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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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BFP after IUI # 2

Thought I would share my BFP story here because this forum was a great source of inspiration for me over the past 2 months.

My DP and I decided on IUI because I didn't have any known fertility issues and all tests so far had been clear of any issues.

I had a trigger shot of Ovidrel 250, then 1 go of IUI about 40 hours later. This is the breakdown by DPO/IUI:-

DPO 1 - 5: extremely bloated feeling. None of my trousers would do up! Cranky and irritable
DPO 6: bloated, gassy and irritable.
DPO 7 - 8: bloating starting to ease, side of boobs starting to ache. Resisting the urge to HPT because I know the trigger would still be in my system
DPO 9 - 10: bbs aching all over, and nipples also very sensitive. dull ache in lower abdomen
DPO 11: dull ache in abdomen has progressed to cramps and shooting pains. I don't usually get cramps until day 1 of AF, so I'm dreading that AF is imminent.
DPO 12: I cave and do HPT (photo attached), line is very faint
DPO 13: Another line on HPT. Call the clinic and have betas done - hcg 128!

Feeling very grateful to be pregnant. Wishing all the brave ladies on here a speedy journey to their BFPs.

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How pregnant am I?

Got my bfp on Tuesday (11dpo) and it was confirmed on wed with bloodwork. My levels look good, but here's my question. My LMP was 3-5 and my iui was 3-13(cd 9). If I use my LMP, I'm only 3 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Using my conception date, I'm about 4 weeks. So how pregnant am I?! Today is only cd 24.

BFP after first IUI

I just got my first BFP, and the hubby and I are elated! :D

A little back story on us: DH is 30 and I am 27 with mild endometriosis. He has a slight male factor (3% morphology and slightly low numbers). I went off of birth control in 2011 because it made me feel miserable! Just screwed my hormones up and left me feeling overall horrible. So we were not trying/not preventing until Christmas 2013. We decided to go for it and try all of 2014, no luck. Every month was more and more heart breaking. I actually got so depressed that I couldn't even look into fertility specialist without crying and feeling hopeless. However, my best friend just had a baby in November 2014, and they stayed a few nights during Christmas time with us. Seeing her perfect little angel made me realize that I needed to face my infertility issues.

So DH and I start doing our research and find a clinic 2.5 hours away from our town (sadly, nothing closer exist in our area). We went trough the normal tests,my hormones and tubes all look great, I'm ovulating on my own. His sperm is pretty good but not perfect. Fortunately, I already had my endometriosis diagnosis from 2010, so I pretty much knew why we were getting nothing but BFNs every month. This sped up the process, and the RE didn't waste any time once we were done with all of the initial testing and immediately put me on a combination of Letrozole and Gonal-f, with Novarel as the trigger and progesterone suppositories after the IUI.

I produced 3 follicles, all over 18mm. The day of the IUI i had horrible stomach pain the entire day (probably ovulation pain). And here were the rest of my symptoms for my fellow symptom trackers! (I was reading these stories nonstop during my 2ww).

dpo1- major stomach cramps/discomfort
dpo2-3 - mild cramps, nothing else really noticeable
dpo 4-5 - twingey/crampy feeling in the area of my uterus on and off as well as in my actual vagina (sorry if tmi, but no one else ever warned me about these!) and fatigue starts to hit me, but I assumed that was from the progesterone, as well as sore nipples
dpo 6 - vivd dreams start, slight insomnia, sharp pains in uturus for a few minutes at night (im assuming implantation pains) more weird v cramps and sore nips, and of course fatigue
dpo 7-8 - sore nips turning into sore breast (like, super sore!), more vivid dreams, more weird v cramps, and fatigue
dpo 9 - no more vivid dreams, full blown breast soreness and nips randomly getting excited for no reason (again, sorry if tmi!) less v cramps, took a HPT to see if trigger shot was gone and it was negative, more fatigue
dpo 10-11- symptoms same as above, except first BFP! I was hesitant to believe it so I took more and all BFP!! every day the line gets a little darker (so Im assuming it cant be the trigger because the hormone level is increasing, not decreasing)
dpo 12 - all the same symptoms still, more BFPs, but add in sensitive stomach. I gagged trying to eat oatmeal and made DH scrape it out because looking at it made me feel queasy

So, now we are waiting for the blood test on DPO 14! We are still a little in shock and trying not to get overly excited, because anything can happen in the next few months. I wanted to post this to tell all of you mommies to be that there is hope! I really never expected to get a BFP and started loosing hope! But stay strong and don't give up! Baby dust to all!!!

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CRAMPS DAY 14 piui- 16 days pts

MY GOD THIS IS TORTURE! I've had pretty much almost every symptom possible I think. I've been pretty relaxed about the whole thing until I took a quick stop at the dollarstore and purchased 3 tests! had my first IUI 14 days ago and trigger shot 16 days ago. TESTED 3 days ago so day 11 and thought it was negative until I SAW A LINE veryyyyyy faint, but there. Kept on testing till today (purchased many kinds). All with a positive faint line. This morning I used one of the expensive digital ones and was waiting for a "No" it was a "Yes"... I don't know what to think... My boobs are very full and extremely sore, I've had a very weird feeling for days now (I DISCRIBE IT AS A VERY FLOATY FEELING, almost stoned). PERIOD CRAMPS AS IF IT WAS COMING ITS BEEN 4 to five days now ohhhhh and serious lower back pain??? COULD THIS BE??? Many more symptoms BUT SO IMPATIENT TO WROTE THEM ALL!!
Tomorrow I'm supposed to call in with home test results DAY 15 PIUI, 17 DAYS PTS

Any sighs please help

So i hurd that you can have light cramps and implantation bleeding if its very light . I had my iui done the 10th of march and i was just wondering if any of you have ever had like brownish light like not even bleeding but like mucus from down their or like light just dead blood brown and cramps dose that mean i misscaried or could it still be to soon to tell i haven't tested yet but this is really worrying me so i wanted to ask you all if this could be normal ?

BFPs at 11dpiui and 12dpiui - 2nd IUI trying for baby #1

This is the story of our BFP; my wife and I have been working toward this for this for six or seven months now, though only were able to able to try to conceive in February and again in March. She is the one carrying the baby, and is 30. I'm in my late 20s. Married for 2 years and together for 8. She got pregnant using donor sperm and through the assistance of a fertility clinic in the city where we live. It was a ridiculously distressing experience to get this far, and I feel embarassed to say that; I know so many women who read this website try for so much longer, and have actual fertility issues (which we don't - we just don't have sperm, hah), so I don't mean to complain. It was just very frustrating to not be able to begin *trying* for six months, once we felt ready, while many of our friends seemed to be getting pregnant the first or second month of trying.

We got the first BFP at 11dpiui, on both Clear Blue and First Response tests. A bit of a disclaimer, though, is that the ovulation happened late in the cycle, so 11dpiui was actually AF 1 day late. Her cycle is typically 28 days.

CD 13-15: OPKs showed light lines, but not dark enough to be a full LH surge, despite using Babi brand and First Response brand.

CD 16: OPK showed lighter line than previous days. We were really upset, thinking we had missed the surge and lost our opportunity to TTC this month. Went to clinic for blood test to confirm. Discovered surge hadn't happened.

CD 17: Another blood test. Still no surge. Starting to think either something is wrong, or cycle had become longer. Maybe from stress?

CD 18: Another blood test. SURGE!

CD 19: IUI in the afternoon. Doctor says it was a very strong surge. Nurse says over 13 million sperm in this batch. Both of us feeling hopeful.

1-3dpiui: nothing really

4dpiui: hiccups in evening. Probably not related to IUI.

5dpiui. Twinging in abdomen during car ride to work in the morning. Boobs slightly sore at night, but that's not abnormal for CD 24 of a 28-day cycle.

6dpiui: no realy symptoms. Sleepy at work. Hiccups in evening.

7dpiui: No symptoms. Took a test. BFN.

8dpiui: Slight cramping in afternoon. Breasts somewhat sore but very mildly. Hiccups again (I think this is an old wive's tale, but still interesting to note!)

9dpiui: Breasts somewhat sore in morning. Only a little, though. First response test: BFN. Started feeling pre-period-y in evening. And with a body ache like a cold was coming on. Hiccups again.

10dpiui: Expected day of AF. Didn't arrive. Slight cramping on and off. Fell asleep at 9:30pm.

11dpiui: Feeling very much that AF was on the way. Crampy. Sore books. Took a Clear Blue test and BFP! Very faint line, and I didn't entirely trust it, so I raced out to buy more First Response tests. Took one an hour later: another BFP!!! We know the tests don't give false positives, but after the last failed cycle and our disappointment, we didn't know if we could believe it. We didn't tell anyone; just went to sleep and got up and went to work like normal. Afraid to hope, really.

12dpiui: She called me from work, freaking out and crying, saying the worst had happened - her period had arrived. So, so sad, thinking the baby hadn't stuck. We both stayed at work all day, tried to be calm, hoped it was just harder cramping and spotting and not full AF/miscarriage. 5 hours later, seemed to have stopped bleeding. Not normal AF colour etc. (sorry if TMI). Took a First response HPT that night: BFP!!! See attached photo.

13dpiui: Still no AF. Sore boobs.

14dpiui: Still no AF. Sore boobs. Headache and slight nausea (probably from headache, not morning sickness yet).

So even though we're only at the end of the 2ww now, at 14dpiui, with the late ovulation the pregnancy is considered to be 4w4d already! Pretty wild.

Blood work on Monday (18dpiui/5w1d) to determine if we have a good level of HcG, and if everything looks normal! Wish us luck! We are ready to have this baby!

And don't lose hope if you test positive and then there's a bit of bleeding! It doesn't necessarily mean disaster :)

BFP after 1st IUI

I read so many of these stories and they really helped me feel calm about the 2WW. I thought I would share mine in case it helps anyone else. I began TTC 15 months ago. I have one daughter that was conceived naturally after about six months of trying. For our second we did not anticipate problems and I was really resistant to fertility treatments. My husband's semen analysis came back normal except for high viscosity, low volume, and high agglutination. We naively thought we could just get the IUI done without any other interventions, but were very firmly told that the RE only did IUI with a protocol of bloodwork, an HSG, ultrasounds, clomid, and possibly a trigger shot of Hcg. We were both frustrated but felt like we did not have a choice. In the end, the whole lot of testing and the IUI came to around $2000, and so the thought of it not working was really frightening. I am so excited to report that it worked! I am now 14 days post-IUI with confirmed pregnancy by serum Hcg beta count. Here is my day by day report:

Cycle day 2: ultrasound showed 11 follicles, estrogen normal
Cycle day 3-7: clomid 50mg, no symptoms whatsoever
Cycle day 7: HSG normal
Cycle day 10/11: tested OPK with clearblue (-)
Cycle day 12: OPK -, ultrasound showed 3 dominant follicles ranging from 11mm to 14.5mm
Cycle day 13/14: OPK -
Cycle day 15: OPK -, trigger shot 8pm
Cycle day 16: no symptoms
Cycle day 17: partner sample at 8:30am, some twinges in ovaries but nothing big, IUI at 11:30am, bloating/fullness the rest of the day
1 day post-IUI: lots of bloating and fullness, a few light cramps but no spotting, lots of stretchy CM
2-3 days post-IUI: more bloating and fullness, a few twinges
4-7 days post-IUI: absolutely nothing! normally at this point in my cycle I have breast swelling and fullness
8-9 days post-IUI: some light cramping but no other symptoms, worried that I had no breast changes
10 days post-IUI: BFN using FRER at first urine, BFN using clearblue digital 3 hours later, BFP using FRER (very faint) and clearblue digital (1-2 weeks) 3 hours later! Slight pelvic cramping and a some tingling in breasts. Frequently hungry.
11 days post-IUI: BFP using FRER at first urine (very faint), tingling in breasts, some light cramps but no spotting, light CM. Very tired with afternoon nap.
12 days post-IUI: BFP by serum Hcg (38), breast swelling in afternoon and light cramps, very tired
13 days post-IUI: more cramping, no spotting, breasts slightly tender but nothing like my first pregnancy
14 days post-IUI: BFP by serum Hcg (doubled). YAY!

bfp by injectables and iui

Hi everyone! I've always wanted to post my bfp story here!!☺So here it goes...DH is perfect, his numbers are always good. Me, not so much. I have hypopituitarism so I don't ovulate without help. We've been ttc for 5yrs and been through three cycles (this one included) The first cycle in 2012 worked but had a mc at 6wks. I had OHSS so bad that RE took 3.8 liters of fluid out of me. So I think thats why I mc. The next cycle was in 2013 and bfn. This one is the charmer!!☺ I was on follistim, menopur, with pregnyl trigger on all three cycles but the doses are different. Also, this time my RE only gave me 5000 trigger so I wouldn't over stim. The trigger was out of my system at 6dpiui. I got my bfp at 9dpiui. Here are my symptoms:

1dpiui---- Had O cramps all day so bad it hurt sometimes even to sit. The follie was on the right so that side hurt.

2dpiui---- Boobs KILLING me.

3dpiui---- same thing

4dpiui---- tired today bbs sore

5dpiui---- same as above except that night I had a real bad sharp pinching low in uterus. I thought it to be too early for implantation but who was I to say...

6dpiuu----TIRED all day. Can't stop yawning. Again with the boobs(they hurt this whole time) trigger completely out of system today.

7 dpiui---- Noticed a dull ache on right side of my uterus down low but it wasn't AF cramps.

8dpiui---- Soooooo tired I fell asleep at my friends daughters third birthday. I just felt preg.

9dpiu--- Worked and all day felt queasy. Took a ferer that night at 7. BFP with noticeable line!!!

BFP! PCOS & MFI, Femara, IUI#1 with 1 20mm follicle!

I am beyond thrilled to post my BFP story, and want this post to be as helpful and encouraging as possible to all who are struggling with infertility (as I did for the past 10 months of TTC). It's tough and emotional, but don't lose hope!

I have thin PCOS (BMI 18.5) diagnosed by very irregular periods and polycystic ovaries. My husband has low sperm count & motility. After 7 months of TTC naturally, we got some help. Tried 2 months of Clomid- first time on 50mg I ovulated and BFN, second month on 100mg I didn't ovulate at all. I also got very bad headaches from Clomid (and also Femara, but Clomid headaches lasted for a week and Femara headache only lasted 1 day). Not fun.

Tried 5 mg Femara for first time this month and it worked! I only grew 1 follicle on the left side and when it was 20mm, I did HCG trigger 10,000 iu at 10:00am and we did IUI the following day (at 2:30pm-- 28 hours later). My husband's count was ~9.91M and 35% motility.

I felt a little pinch later around 8pm the evening, think it must have been ovulation. I was bloated for about 2-3 days after the IUI. I ate Pineapple core for 5 days following IUI- not sure if this really works, but it seems it can't hurt! (Google it)

Really had zero symptoms for the next 10 days! On 8DPO I had a 1/2 glass of red wine and felt very dizzy/light-headed. On 10 DPO I had loose stools but only in the morning, which is common for me 1 day before AF, but this time felt different (gassier) and lasted until 13DPO. Also feeling pretty bloated and a little tired.

I tested 10 DPO and BFN. 11 DPO, 12 DPO and 13 DPO I got faint positives, but not really getting darker. Beta blood test at 13 DPO and got results today (14 DPO)-- HCG 126! Repeating beta test tomorrow to make sure it's increasing.

I wish you all tons of baby dust and peace during this tough process! I loved reading these stories because they gave me hope- but don't worry or stress about comparing symptoms to others.. we're all SO unique! Stay positive, grab a good book to distract you, eat healthy and take your vitamins! This is what worked for me. Good luck ladies!! I'll be praying for you.

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Iui #2 BFP!!!

After having unexplained infertility for 18 months, we finally got our BFP tonight! I'm 3 days late, so I decided to test. No symptoms besides vivid dreams, nausea, and mild mood swings. We did iui #2 with 100 mg of clomid for an extra boost. Just pray. I honestly didnt know if this would happen for me! (Btw, that top test was my opk)

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