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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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BFP With IUI at Home, 3rd Try!

Like many others, I swore that once I got my BFP I would post on this site since reading all these amazing stories helped me through the hard times.
Background: I'm 28 and my partner, Megan, is 27. We have been TTC for 3 months using frozen donor sperm. This was my 4th month on clomid. The first cycle was to see how it affected my temps and symptoms (sort of a test run). 2nd cycle we used 2 vials (at 18hrs after +opk and again 12 hours later) and inseminated into the vagina (many people refer to this as ICI but technically it isn't correct to call it that since it isn't inserted into the cervix) - BFN. 3rd cycle we decided to do IUI at home. My partner is a nurse and she felt comfortable doing the procedure and we wanted to increase our chances as much as possible. We triggered and did IUI 36 hours later. Just to make sure nobody reads this and tries this at home - make SURE you do your research on the procedure at home-- you have to use washed sperm, inseminate in a sterile field, have sterile materials, etc. It just made sense for us to do it this way financially since insurance doesn't cover fertility. We tested out the trigger and at 9dpo our line was almost completely gone. Then at 10dpo it got darker, 11dpo about the same, 12dpo slightly lighter. So we went to the doctor for a Beta which came back at a 4. My OBGYN informed us that we had had a chemical pregnancy. We were DEVASTATED! We decided to try ONE MORE TIME and then take a break! Not only for financial reasons (it's super expensive for us each try) but also because we needed an emotional break.

4th cycle:
The IUI didn't go as smoothly as it did in the 3rd cycle. Our trigger did not arrive on time because of Hurricane Sandy so we based our IUI off of +opk. I knew I Od at least 36 hours after +opk so we timed it for 38 hours after. The catheter did not go in as smoothly as before and my OS was not as open as it was in the 3rd cycle so we were scared we had missed the window. We agreed not to talk about it and just let go and let God. We knew that if it didn't work this time, there was a reason that God didn't want us to be pregnant and we had to just accept that. We also decided we weren't going to test until 12dpo so we wouldn't have to experience the awful feeling of a chemical pregnancy again. We didn't make it though - we tested at 10dpo and the darkest line we've seen showed up within 1 minute. We couldn't believe it! A REAL BFP!!! We didn't get our hopes up though and wanted to make sure we kept testing and kept seeing it get darker before we really could "believe" it. Well 11dpo was darker and at 13dpo we did a digital and it said PREGNANT! We are in shock! We are so excited and feel so blessed. For those who have tried IUI a few times to no avail, DON'T GIVE UP! We are proof it can work!

1dpo - cramping from IUI
2-4dpo - extremely tired but I don't think this was related
5-6dpo - nothing out of the ordinary
7dpo - a sharp pain in the top of my leg near my groin (similar to round ligament pain) like nothing I had experienced. Think this might have been implantation. Migraine before bed. This also happened in cycle 3 so I was hoping it was related!
8-10dpo - pressure in lower abdomen, increased as the day progressed. Felt like something was in there. face broke out - doesn't happen often.
11-13dpo - pressure subsided some but still there. got a bit nauseated morning of 12dpo
13dpo - EXTREME sore throat came out of nowhere!!
14dpo - throat still sore, probably going to the doctor!

Still in shock! I don't know when I'll actually stop worrying that I'll miscarry. Hopefully it will sink in sometime over the next few weeks! Going in for an ultrasound in 2 weeks so maybe hearing that will make it "real"!

Hang in there ladies! Your time will come!

BFP After 2 Years, Just Found Out it is Twins

I promised myself if I ever got a BFP I’d post our story. I’ve read numerous posts on this site and they always gave me a feeling of hope. So here’s our story with as many details as I can remember.
Me: 32 years old and diagnosis of anovulation and endometriosis.
DH: 38 years old and diagnosis of low sperm count (which is now in the normal range after med changes and surgery) He is Type 1 diabetic and has a host of other medical issues including thyroid issues. All diagnosed in his 30s.
Our Story: We’ve been married for 8 years. We were told that conceiving might be difficult since DH had so many medical things come up – and this was before I even knew I had anything wrong. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted kids so we went about living our lives enjoying every moment. Decided to go off the pill to give body a break and see what happens…. 4 years pass by and figure that it isn’t meant to be. Then I got to thinking one day (shortly before I was to leave for a ladies night of fun) that I was probably late. Take a 2 year old test on a whim and sure enough – a BFP!!! I couldn’t believe it, had to buy more tests to be sure. All natural little miracle – and we never expected it! After a very rough pregnancy with preeclampsia and early induction we have a healthy 2 year old 7 month little boy who is the joy of our lives. Right away, after his arrival I knew I wanted more, so we started down our journey for baby #2. We knew it might take a while and we tried for 6 months with no results – was charting and realized after some labs I wasn’t consistently ovulating. Sent husband in for sperm analysis and learned his sperm was really low - less than 3 million. Doctors made some changes with his meds and counts increased and I started Clomid. After 3 months, got a BFP but it ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks. Keep moving forward and completed another 5 months of Clomid and nothing then 1 month of Femera and then we were told to move to IUI. Did 4 IUIs with Folistim 100mg and it worked on our 4th try. Interestingly, we were ready to move to IVF and I was in progress of getting everything lined up. Because of the wait we figured we’d fit in one more IUI. I wasn’t expecting anything – I was so used to disappointments and kind of had it in my head IVF would be our ticket. I had spent quite a bit of time conversing with God over this “journey” and finally told him, “I know this won’t happen until you feel it’s the right time.” I shared our plan with him and asked again for his blessing. 1 more IUI and then IVF and then we’ll be at peace with what happens. Went in for my IUI. So – things I did different for the month of our BFP – exercised like crazy – I do this anyway but was training to run the Tough Mudder with my sister. I was trying like crazy to get rid of the 15lbs I’ve gained from all of this. I honestly made no positive changes (drank more, slept less, pushed myself more physically, ate worse, crazy stress at work, lots of chaos) except for the fact that started some supplements I read about on a natural fertility site my mom sent me. I was coming down with a terrible cold anyway – so I figured some extra vitamins might help. I started these about a week prior to ovulation and here’s what I took: Folic acid 400mcg, Zinc 30mg, Selenium 100mcg, Fish oil 1000mg, Vitamin B6 up to 50mg, Vitamin B12 up to 50mcg, Vitamin E 200mg, Vitamin C 1000mg, Manganese 5mg. I was taking a prenatal vitamin anyway as well as Fish Oil but the others were new. Here’s the interesting thing. I normally had 1-2 follicles each cycle on Folistim but when I went in I had 5 follicles that were developing strong. I was so surprised! In order to not cancel the cycle they triggered me a day early to bring the number of viable follicles down to 3. I’ve know my body so well after all of this I always know I’m not pregnant at least a week before I get my period. I have extremely rough cycles and terrible PMS symptoms that typically start about 7 dpo. I’m usually lining up the next month of treatment well in advance because I just know no luck and I feel miserable until I get my period. So here’s what was different this month:
Day of IUI: Super crampy – much worse than other cycles. Figured it was because I had that extra egg. I prayed I’d feel better in the morning and went to bed early.
Day 1 post IUI: Woke up feeling good
Day 2 post IUI: No symptoms that were unusual (sore boobs and tired but that was normal)
Day 3 post IUI: No symptoms that were unusual (sore boobs and tired but that was normal)
Day 4 post IUI: No symptoms that were unusual (sore boobs and tired but that was normal)
Day 5 post IUI: Super nauseous more than usual (something I always get with my PMS), and very crampy – just like PMS cramps but at least 4 days earlier than they always kick in. I thought maybe my body was off since they triggered me early but felt miserable most of the day.

5 Cycles Later

Hi ladies,

I have been on this site for about 12 month and have been TTC for 15 months!! I’m so happy to say that I finally got my BFPJ I had to go through 3 cycles of Clomid, 2 cycles of Gonal-F and finally on my third Gonal-F and IUI I got my BFP. During the whole time I was TTC and going through all these cycles I was really sad and always thinking the worst but my sister always told me to have faith in GOD and I did. I prayed everyday asking for a BFP. SO ladies who are TTC please don’t give up and please don’t feel like you’re alone. I wish all the ladies out there a BFP!! With lots of love and baby dust to all!!!

God is SO Good!

I am 28 and my hubby is 32. We have been TTC since June of 2011. I never thought this journey would be so hard, so emotionally draining and so unpredictable. We found out we had conceived in June of this year but unfortunately we miscarried in late July. I was really discouraged but I held fast to God's unchanging hand and believed that he would grant my husband and I the desire of our hearts. This month we did our first IUI. It was our 3rd month on clomid; our second using 100mg. At the beginning of the month I was not intending to do IUI but my husband and I talked about it and we decided we would give this all we could. I didn't keep of my symptoms very well because there weren't many. My face broke out horribly and my nipples were burning/ tingling whenever I would workout or go for a run. I tested last night off of a whim at 12dpo. I got a VERY faint positive on a wondfo. Woke up this morning on 13dpo and took another wondfo and a clearblue digital. Wondfo was still very faint but digital came up "Pregnant"!! Had blood work done and Doctor confirmed that I am pregnant! I am SO excited :)

God is faithful!!!

BFP - Not Much Symptoms

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share the news that my doc called and confirmed that I am preg. (I am elated). Just a brief background about us. I'm 28, DH 37. Unexplained infertility. I had a IUI last Dec, 2011 for the first time and it resulted in a Molar pregnancy. I just wish no one has to go through Molar preg. I had D&C in three week in Jan 2012. We were told to wait for at least 8 month before we could try again. I had IUI on Oct 16. I had a Ovidrel shot on Oct 14. I did not have symptoms for first 9 days. On day 10 I had little morning sickness. I was not sure if it is real morning sickness or not, as my mind wanted to have symptoms. Anyway I thought this try was a bust too. Day 11, I was little tired end of day. Day 12 I was having dry hives. I took a preg test on Day 13 (Oct 29, Monday) and I had a faint line. As much excited as I was, I didn't want to get all hyped up. I called the doc and they asked me to come over for blood work. They did the blood work and they confirmed I am preg. I just wanted to let you know that if you don't have symptoms, don't get depressed. You still might be pregnant. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE AND WHICH KEEPS US GOING.

Good luck and Baby dust to y'all.

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BFP Finally!!!

I've spent the past 13 months obsessing over every little symptom and convincing myself that I was pregnant just about every month. A little background on us. I am 30, DH is 32. Unexplained infertility. We've been married since 2008 and started TTC in September 2011. After going off BCP in September, my cycles were crazy irregular lasting 32-56 days so it was hard to pinpoint when/if I was ovulating. I started using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor in January of this year and ended up with an ectopic pregnancy in February. Luckily it was caught early and I just had to have Methotrexate injection to make everything pass. As devastating as it was, it could have been a lot worse. In June, my OB recommended I have an HSG to make sure my tubes were open. I read and heard so many horror stories about this procedure. I was terrified! If you have to have one, do yourself a favor and don't Google it! Honestly, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as everyone claimed. A little crampy but overall pretty easy. I started Clomid 50mg in July praying that was all I needed to get my cycles on track and get me pregnant. July and August passed with no success so I went and saw an RE and planned for my first IUI in September. I had 3 follicles and my husbands count was over 22 million. I was sure we'd nail it that month. When aunt flow showed up 2 weeks later, I was completely devastated. Not wanting to give up, I scheduled another IUI for October. This cycle I had 2 follicles (25 and 26 were the sizes I think). My husband's count was right around 22 million again. From the minute I got off the table after my IUI, I just didn't feel confident about this cycle. I don't know why but I just felt like it didn't take. I tried not to obsess too much during the 2 week wait which we all know is not easy. I was on the lookout for the usual symptoms we've all read about on here. I had the sore boobs, but I get that every month especially on Clomid. The only weird things I noticed were on 4 days past IUI, I had some really thick white discharge (sorry, gross I know!). I thought for a minute maybe I had a yeast infection but there was nothing more after that. It was really odd. 10 days past IUI I went to get out of my car and got really light headed. I seriously thought I was going to faint for a minute. The feeling subsided just about as quickly as it came on and I didn't end up fainting. The next day I took a Dollar Tree preg test and it looked negative so I tossed it in the trash. Then I pulled it back out--staring some more. I kind of thought I saw a super super faint second line. Then I thought I must be seeing what I want to see so I tossed it back in the trash. I did this several times before finally taking a photo and sending it to my friend who claims to be an "expert" on reading pg tests. She said she definitely saw it so then I figured I must not be crazy. I had my beta levels drawn at the RE office on 13 days past IUI and they were at 65. A definite BFP! By Friday (17 days past IUI) my levels were in the 300s. I have my first ultrasound next week and I am really excited. So far, I feel great! A little tired and a few waves of nausea but, overall just feeling blessed to finally have my BFP. Thanks to all who have shared their stories previously. It's been really inspiriting and exciting to go through this journey with all of you :) Best wishes and lots of baby dust to all!

3rd IUI After Miscarriage - BFP on 11 DPO

1-4 DPO: clear CM
5-6 DPO: mild cramps more like twinges on left side; clear CM; BB sore to touch (this is earlier than pre-AF); gassy; felt too hot at night; vivid dreams; mild insomnia, less sleep than usual yet bounced out of bed in morning feeling energetic; partner tells me I am irritable and "hope it's because you're preggo!"
7 DPO: all of above but twinges on left side increased; very tired by 6pm
8 DPO: all of above but creamy CM; twinges on left and right sides; low abdominal aches, much milder than AF cramps
9-10 DPO: bb not as sore; very few twinges; low back ache; feel full faster; feel bloated; vivid dreams; very tired; very little CM
11 DPO: vivid dreams; woke up with cramps, felt very much like AF; twinges in lower abdomen throughout morning; no CM; felt faint and dizzy briefly mid-morning; off and on cramping during the day; feel bloated; bb moderately sore. Took EPT HPT in morning, partner saw nothing, I thought (imagined??) I saw a very faint second line. POAS obsession: took a CBE HPT mid-afternoon, again I saw the faintest line but partner only looked at me like I may be crazy. Definitely too faint to feel comfortable calling it a +HPT. Hard not to get hopes up now. Late evening, tested using FRER and finally a definite (faint) line, a +HPT! Even my partner finally saw this one. We aren't telling anyone yet for fear of a chemical pg but we are definitely optimistic and excited.
Update: Strong, fast BFP this morning, 14 DPO. Going to tell parents and OBGYN tomorrow. BBs quite sore now and heavier, fatigued all day, vivid dreams, hard to sleep, hungry every 3 hours, sore gums, gassy, very little CM, occasionally light-headed (trying to eat more nutritiously/more regularly to reduce this), bloated, mild cramps and twinges in abdomen. I'm 35, had my 1st pg earlier this year after 4 IUI cycles, but miscarried at ten weeks, so I am thrilled with this new pg but predictably anxious; praying for healthy baby!

Lots of Preg Symptoms Immediately Following IUI, But They Disappeared By End of 2ww -- Despite This, BFP!!

Today we received the amazing result from my fertility doctor that I am pregnant!! This was our first try with IUI and we were shocked that it worked! We did Follistim, the trigger shot of Ovidrel and an IUI, followed by progesterone (Prometrium). While I can't remember my symptoms from each individual day post-IUI, I wanted to share the progression of my symptoms over the course of the 2WW because I think it might be comforting to others. About 2-3 days post-IUI, I felt constantly EXTREMELY gassy, embarrassingly so. Total exhaustion kicked in around 4-5 days post-IUI and I kept going around telling everyone "I'm just so tired and I don't know why" (honestly, I just never expected the IUI to work on the first try, esp. because we were on a very low (37.5 mL) dosage of Follistim). Then around 8-9 days post-IUI, I became RAVENOUSLY hungry. I craved salty foods and literally went through an entire family-size bag of tortilla chips one afternoon. So at this point, I was thinking...maybe I am pregnant! But as soon as I started to think that, around 10-11 days post-IUI, my pregnancy symptoms suddenly vanished. I was no longer gassy, tired or ravenous. My body felt back to its normal state and it was like the whole thing had been a dream. By 12-13 days post-IUI, I was convinced that I wasn't pregnant and that all those previous symptoms had just been a reaction to the fertility drugs. BUT at 14 days post-IUI, I couldn't handle it anymore so I took an HPT (Clearblue, which I like because it gives a definite answer), which TO MY SHOCK came out Positive! Later that day I went in for my beta blood test at the fertility clinic and lo and behold, the HPT was correct -- I was (am!) pregnant!! My HCG levels look good for 14 days post-IUI -- they are at 382 so I'm praying that this sticks. What a whirlwind!! But so worth the wait!! Anyway, the point of my story is that while you might not feel pregnancy symptoms towards the end of the 2ww, you very well could still be pregnant. Hope this helps. Good luck to all!!

BFP Through Prayers and IUI Helped Too

BFP after one year of trying by prayer.

Hello everyone,
I never thought a day would come that I'd get the chance to post my pregnancy success stories, but I always said to myself when it happens, I will def post my experience. I am 28 years old and dh is 33 years old. We have been married for a year and together for 8 years. During the course of our relationship I never got pregnant, but those years we weren't even trying but I was not on birth control or anything so I knew something was wrong.. it started getting really frustrating when we got married and 9months of marriage we tried (naturally but it never happened ) so we decided to see our RE. We did a bunch of overwhelming tests later we found out that I wasn't ovulating regularly and dh had low sperm count 11 million. We believed in God. And the doctor started me with clomid 50 mg (July 2012) with timed intercourse. Only had 1 follicle and it didn't work. The second cycle, August 2012, we tried clomid 50 mg and iui (only had one follicle) and the test came back negative... RE decided to move on to injectables because clomid made me very dry (tmi) and my lining was very thin he said. So September 2012 I started injectable (bravelle 75 iu , 3-7 and i had nine follicles 5 on the right 16.16.20,13.14and 4 on the left 16,15,16,16 and then later started vaginal progesterone. We did and it work! I can tell you things we did different this month, it's not about injectables or follicle, I believe it's God (not to lessen your hope on medication but to heighten your hope in God) no matter what your situation might be, no matter how long you have tried, one day will be one day. We prayed quite a lot. We were running out of money for fertility treatments so we wanted it so bad. I can tell you that prayers and trust in God did it.. Sarah in the bible was 70 yrs old.. she stopped ovulating, no more menstrual period, no western medicine intervention.. she gave up trying to conceive for years because it didn't happen (Genensis 18 ). An angel of God prophecies to her and her husband (Abraham) that by this time next year she would give birth.. Sarah said it's impossible, she is old and she is no longer fertile.. but God did it. She got pregnant and had a healthy baby. I don't know what your situation is, or how bad RE has told you your ovaries, tubes, etc are.. Trust God, pray and believe in God.. there is nothing God cannot do.. God of Sarah is alive and God of Hannah. If you have not given your life to God please do, if you haven't submitted your self to Jesus, please do.. challenge him on this matter and let God prove to you he does exist even through Christ Jesus... Stay blessed... below are my symptoms...

1dpo - cramps
2 dpo - cramps
3 dpo - started feeling pain under my belly button/ sore breast
5dpo-7dpo - sore breast/ uterus still hurts
8dpo - light headed (only when I get up to suddenly), heavy breast, fatigue
9dpo-11dpo - uterus pain continued breast is very sore
12dpo - started to feel a lot of cramps... af on her way?
13dpo - more cramps exactly like period was coming, bloated, frequent urination through the night
14dpo - one of the scariest day of it all ( when pushed vaginal progesterone) brown light dirt was on the stick (sorry tmi)
15dpo - out of breath, dizzy, diarrhea, sore stomach, uterus unbearable, stupid af playing pranks, mucus with brown dirt
16dpo - went for my blood and beta was 965 .. finally took 3 urine test at home and bfp (whoaaaaaaaaaa, thank you lord)

If you feel cramps around 12dpo, don't be discouraged, doesn't mean AF will come, I thought I was getting my period and witch AF didn't show up.

I am now pregnant.. Can't wait for the ultrasound!

BFP After 5 IUI Tries

I was in utter shock this morning when I left the Dr's office. They told me I was PREGNANT! HCG @ 1122 and progesterone @ 48.5. This was my 5th IUI try. I also have PCOS. I got pregnant with clomid on my first try with twins but I lost both of them: The first one we lost immediately and the second one @ 10 weeks.

We continued the process with clomid for 2 months after our miscarriage and it didn't work. We then went into injectables. It didn't work on the first try but it worked on the 2nd. We've been trying for almost 2 years. The best part was that I told my Dr that this was our last shot. We were going to take a break for a while as this process can be exhausting.

As for symptoms, this time around I stayed away from doing any research on the internet and disregarded any symptoms because I had some symptoms last month and got a BFN (symptoms came from the progesterone that I was taking). The only symptoms that stood out in this cycle included: Lots of acne, Weird pee smell and diarrhea. Besides that, I felt absolutely normal. I actually thought the Dr was going to tell me that I had a BFN. But, I got the best words that I've been waiting to hear for months... BFP!!!!! Good luck to all you future moms.