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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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Hail Mary

We were starting year 2 of TTC. One year unmedicated and 2 medicated. Clomid over stimulated every so we moved on to Follistim, Ovidrel, iui and Progesterone. This was our last shot that insurance would pay for and honestly we figured if not by 5 why would 6 help. We did get a very brief BFP in October but it was a chemical. This time was completely different. 1 dp iui-6 dp iui: Just a heavy feeling, nothing completely different 7-8 dp iui: Implantation bleeding, pretty significant always brown. Thought I was out early 9 dp iui: Spotting stopped, stuffy nose 10dp iui: Calmer (I am a very anxious person) I just thought this was the time (I always thought people were nuts when they posted that) 11dp iui: Couldn't wait any longer and tested at night ++++ BFP 12 dp iui: Tested again in the morning, stronger BFP 13 dp iui: Another really strong BFP 14 dp iui: Beta 170 16 dp iui: Beta 489 1st ultra sound around valentines day!!!!! Can't believe it really happened, hoping for a very sticky baby and an uneventful 9 months!

Got Success in 4th IUI

Hi friends, I got my bfp in my 4th iui. It seems to be like a miracle..... We were trying for three and half years and by 16/12/2012 I got pregnant... I did hsg, laproscopy and 3 iui's ntohing worked out. And finally I went to a good hospital in chennai named aakash fertility centre where I undergone hsg again and they made me happy within 6 months of treatment....thanks to my doctor jeyarani kamaraj... friends dont' lose your hope.... Please pray god and god will give you everything you need. I pray all the women in the world should be blessed with a babe... Thanks and regards bharathi

PCOS After 5 Years of Wait With Letrozole and 2nd IUI

I was ttc for last 5 years but since June 2012 I was very serious. Finally GOD has answered my prayers. I had PCOS since 14 years. I am 30 and Husband 38. Had 1st failed IUI in december without medication. Second IUI 4th january with Letrozole on CD 3-7. I did not had even a single symptom. I did pregnancy test on 11dpo it was negative.I thought I am out I was so disappointed. I was planning that if I get my periods I will start going for Accupuncture too. But Today 15dpo I did another pregnancy test First response pregnancy test and it showed two pink lines. I was so shocked. Since last Five years I did so many pregnancy test but all were negative. This is the happiest moment. My RE prescribe me Pregnitude with helped me a lot with PCOS symptoms. I was ovulating of my own since few months but could not get pregnant so my RE asked me to try letrozole 5mg and it worked. Going for blood work tomorrow.

32 Months, Faith and IUI = BFP

DH and I have been trying for 32 months to conceive our 2nd child. (Unexplained secondary infertility.) We got our BFP after our first IUI with Femara. It is still unbelievable! Here is what I recorded: CD15 - IUI completed - excellent count/motility CD 21 - (6 days after IUI) Spotting started. I always spot several days before AF. Figured it didn't work this time. CD22 - Very intense lower back pain, burning sensation in uterus and moderate cramping. More spotting. CD23 - 24 Insomnia, fatigue, continued back pain, cramping and spotting. Told everyone I wasn't pregnant. CD25 - Spotting is gone. Creamy white CM, still crampy. CD26 - No spotting, very tired, no cramps, can't shake feeling to test! CD27 - BFP!! Still mild cramps and lower back pain. We are spiritual people and have been trusting in God's timing. We knew we should pursue infertility treatments but I was not expecting our first IUI to work! I wish everyone the best!

Yay! BFP 12 dpo While on a Break From Treatments

I am so excited and shocked to be actually getting to share a BFP story on this site. We have been ttc for two years and had three failed clomid/IUI cycles last fall. The clomid caused my lining to be really thin (5mm last time at day of iui) and so I was worried that it would take some time to recover from that. We had met with our RE and decided to move on to IVF in February (and get some required testing done during my January cycle). I have been ovulating early - like day 11 or 12 for almost a year and this month did not get a +opk until day 14, so I am assuming I ovulated on day 15 or 16. I was truly not expecting to get pregnant during my cycle off and so was totally shocked to get a very faint BFP 12dpo on an internet cheapie test. I then took 3 more tests that morning - all positive (and about 10 tests since then, still in shock! :) I truly credit my work with my acupuncturist for the success. I've been seeing her since September and she has really helped me with reducing stress in my life, improving my diet and getting rid of some "stuck feelings" that I think were getting in the way of conceiving. In addition I was taking CoQ10 supplements, L-Arginine (during 1st part of cycle), prenatal, fish oil, spirulina, B vitamin supplements, and royal jelly. Who knows what really did the trick. I also got the Circle + Bloom natural cycle relaxation recordings which I think are awesome, although I only used them for about 2 weeks before I got the old BFP. Like all of us, I have looked for any minor change/pregnancy symptom during many twws. This time - virtually nothing! I had some minor heartburn in the evenings around days 9 & 10 and the evening of day 11 I actually drank a giant margarita and woke up during the night with crazy heartburn and nausea and thought I was going to puke. Since then I have just been super tired. One tip for you all - when you get your BFP - do not share the news with your 3 year old until you are ready to tell everyone in the world (including the lady in line and the bookstore!)

BFP After 2 Years - Second IUI and Vegetarian Husband Started Eating Meat!

We have been TTC our second for about 2 years (give or take). This was our second month of IUIs (with Clomid). All my parts seemed to be functioning per the testing we did, but my husband’s SA had low-average sperm quality and swimmability, hence the IUIs. This was going to be our last month doing Clomid and perhaps even doing IUIs. The Clomid made me feel so insane that it just wasn’t worth it to me to up our odds in exchange for my sanity. If I hadn’t been able to ovulate at all without it, maybe I would’ve been able to handle it longer, but since it was just to up our odds, I was done. But, it didn’t matter because we got our BFP! O – (day one) IUI #1 O - (day two) IUI #2 – I had two eggs this cycle and one popped on one day and the other on the next day. 1-10 DPO – Nothing at all. This was probably the most stressful time of my entire year (especially around IUI time, for other reasons), so I was distracted by life and the holidays (which was great so that the TWW wasn’t intolerable). 11 DPO – Super irritable, no patience and at lunch took a few bites of my meal and had to excuse myself because I thought I was going to throw up. 14 DPO – My period was supposed to come this day, but last cycle, the Clomid made my luteal phase about 16-17 days, so I didn’t think anything of it. I was really protecting myself this month and didn’t let myself get excited or read into anything because I know this crazy Clomid can mess things ups. I actually felt defeated and like this wasn't going to happen. My fertility clinic told me to test if my period didn’t arrive by this day, but I couldn’t. I HATE looking at negative pregnancy tests – especially when my period hasn’t come yet (so confusing!), so I was not about to test until I could be 99% sure it would be positive. I would rather start bleeding and know that way then look at a blank pregnancy test. 15 DPO-18 DPO – Period still not here, but not any real symptoms going on. Nipples are a tiny bit sensitive, but it’s so fleeting (and it could’ve been the Clomid or impending period). I was starting to think that maybe this was it, but I was so scared to test – what if my cycle was just messing with me? Kept telling myself that this could all go away and to not get too attached, but smiling every morning when there was no blood. Not sleeping very well at night - tossing and turning for the past week or so. 19 DPO – Finally got the courage and tested around noon and got a fast BFP!! I was so nervous to test and to have all of this hope vanish. I thought it was going to be positive, but how many times had I felt that same way and it been negative? I knew there would be tears either way and there were. I was sobbing with gratefulness. A few things to note: We will never know what did it for us. We had sex right before ovulation (with Pre-Seed) and then two IUIs and we’ll never know which one was the charm. Maybe this was just our time and would’ve happened regardless of the fertility help? I have no idea. But a few things we were doing… - I had been going to acupuncture twice a week since the summer to get my luteal phase longer and improve my blood quality and it worked amazingly well. Even a month or so in, my cycle totally changed for the better and my luteal phase was now at 14 days (with no spotting before). - My husband had been taking vitamins (Zinc, L Carnatine, Vitamin D3) since the summer to improve his sperm quality and it worked. He went from below average to right at average numbers. But listen to this – I urged him to go to acupuncture and he did and he’s a vegetarian. Our acupuncturist told him that in Chinese medicine, red meat (quality red meat) plays a huge role in virility and sperm quality and that he needed to be eating red meat 4 times per week if he wanted to see things really improve. I thought there was no way he was going to do this, but he did! And we saw a huge jump in his sperm quality with the IUIs – it went from 50% of his sperm being motile to 80%! So, if any of you have vegetarian husbands out there with sub-par sperm, this may help (if they can stomach it). Good luck to you all!

A Baby at Last!

After trying to conceive for two years, my husband and I finally consulted an endocrinologist. It was the best decision we ever made. After multiple diagnostic tests, it was determined that I had severe endometriosis and PCOS. My reproductive organs were riddled with adhesions and cysts (thankfully by some miracle my tubes were still intact though). My husband on the other hand had “super sperm” which was amazing, but at the same time it also made me feel as if this were all my fault. The doctor did not give up hope on me and we began our first round of menopur (150 -- 2 viles per day for 12 days). On day 13 we did our HCG trigger shot, our fist IUI followed 12 hours post trigger, and a 2nd IUI 36 hours post trigger. The two week wait was awful! I read blogs analyzed everything. My ovaries were severely enlarged from the menopur and they ached. I was put on bed rest, as the doctor did not want my ovaries to twist. I felt like I was pregnant with sore boobs, constant urination, and heartburn, but I was convinced that it was a side effect from all of the hormones that had entered my body over the past few weeks. I did not believe for one minute that I was actually pregnant. The day came for me to go to the doctor to get my blood drawn to be tested for pregnancy. I was so nervous and sad because I knew it would be negative. I was expecting to have my blood drawn and to have an ultrasound to check on my ovaries, then head to work for the grueling few hours I would have to wait until the blood tests came back from the lab....but as I waited for ultrasound the nurse came in with a little stick that said I was pregnant. I was so stunned that I could not speak, then the tears began to fall. The weeks that followed were surreal. I had ultrasounds once a week to insure that the size of my ovaries was going down. It was so amazing to see that little baby grow week by week for the first 10 weeks. I am now 16 weeks along with a healthy baby that has a strong heartbeat at 170 BPM, and it dances around and flips like crazy on the monitor each time we have an ultrasound. We find out the gender on February 14th. My husband and I could not be happier. The best part of our lives is just about to begin. I wish the best of luck to you all!

Follistim, Ovidrel, IUI, BD, and Prayer = BFP For Me

I have been on this site looking around for inspiration some time now. Now it is my turn to write my story to inspire others as I have been inspired by many. I am 28 and DH is 32; we have been trying for # 2 since July 2011. Both DH and I have no fertility issues, and categorized under “unexplained.” Sometimes I think it is a really category to be in because you begin to doubt that you would be able to eventually find what will work for you. After a year plus trying naturally, we decided to give IUI and go. We did two cycles of Clomid (which gave me 3-4 eggs each time) and we had a good sperm count each time, but it still gave me a BFN. I was so devastated the last time because I was doing all I could and so was DH. I decided to change RE because something inside of me told me to. I only have 6 shots at this (covered by insurance) I have wasted two I thought and I really do not want to do this 6 times, but will if that is what I need to do. Finally, we decided to go to a local big shot clinic here in our state, Shady Grove Fertility. It was the best decision we made. We brought all our test results, HSG, S/A, lab work, u/s, response to previous iui, the whole 9 yards to the new RE. So we could start IUI # 3 as soon as possible. I needed and updated peps and decided to do genetic testing, so that whole thing pushed us a month out to start at the new place. My cycle was supposed to start on 12/9/2012, but somehow and I believe divine intervention my cycle was 3 days late to give time for my peps results to come back okay and we could start the cycle. So this is the breakdown CD-1 12/12/12-AF came CD-4 start Follistim Pen 50 iu every night CD-7 U/s I had 8 eggs that could potential develop, the lowered my dose (33 iu). Remember I always ovulated on my own, so this meds was to help. CD 8-10 I Went for monitoring every single day u/s and b/w. they changed my meds to 33 iu and 25 iui CD-11- u/s b/w. 2 Eggies @ 16 and 21 (they did not want more than 2 eggies). So they trigger (Ovidrel) CD 13, IUI (Xmas Eve  ) CD 14-1dpiui- Started Prometrium 2 times per day 200 mg vaginally. One in the am and one @ night I had light bleeding on 1dpiui, and then on 2 dpiui cramping was sharp. Other than that, I just had a cold like symptoms, cough runny nose, mucus in my chest feeling. I will say that the side effects of the Follistim were none compared to Clomid which dried my CM and gave me hot flashes. Clomid also gave me mood swings, that’s why the doctor decided to do just follistim and not the mix of the two. Beside my cold symptoms, @10piui I tested with FMu and got a BFN on a digital but I was so hungry all day that day. I decided to go to CVS and get a box of FRER and took the test that same day around 7 pm when I go home from work and BANG! BFP. It was bright too not faint at all. I was shocked I ran out of the bathroom and told DH and DD (6). Today is 14 dpiui and my Lp is never more than 11-12 days. I went for beta this morning and they called me back with results of 150. WHAT I DID DIFFERENT THIS CYCLE? I prayed and ask God to let his Will be done. I told Him in prayer that He knew the desires of my heart better than anyone and that I was willing to accept His will with love. did relax more this cycle, I have tried acupuncture, visualization, and I got a lot of good boos and read 3 during the 2ww to keep my mind of “feeling pregnant” and God has blessed me. This process is hard and frustrating I know, but when you get your BFP it will be nothing but a distant memory I promise. Here is my chart: I WISH YOU ALL SUCCESS~ Lola

Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI BFP

After 2 years of trying that included diagnosis and major surgery to remove bilateral dermoid teratomas, here I am! I am 27, and he is 34. Husband's swimmers needed a little push, they were a tad lazy. This time, I was prescribed 100 mg clomid, and ovidrel to trigger ovulation on time (since I ALWAYS ovulate late and have a luteal phase defect). Husband's high motile count post wash was only 3 million but I went ahead with the IUI not expecting anything. I even danced all night at a club on new year's eve and had 2 cocktails and a glass of champagne. If only I'd known!! Anyway, I went for my beta blood work this morning and HCG came back at 220!! Have another one scheduled for Friday. Hopefully everything goes well. I just had to post here since I've spent many 2ww lurking, reading and drawing inspiration from stories here. I have absolutely NO symptoms, other than a few twinges here and there that I feel cause I know I'm looking for them. Oh, and my left tube might be blocked post surgery (hsg result). In spite of this roller coaster ride, my body WORKS!

BFP on New Years Eve/Conceived on Hanukah and Baby Due on Jewish New Year!!

Hi! So of course I stalked for months. We have been trying for over two years!! Last February we went to a fertility specialist. I've been on clomid for months but this month was the first time that we tried an IUI and thank G-d it worked!!! I honestly didn't have any real symptoms in the two week wait period.. the day of my expected period I started staining so I figured we will have to try again next month and I was really depressed. But then for FOUR days I was staining and spotting and my real AF didn't show up. I also didn't have typical menstrual cramps instead I felt a strong pulling in my lower belly. I didn't want to take a hpt because I didn't want to face disappointment. Finally, last night I ran out to buy one and the second I took it there were two dark lines!!!!!!!! I didn't know what to do and I was shaking because I have waited for this moment for two years!! I called my husband and he was in shock because I had told him already that I had gotten my period. :) :) My message to all you neurotic ladies out there who drive ourselves crazy with symptoms and googling every possible symptom: Your time will come and when it does all the pain and tears disappear!!! Happy New Year!! p.s. I had four follicles by my trigger shot so I might be having multiples!! omg!!!!!! :) :)