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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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I've been stalking this board for FOUR YEARS!! There IS hope ladies!!!

Of course I'm cautiously optimistic - this is my first pregnancy but I'm a symptom stalker from WAYYY back. I actually tracked my symptoms so I could tell myself they were all PMS and not get my hopes up. I'm only 13DPO but I did notice a few things were different this time around.

A little backstory - I'm 33 years old, DH is 34 both healthy weight, non-smokers. I had an HSG, hysteroscopy and lap two months ago to remove mild endometriosis (stage II) and was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis so have been taking Levothyroxine for the past few months as well. After four years of trying naturally, we finally went ahead and pulled the trigger on the first round of IUI using 5MG of Femara CD3-CD8. DH's count was through the roof (235 million) and I used OPKs to time insemination on CD15. Honestly, it was the LEAST romantic thing I've ever experienced. I felt like a show horse being inseminated but we were still very hopeful. Until....

the same day of our IUI, I found out one of my best friends became pregnant naturally after three years of trying. I was devastated and spent two days crying about it (I know, I felt like a huge jerk but I'm sure you can understand). I was convinced it was never going to happen for us. Later, I experienced some serious anxiety/depression the week after the IUI. I'm not sure if they're TTC or hormone related, but it was very much out of character for me.

I did a lot of positive thinking and meditation during my follicular phase this cycle - visualized myself producing healthy eggs and even created a "Pregnancy Visualization" board on Pinterest. It helped me obsess about it in a positive way and kept me somewhat distracted.

Anyway, here were the symptoms for me:

1DPO - Emotional, tender breasts, light ovulation type cramps, very stressed
2DPO - SO BLOATED! Also had some odd leg cramps which I never have - not sure if this is a sign (so early) but made me go "hmmmm?"
3DPO - 10DPO breasts still tender the whole time with red sensitive nippes, mild occasional heartburn, leg cramps on and off. Very thirsty. Had a big temp dip to coverline at 10DPO so I thought I was out for sure.
11DPO - temp back up - along with my hopes of course. Heartburn/indigestion, sore boobs, weird AFish cramps, could also feel my ovaries practically throbbing. Emotional, hungry at odd times, stuffy/runny nose, headache. Had creamy brownish discharge in the AM, thought this was AF getting ready to show. BFN on Clear Blue Digital. Boy, somehow the "Not Pregnant" hurts worse than a lack of a pink line. I'm pretty sure we're out now.
12DPO - Temps took a HUGE dive below coverline as expected (I have a 12 day LP). I was devastated. Told DH I think we're out this month. Cried and cried all morning. Even he cried. We were a mess. Noticed my boobs still hurt (which they usually stop when my temps go down before AF). Yawning all day, still kinda gurpy. Also, noticed veins on chest/breasts were becoming a bit more noticeable but was still convinced I was imagining things. Had more creamy brown discharge (the brown isn't unusual, the creaminess of it was). It is like creamy CM plus brown discharge. I keep telling myself I'm not pregnant and to move on, thought about finishing off a bottle of wine last night but something made me wait. I don't know what it was - hope springs eternal I guess. I told myself if my temps were back up in the morning I'd POAS but was fully prepared to see the Red Witch.
13DPO - woke up this morning and temped as usual - IT WAS BACK UP! Huzzah! I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to check my panties - NOTHING! Could it be?? Was I wrong?? I snuck my last pregnancy test out of the drawer and locked myself in the bathroom down the hall. Peed on the stick and then sat there and watched it for what seemed like an eternity. Much to my surprise after a few minutes "Pregnant 1-2" popped up in the screen. I'm still reeling. I went back to bed and handed DH the test. We're so excited but also realistic about the odds of a CP or MC but we couldn't stop smiling all morning. As we were laying in bed, we heard a Tom Turkey gobbling out in the back yard. DH jumped out of bed, stuck his head out the door, and yelled "GOBBLE GOBBLE I'M GONNA BE A DADDY!" It was pretty sweet.

Oh man. Anyway, I can't tell you how helpful these stories were for me and I really though I'd never be one of them, so I wanted to come back and contribute. Girls, keep your chin up and don't lose hope.


I hope my story helps someone who is going through the same thing. It was really helpful for me to read these BFP stories during my two week wait. My husband and I have been TTC since we were married in November of 2010. I tried naturally for a little less than a year with no results. I went to my gynecologist and spoke to her about my symptoms. She told me that she thought I had PCOS but she was going to run some tests to see if that was the problem. Obviously the tests came back positive, I was absolutely devastated but she gave me hope that even though I was going through this that it didn't mean I couldn't have children. Fast forward 3 years, we have been through so many rounds of clomid I lost count. Had I know the risks I may not have allowed that to go on for so long. I decided it was time to get into this more seriously, I have "FAT PCOS" so my first obstacle was to get my health in order. It took me over a year and I had lost 60 pounds by eating healthy, portioning, exercising my ass off, and finding the love Crossfit. I decided January 2015 that I was ready to see the reproductive endocrinologist. He is the most amazing doctor I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. He explained my diagnosis to me thoroughly so that I understand how to control it. He said I was his favorite patient of the day because I worked so hard to get the weight off before coming in to see him. Anyways, he said I was in good condition to begin treatment but he started me Glumetza again because I had taken myself off of the metformin my gynecologist had put me. He prescribed me Femara and I had to take all 2.5 mg pills in one day. I thought that was weird but I didn't want to ask questions. I know he was helped so many women have babies and I was lucky to have a RE that was close to home that was one of the best in the country. I took the Femara and went in for my follicle scan a few days later. They were all super small. I was so upset. He said not to worry now we just know the next step. I began with Bravelle shots which were not fun at all but if that's what will get me a baby I was inclined to try anything. I did shots for 3 days went back and they were getting better. I have on follicle at 16 mm so I did one more day of Bravelle injections then I was told to take my trigger shot that Friday and went in for my IUI on the Saturday morning at 9:30 am. I was so nervous, my husband not so much. He has an amazing sperm count and thinks he could be a stud service, over 140 post wash. After the IUI I laid down for the rest of the day. I didn't have very many symptoms, the only thing I remember is that I was incredibly dizzy pretty often. I did have some cramping but my suspicion was that it was a cyst. I was supposed to wait until 15 DPO to test but as we all know that doesn't happen. I woke up to pee at 3 AM on 10 DPO and decided I had to try a test. I went back to sleep before reading the results knowing it would be negative. I woke back up again at 4:30 am to get ready for crossfit. While brushing my teeth I looked down at the pregnancy test, there was a faint pink line. I completely lost it running around the house. Am I losing it? Is this what I really see? I waited until 7 to bring the test to my sisters house so that she could look at it too. She also saw a faint line. I called my RE and said I'm coming in for the Beta HCG like it or not. I went straight there and got my labs that afternoon. I had indeed had a BFP. My beta came back at 30 which made me incredibly nervous. The nurse reassured me that it was because it was so early. I went back on the following Monday and it jumped to 190. I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am praying everyday that this little baby sticks in there like glue. I want you to know that if you are feeling like this will never happen for you please have hope. If it is what you want make it happen. If you need to lose some weight start there. Keep trying everything you can and never stop until you get that BFP!

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Feeling Blessed

I am not the type of person to respond to surveys, post blogs, post reviews etc... For three years now I have been reading these stories and hoping that one day I would get my BPF. So i think its finally happened and im feeling so blessed and hopeful that I wanted to share my experience with someone going through the same thing. Because I never expected a BPF I didn't chart all symptoms by date but here it is in a nutshell.
I'm 39 and DH is 48. have one child already.
Had IUI 11 days ago and 250 mcg ovidrel trigger 13 days ago. took Femara days 5-9. Had one mature follicle at 18 mm two days before IUI and one that was 16 mm two days pre iui
started testing with cheap dollar store tests one week after IUI. Never felt any pregnancy symptoms that first week. Tested out at day 9 or at least line is questionable
line definitely darker after that day. still faint , not sure its progressively darker and the lines take greater than the 2 minutes to appear. consistently taking like 5 minutes or so. wouldn't think much of it except its so far out from my trigger and I have the following symptoms
1- occasional nipple tingling but no breast tenderness at all
2- frequently hungry and when its time to eat I dont have much time before i start to feel lightheaded or faint
3-very thirsty
4-frequent urination
5-vivid dreams, non pregnancy related( have had this before and not be pregnant)
6- very fatigued, needing to go to bed earlier
I guess what really made me feel like I am is that after drinking a lot of water today I took a test at 8 pm and after about 5 minutes i could still see a line so Im thinking it cant still be the trigger right? i mean its now day 13 post trigger so....
In any case My RE office will let me test tomorrow. please wish me luck
cant take another miscarriage, and cant take fooling myself into thinking I'm pregnant when Im really not. Hoping that I didn't get a wonky batch of tests and these are all evap lines.
Either way, thank you ladies for being my refuge. If you havent been through it you don't fully understand.

love, AC

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BFB Day 12 after IUI

My wife and I just did our 9th IUI (1-3 negative, 4 & 5 positive but resulted in early MC, 6-8 negative, and #9 another BFP!)

This was our first cycle with clomid and I produced two follicles (so probably 2 eggs released) and yes I am slightly terrified there are two in there!

Anyway triggered day 14, IUI day 16, started progesterone day 19.

1-2 DPO: bloated and uterine pressure (this happened with my second pregnancy, and not the other 7 tries so I was hopeful!)

3-6 DPO: no symptoms

7 DPO-now: sore breasts, this always happens but usually stops at day 10, so when they stayed sore day 11 and 12 I was hopeful!

9 DPO-now: very bloated and lots of uterine pressure, it's constant. Also low grade fever. since day 10, around 100.2 but I feel fine!

12 DPO: tested with a FRER in AM (not FMU though). Very dark BFP (so I knew it was NOt the trigger) this was 15 days past trigger and you can see the photo attached, nothing faint about it!

It's a long hard process but stick with it and trust your body. I'm nervous after two losses but I'm also hopeful and feeling grateful to be PG again. Baby dust to all!


14dpo BFP!

Hi all!

I'm one of the many lurkers who have visited this site regularly throughout my entire TTC process. My wife and I are gay and have been trying via IUI for the last year (off-and-on). This is try #5, and even though many people go through much more difficult and daunting processes than ours, it was still incredibly emotionally and financially draining. I'm still shaking with disbelief that this is happening. Anyhow, onto the part of the post that I was always most interested in...

1-2 dpo: Mild cramping, but next to nothing compared to previous unsuccessful attempts.
3-5 dpo: Nada
6 dpo: Developed what seemed like a cold (sore throat, a lot of mucus, severely congested). Very easily could've been allergies ('tis the season), but nonetheless, it gets filed into the 'unusual.'
7-11 dpo: Ridiculously tired. Napping nearly everyday after work, even with 8-9 hours of sleep the night before. Boobs sore, but very normal before AF hits.
12-14 dpo: Spring Break. On 12 dpo, I slept 10 hours overnight, then took TWO (!!!) naps throughout the day. Winded at the end of a workout that shouldn't have been that draining. Gassy. AF is officially late, which NEVER happens. My boobs are STILL sore, which is abnormal.*

*= Took care of myself in the exact same way as previous cycles. Limited 2 cups of coffee per day; eating healthy; getting enough sleep; etc. The ONLY change was I began taking fermented cod liver oil, which is alleged to aid in fertility. I highly recommend this super food to everyone. It's about $40 on Amazon; I've never seen it sold in a store (the fermented kind).

I want to also say (and I'm sure many people already know this) that you shouldn't get discouraged if your symptoms don't look like mine or anyone else's. I've had previous cycles where I had every single tell-tale sign imaginable, and then - BFN. Your body is going to do what it's going to do, and I'm a total hypocrite for saying this, but don't read into your symptoms or lack thereof *too much*. Good luck and baby dust to all...

TTC w/ PCOS and MF

Hello ladies! I got my very first BFP ever last night, but first I will give a little history. I'm 26 diagnosed with PCOS about 2-3 years ago. I always felt something was very wrong bc I would go months w/o af and I had serious weight gain in a short amount of time. Me and my hubby have been trying to conceive for the last year with no luck. My DR sent hubby for a SA which came back with low sperm count at about 3 mil and pretty good motility. We decided to do medicated IUI rounds but the first round would just be medicated no IUI bc of how my insurance is set up (I have tricare). He put me on 2.5mg of femara cd 3-7 and then I started follistim on cd 9-11, had an us on cd 12 showed 3 follies: 11mm 13mm and 24 mm so I had just one mature follie. I triggered that night with ovidrel, and also bd that night, cd13, and cd 15. I was expected to ovulate on cd 14. I honestly thought this cycle would be a bust and was really just interested in seeing how my body reacted to the meds. I paid no attention to any symptoms UNTIL af never should up. So at 21 dpo I tested with a FRER and that first line showed up immediately! It was so dark it pulled most of the ink away from the control line! I couldn't believe it! So I waited and tested again this morning and got the same result! I can't wait to call my dr office 2mro to set up my beta test! I just want all you ladies ttc to always have faith, I too thought it would never happen and here I am. I'm just praying for a sticky bean and a healthy pregnancy!

BFP after IUI # 2

Thought I would share my BFP story here because this forum was a great source of inspiration for me over the past 2 months.

My DP and I decided on IUI because I didn't have any known fertility issues and all tests so far had been clear of any issues.

I had a trigger shot of Ovidrel 250, then 1 go of IUI about 40 hours later. This is the breakdown by DPO/IUI:-

DPO 1 - 5: extremely bloated feeling. None of my trousers would do up! Cranky and irritable
DPO 6: bloated, gassy and irritable.
DPO 7 - 8: bloating starting to ease, side of boobs starting to ache. Resisting the urge to HPT because I know the trigger would still be in my system
DPO 9 - 10: bbs aching all over, and nipples also very sensitive. dull ache in lower abdomen
DPO 11: dull ache in abdomen has progressed to cramps and shooting pains. I don't usually get cramps until day 1 of AF, so I'm dreading that AF is imminent.
DPO 12: I cave and do HPT (photo attached), line is very faint
DPO 13: Another line on HPT. Call the clinic and have betas done - hcg 128!

Feeling very grateful to be pregnant. Wishing all the brave ladies on here a speedy journey to their BFPs.

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How pregnant am I?

Got my bfp on Tuesday (11dpo) and it was confirmed on wed with bloodwork. My levels look good, but here's my question. My LMP was 3-5 and my iui was 3-13(cd 9). If I use my LMP, I'm only 3 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Using my conception date, I'm about 4 weeks. So how pregnant am I?! Today is only cd 24.

BFP after first IUI

I just got my first BFP, and the hubby and I are elated! :D

A little back story on us: DH is 30 and I am 27 with mild endometriosis. He has a slight male factor (3% morphology and slightly low numbers). I went off of birth control in 2011 because it made me feel miserable! Just screwed my hormones up and left me feeling overall horrible. So we were not trying/not preventing until Christmas 2013. We decided to go for it and try all of 2014, no luck. Every month was more and more heart breaking. I actually got so depressed that I couldn't even look into fertility specialist without crying and feeling hopeless. However, my best friend just had a baby in November 2014, and they stayed a few nights during Christmas time with us. Seeing her perfect little angel made me realize that I needed to face my infertility issues.

So DH and I start doing our research and find a clinic 2.5 hours away from our town (sadly, nothing closer exist in our area). We went trough the normal tests,my hormones and tubes all look great, I'm ovulating on my own. His sperm is pretty good but not perfect. Fortunately, I already had my endometriosis diagnosis from 2010, so I pretty much knew why we were getting nothing but BFNs every month. This sped up the process, and the RE didn't waste any time once we were done with all of the initial testing and immediately put me on a combination of Letrozole and Gonal-f, with Novarel as the trigger and progesterone suppositories after the IUI.

I produced 3 follicles, all over 18mm. The day of the IUI i had horrible stomach pain the entire day (probably ovulation pain). And here were the rest of my symptoms for my fellow symptom trackers! (I was reading these stories nonstop during my 2ww).

dpo1- major stomach cramps/discomfort
dpo2-3 - mild cramps, nothing else really noticeable
dpo 4-5 - twingey/crampy feeling in the area of my uterus on and off as well as in my actual vagina (sorry if tmi, but no one else ever warned me about these!) and fatigue starts to hit me, but I assumed that was from the progesterone, as well as sore nipples
dpo 6 - vivd dreams start, slight insomnia, sharp pains in uturus for a few minutes at night (im assuming implantation pains) more weird v cramps and sore nips, and of course fatigue
dpo 7-8 - sore nips turning into sore breast (like, super sore!), more vivid dreams, more weird v cramps, and fatigue
dpo 9 - no more vivid dreams, full blown breast soreness and nips randomly getting excited for no reason (again, sorry if tmi!) less v cramps, took a HPT to see if trigger shot was gone and it was negative, more fatigue
dpo 10-11- symptoms same as above, except first BFP! I was hesitant to believe it so I took more and all BFP!! every day the line gets a little darker (so Im assuming it cant be the trigger because the hormone level is increasing, not decreasing)
dpo 12 - all the same symptoms still, more BFPs, but add in sensitive stomach. I gagged trying to eat oatmeal and made DH scrape it out because looking at it made me feel queasy

So, now we are waiting for the blood test on DPO 14! We are still a little in shock and trying not to get overly excited, because anything can happen in the next few months. I wanted to post this to tell all of you mommies to be that there is hope! I really never expected to get a BFP and started loosing hope! But stay strong and don't give up! Baby dust to all!!!

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CRAMPS DAY 14 piui- 16 days pts

MY GOD THIS IS TORTURE! I've had pretty much almost every symptom possible I think. I've been pretty relaxed about the whole thing until I took a quick stop at the dollarstore and purchased 3 tests! had my first IUI 14 days ago and trigger shot 16 days ago. TESTED 3 days ago so day 11 and thought it was negative until I SAW A LINE veryyyyyy faint, but there. Kept on testing till today (purchased many kinds). All with a positive faint line. This morning I used one of the expensive digital ones and was waiting for a "No" it was a "Yes"... I don't know what to think... My boobs are very full and extremely sore, I've had a very weird feeling for days now (I DISCRIBE IT AS A VERY FLOATY FEELING, almost stoned). PERIOD CRAMPS AS IF IT WAS COMING ITS BEEN 4 to five days now ohhhhh and serious lower back pain??? COULD THIS BE??? Many more symptoms BUT SO IMPATIENT TO WROTE THEM ALL!!
Tomorrow I'm supposed to call in with home test results DAY 15 PIUI, 17 DAYS PTS