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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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11dpiui BFP

TTC: 14 months, 2 failed IUIs (IUI 1: 1 follie, 14mil sperm. BFN) (IUI 2: 1 follie, 19mil sperm BFN)

Me: 30, one ovary, mild PCOS. I take Metformin to help regulate my cycle.
DH: 33, Mild male factor.
*CD1 : ready for a new cycle! After two failed IUIs and an additional month canceled due to a cyst, I was ready to get started.

*CD3-7: Clomid 50mg

*CD11: Two follicles on my one ovary. Both measuring at 10mm.

*CD15: Sono shows that one follicle is 14mm and the other 16mm. Lining is at 9. RE suggests waiting to trigger until CD 17 and to do the IUI on

*CD 19 so that my larger follicle can mature.

*CD16: BD

*CD17: I wasn't supposed to trigger until 9pm, but I got a blazing smiley OPK at 2pm. Called RE and she said "Trigger NOW!" and that it would boost ovulation. IUI moved up a day.

*CD18: IUI at 12:30pm. DH's motile count was 29Mil. Best numbers he has ever had! She did an external ultrasound right after to see that 1) I hadn't ovulated just yet and we didn't miss the egg. 2) that the sperm showed to be sitting and just chilling out ready to go. I put in a SoftCup before I left..ya know...just in case one of those pesky swimmers tried to escape.

*1DPIUI: barely noticeable flutter cramps from IUI. BD

*2-8DPIUI: Nada. Just really tired. But I get randomly tired all the time so it's not really noteworthy.

*9DPIUI: BFN. Kind of crampy. Barely noticeable though. Normal AF signs.

*10DPIUI: BFN. Have a total cryfest breakdown with DH about the possibility of us not being able to have kids for another year because we will have to save for IVF and I just *KNOW* this month isn't going to be it.

*11DPIUI: Woke to AF cramps. Took a Wondfo in AM and thought I might see a shadow. Posted to TWW blog and people said they saw it too, so I ran out to get a FRER for the evening. BFP by 6pm. Kept it secret from DH because tomorrow is his bday! By bedtime I had a huge headache and didn't sleep well. Sore boobs by morning.

*12DPIUI: BFP for sure in the morning! Had my DH open a present with a picture of our dog next to a onesie with the Dallas Stars logo on it (he plays hockey). We are both optimistic an ecstatic! Blood later in the morning had an HCG level of 24. Tender boobs, aversion to coffee smells, and headache are really the only symptoms I have so far.
Honestly, I have had more "symptoms" with BFN months. The only thing I notice now is somewhat tingly boobs, bloating, and headaches, and those are all indicative of AF as well.

My strategies:
-pineapple core plan 1-5dpiui
-Brazil Nuts 1-5dpiui
-peppermint tea/remove caffeine
-eating lots of salad and sweet potatoes
-Softcups after sex and IUI
-Digital OPK instead of wondfo

DH strategies:
-Maca root
-Multi vitamin
-Folic Acid

PCOS - BFP on 2nd IUI!

Hi everyone, I read this forum several times during my tww on both of my IUI and I am very happy to have the opportunity to share my story at statistics. To begin my husband and I are both 25, hubby's sperm is great (the counts of the day that our IUI worked were 30 million and 85% motility). I am 110-115 lbs, BMI 18.5 and diagnosed with PCOS. I have very polycystic ovaries and irregular cycles. It was pretty easy to tell I wasn't ovulating and since my sister has PCOS and has had to do IUI, IVF, and a FET to obtain three pregnancies I didn't wait around long to begin seeing an RE.

My journey started this February 2015, we did one round of oral clomid and I did not ovulate. In March we did our first round of injections (Follistim 37.5 units, 250 mcg Ovidril) with timed IUI. Also, I should note all of my menstrual cycles listed below required progesterone. Below is my timeline:

3/5 - CD 1
3/6 - CD 2, Estradiol 48.
3/7 - CD 3, Ultrasound and start injections
3/12 - CD 8, Estradiol 110. Ultrasound- Follicle on left ovary measured 12.8 mm, uterine lining ~6 mm.
3/16 - CD 12, Estradiol 325. Ultrasound- Follicle 18 mm, uterine lining 8.9. Trigger shot tonight @ 8pm.
3/18 - CD 14, IUI @ 9am, 2 week wait. -- BFN. Really disappointing because as you can see everything was perfect.

ROUND 2 (BFP!!) Follistim 37.5 u, 250 mcg Ovidril
4/8 - CD 8, Estradiol 69. Ultrasound- 3 follicles (2 on left, 1 on right) each measuring ~10 mm, uterine lining ~4 mm
4/11 - CD 11, Estradiol 105. Unsure of measurements, RN on weekend said I did not have any dominant measurements.
4/13 - CD 13, Estradiol 105. 1 follicle on right ovary measuring 12.5 mm, Uterine lining ~7 mm
4/16 - CD 16, Estradiol 311. Follicle 17.6, Uterine lining 9.5
4/17 - CD 17, Trigger injection @ 8pm
4/19 - CD 19, IUI @ 9am, tww begins!
4/27 - 10dpt, 8dpiui - Faint BFP
4/28 - 11 dpt, 9dpiui - Faint BFP
4/29 - 12 dpt, 10dpiui - Blood work: Hcg 36, Progesterone 55 (on vaginal suppositories twice daily)
5/1 - 14 dpt, 12 dpiui - Hcg 92, Progesterone 44
5/4 - 17 dpt, 15dpiui - Hcg 474!!! Progesterone 59
5/10 - 5 weeks Pregnant!! Temps still high (98.7 F), on twice daily progesterone vaginal suppositories as precaution, and awaiting our 6 week ultrasound on 5/21!

I'll be honest, we did everything exactly the same in both cycles. Intercourse on day before trigger, night of iui and every night the next 3 nights. I drank raspberry leaf tea in the weeks leading up to my IUI, I really believe this helps thicken your uterine lining. I did an ovulation test the night before our IUI and had a faint LH surge. I did not test out my trigger shot with pregnancy tests.

I don't believe I've had many signs and symptoms other than fatigue, tender breasts, and mild lower abdominal cramping (has made me think AF is coming a couple times). The day I thought I was possibly pregnant, I slept good all night, woke up tired, wanted to take a nap in the morning, and slept in the car during a 2 hour car ride (I never sleep during car rides because I can't fall asleep in cars!). My husband and I are both very cautiously optimistic since we are only 5 weeks but we are ecstatic to have our very first BFP!! After our first IUI I was really discouraged but it can work ladies!!

BFP after TTC 4yrs stage 3 endometriosis

Hi all!

I'd love to share my story, because if you are reading this, you may be loosing hope.

I lost hope completely. We were tapped out at $40,000.00 spent on procedures... and on the brink of divorce.

I probably would have bankrupted us from IVF... but we really lucked out. Here is our story...

We put ourselves on the Adoption list... but there was still years to wait on the wait list. .. so we fostered kids in the meantime... which made us better people. I truly believe life takes you on a crazy path that you can't change. But I wouldn't have changed my experiences for the world.

Because of infertility, I would have never looked into fostering kids, and we were so blessed to have had them in our lives.

In the beginning, I was put on chlomid for 3 months... which failed and gave me a cyst.

I needed a laproscopy... 2 year wait list from my doc... and I couldn't get in anywhere... except the U.S.A where I had to pay $15,000 for the surgery. It ended up being more invasive because I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis and they had a lot of cleaning up to do.

Well, the window after the surgery was unsuccessful... even though she said it was our best chance. Oh... and one of my tubes were blocked too.

So I went on to IVF.

It failed.

We couldn't afford to try again for a while, so about a year later... we tried our frozen embryo.

IT TOOK!!!! Then I miscarried at like 3 weeks.

So after all this devastation, both emotional and financial, we had to wait again... and man did we fight about it.

So, for a year I did all the naturopath stuff, reflexology, hot yoga, eating clean, natural and chemical free home, hypnotherapy, vitamins, acupuncture, essential oils.... all of it. Costing hundreds of dollars.

After discussing our situation again with our Doc, She suggested I try an IUI for fun... a last ditch effort to save us the money of IVF again...

And it worked!

No miscarriage so far and I'm 6 weeks.

I'm 29... with a failed IVF... and for some miracle... and IUI took!

I don't wish infertility on anyone, it's unbearably painful and affects all areas of your life. I hope my story gives you hope if you are in a similar situation!!!

BTW... it was worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My husband and I are both 30 years old and have been TTC since June 2013. After a full year of trying (temping, pressed, etc.) With no results, we sought the help of an RE. After all of the tests we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, the most devastating news because there simply was no answer.

We decided to start with medicated cycles right away and did 2 rounds on Clomid, Ovidrel trigger shot, and progesterone. Unfortunately, Clomid thinned out my uterine lining and both ended in BFNs. After that we moved on to injectables with Ovidrel and progesterone. 2 cycles went by and nothing but BFNs. This is where I hit my breaking point and needed to take a break. After 2 months of not thinking about getting pregnant, I returned for another round of the same meds. This time the RE said that of this cycle doesn't work, we'll have to sit down and discuss IVF. I was much more positive this time around probably because I put my hope in IVF, and didn't worry so much about this cycle.

I knew that something was different from 2 dpiui, but didn't want to believe it. This was before I started progesterone, so the symptoms couldn't have been from that.

Day of IUI: uterus felt sore, slight brown tinge when wiping
2-3 dpiui: sensitive nipples and tender breasts
4-7 dpiui: tender breasts
8-9 dpiui: tender breasts and pressure in left ovary, almost like I pulled a muscle
10-11dpiui: tender breasts and full feeling in my stomach/uterus; I usually have an empty feeling around now before AF starts
12 dpiui: same as above; woke up at 4 am needing too pee (unusual), tested and BFP!!!

Today is 14 dpiui and pregnancy was confirmed yesterday through a blood test. It hasn't fully sunk in, but I'm simply over the moon! Thank you to everyone else who shared their stories as they truly kept me going through these 2 years.

Wishing all of you the best!

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BFP on DPO12 after 4th unmedicated IUI

Like so many I've been stalking these forums and wanted to add my story in case it's of help to anyone else, specifically any same sex couples who are doing unmedicated IUIs (wasn't able to find too many of these stories!)

We began the process assuming everything was "normal" in terms of my fertility. I started at age 30 (now 31) and am in good health, but working with frozen samples and timing an unmedicated IUI definitely added some complications.

I used Clearblue Easy Advanced Digital OPKs to track ovulation, and did two inseminations per cycle. I started taking prenatal vitamins (New Chapter) but didn't really do much else differently until the fourth (and successful!) attempt. Not sure if those extra things played a role, or it was more psychological, but I'll take it!

Here's a brief timeline leading up to BFP...

March 2014-July 2014: met with clinic, selected donor, bloodwork, etc.

August 2014: positive OPK on CD 13. Inseminations on CD 13 and CD 14. BFN.

September 2014: timing was definitely off (still getting the hang of the OPKs!) Based IUI timing on ultrasound and bloodwork on CD 13. Inseminations on CD 14 and 15. BFN.

October 2014-January 2015: TTC break

February 2015: positive OPK on CD 14. Inseminations on CD 14 and CD 15. BFN. This BFN was especially tough because it came on the morning I was hosting a baby shower for a friend, and at the shower ANOTHER friend announced she was pregnant. Ouch.

March 2015: ended up ovulating much later than usual (CD 18). It threw off my schedule and we were still upset from the last BFN and decided to take a breather and skip this month.

April 2015: positive OPK on CD 17 after FIVE days of the "high" fertility reading (flashy smiley). Usually had only 0-2 days of flashy before positive result, so this was unusual. Inseminations on CD 17 and CD 18. BFP on FRER on DPO 12. Yay!

In terms of symptoms, not much of note, but here they are:
- in past cycles, I always had CM with a brownish tint a few days after IUI (figure it was side effect of procedure) but did not have it this cycle.
- noticeable amount of yellowish CM on DPO 4. Never completely dried up but after that day was not especially heavy or noteworthy.
- some cramping, twinges, lower back pain, but truly would have not noticed if it wasn't a TTC month.

In terms of what I did differently:
- cut down on caffeine to one cup of coffee per day (only cheated a few times!) for about two months.
- cut out alcohol the week before predicted ovulation and during TWW.
- drank fertility tea blend from start of cycle until ovulation.
- Bach flower remedy (water violet, gentian, white chestnut, impatiens).
- more intentional healthy eating (more protein, fertility friendly foods like avocado, but no drastic changes to eating habits).
- a couple of doses of cod liver oil.
- kept feet warm with socks or slippers during TWW.
- five day "pineapple plan"

I basically just picked a hodge-podge of things that sounded appealing to try, without completely changing my lifestyle. A lot of it felt more about the ritual, which helped me stay calm and alleviate stress.

Feeling really happy to have gotten farther than ever before, here's hoping to smooth sailing!


My story is kind of complicated this my 2nd iui medicated cycle the 1st cycle was 3yrs ago which resulted in a eptopic pregnancy 2nd cycle was last month during the tww I got a bfn from d9 til d14... d15 I got a faint positive so I just assumed I implanted late day16 I had beta done my # were 7.5 which wasn't not bad Bc I should've only been a cpl days preg my dr said she thought it was a mc Bc of the low #s but if I implanted late the #s should've been low so I went back two days later for another blood test she called and said its negative stop your progesterone and we can do a repeat cycle nxt month in my heart I believe I'm still pregnant and things are just happening late the day b4 the new blood test I took a hpt and it was a bfp still faint but the line was darker then the 1st bfp I'm so confused pl help ... Is it over or am I still in the game ????

IUI #2 = BFP

Feeling very blessed right now but at the same time, feeling that we can't celebrate too much until we're 2 1/2 months out from now and still pregnant. The only other BFP we've ever experienced was 16 months ago, but lost the pregnancy at 10 weeks. In any case we are going to try and enjoy every second of this and I wanted to share some of our story :)

My husband and I started TTC in Sept. 2013. The miscarriage happened in January 2014. Around June 2014, we started medicated cycles (Femara & Progesterone) with Preseed. I've also been charting for 6 months now. Nothing worked. We started seeing a fertility specialist in January 2015 and underwent all of the testing (HSG tube dye test, semen analysis, hormone level testing, etc.). The only thing they could find was that my AMH score was low for my age. Apparently the average score for women at age 30 is 30 and mine was 11. I also had issues with spotting up to 7 days before AF, but ever since being prescribed Progesterone that thankfully stopped. Our treatment plan was to go straight to medicated IUI (Femara + Gonal-F shots + Trigger shot + Progesterone).

First IUI (Feb. - March 2015) = BF No Go! I was devastated. Insurance has not covered one cent of fertility treatment, so we just weren't sure we could afford to go right into another IUI. Fortunately we managed to do the next IUI, but certainly could not have gone into a third IUI anytime soon if this one didn't work.

Second IUI (March - April 2015) = BFP!! Things that went differently this cycle:
-After an ultrasound check on how my follicles were measuring, I was told to continue Gonal-F shots (to keep stimulating them to grow) but was also told to do Ganirelix shots (to prevent ovulation from happening too early)
-Right after the IUI procedure (while they had me lay there for 5 minutes before getting up), I visualized my hubby's sample actually getting to where it needed to go. Sounds really silly, but I read somewhere to try really relaxing and visualizing the successful outcome. So I thought, why not!
-My temps did not rise until the day after the IUI (last time, my temps were already up the morning of the IUI)
-I also tried the old pineapple trick from 1-6 DPO because again, why not right!

POAS = I tested with FMU using a cheapie at 12 DPIUI and got the faintest of all faint lines. I thought it could still be from the trigger or possibly an evap. My hubby couldn't even see the line, so I didn't want to get my hopes up. I picked up a clear blue digital, clear blue regular, and another cheapie after work the next day. I didn't plan to use them until 14 DPIUI, but come on ladies, you know I did right away. I went ahead and took the clear blue digital once I got home from work (13 DPIUI). Even having had lots to drink during the day and it obviously not being FMU, it showed "Pregnant 1-2 weeks"! Next morning, at 14 DPIUI, I took the remaining two tests and both had visible lines - not super dark, but much more visible than they were at 12 DPIUI.

Signs/Symptoms? = Not sure if these had anything to do with BFP or if I just had a cold.
8 DPIUI: Sore throat and backache
9 DPIUI: Woke up with a low fever and sore throat still
10 DPIUI - 14 DPIUI: Congestion, sore throat, coughing, sore breasts (mainly underneath and on sides)

I'm hoping, hoping, hoping this one really works out for us! I wish nothing but positivity and the best of luck to everyone out there waiting for their BFP! I'm so grateful for this site and all of the strong women that share their stories on here every day. It really has been such a great source of information and support. :)

I've been stalking this board for FOUR YEARS!! There IS hope ladies!!!

Of course I'm cautiously optimistic - this is my first pregnancy but I'm a symptom stalker from WAYYY back. I actually tracked my symptoms so I could tell myself they were all PMS and not get my hopes up. I'm only 13DPO but I did notice a few things were different this time around.

A little backstory - I'm 33 years old, DH is 34 both healthy weight, non-smokers. I had an HSG, hysteroscopy and lap two months ago to remove mild endometriosis (stage II) and was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis so have been taking Levothyroxine for the past few months as well. After four years of trying naturally, we finally went ahead and pulled the trigger on the first round of IUI using 5MG of Femara CD3-CD8. DH's count was through the roof (235 million) and I used OPKs to time insemination on CD15. Honestly, it was the LEAST romantic thing I've ever experienced. I felt like a show horse being inseminated but we were still very hopeful. Until....

the same day of our IUI, I found out one of my best friends became pregnant naturally after three years of trying. I was devastated and spent two days crying about it (I know, I felt like a huge jerk but I'm sure you can understand). I was convinced it was never going to happen for us. Later, I experienced some serious anxiety/depression the week after the IUI. I'm not sure if they're TTC or hormone related, but it was very much out of character for me.

I did a lot of positive thinking and meditation during my follicular phase this cycle - visualized myself producing healthy eggs and even created a "Pregnancy Visualization" board on Pinterest. It helped me obsess about it in a positive way and kept me somewhat distracted.

Anyway, here were the symptoms for me:

1DPO - Emotional, tender breasts, light ovulation type cramps, very stressed
2DPO - SO BLOATED! Also had some odd leg cramps which I never have - not sure if this is a sign (so early) but made me go "hmmmm?"
3DPO - 10DPO breasts still tender the whole time with red sensitive nippes, mild occasional heartburn, leg cramps on and off. Very thirsty. Had a big temp dip to coverline at 10DPO so I thought I was out for sure.
11DPO - temp back up - along with my hopes of course. Heartburn/indigestion, sore boobs, weird AFish cramps, could also feel my ovaries practically throbbing. Emotional, hungry at odd times, stuffy/runny nose, headache. Had creamy brownish discharge in the AM, thought this was AF getting ready to show. BFN on Clear Blue Digital. Boy, somehow the "Not Pregnant" hurts worse than a lack of a pink line. I'm pretty sure we're out now.
12DPO - Temps took a HUGE dive below coverline as expected (I have a 12 day LP). I was devastated. Told DH I think we're out this month. Cried and cried all morning. Even he cried. We were a mess. Noticed my boobs still hurt (which they usually stop when my temps go down before AF). Yawning all day, still kinda gurpy. Also, noticed veins on chest/breasts were becoming a bit more noticeable but was still convinced I was imagining things. Had more creamy brown discharge (the brown isn't unusual, the creaminess of it was). It is like creamy CM plus brown discharge. I keep telling myself I'm not pregnant and to move on, thought about finishing off a bottle of wine last night but something made me wait. I don't know what it was - hope springs eternal I guess. I told myself if my temps were back up in the morning I'd POAS but was fully prepared to see the Red Witch.
13DPO - woke up this morning and temped as usual - IT WAS BACK UP! Huzzah! I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to check my panties - NOTHING! Could it be?? Was I wrong?? I snuck my last pregnancy test out of the drawer and locked myself in the bathroom down the hall. Peed on the stick and then sat there and watched it for what seemed like an eternity. Much to my surprise after a few minutes "Pregnant 1-2" popped up in the screen. I'm still reeling. I went back to bed and handed DH the test. We're so excited but also realistic about the odds of a CP or MC but we couldn't stop smiling all morning. As we were laying in bed, we heard a Tom Turkey gobbling out in the back yard. DH jumped out of bed, stuck his head out the door, and yelled "GOBBLE GOBBLE I'M GONNA BE A DADDY!" It was pretty sweet.

Oh man. Anyway, I can't tell you how helpful these stories were for me and I really though I'd never be one of them, so I wanted to come back and contribute. Girls, keep your chin up and don't lose hope.


I hope my story helps someone who is going through the same thing. It was really helpful for me to read these BFP stories during my two week wait. My husband and I have been TTC since we were married in November of 2010. I tried naturally for a little less than a year with no results. I went to my gynecologist and spoke to her about my symptoms. She told me that she thought I had PCOS but she was going to run some tests to see if that was the problem. Obviously the tests came back positive, I was absolutely devastated but she gave me hope that even though I was going through this that it didn't mean I couldn't have children. Fast forward 3 years, we have been through so many rounds of clomid I lost count. Had I know the risks I may not have allowed that to go on for so long. I decided it was time to get into this more seriously, I have "FAT PCOS" so my first obstacle was to get my health in order. It took me over a year and I had lost 60 pounds by eating healthy, portioning, exercising my ass off, and finding the love Crossfit. I decided January 2015 that I was ready to see the reproductive endocrinologist. He is the most amazing doctor I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. He explained my diagnosis to me thoroughly so that I understand how to control it. He said I was his favorite patient of the day because I worked so hard to get the weight off before coming in to see him. Anyways, he said I was in good condition to begin treatment but he started me Glumetza again because I had taken myself off of the metformin my gynecologist had put me. He prescribed me Femara and I had to take all 2.5 mg pills in one day. I thought that was weird but I didn't want to ask questions. I know he was helped so many women have babies and I was lucky to have a RE that was close to home that was one of the best in the country. I took the Femara and went in for my follicle scan a few days later. They were all super small. I was so upset. He said not to worry now we just know the next step. I began with Bravelle shots which were not fun at all but if that's what will get me a baby I was inclined to try anything. I did shots for 3 days went back and they were getting better. I have on follicle at 16 mm so I did one more day of Bravelle injections then I was told to take my trigger shot that Friday and went in for my IUI on the Saturday morning at 9:30 am. I was so nervous, my husband not so much. He has an amazing sperm count and thinks he could be a stud service, over 140 post wash. After the IUI I laid down for the rest of the day. I didn't have very many symptoms, the only thing I remember is that I was incredibly dizzy pretty often. I did have some cramping but my suspicion was that it was a cyst. I was supposed to wait until 15 DPO to test but as we all know that doesn't happen. I woke up to pee at 3 AM on 10 DPO and decided I had to try a test. I went back to sleep before reading the results knowing it would be negative. I woke back up again at 4:30 am to get ready for crossfit. While brushing my teeth I looked down at the pregnancy test, there was a faint pink line. I completely lost it running around the house. Am I losing it? Is this what I really see? I waited until 7 to bring the test to my sisters house so that she could look at it too. She also saw a faint line. I called my RE and said I'm coming in for the Beta HCG like it or not. I went straight there and got my labs that afternoon. I had indeed had a BFP. My beta came back at 30 which made me incredibly nervous. The nurse reassured me that it was because it was so early. I went back on the following Monday and it jumped to 190. I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am praying everyday that this little baby sticks in there like glue. I want you to know that if you are feeling like this will never happen for you please have hope. If it is what you want make it happen. If you need to lose some weight start there. Keep trying everything you can and never stop until you get that BFP!

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Feeling Blessed

I am not the type of person to respond to surveys, post blogs, post reviews etc... For three years now I have been reading these stories and hoping that one day I would get my BPF. So i think its finally happened and im feeling so blessed and hopeful that I wanted to share my experience with someone going through the same thing. Because I never expected a BPF I didn't chart all symptoms by date but here it is in a nutshell.
I'm 39 and DH is 48. have one child already.
Had IUI 11 days ago and 250 mcg ovidrel trigger 13 days ago. took Femara days 5-9. Had one mature follicle at 18 mm two days before IUI and one that was 16 mm two days pre iui
started testing with cheap dollar store tests one week after IUI. Never felt any pregnancy symptoms that first week. Tested out at day 9 or at least line is questionable
line definitely darker after that day. still faint , not sure its progressively darker and the lines take greater than the 2 minutes to appear. consistently taking like 5 minutes or so. wouldn't think much of it except its so far out from my trigger and I have the following symptoms
1- occasional nipple tingling but no breast tenderness at all
2- frequently hungry and when its time to eat I dont have much time before i start to feel lightheaded or faint
3-very thirsty
4-frequent urination
5-vivid dreams, non pregnancy related( have had this before and not be pregnant)
6- very fatigued, needing to go to bed earlier
I guess what really made me feel like I am is that after drinking a lot of water today I took a test at 8 pm and after about 5 minutes i could still see a line so Im thinking it cant still be the trigger right? i mean its now day 13 post trigger so....
In any case My RE office will let me test tomorrow. please wish me luck
cant take another miscarriage, and cant take fooling myself into thinking I'm pregnant when Im really not. Hoping that I didn't get a wonky batch of tests and these are all evap lines.
Either way, thank you ladies for being my refuge. If you havent been through it you don't fully understand.

love, AC

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