don't give up. Stay positive. It will happen.

2nd IUI Success : Perfect Timing

Like many who have posted their BFP stories, I too relied on this site during my TWW. I must have read hundreds of stories, some with circumstances similar to my own, and others vastly different-just because I wanted to read a story I knew was going to end in a positive test.

A little bit about myself. I’m 28 and soon to be a SMC (Single Mother by Choice). About two years ago, I decided this was what I was going to do, but I didn’t start trying to conceive right away. Early last year I met with my OBGYN, who agreed to work with me to do IUIs. While I was in relatively good health, he was worried about how my chances at success might be impacted by my weight. I decided to take last year to devote to changing my lifestyle in order to get healthier before trying to get pregnant. I cut out caffeine and fast food, added exercise, ran my first 5K and ended up losing about 90 pounds. Needless to say, my doctor was pretty happy when I came in earlier this fall to have my preconception check up.

I had been charting using fertility friend for over six months, and while my charts did indicate that I was ovulating, I asked to use Clomid anyways. While I’m not typically a person who takes medication unless they have to, I wanted to give myself the best possible chance of conception. For my first cycle, I was on 50 mg, CD 5-9.

My first IUI was in May. I knew this IUI wouldn’t work before I even went in to the office, but I still held out hope for the one in a million shot. I didn’t get a clear positive OPK that cycle, though I did have my IUI on the first peak reading of my ClearBlue fertility monitor. The reason I went in without a positive OPK was my doctor was going on vacation and while I ordered a 14 day tank from the sperm bank, it couldn’t wait until he got back. I decided to just go in, knowing that at least I had a slightly better chance than not doing it at all.

That first cycle, I was convinced I was pregnant. I was tired, my breasts were tender (which they never are before AF), I was nauseated and dizzy a few days. My cycles are usually around 28-29 days. When AF didn’t come on day 29 and my test said negative, a nurse I work with ordered labwork for me. I got the results on cycle day 30, negative, and AF came the next day. I was upset but not overly surprised.

My second IUI was in June. This time, I got my positive OPK on a Wednesday evening, at about 8 pm. I called my doctor on his cell phone (he really didn’t want to miss our window). He asked me what had made me test so late, and I told him I just had a feeling that day so I did 4 OPKs at different times. He told me he had surgery in the morning, but we’d do the IUI in the afternoon and still be within the window. (For this cycle, I was on 100 mg Clomid, CD 5-9.)

The day of my IUI, I felt what I suspected to be ovulation pains in the morning. The cramping was short lasting and on my right side only. I took this to be a great sign that our timing was perfect this month.

For my second IUI, I swear I felt cramping start as soon as the sperm went in and it didn’t go away for over 12 hours. I took it easy for the next 24 hours, not doing anything more strenuous than fertility yoga and walking my dogs.

This time I didn’t feel pregnant. My breasts were tender again (though I had begun to suspect this was from the Clomid). I was a little tired, but suspected this was from anxiety and the TWW itself.

On 7, 8 and 9 DPIUI, I had some nausea in the AM, combined with some cramping. This was worst on 8 DIPUI, when the nurse at work almost sent me home because I looked so horrible. (I wonder if this could have possibly been a result of implantation.)

At 11 DPIUI, I tested negative with FRER in the AM. For some reason though, I decided to test with an internet cheapie that evening and was convinced I saw a very faint line. Unfortunately, no one was home to verify this for me. The next morning, I took another internet cheapie and saw another very faint line. My sister questioned whether the lines were there or not. Worried that maybe the tests were bad or these were evap lines, I took three tests from the same lot to work and had three of my friends take them (one is 5 months pregnant, she was our control). My non-pregnant coworkers did not have the line. I began at this point to get nervously excited.

At 12 DPIUI, I took four pregnancy tests in the morning. I wanted to be very sure  I took an internet cheapie (very faint line), Dollar Tree test (faint line), FRER (faint line) and ClearBlue digital (Pregnant). I was ecstatic.


Did my first iui on thursday the 26 th june.

My right and left ovaries were 20 and 18 respectively.

Married for 8 years.

Feeling hungry and gassy.

Please advice